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13 Nov 2012 23:37:00
Walsall are to reward Dean Smith with a six month contract extension after there FA Cup exit to Lincoln City!

Stop your bleating and think who deano lost because of such a low budget,manny, sadler, beevers ladesma,ok mantom and cuvalier back on loan, nicholls. the better players will always move on for more money so deano got no option but to bring the kids through,no one could do any better in the circumstances, come on you saddlers,



13 Nov 2012 23:05:49
New striker to sign for barnsley tommorow. I wonder who it could be ???

14 Nov 2012 01:09:39
It won't be chris o'grady that's for sure {Ed003's Note - Who said it was?}

It's chopra!!

Chris o grady according to sheffield star

14 Nov 2012 07:58:16
It would be a surprise if it was anyone not linked at sometime in the past with Rochdale! We seem to be only interested in players with the name Rochdale in their CV.

Marcus tudgay

Tudgay from Forest on a 28 day emergency loan apparently.....

Marcus Tudgay

Tudgay will join later. Fact

What happened to chopra

Note to ed003 lots of people on previous post and general poor journalism ie Sheffield star



13 Nov 2012 21:48:50
Brendan Rogers has enquired about taking Danny Graham to Anfield if the move for Huntelaar fails to materialise. Graham has fallen out of favour at the Liberty stadium but Rogers believes his movement would allow Suarez to play in a deeper role.

Short memory pal! Liverpool not allowed to take any Swans players for a year. The exception was Joe Allen because of the clause in his contract.



13 Nov 2012 21:43:45
Albert Adomah of Bristol City will be off to Crystal Palace come January if Zaha is sold, Price around 2 million pound, plus sell on's, Holloway and Keith Millen see Albert to be the next hot property,

Adomah is 5 years older than Zaha. It's hard to see him as the next hot property.

Who needs another Winger from bristol city anyway?! We have your best player Yannick Bolasie. Haha

Ian wright was 24 when he first played for cp, same age as Albert,

Maybe he ill be off anyway?

See him for 3 million and then rebuild. Anderson can replace AA

Anderson plays lm

Ian wright was 22

We need back up in case of injury

Yanick Bolasie left because he couldnt get a game. lol.

Would love this to be true at bristol yala and albert played brilliantly together but i prefer zaha to anybody even bale

Too expensive surely?

Yannick Bolasie? phwwaahahaa best player? pwwwhhahhahah

I believe you should watch Bolaise from the highlights VS Brighton this last week! Man of the match for sure!



13 Nov 2012 19:55:12
Big trouble at Bristol city with a number of the first team squad hoping that MCcinnes gets the sack ASAP his failure to drop players like Fontaine has lost him respect and then dropping Heaton for two games for no reason and then doing the same thing to Gerkin , the view is he dose not know what he is doing in either picking the squad or his day to day coaching

Agent McInnes is doing a fine job... What is all the fuss about ?

14 Nov 2012 00:11:45
Keep the manager just swop leagues with the super know it makes sense.....Gert lush.!,,,,,,

And its took this long why even with lansdowns money he doesnt want to put it where his mouth is just do what theyve always done cheap option again



13 Nov 2012 18:55:18
Alan Judge to make the short crossing of the River Trent to Nottingham Forest in a swap deal involving Marcus Tudguy. Judge is a free agent in the summer and is not impressed by the offer made to him by the league one club

Tudguy has gone to Barnsley.

Haha keep dreaming i wondered how long it would be before a person created this btw its nothing to do with contract its because he wants to concentrate on his football reading is where hes gonna go if he leaves



13 Nov 2012 18:47:51
Millwall are hoping to secure a deal for WBA striker Chris Wood, but Charlton and Reading are also showing an interest.

Hurry up kenny!

Come on millwall get him signed up

The only striker Reading are reportedly interested in is Andrei Arshavin, not a West Brom reject

No your just after an Arsenal reject who only likes playing when it suites him! LAZY!

"No your just after an Arsenal reject"

As he currently still plays for arsenal he cannot be a reject.

"As he currently still plays for arsenal he cannot be a reject."

