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14 Aug 2012 22:03:38
West ham made a bid for James Henry 1.8 million


We can't let james go!,he is the only who turned up against crawley last night!!! which is more than i can say 'for the rest??!! shocking!



14 Aug 2012 21:44:05
Fahad Al Enezi has been invited for trial at Nottingham forest. He's a fast right midfielder and someone the manager is after.

Hes one of the fastest players in the world looks good been dubed the arab ronaldinho look at the vids on youtube



14 Aug 2012 21:39:49
sunderland have a 15m offer accepted by wolves

Good i hope so then we can move on

No sunderland offered 14 mil and been refused

We can buy world class players for that price, we should just forget about it.

Nope they havnt there have moved intrest to else where and 15m for him lol they would be stupid anyways

15m for fletcher is almost as ridiculous as 35m for carroll!

Sunderland chairman has said they will lnot offer more than 14 million.



14 Aug 2012 21:31:43
Part 1- Everton have made a cheeky £3m bid to sign Jay Spearing from Liverpool while they are also planning a £7m move for Liverpool target Clint Dempsey. David Moyes is very keen on taking Adam Johnson on a season long loan from Manchester City and Everton could be a strong force next year but IMO it will be United,City and Arsenal fighting for the title with Chelsea,Liverpool and Spurs fighting for the 4th spot and Newcastle and Everton contending for the Europa league spots. This is one of those rare summers where nearly all of the top teams are looking in better shape than they did last year{ granted Arsenal may be about to lose their best player in RVP but after signing Podolski,Cazorla and Giroud with another one or two to go I feel they will be a better team}. Tottenham would be the only team who could be arguably weaker should they lose Luka Modric but again they have signed Vertonghen and Sigurdsson while they are rumoured to be closing in on Lloris,Adebayor and M'Vila so again they will be a lot stronger. Chelsea have lost Drogba and Kalou but signed Hazard,Marin and Oscar for a cool £65m and they are still on the look out for a right back and a striker. The biggest revolution however seems to be down at Anfield this summer as they look to change the club from top to bottom. Liverpool will have lost a huge amount of first team players by the end of the window, with Kuyt,Maxi,Aquilani,Bellamy and Aurelio already gone Adam,Pacheco,Spearing and Cole{if anyone will take him which seem unlikely ATM} all facing the chop from the squad. Liverpool have signed Borini and Allen while Barcelona winger Tello is looking very likely to join on loan in the next day or two, Liverpool were beaten to the signature of Gylfi Sigurdsson by Spurs earlier in the summer and they are planning on exerting revenge on Tottenham by beating them to the signature of another attacking midfielder/winger named Gaston Ramirez. Liverpool will make a move for Victor Wanyama should they fail to secure Nuri Sahin on loan, that deal is really up in the air with Arsenal,AC Milan,Liverpool and Tottenham all still realistic destinations.

I think it's fair to say that if all this plays out, That next season is going to be awesome. Full of suprises top and bottom of the league and we are all fans of the best league in the doubt.

Some good points and yes the top teams are getting stronger a very exciting season on the way. No way Everton or Moyes will pay 7 mill for Dempsey at his age sorry even though a class player , as for Spearing we are not short in the middle of the field.

Why would Liverpool fight out for 4th and Newcastle and Everton for Europe when both are better than Liverpool, Chelsea will also be better than Arsenal.



14 Aug 2012 21:25:11
Nottingham forest are rumoured to be interested in Joey Barton

Oh no we are not !

No you are not the powers that be have said QPR can't send him out on loan



14 Aug 2012 21:19:24
Lua lua to join sheffield Wednesday before Saturday

Not likely when hes just signed a 2 yr deal in either greece or turkey!!



14 Aug 2012 21:07:27
Mcmanus, middlesbough to bristol city deal is back on.

I wish- After tonights performance, we need 4 McManus's

Get rid of mciness and we might have a chance of signing quality he was lucky last season he hasnt a clue go back north where u belong mciness wid the crap we cant even beat league two opposition

Look at Blackpool Blackpool

What a ridiculous comment! Its supporters like you that this club does not need! Mcinnes did a great job with little help to keep us up last year! He has inherited a squad that the previous two managers built, unsuccessfully may I add.... Gary J our most successfull manager of recent times, a victim of his own success or a victim of this sort of attitude..? If Mcinnes had a decent budget/stadium to attract players we might be in with a chance.... Untill such time we will struggle #FACT!!

What utter rubbish, how many games have city lost under mcinnes ? You must have a VERY short memory, we just need the centre back and quick striker on board that Derek has been trying to sign since January.

Mate be quiet have a bit of faith so what we lost to League opposition. Blackpool lost to Morecambe, Derby conceded 5 against Scunthorpe it doesn't matter and we wouldn't be worried if it was pre-season. We'll be fine in Del we trust COYR

To the above person DM was not lucky last season he turned it around and the players responded. Sacking him now would be so stupid. We did a few new players and he is trying to get them but within safe boundaries. Derby Cardiff Brighton all bought players for big money and salaries and it didnt make them go through did it. So shut up about sacking DM. Mcmanus would be a good start and more to come.

We should sign Mark Wilson, Andre Amougu, Stephen McManus, Chris Wook and Sam Baldock, then we are talking!

Totaly agree mate i went to that game and it made me embarrised to support bristol city that was a crap performance, were gonna go down if we don't sign some better players. woolford-crap, foster-crap,morris-crap way to old

How can you say get rid of him he has hardly had the chance to turn things around to many knee jerk reactions. The last 5 season we haven't progressed in the cup down to the players to be honest we don't have the quality there and we cant attract players because we simply do not have the money we need to sign up and coming like adomah + bolaise who are quality signings not by del boy but the sort of young hungry player who want to play and try.

We loose 2-1 and we are getting relegated? really wake up. this is what winds me up about supporting this club dammed if you do dammed if you don't. Sick and tired of hearnig it I'm sick and tried of hearing i pays my money im entitled to an opinion. for a start its pay my money not pays and secondly you PAY your money and you moan what about the fans that PAY their money dont't moan and support the club we love without moanin! end of rant COYR!

Well said all above that has Del Boy's back & are keeping the faith.

You call your self a fan? He hasnt had an easy time trying to turn it around, he has done well with little money but then you come along and say that! Get rid of you as a fan and we might have a chance!

What a nause you are saying McInnes needs to go. He made a mistake in the gameplan last night, that was one time. The players didn't show up, hopefully some of them lose their first team spot (woolford and pearson and maybe morris, they were all was Foster but we dont have anyone to replace him unless we sign Mark Wilson...). So McInnes got it wrong, he hasn't got it wrong many time. We've lost 3 games in 15. So what the **** are you saying. McInnes is a class manager working with a fairly poor squad i must say. He needs to bring in some players to strengthen the back and give us some pace upfront. McManus would be a perfect signing for our right sided CB we need. Hope it happens. Hoping for him or Amougou myself. COYR. In McInnes we trust!

Get thee down the gas with the rest of the persons you are no city fan

It's simple really. iv'e been a season ticket holder most my life. i regularly go to every game i can, through the good and bad times me and my dad have always supported them.
this is why it annoys me how people moan about us not spending much money but if we got more people coming every match it would increase the budget for players and wages. i know times are bad down there but im afraid not going won't help derek.
secondly these people already calling for his head are ridiculous. so you want to sack the man that kept us up last year when most people had already written us off by october. all because of one game we lost. yes it was dissapointing, but a lot of other big teams got knocked out by lower league opposition, derby and blackpool to name but a few.

im sure we will sign some exciting and much needed players in the next few weeks but sacking derek is not the way to start the season.

if you want the big names like mccormack and lita down our place then fill the ground with paying supporters with a passion for the club and lets see what happens. after all the team that won us promotion from league one didnt have many well known names did it!!

At the end of the day what is the carling cup.. The worst cup competition going.. So how can u say get rid of mcinnes? Come the end of the season, you won't be saying get rid of mcinnes. Yes I agree the most successful manager we had was Gary johnson, but if you give mcinnes 1-2 years you will be saying he is the most successful manager we had, so how about you shut up and when the seasons finish then post again about how successful we are... End of..

Why hasn't McInnes signed a centre back and striker yet. We have 3 days to the start of the season.Madness bordering on dereliction of duty.

Look they know they got to focus on the league that it was a terrible games for them i have more faith in mcinnes up to Johnson era atm

Del boy will be wheeling and dealing ;)

Del doesn't need the sack its half the team that are previous managers have brought in thats the problem and instead of building the stadium i would rather put the money towards better players to take the team up

I was there Tuesday night and the game was crap but what rubbish to sack DM. The one thing city need is stability and to rebuild. With a small budget that takes time. H's gonna bring in some younger player from the academy etc and build us that way. The managerial merry go round only works if you've got millions. Steve L is not going to pump in that money so we just have to be patient. I think we will struggle this season but if we can stay up again and continue to build so be it. I'd rather be the wrong end of the championship than the right end of league one.

It's funny how when we're winning we're all so happy but when we lose we want mcinnes to go. we would be league one team if it wasn't for mcinnes! did a great job last season. all you have to do is see what he did up in perth and you know hes a good manager! hes come down to bristol for a different challenge in difficult circumstances and he did magnificently in my eye! and remember, Johnson, Coppell and Millen all lost to league two teams as well, did u want them gone then as well? wake up man come on! all we need is one more centre back and a pacey striker and i think we're sorted. Mcinnes has bought well and sensibly, hes gone with what he wants and what he thinks will get us results this season and hasnt been swayed by the fans - which i like to see in a manager. COYR

The problem is every other team in the championship are investing in players worth good players spending over a million pound for players but city are just siging players worth nothing thats why were struggling steve l should put bait more money in the club if they have any ambition



14 Aug 2012 20:47:47
bournemouth are set to sign some german goalkeeper kid in the region of free to 100k the guys name i dont know.

Why post it then?

^ No, Lichinstein international called Buchel.

At oxford last night mossy the gk coach was working with jalah, flahaven was out injured. Two other unknown goalkeepers were also warming up can anyone name?

Benjamin Buchel

Chad collins is one of the unknown keepers he is a youth team goalie and was on the bench yesterday. Buchel was not on the bench but may have been at the match.

Chad collins (youth team goalie)

One was chad Collins Youth keeper

Benjamin Buchel was on international duty with Leichtenstien on Tuesday. Against Andorra, if anyone cares



14 Aug 2012 20:46:41
Burnley are interested in signing Brett Pitman from Bristol City with Martin Paterson possibly moving away from Turf Moor............

