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2011 20:24:19
Swansea will re-ignite their interest in Adrian Marriappa in the January Transfer Window(6)(11)


13 Nov 2011 19:39:45
Bristol City are showing interest in League 1 duo Anthony Wordsworth and Scott Laird from Colchester and Stevenage respectively.(12)(6)Planning for next season in League One, by signing League One players.Bristol city will stay up


13 Nov 2011 19:06:45
AFC Bournemouths Steve Fletcher has moved aside from being Assistant Coach, but remains a player. This is due to new Russian joint owner stating to the board that Fletch & Bradders is not the management team to run the squad moving forward. Last Wednesday, an hour after Fletch stood down a meeting was held with Alan Curbishly & Stuart Gray. If a deal can be struck a surprise new management team will replace Bradders very soon. Source - a director at AFCB.(7)(10)


13 Nov 2011 17:51:15
Rumour from a sources in Italy that a Southampton Scout seen at a Pescara Match looking at two twenty year old players. L Insigne a Forward who as scored 26 goals in 56 matches. The other an Under 21 Italian International Defender M Capuano. Sources say both will be taken on loan in January with possible full transfer at the end of the season.(9)(22)

Both fit the bill of players Saints might look at but he striker is a Napoli player on loan for a year already. The plan to have 50% of the team coming from the academy makes this rumour unlikely.The plan is to get 50% from youth yes...but thats over time. It wont just make them appear cant rule out moves on that basis...yet :P


13 Nov 2011 18:11:10
hey guys heard from a good source that dundee utd are after richie ryan of sligo rovers.... he is a quality midfielder who guided sligo 2 there 3rd cup in 2 years last week(10)(8)


13 Nov 2011 16:49:36
Burnley chairman Barry Kilby has today confirmed he has stepped down. Casino giants Fun88 have completed the take over of Burnley and have given current manager Eddie Howe £4.5m to spend in the January transfer window.(8)(19)Cant see this being true utcTotally not true!!!
Shame though UTC


13 Nov 2011 13:00:21
Leicester City bid to get Pearson has fallen through.

Compensation cant be agreed, Leicester will now approach Lee Clark once again.(7)(30)Sounds believable but fortunately I know this to be untrueYup also not true will be done within 48 hours just sorting compo for backroom staff nearly complete. Pearson got a new house in Leicester also. Sorry hullCome back on Tuesday, see if Pearson is in by then, cos it's common knowledge that he will be.This is true my dad mr meagi is on the board n has told me that they have told pearson n hull to hull to wax offSurely if he was going to return to hull he would have been there today however i saw him pull out of his car in the king power stadium car parkPearson has done himself, he's on gardening leave atm, so the bloke saying he saw him is lying, and hasn't been at Hull training all week. If the deal falls through they're prepared to let him stay on gardening leave until his contract expires which won't hurt his bank balance, but would basically end his career. If compensation can't be agreed he has to resign, but he won't do that cos that'll be him in court for breach of contract if he does. WhupsAs a pissed off Leicester fan, we deserve EVERYTHING thats happening to us at the moment, an absolute fiasco!!....still be at the next game tho'...and what is happening to "us" at the minute then? 3pts off the playoffs, best squad in the league and we're about to name a manager with a history of bringing out the best in his players, yeah, it's a nightmare isn't it.Its easier to say 3 points off the play offs than mid table is'nt it and you only have the best squad in the league if they perform to the limit of their potential which your squad clearly is'nt at the moment, if you did have the best squad in the league you would be top would'nt you? but you are not you are mid table with a talented but VERY under performing squad so get off your high horse they're are other teams involved in this league you know and half of them are performing way better than you whether you like it or not.Easily the best squad in the Championship, and the fact that Sven has now gone because he couldn't get them motivated, to be replaced by a manager with a proven track record of doing just that, suggests that an upturn is on the cards (unless you bury your head and pretend otherwise obviously) and 3pts off the playoffs is a fact, like it or not. Jog onDesperate shame for Hull as he was building a very promising young squad and it may backfire for Pearson if he cannot get Leicester up straight away.You are just not understanding this 'Best squad in the league' thing are you?


13 Nov 2011 10:24:14
Rumour has it colin samuel has been released from his current club and is going to train with Aberdeen on monday hopefully its true as he's always scored goals wherever he's at.(9)(6)


13 Nov 2011 09:27:33
Nigel Pearson will make an agressive attempt to sign Robert Sndgrass this January.

The Scottish international is widely considered to be the best player in the Championship and Pearson will attempt to lure the Scotch marvel with a big money bid.(13)(15)I'm a Leeds fan, and even I don't consider Snodgrass the best player in the Championship. Admittedly, he doesnt start for Scotland enough, but that may be due to his relatively low work-rate. Good luck, but when Norwich tried to sign him, Bates said minimum 8mil for him, which I know is ridiculous, but that is what he said.Lol, Pearson better have another 10 million spare then because that his price tag. Plus he'll also have to find a ridiculous wage price to lure Snodgrass to downgrade his club. Just like you had to do with BeckfordTypical Leicester rubbish. You haven't learnt your lesson & your STILL talking about spending although I bet the chairman's not as keen unless you sell some of the players you bought.
I'm a Leeds fan & if you want to pay the going rate for him & he wants to join your band or MERCENARIES that's fine. We'll use the money to buy Keogh,McCarthy & another suitable TEAM PLAYER for Leeds because we have a TEAM. Oh & by the way Snodders is a very good player but he can't be the best player in the championship because he's not even the best player in our team, Adam Clayton is. So if you're going to persist with this rubbish rumour that's cool. Give it a day or 2 then you can start talking about buying Clayton too as long as you've got 20m+ for both.Leeds are going nowhere, fast.When you say aggressive will he personally raid Elland Road & take him away in a bag?Wherever they're going, they're getting there quicker than Leicester!You gotta love the dickhead Leeds fans... they're all a bit too simple to realise that it's a wind-up, Pearson isn't the Leicester manager so how could anyone claim to know who he's looking to sign in January?

Bravo to the muppet who thinks he runs Leeds btw, he talks as if they're his players and it's his money - Earth to numpty, you do realise it's the clubs who do the buying and selling don't you? Dumbass fans telling other fans how much they have to pay, and then going on to name replacement players, is laughable. Have a good day at School children, try to be good, and try not to get any crayons shoved up your nose.I love how the not-so-bright among us throw the term "mercenaries" around like they know what they're talking about.

Tell me little Leeds fan, are every one of your wonderful players Leeds born and bred? Did they all come up via the youth team and will they remain Leeds Utd players for their entire career?

If the answer to any of the above is "no" then surely that means that they too are nothing more than "mercenaries"? IE they play for whoever pays them the most money, sure they love the club while they're there, and they often pay lip service to thier old fans when they leave, but that's all it is. True players stick with the same club regardless, Giggs at Utd, LeTissier at Southampton are two that spring to mind, the rest, all of them, simply go where the money is.

Here endeth the lesson, now shush you clown.Lol, at the sad people who have been indoctrinated into believing they are psychologists. If you have nothing better to do than mask your own flaws by sitting writing tedious foul comments about others, then you yourselves are nothing short than a set of imbeciles.
Lets gather the facts shall we before one receives any foul drivel from such incoherent hooligans. No.1 - Mr Kenneth Bates allegedly said in a sky sports interview that Robert Snodgrass shall only be sold if a fee of 8-10 million pounds is produced and that such a fee shall increase if insultingly low bids are offered to him (example Norwich's 3.5 million). The 2nd point to be brought in to account is that no one has mentioned any replacement for R.Snodgrass they have simply given an example of Leicester paying excessive money for a player to drop down to their club, however i can see how easy it must be for the ill-educated and angered Leicester dole queue dwellers to misinterpret such a statement. Thirdly we already knew N.Pearson was to be named manager on Monday, therefore it could be acceptable for one to presume that he has already got targets in mind for rebuilding the team.
I suppose your going to besmirch my name in the usual derisory, childish and slanderous way in which imbeciles are so passionate about doing. To be honest one doesn't really care, as one has far more intellectual matters to worry about than the inflated opinions of a set of amoebas whom sit and debate mundane trivia whilst thinking of what to spend their dole money on.
M.O.T - Leeds, Leeds, LeedsThat last post is the reason i love this site! Someone trying (failing) to look clever bemoans people who write tedious posts and then does exactly the same thing himself. He then goes on to moan about people who insult others - before doing exactly the same thing himself, pure genius!

FYI Mr. Clever Clogs...

Doctrine is a teaching, are you suggesting people are taught to insult Leeds Utd?

Psychology is the study of behaviour, i don't see anyone studying anyone, i simply see people responding (in kind) as is the accepted practise on here.

I'm not besmirching your name or anything else, because i don't know your name. I am calling you a pillock though.


13 Nov 2011 09:00:04
very very very strong talk of the fun 88 take over at burnley word from inside is its been going on for a while and should be completed before xmas, eddie to be given big boys funds to spend(5)(12)Buying the league ,ehThis is a true talk, i doubt buy the league but there will be money to spend...


13 Nov 2011 03:45:29
jimmy bullard to liverpool. {Ed025's Note - i did not know ..has the cleaner retired?(5)(36)He's been awful since he signed for us on perm deal. Hull fans did warn us.