If he leaves he will be...der!

He is an arsenal reject as he is dreadful and can't even make the team!

Why would wood go to charlton when millwall said they want him, wood said from day 1 that he loves it at millwall and wants to stay and wba wants to sell him

West Brom reject? Hardly, he's a promising youngster, we won't let him go on the cheap especially not our chairman

"As he currently still plays for arsenal he cannot be a reject."

If he leaves he will be...der!

BUT HE IS STILL THEIR SO CANNOT BE A REJECT. When/if he leaves then you can say that but not at the current time!

So now if a club sells a player a reject ok then. rvp is an arsenal reject and cristiano ronaldo is a man u reject



13 Nov 2012 18:37:48
The first bid has already been proferred to Palace for Zaha. A Premiership club has offered a whooping £15 million for the youngster. This includes a down payment of £2 million, with a further £10 to be paid over the length of Zaha's contract - this is fairly typical.The rest of the fee consists of clauses.

Palace are reasonably content with the above but want a 10% pay-on clause and for Zaha to remain at Palace until the end of the season - these are sticking points at the moment.



13 Nov 2012 18:29:27
Dickov to be sacked if Oldham don't win cup game against Doncaster - FACT

FACT Our Chairman and Dickov get on so FACT he won't be sacked. Mowbray was looking at Baxter by the way.

Bottom 4 now said by christmas he be sacked fact he is not good enough results show this simple either your good enough or not bye bye dickov bring in the new



13 Nov 2012 18:21:54
Argyle to make a bid to sign Bradford City Striker Nahki Wells for £130,000 which could rise to £165,000 dependent on games and goals. Hoping to do the deal before January. TomP

130k? Don't make me laugh!

165k? You couldn't buy a pair of nahkis boots for that much! Worth 10x that!

Thats the funniest rumour I've heard for a long time. Argyle?, I presume is Plymouth, have no chance of signing Wells. He is championship bound in January or the summer, with three top clubs already registering interest..we wont sell for under a million anyhow

To Plymouth Argyle!? Or is there a club in the Championship that ends in Argyle? The Transfer Fee was enough to make me laugh but then reading it again and seeing the club mentioned made me piss Myself! Why oh why oh why would he move to Plymouth?

U joking? jordan rhodes went for 8 million nahkis worth minium 1 million!

That is rediculous. Wells is playing week after week for City. We are building a squad to progress not sell our best players.

I million?! you avin a bubble!



13 Nov 2012 18:14:06
Afc wimbledon winger/striker Christian jolley is being linked with a move to Pourtsmouth after they asked the fa to sign 3 players
Hope he leaves, poor first touch and hasn't been the same since injury last season!



13 Nov 2012 18:07:13
Apparently talks with Phil Brown have stalled, looking unlikley now that he will be the new boss at Hartlepool



13 Nov 2012 17:22:49
Bobby Hassell is interested in signing for Hibernian in January on a loan deal till the end of the season.



13 Nov 2012 17:13:42
Wilfred Zaha linked with southampton, liverpool and everton , fellaini to chelsea , torres linked with a return to liverpool but seems unlikely also real madrid star KAKA linked with a switch to the premier league as well as david villa linked to liverpool

Dream on... Torres not going back to Liverpool, Fellaini will not go to Chelsea as Everton will not let him go and as for Zaha, I can't see Palace letting him go, with him they threaten the Premiership next season. Without there's no guarantee they will succeed, even if the 20 million price tag is met.



13 Nov 2012 16:33:22
chris iwelumo is set to move to an unnamed scottish team in january as zola says he is not in his plans

Yes he May be going to Hibs ?

