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14 Oct 2012 22:12:00
Brendan Rodgers is considering selling Stewart Downing in January and he is lining up Porto winger Kelvin as his replacement.

It's all very well Brendan coinsidering selling Downing. But who would consider buying him !




14 Oct 2012 22:25:16
Shrewsbury to extend Collins loan till January in view of permanant deal with Hazell moving on

Hazell is now released



14 Oct 2012 21:45:58
Craig Dawson to sign for bristol city on Wednesday and James Wilson will sign for Doncaster Rovers both for three months

Believe it when we see it he,s a good player

Dawson staying at the baggies.

I have heard Craig Dawson on loan since June, and everytime a West Brom fan follows i with "No way, he is staying with us".

He never looks any closer to signing, so why do people keep putting posts up saying he will?

Its trying to create a rumor for the sake of it.

Sos sos calling craig dawson or gary monk or alan tate please come and help our shamble of a defence bcfc



14 Oct 2012 20:22:55
watford to recall britt assombalonga from sarfend this week

No they won't. How would that help his development? He will stay at Southend until at least early January

Doesn't feel appreciated at Southend, desperate to get back to a decent team.

He does feel appreicated. He said publicly he likes it here and enjoys working with P.s persons.

He said he liked the fish n chips but the sea was a bit to cold



14 Oct 2012 19:56:44
Brighton AND Hove Albion are tracking on loan Watford striker Britt Assombalonga, currently plundering goals for Southend on loan. Paul Sturrock has praised the way the young forward works hard to learn his craft, and Gus Poyet's scouting network have told him that he's got the sort of character who would fit into the current Brighton set up. There isn't too much money to spend in the window, so young strikers who can be moulded into better players are the preference and Assombalonga, being British, fits the mould. Poyet is reluctant to sign a first choice striker because it may dent the confidence of Mackail-Smith, who has been on fire this season after a summer of hugs from Poyet and his staff, plus players. This will happen early in january.

Been a rotherham fan,witnessed how good he is yesterday,although we where shameful ,he could have had three or four.

Unfortunately for Brighton, Watford dont need to sell players and Britts value will only increase. So chances of him going cheap are slim

Assombalonga isn't going anywhere apart from back to Watford. He is a part of their future plans and will return at the end of the loan period

The days have gone when will sell for 3 million when really they are worth 9 million.Britt will stay until we get the right money,That is the Pozzo way.

Pozzo's only sell to Barcelona and Juventus......

Gone are the days of selling the Buckley's cheap.

He should stay with us until the end of the season to keep progressing the way he is and getting first team football. Watching him every week I doubt he is ready for Championship football and needs to learn and progress more to get in the Watford team. It would be a major risk for anyone to spend money on him unless they have money to waste.



14 Oct 2012 17:06:40
according to daily fail owen coyle
could be the burnley manager
as early as next week

Couldnt trust the man again,it'd be like takin back a cheating wife.

I really do hope so , great manager and will get us back to where we belong . THE PREM !

Why does everyone think that Owen Coyle would want to come back to Burnley after the way we treated him over recent months. We've booed him, we've abused him and expressed a collective hatred towards him. I personally would love him to come back to Burnley but if I were him I'd give Burnley a wide berth.
The man had a chance of bettering himself and he took it - I'd do the same and I'm sure that any Burnley fan with more than a few brain cells would do the same.
Come back to Burnley Owen - You'll be very welcomed by most supporters.

The above poster can't be a Claret

Hope Coyle goes to Blackburn tbh. More chance of being in the prem than with Burnley

Actually I've been a loyal Claret and season ticket holder for most of my 57 years. I'm also a supporter of attractive football and I consider the best football I've seen in many years was under the guidance of Mr. Coyle. I was dismayed and annoyed when Owen left for Bolton and I felt that he let us down at a time when we needed him most. That said, he left to secure a better future for himself (yes I know it hasn't paid off too well)
Hopefully he'll receive a telephone call from BFC and hopefully the boo boys will look a few feet beyond his departure from Burnley and look at what he might bring back to this fantastic football club.
I also consider that success for this club is to remain in the Championship; only a fool would believe that we could survive in the top flight. We tasted it and it was wonderful but I really don't think that we could be a Premier team with the current level of support and finance. We might be good and loyal supporters in the main but we are not sufficient in number to provide sufficient funding to achieve the ultimate success.

Come on Burnley Board - Just give us a fighting chance of survival - appoint someone who can do the job - Give Owen Coyle a chance - as long as he'll come back

I feel sorry to for anyone who would consider taking a manager back who has clearly shown that he would drop us as soon as something better came along.

What a promising young Clarets team needs now is a good coach who will truly commit to the team for more than just a couple of years. I'd seriously consider some of the lesser names such as Warren Joyce and Micky Phelan (both at Man U), or U21 managers Brian Flynn and Stuart Pearce, who all have experience of getting the best out of young players. The fact that three of these are ex Clarets is simply a bonus.

How does Psycho get the best out of young players? Im a Forest fan and he'll always be a legend but not as a coach/manager no way sirbiob. {Ed025's Note - pearce is a joke..why anyone would want him as a manager is beyond insurance adverts is his true vocation..

Probably because he would scare the players into playing better , howe in my oppinion was too scared to shout at them

I get the impression Psycho has improved as a manager since he left Forest, which he obviously needed to. It's his love of Stiff Little Fingers that impresses me most. Even so he wouldn't be my first choice, but may be worthy of consideration.



