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Sol Campbell to return to Tottenham, he has publicly stated the reason being a couple of their players are Young and Bent.


 100 percent True Facts.

Arsenal's Freddie Ljungberg will not join Manchester City he says he could never play for another Premier League side.

= zubergooner=


 Reading have concluded two more deals that will be announced when the club return from the far east.

Nicky Shorey has also shown much interest in a new contract with Reading offering a record contract and the captaincy. More news will follow as it develops.


 Reports circulating in Rome today suggest that Liverpool are lining up a swoop for Mancini for around £15 million pounds. Apparently a deal is not that far away and Liverpool are also following Roma's

French center back and will launch a bid near the £5 million mark



 Moyes will not sign any defensive players as our defensive is one of the best and some academy players will come through, Patrick boyle and John Paul kissock, so we can save up our money and buy big next season when the tv money will increase


 To the concerned Man United Fan.

Seems to me that you know nothing about Arsenal or the way we play. The stadium is a peach and are finances are fine thanks.

As for Cesc, he is twice the player your show–pony claims to be, Cesc is loyal Arsenal, we all know if Real came in for Ronaldo he would be off.

probably with a few step–overs on the way.

Lampard is overated, can score, cannot defend, has little influence without Essien or Makelele to cover his back, would not score as many without Robben, Joey Cole or Drogba to keep the opp back 4 busy.

Back to Old Traff, seems like Fergie has given up on the youth policy in favor of panic buying at high prices Hargreaves (why if you have Carrick) at that price? Anderson and Nani £70 million you must be joking

Watch Rio this year he's getting old and looking creaky (Laurent Blanc creaky).

Wenger knows the game, buy low sell high once there past there best (i. e Petit, Viera, Anelka, Overmars, Campbell (although free) and probably Henry is on the way down (although we will always love him).

Watch Da Silva, he's the missing piece, a real poacher–what we've lacked for the last three years, and finally Sagna (he's in especially for the Man United games, he will kick Show–Pony around the pitch and off the park–well worth £6 million just for that.)

Finally my concerned Manc, looks like Scholes, Nev, Giggs will all be pensioned of at the end of the season so your season tickets are going to skyrocket cause Fergie need cash for new overpriced replacement (i say bring back Forlan, Taibi, Veron and Barthez)


 I hope this post is shown because some people need to be told. For those who say 'Torres will not score 20+ goals' how do you know, are you psychic?


 Darren Huckerby to Derby. Do me a favour, he is a Forest fan so would never play for their rivals also he is worshipped here in Norwich and has catergorically stated he wants to finish his career here. Plus why would he want to play for a team that will go straight back down like we did and the only way they will stay up is by playing pub style football and kicking lumps out of people.


 Hey ppl.

I wonder y you al say that is Rafa's done al the wrong things on this Summer signings.

what iswrong with benayuon? Trust me, he will do great. you know why? coz, in epl, what is needed is intelligence. which this guy has in abundance just look at Berbatov. he's not fast, but he's brilliant.

and if you guys say that benayuon will b a bad buy. what have you people got to say about Mascherano?

was not Rafa criticised wen he bought Mascherano?. look at him now. who's beta than him in the DM role?

Next, lets talk about Babel. he is exactly a left winger Rafa has been looking for. a person who cuts in and scores. come on guys, do you al remember how Chelsea won their first league title? DUFF and ROBBEN were tearing teams apart.

maybe now Rafa wants to do the same with KEWELL, BABEL, PENNANT, QUARESMA. and leave Gerrard in his best position in the centre

now, TORRES. people say Liverpool spent too much on him. probably Rafa din wana make the same mistake he did on ALVES. Rafa din buy him because he was overprized. but by the time he tried the for him the next season. he was too expensive.

Exactly, Rafa probably feared that Torres would be even more expensive next year. that is y he got him now

conclusion, TRUST RAFA.


 Hull will sign Christian nade from Sheff United for 550 k

as the clubs agreed a fee and are in talks with nade.

