Football Rumours Archive July 14 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursJuly 14 2012 

13 Jul 2012 23:27:08
Jon Walters looks Likely to leave stoke with Celtic and sunderland as possible destinations for the Ireland international(17)(31)Can we have fletcher then Olson to and jarvis also cameronHard worker but out of his depth last year..Stoke to sign. Martin Olson-3m matt Jarvis - 8m Geoff cameron - 1.75 and Stevan fletcher - 10m also maybe toros idols - 3mWe hope so 6goals in a season 4of them been from the spot is poor he's a defensive forward if there is such I thing I will drive him Sunderland myselfNot being funny to the above, but jon has done great things for scfc. little respect wouldn't go a miss.


13 Jul 2012 22:20:08
Boaz Myhill still No 1 goalkeeping target for Bristol City - talks have taken place. However they face competition from Ipswich.(19)(8)Well that's the end of that then.What do you mean 'that's the end of that then'?Off to Ipswich then - J2BLUE


13 Jul 2012 22:10:50
MK Dons are on the verge of signing
Alan Dunne from Millwall and
Izak Reid from Morecambe(14)(10)IF this HAPPENS,& I MEAN IF?! GOOD LUCK DUNNEY! ALWAYS GAVE HIS ALL FOR THE WALL, but Im afraid not a Championship Player!


13 Jul 2012 22:33:17
Reading are set to sign Luke Young from QPR on a 2 year deal with the fee being in the region of 750k(20)(12) 

This is unlikely as when Newcastle sign debuchy it is very likely that Simpson will join reading.Hope notUn true they signed simpsonNot true, 750k isn't enough for a player like this but would be a good signing.God I hope not.


13 Jul 2012 22:11:04
First time post; hearing from a solid source saints will unveil zaha and clyne at st marys tomorrow. Fee not mentioned but then it never is(19)(32)We've agreed a fee of 1.5 mil for Clyne and if CP told the media they've agreed a fee for Clyne I think they would of told them about a Zaha deal, not that it won't happen in the future


13 Jul 2012 22:02:09
Middlesbroughs tony mowbray is looking to snap up at simon cox from west brom.(16)(16)A boro fan and would not want to see cox cum to the boro hope we get the other opitions we looking at cox is poor westbrom are nothink flash and he cart make it wit them so stay away simon coxHope so, but i presume they will be wanting a large transfer fee... :/Cox is a very under-rated player. Fantastic striker of the ball. If we could get him it would be a great signing!Hes not under rated just not tht good im with the first comment on coxI like Cox and he works his guts out but some players will only make good championship level players and he is one of them. I think we will be lucky to get back the 1.5 mill we spent on him. Sorry Simon but good luck wherever you goCox would score 20+ goals a season in the championship but lacks pace of odemwingie and Long, hence why he's on the bench . Would be a great addition to any championship club!


13 Jul 2012 21:57:30
just heard(good source) Federico Macheda season long loan Cardiff City(8)(39) 

More than welcome to have him. He played for QPR last season on loan and did absolutely nothing.I doubt we want him because we got mason, miller, gestede, velikonja and earnshaw and he did nothing for QPR last year


13 Jul 2012 21:42:25
Sunderland have offered defender Sasa Papac a 2 year deal after his release from Rangers(17)(20)


13 Jul 2012 21:32:55
Paul Coutts having a medical at Derby- according to
BBC Lancashire(29)(5)Coutts signed today. DCFC official site


13 Jul 2012 21:27:34
Paul Coutts and Garry Kenneth to sign for Derby next week(32)(2)


13 Jul 2012 21:13:57
Very strong rumours that Huddersfield are preparing a 600k bid for Leicester's Jeffrey Schlupp.(9)(21)This is possible but i dont think Leicester want to sell him and dont need to, he's highly rated at the club!No chance, rated at a couple of mil

Also has built up a very good rep inside the club, they want to see how they can facilitate him in future

A loan is more likelyClearly rubbish! Jeff is in pearson's first team plans!Sheffield star says united after himA loan to charlton looks the better moveWhy do people think town don't have cash we do I don't think this will happen but we could afford himTown fans would take a loan, very highly rated by usLets get this straight huddersfield who are they have nothing to offer foxes players


13 Jul 2012 20:58:38
walsall defender darryl westlake has joined league 1 rivals sheffield united after rejecting a new deal at walsall(11)(4)


13 Jul 2012 21:03:18
Kim Bo-Kyung has agreed a deal to become Cardiff City's fourth summer signing. The attacking will be earning £1.2m a year when joining the Bluebirds after he plays for South Korea at the Olympics. The deal is said to be worth £2.4m. Sources: , WalesOnline, Glasgow Evening Times(10)(2)Not yet ...only in the driving seat....stokeblubirdSign him with the rest were signing.....premiership here we come.....stokebluebirdYeh this one is a done deal he has said he looking forward to playing for cardiff on sky sportsHe's said himself he's signed today ssn among others have confirmed 8o)))))


13 Jul 2012 19:54:33
stoke are attempting an audacious bid for Aston villa midfielder Stephen Ireland(21)(15)They can have him and we will take that fat cheque for £5mDont want him... he was awesome 3years ago tell his ego ruined his career...What audacious in the sense Villa can get rid of himNot tall enough, no good at handball, Stoke dont sign players like this.Anything is better then we can't pass a ball Whelen and whiteheadTrue he was amazing 3/4 years ago, but the lad doesnt have an ego at all, he left man city, because of all the arrogant people there, he said to milner "good luck dealing with all the teenagers in thier £10,000 watches, he left to get away from all the kids with big egosMy mate is in the back room staff at Villa and he said ireland gets on with training etc with no ego like Gabby and Bannan. He also said he is by far the most talent player he has seen at villa (he has been there 5 years) I think he will have a great season this yearThis would be a great move for Ireland. Think TP's discipline will get the best from him; good for Villa to as he's not performed. Stoke were interested a few years ago.He didn't even get a throw of the dice.

Paul Lambert my lord, PL my lord!


13 Jul 2012 19:45:14
Palace fans need not worry!
After losing Sean Scannell and Darren Ambrose, the club are working hard on a numerous amount of targets which should come to the light next week.

It is widely expected now that Ross McCormack's move from Leeds United will happen now and the club are also tracking Federico Macheda on loan from Manchester United, sources have told me United will be willing to pay around 70-80% of his wages in at attempt to loan him out for the season and Palace are front runners.

Jose Baxter is not an option for Palace as has been reported on twitter, the club have not been interested in the Everton forward at all this summer. I have been told it is likely however that the club may make a move for George Boyd but this is not concrete.

These come from trusted sources, that I can not divulge.(7)(33)I agree don't worry palace fans scannell was awful last season and ambroses legs looked like they had gone not that he had much pace to start with. All we are missing is a goal scorer and we will be fighting for the play offs.I'll miss Ambrose, favorite player. Absolutely disgusted we sold him for the fee reported. Better sign someone or this could turn out to be one of our worst seasons yet.McCormack has been rumoured to be signing for the last couple of weeks, thought something might of happened by now. Macheda wouldn't come to palace, even if they paid 20-30% of his wages its still alot. I cant see George Boyd signing for palace aswellYour source isn't very good as Jose Baxter is a done deal, just trying to arrange a fee with everton due to bosman and under 23 etc. Will probably be announced next weekMccormack will not sign for palace there are bigger and better clubs chasing himPalace fans should worry,scannell,ambrose,clyne and zaha,byebye. and you'll need 2.5 mill for mccormack as there are now at least 6 teams chasing him .McCormack is a done deal as he's a good friend of fellow Jock Dougie Freedman. Leeds just keep trying to increase the fee, however, McCormack has warned that he's happy to see out the season with Leeds and then leave of a free next summer leaving Leeds with nothing. Although this would definatly mean he wouldn't being signing for Palace.


13 Jul 2012 18:53:36
Torquays Chris McPhee snubs a two year deal with Wrexham and signs a player coach role with Salisbury City. Wrexham manager Andy Morrell is shocked by Chris's decision and will now revert to other targets(11)(4)Told you last week he was surplus at Torquay and that Robinson looked likely to re-join. Hope the doubters now realise that Source was accurate!


13 Jul 2012 18:34:26
Charlton have given up in there attempts to sign Sam Baldock as they can't match what has been offered by Nottingham Forest and Birmingham.(11)(17)How can Forest have put a bid in without there being a manager at our club ??Sam Baldock isn't leaving West Ham, David Gold has already stated that no other players are leaving. Plus, 2 goal in 2 games in pre-season makes him the in-form striker.Forest cant buy players without a manager so baldock isnt coming


13 Jul 2012 18:29:34
west ham have bid 5 million for thomas ince blackpool are considering it....(13)(54)Thomas Ince will be staying at Blackpool for another season. Anyway I really cannot see him signing for West Ham.

LLS83Get a grip! when will you lot learn! thomas ince isnt going anywhere especially not to west ham. so please stop wasting time posting rubbish.Haha funny hammer!Why would Blackpool consider and why would West Ham want him. And p.s. and everone please stop posting stupid about how Tom Ince and Matt Phillips are going. They are both staying.I have spoken to my contacts at the club and although they can confirm approaches have been made for players they are not in a positions to sell any first team players and want to keep a settled teamWhy would they want to stay in the champ if they can play in the prem, blackpool are on the way down.West Ham don't actually have the finances to buy decent players like Ince or Clyne. They are hoping to secure free signings, but any West Ham fan believing this is true needs a reality checkBlackpool on the way down? We have one of the best financial states in the country we will never go in dept, we have good youngsters coming through and will make a fortune out of ince and phillips, so tell me how were on our way down?Ince has left to Portugal with 19 other players including Matty Phillips so this is obviously false


13 Jul 2012 18:26:05
I saw McLeod at Bristol rovers training ground today, no word of a lie.

Phil.(17)(31)Well Phil, (if you didnt lie about your name too...), you're deluded. He'll sign for CrawleyRubbish he's in Marbella until 22nd JulyWell it obviously is lies because McLeod is in Marbella! Dear oh dear, must try harder.