You can have brett pitman he's rubbish, he's only good of the bench



14 Aug 2012 20:44:24
Arouna Kone signs 3 year deal with Wigan. Major coupe for the Latics, I wanted him to join the Hammers :(



14 Aug 2012 20:39:26
It looks like Fulham have renewed their interest for Dnipro midfielder Derek Boateng. They was interested in the Ghana CM last summer but was knocked back. Boateng looks certain to leave this summer after being told his not in Jaunde Ramos plans. Fulham are in need of a CM/DM with the likes of Murphy , Etuhu and Gecov leaving. Fulham could get their man if they add another £1.5M to their earlier offer this week.

Fulham still trying to bring in Boateng.

Dempsey will leave at the end of the window - possibly abroad. Chadli will arrive at Fulham. Fulham still want Adam but the deal will not involve Dempsey.

Watch out for interest from Liverpool for Hangeland late in the window if Agger moves to Man City. Fulham will play hard ball to keep Hangeland, but like Dempsey Hangeland keen to move on for a last big contract.

And, Dembele will also become the focus of attention as the window closes, especially from Spurs who will replace Modric who is going to R Madrid.

Like most teams Fulham totally frustrated in this transfer window. Jol really needs funds/expertise to start a rebuild without Dembele, Dempsey and Hangeland. Needs four or five top quality players this window - but this will be difficult. Things will go to the last day of the window.

If Hangeland was going to move he would have done it a few seasons ago when Arsenal came in for him but instead he signed a new contract!!



14 Aug 2012 20:27:56
With Defoe unlikely to feature in avbs plans, stoke are interested in taking him and paring up with crouch again! Also Sunderland are to make an improved bid for Steven fletcher of wolves!

15 million please.

Some truth in above, Sunderland no longer in the market for Fletcher ,but are hoping to link Defoe with a surprise move for Peter Crouch

Lets hope all these rumurs about defoe to stoke r true,i would love to see him at stoke,in tp we trust

15 million defoe didnt spurs pay 7 when he was 27



14 Aug 2012 20:24:04
Kone as joined Wigan. No messing about!



14 Aug 2012 20:19:48
Swansea have accepted a bid from Blackpool for Stephen Dobbie. Dobbie has been given the green light to hold talks with Blackpool, but a number of other clubs are also chasing Dobbie.

The Swans are denying any agreement for Dobbie from Blackpool, perhaps this is just a load of nonsense coming out of the Blackpool camp!!

Unlikely because Swansea want to much for a player in last year of contract.Blackpool want to pay around 300k and Swansea want 1.1m.

Steven Dobbie to sign for Blackpool today

They have agreed a fee

Dobbie is worth 1m



14 Aug 2012 20:13:44
Watford could be looking at Nenad Milijas who is coming to the final year of his contract at Wolves. Watford would love a bit of experience and Nenad has said that he wants first team football. Watford have done business with Wolves in the past when loaning Michael Kightly. Kightly came out of Watford a much better player so Nenad may be tempted if he speaks to Michael about his time at Watford.

The Pozzos rarely bring in players over the age of 25 or so, therefore unlikely that a 29 year old on the decline in his career will be coming our way.

Nenad is going abroad

Im a wolves fan and if you have a bid accepted ill drive him to watford for you. He is technically brilliant but way too slow for english football

Don't need any more centre midfielders!

"...rarely bring in players over the age of 25 or so..."

So our 2 perm signings so far, Hill & Almunia are

We've only signed to players permanently and they're both over 30 - no reason why his age would prevent us from signing him

"The Pozzos rarely bring in players over the age of 25 or so"
Almunia (35), Hall (31) and Geijo (29) make that a pretty nonsense statement.

Okay I'll rephrase, rarely bring in players over the age of 25 when they have to spend money. It's against their vision of buying low selling high. Also, both those players were once good, Milijas has never been good in English football.

Do your research, look at the players that the Pozzos have spent money on for Udinese or Granada, rarely are they in their late twenties/thirties, there's a large emphasis on youth with a resale value.

I think watford should sign Daniel Boateng from arsenal

Who are you arsenal staff???
Has been made public no more signings so please no more rumours come on yeah zebrah's as next year the fa will have there backs up as watford have no wage bill and will ban any foreign loan signings for a season long loan.

The players that have come in on loan from Udinese and Grenada are either having their wages paid by them two or partly paid by Watford, so I can't see us having an issue with no wage bill



14 Aug 2012 20:10:48
Norwich have renewed their interest in Norwegian striker Mohammed Abdellaoue, rumoured to have a 4.5 million £ price tag.

Reports in Norway and Italy say Lazio are also interested in him.

Wrong city its swansea that want him not norwich ......

Not for sale i hear ...

Hope this is true

Doesn't want to leave I hear...

Norwich have had an interest since last season, Swansea have new interest.



14 Aug 2012 19:48:55
Former Coventry City player Martin Cranie is in talks with Barnsley over a possible move to the South Yorkshire outfit and could be signed in time for Saturday's Championship opener against Middlesbrough. Source SSN.

He's now officially signed for barnsley

Good signing

Josh mceachran to join boro friday and be ready 4 barnsley

Any news on fuller?

Gutted he wouldn't give ccfc another year but will sign for them! We will pass him on his way down! PUSB

Haha step backwards Cranie

Massive step back? A club from league one on brink of administration to a championship club who proved last season that they can be a stepping stone for players?

Can't see how a step to the championship from a league one club is a step down. Been up there with the favourites to go down for years and haven't yet. Fair play to lad. (Bradford fan)

Step back? Are you deluded? Barnsley FC keep getting knocked back, when they are acctually a good outfit. ( Leeds Fan )

Good team?? we 'were' good last year till we lost vaz te but we plummeted after that and were lucky to stay up! i think cranie would be a very good signing for us but im still not convinced by the likes of mido and harewood!

What's happening with cranie ? Is he signing or not !

I'd put money on mido not even playing for yous he's a liability, boro fan

Barnsley are just a rubbish club, cov are far from great, but i'd rather play for them than barnsley, regardless of the division

Martin crainy signed for barnsley

He will be asking for too much wages and then we are going to be stuck without a good defender again, Foster looked shocking last saturday just too add!

In resonse to bitter coventry fan, you may want to play at all costs for youre club, the majority of real football fans feel the same about there clubs, but unfortunatly MOST FOOTBALL PLAYERS ARE GREEDY AVARICIOUS INDIVIDUALS THAT DONT REALLY CARE WHAT CLUB THEY PLAY FOR, BUT THEY DO CARE WHAT DIVISION ITS IN!!!,

Cranie is useless & was responsible for ccfc's relegation! He's a defender & clearly not a very capable one! He's greedy & delusional about his worth & talent! CCFC ate well rid & can do without such users!

18 Aug 2012 19:39:00
Martin Cranie has been another disloyal using player who's only there for the wages & ready to jump ship as soon as the tough times come! He was a useless defender and contributed MASSIVELY 2our demise

Martin Cranie rates himself far higher than anyone serious in the championship!How many strikers did he let run past him & score while with cov fc? Enough to get us demoted; thats how many! He's slow & lazy!

What a waste of money & time Martin Cranie was! CCFC r well rid of him & he shud hav bin gr8ful CCFC offered him anythin! He's only fit 4 the bench & that will show who takes him on! Weak & feeble is Cranie!

Cranie's talent & skills are limited & he was an incompetant defender for COV FC! He's arrogant & cheeky to believe he's better than his last performances! He's slow off & on the pitch & COV FC are better off without weak links in their armour

Barnsley cant be that keen or rhey wud hav sealed the deal on Cranie for todays match against Middlesborough! Cranie's an afterthought & sloppy seconds & he should have snatched Cov's hand off with their deal!

Barnsley dont want Cranie & niether do Leeds; Cranie's just another reject who should have stuck by Cov FC regardless of demotion! He's better than he thinks & his best is well & truely over with a capital O!

He must be a cracking player, if he provokes such a response for leaving Coventry, we didn't cry in our milk when butterfield left, because he's not that good

Them lemons must be really sour for you to all spit your dummys out about him leaving you haha

It's sour grapes.... not lemons, but I get your point! Think Cranie has failed tp take any responsibility or accountability for his contribution to Cov's relegation as a result of his sub standard performances & then acts as though he's too good for Cov when he majorly influenced their demotion. Am sure he'll get somewhere & good luck to him.

Some of you make me laugh, barnsley are a 'rubbish' club, Middlesbrough have spent around 6million on players, reportedly, barnsley have spent 0 on players and who won on saturday. Barnsley where much the better side the whole game. (middlesborough fan)

Signed a 1 year deal, read in to that what you will.

Thanks borough fan, we rode our luck a bit though, good luck this coming season



14 Aug 2012 19:43:38
Sam walker has gone to Bristol rovers meaning he will not be making a return to huish
Delighted by this news walker looked terrible for Yeovil

Yeovil have stech already...

Sam Walker nowhere near League One standard. May do ok as backup at Rovers in League Two but won't be automatic 1st choice.

Sour grapes?

Why would it be sour grapes when he blatently said he doesn't rate him? He can go to a poor team like the gas! Good luck to him!

He was a liability... Occassionally pulled out a stunning save but shouldn't all keepers?

Terrible player. Thank god he didn't sign for Yeovil.



14 Aug 2012 19:25:52
former atletico madrid player alberto noguera has officially signed for blackpool on a two year deal with the option for a further year.



14 Aug 2012 18:54:04
Just been on pne page of Bbc sport and says pne confirm bid for beacon, anyone know if this is true?

Not sure who this Beacon is, but they've bid for Beavon!



14 Aug 2012 18:48:49
RUMOUR has it that we have had a bid accepted by Elche CF for 24-year-old central defender Xabier Etxeita.

Who's 'we'??



14 Aug 2012 18:37:37
Brighton havs agreed the signings of Luigi Vittozzi,midfielder and Fabrizio Toia centre half from their Italian club.Details confirmed by Wednesday pm.

What Italian club is Brighton linked to? Before posting make sure your facts are right.

These players aren't real

Louis saha is comeing to brighton on to be done in the next two weeks!

