Football Rumours Archive May 13 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursMay 13 2012 

12 May 2012 23:49:30
Craig fagan to sign for portsmouth(10)(10)What to play in the Blue Square League next season?Players have to leave first before any come in!We are not going to be liqudatedWould be a pointless signing for Pompey. We need hungry young players to come in on low wages who want to play football. Fagan nowhere near good enough anyway.


12 May 2012 23:34:55
cox will leave mansfield after a brilliant season for carlisle when the inevitable happens and abbott goes to hull(10)(6)


12 May 2012 23:31:14
Southampton Steve De Ridder will join Dutch team De Grafschapp(20)(26)He won't go back there. He was told when he came in he would need to adapt. He loves it here, as does his family. Secondly he was told if he made an impact in the prem, which he could, he could feature at an international level in the future.De Graafschapp was his old club, and he haas lots of friends there, will be sad to see him go, he's a good player but hasn't had many opportunitiesHe wont go back, he loves it at Saints..His family are settling in and he is starting to ajust too.No way can I see him going back. Not for 'friends'. We've just got back to the prem. He wont leave if he can help it.


12 May 2012 23:21:50
Bristol Rovers have had a 100k bid accepted from AFC Wimbledon for top goalscorer Jack Midson.(10)(21) 

The guy's out of contract.

Hope Rovers don't go for him anyway, not the striker we need.This is true they have held talks with Wimbledon, who have reluctantly agreed to sell. They have also begun talks with Midson's agent over personal terms. They are also still VERY interested in signing Lionel Ainsworth but he has also spoke to Rotherham.How do you know this is true and that they're very interested in Lionel Ainsworth mate?Not true-contract talks ongoing. Don't make up bullDon't worry mate, we don't want him! There's much better out there.


12 May 2012 23:21:36
Preston to sign Alex MacDonald, Robin Shroot and John Ashton as Westley starts his PNE revelution(13)(8)His "revelution"??........Not much of a Revolution when he's chasing any player in the (very) lower leagues thats available on a free, is over the age of 27 and at least 6ft 3" tall........!!


12 May 2012 23:16:57
Any news on Joel ward for a move to leeds?(16)(7)Off to Ipswich apparently.Lol Ipswich fans really think their going to hijack the deal, no chance, he is pairing up with Pearce again, should be done soon then can prove the deluded Ipswich fans wrongI think you'll be a bit dissapointed, not a bad player and works hard but don't expect to much qualityHe has been in talks with Ipswich since January, hardly hijacking a deal.If anything Leeds are hijacking this deal, he had talks on Friday with Warnock and is expected to make his decision Monday/TuesdayI'd be a bit worried pairing up with Pearce again seeing where Portsmouth ended up, hardly set Championship alight last season. Might help take you down! Anyway we'll see what his decision is next week! {Ed013's Note - Portsmouth situation doesn't take away some of their players ability. They were very limited in what they had available, but had 6 or 7 really good players}Derby fan here so no connections if I was ward think I would go to Ipswich reasons for this is all though Ipswich have had a few bad years they will get better as Leeds are not going to get any better {Ed013's Note - Leeds will be much stronger next season}And of course being derby you would know all about quality players and improvingIpswich is a minuscule club compared to Leeds? Leeds are more likely to attract investment than most championship sides. The problem they have is Bates. If he wasnt there I could see an investor coming in and taking the club to be a top 10 prem side.


12 May 2012 22:49:59
Charlton Vicento signing for Bristol City(13)(16) 

With a name like that there is only one place he should play :)


12 May 2012 22:06:19
rotherham have agreed personal terms with richard o'donnel and danny webber, both signings to be announced next week!(17)(14)


12 May 2012 21:56:13
bristol city are to rebuild their squad with the signing of left back PAUL DIXON from dundee utd when his contract runs out, city are also interested in highly rated northampton town cm MICHAEL JACOBS(18)(9)Both of them are coming to derby
as we are massively interested and
Bristol city just escaped relegation and derby top half finish.You decideSo what derby fan dont think bristol city will be push overs we bounce backDerby are a much bigger club than Bristol City! They attract an average of 27,000 crowd per week and in the prem 33,000!
The club as a whole is massive for championship standards and in my opinion i think they will get play offs next yearStudent tickets and free mobiles? Well done Derby, absolutely huuuge! BTW, a BCFC season ticket holder at Derby Uni was offered this! Forest are bigger and I'm a lifelong City fan.Sure Derby get more support at the moment but they wouldnt get any more fans in the prem then they get now. Bristol City would outsell Derby twice over in the prem as Bristol is one of the biggest citys in the country and Derby is tiny.What are the criteria for determining the size of a club?? Back up your claims with reasoning.
Regardless of size Derby are a more attractive proposition right now, the squad is settled and moving forward.What bristols 21000 seater stadium would outsell derbys 33000 seater stadium twice over, good one, even if u get the one your putting planning permission in for then thts only planned for initial 30000 with a 40000 option and pride park has an option to add 10 - 20000 seats aswell if it wanted to double tier


12 May 2012 21:42:32
Jonas Olsson is being tracked by Southampton,Aston Villa and Everton(23)(12)Possible he may go to everton, doubt he'd go to saints or villa as he'd prefer a bigger club....saints aren't a big club anymore and villa are a sinking shipAren't a big club anymore, just because they got relegated to league 1 and Aston villa just because one bad season they're a sinking ship,
By the way I'm a everton fan and he could go to any of these teamsAnd Everton have to sell their best players each year to stay viable. Moyes does a great job but hardly the sort of "big" club an ambitious guy would want to join.I'm finding it hard why moyes wants to sign him at 29 when we have jagielka, distin and heitinga and if injuries hit Rodwell is capable of playing at CBVilla are a big club, one off season does not change that. Saints are a big club, club was poorly run it went down to League they are back with huge financial backing and state of the art training and academy facilities..Everton are a big club anyone who thinks otherwise knows nothing of football. All 3 are possible for Olsson.To the guy who said the player would not want to go to everton, outside the top four, 90% of player would walk over broken glass to join everton.Fair bet he,ll end up in italy or spain, that,s if he has a good euro,with sweden,


12 May 2012 21:23:40
Peterborough United's George Boyd will sign for Huddersfield Town for a fee of around £1.5m this summer.(7)(18)No he wont. You'll never get that much for him.He wont want to step down a league after Hudds lose the play off final again.Dream on.......


12 May 2012 21:18:41
MK Dons goalkeeper David Martin is set to join Peterborough United after the L1 play offs.(15)(9)


12 May 2012 21:15:59
Leyton Orient have signed Bristol Rovers defender Gary Sawyer on a 2 year deal.

Official Website(16)(4)This pleases me greatly as a Bristol Rovers fan. Been awful in his two years with us and he's on decent wages, glad we've managed to get rid of him!

Quite like Orient though, so good luck next year.You lie sir! No signs of this transfer on the official site!It was on official Twitter feed , Sorry for the mistake.


12 May 2012 21:15:04
Mark Little & Grant McCann from Peterborough to Rotherham(17)(14)


12 May 2012 21:12:59
Stevenage trio Wilson, Bostwick & Freeman to Peterborough in cash + David Ball deal.(8)(14)Dnt think so they av agreed to rejoin westley if stevenage dnt get prometedAll 3 of these players will have quite a heafty transfer value...£100k - £150k for them....cant see PNE being able to afford that amount and I cant see all 3 taking a paycut to join a manager who walked out on THEM when they could have made it to the Championship.


12 May 2012 20:56:16
Barcelona to sign Rademel Falcao from
Athletico Madrid and also they plan
to bolster their defence by signing
Thiago Silva with Keita going in the
opposite direction.(24)(9)They wont get him and Bale though, so which one is it?Definetely go for falcao.hes pure class,im a spurs fan and think bale is over rated,onegood game against milan 2 years ago does not make him world class.uf barca wer to offer £30-40 mill id snap theyre hand off


12 May 2012 20:14:06
Yeovil who are intrested in GK Chris Weale from Leicester, but fear that wages may stop the deal, may switch their attentions to former Notts County GK Stuart Nelson who was released this week(12)(5)


12 May 2012 19:39:58
Port Vale boss Micky Adams looking to tie up a deal for Macclesfield Town full back Elliot Hewitt(3)(7)He is signing a new 2 year deal at Macclesfield.

Source: I am a Macclesfield Supporter.


12 May 2012 19:26:32
Reading, Notts Forest and Blackpool are all ready to throw David Bentley are lifeline.(14)(12)"a" lifeline, forest are skintHe's not exactly going to break the bank.Steve claridge would break forest's bank right now


12 May 2012 19:05:49
Damian Reeves will turn down Oldham and sign for home-town club Doncaster(13)(5)


12 May 2012 18:35:47
Midfielder Sam Togwell is being linked with league one side Walsall after his release from Scunthorpe

Source Birmingham mail Journalist(8)(3)


12 May 2012 18:31:35
After signing Caolan Lavery (striker) on a free, The Owls have offered terms to right-back Callum Bennett, who rejected a 1 year contract at Portman Road.(9)(5)


12 May 2012 18:29:13
Charlton are very keen on signing ex-Brentford centre back Karleigh Osborne.(13)(3)


12 May 2012 18:12:34
Birmingham City have offered Reading £2m for Simon Church.

Sunderland have made an offer for Zigic.(14)(17)Birmingham would feel absolute robbed if thats true. 2 million for a ST- who is useless and losing a ST who wins them games.Yep, hope it happens LOL

Brum are dangerously close to admin, so they better get used to those sort of swaps.You can have Church for free and I will drive him to Birmingham and I Wont even ask for Petrol Money


12 May 2012 18:09:07
Falcao set for 38m move to manchester city(14)(30)Nah they wont get falcao, if anyone it will be van persieVan persie at least has some loyality unlike nasri(moneygrabber)if he leaves it will be outside the EPL.barca or madrid are his optipns


12 May 2012 17:15:35
Barnsley to take nicky ajose on trial(14)(7)


12 May 2012 17:07:55
leicester have had a 1 million pound bid accepted for adam clayton of leeds(18)(21)Really cos he's being released at the end of the seasonNo he is still in contract and has been listed by warlockHe's on the transfer list, he's not getting releasedThis is a reply to the person who said clayton is being released no hes not he is on the transfer list that means for sale stick to your knittingLeeds is a little club that feeds norwich city, you can only dream of being as big as both sheffield clubsThere's likely to be a swap deal done....clayton would be sold for more than £1m without another player


12 May 2012 16:47:58
Spurs wants to make a permanent move for Manchester city striker adeybayor(28)(9)Breaking newsMaybe if you SELL BALE then you CAN BUY him?No they dont!Doubtful they will agree awageIt just sounds gd a statement of intent the same with tevez ,we really tried


12 May 2012 16:38:57
As it's looking unlikely MK Dons will get promotion from league 1 this year, MK Dons will spend some of the Sam Baldock money (around £300k of it) in order to gain promotion next season(11)(8)That'll go far then... lol

11k in your cup final. What a pathetic club!I'm not even an dons supporter lolMilton keynes dons

was it really worth killing a proud club like wimbledon for mk? no!

i'm glad they're one league behind you! pete winkloleman is a disgrace and i hope he and dons failol for ever more.I'm a dons supporter and winkleman is very unpopular with his transfer policies, in the fact he pockets any club profits! I just wish other clubs would accept us now, and put the past behind usWhat Cup final was this?


12 May 2012 16:34:59
Birminghams transfer embargo could be lifted as soon as the end of next week. Vice chairman, Peter Pannu gave a statement in the program for the semi-final second leg game vs Blackpool, which the Blues lost 3-2 on aggregate.
Pannu said: "I have been informed that once the accounts are finalised, an investor has been identified."

He added: "A club of our reputation, size, and may I now say, our achievements, would attract interest.
"I have in my own ways impressed upon the members of the parent group's board that should a suitable party come along, they should give it serious consideration."

"The consolidated accounts should be published very soon and, in any event, before the play-off final."(4)(18)It will take the Football League 2-3 months to perform the Fit and Proper Person test on the new investor, so no you wont be coming out of the transfer embargo.

Nice try tho.I heard a new investor way buying into the clubWere on a transfer embargo because of are accounts ^


12 May 2012 16:15:26
Michael Jacobs should be confirmed as a Derby County player next week after Northampton and Derby agreed a fee. There was thought to be interest from Peterborough and Bristol City but Jacobs wanted to join Derby after seeing how Clough gives young players a chance in the first team and how the club showed more ambition then others.(17)(11)Off to Palace.Another Derby fan that thinks every player wants to go to them because they are a big club. WAKE UP! Derby has no Potential to get any bigger as Derby is tiny.13 May 2012 14:23:08

Does this shut you up? No potential? Finished 12th last season and the average age in the squad is 24. I bet you're a jealous fan who wants Jacobs but knows hes coming to a bigger and better side.He's coming to Mighty Derby.


12 May 2012 16:14:06
Reading will consider to make a move for Vilmos Vanczak. The experienced Hungarian centre-back is keen to be transferred after having played 5 seasons for Swiss side Sion, which is struggling financially. Vanczak has scored the impressive amount of 9 goals in 31 leagues matches for Sion this season. He has over 60 caps for Hungary.(8)(6)


12 May 2012 15:51:53
Giovanni Dos Santos to be at Ipswich next season, Gio has tried hard to make the 1st team at Spurs but is bored of sitting on the bench, the Mexican enjoyed his time at Portman Road and has hinted he would love to play for Ipswich again.(8)(42)He'll be going back to SpainOff to Reading apparently. Norwich also keen.Yeah Reading have enquired about him but who knows. He'd be better suited to the powder puff Spanish league where players don't tackle and you can do your step overs all day long. ZZZzzz


12 May 2012 15:44:48
Alex Bruce will sign for Notts County, after his release from Leeds, on a 3 year deal.(15)(23)He's going to barnsleyWho ever gets him hes a good defenders never got a run at ER he; ll be a good signing 4 who ever ps im a leeds fanBarnsley deal wont happen. He wants to go to Notts, as they are offering a longer deal and he wants to work with Keith Curle.Correct about Curle. Warnock has recommended him to Bruce, expect to see him at County next season.


12 May 2012 15:43:50
Derby county to sign

Michael Jacobs-Nom fee
Fegor Ogude-400k
Krystian Pearce-150k
Sammy Clingan-Free Transfer
Paul Dixon-Free Transfer
Havard Nielsen-350k
Karleigh Osbourne-Free Transfer

If any of these deals falls through or derby feel they need to add theres massive interest in

Relegated Coventrys 3
Nathan Cameron
Shaun Jeffers
Jordan Clarke

Birmingham's Jake jervis

West brom's Scott allan in on loan

Reguarding Contracts

Steve davies is staying at derby county he definately wouldnt go down a league(stupid people)
His contract runs out in 2014 after nigel clough activated the year extension and added a year to him

Miles addison has been offered a cut price contract offer for 2 years and was told he would have work really hard
on his fitness and be mentored by injured shaun barker.If Miles refuses the contract hes told he will leave on a free
but it will more than likely be in a lower league club. Outs
Paul green
Lee croft
Miles addison(Possibly)
Chris jones
James severn
Aaron cole
Alex witham
Callum ball(loan)
Mark obrien(loan)
Connor doyle(loan)

Derby have Reject a 1 million pound bid for Jason shackell this morning from an unamed club.Derby county have told any interested clubs thats he nots for sale
and definately not for anything less than 2.5 million.(19)(17)He must have come on leaps and bounds since his Norwich days if he is worth anything close to 2.5M, frankly we were lucky to get 900K for him when Wolves came in for him.I hope addison does signs a new contract with you very indiferent form when he was on loan with us at bournemouth.He's one of the best centre halves in the division, and so that is the going rate. Saying that he 'must have come on leaps and bounds' is ridiculous, every player develops, and he left you at around the age of 23, young for a centre half.I think at a push all the players you've said we are getting we should do, apart from maybe sammy clingan, he might want to much wages & i hope all of those outs you've wrote happen too but i think we'll sell Chris Maguire for some money.O'Brien will not go out on loan.Shaun Jeffers is awful been on loan in league two and done nothing poor player.
Nathan Cameron bit part player and would command 500k due to his 4 year deal and Clarke won't leave his home club.But i think Derby are certian to get their
targets so wont need to bother with the
Coventry three.O brien will be going out on loan with additions of Osbourne and Pearce and Possibly Addison theres enough cover for him to get a season of games/experience under his belt the same is for connor doyle and callum ball


12 May 2012 15:28:02
michael owen set to sign for ipswich on good authority as he is mates with pj.(10)(54)Very funny as if, keep dreaming.At 32 owen will move his family to some where 5hours drive from where he lives?


12 May 2012 15:17:18
Aberdeen set to sign patrick bamford from chelsea on loan until january after darren mackie is told he has no future with the club,(13)(10)Not a chance ! if he goes anywhere it will be a season long loan back to nottingham forest


12 May 2012 15:13:41
Miralem Pjanic to sign for Leeds on a years loan deal in the next couple of weeks. He's not fit in well at Roma and would be a great addition to the Championship(8)(29)C'mon, get real, you can't afford him, neither a loan fee or his wages. And Roma won't give him for free.LOLeeds. This kid is a top prospect, and you're an average sized Championship club!The same Miralem Pjanic that was linked with Chelsea a year ago. like he'd join a mid table Championship side.


12 May 2012 15:08:23
Yeovil Town To Sign Michael Jacobs As He Dont Wanna Go championship cos hell be on bench and wants to play for higher team in first team ..yeovils his preefered destination(6)(30)Ha dream on, why on earth would he go to Yeovil?He wants to stay up north!I Heard this rumour a few weeks ago, would be a decent signing!What part of Northampton is "up North".


12 May 2012 15:06:25
19 year old northern international
caolan lavery to join sheff wed says so on ipswitch website. striker.(12)(9)


12 May 2012 15:01:26
Preston North End and Sheffield United have both displayed interest in 19-year-old Livingston striker Marc McNulty.(13)(5)


12 May 2012 14:46:30
Notts county will be looking to make permanant moves for loan signings Lloyd sam and dan bogdanovic who are both available on free transfers. They are also looking to keep Damion stewart and jon forte although there may be fees inbolved with these transfers. A deal for freeman on loan again will be discussed after the Cotterill sees who leaves so will not be sorted until the start of the season. Notts will also offer shuan derry a player/coach role as curle knows him well from QPR and Palace and derry is a known fan of the club from hus younger days.