13 Jul 2012 18:21:38
Notts County have bid £80K for Liam Hearn of Grimsby Town.(17)(8)Grimsby would never sell for £80k, Peterborough offered big money for him last season and it was turned down


13 Jul 2012 18:15:31
Doncaster have bid for 2 players, believed to be Mark Roberts and Jon Ashton of Stevenage, the club are waiting to hear if its been accepted or not(18)(7)Don't think rovers have they have to get rid of players before they sign anyone and if they were to buy anyone more then likely be free transfersThey won't leave, if they do then the offer must have been BIGAccording to Rob Staton on twitter, they've bid for 2 players and it'll take 300k each and that's coming from a Boro fanWe have got bids in for 2 players. Deano told bbc radio sheff. No names but he said at the fans forum that these 2 wanted to come and they was is top 2 targets. Not sure if is these 2 who the bids are for though. Time will tell.Saunders confirmed he would attempt to sign them againIt would take atleast 250k - 350k for Ashton and 350k upwards for Roberts.

Being a Stevenage fan I wouldn't sell Robbo for less than 500k in my opinion. Such a leader and a massive heartbeat in our teamRumours liam ridehalgh going out on loan to doncasterDoncaster have done all they can to unsettle these two and get them on the cheap. If I was Roberts and Ashton I would think twice before signing for Saunders.Both players have requested to leave, however Stevenage announced they do not sell to clubs in the same league


13 Jul 2012 17:59:25
Nottingham Forest youngster Jamaal Lascelles signs for Tottenham.(25)(19)Who was the young Forest player that Chelsea signed for about 4 million?Patrick bamfordBamfordJamaal isnt leaving just yet no news on this so that rumour is false


13 Jul 2012 17:49:16
Bilel Mohsni will join Watford among others. He is a versatile player who played as a clinical striker hile also being played at centre back for Southend who are reluctant to let him go(4)(16)Yes please. 18 goal in 54 games for Southend, just what we need - a goal scoring centre backOrginally he was centreback then we had injuries so he played upfront lost his place at the back when phillips hit form and then got used on the left of midfieldHe's not going anywhere.Yes, because he'd rather stay at Southend than join Watford. After all, who wants to play alongside Inzaghi?Bad temperament, no thanks!


13 Jul 2012 17:26:43
Charlton's to sign darel rusell after release by Preston and could see him try out agents welling(10)(4)against wellingLet's hope this is untrue the players not good enoughNo good anough in League 1 so why get him for the Championship?

Don't do it Powell, Need someone who is better than Hollands and Stephens.

I would get Sean Davis on trail, ex Fulham, Spurs, Pompie midfielder on Trail.

See what he is like.Coutts gone good luck to him.I hope that today brings news on the strikers we have been promised [stellar] or notGuys a first class clown,thinks hes better than he alot of last season preston players!Derby have signed prestons paul coutts for an undisclosed feeNo Russell at Welling


13 Jul 2012 17:24:35
Watford have signed Fernando Martín Forestieri on a season long loan from Udinese(13)(11)They have also taken Steve Leo Beleck who is also a forward... on loanIts not on the official websightWhere have you heard this?!No they haventNo they havent stop lyingIts been reported in by many italian sources. Won't be on any official sources until it's well 'official'


13 Jul 2012 17:23:01
Bristol City have offered a contract to goalkeeper Craig Gordon(15)(31)True, but it isn't the best contract offer and Craig is holding out for a better one.Will be a good signing hopefully not like david james wasWould be a great singingWould be great if its true, though cant see it myself- Have always thought Gordon was a class keeper,and cost Sunderland £9m.Nasty injury and seemed to suffer a bit of a crisis of confidence, but still produced save of the season last year.Gordon was good in scotland,pants in prem league,hence nobody wants him


13 Jul 2012 17:16:58
bradford city are eyeing up newcastle united reserve nile ranger, for season long loan, nile has got pace and has a lot of potential, source from unknown bradford employee, sounds a decent deal to me(6)(34)I saw him play for sheff weds last season. He looked awful. He might be alright in that division though.He's going to norwich.It would be the signing of the century if he came to bradford.Seriously? signing of the century? As a Newcastle fan I'm amazed at how good you seem to think he is!If this is true then it will be a very good aquisition, heard great things about nile in the past..... Fingers cross! CTID!Hanson was our top goal scorer last season with 10+, and it was one of the poorest seasons in terms of goal opportunities, how can people says he's badThe guy has a self destruct button which he presses quite often, he has potential but will he reach it before he does time.
spends more time in court than on the pitch.
I'm a NUFC fan and I like the lad, but he needs a strong Manager/Nanny to nuture that talent.Absolutely not the kind of player PP wants. It's all about attitude first and foremost. False rumour so sorry NUFC we dont want him either.Hanson is totally incapable of assign to the team - cannot hold the ball up or involve others - he will score a few goals if you put in crosses cos he is tall but so would any donkey who is 6ft 4... shocking footballer.Unlikely. Nufc want rid and there's a bid on the table from SWFC. NFC have to decide if it's e
NoughIts our lack of creativity from midfield and wide thats the problem NOT HANSON! plus without his 14 goals last season we wouldn't be playing in the FL


13 Jul 2012 17:16:11

Loads going on right now with the players back in training and off to Portugal next week for pre season tour. McDermott wants most transfer activity wrapped up this week.

Right, IN's:

NICKY SHOREY - As I revealed a while ago now, club were in talks with player. This week a 1 year deal was done bringing Shorey back home.

ADRIAN MARIAPPA - Finally! 2.5m fee plus add ons and personal terms agreed. Has been having a medical today (13/07). Confirmation expected soon.

DANNY SIMPSON - 2m fee agreed with Newcastle and talks have taken place with player. Simpson is currently with Newcastle squad in Germany. Is due in Reading for medical once Newcastle confirm signimg of Mathieu Debuchy.

GEOFFREY KONDOGBIA - Fee has been agreed with Lens (somewhere in the region 4-5m). Player is arriving on Monday for talks.

JERMAINE DEFOE - The club ARE in discussions with Tottenham and Defoe who was in Reading earlier this week for talks. A bid is yet to be submitted.

STUART TAYLOR - Free agent is training with Reading and will feature in friendly against Wimbledon tomorrow.

JORDAN RHODES - Deal is off. I was told the 4.5m plus Sean Morrison offer had been accepted when actually Huddersfield decided to take some time to consider it. Reading had talks with Rhodes but bid rejected last week.

JUNIOR HOILETT - Talks took place and contract offered. Player still yet to decide future, however looks likely to return to Germany.

MATTHEW CONNOLLY - Finally got to the bottom of this! Fee of 900k was agreed back in May with QPR. Reading decided not to move for the player due to other targets. With the players coming in, looks unlikely now.


MICHAIL ANTONIO - Bid Accepted. Sheffield Wed have now offered 700k (a percentage to be paid in installments).

MATHIEU MANSET - Discussions taking place with FC Sion. Unsure if fee has been agreed yet.

That's all folks! THEROYALINSIDER(26)(35)What a lot, about very little.
You should have a career in advertising-but I wouldn't buy the product.Defoe not going to reading, and hoilett going to qprLet's see after transfer dead line if any of these happened I bet none willNow at last. This is credible information. So happy if it's true. Thankyou royal insider. Uve been 85%right. So far. Dreaming of a royal premiership romanceHoilet is going to germany. to the person who said they bet none will happen, care to put your money on it. If you did you would be out of pocket, mariappa had a medical today and simpson signing all but done.Is hoilett definatly goin qpr because the german club r in pole position. U sureHoilett not heading reading or qpr. Joining his family in germany to play for borussia. Hoping defoe would head to QPR but would much prefer a few defenders coming in!Is this 100 percent or could he still go qpr talks might break downMore nonsense from the RoyalsInsider. Funny how the only signing Reading make are never mentioned by you until after the eventDisagree, RoyalsInsider has been accurate before and a lot of this is credible information. What a lot of people need to understand is that just because we are interested or in talks with a player it doesn't mean they will sign i.e Hoilet, Gylfi, Gunter. McDermott has even come out and confirmed we are not currently interested in Connolly and that Taylor has been training with us and is playing today vs Wimbledon. pictures of Mariappa at his medical have also been shown.
MrRfcROYALINSIDER - What are the chances of Wimbledon getting one of your two young centre backs, Hector Or McDonald?Most of this doesn't seem likely, Simpson would cost more than 2 mil to get. I reckon we might get him but I doubt so cheap. As for Mariappa lets hope he can prove him self in the top flight (If this rumour is true).Defoe will not sign for reading. Stop dreaming.At long last the saga of Rhodes to reading is over. Royalinsider - maybe next time you will believe what you are being told on this forum. This transfer was NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!! You thought you knew best hahaDefoe wont go reading in a million years,he will go QPRDefoe is going to join Reading he is 6/4 to join


13 Jul 2012 17:04:43
Stoke striker Jon Walters is looking for an exit out of stoke with celtic favourites . Celtic would offer a swap deal for Gary hooper and Jon Walters(10)(44)Jon walters is most probably on 25k a week at stoke ... has 3 years left on his deal ( extended by 1 year in 2011) problem for your ''rumour'' is than he is probably worth 2.5 million maximum where as Gary Hooper worth 6-9 million.

wont happenDoubt it.. pulis loves walters..wont happenI love super jon walters to bits but even i think after last season he needs a move and this deal would suit stoke and pulis to a THooper worth 6-9 million?!?! are you having a laugh, that much money for a bloke who scored a few goals in the scottish league? yeah i somehow dont think so


13 Jul 2012 16:57:12
Reading sign mariappa from Watford and Simpson from Newcastle on a 3 year deal(22)(12)Simpson will join a premiership team not a mid table championship teamReading are a premiership team...


