Football Rumours Archive June 14 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursJune 14 2012 

14 Jun 2012 00:50:10
West ham want zaha from palace but palace want 8million or more to convince us to sell
Well done palace stick to your guns
Well done zaha for getting called up to gb football team(23)(14)He's worth 800k no more.Good luck getting him for 800k mate, you've obviously never seen him playHow can you say a player with potential is worth 8 million?"Good luck getting him for 800k mate, you've obviously never seen him play"

As it happens I have, he's like everyone at Palace, overrated! I never said I could get him for that just that that is his worth. I recall how many millions Clinton Morrison was worth in his younger days, should have played for England.....yawnIf you say he's worth 800k you have never seen him play. Will be a massive star if he make the Olympic final 18 cut8 million is way to much 2-4mil sounds more correctSaying he's worth 800k is bull considering Carrol was 35mill, potential is equal to experience now cos its so tight finding the 'player'3 million maybe, not 8He's brilliant compared to the rest of the team.


13 Jun 2012 23:34:28
Del Piero so sign a One Year Deal with Italian giants Chievo.(9)(8)Del piero has already said he won't sign for another italian club.Since when have chievo been considered italian giants lol


13 Jun 2012 23:01:58
Aston Villa are trying to sign Danish left back Simon Poulsen(20)(13)


13 Jun 2012 23:00:50
Dundee united have agreed terms with Brian McLean after his release from Preston.(13)(3) 

Good luck to brian macHow has this lad been playing does anyone knowHas now joined dundee unitedHe has't really been in the frame recently, but looked a good player when he was playing in september/october


13 Jun 2012 22:48:28
jermaine johnson to sign for chesterfield by the end of the week(3)(16)Ha load of rubbish he is a key part of Wednesday team and wouldn't drop to league 2 from championship. Carry on dreaming pal. Chesterfield have got more chance of signing cesc fabregasHe's dreadful wouldnt want him here anyway!Johnson can remain injured at SWFC like he does for most off every seasonDon't think he will get many games playing for Wednesday next season ,not good enough for championship


13 Jun 2012 22:29:06
Terrell Forbes the former Leyton Orient defender has signed a one year deal at Chesterfield(10)(3) terrible forbesNot a great signing.Must admit Forbes is well past his best to say the least.Played out of position a lot at Leyton Orient he will do well for youWhat's his best position?Because spring is off , if he hasn't re signed now he never will


13 Jun 2012 22:28:04
Everton's David Moyes early bookies favourite to land Spurs job.(38)(20) 

No we don't want him !!Yes we do..Redknapp was odds on for England Manager job. say no more.


13 Jun 2012 22:08:06
Carlisle United Goalkeeper Adam Colin in talks with Porstmouth(3)(8)Nobody is in talks with Portsmouth!Do the words transfer and embargo mean anything to you?Technically speaking Pompey are not under any official transfer embargo. It's just that if they tried to sign any more players the league would refuse to register them until we shift a few of our ludicrous wage earners off the payroll.


13 Jun 2012 22:08:51
Bristol Rovers will announce the signing of striker David Healy by the start of next week.

He's set to become one of the highest paid players in the club's history.

Most of the money is coming from the imminent sale of Mustapha Carayol, who will leave the club next week to join Leeds United.(3)(26)Aren't I right in thinking that Leeds don't exactly have a lot of money at the moment?Leeds cant afford carayol.What makes you think Leeds actually want the guy anyway??A come on Leeds aren't that bad that they can't afford a league 2 player.Why is everyone talking about muzzy to leeds surely rovers can't afford to sign someone like David Healy even if he is going to Leeds (muzzy)Leeds turnover announce in may for the yr was £34mill with £13mill wage budget for the yr,leeds have money no danger of that but can not seeing them bringing in L2 players,that is left for Peterborough Watford and them kind of championship clubs.


13 Jun 2012 22:04:53
Sly sports breaking news that Redknapp leaving Spurs in next 24 hours due to failure to qualify for Champions League.
David Moyes bookies favourite to replace Harry.(27)(11)Moyes wants united not spursLOL, leave it out Harry might have left wetsham because they were selling all his youth players but, it's not the same there.Bale will be off

TickAgree say goodbye to Bale, Modric, Parker and Walker


13 Jun 2012 21:56:32
Charlton to sign Sloan Privat the young French striker in the next few weeks.(4)(5)Er, doubt thatHe is under contract so Charlton would have to pay a fee and he has only had one season full season at French League 2 level. Apart from the top 5-6 clubs the general standard is pretty poor in France so this just is not going to happen is it!


13 Jun 2012 21:54:58
Brian McLean released by Preston to sign for Dundee United in next week or two.(8)(3)


13 Jun 2012 21:52:29
Blackpool or Burnley to sign Kyle Lafferty this week(7)(11)Won't be Burnley....he's not a popular boy there!!

In his last spell at the club he got all worked up when some fans on the Clarets Mad messageboard said nasty things about his performance on the pitch. He contacted the site editor and DEMANDED contact details of those who didn't offer him the respect he believed he was worthy of...

Getting £3.25 million for him was a good piece of business and we wouldn't want him back....Im a Blackpool fan and if that is true we dont want that kind of prima donna at our club either!His career average is about 1 every 5 games which isnt brilliant for a lower level ( and Scottish level) striker.Absolute rubbish that pato is going. We aren't going to sell two strikers?


13 Jun 2012 21:48:51
I know it's not a transfer rumour but just saw on twitter that redknapp has resigned(12)(4)The Guardian just confirmed this story!


13 Jun 2012 21:40:03
huddersfield favourites to sign simon
gillet after he has left doncaster and
wants championship football(16)(2)Yeah right he says he wants to help get Doncaster promotedHe has already rejected a contractI don't think he has rejected a contract and is one of the players that Rovers would want to sign, subject to negotiations and the budget being available^true


13 Jun 2012 21:38:51
West Ham have £4 mill bid for Jarvis rejected(20)(4)Is it any surprise, he's valued at £10m. come on hammers dig deep if you really want him.Jez Moxey says we have not received a bid for any player from any club, so how could it have been rejected??


13 Jun 2012 21:34:45
Micheal Laudrup is now the ONLY choice Swansea have to be next boss after being rejected by Eddie Howe and Ian Hollaway(10)(10)Good that'll bring some good signingsHarry just got fired maye he could come to swansea? he likes attractive football like swansea does maybe he could be a solution....

If not i hope you find a great manager because swansea was delightful to watch Everton fan here :)He may be they only choice but that's because Swansea rejected Ian Hollaway and never went for Eddie HoweOn swans official website earlier today, a gallery was set up about laudrup's playing and managerial career, was only online for an hour or so, been taken off just now. Clearly someone has got the sack haha, smoke screen leak? or signs of an announcement tomorrow?Bookies paid out on laudrup


13 Jun 2012 21:01:55
Macclesfield's Arnaud Mendy is in talks with Leyton Orient over a possible move.(5)(2)This not a rumour. It's a fact.Only time will tell if its true so still a rumour.Would be a decent signing. Big strong player.
Only problem is, he plays centre midfield.
We have signed Anthony Griffith
for that position.


13 Jun 2012 21:01:08
Ramon Nunez is close to signing for bradford city to be announced by the club by the end of the week also bradford city are after nathen doyle(9)(10)Nunez at Bradford today for negotiations, if all agreed will be announced tommorrow, FACT LOLCant see it , if Parky pulls that signing off then he needs knightingHe's been coming a lot this Nunez to city this rumour getting boring !!