Brighton need a striker, not a midfielder or defender

Haha fake players, anyone who believes this is deluded

He is a free agent (Saha) so unlikely to come on loan



14 Aug 2012 18:20:51
Barnsley sign former under 21international, Martin cranie



14 Aug 2012 18:07:25
Forest are keen on calling Alf-Inge Haaland out of retirement to bolster their struggling midfield. Haaland admitted this himself to Notts Evening Post



14 Aug 2012 18:13:35
BARNSLEY HAVE SIGNED MARTIN CRAINEY ON A 2 YEAR DEAL!! Crainey has played at u17, 18, 19 and 21s for England in defence. Source is radio Sheffield

Very good news if true. Leeds were after him for a while but apparently he's not good enough for them now their takeover/investments back on. Kept that one under the radar Keith
Up the reds

1 year deal



14 Aug 2012 18:10:07
Dons are confident of signing adebayo akinfenwa from Northampton town on a two year deal at a cost of 120k before of the start of their league 1 campaign.



14 Aug 2012 18:09:41
Leeds have re-entered contract negotiations with Ross McCormack after the forward had a successful pre season. This was intensified by his public display of desire to stay after an interview on LUTV where he stated him & his young family were settled in Leeds & he would like to stay at Leeds United.

Everton today have given up on McCormack because of Leeds' desire to keep him. Source: Yorkshire media

McCormack has signed new 3 year deal. Source: Official Leeds United website.



14 Aug 2012 17:58:58
Crystal Palace will be pleased to finally confirm the signings of Jose Baxter, Ross McCormack and David Nugent in time for Saturday's visit of Watford.

What a load of rubbish! McCormacks staying at Leeds anyway {Ed020's Note - no way he's going, he's stated he wants to stay in leeds, his wife loves it, he's just had a child, and leeds is a great place to}

Well this is just a stupid post. Leeds won't sell McCormack to a team in the same division, Leicester won't sell Nugent for the same reason while also both players wouldn't even want to go to palace while I doubt palace could afford them either. Baxter could be true though

Can you really afford those wages? Ross and David are pretty high earners I think.

Amazed is the word rather than pleased! is this wish fulfilment from a Crystal Palace fan?

Made by someone on the BBS...



14 Aug 2012 17:50:47
Barnsley have signed marlon harewood as mido is out injured and now Keith hill is looking at free agent Martin crainey.
Source is sky sports



14 Aug 2012 17:50:36
Derby County set to unveil Conor Sammon to the fans tonight at Pride Park before the League Cup clash. Sammon has signed in a 1.2m deal.

Its 1.15 million over 2 years so no players have gone out yet

Must have missed this last night?

This didn't happen then!

Full of BS pal



14 Aug 2012 17:49:43
Swansea City are the latest club being linked with USA international Marvell Wynne.

Get off FUT 12!

He has been linked with the prem to be fair.



14 Aug 2012 17:47:15
Norwich City are set to swoop for Celtic duo Gary Hooper and Emilio Izaguirre in a deal that will see current Norwich striker James Vaughan and £6.5 million going to the current Scottish champions.

Im not a fan of either mentioned clubs but I know Celtic want like 12mill for Hooper, so this is untrue... Plus Norwich have lost Lambert so they will go down.

Yes Norwich have lost Lambert, but we have a manager that was doing exceptionally well for Newcastle. If you know this for certain why not pedicting your lottery numbers!

Vaughan 500k max.
Hooper 7m already rejected
Izzi min 6m
6.5m I don't think

Not a chance of that deal. Could get a better deal for either of them on their own.

I think it will cost about 10m for the two with vaughan thrown in

Have not got 6.5 mill that is why lambo left us no cash to spend plus city only spend 3.5 mill max on players thats why we will be a bottom four team this season

SPL Players are worth the same as Championship players as the standard of play is amateur at best

Therefore 7m and 6.5m is just hilarious

North of the Border = One-Team League...even Ipswich would beat you ;)

We still have yet to get our 2 loan signings, which can be done outside of the main transfer window.

Both our Chairman and our Manager have gone on record saying we have the biggest transfer budget in our history, so there is a lot more available to spend. Remember that some will be kept back for the January window.

We have virtually the same players as last time, in midfield we are better with the arrival of Snodgrass and Butterfield, in defence we have replaced Whitbread with Turner who is a vast improvement, and Ayala has gone on loan to play games regularly (sensible choice), Whittaker has replaced Naughton.

Lambert left us because he is wants to get to the top of the managerial pyramid and that means managing a fallen giant like Villa to prove he has what it takes.

No offence mate but your effectively saying james vaughan is worth 7.5 million which i highly doubt imo hooper 8 izaguirre 6 mil both 10 mil apiece on top form but thats just my opinion vaughan worth 2-3mil max an thats bein generous

Sick to the back teeth of yous and ur over inflated epl prices y shudnt celtic hold out for top prices for any player yes we know our league is rubbish and its now a one team league but to counteract ur cynicism why are yous sniffin about our players if its as bad as you say either pay top whack or shut up and look elsewhere also .....ipswich......come on mate ur havin a laugh and to a post i read erlier spl conference level.........whens the last time u seen the likes of mansfield or wrexham anywhere near the champions league no disrespect lol

That's funny when Spartak Moscow paid 10 million for Aiden McGeady just 2 season ago... I hope to god Celtic get a top 4 EPL team if we make it to the group stages of the CL!

Is that why celtic were only beaten 2-0 by real madrid where as milan were beaten 4-1 by the spanish giants? i doubt a championship side could only suffer a 2-0 defeat to the spanish league champions.

By the way Hooper is better than Holt who was Norwich's best striker last season Celtic would need Vaughan + 11 mil which is money Norwich don't have.

Izaguirre 1 good season and thats it. 2.5 million max. hooper still to prove himself at the top level, com on st mirren, dundee, hibs etc. 3 million tops.

St Mirren, Dundee (Who he has never played?), Hibs, Udinese, Rennes, Rangers, Braga...

Hooper has proved himself in europe and if you look back at izzaguires career before celtic it was not one good season. if fletcher is worth 20 mil hooper is worth 15.

Actually hooper has scored against the likes of udinese and Rennes in Europe and Celtic have rejected at least double for him. If he is so bad why are there teams from the so called best league in the world wanting him.



14 Aug 2012 17:35:02
Arouna Kone has joined Wigan on a 3 year deal. Source:Sky Sports



14 Aug 2012 17:33:48
Reports comming out of blackpool that jimmy bullard ex ipswich midfielder is having talk about a proposed move

Why would we need another midfield player with Bruna, Sylvestre, Barry F, Grandin, Angel, Noguera, Robertson, Gomes,Osbourne all competeing for 2 or possibly 3 places in the team.

He'll love it up there, plenty of nightclubs and certain other clubs.... too much effort on necking bevvys and not enough on football.

Sam baldock is the mystery man who will sign for itfc this week.Westnham are just waiting to sign a striker first which will happen today.this comes direct from the horses mouth.

Both EDU and WILSON will also sign for town by 31st August.there is also an outside chance that WICKHAM will join as well,depending on in,s and out,s at Sunderland....genuine

Its not the bevvys that you want to worry about ....

Sorry but reports are not coming out of Blackpool sying that.



14 Aug 2012 17:27:58
Sheffield Wednesday are very close to signing Hull midfielder Seyi Olofinajana on loan until the end of the season.

But we need a center mid

Where do you think Olofinjana plays?



14 Aug 2012 17:09:55
Chelsea are loaning keeper sam walker to
Bristol rovers.



14 Aug 2012 17:09:36
Heard From reliable source that Peter Crouch may be returning to Norwich city on a season long loan

I have just fell off the couch laughing at this pipe dream.

Wouldn't want him now, nice enough bloke, got an autograph from him while he played for us, but one good goal a season isn't what we need/

Never laughed so much in my life classic

One of the most overrated strikers ever. Everyone always bangs on about his brilliant goalscoring record for England but he only ever scores in friendlies against teams like Jamaica, Hungary and Andorra.

We live in hope...what a devastating partnership that would be Holt and Crouch, swatting defenders away like flies

My mum has a better chance of becoming prime minister that crouch coming back to norwich

With regards to this so called rumour, what planet are you on. Why would stoke loan out a player signed only last year. One season in the EPL and Swansea and Norwich fans have lost all sense of perspective



14 Aug 2012 17:08:40
Arturo Lupoli is set to sign for Shrewsbury Town.

Hope this one is true, but I can't see it happening

Would be perfect but he is currently co-owned making a free/loan difficult. Seems a goal scorer

If GT pulls that off he is a God

Gt-we are close to agreeing a deal

A move could be on the cards, as his current team, Grosseto F.C, were relegated to a very low league in the italian football league because of their involvement in the Scommessopoli scandal

He is a proven goalscorer and will be amazing

Graham also said that if a BIG, but right player comes along he'll have a look at.

This has the potential to be a very good signing then

Im very excited about this!

Turner never comments on a transfer until the deal is done.

This name was merely mentioned on a fans messageboard a few days ago as an interesting available player. Not sure how that translates into him singing for Shrews.

He wont be singing for shrews! signing unlikely either fact!



14 Aug 2012 17:06:52
Derby County have enquired about Conor Sammon (Wigan), Chris Wood (WBA), Daniel Powell (MK Dons), Chris Martin (Norwich) and Brett Pitman (Bristol City) in the last week.

However only one of the five will be signed depending on their clubs transfer demands and players wage demands.


Powell is not leaving

Thats funny, a friend of mine saw him in town and he was talking about sunderland...

Told ya!



14 Aug 2012 17:06:25
Blackpool have had a bid accepted for Steven dobbie and he is now holding talks over a move

Yeh ok if we get him still need another striker



14 Aug 2012 16:56:42
Fulham keeper David Stockdale is to join up with Barnsley on a short term loan deal.



14 Aug 2012 16:50:10
hi is there any truth in the rumour
that defoe is or could be joining swansea

Seen it on a few rumour pages. Stranger things have happened. Personally I hope it's true

None going to stoke



14 Aug 2012 16:37:48
Delroy Facey in for a shock return to notts county

No , rubbisht

Ive heard this, great player, great news.

Could happen i wouldnt mind delroy making a ruturn hes better then lee hughes i could tell you that

I hope not!!!!!!!!