13 Jul 2012 16:55:38
A number of high-profile clubs, including Manchester City and Real Madrid have enquired about Watford's highly rated yougster, Sean Murray. Sources close to the club expect him to go by the end of the summer, most likely to a UK club, for a multi million pound fee (£10-15m).(4)(29)This guy is the worlds first £100m player in the making - £10m would be an utter insultHe is a very promising talent, but lets not get to carried away..Murray is a great talent and Man City do want him, but I think we will hold onto him for at least another season, then perhaps get some big bucks for him....Quality youngster this wouldn't suprise me !He already rejected city this is bs he is staying one more season minimumNo one is intrested in him, a year back City offfered 2 million and Watford turned it down, now he is a pro no on will buy him antill at least the end of next season.City may have offered £2M a year ago, but Watford didn't turn it down - Murray himself turned it down. Am quite confident he'll be with us for a while yet - he can only improve and add to his value under Zola.Overpriced much?


13 Jul 2012 16:54:54
AC Milan legend Filippo Inzaghi - whose contract expired this summer - is to choose between playing for Watford or Atalanta next season. He also has the option of retiring from playing and taking up a coaching role at Milan.(16)(11)GreatWow... and this could really happen!! Maybe 38, but a legend..I heard they were gonna offer pipo's brother Simone as a coach to seal the deal!Big Name whether he's past it or not, need to beat atalanta for him


13 Jul 2012 16:50:56
Oxford are in talks with 2 players. Jason Crowe and Kevin McDonald(14)(16)Kevin McDonald would never join us. He'd tear LG2 apart.
Sheff Utd have offered him a deal and want him to stay.
He's always been oop North too, He wont be coming to us!


13 Jul 2012 16:44:09
Swindon say they are not interested in signing izale McLeod who has been linked with Yeovil several times this summer(17)(14)He's due to join Portsmouth soon I hear... But as far as I'm aware, Yeovil have not dropped their interest and are still pushing to get him... his wages arent massive and he wants to push for the championship at a club where he can be in the first team but be in a capable squad... Yeovil have signed 2 reliable strikers so lets see if he Gary sticks to his word and brings in more first team competition for our strike force...Why would he go to Pompey they've been relegated to league one and are facing a ten points deduction


13 Jul 2012 16:42:30
Rohan Ince Signs a 6 month loan deal to Yeovil Town from Chelsea today, Good Luck Rohan and have an amazing time with the Glovers(11)(4)Good signing for us, I was worried we wouldnt have that aggressive spring chicken in midfield when we faced physical opposition such as stevenage... Interesting to see if he plays ahead of Blizzard...He'll play at CB with HindsHe will probably be a bench player at first and may cover from injuriesNo he wont, why sign Byron Webster then? on Glovers Player Rohan states that he has a desire to be in midfield... He will be a bench warmer... very useful as Blizzard's CV is jam-packed full of injuries rather than achievements... I would rather see Ince in the starting 11 tbh, his physical presence would be a huge advantage as we wont be the biggest side this year... however we have probably the best attacking header of a ball in the league in Hayter... very interesting squad we have this year...


13 Jul 2012 16:41:30
Yeovil interested in former loanee Ryan Dickson from Southampton
It is a possibility as Southampton are now in the premier league so he probably won't be much use to them(11)(3)This rumours already come and gone. Your boss said no chance of a deal - His wages increased as part of the promotion. Pricing Yeovil out.His wages are too demanding for league 1 clubsMaybe they were trying their luck for a fee but now are willing to go the other way and give him a significant severance pay-off to avoid paying the increased wages that their promotion triggers. No idea at all if it's the case here, but these things do happen and if it did then the lower wages might not be a problem after all.Dickson is probably going to Sheffield.Saints are going to have this problem with a lot of fringe/squad players.. Quite simply they are League 1 players now on prem wages..Can someone explain to me, if someone transfers to a new club can they receive lower wages then what they were currently on? Why are players so reluctant to lower their wages even if it means actually playing games?Unless Ryan Dickson is willing to terminate his contract he won't be leaving Saints this year. Club don't want to pay his wages to play somewhere else and no one in lower leagues can afford to pick up the tab. Expect to see him nail a place in the 'development' squad for the season before being released on a free in 12 months.What I don't get is why we didn't release some of them, Dickson should've gone when we released players like Connolly. Forte should be sold before we make any adjustments to his contract and Forecast should go. Then we could sign players like Clyne and a new goalkeeper without having to look at how to get rid of these players.You can't simply release a player if he's still under contract. Why do you think forecast has stayed so long...


13 Jul 2012 16:32:40
Jody Craddock has been told that is noty in Solbakkens first team plans. The 37 yearr old ha snot travelled with the squad to Ireland for their pre season tour.(13)(7)He was told he was left out of the squad travelling to Ireland.He still could have a future at Wolves if you read the website or E&S


13 Jul 2012 16:23:46
Barnsley to sign keith treacey from burnley and nial ranger on loan from newcastle(6)(24)Nile Ranger is going to Sheffield Wednesday after a successful loan spell last seasonWot u mean like keith treacys signing for sheff wednesday after a successfull loan , and just like jack cork signing for burnley after a successful loan , just because they had a successful loan doesnt mean they wont sign for another team !UTCSWFC in talks with both clubs for these players. Bids lodged for both but not finalised. Tbh no way either player will choose perennial strugglers Barnsley if given a better option.Remind me which div the massive were in last year?????????


13 Jul 2012 16:22:33
Wrexham interested in signing Rory Donnelly on season long loan from Swansea after attempts to bring in Damian Reeves and Chris McPhee look to have failed.(6)(3)Would like to see him in action for Swans in pre-season first, but I do think he does need some lower league experience. Plus we owe Wrexham for Taylor n Obeng...Let him go for a season come back more confident


13 Jul 2012 16:08:13
Bristol City are prepared to make Orlando Sa their highest ever paid player later on today,
and yes they can afford it after a number of high earners recently leaving the club freeing up available wages(4)(26)


13 Jul 2012 16:04:19
Neil Warnock to pounce for the signing of
Free agent Buszacky from QPR after he has
Terminated his contract..

#NutterLUFC(23)(17)Why would warnock take him, he didnt play him while he was at qprTurns out Buzsaky was injured for the majority. In Warnock's first season, Buszaky came back in Jan and played 19 tomes.Even when fit warnock hardly ever used buzz only when the fans got on his back did he bring him on. On another point looks like leeds are getting rudolph austin this could be the bargain of the season at around £500k. This guy could turn out to be the viera or ya ya toure of the championship.QPR wanted him under warnock but the fee was too high sure his club wanted good money seems leeds can get him now on the cheap due to his contract situation. Anybody starting to see a pattern with this leeds squad warnock seems to be building and the 1 he put together at QPR. I think leeds are gonna be very hard to beat just not sure they will have enough up frontMostly from the bench.


13 Jul 2012 15:59:52
Marlon Pack is looking for a flat in Cheltenham... Anything else needed to be said?(5)(11)Yeah -- its only a 25 minute drive to swindon every dayWith 'flat' and 'pack' being mentioned in the same sentence he must be signing for IKEAGreat to hear it, hope its true!Cheltenham is not over the flat its a steeple chase course
!!!!Buy to let property. probably a business deal.


13 Jul 2012 15:52:16
Mathieu Manset has left Reading for FC Sion in for Sion for 400k on a 3 year deal(13)(3)


13 Jul 2012 15:51:32
Danny Simpson's move to Reading is ON - just seen the man himself in Reading and he confirmed he is here for a medical tomorrow.(10)(18)Lies, He`s Clearly in Germany with the rest of the Newcastle SquadHe didn't go to GermanyHes on the bench you nugget get your facts rightHe did go to Germany, it got confirmed last night.

LLS83He came on as sub on 65mins, unless he used Mike Ashleys private Jet, and went straight to Reading International Airport, then you seen someone who looks like himHe has having a medical when he returns to England.Sure you didn't see marriappa he had a medical yesterday.


13 Jul 2012 15:50:28
Wolves Jody Craddock will be farmed to Walsall on a season long loan after signing a deal that will enable him to have a testimonial.

Walsall also set to unviel Luke Rodgers and Rowan Vine.(10)(13)Why farm Craddock when his contract is now up ?I hope we dont get Luke Rodgers but one name floating around again is Julian GraySo he coming to walsall on a season loanHaha best rumour seen all day, no chance will wolves sign a player then loan him out just to get a testimonial, craddock could still easily do a job for wolves in the championship and besides walsall probably couldnt afford his bootsWe wont sign Grey when Hemmings and patterson play on the leftI was with New York Red Bulls last season, if Luke Rodgers signs then that will be a huge signing!Walsall wouldnt have to pay his wages in full! wolves may pay 70% or something or even pay them in full


13 Jul 2012 15:46:03
west brom are to cmplete the signing of doumbia within the next 2 days(15)(4)Reading look set to step in and complete the deal ahead of west brom as they cant afford his wagesReading are not even interestedHave you not heard what he's said? And yes they can afford the wagesReading seem to be getting alot of players according to this page im fed up of hearing about themReading will not get him as he has already rejected to go to arsenal for west brom also west brom are not poor and can afford his wages.