13 Nov 2011 01:05:07
(moroccan transfers) fulham look at the young centre mid that currently plays for the french side Montpelier youness belhanda and may approach him in jan transfers.

Herenveens left winger oussama assaidi doesnt not want to leave holland knowing aston villa and espanyol were heavy linked and showed interest in the player. oussama does not mind a move to ajax or psv in jan transfers.

18 year old Az alkaamar"s adam maher is being tracked by Barcelona,mancity,acmillan and madrid

Both Chelsea and man utd show interest in mehdi benatia but udinese are wanting him to stay till summer time and have price tagged the center back at 12million euros

Due to lack of playing time maroune chamakh has talked to his international head coach eric gerets and the head coach is wanting him to move out of arsenal to get his self inform and be prepared for the cup of nations in 2012, chamakh is being tracked by psg, Seville and Bordeaux

QPR"s adel taarabt could leave in jan due to problems with manager and team players taarabt is heavily linked with lazio,psg,arsenal and malaga

Ajax player mounir el hamdaoui has not played 1 game this season for ajax and is ready to move out ajax have said any bid lower than 4mil wont get mounir a move so fulham and Bordeaux are ready to fight for el hamdaoui.

celtics left badr el kaddouri is ready to go back to dinamo keiv in jan after his loan spell at celtic and may want a move to the UAE.

feeynords karim el ahmadi wants to play in la liga and says he wants a tougher league than the dutch one(7)(5)


12 Nov 2011 23:40:35
Norwich planning a 3 million pound move for Morten Gamst Pedersen(18)(22)Hmm I think not


12 Nov 2011 21:15:20
keith hill looking into fetching a few players into barnsley in january with 2 big names leaving the club.
firstly leaving will be jacob butterfield to everton for 3mill.
secondly danny haynes will be joining crystal palace for 750k.

coming in will be
jason koumas free who keith hill as been in talks with already and its just a case of meeting each other on wage demands.
ryan mcgowan 300k
leaving a fair amount of cash to fetch in a top qualty striker. UTR!(7)(12)There are big names at Barnlsey? {Ed001's Note - well Butterfield has 11 letters in it, that's a big name!}


12 Nov 2011 19:54:40
New Leicester manager Nigel Pearson is set to spend the money in January as he looks to bring in five new players to The King Power Stadium.
-Pearson is keen on bringing in a striker to partner David Nugent and apparently this could be Ched Evans. Evans is currently scoring goals for fun in League 1 for Sheffield United but will cost City around £2.5 million.
-Pearson is wanting another attacker to compete and will sign Morten Gamst Pedersen from Blsckburn. The Norway international has told manager Steve Kean that he wants to leave Ewood Park after declaring himself unhappy with the low morale within the support at the club.
-Pearson is also courting Mario Mandzukic from German side Wolfsburg.(15)(21)Ched Evans, Goals for fun, lol really? He's scored 17 goals in nearly 80 appearances.Sounds like he's making a lot of plans about who he's going to sign when he hasn't even signed himself yet!There's ambition, and then there's Pedersen and Mandzukic. Thats going too far. These are players that would get in most Premier League squads, and I'm sure they wouldnt be satisfied to play in the second tier of any league.
wallyUnless this bloke is Pearson, he's making it up. Considering Pearson hasn't even taken over yet it's a bit of a stretch to pretend you know who he's going to sign.He,s not the manager yet ,he,s still manager of HULL CITYPearson courting ? thougth he was already marriedI think you lot are going downWow what great insight, you should be on match of the day with such a well balanced arguement.Steve howard will be the main striker lets face it pearson only knows 1 game and thats hump it from the back. i hope the pearson deal falls through.


12 Nov 2011 19:50:32
CSKA moscow striker Seydou Doumbia has issued a come-and-get-me plea to arsene wenger(13)(7)


12 Nov 2011 19:46:44
Barnsley boss Keith Hill is currently in talks with five players:
-Manchester United youngster Paul Pogba could join as soon as Wednesday after Hill conceded he needed to bring in another midfielder. The French youth international is keen on getting out on loan to get first team football and his loan could be extended in January.
-Young Celtic striker James Keatings will join on loan in January until the end of the season.
-Leeds attacker Ramon Nunez is wanting a move away from Elland Road after not getting much first team football. The Honduras international is keen on amove to Barnsley in January until the end of the season, where the Oakwell club could sign Nunez in the summer for an undisclosed fee.
-Hill has this week held talks with David Healy of Rangers about a deal in January but nothing has yet been confirmed about any deal.
-Another striker on Hill's radar is Brechin striker Charlie King after a successful trial spell with the club over the last week and a half.(11)(12)Barnsley have no money hence recruitment always from lower league so get real!Ramon Nunez signed a new contract in summer and is happy at the club maybe a loan deal but not a full transferNunez signed a 3 1/2 year deal with a choice of an extra one at the end, every interview he has had has him saying how much he loves leeds.


12 Nov 2011 19:36:15
Norwich City rumours:
-Nathan Delfouneso could join on loan from Aston Villa with a permanent deal set for the summer, if City stay up. Delfouneso is currently unhappy with not being picked constantly at Villa Park to lead the attack.
-Marseille striker Andre-Pierre Gignac is subject of a loan bid but is not expected to sign in the summer as City can't stump up the £15 million asking price.
-QPR striker Jamie Mackie is interesting Lambert and the Scot himself could make a bid worth £4 million to take the former Plymouth hotshot.
-Lambert is keen on signing a midfielder and will make an approach for Sheffield United defensive midfielder Lee Williamson. City are looking to bring in a 'hard man' to sit in front of the back four, for when they play away from home against the 'bigger' sides.
-Finally, Lambert has revelead he needs cover for the centre back positions and has already held talks with experienced defender Andres Scotti from Chilean side Colo-Colo. Scotti is only expected to cost around £1 million as he's now 35 years old.(3)(14)Delfouneso isn't leaving Villa my friend & he can't shoot , He only has speed. He's no Gabby Agbonlahor!.Nobody wants to go to Carrot Road.I would love defouneso to leave the villa, just dont cut it


12 Nov 2011 19:28:16
liverpool looking at seydou doumbia of cska moskow in january(5)(18)


12 Nov 2011 19:24:01
West Ham United boss Sam Allardyce is keen on signing a midfielder and a striker. Merida striker Pedro Juan has trained with the London side over the last few weeks and the former Bolton boss is set to sign the Spaniard after he scored four goals in a behind closed doors game against Oxford. Secondly, Tottenham's young midfielder Tom Carroll is also on the radar and could sign until the end of the season on loan.(2)(10)Tom is playing most uefa cup games, and will play in the f.a cup, so I doubt it, but I may be wrong??You aint got any moneyWhy would we go for a youngster that comes from tottenham? their youth system is abysmal!


12 Nov 2011 19:20:06
West Ham are in talks with Swindon striker Jordan Pavett, who is 20 years old in December.(9)(8)You mean the striker who never plays for Swindon Town, and whom Paolo would happily release on a free were it not written down that he can't for a year because of the Samsung sponsorship?

IF Pavett was that good, he'd be starting upfront each game - guess what, he isn't!

Pavett is more likely to end up at Chippenham or Supermarine....


12 Nov 2011 19:18:18
Norwich boss Paul Lambert is currently following the progress of Manchester United youngster Will Keane.(10)(4)


12 Nov 2011 19:16:48
Inverness, Motherwell, Dundee United, St Johnstone and Hibernian are all interested in signing Everton and Germany youth international defender Shkodran Mustafi, on loan until the end of the season in January.(5)(0)


12 Nov 2011 19:14:19
James Beattie has rejected a contract with Bournemouth to sign a one year deal with Conference South side Woking. Bournemouth were only offering him a one month contract but feels scoring goals for Woking would get him back into professional football.(3)(25)Lies! Woking have NO money and won't be allowed to go up this season despite doing well in the Conference South.

Beattie could easily walk into Championship clubs and do well. Plus, Dundee United have offered him a deal.

If Beattie goes to Woking, I will walk naked through Oxford Street singing 'my ding a ling!'