Would be the greatest signing since we origanally signed the beast

Wat r u on about delroy is no were nere as gd as hughes just look at the amount of goles he scoored and he will scorre more facey didnt score more then 5 in a seeson 4 us some county fan u r m8



14 Aug 2012 16:35:39
French third division side Orleans have made a loan bid for Chelsea winger Gael Kakuta.



14 Aug 2012 16:32:00
Tottenham have had a £12 million bid accepted for Marseille goalkeeper Steve Mandanda.



14 Aug 2012 16:27:13
Gabriele Angella will put pen to paper on Wednedat to complete Gianfranco Zola's pre-season signings



14 Aug 2012 16:22:31
Sunderland are lining up a £2 million bid for Burnley forward Martin Paterson.

He's a crock if theres any truth in this even with burnleys shortage of strikers we'd bite your hand off for this amount



14 Aug 2012 16:13:27
any middlesbrough fc news?

Front runners to sign Ricardo Fuller, and interested in Josh McEachran on loan facing competition for both. Ishmael Miller is an option depending on the Fuller situation.

McManus is edging closer to an exit, Andrey Amogou could replace him.
These would finalise Boros business for the summer, depending on the McDonald situation.

Macdonald is out the door as well with fuller coming in i think that would be a good bit of business and once mac goes why bring in another defender leave it we have enough now

Fuller would be amazing at boro surprised if some prem clubs werent interested but hope they arent utb



14 Aug 2012 16:10:06
Chelsea set to offer £30 million plus malouda for portos hulk, in an attempt to rival zenit st petersburgs offer for the brazillian



14 Aug 2012 15:49:03
Man City turn down £40mil offer from PSG for balotelli



14 Aug 2012 15:47:05
Martin Craine to Barnsley



14 Aug 2012 16:02:30
Bristol City WILL sign Wilson by the end of the week on
a 2 year deal

Better do he's a good player kept our defence tight and then when we don't play him we lose



14 Aug 2012 15:57:10
Neil Warnock wants to get Shaun Wright-Phillips from his former club to rejoin him at Leeds

Ha! We'd be lucky! Leeds don't have nearly enough money to pay him

This is a story that keeps cropping up as Warnock likes players he has previously signed and has said in a number of interviews that the last two transfers he wants will be the amazing quality players to finish off the squad.

Would love this but we dont have the money at all to pull this off.



14 Aug 2012 15:45:21
Matt philips just seen at St marys.

Lies lies and more lies Phillips is with the Scotland squad

Begining to really hate southampton

I'm a Southampton fan and even I'm beginning to hate us. Thanks to all the WUMs from smaller fishy clubs along the M27 that keep posting rumours on our behalf.

Its a rumours page if you dont like it then dont come on here {Ed025's Note - you tell him mate!..

I expect he was attending a Christening
in Blackpool.



14 Aug 2012 15:43:09
brentford will be signing beavon from wycome and shabradly wright phillps on lone lol

It will be quite a rumour realised when Brentford ACTUALLY sign a striker.

Rumour has it that BFC are talking to ex Portsmouth legend Dave Kitson

I have no idea if this is true but it would be APT!

I just can't see his wage demands meeting our budget. Also, a 4th strong and experienced striker would be too much for Uwe to manage.



14 Aug 2012 15:37:39
Real Madrid have made an enquiry about Moussa Dembele

No, he's signed a 2yr contract extension at Fulham



14 Aug 2012 15:22:57
ex coventry player martin cranie in talks with barnsley about the possibility of a 3yr deal and barnsley hope to have him signed up in time for him to make his debut against middlesbro on saturday



14 Aug 2012 15:22:46
Preston boss Graham Westley has confirmed the club are in advanced talks with Wycombe over the transfer of Stuart Beavon. I believe this is very close to being a done deal, as clubs dont usually release names until it is almost certain.

Yes this is true, would be a very good signing

Millwall currently leading the chase for Bevon. They have matched the asking price and will offer Championship wages.

Not at all true ^
Preston will win the race for Beavon.


That is funny the lad wants to join pne

So if the fees been agreed and youre giving him a pile of cash why hasnt he signed? I suspect he's thinking I could fill me boots with Holmes, Amoo, Monakana, et al supplying the ammo. Good on him if he's not a cash grabber...

For some reason Beavon favours a move to Preston over Millwall so i don't believe Millwall are in the driving seat.


If he has ambition he will sign for PNE, and get championship wages next season!

Is he a quality signing ?....he scored 20 goals last season for Wycombe but only started 14 games for the club.....and has only scored 27 in 105 games......that means he scored 7 goals in 105 games.....sounds like 1 good season.



14 Aug 2012 15:19:37
Ex Rams striker Aturo Lupoli seen at Moor Farm today.



14 Aug 2012 15:13:41
Marseille are expected to offer Louis Saha a contract



14 Aug 2012 15:10:14
Macheda link with a season loan spell
to Watford from Man Utd

This would be awful

Dont be silly watford wouldnt want hims plus we currently have 7 strikers already

We have 7 strikers that rarely score



14 Aug 2012 15:07:02
Tamas Priskin to sign for Charlton on a 2 year deal

No point signing someone who is no better than we have already got.

Danny Haynes started at Charlton and always wanted to come back, and he did, in January, turning down Millwall at the same time, he will get plenty of game time this season, we wouldn't be looking to offload him.Agree with most others, Paul Hayes is the one to be leaving, a swap deal there could well be on. Chris Wood is a big New Zealand striker, not a bad player what I saw of him last term, West Brom but on loan at Birmingham last year and maybe somewhere else too, maybe Bristol City. We tried to sign him on loan last year but then, quite rightly got Kermogant instead.

I'd be surprised at this one. He's still got 3 years left on his contract at Alania whatever in the Russian Premier league, and currently averaging a goal every other game - wouldn't like to guess at the fee or wages.



14 Aug 2012 14:57:58
Hereford are set to sign ex walsall pair jon macken and anton peterlin on year deals upon recommendation from Richard O'Kelly. They will also attempt to bring in Walsall youngsters aaron williams and kieron morris on 6 month loan deals. Meanwhile walsall will sign james chambers and jordan stewart on year deals by saturday

Macken and peterlin wont come back stewart and chambers is still possiblity

Sorry my mistake i thought sending macken and peterlin at walsall

According to this rumour Macken and Peterlin are going to Hereford, not signing for Walsall.



14 Aug 2012 14:55:53
Walsall are going to make two more signings before saturdays game at home to doncaster. They will eaither be james chambers or jordan stewart, but will definatley not be both, the other will be a striker wich is looking likely to be craig fagan or delroy facey. Very very good source.

Ay a very good source as dean smith said that its likley both players will sign



14 Aug 2012 14:39:32
People were asking for a Fantasy football for this website, so i thought as i have already done my teams for both i might as well do a league for people to join.

1) The First is the knewly named "Phones 4u Fantasy Football" which is the championships fantasy football.

League Pin is: 8805

2) The Second is the official Barclays Premier League one:

League Pin : 985486-271167

These two are the best two for each league, hopefully ed can put them on both Banter and Rumour page.

cheers lads,

TeejLUFC {Ed044's Note - sorry took so long to post mate checked out ur link and ended up making a team in championship lge... quality team i may add aswell haha if u want to put yours up n compare it to mine on banter page

I also have a league set up ,pin is can be in as many teams as you want so please join up if you want.



14 Aug 2012 14:38:26
martin cranie set join keith hills team of misfits barnsley

The dirty dozen by sounds of it,,,,



14 Aug 2012 14:24:08
Southend United have solved their goalkeeping crisis by re-signing Cameron Belford from Bury on a months loan.

Only for a month i would rather have a permanent experienced goalkeeper

Ye on nearly every website. dont think it is a rumour, eventhough it was posted on the 14th.



14 Aug 2012 14:12:55
Walsall are in talks with veteran striker Shefki Kuqi..

He was a guest fro Hibs at the weekend so you wrong again.



14 Aug 2012 13:54:37
marlon harewood agree's 1yr deal with barnsley today, and reject £300000 bid for matt done from crystal palace

Matty done is worth at least 500.000 of any clubs money not 300.000 what palace offered.

Sell him buy hammil

Matty done is worth more than 500.000. More like worth 750.000. Come on palace dig deeper into your big pockets.



14 Aug 2012 13:52:35
Any Boro news?



14 Aug 2012 13:51:10
Oldham set to sign Jake Buxton from Derby for nominal fee.

Haha suuuure ;)

Not a chance

Think you mean Luke Buxton from Sheff Wed.

Hat trick hero Jake, no chance.

Im 100% sure you mean LEWIS buxton.



14 Aug 2012 13:41:21
Rob Earnshaw a guest at the CCFC game tonight while contract talks continue - Source from inside the club

Training with Wales and at their base in Cardiff



14 Aug 2012 13:30:42
Hearing whispers that Bournemouth,Doncaster and Oxford are in talks with James Harper. Harper is on trial with Doncaster for the next week.

Havn't heard anything from a Bournemouth prospective :/

Harpers signed for a non league team

Harped signed for drfc



14 Aug 2012 13:24:56
Harewood signs one-year deal.



14 Aug 2012 13:17:02
Jermain Defoe and Adam Johnson to Swansea before the end of the month!

Is that on Football manager because it certainly will never happen in real life.

We couldn't afford his salary. Players at top clubs are out of our reach so I doubt either Johnson or Defoe will be joining us - much as I like the prospect.

People don't half talk s::t

This guy must be 10 yrs old



14 Aug 2012 13:16:31
Adam Johnson to Swansea by the end of the week! He will be on loan to Swansea until January and Swansea could then sign him for 9m. (Part of the scott sinclair transfer)

Sorry lads already on his way to Everton having medical this week.

Load of nonsense, premier league clubs can't loan to other premier league clubs for half a season unless a loan deal go's though in the January transfer window... So stop making gash rumours!!

They can loan for the season then city have the option to take him back in january which i guess would be the informal agreament



14 Aug 2012 13:12:17
tottenham have had a bid rejected by bologna for forward gaston ramirez



14 Aug 2012 13:11:43
wba forward simon cox has completed his switch to forest.good signing for the championship club

wolves have rejected yet again another fresh approach for striker steven fletcher

Wish oniell would tell them to stick it and look somewhere else. fletcher not worth 10m let alone 15. mad max



14 Aug 2012 13:06:28
After Marseille announced their need to sell on players to reduce the wage bill a number of rumours have began to circulate, several of which are intertwined with arsenal, Wenger is an avid admiorer of Valbuena and Ayew, expect either to join the emirates on deadline day...



14 Aug 2012 12:52:47
Zavon Hines set to sign for Bradford after impressing on trial.

Tom Taiwo deal is not dead, with Bradford hoping they can reach an agreement with Carlise on compensation.

I hope they wrap up those two soon!