14 Nov 2012 00:19:21
chris iwelumo may go hometown

Kilmarnock need sign other striker

Plase god, not my hibs



13 Nov 2012 16:30:38
McINNES to be sacked before first week December. Will break club record by going another 2 games without a win and will be offloaded giving time for salvage operation to save Championship status. No player wants to join a Div 1 side and McInnes is not a great coach to develop this side. Fact

He is a terrible man manager rumours are he never talks to players they never practice corners free kicks etc and he has lost the respect of the squad he also keeps telling the press that the players he has are not good enough but he speaks well in front of camera so that's all OK

The players aren't good enough he's right. Maybe they should try and prove themselves rather than moan like babies



13 Nov 2012 16:30:01
Cardiff City are going to strengthen their areas in full-back and striker during January.
MacKay wants to bring in Watford's Lee Hodson, as he has worked with him before and has great potential.
MacKay tried to sigh Fraser Campbell from Sunderland but he doesn't want to drop a level.
Instead, Cardiff are going to try to sign Adam Le Fondre from Reading as he feels he isn't playing as much as he should be.
As always, these are just rumours and are not 100% reliable, so I don't want a bunch of Reading fans saying how much Alfie loves them and how MacKay's a traitor if you support Watford!

Mackay can want Hodson as much as he wants - Cardiff couldnt afford him... Watford dont need to sell our players for peanuts anymore

Watford wont do business with Cardiff anymore, they stole Cowie off us for free due to a loop hole, very unprofessional football club, never be a prem leauge team as clubs refuse to do business with them, bit like Leeds, they have to pay 25% more for players because clubs wont do business with them.

Should Cardiff be in the Engish league anyway. Surely there must be a Leauge in Wales.

Alfie loves us and MacKay's a traitor.

I dont think Le Fondre will be going anywhere I am afraid. He's a key player for us

Le fondre going nowhere!!!

Adam Le Fondre started for Reading this week against Everton and scored 2 goals. He has scored 3 this season and is a favourite with the fans. He is going nowhere.

Fondre is a done deal, unlucky Reading fans

Hodson is gone to Brentford anyway!

"Fondre is a done deal, unlucky Reading fans"

Sorry to disappoint you, but you couldn't be any further from the truth. He has just signed a new contract and is now in the starting 11 of a prem team, he is certainly not going to drop a division.

Cardiff will bottle it in the playoffs again, unlucky Red Dragons...



13 Nov 2012 15:04:15
Southampton transfer targets for Jan 2013

Martin Olsson (Blackburn) - £3mil
Jeremain Lens (PSV) - £9mil
Jack Butland (Birmingham) - £3mil
Wilfred Zaha (Crystal Palace) - £10mil
Tom Ince (Blackpool) - £4mil
Matt Phillips (Blackpool) - £5mil
Liam Trotter (Millwall) - £1.5mil
Douglas Teixeira (FC Twente) - £4mil

Obviously we will not be signing all of these players but they are on our radar.

Think at least 3 of those wont
be coming to saints
ince lens and phillips
not comjng

Oh forgot zaha
that makes at least 4

Zaha wont be going to a team who will be playing championship football next year, or Ince for that matter.

Ummm , I think we need to start at the back four 1st , have faith in gazza ,

1.5 mil your having a laugh !

Ha ha trotter 1.5 mill what u buying his left or right foot double that price any way why would he leave 4 a club relegation bound

If youre going to pay the donkeys 4 mil for a player whos only got 6 months left you need your head read. Get him for free and stop contributing to the latvian economy...

Humour ,LIKE IT

Since all have been on the list at the beginning of the season for Saints, but none turned up, I would say it is doubtful they are still on the list now. But hey, I would not mind being proved differently come January.

Someone who has trawled through old stories and reprinted them!
Let's just remember Saints will do any business behind closed doors, so you might as well make a list of top players and throw a dart at it.

Has someone just cut and paste this? These are exactly the same targets that were thrown around in the summer. Don't believe we will target any of these at all.

Doubt Soton get Ince with Spurs and Man Utd sniffing around. And especially not for 4mil since Blackpool have slapped an 8mil price tag on him.

Well millwall fans if we do get relegated this year we will be smashing you like we did last year anyway so i think trotter would join us rather than stay with your small club

Ok, Olsson I really can't see happening. Adkins pretty much rejected that one in the summer and I doubt he'd be a target really. Butland is not happening, we have a young keeper better than him. I can't see Trotter being a target or Teixeira either for that matter. I imagine they'd like to take ONE of Zaha, Lens, Ince or Phillips but I doubt they'd take all 4. I doubt they'd want to have all 4 anyway. Possibly 2. I imagine Southampton can stay up this season but those will not be the transfers to do it. If we sign a new Centre back and ONE of the above wingers we should easily survive.

