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14 Feb 2013 22:43:36
Sheffield Wednesday goalkeeper Nicky Weaver is to join league one side Walsall on loan until the end of the season with a view to a permanent deal in the summer
Weaver has not played a single game for the owls this season and currently does not hold a squad number



14 Feb 2013 21:11:44
Grayson to be announced tomorrow as PNE manager

15 Feb 2013 07:47:27
Come on down Larry and shut that relegation door. Up the Whites!

Judging from Sky's decision to take Preston out of their Manager Specials they think a choice has been made.



14 Feb 2013 20:04:40
Bristol City's Bobby Reid and Joe Bryan to go out on loan to Cheltenham and Brentford respectively

They were both on the bench in our last few games, I would be stunned if they are allowed to go out before anyone comes in.

Both highly rated.



14 Feb 2013 19:57:12
Mark Robins is wanting to bring full back Cyrus Christie with him from Coventry

Keith Curle is favourite to take over at Coventry. Apparently Preston are also interested in him

If mark robins goes back to poach players but ones that he never signed cyrus is a cov kid come through the ranks so I reckon he'd stay loyal and tell mark who to get on your bike m8 the funny thing is coventry are by a million miles bigger club than huddesfield I think that's how you spell it but they're on poor run and I don't think robins has the capabilities as a championship manager look at the barnsley part of his career not v good so i'm prayin we sneak the play offs well not even sneak comfortably automatic still a chance look at tranmere lost 2 in row Bournemouth are now top Eddie Howe gr8 job m8 but were to play Bournemouth away and if we play like we can and have been we'll murder Bournemouth got to play Donny, Swindon so if we can beat them 3 teams and win others there's about 2 points off autos with other games left back 2 my point yeah we make championship and huddesfield relegated to league 1 a big slap in mark robins face the greedy 2faced money grabbing p***k {Ed013's Note - Not bitter at all are we! Robins has done a great job, but there is no loyalty in football these days}

I think 6th is the best that we can hope for. But I agree with you the board must not let him take any players especially not our better ones. I also hope they go down and we go up, winning at bury so fingers crossed. You forgot one more though also got to play Brentford tough game. Pusb.



14 Feb 2013 20:14:02
Cov in talks with Dean Smith of Walsall for the vacant managers job. He's done a good job at a small club whether he can do it at a big club is a different matter.

Dean smith has already stated he won't leave Walsall for a club that won't exist past the summer

15 Feb 2013 11:30:27
What a load of RUBBISH!
No chance of Coventry emplying Dean Smith and no chance of Dean Smith leaving Walsall. at the moment.
Coventry need a BIG name. bigger than Smith if they are to carry their Fans with the Club.

I guess if Dean Smith did leave to boss Coventry we still wouldn't know if he could do a job at a big club as Coventry are not and have never been a "big club".



14 Feb 2013 19:09:51

derby bought tierney from Norwich on loan

an italian rama fan

Yes correct

15 Feb 2013 20:50:52
I thought Teirny had retired, its been that long since I've seen him, last time I saw him he was second choice at Shrewsbury!

Beans with your waffle sir. ?



14 Feb 2013 18:10:57
Derby County have made loan enquiries to 3 championship clubs about left backs. These are loan deals for the maximum 93 day allowance, with a view to a permanent deal in the summer.

If these enquiries do not materialise into deals then derby will turn their attention to younger premierleague squad players that are not getting game time. Zeki Fryers from tottenham, Mathew Kilgalon from sunderland and marc tierny from Norwich.

Kilgallon is 29 and Tierney 27 hardly young!



14 Feb 2013 17:44:42
Doncaster set to announce the loan signing of krisztian adorjan from liverpool until the end of the season

Who even is that



14 Feb 2013 17:30:24
I see someone saying Magri from qpr to bmth he was on trial at liverpool and they did not want him he then left pompey for qpr but can't get a look in we have young players who are better than him like josh carmichael and josh wakefield so I can't see this happening

He's a left back, wakefield's extended his loan. and Carmichael is still injured.

Magri is a centre back and someone who wants to play in the centre of the midfield.

Pompey got rid of him at the time as he was unruly.



14 Feb 2013 16:12:39
Torquay manager Martin Ling will resign from the club in order to take care of his health. The former Leyton Orient and Cambridge boss has been ill over the last few weeks and is keen on getting back into football once healthy. He has been told he is welcome back in a directorial role.
Stoke City assistant manager Dave Kemp is line to make a return to management after successful talks with United. Kemp has managed Plymouth Argyle in the past and is wanting another bite at the cherry. Kemp is also very good friends with Martin Ling.