Hull will also sign Wayne Brown as the cluba agreed a fee of 400 k Hull will also be trying to sign another forward and a left sided player.


 villa fans this is it hold on to your hats in readiness for tuesday, and the new kit launch

Villa will unveil Sneidjer, Shaun Wright–Phillips (flying back from USA this weekend), Defoe (notice he was not even in the squad for Spuds friendly recently), Young and a Goalie waiting for confirmation of which one from my insider. Also hope to tie up a deal for a centre half. MON would like Curtis Davies but West Bromwich Albion taking the ps with the asking price.

Randy happy to spend really big due to record level of season ticket sales, phenomenal pre orders of new home kit and increasing revenue from advertising everyone has the feelgood factor.


 Do not expect to se Riquelme in Everton since he does not want to sacrifice his family by moving to a country where they do not speak English. Instead look for him to join A. Madrid and see them grow stronger without Torres.

Riquelme–Forlan is a proven deadly combo and if Aguero stays they will have a great team next year and surely will challenge top clubs for a Champions League spot.

PO PeaCe OuT

Arsenal FTW: )



this site is a rumour site not a place for Everton and Liverpool fighting. I really respected the lad the posted the Zaragoza rumour, at least he posted sumthing outside of the league, that was this site was all about lads., n calm down reds let the season speak for itself and start posting rumours: Rumours

Freddie (Fiorentina) Bojinov Arsenal

Beye (Newcastle)

Baros (Bremen)

Mananda, Ismael, Kompany (Villa)

Smith, Richardson (Everton)

Elmander, wilhelmson, veron, bridge (Manchester City)

Appiah ( Schalke, Juve, the Hammers, Valencia)

Mellberg (PSG)

Chivu ( still leaving, Inter, JUventus, lyon)

savin the best 4 last, hold your breathe trotters, Boumsong is coming to town.: –D, I heard it strongly

– shane–


 Major Rumours coming out of Villa park next week. Between the 17th and 19th of July, after the new kit is unveiled. remember these dates

.:. the–genie.:.


 Robbie Fowler will sign for Sydney FC, who do have the $$$ for him due to the backing of several high profile benefactors such as Anthony LaPaglia (of without a trace fame).



 Sir Alex has instructed Gill to approach Newcastle with a bid for Michael Owen where he hopes fringe players Alan Smith and Kieran Richardson can be used to make up the £9 million to force Owens release Clause.

Gabby Heinze will not sign for Liverpool, he is flattered by the interest but does not believe in the rotation policy at Anfield. If United do sign Tevez, which is unlikely now, GH will stay and fight Evra for his place. If not, expect him to sign for Inter

David Moyes will return with an increased bid of £1.5 million for Izale McCleod after MK Dons turned down his first offer of £1 million. Expect him to face competition though as Preston are ready to gazzump any bid as they search for a replacement for Pompey bound Nugent

Arsene Wenger is plotting a swoop for forward Andy Johnson. Arsene Wenger sees him as the goalscorer that his side lacked last year and are prepared to meet Evertons £10 million valuiation of the England man. AJ would be keen about a move back to London and Everton are prepared to cash in as they lack funds needed to strengthen in other areas. Expect this deal to be completed close to the start of the season.


 David Moyes is looking to swoop on some top free transfers, as Fat kenwright is not offering the funds that we deserve for transfers because he ows investors money and is not willing to splash out on a player because he's still annoyed because of the flop of Beattie. So once again where missing out on some quality players E.g. Koumas, Baines, Nugent. the list goes on and on. I myself would of loved to see AJ and Nugent upfront and Koumas, Cahill and Arteta in midfield.

These players could have made us a better and stronger unit for the Premier League and to challenge in Europe.

EvErToN bLuE. Come on the Blues.


 Heard some shocking news from friends in Spain Manu will give the Tevez deal to be done by next week if deal not done or kia (msi) gets prosecuted for wrong doing then United will pull the deal altogether but rumour in Spain is that Ferguson will try to sign Villa or Robinho and Heinze to be part of deal if Tevez are not signed but Villa will be main target if Tevez are not signed.


 AW will buy Oba Martins. And he is again going to buy a few extremely talented young players for the future and one established central defender.