Jon harley who was released last week will join rotherham full time after a loan deal towards the end of last season. Chilvers looks set to rejion port vale also(15)(3)


12 May 2012 14:39:13
Chris Powell will make MK Dons midfielder Stephen Gleeson his number one transfer target should the Dons not secure promotion to the champiohip via the playoffs(10)(2)Add Mk's Right winger Daniel Powell to this and this fact is complete.


12 May 2012 14:35:04
Southampton will test Norwich with a £7m bid for Grant Holt, they see him as a perfect partner for Rickie Lambert.
I'm not sure if it will happen, but watch this space as they say. {Ed013's Note - There is no way someone would pay 7 million for Grant Holt!}(6)(60)Even at £7m i don't think norwich would let holt goEspecially Saints!! Wakey wakey!We won't let him go and Saints WTF!!Holt and Lambert are FAR too similar to play together and agree with Ed Holt not worth £7mSkate rumour epic FAILHolt is not as good as everyone thinks he is ! would be the biggest waste of money since stuart downingWhy ed? {Ed013's Note - Great player, in his 30's now so Norwich wouldn't get much. They would be in dreamland if they did}I'm a southampton fan, and this is ridiculous, why would we pay £7m for a striker no better than lambert and plays in same role as lambert? Stupid rumourSaints fan and even I'm laughing at this.Lambert and Sharp are both slow and so is holt, we need a pacy strikerNo disrespect to norwich but we could do far better than grant holt. Saints are a massive club far bigger than norwich in every department, so if on ther hand hand we did want some im sure he would jump at the move, being a massive upward move for him in every department. as for 7m?? lol they would be lucky to get 500k, most of norwich players have come from league 1.. lol Saints should go for someone like defoe, saints to finnish top 8 next season8th? Dont let promotion go to your head. You think you will have a better season than one of Man City, Man Utd, Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea, Newcastle, Everton and Liverpool?
Secondly a far bigger club than Norwich? On which basis? I would actually consider them very similarly sized average attendances were within a few hundred of each other (Southampton actually only averaged 80% of capacity while Norwich were at 100% which they also managed last season so you cant argue it was a Premier League effect). Finances? Norwich's turnover from the most recent accounts was higher than Southampton's this year, our debt level is now below 16million I believe, Southampton thanks to generosity from their owners effectively writting off a £33m debt are mostly debt free although they made a loss last year of around £11 million. Oh and Southampton are currently in a tricky situation with 93% of turnover being spent on players wages so I would expect some restrictions on transfers this year for Southampton despite the increase in revenue from the Premier League.
Finally as for Norwich's team being full of divsion 1 players? Didnt Southampton get promoted from Division 1 last season? Doesnt that mean their team is full of Divison 1 players too? Maybe you are right and their team is full of Premiership level players yet they finished second to Reading? I guess if they have all Premiership quality players their failure to win the Championship must be explained by failures of their manager...
Listen, Southampton had a great season they have some good players and they have a fantastic record at developing young players. But they like Norwich, Swansea, Wigan, West Brom, Stoke etc are teams with limited resources. Southampton will need a lot of things to fall right just to avoid relegation. So before you start a sentence with no disrespect realise that you probably are being disrespectfulHas anyone actually realised that they were team mates at Rochdale. They most definitely can succesfully play together.


12 May 2012 14:35:04
Mark Yeates seen talking amongst Colchester manager John Ward, Chairman Robbie Cowling and Gary white, seems like he could be on his way back to Colchester (Source - kem izzets game)(6)(2)It part of a deal involving someone called Henderson - never heard of him personally


12 May 2012 14:14:02
Charlton and Millwall in discussions about swap deal for Bradley wright Phillips with n'gessan and bouazza going other way(11)(20)HOPE THIS IS TRUE!Its a very good swap if this is TRUE! But I would still PREFER harry Kane!I would rather have young harry Kane!Very good swap for who? No thanks, we'll keep BWP.This will NEVER HAPPEN. no way would we ever swap BWP for N'Guessan and Bouazza, we actually have a manager who knows what he's doing.How many clubs is this overated player going to,like his brother hyped on nameBWP is no overrated he has prem, championship and league 1 experience,he is worth more than the whole of millwall and would never leave, why wuld we want a charlton reject back? and n'guessan is 200k at the most, BWP is 1m minimum, also Shaun is not his brother, Shaun was adopted by Ian Wright who is Bradleys real dad! also there is no chance you will get harry kane he is too expensive for you, you have no money and why would he want to join the smallest team in south london?Much as I liked what N'gessan did for us while at Charlton he's the sort of player that fades drastically once a contract has been signed as Millwall have found out. So it's a thanks but no thanks from me. As for Bouazza why was it we got rid? Oh yeah he's not good enough, that was it.


12 May 2012 14:13:20
ROTHERHAM HAVING A LOOK AT GAVIN TOMLIN AND LEE NOVAK, ONE OF THEM TO BE THE MILLERS RECORD FEE IN REGION OF 300-500k...... reliable source close to the club(10)(15)Reliable source close to which club?You having a laugh? Novak worth at least £1m and Hudds won't release him, besides why would he drop to L2 when he could be playing in Championship next season!Reliable source close to which club?


12 May 2012 14:09:15


12 May 2012 13:48:34
im not 100% sure but ive heard from a pretty reliable source that swansea are rumoured to be doing a swap deal with birmingham with redmond going to swansea and routledge going to birminham plus 2m.
also heard that swansea are set to sign
lacina traore for 3m
sigurdsson for 7m
goossens 2m
james collins 4m
caulker loan
aiden white 1.5m
luton shelton 2m

but they will first have to get rid of mark gower who is interesting charlton as he has championship experience, luke moore is interesting blackburn, leroy lita is attracting bristol city, charlton and leicster city. heard it hear first!(2)(25)I'm a Villa fan so obviously i hate Birmingham but not even they are stupid enough to accept Routledge + 2mil for Redmond, he is a fantastic talent who i would gladly have at Villa Park.

Anyway i would expect Redmond to end up at a top club before long ( no offence to blues)


12 May 2012 13:44:39
Reading TARGETS:

Free agents-
Gareth McCleary (almost complete)
Danny Guthrie (Began talks)
Carlos Sanchez

Bjorn Sigardson (Bench)
Jordan Rhodes (Bench)
Ryan Bertrand (loan, looks unlikely)
Matt Mills (Bench)
There are others such as a Lb & Cb

Old Targets (not anymore)-
Dame N'Doye
Zaha (too pricey)
Clyne (too much interest)(20)(17)Matt mills would never be welcomed back by the fans!Rhodes for the bench get real!!Bench is a bit exaggeration for Matt Mills maybe he will make our Reserves bench. At a push.I just saw on an article we are after Junior Hoilett (spelling) for £5 million lol and you also forgot Jermian Defoe and add on old targets Gylfi Sigurdsson cause i doubt that will happen unless the takeover is completeIT would be Roberts and Rhodes upfrontYou forgot Jermian Defoe and Junior Hoilett on Targets and Gylfi Sigurdsson on Old TargetsRhodes would never leave to go on the bench every weekHoillet will go to a top euroPean club most likely To be in france


12 May 2012 13:21:22
Scunthorpe united to start rebuilding their squad with the free signings of
David Clarkson
Christian Ribeiro
Nicky Ajose
Danny Harrison

and may offer 20,000 for Kidderminster striker Anthony Malbon.(7)(2)


12 May 2012 13:05:16
got ayling and uvvers probs yeovil need 10 goal striker so paul hayes could be gud did well wiv wycombe(0)(2)


12 May 2012 13:28:43
Tranmere to sign Birkenhead born striker Dave Mcginn on monday morning. Mcginn, aka Ginny is on the top top of Ronnie's list this summer. {Ed025's Note - cheers ginny(6)(4)Whoever put this on is bloody genious ginny is a legend


12 May 2012 13:14:00
Coventry set to sign Winger/striker Garry Thompson on a free.(8)(3)


12 May 2012 13:06:01
Ness to Leeds defo(7)(14)Who is nessOk.... so would that be Elliot Ness ??Loch ness monster gunna bang him upfront to win headers


12 May 2012 13:02:17

Reading interested in Defoe.(19)(15)Yes I belive everything I read in a paper too that's why I wear a tin foil hat to stop the government reading my thoughts!

Be realistic you would push the limit on his wages? I'm a saints fan and as much as I rate Defoe and would love him at saints I don't think bringing in a player on his wages would go down that well with the balance of a team but if reading did get him well done what a signing that would be.

Goodluck next season

Clarkey saintThat would be a great signing. But like the guy said above, his wages will be way to high and many big clubs will be after him.Obviously they want him but the only fact is if they actually get him. Everybody would want to sign Messi but no one wouldSpurs fan here-Defoe nearly joined Stoke on loan in Jan- he mentioned the fact yesterday and remains a target for the Potters who CAN afford him. Him and Crouch of course teaming up. Only Harry prevented the deal happening as Defoe was keen to go. Have it on good authority that a permanent deal is close. Pulis is a huge fan of Defoe since his Bournemouth days. Not your conventional Stoke player but will do well thereHe's going to fulham for £9million


12 May 2012 13:00:30
woking will sign manset for 10,000(6)(11)10 grand, your out of your mind and he's out of your league.


12 May 2012 12:59:20
readings new owners are planning to sign sturridge barry drogba(11)(54)You forgot about messi and ronaldoI heard messi and Ronald's too..hoping to sign, personally i think reading will struggle, and they certainly wont sign players like these! your just the next QPR.What a jokeNot a chance!
What do you think their weekly wages are? Would Reading pay such figures and even if they did, where would this place the rest of the squad-peed off for certain!Was clearly a joke ppl.


12 May 2012 12:54:42
Northampton have bid £150000 for the midfielder/striker.
It is the first transfer fee paid in years.
Probably due to the fact they will be getting money for Jacobs.
A foreign international at sixfields this shows their ambition under boothroyd.(1)(8)What foreign international, you haven't put a name?


12 May 2012 12:54:39
Arsenal striker Marouane Chamakh is interesting Stoke City for a fee of around £4million.

Arsenal in the hunt for a Striker and Centre half for the coming season and a number of targets have been lined up, Phil Jagielka looks favourite for the CB position however Arsenal may move to bring Chris Samba back to the Premierleague, after his move to Russia has not gone the way he expected in recent months.

Aston Villa are to bid for Stoke City's Kenwyn Jones with the out of favour striker looking for a move away, it's understood Stoke are also interested in Gabby Agbonglahor who has had a quit season at Villa but a player swap is out of the equation because Villa consider Agbonglahor to still have a bright future ahead of him. So Stoke may have to tempt them with a £8million+ offer if any move is to materialise.(11)(30)Dream on!
Villa have Bent & Weimann. Why would they want overrated Jones?
Agbonlahor on his day makes the difference anyway.
Soon Stoke City will be back in the Championship where they belong!Villa turned down £15m a few years back from Arsenal. Why now would Villa sell him for now!?You can talk villa are how much closer to the drop zone than stoke!15million a few years back and since then hes done nothing if thats the case sunderland turned down 15m for jones 2 years ago a year after he came stoke for 9 ..and villa next season will go downIf agbonlahor goes anywhere it will be to sunderland to join up with the guy who gave him his chance Martin O'neill, heard Jones could be coming back to sunderland aswell, but rumoursHa ha a Villa fan talking about Stoke being relegated. Stoke are a FAR better side than Villa don't kid yourself. Villa must be one of the favourites for the drop next season. Jones will go to a bigger club and as the guy above says, Sunderland are interested as are QPR. Can't see why Stoke would want any Villa players.


12 May 2012 12:31:43
Norwich are to pursue their interest in Brightons Liam Bridcutt. Norwich see him as the defensive midfielder, a poor mans Scot Parker, needed to improve their poor defensive record. Andrew Crofts who surprisingly has played a very small roll in their Premiership campaign will return to Brighton with a cash adjustment in Brightons favour.(21)(11)A poor mans Parker doesn't even play like him


12 May 2012 12:22:36
Charltons sponsers next year will either be Les Bordes or O2, O2 have apparently proposed to pay charlton extra money so that they can have their advertising on the roof of the stands, however this could result in the stadium being re-named the O2 arena/O2 valley/O2 stadium...
Les Bordes is owned by Tony Jiminez who wants it to be our sponser next year..(7)(8)Well it cant be called the O2 arena can it! Otherwise it might get confused with the er O2 arena.


12 May 2012 12:04:54
Tough Tackling centre back Luke Ferguson has been offered a 2 week trial after Bristol Rovers scout Keith Elliot has been watching his progress at Yate Town(6)(7)Buckle got rid of the last of the Rovers scouts during his stint down there earlier this season. So I'm intrigued as to how they're scouting the lower leagues.


12 May 2012 12:01:23
Latest name rumoured to be in talks with Leeds is Wigan midfielder Ben Watson. The former Palace man hasnt featured much for Wigan recently, and could be a good addition at Championship level.


12 May 2012 11:54:19
According to the Peterborough Evening Telegraph Darren Ferguson may be interested in the following players:

Michael Bostwick
Michael Jacobs (although Derby seem to be leading the chase)
Loick Pires
Michael O' Connor
Jamie Vardy - we are said to be one of three clubs to bid for him, along with Cardiff (the play-off bottle jobs!) and Leicester (under-acheivers who still live in the past)(4)(16)And peterborough who have achieved nothing everAs a Posh fan, i take issue with the author. no need to insult other clubs mate.Pterborough who despite being one of the smallest teams in the league, manged to stay up rather comfotablyJacobs is coming to Derby. FACT.Jacobs signed for Derby FACT.Peterborough did stay up admittedly even though being a smaller team. The part of the sentence to take most notice too... small team. better players are not going to sign. Whoever wrote this doesnt obviously know where better players will go.And Peterborough have done what?


12 May 2012 11:54:06
Cash strapped Oldham will not stand in the way of several players leaving Boundary park this summer, the first one out will be Morais to Bristol City followed By Shefki Kuqi to Preston.(7)(17)Shows you know nothing, Morais and Kuqi would be free to leave as they are out of contract.


12 May 2012 11:52:13
FC United of Manchester will sign striker Ian Lancs from Stockport County, Lancs now a veteran is believed to have thrown his hat into the ring for the manager's job at Macclesfield as he's just completed his coaching badges, but it's likely he'll play one more season at FC United.(1)(9)


12 May 2012 11:45:07
Akinfenwa and heskey to link up together at Northampton.(27)(25)


12 May 2012 11:36:40
Colchester Utd are hoping to take former player Mark Yeates from Watford on a season loan(12)(3)


12 May 2012 11:34:18
Stoke City Targets:
Romelu Lukaku-Loan-Full season
Jarvis- Wolves-Full transfer
Cole Skuse (Rumour I heard, not sure about this one myself)
A few French players as Tony Pulis was scouting their.

Salif Diao- Free
Matthew Upson- Transfer
Kenwyne Jones- Transfer- QPR, Reading, Southampton all interested!
Tom Soares- Free agent

Definitely not!-
Joe Cole
Adam Johnson


12 May 2012 11:29:50
Kieran Lee, Oldham's right back will sign when his contract expires next month.
Apparently he's won all the player of the year awards for the last two seasons.
Looked decent whenever i've seen him.

Looks like Dave Jones is busy building a decent size squad for Sheff Weds assault on the Championship(4)(6)


12 May 2012 11:28:37
Middlesbrough are intersted in Bristol Rovers winger Mustapha Carayol and Energie Cottbus Attacking Midfielder Clemens Fandrich(13)(1)


12 May 2012 11:26:09
sheff weds looking to sign adam lefondre on loan(5)(34)You have to be kidding me! Alfie isnt going anywhere next season he will feature heavily in the Prem.


12 May 2012 11:18:24
Burnley are close to agreeing a deal to sign Alex Bruce on a 2 year deal(13)(5)No we wont, EH has already said the rumours are well wide of the remark.

Not good enough for Leeds, not good enough for us either


12 May 2012 11:09:01
Swindon will sign striker Alexandre Soderlund from Hagesund on a 2 year deal.(14)(2)


12 May 2012 11:06:03
At a recent charity function I was advised that Dutch, former Real Madrid player Royston Drenthe is in talks with Charlton on a pay-as-you-play deal following the expiry of his contract at the Bernabeu. After his stuttering season with Everton and well documented personal issues he has held initial talks with Chris Powell about getting his career back on track and is taking a significant salary reduction with a view to getting himself playing regular football

This all came about as a result of his agent being friends with Charlton owner Tony Jiminez(4)(39)Why, when making things up, don't you keep it even a little bit realistic?

1) He wouldn't drop to the Championship.

2) Charlton are an average Champ size club.Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.....!!!!This is possibly the worse rumour I haven seen on this site! I like Charlton but this is very deluded thinking. Not only thinking you are still a prem club by signing a player of Drenthe's quality but to also sign him on a pay as you play deal! Absolutely ridiculous."Not only thinking you are still a prem club" I think we at Charlton are all aware of where we have been for the past six seasons thank you very much.


12 May 2012 11:05:57
Ben davies has today agreed terms with Shrewsbury town and is set to be announced Monday along with Aaron wildig as the first of many summer signings.(12)(12)Hope not can't taclke and is only any good at free kicks.He'd leave with the best wishes of Derby fans. A decent player suffering from lack of confidence and constant, unfair comparisons to Kris Commons, despite them being completely different players.


12 May 2012 10:29:03
Peterborough interested in greg halford but his wages maybe a stumbling block. Fergie was at the lamex believed to be watching stevenage pair luke freeman and michael bostwick but a move for them will be dependant on if stevenage go up. Posh have also made a bid for jamie vardy but face competition from cardiff and leicester(11)(4)Freeman only joined Stevenage in January! A move to Peterborough isnt going to happen!


12 May 2012 10:27:25
Emmanuel Ledesma considering Walsall
FC offer but could be tempted away
by Wolves. Walsall's 125th anniversary
home kit to be red and white striped
top, white shorts and blue socks, their
original 1888 colours.(13)(1)


12 May 2012 10:26:55
John welsh is signing for preston! he has turned down a contract offer from tranmere to come to preston.(9)(10)Tranmere dont really want him anymore. He's been offered a basic 1 year deal on a reduced wage. He's at the end of his career and if he got any slower he would be going backwards.....please take him!