13 Jul 2012 15:28:20
brentford i trying to get djcambell on loan osbourne millwall.sheffeldunited hv a bid in for clayton donaldson 300000(4)(20)


13 Jul 2012 15:18:25
Celtic have held talks with Stoke City over the signing of Jon Walters.(10)(23)If steven fletchers worth 15 million than walters is worth 20 millionThis could be true, but im not sure as puli is a massive fan of johnI'll drive him to GlasgowCan't see Jon Walters wanting to move just yet - he has still got a lot to prove at Stoke and gave such grat service to us last season - playing in nearly if not all of our games in all compertitions. He is a true worker so hope we don't lose him. Plus can't see him wanting to play a team who will have little competion this season with Rangers being voted to the third div.Good jon walters is useless and the euros showed how bad he wasCant see it he would cost 2 much wid love tae see it happenMight have given great service by playing in every game,but should have been dropped mid season and a goalscorer given a chance.If Stoke want to progress he needs to go.He's a defensive forward if there is such a thing poor qualities in front of goal he's scores 7 last season 4 of them penalties say no more I will also drive him there my selfCeltic won't sign a player over 27 these days. We're buying with intention to sell these days unfortunately. Lenny is doing great job of finding diamonds for 1:4 the price we'll sell them on for. Wish we could keep them together tho cos one of best squads seen ever tpRespect walters massively but he did look out his depth last season.. imo Jerome should have been brought on to replace him so many times last season when Jon was blowing out of his xxxx, yet pulis still screaming COME ON JON! Agree with above though for stoke to progress he has to go.I agree with the comment on here about Walters I go watch stoke every week. Walters even tho he is a hard worker is not a goal scorrer TP needs to look at someone like Jerome. He awesome looks a threat every time he come on!


13 Jul 2012 15:17:54
Sources close to melwood saying Aaron Lennon could be on his way to Liverpool(9)(21)Perhaps they will re-name the Airport.

redbirdYeah thats why he has just posed in the new kit for next season and in AVB plans. BS to say the least!How is it BS? Van Persie is modelling the arsenal kit he'll be gone and Lennons been linked with Liverpool a while now, so its actually you talking BSLennon does not like Liverpool, Was it not him and Bale taking the mick out of them a couple of years ago?


13 Jul 2012 15:13:12
David González Giraldo and
peter enckelman
and Tony Warner and jack king and lee trundle are on trail at pne(5)(14)


13 Jul 2012 14:35:24
Reading set to sign Mariappa and Simpson Today(Friday) or this weekend
Mariappa is having a medical and should be confirmed today.
Simpson will have a medical ths weekend and should be confirmed on Sunday
Happy times for Reading and Southampton who are in a similar situation but West Sham Diame only!! And it will be funnier when we beat you again.(13)(15)Simpson is in Germany with Newcastle, do you know how i know? Because i am there tonight for our first friendly and Simmo was chatting to us earlier1.5 mill seems a lot less than what I would expect. Really want him to come to saints tho very good player. We need a good CB to add.Happy times for Reading and Southampton who are in a similar situation but West Sham Diame only! And it will be funnier when we beat you again.

This is the type of comment that comes back to bite.. There's two months left to transfer players!No, you are not in a similar situation to Saints. Apart from these two, yet unconfirmed you have been signing "frees" and kids. Let's see where you are by the end of the window, nothing against Reading but I do believe your new owners could be more full of hot air than the readies!Frees and kids? Who have Saints brought in? £7m for an unproven championship youngster? Davis on a free was a great deal to be fair though, but our business has way overshadowed what the other two promoted clubs have done - being able to get these players in on frees shows how good we are at negotiating - spending a couple of million on similar players just for the sake of spending money would be pointlessI must apologise for the comments of my fellow Reading fan. I have my doubts about some of these deals listed and I know we have slightly more transfer power than West Ham but our club is less reputable at the moment so we're struggling our way up. I reckon we need a marque signing to stay in the Prem next season. We got lucky just to win the Championship but 'luck' doesn't last for ever we need talent and we need it fast. I hope these rumours are true but I fear Simpson and Mariappa will go to bigger and better clubs.I love how Reading and Southampton think there gonna take the Prem by storm coz they are throwing lots of money at foriegn imports and Championship players... the likes of West Brom, Fulham, Stoke, Wigan etc. are miles better with premier league experienced players.I'm a Saints fan who used to play for Reading. I would not mock West Ham just yet. They came third last season but only by 3 points mainly because of Saints getting a flying start and Reading have an amazing run of eeking out narrow victories. They have a team of hardened, physical 'seen it done it' premiership players and a manager who knows how to compete. They wont win the league but I think they are well set up to survive. Both Reading and Saints are linked with lots of players, but we have little premiership experience in our squads and I hope we can be a force, but for next season if we are both above West Ham then I think we have done well..Haha. The post apologising for the Reading fans is not written by a Reading fan. No Reading fan would say we were lucky to win the Championship last season. Luck didn't come in to it. We beat West Ham home and away and we beat Southampton at their place and were all over them at the Madejski.

We were the best team in the league last season.

As for our owner being full of hot air take the Pogrebnyak signing. Brian confirmed at the fans forum that if it wasn't for Anton we wouldn't have got him. Brian told Amton he liked him but we could never get him but Anton went out and got him.

As for our other signings how much you pay for a player does not dictate the quality of that signing. Chelsea paid £50 million for Torres and he's been toilet since he went there.

Southampton have splashed £7 million on a player untested at Premier League level and Davies a player from a league that's on par with league 1 I'd worry about your own team before worrying about ours.

Reading will be just fine."I love how Reading and Southampton think there gonna take the Prem by storm"..........Saints dont believe they will take the Prem by storm, we all believe we are going to prove a lot of people wrong and do well. Regarding experience of course Fulham, Stoke, Wigan & West Brom are better. However with regards to fan base, facilities, stadium and financial backing they are no better than Saints. WI am a Reading fan and I'm just saying in the first game vs Southampton I was biting my nails ever since they scored, I practically had heart attacks with each chance that missed against us all of last season I'm worried about survival next season we didn't create enough chances last season we need to create many more next season and prevent so many more chances otherwise with stronger teams more goals will go in. That is my point we're mocking the other clubs when we're not safe yet and I don't want to be eating those words.True Jay Rod is untested but he made the championship of the season!!

As for Davies if u actually did a bit of research n not talked dribble! you'd know that he won both fans and club player when he was at Villa! Your right the majority of the teams in the SPL are league 1 standard but Celtic and Rangers are of higher standard (well rangers was til yesterday)I'm a saints fan and just a quick point. Rodriguez is a proven striker he's faced some top sides and has played brilliantly. Don't be so harsh about a player you clearly know nothing about. Oh, and another thing... Davies is a Premiership standard player for one thing he was part of a very successful Aston Villa side and an equally successful spell at Fulham before his time at Rangers. Don't go making statements when you don't have a clue what you're on about...


13 Jul 2012 14:32:21
Bad couple of days for Bristol Rovers.

Opportunity missed to sign David Noble who has chosen Rotherham instead.

This on the back of Leicester stalling in allowing Cian Bolger and Tom Parkes to join Rovers for the season.

Mark McGhee will now turn his attention to different options .

On a more positive note Izale McCleod is looking more likely to sign as wages have been agreed to partner Dave Clarkson and Matt Harrold in a three man strike force next season(11)(16)Don't keep getting Rovers fans' hopes us by continuously linking us with McLeod. He won't be joining us too!Absolute rubbish. McLeod is currently in Marbella for 10 days and will sign for Portsmouth (embargo pending) when he returns. A deal has already been agreed and the paperwork just needs finalising.For the last time Izale McCleod is NOT joining. He wants way more than we'd be willing to pay.


13 Jul 2012 14:28:22
Kevin malaga has signed a 3 year deal with coventry city(20)(3)


13 Jul 2012 14:24:53
billy paynter signs for city(8)(29)York City? Man City? Mexico City? New York City?...Yep another wally who doesnt tell us the name of the club or does he think only his club as got city after its name.


13 Jul 2012 14:13:18
Former Huddersfield Town defender Nathan Clarke, 28, has revealed he would be interested in a permanent return to Colchester following a 6-month loan in 2010/11.(7)(11)I thought Clarke had already signed for Scunthorpe?Don't think this will happen if I'm honest htfc fan.Doubtful now as Okuonghae is staying at Colchester.


13 Jul 2012 13:57:27
Emil Larsen who was interesting a few Champiosnhip clubs has signed for OB, big talent.

Roque Santa Cruz is being linked with... everyone.(5)(2)


13 Jul 2012 13:55:33
Goalkeeper daniel nizic has joined burnley, he was on trial at Portsmouth last season(9)(2)If its true that makes 4 goalkeepers on the books now!


13 Jul 2012 13:51:28
Tony Mowbray has confirmed there are still a lot of empty places to fill in the Boro dressing room. He said the squad is still 10-11 players lighter than last season even with the new signings already made. He's after (these numbers are a minimum) two more defenders, two midfielders, a keeper and a striker. Talks are ongoing with several clubs and he is still trying to sign Carayol, Amougou and Simon Cox along with several other targets he refused to name. Expect a lot more activity in the next seven to fourteen days with both ins and outs. UTB!(9)(11)I read a lot of this in the local gazette, a lot of it quoted by Mowbray himself


13 Jul 2012 13:30:51
five ex championship players on trial at Bury.

Non-disclosure agreement with the players agents.(3)(10)One of these players is Isacc osbourne from coventry


13 Jul 2012 13:30:40
Arsenal's Japanese starlet Ryo Miyaichi is set for a loan move to Norwich City(18)(12)Great move if it comes offWhere do they get these rumours from as no such deal is being said by houghtonWhen did Hughton or the media ever mention Whittaker joining? Sometimes managers like to keep transfers quiet from other clubs.Everyone needs to remember that this is a rumours site and that in the end, 95% of the stuff that is posted on here won't happen. That's what rumours are: insubstantial speculation and guess-work for the most part, not solid fact. Anyone who wants proof of a move will have to wait until for a formal club announcement and player X's Carrow Road photo call. The rest is smoke - but it sure is fun smoke.