Trotter is the only one in your price bracket, ridiculous post

Some very crunchy saints fans on here! Trotter will be at the 'DEN' for a few years yet! Unless you have 4-5mill to get rid of?

Ince and Phillips?! I think you have been playing football manager too much

Hark at saints fans 1 season in prem they think there a big club trotters worth 3-5 mill why would he make a move 2 a team with the same prospects as us c u next season

To saints fan u beat us by 1 goal hardly a smashing 1 season in prem and u think ur a big club no way would trotter take a sideways move 2 ur club

Since when did saints get taken over by a sheik??

Lets think about that one you smashed us last year, sneaked a home win and cheated an away win 2 pens in the last 5 minutes. Got Smashed by Millwall at the Dell in the cup and owe by the way we put 7 past you last season......You will never get trotter for 1.5m you have overspent big time and just like Pompey...ta ta....

Trotter 1.5m ur havin a laugh more like 4.5m plus add ons

'Trotter only one in our price bracket'
Really? You do know Soton spent over 25mill in the summer?! If the player wants to join and the price is right, he's ours! See Gaston Ramirez and Jay Rodriguez!

Yeah because Gaston Ramirez and Jay Rodriguez have scored sooo many goals this season, well worth it!

Ramirez has been injured for a large part of the season. Rodgriguez is 21 and waiting in line behind our top scorer. And your point was? Besides the discussion was about spending ability not players form?! Keep up!

If Puncheon was worth 1m (Saints valuation in League 1), then Trotter is worth 5m to Millwall.

How on earth do you come up with that? Puncheon has blown hot and cold for saints but at the moment he is playing really well. On current form would Trotter get picked ahead of Punch? Not a chance! He shredded QPR yesterday!

Qpr everyone beats qpr .....


Southampton will probably sign Liam Trotter, but would have to pay around 4 million for his services. As they have npw spent the 15 million from the sale of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and the prize money from getting promoted, they will now have to sell to buy:
Heading for the exit door are the following: Jack Cork, Tadanari Lee, Billy Sharp (perm), Steve De Ridder, Danny Butterfield, Artur Boruc. Between these possible sales will raise about 6 million, which will be spent on Liam Trotter from Millwall for 3.5 million, Craig Dawson on a season-long loan, Albert Adomah for 2.5 million

If you think Trotter will come to southampton you deluded why would he leave a club in the play-offs to go to a club going down?

Wilfs just too good for you

Why on earth would Saints want Trotter?? There are at least half a dozen players at St. Marys already as good, if not better. As for the "person" who seems to know about Saints finances, you are completely deluded. Yes, some players will go in the New Year because it doesn't help any club to keep players who aren't going to get in the squad, but your list is total fiction. No, they will not need to sell anyone before they buy-who do you think we are-Everton?



13 Nov 2012 14:32:19
QPR's chances of signing American International striker Kenny Cooper in the January transfer window have been made very slim. Cooper has stated that he has no intention of moving to QPR in January ,Other clubs such as Celtic and West Ham are also keen on the striker



13 Nov 2012 14:18:28
Brendan Rodgers has been told he will have the full backing of the board this January and will be allowed to spend big. A couple of big money signings will also be on there way out probably for a fraction of their price Stewart Downing,Jordan Henderson,Doni,Joe Cole,Danny Wilson and Dani Pacheco are all facing the axe while Rodgers also expects permanent moves sealed for Andy Carroll and Jay Spearing next summer. Rodgers targets are Daniel Sturridge,Christian Eriksen,Klaas Jan Huntelaar,Angelo Ogbonna and Jack Butland. Liverpool were planning on leaving moves for Ogbonna and Butland until the summer but Agger needs surgery and will be out for a couple of months forcing a move for Ogbonna who can also cover left back while Birmingham are looking to sell in January to raise some much needed funds, there are apparently 4 or 5 clubs interested in Butland which may force Liverpool into an early move.

