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14 Aug 2013 20:35:28
The Bale saga will go right to the end of the window, as Levy wants the £85m up front, rather than add ons that Madrid are proposing. He seems to be using the same tactics as with Modric and Berbatov, unsure on Bale's preferences however

What, between spurs and real madrid
Boy, that's a toughie



14 Aug 2013 20:21:51
David ball has rejected a move to Blackpool from Fleetwood.

What is the delay

Who is David Ball?

Can't say i'm surprised. Fleetwood have a Chairman that is investing heavily, paying good wages and looking to go places.

Blackpool on the other hand have Karl Oyston as Chairman.


A striker who rejected Blackpool to stay at Fleetwood

David Ball who? or Ricardo Fuller now that's better.



14 Aug 2013 20:14:12
Gillingham looking at charlie adams from brentford on loan.

15 Aug 2013 06:07:43
The player himself thinks he might be going to a League 2 club.

We need better, Rooney will do.



14 Aug 2013 18:41:44
Forest have made an enquiry with Wolves about young striker Leigh Griffiths - the young striker impressed Billy last season

No chance of getting him

Haha billy clearly has great scouting skills

Signed new contract a few weeks ago



14 Aug 2013 18:34:18
Florian Marange, an attacking left back has signed for Palace from Bordeaux.



14 Aug 2013 20:09:56
Middlesbrough have submitted a final take it or leave it bid of £1.6m plus add ons for Leeds United's Ross McCormack

Boro are just doing it to unsettle the player

We'll leave it thanks.

14 Aug 2013 23:04:48
final bid for Rantie thought to be around £1.2m

Ross is a goodplayer he's not a out and out goal scorer but what he brings is slick passes, crosses, pace not rapid pace but pace, also has a eye for goal, he's more of attacking mid / winger but also can play up front for 1.6m is a Bargain a real core player who dose a lot in the final third. why he wasn't in the Scotland squad for England friendly is beyond me, will the 3rd bid be turned down by Leeds board is another question.

Why are Leeds fans so defensive about this when he's not even that good? Just a average cheap forward. Nothing more.

Leeds fans believe he is their best player. Says a lot about the rest of the team then.

He's our most passionate player he loves the club and we love him

Leeds fans n boro fans, after the 3rd bid let's see if Ross stays or leaves for the mighty boro we all know money talks, Ross mac thing is now boaring, Leeds manager says he's staying but boro keep biding.

Yuffy the boro lad.



14 Aug 2013 18:25:07
Sergio Aguero to Real Madrid a rounded 50 million on the cards.

He ain't worth £50? Why on earth is he worth so much? What's he done? A sort from being injured.

No way



14 Aug 2013 18:23:27
Bradford city ganna give young French player Jordan Gele a chance at city looks good too watching him at BPA on Monday



14 Aug 2013 18:18:06
Darren Bent has agreed terms and signed with Crystal Palace. He is having his medical tomorrow.

14 Aug 2013 21:23:15
I guess this was coming, Fulham fan

15 Aug 2013 06:45:05
oh no he hasn't

Bent's agent last night text Ollie to say Darren will not attend Palace medical today. He is speaking to Fulham instead

15 Aug 2013 11:04:33
He at fulham



14 Aug 2013 17:21:23
Yeovil to sign Cardiff midfielder Joe Ralls on loan until January

Could be a good move, would rather him play a whole season in the championship, top player one for the future!

15 Aug 2013 08:56:40
Finally he is going somewhere. I have been saying all summer on twitter I didn't want him at Fulham.



14 Aug 2013 17:11:55
Gareth Bale on verge of signing for Manchester United in 60m + Hernandez deal.

So Hernandez is worth 25m hahaha lol wake up .

Sounds crazy that spurs would accept £40million less in cash and players besides selling to a major rival in the league just can't see it myself

Real madrid made a offer of £105m, Spurs said no, so what you trying to say Hernandez is worth £50m plus is he? Lmfao Why would spurs take that when manu are rivals for a top 6 finish?

First off, Real Madrid did not offer £105 mill, they offered €85 mill, split in 3 instalments and dependant on success and appearances, when you consider they still owe £18 mill from modric sale this is a def no-go. Levey insisted that the modric money be settled before any agreement for bake and madrid simply added this to the bale fee to insist they offer €105 mill - about 85 mill pound (including outstanding modric fee) United have offered 60mill and Hernandez which compared to Madrid is a fantastic offer for spurs.

Keep taken the tablets.



14 Aug 2013 16:08:10
Wolves have confirmed the signing of Kevin McDonald from Sheffield United

Hopefully United will sign Jose Baxter and Leon Clarke which I believe would get us promoted

As much as I hate to admit it, Leon Clarke at this level is an absolute Unit and would be well worth a bid, scores goals for every club he goes to in this division



14 Aug 2013 15:59:26
Rumors that Wigan are looking to sign Chelsea midfielder Kevin De Bruyne, possibly allowing James Mcarthy to move on

Why on earth would chelsea look to move on de brunye, they had offers to sell him to german teams but said he will be kept. he will be a regular starter and will be a great chelsea player.

If he's available for loan he'll go to a prem team or top German team

Not a chance

I heard it was only on loan

Defiantly only on loan, there would be no way of actually signing him

I'm a Wigan fan and can't see this happening.



14 Aug 2013 15:51:55
Peterborough have put a 4 million price tag on tomlin afta he put in a transfer requested in today. Celtic are favs to sign him. posh have been linked wiv steve may, luke freeman, billy sharp as replacement. posh have also put a bid in for luton town youngster luke howells that's has been rejected bid was belived to be in the region of 300k

Brighton want Tomlin

Chairman has already rejected the transfer request and that is the end of the matter. Previously the club valued him at 12 million

Not a chance in a million years of Sharp (and I'm a posh fan!)

