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2011 22:19:17
Has anyone else noticed there is only one London team in the topten of pl (I know it's early in case anyone decides to state the obvious)...btw...Manu seem to have peaked early,manc I think may last longer this season,Chelsea..will get tired,and,I hope,Liverpool will be up there come may..not a bad schedule or the season end..also,Edd u r doing a great job but hey,I think loads of us would also enjoy suh a job..keep up the good work(2)(4)Man utd peaked early city last out please don't be so silly u can not even say that r u for real there. Long way to go no one played anyone yet Liverpool big money for ok players only thing going for them is no champs league talk after 20 gamesAnother deluded ScouserI did indeed notice that... then passed by quietly as it was of no significance whatsoever.Another Scouse Mouse determined to make a fool of himself.


12 Sep 2011 21:56:38
Southend to sack Paul Sturrock as manager if his side lose to Gillingham on tuesday.(6)(5)


12 Sep 2011 20:39:57
I've been told from the same person that told me Danny Graham was going to Watford and that Greg Abbott was going to be the new manager, that Abbott will be sacked after the weekend, no matter the result. United are lining up Graham Kavanagh to be the new manager with a view to signing him on a two year contract.(5)(6)Won't happen mate, sorry, carlisle couldn't afford to pay him off, the board are quite happy with mid-table league 1 football, If abbott did go kavanagh should go with him, and then start afresh


12 Sep 2011 20:32:19
Chelsea have signed Islam Feruz from celtic beating both manc clubs & spurs.
He said he had to join the best club in the UK.(13)(6)

Good luck to the bhoy. It just shows you that their is no loyalty in football - now watch him rot in the reserves for the 3rd best team in England.So why did he choose ChelskiHave not got a clue. Money to throw at young up and coming talent and then.throw them on the scrap heap. Fan base wise, chelsea cannot even compete with Celtic or rangers


12 Sep 2011 20:20:30
Darren Ferguson is looking to bolster Peterborough United with a range of experienced players. Due to their defensive fragility, he is looking at bringing in Sol Campbell (currently a free agent) to support the back-line. The Posh, with Fergie Jnr's Old Trafford connections is also looking at two former Red Devils, as they are also looking at luring Paul Scholes out of playing retirement to take on a minor playing role but also assist with coaching role (vacated after a few departures in the coaching staff recently). If this fails, a move for Nicky Butt to make a return to English football for a similar role is also on the cards.(3)(15)And they all lived happily ever after!!


12 Sep 2011 19:50:00
The vacant number 18 shirt at Tranmere is to be filled by legend Jason Koumas.

He's signing a 2 year deal. Welcome home Jase!(6)(16)If only! not sure tranmere could afford his wages.


12 Sep 2011 19:30:27
beats is in talks with the blades(10)(10)


12 Sep 2011 19:06:46
SGE WILL BE REPLACED BY MARTIN ONIELL IN THE FOLLOWING WEEKS IF RESULTS DONT PICK UP SOURCE RADIO LEICESTER(11)(24)i listen to Radio leicester every sports news bulletin and i have'nt heard one single word of this story, nor was it mentioned on monday sports time.Pillock... they said no such thing, they merely reported a story that had been written in a newspaper, that doesn't mean that they believe the story, nor that they were breaking the story, it simply means that they reported the story being in the newspapers - big difference.


12 Sep 2011 17:40:40
I've heard Gregg Abbott is to be axed if/when Carlisle lose next 2 games, Eds, any rumours on this please? cheers(7)(7)


12 Sep 2011 17:37:36
Torres out of Chelsea, going out on a loan swap to spain, Ilker Muniain or navas going to Chelsea(12)(22)Wtf torres will never leave the best team in the world


12 Sep 2011 16:47:21
Had a nightmare last night.....someone suggested redknapp as new england manager!surely we are not that desperate!(12)(9)Funny that because last year we were.
The guy could do no wrong.Redknapp very overrated,always moaning and when it all goes wrong it's never his fault.all he's ever won as a manager is the FA cup which brought Portsmouth to the edge of extinction because of his lavish expenditure on fact everywhere he's managed there's been financial problems when he's left,west ham,Bournemouth,Southampton and Portsmouth and maybe spurs too although he's being reigned in by LevyAbout time england had an english manager. Harry would be perfect and would bring entertaining football and a high percentage of win ratios.Dont knock the guy because unless you can nominate someone else who could do a better job - and speaks english.Martin O'Neill? Harry Redknapp as england team manager? i'd rather support wales mate!Harry redknapp england manager the media will dig up some dodgy deal and make him resign within 2 years or so like venables.Acyually, you are WAY more desperate than that. Did you not see the Wales game? England- more false dawns than than Lenny Henry on tour with a pocketful of viagra.


12 Sep 2011 16:39:27
Cardiff are willing to too surprisingly listen to offers fopr rob earnshaw as they need to raise funds(2)(18)You mean the striker they've JUST signed? don't talk rubbishWho's going to sign him then? Nottingham Forest?Ha ha shocking attempt at a WUM!! Must try harder!! LMFAO


12 Sep 2011 16:04:51
liverpool and man city set to battle it out for barcelona defensive midfielder sergio busquetts. reports suggest that city have loged a 35m bid for him(7)(7)Do you know the transfer window has closed you numpty


12 Sep 2011 15:54:19
Southampton are set for the loan signing of Ipswich striker Tamas Priskin for the rest of the season(8)(6)Please let this be true!You can only sign someone for 92 days not the whole season...


