Football Rumours Archive July 14 2013


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14 Jul 2013 23:14:09
Bradford are interested in Raffaele De Vita, Bryan Jensen and Tom Barkhuizen. PP wants 2-3 more players in.



14 Jul 2013 22:51:02
Barnsley are about to sign Nathan Tyson on a free transfer.

Good player

I also know this to be true {Ed003's Note - you will do you posted the original rumour lol.)

Not championship player done nothing since leaving wycombe wanderers.

Nice one ed,
Time they all had a name,

Caught ha. Not bad. Would prfer ebanks blake

Id rather have mike tyson

15 Jul 2013 16:28:17
far from being a done deal, wouldn't be a bad signing though



14 Jul 2013 22:40:22
Hartlepool look to have completed the signing of free agent Ryan Noble

Pools are not signing Noble but will be singing John Cofie who has been released by Manchester United.

(He has nothing to do with the film Green Mile).

Pools will also sign Ashley Vincent after release from Port Vale.

Flinders will leave for Bristol City. Rafferty will become Pools number 1.

Howard will leave on a season loan before the start of the season Sheff Wed and Doncaster fighting it out.



14 Jul 2013 22:39:14
doncaster complete the signing of mark Duffy on a 3 year contract, also dickov hopes to have Mvoto signed by the end of the week.

M'voto already signed. Forester hasn't yet.

Any 1 know of any rumours of forester possibly considering offers from other clubs?

No he has agreed a contract which means he's a rovers player, they just need to agree compensation



14 Jul 2013 22:34:23
Blackburn have missed out on targets David Jones who has signed for Burnley and Jay Spearing who has set his heart on a move back to Bolton where he spent last season on loan.


2 players who by the sounds of it are interested in more than just sky high wages, refreshing to see.

David jones will not be on sky high wages I can assure you, otherwise we wouldn't have signed him

"David jones will not be on sky high wages I can assure you, otherwise we wouldn't have signed him"

That's what has been stated in original post?

My point seems to have been missed, he could've gone to Blackburn and been on far higher wages than we (Burnley)could ever offer but has chosen to come to us rather than join the circus down the road.

Blackburn have gone for gary coulibaly from monaco

Better than playing at a chicken farm more like ;-)

Sorry to disappoint but Jones did not choose Burnley over Blackburn, Blackburn did not need another holding midfielder they already have five. They are in desperate need for a playmaker in midfield, already knocked back by two. Jones does not meet that criteria.

Well of they didn't need another midfielder why loan him then? Bit clueless isn't it!

Sorry to dissapoint again but all my friends who are rovers fans are gutted they missed out on him as they need another holding mid don't no where you got that from :s etuhu is the only other holding cm and he's awful :s

Blackburn are probable getting ronaldino for the 3rd yr in a row



14 Jul 2013 21:51:02
Les Ferdinand is odds on fav {Ed003's Note - for the Swindon job? what about Sherwood? }

Paul Groves rumour clearly posted by a Bournemouth fan.

Spurs wanted a 7 figure fee to release Sherwood when Blackburn were interested, don't think swindon would pay a 7p fee.

Les ferinand would be good

I hope this is true. As it shows that a former star player is prepared to drop down the leagues to start his coaching career. Too many ex-premier league players want to start at the top (Shearer is a case in point).

15 Jul 2013 11:39:27
Cant see it being Sherwood as he is highly thought of at Spurs but on the other hand they could sort out a deal where we have him for a season as a type of loan due to the amount of young Spurs players coming on loan from Spurs and having Sherwood as manager who knows the players it could be a possibility. The other thing to bear in mind is that all these young players will be getting league experience which is all beneficial to Spurs as well so it could have legs if not the other name being mentioned is Ferdinand.

Ferdinand would be another Joke appointment, we need someone with experience who have managerial games under their belt working with a poor squad of players handpicked by the owner.
someone like mark Yates or Tisdale would be the right appointment, oh and get rid of that bighead non league manager cooper.

Its nothing to do with experiance I am afraid the new board are controlled freecks so who ever takes over will have to go on what the board says he won, t be his own man.
what happening of the pitch they [new board ] are doing things right but on the pitch the team will struggle badley next season mcdonald got fed up with it in the end and wanted to be his own man they did not let him or did they want to go up in the playoffs last season.

Im not a fan of Swindon, in fact quite the opposite. But do the loyal fans of Swindon think that an ' untried ' manager is the answer? An experienced and tested manager is surely what is wanted to look into the reasons why Swindon have financial issues surrounding their players. PDC was not the long term answer, never was going to be and financially left the club in a mess. The dismissal/resignation of he last ' Gaffer ' again was not really a thought out appointment. Swindon have some very talented players and with the right direction can achieve better heights even still, but the appointment of the right man is vital or there could/will be serious consequences

Les is not coming the job is going to sir alex he is out of work so could come in now.

Tim Sherwood would be a good catch, Macca was a good catch

Ferdinand? Who knows and that is the problem

Good players at Swindon but are lacking direction and never turned up v FGR

It is awful being a town fan but at least I am the right side of the 420

The board seem to be the reason iMO for Macca to leave and we lost the right man for the job

Ferdinand would be excellent, Swindon have a track record of taking punts on untried ex top division players in their first managerial posts.

Macari, Hoddle, Ardiles, MacMahon, Di Canio.

I don't see why not take the gamble on Sir Les, could be excellent.

I think the board are playing it too safe and need to take a risk

that risk could well be Les Ferdinand

Robbie fowler wasspotted at the county round yesterday afternoon.

Id take ferdinand with a good assistant. big names without experience usually do well with us

How on earth was McDonald a good catch? Automatic promotion was on the cards. He scraped Swindon into the play offs. He was hopeless with a better manager Swindon would have gone up

Paul Hartley interviewed for the Swindon managers job, now favourite.



14 Jul 2013 21:33:22
Peterborough are set to complete the signings of Saido Berahino for West Brom and Aaron Mclen from Hull.

Hope this is true, though we would need to sell other forwards as well

I don't think so, he is needed in case other prospective deals fall through. Rumours are boundless! Anyone know any further news on this or a any other.
D- west bro which.