Be aswell signing alfred if there going to spend 4 mil on Tomlin

Peterborough should accept 2 mil, the guy is unsettled and doesn't want to play for the club, better to receive 2 mill than nothing when his contract finishes!

He has 4 yaers left on his contract so no concerns over his contract running out, Also you should accept my offer of £10 to buy your house.

I think actually Tomlin was offered an extension which would have made it 4 years left if he had accepted but as it stands the contract runs out in 2015. So that is 2 more seasons.

Tomlin's been told he cannot go, and the price tag is still 12 Million, his request was denied

If we get 3 million for Tomlin I would snatch there hands off whoever wants to waste money on a overated over weight lazy waste of time.

15 Aug 2013 12:25:10
writing on wall. be off now for around 2 mill.

Not a chance Dmac will let him go for under 5m at the very least

£12 mil biggest load of rubbish ever (from a Posh fan). A talented player, but not worth any where near that!

When will people learn the difference between a price tag and a valuation? Nobody has said Tomlins WORTH £12m, only that that's what they'd accept



14 Aug 2013 14:53:09
Gone quite on HASMA BENCHARIF. Has he been released or still on trial?



14 Aug 2013 14:37:34
Yeovil want Rochdale's CB Rhys Bennett



14 Aug 2013 14:24:29
With middlesbrough missing out on vaz te, rantie, mccormack, billy sharp and simeon jackson, he will look to bring in luke moore and leeroy lita, both currently available to leave swansea on a free transfer.

Vaz te looked good, mogga should have snapped him up, but looks destined for forest now!

Lita going to sheff wed. moore too lazy /inconsistent (think emnes)

15 Aug 2013 16:14:47
Luke Moore is heading to Turkey with his agent to talk cash with Elazygspor.

Moore off to Turkey

We haven't missed out on Ross McCormack



14 Aug 2013 14:08:38
VERY reliable and close source informed me ex Blackpool winger/striker Gary Taylor-Fletcher is training with Charlton for SCP to take a closer look. Anton Ferdinand recently trained with the club in order to keep fit before move to Antalyaspor.

I've heard Sheffield Wednesday want to sign him but need to release some of the players on loan so they can get the funds, money probs at Wednesday can't afford to sign Sharp either until they loan out the players

He in talks with pool and Wednesday have a friend who's mum lives next door to him. He said he be at a club start of next week hope he back at pool a great player

Signing for Charlton this week

Who is GTF actually signing for?



14 Aug 2013 14:05:36
Ricardo Fuller, Carome Jerome, Kevin Doyle and Ross Mccormack all interesting Reading Manager Nigel Adkins with one of them set to sign on Friday and presented at a press conference at 2pm that afternoon.

Not Doyle or fuller god no! Would take the other 2 though, possibly both if cheap

Wont be McCormack

Fuller signing for Blackpool

That defo won't be Doyle or Füller, they're not better than what we already have

As a leeds fan i'd do a straight swap for le fondre but mc Cormack does create a lot for others so just sell us le fondre lol but will have to be cheap as we have the poorest arabs in the world

If we do sign another striker I very much doubt it will be any of those.

Can people stop posting complete nonesense rumours that have no facts! Embarrassing us true fans. Watch the u21 game against newcastle. we need nothing other than our youth! Money well spent getting us to cat 1

We already are cat one

We were told 7 to 8 new signings this season by Anton, to much hot air coming out of his Russian hat for my liking

Completely agree with Ed, Gozie Ugwu is a real talent, take a look at the highlights from the U21s game midweek. There's a whole new group of talented youth about to emerge from our youth development. The club have very wisely invested heavily to achieve Cat 1 to secure the successful future of the club!

Pearce was out of contract but HRK had a year left. AZ has spent the big money on big wages I. e Drenthe and Bridge, whilst giving Pearce and HRK big wage increases. Typical fickle fans only think 'spending money' is on transfer fees

Was well impressed by several of our youngsters midweek, and would be more than happy for them to get their opportunities this season where mistakes are slightly less costly.

I completely agree with Ed029 and the post above. Look at who we've signed so far! Drenthe Williams and Bridge (for a total of around 2mil) along with resigning players who we're being courted by EPL teams! We are not going to be Man City or Liverpool dishing out stupid sums of money for players that aren't worth half the asking price, and i'm proud of that! We do our purchasing with intelligence. Smart buys at smart prices! If we get Cameron Jerome at a cut price, that would be great! But were not likely to spend 5-15 mil on players, especially while in the Championship! Along with that were now Cat 1! That is huge! We have one of the best youth systems in the country. It solidifies our future as young player will want to come to Reading! In a few years we'll see this pay off! Anton has done so much for this club since he became the owner, shallow 'fans are just upset its not flashy big buys. But we're not QPR.

15 Aug 2013 15:12:30
Ed I completely agree that a lot of fans don't realise that two contract renewals count as signings, and I was at the u21s on Monday night before I played in the Dome and Ugwu was a different class.

However, I can see where people are coming from, yes we have picked up 4 points from 6, but come Monday we will be three games into the new season and Ugwu hasn't been named in the squad and we haven't seen a recognised striker come in.

I am all for patience and getting the right players, but the season has started, we need a striker now.

I bet Leeds would do a straight swap for le fondre Rfc would lose out in that deal

HRK and Pearce do not count as they may have been out of contract but no one other club in any division made either of them an offer as both of them really aren't much good.