12 Sep 2011 15:45:07
James Beattie will turn down all 100 offers he is considering and if he is fit and good enough will join my sunday night 5 a side team you heard it hear first OK(20)(5)Why they let numbskulls on this site, I'll never know.James Beattie is that you ? Made me laugh as he is being linked to all and sundry, to the poster above chill out man get a sense of humourI've put a counter offer in of a big box of crisps. You know how he loves to eat.


12 Sep 2011 14:43:36
Argentine midfielder Matias Abelairas, who has joined Rangers on trial, will turn down a contract offered by manager Ally McCoist to sign for top Uruguayan side Penarol. The former River Plate midfielder is keen on staying within the region of South America after having second thoughts on a move to Scotland.(4)(6)You get some dimwits on here, Up in Scotland we call the Timmy or Dimmy or Hoopy as they put poor information to try and deflect from their own problems, this is one of their poorsest attempts as they wouldn't know anything about this guy, FEAR, thy are so worried about failing for a fourth year they will try any thing sadly, FAIL FAIL and I JUST CANT GET ENOUGH LOL WizardTranslated straight from his twitter

In case that even all the physical tests, this season I will play in the Glasgow Rangers, of Scotland.I'm worried because him putting that on his twitter, there must be some rumours that he doesn't want to comePlayed today in a friendly against kilmarnock played all 90mins


12 Sep 2011 14:18:50
The latest from Ashton Gate is that Keith Millen will remain at the club for the foreseeable future after talking with Steve Lansdown.

It was said that in order for the club to go forward, continuity is key and therefore relieving Millen of his duties would be more detrimental to the club than keeping him on. Keith is confident he can turn things around and he has the full support of the players and staff at the club.

One other minor detail to note is that Nicky Maynard picked up a knock in training although the extent of his injury is unknown at the moment.(5)(8)Never seen bristol city perform like this management leave millen bring in experience manager b4 were doomedWe're going down if this is true. Millen has to go!


12 Sep 2011 13:56:53
Ross McCormack has been told by Leeds boss Simon Grayson that Cardiff City have made an enquiry for the Scotland striker. McCormack scored 28 goals in over 80 appearances for City a couple of season ago but Malky Mackay was keen on the striker when he used to manage Watford. McCormack will not join on loan until January but the more likley thing is, that the Scotland striker will talk to the Welsh club until next year then a deal can be put together.(7)(27)Don't talk utter crapTo the original poster GET A LIFEHe is bang in form playing and scoring he will not be going anywhere utter s##tHa ha ha..obvious posters a deluded cardiff fan!! keep dreaming you muppetAbsoluter ballcocks. No doubt a desparate Leicester fan trying to upset an inform player.KB is thinking kerching another one of our good players we can sell for nothingWhy make stuff up just to please your tiny childlike mind with hope, he is leeds now and as we paid for him dont expect pappa smirf to let him run his contract down and go for free or on loan, your a tw@t super leedsSo suddenly he starts scoring, and now Cardiff want him again. You're bigger hypocrites than Leicester were with Gradel.


12 Sep 2011 13:53:35
Steve McClaren is set to be sacked as Nottingham Forest boss if they dont get a result against rivals Derby at weekend. Ralf Rangnick, who left German side Hoffenheim to join rivals Schalke in March, is in line to arrive at The City Ground. Rangnick was regarded as an unrealistic target before the approached McClaren in the summer but now the former Stuttgart boss having a fall out with the board, the Schalke manager could be the next Forest man.(17)(17)Steve Mclaren needs sacking! He has done nothing for forest apart from tear up the foundations Billy Davies had took 2 years to perfect bring Billy back he should never of gone - AND GIVE HIM THE MONEY HE NEEDS TO GET BACK INTO THE PREM!!!!Im not a forest fan im a Leeds fan but i now live in Nottingham. Personally it was a bad appointment in the first place ive never rated him quite a few of my mates who are forest fans didnt want him either im sure he wont be missedAbout time u got
Off his back and got on his side he will not be sacked cos he will walk he tried to but was stopped end off day anyone who takes job will do nothing he wanted 4 players in window but was told he spent to much! How most where free , Billy a saint in your eyes the same man that only came to nottingham on Wednesday night went home on Sunday night home being Scotland, why not look how ur club is ran before you jump in not even god could get u in prem with side u got the left back story( saying u had players to play there ) was cover as he wanted a player but has to be passed by David pleat what a joke honestly back to back euro winners now listen to the say so of this man really so why not open your eyes to the mess your inWhat on earth has happened at a great club like Nottingham Forest, we all love to hate them but need them in the top flight. Sort it out Forest, your overdue a returnWhy would any top manager,British or Continental, want to become Manager of Forest when he knows that he won't be given any transfer funds. Steve McClaren has shown up the hierachy at Forest for what it is and I believe he will soon walk. Forest will then have great difficulty in appointing a new Manager with any significant standing in the game. Doughty, Arthur, Pleat out!!!Need them in the top flight? Lol
They deserve everything that comes their way. A dose of football reality will sort out the most arrogant football fans in the championship. Keep Mcclaren please! The rest of the east midlands are loving this soap opera!Your not direby or fester by any chance are you?I doubt he is a Direby fan as the spelling is good and there is more than 5 words to put together, could be a fox but they are not considered are rivals, so who knowsMcClaren was a terrible appointment in the first place. It was more about him being desperate to get a job in England than anything else, in short, he was cheap and Forest, as we all know, are a cheap club.

He hasn't been given the support needed to turn Forest from a good club to a great club (Championship wise) but the support he has had has been wasted on losers like Andy Reid, Johnathon Greening and Ishmail Miller, players nobody else wanted basically.