Mclean is a possible as long as he and Hull can sort out his contract pay-off, but I doubt that one too.
It's significant that the #9 shirt has yet to be allocated, no doubt waiting for the above outcome.

McLean wants to stay in the Championship so no deal

NO deal McLean won't come down to L1, though I feel he'll struggle to get anyone in the championship to take him



14 Jul 2013 21:31:30
Brighton FC look to sign Jonathan Soriano from Red Bull Salzburg. The Spanish striker has been offered contracts at Cardiff and Reading however he has declined. This will be Oscar Garcia's third signing in the transfer window.

Wouldn't of thought cardiff would be interested not premier league class looking at his stats

Reading have got Unth strikers already

Not true about Reading offering a contract. Have never shown any interest.

"Not Premier League class by looking at his stats"?! Er hello? 29 goals in 44 apps for Red Bull, and 59 goals in 83 apps for Barcelona B (took them to playoffs to get in Primiera Liga, but they are ineligible due to Barcelona being in there) I think that is definitely Premier League class!

This guy has not even remotely been offered a contract by reading. just a brighton fan trying to get one over on reading

He would be a fantastic addition to the squad. Looks like a great all round player, it'll be hard to bring him to the AMEX, but with a manager like we have, and a stadium as well as a training complex on the way. He could just be tempted.

Lets be honest if Cardiff City did offer a contract he would accept it unless he's got family issues like Ince

Why would he accept it? not that this rumour is true. He used to play for Oscar at Barca B he may want to play for him again.



14 Jul 2013 21:29:10
David Flitcroft says reds need a new striker, and will go after free agent Gary Taylor-Fletcher who is currently training with Wednesday



14 Jul 2013 21:06:02
Watford's Lee Hodson expected to be season loaned to Brentford for another year after a successful loan spell, reports also state that Carl Dickinson is expected to move to Preston for a seashore loan

Didn't know Preston was by the sea haha. {Ed003's Note - oh gawd..}

Before Preston fans say this isn't true. Think to the Liverpool game. We played Laird left midfield, so if Grayson wants to keep it like that it is likely we will try to bring in another left back for competition.

Doubt Hodson will sign, now that Brentford have Javi Venta (right back).

Dickinson is more likely to go permanently as he isn't benefiting at all just sitting in the reserves at Watford

Does Preston need more competition for the LB position? We have Laird, Buchanan and Davies. I think Laird would have played LB against Liverpool if King, Monakana and Hayhurst had played. I don't think we would need Laird on the wing with Monakana, Hayhurst, Holmes and Humphrey.



14 Jul 2013 20:54:57
Middlesbrough looking at Free Agent defender Chris Baird

Chris Baird has reportedly signed with Huddersfield on a free transfer

Need 1 more defender and 1 more striker

15 Jul 2013 05:36:00
Have heard this from a good source too.
Boro weasel

We Also need an out and out right winger

I'd say we need at least 15 top class players to be a top class team :-)



14 Jul 2013 19:35:15
Swansea City are currently looking at a handful of strikers. Names such as Franco Di Santo, Emmanuel Mayuka, Soloman Kalou.
What i'm hearing, Michael Laudrup wants a striker with English league experience.

Swans looking good for this season



14 Jul 2013 18:48:14
Heard from a normally reliable source that Huddersfield town are due to complete the signing of Manchester United duo Larnell Cole and Tyler Blackett on 6 month loans, another striker and a defender. Heard we're in for a midfielder on loan as well but he didn't no the name or club

Does your source know the names of the forward or defender?. I think town need strength in depth, because if the depth isn't there, then players such as norwood and Clarke become comfortable and lack motivation.

Can see three more coming in but not five, defo midfielder and a defender, possibly another striker. Nick Powell would be my midfielder not Cole.

Sorry my original post wasn't clear. Cole and blackett are the striker and defender, plus a midfielder. Only 3 not 5 signings. All loan players



14 Jul 2013 18:49:32
Adam Chicksen has sign for Brighton on as 3 year contract.

14 Jul 2013 19:59:22
adam chicken is does he play on the wing, shell I go on. he's eggsactly what Brighton need a poacher.

He's a defender aha ^^

Think someone missed the joke^^

Awfull joke, palace fc till I die



14 Jul 2013 17:13:26
Reading will this week complete the signing of Southampton striker for £1m.

Talks were held last weekend and Sharp is expected in Reading in the next few days to sign and fly straight to Portugal to meet the squad at their training camp.

We (Doncaster) were interested but could only offer £400,000 up front and the rest spread over time. This was rejected by Southampton.

There was noise of Forest and Leeds interest but neither club can move without selling first.


Do'nt be silly.Forest do'nt have to sell
Before they can buy,they just do'nt want Billy Sharp and the last I herd was Celtic were interested in him as a replacement for

Reading are after Austin

Sharp is off to bournemouth 100%

Billy Sharp is a Southampton player. was only on loan at Forest.

Doncaster are still in for a shout to sign Sharp, the board are pondering on whether increasing the previous offer

Leeds don't have to sell first either, Sharp is just an after thought for BM, who will conduct more transfer business AFTER the slovenia tour

BM will not buy him. He will either buy ex Reading players or league 2/1 players.

Going to reading

15 Jul 2013 10:02:33
He won't go to reading he join a bigger championship side

Doncaster put a 850. 000 bid up for him and John Ryan said he will do anything to bring him back and rovers said they were going to up there bid if it failed and billy sharp also said his preferable destination is rovers

15 Jul 2013 10:02:33
He won't go to reading he join a bigger championship side

you get promoted twice, finish top six on 4 other occasions in the last decade, get cat 1 status academy, build a new training ground and still the 'big clubs' who just sit mid table championship can't acknowledge success

Same old, same old.
"Going to a bigger Championship side". Reading were in the Premiership last season, are one of the pre season favourites for promotion, good financial backing, not in debt, a well respected manager and one of the best stadia outside of the Premiership, in a massive catchment area, whose rise to fame over the past twenty years has been meteorphoric. Just because they did not win the FA Cup in 1962, or bought success does not amke them a small club. Reading are in the ascendancy, and the majority of the Championship clubs - and some of the Premiership clubs too for that matter - look at Reading with envious eyes. We are not the "small" Reading that we used to be. True maybe ten or fifteen years ago we were a small club, but that cannot really be said about them now.