13 Jun 2012 20:57:38
Cambridge United have secured the signing of defender Scott Garner from Grimsby Town and are talking to Lionel Ainsworth, Liam Dickinson and Sam Togwell.(2)(15)


13 Jun 2012 20:22:42
Reading in for crouch from Stoke and Tomkins from west ham reliable source(7)(42)I thought the saints fans were disillusioned but to think crouch would leave stoke for reading is beyond belief. This poster needs sectioning.Tomkins was just about the best player for WH last season-why would they sell him to Reading?
Absolute twaddle.If reading r in for crouch they beta coff up 20million pound his wunder goal alone is worth that amount not to mention the other 14 he scoredWhy would Tomkins leave West Ham - they got promoted as well??Why would tomkins leave the hammers for us?The Tomkins one is far fetched but Crouch :-) Is this reliable source a voice that talks to you?Crouch wont leave stoke, he signed a long term deal and is happy at the potters, where he won most of the anual season awards last seasonI doubt this is a reading supporter guys, some of our fans may be a bit too hopeful, but it's just one of those fans trying to make us look like idiots!Just saw crouch in traffic in west London!!! Just sayingCrouch 20m hes like 31? think again about 6mUtter nonsense. His wages alone would cripple the our club. PLUS Brian McD will only introduce players of the same ability and fit into our wage structure. I would rather Yakubu than him plus he is cheaper and real mates with Jason Roberts (which could keep him at teh club for another year or two).I'm going to start a protest
SAY. NO. TO. CROUCHCrouch does suit our style of play but it’s very unrealistic and Tomkins is happy at west ham isn’t he?At least you have a sense of humour...Bit like Crouchy, when asked what would he be if he wasn't a footballer, he replied

"A virgin"

Good bloke to have in the dressing room but never going to happen and as for Tomkins, meh...Lets be honest your WH baiting, haha!Possibly, because crouchy's wife still does a lot of work in London and Stoke aren't training at the moment so he could be meeting her in London. Crouch not likely to leave Stoke.I'm a reading fan and these rumours are bonkers!!Crouch to leave Stoke for Reading? You want to get your carbon monoxide detector checked coz you've obviously got some kind of brain injury. Reading, Norwich and Wigan for the drop next seasonTo be honest, west ham do seem to be buying an entire new first team so who knows about tomkins however the crouch one is highly unlikely..


13 Jun 2012 19:56:25
A few weeks back there were a few rumours of Manchester United being after a young striker from Palace's Academy. Not Zaha or Jonathan Williams it was someone who as far as I know hasn't yet made a senior appearance but who is very highly rated in youth football circles.

Can anyone confirm this and if so who is the lad in question and is he as good as reports suggest?(7)(9)Your probably referring to Reise Allassani. But there's no chance of Palace selling him this early in his career.Not a striker a full back Nathaniel Clyne, highly rated but then again so is everyone at Palace!

If that's the lad you mean, they'll want about 5million for him because he scored a goal last season.^no the guy knows that and stated no appearances, so he's obviously not


13 Jun 2012 19:05:36
Despite signing a new deal with Forest Green just yesterday, Yan Klukowski is today the subject of an official bid (believed to be in the region of £40,000) from Luton Town, who have also upped their contract offer for Jon Shaw.(14)(8)


13 Jun 2012 18:35:55
Ipswich Town are preparing a 2.5 million pound double swoop for Peterborough united striker Paul Taylor and Attacking midfielder George boyd(23)(20)Don't think we'd pay that much for both of them. I thought they were each valued at £1 million anyway. If that is the case, then why would we pay £2.5 million for both?Not enough cash by farVery hopeful that this is the case but i am doubtful because peterborough will ask for more money especially for George BoydTaylor won't sign a new contract because he wants to join a Premiership Team - Ipswich don't fit the bill2.5 million? haha Far to much mateTaylor 2m Boyd 1m good luck!Paul Taylor would cost 2.5mill alone, but thats a pointless fact as where talking about Ipswich who are in massive debt and dont have 50p to spend never mind 2.5mil..............The debt doesn't mean anything anymore because Marcus Evans bought it when he bought the club.
ITFC is financially secure and although we may not pay £2.5 million for one player, we certainly have money to spend.Good luck IPSWICH more money for the mighty POSH.More debt for the town.I'm an Ipswich fan and Paul Taylor would never join us. Look at the state of our club! We will be in a relegation fight next year and barney rubble will be sacked by xmas.Yea nothing to spend, just about 6 million left over from the wickham sale, plus investment from marcus evans.Why would we want them of posh there poor players in a poor teamThat "poor team" put seven past you in one game last season.Thought they let boyd go


13 Jun 2012 17:39:26
Are there any Cardiff rumours Ed?? {Ed001's Note - I believe Cardiff are looking at a few Crewe players, they are, I am told, one of the clubs with an offer on the table for Ajay Leitch-Smith. Also interested in their young keeper Ben Garrett, I am assuming that is to replace Heaton as a back up? That's the only new thing I have heard.}(4)(15)They've replaced heaton with joe lewis?Joe Lewis has replaced Heaton !!!Joe Lewis is not an adequate replacement. Give it half a season and you will see what i mean. Trust me, Im a Posh season ticket holder.Garratt is going to play for England in a couple of years, pure class!! I am expecting big things from this lad.


13 Jun 2012 17:42:58
West Ham United, newly promoted to the Premier League are considering making a move for Torquay United central midfielder Eunan O'Kane as a release clause in the players contract allows him to leave Torquay without much they can do!(12)(21)I'm not being funny but why would West Ham want a central midfielder from Torquay?


13 Jun 2012 15:35:02
Cheltenham Town target Jon Parkin has turned down a move to Whaddon Road in favour of a move to Fleetwood Town.(23)(13)


13 Jun 2012 15:23:34
Danny Swailes, without a club since leaving Stockport at the end of May 2011, is having trials at numerous Blue Square Bet Premier and north teams. Hyde United, Droylesden, Guisley and Halifax town are all set to have offered Danny a trial.(6)(5)Danny had to retire!Must be recently then, he has been offered a way back in


13 Jun 2012 15:20:36
BREAKING NEWS: Shrewsbury Town's James Collins has rejected the offer of a new contract. (Mr T)(16)(9)Looks like he will be a Hornet next season after all...............:-)Higher level league club maybe but not necessarily the hornetsHe is known to want to play at Watford as we have shown a constant interest in him. I hope we get him and give Shrews a good price for him as i hate it when teams take Watford for a rideHes possibly still away if you check his Twitter. Nothing anywhere bar rumourCollins is just waiting to see if he gets offers from higher league clubs. No club, apart from Shrewsbury, have offered him a deal.Just a rumour at the moment. Nothing official. We'll have to wait to see what happens.He's goin to Sheffield united deal nearly doneHe will either go up a league or stay at ShrewsburyWelcome to Watford Mr CollinsWell he is away on hols so bit hard thereI have it on good authority that he has turned it down in favour of a move to Watford. Won't be public for a while but you will see that i'm right....once again. (Mr T)It is certain he will go to Coventry once there transfer embargo is lifted or stay at ShrewsburyAll wrongMr T, you said on a previous post he will be at a League 1 club, im sure Watford are in the ChampionshipThings change, was going to be Coventry but it is now Watford. Watch in the coming weeks any developments and you will see that i'm right...once again. (Mr T)


13 Jun 2012 15:15:41
Kilmarnocks Cammy Bell being lined up by Wolves who plan to sell Wayne Hennessey(7)(14)Is that the Wayne Hennessey who is out until at least October?I thought it was early decemberKillie will need a minimum of £2 million for Bell - Can Wolves pay that for a keeper?2mill for a league 1 keeper no thanks


13 Jun 2012 15:11:05
Chris Hughton is planning to make an opening bid for Ivorian striker Lacina Traore of £5.5m when he returns from his holidays in the next few weeks(22)(11)Would love to have somebody MASSIVE but if we were going down that route i think he would go for Zigic even without youth on his sideI would love it if he signed for Norwich
Would be a great signing


13 Jun 2012 15:07:46
Well Swindon fans are in for a treat this summer if the players Di Canio has made offers to decide to join the club.
The following deals are possible-

Alan Connell- Crawley Town fee not sure
Billy Bodin- Torquay Utd fee not known
Mehdi Kerrouche- Cheltenham are keen, will join them on July 1st for a preseason trial
Cibbochi- fell out with Di Canio in training
Mattio Lanzano- will join Novara
Lukas Magera- will join Banik Ostrava


Andrew Williams-Done deal. Will join on 1st of July
Tom Taiwo- Deal agreed, waiting for player to sign contract
Tom Heaton-Will join as cover for Wes Foderingham(5)(27)Tom Heation wont join a league one club as a Number 2, he left a bigger club Cardiff because he couldnt get a first place, he will go to Bristol, Peterborough or Sheffield WednesdayWon't be coming to Wednesday, we signed Kirkland and bywater has agreed another year to his contract. Don't need smother keeper.So Taiwo leaves Carlisle to be nearer to his native Yorkshire, and joins Swindon. Geography not your strong point then?Tom taiwo is moving up yorkshire way to be closer to his familyNot so sure about those but Navarro will sign today.