Did you just pick a few names out of hat and call it a story!!

If you have a calculator, just add up the cost of your list!
Don't be so daft.

Pretty much yeah!

Liverpool aint got any funds for the transfer market

Not a Liverpool fan (sheff utd actually) but why would players like butland go to lpool to sit on the bench behind reina? Or why would any big name players go to Liverpool? Don't get me wrong Brendan rogers is Deffinetly the man to take you forward but don't think lpool is the most attractive club anymore



13 Nov 2012 13:47:01
Phil Brown new manager at Hartlepool

Thats them down then

Good move by hartlepool if true, phil brown should do ok.

Wrong john hughes is the new gaffa



13 Nov 2012 12:32:37
Nani's Old Trafford future is in further doubt, after Fergie continues his pursuit of Porto winger James Rodriguez. A swap deal has been touted, but does not look likely. Straight cash swap on a 3-year-deal, and Fergie will find other suitors for Nani. Juve were interested but were not keen on his wage demands. A return to Portugal is still on the cards, despite the interest from Anzhi in Russia.



13 Nov 2012 12:31:02
Brighton's Matt Sparrow back to Scunthorpe - 2 year deal. To be confirmed soon.

How can it be confirmed soon on a two year deal? You'll have to wait untill the January Window as he is still under contract with B&H and I doubt they'd cancel his contract. He is however no longer part of B&H's plans, so I wouldn't be suprised to see him go back to Scuny.


Why no kazenga lua lua in brighton team these days????

He's apparently lost his pace and his final ball has also gone missing!
and Gus doesn't play 2 wingers - Will Buckley is the man of the moment! so...



13 Nov 2012 12:30:34
Porto's James Rodriguez to seal his move to Manchester United in January. James will spend the rest of the season in Portugal, and join up with Fergie's boys at the end of the season.



13 Nov 2012 12:29:20
Phil Brown is to be named new Hartlepool boss.



13 Nov 2012 12:29:02
Sunderland's Connor Wickham to Huddersfield on a 1-month loan.

Dont see why not , the last Ipswich youth product we had turned out alright

Rubbish, read Dean Hoyles article in the Huddersfield Examiner, budget reached and no more signings before January.

Vaughan out for season and returning to Norwich frees funds for wick ham deal

Vaughan out for season, where do you get this information from. He was training with the full squad last Friday and looked pretty sharp to me but not match fit or worth risking at the moment.

14 Nov 2012 13:07:57
he is going to swfc

Vaughan will be back fit for the leeds game (1st of december). hardly end of season

Vaughan will not be back for at least two more months that's why church loan extended



13 Nov 2012 12:07:31
Palace have told a Premiership side they are willing to accept a bid for Zaha.
Palace want £15 million for the player and at least one side has indicated a willingness to pay it. The fee is a £2 million down payment and a further £10 million paid over 3 or 4 years, depending on the length of contract. The rest will be made up in clauses.

One sticking point is the determination of Palace to secure a 10% pay-on clause.

Do you mean sell on clause?

Why would they sell in January if they are still top of the Championship?? If it is to one of the big four, his chances of playing regular football are no better than AOC. I suspect he will stay with CP at least until the summer.



13 Nov 2012 12:06:59
Reading after a LB next season and a cam plus a cb

Sounds like a lot of FIFA 13 to me

Totally made up apart from the LB
Reading do not play cam
and have plenty of centre backs

Clearly not as you haven't stated any possible targets.

We may have plenty of centre backs but none of them a decent Premier League players.

Nicky shorey is playing fantastic for reading, someones been playing lots of fifa.....

Agree Shorey been great since return

I'd say we're in more need of a Right Back than a Left. Even if you argue Chris Gunter is up to standard, there's no-one that I feel is good enough to challenge his first team place. If Brian were to bring in a premier league standard RB to play ahead of Gunter, it would mean Gunter had to really work hard and perform up to standard to stay in the team.

As for Centre Backs, we're not short, especially as Alex Pearce is still contracted to the club. Gorkss and Morrison have both started well in the league individually, and Pearce has more than proven himself worthy up stepping up through his performances last season. But again, a top quality player added to the pecking order to step up competition will do more good than harm.