12 May 2012 10:14:30
Oxford look poised to sign Tom Newey from Rotherham on a free as Steve Evans looks to have a clear out and rebuild the league 2 side(8)(11)Re build hes signed a new squad and half


12 May 2012 10:09:21
Oxford United to sign Leon Johnson from Wycombe as a replacment for Michael Dubbery who looks set for Northampton Town(3)(12)


12 May 2012 09:57:18
Brett Pitman to cradiff(9)(31)


12 May 2012 09:56:59
Jon stead in talks with Cardiff(7)(29)


12 May 2012 09:54:25
Southampton are still looking for a striker who has the experience in the premiership and fits in well with the team, seems like Frazier Campbell is Southampton's target, fee believed to be 4 million.(11)(23)Haha come on, hes just returned to full fitness and Sunderland defo want to keep him, so no!^^ lolHe would be a great signing for southampton, i would love to have him at norwich, i dont think sunderland would part with him even if we could aford him,About the right price, he's ok


12 May 2012 09:34:50
Barnsley Want Nile Ranger. In Part of Butterfield Deal.(15)(9)But THERE IS NO DEAL!!

Butterfield is free to leave.

Also, Ranger is valued at at least £1m and the compensation you will get for Butterfield will only amount to about £400,000.

Even your manager said that!!


12 May 2012 09:18:37
Any news on the transfer embargo
being lifted at CCFC?(2)(13)Need accounts to be sorted, sisu interested in buying ricoh then selling it up as they think they'll get more money


12 May 2012 08:58:40
Bournemouth set to take former Southampton midfielder Brian Howard and Northern Ireland international winger Michael Bryan on trial in pre-season.(17)(7)When did Howard play for Saints?

Barnsley, Sheff Utd, Reading...He was born in Winchester. started his career at Saints in 1999 as a yourt player, then went to Swindon in 2003.


12 May 2012 08:31:03
Pardew has admitted Cabaye is trying to persuade somebody he knows to join Newcastle. I reckon it's Debuchy to replace Simpson(16)(4)Your wrong cabaye is best mates with ribery so probs him......not gonna be Ribery, come on nowGiven newcastles need for cb its likely to be chedjouSurley this is illegal if this player is contracted to another club!


12 May 2012 08:28:36
Norwich City are believed to be prime contenders to sign 23 year old Caen defender Thomas Heurtaux despite strong interest from various other premier league clubs to sign the talented french defender(18)(6)


12 May 2012 08:16:15
Leicester look to seal a triple swoop from man united over the next the couple of days. Larnell Cole, Matt James and Rickie De Laet should all be joining.(24)(12)


12 May 2012 08:05:14
11 May 2012 22:01:47
Ipswich Town have recently been linked with Hull City striker, Matty Fryatt. Paul Jewell thinks that he could form a lethal partnership with Michael Chopra and would result in Jason Scotland leaving the club. However, Ipswich would need Scotland to be prepared to drop a division, as their wage budget would not allow Fryatt to sign while Scotland was still at the club.

Absolutely zero chance! Fryatt has said he wants to stay at Hull but at the same time, move a bit closer to his family home, so moving to Ipswich is a 100% none-starter!(3)(15)


12 May 2012 07:18:20
Peterborough United manager Darren Ferguson and assistant manager Kevin Russell was spotted at the Lamex stadium-Stadium(10)(8)When you say spotted, do you mean the camera was on them and the commentator mentioned it too! Kyle Walker was also there too!So what?Kenny Jackett was also there as were no doubt numerous managers or scouts.


12 May 2012 07:13:00
west ham want michael chopra ,jay emannuell thomas and lee martin for a combined fee of 1 million if they get promoted source dagenham post(8)(37)They'll be staying where they are then! Source Blackpool Premier LeagueWhat a joke. We wouldn't let them go for a million each! Let alone for all three.Think thats over the odds for 3 players who are at the bottom end of the championship ,they were nearly league 1 players so would jump ship


12 May 2012 07:01:41
Stockport County are set to sign former Herford and Shrewsbury wonger Lional Ainsworth, Fc Halifax striker Lee Gregrory, and Northampton midfielder Paul Turnbull with Sean McConville making the swtich to Sixfields as part of the deal.(2)(14)


12 May 2012 06:36:40
ipswich giving a trial to american andy weiner source twtd(2)(11)


12 May 2012 02:27:18
Steve Tilson will be named the new Gillingham Manager after the weekend(5)(8)


12 May 2012 01:42:01
Rumour of Ryan Shawcross in to replace Carra, who will retire at the end of next season
Kenny to stay on for one more season
Suarez, Adam, Glen Johnson and Reina will stay,
Gaston Ramires, De Jong, Adam Johnson and Elm in(11)(27)Kenny won't be given money to spend, as his buys have been shocking. The owners don't want to alienate the fans, so Kenny won't be sacked yet, but he won't be given funds to waste again, he will have generate new signings from bosmans.


12 May 2012 01:35:02
Walsall are interested in former Leeds Striker Danny Webber and will make an ambitious attempt to sign Webber, as the replacement for released veteran Jon Macken

Source: Yorkshire post Journalist(14)(10)


12 May 2012 01:27:01
cant afford his wages are you mad ?
We were paying 60,000 a week for robbie keane not that long ago. Who you trying to kid leicester fan(2)(10)


12 May 2012 00:48:35
Michael Owen set for Cardiff city as part of there new squad(16)(54)Hhahahhhahaahhaha you are joking right! im sure he will go to a better team hmmm like reading! (a premiership side)


11 May 2012 23:43:45
crawley are for
bouzza of
millwall {Ed003's Note - Bouazza has more clubs than Nick Faldo for a reason, don't get excited if this is true}(5)(20)You're welcome to him!


11 May 2012 22:39:18
Eddie Nolan who has been released by Scunthorpe is to sign a 12 month contract with Hibernian(12)(6)


11 May 2012 22:01:47
Ipswich Town have recently been linked with Hull City striker, Matty Fryatt. Paul Jewell thinks that he could form a lethal partnership with Michael Chopra and would result in Jason Scotland leaving the club. However, Ipswich would need Scotland to be prepared to drop a division, as their wage budget would not allow Fryatt to sign while Scotland was still at the club.(11)(16)


11 May 2012 21:53:10
Barnsley boss Keith Hill is keen on signing three players this weekend.
18 year old Bury midfielder Luke McCarthy has impressed Hill whilst on loan at Grimsby and is seen as one for the future. He is set to be out of contract this summer and could cost Barnsley only a tribunal fee.
Algeria international Adelene Guedioura is close to signing a one year deal after being told by his club Wolves he will be released in the summer. The 26 year old was on loan at Nottingham Forest this season and was another who impressed Hill on loan elsewhere.
Finally, the third midfielder very close to joining is Northern Ireland under 21 international Eunan O'Kane from Torquay. A fee has been agreed and contractual terms are set to be concluded this Sunday evening.(4)(19)If Adelene Guedioura left woves he would sign for forest loves it hereThe problem is Gueidioura has NOT been told he will be released during the summer , Stale has not seen any of the squad in action.Guedioura will not be going barnsley. 1 thing I can guarentee is that barnsley will be relegated next season!!He wont be going anywhere just yet


11 May 2012 21:41:20
Southampton are looking at Josh McEachran for a season long loan as he would provide much needed stability in midfield. Also, Nigel Adkins is planning an audacious swoop for Ji-Sung Park.(22)(32)Josh McEachran is best mates with Jack Cork... LIKELY....we already have "much needed stability" in midfield.
And I can't see Adkins making loan signings to help develop youngsters of rival sidesYou need loans when you come to the Premiership as it means if you go straight back down no big wagesOr you just put a wage structure in place so you're not paying ridiculous wages anyway.No there not, how do you no?


11 May 2012 21:19:46
ipswich to sign free agent richard naylor source twtd(9)(26)Did this work when we bought any of the following back to the club;
Kieron Dyer
Richard Wright
Pablo Counago....

This list goes on.

Gladly take Darren Bent back though.Couldn't get a game for Rotherham, not good enough for Championship anymore. From a Doncaster fan


11 May 2012 21:11:26
Oldham midfielder James Wesolowski has turned down the offer of an improved one year deal and is set to sign for Hartlepool United on a free transfer.(4)(8)


11 May 2012 20:49:20
Paul Gallagher is set to sign for Ipswich for around £750,000(21)(22)No he isn't you red 1 article an think he's signing get real. Why would he go Ipswich when he's in Leicester first team!His brother in law stated last week he wasn't going there, end of.He wont move cos his lil girl is ill also he still lives in preston


11 May 2012 20:45:29
Southampton could be set to sign Alvaro Negredo or even Micheal Owen(12)(39)Oh dear god not again! Please stop!Ha Ha Hee Hee ..... Michael Owen maybe , Ha ha hee heeNo way Southampton gets Negredo. Owen? Don't make me laugh. Sharp and Lambert are much more better than him.Maybe heskey or somethingJealous fans coyrOMG not Owen again, he will not come to Saints, anyway he is linked to every club on here (apart Pompey). Dont get me wrong probably do a job still for someone if fit, thats the trouble, he is never fit. As a Saints fan i think we need to buy players that will be fit for the whole season if we are to try and stay up.


11 May 2012 20:37:44
That a load of turd, Allams have already said no-one will be going(1)(9)


11 May 2012 20:31:47
Oxford United striker James Constable is
set to sign for Swindon Supermarine for
an undisclosed fee.(7)(17)I can confirm that this is true. after hearing a statement released by oxford manager chris wilder.


11 may 2012 20:24:34
rotherham had 110k bid rejected by peterborough for rb mark little(7)(12)It was 200k......It was 50k actually, rotherham are submitting another bid for little for 120kLoad of tosh no monies mentioned at either end.


11 May 2012 20:17:38
Ed any news on prestons incomings as we have next NO PLAYERS ! {Ed003's Note - I heard on the radio,it seems more of a revolution not an evolution,no names yet}(0)(6)Monkana
these are a few players linked to pne how many sign i dnt knowNone....there all on more than £500 a week so there on more wages than PNE can afford.PNE have already agreed new signing's from Braintree Town & Stockport County in the Blue square prem league. Tranmere, Woking and Farnborough....These are all quality players who's potential cannot be seen by other managers. Westley will pick up players for nothing and have the experience to get the club back in the watch...Check out Jack King, the guy is pure quality and should be in the PremYe right utmp


11 May 2012 20:15:51
Derby County to sign

Paid Transfers
Michael Jacobs-Nom fee
Fegor Ogude-450k
Krystian Pearce-175k
Havard Neilsen-300k

Free Transfers
Karleigh Osbourne
Sammy Clingan

This is all derby are getting.Nigel has
been promised by first team strikers
Theo Robinson and Steve davies that
Next season they can get 20 goals.So
no big name striker will be bought.
Havard Neilsen will be bought as a
Future player for the club not a
present one.

"Fegor Ogude is the powerful centre
midfielder similar to Yaya toure that
can break up counter attacks and
start his own counter attack with his
pace on the ball"-Nigel clough

This is a quote from nigel clough in the
video from scouting trip.

Most derby fans are aware of him now.(12)(15)I cant see them free transfers happening, we do not need more than one CB coming in. jacobs, ogude and pearce look the most promising out of them all.Where did you get this supposed quote from? I don't see any video. Seems to me that youre trying to make something up here pal.


11 May 2012 19:26:04
Bristol City are going to sign Manchester United left back Zeki Fryers for a season and are also interested in Wycombe striker Stuart Beavon. Northampton midfielder Michael Jacobs wants to stay in the north(8)(19)You really are a... northampton is not in the north, dont get out of Bristol much or ever do you


11 May 2012 19:25:45
From a good source within the Ipswich Town coaching staff;

Whilst many people/papers think Joel Ward is off to Leeds, they are wrong. Ward has agreed everything with ITFC, medical, personal terms etc. The deal is set to go through by Tuesday afternoon, with him signing a 3 year deal with the Suffolk side. Although he spent all day Wednesday at Leeds, his first choice was with Ipswich, and after spending the day at ITFC today, he wants to put pen to paper at portman road.

Just what I've been told from a coaching staff member.

Also said that Clegg/Evans are trying to agree a fee with Coventry and Dundee United for defenders Keogh and Gunning.(9)(25)Upset ipswich fan hoping and praying ^^I heard the draw of Leeds was to play alongside his buddy Jason Pearce. Ipswich have been courting him longer though, so I think he could go either way. Up to him, I guess.
wallyHe will go where his pal J Pearce is.....LeedsThat's bs Ward has been in talks with Leeds since beginning of last week and he WILL join Leeds. Source: A very good friend of mine who used to play for Leeds.Richard Keogh wont be sold by CCFC unless it is for £3m plus and add on's as he is a key figure in teamLeeds, done dealWell its saturday morning and having just read the Yorkshire Post, Looks like Ward will make his decision next week, so a done deal is wrong, but we do know that Ward & Pearse are like Siamease twins, so he could go to Leeds, but dont be surprised if he decides to go elsewhere, also this was not an upset Tractor Boys comments, if he comes then all well and good, if he chooses Leeds that's fine.
Next, Ipswich are only interested in Keogh no offer has been put in for him, there are other players PJ is looking at to bring in, so Keogh will not fetch £3m but more like £750'000 tops, the days of big transfer fees in the championship are gone, under the new embargo of limited amounts spent, clubs have to live within their own means now, if not and over spend penalty points can be deducted for the offending clubs.



11 May 2012 19:00:28
Heskey and shelvey(loan) into birmingham foster and zigic out
Stoke city to move for scott Dann and reading to go in for Barry ferguson(6)(21)Heskey wants to stay in the prem. Did you miss your play-off fail?

Also talk of possible administration for Brum, so I think you will see more sales than incomers.


11 May 2012 18:25:49
Manchester United are said to battle it out again manchester city over Modric if tottenham do not achieve champions league football.

Chelsea have said to be looking at a big, hold up striker to replace drogba with demboulio.

If Aresenal achieve champions league football, then they will be looking to buy Bojan

Norwich are not after derby midfielder jeff hendrick who was suggested for a 2million move

Southampton with look to birmingham's Redmond

Derby county have submitted the 100k under 23 fee for northampton winger Micheal Jacobs. Beating off competiton from blackpool and ipswich.

Notts county will not be signing steve howard like suggested-After his wages demand were to high

Swindon/Shrewsbury are looking to battle it out for billy kee from burton albion.

West Ham will submit a bid for tom ince if they secure promotion.

Derby county's ben davies my be on a return to shrewsbury, if it can garentee him 1st team football.

Liverpool are still intested in clint Dempsey

Boloton will refuse to sell veteran Kevin davies(16)(10)No one as a a problem with tom ince we wont sign him as paul in hot welcome at upton park and he would want to see his son playI dont think any West Ham fans would like him there, im a west ham fan but i think hes a gd player and has a bright futureDo you mean boltonKevin davis is also a free agentDempsey wants CL


11 May 2012 18:11:19
Barcalona and Real Madrid are pursuing Billy Bodin the Welsh U21 International who is rated the next Ryan Giggs in Wales. The Swindon Towm Striker/Winger who is on Loan at Crewe is attracting big interest. Swindon and Paolo Di Canio would command a big fee, somewhere in the region of £3-5 million. {Ed025's Note - nice one billy..(8)(39)


11 May 2012 18:09:51
Bristol Rovers boss Mark McGhee has delayed an announcement regarding his retained list due to talks with Gary Sawyer. The defender has been in negotiations over a new deal as McGhee saw him as a decent option as back-up to the first 11, but the former Plymouth defender is eager to up his wages at the club. As the management don't see Sawyer as a first team starter they aren't keen to pay big wages and are coming to a point where they may withdraw their offer.

Aside from that, McGhee is settled on the rest of the out of contract players. Scott McGleish, Byron Anthony and Lance Cronin are definitely going to be released and contracted players Craig Stanley and Joe Anyinsah have been told they are free to find a new club. This is to free up more wages for recruitment as neither are in McGhee's plans. Wayne Brown is likely to be invited back for pre-season training, as is Kayne McLaggon, because the club don't want to commit to contracts for the pair due to their recent injury problems. One other player, Michael Boateng, is causing McGhee a headache in regards to a new deal. He's very highly rated and has a lot of potential, but McGhee is satisfied with Danny Woodards and Michael Smith at right back, meaning he faces a dilemma as to whether or not to retain him.

Elesewhere both Woodards and Mustapha Carayol have been offered contract extensions, with the club hoping both will commit soon, despite the interest in them. In regards to incoming signings and McGhee is in talks with a number of players already. The defence and midfield are his priorities, with a striker or two also on his shopping list. At the moment he's happy to move forward with Scott Bevan as his first choice goalkeeper.(4)(6)


11 May 2012 18:09:19
Ritchie De Laet has signed for Leicester City, not sure if its a loan or permanent but he has definitely signed!

Thanks.(21)(18)Fee has been agreed with Man United also a fee agreed for Matty James - Larnell Cole has apparently signed thoughWhere do you get your info from?....i'm listening to Radio Leicester sport and reading the Leicester Mercury sports pages every day and i haven't heard a damn thing, the rumours are there but nothing for certain, now i'm not saying your a liar and you may well know something we dont (radio leic & the merc are not exactly 'on the ball' after all) but i'd love to know where you have got your info from just so i can tune in / read it myself!Believe it or not, i used to be a football agent, used to look after a few of the young United lads so im still in contact!Cheers!


11 May 2012 18:07:27
not a rumour as such
but did saints put a
selll on clause on
gareth bale when
he joined spurs(4)(11)We had a clause but Rupert Lowe waved it in favour of us getting Tommy Forecast. So no we dont.Yes They cashed it in Called Tommy Forecast!!!


11 May 2012 18:06:09
southampton seem to want another striker, many have been linked already, which could mean Connolly/Barnard leaving.
Seem to want a CM and a winger, again a couple have been mentioned for each, and leaving from midfield will be Holmes and maybe Puncheon as part as a swap deal
in defence saints seem to want a RB and a CB, if a RB comes in expect Butterfield/Richardson to leave. Jaidi expected to retire, posted on twitter that he hasnt gone to Spain&Vegas with the lads as he's considering his future.
Also seem to want a second choice GK, someone young and hungry is the type of players Adkins will sign.
the striker shortlist could include; Hooper, JayRod, Marvin Sordell(loan)
midfielders linked are; Jarvis, Michu, Mutch, Redmond, Mark Davies, Matt Phillips, Snodgrass
defenders are; Clyne, Danny Simpson, Van Der Weil, C.Davies, S.Dann.
Gk; Courtois.
knowing Cortese & Adkins deals will be kept behind closed doors, many of these will not happen, but i reckon at keast 3 of them will, with some others maybe breaking down with wages & transfer fee's ect, but saying that I wouldn't be surprised if Cortese did pay big money in order to establish Southampton as a Premier League side(21)(7)There's a rumour Snodgrass has agreed a new four-year deal at Leeds. Unconfirmed though.
wallyJayRod? Do you mean Jay Rodriguez at Burnley. Will he partner RicLam and get service from Adalal, with KelDav keeping them out at the other end!! Use proper names or dont post at all. THIS IS NOT AMERICA.