12 Nov 2011 19:12:15
Nigel Pearson will be appointed as Leicester manager tomorrow lunch time. Pearson has just agreed terms in the last few hours for his staff and they will all sign a two and a half year deal. Pearson is expected to make Will Griig is first signing from Walsall. The 20 year old striker is wanted by a number of Championship clubs but City will sign the Northern Ireland under 21 international for £500,000. Pearson will also go back to his former club to make defender Paul McShane his second signing. The Republic of Ireland defender is expected to cost Leicester around £300,000 and will sign a two year contract.(5)(12)Amazing that Pearson is signing this player & that player before he has had time to assess his current squad ... and it isn't January so is this supposed to happen during the November or the December transfer window? ... sounds like he's been busy especially when you consider that he hasn't signed himself yet! ... Apart from these points, this is an excellent rumour, well researched (hmmm) and thought through. Doh!Be surprised if he buys a player that he hasnt sought fit to play at Hull and that he shunted out on loan last season. I'd be more worried if he came back for the likes of Chester, Rosenior, Dudgeon, Fryatt


12 Nov 2011 18:16:54
Rio Ferdinand has been told by Manchester United boss Alex Ferguson that he will be made available for transfer in January. Rio is wanting to stay at Old Trafford but Ferguson sees Chris Smalling, Nemanja Vidic and Phil Jones before the England player in the pecking order. Manchester City and Everton are both tracking the situation. {Ed025's Note - you done it again!!!...i can see everton going in for him....but city??..(23)(21)To be fair though ed City did sign Owen Hargreaves - they just want big names, as the wage budget is unlimited. {Ed001's Note - not true at all, that is not why City signed Hargreaves. They signed him because they believed they could fix his injury problems and a fit Hargreaves is one of the best in the world in his position. They want the best players, not the biggest names, it is a long time since Rio was one of the best players.}Rio is a quality player and im a liverpool supporter. he's had to many injuries de last 2 years to find any real form so, just like hargreaves where ever he will go he'll always be considered as a top player once fit there is still not much better cb in the world then himRio as been one of the most overated players of all time anyone could of fitted in


12 Nov 2011 18:13:47
Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Fulham, Sunderland and Everton have all made a bid to sign 23 year old midfielder Alex Lopez, from Spanish side Celta Vigo. {Ed025's Note - it was believable ...until you threw in everton at the end....we aint got no money!!(14)(10)


12 Nov 2011 18:11:44
West Brom and Arsenal are both keen in signing defender Michael Orozco after both teams had a £3.5 million bid accepted from Mexican side San Luis.(5)(20)The baggies am broke , ay they.What a joke the steptoes am skintThick dingles who struggle to form a sentence - quality


12 Nov 2011 14:31:44
Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp has told Daniel Levy he would like to sign Marouane Fellaini from Everton. Fellaini has signed a new deal at Goodison Park but with the the financial restrictions in Merseyside giving David Moyes no spending power, they could let the attacking midfielder go for around £18 million.(11)(24)Everton may have a takeover & Levy will not spend 18m18 mill your having a laffWith the players Spurs have in midfield they have no need for Fellaini. Spurs are looking for a striker and a centre back, possibly a winger, they certainly won't be spending that kind of money on FellainiIs this so everton can afford butterfield from barnsleyI bet Redknapp has also told Levy that he'd like a payment in to his Monaco bank account too.18 million utter bcksI doubt 'Arry will be given any money to spend until they know if he's off to prison or not.

I wonder if he'll get Ken Dodd's old cell, and will there be a tickle stick in it?First things first - He is a defensive midfielder and probably the best young one in the Prem.
We bought him for 15m so go away and come back with a realistic bid.
Prob about 25m minimum.Sandro and parker are both better so this is a non starter, ffs who writes this rubbish!?


12 Nov 2011 14:29:21
Fulham look set to sign 19 year old midfielder Tom Carroll on loan from Premiership rivals Tottenham. Martin Jol is wanting some reinforcements in his midfield positions and sees a loan deal in January for the England under 21 player a great deal.(3)(12)It would be good experience for Carroll and it looks a decent chance for him to gain valuable PL experience and Jol is a good manager. Good idea for both clubs


12 Nov 2011 14:26:39
Liverpool boss Kenny Dalglish is very close to completing a deal for midfielder Bakaye Traore from French side Nancy.(12)(10)


12 Nov 2011 14:25:06
Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is very close to signing Hamburg and Peru attacker Paolo Guerrero. The striker, who has scored 31 goals for the Germans since joining in 2006 from Bayern Munich but has been injury plagued. Guerrero is wanting a move to England and with him being the wrong end of his 20's, the forward is keen on trying his look with the North London side.(6)(21)Havnt heard of this player before is he good?"Trying his look with Arsenal"? Has he had a new hairdo or manicure then?


12 Nov 2011 14:21:42
German side Schalke are very close to signing Roman Pavlyuchenko from Tottenham after the Russian striker agreed terms on a three year deal. Tottenham accepted a £7.5 million bid two weeks ago and Pavlyuchenko spoke to representatives on Tuesday.(19)(4)


12 Nov 2011 13:15:15
Stoke midfielder Tonge has attraceted
intrest from Bristol City, Bristol want
to try a wrap up a deal in the next
few weeks.

Source- Footybunker(13)(9)


12 Nov 2011 09:53:30
PAOLO Di Canio has told Southend they will need to stump up "good money" in January if they wish to keep Michael Timlin after his loan deal expires.

The 26-year-old has been a revelation for the Shrimpers since joining them on transfer deadline day and has helped Paul Sturrock's side climb to the top of the League Two standings.

Swindon advertiser interview with Paolo...

See southend fans !!(7)(9)Yes what is new?

He wants to stay at Southend, Swindon dont want him so a deal isnt far off.

If he does not then Southend have Sawyer to come in anyway who is as good and younger.


12 Nov 2011 09:14:45
Bolton Wanderers looking at Thomas Schaaf , manager of Werder Bremen. Top quality young coach and has transformed Werder Bremen.(4)(17)


12 Nov 2011 08:58:24
I have inside information from FC Bayern that Mario Gomez will transfer to Manchester City in January for £35m. Also associated with this situation is the deal which will move Carlos Tevez to Real Madrid for £20m.(2)(30)Bayern would never sell their top goalscorer in Jan especially for that kind of sumYeah ? that is exactly what city need , another striker.


12 Nov 2011 08:41:02
Burnley to be bought out this week and will give eddie howe 5M to spend in the Jan transfer window

the new owners Fun 88 and have set manager eddie howe 3 years to get into premiership(4)(12)Buyouts always take ages and are never straightforward, dont hold your breath!


12 Nov 2011 08:34:50
Kaka to Man U in Jan or next Summer. United realise they need quality & experience in midfield. Expect arrival of Wesley S in Jan, 23mil deal all but done..(29)(31)


12 Nov 2011 08:22:46
Ronaldo returning to Man United next Summer. Never fully settled in Spain/Madrid, misses Manchester, fans & Premiership...(14)(56)He will not leave RM easily.......So that means they'll have Ronaldo and Ashley Young...Only need Tom Daley then!! ;-)If he does move back to the prem it will b to city to much money to play withSo hes scored 100 goals in just over 100 games for real madrid. Definately sounds like a player that isnt settled eh?!Why would he go back to scum ?? Leeds have more chance of himHaha...and then you woke up !Stupid...stupid...stupid rumours


12 Nov 2011 07:43:59
westley sneidjer will play for man utd in january.
manchester united targets forlan for a good replacement for berbatov.
pogba strongly linked with arsenal 2.3 millions.(14)(35)Arsene put his hand in his pocket for a player who may be available for nothing in Summer? I think not!


11 Nov 2011 22:21:37
Everton have expressed their interest in signing Chelsea starlet Romelu Lukaku on loan.(26)(11)


11 Nov 2011 19:52:51
Gus Hiddink will be the manager of Tottenham Hotspur next season.(25)(32)If that means Harry, his health allowing will be given the England managers job and we can get rid of useless Capello,
then great.When have the FA ever appointed a manager the people wanted?Didn't the people want Shteeve?


11 Nov 2011 19:49:38
Liverpool are closing in on Richard Stearman for 3.8mil and Stephen Hunt for 6mil.(14)(46)Which shows just how ambitious King Kenny and the 'pool really are!I really wished this were trueGreat these football manager games. why don't you just list all the wolves squad, since most of them are british - only trouble is that not many of them are 'divers', so no use to Liverpool then really.You can have the whole team for 6 million manager as wellHahahhaa! I love Wolves


11 Nov 2011 19:12:28
Tottenham are preparing a 6 million pound bid for sol bamba not bad seaming leicester paid less than a million for him lst jan(10)(30)Rubbish, Leicester paid 250k for him, the new manager hasn't even worked with him so isn't likely to consider bids until he has and the last rumour of a sale was to Blackburn for 3m so i doubt Spurs would stump up 6m for him. You need to drink less Cherryade.If tottenham offer 6m i would say kerching, thank you very much. but as he is one of citys best players don;t think he will move yet.....and learn how to spell seeming.


11 Nov 2011 19:09:09
Nigel pearson will return to leicester some time in the next few days. he will cancel waghorns loan to hull (which is a mistake) and then bring fryatt and hobbs back in january(9)(21)Waghorn doesn't need it cancelling he is injured and back at leicester and has been for a while... fryatt not returning not good enough hobbs hopefully and hope he will bring Aaron Mclean, but get rid of abe,king and howard.Abe is good and king was Leicesters top goal scorer last season why would you want to get rid of themCos he's a pillock. I doubt Pearson would bring either Hobbs or Fryatt back. The latter is crap, the former wouldn't get in the side ahead of Mills, Bamba and the now returned Tunchev.I am not a pillock, thank you very much.. i have watch numerous games this season and abe and king are not good enough both lack speed,strength and ability both seem exhausted don;t need tired players in a squad need fresh vibrant quality, personally don't rate eitherFresh vibrant quality? that rules fryatt and hobbs out thenNo way is King as crap as you make out.If Sven had bothered to play him where he causes most damage then he might still have a job


11 Nov 2011 19:04:20
james beattie training with bournemouth, interest from the club but not seen as a formal 'trial'(14)(7)Maybe he's the new dietricianAnd the Beatt goes on...