Ask any Oxford fan about Dave Kemp. Seen as the worst manager in the history of the club



14 Feb 2013 16:53:41
Greg Abbott on short list for Coventry and Preston job

He would chose cov over preston as he is a cov lad and said he dreams of managing cov 1 day

14 Feb 2013 20:00:33
You care welcome to him, he has not even been mentioned by the Preston fans. The last man we got from Carlisle was not up to the job.

Yep and if it comes down to it he would probably join coventry as he supports them

Pne fans can't stand this guy he. s a bigger prat than westley is Grayson will be appointed before the Swindon game.

I. Am a carlisle utd fan. What's been said is total rubbish



14 Feb 2013 15:47:32
MKDONS and Bristol City looking at bringing in ex- Aston Villa striker John Carew who is currently a free agent



14 Feb 2013 14:53:39
Kilgallon to derby view to perm



14 Feb 2013 12:58:23
Brian McDermott is looking at his attacking options with a swoop for free agent Milan Baros on the agenda. Milan has just been released by Galatasaray after the arrival of Didier Drogba and is now considering his options, with the Barclays Premier League being his priority and Reading are looking to make that happen.

We don't have space in our 25 man squad

Do we get to replace Gorkss's position in the 25 man squad?

Yes we do get to replace Gorkss. Baros deal has been signed and sealed, press conference at 9am. {Ed001's Note - Milan Baros? The one who left after the transfer window closed, and so can only join a team who have an open transfer window until the next transfer window opens?}



14 Feb 2013 12:13:39
Doncaster will make loan moves for Jake Cassidy and Stoke midfielder Flo Cuvellier.



14 Feb 2013 13:03:50
John stones is due back on loan and will sign next week til the end of the season. , great news



14 Feb 2013 11:14:47
Blackburn Rovers look to be resigning David Bentley on loan from spurs and to me it is a great deal for rovers someone to get quality crosses into Jordan Rhodes and DJ Campbell



14 Feb 2013 10:12:47
Deal done and confirmed on tv that mark robins is the new Huddersfield manager

Good luck to Mark Robins, he did a good job in his 5 months at Coventry.
Its the way in Football but after sometime in the wilderness Mark should recognise that without the opportunity Coventry gave him he might well still be " out of the game". How good a Manager is he. time will tell.

Now I would love mcgouldrick, he already said that he wants to leave coventry at the end of the season as championship clubs are after him {Ed039's Note - David McGoldrick? He already left Coventry, he is on loan at Ipswich until the end of the season)

14 Feb 2013 15:34:27
Huddersfield set to sign George Boyd on loan till end of season with view to sign if we stay up

14 feb 2013 17:45:02
do not trust him he leaves every club he has worked for if a bigger club comes he will be off no loyalty

15 Feb 2013 00:53:41
don't most managers and players move on, that's football.

What about the owners? Dean Hoyle sacks Lee Clark because he 'had a hunch', then sacks the guy who he presumably 'had a hunch' would do greater things. Now he says he's 'thought this one through'. Mr Robins - if Town don't finish in the top ten playing like Brazil, then you'll be on your way!

Dont get this loyalty talk, if I worked for a company that was on shaky ground and a more stable company offered me a job doing the same work, probably for more money i'd leave too. who wouldnt

Its the fans who are slagging MR off already who aren't loyal, support him and the team, if you think you are a proper town fan

Dean Hoyle is a great chairman and we are lucky to have him, at least we don't have a chairman from another country and behaves like Nottingham Forests chairman.

I am a proper supporter - I guess that's why I am disappointed with the appointment of Mark Robins. I can't understand why Town don't or can't attract a quality manager. Warnock, McCarthy, Adkins, Keane and Di Matteo are all safe hands in the Championship who have experience of winning promotion to the Premiership. We now have a manager who hasn't won any promotions and apart from a stint at Barnsley has operated in the lower divisions. It doesn't make sense. The Board keep talking about ambition but for me don't appoint a manager who can attract players to realise that ambition. The current team is one of the worst Town teams I have seen in a long time. Admittedly, I am an enthusiastic amateur but its obvious we haven't got a midfield and therefore we don't get the ball forward. As a consequence, the pressure on the back four is immense and they crumble because they are dead on their feet after 70 mins. Fingers crossed Mark Robins can see this.