13 Jun 2012 15:04:58
The Spireites have signed defender Terrell Forbes on a one year deal until June 2013 on club website(9)(3)


13 Jun 2012 14:45:32
Crawley have signed winger Nicky Ajose from Peterborough United for an undisclosed fee.(4)(15)Please quote a source from where this 'rumour' originated. Since this signing does not appear on either the Peterborough or Crawley Town websites as at 16.15 nor on BBC Football or Sly Sports Football news it seems unlikely to have happened.He isnt a winger for starters, a good striker but i think if crawley bid the right price he would go as he is on the transfer list for the poshHes rubbishHe was quality when he was with the mighty shakers.


13 Jun 2012 14:10:02
Aston Villa are close to signing Kyle Naughton & Grant Holt.(28)(19)Holt will go to the other claret and blues
west hamNo they,re not.Naughton might possibly go to Villa but West Ham are favourites for Holt's signature.Naughton is staying at spurs, end of storyGrant Holt is staying at Norwich, he's close to agreeing a new 3year contract, Norwich chairman had a chat with Holt & now happy to stay at Norwich.We don't want Holt! we only are interested in Naughton.
Naughton would love to join Villa - he saw what happened to Walker when he joined us for a while.
Realise whom is more attractive to youth!The only way Holt will join Villa, is if Bent leaves

TockGrant Holt was seen in a Birmingham restaraunt earlier todayWell you seen the size of him, he's done all the restaurants in norwich


13 Jun 2012 13:43:35
Burnley and Blackpool are set to battle it out for Rangers striker Kyle Lafferty with Rangers wanting between 600-800K for the player(17)(20)They can want 600k + for him all they want. but he has a 575k release clause in his deal due to him taking a pay cut last season. also sources up in scotland say that huddersfield had a bid accepted for him before he want on his honeymoon.So it'll go down to who offers the best terms and as a Blackpool fan I can be confident we wont offer him anywhere near what the other clubs will.
There's always a chance he might have some ambition of premiership football and join us anyway.They will get him for free when rangers go into liquidationIm sure his old ties with burnley might seal the deal . hope im wrongHe can walk 4 nowt when they go bustNot wanting lafferty back burnley, heads too big for his boots, not a team player {Ed003's Note - I suppose it's a good job you don't wear boots on your head then }Haha... Humour from the Ed. #comedian


13 Jun 2012 12:45:04
sigursson may well join swansea. It is believed that he is waiting to meet the next swansea manager before he makes a decision(9)(40)He's off to Anfield , done deal.I have it on good authority that Laudrups first role as manger is to tell siggurson to join liverpool, as swansea will not be messed around by "egos" and players not 100% committed to swansea"He's off to Anfield , done deal."

Not yet it isn't, stop reading the comedy papers.Laudrop cannot tell Gylfi anything. He can ask him, advise him, but not tell him.Gylfi will make up his own mind where he is playing next season.Gylfi has his heart set on a move to anfield but he has said he will meet the new swansea manager due to respect of hew jenkins"Egos"? Gylfi does not have an ego. Of course you're going to reconsider a move if the sole reason you agreed to the move (Brendan Rodgers) leaves for another club. This happened to Gylfi at Hoffenheim. The manager who signed him and played him was sacked and the new manager didn't like him so he ended up bench warming. He has every right to be cautious.Anfield bound 50 grand a week done deal 20 grand more than we offered!!!!


13 Jun 2012 12:42:55
Brighton have been priced out of a move for Czech international right back Theodor gebre selassie. Gus poyet stated that the club were unwilling to pay a fee of around £2million for a right back (a position which is not brighton's highest priority).
Source: The Argus(14)(14)Just because you watch the game yesterday dont start making up rumours.
hes first team International at his 5 million
+ with Lille and LeMans interested.
Brighton will be favourites for Relegation
along with Bristol city and Peterborough
so why would he come thereBrighton didn't make a move for him if you read the article. (due to the fee). And Brighton favourites to go down LOL. Brighton can easily finish in the top half with the current team.Relegated yeah right just like last season there some very bitter people out there they are really going to spend millions increasing the capacity to be in a relegation battle I do feel sorry for these people and I'm not even a Brighton fan but I think they could make the play offs this yearBrighton are far from favourites to go down LOLIt is absolutely ridiculous to say that Brighton are favourites for delegation. Anyone who knows anything about football would know that Brighton are much more likely to get promoted than relegated. The bookies put us pretty good odds for promotion...I said it before and i will say it again!!

Next season will be another season of consolidation, nothing more and nothing less!

We wont be signing any superstars or has beens.

Gus will be looking for up and coming talent that could provide a future sell on fee, why spend £20/30k a week on wages on players we wont get anything back from!

Wake up and smell the coffee, its going to be another enjoyable yet frustration season for the Seagull fans!

We havent even got a 2 million pound transfer budget so we would hardly spend it on one player when we need 5!!

Budget signings at best is all we can hope for.

Gus will be looking at the lower leagues and possibly abroad!


13 Jun 2012 12:41:15
Sunderland are looking to sign the following :-Diame, Agbonlahor, McGeady, Jorge Fucile, Fletcher & espanyol striker Alvero Vazquez.also expect bids for Chris Samba,who is unsettld in Russia and wants to return to premiership,and Charlie Adam who is not in Liverpools plans.BLACKCAT

Outs:-Richardson,Killgallon,Vaughan,Bramble,El mohammadi,Algereri and players loaned out for the season to include Ji and Connor Wickam who both need games under their belt.(10)(25)Diame is going to West HamYou wont get speedy mcgeadyDiame isn't going to West Ham, its a step down from WiganNever Known any team go for 8 players for the first team in one transfer window.


13 Jun 2012 12:31:57
Not a rumour, but i've got a sneaky feeling Town will sign Billy Paynter...(11)(25)Witch Town are you talking about?? we have many in the uk........ I know Billy still has a house in Oakhurst Swindon......For the last time, WHICH TOWN??
we aint all psychicThere's only one Town, Huddersfield, but I cannot see him coming.There are plenty of towns im asuming ipswich or hudersfield but please wite which one


13 Jun 2012 12:18:53
Hull have offered £1.5m + Aaron Mclean for Peterborough striker Paul Taylor(2)(27)No way will Mclean be back under Fergi. Ferguson has already stated that he will not be comming back.
Everton or Hull as a choice for Taylor ! Tough choice.Mclean wouldnt want to come backMcLean would love a return to posh as he's a regular visitor to posh midweek home matches, But he's to old to fit into Fergies plans for the future plus around 2.5mil will be needed to sign Taylor.


13 Jun 2012 12:17:09
Wycombe Wanderers have lined up a number of new signings which will be announced as soon as their transfer embargo is lifted once the take over is completed. One of those is Alex Revell from Rotherham who is looking forward to rejoining the Chairboys.(2)(9)Thank god he works and all that but misses easy chances


13 Jun 2012 12:12:28
Millwall have agreed a fee in the region of 350 for Paul Coutts. Preston boss Graham Westley wants rid after a fall out. Heard from Coutts agent(15)(12)If you mean 350k then you are dreming try a million and maybe the deal will happen.350 quid -That's all he's worth£350,000.00 is his market value. That is a fact, so if we are offered that for Coutts then I have no doubt we will accept it. Good player, but part of the Ferguson era at Deepdale.No way can PNE ask £1m for an avaerage league 1 player when they finished 15th in the league....if he was that good (and he's not) then maybe £500k....but he wants away from Preston and especially Graham WestleyHe has bought into westleys ways and doesnt want out anymore and we should get at least 750k for himA million quid for Paul Coutts ?!?!? Are you high pal ?? I'm a Preston fan and a rate him but Coutts is not worth that, £500000 would be an absolute maximum !Well if that is true then you have a bargain, he's a good little player when motivated, very tidy.Heard the same. Should be completed by end of next week.£350K ha dont make me laugh. Arguably best midfielder in League 1 when hes in the mood, id expect North End not to accept anything under £750 kThe decision TO SELL a player is UP TO the manager and Im afraid NOT THE FANS!1m is the least he is worth, how can nick Powell be worth 4m for scoring 10 goals