"He won't go to reading he will join a bigger championship side."

I don't really think there are many bigger championship teams!!


Not a chance of you signing billy sharp he left little donny for a reason so why would he want to go back there

If saints have been paying doncaster in installments perhaps he may end up back there

15 Jul 2013 19:07:02
Billy sharps a yorkshire man let's get it right. Not a chance in the world he's going to bournmouth EVER! can't see him at leeds either as he's a blades fan and reading unless you get rid of 1 of our other rejects in blackman.

Billy sharp is in talks with 2 unnamed clubs, one thought to be Doncaster

Billy sharp has said that he wants to move closer to his family and home which is in sheffield! I doubt he will go to reading for two reasons, one because neil atkins shipped him out in the first place and two he said he would not be garenteed a first team spot every week whereas at donny he would! I think he will end up at donny!

Billy in Portugal?

Celtic now faviorates to sign sharp, he's said to be considering 1 of his old teams.

Who is Neil Atkins - Nigel Adkins perhaps?

After all this talk, watch him stay at southampton.



14 Jul 2013 16:52:41
fulham and westham have joined crysta paace in the battle to land wba striker peter odemwingie.

So having just been bought by a very rich man we will be going in for an old striker with limited talent and a big temperament issue. because that makes sense.

Good player. Stitched up in January, the guy needs a break so good luck to him. Thought we (Reading) would have been interested but would expect him to join a prem club.

14 Jul 2013 21:19:15
Oh yeah. such a shame for him. poor bloke. caused trouble everywhere he's been. even Nigeria had enough of him!

"Good player. Stitched up in January, the guy needs a break so good luck to him."

He stitched himself up by scooting off down to QPR (on obviously bad advice) when no deal had been struck by WBA or the London club. Even neutrals in the press and outside it thought Odemwingie was acting like a proper berk. Still, if you want to put your support behind an idiot, feel free.

Between odemingie and adel tarabat it would seem the club are on a self destruct mission. These two players are a nightmare in any dressing room



14 Jul 2013 16:42:30
Italian media suggests Saints are tabling a record breaking 17 millions bid for Pablo Osvaldo but acing competition from Man City who wish to replace Tevez. Think we will be lucky if we got him, and would prefer Damiao but nice to hear we are tabling these bids.

He's valued at 12.5 million why pay 5m extra?

Better question is why go for him at all?

The Italian media say we tabled a bid of 20million Euros which his club have accepted, but the player is refusing to talk to Southampton. A bit like the Wanyama situation at the start. Roma are trying to get him to talk to us as they want rid of the player after a bust up when he was substitued during a match and threw all his toys out the pram.

Don't want a player like him at Southampton tbh

Don't want him, to old to grow, will only make a loss on him.



14 Jul 2013 16:05:04
Reading are closing in on their third partnership of 2013, this time with Italian giants Juventus. Nick Hammond (DoF) and Nigel Howe (CEO) have been in Turin recently negotiating the link-up [confirmed by Nick Hammond on Radio Berks yesterday].

The partnership will be very similar to the one agreed earlier this year with Turkish giants Galatasaray, and will see Juve's youngsters come to Reading on loan, and Reading's EPPP Cat 1 academy will also send their youngsters to Italy for work/development experience.

Talks are at an early stage but the club hope to make an announcement before the start of the season. This comes after another partnership was announced recently, this time with Formula One's Marussia team, which see's "The Royals" logo appear on the car, and the Marussia logo appear on the back of the Royals shirts.

What a load of tosh

Reading fan

Actually it's true reading are trying to reach an agreement with juventus.

Actually its true not a load of tosh

Desperate, aren't they?

What a load of tosh

Reading fan

If you were an actual reading fan you'd know that Howe and Hammond are in Turin and this is why they are rumored to be there.

No they are not desperate. they are making the most of any opportunities that come their way. To many british clubs fans living in their own little world, if clubs want to move forward they need to cast their net wide.



14 Jul 2013 14:51:31
Brighton fc sign billy knott on a 2 year contract for 50k

Do you mean 500 k?

Who's he?

Brighton have signed left back Adam Chicksen from MK Dons for £50K. Done deal. All this other talk of big money buys is not true until they sell Bridcutt and get some money. Get real BHA lost £8m last year and FFP means they can't afford any of the big buys until they sell. Brighton fans expect a mid-table season as this is a season of building a new team.

He a Sunderland midfielder

Which Brighton fans expect a mid table finish? None that I know as most are expecting at least play offs.

Actuly he's for the development squad
and brighton don't need a new team we only lost 2 loan players from last season



14 Jul 2013 15:44:57
Watford have rejected a 7 million pound move for star man Troy Deeney from Aston Villa, meanwhile Matthias Renagie has confirmed that he will stay at Udinese

7 million! I know Deeney is a legend at Watford now but to reject 7 million. This can't be true

Double it.

Turned down 7 million for deeney I am a season ticket holder at vicarage road and as much as I enjoy watching Tory play for us I think the club would snap of anyone's hand off if they offered us 3 mill

Heard absolutely nothing on that. Doubt we'd ever want him in all honesty!

Deeney is staying at Watford done deal

14 Jul 2013 18:19:18
People wonder why English football is so overrated, here is your answer. 4.4 million for David villa world class striker, madness.

Snap hands off for 3 mill? c'mon mate £7m yeah that is a lot of money but I think we would try and hold out for more than £3m.

Hold out for more then 3 mill! Look at his goals record he averages 10 goals a season at Watford. Good championship player but he ain't a goalscorer and not premier league quality at all.

True, I'd expect Watford to be looking around the same price as Austin originally was; £4. 5-£5mil

32 league goals in 3 seasons who wouldn't pay 7 million for that haha

The '32 goals in 3 seasons' comment is so ill informed. Deeney was played as right midfielder under Mackay and for the first half of the season under Dyche, so for 1 and a half seasons he was played out of position. Upon being moved up front in some time around December-January he scored consistently until the end of the season, then carried that on and scored 20 goals last season, despite missing a month of the season and having no pre-season. Clearly Deeney has improved as a player and I think a fee of around £5m would be appropriate, but then I think keeping him would benefit us far more than cashing in.