11 May 2012 17:59:34
Stoke City's Biggest Transfer Targets
Lukaku - Chelsea - Season Loan
Jarvis - Wolves - Full Transfer

Woodgate - England - Free Agent
Upson - Many Clubs - Full Transfer
Salif Diao - Many Clubs - Free Agent
Kenwyne Jones - Many Clubs - Full Transfer(14)(4)Jarvis wont leave he dont play rugbyJarvis looks a likely signing for Stoke. Pulis did try to sign him previously of course and has dropped a hint.


11 May 2012 17:57:30
Bournemouth have taken Jamie White on trial from winchester city(9)(3)53 goals for winch be a good signing plus his trial game is against them .. plus he is a mate of mine so good luck jame


11 May 2012 17:56:54
Bristol city going to sign Michael Jacobs 200,000 nominal fee. Steven McManus 650k. Andy gray free. Murray davidson 1m. A LB another CB and a CF. Rumoured. Sandaza amougou and papac.(6)(8)You lost all respect when you claimed to know what the fee is.

He's out of contract and a tribunal will decide the fee!


11 May 2012 17:54:17
Al fahim is coming to pompey's rescue. With the promised 50 million(1)(27)LOL at this!£50 million...for what? Will it be used to save the local businesses that have gone bust because Portsmouth havent paid them putting hard working people out of work, in order to pay stupid wages on useless players Portsmouth fans want sympathy now the club is going bust but they werent concerned about the debt problem when they had the 5/6th highest wage bill in the Premier league and one of the lowest attendances, they didnt care that this debt won them an FA cup. Now the reality as hit home, spending money they haven't/hadn't got they now want other fans to feel sorry for them.


11 May 2012 17:50:54
Michael Owen To sign for Swansea city fc on a free(7)(33)Michael Owen once said: "I rather end my carrier than sign for small club". Why do you think, that he will go to Swansea?How are swansea a "small" club? they've been recognised as one of the best footballing teams in the world and are set for a mid-table premier league finish? what part of that says "small" team?Micheal Owen is going to be one hell of a busy player in the coming season is'nt he?...he's gonna go from playing approx 10 games a season at Man Utd to playing about 250+ for the six or so teams that he's supposed to be joining according to the dreamers on here, he's gonna be playing for a team in your town TODAY!One of the 'Best footballing teams in the world' really?.....really? have gotta stay off the glue!


11 May 2012 17:43:15
rumours that mccleary has rejected a move to reading as he would prefer to play first team football. Crystal Palace look the most likely club to sign him.(8)(14)What a load of rubbish. No foundation to your rumour whatsoever.This is true, he got a phone call from palace during his medicalMay as well stay at forest if this is trueIts not true at all haha.


11 May 2012 17:42:00
Ian Holloway is still keen on Bristol City striker Brett Pitman. Burnley also intersted.(16)(7)


11 May 2012 17:37:24
Derby set to hijack Leicester City's bid for Jamie Vardy. The Rams set to start talks at the start of next week.(7)(20)I think he'd rather come to Leicester, more money and better club!We are not even interested in him and couldnt afford him. Bigger club? on what basis?Come to Derby please Vardy we're better team better fanbase than tinpot Leicester. YOU RAMS


11 May 2012 17:35:50
yeovil in talks with kris commons ,james constable and adebayo akinfenwa(4)(31)Why bother wasting your time writing utter rubbish.Commons, are you serious, who makes up these stupid rumours?Kris Commons is back playing well for Celtic and looking forward to Champions League football next season , that is all .Commons to yeovil? utter rubbish


11 May 2012 17:35:15
millwall in for
forest striker who is it(2)(13)Take your pick from our bunch of rubbish, Miller, McGoldrick, Derbyshire, or Findlay. There all expensive wasters.Please be Mcgoldrick


11 May 2012 17:21:41
Derby in talks with Jamie Vardy and to hijack Leicestershire bid(11)(10)Why would he go to derby when he can go to Leicester??Leicestershire's bid? Does he play cricket as well?Already signed for Leicester! His girlfriend hinted it on twitter several times, good luck next time mate!


11 May 2012 17:17:03
Gary Alexander to leave Brentford for Rotherham.(17)(6)Already signed for crawley town


11 May 2012 17:08:05
I have it on very good authority that Doncaster are set to sign Daniel Bogdanovic after his contract at Blackpool is up.(5)(8)I wouldnt be suprised if he returned to oakwell !!


11 May 2012 17:03:42
Former Preston midfielder Seanan Clucas who has been out on loan at Burton Albion this season before his release, is being linked with a move to Walsall(10)(4)Source?


11 May 2012 17:02:41
Rotherham having a large bid for Lee Novak assessed.(9)(4)Too good for league 2!Oh im sure itll be large?


11 May 2012 17:01:58
Joel ward has held transfer talks with Leeds in the past 48 hours. Crystal palace, burnley, and obviously ipswich are interested. seems ipswich just note down our transfer targets and try and scab them off us. source: vital leeds(16)(4)Would just like to say that ipswich were showing their interest in ward and pearce before you were, you came in after them.

from a colchester fanWard has been great for us this season. He will go to a bigger club then the ones mentioned. He will go to a prem club IMO.


11 May 2012 16:53:28
Rubarn Warmer a Navy first Team striker is being watched by Plymouth Argle. Warmer wants to play part time and remain in the forces as a communicator(4)(4)


11 May 2012 16:47:11
Chalton to sign danny webber with brad wright-phillips to go to birmingham. Also ryan lowe set for move to stevenage(3)(15)Danny webber go sign to portsmouthAt this moment brum's financial situation is not looking good, them signing anyone at the mo is unlikely.


11 May 2012 16:37:42
Hartlepool looking at either/or Lloyd sam and ramon nunez after the pair being released from leeds(7)(10)Nunez hasnt been released...Nunez is only on the transfer list not releasedLloyd Sam is free agent. Nunez will cost a fee.


11 May 2012 16:31:44
R stearman. M davies c davies all to norwich(9)(14)Please take stearman ill bring him myselfAnd I'll even buy his new kit. UTWOnly C DaviesWe will give you Stearman plus £1,000,000 for relieving him from us.


11 May 2012 14:39:50
Hi Ed
any reliable Notts County rumours? {Ed013's Note - Not since your released and retained list, although I have heard you want to play Juventus in a friendly in pre-season}(9)(1)Thanks! The Juve thing has been on the cards for a year!


11 May 2012 16:22:23
ben davies to sign for shrews(8)(10)


11 May 2012 16:22:10
Jacobs of Northampton signed 3 year deal for fee in region of 400k.(9)(8)To where?Derby :D


11 May 2012 16:22:01
heskey to sign for shrewsbury(15)(25)He is going to Northampton with Akinfenwa


11 May 2012 16:17:49
Nathan Doyle will be Graham Westleys first summer signing, he will be given substantial backing in order to get Preston back to the Championship at the first attempt, Basil Boli will take up a role as defensive coach a the club.(7)(5)Good signing we should never have let him goFirst attempt?He won't be coming back. Rumours has come from a fake twitter if we can afford him now when we couldn't
Last yearNo he is notCant see Doyle getting you backup mate.did nowt for us, we only amassed 1 point since his return to the team, either as sub or from the start !Is he available on a free? Will he play for £500 a week. Is he over 6 feet tall.....if no to any of the above, the answers NO


11 May 2012 16:04:52
Reading will sign:
Garath McCleary
Bjorn Sigardarson
Peter Whittingham
and many more...(12)(31)McCleary is done and dusted. Local rag was wrong to say talks were now taking place. McCleary was seen in the hotel with McD and Hammond last week, so talks are all but done in any case.

Sigardason might not happen. Reading offered £1m plus add-ons but Lillstrom want £3.5m upfront. Talks are now on hold as neither party want to budge (for now)

Whittingham is wanted, but I know no more than that. He could go to any number of bottom half Prem clubs, so we'll see.We need a CB and LB. Then we are set if we sign those players as well. I think those players will be set to Reading if we agree a price.You mean Gylfi Siggurdson? The one that plays for Hoffenheim? Not Lillestrom? And £1mill? LOL.

Ok, you clearly are in the know.No he means Bjorn SigurdarsonLOL Fail. "You're clearly in the know" More then you it would seem.


11 May 2012 16:04:51
mcleary has had a shock change of heart after recieving a phone call from crystal palace fc while doing his medical at reading. it looks like he will now sign for palace instead.(11)(20)CrystaLOL PaLOLace you say?

Yeah of course he'd prefer Championship football for less money as well. It all makes perfect sense...Haha this post in just delusionalSorry Reading fans but I work at the club and can confirm that this story holds truth, whether you like it or not. Sadly.Has now passed his medical and just needs to agree terms. The moment you said you work for the club (palace or reading, I don't know) made this rumour laughable.


11 May 2012 15:45:52
MK Dons in talks with Paul Dixon, Scott Robertson and Gary Kenneth all of Dundee United
Alec Rae has identified these as helping for next season Championship or not(5)(8)


11 May 2012 15:40:10
Strong Rumours about Cole Skuse signing for Stoke City....... Would make sense!(6)(15)No it wouldn't :o/No way he is a Bristol lad he would never leave


11 May 2012 15:39:06
Tranmere centre back pairing Ian Goodison and Ash Taylor have both signed new contracts with the club. Goodison 1yr and Taylor 2yrs.

source official website.(4)(1)


11 May 2012 15:34:21
Emile heskey has accepted a contract offer from Norwich on a pay as you play deal.(6)(20)No he hasn't... He has ALL SUMMER to take on board offers. Why would he make a rash decision? Do'h.I really hope not... utter rubbish and doesn't fit the 'young and hungry' players that PL goes for.HAHHAHA. I REALLY hope this is true!Young and hungry like Aaron Wilbraham? ;)You Wish!You wish!


11 May 2012 15:19:16
John Dempster and Delroy Facey are targets for Luton Town.(9)(3)Come on you Hatters


11 May 2012 15:18:15
royals are close to sign Carlos sanchez, out of contract.ex valenc.(10)(4)


11 May 2012 15:07:45
Tranmere midfielder John welsh has agreed 2 year deal at Preston.
Sheff wed agree to release Ryan Lowe following promotion, opening the door for him to sign for Tranmere.(7)(3)Ryan Lowe currently on holiday with squad in Marbella. Owls not interested in releasing Lowe whom they see as impact player for champ


11 May 2012 14:52:56
man city are planning to bid 110 million for messi, they are also planning a 100 million bid for ronaldo(12)(49)His release clause is £170m. HTHGood luck playing in europeIt would be pointless Messi has stated many times that he will stay at Barca until he finally finishes off his career back in Argentina then hangs up his boots. Ronaldo was pretty adamant he wouldn't be moving any time soonMessi was told by Barcelona at the age of 15 that the team and club was going to be built around him. You couldnt afford his yearly income! I suppose he would give that up to play in the most over-hyped league in football.Just because city have money doesn't mean that they are going to buy every player under the sun, personally i would like to see united win the title as i do not feel city deserve it for trying to buy the leagueAnd Man Utd havent tried to buy the league are you sure about that? The current Man Utd squad was assembled for about £300mWell no. utd buy players and develop them (ronaldo, rooney, nani) city try to buy everybody in sight for ridiculous amounts of moneyPlease all you Big clubs are as bad as each other and to be honest why shoudn't you. Barca, Madrid you all spend silly money on tranfers. Its the managers that do my head in. Pundits give them credit. I would love to see what Mancini could do with a 2-3 million budget.I'm not a fan of either club but personally I'd love to see someone other than man u win the title just for a change. Without a doubt, City deserve it this season and I know that may be hard for utd fans to stomach but hey, for 90% of you, they're not even you're local team.If ferguson hadthe same
money to spend as city
hed spend like there was
no tomorrow
but he aintRooney cost £30m, more than David Silva cost City. Ferdinand was £30m Young £22 the list is endless.United spend wot they earn. city spens their owners money end ofIf you thought Man City fans were deluded before..........I think buying the title has gone to their heads. Messi to Man City :-) x 10000


11 May 2012 13:28:01
matty ritchie will sign for leicester soon(10)(22)Doubt it. Not good enough imo


11 May 2012 12:54:44
Gareth McLeary has completed his medical at Reading(28)(11)


11 May 2012 12:31:38
Reading to sign McCleary thing. Forest fans call him McDreary. 21 goals in an awful side as a winger?
Typical Forest fan, big club ya know. Won a big trophy in 1912 or something.
RambiterI like Forest, but like Derby, they think they're something they're not. Being a big club 40 odd years ago means nothing in todays game unless you're still winning trophies.

He looks very good. Good with both feet, eye for goal and likes to run at people. That will be a bonus in the Prem. Bad side is his inconsistency, but then so is Kebe and McAnuff...Agree with the above that Kebe is inconsistent by Jobi is solid IMO doesn't always deliver but gives 100%Good luck to him. Exciting player with the ball to his feet and I hope he sets the prem alight.
As for the forest fans thinking we are do thing we are not. You'll find it is other fans that go on about our past and not us. We can't change the fact we used to win things, as you cannot change the fact derby are the worst prem team in history.
Can you please move on and
Ook to the future, rather than looking at our past everyone.
Oh and we have never called him mcdreary, so please stop making things up.Forest never called him McDreary only thing that is annoying is his stupid skills


11 May 2012 12:26:25
Bristol City interested in Michael Jacobs of Northampton(9)(6)


11 May 2012 12:24:39
Alan Curbishley will named as new AFC Bournemouth manager between Friday and Monday afternoon. Curbishley may appoint former Cherries assistant and club legend, Steve Fletcher as his assistant manager.(1)(17)Haha Curbs turns down bottom half prem teams .. Bournemouth haha behave mate.Id check the official site if i was youTheyve already announced Groves as their manager so wake up and keep upHaha! SLAP! Paul Groves is the new manager!Odd, Paul Groves has been given the job!Wrong!LOL. You named a manager today. Never heard of him befoROFLe.11 May 2012 18:53:09
Paul Groves has been confirmed as the new Bournemouth boss

Fail if only this original rumour was true...instead of that we have appointed a no hoper who is assisted by someone who was sacked by our current chairman when he owned Dorchester.......


11 May 2012 12:28:49
reading after defoe
source-metro(20)(7)Had our eye on him since Jan but we wont get him! Let's be reaLOListic here!


11 May 2012 12:27:02
Harry Redknapp will be given £80m to rebuild his squad this summer however he will have to replace his two best players in Gareth Bale who looks set for a £40m move to Barcelona and Luka Modric who was told last summer he would be allowed to leave for £35m this summer. Emmanuel Adebayor is heading back to City and Defoe wants to leave which means Tottenham will need at least two new forwards. King,Gallas,Gomes,Corluka,Bassong and Dos Santos are some of the other 1st teamers set to leave. Massive summer ahead at Tottenham Adam Johnson,Gieusippi Rossi,Loic Remy,Jan Vertonghen,Ben Foster and Ever Banega have all been tracked by Harry and we may see a few of these players at the Lane next year. I will be heartbroken to see Bale and Modric leave but neither player wants to stay so good riddance I say lets just hope that neither of them end up at another EPL club.(14)(22)EPL? I assume you are foreign then? Who here calls it the EPL?There's no truth in Modric and Bale going and Barca are not in a position to consider buying Bale because they have other priorities and will most likely sign Alba.
Defoe does want out though and Ade will probably not agree any deal on salary so will most likely return to CityRossi is out injured for around 9 months. Levy will not sanction that deal nor would he trust Harry with £80 let alone £80m.
The Bale to Barca is balls, It is because the president said they were interested and the pro Barca papers have all printed the story yet there is no truth or substance. The biggest transfer at Tottenham this summer is not players but the sacking of Redknapp and a new management team put in place.Rossi is injured. i don't see that one happenning!Harry won't be leaving this summer what happens next summer remains to be seen


11 May 2012 11:30:57
emmanuel jorge ledesma has reportedly accepted his contract at walsall which is apparently a three year contract, reportedly going to be released later on in the day/tomorrow(9)(7)


11 May 2012 11:27:00
Millwall gonna sign Paul Dixon from dundee I believe and if they don't get him they are gonna try to sign scott laird from Stevenage seeing that he is out of contract this summer(6)(10)Paul dixon plays/ed for DUNDEE UNITED !!!!Laird is signing for preston along with roberts as they wanna work with westley again


11 May 2012 11:15:14
Celtic are considering a move for Alessandro Nesta. The veteran centre-back will be leaving AC Milan at the end of the season.
They are also in for centre-backs Ben Haim, Grant Hanley and Matt Mills.(8)(22)I dont believe a club like Celtic to be able to match the wages that Matt Mills is currently on at LCFC. Shame the decline of Scottish FootballDont worry Leicester fans Matt Mills not good enough for Celtic (Not good enough for European football) championship full of central defenders who were not good enough for Celtic , but who are stars in your league , Jos Hooiveld , Darren O'Dea and Stephen McManus to name a few , i hear Leicester are interested in Kelvin Wilson (Not good enough , he's been found out) please take him .


11 May 2012 11:09:46
Coventry to sign sixteen year old striking starlet Jack Tollett with similar moves for commanding centre back Fabio Greenwood and playmaker Diogene Neza. Although it has been said that these are moves for the future, with the current financial situation at the club these players could find themselves in the starting line up sooner than expected.(5)(11)Thought coventry were under a transfer embargo after failing to send in finance details to HMRCI thought any club under a transfer embargo could sign players that are 18 and under


11 May 2012 10:59:05
Portsmouth applied to play in the conference next season, yesterday. This is from a reliable source who works at fratton.(35)(14)If Portsmouth did that then it's logical to cover the worse case scenario of liquidation, even if Balram Chainrai has said he will not let that happen.They applied about two weeks ago for the southern league (two below the conference) why would they then reaply for another league?What total tosh dont now what u are talking aboutWhich conference, south or premier, H/S and the police may have something to say about it.Probably just to be safe than sorry.They got turned down as their ground doesnt meet the right disability standardsBalram Chainrai wont take over again, he wont pass the fit and proper test, does not have enough funds, all he is interested in is his own money, face it Pompey there is a real possibility you could be liquidated.What a load of nonsense. They would only apply to play outside the football league if they were going into liquidation and need to start again.