13 Jun 2012 12:07:02
I heard that Newcastle are looking at Celtic's Victor Wanyama. I'm a Scottish Newcastle fan and I have to say I'd love to see this deal happening. He is 20 years old and definetely the best prospect in the SPL at the moment.(10)(20)Its only if they sell Tiote as far as I know


13 Jun 2012 12:01:29
Cheltenham Town manager will speak to Aldershot defender Anthony Straker this week after the defender rejected a new contract with the Shots(8)(7)


13 Jun 2012 12:00:19
Rumours flying around Bury are that Bury fan Danny Boyle is keen on taking a place on the Bury FC supporters trust.
Danny was seen with Commercial manager of Bury FC Peter Youngs at an event in Radcliffe last week where the discussions developed.
Boyles worldwide contacts, and not his money, is what Mr Young wishes to utilise to bring investment into the clubs academy.
Efe Sodje was also in attendance as he looks for a long term settled future with the North West Club which will upset Exeter City who believed they had agreed a fee/deal for the 45 year old.(7)(8)45 year old?Sodje - wow what have we missed.....another coach ?Hes 39?If you believe Efe is 39 you'll believe the moon is made of cheese - 43 is a better betOfficially, he's 39...He IS 39, i'm a Bury man myself. SODJE! SODJE! SODJE!


13 Jun 2012 11:58:20
Hereford winger Nicky Featherstone is a rumoured transfer target for Cheltenham Town manager Mark Yates after his contract offer from the Bulls was withdrawn.(5)(3)


13 Jun 2012 11:55:01
Mancini junior was seen having discussions with firstsport agents in the Village Hotel on the Wirral yesterday.
Ronnie Moore hopes to also sign Pan Lateef who is currently in talks with Bury FC(2)(6)Mancini junior of to Bournemouth for a trial.


13 Jun 2012 11:52:29
Bury born Nick Ajose is the target for high spending Crawley Town and newly promoted Fleetwood.(4)(9)


13 Jun 2012 11:51:08
Mark Robins has been linked with the Oldham managers job.
Robins has been sounded out after a fall out between current manager Dickov and the clubs owners regarding the wage structure for 2012/3.(6)(5)Absolute rubbish, Dikov supports the way Simon Corney runs the club and backs him all the way.RUBBISH as Dickov sat down with the chairman and agreed what wages structure he would have.

So many stupid comments on here.OMG Paul Dickov said in an interview that he supports everything that corney does because it is for the good of the club money wise.Dickov is going nowereHe knows how broke we are, so why would he expect more than Corney can afford to give him. Also he wouldn't have let Dickov re-sign Wesolowski on a 2 year deal. Idiot!!!!!!Not only is Dickov not going, but Mark Robins can sling his hook anyway. Not wanted. We have long memories...I thought robins was a latics fan?


13 Jun 2012 11:40:54
as i reading fan i can confirm from the most realible reading sites reading have pulled out of the gunter deal due to the extra 1m but reading will up there 2m bid to 2.5m as mariappa wants to leave and only have 1 year left on his contract. reading also about to bid 7m for dame ndoye who wants to leave as his club missed out on champions league and wants to be tested in the prem interest from newcastle and everton(6)(14)The player wishes to leave his club as they did not qualify for Champions League football..... to join Reading?If you read carefully, it says left his club because they missed out on the champions league, and seeks a new challenge in the Premier League. He clearly didn't feel tested in the Danish league, and wants to join a PL club that'll give him first team football.Yes because he wants to test himself at a higher league they missed out on champions league so he wants to join a new league insteadYeah but he wants a new challenge in the premier not just because of champions league football.... who play in the premier league which is a better league. it would only be a bid anyway and im sure his preference would go newcastle everton reading prem wise but im sure there is interest from elsewhereIf Newcastle and Everton are interested too I would imagine he would choose one of them. Its a big move for him and he might want to join an established Prem club.He wants to play in the premier league and we're the only club to show an interestHe will know from internation ba and cisse will get played ahead of him so he knows unless ba gets sold newcastlwe wont be an option then everton only play one striker which is jelavic but if cahill is off they may revert to two strikers but we (reading) are the only club making a moveCalling Shaun Cummings a 'terrible' right back is a bit steep... I agree we need a right back as he's our only one, but he's not too bad and if we don't get anyone then I'm sure he'll do fine.I rate Cummings, seems fairly reliable, I think he could cut it in the prem to be honest.


13 Jun 2012 11:38:05
Huddersfield town will sign Tranmere Rovers striker Mustafa Tiryaki after a succesful loan spell at Cambridge United(5)(21)Why would they do that ?Ha Ha Ha, not good enough for League 1Why would huddersfield be signing him? Couldn't score any goals league one so obviously won't be scoring any in championship! Trfc82If he isnt getting in the tranmere team why would town want to sign him?Behave, hes not good enough for league1 let alone the championshipYeah course cause i keep forgetting cambridge are a championship club!!He wasn't even a regular in a conference team! Although i did like him at trfc always gave 100%I think you'll find its a curry he's on about!


13 Jun 2012 11:05:39
Heidar Helguson and Tommy Smith to join watford for a combined price of 1mill 500k(11)(19)Total Rubbish!Im a watford fan and would love this to happen, but not only are they not worth that watford dont have that sort of moneyRubbish. No way have we got £1.5m to spend. If they come back to Watford it won't be for anything near that.No way £1.5m. Will just want them off their salariesHello we do not have 1.5 million and any money coming in will line our great chairmans pocket mr bassini is a legend at losing money fact.H and tommy are at the end of there careers 125000 each would be a acceptable.or if mr bassini could get away with it two packs of hubba bubba.Two packets? That's a bit steep.Don't think we should be too picky.. We wont have too many ins, mainly outs I would think...


13 Jun 2012 11:04:46
Jay Bothroyd and DJ campbell to leave qpr this summer.(39)(8)Thank god lolWould keep campbell get rid of bothroyd


13 Jun 2012 10:58:27
bristol city midfielder kaliffsa cisse could join wba this season with the baggies sending youngster george thorne in the opposite direction on a season long loan.(2)(18)Cisse a free agentCisse is no longer a City playerCisse currently plays for city he signed a new contract which i believe does not make him a free agent :PHe's been offered a new contract but hasn't signedHe was offered a new contract but preferred to explore other options and rejected the offer.We've got to many midfieldersHe's still a city player as contract doesnt expire til end of june


13 Jun 2012 10:56:55
West Brom are interested in signing Crystal Palace goalkeeper Julian Speroni - Reliable source(7)(28)What? Even though they don't even have a manager!? Lie!No.2 maybe# twos is rightAlbion got a new manager last weekSteve Clarke was announced as WBA manager on Friday^^ Errrr.......Steve Clarke appointed last week.They'd want about £30m for him anyway, everyone at Palace is worth a fortune, didn't you know?Remind me who is he again! :>)Ha ha ha, what source was that eh, HP or Daddies.Try £40 million


13 Jun 2012 10:52:38
inter and brazil full back maicon is now interested in 1 last big challenge in europe before heading home to brazil with chelsea ready to offer the player a lucrative 2 year deal once they agree a fee(12)(7)