11 Nov 2011 19:02:53
why has ryan taylor not been selected for england!!!!!!!!!!!!!(5)(19)Various reasons....he is a fouling clogger, he is a useless defender, and plays for a midtable side.It doesnt matter where they are in the league and oh wait newcastle are 3rd hardly mid table. gary cahill,leighton baines both lowere than Newcastle in the league and stockdale plays for ipswitch all named in england squad to face spain. ur obviously a sunderland fan. i dont even support newcastle i support leicesterHe doesnt play for man united??????? who mentioned man unitedObviously a SMB reply, mid-table?? Do you follow The Premiership???


11 Nov 2011 18:06:07
Liverpool - Antony Pilkington - 14mil.(22)(43)Rumour posted by antony pilkington? {Ed025's Note - are you sure it was not....karl pilkington?.....sounds like an idiot...abroad..


11 Nov 2011 17:36:57
benson to colchester(6)(13)


11 Nov 2011 11:26:38
Marvin Sordell will move to a Premier League club at the end of the season.(21)(20)


11 Nov 2011 08:07:49
West Ham are preparing a £500,000 offer for Southend's Kane Ferdinand.

Source: Page 86 in today's (fri) Sun.(19)(18)Totsl rubbish rumour 500k get real if anything it would be half of that with maybe some add ons if he succeeds.It would need to be 500k to tempt him away.

He still isnt going till the end of the season.Going posh anyway deals done and dusted


10 Nov 2011 23:56:20
Im a Southampton and can you all please stop going on about the fact were top of the league because your making every other saints fan look like a total person i mean were just over a quarter of the way through the season so please be more realistic ! because when we have a bad patch which will happen your gonna look even more of an person !(5)(16)2 or 3 bigheaded loudmouths on here are making you all look like toolsJust stating facts...enjoy it while we can is what i is called banter you numpty

We are top of the LeagueWe're just over a third of the way through the season mate. We're 5 points clear and have a good looking run of fixtures 'til the new year. January and Febuary is where we will have our blip(if it's coming)If we can't enjoy ourselves when we are winning, when can we? Stop being so negative!The idiots that say stupid things on here are just rival fans pretending to be saints fans trying to get a reaction, all the idiots that react more fool you. I am a true saints fan, a season ticket holder and we are enjoying it game by game, yes we are top of the leauge FACT and yes we are 5 points clear FACT, if we do go on a bad run then so be it, ST happens. It is amazing tho when you are top of a league how many jelous fans there are and not just rival fans, it is a nice change for us Saints fans, so we are just enjoying it for as long as it last and to be honest all the games we have played so far there is no real evidence that our run cant continue, yes i do include the games we have lost at Cardiff and Leicester neither of you outplayed us i was at both games, in fact Leicester were very lucky we battered you second half, Kasper being your best player tell you all you need to know. COYRMost of the 'top of the league' stuff has been in resonse to some person saying we are 'st'. Which is more realistic? Yes, there is a long way to go but grounded positivity is the mantra of 'the one in whom we trust'.I particually enjoyed the lecture from the arrogant Saint, especially the bit when he called the idiots who react 'fools'... Do you think we should tell him that he's just reacted too or keep it as a surprise?How is hooiveld been for yous? I'm a Celtic fan and he was rotten when he played a few games for us, slow, and scared to header the ball, just wondering if its our coaching cause all our defenders seem to be rotten

RaffRaff, Hooiveld has been awesome thanks. the odd blip but he's been a rock at CB. Can we keep him please?Not an arrogant Saint, also did not react mate i could not care less what people think of my team, end of the day it all boils down to jelousy.Haha it looks like yous probably will keep him, don't think lenny gave him much of a chance tbh

RaffOops, he reacted again, what an idiot! Of course he'll say he didn't (well he would, wouldn't he) but he's a silly billy and he knows it.Lol what a yes i am a silly billy, i silly billy whos team is top of the league, just out of interest who is your teamLet's put it in perspective... you are the current leaders of the second division. Nice, but unimportant.Maybe unimportant for you but very important for the team that finishes there, promotion to the prem is what every team in the championship strives for, seems pretty important to me you muppet.Nevermind who is an idiot, fool, muppet or whatever, lets pin Raff down for a long term deal for Hooiveld before lenny has 2nd thoughts!"A silly billy who's team is top of the league" - wow! what a badge of honour, you should have Mummy fashion you a nice badge that you can wear to school. As the last fella said, you're top of the second division, you've not won the second division and are bragging like you have. Not exactly a massive accolade is it?

My team is irrelevant, if they're a Prem team you'll say i'm lying, or a glory hunter. If they're a Championship team you'll tell me how much better Southampton are and if they're Div 1 you'll say they're rubbish, so what's the point. You kids need to grow up a bit, adopt a little bit of humility and people might not spend their time annoying you then, the reason they do is because you all tend to chuck a massive sulk as soon as someone dares question mighty Southampton's credentials, it's the same with Leicester fans, and it's funny!We are not ashamed of our success!
Long may it continue so we can keep getting in your faces.End of the day at the moment we are 5 point clear at the top of the Championship, we know we have not won anything yet, if you ask any relistic saints fan than they will tell you we would of been more then happy with a mid table finish this season after being promoted from league 1, so the fact we have started so well is why we are so happy. It is true, when you are at the top of the league, no matter what league how unimportant that league is, all people want to do is knock you down. As for people questioning our credentials, i have no problem with that its just people seem to talk ST people saying we have been lucky, not played any of the big teams, unless you watch us week in week out you dont know how we play. However the one game we played on sky against reading yes i agree we were lucky to get a point. As for not playing the big teams, aint all the teams in the championship decent teams." i could not care less what people think of my team"

Why bother replying then? Who are you trying to convince, us, or you? Face it mate, it's November, nobody gives a toss who's top of the league in November because it doesn't mean a thing. Yes you've started really well - and? Starting well doesn't mean you'll even make the playoffs just as starting badly doesn't mean you'll miss them, ask Forest, they couldn't buy a win during the first 8/10 weeks of last season and then it clicked and they got as high as 3rd. Bragging now is short sighted. There are many more southampton fans who are loving the fact that their on top but they don't have to keep bragging about it do they?


10 Nov 2011 23:32:34
David Weir has said that he'll move away form Ibrox in January if he doesn't get more playing time with Rangers (Source: STV Website).

Caley Thistle, Motherwell, Dundee United, Saint Johnstone and Hibs all looking at his situation.(10)(12)


10 Nov 2011 22:05:40
Norwich have sent scouts to watch Marvin Sordell for U21's the Watford player would fit the bill at Norwich but would he be guaranteed a start??(17)(7)Maybe...but he hasnt got a finish.Pay 10m then you can have him ok


10 Nov 2011 21:06:51
Liverpool will make a move for Gary Cahill this January and if they make the CL then the owners are willing to splash around £100m to get the squad challenging the big European giants. Cole,Aquilani,Skrtel,Kuyt,Rodriguez and maybe even the recently signed Bellamy could leave next summer in order to make way for new recruits. Eden Hazard,Hulk and the re-signing of Fernando Torres are the targets however unlikely. Luiz Gustavo of Bayern could also be in line for a move. 4-2-3-1 Reina{GK}-Kelly{RB}-Cahill{CB}-Agger{CB}-Enrique{LB}-Gerrard{RCM}-Gustavo{LDM}-Hulk{RW}-Suarez{CF}-Hazard{LW}-Torres{ST}. Carroll and Henderson need time to develop and will be great for certain games while we also have the likes of Lucas-Carragher-Downing-Johnson-Adam as back up sounds like something straight out of football manager but it is the plan(10)(50)Donkey Cahill, for a donkey team...well suited.This idiots mind ain't completely furnished at allMate this site isn't for your football manager team.How would this fit in with the new financial rules?

Football manager isn't realAnd you'll just about beat Norwich with your "100 Million Pound team"What a dreamer, get a gripWhy is it always the same clubs that attract the same deluded people? So Hazard is off to Liverpool he wants 6th pace in the premiership over Real? Hulk's buy out clause is 100 euro! How on earth would Liverpool afford that when even City might struggle?
About the only possible truth in this deluded post may be Cahill - and wow how good is he right now with Bolton? {Ed001's Note - the buyout clause is an irrelevance, he will not cost that. Though I do agree with your points, none of those 3 are likely at all.}


10 Nov 2011 20:52:23
Dirk Kuyt is edging towards the exit door with Inter Milan readying a £8.5m bid for the striker/winger. Liverpool are planning what could be one of the biggest shocks to football in years with a stunning £30m bid to re-sign Fernando Torres but will Chelsea accept £30m just a year after paying £50m it is debatable , Torres has spoken of his unhappiness with life not just in Chelsea but in London he has had a torrid time since moving to Stamford Bridge. Comolli and Daglish want him back but would the supporters accept him and what if his current bad luck in front of goal contiues surely the Anfield faithful would eat him alive but a Suarez-Torres partnership does have a ring to it.(15)(15)If he wants to come back he can pay the transfer fee himself. don''t want him standing and moaning on our pitch. would rather keep kuyt or try a cheeky bid for sturridge. at least they would put a shift in for the team.