Ronaldo only scored 3 in 25 games for Lisbon. He's useless.

If Danny Graham can fetch £3.5m, and Vydra can have one good season (with a 3 month goal drought and 22 goals) and be worth £15m, we need to be looking at £7-9m for a player who has 20 goals and 2 good seasons (with a prison sentance slap bang in the middle) as well as having the captaincy pretty much mastered.

Besdies, Watford won't want to lose both their top scorers and have £3.5m to show for it. He isn't going anywhere unless somebody stumps up £7m as a starting bid - Worth it or not.

15 Jul 2013 12:59:56
you can keep him, he ain't that good

Firstly, Villa put a sell on clause when he joined Watford from Villa which is rumoured to be 25%. We sold him to you & why would we want him back! We already have 4 young strikers who are & will be far better than Deeney.

"Firstly, Villa put a sell on clause when he joined Watford from Villa which is rumoured to be 25%. We sold him to you & why would we want him back! We already have 4 young strikers who are & will be far better than Deeney. "

Troy Deeney signed from Walsall genius. So, no, there isn't a 25% sell on clause.

We bought Deeney from Walsall not VIlla. God. is this a "Hogg on loan from Villah" kind of joke?

15 Jul 2013 18:33:02

EXCUSE THE CAPS. however I don't think that your are a Villa Fan Just a WUM

Whoa whoa whoa, let's push Deeney to one side for the moment. Ranegie is staying at Udinese? When was this confirmed? And by who? Last I heard he was in contract talks with us?



14 Jul 2013 15:30:32
Hear that Newcastle are in for keeper Alex McCarthy although Liverpool are also keen on signing the young Reading and England keeper.

Liverpool got Mignolet and Reina and Jones

Yes but reina is probably off to barca. I can't c liverpool keeping both reina and mignolet and brad jones is hardly a solid number 2

McCarthy is too good to be sat on a bench as a number 2 even if it is at liverpool



14 Jul 2013 15:13:17
Di Santo will be signing for the Swans in the next few days on a free contract from Wigan

Don't think so. Think they should look at Gary Hooper. Seems bargain at £5m.

I hope he's not our back up striker. His scoring record is aweful.

Surely not. I'd rather them go for hooper, toivonen, Le fondre, vydra or even odemwingie. I'd rather give Donnelly a chance than sigh di santos. Beside laudrup said his going to be patient on signing a second striker and it could take 3/4 weeks. There's no rush. The fact that di santos is a free agent means they could sign him now. For me this rules him out due to what laudrup has said.

Maybe Laudrups intention is so go for a loan signing of a quality striker, who suddenly is surplus.

Good shout

Cheers mate! Shame the rest didn't believe me, think he'll do alright for us as a second striker. Don't get it why people complain when we've got Leroy Lita and Luke Moore?

I'm also happy with the possibility. His exploits have seen him get into the national squad despite not banging them in for fun, and let's face it, Argentina hardly struggle on the forward front?!

Laudrup wanted John Guidetti from Man City on loan in January when Danny Graham left us, I think he'd be a decent shout for a 2nd striker depending whoelse is in the frame, Swans have spent 20m this far so what's left in the kitty?



14 Jul 2013 14:51:32
I told you on here last week that danny Haynes was signing for notts county and now I can confirm david bell is signing on Monday or tuesday

I heard notts are signing barnard do you have any news

Two more signings today before Notts KO against Galatasary

Any particular Monday or Tuesday?



14 Jul 2013 14:39:36
Reading are close to securing deals for Crewes Max Clayton and Brentfords Clayton Donaldson. Clayton will be loaned back to Crewe till January.

Reading also close to agreeing a deal for Billy Sharp

Would love clayton, Donaldson seems pointless which makes this not believable

Which Clayton?

14 Jul 2013 16:59:30
I expect to see Reading go straight back up with Nigel Atkins in charge.

Max Clayton, not a chance, he rejected a new contract at the end of last season and only has a year to run, Manchester United and Arsenal both expressed interest in him and Donaldson is staying at Brentford, he said he loved the club and Uwe Rosler said he won't be looking to sell unless a substantial fee is agreed, you're looking a £900k for Donaldson and no way is anyone going to pay that

14 Jul 2013 16:59:30
I expect to see Reading go straight back up with Nigel Atkins in charge.

Similar was said last time we got relegated. Going back up is never easy

Didn't Wolves think they were going to be favourites to be going straight back up last season? Can't see Reading doing the same as Wolves, but they must not count their chickens (or Bantams, or Terriers, or Lions



14 Jul 2013 14:38:59
Wba to sign :
Ola toivoman
Demba ba

Wba to sell:
Lukaku (sent back)

Ba to stay at Chelsea till at least January, Torres could depart, WBA in to sign Cotterill from Donny.

I would be more than happy with all those signings. Class throughout

West brom have already sold fortune to Wigan on a free

14 Jul 2013 18:01:47
The wage increase would be too much

You are assuming these players would want to move to WBA, somehow I doubt many of these would, a couple perhaps.

As a west brom fan I know we won't be looking to sign distin or parker, the other 5 are all targets, however BA turned the club down, and Dempsey is basically speculation at this point, kalou, malouda and toivonen are much more likely to join in coming weeks, as for those leaving tamas will stay and Rosenberg will only leave once 2 attackers have been signed

Distan has already signed a year extension at Everton and has stated he wants to finish his career there.



14 Jul 2013 14:24:37
AFC Wimbledon have reportedly singed Keanu Marsh-Brown from barnet for an undisclosed fee.

Hope not as I was unimpressed with him when Barnet came down to ours.

Jody Morris training at Wimbledon-told he'll get some game time in one of the next two friendlies.

He has only just re signed for Barnet, scored the winner v AFC

Definitely not just re-signed for Barnet.

Don't want either player.



14 Jul 2013 14:15:36
Marvin Bartley to sign for leyton orient or bournemouth as bids from both clubs have been accepted rumoured 180k talks or ongoing with both clubs over the next few days 100%

Isit he available on a free

Mitchell won't let him back after all the trouble when he left, non starter

Left bourneouth with a strop, mitchel won't forget the hassle he gave the club.