If they did that then you wouldn't be allowed to start so high up the pyramid.What utter garbage! im a leeds fan and feel for the pompey fans is it not bad enough for them without morons posting crap!! unless your a city fan then realise it could so easily happen 2 your club....I can categorically state that Portsmouth
have not made any such applications.
Michael Appleton is working on his retained list and looking to rebuild for League 1.Why would you feel sorry for a Portsmouth fan. The debt didnt bother them when they were winning the FA cup. Its just now that the reality of what 'Arry and that team cost the club to win it are the fans concerned.


11 May 2012 10:53:31
Luton Town Approach Abu Ogogo but Ogogo now in talks with dagenham on finalizing him new 5 year deal at 3 thousand pound a week making him the daggers highest ever earner.(5)(7)


11 May 2012 10:51:00
Notts County have agreed a number of deals.
Krystian Pearce to Derby for £250k
Lee Barnard from Southampton £150k
Mark Ellis from Torquay £50k
Tomas Cywka Free
Simon Church from Reading £100k
Hogan Ephraim from QPR undisclosed
Shaun Derry from QPR Free
Cristian Ribiero Free(7)(31)No chance of half the players you think are coming in.
cywka, church, ephraim, ribiero will have options to play in the championship with the big boys. why would they go down to your level?? no disrespectNever would you get Lee Barnard for £150k!We will not sell Church for 100k. When we rejected a larger amount of Swansea. He will probably go out on loan.Not sure that Church and Cywka would both drop that far down, and I think Readings valuation on Simon Church would be more than that as wellBoth QPR players too good for youI'd give Notts County 100K to take Simin Church.Church, derry, cywka and barnard, are you being serious?As st as church is you wont get him for 100kI hate Church but you'd need £1,000,000 for him. McD rates him. He's the only one, but he does like him.Cywka to Notts County? PMSL he ain't going there as he will be going back to his homeland (Poland)


11 May 2012 10:49:37
Sheffield Wednesday to sign
Bothroyd (in talks)
Antonio (early stages but player wants to go)
McDonald from sheff u if not promoted
Johnson from wolves (subject to new manager)
Treacey from burnley (fee agreed)
Vardy (in talks)
Ritchie from swindon (cash plus exchange Jermaine Johnson)
Gerrard and Heaton from cardiff
batth from wolves was in talks but subject to new manager

Outs Johnson to swindon
Coke to bury
O'donnel to rotherham
reynolds to aberdeen season loan
O'grady to barnsley (possible swap for ex chesterfield striker mooted)
Mike jones and danny jones to barnsley (nominal fees)
Beevers to MK if promoted(5)(28)Sorry mate you have no chance of danny batth will be 1st choice at wolves next season you can have johnsonDo you bother reading any other posts on here? Or do you just sit around eating Cheesy Puffs whilst watching CBBC trying to think of what other crap you can make up whilst occasional getting scared and running to the Doctor because you have noticed you have no reflection? Matt Ritchie is not for sale, Matt Ritchie has AGAIN said I want to stay, Paolo Di Canio has AGAIN said I WILL NOT allow my best players to leave, Jeremy Wray has AGAIN said Swindon WILL NOT be selling their best players. FRINGE PLAYERS will be leaving but PDC intend to strengthen not weaken the squad ready to TRY and get back to back promotions!!But batth you cant part of wolves plans i hopeI no vardy n he is not going to Wednesday... Bothroyd n Johnson... Were U get things from? Ridiculous..jj is out of contract so he won't be going on a player plus cash deal. N McDonald. why would sufc sell there best player to Wednesday?Heaton and Gerrard I can see happening. Heaton is a good keeper and showed that in the CC this season. As long as he is first choice though. Gerrard is League 1 standard and even though Sheff Wed have been promoted they won't be able to attract many decent champ players.


11 May 2012 10:49:31
As a reading fan for 20 years, I am just chuffed we are back in the premiership. I couldn't care less who we are rumoured to sign. Whatever descisions bm makes, just like all his others I will trust. You wait he will blindsided everyone and sign a few more players that noone has ever heard of, that turn out to be strokes of genius!!(15)(8)Shut up, this isn't a rumour just be quiet if you don't have anything relevant to say.Back in the premiership or how long 1 possibly 2 seasons make the most of it you will be the same as qpr have been this seasonAre, the little cry babies are out to mock Reading for getting promoted when their little club sits in the Champ or League 1 or 2.

Get over yourselves. Anyone that loves the game would be pleased for Reading.

They're a good club; potentially a very big club too. Huge catchment area, cracking stadium, always sell out at top level and almost 20,000 average last season and 19,000 previous to that.

But people like to mock all the time, and it's all a load on nonsense!This is too true. Give Reading some credit, they have good backroom staff and based on rumors appear to be operating sensibly in the transfer market.

Don't be too quick to write off newly promoted teams. Everyone was hating on Swansea last season and they played arguable the most attractive football in the PL this season


11 May 2012 10:47:03
Dagenham & Redbridge to sell Gavin Tomlin for 80 plus John Akindie. Matt Tubbs also linked with a move back to crawley(4)(7)I have been telling everyone for months that Matt Tubbs will be back at Crawley next season. He has not settled at Bournemouth, and the supporters would like him back!


11 May 2012 10:41:58
blackpool face stiff competetion from
swansea for the signature of Crystal
Palaces young
stuart O Keefe brendon rogers is known
to be big fan of the talented midfielder
previously tried to sign him at reading(2)(10)


11 May 2012 10:39:44
to the person that wrote mcleod to notts county thats utter rubbish he isnt worth anything near that keith curle said he wants to get players in for a 2nd promotion push not a relegation fight it would help if you knew his name aswell because its izalle mcleod(3)(3)You spelt it wrong... its Izale


11 May 2012 10:37:34
Lloyd Sam to Millwall F.C.(5)(10)


11 May 2012 10:33:03
Garath Mccleary likely to sign for Reading FC soon after completing a medical this week. Contract details to finalize - not a done deal but its certainly looking promising(18)(3)


11 May 2012 10:16:13
Gareth Mcleary has had a medical at Reading. Just hammering out the contract now.(15)(4)


11 May 2012 10:23:25
Matt Mills is going back to reading for £3m, he admitted it hasnt worked at leicester and with Reading willing to take his wages on and make him captain again the move will go through in the next week or so.(12)(12)As a Reading fan I don't want him back at all. He can do one, he's sht and we got great money from selling him to Leicester, and we have Gorkss who is a far better defender anyway as has been proven last two seasons champions for us and QPR. This is not going to happen.He can fck Off! He will never come back. Probably a Leicester fan knowing they got ripped off. Thanks for the money and taking Mills off us who was a distraction more than anything.We would not have him back let alone make him Captain. He has an attitude problem which Leicester fans have seen. Plus Jobi is a better captain.Hahah in his dreams! He put his middle finger up to us (literally) by going to Leicester. No chance. And come back as captain?! Never in a million years.Reading won't want him back. he has been awfull this season and selling him and getting gorkss was the best thing reading did this seasonIm a Swansea fan and I have to say that Matt Mills was one of the best defenders i saw last year, a much better defender than GorkssTypical swansea fan, one year in the prem and they lose all knowledge of football! Gorkss, pearce, cummings and even dave kitson would be better at centre back than mills...Mills better than Gorkks!! You've got to be joking. I'm a leicester fan living near Reading, i've seen both play a few times this season, and Gorkks is a far better player in every aspect of the game. The worrying thing is Mills actually thinks he's a great player! absolutely laughable.


11 May 2012 10:22:43
kev gohil to sign for tottenham great player NAHT(0)(7)


11 May 2012 10:14:30
Things are getting increasingly bizarre at Leeds United, with manager Neil Warnock and Chairman Ken Bates contradicting one another on transfers. While Warnock has repeatedly stressed the urgency of bringin players in sooner rather than later, Bates has told fans that nothing will happen for a few months.

All this is doubly confusing given Bates made the claims as Leeds held talks with Joel Ward.(14)(2)Don't worry, the guy is old and never talks sense, warnock wouldn't be at Leeds if he had to put up with rubbish of bates, I think he is on that cruise, see NileI dont think he said nothing would be happening, he just said that there would be nothing for fans to get excited about. It looks like they are trying to get players on pre-contracts, so they dont have to pay them anything until after July 1st (sound familiar).
wallyYou have Colin as a manager (anagram, check it out) and Bates as chairman and you seem surprised things are bizarre at the club.


11 May 2012 10:13:06
Yeovil to sign former Coventry, Southend and Wolves striker Freddie Eastwood and Golakeeper Chris Weale.(16)(7)


11 May 2012 10:08:03
Brothers Ahntony Elliot and Keith Elliot are expected to be handed their debut for Bristol rovers following there arrival at Tranmere Rovers from Bristol rovers in a fee beleived to be around 60K(0)(7)?? they are going to make their Debut for Bristol Rovers...After arriving at Tranmere Rovers...from Bristol Rovers!!

I'm going for a lie down.Going to make their debut for Bristol Rovers after joining Tranmere from Bristol Rovers???? How will that work??


11 May 2012 10:07:08
Saints looking to bring in Lee Martin from
Ipswich for £750 000 - Confirmed from
a good source.(6)(18)Unlikely with him costing nearer £2m and being one of the better players last season.Not good enough if Southampton want to stay in the Prem beyond one season.Think your source ain't great as he would cost at least double that2-3 mill easy


11 May 2012 10:05:55
Bristol Rovers Scout Keith Elliot is interested in signing his son who had a loan spell at Yate town on a free transfer after his contact was terminated at West Super Mare. Dan who is 17 was released from Weston following being placed on the sex offenders register following an incident in a night club. However this setback doesnt seem to stop the centre back keeping clean sheets!(1)(6)


11 May 2012 09:57:52
Recently released Morecambe midfielder Garry Hunter is being targeted by Kendal Town FC and Barrow AFC(6)(1)


11 May 2012 09:53:16
Rubbish TSI deal is going through my next door neighbour is a scout for Reading football club Zigaravich is currently out on scouting missions to bring in new players for the football club. And they have not lost money he is a billionaire not a millionaire.
Please put credible comments on not made up rubbish.(2)(5)Anton Zingarevich is actually in Miami with his wife and has been for a week, you complete and utter liar!!

Go away!!Anton = £150m approx

It's his father that is a billionaire.

You can't be a Reading fan otherwise you'd know this.


11 May 2012 09:41:36
Mamady Sidibie was spotted in a Leicester Bupa yesterday, could have possibly been completeing a medical?(7)(2)


11 May 2012 09:32:11
ben watson to move to southampton on a free loan (y)(5)(11)


11 May 2012 09:31:27
Morecambe's Lawrence Wilson is expected to join Tranmere Rovers.(6)(1)


11 May 2012 09:25:47
Readings TSI take over to be confirmed by Wednesday.(7)(2)


11 May 2012 09:16:45
Hi Ed

Update on Reading transfers:

Garath McCleary has completed a medical (source GetReading). It also says talks are under way BUT I know for a fact McCleary was at the Hotel last week and talking to McDermott and Nicky Hammond, so this must be loose ends or the paper just assumes that's the next step. But it's close!


Brian McDermott is off to watch Jordan Rhodes again. It doesn't mean more than that but he clearly thinks the boy can step up.


Talk with Lillstrom for forward Sigurdason have been put on hold. Reading bid £1m plus add-ons but Lillstrom want £3.5m and up front!

Ignore rumours of Wolves now thinking they can get him. The player has stated he is happy to stay in Norway or go to the Premier League.(7)(5)


11 May 2012 09:16:38
Man Utd have launched an audacious
big to sign :

Javi Martinez

For £65m for the lot according to
skysports news

Please let this happen!!(11)(20)Why is it called Sky Sports news? News is facts with evidence not idle speculation.....Where is this reported cant find the story anywhere on sky sports

UNITEDFORLIFE75Its not a story. Its rumour and shouldnt be on a news channel.


11 May 2012 09:12:35
Jackson martinez to make the move to a london club after a unsatisfactory career at jaguars in the mexican league to start again(2)(4)


11 May 2012 09:11:57
Watching Skysports before and they
say Victor Moses does not want
to stay at wigan evan tho though
they are staying up. But Martinez is
fort to be interested in free agent
emile heskey any one heard out about
this?(9)(3)Sky Sports news are just getting what Moses's agent Tony Finnagan has said.

Moses has never said that he wants to leave Wigan, his agent is trying to drum up intrest so he can get a nice cut from the the transfer and signing on fee.

He may leave but I dont expect him to leave Wigan and when Martinez officialy anounces that he wont be leaving Wigan, I expect Moses to sign a new deal.

Heskey to Wigan is a non-starter... Martinez is intersted in young, up and coming players not Heskey.Yep wigan are looking to replace moses pace, skill and trickery with... heskey


11 May 2012 08:45:18
Charlton are looking to sign about 10 players because Chris Powell feels that the squad he has got is lacking expirience, that is why he is going to sign a lot of players over 29. Chris Powell feels that this plan will help them see promotion to the Premier League.(2)(9)Put mummies computer away and play nicely


11 May 2012 08:16:32
Enough of this utter tripe Kean, I cannot take this claptrap anymore, In a season and a half you have taken us from midtable to champoinship, In that time selling Samba, Jones, Kalinic, Emerton and going to loose several more in summer. Now the statments made when Venky's took over.

When sacking big sam they stated they wanted a high profile manager names such as Maradonna, Benitez. What do we get a promotion from coach to manager

We want star players the likes of Kaka, Ronildinho, Becks to name but a few. What do we get Goodwillie, Petrovic etc

We want champions league football, we get championship football

Phil Jones left because he wanted a new challange at a bigger club there will be no more losses, Samba gone, Salgardo frozen out Holliet walking hanley,lowe,robbo, the yak, dann, givet, pederson prob will all follow

That is only a few problems, yet they wonder why anger was showed towards Kean and the Venky's during games in this time you have almost destroyed our club stripped it of assets. If this was your plan from start fine, walk away now sell the club, please before its to late and rovers go under, to get back into prem league you will have to spend 20 ish million then if we go up you will have to spend 20-30 mill each season to get champs spot quite frankly you are not prepared to do this so please sell club to owner who will(9)(8)It is not kean's fault, it is the fault of your awful owners and the pathetic attitude of the fans. Your treatment of your manager has been disgusting and disgraceful...the rest of football is horrified. It's a miracle that he hasn't just walked.You can't hold Kean accountable for being stripped of your best assets. He would want to either keep them, or sell them and reinvest the profit in new players - he got neither. Why would he want to sell all your good players and not get anything from it, he would just be making his job harder!

Be angry at Venky's for it not Kean. I agree Kean isn't the best manager and doesn't give greatest confidence to players and fans, but that doesn't deserve your hate and anger, he's doing the best he can for a club in the position he is in. It's unfortunate because you should have a better manager and reinvested any profits from Samba and Jones in quality players, but Kean's heart is in the right place and he hasn't done anything but try to keep you in the prem.Not many people have that sort of money! Not in this climate anyway. Be realistic, Blackburn have had their glory years and are now on the slide. It would probably do you good to lose many of your high earning players, have back to back relegations and start again. It did Leeds Charlton and Southampton no harm in the long runLittle club with a big cash injection sooner or later it will find its level.Kaka and ronaldhiuck are you kidding yno who the phour blackburn and your stYou are at the correct level now,dont blame kean for selling players,the football that blackburn play is not that bad he is just the fall guyNot keans fault. His application was a practice. He wasn't even expecting to be considered for the job but the owners saw him and realised they wouldn't have to pay him jack st and thats why he was appointed. Absolute disgrace the treatment that Steve Kean has gotten. He put his heart into it and got fk all back from the owners so blame them not him.


11 May 2012 08:12:18
Ryan Lowe of Sheffield Wednesday is believed to be interested in a move to Rotherham United after struggling to get into Wednesday's first team.(8)(19)Why have Rotherham been linked with every Wednesday player, and about 15 strikers???Theres hardly a side in L1 who wouldnt want him for the right price. He wont go to L2. More likely to see next season out at Hillsborough as its his only chance of playing in the Championship. Might not start but gets a lot of subs appearances


11 May 2012 07:16:00
Sean McConville of Stockport has been signed for middlesborough??(1)(12)


11 May 2012 07:07:54
Steven Davies of derby to stevenage is they go up(3)(29)Really? One of Derbys highest earning players to drop down a league to play for League 1 wages!!Not true just sign 1 year extension


11 May 2012 07:03:19
Saints will definately sign another goalkeeper but bart will still be offered a new contract before being loaned out to championship to get much needed regular 1st team experience.. he is still highly thought of at the club so don't want to lose him. 1-2 years experience and he'll be top class.(19)(5)


11 May 2012 06:46:30
were not man city were not super rich lo(2)(12)


11 May 2012 06:44:05
Nothing on twtd. !!(3)(5)


11 May 2012 06:36:45
Liverpool - Dalglish will be given very little money to spend this summer and will look to acquire free transfer to bolster the squad.

Hoilet from Blackburn is a priority target for Dalglish, who has been warned that LFC's big spending days are over. Failure to get into the Champions League has been a key factor in this decision.

As covered in the Mirror (Headline "Dalglish stays: Liverpool boss won't be axed... but his budget will ")
but this has been on the cards since patience began to wane with Dalglish last November.

Key elements have regretted the decision to appoint Dalglish - the Cup win hasn't hidden this. Envious eyes have been cast towards Martin O'Neill at Sunderland. As predicted, the lack of patience was manifest in the lack of funds given to Kenny in January.

Dalglish will be given more time but expect Suarez to leave imminently and expect O'Neill to feature highly as a potential replacement.(11)(19)The Americans were warned off of MON, by RL. He will not manage another team owned by a US enterprise. he is also not a CL manager, he is a very good premier league Manager, but that is allHow can you say MON isnt good enough to manage a cl team? he is twice the manager dalglish is and last time i checked liverpool werent a cl team. this is coming from a newcastle fanDalglish won't be given a lot of funds because he has proven to his owners that he is useless at getting value for money. The buys of Adam, Henderson, Downing, and Carroll have shown owners that they must reign in the spending. If you compare our buys to Newcastle's, ours are poor value for money.O'neill is staying at sunderland he has only had half a season their and will be our manager for plenty of years, he won't jump ship and go to liverpool, Honestly can you at least come up with a believable manager who would come to liverpool


11 May 2012 05:34:52
Etuhu was on a week to week contract, so is free to move anyway(9)(1)What does this refer to?Kelvin ? or Diksa ?