Be delighted if we signed Hines and Taiwo got a good feeling about this season! Young fullback mills on trial was from reading looks worth a contract too.

Hines has just put pen to paper on a 12 months deal at Bradford

And may be on the bench today at Gillingham if papers were lodged with FA in time



14 Aug 2012 12:40:55
Barnsley have signed Marlon Harewood



14 Aug 2012 12:36:07
Newcastle close to a deal for schalke defender benedikt howedes, a fee of 11 million has been agreed and player arrived this morning to undergo a medical before signing a 5 year deal today or tommorow

Newcastles deal for ajax midfeilder vurnon anita is close to completion, negotiations are ongoing over the players wages with newcastle keen to offer 40k plus perfomance ralated bonuses as apposed tO the flat 60k the player is holding out for, anita will travel to tyneside for face to face discussions in an attempt to push the deal through in time for this weekend.

Newcastle continue to be linked with ola toivenen as there search for a new striker continues, the versatile swede is available from psv for around 5.5 million

No chance man utd was priced out of a move so I doubt Newcastle will get him

Fistly it would be anitas agent not the player doing the talking also toivenan has a buy out clause of 14m so 5.5m will be laughed off by them please do homework first



14 Aug 2012 12:34:42
Burnley looking at a possible loan move for Nile Ranger.

Dont do it dingles hes trouble

Definitely dont want this kid, hes been arrested about 4 times! Youd be wasting your time on that kid!



14 Aug 2012 12:30:09
Zola confirms that there will be 2 or maybe even 3 more signings to be announced soon but refuses to name them or which ones will join.



14 Aug 2012 12:25:59
Former ipswich midfielder jimmy bullard is in talks with blackpool about a proposed move to bloomsfield road

I heard this i think that he is to sign on a one year contract

No too many midfielders plus he is too much trouble.

Olly is in talks with everyone, he cant stop talking!

I dont think so, weve got better players than him + oyston would never pay his wage demands. he probaly pay him 5k a week..........haha!

Billy sharp will join next week

Not a chance centre midfielders is one thing were not short of.

5 k a week i would rip an arm off for that



14 Aug 2012 12:25:54
Barnsley have rejected a six figure bid from Crystal Palace for Winger Matt Done.

If we can not afford McCormack then these 2 are well out of our reach.
Please post genuine rumours not rubbish



14 Aug 2012 12:24:18
Sheffield Wednesday are looking to add some extra options to their central midfield. Dave Jones is looking at Brian Howard, James Harper and recently released Jimmy Bullard as three potential replacements. All are available for free



14 Aug 2012 12:15:30
fiorientina are hoping to sign gio dos santos from spurs but andre villas boas wants the player to stay



14 Aug 2012 12:12:39
wigan striker connor sammon to derby for 1.5 million this week

Its 1 million installments over 2 years.


Hope its true, ill drive him to derby myself



14 Aug 2012 12:08:16
sunderland to land stephen warnock in a 7ook deal

Never 700k your joking

Hope not hes crap.dont need another30+defender got enough of those already



14 Aug 2012 12:07:10
southampton are looking to wrap up a deal for cesena defender yohan belanouane

If we sign all the defenders we have been linked with probably won't need a goalkeeper !! Fonte has been good for us over the past couple of years but he's too slow and will cause us major problems at the heart of the defence. Mr Adkins this is the real thing now let us supporters know whats going or not going on. We do pay y.our wages you know. COYR

Dont buy the sun

Never heard that

Hope we can sign a better centre back than him. I said before I hope we don't get Scott Dann, but I'd much prefer him to this guy.

We don't pay Adkins wages, the club does. plus the tardiness in signing players could be due to Cortese not Adkins.



14 Aug 2012 12:03:23
emauele adebayor will join ac milan on loan

Could be true mancheeni wants him out



14 Aug 2012 12:11:51
tottenham midfielder sandro is wanted by chelsea who are ready to offer there rivals 15 million for the brazilian



14 Aug 2012 12:11:48
The signings of ex-Southend striker Matt Paterson and ex-Birmingham defender Cian Hughton are to be announced by Burton Albion tomorrow morning.

Paterson may well be one but the other one is definitely not Cian Hughton. More likely to be a loan signing if local press is right.



14 Aug 2012 12:10:47
reports of welbeck signing a new deal at old trafford are untrue.the player feels he is being under valued by the club and with van persie all set to join its made the matter even harder for the player to stay

Check your sources pal, the deal is agreed.

He's just signed a 75,000 a week contract over 5 years!!



14 Aug 2012 12:08:47
david bentley is off to swansea or blackburn on loan



14 Aug 2012 12:02:30
roberto mancini could offer adam johnson to arsenal in a last ditch attempt to land van persie but the player i sed to prefer a move to utd



14 Aug 2012 12:01:15
Barnsley have turned down a bid from Palace, for winger Matty Done.



14 Aug 2012 11:58:15
Marlon Harewood is about to sign a 1 year deal with the Reds,source Radio Sheffield.
After trials with Barnsley, Ibrahim Sonko has left to sign for a Turkish club, for more cash.

Barnsley to sign Martin crainey from Coventry and Carlo Nash as keeper cover



14 Aug 2012 11:54:50
spurs are ready to join juventus in the race for spaniard fernando llorente.chelsea still have an interest but the italians are favourites at the minute.



14 Aug 2012 11:53:13
liverpool have beaten arsenal in the race for nuri sahin

If that's true - Bad luck Sahin. Bad move

Being an Arsenal fan i already know that liverpool are the most eager to get him as theyve sent out their sporting director but hes getting regular football which is what he wants and Arsenal cant guarantee him 1st team football as we have too many midfielders plus Wilshere and rosicky returning but he did want Arsenal to good luck playing with scousers Nuri!

Lol if he moved to Arsenal, Wenger would be even more of an person not to start him, he would arguably be the first name on your team sheet. Rosicky had 3 good games at the end of last season, apart from that was woeful and Wilshere has never met potential due to injuries. Shows how much Arsenal fans know, count yourself lucky should you get him but if he moves to Liverpool he can obviously see who's moving up and who's moving further down the table. Arsenal 5th come the end of the season would not surprise me in the slightest, definitely don't have enough quality for the champions league

Arsenal don't have enough quality for Champions League? Are you kidding? They have strengthened significantly. Santi Cazorla is a perfect replacement for Cesc. Giroud and Podolski replacing RVP and they will still benefit from a few more. Wilshere coming back will be a huge bonus too. Cracking player, they missed him a lot. Keep hold of Song and they will challenge



14 Aug 2012 11:52:40
swansea could lose a second of there young welsh stars this utd are ready to move for niel taylour after the full back impressed alex ferguson personally overthe last year

Does not matter great talent but wiv new boy L.B/L.W MELVINIO set to join soon we can afford to lose him and sinclair great player pacey and skillfull still only 18 and supprisinly he has welsh grandparents (on mother side) and is keep to come to wales after struggleing to breack into the olando pirates

Potentially the worst neil taylor spelling ive ever seen

I very much doubt it!!!

See we know this is bull because you couldn't even spell his name right



14 Aug 2012 11:50:38
barcelona young star christian tello is about to leave the camp nou and is on his way to anfield.on loan

He is getting bought

He will have a medical friday morning terms agreed



14 Aug 2012 11:49:47
Crystal Palace are about to announce the loan signings of Wayne Routledge and Kemy Agustien.



14 Aug 2012 11:47:44
fulham star dembele is attracting interest from real madrid



14 Aug 2012 11:46:47
chelsea will use gael kakuta as a sweetener in the deal for cesar azpilueceta



14 Aug 2012 11:45:37
former reading man james harper is training with doncaster and is expected to sign later this week

Former reading man james harper is training with doncaster and is expected to sign later this week

Did he not join Oxford earlier this summer?

No he trained with them

No he trained with them

Cheers, hadn't heard anything about it. It's sad to see how quick he's dropping especially as sidwell is still prem week in week out

I know reading legend

Think you'll find James Harper is playing for Hungerford Town.



14 Aug 2012 11:44:59
marlon harewood has signed for barnsley

Keith Hill looking at bringing in some much needed experience in the shape of Joe Joyce, John Peachy and Ron Springett, Spud Murphy as new fitness coach.



14 Aug 2012 11:44:39
Mark Wilson, Stephen McManus and Chris Wood will sign for Bristol City this week. A premiership striker is also in talks over loan move.

Wilson mow signed. McManus still discussing terms as is Wood but both expected to sign. Saido Berahino will sign also but not until later next week due to a personal issue.

All nearly done. Saido Berahino on season loan only.



14 Aug 2012 11:44:19
man utd will sign van persie this week.the player will not return to the emirates after internationbal duty.the arsenal faithul want him gone after being the latest player to express his willingness tomove on.rvp wil be the new utd no.7

How can he be th the new no.7 when valencia is?

The number 7 shirt has been given to Valencia!

Valencia is new number 7

Valencia is new number 7

Valencia is number 7. I know that and Im a Villa fan.

He will prob take number 9 of berbatov and berb will b sold

Valencia is utd's no7

Listen mate Antonio Valencia got the number 7 and kagawa or Powell took his number



14 Aug 2012 11:42:09
Crystal palace have had a bid
accepted for James bailey.This is
why he hasnt been given a squad
number.Steve davies however will
be staying to see out his contract
after being given a squad number.
Sammon bid was made because of
the funds provided by james bailey



14 Aug 2012 11:20:45
8.5million bid for ki sung-yueng placed
today from arsenal

Really good olympics class act



14 Aug 2012 11:16:22
Cheltenham will offer a 6 month contract to trailist Jordan Hibbert if he preforms well in tonights final pre season freindly at Bishops Cleeve...

Mark Yates wants one more signing before the season begins.

Seems to be in the good books. Potentially the defensive midfield signing that could free up Marlon Pack and Russ Penn for more attacking roles.

Six month deal? why not make it a season...



14 Aug 2012 11:05:34
Hearing strong rumours that Dave Kitson is in Hull today. In talks over 3 year deal

Hope not

Great another useless forward

Looks like Kitson going to Millwall what a relief...!! Heard that the Tigers are sniffing around Coppinger after Doncaster turned away Ipswich..!!



14 Aug 2012 11:01:45
Derby County after Forest fullback
Freeman Freeman by name N/C price



14 Aug 2012 11:01:29
johnathan forte are in talks with notts county today and most proberly sign on wednesday if the talks go well.notts county has offerd a one deal to spanish striker jaunfri

Pretty good trick, as he is playing right now in a game at Staplewood, New Forest for Saints Under 21s!