13 Jul 2012 13:30:21
swansea city are set to add to there 2 new signings (chico and de guzman) with the signings of

adomah from bristol city ( 3.2m plus stephen dobbie)

geovani dos santos from spurs for 4m!

also rumoured to be interested in

jeffrey bruma (on a season long loan),

dmitri tarasov from lokomotiv moscow(for 2.5m )

antonio di natale ( far fetched i know, but he has always wanted a crack at the prem and is apparently good pals with laudrup, not too sure though )(6)(26)Deal for Adomah broke down if it's exactly right. Dobbie has turned City downI'd be happy with 3.2m & Scott Dobie for Albert.I'm a swans fan but i don't think Di Nataile will sign for us but you never know in football these days would be great signing! {Ed027's Note - he wont sign sign for Swansea, he refused Juventus...Adomah from bristol city ( 3.2m plus stephen dobbie) - LIKELY

geovani dos santos from spurs for 4m! - DOUBTFUL. More likely to sign for a Spanish team

also rumoured to be interested in

jeffrey bruma (on a season long loan), POSSIBLE - good cover for main CB's

dmitri tarasov from lokomotiv moscow (for 2.5m ) - DOUBTFUL. Laudrup's (and Swans) main knowledge is of Spain and Holland.

antonio di natale - NO CHANCE.Dobbie has not turned BCFC down as he has not spoken to them. Also SCFC have not yet put offer in for Adomah
source BCFC websiteTo the guy who said the 4th comment i agree that he has better knowledge of spain and holland but he had a brief stint with spartak moscow i think and highlighted tarasov as the best player he had seen playing the in russian league, so big possibility!Jeffery bruma has gone back to hamburg for another year. Would of loved to see him play in the BPL to gain experience.Of course he did. Forgot about that. Still think another striker is more of a priority...


13 Jul 2012 13:28:41
McDermott has confirmed Taylor has been training with Reading, subject to signing a contract. If he signs Anderson will be loaned out.
MrRfc(5)(8)It's obviously not Elizabeth, but it could be Shaw, Roger or ex stone Mick. please enlighten.

RedbirdStuart Taylor will play a part in Readings friendly game at AFC wibledon tomorrow (saturday)

official websiteStuart Taylor, sorry about that. it has been mentioned before by sky sports.


13 Jul 2012 13:26:36
Ex-Aberdeen CM Yoann Folly and former Walsall DM Marco Gbarssin are currently on trial at Southend United!

A_ZAZAZAZAZAZAZ (My Username)(6)(3)Gbarssin good player at Walsall nice and tidy good in the air


13 Jul 2012 13:25:57
Birmingham City on the verge of signing Darren Ambrose from Crystal Palace.(15)(6)Officially signed for birmingham on a two year deal with optianal one year extensionOur best player goneThat is it, CPFC2010 can go to hell, I am ripping my Season Ticket up (If I had it)Without them we wouldn't have a team you muppet, rip up your season ticket and don't come back, muppetAmbrose was lazy for lots of games last year. Would have been nice to have got some more cash but no great loss. Just need someone who can take a decent freekick to replace.


13 Jul 2012 13:14:59
Emile sinclaire agreed terms with bristol city just the medical to go(7)(9)No because he won't get a place.
With adomah and pittman in the teamLooks like the pair of them are offPittman in the team?,squad player at bestHe is better than pitmanHe's better than Pittman, but we would've heard about it by now if it was true, although alot of our fans think he's crap, he's a good option to have, he has great pace, and he'd walk into Bristol City's team, easilyHes nowhere near as good as pitmanHe must be better than pitman surely,if hes worse then him than he must be totally shocking


13 Jul 2012 13:05:28
Huddersfield are favourites to sign
Marc Pugh if they can agree a fee
with Bournemouth. Pugh is said to be
keen on a switch there.(4)(17)Heard that posibility of Robinson being part of the deal tooPugh would be more keen on a move to burnley as that's his childhood and hometown club plus it would mean linking up with former friends, manager and assistant manager, Eddie Howe and Jason tindallHe had a word with ex team mate who is there who said don't go thereIf huddersfield and robinson deal is on the cards, I would have thought it would have happened by now. Lets face it bournemouth getting a million pound windfall would be nice but as pugh and chairman have both said that selling pugh or afcb getting promotion, then we will take keeping pugh and loosing him for free next year. Doubtful any club will come in for a £1m offer for pugh, so pugh is not leaving bournemouth for the time being. This being the case then afcb will not be making any further offers for richie or any other left sided players. Josh mcquoid or mcdermott will both cover and believe grabban could also play here. Groves has made it quite clear that a left back is only present target to complete the jigsaw!Who robinson? just because robinson couldn't cut it last season doesnt mean he'd tell other ppl not to sign............what a load of rubbish..."i cant get in the team so don't go there you wouldn't like it" haha though have to say pugh would struggle to get in starting 11 at town so do'nt reallly need him
terrier85His ex team mate Antonio Robinson, the only reason he would say that is sour grapes as it hasn't worked out for him. HTFC is a fantastic club, all ex players rave about how they wish they had stayed longer. If he takes any notice of Robinson he is a mug.The two AFCB Players we bought last year were both useless..u can keep him if they have anything to go you can have Robinson for nowt....wont get in our team now...Robinson isn't ex player yet. It would be macdermott if anyone.


13 Jul 2012 12:56:53
Celtic are poised to complete the signing of Cerezo Osaka midfielder, Kim Bo-Kyung. The South Korean was linked with moves to Borussia Dortmund and Cardiff City but has chosen to ply his trade in Scottish football in the upcoming season.(8)(22)Celtic haven't even made a bid, Cardiffs bid has been accepted already and will sign early next week ;)Wouldn't be surprised. Celtic specialise in nicking players off us .Not content with Adam Matthews and Judas Joe Ledley the want the Korean as well

RedbirdTrue, Celtic have NOT made a bid ?? Signing for Cardiff next week ? His agent was quoted that Kim was in talks with Cardiff ! Get it Right !Yep the qoute is right Cardiff City's bid has been accepted i would think the most challenging for Kyung would be Cardiff City FC anyway BluebirdsHe's agreed terms with Cardiff and he's signing after the OlympicsNa Kim wants to sign for a club before the Olympics which is just under a fortnight away in a week he will be in the UK with the Under 23 South Korean National side to train, he wants to get a club before the Olympics starts because he wants the focus on the national side with no distractionsHe's signing for cardiff all over the papers and skysports


13 Jul 2012 12:54:12
Akos Buzsaky looks set to join Blackburn rovers aftrr rejecting deal at QPR(7)(18)


13 Jul 2012 12:37:04
Leeds are interested in Sk Branns CDM Rodolph Austin, and placed a bid around £210k. Sk Brann wants more if they are letting him go.(13)(8)They want between 200,000 and 300,000 according to YEPI thought 210K was between 200,000 and 300,000. I wish they'd hurry up or well lose him aswell and he looks very decent !


13 Jul 2012 12:33:29
Alan Connell is having a medical at Plymouth Argyle on Monday.(13)(21)I think this would be a good signing :)Intresting


13 Jul 2012 12:28:55
WEST Ham are expected to give Modibo Maiga a medical today following a £4million move.

Maiga is expected to make the move from Sochaux is expected at Upton Park later.

The striker was orignally penned for a move to Newcastle in a £7million move but it collapsed in December when he failed a medical because of a knee problem.

West Ham have also asked to sign Luc Castaignos on loan from Inter Milan but the Italian club want to sell the forward amid interest from Everton and Fulham.(7)(14)


13 Jul 2012 12:24:19
Watford will be keen to bring new players in before pre-season. Tommy Smith, Heidar Helguson and a couple of Udinese players linked with a move to Vicarage Road. Source: Rumour mills/Twitter(6)(10)Forget Smith and Helguson, but up to 5 will join from Udinese


13 Jul 2012 12:22:07
Derby are setting their sights on Leeds utd's young left back Aidy White who is yet to sign a new contract at elland road.(12)(14)As a derby fan ide love this but it wont happenPlays for Republic of Ireland u21s so there could be a link with Jeff Hendrick there.Lol have you ever seen Aidy White play....Tbh, I don't see why it couldn't happen. Don't Leeds have him valued at about a mill? And if Derby have the money from Shackell, Davies & Bailey, we'll have more than enough.And it's not like we're spending much of that on other players.As a Leeds fan i would love this and hopefully it will happen.

TeejLUFCI personally think Aidy White is a good player but I dont blame the last comment as players seem to like to cause speculation from other clubs by their agents and it does turn fans from supportive to a player to anti them very quickly.It's never simple any more


13 Jul 2012 12:18:27
Alloa look set to snap up Annan Athletic's reliable midfielder Steven Sloan for an undisclosed fee(11)(8)


13 Jul 2012 12:16:12
Brian Howard, Steve Jennings and Kevin Malaga all in talks with Coventry City(15)(5)According to Kevin Malagas own profile page on Web he is ALREADY a Coventry City player!!Brian Howard would be great however I doubt he'd join us when other championship clubs are sniffing aroundSo you took 3 rumors and made them in to 1, well done..


13 Jul 2012 12:13:58
Newcastle to sign Mamadou Sakho from PSG for 6 million along with the season long loan of striker Kevin Gameiro(6)(37)


13 Jul 2012 12:10:32
Crystal Palace are in advance talks with akos buzsaky to replace the outgoing Darren Ambrose.(12)(17)That means we'll not get him!!


13 Jul 2012 12:10:32
Matthew Connolly will not be joining reading after mcDermott said he's not working on getting him.
Source : Official Reading Website(11)(2)True that


13 Jul 2012 12:08:17
Cheltenham to sign Newcastle midfielder Mehdi Abeid on a six month loan and also free agent Ryan Donaldson(2)(10)Are they good?


13 Jul 2012 11:56:06
Southampton have officially been granted permission by Crystal Palace to talk to their defender Nathaniel Clyne. Adkins wants to agree terms very soon.