11 May 2012 05:30:00
Gary Hooper to Leicester(11)(46)ANOTHER stupid Hooper rumour. He wouldnt move to championship last season, and he wont now. IdiotThink he will go to a decent premiership team. and would cost a few quid.Leicester, you are still in the Championship-no chance!If he didnt wont to go to southampton he wont want to go to leicester.Exciting season at the Walkers next season for fans of goals, so far they are signing Owen, Heskey, Vardy, Hooper, Holt adding to Beckford, Vassell, Gallagher, seven strikers...better get some defenders in to balance out the team a little.Gary Hooper has already said he is very happy at Celtic and desperate to play for us in the Champions League next season , why would he join Leicester City ? or for that matter Southampton at the lower end of the Premiership ?


11 May 2012 05:22:58
Alex revell off to bournemouth(16)(10)


11 May 2012 05:22:17
Keith Tracey going to Leeds along with beckford In the summer(25)(21)Really hope this is true. Tracey would be a great signing and beckford is coming home.Already agreed a deal at Sheff Weds. Sad we didnt play him more. Going for a small fee aswellBecks has stated he wants to join shefild wednesday as hes a big fan of dave jones. madine going other way so leeds can forget this oneDaft lad, why would beckford go to weds, when he loves Leeds and wants to be back, he showed that the last day of the season, Leeds are building for a promotion push next season, already signed a class defender Pearce and it's only going to get better, u lot will be battling to stay up and will be back down again, leeds always have been and always will be the pride of Yorkshire


11 May 2012 05:21:00
Adlene Geudioura to millwall.(6)(22)Rubbish you wouldn't be able to afford his wagesShut up your tart.
Forest have a transfer fee agreed and will complete the deal once the season is over.Sorry to say but hes coming back to wolves will be a good help in a championship push next yearWolves player. Will be assessed by new Wolves manager. Likelihood is that he will be retained & given a key role in the teamRetrained, he doesnt work in a bank.Guerdiora will now be staying at Wolves but if he does move it will be to Forest. But neither Forest nor Millwall could afford the £2.5m fee and his £10k wages!



11 May 2012 05:16:28
Jamie Vardy going to Hull(8)(33)Is this the same James Vardy who recently signed for Leicester?If he doesnt go to his beloved swfc as he has a point to prove after being let go as a youngsterHow will this work? According to this site that is the fifth club he is signing for, will they all have him on a rota basis?Only 4 teams have been in contact with Fleetwood.. N they are Blackpool, leicster, Charlton n west brom! N with Hodgson going to England west brom looks doubtful... Lcfc are close to agreeing terms with Fleetwood and the player... Coming from the player himself in a pub in Sheffield last week


11 May 2012 05:12:44
John Stones has signed for Millwall(5)(9)


11 May 2012 05:09:54
Millwall interested in:
David Goodwillie
Dan Bogdanovic
Troy deeney
Lee Barnard
Simon Gillet
Brian stock
Aron Cresswell
Kyle Bennett
Adrian marriapa
Harry Kane(7)(32)I'm afraid I can't see Spurs letting Millwall have Harry Kane again next year. After a season like he has had, they will be looking to place him at a Premiership team for the 12/13 season. This process has worked well for them over the last few years with Walker and Caulker making the step up with ease.No chance of Marriapa, heavy interest from Reading reported and also Newcastle. Besides if he was to stay in the CH why move from Watford?Marriappa and deeney to millwall?! do you know anything about football?Another millwall fan on football manager it seems


11 May 2012 02:00:24
Some of you guys talk utter s%#t. But thanks for giving me a chuckle!
Anyhow, Peterborough are rumoured to be bringing in around 6 players, yes they have listed a fair few but they are hoping that youth players make the step up. Most posh fans know this and the club has been heading in this direction for a number of years.
Boyd has a year left, but has expressed that he wants a new challenge. 1m would be a fair price.
Taylor has a year left, he thinks he can play prem.... Let's wait and see.
McCann has a year left. Still a great player but on big wages.
All 3 players I reckon will leave, but only if price is right(10)(0)People talk s whereas you just state the bloody obvious!


11 May 2012 01:32:31
Sunderlands number one transfer target is young german forward Andre Schurrle. Sunderland scouts have been watching him all season and see him as the finisher they need.(12)(5)You would need to pay at least 15m for him. If you've got that, you'd be getting a fantastic playerWanted by chelsea?


11 May 2012 00:13:51
Manchester United are looking to loan out Michael Owen to a Premier League club next season. Rumour has it, Sunderland and Swansea are interested.(14)(14)Going to be difficult to loan him out when he is on a free transferHe was offered to Reading in January but they decided against it and opted for Roberts.As someone has stated above - he's out of contract.I thought it was self-explanatory that he'd be offered a new one...Why would he be offered a new one 50K a week to sit on bench a few times a season, or sit in the stands.


11 May 2012 01:23:11
harry kane of spurs to be become millwalls highest fee paid for a player of 1.75million in transfer window.
the deal however will include a buy back clause inserted by tottenham of 2million at end of next season.(6)(25)Haha! Dream on. As I stated on a previous rumour, Millwall will find it hard to get him on loan next year, never mind on a full time basis. Try Jonathan Obika, he's ready for a shot in the Championship.As much as I would love this to be true I
cant see it happening.Even if we sold players to get that kind of money I dont think we would spend that much on one player.


11 May 2012 01:13:49
If Arsenal bring in another attacking player I can see Alex Oxlade Chamberlain rejoining Southampton on a season long loan(5)(45)Saints fan no chance hes arsenals best attacking wingerHe's playing almost every game for the gunners. Why would he be loaned out?!?!?!?
Think about itWhat nonsense!!No chance,


11 May 2012 00:55:13
Rotherham, Carlisle , and Crewe Alexandra are chasing Gainsborough Trinity playmaker Jamie Yates (23) on a free transfer this summer. The Sheffield born player is out of contract after the clubs play off final v Nuneaton on Sunday.(7)(2)We released jamie yates about 3 seasons ago doubt hed want 2 go back to rotherham


11 May 2012 00:23:57
Luke freeman is burnley bound!(9)(12)Where did you hear this
he recently came out and said hes happy at stevenage.
he also lives at home and wont move too far away


11 May 2012 00:16:25
I wish people would stop saying 3,4 or 5 million for jay rod when Burnley have said they won't sell for less than 6 million,plus we rejected a 5 million bid from saints last season

Also we havent mentioned who's staying or going, n who we are getting.

We probably will sell jay in the summer, but it will be between 6 to 9 million

Also EH will never say who he wants, also this is they Burnley way(8)(6)It's difficult. Eventually Burnley will have to accept 3-5million. He is out of contract next season, and he isnt worht 6-8 theyre asking for. They either have to lower and cash in, or risk losing him on a free next seasonThe difference is Jay Rod doesn't want to leave, he has already stated that he would be willing to sign a new contract. That is why the price is so high, because he won't be out of contract next summer as if we don't get a decent offer for him above £6million, he will just sign a new contract.I have it on very good authority that oh accepted 5.75m and he was down at St Mary's but wanted astronomical wages so cortese told him where to go!"The difference is Jay Rod doesn't want to leave, he has already stated that he would be willing to sign a new contract" Would he really say anything else?How much? German International and regular scorer in the Bundesliga, Podolski for £10m or Jay Rodriguez from a championship club for £9m. Whatever manager spends more than £4m should be immediately sacked.


11 May 2012 00:14:37
Watford want 2 key signings for next season them bieng James Collins , tomasz kuszack .
Watford team next season will look like

Hodson nosworthy Taylor mariappa
Buaben Hogg eustace
Deeney Collins Murray , subs,loach,doyley,micginn,whichelow,Iwelmo(9)(7)The signings are a possibility.. but the team is all wrong. Mariappa is quite likely to leave, and if he stayed I doubt he would be happy at left back. Deeney is our main striker, he barely scored any goals out on the wing in the past so 4-3-3 doesn't work.Mariappa is not a left back and also we're selling himI think mariappa will stay but he won't play at left back. tomasz kuszack, as much as i would love to get him i think a bigger club will snap him up. but heard lots of rumours we are after james collins although he has stated that he wants to stay at shrewsbury due to their promotion.


10 May 2012 23:36:51
to the people who say preston dont have any money we have one of the richests oweners in football,he knows he as to spend to get pne back up and will back westley in the transfer market ,so expect a lot of ins and a hell of a lot of out goings(3)(18)Youre reducing all the debts you have i highly doubt you will 'spend big'You were losing £750k a month last year...even though you have got rid of every footballer in the squad and are now looking at frees & loans, Hemmings believes that PNE will still cost him money to run.....Ridsdale is there to find a buyer for the club. Even though Hemmings is worth £500m.....PNE will be lucky to pay £3,500 a week for it's top player.....You couldnt even afford/match Jamie Vardy's wages at non league Fleetwood.

Graham Westley is now the highest paid person at PNE.....!!


10 May 2012 22:37:30
peter leven too oldham for 100k(9)(6)You dont have 100k you have to rely on free transfersWe wouldn't waste 100K on leven anyway. Players have left but Dickov won;t waste money.


10 May 2012 22:22:07
Niall Caravan and Shaun Goater have held contract talks with Southend United.

The two players are said to be great friends with Bilel Moshini and said that is the reasoning behind the move.

It is well documented that Bilel Moshini grew up admiring Shaun "The Goat" Goater.(4)(11)


10 May 2012 22:19:47
Lee Hughes and Marlon King are set to sign for Rotherham.

Steve Evans has said that these two players have a great attitude and will fit into his squad with no problem at all.(17)(32)Y'know what, I wouldnt put it past Evans to sign two murderers.
wallyRotherham would not get the championships 4th highest scorer


10 May 2012 22:18:34
Ben Davies is to make a return to Shrewsbury Town.

Derby boss Nigel Clough has told Davies he isn't needed by the club anymore and Davies has favoured a move to his former club and is hopeful that a contract can be sorted out.(13)(5)


10 May 2012 22:16:35
Shrewsbury Town and Swindon Town have held contract negotiations with Izale Mcleod.(5)(17)


10 May 2012 22:15:52
Ex Shrewsbury Town midfielder Lionel Ainsworth has held successful negotiations with Rotherham United and is set to be unveiled in the next few days.

James Collins , Ian Sharps , Shane Cansdell-Sheriff and Chris Neal have all accepted contract offers from Shrewsbury Town.

Nicky Wroe has walked away from the contract offer and is set to sign for Barnsley on a free transfer.(4)(12)Dont think so we gave him away 10 years agos cos he wasnt that good..


10 May 2012 21:49:53
Sheffield Wednesday to sign Experienced Striker Michael Owen on a season long loan from Man Utd(8)(16)Wrong on so many levels Michael Owen is out of contract so wont be going on loan to anyone.This signing is MASSIVE LOL....COYR


10 May 2012 21:47:17
Isaac McLeod of Barnett to move to notts county, as he has performed well this season it will be in the fee of £1m. Heard it hear first.(4)(21)ISAAC McLeod, top playerMight have scored a few goals last season but he is lazy does'nt want to do any work certainly not worth 1 millionNo way they would pay £1m for him. NOt even worth £100k. Isn''t he out of contract also?Dont be daft hes out of contract what a load of cobblersNot only do you not know his name but he is also out of contract so I will have a million quid please ! I believe this rumour NOT !!And you even got his name wrong!


10 May 2012 21:45:22
leicester have signed 19 year old
Jacob Blyth from lemington. hes a
6ft 3 target man(15)(2)


10 May 2012 21:42:55
Liverpool are linked with Brazilian wonderkid, Oscar from Porte allegro. He's only 17 however Liverpool will have to pay £11.5m for the youngster.(7)(8)Have you read the writing on the wall ... or the Daily Mirror today?


10 May 2012 21:40:46
I have heard from a reliable source
that Yeovil Town are close to re signing
Chris Cohen. Should happen early next
week(4)(21)Chris Cohen has been a first team regular since 2007, he's a fans favorite, he is settled in notts, and he's out with a bad injury. Apart from that I'd say your source is spot on. (Or a derby fan)

Agent 279RubbishChris Cohen is one of forests best players and has been I juried for six months.
If he was to go it would be to lower prem, which will not happen until he has proven his fitness between now and jan.
IdiotFrom a yeovil fan, we got no chance, hes a class player and ive heard hes highly thought of at forest, huge star of future so he would be taking a mile backwards, not just a few steps


10 May 2012 21:37:39
Heard Newcastle are about to pay £4.5m for Matt Jarvis of wolves and £4m for Kevin Doyle.(8)(30)They dont really add anything to what newcastle have, and besides, there will be no deals to st james' until they know whether or not they will be playing in champions league or not so that means after the chelsea game probablyPlease can you start calling the stadium by its proper name - the sports direct arena. Matt Jarvis is destined for stoke and would be a perfect fit. It will be interesting to see if toon can see off the big boys who come calling for their stars - cisse, cabaya and tiote. If you don't make CL then they will be off and you can have a dose of the Europa cup which will guarantee you mid table next season.Jarvis to Stoke? Wake up! He'll be staying at the Wolves.


10 May 2012 21:30:06
Euell, Doherty, Alonso, Popo, Warren and Gough released by Charlton. Gough has already signed a two year contact with Bristol Rovers though andhas also featured in there 4-0 thumping against Dagenham & Redbridge.(2)(4)I dont know why this is on here it was announce by that club last week.


10 May 2012 21:28:22
kayode odejayi to be unveiled next week at ipswich town apparently the big signing jewells been looking for source twtd(5)(10)Unlucky for Ipswich as he was useless at Barnsley n couldn't put ball in an open net.Out of all the people he could buy, he 'supposedly' gets Odejayi.
Dont get me wrong he is a good player but is just not a championship standard player! You could do alot better than him with the money you have, (colchester fan)Rember what he did at Barnsley? nothing only scored the goal against Chelsea


10 May 2012 21:27:16
Right, have some Rotherham news..

After securing Nardiello who was Evans' top target he will now complete the signing of free agent midfielder Nathan Doyle from Barnsley. He is also currently in talks with two other players, one being Krystian Pearce, from Notts County, where a fee has already been agreed. The other player is winger, Lloyd Sam, who has recently been released bt Leeds United. They have also had a transfer offer accepted for a League 1 striker, which will break the clubs transfer record if it happens. This has come from a scout from a club, who has also told me that they are not at all interested in Oxford United striker James Constable..(7)(5)Lloyd Sam is a done deal. Will be announced tomorrow.I dont think james constable has any time time for that muppet evans yes he will spend big but dont forget wage cap 65% of income on players wages your crowd aint big enough to pay big wages so either administration or something dodgy and fa will punish you points deduction or something evans is not the man for you left Crawley who are now l1 why stay in l2 something is'nt quite right best of luck to Rotherham your gonna need itWhy would Lloyd Sam go the Rotherham? He has offers from Championship and top end league 1 clubs?


10 May 2012 21:24:53
Norwich to make a move for:
Rodriguez (Burnley) £4M
C Davies (Birmingham) £2 - £3.5M
Naughton (Spurs) Loan for another season
R Williams (McBoro) £4M
M Phillips (Blackpool) £3M
Eagles (Bolton) £3 - £4M(17)(28)Burnley have turned down a 5.5m offer already, so im sure they'll accept 1.5m less than that :)They may have turned down more than £4M, but remember papers always inflate fees to make the story sensational, only Burnley and Southampton know the actual amounts that were offered and rejected. The amount they will accept is also dependent on time left on contract, the shorter it is, the less they can expect to get.
Eagles £3-4M - you must be joking he might be worth £1-1.5M topsWe may get naughton, rod has much richer clubs after him. Davies poss, eagles is not in plikinton or bennetts class. Rest int good enoughBurnley's chairman has said we rejected a £5m bid last seasonDavies not leaving bcfcOh and you believe a football chairman's word that he turned down £5M last season do you ? ha ha - I have a very interesting investment opportunity to buy 10 acres of prime real estate for $10K in the Florida everglades if you are interested !


10 May 2012 21:18:33
Mark McGhee is set to use his contacts in order to complete Bristol Rovers' first signing of the summer. He will snap up 19-year oldPolish striker Kamil Kaczmarz, who currently plays for Ruch Chorzow in Poland. He previously had a loan spell in the Polish Division 2 league with LKS Lodz where he scored 18 goals in 26 games. Rovers will snap him up for a small fee of around 40k.(1)(3)Work in a cafe close to the ground, and i saw this lad earlier (strong polish accent) with assistant shaun north with a rovers training top on..


10 May 2012 21:09:27
Gus Poyet is to hold talks next week with Randy Lerner. Aston Villa have targeted the South American to take over when Alex Mcleish gets the sack on Monday morning.(25)(15)Dream on, Villa can't afford to sack him.Villa cant afford to keep him on


10 May 2012 21:03:15
any rotherham united news Ed apart
from signing daniel nardiello?? {Ed025's Note - no mate..(2)(4)


10 May 2012 20:58:34
hi there pompey fans,leeds supporter not sending this message to rub it in im just interested on the opinions from pompey fans .what are jason pearce and joel ward like as players?also which position is joel ward best suited to?he seems to play all over the good luck for next season pompey.(6)(3)Sour grapesWorth the money u paid, but if your thinking of fighting for promotion next season I can think of better players out there. They were regular starters for us and look where we ended up!! Even without the -10. Pearce is good in the air but struggles against pace and often gets caught out. Ward is a decent prospect but like I said theres better players at this level u could of got.From what ive seen i think their really good, and personally i would play him in midfield, eventhough he can play as a defender at times. And thanksTop class, 100% triers, never give up the fight. Pearce is tough and straightforward, will make tackles and win headers all day long. Ward shares some of these characteristics but can play a bit more. Can play in defence, out wide or in the middle of midfield. He is a good box to box player but I think he sees his long term career as a defender. Good business by Leeds and as a Pompey fan, sad to see either leave. Best of luck to them though.