And the CAM just sounds made up to me, the 4-4-2 system has worked wonders in comparison to the 4-5-1 introduced at the start of the season. It's just a shame that Pog is struggling to fit into it, though.

Reading need a back up left back for Shorey or they need to recall Joseph Mills from Burnley. I think they couldnt go wrong in signing a left back on loan with proven talent for the rest of the season.

They do need an attacking midfielder or centre midfielder with quality. They have been linked with Arshavin from Arsenal but he wouldnt play in CM so a change in formation would be needed.

Another centre back is certainly needed. Someone like Upson from Stoke or Dawson from Spurs who has solid premier league experience.

Reading should sign: Upson, Huddlestone, Arshavin and that Cheryshev kid from Real Madrid

I think you will find that quality of player wants to play in a winning side!

We need someone who can cross the ball!! We've got the Pog and can't use him because none of our wingers can cross. Shorey's been good but i still think he's too slow and we need quick full-backs with the lack of pace we have in our centre halfs.
A striker who can run at players would be good but i think we've missed out a treat by not signing Zaha when we could. Arshavin would be good to run at defence though!

Not sure whether we need CAM but a midfielder who can pick out a pass would be good and a winger who can cross!!

We couldn't have signed Zaha. We tried and offered 6 million but Palace wanted at least twice that and he's not worth that.

We need a LB. Shorey has been amazing but if he gets injured I don't trust Harte to step up.
A CB as it looks like Pearce is off
And a creative midfielder as Guthrie isn't the player we thought he would be.



13 Nov 2012 12:00:59
After move for Jerome fell through, Leeds are looking at Chris Martin and Jamie Mackie. However, with McCormack back in training, Warnock may wait until January.

On the takeover, Bates is listening to Haskell, in case he offers more than the 44mil GFH had agreed with him. Haskell already offered to give Warnock 10mil to spend in January should he beat GFH to acquiring the club. Both clearly want to invest in the club, so it should be a straight fight of financial muscle and plans for the club.

All we actually know for reasonably sure is that the yank will invest 10 million, he's said nothing about actually buying the club outright?

Chris Martin gone Swindon check ssn !



13 Nov 2012 11:52:17
Kelly Youga has signed til January for cover of Cresswell, And he is going nowhere.



13 Nov 2012 11:40:03
Crystal Palace are lining up Burnley's
Charlie Austin as a replacement for Wilfred
Zara when we leaves in January.

Well that's your 15mil spent.

Ha ha get a grip, palace haven't got 10 million to spend at a minimum! Charlie is going to the prem Liverpool or arsenal, blind palace fan

Hope zaha doesn't go, but charlie austin good replacement, burnley won't let him go thought

I am sure that Charlie Austin only has a few months left at Burnley, if the money offered meets Burnleys valuation he will be on his way.

, nice one deluded palace fan!
Austin's better than Zaha for a start.

Austin still has over a year left on contract, don't say anything on here if you know nothing about football

Charlie Austin is good and it proves how good he is by not being in the england squad. If we r just saying English player who have scored loads of goals this season, Roy Hodgson look no further than Glenn Murray lol

Few months left at burnley ! do you mean on his contract , because it said somewhere he is contracted until summer 2013

Austin has another 18 months left on his contract and the club are already looking at an extension....not to hold onto him but to ensure that when he does leave that the fee will be as LARGE as possible!! Charlie's future is in the top flight and possibly even the national team; God knows England need a natural finisher to convert chances.

Palace- if you honestly think that you can sign Austin then it'll take all the money you get for Zaha and a bit more too... The Jordan Rhodes deal alone means that the price will be over 10 million!

Austins contract runs till 2014, he will not join palace he is prem bound

Yes that'll be the Zaha who ripped Burnley to shreds, scored 2,and made your full back look ridiculous.