Officially announced on Sky Sports News(27)(6)1.5 million, CPFC2010 had wanted 4 million, but decided not to chance a tribunalHe's worth £10m in this market and as usual our players go for buttons.He's never worth 10 million dream on pal.He is out of contract... 1.5 is a good deal for PalaceClyne has not been sold yet and parish has been quoted on sky sports news as saying "we have a figure in mind and are willing to go down the tribunal route to get it and feel we have some solid arguments. and for the record he`s worth what the top bidder is willing to pay for him. In my opinion £3-4mil.


13 Jul 2012 11:50:41
Burnley will sign 3 more players this summer

The top target up front is Spurs striker Harry Kane who Burnley want on a season long loan

They also are in talks with Wolves over a move for Full-Back George Elokobi who is valued at around 750,000

in Midfield they have enquired about Brian Stock and David Fox(8)(8)Im afraid you have got more chance of signing TEVEZ than HARRY KANE! HE IS DEFTNTLY STAYING WITH SPURS NEXT SEASON!It says on loan


13 Jul 2012 11:35:11
Notts county:
Clinton morrison - free
Lloyd Sam - free
Jonathon forte - 75k
Daniel bogdanovic - free
Carl regan - free

Krystian Pearce - derby - 350k
Tyrell Waite - Mansfield - loan
Haydn Hollis - Darlington - loan(10)(16)Hollis was loaned out to darlington fc in the conference. darling are now 4 leagues below that now and called darlington 1883.
in other words - he wont join darlingtonRegan is awful, was last time give him a miss straight away. Others all sound greatDisagree, regan was good! Showed composure on the ball was quick and wanted to get forward!


13 Jul 2012 11:54:55
Lee Barnard and Dan Harding are set to leave Southampton for Leeds United for a combined fee of 3.5 million. Extra's are on offer depending on how Leeds do in seasons to come.(8)(26)Mr.Lee Barnard Is Going To Watford Football Club. This Rumour Is Not True. So Sorry To Burst Your Bubble.

Source: Lee BarnardWould be good additions to the squad but no way in hell takeover or not are we spending that much on two playersIf Leeds get Barnard you've got a great player not played last year due to problemsI know for a fact that this is not true.We're bit your hand off Leeds, both league 1 players at best, couldn't cut it last season in the championship.3.5 million keep dreaming.

TeejLUFCThey are wortha combined 250k at best, Southampton would probably let them leave for free to get their wages off the booksBarnard and Harding for £3.5m? From a Saints Fan, Yes Please! Neither worth a million on their own.


13 Jul 2012 11:39:12
Crawley striker John Akinde is rumoured to be a target of Carl Fletchers.(6)(10)


13 Jul 2012 11:26:41
Lloyd Sam and Daniel bogdanovic to sign permanent deals at meadow lane by the beginning of next week after having successful loan spells at notts at the end of last season.(15)(2)


13 Jul 2012 11:26:30
Ex-Coventry defender Martin Cranie is currently training with Leeds and is set to sign a 3 year deal on Monday.(12)(8)Good leeds are welcome 2 him hes overratedRichard Keogh made Cranie look good


13 Jul 2012 11:23:38
Dorian Dervite having medical at huddersfield within next 24 hours(11)(5)He was having a medical this time last week, this rumour is wearing a nit thin even so could be true as the number 6 shirt is still open.Local media insider said when lynch was signed that the dervite deal was still on but still in negotiation stage.


13 Jul 2012 11:22:37
Darren Ambrose is to leave Palace to join Birmingham for £250k with the money going towards the purchase of an unnamed goal scoring forward using the money from the sale of Sean Scannell sale as well as money gained from Nathaniel Clyne leaving aswell(13)(7)We already had a cracking goal-scoring midfielder! We should be improving, not selling out best players!


13 Jul 2012 11:21:26
Barnsley fc to make bid for keith tracey has we need a left sided player(10)(10)Great signing if this is true. Otherwise re sign howard.


13 Jul 2012 11:20:22
Nick ‪Proschwitz‬ Will put pen to paper next week n his move to hull city on a 3 year deal

Hull City Also Chasing Peterborough man George Boyd

Nottingham Forest Will Appoint Sven-g-e and will try to sign Robert Koren, Matty Fryatt and James Chester from hull

Hull will step a inquirer for Alan Judge of notts county further next week and put a 800k bid in for the midfielder(2)(20)Ray trew publically stated in an interview he had already turned down a 1Million+ offer for Alan Judge, why would he now accept 800kNotts County have already turned down a 1 million bid for Judge.If forest do what they did last season, and what Leicester did this season, and what Watford did this season with their new appointment then I might put a bet on them and watford going down.

I think though that the new owners are not stupid enough to underestimate the importance of a Manager familiar with the UK Championship/Leagues and its difficulty, and this is rubbish.Sorry meant what Leicester did last season with S-G-EPretty sure the new Forest boss will be a "name" but who that will be is anyone`s guess. It could be an Aladice type of appointment just as a quick fix for promotion to the Prem`


13 Jul 2012 11:16:03
Bristol Rovers have taken former Bristol City striker David Clarkson on a pre-season trial.(11)(3)


13 Jul 2012 11:15:00
Coventry are about to make their fourth signing of the campaign, signing a commanding European centre back from abroad. This transfer will be completed today.(9)(7)The name of this Centre Back is KEVIN MALAGA.


13 Jul 2012 11:11:09
Hornets defender Adrian Mariappa is having a medical at Reading this morning, the Watford Observer understands.

Mariappa was the subject of a £2m bid from Reading back in June and we understand the Royals’ second offer was accepted yesterday.(10)(5)


13 Jul 2012 11:07:40
QPR will sell Joey Barton to fund Michael Carrick bid.(6)(25)Whoever wants Joey start forming an orderly queue.

redbird...and how much do you think we'll get for Barton?!No thanksCarrick will cost more than the 20 grand or so you might get for BartonWho would be stupid enough to have him he is big big troubleWho would buy him and pay him 80k a week .no oneBarton is going to championship side on loan if anything to get rid of these bans quicker. Probs to Blackburn till January then sell.I would sell Barton for £10 and a Mars bar...


13 Jul 2012 11:01:43
Former Rangers and Scotland manager Alex McLeish is one of the leading contenders, along with Mick McCarthy, to take over as Nottingham Forest manager after the sacking of Steve Cotteril and his own exit from Aston Villa. Expect Glenn Hoddle to get the job, but a surprise could be Paulo Di Canio.(8)(12)Urrr no, its Darren Ferguson!Urrr no, it's not Darren Ferguson! It's Mick McCarthy.


13 Jul 2012 10:59:21
News from Scotland.

Kilmarnock have allowed Dieter Van Tornhout to quit the club - he is on trial with Maastricht - as the striker wants a move back to Belgium to be closer to his father, who is seriously ill.

Kilmarnock are hopeful of securing a deal for former Livingston striker Rory Boulding within the next 24 hours after the 23-year-old impressed on trial.

Ross County will make a decision on whether to sign Jon Bateson, the defender released by League Two outfit Macclesfield, after the trialist plays against Clachnacuddin tomorrow.(1)(4)


13 Jul 2012 10:57:32
peter enckleman on trial at preston north end and paul coutts is close to moving to derby!(10)(8)Enckleman is rubbish^^^^ agreeGood back up if you ask me for preston. Also it is now officially confirmed coutts has joined derby udisc fee.


13 Jul 2012 10:57:18
Liverpool have agreed a £11m deal to make Fabio Borini, 21, Brendan Rodgers's first signing, with the Italian expected to complete the move by the weekend.

Borini's arrival could see Craig Bellamy leave Anfield, with QPR and Cardiff both interested in signing the Liverpool striker.

Source: Liverpool Echo(19)(3)Great rodgers chasing him down for a while now lets strongen up the midfield


13 Jul 2012 10:54:05
QPR want to loan midfielder Joey Barton, 29, to the Championship, with Blackburn favourites for the player.(15)(12)Joey barton is a good player and will not go to the chapionship (man city fan)Why would they loan him out when they could of just sacked him and not pay him 80k a week to play for some1 else dont even make sence u claiming they want loan him outI want us to loan him to Blackburn as well...Loan will be until January so Joey has the opportunity to get match fit by the time he returns.The loan is to get him through the banned games quicker, championship plays more games over a shorter time. he is way more trouble than he's worth...Who would loan a player that cant play?14 Jul 2012 18:15:54
Loan barton out and his ban ends on oct 6th if he stays it ends late nov. F.A. rules state he couldn't play for QPR til they play 12 games so its a no brainer to a championship club sign him on loan with Qpr paying his wages. Then he can play from oct 6th til late nov or maybe even later win win situation championship club gets a top midfielder for 7 or 8 weeks at least at no cost QPR get joey back match fit


13 Jul 2012 10:50:09
Adrian Mariappa having medical today breaking news in sky sports for Reading Fc(15)(5)


13 Jul 2012 10:49:32
Hoddle favourite for Forest job

Swift action is key for Nottingham Forest's new owners as Glenn Hoddle emerges as the favourite to succeed Steve Cotterill.