He could do well for Notts C. Ridiculously pacey player. Beat all Theos sprinting records at Saints. Turned a game around on his own for us with 2 goals in 3 minutes too. Good luck to him

How many strikers do we need? Granted the three new ones are rubbish

What are we going to pay the wages for these players in? Peanuts?



14 Aug 2012 11:01:15
Wilfred Zaha to move to Swansea for £250K plus Wayne Routledge and Kemy Agustien.

Not a hope!

Way off the mark for one palace could not afford routledge wages and kemy agustien will be a man midfilder this year wiv allen leaveing you can keep zaha

We dont want Zaha he is not prem quality !

What i've heard Zaha is coming in but Routledge and Agustien are going nowhere! Im hearing from a source inside the club we've made a 6m bid for Zaha and for Mark Davies and 4m for Ince.

No chance, kemy will be part of first team this season, and we wont sell routledge

Mince could be a good signing has a point to prove



14 Aug 2012 10:58:27
Crystal Palace's Jon Parr is a target of Cardiff City as well as MK Dons' Adam Chicksen. Expect about 2 signings from the Bluebirds this summer, and if needed Malky will add in January.

* Red Dragons

Redbirds you mean?

Jon parr would be a great left back for us hes young and has talent we are also after a defender from the prem or just dropped down from the prem thats what ive been told altough the source that gave me the info will not give the name up he would if he was aloud to

Parrs quality

Shouldn't they be called The Redbirds now?

Chicksen aint leaving for no one

I love adam chicken as a player.

I think we will have a whip round and pay for chicksens train ticket to cardiff - great news for us!

Andrew taylor is the best left back in the league and parr is to good a player to be a reserve at cardiff

Funny how Parr told Crystal Palace hes going to Norway to complete his A Levels.... do you not listen to end of season news ?



14 Aug 2012 10:56:40
Barnsley set to sign Marlon Harewood today 14/8/12 on a one year deal



14 Aug 2012 10:20:22
Walsall are set to sign left back Jordan Stewart before their first league game on saturday against Doncaster. Right back James Chambers remains a possibility, desptite the recent signing of former Hereford right back, Ben Purkiss. Walsall are also looking to bring in another striker, possibly on a season long loan, although the Saddlers are looking at signing former Bradford striker Craig Fagan, who is currently without a club.



14 Aug 2012 10:17:05
Millwall's dany nguessen is set to join charlton with danny haynes going the other way

Paul Hayes, possibly. No way will we be swapping him for Danny Haynes. He's just been given the no 9 squad number.

Hayes for N'Guessan is probably a good deal for both sides.

Not happening

Never going to happen, paul hayes going there maybe

Excuse my ignorance, but who is Chris Wood?. Can't say I have heard that much about him playing for WBA last season. Perhaps someone can enlighten me!

Danny haynes just been give the no#9 so if any striker is going to millwall from charlton either hayes or clarke.... unless milwall want to cough up 1.6 for bwp.

N'Guessen Yes - Haynes - no load of rubbish! He is vital to the 4-3-3 formation

Well considering Millwall had the chance to sign Haynes in January but he chose us over them tells you that he's quite happy here as he chose us in the first place. As for N'Guessan you can keep the lump.

Never haynes said he is looking forward to playing for CAFC this season

Never, why would we get rid of Haynes

You can keep Haynes,OVER RATED!

Chris Wood was on loan at Brum last season

Haynes is 10 times the play nguessan is, while nguessan was a charlton he was the luckiest player I have ever seen

Keep the lot we have got your best ex player Josh wright......

Oh yeah because Josh wright is better than Darren bent, jermaine defoe, Scott Parker, paolo di canio and many more, think again jealous support just because we have had and still do have better players than you



14 Aug 2012 10:14:55
QPR back in for Steven Ireland from Aston Villa

Would take him, but not sure if we need anymore midfielders, need a centre back and a striker, then we are done


Not gonna happen we don't need him and Villa don't want to sell him. Hargreaves may well get a pay as play deal but other than that a CB and a maybe a striker will complete QPR's summer signings



14 Aug 2012 10:08:04
Nottingham Forest are believed to be interested in Emile Heskey to the club on a free transfer. His agent Frank Lowe said "Emile has had an offer from Forest"

He's having a medical as we speak!

I seriously hope this is total BS, we have enough strikers that couldn`t hit a barn door without bringing that donkey to the team, total non starter!

Forest have too many strikers already, looking to offload rather than add another

The offer is this: if he comes anywhere near the City Ground he'll be tarred and feathered.

Heskeys awful don't sign him lol

Get a life my mate works at the training ground so find someone else to lie about.




14 Aug 2012 10:05:25
Wigan are weighing up a £5 million bid for Arouna Kone.

He is having a medical now

Things are a lot further along than interest. He has had a medical at Wigan today and will sign a 3 year deal tomorrow



14 Aug 2012 09:34:00
adkins hands are tied cant get any players he wants due to cortese stance on wages currently looking at liam trotter from millwall and an unnamed center back as both players not demanding too much wages

Good, lets spend what we can afford. I for one will be delighted with 17th this season and slow improvement.


And why would we be after another central MF-we already have more than enough in this position, and I don't believe Trotter is any better than any of them.

And your source is?

Sorry but this is a load of rubbish.


Lol silly charlton fans ur a small club always have been always will be liam trotter is alot better than the whole of the charlton squad let alone ur centre mids. persons

Charlton can't afford trotter especially with premier league clubs monitoring trotter



14 Aug 2012 09:30:45
Charlton look to have won the race for WBA's Chris Wood, with the striker wanting to move closer to the capital. The deal will initially be a loan with a view to make permanent in January.

Taylor Newcastle left back

Would hope so but can't see it.

Who the hell is Chris Wood!

Chris Wood is a striker, he played at the World Cup for New Zealand in South Africa.

Good player, young old fasioned type centre forward.

was at brighton last year on loan.



14 Aug 2012 09:22:45
Lots of local media saying that ipswich
have agreed a fee with a premier club
for a player....anyone heard who it may be??

Sam boldock of west ham

Cresswell to Villa maybe?

I heard it is Simon Church, but it is dependant on whether they can find a replacement.

I can tell you he is from Sunderland,but suret of the name so I won't speculate

I'm pretty sure it's Robin van Persie.

Robin van persie ( I wish, haha) It could be

Daily Mirror says Church is joining Huddersfield on loan as they've offered the best deal

One of Sunderlands young reserve players



14 Aug 2012 09:21:44
Walsall set to sign domonic rowe on non contract terms

God i hope not!



14 Aug 2012 09:10:53
Blackpool are to sign Adda Djeziri, Banvo Anderson, Brice Irie-Bi and Alberto Noguera before the start of the Championship season. They will also sign an unnamed centre back

Sounds about right

Correct I'm afraid the CB Vivian has joined another club

Also stephen dobbie

Djeziri and noguera have officially signed along with james caton

Matheus Cordani Vivian (Centre-Back on trial) has decided to join PAOK instead of Blackpool. The rest is correct though, Blackpool just checking they will not having to pay compensation to former clubs for these 'free agents'.



14 Aug 2012 08:58:38
Apparently a deal for Daniel agger going to man city may involve kolo toure going the other way as he fell out with mancini over being left out of the charity shield match

Could it be true. kolo toure cost man city around 15 million



14 Aug 2012 07:56:07
Clint Dempsey will finally join liverpool with charlie adam going to ffc n 5m . If that deal does not materialise it will be straight cash for the american winger n fulham will raid jols former club ajax for their captain denni de zeuw n twente winger nacir chadli . Dont believe all the ngog stuff it's rubbish , jol wants his old pal berbatov at fulham n jol thinks he can convince the bulgarian to move to ffc. If jol fails in his bid for berba he will turn his attention to gingac n a cheeky loan bid for unsettled (already ) lucas barriis who nearly joined the whites b4 his agent git greedy. Douglas of twente , dawson of spurs n naldo remain targets for jols backlibe reinforcements . Im nit fulham fan but my cousin play to them

Miguel Espala

Naldo moved to Wolfsburg this summer

As a fulham fan I can't wait for this Dempsey business to be over, not to keen on Charlie Adam though

De Zeeuw plays for Spartak Moskva

De zeuw joined spartak moscow in 2011 so not sure any of this is true



14 Aug 2012 03:04:52
Is Dempsey leaving or what? Nearly the new season



14 Aug 2012 02:53:10
on ramirez and his agents twitter acount that a 18m fee agreed with bolonga having medical 2moro

True Southampton have matched the valuation.



14 Aug 2012 02:02:17
Barnsley have made a season long loan bid for Birmingham striker Adam Rooney.

Yeah sure when he has come out and said i want to nail down a first team spot at birmingham

No they haven't

Why would anyone leave Birmingham for a team like Barnsley with worse prospects and lower wages? Especially as Birmingham have brought players in and sold fewer players than last year.

Hard Luck Barnsley.



14 Aug 2012 01:56:35
Swansea City manager Michael Laudrup has made a bid for Tottenham striker Jermain Defoe. The England forward is wanting more first team football and will join the Welsh club until January, with a view to a permanent deal.

He will go to someone in europe not a relegation candidate

Hope so!

Any truth in this ?

Swansea won't be a relegation candidate this year, mid table again- spurs fan

I've heard Stoke City want him to link up with Peter Crouch if he is willing to move from the south! I think Stoke have the structure to afford his wages and transfer fee where as Swansea would struggle



14 Aug 2012 00:59:19
Jordan Hibbert may not now sign for CTFC



14 Aug 2012 00:21:31
Hearts fan here and the rumour up here is that We'll be getting Goodwillie on a season long loan have you guys heard anything about this?



14 Aug 2012 00:13:25
Chris Wood to join Brighton from WBA on a permanent deal!

Thought the deal was for him to go to Bristol City.Would like him here at Derby.

I'd be dissapointed if we're not looking for a classier front man than wood. Done well in div 1 for us, but theseagulls have gone up a leval since then! sEAGULLS.

Yes saw that vs Swindon tonight

Are`nt you just the smart ar**.