Our academy is great, and I do agree Ugwu and several others are really exciting prospects, however Pog said today on ssn he's considering his options, and even if we don't play him, if we got an injury up top, I wouldn't be happy relying on an un-proven up and comer and/or Alfie or Pog.

I rate Alfie really highly, and our youth strikers, but we need consistent a proven player at this level and Ugwu or Samuel as back ups/U21 players. Slowly integrate them into the first team, rather than putting them in there because we don't have anyone else.

We don't need 7 / 8 signings - look at what we've already got. agree with ed totally, one more striker and were there. enough to go up

Would like 2 see gozie and alf get a go together up front what are the chances though with 4-2-3-1

Its too much of a risk playing academy products regularly when we are looking to go up. Bench Samuel or Ugwu and start Blackman or Alfie

16 Aug 2013 11:09:35
No of them want to go to reading

The clock is ticking let's see if you are correct with your 2pm deadline?

Is this really true...

2. 20pm and nothing!!!.

"We were told 7 to 8 new signings this season by Anton, to much hot air coming out of his Russian hat for my liking"

He said 5-7 and that wasn't a promise, the transfer window also isn't shut yet.



14 Aug 2013 13:37:46
Bournemouth to make third and final bid for tokelo rantie of 1.4million, also believed to be interseted in Terrence Boyd

For God's sake Eddie, you have the money from the board buy him or suffer in the league and league 1 awaits



14 Aug 2013 13:25:31
Crawley are in talks with Lee Croft. The two parties are close to agreeing a one-year deal.

Good player but you have to be joking, the last thing Crawley need is another right winger they already have Adams Drury and Luke Rooney.

16 Aug 2013 12:27:49
We haven't got the money for anymore perminant deals loans only i'm afraid the money tree is bare

Crawley town struggling to sign a turkey under 21 player deal could still be done I would keep your eyes on this



14 Aug 2013 13:17:08
Norwich preparing a 2.5m plus add ons bid for Watford striker Troy Deeney

Laughable sum. He won't leave for any less than 5, worth so much more to us this season and just signed a new contract.

£2.5m for Troy Deeney? LMAO I ain't even a Watford fan, but I can tell you from what I've seen of him his a class act, I can tell you he's worth atleast £5m, plus Watford won't and don't need to sell, there minted! R. S

Doubt it. Doubt he'l leave now. Smacks of desperation on our part as well

I know all fans over value their players and think that they can buy other clubs players for 10 bob and a packet of ginger nuts - but please just get a grip - if you put a 1 infront of the 2. 5 - Watford would probably still say no thanks. there is absolutely no chance at all that you will get him for this money - if Gayle is worth £8m and Bale is worth 80m - Deeney is worth somewhere in between!

14 Aug 2013 18:22:17
Times it by three!
He wouldn't go there if spurs are sniffing!

You are having a laugh. Watford are no longer in a position where we must sell to stay in existence. Probobaly worth 5-7.5 million as currently regarded as best striker outside of the premiership.

Wow 2. 5. to go to norwich. that's is incredibly low. 8 to 10 at least

Would be too risky as untried at top level and has a troublesome personality!

Waste of their time that if they are - a bid that low is an insult to both Watford and Deeney and will get them nowhere.

14 Aug 2013 19:49:44
Norwich can prepare a bid but the days of Watford players going for peanuts has passed.

2.5m is embarrassing

Try 10.5 mill + add-ons and maybe the Pozzos might start to think about it. We are no longer pushovers in the transfer market!

Not going to happen. Deeney signed a new contract this year. He is our best striker and we don't have to sell. Unlikely to go for anything less than £8m. but I don't think we would sell for that either. He is worth more than that to us, we need him to get promoted.

Not seen enough of him to comment on his price or quality but I don't think he's much different to hoops or the wolf, need a different style of player, someone who we can use and alter the game if needed

I'm a norwich fan, first of all this figure is stupid! Second of all we don't want him and he will not want us. We're in the market for a decent striker who will be content to be back up to van wolfswinkle and hooper.

8-10 we paid 5 for Hooper. Admittedly it was on a bosman but don't be ridiculous

Norwich have already signed Hooper and Van Wolfswinkel so are unlikely to be interested in Deeney.

2.5m will only be a starting bid that they will know will be rejected it is just to let the player know he is wanted by a prem club and then this could help the situation then if Troy Deeney wants to leave, I think some people need to get real with their valuations I would say Troy deeney's worth would be 3. 5-4m but he would cost a lot more because Watford don't need to sell that's why Gareth bale will be going for so much

Oh yeah that 'person' Deeney who attends children's hopsitals and family days.

Norwich wouldn't want him not good enough.

I don't understand why these reports always put such low valuations on a player. Assombalonga, who was a youth team player was sold to Peterborough for £2m only last month, so it's hardly likely Watford would sell one of their best players for the same price is it?
£15m is more likely to be the figure that would make Watford take notice. seriously.

Better than hooper and holt

^^^ If Hooper was aquired by Norwich as a result of a Bosman move, why was a fee paid at all unless a pre-contract was made?

The Bosman ruling basically allows players at the end of a contract to move freely to another club, without fee being paid. Only if a pre-contract had been agreed in advance of the contract finishing could a fee be levied.

Better than hooper and holt? A) hooper has scored in champs league footy, no1 striker in Scotland for at least 3 years running 2) holt plays for Wigan now and is still better than deeney

Very low price. seeing tom ince is 8-9 million and deeney scored 2 more goals last season with less games. worth the same if not a bit more.

Deeney would score in a poor spl for fun, as for scoring in the champions league, where was he in the big games? and we'll see by the end of the season how holt and deeney stack up.