10 May 2012 20:56:01
Curtis Davies deal to Norwich City is 90% completed(20)(16)How many centre backs do norwich need?! they hav around 7 (at a guess) already so i doubt they ll sign anotherNo way not this early on, he said he isn't leaving Birmingham and Norwich have enough defendersI believe Norwich will buy another center back during the summer because I believe he will let Ward and Barnett go but offer Whitbread a new 2 year contract, and look to add one more CB for cover.
Lambert will look to make Ryan Bennett and Daniel Ayala his 1st choice CB paring next season, both in their early 20's with bags of potential for the future.


10 May 2012 20:53:36
Portsmouth are set to lose out on striker Izale McLeod and four players are very close to leaving Fratton Park.
McLeod is set to sign a one year deal with Werder Bremen in Germany after impressing the Bundesliga side in a training session this week.
QPR are keen on bagging defender Joel Ward in a £500,000 deal that could take the former Bournemouth man to London on a three year deal.
Dave Kitson is also set to leave Pompey to join Ipswich. Manager Paul Jewell is wanting new attacking reinforcements and sees the 32 year old as the right man.
Another set to leave the League 1 club is Greg Halford. The former Colchester defender is set to sign a two year deal with Crystal Palace, in a transfer worth £200,000.
Finally, Israeli defender Ben Haim will sign a three year deal with Scottish champions Celtic.(3)(22)


10 May 2012 20:49:17
Portsmouth will have new owners in place before the football league annual meeting on the 2nd june. Two very interested buyers one of which i have been told is looking very promising. Rumour is Michael Appleton will be given 5 million to spend and will only have to sell 1 maybe 2 more players of his current squad, this is only to keep the club afloat until 2nd June those 2 players are likely to be Liam Lawrence and Hayden Mullins. PUP PPU(2)(30)And now back to reality! Pompey are still no where near being taken over. All the players still have to go.Read the bbc website trevor what his name said ur in danger of going bust by end of the month at the football leagues egmBye byeLove it how people think pompey will fold i know they wont, reality check southampton will go down next year :)First of all, I very much doubt an owner would buy a club worth a few million, chuck £60+million at it to wipe the debt. AND give £5million transfer money (in league 1? LMAO) to a club that barely gets enough attendance to pay half the support staff. Really you pompey fans are ridiculousI think some Pompey fans need a reality check! Alot of them just still dont get it. You might not fold, but theres a very good chance you will.Portsmouth have no chance of being brought and will be liquadated on 4th JuneKeep the banter coming love it ^^ play up pompey!!Not Play up Pompey just PAY up PompeySorry for Pompy fans, I know from experience that these things always go down to the wire. Only at the very last minute will a deal come through if it does at all. Here's hopingMore comments from people who do not understand what they are talking about! - The strategy for Pompey, like every other club in administration, is to agree a CVA. In effect their £60m debt will be reduced to somehing like 15p in the pound. i.e. to £9m. The remaining parachute payment from the Premier League will then cover this lower debt figure. So, whoever buys the club would essentially buy it debt free. Why this as opposed to liquidation? If liquidated, parachute money is no longer paid out by the Prem and all players contracts are void, so no money would be received from their sales. So about £20m would be lost with the only offsetting value being the worth of the stadium which the council has designated for sports use only i.e. can not be 'developed' at least for a considerable number of years if not for ever. So, do you get it now?? That's why Portsmouth Football Club will be bought and why the right owner can rebuild and make it profitable.So despite the previous two owners making financial promises they couldnt keep, Portsmouth fans STILL get excited at yet another take over rumour by an unknown. Deja Vu!Pompey had already agreed a CVA in their last Admin stint, and had their huge debt reduced..However they didnt make a single payment and now that CVA agreement is null and void. Now they have to try to agree a CVA 2 which would include the old debts with the new so the old debts will get even less this time round. All of this has to be agreed by the creditors which wont be straight forward. Saying whoever buys the club will get it debt free is stupid. The club have cheated so many compaines, people and CHARITIES out of alot of money..Even the administrator has said this week liquidation is still likely and the fans takeover could be the only feesable option, but they are falling very short with that too. It will go down to the wire but its a much much bigger mess than what most Pompey fans realise, most just dont get it.


10 May 2012 20:49:00
Leicester City have confirmed the signing of 19 year old striker Jacob Blyth from Leamington. The striker who plays for Leamington in the South Premier division scored 17 goals and goes into Leicester's development team.(13)(1)I was speaking to him on facebook hes so happy he said he will probably be in the U21s then he is going to build his way into the 1st team


10 May 2012 20:46:54
southampton are preparing a double swoop for BCFC Mutch and Redmond - rumoured 8m(18)(7)Didn't Manchester City want Redmond for £15m? so why would he go to Southampton for less than £8m? if you are going to post anything on here at least make it convincing if your going to lie.He isnt lying, it came from one of those "Agents" on Twitter...So if anyone is lying its that guy not the poster


10 May 2012 20:46:24
MK Dons will bid £200k for Stuart Beavon of Wycombe(12)(6)


10 May 2012 20:43:46
Swindon are set to complete the singing of three people in the next three days but are also set to lose out on two other.
The first is thought to be Walsall striker Ryan Jarvis. The 25 year old is set to cost the club a nominal fee and will sign a two year deal.
Secondly, Nigerian forward Kelvin Etuhu has been told by his club Portsmouth that he will be available as a free agent and will sign a one year deal at Town.
Finally, Notts County striker Lee Hughes will be the 'marquee' signing for Paulo Di Canio's side as he aims to bring in full houses every week. Hughes will sign a two year deal.
Former Derby players Lee Holmes and Jay McEveley have both turned down permanent deals with the club after their loan spells. Holmes is very close to signing for York City as he wants to stay closer to home and full back McEveley will sign a two year deal with Rotherham United as he would like to still live in South Yorkshire.(4)(21)You know Hughes is 36 and still has a year left on his deal at Notts County?Are you having a laugh Holmes to York City and McCleverly to fat boy Evans team i dont think so. Get a life you person who wrote this.No way will Di Canio sign Lee Hughes he is despised by Town fans and he's old and there are better players out there than having that person at our club.Lee Holmes is thought to have second thoughts at being at Swindon and is open to offers....but no way is York City on his horizon. Quality player and at least div 2 and probably Div 1


10 May 2012 20:22:01
Michael Dubbery looks likely to join Northampton Town from Oxford as a replacement for outgoing loanee Clarke Carlisle.(4)(9)


10 May 2012 20:20:28
Leicester are looking to bring in Southampton winger/striker Guly Do Prado for £3.5 million.

Rumours also around about Nile Ranger moving to the foxes for £2 million.(11)(16)For 3.5 million I'll pay his way thereDoubt that is true, Guly do prado is like 30 something and hes rubbish why would we sign him for nearly £4m pound thats just madness get your facts right.Guly is not rubbish he's scored 11 goals playing mainly at right midfield he's just not consistent but when he's on form he's a very good player. Problem is alot of saints fans don't rate him but that's mainly fans who don't watch him enoughLeicester have so much money, not an object. Nigel Pearson needs a brazilian ;)Do Prado is out of contract in the summer, so 3.5 million would be stupidity, then again this is Leicester fansDo Prado is out of contract NEXT summer. He wont be leaving Saints this coming season anyway, he will get his chance in the Premier League.That makes it 7 now for the number of strikers Leicester are supposed to be signing, should be plenty of goals at the crisp bowl.


10 May 2012 20:19:53
arsenal are looking at valencia left back Jeremy Mathieu to bolster their defensive options, Mathieu thinks hes more likely to get more game time for les bleus if hes with a bigger club(9)(4)Bigger club? better stay in valencia then


10 May 2012 20:01:51
Carlisle have made an approach for Wycombe Wanderers striker Stuart Beavon after he turned down the offer of a new contract (Source - member of Wycombe's board, 100% legit).(3)(4)Like they would be so stupid as to let something like that slip .....


10 May 2012 19:07:13
Altricham striker Damien Reeves will be joining Doncaster Rovers in the summer and also Fabien Robert is to come back on loan!(13)(4)


10 May 2012 18:57:50
Walsall looking to trial Ryan Moss from
Dorchester of Blue Square South(6)(3)He doesn't play for them anymore!He has been playing for AFC Totton however he is not under contract and would be an added bonus to anyone's team at that level. He has a real hunger and given that he is not that tall it is a real surprise in the amount of headers he wins.Would expect him to go to Havant & Waterlooville given his friendship with Stuart Ritchie and that he has just signed on to manage the Hawks on a 2 year deal.


10 May 2012 18:33:03
DONE DEAL: Daniel Nardiello signs for Rotherham on a 2 year deal, manager Steve Evans hopes to have another signing wrapped up before the end of the weekend.(18)(7)Its meant 2 be lionel ainsworth cause hes just been released by shrewsbury


10 May 2012 17:49:01
Luke freeman to burnley for an undisclosed fee(16)(18)


10 May 2012 17:46:08
Coventry to be taken over by Chines investers.(11)(16)You mean Chinese Investors the amount of people that can't spell on here is mind boggling.What will they be investing in? A £60m pound debt and no revenue streams apart form league 1 gate receipts!


10 May 2012 17:32:05
hes not out of contract until next year, get your facts right beforte you post stupid rumours(1)(6)Get you facts right by putting your response to the original post! Dur!Who isnt out of contract??Before you post stupid answers are we all meant to be looking into cloud cuckoo land to guess which player your talking about. God i cant believe some people dont mention players names - Wake up


10 May 2012 17:14:28
Norwich to move for Redmond and Davies(20)(14)You wish! Brum were quoting £10m for Redmond in January. Like you can raise even£7m? LOLIt's not fee's that are our problem mate just wages and 'BRUM?' need the money cos they're skint soooo....Birmingham aren't skint, (not a brum Birmingham fan either). They are in a similar situation to Norwich. Enough money to be average in the leagues they are in, but need outside investment to achieve more.Lol brum not skint, admin at start of next seasonBirmingham players will be sold at less than they would like, their backer was arrested for fraud and his funds frozen, so yes now they will have to offload many of the big wage players, parachute payment is reduced, revenue is reduced, and to avoid administration they will sell.
£10M Redmond? get real no one will pay that for him, Birmingham can quote what they like, just like I can offer a 15yr Fiat Uno on E Bay for £100K, but no ones going to buy it.


10 May 2012 17:05:38
Dannynardiello to sign for rotherham on 2 year deal from exeter. Millers also in talks with Lionel Ainsworth and Nicky Wroe(13)(4)


10 May 2012 17:05:26
Wolves looking into swapping Matt jarvis for gary hooper from celtic(2)(33)Lol at that jarvis might as well stay at wolvesSo Hooper would go to the Champiuonship when he can join the Premiership?
You Wolves fans have got to get used to the fact you are now SECOND tier.Jarvis might as well play in the chumpionshipLol,where do you find themLol hooper is only good in spl cause its a rubbish leagueCan't se any wolves fan for a second saying this we do not want or need hooper,yeah jarvis might be off in the summer but he wont be going far ..!!!Jelavic played in the SPL and Hooper outscored him, Hooper played in the Championship and outscored 35mil Andy Carrol.Lol "Hooper is only good in spl cos its a rubbish league". Jelavic scored 17 in spl then vent to Everton and continued the same goalscoring form


10 May 2012 16:59:36
So if your a good friend of Luke Freeman then you should know if he lives at home with his parents or not !!(1)(6)He does,but being a big boy and all he wants to move out and to a decent team.Counts Burnley out then!


10 May 2012 16:58:07
can anyone tell me the best transfer news for my football page on Facebook..Thanks(0)(9)Norwich look to boost their squad with a swoop for Redmond and Davies from Birmingham after failing to get to the premier league and also Dani Pacheco is coming back to Norwich.Thanks m8..anymore news?


10 May 2012 16:55:03
Doncaster based Altrincham striker Damien Reeves is in talks with Dean Saunders about joining his home town club.(7)(5)


10 May 2012 16:45:00
Blackburn have just snapped up Luke Freeman.(4)(26)Are you for real? luke wont get a game at blackburn, he wants first team football at STEVENAGE and has recently come out and said this. he also signed a 2 year deal in january so will take big big money to get him from stevenageAlong with burnley eh lol
Freemen has already said he wants to stay if promoted or else hes off to SWFC as his has family in the city


10 May 2012 16:34:36
Hearing from quite a few Charlton fans that they're interested in Steve Jones(3)(8)


10 May 2012 16:31:43
Dani Pacheco moving back to Norwich City(5)(12)Definitely makes sense, he was very popular when he was here on loan and he loves the club. He will also be able to add a bit of foreign flair which we need and he's also mates with Ayala so maybe that'll help both of them settle in well and therefore we'll get the most out of both of them.Totally agree just player we've missed all season if anyone


10 May 2012 16:27:25
Yeovil youth team player Elliott Melish is set to sign a 2 year contract with Manchester United in a deal that could rise to a fee of 2 million pounds.(11)(7)I thought he had a leg crippling injury that would set him back 8 months? are man u prepared for that risk


10 May 2012 16:25:21
Yeovil manager Gary Johnson has expressed an interest in resigning Leister goalkeeper Chris Weale.(9)(2)


10 May 2012 16:15:46
Let me clear things up, Charlton will be one of the teams with the most money, we have two wealthy owners that have hundreds of millions as well as and 'Mr X' owner that is Kevein Cash that has £600-700 million alone for Charlton, it is rubbish that we have to sell, it is just Palace fans trying to ake it look like that Palace have money when infact they do not!(2)(15)We have money, but you're wildly overestimating it mate. We're comfortable but in no way will Cash - a shady character - invest that heavily. He's seeking to invest now, and sell when we're in the Premier League eventually, for a decent profit. So we think.Charlton may be wealthy but that doesn't make them an attractive club to join. Poor club poor fansPalace don't have money, and although I doubt charlton have that much, I am sure it is more than palace...Interesting to see everyone jumping on the Charlton band wagon. Didnt hear you all when in League One.

P.s.:All us Palace fans forgot who you were along time again. Rivals? You must be having a laugh!Charlton are as rich as palace and it's about putting the money in the club not having the money HF05Palace are a club going nowhere and will sell their best players. No ambition, nothing club. Bring on the "ultras" and cheerleaders looooooool joke.GROW UP!No one knows the identity of Charlton's owners, so I dont see how you can say they have £700m. The new fiarplay rules mean that no club can go on a spending spree and go unpunished. So grow up and stop this childish bickering.Under FFP rules, owners/chairmen or investors can only invest a maximum of £6m. So even if your board had billions they are not allowed to invest it. Check out facts before posting.Palace no ambition?? didn't we beat utd at old trafford?Let's be honest, which Palace fan can honestly say they care for Charlton, begging for rivalry."""Under FFP rules, owners/chairmen or investors can only invest a maximum of £6m. So even if your board had billions they are not allowed to invest it. Check out facts before posting."""

That is why ground sponsorship etc has been used to pump money into clubs by owners. I think the £6m limit is borrowing, I could be wrong.


10 May 2012 16:04:32
Crystal Palace will loan Chelsea youngster Nathaniel Chalobah on a season long loan and sign Aleksander Tunchev with Southampton signing Anthony Gardner this summer on a free.(4)(15)Anthony Gardner is not signing for Southampton.Palace fan here, Anthony is out of contract in the summer and wont be signing a new deal. So this is possibleThought Gardner signed a two year contract last summer?


10 May 2012 15:46:43
Norwegian Stalle Solbakken is the shock choice to be the new manager of Wolves. He has come highly recommended by Roy Hodgson one of his former managers. He has had a very succesful spell in charge of Copenhagen in Denmark that led to a less succesful stint in Germany with Cologne. Although this will be a huge risk by the Wolves board they seem keen to give Solbakken a chance in England. You heard it here first. Get your money on this ASAP. Although i do believe the bookies are ahead of the game with this one and his odds have shortened dramatically in the last 24 hrs. {Ed025's Note - he nearly took cologne down mate..(11)(1)Cologne did go downCologne did go down , they also did not even give him s season to prove himself , they gave him no funds to bring in players also.Cologne went through four managers in as many season, the club are in a bad state before he took over.Ed havnt they had like 25 managers in 25 years n that job is poison the amount of problems he had 1 was poldoski weather he was leaving or not 2, 3 was the board im sure theres more but 1 bad spell dont make you a bad manager he wont loads of titles with copenhangen beat ajax n barca in chapions league dont well in norway i think he would be a good choice {Ed003's Note - Really don't know that much about him mate,but you raise good points,I don't know about point 2 that's why it was edited out but thanks for the input}


10 May 2012 16:01:40
Norwich signings:

Done...(10)(21)Oh and Zaha sorryProbably decent targetsYou wish. DoneWe don't have to wish?Naughton will not leave spurs


10 May 2012 15:58:26
Northampton town to announce some new signings sometime during June.(7)(4)I think Northampton will be a dark horse in the promotion push next season with Boothroyd in charge along with Rotherham - Rovers - Chesterfield and the teams this season that miss out in the play offs as for Oxford next season will be the same as this season start well and fade away in the last third of the season.


10 May 2012 15:53:54
I know from source that WBA have made Nigel Adkins their number one manager choice and he wants the job, only stumbling block is he may have to resign from Southampton to push the move through!(5)(29)Why would he want to go to West Brom? Below average premiership team. May as well stay put with Southampton and see how the season goes. Stupid rumour.Seriously? you have no chance hahaThats hilarious! No way will that happen. He has already stated 2 weeks ago he wants to stay for the long term. Stop smoking that stuff, its bad for you.You can tell when the kids come out from school can't you?
Look a little east of Southampton and you will find your new manager.Dreamers lolMighty Southampton eh? Jokers who do you think you are, ideas above your stationSauce ......urs must be the brown stuff m8 ,,full of itThis won't ever happen. Albion wouldn't go for such an inexperienced manager at this point in time, but I can see why Adkins might jump at the job. Look of Southampton for the new manager? WBA rated Appleton, but he would not be considered for the same reasons that Adkins won't be.I have also heard from sources close to WBA that he would be very interested in the Vaccancy. And believes Southampton will not have the resources to remain in the top flight1. Nigel Adkins would only leave Saints for a far bigger side. West Brom are a few years ahead of Saints, but they aren't a much bigger side and they won't be breaking out of mid-table any time soon.

2. Nigel Adkins is a man of principle. He didn't resign from Scunthorpe to take the Saints job and he won't resign from Saints either.