Austin has got more than a uear left on his contract , pluss the fact that hes said hes very happy at bfc and wants to work under the new manager and carry on scoring goals for bfc ! Sean dyche is hoping to open up contract negotiations with austin in the next couple of days aswel

Charlie Austin is a finisher needs ball passing forward. Will never play for England sideways and backwards will never suit his style of play.

Look this is what's gunna happen Austin isn't going 2 sign a new contract don't care who he goes to as long as it isn't BrigBrighton

If Sean Dykes trys to alter Burnleys play to TEAM GB style, Austins goals WILL dry up.

'Charlie Austin is a finisher needs ball passing forward. Will never play for England sideways and backwards will never suit his style of play.'

Well that's the biggest load of rubbish I have ever heard, Charlie Austin is only 23 so has around 10-12 tears left in him..... Highly doubt Roy will still be in charge of England team in 10 years if were still playing boring defensive football were we can't beat Sweden Poland or Ukraine! New manager will come in and straight away go 'hmm that Charlie boy that arsenal paid 25million for is just what we need! Bring him to me

Perhaps i should have said Austin will not play for England while they are playing negative football.But i would not say having 4 goals scored against you "defensive" football. "Clueless" yes.

Oooooooooo he took keiron trippier to bits! fantastic then isn't he lol trippier is a terrible deffender! great crosser of a ball and that is it, zaha isn't europes top goal scorer is he?! end of



13 Nov 2012 11:38:30
celtic looking at grziano pelle of parma cf 6 ft 3



13 Nov 2012 10:53:12
Bristol city are to accept relegation this season and keep Mcinnes as the 1st team may not be that great yet but he is working wonders behind the scene building up the club, new coaches, a lot of good youth recruitment with the u21 top of there league the msg is be patient just look at Norwich went down and came back twice as strong , and there will be 5/6 dead wood players leaving , Skuse is off to palace, Sheffield utd are in for j Wilson and Elliot will link up with my dons.
And nyatanga will b off to exter with woolford likey to go back to Scunthorpe now laws is back on charge

BRISTOL CITY: Wont accept relegation, either the management or fans. What a load of cobblers. Cant honestly see the manager getting anything other than a single point out of next 3-4 games. Personally I would see him gone by 1st week in Dec giving new manager chance of Jan window to get out of relegation. Promotion in any league is difficult and your gonna risk it... accepting defeat and assume they will be better next year ? Your a joke my friend and so is any management who think this way

Cole Skuse will leave in January if he cannot agree a new contract at City.
Palace,s Holloway and Millen are great admirers of the player and will make City a decent offer to take him early rather than waiting until the end of the season when he will become a free agent. City have to cash in on him or offer a better contract deal

I am sure the players you have said will be leaving will be very happy about that to get away from McMillen and a small club going nowhere

As admirable as it is to relate going down to bounce straight back up to Norwich, they are two vasty different clubs and expectation (as well as potential) levels



13 Nov 2012 09:16:37
brendan rodgers lining up a 30million bid for lewandoski to be a strike partner for suarez. walcott also being linked



13 Nov 2012 09:12:06
Norwich City WILL sign Club Brugge striker Carlos Bacca in January to solve their current striking problems for an already agreed fee estimated between £3m to £4m.

Lucas Piazon second striker attacking mid from Chelsea loan rumour.

Would be happy with either - John Guidetti of Man City also very appealing for a short loan.

Would love Guidetti

Bacca looks like he would be very useful

Bacca has some impressive numbers and presumably given that he is playing in Europe currently he will have no problems getting a work permit.



13 Nov 2012 09:49:49
BRISTOL CITY NEWS, STEVE LANSDOWN will not sack Dereck Mcinnes, Steve will know buy the end of the season if the new stadium will go ahead, Then he will revue the management at Ashton gate, In the mean time he will support Dereck in the loan market, Steve has also looked at the league table this time last year,
16 games, 2011/13 points, 2012/11points, and with Steve support in the loan market and a better squad to last year he believe Derek will pull through, There are a few names Steve would like to take over at Ashton gate in the summer if the stadium happens, one name mentioned is Harry Rednap, from a very good source,

Im a city fan and this is just horserubbish

Best joke I have seen all week

Harry Redknapp = flying pigs



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