When referencing Deeney's quality, I think people too often just look at the stats. People must remember that he did not start his season until mid-october. He had no pre-season and came into a squad full of new faces and he still managed to get 20 goals last season. This is why he is in my opinion the best striker below Prem level. Don't be surprised if he is Championship top scorer this season. Not only that but he creates goals as well. I believe he was Watford's top assister last season with 9. As for a valuation, based on current form, age, Watford's willingness to sell and the price of players in the surrounding market, 15 million would not surprise me in the slightest. 10 million would be a realistic offer but the fact that he is so important to Watford drives up the price.

We don't need another striker like becchio

Bottom line. We don't need him, not what we are after in a forward, would certainly not pay more than 4 mill for him anyway

He is better than Hooper. The Scottish league is a joke now.



14 Aug 2013 13:15:01
Is there any new shrewsbury transfer news or targets?

No, we don't need anybody------ Asante and Burke will tear Swindon to bits satday

The only bit of good news would be to get rid of gt and the chairman and bring in someone who wants to take Shrewsbury greater hights one very frustrated Shrewsbury fan

No - but then there were no rumours about Grahame Burke either. GT is looking but not finding.

Yes the player who turned them down was benik afobe from arsenal

wem shrew

Adam reach to sign on 1 month loan

No, it was Tom Eaves. The loan was sorted after the game with Bolton, but the morning after Tom decided against it.



14 Aug 2013 12:52:15
Huddersfield Town are rumored to have put in a 6 figure bid in for unwanted Peterborough United striker Ajose

14 Aug 2013 19:57:35
Not a chance no strikers coming in prob cb to cover main 3 n to compete esp. If playin 3-5-2. Maybe loan cm if norwood doesn't find his form /potential already got big squad
True terrier

£100,000 and he's yours.

Why would we want to do that

Huddersfield to sign drinkwater back

15 Aug 2013 00:37:56
no thanks


According to sky lee tomlin has submitted a written transfer request at peterborough utd yesterday but was rejected

Cant see any of this happening

Fortunately Donny have just signed Theo Robinson. So we can cross him off our fantasy list.

15 Aug 2013 18:55:35
Jack Hunt again linked with Swansea. Town won't take less than £2.5m though!

Would love Tomlin in the midfield he would be the perfect fit

I can sleep well now knowing Theos signed for another club

We will get him on loan later in the season so enjoy your sleep while it lasts!

Who scored for Doncaster last night?

O he must be a good player then.!Get a grip man. One goal doesn't meen he is a good player. Waste of space and you know it.



14 Aug 2013 12:22:36
Burnley want Leigh Griffiths to replace Charlie Austin

He would cost too much, Wolves aren't going to give him up easily. Would be a fantastic signing however

Nonsense - he has just signed an extended contract with Wolves. would potentially be a good signing, but It's not going to be happening!

Won't get him, signed a new deal at wolves, this is coming from a burnley fan as well, would rather have sharp

No they don't! Next rumour please!

Hope so! Can't see it happening as he's just signed a new contract with Wolves

I heard that Forest and a Premership side have both contacted Wolves about the lad this week

I think a lot off people are forgetting Wolves are still getting parachute payment from the prem If they get rid off Doyle I could see them investing a lot for the division they are in



14 Aug 2013 08:16:21
Cameron Jeromes brother who is also his agent has been spotted having a meal with Director of Football at Reading Nicky Hammond.

I'm happy if that's true
Scores goals, strong and hold up ball and brings others into play
Shame it's not going to be complete before Saturday
I hope trot deeney moves to a prem team before Saturday as well

What were they eating.?
Could be vital as to wether the meeting went well or not!
Steak means he's going to sign. Beans on toast means. Hammond can't afford him!.

14 Aug 2013 20:50:50
Probably just getting dome betting advice!



14 Aug 2013 11:58:44
Wells of Bradford is to sign for bournemouth in a deal which sees wes Thomas go the other way

Have Bournemouth got 5 Million to throw into that deal as well?

Hope the deal is Thomas plus £3 mill

14 Aug 2013 14:00:25
as mowbray is having no luck with is transfer targets
he is considering bringing back ishmael miller
as he thought he did well last season

2 million plus wes thomas?

Not a ad deal for Bradford if they get money as well

Bournemouth won't sell any strikers we need as many as we can get we r only buying not sellling

14 Aug 2013 16:30:45
1.2m plus Thomas

14 Aug 2013 23:57:23
£5 million? For a third division footballer? £800k maybe.

Wells turned his nose up to Peterborough due to their size, Bournemouth about same as them, why would he want to go? Only championship sides he would go to are the likes of Leicester, forest etc.

800k? are you having a laugh? city alread turned down 1.2m from peterborough and don't need to sell. you need to be offering double that pal.2m is my valuation

Wow Bradford fans are deluded. do you really think a League 2 striker is worth £5 million? 1 million tops for a striker of his quality. Overrated and quite frankly not very good. I wouldn't even pay over £1 million for a player of his quality.

Aha Matt Ritchie was valued at around 2 mill by Swindon fans and we got him for 500k.

Some ridiculous figures being thrown about here. Anywhere between £2M and £5M for a player who did well in the bottom tier last year. don't think so!

Wells has got talent in abundance and can finish lots of opportunities but the majority of his oppurtunities arise due to Hanson, can't see him succeeding without the big man for service so I think he'd stay whatever the weather

15 Aug 2013 14:51:08
Wells did NOT turn down Peterboro due to their size, he said as they were in the same division it would be a sideways move. The club turned down the offer as it was way below their valuation and expectations.