Mitchell has no say on transfer matters. If Eddie Howe wants, he gets. Max Demin will make sure of that.

Eddie Howe never played Bartley when he had him at Burnley. unlikely he'll now buy him back!

He has been told to look for another club but whether or not Burnley will just let him go I don't know- probably some sort of nominal fee will be involved.

Orient don't pay fees for any player so this is t true

The last time Barry Hearn bought a player, it was an old '' 78 record player ''

he's one of burnleys best players so not true

Eddie Howe hoping to land Ross Jenkins from Watford

He's one of burnleys worst player



14 Jul 2013 14:07:43
Brighton & Hove Albion have reportedly offered Brazilian side Vasco the gama 2.3m for centre attacking midfielder Carlos Alberto.

Well last saw he was a free agent

Can't adjust to European football, discipline problems etc, enjoys the sun on his back rather than wind and snow.
a non-starter I think



14 Jul 2013 14:03:48
Swindon town are close to appointing ex porstmouth west ham and bournemouth coach paul groves as there new manager he set to sign a one year deal

Do't think so somehow.


You do not want Paul groves

Afcb fan

He was a disaster at AFCB, but was he really in charge? With a certain Saun Brooks as his "assistant", he probably was not!

Don't tell them THAT for goodness sakes, he's a wonderful manager. PLEASE please take him, he'll get you out of League 1 that's for sure :)

Oh yes they do!

Afcb fan ;)

None league should be paul groves level!

Paul groves never proved himself at afcb and showed total lack of understanding of football, any loyal footy fan would make a better job then him.

Groves will definitely get any club out of league one at the first attempt & straight into legue two instead

Don't make the mistake of thinking Paul Cox would choose to stay given half the chance to move to a club at least 3 times the size.

"Non league should be Paul Groves level". and he will take you there!

Under 12 Sunday League. He might do OK. I wouldn't wish Groves on ANY League club.

It's all gone Pete tong at Swindon! A mid table finish at best

I'm a town fan and I'd be happy with mid table!

If you appoint Groves you'll be looking sitting comfortably in the bottom 4 all season. But please take him. He even made me leave a game at half time once.

He's already got a good home record at Swindon, if you get me?. 5-1



14 Jul 2013 14:00:07
Blackburn poised to bid for Barnsleys Jacob mellis not sure of fee. I personally wouldn't want to see him leave and I think he owes the club at least another season since no other club would touch him after the smoke bomb incident at Chelsea. worth at least a couple of mill?. don't see Blackburn as a step up the club has been nothing but turmoil last few seasons

If we can get 20 grand for him I will take him, Digby is a lot better

What digby better than mellow do you go to watch the reds

Wath reds

Mellis does not get invoved enough, been watching the reds for over 6o years, best player seen at oakwell the late Tommy Taylor

Just goes to show we all see different qualities in players,
Personally I think they are both needed at barnsley,

Whoever thinks that we can afford to let Mellis go, or that Digby is better than him either:

A) Knows nothing about football
B) Does not watch Barnsley FC
C) Is wet behind the ears

Unbelievable comments. Digby is very good, but hardly played due to injury. Mellis is brilliant, and has arguably saved us from defeat a number of times.

Closed discussed.

Mellis is a quality player but he gets played out of position too much.

He's creative in central midfield, but doesn't offer much defensively, he's also wasted on the wings.

If Flitcroft isn't going to play him centrally then we might be better off cashing in, especially when we have Perkins as a definite starter at centre-mid and other quality midfielders like Digby and Dawson.

A year left on his contract, young, has shown that he has improved and is continuing to improve - got to be asking for at least £1.5m

15 Jul 2013 12:58:07
get rid of him while we can if possible for £1million+, I've heard his agent is after more money for him, so why not ship him out while he's got another year left on his contract, or he's going to turn into another Matty Done.

(500k bid rejected for matty done last summer?)

Watched BARNSLEY more than youhavehad home cooked dinners, if Mellis would have been that good Chelsea would not have given him a free

Chelsea got rid cause of smoke bomb nothing to do with how good he was

Chelsea terminated his contract for disciplinary reasons so the fact they didn't get a fee is irrelevant.

Mellis was not "given a free". He was effectively sacked for setting off a smoke bomb at training. Gross misconduct.

I would sell him 1-2 million, buy new scoreboard

And some new speakers.



14 Jul 2013 13:50:03
Brighton & Hove Albion are about to sign Chilean centre midfielder Carlos Carmona from Atlanta B. C. for 750k.



14 Jul 2013 13:50:01
Reading and former club, Doncaster are the only 2 clubs interested in Billy Sharp. The rest are rumours.

2 former clubs in for him then as he started with Reading in their academy

Doncaster chairman John Ryan recently
stated that Doncaster could not afford
to sign him

I will be driving billy sharp to reading tomorrow, that's is as much info I can give right now.

I have also been paid to take him to Heathrow the following day.

14 Jul 2013 16:37:51
John Ryan also said the Irish Investor rumour was " absolute rubbish" until it turned out to be true.


It was austin who started at reading not sharp

Is the Irish investor story actually true?

15 Jul 2013 00:51:23
Looks that way yeah.



14 Jul 2013 13:37:00
Oscar Garcia is on the verge of signing Federico Macheda from Manchester United for a reported 1. 8 m. It will be Brighton's second signing this year along with Stoke city central Defender Mathew Upson

Hope so. He's brill!

Brighton have signed Adam chicksen (left-back) from mk dons on a 3 year deal

Sounds good, will he play alongside ulloa?

I am a brighton fan, I think its a very unbelievable rumour. More like wishful thinking.

We nearly got him in January. it was either loan him or buy Ulloa so I guess that we're buying him now :). Excited

Going to the Bundes League already confirmed

Where did you get the idea of Macheda to Brighton? And its not confirmed he's going to Bundesliga

As in, he's not going to the Bundesliga

We will see then

Highly doubt this (BHAFC) supporter.

He's scored about 7 goals in his career



14 Jul 2013 13:29:28
Barcelona B midfielder Illie S�nchez is set to sign a 2 year contract for championship side Brighton & Hove Albion after discussions with the club this week. The 22 year old played 76 games for the second division side and has scored 2 goals



14 Jul 2013 13:19:33
Heard that crystal palace are looking at barnsley midfielder Jacob Mellis

Jacob Mellis going no where. that includes Crystal Palace.