14 Aug 2012 00:04:35
Arsenal maybe signing kevin mirralis of



13 Aug 2012 23:58:35
Derby have annouced that there will be transfer news tomorrow; either steve davies jas gone?( ipswich-they have money after letting bullard go-big wages) or we have signed wigan striker for 900k-1.2million. Also, derby have near comnpleted singing of freeman to the disapoint of notts county

Derby fan-Freeman wants first team football he wont get ahead of roberts or brayford so that wont happen.Davies is no where near leaving after no clubs have made any recent interest.James bailey is going to crystal palace and sammon will be bought then

Hope we have moved Davies out but don't want the none leaping Sammon here.

I'm sure Freeman's coming to derby. And to the guy who said he won't get first team football, Gazza Roberts is 34/35, he'll take over the reigns perhaps next season.

Davies will NOT be coming to Ipswich because they have already agreed with a prem player who is a striker and he will sign within the next 2/3days.keep watching this space.COYB

Sam baldock is coming.

Derby fan Freeman? Where did you get this information? You his mate?



13 Aug 2012 23:39:40
Blackburn to sign sign Louis Saha

On what sources

Where have u heard this?



13 Aug 2012 23:31:42
Huddersfield Town should wrap the Loan of Simon Church in the next couple of days. Also Simon Grayson is still looking for another winger and a proven Goalkeeper for the Championship.

Unlikely unless reading have replacement lined up would leave us short of strikers with jason roberts banned for next 2 games


We don't want a goalkeaper we already have smithies,bennett,colgan,alinson if we need. no goalkeaper.but a striker would be alright and a winger. From a htfc fan.

Why do town need another goalkeeper exactly? Smithies is young and talented and Benno is also good enough to do the job, we have Lloyd Allinson in reserve aswell Incase they both get injured

Simon church never in your dreams

Quinn, Barnard and Church (Loan) will be done before the new season!

Don't see the need to get another keeper tbh

Sorry pal....seems like your Leeds are stuck with the rubbish he signed! But he had to practice somewhere, whats the saying? Practice makes perfect!

Despertate for a quality keeper as smithies is about the worst i have ever seen in a town shirt and not up to standard. Why cant grayson see this ?

Worse you've ever seen in a town shirt? Are you joking mate? How old are you 5 years old or sumat? Stop talking rubbish, so Premiership teams are interested in Towns worse ever goalkeeper?

Grayson had no option but sign carp players.. He got no transfer budget at L**ds! You've gotta love master Bates! :)
He's gone from having the worst chairman in the FL to having the best.. Hoyle is god! UTT!

Couldn't agree more he is clueless and we do need a keeper in this division with Benno as back up!

Interested yes but thats about as far as it goes similar to rhodes and smithies would be totally out of his depth in prem league and maybe same in championship

If grayson thinks smithies will make it in the championship then fool him . He messed up last season and was the main reason why we didnt get auto promotion through clark and shame he didnt take him and most of his other failed signings with him

Smithies the worst ever keeper..huh , never saw Tim Clarke play then? smithies is just a little rusty from being out injured so long , he'll be back to form in no time

We should of sold Smithies when we had the chance he's just dreadful but everybody's blind sided because of his heroics at wembley. he was due a good game and hes had it

Smithies still lacking confidence since his comeback and responsible for 1st goal on Monday night. Beano has the composure & pedigree and should be in the starting line-up. Don't though feel we need extra cover? A striker - YES!

Smithies is one of the better keepers Town have had, given his age and experience. Only David Lawson, Terry Poole and Nico Vaesen spring to mind as better.

Some of the comments about smithies here just scream of people who dont know a thing about football. 22 years old, one of the best natural shot stoppers iv ever seen. yeah needs some work on his decision making e.c.t but thaat comes with experience. your not town fans your just deluded daft folk {Ed044's Note - I like smithies got to agree though needs to work on coming out and collecting (scared me a few times)but he was quality before his SERIOUS injury and still very young for a 'keeper.

Iv been a town fan for most of my life and to be honest smithies has a lot to learn,since the injury hes gone down hill,he came on at wembley and made himself look like a clown with his commitments,imo bennett is a much better keeper than smithies,just look at our pre season games everyone that smithies played WE LOST also on mon against preston smithies in goal WE LOST

Smithies played the full game at Wembley. You can't just blame one player for a defeat, especially seen as though nobody performed well against preston



13 Aug 2012 23:26:58
Birmingham City striker Marlon King is set to sign for Crystal Palace.


Palace dont have enough mouney for king, unless they sell zaha which is very unlikely

Yeah mate, brought 4M in this window but cant afford Marlon King.



13 Aug 2012 23:14:59
Everton are in for french striker M'baye Niang and is due at finch farm in the next couple of days.

This is true all over the internet



13 Aug 2012 23:14:42
Rotherham United boss Steve Evans is wanting to add transfer listed Peterborough player Scott Griffiths to his squad.

No hes not. Stop spouting rubbish.

He was an injury prone donkey last year on loan

Wouldn't surprise me. Evans had him at Crawley and he's been at Rotherham before, so would make sense. Scott has also publicly said he wants to leave Posh because he has been frozen out and would consider going to USA, Australia or Europe if it meant him playing. I however, will be disappointed to see him go, as I rate him as a left back and feel he hasn't been given a chance. One of the only posh fans to like him.

I dont know about his going "public" but i do know that he was placed on the list at the end of last season.
He has spent most of his time at the club being loaned out.

He is right, Scott gave an interview where he said all the above, no-one knows the real reason he was frozen out but hasnt been wanted for 2 years now

The real reason he was "frozen out" is that he is simply not good enough. Even the clubs that he has been on loan with dont want him.

You cant be a Posh fan, when Posh were relegated back to league 1 the only 2 good things that came out of it were Joe Lewis performance and Scott Griffiths, in his half season role he played great at championship level and looked a cert from then on, Johnson came in and something happened as he never gave him a chance and kept him as far away from the club as possible, he did fantastic on loan at Chesterfield to

I thought Griffiths was one of the players who came out of that relegation season with any credit to. Can't agree that the same can be said of Lewis though. We called him comedy keeper because he was so bad. The only thing good about Lewis is that he still had the same traits when the cobblers beat cardiff in the week.



13 Aug 2012 23:04:54
Milan Badelj of Dinamo Zagreb has signed for HSV to replace Jarolim at center mid.



13 Aug 2012 23:01:04
Scunthorpe United have signed midefielders Mark Hughes(barnet), Jordan Keegan(monaghan) and defender Tom Newey(rotherham)

Mark hughes signed for eastleigh last week

Its not the mark hughes from barnet its a different mark hughes!

It's a different Mark Hughes

He played for a irish team but then got realised and went to Scunthorpe on trial now on contract

Tom newey had no club, he was a free agent. so they didn't buy him from us.



13 Aug 2012 23:00:24
Millwall are close to signing former Barnsley and Swindon midfielder Brian Howard on a free transfer on a five month contract.

Not true kenny not looking 4 midfielders millwall looking good in that position with trotter, jimmy, wright, racon and mkandawire

PDC has come out & said caddis buck up or get out ..certain players could be leaving shortly hope this does not spoil things in the camp "?

Unlikely, unless a CM is leaving and the contract is a full year. No repeat of the DS situation from a couple of years ago please.

This is another wind up! it has to be, surely?

Could see this happening because although the Lions have five potential cms Mkandawire and Racon are injury prone .Howard is also left footed and could fit in at LM if needed.

Even though he's at pourtmouth

Total rubbish aint going to happen!And Kenny Jackett wont take him after upsetting the fans by signing Danny Shittu

Didn't upset me

Ogredy signed for barnsley on a 2 year contract



13 Aug 2012 22:57:33
New Gillingham manager Martin Allen has all but signed Preston defender Craig Morgan on a free transfer after the Welsh player was told by North End he can leave on a free.

Morgan has just had a hernia operation. Far too good for League 2 and he is on championship wages at Preston.

No way could gillingham afford him, although i would gladly drive him there

He is out for 4 months but i hope he goes

Can anyone else confirm this? Preston always indicated they would expect fee for Morgan. The player is out injured at the moment.

Morgan is out for 5 months after a recent operation. Hes on massive wages and is very much over rated. I hope he goes but cant see anyone taking him off our hands because of his injury and wage demands :(

Preston have offer accepted for beavon, this is not made up 100% fact

Hope this is true
Don't care if we don't get a fee, as long as his wages are off the books at our club.
Simply too much

4week not 4 month hernia thats it

He is out injured for three weeks and last i heard a championship club was after him



13 Aug 2012 22:52:16
Peterborough United have had an undisclosed bid accepted for Canada international Iain Hume from Preston.

Humey wont move down south ,rumour is he is of back to canada to whitecaps for 200k

Would be a good addition to the team, but I can't imagine Preston letting him go for pennies.

Im a Preston fan and i believe this to be true. Darren Ferguson is a huge admirer of Hume and the striker is thought to be keen on a move to a Championship club despite being frozen out at North End

How old is Hume?

Peterborough inquired about him but his wage demands are too great as were Paul Coutts. He wants to remain in the North of England

Hume is 28 and would more than defiantly make the move to get away from westley

Hume was on 6k a week at PNE thats why they have to get rid.....cant afford him. Peterborough wouldnt bat an eye at that wage but Hume IS going back to Canada.

Posh don't pay 6k per week!!!!!



13 Aug 2012 22:47:53
Ipswich Town are set to offer winger Martin Devaney a short term deal after he impressed on a trial. The 32 year old is wanted by a number of clubs in League 1 and League 2 but saw the chance to play in the Championship too god a chance to turn down.

Cresswell will be leaving ipswich 4.2 million .with an admitted disaster in the the transfer window by paul Jewell ,ipswich have no choice to take the money to obtain three or maybe four last minute signings.

Too old

Doubt that considering we are already very low on numbers for the season, were not looking to spend a lot of money on players either so are not in need of funds to do so.



13 Aug 2012 22:41:23
Wolves looking at Barry Ferguson, to bolster midfield with Danny Batth going the other way.


Danny Batth is going nowhere

Would rather have Barton... We need some bite in midfield...

Baring in mind wolves have plenty of CM's, and are crap at the back with the likes of Berra and ward leaving, getting rid of a top prospect in Batth would be stupid. Dont make stuff up please. It really annoys me.

Barry ferguson would not go because he moved to blackpool to be closer to his family and wolves is nowhere near scotland

Stupid post!!! Batth will be a mainstay come October!

Have you guys ever watched Bathh? I promise you if he doesnt go in this window he will in the next. NOT QUICK ENOUGH! Go and watch the reserves!!!!!!!! So called Wolves fans who prob manage to go to a game once every 2 years! Go week in week out, and watch the reserves too! Then decide who will be a "mainstay!"