 Liverpool for life and Quaresma is on his way. C'mon the Reds.


 Saramsak will sign with Chelsea.


 Duscher has been sent back to Spain after failing to impress.

I have heard several times over the last six weeks that Newcastle have brokered a deal with City for Richards. RB moving to CH to partner Taylor. Shorey or Bridge to come in at LB as Chelsea will look to back Cole up with Kakha Kaladze as Marek Jankulovski has become first choice at Milan. Do not be suprised if Newcastle make offers for some of Rozenhals international team mates which do include Jankulovski as well as Tomas Ujfalusi with the latter being more likely.

Although reports of Martins worries about Allardyces wealth of attacking options this wealth will soon be boasting Eidur Gudjohnsen and even if Martins stays it's Ameobi who should be worrying. Tho Gudjohnsen will at times be played as a creative midfielder Sholas days in the stripes are numbered.

Thiago Motta is another free agent that maybe joining Newcastle, Deco will not.

Big Sam will pop up to Glasgow to try his hand at bringing Dianbobo Balde and Shunsuke Nakamura doen to Newcastle. Not only is Nakamura a stunning player he also fits the bill for Newcastles expansion in the market place. Adidas too.


 My rumour is that Arsenal will buy another croatian in January. I forget his name but he's a midfielder he's pretty good apparently. This is'nt made up I was actually told this by someone who's just back from dubrovnik.




 What if Arsenal were to offload an uphappy Gallas + cash for eto. FC Barcelona need a player like Gallas for their leaky defense and Arsenal could do with Eto'o as a replacement for Henry. Sell Adebayor to raise cash for the Eto'o deal.

I know Arsenal have de silva, van Persie etc. but Eto'o is in the "thierry Henry" league when it comes to forwards.


 With the likes of Fabregas Toure Gallas and van Persie, Tottenham will be no way near your next year. Also Torres will not score 20 goals a season like van Persie will next year, he played half og laast season and scored 12, while Torres scored 13 in an overated league. Man United, Chelsea/Arsenal, Liverpool.


 If Arteta was that good you would have FC Barcelona and Real trying to sign him all the time for £20 million like we do with Alonso.


 Some Scottish Premier League transfer rumours.

Rangers are hot on the sweaty stench of Mabozza Ritchie and Swedish sensation Meit Ball.

Champions Celtic are doin it US style pursueing the sublime Freddy Adu and Sharlie Joseph.


 I am a life long Liverpool supporter and have had a season ticket 4 the kop for the last 10 years, lets face it Arteta and Alonso are both quality players, they both have their stregths and weaknesses over each over. yes Arteta did turn us down simply because he would not be first team like he was promised at Everton, he would be behind gerrerd, Alonso, Sissoko. What I do not understand is the manc's and saying we over paid for Torres and that he is a bad player, you had a 23.5 million + addons accepted for him last Summer but he turned you down, and a team from England and Italy tryed to hijack the bid by offering more money I wonder who that was, maybe the team that are trying to get Tevez I THINK SO, and the gooners saying Babel is a poor player, he turned you down three weeks ago and now he's at Liverpool he is a bad player. come on be fair eh people. sounds like sour grapes to me


 If United cannot get Tevez, Fergie will go for zlaten Ibrahimovic, who in the right team who play attacking open football would be awesome just like he was at Ajax and Juve. beleive it or not


 I am an Evertonian and would love to see Riquelme in an Everton shirt, but it isn;t going to happen after his performances in the Copa America. Finally, there is one thing that needs to be said, Big Dunc is returning to Goodison. He will sign on a player/coach role. More as a coach but if he is needed then he will be used as he was in recent years. Moyesy sees him as the perfect person to bring the youngsters through Blue Boy 4eva


 I'm not an Arsenal fan. In fact I am a Tottenham fan, but here is what I have to say to the person who trod on Fabregas.

#1.) Fabregas is not over–rated.

#2.) Lampard scores tons more goals than Cesc because Lampard is an attacking midfielder whereas Fabregas plays in a Deep–Lying playmaker role.