13 Jun 2012 10:52:25
It seems like Harry may be returning to Portsmouth for a third spell, but this time not as manager. Harry is heading a consortium, set to buy the club from Balam Chanrai, if Chanrai is successful with his bid. There is also talk that Harry may put money up front, so that Chanrai can offer more than the current offer of 2p in the pound, to give him a better chance of success. Would harry be welcome? I actually think he would be forgiven very quickly. I would forgive him!(5)(37)You really are deluded, and quite honestly if HMRC will not accept 8p in £ they should laugh you into liquidation. I do feel sorry for some of your fans but the rest of you haven't got a clue.Honestly he probably enjoys managing too much to buy us (unfortunatly), also lol at that guy^ why would anyone who we owe money to want us to get liquidated and then get nothing?Where did u hear this?HA HA..... one of the funniest ever.
The thought of HR dipping into his own pocket to help pompey out.
Harry will be in Abu Dhabi very soon, he is only interested in lining his own pockets and not trying to put things right at pompey.Well the people you owe wont exactly be getting much money back will they and Portsmouth are repeat offenders so why not pull the plug...You get to start a fresh with a new club debt free and no overseas owners and try to earn some respect back.Fair play if it does happen and Harry does put some of his own money in....its his fault the club are in the mess they are in so all he will be doing will be trying to undo the mess he caused.Try and pay his wages thn thats why he MAY not stay with spurs so its unlikely u canWolves fan here, i know it aint my club but how on earth is it Harrys fault. Every manager gets given a budget then its his job to produce a good team. The people at the top ie chairman and ceo are responsible for the clubs finances. How many managers do you think get to see the clubs full accounts.....0 because it aint there job or responsibility. {Ed001's Note - he knew what was happening, just like he did at Bournemouth.}Saints fan here i agree with ed that harry knew what was going on and i dont think he would put his own money into any club hes only out to take what he can imho. Also i think it would be bad for portsmouth to have anything to do with him ever again they really need someone honest and respectable to take over if they ever want to put this mess behind them and move forwardIm sceptical about this is move. Does Harry actually understand what 2p in the pound means given his recent tax fraud case. He He!Good one ^ xDRedknapp won't buy us, Rosie the dog will come in with a bid over the coming weeks, you watch this space! LolThink Redknapp will be off to the middle east and a new Management position. Personally, would be really happy to see him as part of a consortium to but Pompey, after all, he owes them after jumping ship in the past.Well i did hear that harry was given a £3million pay off from spurs so after tax he will have £3million left


13 Jun 2012 10:51:35
newcastle have been struck a blow in ther bid for france full back debuchy as inter milan and bayern munich added the player tom the top of there right back options(5)(7)Why he has not been signed already i dont know we need to move quicker on our targets and get them sealed.If you sign a player early in the transfer window you have to start paying their wages instantly, Thats a lot of money if you take in the entire summer break paying a player for doing nothing or risking injury on international duty.


13 Jun 2012 10:49:11
wigan are moving quick to sign greece international winger dimitris salpingidis but the player has more options after his impressive displays at the euros.(4)(10)Hes 30 but on a free he would be a great addition . He is fast , has a fantastic work rate and an eye for goal .He sounds like a Wigan signing alright. I'd welcome the addition


13 Jun 2012 10:49:07
Yeovil looking to sign:
Eastwood, Cummings, Weale, Barnes(6)(14)First names would be useful for those other than the obvious... quite a few barnes out there...Omg, not another eastwood rumor. johnson has confirmed hes not signing freddie eastwoodEastwood has already been ruled out by Gary Johnson himself! Stop making stuff up!!!How many times, GJ has ruled out signing Eastwood. Barnes as in Ashley Barnes? Can't see it happening myself, but would love it if he didEastwood is a no gj has said so himself and cant afford weales wagesAny update on the Chris Weale situation? Would be nice to see our keep come back :)


13 Jun 2012 10:48:26
fleetwood town looking at jon parkin(17)(12)Your having a laugh Parkin looking at basically a conference side,,,,,,dream on fella...... {Ed003's Note - He has signed for them}Well that silenced him didn't it, good signing, him and damian johnson quality for lge2!That would be a amazing signingThis signing means Fleetwodd will be up there next season. Get your money on it today.


13 Jun 2012 10:47:20
aton villa are closing in on the signing of tattenham full back kyle naughton and leeds winger robert snodgrass(12)(19)Absolute rubbishFunniest thing, Lambert supposedly went to a big club yet is still planning to sign the same players he was going to sign at Norwich, go figure!


13 Jun 2012 10:46:14
robert green will join qpr in the coming week after representatives from the club flew out to englands camp to meet the player in person.this will the leave the door open for padddy kenny to join leeds on a free transfer as qpr are willing to let the player leabe for free

jussi jasskelinen as joined westham nad ben foster is close to signing a permanent deal with wba.wba keeper boaz myhill will stay as no.2 this season and wont be used in any deal as birmingham dont want him.former club hull are interested with steve bruce looking for a new no.1 but he has his sights on free agent craig gordon

keeper merry go round(13)(4)You forgot Bolton want Andy Lonergan from Leeds to replace Jussi, which is why Leeds want KennyId rather not keep myhill as second choice with his shocking performance at arsenal, but foster would be a great signingMyhill never played against Arsenal that was Fulop. Myhill is a very competent keeper.Would a player be allowed the distraction of discussing his club future in the middle of a major international tournament??Don't think kenny will go on a free i herd ipswich have already put in a bid of £250.000.He is not qpr standard


13 Jun 2012 10:45:56
Nathaniel Clyne agreed a deal to sign for Reading. Compensation will be agreed at a tribunal.(6)(35)Another Mariappa agreement, I think you will find!His contract is up next year i thought?No he hasnt.Yeah as if he'd go to readingYeah cause staying at palace is a great idea...Bigger and better clubs in for Clyne.Why wouldn't he go to reading(premiership)? He currently plays for crystal palace (championship)Would he rather go to bigger Premiership clubs with decent right backs, or Reading which has terrible right backs. Most players value first team football and we will give him that every week.


13 Jun 2012 10:42:31
birmingham city are ready to announce lee clarke as there new manager(12)(10)Be canny if they did rather him than Mick Mack if a was a Birmingham fan seems too be the next up coming manager star and thats coming from a mackemLee clark would make better scout than manager!


13 Jun 2012 10:42:02
gylfi siggurdsson is waiting to meet the new swansea boss who ever it may be (laudrup0 before sealing his move to liverpool out of couresey for the welsh outfit.

wba are looking at ashley williams and joe allan(9)(12)Never! unless you give us £30,000,000, for the pair forget it.WBA won't get any of the swans players as they're not that much of a bigger club than Swansea , the players will be looking for better opputunitysI think Arsenal may well come in for Joe Allen as he suits their play, he's more defensive than Ramsey therefore there is room for him in and around the squad


13 Jun 2012 10:40:33
westham are hopeful tht grant holts persistansy to leave norwich will help them seal a deal for around 4 million.its thought norwich manager chris hughton is an admirer of jack collison but westham wont to keep him and jack himself is not keen(9)(10)He is not persisting in his want to leave. More like his want of a new contract. He's thrown a tantrum because he didn't get an extra year. He wants to stay and his famoly doesn't want to relocate, so odds are his contract will be with norwich next season.Ho-hum and the Holt story goes on. Has it got the legs to do the whole summer. Who knows? To be honest, I care not if he goes anymore. Great player & loyal servant till now but probably only a couple of years left in the tank. Take the money if it gets to 6 mill I reckon.


13 Jun 2012 10:39:09
tottenham look to be leading the race for wba defender jonas olsson.the player only as 1 year remaining on his current deal so could be available for around 3-4 million.(5)(12)What with no manager!


13 Jun 2012 10:37:11
Lionel Ainsworth to sign for Tranmere.(5)(7)Nah don't reckon, would be a nice touch though


13 Jun 2012 10:30:10
Outside tip for the Birmingham City job - Jamie Carragher to be offered a player/manager role at the club(2)(18)Has he even got his coaching badges?


13 Jun 2012 10:29:05
westham have complted the free transfer of veteran keeper jussi jasskeleinen(14)(3)


13 Jun 2012 10:03:39
BSP side Macclesfield Town are in talks with Northampton Town midfielder Paul Turnbull. Turnbull was previously of Stockport County and wants a move back to the North.

Steve King is also close to agreeing a deal for Christian Nanetti from Havant- the deal was expected to be made last week but the two sides couldn't agree a fee. Grimsby striker Antony Elding is also expected to be announced as a Macclesfield striker by the end of the week.(0)(6)


13 Jun 2012 10:02:52
Akinfenwa talks with Colchester, following odejayi departure.(6)(9)^Wouldn't mind! (although this seems unlikely)


13 Jun 2012 10:25:50
Crystal Palace are completing signings of old boys Sean Derry and Andrew Johnson.

Derry will come back as a player coach and Johnson on cut price wages with a string of bonuses linked to appearances and promotion.