How are bradford fans deluded? Tell me if we're deluded how could Peterborough ask 8mil for dwight Gayle has he proven himself in higher league? No. The price is what he's worth to us at 3mil were hoping to put other teams off that's the whole point

An asset's price is what one party will buy for and the other party will sell for. Bradford won't sell for less than £2m absolute minimum therefore he is valued more than that or can't be valued. that's basic economics

All those who think its delusional to rate nakhi at £5 million need to think Dwight Gayle, nakhi is a better finisher than him and isn't he younger. We don't need to sell him, so if anyone wants to buy him, you will pay over the odds to twist our arm.

What is it with some people. Nobody has said he is worth the figures being banded about. We are saying it will take 'silly money' to get him as WE DON'T WANT TO SELL HIM.

£800,000 For Wells! I hope your club will only pay that for him as he will still be playing at VP this season won't he. In my opinion the club would find it very hard to turn down an offer of around £2,000,000. His value to the club and what it wants to achieve though is actually a lot more than that.

Bradford fans value of Wells is completely deluded.

Yes, how dare Bradford want silly money for their best player who is still under contract & they don't want to sell. They should be grateful to accept what ever the bidding team offers. Just not cricket is it!

Quite right old boy. If it were France 5 euros and a bottle of eau de vie would suffice. We at Bournemouth understand the real value and will offer £5 and not only a bottle of Pimms and lemonade but also the perfect sunset on the beach to drink it, okay yah. See you soon Monsieur Wells



14 Aug 2013 11:56:53
Michael Coulson spotted in Barnsley - surely he ain't coming back. ?

Coulsons is below what we should be aiming for. How about pennants if stoke have released him?

Didnt he end up playing non leauge football?

Fingers crossed this is true. always liked Coulson and reckon he would be the ideal 'plug and play' Striker, Flicker has been trying to recruit. Things looking up. COYR!

He did, but he's still young enough to have a crack at the Championship again. Might do a decent job feeding off O Grady. so reckon we should go for him.

You wanna know why he was spotted in barnsley? cause he lives there

Are you Micheal coulsons agent lol?

What planet are you guys on?
We need a proven goal scorer from the Championship or Premier League!
Get real!


There will be no strikers left in the market if he leaves it much longer.

Thing is, proven strikers cost money Barnsley haven't got. Coulson won't cost much and is worth the gamble. He impressed in the game against Blackpool in the cup and he scored as well.

Its getting worse every day good god we are scrapping the barrel if we are looking at him.

Coulson plays for York which is just up road from Barnsley so just maybe that could be why

As Yorkshiremen we all know tha' carn't meck a silk purse aht on a sow's ear! Hope Flitcroft doesn't think that he can!

We need a proven goal scorer at championship level.


BB-TYKE. You make it sound as though Barnsley are loaded and can just go out and sign a proven striker. Ain't that easy mate. Coulson did well in his first spell and had it not been for injury, would have made it to the top in my view. Give the lad a break.

Agreed coulson showed promise when he was with us but never backed it up with goals and hasn't since even at conference level

Was in the academy with him. He's from Barnsley.

Responding to the two comments after my last post: - I understand the financial situation and I realise that we don’t have megabucks to throw around. But WE are a Championship club so buying and paying each month for a proven Championship striker should not be the great issue we are constantly being brain-washed with? We have survived by the skin of our teeth for the last few seasons and unless we get a quality striker (and others) we will be lucky to survive again. The standards in the Championship get higher every season. If we can’t live up to the standards we will be 3rd Tier next year. O’Grady is still largely unproven, Dagnall is a great worker but not up to the standard, Scotland is past his best. All of them good players in their own way, but this is not about blind loyalty to players. Do we want to continue measuring the club’s success by the fact that “we survived again”? Is that what Donny, Yeovil, Bournemouth and Burnley will do? David Flitcroft said “we are not victims anymore” but nothing has changed to support that argument.
Same old pre-season rhetoric and lack of ambition as we wait to pick up the scraps! I have supported my home town club through thick and thin for more than 50 years, so hope I am proved wrong!




14 Aug 2013 11:44:55
Brentford left back Scott Barron set to join Leyton Orient as first team chances look limited for him this season

Good shout. With all the sponsorships we've now got, this is plausable. if we do not have to pay for him.

Could happen. Orient are looking for a good left back, but hope Slade is setting his sights higher than Brentfords casts-offs!

14 Aug 2013 17:48:54
Heard from a very reliable source, that Rooney will sign for Arsenal within the next few days. Talks have started.

Also Russell Slade is interested in signing a young striker on loan. He has already contacted Spurs and Arsenal for one of their players. Rumour is Coulthirst ( hope I spelt his name right ).

No thanks, he's no better than what we have.

'' No thanks, he's no better than what we have ''

That should have been directed to the scott Barron post.



14 Aug 2013 11:17:05
I've just seen Barry Bannan in South London. Crystal Palace maybe?

Probably because he's with the Scotland squad to play England at Wembley tonight. Doh!

Or the Scotland match being played at Wembley.

Bloody hope so, can't wait until he leaves Villa

14 Aug 2013 17:31:12



14 Aug 2013 10:59:46
Blackpool will today confirm a deal for Ricardo Fuller after contract talks yesterday went well and he has already passed a medical.

I don't think so, deal off

14 Aug 2013 12:18:42
He is over at Burnley Having Talks now

14 Aug 2013 12:22:29
would be a good player for the Orange men

Don't talk rubbish he is not at burnley

If he had a medical Monday what's the delay this deal is clearly off!

He will be anncuned tomorw along with two other singings

Are you being serious? Who are the other two?