He'll quit, he won't hang around to be sacked and i doubt the Forest board would sack him as it'd mean paying him off and getting a real manager in who'd cost more money. McClaren will walk out citing a lack of support and he'll save face by doing that. Forest will simply continue to spiral downwards.

Doesn't matter who supports who when it comes to simple facts. seeya Forest, the biggest team in Div One by next season.Im a leicester fan i know we are not doing great but watching forest suffer is brilliant as long as you keep mcclaren im happy,it will be league 1 for forest next seasonMaclaren is the best appointment since clough and that takes into account clark and hart- remember the days of platt and megson? davies was an also man- he bought mcgoldrick for a million? and did he ever play the same side for more than one game?
maclaren is a great coach and will achieve - a left back is less of a need than wide players
if you want to criticise doughty ask him how much he puts into the club each year and how much he takes out?
be realistic in these economic times and if you want to take it out on anyone deal with pleat who is really useless- doughty needs to realise that friendship and business never works
arthur might need a word or two in his ear- like another good shout like after the whittingham/pratley debacle
ignore comments from the abbattoir at prod park or the crisp factory- they're dead meat or crumbs and always will be!!McClaren has had money to spend ,miller derbyshire, Reid ,boatang , and greening were not all free transfers, give the bloke a chance , still got one of the best sqauds in the league. Also note for the board instead of giving players away sell them whilst you still have a chance ,Wilson mckenna adabola Rodney all went for nothing .Being an overseas (Thailand) red, from Nottingham, I only see the reds once in a while. Due to see the Boro game in October. I agree with the comment on Doughty's spedning thoug, or lack of it. We are actually in the black, not many teams can say that without a big foreign owner! Give him time, he's not a bad coach and what use will it be in sackng him?


12 Sep 2011 13:47:51
West Ham have recieved an undisclosed bid from French side Lyon. Manager Remi Garde is keen on bringing in another striker in January and the Southern France outfit could strike a deal with the England forward in the next couple of weeks, even though the deal cannot be completed until four months time.(4)(10)What striker are you talking about cc fool he didnt want to go stoke because of his family and plus he is scoring goals at whu which is keeping us in the mix 4 a promotion fight and you think west ham will try to replace him in jan dont think so fool they knocked back a bid by a turkish stde


12 Sep 2011 13:45:27
Tamas Priskin looks set to leave Ipswich Town on loan and will hold talks on Thursday with Austrian side Sturm Graz over a possible three month deal. The Austrian league side are keen to bring in some more attacking options and could partner Hungary teammate Imre Szabics in attack.(4)(2)


12 Sep 2011 12:47:14
Bristol City's David Clarkson going on loan to Yeovil Town!!(7)(12)


12 Sep 2011 12:26:36
09 Sep 2011 17:04:57
James Beattie will move to Portsmouth on a pay as you play deal, his wife is from down south and she wants to be back close to her family, his prefered chose was Southampton but they was not interested in his services. He now looks certain to move to Portsmouth.
- stop talking rubbish. Beattie is not welcome at Pompey, there's more chance of him signing for Eastleigh(6)(17)And Emile Heskey's signing for Man Utd to solve their scoring problem.


12 Sep 2011 11:37:01
Fabio Capello is in line to sign a lucrative four year deal with FC Saturn Moscow. Saturn are keen to tie Capello down on a four year deal. Capello is set to turn down Russian rivals Anzhi in order to sign with the second division side.(6)(14)Let's hope he is,useless toer.Stupid rumour. If he goes anywhere, it will not be to a second division side in Russia. He would definitely go for Anzhi if offerred. Better players available to him and far more money.Capello is going, but only to a rich club in Serie A or maybe in the Arab Countries.

Harry 4 England manager


12 Sep 2011 12:16:30
Heurelho Gomes has been told by Harry Redknapp at Tottenham that he is no longer wanted. The Brazil goalkeeper could hold talks with rich South American side Santos over a possible loan move for January until the end of the season.(8)(7)


12 Sep 2011 12:12:16
Steve Bruce is set to stand down as manager of Sunderland and will join Swansea City. City boss Brendan Rodgers will step down for an unknown reason over the next few days and Bruce is keen on joining another club. City chairman Huw Jenkins is keen to get a manager under wraps as soon as possible and the former Wigan and Birmingham boss looks set to be the real deal.(8)(18)As a sunderland fan we can only dream this is trueWhy replace a proper manager with a 'potato head'?This is absolute nonsense Brendan is going nowhere he is committed to the swans just as the club are committed to him.Yeah, we are going to replace a decent manger with a mercenary manager with the loyalty of a lemming.


12 Sep 2011 12:08:06
Celtic are very close to signing Bruno from Real Madrid on a pre contract. Bruno is keen on moving to Britain after falling out of favour in the youth setup in Madrid and his contract runs out in January. Bruno is a striker and will sign a five year deal with Neil Lennon's men this month but will be in and around the academy.(6)(12)


12 Sep 2011 08:20:19
Ex Blues Manager Peter Taylor is being linked with a return to Southend should Paul Sturrock decide to call it a day through pressures of player unrest. Taylor was unlucky in his first spell at Roots Hall Stadium when he was constantly undermined by then Chairman Vic Jobson. It is believed he has a house in nearby Rochford and has always welcomed another crack at his home town Club. It is thought he wanted the job some years back when he was pipped by Rob Newman but should anything happen to Sturrock then Taylor will get his chance.(3)(5)


11 Sep 2011 21:50:23
Leicester WILL sack SGE if he fails to beat Brighton, if he does he will be expected to pull Leicester up to the top 3 within 4 matches. If he fails then Martin O'Neil WILL be replacing him.(19)(8)MO'N will never join Leicester.. dream on!

