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It saddens me to hear about possible match fixing and cocaine rumours that are hounding celtic, and i'm a rangers fan! i felt artur should've left two years ago his time was up and celtic could've had decent cash for him, when an individual thinks he's bigger than the team then it's time too go, as for robson i thought he was one of the only decent pro's left in the game.
I hope when i read the news of the world on sunday that there is no scandal on the day of an old firm game and that they are both allowed to try and play a game of football without any extra rubbish!
Lets get back to the days of football with no media interception!!!. . . the media is the reason clubs are struggling financialy,And that players are above their station! i hate tabloids! players who want to be in them and players who think they are special because of them,these guy's need to wake up and remember that when they were ten years old it was all about the football nothing else! no more or less i long for the days when it's all about football again,. . . wishfull thinking i know but i believe it's possible! as soon as all the sponsorship deals and the transfer deadline die! the world would be a healthier place with legig football xxxx
  Celtic – Lookis like the rumours abour Artur Boruc are not without foundation – to many differebt sources in and around Glasgow now saying same thing – BUT (not that it's condoned) it is cocaine use that will prove the more serious, the "match fixing/betting scam" are add–ons from his much heard of recent mistakes and are not true, although it could be argued that the use of drugs would not have helped his performances. IF Celtic drop him from team on Sunday, it's not because they are trying to protect him but unfortunately that there is substance (excuse the pun) to the story. Strachan is already livid with him in the McGeady attack and this could very well spell the end of Boruc's career and not just at Celtic – although Adrian Mutu, among others career seems to have recovered okay.

Are the rotten mob good enough to take advantage of Celtic's performance both on and off the park, thankfully I think not – stiil on the go to 4 in a row – hail hail
  Don't hold your breath on arshavin to chelsea because wenger will demand Cech, Alex, Essien and J.cole however he would be happy to part with 18 million, but i personally don't see it happening.
  To the person who said that if Hiddink were to stay put at Chelsea, he would make a cheeky bid for Arsenal's Arshavin, this would not happen. Hiddink has a lot more respect than that for Arshavin and he even helped Arshavin's move to the Emirates go through, as he left Arshavin out of the Russia squad so that Arshavin could complete his move. Anyway, it is unlikely that Hiddink would be made permenant manager of Chelsea, and Arshavin has just as much respect for Wenger as he does for Hiddink.

In Arsene We Trust
  I heard from a press source thatThe boruc story will be reported in a sunday tabloid allegedly with pictures of the hoalie goalie taking cocaine and investigations of football match fixing scandal is supposidly true
  Anyone who can't see that MO'N is the perfect replacement for sir alex after next season is deluded. Fergie wants to step donw after next season. O'niel will be completing a season involving the incredible feat of villa in the champs league. Stop pushing Joses name forward he plays horrible football, nothing like what fergie would want to leave utd with, O'Niel however plays expansive exciting ''United style'' wing attacking football.
  Look, I'll post rumours here and my record speaks for itself, i told you about Scolari weeks ago. To say jose is way off the mark as the next Untd manager is wrong, its not way off the mark at all. If you're talking about Moyes being the next manager well don't you think we all know all about the "Scottish mafia" and the Walter Smith connection and the influence and say of SAF about his Scottish mates. No, untd have outgrown that situation just as Liverpool have outgrown the bootroom legacy. I have respect for Moyes, the reason i am quoting Jose is because not only does his ego fit the job but he's been indirectly sucking up to Untd for some time now. He's expressed an interest in returning to the English Prem as we all know, he loves it here and he courts the press like no one else and he can pull in the right calibre of players and has a proven track history. If your basing Moyes appointment on the basis that SAF is Scottish then you're overestimating business acumen. Theres my reasoned arguement.
  Rumour has it that Bobo Balde pulled apart the fight between Boruc and McGeady and thumped Boruc in the chest pulling them apart and may not play against Rangers. Zaluska has been told by Boruc he'll get his place at the end of the season as he is either retiring or going back to Poland for a year to sort his life out. He is taking cocaine.
He has a gambling problem. Nobody likes him at Celtic and he is about to be givin a hefty fine at the club by Strachan personally.

I'd rather have Balde in goal's on Sunday at least he would be good at punching the ball away
  Any other rangers fan seeing the pattern
Beckham to AC Milan
Gattuso to rangers for free end of season
  Ibrahima Sonko and Dave Kitson will both rejoin Reading on loan from Stoke. The deals are likely to be made permanent in the summer with Kevin Doyle and Brynar Gunnarson joining the potters.
  To the that wrote
"Breaking news at celtic

boruc is taking cocaine and it will be in the press on sunday morning"

you are spot on m8.
Evidence will be printed in a sunday paper.
heard this several times now and I am worried for the big man.
his personal life is pretty much killing him and I only hope he sorts himself out before it gets to serious.
His family doctor said months ago he needed psychiatric help and I agree, he has too much stress in his life.
Another story that will be put out on sunday is. .he is also involved in a betting scam.I am not 100% sure if this has anything to do with his 'poor' form this year, but he is defintly involved in 1 way or another.

Come Big Man. .get it SORTED!!!!!