10 Nov 2011 19:58:09
Southend to sign Timlin on a free transfer in Jan.

Hall and Ferdinand to sign extened contracts this coming month.(6)(13)As A mad shrimper I would dearly love this post to be true. but to be very honest I can't see Hall nor Kane signing anymore extentions as they'll want an easy escape route when bigger sides come calling. If they re-sign they'll likely to have to committ to another two seasons. A season and a half top whack. I don't doubt however That the Club wish to sign Timlin full-time. But I fear at least one key star will have to make way for this to happen as we are bang on the wage cap at the moment. I appreciate this won't go down to well with the Blues die-hards but I don't think this post is totally as plain sailing as appears to have been written. Either way Up the Shrimpers.Swindon dont want to loan Southend Timlin for the remainder of the season, he has been one of your best players creating a lot of goals, but Swindon dont want him to stay for the rest of the season as it will weaken Southend, he is going to be loaned elsewhere as PDC doesn't want him back...The deal is almost done.

He only wants to go back to Southend and and Swindon does not want him on their wage bill.

Also Swindon arent fighting Southend, Southend are a top 3 team and your a playoff - At the moment, I know this can change.Watch STFC rise up the league we have strength in depth and we are now going to kick on. we have had alot of new players this season and they have taken time to gel. we are by far the best footballing side in this league and play the right way on the floor unlike most teams who play the long ball game.

Cant see Southend maintaing their current run.11 WINS in the last 12 in all competions.
Unbeaten in 12.

Current run does not seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Swindon are a playoff team at best. Southend have had a extra year at this level to adjust and gel.


10 Nov 2011 19:42:51
After the fiasco surrounding PSG and Peguy Luyindula, many
clubs are interested in getting his signature in January. The
Forward's contract runs out at the end of this season, with
Norwich, Leicester, Millwall and Ipswich all seemingly looking to table a bid.

Luyindula should be available for around £500,000 although Leicester are lining up a £1,000,000 bid to steady their currently stuttering front line.

It seems though that Norwich are in the lead to sign the former French international however, with the player himself allegedly saying if he moves to England he will only join a 'club that is heading in the right direction.'

Also Ipswich are lining up a bid for Antoine Sibierski, on a bosman transfer. Antoine Sibierski had a successful loan period at rivals Norwich. Leicester are also said to be interested in the forward who has a prolific strike rate in England.(1)(11)1. Norwich don't buy foreign players, let alone an old has been who has a load of injury problems
2. Antoine Sibierski retired in 2008


10 Nov 2011 19:13:16
Wolves are to make a shock bid for Wigan's Alcaraz depsite the controversial spitting incident at the weekend. Roger Johnson and Alcaraz is seen as the ideal pairing to keep the club up according to Mick McCarthy(4)(31)Mac carthey would say anything cos he is an idiot


10 Nov 2011 19:10:59
Andy Thorn is looking to ship Freddie Eastwood to Plymouth and then bring Diouf in from Manchester United - CET Writer informed me(9)(15)After watching Coventry on Saturday - they need a lot more than that to save them this season...


10 Nov 2011 18:58:41
Please please can we put these Sturrock stories to one side for the forseeable future.

Everything on here about him has been proven to be ludicrous in the extreme.

First Torquay then Plymouth,Then St Johnstone, Then Hibernian and now theres laughable desperate talk spilling from the mouths of Stockport fans.

Each and evry one of these rumours which have provided hundreds of posts are totally unfounded. Something Southend fans have been telling you all on here all along.

Luggy himself has on occasions been good enough to post on Southend's main forum to let fans be in the know that he's simply not going anywhere. In fact he regards all this nonsensical talk with increasing hilarity.

Torquay appointed Ling, Plymouth appointed Fletcher and Ridsdale as Director of football, St Johnstone appoint ed Lomas.

And I can assure you when Hibs come round to appointing their new manager it will not be Sturrock.

Sturrock will not leave Southend in the near future.

Again to those who appear to have complex issues with Blues, Sturrock will not leave Southend in the near future.

Any future talk on here about him is and will be hideously way off the mark.

Please put this to bed. It is boring to say the least.

And believe it or not I'm not a Southend fan. But have friends who are and one works in a senior position at the Club.

Now pester another individual and link him to numerous jobs.(4)(8)Mate thank you so much.

Everything I have been saying on here and more.

Well done.Poor little Shrimpers panicing that their beloved leader might jump ship. Money talks, he'll be off as soon as a good offer is on the table.Well as probably most have you have read that this week mr ken bates has slated leeds for not being higher in the league than they are, i have on good authority that grayson's job is not as safe as ppl would think. their is a rumour that grayson has 4 weeks to stable the ship and improve the clubs playing/results, rumours are about that leeds will move for someone of the likes of sturrock should this happen. not say it will be sturrock but someone of his experience.

not a leeds fan i just live in the area and have a friend who works inside elland road.I'm the original poster of this piece. I don't doubt Grayson is under pressure and that Bates is a hard man to please. But yet again Sturrock will not be in the frame. What is with Luggy? Seems a lot of gay men on here. {Ed025's Note - can you explain your last remark?...this site will not tolerate sexism, or racism. or any other form of prejudice..!!Ed - Yes you should edit it. I 'm in the wrong and I sincerely apologise. It was actually a flippant remark which I guess the context will be hard for people on here to acknowledge when its only in writing. So I'm very sorry for thsat. One question? If its in bad taste why did you allow it to be published in the first place? {Ed025's Note - as a warning to other posters, who think it is alright to be bigoted!...or flippant..As i said about leeds i dint say it would be sturrock but someone of his experience! if you look at the last 6-7 leeds managers mosy have little or no experience exceptions being el tel and peter reid!
i'm not trying to rattle you or say sturrock is goin im just passing on the rumour i heard, leeds will be looking for an experienced manager!


10 Nov 2011 16:15:44
Charlie Austin will be the subject of a bid from West ham in January, his form has attracted their attention....(9)(11)Sold! sold! sold! sold! sold! sold! sold!
fire sale againnnnn at turf moor!!!I'm a Swindon Fan dont take the mick , but, believe me this boy will play for England one day and will be another Milner.......but better....his movement off the ball, anticipation, and awareness of finding space is remarkable.......he'll play at the highest level in the next 3 years or so........

All top clubs......if you can sign!!I am also a Swindon fan and Austin is pure class, his workrate and movement are excellent, we were surprised when he went to Burnley, I personally thought he was headed to the saints, nothing against Burnley but Southampton looked a better career move as they were the best team by a mile that I saw in league 1 last year. I dont understand why more clubs wouldn't pay the money for him, 1.5million for Burnley was a steal...Im also a dingle and austin is dog poooo!


10 Nov 2011 14:42:13
Portsmouth name Michael Appleton as new manager like pompey will be playing bournemouth for there local derby next year then


10 Nov 2011 13:54:22
Arsenal, Totenham & West Ham are considering making a bid for Charlton's Jordan Cousins who continues to impress at every level he plays at. The thinking is that he will soon break through into the first team and his value will rise accordingly.

Cousins's call up into England under 18 is another mark of his progress but, Charlton will not want to let him go as early as Carl Jenkinson, who made only a handful of appearances. Having invested the money from the Jenkinson deal into the first team Charlton are in a good position to progress up the leagues, this and better first team opportunities may enable thee to reap better rewards from the youngsters they are still developing.

Bigger clubs better placed financially are eyeing a bargain however, thoughts in the game are unified in thinking the lad has a big future in the game.(5)(16)


10 Nov 2011 13:00:10
Lord Snape the Stockport County Chairman has droped his biggest hint yet at who he wishes to come into County following the dismissal of Didi Hamman. Number one target is Paul Sturrock at Southend Utd, Lord Snape would like Sturrock to join County and lead us back to the Football League.(10)(11)This is sheer rubbish. why would sturrock drop into the conference when in all probability he'll be a manager in League 1 next season.? In addition he has personally posted on Southends main forum that he's not leaving to go to anywhere. Whoever posted this could you please explain where you got this utter nonsense from?Afraid this Sturrock to Stockport rumour carries absolutely no legs whatsoever. It wouldn't make any sense at all.Yeah, but if Stockport are looking for a manager with a pedigree of working with zero budget and achieving success then maybe Sturrock is the man?But he's already succeeding in doing that at Roots Hall. Why walk away from that and risk not gettimg anywhere at Edgeley Park? As I pointed out previously 1| Why would he drop into the conference and start a rebuilding job when he's well under way at Blues? It'll be a major backward step. 2|There is of course the possibility what he's begun and aiming to finish at Blues may be his last opportunity of achieving something with his health not in the best of states. he may not have the time to start from scratch all over again. 3| Stocxkport wouldn't have the money to tempt him and 4| He posted on shrimperzone personally to tell Blues supporters that he's not going anywhere. I repeat again this stockport stuff is garbage. At the moment you are not good enough for him.I am under the impression that Hibernian are desperate to get him. Forget the 'I want to stay' talk from any manager, if the money's right, they'll walk!Yeah but it's a long walk to HibernianLuggy's post on a shrimpers forum was to tell us specificaly that he is not going to Hibs. And doesn't expect any approach. Back to Stockport- You wouldn't have the cash to lure him nor the additional monies towards the small matter of compensation. As reported its a backward step the biggest of scales. Not going to happen. You'll need to look for conference level bosses or those that have failed in the FL. THAT is the reality of it all.Dont believe everything Luggy tells you, he was quick enough to walk away from Swindon when Plymouth came in for him, that was after getting Town promoted and saying he was loving it at the club.....