He spent 300m at Villa .. That got tottenham & man city into the top 4 in the EPL.

Leicester will be skint if they get him anyway.YAWN - what a shocker, one person copying half a story from a newspaper, adding a bit of his own BS to make him seem important and posting it as his own, and another person still on the "we hate Leicester" bandwagon, predicting that we'll never do this or that and telling us how skint we'll be.

You're tedious small girls, come up with something more original eh?

The fact is that the newspapers, not the club, are saying that MON is being lined up as a replacement. MON has said nothing, Sven has said nothing and the club has said nothing. Maybe Sven will go, maybe he won't. But some dickhead on a rumour site certainly doesn't have the inside scoop no matter how much he pretends that he does. Go sit in the corner with the attention seeking Blackpool fan, you can compare notes.Better start packing his things up then, as nobody can beat the mighty Bright and Hove Albion at the moment!Southampton said much the same thing on the Friday before we played... by Monday they were telling us that they were the better team and that we'd fluked the win against them - bring it on, Brighton and Hove Albion, ooya, i'm shaking in my boots!


11 Sep 2011 21:30:21
David whiter to rejoin Middlesbrough on loan after injury to McManus he was going to Newcastle but Mowbray contacted him personally and agreed 90 day loan(4)(13),,yea,,enjoy your drink..Up The Boro !David Whiter ?? Get his name correct at least you doyle !My name is not Doyle it's mark and I didn't realise it was a spelling test you tot !


11 Sep 2011 21:16:00
Bristol city's nicky maynard to go for £7M to blackburn.(12)(28)Based upon what ? the transfer window will be shut 4 nearly 6 mnths kean could sacked blackburn could still be in bottom 3In your dreams, he's injury prone and unproven and only Leicester got silly with the supposed fee....get used to it, Maynard is not as good as you Brizzle fans think he is...7 mil indeed..more like 7Based on the fact that Brizzle fans so much want to get rid that they start a rumour a day on him in the hope that one will take off. So far Leicester / Newcastle / Southampton Everton and now Blackburn. He is worth about 2 bob not 7mI think they have missed the boat for a big fee with him being out of contract at the end of the season. Not exactly plorific scoring this season is he!Why do people say Maynard is injury prone. 1 bad injury doesnt make someone injury prone. Agreed hes not worth 7 mill, but praps a bit mre than 7.He will sign a pre contract with someone and brizzel city will get sweet fa, you've missed the boat


11 Sep 2011 19:28:40
preston to sign james beattie on a free(9)(21)He should join coventry


11 Sep 2011 19:04:30
Dirk Kuyt will join Inter Milan in January for £7m while Martin Skrtel is an £8m target for Bayern Munich. Liverpool are considering a shock £35m return for Fernando Torres while Gary Cahill and Edin Hazard remain long term targets and moves will be made next summer if not in January.(13)(35)Torres isn't even worth 5m or 50p.
Hazard isn't leaving France
Cahill will go to Spurs.Lol I did not know it was story time Cahill to tot it would be more believable if you said wenger is goingWhile I agree that Kuyt may move on, the other suggestions are wide of the mark. I do think LFC will spend big in January, I do not think they would spend 35m on a 32 year old former player.
LFC Pedro32?he would go back to spain if any were

ste liverpoolHe's not worth 35m, he's a striker who doesn't score, would you pay a milkman who didn't deliver your milk?


11 Sep 2011 19:02:30
Carlisle are set to bring in Clive Murray from Jamaican side Paradise FC. United have only just managed to get work permit for the Grenada striker and he could feature this coming weekend.(4)(3)


11 Sep 2011 19:00:26
Blackpool are very close to signing Sheffield Wednesday defender Lewis Buxton on loan until January with a view of a permanent transfer undisclosed in January.(8)(15)Lewis Who??...Just about sums Blackpools ambition up!


11 Sep 2011 18:59:06
Peterborough look set to sign Tom Newey on loan from Rotherham with a view to sign the Rotherham defender in January for a nominal fee.(3)(3)Why would peterborough want to sign a player on loan from a club 2 divisions below, surely they would be after a defender in the same division or higher on loan, anyone agree?


11 Sep 2011 18:57:35
German side Hannover 96 are set to complete the signing of Timo Furuholm from Finnish side Inter Turku. The Finland striker, who has impressed scoring 33 goals in 85 games and 1 goal in 2 games for Finland, is keen on joining a big league. Hannover have beaten off a number of teams from Italy, Spain and the English Championship.(5)(1)


11 Sep 2011 18:55:37
Andres Villas Boas has been talking with Roman Ibramovich and has told him he would like to bring Hulk and Modric to Stamford Bridge while Fernando Torres is set for a shock move in January the club are willing to take a big loss on the Spaniard who has failed to reignite his goalscoring form since returning from two knee surgeries in 2010 Chelsea are looking for £35m for the unhappy Spaniard. Didier Drogba is also expected to leave next summer so Chelsea will have lost two of the biggest names but both are currently living on reputation and past glory more than anything Daniel Sturridge has been brilliant and recieved praise form Boas,Terry,Lampard and even Torres himself while Lukaku is destined for big things and could emulate Drogba at his peek.Tottenham,Liverpool,Malaga and Athletico Madrid are all interested.(18)(12)Their not going to get 35m back for him, doesnt matter that they paid 50m for him, he's a striker who doesnt score, so hes pretty much worthless.