This will not stop 4 in a row!

Hail Hail
Here We go for 4 in a row
  Jack Collison will join Fulham from West Ham in the summer for 2m + Clint Dempsey
  For all Rangers fans,, I have not read the site lately but there was lots of confusion as to whether Rangers were going to be bought or not in the near future. I can confirm that two weeks ago everything was signed for a consortium to take control of the club, I know this because I spoke with one of the guys in the consortium who was surprised I guessed and said it was all hush hush at the moment!
  Liverpool ins
Gareth Bale

Liverpool outs
Hyypia (agreement to return as coach)
Hobbs (unfortunatly)
Voronin (Thankfully)

Heavy Speculation Potential Truth (HSPT)
Babel (great player, will excel in Spain)
Agger (potential world class CB)
Leiva (Solanos cousin not Brazilian, Peruvian)
Steve Irwin (from reserves to the burial grounds)
  You guys are way off regards who will take over from Alex Ferguson. It will be David Moyes at Fergusons own request/suggestion. He admires Moyes immensely especially what he has done with meagre resources. Thats the real story not Jose.
  Not a regular poster but the Boruc rumours are rife in Glasgow.

Heard from three different people now that the News Of The World are going to do a front page exclusive about his cocaine use.

Also heard of a possible match–fixing scandal but I honestly don't think there is much in that one.

We shall see on Sunday.
  Robbie Neilson to join Rangers on a bosman in the summer from Hearts. Celtic to sign Stephen Fletcher
  Rangers Rumours
Expect to see Hutton return to rangers in the summer, he wanted to go back in january but his injury scraped any potentail move.
Another familiar face, Carlos cuellar may return however only on loan, he is dissapointed at having to play right back for villa and o'Neil would rather have an out and out right back who would give more to the team going forward.
Rangers are looking at Derby duo Kris Commons and james McEveley.
If Ferguson doesn't get his finger out for the remainder of the season he will be sold and Davis will move into the center with Novo and Aaron sharing the right wing berth.
  "I'd have a bet with anyone that Mourinho is the manager designate. All signs, comments and actions indicate that. Watch for the forthoming games and comments trust me!!"

I'd love to take you up on that bet! Sir Bobby Charlton got recorded saying Mourinho would not be the next manager. Seing as his a director of Manchester United I think he would no.
  Breaking news at celtic

boruc is taking cocaine and it will be in the press on sunday morning
  Have heard from a very reliable source. Louis Carey will cross over the river in the summer & join Rovers.
  BIG BIG BIG news to break about Celtic's dodgy keeper on Saturday morning.

I nearly fell off my seat when i heard, you will too. .

4 in a row? Where did it go?
  If Hiddink decides to stay at Chelsea past the end of the season then expect a cheeky bid for Arshavin from Arsenal. The pair are very close from Arshavins time at Zenit and Hiddink thinks Arshavin would suit his plans for Chelsea perfectly. Wenger will only accept if he gets Joe Cole in return.
  Real Madrid will look to make some big changes to their squad in the summer, as they have failed to live up to their 'worlds greatest club' status this season. Here's who they could look to bring in:
Sergio Aguero (£40m)
David Villa (£60)
Karim Benzema (£35m)
(only 1 of the 3 strikers above)
Ashley Young (£40m)
Cesc Fabregas (£50m)
Kaka (£90m)
(only one of Kaka and Fabregas)
Philip Lahm (£25m)
Here's who they will move on:
Rafael van der Vaart – Inter
Ruud van Nistelrooy – Feyenoord
Christoph Metzelder – Bayern Munich
Javier Saviola – Pompey (loan)
Fabregas will not be going. He will see out his Arsenal contract, despite Madrid set to show interest. Kaka would be keen on a switch to the Bernebeau.

In Arsene We Trust
  LFC News

Listen guys I posted that Liverpool will be signing 3 major players and some of you have pooed it. Well all I can say is watch this space. I deal with facts. . . where is the proof you say? Contracts and faxes. . that's all I can say. You can't lie about that.
2 contracts have been signed and the third player has verbally 100% committed to joining Liverpool regardless of where they finish. No guessing who that is? This has come from one reliable source who also mentioned that Robbie will be leaving in the winter transfer window, which happened.

I am excited about the news but can you guys please stop talking about DIC. It is happening but people who think liverpool will be spending silly money on 22 players are in dream land. Look at what you have posted and you will see that Liverpool are signing 6 strikers???? DIC are coming to Liverpool as in investment not to spend millions. Yes they will put some money on the table but Rafa will still have to sell.
The 3 transfers that are taking place will not even break the 40m barrier. You will be surprised.
  I have it on good authority that by the summer if Liverpool have not been sold they will be put in to administration!! Yes that's right! They have no money at all dur to the American owners blowing all their money on hamburgers and hot dogs!!! Remember, uyou heard it here first!!!
  Wayne Rooney is said to be upset with SAF after being told that he will not return to the first team asap as Fergie want Tevez to feel wanted and sign a new deal. The Scouser – well hes not a Scouser anymore, he gave that right up when he decided to join the Mancs – will be made to prove 100% fitness before seeing any action.

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