Why would he go to palace to come straight back down or to Blackburn who were a worse team than us last year?

Off to bournemouth

Lets see what the Barnsley chairman says when the pound notes are waved under his nose

He is prem quality and did play in the champions league why wouldn't we want him? I'm all for it Jacob Mellis in!

So many of the players around are injury prone just hope palace don't get stitched up with a lame duck



14 Jul 2013 12:30:11
Bury are keen on signing Jamaican winger Keamar Daley and veteran striker Brett Ormerod



14 Jul 2013 12:24:55
Stevenage have had two bids knocked back by Preston for John Mousinho according to a friend of his. He has said he is not for sale and is happy at the club

14 Jul 2013 17:17:57
he knows he is at a club and away from that clown westley

Im a chelsea fan but follow all levels of football. i'm shocked that westley can be called a clown. if westley didn't clear out the very over paid rubbish preston would be struggling finacially so I think in the very long run he did the job asked of him

^^^ thank you

Well said. (Second comment)

Westley will prove to be a good manager one day, arrogance towards youth (mayor and proctor) and all the rest he released didn't help his cause. There was no need for a mass exodus at north end but he thought that like he has at every club but he got the balance right but they couldn't play. Grayson has been so so fortunate in what he walked into and his ontop additions have been great. Westley said his teams allways pick up towards the back end of a season and they did, people are thinking grayson is a god but against liverpool it was a monstrosity, I swear you pass the ball to your own team and not the other. Allthough beavon did leave spearing looking conference standard at one point UTW

I don't know how anyone can support Westley at all. he's a shocking manager, appalling tactics, can't work with anyone who won't kow-tow to him. he may have cleared up the wage bill a bit by selling the entire squad, but he filled it up with absolute rubbish, he signed one good player in every 4/5 he brought in, not a good record. He's also been outed as a liar, he lied to keep the fans and the board of Preston off his back about Iain Hume. he said Hume wanted to leave, but surprise surprise Hume's back now saying he never wanted to leave. Westley's a disgrace to football and I'm sorry, the Chelsea fan a few comments ago, you saying you follow football in all divisions is fair enough. but you're in no position to judge what was going on at our club under Westley, it was a shambles and quite frankly the worst year in the history of the club in terms of turmoil, bad prospects and bad feelings.

Westley had a bad time at Preston but he is far from being a 'shocking manager' just look at his record with Stevenage and it proves he is a very good manager.

Westley works best with players who want to improve, put the work in and go places.

He was always doomed at Preston, going into an overpaid team full of players who were most likely happy to sit there and take the wages.

When Westley left he left us in 17th place and went back to 14th placed Stevenage. Simon came in at Preston and we finished 14th whilst Stevenage finished 18th.

Is a coincidence that we got better after Westley left and when he returned to Stevenage they got worse? {Ed003's Note - Lets cut to the chase he has very strange ideas and he knew exactly what the finances were when he was offered the job,he's the David Brent of football,majority of pne fans agree if not all.}

Very true. ^^^



14 Jul 2013 12:29:06
Morecambe are set to sign Chris Beardsley on a season long loan from Preston after Jack Redshaw was ruled out for 8 months

14 Jul 2013 17:16:56
it won't be a loan it will be a free transfer

Danny Carlton is better, who's wanting a new deal with Morecambe. {Ed003's Note - Is he fit again?}

Yes, Danny is fully fit now.

Beardsleys record isn't exactly inspiring - a 29 year old who has never scored many goals and I do worry if we're bringing in strikers who are worse than Danny Carlton. Still, this rumour looks to have some substance to it.

Scored goals at Stevenage so may turn out to be a good signing at Morecambe. Had doubts about Redshaw when we first signed him but he proved himself in the end with 16 goals. Danny Carlton not good enough to replace Redshaw & score goals. We need a striker who can find the net.

I would have thought a younger and hungrier striker on loan from a Prem Club with something to prove and learn would be more appropriate. Nothing against Beardsley but his record is questionable!

It all comes down to money & Beardsley would probably be a cheaper option having been at Stevenage rather than a premiership player on loan.

What about paddy amond

Padraig Amond was always going to be one of Morecambe's strikers in the coming season. The Beardsley rumour is just in respct of cover while Jack Redshaw is injured.



14 Jul 2013 12:34:41
Liverpool will target Christian Eriksen, Toby Alderwierld and Ryan Bertrand. Rodgers is on the verge of completing a 22mil fee with Eriksen and Alderwierld Bertrand still no bid

14 Jul 2013 13:15:55
Chelsea won't sell Bertrand because they desperately need home grown in their squad.

Ryan bertrand is good

14 Jul 2013 14:31:38
how are they on the verge of signing all 3 for 22 mill if no bids have been put in, and how do you know there paying 22 mill for all 3 if they haven't bid for any of them.

Read the msg properly 22mil for the 2 ajax boys no fee agreed for bertrand liverpool will be a force this year trust me. luis alberto is out of this world and we no its true because the ajax manager comfirmed it. no your football before you start

15 Jul 2013 08:52:31
That's right I'm the one that posted this



14 Jul 2013 12:33:34
After completing the signing of Kevin Davies, Preston manager is looking to sell or loan out Graham Cummins and Chris Beardsley

Beardsley will probably go but cummins will stay. Grayson won't loan either of them out he'l only consider a permanent deal



14 Jul 2013 12:32:50
Blackburn goalkeeper Paul Robinson will complete a move to Nottingham Forest next month according to a reliable club source. Forest are waiting to free up room on the wage budget to accommodate high earner Robinson

14 Jul 2013 13:21:21
Rubbish, Forest have Allow and De vries as goalkeepers with AlRashidi and Emitov as back ups.
Don't need or want Robinson, never rated him and his wages would be a major problem. no thanks.

De Vries has just signed?!

Why would we, we have 4 goalkeepers already!

Doncaster are one of another 3 clubs interested in Paul Robinson



14 Jul 2013 12:30:51
David James has been offered a player/coach role at Barnet

Would love to see that

Never going to happen



14 Jul 2013 12:28:19
Mates vydra has said he would love a move to villa park

Doubt it - he hardly speaks any english!