11 Sep 2011 18:54:57
Swindon are set to sign 18 year old striker Sam Hoskins on loan until January from Southampton.(5)(14)


11 Sep 2011 18:52:33
Crawley boss Steve Evans will complete a deal to bring in young striker Lyle Taylor from Bournemouth, of which is part of the deal that took Wes Thomas the other way. Taylor will sign until January where the deal will more then likely be extended until the end of the season.(4)(6)


11 Sep 2011 18:50:28
Huddersfield Town could surprise the Football League by bringing in West Brom forward Simon Cox in on loan. Cox was on the bench for the game today against Notrwich but didn't feature. Lee Clark made a formal enquiry not long after the game and rumours are that the loan bid until January has been accepted.(10)(19)So they just named him in their 25 man squad for a laugh did they? Better luck next time :)


11 Sep 2011 18:48:03
Paul Gallagher could be close to completeting a loan deal to Ipswich Town from Leicester City.(3)(20)Yeh, i heard from someone close to the club that he had a fall out with sven yesterday after the barnsley gameI'm a Ipswich fan and I heard that Gallagher could join after an arguement in training last week. It has also been in out local newspaper.What local paper would that be. gallagher isn't going anywhere


11 Sep 2011 18:43:25
Nottingham Forest young star Kieron Freeman is in talks with Stoke about a possibe move to the Britannia Stadium. Stoke are keen to bring in some defenders and if Tony Pulis can match the valuation for the 19 year old, Freeman could sign his contract in January.(3)(22)Forest have no recognised left back as it is.I think they would be very unlikely to let a player go who could play in that position Oh I forgot Tony Pulis would be talking to Mark Arthur, so Freeman probably will go!More chance of signing Morgan Freeman. Forest have no recognised left back and will not be selling one of the few players who can play in that position.


11 Sep 2011 18:40:19
Huddersfield Town are set to bring in Chris Robertson on loan from Torquay. Roberton had a fall out with Martin Ling at half time against Northampton and has been told he's not welcome at the club anymore.(1)(13)


11 Sep 2011 18:34:30
Tottenham are set to sign former youngster Lee Butcher from Leyton Orient. Butcher is out of contract next summer and Spurs boss Harry Redknapp is keen to sign the keeper he let go last season. Butcher is only 22 and has impressed when needed for Orient since 2010.(1)(14)I think you will find Butcher is a centre half.Muppet...check ur google...he's a keeper u donut!


11 Sep 2011 18:31:30
Leicester will appoint Craig Levein as their new manager. Their former boss, who is currently in charge of the Scotland national team has revealed he would like to get back into club football. City are set to replace Sven Goran Eriksson after a much under par start to the season. Levein will sign a three year contract once Sven has been sacked.(2)(33)Dull boring & negative, three words to describe leveins teams.Rumours by their very nature are mostly unreliable but now you are just getting silly!
Everyone will stretch the truth once in a while but you, my friend ,are abusing the privilige!Hope its true, gladly see Levein leave n bring in Strachan, someone whos got experience n has been sucessfully


11 Sep 2011 18:27:04
Esteban Granero, who is currently wanted by Arsenal, is in talks with Rayo Vallecano about a possible pre contract. The former Spain under 21 is keen to get away from Real Madrid after not playing much football over the last few seasons and could see a move to the new La Liga side happen before the next game.(6)(4)


11 Sep 2011 18:11:00
"Brisbane Roar are anxious to hear from Rangers. It's now been over three weeks since club CEO Eugenie Buckley heard anything from the Glasgow giants .

After agreeing the fee with the Glasgow club all communication has ended since McKay received word of his UK work permit. We had expected the first of three instalments for the player to have arrived well in advance before Matt played his first game. Considering the fee is relatively small we are really in the dark as to what Rangers are playing at."

if true what is happening at ibrox.
It can't really be this bad.(8)(5)Celtic fans talking s#### as usual get a life watpAll you have to do is read Martin Bains recent articleCheck twitter you clown,the brisbane roar chairman has said they recieved payment in full.Celtic fans really are sad,worry about you own team we will worry about 4 in a row!!


11 Sep 2011 18:09:31
Sunderland are very close to signing Bursaspor youngster Okan Deniz on a pre contract agreement.(10)(4)More chance of signing Olu Deniz


11 Sep 2011 10:54:30
Crystal Palace duo Steffen Iversen and Stuart O'Keefe are set to be loaned out to Walsall and Yeovil both on one month loan deals(9)(11)


11 sep 2011 10:44:16
bristol city news: keith millen will step down tomorrow, (monday 12 september) as he fills the job is too big for him at this time, i have been told this by a close member too the board, keith spoke to steve after the game yesterday, steve said we all will sleep on it and meet on monday and if keith feels the same then steve will except his resignation, cheers keith, you had a go,(14)(18)


11 Sep 2011 10:05:48
Watford to loan Iwelumo to Colchester(7)(20)


11 Sep 2011 08:43:32
"Preston are going to walk league 1,Blackpool here we come, we will beat you home and away next season"

keep taking the pills sonny.....they dont always work right away....bless(4)(19)Are you for real sheff utd sheff wed will walk that league you got a very lucky result on fridayUtd and wendys will be lucky to finsh in the top 6 pal .pne are just starting yess we won 4,3 on friday but we are scoring goals and wen hume clicks we will be a force in league one,also blackpoo were lucky to get to the prem and thats come from hollowheadReally wot planet are you visiting from or are you phil brown?I.m a yeovil fan and preston are by far and away the best team played this seaon and played sheff weds and charlton prestons strike force is to strong for league 1 and as for the friday game they should have beat us at least 8. 3 they battered us.You will play blackpool but in league one {Ed003's Note - Really one of the most stupid predictions I've read for a long,long time}