2 other signings????? Can you elaborate?

Fuller has just signed a 1 year deal with the option for a further year and has been given the number 19 shirt

Deal isn't off he has signed

Too many know it all's on here. Fair play to the lad, got this rumour spot on.

Was sceptical myself, but deal done and he's signed. Can we now get a couple of midfielders in please.

Believe a loan for a Manchester United youngster may be on the cards but that's about it so far. Any ideas on who this may be ED?



14 Aug 2013 10:22:37
After getting the money for Gayle posh will try and get macheda on loan from united. Dosen't matter if sir alex is there or not.

No it doesn't matter who's there he won't be going to you. jimlcfc

Dont need him don't want him

No thank you, you can keep him.

Don't need any more players. only signing will be a young striker for the future.



14 Aug 2013 09:50:00
Any news on Marriapa?



14 Aug 2013 09:23:59
Gareth Bale is likely to be staying at White hart lane for another season after talks broke down between the two clubs this is because Real madrid couldn't afford the fee.
Tottenham are stepping up their pursuit of roma winger lamela.
They are also looking to add Coentrao to their ranks with the deal looking likely to happen in the next week.

Wishful thinking.



14 Aug 2013 09:23:38
It seems that West ham are ONLY NOW trying desperatley to trim the wage bill by getting rid of Vaz Te, Matt Taylor etc so they can afford a striker. Names being thrown about are Fabio Quagrialella (sunderland, norwich and valencia also interested), Demba Ba (dependant on Samuel Et'o or Rooney arrival) and Hugo Almeida (A free agent being released from Besiktas with High wages but not top of Sam's list). Ideally Sam would like Ba or Quagrialella, however its believed that Quagrialella is sitting back watching for the best offer

Norwich is his best offer. Don't see what he's waiting for.

Waiting for a bigger club. jimlcfc

Sunderland in for him too so Sunderland will b best place for him with the Italian staff!

Quagliarella has stated that he is not going to move to the premiership.

Fair play to him long as we have a back plan we can wait and see who he wants to go to, but maybe for the best we look else were he's pretty old ok still a good player but come on there must be better deals out there

14 Aug 2013 15:43:35
If he's watching for the best offer then he's not interested which club he joins

15 Aug 2013 10:49:41
West Ham invited offers for several players weeks ago. As yet the only firm offer was for Diame who didn't fancy the move.

So your telling me if you were getting offed jobs and u had till the end of month to pick you would just take the first one that was offered just because a player don't want to Join our club straight away don't mean he won't be loyal it's how the world works u wait or the best offer that will suit him just like you would



14 Aug 2013 08:17:22
Freddie Ladapo scored two and created two as Colchester United youth thrashed Arsenal U-21 5-1 last night. Should seal his loan move to Bristol Rovers but will Col Utd let him out now?

Are you his agent or what? There's only a few clubs left you haven't linked him with. If he's as good as you say, he might as well stay and strut his stuff.

He should be in the U's team now and definitely not be going on loan.

Ladapo isn't good enough for league one football yet!

Freddie Ladapo outstanding performance against Arsenal U21s on Tuesday evening! Manager Joe Dunne in a predicament whether to keep his hot property or loan him out for league two experience.

Ladapo has joined woking on loan.



14 Aug 2013 09:14:43
Manchester United are looking to add to their Midfield options and after failing with bids for Fabregas they have turned their attentions on Luka modric, the bid will made official in the next 24 hours.
Bid was around the £35 million mark.

Mesut Ozil and Maroune Fellaini also being talked about

14 Aug 2013 19:44:42
35 million I doubt that.

Tottenham have 1st refusal similar to Fabregas deal. Man u bidding for players they won't get



14 Aug 2013 08:40:09
Gillingham to sign Emile Sinclair for £400k from Peterborough

If he wants a lift I'm on holiday this week.

We don't have £4 let alone that amount

Poor attempt of a rumour there. We have enough Strikers.

I would drive him there for free as well. Seriously hope this is true. UTP

14 Aug 2013 14:29:27
Never! Midfielders needed

Do behave there is a fortune in the bank, Jarvis money, gazaniga money and regular payments for Bertrand, not many clubs with finances like gillingham

Charlie Lee off to Wolves by sounds of it

14 Aug 2013 21:55:26
Scally is to tight I'm afraid



14 Aug 2013 08:36:13
Peterborough United have agreed a deal worth £275k for St. Johnstone striker Stevie May.

The club want £300 000

This lad going to be a great talent, be playing premiership football soon, special talent great signing for posh, saints only got themselves to blame by not giving him a chance in previous years, was best striker at club by a mile & still kept getting loaned out & before saints fans hound me his age shouldn't have mattered he was good enough to start for yous 2 years ago, better than your hubners, hasseilbank & sandaza, saints would have finished higher with May & Nade as a partnership

Saints have got their £300k and a 10% sell-on clause plus Nicky Ajose going north as part of the deal too.

Also future add-ons if he scores 15 goals this season, Posh get promoted and if he gets Scotland caps, could take total fee to £500k.

Saints will now sign Farid El Alagui on loan to replace May.



14 Aug 2013 08:05:18
Pablo Osvaldo landed in Southampton last night. Terms between player and club yet to be decided. however Roma have accepted a second bid from us.

I was led to believe that Southampton conduct their transfer meetings away from the city to avoid sightings like this?

Hes away on international duty FFS!

Love that to be true

14 Aug 2013 10:14:07
please please please be true

Basically you read another rumour about a private plane landing and have made your own up. He's with the national squad and considering internationals mean a lot to him, I doubt he flew in last night. Better luck next time.