Helenius, Gabby, Weimann & Burke! do we need more!

So did Darren Bent!



14 Jul 2013 10:54:53
After Alderweireld showed some interest, and said NCFC's ambition was impressive, it would seem a shame to just let that bit of business die out, and as some reports seem to indicate, McNally thinks so too. Hopefully he can persuade Toby's agent to reconsider. Being linked with players like N'daye and Quagliarella, most canary fans should feel not only comfortable, but proud. It seems McNally and Hughton's signings have so far (and will continue to be) pretty much On the ball. City.



14 Jul 2013 10:53:04
Burnley are hopeful of signing Ryan Tunnicliffe on a season long loan next week from Man Utd

The midfielder was linked with the Clarets last season and nearly signed but he choose to join Barnsley instead

14 Jul 2013 11:59:35
He was pretty useless for Barnsley last season - did not seem to be bothered.

Yeah no good at all, waste of time, wouldn't bother wasting the wage bill



14 Jul 2013 10:16:59
Mansfield Town manager Paul Cox is emerging as the front runner to replace Kevin Macdonald as manager of Swindon

Where did you here this then mate? Never heard of the guy?

I doubt this would happen, Coxy got us back in the league so I think he will stay with us for at least this season COYS!

Had you heard of Kmac before. Cox did a great job at both Eastwood and now at Mansfield, would be a supurb appointment.

Doubt this will happen like previously said coxy has worked hard to get us back to the fl so he will stay at least for a season with radfords who supported him thru bad times last season

You've got more chance of getting sir alex than coxy!

Why? It would be a step up to a league one club, bigger budget etc. Very little loyalty in football these days unfortunately

Cox has an Aston martin 'company car' practically an unlimited budget for the lower leagues, he is overseeing a major turning point in stags history, new training facilities, an eye on major stadium improvements, not to mention his relationship with the chairman and CEO. Even had Caroline Radford as bridesmaid at his wedding. Make of this what you will.

Suspect he wouldn't have a bigger budget but might have the sack within 6 mths if things don't go well



14 Jul 2013 09:50:34
Norwich & Fulham are set to battle it out for ipswich left back Aaron cresswell.

Don't think norwich will be interested as they now have garrison and Olsson competing for lb position

Didn't Naaaarwich just buy Martin Olsson? Sincerely hope they aren't looking at Cresswell.

Cresswell is way to good for norwich ;) haha good joke :)

Sorry but who is garrison

He is better than Norwich

Garrison? you mean Garrido.

Very good left back, I know olsson has played in premiership but I think cresswell is better.

I think cresswell has played left wing a few times for ipswich, he is the best left back out of the premiership.

Garrison is actually Garrido. he's a left back as is Olsonn so you can wipe Norwich from signing him. Fulham however now have money and do need a left back. Take £3m, spend £1m on a new left back, £1m on a right back and £1m on a creative midfielder. THRN BOOOOOOM. PROMOTION!

Fulham do need a new left back, perhaps Ipswich could get Matthew Briggs in a swap permanently or on loan? We currently have 3 so I'm not sure how or why we would have 4 left full backs.

If we did sell him for £3m, you can be pretty safe in the knowledge that at least £2m of that will disappear and won't be spent on the squad, unfortunately.

About 20% of Cresswell's fee will go to Tranmere. If he goes for £3m I think Evans needs to give at least 50% back into transfers as that would make a hug difference. To be fair though, we've near enough got a team good enough for promotion this season and all our signings have been free z

Lol, you think town will sell to Norwich? Do you know anything about football


We've just signed Garrido and Olsson, so no legs in this one at all!

We haven't got a good enough team for promotion, stop being deluded! We have less depth in our squad than last year and without Stearman and N'Daw we have a weaker team than we had at the end of last season!

Bramble and Vaseli playing for town tonight. both would be great signings. Add Eggert Jonsson, maybe Augustein on loan as well as Khumalo we'll be set.



14 Jul 2013 08:44:46
Former Celtic and long serving Brighton Defender and Utility man Adam Virgo set to sign for Crawley from Bristol Rovers after spening six months with the League 2 side, after playing 30 minute in the reds pre-season friendly against Millwall on saturday as a trailist.

Why? He didn't impress against Milwall. He doesn't fit the Crawley template and the club need strikers not defenders

We don't need anymore CB at millwall

So we have four good young centre backs all good enough for League 1 and we want to sign a has been from League 2?!

Have fun watching Virgo might just be the worst centre back I've ever seen all he does it punt the ball up the pitch and has the pace of a 90 year old man great signing

Give the man some respect, he can be a quality player once again. UTG.

He can't.

I'll give him respect for what he has achieved but no. he can't be great again.

Virgo is a donkey you are welcome to him! LOL



14 Jul 2013 06:14:44
Osman Sow is set to come to Blackpool after being on trail and Blackpool are also trying to sign Bobby Grant.

So what if we some brooksiders

Pigs might fly!


Cool osman sow is awesome



14 Jul 2013 06:10:48
Lee Barnard has flown out to Portugal to meet up with Former Loanee Manager Paul Dickov they were together at Oldham.

Would much rather have Adam Rooney. Barnard is a workhorse but can;t see him scoring many goals

Rooney is pretty much a latics player

He played for him for One/Two games before he was sacked, hardly an amazing partnership.

He wasnt sacked, he resigned

I would love him back. He gave 100% each game, but unfortunately he did not get the service he deserved. Hope he stays free and L. J. has a look at him returning.

Wages too high. Not going to latics



14 Jul 2013 05:04:10
Released Southampton youngster Ben Reeves has signed a one year deal at MK Dons. Source (MK Dons )

Hes a great addition for your club. Luvley lad and great ball control. Only sorry he didn't come to the Southend. He was good for us and will be good for you! any spare players please?

^ Sorry mate no spare players, fleeting squad already.



14 Jul 2013 01:35:27
West Brom to sign Ola Toivonen for £3, 500,000 and Clint Dempsey on a season-long loan with a view to a permanent deal.