#3.) Fabregas WAS better than Lampard this season. He was so consistent and did much more for his team, I mean look at his assists and the many more he would have had if Arsenal had not been so wasteful in front of the goal without Henry.

Fabregas is an exceptional player and is not over–rated.



To all the people that say Arsenal are now a sinking ship due to the loss of Henry and the soon departure of Gallas, the previous season has proved you all wrong. Last season Arsenal finishedfourth, and we went most of last season without the services of Henry and Gallas due to consistent injury problems throughout the season, so if we managed to finishfourth without them last season, what makes you think this season will be any different? Plus we have a great young, talented squad for next season, with a hint of experience where it is needed. Expect to see this as the first choice squad for Arsenal next season.


Sagna Toure Davies (replacment for Gallas) Clitchy

Quaresma (replacment for Hleb) Gilberto Fabregas Rosicky

Eduardo RVP

Arsenal ins:

Quaresma £14 million Porto

Davies £8 million WBA

Micah Richards £10 million Manchester City

Do not expect any more Ins other than maybe some young talent, but no more big names

Arsenal outs:






God Of The Emirates


 First of all to the Alonso/Arteta argument. You cannot compare them as Arteta plays a completely different role. Alonso is a better centre midfielder, and Arteta is better in the free role. Simple as that. The reason Man United signed both Nani and Anderson was to prepare for next Summer. What's happening then you might ask, well, Ronaldo is off to FC Barcelona as they see an attack consisting of a front 5, with Ronaldo, Messi and Ronaldinho in free roles with Henry and Eto'o just ahead of them. Arsenal have a busy Summer ahead as they are looking to tie up the signings of King, Martins and Riise. Liverpool will sign Heinze as a direct replacement, Tottenham have already signed Kaboul as their replacement and Newcastle will sign whoever the hell they want, completely unpredictable as Allardyce is. Liverpool have one more signing to make after Heinze, and that is Daniel Alves, the man who everyone thinks is going to Chelsea. Liverpool's football in the coming season is to be some of the most flowing, skilful football for certainly the past 17 years. I'll let you in on a little secret, Jermaine Pennant has found his feet and has been lighting up the training ground of late, and his form against Wrexham shows this to be true, with 3 assists.


 Theres no need 4 all this argueing over Alonso n Arteta. I am a Liverpool fan and think that Rafa has done well to get Babel, Lucas and Torres, yes, Babel and Torres may be overpriced but that is the way things are moving in football. Like it or not, clubs need to challenge financially now.

I do not think Liverpool will make many more moves in the market this Summer, although I do rate Quaresma, I do not think we will move for him as we now have Babel, Kewell, Leto and Benayoun for the left and Pennant, Gerrard and Benayoun for the right. We need to give some of the players we have amore of a chance, Pennants form at the end of last season was good.

I think the defense will be the major focal point if we do mae any more moves, names like Heinze and Kompany are exciting but I think we will get a less well known cb.

Also watch out for Carlos Vela this year at Arsenal, the boys a Wonderkid.

Rich, N. Wales


 The big rumour is that Dyer has had talks with Moyes but they are struggling on personal terms as Dyer wants 50 grand a week.


 Why is everyone blabbing on about Arteta saying he would get into any Premier League side.? I am sure Liverpool. babbel Alonso macher Gerrard.

Chelsea would not. Malouda Essien Lampard Ballack Cole Robben.Arteta no chance.

Man U. Ronaldo Scholes Hargreaves Tevez Carrick.

there is 3 teams that Arteta would not get into

as a neutral I would have to say Liverpool Chelsea and Man United are all in with a shout I do not rate Arsenal's chances at all that Eduardo looks good in an awful league. and when they say oh he scored against England. well lets be honest one single goal against England does not make you a class player, and althou I are not seen much of him a bit of you tube I think 30 of his goals were tap Ins I hate to think how many goals Henry would have scored. someone made a gd point against Fabregas as well. imust agree he is over rated especially when you compare him to Lampard havein a so called awful season yet scoring 21 goals compared to fabs barely making 5. I reckon the assists would be fairly even n all. Neway I can see top four being Man United, Chelseas n Liverpool tight then mayb the likes of Tottenham or Newcastle with fat Sam at the realm.