10 Nov 2011 12:40:49
Luciano Becchio and Jonathan Howson to join West Ham.(11)(24)Dont talk crap and get your homework doneAnd when becchio joins west ham he could also join a drama school it might improve his rolling around on the floorWhy leave to join a smaller clubLol I told you to stop licking them mushroomsSmaller club? west ham have always been a better bigger club than leeds ever will beHmm me thinks the west ham fan does not know his history, records and stats say that leeds are by fare a bigger/ more succesful team, over recent years yes you have an upper hand but this year your on an equal footing, so before you spout off about "WEST HAM HAVE ALWAYS BEEN A BETTER BIGGER CLUB THEN LEEDS EVER WILL BE" i think you should check your facts.

bye the way im a liverpool fan before you spout of some more guff!


10 Nov 2011 11:23:12
Big twist in the tale down on the south coast.Everyone is expecting Michael Appleton to be named as the new Pompey boss. There is a press conference at Fratton Park this afternoon and I can exclusively reveal that it is NOT Michael Appleton but Darren Ferguson who will be named as the new Pompey Manager. Not long before this will be gliding along your screens on the yellow info bar on Sky Sports. Just watch(6)(30) that why there are pictures on the local news website of Appleton greeting the players in his new PFC training gear!! Idiot!!Well done fella, are you the next Sally Morgan?And within the hour Appleton is named as the new manager rock solid that rumour.Unlucky , currently gliding on the Sky yellow info. bar is that Appleton has signed a three and a half year contract with PompeyGot that wrong didnt we!For one it is Michael Appleton and Darren Ferguson doesn't want to leave Peterborough because he is doing well with Posh in the championship plus he still has 3 years left on his contract at Posh as he only signed a 4 year deal in January this yearThat and the fact he's carp, and should be at a club like peterborough! Not an ambitious club like Portsmouth.We watched and now you look like a fanny!! Ha ha


10 Nov 2011 10:48:26
Plymouth Argyle are after Jarrow striker Aris Guerin-Lokounga, a Congolese international. Torquay also sniffing, but Argyle thought to be favourites for initial loan made permanent in Jan. COYG(12)(4)


10 Nov 2011 08:43:22
Bristol City and Portsmouth are keeping tabs on Swindon Town's Matt Ritchie, in case he decides to quit The County Ground in January.

If he does go, Swindon already have a replacement in Etienne Esajas.

Swindon also interested in Wales U21 star Stefan Jones.(12)(7)That's Steffan Jones, and I think he's now at a Welsh Premier League club despite being more than good enough for League 2.

Paolo only buys foreigners anyway - then again does Wales count as a foreign country?Swindon will not sell Ritchie unless a silly bid is received, they will lose more money by selling him and not gaining promotion than his transfer fee. Although Esejas has enough quality as a replacement


10 Nov 2011 00:23:42
Paul Sturrock is expected to carry on in his role at Roots Hall.

However, although he has a good relationship with the CEO his relationship with the Chairman is partly fractous.

It is understood Sturrock accepts at least one key player will be sold on in January. But if the Club decide to sell more then expect Sturrock to consider his own position.

I'm led to believe minor contingency plans have been put in place just in-case the worst comes to the worst.

Dean Austin is a serious contender for the Manager's job should it become UNEXPECTEDLY vacant. He is the favoured stand-bye.

The Board were impressed with what Austin had to offer during his brief stay at Southend and they believe he didn't get the credit he deserved when he advised the then manager Steve Tilson on who to sign.

Up the Blues(3)(5)No key players will be sold dont worry.


09 Nov 2011 23:28:27
S PARNABY IS GOING 2 MILLWALL(8)(6)What stand will he sit in?No he isn't, he's had his trial with the club ended, KJ has said he will not be signing him. Source: Southwark News


09 Nov 2011 22:45:19
Any Norwich rumours yet ed {Ed025's Note - not yet mate..(1)(12)Yes they are over rated.


09 Nov 2011 20:57:45
ha forest fans sayin leicester are sht how they have the cheek to say that in the position there in and pearson to be named on friday as the new manager bbc!(7)(7)Yeah but forest don't have to spend 10mil on a squad to be good Leicester are still as st as they were last year even with the squad they got now. COYRSo much crap from a forest fan get back in your holeAnd where are the trees ,beneath the bigger clubs as usua,l loads of money


09 Nov 2011 20:38:46
Wolves to off load e banks in Jan, Nile ranger to join, also heard that wolves are looking at a midfielder from Spain...? Watch this space!(5)(18)Why would you want Nile Ranger-a) he is not a good footballer and b) his poor behaviour off the pitch is a disgrace. Newcastle would, I suspect, be happy to move him on!I think they need the lone ranger at the minute


09 Nov 2011 20:00:53
Leigh Griffiths will sign for League 1 Walsall on a months loan(2)(11)He not at hibs for the season?That's nonsense. He's at Hibs on loan til January. Why would Wolves send him o Walsall?He's supposedly keen to stay at Hibs as he's a lifelong fan so I can't see it happening.He is on a season loan at his boyhood heroes hibs!! why lie?


09 Nov 2011 19:57:24
west ham southampton birmingham city watching stevenages craig reid(9)(5)


09 Nov 2011 19:43:00
just been at a pub(pipe and glass) with the wife at a village in east riding and saw adam pearson and the owner assam allam of hull city having a meeting with nigel adkins .(4)(28)Meetings in a pub very classy and a load of cock and ball

maybe that was the name of the pub

Adkins signed a new deal recently and with there position in league and size of club doubt Hull even appear on his radar lolAre you sure it wasn't nigel havers?Yeh they always handle the clubs business in a pubPipe and Glass is definately not just a pub - it has a michelin star! they should have had adkins instead of NP in hindsight!


09 Nov 2011 18:28:37
08 Nov 2011 14:40:39
Norwich look to have won the race to sign Jordan Rhodes from Huddersfield in January for an undisclosed fee.
Norwich have beaten wigan,fulham and Middlesbrough for the prolific, young league one striker.

looks like Norwich will be relegated as they cant buy premier league quality players, haha back in the championship soon where you belong!

No good players want to go to Carrot Road.

How can you make that judgement at this time of the season. Jordan Rhodes has a point to prove in the higher tiers! Jordan is a talented striker that is hungry like Pilkington to get to the Prem. Pilk has scored four goals already and people like you probably wrote him off because 'he's a league one player and won't stand a chance'. Well he's proved the doubters wrong hasn't he! If Rhodes doesn't cut it in the Prem then oh well, but you are such a person not giving a team like Norwich a chance. I think Norwich will finish 14th, Swansea 16th and QPR 12th. None of them will be relegated. If one was to be relegated it would be Swansea

Jordan rhodes going nowhere in january so start looking elsewhere waisting your time up the terriers good look for rest of season super pilks

Where is all this money you had to spend Naarwich? £42m it was according to your fans?


42m was to be spent this season and had to include the increase wage budget as well as agent costs and signing bonus'.... I do believe we have some money to spend in Jan as the club has come and out said this publicly but as our Chairman came out and said "Paul has always spent under the amount he has been given". Therefore i don't expect us to go out and spend for the sake of spending.... I anticipate 2 signings between 2-5m and perhaps a loan deal... We desperately need a top quality CD ( think of players out of Prem line ups or Lower league professionals) and back up for Hoolahan i can see a technical foreign investment who is looking for a premier league challenge here). I could also see us going in for a young up and coming player on a long term contract.. possibly Rhodes, Pacheco, Lansbury, Rodriguez e.t.c. total spend 15m plus contracts agents fees, signing bonus' = 18-20m this will take us to around 33m for the season spending with 9m already spent on transfers + extras from SUmmer Window. and gives us an extra 9m to play with teams to get exactly who PL wants.(3)(9)Just to let u know I didn't read any of this

Many thanksI'm not a Norwich fan but give them a chance. They earned the right to be in the EPL. Unless you're the Man City's or Chelsea's of this world teams just haven't got the money for the ridiculously inflated transfer fees that are around.For the umpteenth time - Jordan Rhodes is going nowhere!!!!!!^^ By the looks of the above Naarwich couldnt afford him.