Steve Parish said: 'To move forward you mustn't forget your past and by living in the past we are aiming to go forward'

SP has also been approached by GQ magazine to fill a part time vacancy of 'Middle-aged sports model' following his racing driving exploits and his peekaboo tweets showing him sporting the clubs new kit.(8)(14)


13 Jun 2012 10:16:28
Kyle Lafferty is Burnley bound with a 500,000 move on the cards(10)(10)No chance Laferty will return to Burnley. He wouldn't be welcome and he's not good enoughHes a better player now than when he left. could be a great signingAgree..... Id hav him back at the Turf.Cum on Laffers resign lad.I would have him back but there's no chance he would.


13 Jun 2012 10:15:52
Southampton are keen to take Charlie Adam on loan from Liverpool with a view to purchase.

Jason Puncheon is expected to leave in the next few weeks with either Blackpool or Crystal Palace the destination.

Southampton also still trying to finalise a deal to bring Jack Butland in.

Any deal to bring Aaron Ramsey in has fallen through.

Nigel Adkins is also hopeful of bringing in at least one centreback before the squad report back for pre-season training and the club have been tracking Genoa's Swedish defender Andreas Granqvist

Lee Barnard is rumoured to be on his way out of S Marys after several Championship clubs expressed an interest in signing him on loan(16)(21)Loving the Charlie Adam rumour ... You have a good imaginationCharlie adam, arron ramsey! No chance! Thats wishful thinkingAaron ramsey on last seasons form no better then what we've got, i hope it doesnt happenI love Southampton fans....great sence of humor and they continue to make up all these great rumours to make us laugh at their club.Honestly wouldn't want Adam. He was shocking for Liverpool last season. The Ramsay rumour is just crazy. Wenger has always really rated him."I love Southampton fans....great sence of humor and they continue to make up all these great rumours to make us laugh at their club."...Actually after reading this site there are many fans from other clubs that are worse than Saints fans.Very realistic Saints fan here - we (I) would not want Charlie Adam. We need mobile players! I think he will be surplus to requirements at Anfield too.... I could see Arsenal possibly loaning Ramsey out to get match fit, but not sell him..Jealous skates making up rumours to make are club look bad not realising how much of a joke there club is right nowI dont think that anyone is in the position too laugh at our club at the moment mate as we are in the premiership and got lots of money and one of the best youth set ups in england so i think you should think before you make a negative comment like thatWho do you support then to the person that made that comment about southampton?A real Saints fan here, there is obviously no chance what so ever that these will happen! Ramsay especially is ridiculous... We will not have the pulling power to attract these kind of top flight pro's. I do find some of these Southampton rumours highly embarrassing, can we not just be abit more realistic please?How can you suggest Ramsey would not be better than what we've got? International, established premier league player!"I love Southampton fans....great sence of humor and they continue to make up all these great rumours to make us laugh at their club"

You do realise that any old person can write whatever they want on a "rumour Site" just becuase it is on the Saints page doesnt mean a saints fan wrote it..... more likely our bitter rivals down the southcoast are involved in half od these rumours as an attempt to tarnish our great club and fans with the same pathetic brush that they have been coated in.

And for the record. Whoever wrote the original post is totally inept in braincells and common sense when football is involved..... thats allApparently Jay Rodriguez wouldnt come to Southampton! Apparently he would go to Everton or another Premier League Club! Just remember Southampton signed a player who was just named European Player of the year in the early 1980's so anything is possible!^^ So you think it's highly unlikely Puncheon and Barnard will leave? And all the talk about Jack Butland is pure fantasy? Be thinks not all of the above is ridiculous, but some of it isThere is nothing ambiguous about any of these rumours. The Butland deal has been highly publicised, could easily see us getting a young up and coming player in on loan and a few international players is almost a dead cert. The people saying these rumours are lies and also the people pretending to be saints fants saying these rumours are ridiculous are either little kids, idiots or skates as none of these signings are world beaters.


13 Jun 2012 10:12:13
Afc Bournemouth will be looking to improve there attacking options by bringing in a couple of experience premier league after Charlie Sheringham's return has been delayed.

Shawn Jalal is to fight for the number one spot in pre season in the friendlies between Reading,Cardiff and Bristol City.

Steve Fletcher is going to see out his final year on his contract and then take up a coaching role at Plymouth argyle(3)(5)Understand AFCB wish to bring back two (strikers) ex-youth players who are not getting much playing time at the moment in Sam Vokes and Matt Paterson. Also been told that Matt Tubbs injury could see him out for a substantial period of next season as well. :(Bournemouth have said they want 1 more striker, which is strange as they've already signed Grabban, McQuoid, added to Tubbs, Wes Thomas and club legend Steve Fletcher, and finally youngsters Charlie Sheringham and Jayden Stockley. That suggests one of them maybe be outgoing, and that could only be Tubbs or Thomas. I'd suggest someone might make a bid for Tubbs and they might be tempted to cut their lossesI also hear that both Tubbs and Sheringham are going to be out for a good part of the start of next season. McQuoid coming back should be good would be amazed if we got both Vokes and Paterson in!Matt tubbs is on the mend and I last heard that he will be ready for the start of pre-season training. The manager also said that another striker was required to increase options, nothing was said about covering injured strikers. He also accepts that sherringham has been put back a week due to sore toe when jogging but should be ready in 4 weeks when squad return for pre-season.Saw matt Tibbs running in verwood at weekend didn't look injured to me, getting ready for pre season I'm told!If anyone is leaving/loaned out from afcb it will be steve fletcher helping out plymouth again next season. if fletch does go out for the last playing season it will be to get more coaching experience and qualifications, but this will leave a need to have a strong targetman, hence an experienced striker will be required. Doubt that sam vokes or matt paterson would be good replacements nor would ex-afcb players like pitman or hayter. wes thomas was played last season as a loan striker, while he worked hard he did not find it easy to score, also since crawley days thomas and tubbs were to much alike to play together. sherringham has been injured while at bournemouth so to early to say if he has the same attributes as his father. mc quoid and grabben are both good fast strikers but can also play wide on the wings, this could be useful if pugh and mcdermott leave if rumour sites are to be believed.If they stay or replaced as is also rumoured, then we will be plentiful in the striking department and will make stockley surplus to this season requirements and will be likely to be loaned out again. more then likely we will see allot more goals at bournemouth this year.I don't think it's a case of bringing a striker in to cover injuries I think it's just a simple case of bringing in a striker who can actually score goals, it's simple maths. To gain promotion you need to win football matches and to win football matches you need to score goals. Our strikers from last season simply are not good enough.David James might be old but at league 2 level he might be quite good so I do hope he signsBrett pitman will return in the next 7-10 daysPaterson not getting much football because he was dumped by Southend last year but sat around until his contract ended. If he can't do it in league 2 why would AFCB want him.How did this get on PA rumours? It appears to be more about BFC. As usual Plmouth Argyle are SLOW in getting new signings. All the ones worth signing will be snapped up by other clubs.David James? ^^. plus were not in league 2


13 Jun 2012 10:08:57
Ex Bolton keeper has officially signed with west ham on a 2 year deal(7)(4)


13 Jun 2012 09:47:47
Reading fc
Reading fc are in advance talks with Greece forward dimiris salpingitis the winger is currently at the euros 2012 and is available on a free. He scored in the Greece match against Poland
And is looking for a premiership club
He will join Reading fc as soon as the euros are over for Greece .
This is from a reliable sorce
Reading fc fans! There are a lot of smoke screens being added to the rumours site don't be fooled the marriapa deal is on!
Dimitris will join
Reliable source!!!(2)(20)You've got that off Sly Sports, so no its not a reliable sourceWon't happen as bigger and better Prem clubs are very keen.Will go to a newly promoted side he is not very good


13 Jun 2012 09:47:26
West brom close to agreeing a fee for tottenham right back Kyle naughton on the region on 2 mil(8)(21)I think that would be a good signing but can not see it happeningWill most likely follow lambert to villaWe have billy jones and steven read nd so doubt they wud buy a 3rdFor cover if any of them get injuries or suspended


13 Jun 2012 09:44:29
Akinfenwa linked with portsmouth(9)(14)


13 Jun 2012 09:44:26
Ebbsfleet United will be bought out by Christmas - the experiment is over and they will return to being called Gravesend & Northfleet form 2013-14 onwards.