13 Aug 2012 22:39:54
Chris Wood is in talks with Bristol City over a three year contract after West Brom accepted an undisclosed fee for the New Zealand international.

Chris wood is class if he gets the service which he didnt when on loan last season

No no no no no no no no please no

This is untrue. Loan deal only.

I hope not. Chris Wood is not who we need. He is not of great ability, certainly not the 1.65M rumoured to be the price tag. Would be a truly poor signing in my eyes. We need pace, not a target man. I hope McInnes can see we dont need a player like Wood.



Albion should sell wood not a prem player never will be gd luck to him tho



13 Aug 2012 22:34:21
Stoke City are wanting 3m for Kenwyne Jones and around 800k for higginbotham.
Tony Pulis is trying to get extra funds for
potential signings like hutton, defoe and olsson

Why not swap Jones for Hutton + 1 Mill if villa are after him then?

Defoe likely to team up once again with old sriking partner Crouchy! Its what the big man wants..and what he wants he gets with Mr Coates it seems. Always played well together and scored freely!

It's not about getting extra funds it's about getting players off the wage bill.

Were'nt we supposed to have payed 8 million for kenwynne. 2million at a time in installments so sell him for 3 million, that leaves 5 million for the time he has played at stoke. we should keep him, lets face it he cant score if he doesnt play

3 million (joke)

Pulis wants 11center backs on the pitch so can't see this happening

Stoke to sign martin patterson for 3 million from burnsley



13 Aug 2012 22:31:26
Notts county to sign a carribean international striker tommorow

Maybe it jonathan forte , i think he's played internationally for bermuda

Stern John!! :-)

Thats johnathan forte hes carribean (barbados)

Johnathan forte

Usain Bolt?

Delroy facey

Utter rubbish. No money no signings I'm afraid!

Its not rubbish notts still have money in the bank



13 Aug 2012 22:28:11
Barnsley have made bids for Sheffield Wednesday striker Chris O'Grady and Scunthorpe winger Bobby Grant.

After his 9/10 performance and 2 goals last night O'Grady unlikely to be going anywhere

I call BS as Barnsley have just signed Marlon Harewood, they wouldn't want COG as well.

Mayebe o'grady

Dont know about grant because hes rubbish. o'grady good goal scorer and he is experienced so could happen if the wadges are agreed



13 Aug 2012 21:49:15
Plymouth manager Carl Fletcher has sent an vote to free agent Sean McConville offering a weeks trial. Sean would prefer to stay in the North but will travel if there isn't a better offer soon.

Sean would be a good signing at the moment as we need a midfielder, however he does live up north and I doubt he would sign for us because of location

Played in rochdales friendly last night

And evreyones going on about us getting promoted, yh thats really going to happen when you lose at home 2-0 to aldershot, plymouth please sign a proven striker!!!

This type of rumour shows just how bad it is at Argyle. We have such a poor squad and we will be in a relegation battle once more this season. We have no player pulling power. At all! I'm an optimist but I am so down about this season. Fletch will be gone before season end. And quite right. This guy has offered feeney a new deal, why?? When did this striker last score?? It's so dire!! Brent sort it out! J

Not being funny but plymouth need to get out of this league, it is a poor league with poor football being played, now i no plymouth are being careful money wise but fletch brent said theres money to spend, surley can we sign some players at least signed to other clubs not just released players from some clubs relegated from league 2!

Agreed, The squad isn't good enough for a mid table finish let alone a promotion push, Anyone can see that apart from the people in charge. Fletch seems a decent chap and is a good club man but his deception of what makes a good player is different to everyone else's and the fans, I remember him saying a couple months ago " We are looking at the strengthening the forward line but at the end of the day if we don't find anybody we still have options up there with Feeney, Chadwick, Lecointe and Sims" Yes you have Fletch but who of them is actually good enough for League 2 and this football club?? Just because their player profile says they are strikers doesnt mean they are any good! Sort it out and get some decent players in a stop playing second rate players as well as youngsters! TomP

Yes excatley now also i think the first 11 argyle put out yesterday was poor as why not start luke young hes a very talented young player who is proballey the best passer and most creative in that side, another player soukanu who i feel has such great potential and when watching him playing against truro the balls he was sending through to strikers was exceptional, he is also very powerful and has decent speed something we are lacking in midfield, i also feel we need another centre back as yes purse and blanchard are 2 very good defenders and proballey the better defenders in the league but i feel sometimes we need to mix it up a bit in defense as yes they play well together but i feel we are relying on them to much and sides are fnding out how to get past them both, this is also again where soukanu comes in he can also play cb aswell as midfield and i feel he is the ideal centre back tall strong quick and can pick out great passes, also gilmartin was no yesterday why? jake cole was class last season and when i saw the 1st goal aldershot scored gilmartin could easily have kept that out. i also dont agree with the attacking starters yesterday as yes lecontie is a good player but even tho feeney didnt score hardly any last season i feel he should of been up front with chadwick as he works very hard and hastles defenders and again soukanu comes in just like sturrock did at southend with bilel mohsni as he startedof as a cb but sturrock played him upfront and he got 12 goals i feel soukanu would be a excellent cf!

I like soukouna but i dont rate him better than Blanchard as a CB. I would like to see him have a run in the CDM position. And with us being fairly fragile at the back, id play him as part of a two CDM pair with Wotton. Bring in a big lad up front and play counter attack and set peice football. I dont rate Jake Cole tbh...Sims and copp should have gone along time ago. They are just making up the numbers. Lecointe i would like to see more of. Perhaps on the wing. Jamie

Don't rush into things, they take time and it's clear the squad needs a re-build, which doesn't happen in one season, be realistic!

Be realistic, we can't expect too much after what the club has gone through, plenty of time to build should be given

Yes but im not being funny i dont feel we should start blaming defeats on what has happend to us that is just a excuse we have had enough time over the summer to strengthen our squad!

Agreed! We have had enough time. And we are a huge club in that division. Im not saying im down beat because of the defeat. Im sayin the signings he has made are stupid. POOR! And there is no ambition to get back to league 1. After all aint that what brent said. We want to aim to get bk to league 1. We have funds available?! We have spent not a penny!! WOOL OVER EYES! FLETCH is not the man

And the only player we have paid the club compensation for is paris cowan hall and he was a free anyway we had to pay it because hes under 21!

Get rid of gilmartin! there was no need to sign him we have young and upincoming keepers in chenworth and walton

I feel fletch is the man but feel he should do what paul buckle did at bristol rovers fan by asking the players wh they would like them to sign and releastic players!

Completely agree, Signings show no ambition what so ever, Need some quality in the side and I like Fletch but I'd prefer a more experienced gaffer who can judge players to sign as well as the ones hes already got because the starting 11 we have seen recently has got know flair at all, and just looks like a side that will take a draw every game! The strikers Chadwick and Lecointe have no goals in them at all and Feeney isnt any better! We need a goalscoring striker and central midfielder who isn't still in school or about to retire! Not Good Enough! TomP

Agree and to be honest i wouldent call that a good point dagnahm like us were struggling to stay up last season and are this season along with us!

Lack of imagination last night. Gorman came on too late and bringing Feeney on for Chadwick was not an improvement. I think we need a decent central midfielder that can dictate the play and feed our strikers, I hope we get Lowry back soon or sign a decent midfielder!

we could have messi putting balls through and our strikers wouldent score from them

We will be relegated. Im sorry but its true. Such a poor squad, such a poor manager, such a poor set of strikers. pre season and the opening 3 games have proven that already. I just wonder, has fletch even got anything to spend?? jamie

I think he has money to spend but his signings have been very poor and is afraid to spend the cash



13 Aug 2012 21:46:16
LEEDS to sign Templeton and Maynard

We'd be sorted if we did!

Why are they free agents no,your dreaming sonshine



13 Aug 2012 21:31:41
David Connolly from southampton currently training with millwall hoping to receive a contract deal

Hope this is true would b a good addition 2 the squadm

Yes please

Please tell me this is a 'WIND UP'! HE IS 35 & will not be like he used to be! And KJ you're going to let BEAVON go to Preston & he is only 28?? WHAT IS GOING ON KENNY??

Has a ring of truth because Connolly is good friends with Kenny Jackett from watford days according to Michael Calvin's book Family

This IS RUBBISH as there is NOTHING ON MILLWALL'S WEBSITE 'NEWS AT DEN' & they are 1st & on the mark with any UP2DATE NEWS!

Clinical finisher. He was great for Saints last year when he played. I rate him, even at 35.

DC still a class act when fit ...most accomplished saints striker but unfortunately age and fitness always a issue.

Fantastic little player would be a great signing



If he scores goals, he can be 55 as far as I am concerned.

When connolly was at southampton he was great he scored goals and did everthing right only down side he is injury prone and lost his pace but for millwall would eb a quality signing i wouldnt be compalining


Connolly would be a good signing for millwall, despite his age! Good luck to him and thank you for your service at saints.

As a SOTON Fan has already TEXT on about Connolly, he was a very good player up to a few seasons ago,he is now VERY injury prone & cannot STAY FIT! NOT worth the time & money IM AFRAID!

Connolly is a great player and as a free signing would be a bargain even if you only get 20 games from him. He has lost his pace but has excellent positioning and workrate. Most importantly he hasn't lost his goalscoring instinct and could be a key player for you



13 Aug 2012 21:21:20
Wolves today confirmed they are hoping to sign £3m-rated Cologne centre-back, Brazilian Pedro Geromel. (Local paper)

Not gonna happen. He has said he wants to play in Spain

Solbakken believes that Geromel has set his sights on La Liga, with at least 2 Spanish clubs thought to be interested.



13 Aug 2012 21:08:08
Mark Wilson will sign a contract with Bristol City after impressing during pre-season. Former loanee Stephen McManus will join on a free transfer from Middlesborough.

Hope so! A decent defender but on too high wages at Boro

Mark Wilson certainly looked good to me in what i've seen of him, with good defensive work and making a few runs down the flank. He played a great ball to Pitman against Bristol Rovers but Pitman failed to convert, hitting the crossbar. Woudn't be a bad little signing in my eyes. Wouldn't mind McManus though, i must say!



13 Aug 2012 21:09:49
Liam Lawrence has completed a move to Greek side PAOK Salonika.

Good luck Liam,thanks for all of the good times you gave to us Stokies



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