If successful Hoddle will want Michael Owen as his No 2(8)(19)Hoddle is the bigest load of crap ask any wolves supportersDodgy rumour to start with , then killed it with owen


13 Jul 2012 10:47:45
Former Aston Villa and Cardiff City goalkeeper Peter Enckelman has joined up with Preston North End for a trial(6)(4)


13 Jul 2012 10:46:47
Clint dempsey to liverpool along with 8m for carrol , also fulham have enquired about the availability of charlie adam n are ready to bid 6m for him .(9)(22)The rumours are Fulham want Carroll for 9 million + Dempsey but Liverpool want to offer Adam for Dempsey plus 5 million accord to source close to LFCIt was 9 million and Dempsey actuallyThat would be goodCarroll says he does not want to leave Liverpool possible swap with C . Adam then ?So dempsey, who scored more goals last season than carroll has in his entire career in the prem, is apparently worth 9 million less than carroll, who is a striker and who's main job is to score goals?

yeah ok, I get itDo not waste any money on Charlie Adam, that would be a massive mistake Martin Jol


13 Jul 2012 10:46:35
Tottenham Hotspur agree a fee to sign Emmanuel Adebayor from Manchester City, following his loan spell last term.(19)(3)


13 Jul 2012 10:31:55
Brentford are set sign Millwall's Tony Craig if he passes his medical for around the 500k - 750k value(10)(7)If we get 500k-750k for TC then we've mugged them. Good journeyman player who always gave 100% for the club but never worth that much. Good luck with the move TC.100% true/fact! done deal! thanks tony&good luck!500 - 750k? you must be having a laugh! we would much rather spend that sort of cash on a striker! let alone a average defender!Don't be stupid 500k - 750k is a ridiculous amount to spout out. Brentford couldn't afford that.What a load of rubbish! We're we gonna get that money from? Although we have signed him!It was nowhere near that figure !!I heard it was 100,000


13 Jul 2012 10:28:02
Blackburn are looking at Roque Santa Cruz on loan for the season from Man city, with the chance to buy him back if Blackburn get back to the premier league.(6)(13)1st season was good 2nd chance terrible so i would leave him there


13 Jul 2012 10:24:06
Nathan Clarke has issued a come and get me plea in Colchester local paper

Says though that he has not spoken to the club since he was on loan at bury last season(4)(4)Funny this as his brother says he wants to stay up north.Perhaps it's just him reminding people he is available. As he stated Colchester had not been in touch anyway...there is little chance of him coming to us in that case


13 Jul 2012 10:20:30
Following Portsmouth's 10 point deduction, forward Erik Huseklepp is being offered to rival clubs on a free transfer.

Coventry, MK Dons, Swindon Town and Sheff Utd are amongst those interested in the player.(7)(15)Yeah if they can afford his £20,00 a week wages!I'm guessing you're missing a zero and you mean £20,000. The Dons have just done a deal for Smithy, maybe the same could happen with Huseklepp. Here's hoping!Lol! They all wish!Think he would be a great signing for us to be honest. Him up top with Alan Smith behind.Huseklepp would be a good signing but I can't see it happening, his wage demands would be too high, especially after Smith signing. Anyone know what Alan Smith is on per week? I reckon it'll be cheapies from now on.He will be on about 1 or 2 grand a week. nothing bigSmith is on 4,000 a week, wage structure has been tampered due to larger signings coming in. Ie Alan SmithHuseklepp would be such a good signing, but i really doubt it will happen (mk dons fan)


13 Jul 2012 10:11:24
Mariappa having medical at Reading this morning(11)(6)


13 Jul 2012 09:53:01
Brentford set to sign Tony Craig from Millwall today. 27y/o defender has played over 200 games for Millwall.(8)(3)


13 Jul 2012 09:48:31
sky sources: newcastle close to agreeing deal for lille defender mathieu debuchy #nufc(16)(5)


13 Jul 2012 09:43:53
McDermott on Connolly - "Matthew did really well for us, but we're not going for him at this moment in time"
- Mariappa medical today


13 Jul 2012 09:43:11
Glenn Hoddle will be Named Nottingham Forest manager tomorrow!(11)(16)No the new manager wil emerge with 6 new players tommorow doesnt mean it will be hoddle could be mccarthyHow awfull the thought of having hoddle oh dear


13 Jul 2012 09:36:05
Bob Malcolm to return to Rangers as he is currently without a club(2)(3)


13 Jul 2012 09:25:05
Leeds are rumoured to be interested in Diomansy Kamara. The former WBA and Fulham striker, 31, is said to be open to a return to English football after his last poor spell in the Championship with Leicester as he has a point to prove.(12)(11)And what piont is that at the age of 31 he can still run for 90mins...i think hes after a last payday more then trying prove a point because at his age no1 cares its all down hill from thereI'm a Leicester Season ticket holder and he definatly wasn't poor for us, I would've wanted him on a pernament basisIll be honest; he was shocking at Fulham.


13 Jul 2012 09:16:40
Craig Gordon, Richard Keogh and Will Hoskins head the Bristol City wanted list. All have been offered contracts however, it seems that they are all holding out for better personal terms.(10)(19)I don't want Hoskins, did well for that gas but will do nothing for us. I'm not even sure if he has played much first team football over the past yearWill Hoskins isn't coming to City. He only played 7 times for the Seagulls scoring once so hardly a Nicky Maynard replacement lol.If craig gordon signs for you lot,the queen will manage brentford.We need better players eg greg halford and ross mccormack come on! gordon would be great though


13 Jul 2012 09:12:58
Sky sources: Adrian Mariappa having a medical at Reading fc today.(19)(8)Many other multiple sources saying this too, so would be surprised if it wasn't happening...Good...I hope we can get him signed a.s.a.p THis was doing my head in more than the Rhodes sagaOh, sorry Watford fans


13 Jul 2012 09:01:17
Free agent Lee Bowyer set to link up with former Leeds teammate Alan Smith at MK Dons(5)(17)Smith, Gleeson, Potter, Chadwick, O'Shea...

Where would Bowyer fit in?

I can't see it happening at all. I reckon Winkelman has already stretched the budget enough on Smith's wages anyway.Potter, Williams, Gleeson, Smith.

Do we need any more central midfielders? No.Bowyer's what... 35/36 years old... The wages he'll be wanting that is such a waste to be honest. Dons have enough midfielders unless he has magically become a centre back, then in that case we'll take him! :L


13 Jul 2012 08:57:03
Keith Curle has stated that he will not be signing anyone he had on loan at Meadow Lane last season.(7)(12)


13 Jul 2012 08:55:57
Geoffrey Kondogbia will sign for Reading in the next few days for about £4m + up to £1.5m add ons. Juventus had a bid rejected as well.

Sad to see him go he was a great player for us and very talented.

LensFanInLeeds(4)(10)According to the RFC website, Brian McDermott has stressed he is not signing anyone that they checked out in Estonia...
Kondogbia falls into this category, surely?Yeah- Seems to be a lot about it in the tabloids, he looks very good can't admit to seeing him play but made all the French youth teams and shows massive potential. Defensive midfielder but can also play at the back.Kondogbia is very talented.
I see him as a good alternative to sanchez as he will create chances for pogrebnyak.
adrian mariappa will also go to reading as will simpson.
I dont think much of s.taylor tho.
Possible team for 2012-13:
simpson, mariappa, pearce, shorey/harte;
Kebe,kondogbia, karacan, McAnuff/McLeary;
Pogrebnyak, hunt/roberts

Maybe?^^^^ you really think Guthrie wont be starting next season? (team above) Karacan wont get a game itll be as it currently stands Guthrie and Legs.My opinion of him is he's a really talented player who will be world class one day.

He likes to sit back and has a good tackle and header but when he has the ball he will charge forward and play very good passes. He is great at dribbling and very skilful on the ball, sometimes he has played wide for us. He is very fast and good at shooting but doesn't score much. His best thing is his passing as he can pass the ball to anyone, from anywhere. He is very clever.

He is the perfect midfielder but if what you say is true poster number 1 then I hope he stays with us for many more years!

LensFanInLeedsGive jem a chance.
He was epic last season (so was ledge)
We've got great academy products so we might as well use them.


13 Jul 2012 08:50:19
Paul lambert has confirmed that fabian delph will be loaned out to a championship club with huddersfield town widely expected to take him on loan for the season with a view to a permanent deal.(10)(13)Yes Paul Lambert has said that but no evidence that Hudds Town are seeking his services.


13 Jul 2012 08:43:04
here we go.....

the ex hammer on the verge of signing.... was richardson....however he has turned us down due to the fact we couldnt meet his wage demands.................

we have had 8 bids for various players accepted........... all 8 players couldnt agree wages so deals fell through

As stated previous, WHU can't compete
with wage demands and will end up with playesr
past there sell by date and no real use
to anyone else.

CHampionship football beckoning already(18)(11)As usual it's just publicity - the Porn Kings trying to flog season tickets


13 Jul 2012 08:19:20
For all you west ham fans out there, don't say
I didn;t tell you so:

Southampton are hopeful of pushing through a move for Crystal Palace right
back Nathaniel Clyne, 21. They are also hopeful of tying up deal for Jamie Mackie another West Ham target.

Reading are close to agreeing a deal
for Adrian Mariappa, Jermaine Defoe and
Danny Simpson.

West ham have bought....Wooops

Mohammad Diame on Free! Worrying times for you hammers fans and the latest is that Vaz Te wants more money:-) What a joke(4)(15)Press conference from Saints at 1pm-you may get further news then.
Don't believe the Mackie one for Saints or Defoe for Reading (they won't spend much more than WHU!)A fee believed to be between £1.5m-2.5m has been agreed between Palace and Southampton for Nat ClyneI'm no west ham fan by any means ( a loyal royal) but mocking a club for making no signings with almost two months left of transfer period is just crazy stupid!I have doubts about Reading getting all 3 of them but still. Mariappa should come assuming nothing goes wrong, Defoe is just too good for a team like Reading annoyingly he'll reject us and as for Danny Simpson well we can hope is all I can say on that one but we've been trying for a while and it seems less and less likely.QPR are not selling Mackie he has signed an extension on his contract this summerAs a massive saints fan, and loving the clyne deal, I'm also a littl hopeful of Zaha following out the door, but as for Jamie mackie.. why on earth would we want him?! Not excatly a statement, nor a player I personally would want as for west ham, there love shooting there mouths off as we found.out last year..To Loyal Royal above, I think what the Hammers fan is concerned about is a lot of the good players are going elsewhere. Okay, players will move and when deals are signed others will move on and will become available. Many of these transfers can take two to three months to push through, leaving West Ham with a huge gap and still gelling together in September or October, by which time they could well be already playing catch up. In their shoes I would be worried too (as are some of the comments placed on here recently from WHU supporters). Are there financial worries at Upton Park that are being kept quiet from their supporters? If not then why are they missing out on targets to Reading Southampton and other teams of a similar calibre?I would easily prefer N'Doye to Defoe.. we should change our focusAlso to Loyal Royal and WHU supporters, there is a much more limited transfer budget available to Sam than first indicated by the owners-the Times suggest it is £12m-and I also believe many players who might join WHU are not enthusiastic about Sam's style of play. (Let's face it, many of the WHU supporters are not!)
I am also very suspicious that Reading supporters may find their new owners are equally reluctant to open their wallets. There has been loads of talk from Reading about who they will sign and I think this is very dangerous before there has been any proof the owners will cough up. Let's be realistic, rich men become rich men by keeping hold of their money and there is not a direct link to how rich an owner is and how readily he will spend that money on a football club. I really think Reading supporters should be cautious expecting too much in the first season. Just a small example, how much does an England striker expect to earn?Your get cylne now, but you're have to offer serious cash for Zaha,it'll start world war 3 at selhurst if he leaves as well!!!Defoe isn't going to go to Reading...