10 Sep 2011 22:01:55
Yeovil are going to sign Flavien Belson on Monday(4)(1)


10 Sep 2011 21:50:36
Player at unrest at Southend United. Manager Sturrock to axe some players for the long term with possibly at least one going for good.(1)(4)


10 Sep 2011 20:26:07
sean o,driscoll leaves donny rovers(5)(20)NO ! he has to stay and take them down lol


10 Sep 2011 20:02:00
In January Dundee UNited are expected to sign Nicky Riley from Dundee and Nick Blackman on a permanent deal to replace Dalle Valle(1)(7)


10 Sep 2011 19:40:45
Huddersfield Town boss Lee Clark will force Joey Gudjonsson and Robbie Simpson to accept the next loan offer that comes in for them.

Clubs interested in Gudjonsson:

Reading, Watford, Derby and Preston

Clubs interested in Simpson:

Rotherham, Bury, Rochdale, Notts County and Mansfield(1)(12)Robbie simpson has been loned out 2 oldham


10 Sep 2011 18:26:25
Blackburn Bolton and Everton scouts where all at ashton gate today i asked them if they where looking at maynard they said him and you young deffender wilson where attracting lots of interest from the PL(5)(11)Really? There are so many things I am laughing about this post! Firstly how do you know that they are scouts for those clubs? Secondly if so how did you manage tonspot all three in the same game thirdly why on earth would scouts tell a random person who it is they are looking at?


10 Sep 2011 13:40:40
Southend to sack Sturrock as Manager if Blues fail to reach at least the play-offs at the end of the season.(3)(13)


10 Sep 2011 13:27:52
Wayne Bridge close to agreeing terms with West Ham after snubbing Southampton(13)(33)Saints don't need him anyway,we're well covered in that position,good luck to him
but we don't need to keep looking back to
former players.Love Bridgey but we have four left backs, we don't need a fifth. Good luck to him and West Ham if this is true.


10 Sep 2011 13:05:56
Watford Striker Gavin Massey will sign for Yeovil on loan tomorrow(5)(2)To be completed on monday


10 Sep 2011 12:01:56
Southampton FC are in pole position to re-acquire the services of Wayne Bridge on a 3 month loan. The opportunity to pair Wayne Bridge and Adam Lallana down the left wing is too hard for Adkins to dismiss. An additional 3 month loan to cover the absence of Dan Seabourne is also being progressed, as Adkins is conscious of the recurring injuries of Rahdi Jaidi. Expect the imminent arrival of Danny Wilson from Liverpool until xmas to add depth to the squad. All information reliably received from a source inside the club.(15)(21)Why? You've just signed Danny Fox. You have more left full backs than Hamley's have toys.If this happens great,but if not I guess we're pretty well covered although centre back might be a problem.we have FOUR left backs. We do not need a fifth.Now the transfer window has closed you so called saints fans are at it again with regards to loans. If Bridge is on a reported 90k a week how much can Southampton afford to pay of that.Pity Ur Talkin Through Ur Hole As Wilson Is On The Way To Leeds Which Has Been Reported In Most Newspapers, U Idiots With Your "INSIDE SOURCES" U Make Me Laugh


10 Sep 2011 11:26:58
heider Helguson to Middlesbrough on loan from qpr until january(6)(20)


10 Sep 2011 11:13:27
James Beattie has been training with saints all week, maybe just to keep fit.
However I wouldn't rule out a pay as you play deal here.(12)(21)Rubbish he only talks about the blades on talk shows and he isnt training he is seeing the family until he is fully fitNo, talkshows onlt talk to him about the blades. I assume you're getting this from SoccerAM. Plus i think this is bullcrap too.Hes not training with anybody.Training on his own ,told Helen on soccer A.M.


10 Sep 2011 08:38:25
Craig Dawson is staying at West Brom
Source: Sky Sports(15)(10)


10 Sep 2011 08:24:00
Danny Collins has joined Ipswich on a 3 month loan from Stoke(16)(6)


10 Sep 2011 01:11:45
Also, Steven Fletcher tweeting about his not discounting a return to the turf.
ive got him on tweeter and there is nothing. his last tweet was 19 july and that was about how happy he is at wolves. also why would wolves sell there top st and highest tranfer player to a club who hope to get mid table in the fizzy pop league. unlike us how are going for mid table in the prem(0)(16)


10 Sep 2011 01:06:10
Wolves to give McFadden a trial from Blues, if he is a success Wolves will sell Jarvis in the January window and buy Gary Hooper out right from Celtic as club transfer record
well were do we start.....
Mcfadden ist from blues he is a free agent, jarvis ist getting sold and if he was it would of been in the summer and finaly olves dont want gary hooper we looked at him last seanson but we went for flechter insted and we dont need a new st and how on earth would he cost more then 7M(5)(12)He'd maybe cost 5 or 6 million at most. good player and would link uo well with fletcher. Mcfadden is also really injury prone but might be worth a punt on a free.Before anyone buys Jarvis, He'l really have to show form again. On his current form, there won't be a load of clubs queueing up to sign him. Not too bothered if we get Mcfadden or not - is he recovered/is he likely to be injury free in the future? - He'll probably join Mcleish at Villa. As for Hooper ??I will tell you right now there aint no way celtic would sell for 5 or 6mil!!! andy carroll, shane long, are the only people to compare him to and his record stands up to thiers very well. not saying he is worth anywhere near 35mil. nearer 10mil. but wolves are kidding on at that price. jamieI'm a Celtic fan and I think they'd sell for anything over 7million