14 Oct 2012 15:33:34
Craig Dawson set to sign on loan for Bristol City later this week.



14 Oct 2012 13:47:49
Andy Carroll will be recalled from his loan in January and will be offered to Newcastle as part of the deal to sign Demba Ba. Newcastle will take this offer as Ba is becoming a dressing room problem with his demands for £75,000 per week.

As part of a deal for Ba? Not unless Newcastle are parting with cash plus Ba otherwise Me thinks not.

Newcastle add cash...why, Ba is the in form striker scoring goals, until he becomes another good player ruined by poor management and coaching at Liverpool.
If nufc sell there's a good reason for it if LFC are stupid enough to bite again that's their problem.

West Ham will have paid a loan fee and therefore he can't be recalled...

It has already been widely stated by both clubs that he can be recalled on January.

Andy Carroll can't play for another team this year due to FIFA law so a deal would at the earliest happen in the summer if at all



14 Oct 2012 13:10:36
carlo cuducini to sign 1 month loan deal with sheff united ??

for once not DeLaRusso !!



14 Oct 2012 10:41:39
Craig levein to be sacked after Scotland's defeat against Belgium on Tuesday smith favourite for the post


DeLaRusso you seem to know nothing about everything ,, before it never happens !!!

How would u know delarusso

Why sack him? i think he's doing a grand job jimlcfc

You're joking! Doing a good job, don't make me lugh. Worst manager stats for about 50 years, even Berti Vogts was better. H needs to go NOW!!

Levein will go, a shock replacement is on the cards.

A very good Scottish manager currently managing a side in one of the top two English leagues.

Interesting week ahead.

I hope you're not suggesting Malky. He wont be leaving us to manage a team who are probably not as good as we are.




14 Oct 2012 08:14:23
Non confirmed that Ipswich have signed Nigel Reo-Coker on a 3 month deal

That's all right

When all these loan players leave over the next three months what happens then.? Do we carry on with the old guard or get more loans in.This club is the laughing stock now.clubs just send there players here to get fit then take them back.WHAT HAS GONE WRONG TO THIS ONCE GREAT CLUB.!

It is confirmed

Cant see Reo-coaker is going to solve ipswichs problems gotta stop making basic mistakes defending the ball

He's not on loan as he didn't have club

He is on a three month loan period.learn the rules.!

Utter joke more loan signings what happens after January when they all go back.what then my team I have supported for 41 years since I was 5 is in a mess

He is not on a 3 month loan period, hes on a 2 month contract, which means hes a bona fide ipswich player

Just been reading into this deal, definatly not a loan but a 3 month contract. Nrc is a free agent but wanted a short deal as he believes hes still good enough for prem and England!

Ive been an ipswich supporter for 35 years its so sad the direction the teams going .The late ,great Sir bobby must be Looking down from above and thinking what the hell as happened to this ONCE great club he once superbly managed .

Another 30 something player no one else wanted on their books .reo coaker past is sale by date why ipswich signed him!

Another 30 something player? hes 28. get your facts right before you write rubbish, still in his prime

Great signing for ipswich. this should be the final nail in jewells reign as manager.

28 actually. Typical moaning Ipswich fans. Don't know which I hate more our current league position or our so called fans. You all talk a good game but when it comes down to it your never behind the team. Never that illusive 12th man that teams liken their fans too. It's not great at the mo but we'll pull through have faith

Actually he is 28

Your all talking rubbish NRC is here to get fit and for some persons to pay his wages.It is not a contract as he is a free agent.Ipswich are so bad now with there ideas of building a settled time it makes you laugh.JEWELL OUT NOW.!



14 Oct 2012 08:05:34
Millwall defender Shane Lowry is being lined up for a loan move to Birmingham.

Ha ha never gonna happen lowrys injured now when fit 1 of 1st names on team sheet

If this happened we would have new owners.
we bought for next year in div one in my day div 3 third div peanuts



14 Oct 2012 04:15:02
Liverpool are hoping to make big changes to the squad in January and next summer. Targets are Alexandre Pato, Angelo Ogbonna, Christian Eriksen, Jack Butland, Dusan Tadic and if possible a permanent move for Nuri Sahin. Andy Carroll, Jordan Henderson, Stewart Downing, Joe Cole, Danny Wilson, Brad Jones, Peter Gulasci, Jay Spearing and Stephen Sama are all seen as expendable as Rodgers continues to reshape Liverpool.

I am not sure about Downing. His performance in the European cup has been phenominal. Scoring 2 goals to save us in 3 matches. He is becoming a versatile player being able to play almost everywhere on the field. Jordan Henderson doesn't seem to be given the role that he first wanted when he moved to Liverpool. Therefore hopefully we can get a relativley good come back on how much we paid for him. Regarding carroll. He doesn't particularly suit Brendan Rodgers style of play. He is more of a reciever of lobbed balls up the field. Whereas Liverpool are adapting to the new style of pass and move and being able to make smart runs and keeping possession. Hopefully an estimated future fee will be of around 12m? If so hopefully we can achieve a relativley good Striker with that money accuired from Henderson and Carroll {Ed025's Note - phenomenal.?...versatile.?...hmmm



14 Oct 2012 03:04:37
Qpr in for Darren bent in jan?...

Probibly 10 more strikers as well

Be better off with Sandra Redknapp

Would be a good signing imo and pretty realistic too.



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