16 Feb 2013 00:34:06
Mr Hoyle did not sack Lee Clark because he had a hunch, Lee Clark was sacked because he was about fail another promotion he had already failed twice e.g millwall old Trafford Mr Hoyle was not preperd to see another failure Mr Hoyle had given LC three years plus LC was going behind our back and talking to other clubs as for Simone Greyson he did succeed in taking Town up but he lost the dressing room and had to go.

Good post mate 100 per cent

16 Feb 2013 12:30:08
i hope robins does leave us for a bigger club. That will mean he does a good job at town and is in high demand and not sacked for being hopeless.

16 Feb 2013 12:10:23
I liked Clark. but Yes I agree with other posts. he was touting imself to other clubs Leeds was one. and after 2 failed promotions, he ad to go. Yes grayson got us up. but very lucky we were. very lucky. and it wasn't is team. he just got lucky with the pens. but he did get us up so fare play. but he was taking us straight back down. we wer punching Abve our weight early in the season. as long as w stay up that's all that matters. gud luk robin's. we will get behind u. just keep us up ths season will do. and in future don't go for over paid loanees. thy are there just for the money. not playing for the badge.

This town team is a lot better than the ones we were given whilst in league 1 the airfield at the start of the season was fine and recently have been doing much better. I am willing to give them time. I can see something there. if anything wewe need maybe airfield backup but definitely a new strikers. you put a list ogreof managers down. two have jobs so they wouldn't have come. adkins was never interested in the job and let's face it Di matteo was never going to come from winning the champions league to fighting delegation in the championship. we're not fighting for promotion any more. we are fighting delegation and Robinson has done that before he also worked on the eppp thing which deano is highly focused on. Robinson is a good appointment for now.

To the 'Proper Supporter' when did you last watch town play? Admitttedly we've been poor but we have a better midfield than we have had in years. Clayton is THE best signing of the season, Danns is linking in well, Norwood is getting back to his best! Give Robins a chance! We want to run before we can walk and Promotion was never the objective this season! It's time to consolidate and then push on. If it takes a few seasons, so be it!

To the post above from the 'Proper' supporter. I watch Town on a regular basis and our current midfield is well below par for the Championship. I don't know how you can rate players who 'tin out' of challenges and on the rare occasions they win the ball they give it back to the opposition. When I was playing football, I was always told to work harder when not in possession of the ball i. e. close the opposition down and restrict their options. Towns current midfield could also use this advice for the greater good of the team.

From the 'Proper Supporter' - I told you all so. You can have all the FA and UEFA coaching badges but my previous observations were correct. Town were given a lesson in football today by a Wigan team who are comfortable on the ball. It must have been like chasing shadows on the pitch today. Town couldn't stay on their feet, lacked any purpose, didn't close the opposition down and were altogether outclassed. Welcome to Huddersfield Town Mr Robins - it will be a miracle if we are playing Championship football next season

Key things there. 1) premiership. big difference between championship and premiership hence why the promoted teams are never really in the top 7.
2) robins has just arrived and things aren't going to change over night. give the guy a chance. this ain't fifa where you can change difficulty settings.
3) its about support. through thick and thin. players aren't going to perform when people get on their backs and put more pressure on them. ifpeople are going to keep having a go at them they may as well listen to it on radio. they can call them anything then.



14 Feb 2013 10:02:17
Derby county have made enquiry about Jack robinson and Zeki Fryers about a possible loan move due to not having cover for left back. Only one will join though.



14 Feb 2013 08:48:49
Growing rumours that Hughton is to start talking to William Gallas about a move to Norwich for free in the summer.

Dont think he would consider signing someone as old as that.



14 Feb 2013 07:31:03
Andy Fensome could take PNE reigns temporarily. Board have spoken to Grayson. Only issue is wages.



14 Feb 2013 01:46:43
owen coyle as admitted on a web site he be happy to talk to preston but grayson is fav

To be honest pne are in an awful state, Westley terminating everyone's contracts and buying all free players is out of order for a club that were nibbling at the feet of the premier league only a few seasons ago. If they don't get a decent manager I'm afraid they're on their way to league 2. Luckily for them two decent managers seem interested and they are Owen coyle and Simon grayson, if they stay up with one of those managers, I believe they will push for the playoffs next season, Westley almost ruined the club



14 Feb 2013 01:08:40
hogan ephraim to sign for bristol city on loan with view to a pernament deal in the summer

15 Feb 2013 10:54:39
This would be suprising, we had Hogan before and he was fine, we have changed managers since then, I think it would be frowned on by the home fans that remember him.



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