10 Sep 2011 00:51:48
Offical: Notts County are in talks with Rory Fallon. Source: BBC Sport(4)(13)He is away to sign for Aberdeen


09 Sep 2011 22:13:18
Burnley have signed Stoke City defender Ryan Shotton on a season long loan(4)(26)Only allowed for 93 day loan,numptyNo they havernt and thats from a burnley fanYou were supposedly signing him permanently last month which never happened and I can't see him going out on loan as he is part of the 25 man premier league squad named by Stoke. Soares, Tonge, Pugh and Collins who has already gone to Ipswich will be the one's loaned out. Pugh is rumoured to be joining up with Leeds


09 Sep 2011 19:47:30
Emile Heskey's car seen parked at Turf Moor today - credible source. Also, Steven Fletcher tweeting about his not discounting a return to the turf.(5)(33)Bollihocks-yes fletch will return ....if we play wolves in the cup FFS.Heskey being in a clubs carpark means nothing, he was probably aiming for a different club and missed.Heskey is in good form recently, He is going NO-WHERE!Why the hell would heskey leave villa when he.s in there starting 11 and playing very well stop posting bcks.God, I hope for your sakes the rumour about Heskey is not true.If there was any justice left anywhere in our country he'd be done under trade descriptions act,
striker/goalscorer, I think not.I've a lot of time for Burnley - traditional club with decent fans. So quit the bullst about premiership players. Heskey isn't leaving Villa to play outside of the prem. As for Fletcher - He absolutely loves it at Wolves. Anyway rant over , hope your club has a decent season


09 Sep 2011 19:27:01
Collins joins Ipswich Town ahead of Leeds
and Forest. Fancy them to be in the mix thiis year. Bob, Stoke City(12)(13)Leeds are not interested in collins


09 Sep 2011 17:32:46
Billy Paynter is wanted by Oxford United.(25)(14)


09 Sep 2011 17:04:57
James Beattie will move to Portsmouth on a pay as you play deal, his wife is from down south and she wants to be back close to her family, his prefered chose was Southampton but they was not interested in his services. He now looks certain to move to Portsmouth.(5)(25)I heard saints were signing him?Unfit and overweight will fit in nicelyGood move,Beattie will be really loved at
Pompey,a legend for the Skates.There is no way in which Beattie would go and play for Portsmouth.Clearly not a good enough player for Pompey. If he is overweight and still as bad as he was, he will fit in nicely with the saints. Him and Lambert can have eating comps.Lambert must be greedy he help himself to a hat-trick to keep us 2nd in the league , nice goal by matt taylor yesterday thouI thought it was you play we don't pay at PompeyOn soccer A.M he said he'd have no problem playing for pompey!.He used to be mates with Matt Taylor. I dont think he would have a problem playing for the skates. Fans wouldnt take to him and I doubt he would be good enough anyway. All this talk of getting Bridge and Beatie back is nonsence, Cortese is in no way sentimental, otherwise we would have probably had, Surman, Elliot and Same Volkes by now!


09 Sep 2011 17:02:13
I'm hearing on more than one occasion that Manager Paul Sturrock has differences of opinions with his Board at Southend United. Former Shrimpers boss and Player Peter Taylor has been mentioned as a possible successor should anything happen to Sturrock. Again so I've heard.(1)(8)


09 Sep 2011 16:30:40
Former St Mirren forward Craig Dargo, is in talks with Burnley over a possible one week trial.(5)(6)


09 Sep 2011 16:26:19
Former Nottingham Forest and Millwall striker Scott Dobie, is set to sign a one year contract with Scottish First Division side Dundee.(6)(7)


09 Sep 2011 16:25:18
Leyton Orient have today signed Tom Clarke, Kevin Lisbie and Ben Alnwick. Clarke and Alnwick have signed loan deals, while free agent Lisbie has signed a permanent four month contract.(6)(5)


09 Sep 2011 16:22:33
James Beattie is in talks with Steve Bruce over a possible free transfer to Sunderland. Bruce is wanting some more attacking options after missing out on a number of players in August. Beattie is keen to get his career back on track, whilst some people may say he is not quite good enough for the top flight, Beattie will grab the chance with both hands.(4)(16)


09 Sep 2011 16:20:30
The Danny Collins loan deal to Ipswich is almost done(13)(6)


09 Sep 2011 16:19:33
Maurice Ross has been handed a one week trial with Second division side Stirling Albion with a view to a one year contract.(4)(3)


09 Sep 2011 16:17:43
Controversial striker Francis Jeffers is in talks with Scottish Second Division side Dumbarton over a possible one month rolling contract. The former England striker is keen to get his fgitness back before a return to England but sees a possible couple of months at Dumbarton as an ideal opportunity to get some form and fitness.(5)(6)


09 Sep 2011 16:15:39
French attaking midfielder Willy Aubameyang has been handed a one year deal with Scottish First Division side Dundee. Dundee are still keen on bringing in some attacking options and seem to have done so with the former Kilmarnock and AC Milan player.(5)(4)


09 Sep 2011 16:11:19
Former Hearts striker Jamie Mole is on trial with Stirling Albion. Albion know they want to sign him but are worried about his fitness. Mole, who made his debut for Hearts at only 18, was quoted by a number of managers of being a top talent. The striker is keen on getting his career back on track by signing with second division Sterling and scoring goals.(3)(4)His strike record at every club is dreadful but this move could be good in terms of re building his confidence.