Plus he's on international duty with italy

Not true he's on international duty

Don't be ridiculous. He is in Italy with the national side

Not sure if he landed at Southampton but I know he pulled out the Italy squad last minute

Latest gossip is Inter Milan have expressed an official interest in buying him - and from what i've read that's where he wants to play. There was thought to be an under the table deal between Inter and the player there anyway and the Saints bid has flushed it out earlier than they wanted.
Could all be rubbish though.

He pulled out of international because of injury

Benfica now in for him too

Is he with Italy?

I am happy with a few dodgy rumours but lies posted shouldn't be tolerated, Osvaldo starts for Italy tonight, and there was no private plane for him last night either.

Not entirely sure PO has pulled out of the ITA squad. He's just completed the first half!
We know other clubs have other qualities, he may not want to join us but his connection with MoPo, signings of Lovren, Wanyama and re-signing Shaw together with the positive, intense attacking football we now play (even Gary Neville likes us) means we are allowed to make bids for quality players without derision. surely

He played tonight against Argentina.

He played in the Italy game tonight, are you sure?

Seems like Spurs making a offer for Osvaldo aswell

He wasn't in the squad last night at all

he pulled out slightly injured. I doubt he was in southampton though

but e 100% was not with the squad

Last nights team against Argentina was Italy: Gianluigi Buffon (Federico Marchetti 54'); Luca Antonelli, Giorgio Chiellini, Daniele De Rossi, Christian Maggio (Alessio Cerci 71'); Riccardo Montolivo (Lorenzo Insigne 46'), Marco Verratti, Claudio Marchisio (Alessandro Florenzi 46'); Emanuele Giaccherini (Alessandro Diamanti 54'), Antonio Candreva (Alberto Aquilani 46'); Pablo Osvaldo

He definitely played and set up their goal. Not too difficult to check

Banega scored, lamela set one up and osvaldo played a decent chunk of the game too. I'm guessing we had someone watching!

"He wasn't in the squad last night at all

he pulled out slightly injured. I doubt he was in southampton though

but e 100% was not with the squad"

What you on about you tool! not only was he in the squad he played and started!

Why can`t people get their facts straight!

Signing for spurs today!



14 Aug 2013 03:17:08
Barnsley FC looking to bring in Luke Moore from Swansea on a six month loan deal.

Lita and Moore will be released on a free as long as it don't cost the swans anything as in paying up contracts etc. No loan deals mate

Hope not, he's not what we're looking for, need a goalscorer

Luke more will get you goals, there's a big difference between the prem and the bottom half of the championship! Ang good luck finding such an amazing goal scorer who is also on the free!

14 Aug 2013 17:42:37
Is it time we looked at the management team its no good looking back to last season. we have to look forward and I don't see playing your mates as going forward if the manager can't mate the decision then is it time to get some one who can. as he say no one is bigger then the club.

Look, more I keep hearing this rumour about Luke Moore, more I keep thinking there's more to this than meets the eye. If Moore comes to Barnsley, how many more players do it look like we need to have a good squad?

Moore the merrier really :)

Millers Moore would be a good asset for Barnsley. Moore or less



14 Aug 2013 02:24:50
Nottingham Forest are keeping tabs on Peter Odenwinge and if they don't get anycof their other targets then will make a move late in the window.
Forest will also put a bid in for Bacary Sako of Wolves this week and make enquires about Nicky Maynard, Ricardo Vaz Te and Shola Ameobi's availability.

Odenwinge is proven at premiership level, Sako is a yes for me, but all others must be loans as they are not good enough for the premiership.
Red Ian

Please take Sako, he really is overrated.

15 Aug 2013 00:48:02
Don't despair Red Ian, you won't be in the Premier League for some time yet.

If we get peter odemwinge it whould be the best signing of the season I think he is top draw



14 Aug 2013 01:22:23
Scott Sinclair to sign for West Bromwich Albion this Thursday on a season long loan for £2million with view to permanent at £4million. Will sign by 10pm Thursday.

Hope this is true but not sure if west brom will pay 2 mill loan fee so come on west brom put your hands in the book and pay and give Albion fans something to look forward to

Thought he was going to Liverpool

This deal is dead in the water no chance of happening, Peace won't sanction the deal

Thats exactly why he hasn't signed already because WBA are unwilling to pay these prices. Negotiations continue.

Is Peace the worlds biggest scrounger. Does he want everything on a plate. Surely to God what city are asking won't break the bank

"Surely to God what city are asking won't break the bank"

It probably won't, but cue frenzied cries of 'WE'LL TURN INTO COVENTRY!' by a certain section of fans.

Double standards by peace we commend him in his stand with odemwhingey and not budging with the £2m asking price, even when£1.5m been offered n yet peace haggles over (if what you read is true) £6m (loan + transfer fee).

From a Baggie living in Norfolk where the locals are crowing about the NCFC boards support for the manager by forking £25m on new signings, its beyond logic why Peace won't sanction upwards of £10m on new signings.

As with all businesses, you build from a sound footing. The footing were laid last year but we still fail to build.

Put it this way: we paid 4mil for Shane Long. We paid 4mil for Ben Foster. Strangely, we're still in the Premier League and not in any financial or adminstrative trouble. And what difficulty would 6mil - paid in instalments, mind - pose?