A new stadium is on the cards too.(3)(3)I thought the name was changed to Ebbsfleet BEFORE the experiement.


13 Jun 2012 09:41:37
Source Close To The Club (I.E.
Personal Friend Of Board Member)

If Rangers Avoid Relegation To Lower
Scottish Divisions And Enter A Newco

Rangers (some form of Rangers) Ins:

Ivan Strinic(24yr OldCroatian Defender
From Dnipro) - £2m

Kevin Mirallas (24yr Old Belgian Striker
From Olympiacos) - £3m

Par Hansen (25yr Old Swedish Goalie
From Helsinborg) - £1m

Samuel Holmen (27yr Old Swedish Mid
From Istanbul BB) - £1m

Nicklas Pederson (24yr Old Danish
Striker From Gronigen) - £500k

Michael Silberbauer (30yr Old Danish
Midfielder From Young Boys) - £1m

Edu - Sunderland - £1m
Goian - Stoke - £500k
McGregor - Aston Villa - £2.5m
Davis - Bolton - £1m
Lafferty - Blackpool - £275k
Aluko - Valladolid - Free
Naismith - Norwich - £2m(5)(25)Absolute nonsense. Rangers do not have two pennies to rub together at the moment. Michael Silberbauer is a very good player and would cost a lot more than £1m if Rangers even had the money to buy him.Agree! How can Rangers buy anyone when they still owe clubs like Dundee Utd, hearts and a foreign club in excess of £2 million?Wouldn't mind getting Lafferty that cheap, he would be a good signing for us. However for some reason I doubt the source is reliable... wonder why?Mirallas has got better teams wanting him. He can play for a better team than playing for Rangers in the state they are in.And just to add to your woes, when the liquidator is appointed all of these 'outs' are free to go for nothing. Ask Fraser Wishart or, if you have a few bob to spend, a TUPE regulations expert.Could have swore someone said to me theyre not aloud to buy anyone for at least 2 yrs because of debt problemsAs well as the points made above, I somehow doubt the club would have even considered transfer targets right now....If all these transfers in are true its a disgrace - the club owes millions of pounds (including to the tax payer)Thought rangers had a transfer ban!


13 Jun 2012 09:39:53
Portsmouth are set for a boost with the sale of

Norris £200k Leeds
Varney £100k forest
Halford £500k Leeds
Kitson free charlton
Lawrence £200k forest

1m boost to save them for another month(13)(6)Charlton will not sign Kitson ... Fact! Why would we sign a player of his ability when we can get way better strikers!"Why would we sign a player of his ability when we can get way better strikers!"

He scored for us against Palace!Can see where the Varney & Lawrence to Forest fits in as Cotterill is manager at Forest but aren't NFFC the subject of takeover talks themselves ? Think they may just wait till that's settled before making any bid - if at all !Don't expect any Leeds signings. No further talks of take over or investment, Bates just stalling to avoid spending.Varney will be more like 500k-1m norris more like 500k


13 Jun 2012 09:15:25
Huddersfield to sign Paul Green and Keith Andrews after they return from the euro's.(11)(23)Keith won't go to Huddersfield. Could perform well at a low-end Premier League team, why would he lower his standards?Believable as we've been linked with them for a while now, would be good signings...Andrews to Charlton because they are a better clubBoth going BirminghamI don't think their going to Birmingham as they have a transfer embargo!Hope you're rightIf Andrews goes championship it will be to ipswich he has close ties with the club following loan spellPlease explain why charlton are better club because they won league. If they were better club they would not of been in league 1 with all the small clubs like Huddersfield would they or nearly go out of business a few years ago. JohnThis is believable as they're both lads with Yorkshire roots. Add to that the chairman and manager believe they can go to The Prem first time of asking, so they may take a punt and sign at The GalpharmGreen will be a hudds player for definite... andrews will go whoever offers most moneyFine then John, have it your way. Andrews to charlton because they are a better squad.Let u have that 1, for now charlton have better squad for now. JohnGuy arguing to john, no no have it your way, andrews to chalton cause you said so! its not you making the decision... He's a footballer, he'll go to club with bigger ambitions and more moneyTo all knocking huddersfield town when chairman took over he had a five year plan to get them in premier league, he has 2 years left to do that, if we finish bottom 3 then have a go until then wait and see what happens, with right players in they will be a force next season. John


13 Jun 2012 08:43:03
Exeter City are holding talks with Pablo Counago about a move to St. James Park.(8)(4)Can see 1 joining but not both


13 Jun 2012 08:00:56
Arsenal are looking at Porto RB Danilo as a future replacement for Sagna,Wenger will keep on watching this player till he is in his final year of his contract 2015 so he can mature at Porto and will make a bid for the player.Sagna will be 32 and getting a bit shabby so the Brazilizn international Danilo could be a great replacement.(5)(9)I though Danilo is a Centre mid if not he
isnt much of a tackler Just a forward runnerHe plays RB for Porto but use to play midfield for Santos,that why arsenal are leaving him for a while to gain more experience and for him to get better at RB.


13 Jun 2012 07:57:57
smoke and mirrors about a rumoured
take over at Pride park according
to a DCFC message board...though it
could be a load of bobbins. Someone
to break ranks at GSE and takeover
the club?? Just a what I have seen
on a message board, and have no
inside information(4)(5)Link for Message board?I it could be
Investors as the Americans have sold some of their other bussiness's and are
breaking the rules by using someone else
to give them the money Complicated stuffI heard rumours that Jeff Mallett, who's already on the board, was preparing a takeover bidHope this is true, it's about time there was a shake up behind the scenes at Derby


13 Jun 2012 07:57:22
Jody Morris signs for Bristol city on 1 year deal on a free after contract ended with st Johnstone source Bristol city website seems a good signing mcinnes obviously knows and trusts the player . This is true unlike some people on this site you know who I'm on about derby fans(14)(0)He is good signing experience and energy from box to box and can create chances.Is it you saying you've got more of a chance of signing Dixon?He wasn't a good Midfielder when he left Chelsea to come to Leeds. Absolute donkey same as Seth Johnson - Derby fans defo remember that oneWhat are you talking about, its not just derby fans posting, its different teams just taking the ss... just cause you might actually have one right, doesn't mean bristol city fans haven't been B'Sing aswell...And as for saying about Dixon derby fans saying he's signing for city we haven't here'd a thing so derby must know a lot lolBristol city. Small club. Signing old has beens worry about your own club before you slate derby palAs a deby fan I am agreeing with you. so many derby fans are saying we are in pol to get Dixon because we have a better fan base, facilities etc but Bristol city are obvs offering a better deal and mcines probably has good connections with scotland naturally. I would love him to come to derby of course but derby fans on here, coming from a deby fan. stop linking us with unrealistic players like Maynard. we are not in the premiership anymore.Nice to hear a fan with some sense as for being a small club maybe true pal not worried about your club just some of your fans think that Dixon has chosen us over you not bad for a small club hey pal I think you think your bigger than u actually are seeing your signing 20 players who have u signed no one palThis is from a Derby fan.At the end of the day this website is for rumours it does not matter if they are true. if you have heard some rumours then you should put them on here like the Derby fans have. They are not all going to happen because they are "football rumours" not everything is concrete, this is what the website is for. {Ed003's Note - Well said }


13 Jun 2012 07:37:30
Hull heavily linked with the following;

Vito Mannone
Eldin jakupovic
James Tunnicliffe
Michael Keane
Emile Heskey.(8)(6)


13 Jun 2012 06:48:38
If Jordan Rhodes leaves Huddersfield willl look to sign Jon Stead also still has house in the area(11)(17)Sorry but john has not really had much of a goalscoring prowess since leaving the terriers. Dont think he could fill the boots of JRHis family live in holmfirth...Just because he has a house in huddersfield and his family live there doesn't mean he'll sign.I hope rhodes dosen't go and we get jon stead aswellTown are linked with Stead every season since he left Sheffield United a few seasons ago. It probably wont happen even if Rhodes is soldCameron Jerome still has a house in Hudds prob Frazer Campbell too, we signing them n all?Like this ^^Saw Frazer Campbell in Nando's in town, clearly means we're signing him..Jon stead is always linked with a return to town. Kevin Philips is normally too, wonder how long until he is rumoured to be linked again?!What about delroy facey i see him all the time!