09 Sep 2011 16:09:35
hearts have told john sutton he can leave,.motherwell are interested in bringing him back to fir park.(4)(7)Would be sorry to see that happen especially with Kevin Kyle's future looking bleak with injury. Sutton scored 17 goals last season and no team can afford to lose someone with that capability.


09 Sep 2011 16:07:40
German defender Andreas Hinkel is currently in talks with Dundee United. Peter Houston is keen on bringing some well needed experience into his backline to push for that third place this coming season. Hinkel has had 21 caps for Germany and is looking to stay in Scotland after being released from Celtic.(3)(10)Too expensive and is training in germany. in talks with two or three german teams


09 Sep 2011 16:05:42
Former Plymouth, Coventry and Scotland defender David McNamee is on trial with former club Plymouth. Argyle are keen on bringing in some more recruits and sees the right back as a bargain, of which they couldn't get in the transfer window.(5)(6)


09 Sep 2011 16:03:22
Mark Howard has turned down a contract offer with Bardford and will sign a one year contract with Manchester City. Roberto Mancini is still keen on bringing in another keeper after Staurt Taylor got injured in training. Mancini will sign the former Arsenal youngster over the weekend but his contract will state: 'pay as you play' status.(2)(8)


09 Sep 2011 16:00:47
Sone Aluko has today been told his trial with Juventus has not worked out and is now in talks with Colchester United. The former Arsenal youngster and current Nigeria international was released by Aberdeen after a cotract dispute and now wants to move back to England. Aluko will sign a one year deal with John Ward but won't be available tomorrow.(5)(8)Aberdeen due ~200k development compensation. (He wasn't released but offered a new contract which he turned down.)

200k for 1 year deal? Unlikely.


09 Sep 2011 16:33:09
Nick Hegarty will turn down the chance to sign a three year deal with Mansfield to return to Scotland with First Division side Hamilton on a two year contract.(1)(4)


09 Sep 2011 13:15:13
Harry Kane Spurs to Charlton - loan(8)(7)


09 Sep 2011 13:11:56
Jason Euell is set to replace Alex Dyer as assistant manager at Charlton.

Dyer is wanted by former Club Oxford as their new manager.

Euell is good mates with Powell and has all his coaching badges as well as the full respect of all the players.

My sister is married to another Charlton player and she told me this today.(4)(10)Another Charlotn player? ... Wouldn't you just say his name :/


09 Sep 2011 13:08:44
James Beattie wanted by Charlton and Sheffield utd

Source: Charlton Life(12)(4)Bit of a shock that they would pick up a reject from a lower leagueWhat division are you in ?
nuff said.


09 Sep 2011 12:53:48
Leyton Orient will sign Dave Hibbert on loan from Posh for 3 months to replace Alex Revell--the 6ft 3 hitman is fighting his way back to fitness after a serious injury,according to Barry Fry(4)(5)


09 Sep 2011 12:06:45
billy clarke on loan to brentford and jeffery shlupp(4)(14)Schlupp to Brentford, out of the question unless Sven signs an on loan Striker, very doubtful.Shlupp no chance nugent is out injured and waghorn out on loan


09 Sep 2011 12:06:18
Spurs are interested in David Beckham(17)(4)Spurs are interested in Beckham,NOT for football reasons as the guy was ste in his prime..lets face it people he was a winger who had no pace and relied on free kicks as he had nothing else in the locker.Spurs have to compete and the commercial aspect of beckham far outweigts the done by tag beckham has.


09 Sep 2011 09:59:46
I heard that Arik Yanko is set to join Southend on loan from Hapoel Tel Aviv.(4)(7)


09 Sep 2011 09:59:43
Tottenham will return with an £8million take-it-or-leave-it bid for Gary Cahill in January.(9)(14)That will be leave it then , he is currently worth twice thatAnd I think Bolton will tell Tottenham to go to hell take it or leave it {Ed002's Note - I suspect you will see interest from both Manchester United and Chelsea in the player as well.}Less than a year on contract, that's a good price now, should have sold him in summerHe's not worth twice that when he has a year left on his contract. All the Bolton fans will be crying when he goes on a bosmanEd-United for Cahill? They seem loaded at CB assuming Wio is coming back. Is he totally crocked? {Ed002's Note - There is a need to look to the longer term. How many games has Ferdinand played in the past couple of years?}Judging by the way chicharito destroyed him yesterday bolton will be lucky to get even 8m


09 Sep 2011 09:27:55
Southampton are gonna offer 4 million for super marvin sordell I think double it and you maybe slightly closer.(4)(17)Why would Watford sell Sordell for less than fat lump Wickham or totally unproven Oxlade Chamberlain - the club now has the lowest debt in the top 2 divisions and no need to sell - Marvin will go to a top 4 club in a year or 2 for 15m minWhere the hell do some of you people get your valuations from?? are playing far too much fantasy football on your play-boxesSorry, Burnley have NO debt whatsoever so no other club can beat that. TThey can equal it but not beat it.Well if Oxlaide-Chamberlian is 'unproven', then surely Sordell is aswellActually 15 Mil is probably over the top but 10 Mil is realistic given the money that was paid for Wickham and O-Chamberlain. Sordell is rated by the Watford training staff as a better player than Ashley Young and we sold him for 9 MilIf Sordell wants go leave he'll go, Saints bid 5.5m for Rodriguez - they have the money. It'll be down to the player.


09 Sep 2011 08:57:05
Tom Clarke set to sign for orient from htfc on a three month loan.(8)(4)


09 Sep 2011 02:34:26
Swansea is already taking steps for the winter break to ensure they stay up and is going to make an offer for speedy winger/striker Dimitrios Salpingidis of PAOK.(5)(9)



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