09 Nov 2011 18:10:02
any donny rumours ed?? {Ed025's Note - none as yet mate..(2)(6)After Ikeme on loan from WolvesAnd hulse on loan (possible)


09 Nov 2011 17:38:51


09 Nov 2011 17:24:23
Ephriam has signed on loan from QPR to Charlton(7)(4)


09 Nov 2011 17:22:39
Birmingham are going back for Nile ranger from Newcastle.(9)(5)Please, take him! Our police are having to work double shifts.I hope so we dont want him at wolves we have enough crap players as it is and a crap manager


09 Nov 2011 17:42:38
charlton have signed ephraim from qpr till january(7)(6)


09 Nov 2011 16:39:30
Southend United Transfer Window News:

All Done Deals:

Ryan Hall to Charlton Athletic for £100,000 plus Paul Benson

Kane Ferdinand to Fulham for an initial £150,000 plus add-on's which could see the eventual fee top £500,000. Kane will be loaned back to Southend United until the end of the season as part of the deal. Although Fulham would prefer to loan him to Peterborough United. However, Southend bargained for this as part of the deal otherwise Fulham would have lost out to either Peterborough or Blackpool.

Anthony Grant to Crawley Town for £50,000

Bilel Mohsni to Colchester United for £100,000 plus Karl Duguid.

Michael Timlin's loan expires and he will return to Swindon Town prior to being loaned to Yeovil Town.

Luke Prosser on loan to AFC Telford(6)(7)To the poster of this piece, Where did you get this from? Is it truly believable?Total garbage.

another made up rumourIn order

Hall isnt going.

Ferdinand isnt going.

Grant isnt going.

Mohsni isnt going. Espically not to the sheep.

Timlin is staying.

Prosser is needed back ip.The reply directly above is a typical view of a rose tinted die hard. Think this rumour may carry some legs and I'm a Blues fanatic.I am a Swindon fan, I said some time ago that Timlin would either be recalled or loaned somewhere else, why would Swindon want him to stay at Southend to help them to promotion above us, we will look to loan him to a league 1 club, he may join southend at the end of the season, but I doubt he will be there after the current loan.Sheep? very good. rather bde a sheep than a southend fanRose tinted die hard?

More realstic then you it seems.

This website is full of crap and you know it. Non of these players have been liked to these clubs via good soures.

And about Timlin I think Swindon want him off the wage bill and he only wants to sign for Southend so a deal is pretty secure Im sure.


09 Nov 2011 12:52:29
West Brom looking to sign Onuoha (Loan) and Ridgwell (2m) in January. This is to fill troublesome full back spots.(17)(12)West Ham are currently in talk with manchester city to sign Onuoha on loan. Source: TwitterWest Ham is emergency loan. Just til JanuaryWBA have no money to sign players , the chairman publicly stated this after breaking the club transfer for Shane Long.They may go after Onouha at the opening of the Summer transfer window.Ridgewell rumour is incorrect as its practically been confirmed he'll be a Newcastle player in January due to Hughton's links to the Toon.


09 Nov 2011 12:21:02
Bolton rumoured to be Bidding for Bridge and Onuoha to team up with Boyata (also rumoured to to staying at Bolton) from Manchester City to strengthen the defence if Cahill goes in January.(8)(12)Why would bolton want bridge he is no longer a prem player


09 Nov 2011 12:11:08
Bolton bid for French forward Gomis to team up with N'Gog(9)(15)


09 Nov 2011 12:08:49
Arsenal to bid 25 million on Keisuke Honda in January(16)(25)He can have my b.s.a for less than thatHaha funny , I really and cos now this story broke gunners fans seem to be bogging him up and know anything about him !! But three years ago when I tipped him to cut it bug then 2 years ago he really started to show I tipped him once more a gunners fan slagged me off telling me I no nothing about game or players and so on , but what can I say seeming I rightIf he is any good arsenal wont get him he will go to a richer club


09 Nov 2011 12:07:12
Kaka going to Tottenham in January...Reports say a 20 million bid could potentially be happening(10)(39)I doubt this very much. Yes Kaka is special but we do have a surplus of midfielders. It is the defensive and striker positions that we need to strengthen.He was due to join in the summer for half that price, but never did due to modricgate, so why now and why double the price, the player may want to come like he did in august, but, do we want or need him? it would depend on van der vaart, levy already has his eyes on muniain & marinReally can't see this happening for many reason, why spurs man u need midfielders
And have the money so do man city but have got lots of midfielders ,he is doing well at real and the wage bill is huge also I think if spurs want to spend then buy a strikerHarry Redknapp has already stated there will NOT be any major signings in the january transfer window!


09 Nov 2011 11:52:35
Charlton will make a loan signing in the next few days from a club in the Premier League. He was ever-present in the Championship last season and will provide more creativity.(7)(4)Who though? Name names!It's Hogan Ephriam from QPRIt's Andy Surman, Norwich.Looks to be a good signing however, how will he break into the side in its current form? We shall see if he's happy to wait, I doubt it.It's hogan and wouldn't say he played every game, good player tho


09 nov 2011 10:45:04
any bristol city loan rumours please,(2)(6)Who????? is there a team called brizzle city.I can lend you a fiver at a push mate


09 Nov 2011 10:44:27
Martians have landed in Stoke and whisked
everyone away hence no rumours
lucky i was away
Whilst away heard we are interested in Jacob
Butterfield from Barnsley
Good player by all accounts(16)(1)Be a bad move to go to up an at em potters
be like going to the blunts
Stood in midfield watching the ball being
lumped over his head to and fro


09 Nov 2011 10:17:04
andy thorns loan signing i likely to be korey smith of norwich, even though he said he wants some experience(5)(5)Korey Smith has a bad ankle at the moment so wont't be joining on loan for a while mate. Not until the new year at least


09 Nov 2011 09:15:14
portsmouth to name michael appleton as manager today and nigel pearson to be named leicester mangaer(11)(6)Won't happen Nigel loves hullLoves hull that much asked to talk to leicester


09 Nov 2011 07:45:35
08 Nov 2011 09:38:05
Regarding Paul Sturrock:

His house in Devon is up for sale.

His house in Southend is only rented.

Unlikely to extend his contract with Southend at any time.

It is about now Southend will receive the most compensation for him.

With Sky his odds on taking the Hibs Job was 10-1.

Yesterday this was cut dramatically to 3-1.

With these facts in mind just maybe Sturrock is the man after all to fill the void at Easter Road Stadium.

I assume large money has been placed with bookies

Is there insider trading rules for sports bets ref club staff ?(6)(8)


09 Nov 2011 07:30:55
Wow a Southampton fan gobbing off. Funny, havent heard from any of you lot down the road for about 5 years.

Wow first time we have heard from a Skate all season....yes we went down and rebuilt and are now very much coming back unlike you mugs from down the road...We stick with our club unlike you lot, just take a look at your attendances...dropping like a stone, the good times are over and you all jump ship.
We will smash you in have been warned

COYR STID We are top of the League...where are you(12)(5)Dont Worry, Southamptons bubble will burst at some point there getting away with alot atmNot getting away with as much as you Poopers got away with though,are we?


09 Nov 2011 07:25:12
To the Saints fan:

It is a marathon, NOT a sprint!!!

And we are jogging along very nicely thank you...COYR(10)(3)I'll agree but they have been looking pretty good and Adkins has them playing some good stuff. This coming from a Portsmouth boyI can very confidently say that southampton will start dropping points soon, they are just doing a blackpool like they did in the prem last year, yes they've had a good start but you will notice them dropping off the pace soon enough.Adkins mantra. Be in the race til January and then go and win the race in the summer. So we'll be in the mix at the end of the season no doubt.Dont Worry, Southamptons bubble will burst at some point there getting away with alot atmHurry the jogging up a bit and jog off!Dont worry,we will, into the PremAnd I'm sure the clubs already in the Prem will be delighted with the 6 points on offer! You deluded scummer!


09 Nov 2011 06:29:52
From Todays BBC Sports Football Page:


Leicester set to appoint Pearson

Hull City manager Nigel Pearson is expected to return to his former club Leicester City as boss by Wednesday.(15)(5)Nige will regret that dission


09 Nov 2011 01:15:59

I've been informed by a reliable source that Hibernian will seek permission from Southend Utd to talk to Mr Sturrock in the next fortnight.(5)(4)


09 Nov 2011 00:54:30
I attended the Hibs AGM last evening and the Hierarchy have said the new manager may be someone who is already under contract to a Club.

The name quietly propping up in the social gathering at the end of the evening was that of Paul Sturrock of Southend Utd I believe.(7)(3)


09 Nov 2011 00:05:48
warren joyce or steve mclaren will be the next hull manager. two men that have the heart in the club oppossed to money(6)(5)McClaren, he only left Forest because he wasnt given enough money to spend!?!?. He was quick to say he wasnt on the same page as the chairman, blah blah. Pathetic if you ask me. A very testing job for a good strong manager, which he failed miserably.