More likely to see them at the cottage next year

Wouldnt happen as they are looking to raise funds for benteke so they only want to sell dempsey. and toivonen was going to norwich for 4 million so why would he sign for wba for 3. s

Fulham ain't interested in either off them players

Because West Brom are a more attractive proposition than Norwich, Toivonen is friends with Olsson and they have the same agent. Hughton or Clarke. I do like Hughton but Clarke is the better coach.

His deal to Norwich fell through so West Brom became interested

'More likely to see them at the cottage next year'

Indeed. Because you're a global brand now, aren't you #likehell

14 Jul 2013 12:15:28
I'm sure jol would welcome Dempsey back! Get real!

14 Jul 2013 15:55:30
I maintain they are more likely to be at the cottage but I didn't say that they WILL be at Craven Cottage, did I? Oh and I have been saying on twitter for ages that if Dempsey goes anywhere this summer it will be Craven Cottage or Anfield. Its not just since Kahn turned up. I am actually worried that Kahn goes too mad on spending money and we lose the soul of Fulham Football Club becoming like Chelski.

Has beens and unknowns for us again, wheres our adventurism, we haven't got one exciting player to get me off my seat, we are so dull

15 Jul 2013 08:58:24
Been confirmed that Dempsey is off the cards. Wages seem to major sticking point. confirmed by local journalist



14 Jul 2013 01:31:49
Jose Campana Has Signed for Cryatal Palace From Sevilla For 2million.

Yep apparently will be announced tomorrow

Yep signing for the Palace tomorrow, Spain U20 Captain

What a quality signing this would be

Deal done. EAGLES!



14 Jul 2013 01:16:48
Alex Geijo is set to be loaned back to Spanish club Granada, meanwhile Watford's Britt Assombalonga, Bernard Mensah and Uche Ikpeauze are all set to be loaned out

If Deeney leaves to Hull, we'll most likely keep asombalonga

14 Jul 2013 11:30:20
Alex Geijo's loan to Watford has expired so how can he be loaned to his parent club?

1 of these 3 are staying as Watford currently only have Deeney, Forestieri and Acuna. This would only be made possible if Fabbrini signed and was played as a striker and not as a winger

14 Jul 2013 12:37:08

Deeney isn't going anywhere

"Alex Geijo's loan to Watford has expired so how can he be loaned to his parent club?"

Udinese is his parent club, he just spent several seasons on loan to Granada to help them get promoted and stay in La Liga

Please please can we have them all at Southend specially Britt. He was great for us last season and enjoyed his time with us and leaned a lot as well as scoring a lot!

I think £150k would secure Britt for 3 years. Watford would almost definitely want a hefty sell on clause, possibly 30%

^^^ Which planet are you on? Watford would no more let BA go for that paltry amount than they would give Troy Deeney a free transfer.

150k? More likely to be 150 mil! Britt's signed on for a long time with us and he's got the making's of a quality striker. Still only 20.



14 Jul 2013 01:12:49
22 year old Ross Jenkins and fellow striker Britt Assombalonga to move out on a season loan to League one side Peterborough

Not sure we have any more midfield slots for Jenkins, theough with fitness he may have more potential than everyone bar Payne in midfield

Already have

Bostwick DC (MC Cover)
Tomlin AMC/ST
Newell Wide Midfielder/Winger
Rowe LB/Midfielder

You forgot Mendez laying aswell

Jernaine Anderson from the youth team is going to be first team this year too



14 Jul 2013 01:09:41
JJ Hooper set to sign for Northampton Town in the next few days following a successful trial period.

Sounds possible, did well v Sileby

Yeah I heard it could be a 2 year contract, aidy wants more youth in the squad this season and said he wound be a fantastic player for the team

I reckon he'll take them on, hooper has been decent and purse will be the rock at the back, plus langmead out for start of season!



14 Jul 2013 01:07:08
Southampton face stiff competition from Liverpool for the signing of Ajax Defender Toby Alderweireld for a fee of 6. 5 Million

Would love him to come to Saints because he is class however he has publicly said that he admires Norwich's ambition and that may persuade him to move there.


Apologies my above comment is incorrect. Southampton will have to battle Liverpool and Bayer Leverkusen after he decided against joining Norwich due to not being able to agree on personal terms.


The Express are saying Toby has rejected a move to Norwich. Any chance for us?

Think Saints interest cooled after signing Lovren although the ability to cover right back adds to him being a likely target. Priority seems to be in attacking third (just for a change!)

However we have just sold Forren and we seemed to be shortish of CB's last season so I believe Alderwield would be class.


I have a feeling we won't be buying loads of CB's, but rather slowly intergrate turnbull/chambers into the team.

Saves us money and gets them invaluable experience



14 Jul 2013 01:02:17
Apparently peterboro are going to put a contract together to take barnes homer from under the noses of notts county after losing gayle to palace they need to replace him.

14 Jul 2013 07:39:18
He's been on trial with notts but they don't want him now they have signed Haynes. Notts also have another preferred striker lined up once Enoch leaves.

Notts aren't after him anymore you can have him he's s***



14 Jul 2013 00:05:44
Saw matty fryatt in tarn centre today. Hope he had been talkin down oakwell class finisher. Him and o grady would be bang on



13 Jul 2013 22:34:33
Walsall close to offering Taylor Morgan a 2 year deal. The 6ft 5 inch forward was recently released by MLS outfit Toronto.

He played 45mins against Kiddy and did absolutly nothing can't see Deano giving him 2 year deal based on that can you?

Not sure about this rumour, but smith offered grigg a 4 year deal so who knows what he's thinking

Don't judge him on one game I have watched a bit of this lad and he has got a good first touch and don't forget to get into an MLS side is good as an overseas player so that says something



13 Jul 2013 22:28:51
hartlepool will take a look over 6 players this week with 1 being a big name in his 30's

That being. Arca I hear

I think it is Michael Brown from Leeds.

No way could we afford Arca and I can't see him coming to us any way. Brown the same whist I would like him I don't think with Fair Play we could afford his wages and we need attacking players and defenders not more midfieldes.

Ryan noble

That's right like we are over run with quality in midfield what with the dynamic Walton and the creativity and guile of Sweeney



13 Jul 2013 21:49:13
Bobby Grant to Peterborough

Rowe is staying



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