 David Moyes the peoples manager thank you for speaking out, the game and the money has gone daft. At least you have common sense. COYB


 To the 'concerned Man United fan', Arsenal do not claim we have a lot of money, that is fan talk. Spending money is not Wengers game, rather than just forking out £20 million for Torres or £30 million for Sheva, we bring in young talent and make them into huge stars, 2 prime examples of this are Henry and Fabregas, who were they before they signed? Anyone? No one is the answer, just a bit of young talent that Wenger picked up on, now look at them, world class stars. Wenger is a brilliance producer, a pure genius, where as Man United, Chelsea and Liverpool just spend money, hardly the sign of a great manager. Also to the person who said Arsenal would get Kaka for Fabregas + a bit of dosh, as much as I would love that to happen, it wont. Fabregas has dedecated the next 7 or eight years of his career to Arsenal, and besides, if he was going to move it would be to Spain, not Italy. The biggest names Arsenal are likely to bring in are Robinho, Quaresma, Davies and Richards. Dissapointingly, these are looking less and less likely by the minute, most likely is Davies as a replacement for soon departing Gallas, but do not worry, we already have a great quality side. Eduardo and RVP will bag tons of goals with Fabregas and Gilberto setting them up. Rosicky and Hleb racing down the wing and whipping in crosses, Toure and Davies putting stops to forwards attacks and Clitchy and Sagna snatching the ball off of wingers on runs who think they are clever with their tricks.

God Of The Emirates


 My Uncle works on the board for Liverpool FC, Liverpool have approached the Hammers and are close to signing a deal with Carlos Tevez, this is why the Man United deal has been help up becuase of the late interest from Liverpool, and Carlos Tevez wants to join up with Macherono.


 To the person who said Rangers are going to sign these three players: Mabozza Ritchie, Eddie "Pope" and Notro Fies. That is actually pretty funny. Prepare yourself for second place again.

'mon the Gers


 Everyone knows the best Spaniard in the Premiership is Albert Luque, aka the Invisible Man.

Newcastle Rumours apparently we'll be quite good this year.


 Seen at st andrews today

2 Tottenham players+ agents

a certain c/h from the emerates is moving in with larsonn

Clemence and dj both gone to Watford

extra bit of cash= a left back from the Hammers

karen brady flew out to Spain to try and tie up a shock signing £7 million = £55,000 a/w for requelme

a United target last year

i thought Clemence signed for Leicester

oh and Konchesky has already gone to Fulham

looks like you are talking absolute rubbish


 "Following the international arrest order for Tevez's agent Kia Joorabchian. Man United are contemplating pulling out of any deal to sign him. Should their lawyers persuade them to do so. Rumour is they will turn to Berbatov. If they are knocked back, they may return to Tottenham. This could give Tottenhamfourth choice forward Defoe his dream move to a Champions League club. "

what a load of rubbish. Ferguson was on skySN today saying that he hopes the deal is concluded soon and he is prepared to wait for Tevez. and as for that stuff about Tottenham forwards forget it, they are going nowhere apart from Mido maybe, and not to second division real sociedad either as some person wrote


 Denis Wise to sign Timon and Pumba to replace Healey and Blake at Leeds. Next door neighbour saw him in the Disney store this morning in York.


 Everton rumours

kev nolan, Baines and unfortunately Richardson to Everton.


 Anyway in the spirit that you made your post 'bluenose' a lttle joke, how many blue noses does it take to change a lightbulb? none, they all sit in the dark and blame Liverpool. (oh and I have told that to real bluenoses, not your bitter lot and they laughed as much as reds do, it's called banter)


 I am a Leicester supporter and we are not going to sign Drogba lmao we are not that good Robbie Fowler maybe or DJ Campbell


 Liverpool may not win the title but will certainly will not do as badly as last year. The gap last year was only 20 points because Lfc were fielding reserve teams in the last two months of the season to focus on the Champions League. I do not think Liverpool will spend big in this window, as they want the right players which are possibly not available right now.

Lfc dude


 Here is an idea. How about we share transfer rumours and stop all the BS




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