You think he will go to Hull for heart not money ?Those two aint in the running ,steve mc oh dear ,sorry it not going to happenSteve Mclaren is only after moneyWe wont see steve mclaren in england again hell go back to holland!, and for hull job ian dowie will take overSteve McClaren is a possibility, he played nearly 200 games for the Tigers, his first club.Those two names are not in the top ten of managers that were looking at ,sorry mate pull the other one ,it,s got MKDONS on


08 Nov 2011 22:12:42
Hartlepool United are tracking the position at Darlington with regards to players taking a wage cut as they have been watching Jamie Chandler for a while and are ready to make their move.(1)(4)


08 Nov 2011 21:09:57
Jose Fonte is expected to be sold to Newcastle from Southampton for a fee of 2 million. Sean St. Ledger will be on his way in from Leicester on loan(9)(23)Yeah right. You obviously don't know your recent Saints history do you?Leicester won't loan anyone out untl the new manager gets his feet under the table mateIf Fonte goes to Newcastle it will be for a damn site more than 2 Million chumFonte isn't good enough for the Championship, let alone the Prem. ChumHe's gone to Preston, official.Wrong!! It's Jonathan Forte (a Barbadian striker) that's gone to Preston, NOT Jose Fonte (a Portuguese defender). Do your research!!Fonte has been in the championship team of the week TWICE this season already do he is more than capable in the championship

And it's FoRte not FoNte that's gone to Preston


08 Nov 2011 19:37:34
Norwich to be in league 2 in 5 years time......(31)(26)Ah, the wishful thinking of the Ipswich Town supporter. I wondered where he was!I am not an Norwich or Ipswich fan but this comment is a) ridiculous, b) pathetic, c) pointlessNorwich will never stay up due to the fact....tiny clubs never do.


08 Nov 2011 17:44:15
portsmouth are looking to sign a alien from planet zogg. He is quite keen on playing for pompey as he already lives on a different planet and he thinks he will fit in well with the rest of the skates. He's not worried about getting paid cause on zogg they dont use money. He's also shy but has been told they dont have very high attendances like the superior proper club up the road, so he should be ok.
Also steve mcclaren has been offered the job but refused saying he is desperate but not insane. Local developer still interested in fratton for state of the art sewage works.(15)(6)You stupid gobby S-ummer roll on the 18 th December thats if you have the guts to show upFratton Park does need to go its awful. Im from portsmouth and its an embarrassment. Im a Leeds fan so no real rivalry just the ruth. I am looking forward to seeing Alein Play tho. Apparently very probing in attack {Ed025's Note - he used to play for L A galaxy..I heard his ability is out of this world makes messi look average {Ed025's Note - dont believe you...your talking through,....uranusRoll on the 18th see who be laughing then you be so embarrest you scers wished would run away with your sorry heads to planet zorggI think that is a sh#t idea turning Fratton park into sewage works...i know a lot of crap goes through and comes out of there but that is ridiculous


08 Nov 2011 17:34:34
OMG didnt c that coming o oneil is the new manager @ lcfc deal has been signed expect to hear it on ssn very soon(5)(37)I hope this is true where are u getting ur info from??As you use the omg thing i'm guessing you're 10 and that is carp.Hmm nothing on the official site ( infact half of it is your muppet players saying they are looking forward to playing Leeds ha ha ), nothing on sky or on the papers websites.
So little crisp muncher, back to the homework, as for OMG.. lol grow up! MOTThis is true the thai president told me himself, MON first signing is daniel larusso {Ed025's Note - wax off!!Think you will find that SSN report that Nigel Pearson will be Leicester city's next managerHow ridiculous is this post. As if any club would destabilise another club by pretending to want their manager whist secretly going after an unemployed manager that if he had wanted to accept their offer would surely have done so by now without any need for subterfuge. A complete load of piffle.Someones had too many E numbers lay off the smarties kid. There's a good boy.Still waiting to hear chump


08 Nov 2011 17:33:07
charlton should signRichard Kingson
mangus okengue
mark marshall
matt tubbs(4)(11)None of these names are good enough for Charlton. Okuonghae is playing well though for Colchester. However, expect a big new loan signing today/tomorrow.


08 Nov 2011 17:27:46
Southampton's Jonathan Forte and Sam Hoskins have joined Preston on loan until December 4th.(18)(6)Regarding young Sam,good experience for him,regarding Forte,thank God.Why? Fed up with Saints "fans" like we all are on here?


08 Nov 2011 17:07:37
West Ham are trying to sign Nedum Onuoha on a two month loan and they look to sign: Marvan Celik, Craig Reid and Elliott Hewitt in January, who are all players under 21 years old as they look to add depth to their squad(12)(7)...Reid is 25
Not to mention overrated


08 Nov 2011 15:58:57
Southamptons best player Jon Forte has joined Preston North End on a month loan as has young Sam Hoskins, they have both gone to gain expirience in a lower league. Also 20 year old Jack Saville has joined league 2 outfit Barnet for the same period of time. Forte will be dearly missed for the month and every saints fan will greet him on his return.(8)(8)Jon Forte is far from being Southampton's best playerA truer word was never spoken or written,
Forte is a complete waste of space,he'll never come up to the expectations and quality in the squad.A good few people thought it strange when he was handed a three and a half year contract,after watching him for the few times he has played,yeah,it's strange,and he's lucky.
Hope he goes,anywhere,just that he goes.


08 Nov 2011 15:37:30
Chief Scout and Technical Director Gwynn Williams of Leeds United was at Birminghams Training Ground this afternoon, sources close to me are that Leeds are keeping a close eye on Wolverhampton Wanderers central midfield prospect Jack Price who has been in good form for their reserves and is rumoured to be a star in the future if he keeps his head down. Simon Grayson is rumoured to be attending one of the 3 next games.(7)(3)Wow, this news will shock the football world.Why would he be at birminghams training
ground watching a Wolves playerBecause they are leeds a proper big club lolIf we wasnt a proper big club why would u bother writing on a leeds comment,haha, were not famous anymore yeah right !Yes you are right your not famous any more but how long ago was it when you thought you were? is it decades?Leeds were the best english club in europe in 2000 and were unlucky not to have won the competition


08 Nov 2011 14:40:39
Norwich look to have won the race to sign Jordan Rhodes from Huddersfield in January for an undisclosed fee.
Norwich have beaten wigan,fulham and Middlesbrough for the prolific, young league one striker.

looks like Norwich will be relegated as they cant buy premier league quality players, haha back in the championship soon where you belong!!(6)(14)No good players want to go to Carrot Road.How can you make that judgement at this time of the season. Jordan Rhodes has a point to prove in the higher tiers! Jordan is a talented striker that is hungry like Pilkington to get to the Prem. Pilk has scored four goals already and people like you probably wrote him off because 'he's a league one player and won't stand a chance'. Well he's proved the doubters wrong hasn't he! If Rhodes doesn't cut it in the Prem then oh well, but you are such a person not giving a team like Norwich a chance. I think Norwich will finish 14th, Swansea 16th and QPR 12th. None of them will be relegated. If one was to be relegated it would be SwanseaJordan rhodes going nowhere in january so start looking elsewhere waisting your time up the terriers good look for rest of season super pilksWhere is all this money you had to spend Naarwich? 42m it was according to your fans?Well the last post must be from our friends in Suffolk. So either you are winding up or just not very bright. The figure was 37.5M-42M - that depends on the TV money. Apparently Blackpool got 37.5M. All of that to be the playing budget. Transfers, wages and "other" costs. My guess is we have 8M-10M left in the pot so I think a 4M-6M spend in Jan


08 Nov 2011 14:20:40
Southampton duo Jonathan Forte and Sam Hoskins have joined Preston North End on 1 month loan deals(12)(6)


08 Nov 2011 14:05:49
jason roberts is going to brentford 3month loan not sheffeild united(7)(20)


08 Nov 2011 11:46:13
Claus Jensen to sign for charlton as coach specifically for the midfield. Charlton found this hard to keep quiet with many other many other teams looking at him. The deal will be confirmed in the next couple of days.(4)(10)I would love to see him back, one of the best players I've seen at Charlton.


08 Nov 2011 11:10:19
Stoke are believed to be interested in Barnsleys
Jacob Butterfield .Everton are also interested
and ready to make a bid .Both clubs will watch him
play for the under 21s if selected
Mates a Barnsley fan and the club rate him highly
and have offered him a new contract.(18)(4)To all the prem clubs interested in jacob butterfieldyou had better get ready to stump up 5 million that is what Barnsley value him at.


08 Nov 2011 09:38:05
Regarding Paul Sturrock:

His house in Devon is up for sale.

His house in Southend is only rented.

Unlikely to extend his contract with Southend at any time.

It is about now Southend will receive the most compensation for him.

With Sky his odds on taking the Hibs Job was 10-1.

Yesterday this was cut dramatically to 3-1.

With these facts in mind just maybe Sturrock is the man after all to fill the void at Easter Road Stadium.(9)(5)He has plenty of time to sign a new contrat.

The odds are stupid, he isnt intrested in going to up there.

He wants to get promoted with Southend he has said this TIME AND TIME AGAIN.

So stop saying he is the man because he isnt going end off.


08 Nov 2011 09:26:32
Regarding Paul Sturrock:

His House in Devon is up for sale.

He only rents his house in Southend.

His Southend contract is up at the end of next season. Unlikely at any time to sign an extention.

So it is about now Southend will get the most compensation for him.

In addition the odds on him on sunday to go to Hibs was 10-1.

Now he's listed at 3-1.

Maybe Sturrock is the man to fill the void at Easter Road Stadium after all.(8)(8)


08 Nov 2011 03:05:47
Whoever said that Swansea City midfielder Leon Britton will sign for his Hometown club Norwich City needs to do their research first as Leon Britton is from Wandsworth, London. Completely fabricated rumour.(3)(10)Ha ha "Norwich Leons Home town" . Come on wind up merchants get real!.



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