Although its not being said, prehaps we are waiting to get a firm 2mil for PO before commiting to buying/loaning Sinclair, if we don't sell him we are paying 45000 pw dead money unless he is going to play this year, which is over 2.3million p/a, go along with the 2mill we have to pay for Sinclair plus his reported 40 - 60k p/w and taking into consideration fair play ruling coming in this year, we have to balance the books, so I applaud the stance yes it is frustraiting yes we have potentially missed out on players, but look at the quality that we have bought in and cost us next to nothing, Yacob 0 75,000 for Mulumbu Anelka 0, McAuley 0 Ollson 700k Lukaku Loan Jones 0, there is probably 35millions worth of talent there, the future is bright and its Blu and White

JP knows how to run a club. Faith. Ask Wolves if they'd have JP running the show and they would rip your hand off.

There is more to it than the loan fee etc. Sinclair is a good player but not necessarily worthy of the £60k wage he picks up on a weekly basis. He has not got a wealth of premiership experience and has does suffer niggling injury problems so Peace is 1) right to want to sign him but 2) right to be a little cautious especially with the wage issue.

Its a whole different scenario to stumping up £6m for Sinclair, you cannot compare this deal to fosters or longs as they were both at the time fully fit and at the top of their game with their respective clubs, unlike Sinclair who has hardly kicked a ball in 12 months and sustaining a fairly serious illness. i'm with JP on this one, yeah we'll take him But not at that price, steady as she goes is Albions byword

Come on Mr Peace open your wallet for a good player, when the villa spend £10 million and we only sign loan deals.
From a Baggie Fan for over 64 years.

JP has short arms and long pockets. He has not looked at buying anyone yes all those names you real off are great signings. forget 6m for Sinclair what about all the other players like Bony, show your intent start as you mean to go on, oh he has he has no faith in his manager or recruitment staff. yet he still draws a top salary himself him and wenger would get on great!

Use the academy money because no one comes out of it,

JP certainly knows how to run a club, but he's forgotten how to take even the smallest risk and go a little further in getting the player/s the manager and team require. Not wholesale chucking of funds but a solid buy when needed. If you're thinking 'ooh, we'll do a Coventry or a Leeds if we do that!' we won't. The only way you get to do a Coventry or Leeds is to place a club lock, stock and barrel into the wrong hands. The club certainly is in the right hands, but, sadly, the downside of careful stewardship and budget-tightening is that ambition, whether big or small, is looked upon as an arrestable offence or to be horrified at.

Sinclair hardly has a wealth of premier league experience, 2 appearances for Chelsea, 38 Swansea and 11 Man City. And where does this 60 grand a week come from? City reportedly quadrupled his Swansea wage which was 10 grand.

You lot recon we will sign anyone now?

Well Jeremy as said he thinks west brom are a championship team. Do you think he's going to spend millions on players? obv has no faith in the team he's working with! he needs to commit himself and believe in us. OR GO!

Wherwho is the wow signing then?, bony, mbokani, vydra (who I like as it happens) but still 3rd choice according to the papers. I know we are not top 4 or 6 and best case scenario we win f. a cup but not all good signings are free! Sometimes we have to pay over £4m to get the player. And pay top wages

Pearce even passed in michu look how that turned out

We still need 2 wingers/midfielders! Atm our bench is looking low on players in those areas, since we sold JT and that, we actually do not have a proper winger now! And we also need back up in the CDM position because when yacob was injured last season we lost a lot of games!

We don't need cover CDM why are there people saying this? We have yacob mulumbu dorrans Thorne Morrison Reid and brunt can all also play there!

So still waiting for the big news that Scott Sinclair has signed for West Brom!! Not a chance. No more signing for us now - that's it!

J. P thinks we are a champion club so he's heart is not in the club hope he nows by now that west brom are a prem club he's been there long for some time now so come on J. P you now we are a prem club so spend some off your money

Ssn just reported talks are still ongoing for sinclair so looks like he very close to being west brom player

Of course we need cover for the two central midfielders as last season showed when yacob was injured and mulumbu was away on African cup!

Are you being serious we need other well better cdms than brunt! When we lost mulumbu or yacob we lost games! Brunt cannot play there, dorrans cant, thorne can but he is still young, we still need better plays in that position its obvious really. Watch next season when we lose mulumbu and yacob and replace then with brunt then that changes the complete midfield and then we will lose games!

Just remember Baggies fans, take a look at where WBA are now from when Mr Pearce took over the reigns.
Fabulous job I would have thought.

What's are you on about dorrans can play there and he also said brunt as a possible replacement! Not first choice back up! Anyway we need players in other positions before we get our 7-8 player that can play CDM!

People keep going on about how great a job he has done (JP). He has also taken a top salary as well to help the difficult transitional period as well as using wba money to buy himself shares. the point is he has a bag full of money. he's moved the head office from west brom to London. The man is clever moved holdings so he does not have to sell everyone's shares for someone to take control. He's not there for the love of WBA but for the money. kul

He can tgough an that's what you said but the replacements we have at cdm are actually rubbish and what 7-8! We don't even have a proper cdm on the bench who can play there and the teplacements we have are rubbish so thetefore its obvious we been a cdm, if we lose yacob we don't have anyone else good enough to replace him- FACT

You said dorrans can play there so read you other message before writing an new one that's is the complete opposite to what you was saying before!

Im a different guy to the other post, I just can see where he's coming from in terms of having players who can play there if we ever need them!

Yeh fair enough but the other players are not good enough and brunt is actually the worst midfielder in the prem and even clarke and morrison said we need another 4 players! Its obvious we have enough defenders and strikers now all we need is 2 wingers and an cdm!

Brunt, Reid, Thorne or Morrison cannot play CDM, All we need is 2 quality wide players and cover for Mulumbu and Yacob and we'll be pushing for 6th or 7th position. Failure to land at least 2 out of the 3 players required and we're in for a fight to stay up.



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