And Diame is the only player there who has prem experience!


13 Jul 2012 08:10:01
Saints have made an official approach for michu.(15)(11)


13 Jul 2012 08:09:20
Karleigh osborne, former brentford centre back is training with millwall(6)(2)As we sign Tony Craig - Makes senseDeeal done signed two year dealKarleigh Osborne already signed 2 year contract with Millwall


13 Jul 2012 08:05:39
David Norris of Portsmouth is in talks WITH pp. This would be an amazing signing for City.

CTID(4)(12)Wait until next Friday, all pompey players will be available free of charge.Why next Friday in particular ?By the end of next week both bids will have been withdrawn and we will be liquidated.Only Mr. Chainrai stands to lose out on the new rules imposed by the football league.. Not the PST bid.. Or any future bids from other possible owners, this is because the club can now effectively be sold to someone else other than Balram Chainrai's Portpin for about £5-7m due to the market value of the stadium etc., rather than £18-20m, because Mr. Chainrai's secured debt of £18.5m cannot all be carried over into the new company.
Again please refrain from commenting before doing some research, it bores people.


13 Jul 2012 07:58:08
South Korean centre attacking midfielder Kim Bo-Kyung will be joining Cardiff City after the Men's Football at the Olympics. He will be added to the squad as Malky MacKay's fourth summer signing.(16)(8)Kim Bo-Kyung wants to get the deal done before the Olympics so he can focus on playing for his country in the Olympics, Cardiff City FC have supposed to have had a bid accepted.A deal has been accepted, and personal terms have been agreed. However, a medical will take place after the Olympics and the whole thing will be finalised after that. Then he will join up with the team


13 Jul 2012 07:53:03
Nottingham Forest have made enquiries to Derby County about the availability of Nigel Clough. My sources tell me that Derby have informed NF of the compensation package they will require and the NFs Kuwait owners are willing to meet the asking price. Watch this space for developments on this sensational story.(7)(25)Was told the same last night at Newark golf club by an ex forest playerNot qualified to go to a decent team which is why he settled at DerbyZzzzzzzzz!! He hasn't got the coaching qualifications since the new league rules came in place. Next...Has not got the coaching badges so it cant and wont happenSo why is he allowed to manage Derby? Perhaps no qualifications are required for such a lowly role???He wouldn't want to go to forestThe new rules came into place whilst he was at Derby. Hence why he's staying here.When he got the derby job he had enough qualifications, but when the rule came in he was already in the job but i think he will have done em by now so have himHe's to loyal to leave derby the qualification issueNigel wouldnt want to go to forest, theyll b as bad as leicester with these new owners, money pumped into transfer kitty and where did that get em ? clough will b happy to stay at rams and swipe 6 points off the red whoppers every seasonNIGEL CLOUGH HAS NO QUALIFICATIONS TO BE A MANAGER! he haas to take all back room staf with him, which i dowt will happen...Why is every time florest sack a manager someone has to link Cloughie, true he has has not got the coaching badges for this level, but as stated this rule came in after he was at Derby. When will you red dogs learn, you can not live in the past. look at the present your not famous any more and your with us and the Foxes in the Championship, so Game on.If we're not famous any more why have people from half way around the world chosen us? Did you see the press conference - a club with history and one of the most famous in the world which the sheep will never be - live with it!


13 Jul 2012 07:43:46
Caen winger Romain Hamouma looks set to join Norwich City early next week at an estimated price of £4m(11)(4)Hope so. French League is decidely defensive with low goals to game ratio yet this guy has scored 15 in 25 starts. 4M well spent. Don't know what his stats on assists are like but he would easily make the team sheet in front of Elliott Bennett and even the mighty Pilks with these numbers. Let's be avin vous.What disipline problem the guy is a class act and would be a great signing for MK Dons if Norwich will let him go
NCFC fan


13 Jul 2012 07:39:15
Bristol Rovers have taken Ex BRistol City forward David Clarkson on Trial (will play in Saturdays 1st friendly against the Royal Marines ), also involved will be Gillingham Midfielder Curtis Weston and at least 2 other as yet unnamed Trialists.

Mustapha Carayol will not be moving to M'Boro as they refuse to match Rovers £400k Valuation, Leicester, Palace, Derby & Crawley are interested in the winger(10)(5)Curtis Weston isn't on trial at Rovers. Get your facts right.McGhee has already said that we have no trialists with us at the moment other than Clarkson. The rest aren't getting here till next week.


13 Jul 2012 07:35:50
Darren Fergerson is to hold talks with Forest on return from Portugal. Inside Gen!(6)(22)He's not been given permission from the chairman and he's gone public in saying he's not interested in the local press. keep up!POSH chairman stated on Twitter that it was never going to happen! Inside gen my arse!


13 Jul 2012 07:22:35
saints are agreeing terms with clyne
RedRyan(18)(7)Good luck, Saints. From a Reading fan, and I know we were linked with him, but we have both bought well, so I think we will both stay up to renew a bit of local rivalry


13 Jul 2012 05:34:22
Liverpool are going to sign Julian draxler hopefully(8)(16)Are going to sign hopefully? they either are or they arent... is this just a dream of yours?He started to show his true self towards the end of the season, is unbeatable in the air, as he showed by scoring a sweet goal for england. At least 20 million


13 Jul 2012 04:50:30
Lloyd Sam is finally putting pen to paper at Notts County the deal will hopefully be finalised today (Friday 13th) although may hang over till Monday.

Another target for Notts who's club is currently going through changes has also been in talks and wants the move. The players current club however have yet to get back as the player is still contracted and will require a fee should a deal be struck.

The final piece to manager Keith Curles jigsaw is Bogdanovic who is currently in contract discussions with Notts (as well as two other League 1 sides) if there is agreement Danny could move by the end of the end of next week.(14)(8)Sam - hopefully trew
An other - Freeman for Reds? Hopefully
Boggie - Hhhm, decent, but 20+ a season unlikely...I know for a fact that everything you have just stated is 100% NOT true and will not be happening.So you're saying Lloyd sam and dab bogdanovic are signing but who's the other one you're on about.I think the unnamed player is Paul Anderson, yet to sign a new contract with Fores and is currently training with Notts alongside Clinton Morrison.


13 Jul 2012 03:14:07
Barnsley FC make approach for Greg Halford. The versatile player will fit Keith Hills plans well.(15)(9)Would be a great signing and add championship experience to squadGreg Halfords CV must run into volumes now the number of clubs he has played for. Always looks good at first then peters out. Not sure if he will last 90 minutes now, but a good player to have a s back up and very experienced


13 Jul 2012 02:22:18
Nigel Adkins has been given permission to speak to Nathaniel Clyne, and is hoping to wrap up a deal by the end of the day. Palace want £3.5 million, Southampton willing to go to £2.5-£3 million.

Source: Daily Mirror, Twitter.(17)(7)Think Clyne is a good purchase for any prem team outside the top 6. No disrespect to Southampton but I think he will maybe go to a settled prem team, Newscastle, Sunderland Fulham etc.Like you can believe everything you read on Twitter. Having said that the interest there was by Reading seems to have cooled off so this looks possible. Good luck Southampton. You and Reading have bought / are buying well so it looks as if both of us are going to survive in the top flight. West Ham, Norwich and Swansea for the drop. West Ham are going to be "hammered" excuse the pun, no one is joining them and they are struggling to even get new bodies interested. Championship fodder methinks.Reported on Sky too. Good player just get him signed!I'd still try and go with the joint bid and capture Clyne and Zaha. 6m plus Butterfield and DoPrado.I reckon it'll be at 3 million if it's settled. Hope he come's he'd be a great addition to a strong side.


13 Jul 2012 01:23:27
Bristol City to sign Chelsea youth captia and England u-19 player Nathaniel Chalobah on a season long loan.(6)(13)


12 Jul 2012 23:32:13
Steven Pienaar is expected to complete his Everton move in a 5m deal(45)(10)Good player who like many players went backwards at Spurs. Would like to see Defoe go with him. Moyes would help Defoe recapture his form from 7-8 years ago.Defoe recapture his form? 17 goals from 11 starts last season - shocking form!!


12 Jul 2012 23:01:21
Have it on good authority Jeffrey Schlupp will not be going out on loan from Leicester to Sheff U and is very much in their first team plans.(22)(8)I bloody hope so hes too good to send out on loan, hes a good young striker that can play LB tooAre you assuming he can play left back purely because he played there in preseason friendlies last year? He was put there so he could get some game time as we had other striking options at that point.


12 Jul 2012 22:45:41
PSG sign thiago silva and zlatan ibrahimovic for a combined fee of 65 million(47)(19)Zlat's agent says no deal so made up media speculation or the agent trying to bulk up wages?And berlusconi saysdeal done so believe who you will



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