13 Jun 2012 06:48:30
Del McInnes has completed his 2nd summer signing for Bristol City bringing in Jody Morris on a one year deal. Morris should add experience to the squad and is looking to stay on as part of McInnes' coaching team.

Bristol City are in advanced talks now with Zak Whitbread. Whitbread failed a medical with Sunderland last week and Premier League teams are worried about his injury history. Whitbread is in negotiation with the Somerset Championship outfit, although has made it clear he would like to stay in the Premier League, but his record of injuries seems to make him too big a risk, with only pay as you play contracts being offered to him. McInnes is hoping to wrap this one up by the weekend and went to meet Steve Lansdown at the weekend to confirm his intentions when seeking permission for funds to cover the signings of Whitbread which was accepted by Lansdown.

We are informed there is no legs in the "suso" rumour posted on the Bristol Evening Post and Bristol City haven't even enquired to his availability.

Brett Pitman has also been assured of his place in the Bristol City squad for 2012-2013 although they are willing to listen to offers for John Stead. Ryan Taylor who featured in a couple of games towards the end of the season will also find more opportunities this season.

City are currently on the look out for a Goalkeeper, Central Defender, Left Sided Midfielder, and Two Strikers.

City are prepared to listen to offers for Neil Kilkenny, Marvin Elliott, Albert Aldomah, and John Stead as the club prepare for the new season and are looking to reduce the wage bill so they can strengthen in needed areas.(1)(15)I hope we sell pitman and keep stead.Yeah wheres dixon,davidson,black etc signing when all talk and im bristol c fanSince when has bristol been in somerset it is in bristol!Bristol City isn't a Somerset side it's a Bristol side from the City that shares it's name with the County!Marvin elliot signed a new contract and the positions he is looking for are a experienced goalkeeper to contender with DEANO and Left Back Right sided centre back a creative midfielder and a striker but we have signed a creative midfielder in jody morris :)Zak Whitbread stuff is way off the mark.


13 Jun 2012 06:44:58
Huddersfield will look to sign old boy Jon Stead(6)(15)Not this rumour again....why sell someone eho scores 40 goals and replace him with someone who scores 10 goals a season!!?Why would we want Jon Stead back?? He wasnt that good at 21??


13 Jun 2012 06:33:35
dele adebola to sign for ipswich today source ipswich star(8)(16)Stowmarket Mercury more like!


13 Jun 2012 04:52:06
Its gonna take more thn 200k for Doncaster to sell Kyle Bennett, he's now one of the hottest young players in League one and it'll take us 2 million to even consider selling(7)(15)£2 mil!? No way!Aston Villa are buying the brothers for
5 million probally 4 for Elliot and 1 for KyleBuy the whole team for 2m might get 500k plus add ons but never 2m for him alone.He's only got 1yr left on his contract so there's no way we'll get £2m for him, £500k tops!Have any of you watched Kyle Bennett play? If your looking for a player who's weak on the ball, not tall enough to win headers and gives up if things aren't going his way then he's your man!

Aston villa buying 2 brothers, what are they going for the set? They can have my spare Gary Linekars i've still got from Panini 86 world cup sticker album, and if their nice ive got some foils! {Ed003's Note -ooh swapsies }He's not good enough. He did nothing to impact the DRFC team at all last season. While clubs are interested we might as well cash in while we can. Their loss our gain!


13 Jun 2012 01:52:38
These rumors about wolves are out the window therefore i am going to lay the facts out wolves have in fact signed two norweigian players yet they will not be announced until july 1st and steven fletcher has had talks with sunderland on a move that indeed has started at 12 milllion rising to 14 on apperaence however he does not wish to move north as his edinburugh based agents has informed, wolves have used the case of stewart downing and darren bents exstautionat fee to push the fee to 8 figure wolves are also in talks with owen hargreaves however not everybody in the camp is happy with the idea, southampton have also launched a big for winger jarvis starting at 9 million which is over priced as they are willing to add a player whom is a midfeilder also and they have also big 6.4 for gunnarsson from coventry and west ham have had a bid of 5 millon for whittingham rejected, nick powell has agreed terms with united and will sign a four year deal(7)(24)There is no way sunderland will pay 12-14m for fletcher. There are far better out there for a lot less moneyIs that the coventry gunnarsson that moved to Cardiff a few seasons ago ??? ;-)Southampton dont want jarvis! Plus west ham have bid 4 million for him which is closer to hos valuation anyways!Gunnarsson signed for Cardiff last season......9 mill is too much for Jarvis. Don't care if he has an England cap. A good Player on his day but goes missing in games a lot and was fairly average towards the end of the season when his side needed him badly. 6 mill tops otherwise forget it. It's like Gary Hooper all over again. Player obviously needs a move but club playing silly games with the price.Can't imagine Fletcher fetching that much..I just admire it when people give these "facts" and then we don't hear from them for a while when it is all unfounded.He didn,t go missing towards end of season. He had a poor 1st half and a strong 2nd half. When you look at downings price the 8 million we would accept for him seems good value to me.Wolves dont need to sell you jokers....thats why we can demand more.Its a case of thats the price.....if you don't like it walk away....we don't need to sell.....its up to you1) please can people stop referring every transfer valuation against those of Downing, Carroll and Torres. Liverpool and Chelsea have insanely large transfer budgets and will throw stupid money around if they want the player badly enough. This doesn't mean that it filters down to every possible transfer or valuation throughout the leagues. The comparison is pointless.
2) to the Wolves posts above, for the millionth time your desire and/ or need to sell Jarvis is irrelevant. Like it or not you are now a championship club. Jarvis is a premier league player. This isn't the 90's. In these scenario's the club has limited power. Is he going to play for Wolves down in the championship? No. Therefore him and his agent will engineer a move away. Wolves will play hard ball with the price but try will in the end sell for i'd think 5/6/7mill as they would rather this money than an unhappy player. Its a well versed scenario played out every summer. As a saints fan who has seen many star players go be it in prem, championship or league 1 I know. There is no take the price or leave it. The club just aren't in a strong enough bargaining position. He's going whether the fans, chairman or anyone else likes it or not.Well that was a waste of time jarvis has played in the championship before n would do again I dunno why everyone thinks there going to leave nethier of then have come out n accually said I want to leave so why don't people stop posting rubbish n wait for it to happen n btw we got jez moxey the best wheeler n dealer in the country in football termsHe has played in the championship. But in football terms that was a long time ago. If he stays down in the championship that is a step backwards for his career and if wolves don't go straight back up? His value will have plummeted. No good for him or Wolves. Face it buddy he's going.
The Jez Moxey comment is one of the best I've heard on here!
Sacked your manager, had no replacement lined up and then put in an inexperienced coach like a lamb to the slaughter as Wolves got worse and worse. He also oversaw the assembly of a squad that were not even close to being good enough to stay up. If that's a good wheeler dealer in your eyes then your in massive trouble!Before saying Moxey had no replacement for McCarthy please get your facts right! He recently did an interview with the express and star explaining how everything was agreed with McCarthys replacement when at the last minute that candidate had a change of heart and decided he didnt want the job. This was not moxeys fault! Okay he should of had a plan B just in case but you cant blame Moxey for someone else having a change of heart. finally in case your wondering the so called candidate was Alan CurbishleyIn fairness you've kind of just made my argument for me. Curbishley has been out the game for ages and wouldn't exactly have represented a major coup would he? Also he can't have been all that convincing if Curbishley changed his mind last minute. And to have no contingency should this happen was just wreckless. He basically put a bullet in an already dying Wolves.
Look I'm not hating on Wolves at all. I lived in the black country for 4 years and used to go down molineux when I could. Really good, passionate fans. I just don't think Jarvis will stay and I think his true value is nearer 6m due to the fact that he had a fairly ordinary season last time.Fletcher jarvis and doyle will all leave to prem clubs



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