3. Enjoy negotiating with Nicola Cortese

4. Take the m27 eastbound. The manager there will be grateful for being rescued from that impossible job.1,2,3,4 you are completely wrong. Adkins is on the way out, strange move I agree. West Brom are light years ahead of Southampton, and I am a neutral Portsmouth fanAnyone agreeing with this post is simply expressing their ignorance of Southampton's position. 'Will not have the resources to remain in top flight'.. Incidentally, Albion's highest home league gate in the Prem last season was less than Southampton's average in the Championship.We dont want adkins I've watched southampton play a few times this year and it ain't preety!


10 May 2012 15:46:28
Krasic is a done deal. Great friends with Anton. Can't wait. URZ(5)(10)To which club? {Ed025's Note - maybe qpr?Why would he go to qpr a team who will be down near the bottom again when he could go to spurs arsenal or liverpoolHe's on about Reading, and he's another dreamer. I wish it was over 24's only on here!!Dear god, the guy hasnt even taken over Reading yet and already all these signings are going to happen!Since when was a 25th birthday the dawn of maturity?


10 May 2012 15:44:55
teams to go down next season my VIEW 3d from bottom will be wigan then reading then at the bottom will be the mighty southampton(7)(26)I agree ^^Reading and Southampton not favourites to go down. Favourites to go down will be teams who tread water in the prem and don't invest in their squads (e.g. Bolton Blackburn and Wolves this year).

When will people recognise that when teams get promoted from the championship (or any league) they already have a very strong backbone to their squads that you need to get promoted and win consistently, they have vast finances for investment, maximum capacity support generated from promotion, confidence and momentum.

I am not saying any newly-promoted team will stay up, but to immediately write off 2/3 of them is massively ignorant given recent seasons promoted teams have had.Now this guys really bright, isn't he? All Premiership clubs to trim first team squad to 25 and many weeks before we know which 25 will be with which club yet this guy (or maybe Mystic Meg) knows how it will all pan out? Example: RVP moves from Arsenal, and a mass exodus follows, but this guy can predict all this?
Get real.WOW i thought people would wait untill at least pre-season to say Wigan are going to be relegated, AGAIN!

Get it into your head they aint going down!Plus we all now know that it is impossible to relegate wigan. ps, werent southampton supposed to get relegated last season?WOW are bubble has burst not even started yet


10 May 2012 15:37:40
Blackburn keeper Paul Robinson my cousin, just got told my dad yesterday that roy hodgson had called him and wanted a meeting.. and with it being 7/1 on betfair.. i know where i'd stick a fiver or two.

100% no joke(2)(19)Since he's your cousin can you ask him would he rejoin Leeds united cause lonergan and Robinson would be an amazing goalkeeper line up :-)If it was true you would put all of your money on it


10 May 2012 15:15:29
Ipswich defender Aaron Cresswell has agreed to join championship rivals Millwall.(2)(15)Should join morecombe more his level uselessHow is he useless?

He had a superb season, you don't know what you are talking about.

Not to mention he has recently signed a long term contract.Cresswell brilliant he was by far one of our best players this seasonHa ha very amusingNot useless a very good prospect in our rubbish team and no way would he go to Millwall and they could not afford the 2m plus he's now worth


10 May 2012 15:10:05
Just been up at the Mad Stad shop and saw Cameron Jerome! Very excited if we could pull that off!!(7)(10)We could do much better then him. No thanks.No you haven't, I work In the shop and was there all day today and no one even mentioned his name


10 May 2012 15:09:43
Charlton are looking to sign some pace/skill in the midfield. Chris Powell has been looking at Joe Cole; Joe Cole has stated that he 'wants to return to first team football in London'. Liverpool are asking for around £6million; Chris Powell has been pondering about making an offer, which he feels that Joe can fulfil that price-tag. Joe Cole has said that 'I will take a wage-cut to play first-team football'. This wage-cut is said to be 33.3%. Good reliable source.(1)(31)Oh dear, some deluded charlton fans on hereI apologise for this particular deluded guy. My word it's... NO. We aren't going to sign anyone who'll see us as a step down.Hes on about 80k at liverpool so you re saying you d b able to pay around 53.6k a week? wowHave u bin on them fuuney fags again chalton will strugle joe cole is playin CL football with lille some people on hear are in dream land wake upAnd the fact that Chris Powell is still on his holiday has no bearing? Admins pls stop this idiot.


10 May 2012 15:05:41
Bristol City to sign stephen mcmanus from middlesborough(14)(2)Hope so. great player!There seems to be a phantom poster who reckons Bristol City have found a new sheik to back them. Apparently they are buying everyone.Dont worry about our finances little man people think they know so much about bristol city must b a poor little gashead


10 May 2012 14:59:20
Any Oxford rumours in or out Ed? {Ed025's Note - no mate..(3)(0)Yep, you're the smallest club in the Thames Valley. Even Oxford City are catching you up now! LOL

I know 12 Oxford fans that have bought season tickets at Reading for next season. Jumping ship and you canny blame them! lolAh a Swindon Town supporter, most likely....Well, hope your investors dont get fed up with you lot because when they do, and they will, you will have mega problems financially. Shame!The old Swindon in debt chestnut!! Sorry mate, the Swindon Board are not short of a pennty or two and the parent Company has already swallowed up last season debt!! Now we come to Oxfords money it or not there is and AWFUL lot rumours coming to light that there are REAL problems behind the scenes, You have some serious money issues. You also have a fanbase split over your Manager despite the fact he took you back to league football, the problem being that many Oxford fans still believe they should still be a major football force...the truth is you are now a small club, Wilder is doing a good job in difficult circumstances and this season he pulled off some great signings...however the plan has failed and you are now going to struggle, Not having a laugh just saying as it is. Kassam will remain stubborn over your 3 stand stadium which will only make things worse. If Wilder keeps you any where near the mid table again next season he will have done another good job...and acheived the boards aim of staying in the it or not that is the sole ambition of your club at the moment, another drop into the non league could spell the end of your club. Mind you, if it happens you could always merge with Oxford City...they seem to be moving in the right direction!!


10 May 2012 14:55:46
bury fc

jonny barber set to join bury after beeing relseaed from mansfield youth team(0)(0)Haha who's he? My mate Jobe is the captian of the Stags youth team, and I'm afraid theres nobody called Jonny Hairdresser there. Don't make people up :)


10 May 2012 14:15:40
I'm a leeds fan and would like to know how likely George Boyd is to join Leeds? I know he is on the transfer list but not sure if there is any rumour on your end which club he will go to.(5)(14)Terrible player, so hopefully this will happen.He is coming, We think its gonna be announced JulyWe havent been linked anywhere that I've seen with anyone from Peterborough, Boyd included. I agree that this is strange, as they have some very good players looking for a way out, of whom Boyd is just one. Lewis, Jones, Taylor, Ajosé and McCann could all leave London Road.
wallyHeard here around boro that boyd is interesting leeds,lewis and jones are out of contract. No great loss,both seem to have gone backwards. Ajose,bad attitude apparently. Taylor,wont sign new contract,wants to play in prem. WBA are supposed to be chasing him.


10 May 2012 14:08:54
Brighton to sign jonjo shelvey and Raheem Sterling on loan from Liverpool {Ed025's Note - rubbish!(6)(25)


10 May 2012 13:52:44
Reading takeover by the Thames Sport Investment group halted after it emerges Zingarevich only has £30mill which is not considered enough by Madejski. Madejski was initially promised Anton's father, Boris, would be involved. However, due to the recession, Zingarevich senior has lost over 15% of his wealth, and so no longer wishes to throw money at his son's favourite football team.

RP(11)(10)That might be true but for the fact that TSI is a group of investors so it's not just Zongarevich Snr and Jnr. The hold up is due to The Premier League taking their time due to the Portamouth situation. They want to make sure they are the right people.Also Anton's favourite team is Zenit. He was educated in Reading which is his link to the town.Oh dear!
Perhaps it would have been wise to wait until the whole deal was complete?HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAHow would the Reccession effect Boris? He is a russian billionaire. If Anton has 30 million in the bank then you need to check again. Anton is a private investor so it will be near impossible to know his wealth. Reports say he is worth 500 million. I bet your just a jealous fan.Unfortunately not true for all the people saying this, I recently read an article on how the Zingarevich family has been doing well in the recession. The deal is still going through.


10 May 2012 14:58:08
Watford are going to try their hardest to sign Jonathon Hogg, who had a season long loan from Aston Villa.(1)(8)Poorly checked facts - Hogg joined Watford last summer for an undisclosed fee on a 3 year deal, so he wnot be coming back to the Villa.He signed from Villa last summer you numpty! "Hogg joined Football League Championship club Watford for an undisclosed fee on 27 August 2011, signing a three-year contract"Can anyone shed any light on the constant rumours of Ben Marshall leaving leicester due to a fall out with the manager ?Watford permantly signed him :LThis is an ongoing joke on one of the Watford forums. Hilarious isn't it! NOT.


10 May 2012 14:57:05
Watford will be stepping up their interest in Wolves midfielder Micahel Kightly, who is out of contract in the summer. Kightly is holding out for a premiership move, though.(4)(14)Wrong wrong wrong. he is not out of contract in the summer.Yep, next summer he's out of contract..also he wouldn't go to Watford, he's quality.Hmm bit hard when its next summer n he will get offered a new contract n hes already said hes staying no matter whatSo why is he slumming it in Wolverhampton - get used to it guys - you are in the same division as Watford nowYes, he is quality, that's why he will be leaving rudderless Wolves.He was rumoured to be heading to West Brom with jerome thomas and cash ,that was before hodgson left though.


10 May 2012 14:56:08
None of you read Sky Sports I presume.. Peterborough aren't extending McCann's contract at the end of the season..(1)(3)We do, we just don't give a crap about PeterboroughIf you didn't give a crap about Peterborough why would you read their SkySports article in the first place? Think about what you say before you try and get cocky little boy.


10 May 2012 14:41:28
according to a couple of agents on twitter southampton are preparing a double swoop for birminghams nathan redmond and jordan mutch(6)(14)As good as that would be, I doubt we would be willing to pay what Birmingham would want for Redmond.Oh come on, Redmond will go much higher than Southampton he is quality! I would love to have him at the Villa lolSeen the same tweets. Good signings if true.What do agents do?
Try to get their clients placed in top clubs, especially when their current ones are in financial difficulties.
Like the BBC, they are trying to make the news, rather than report it. Doesn't mean that Saints have any interest at all.Villa are a great club arnt they look where u are in the league u couldnt afford redmond where as saints could what does that tell u enough said worst and most boring club in the midlands
coyrI've heard that SFC will table around 10m for the bothYou can have jordan Mutch his passing is shocking even for the championship!


10 May 2012 14:41:05
Middlesbroughs boss Tony Mobray has been spotted at Bristol Rovers this week. Its reported that he is interested in there goalkeeper and midfielder Carrayol.(6)(8)He was at the Dagenham game to watch the Daggers keeper and Carayol and Woodards from Rovers.


10 May 2012 14:34:00
I love all the jealous fans on this page who consistantly put Southampton down. To all you that told us we were a flash in the pan last year the last word is ours. It's called Promotion. Adkins will sign whom he thinks is right for the club. It will be done behind closed doors. Oh and we did it all on a shoestring compared with other clubs whinging on this page!! COYR!(21)(12)Well said mate Southampton best side along
with Reading that i saw last season both
deserved promotion and good luck next season .barnsley fc fan

Barnsley FC FanAgreed. We've had 7 years of c and worked very hard and stuck by our club through it all. No-one is going to successfully burst our bubble so we'll continue to sing, back our teamand be
positive. No apologies.Shoestring o.O you are in the top five for the most spent -_-He will signe who he is able to signe with the limited number of players willing to come to the club .he wont get the players he wants .he will have to pick the best from a bad bunch and no other prem club wantsPost above - Shouldnt you be doing your homework instead of being on here? Is it English homework by any chance?Top five spenders maybe but remember we sold Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for 12 mil raising to 15 mil so yes we spent less then we had come in.
Dont get me wrong would of love to of seen Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain stay, in fact there might be a slight chance now we are in the prem we might get him back on loan.Didnt Southampton have a loan of over £33m wiped out by Markus Liebherr 's wife when he died. Most (if not all) of your players are on top Championship wages, which will now increase and start you back on the road to financial ones jealous......we just dont like bigheads^What a muppet. How can you use unsubstantiated rubbish to try and put Saints down then claim Saints are bigheads?!
We got a PRE-EXISTING loan wiped out from when we went into administration years ago and hit rock bottom. We then underwent financial re-structuring to ensure we were financially stable. Kindly the Lieberhhs allowed us a clean slate to start from, but didn't irresponsibly invest in us and put us on a road to "financial ruin" as you put it.

For our league position we actually had the relative LOWEST cost per player in wages for our position in the league. Our wages averaged mid-table championship because we purchased the majority of our players when we were a mid league 1 club, when we had the hindsight to purchase championship quality players and build to get to the prem from an early stage, thus avoiding having to massively invest and bring in loads of players this year.

And people saying we had one of the top five spenders need an education. The important fact is NET TRANSFERS. We had the best net transfers in the division and ended up around +£10million for our transfer activities in our promotion season.

And people saying we won't have any attraction in the transfer market are talking out their ae. I'd rather go to a club with some of the best, if not the best, training facilities and stadium in the country. With stadium sell outs at every game, sensible financial investment into the club, ambition to get into Europe and the best youth academy in the country looking for a stable future. When what do rival clubs offer? Languishing in the lower reaches of the prem, no real investment, st facilities, half full stadiums, no long term ambitions. You do the math and you will realise Southampton is a far more attractive offer than a lot of prem clubs. Not to mention we have one of the best scouting networks and chief executives in the country who will get good deals and get quality players that no other club has even looked at.

I'm not even being arrogant, it's the truth. Who knows where we will finish next season, could get relegated or could get top half. But we have as good of a chance as any club outside the top 10 in the prem of staying up.Southampton spent a lot more than Reading, who also had to sell their top players in Shane Long and Matt Mills.OMG Saints had a 5 year plan and would always spend what they thought it would take to get us to the Premier league.
Markus Liebherr along with Cortese are the best things to happen at Saints for a long time. Cortese is a very clever man which is why AC Milan recently wanted his services, he will not spend any money we have not got, we have been in the ST before and there is no way Cortese will allow that to happen again. We are not big headed about getting promoted, just happy.
Anyway why are you Pompey fans so concerned about what state our club is in. I think you have your own club to be concerned about, just concentrate on that.Southampton spent a lot more than Reading, who also had to sell their top players in Shane Long and Matt Mills.
in the past we have always had to sell our top players ie..Bale, Wallcott etc... However AOC we did not have to sell money was the main factor this time which is why we were able to hold out for the best price possible. He choose to leave.
We continue to develope top youth players and have got some top ones coming through again Luke Shaw, James Ward-Prowse, Calum Chambers our aim is to hold on to these players."Southampton spent a lot more than Reading, who also had to sell their top players in Shane Long and Matt Mills"

The only way you can quantify the influx of player quality compared to the outflux of player quality is judging the net transfer activity. Southampton had the highest net transfer gain in the league - we sold the most compared to the money we spent. Reading sold a couple of decent players but no one outstanding and then brought in similar transfer value to Southampton (Saints approx £1million more, which is nothing nowadays) but Southampton sold £10million more than Reading. So shut up with your moaning about Reading spending so little yet selling so much because you no nothing about that, it is what Saints have done for the past 7 years, selling over £50million and signing £10million back.


10 May 2012 14:04:35
Crystal Palace target Jose Zamora has expressed his desire to move to England paving the way for the Real Madrid player to move to Selhurst Park this summer.

Coventry striker Gary McSheffrey is also attracting the club, the striker is keen to remain a championship player and his future could lie at SE25.

Former Crystal Palace academy product Daniel Johnson who moved to Aston Villa could also return to the club on a free transfer as he has been deemed surplus to requirements.(4)(5)Mcsheffrey is a Coventry fan born round the corner from the ground and has already stated he is staying as he wants to lead the club back up. He will also be captain he won't be leaving.Johnson is top quality.
Won't join Crystal Palace! pfftWhat makes you think he wont join Palace.. have you seen the youngest they have and are bringing through? Jealousy will get you no where.Johnson signed a new one year deal in March, so why would he be available on a free get real + massive palace fan and have never heard of this kid


10 May 2012 14:03:47
Oldham will sign Sheffield United left back Andy Taylor and former Bolton Defender Nicky Hunt on July 1st. The Latics are also looking to sign Altringham striker Damien Reeves. Meanwhile Oldham trio James Wesolowski,dean bouzanis,Felipe Morais and Shefki Kuqi have agreed new 1 year deals which will be announced early next week.(5)(7)


10 May 2012 13:55:47
Leicester to sign Luke chambers from Nottingham forrest on a free(7)(18)Next it will be chris gunter then you will have the whole for forests last season back four! you should rebrand like cardiff and change your name to forest bLicesester are welcome to him (if you can't spell Forest right what chance does anyone have with your team).Heard this last week from his familyWould laugh if they do .. hes been appaling this year ! cant handle pressure at all.To the guy criticising the spelling 'forrest', it's Leicester.Forest fans said morgan was bad and hes now our best defender ahead of 2 internationals


10 May 2012 13:45:22
James Collins set to move to Watford as they should beat off interest from Sheff U and Coventry. Danny Mayor and Carl Ikeme also joining.(9)(9)Hmm yeah ikeme leave the wolves when he wants to play for us n he will be challenging for the no1 spot next season


10 May 2012 13:34:59
Turkish club Besiktas, interested in Academica Coimbra's (Portugal) player Ederzito António Macedo Lopes. (Éder)
Approx. fee 2,5 mio. Euro.(1)(2)


10 May 2012 13:11:10
It is rumoured that Ipswich Town will make a £2 mil bid for Libertad winger Luciano Civelli(2)(24)Ulrich Le Pen spotted at Portman Road, Mick Mills & Ray Crawford set to sign...A player who they released not long ago! HahaGrow up, people!


10 May 2012 12:40:19
Spurs and Everton are to go head-to-head this summer for Crewe's Nick Powell.(11)(10)Also man utd, alex fergerson went to crewe last weekend to watch himHes off man u


10 May 2012 10:39:10
Walsall fc's manny smith is set to sign a mew 2 year deal with the saddlers ending speculation that he is off to midddlesbrough(6)(6)


10 May 2012 10:30:44
'Apparently' Derby County are looking to sign Joel Lynch from Nottingham Forest for a free transfer in the summer for cover in the defense.(8)(13)Stupid derby fans.

do you honestly believe lynch would 1. come to you and 2. be a back up??Cover?? Yeah right, he'll walk straight into your first team if you were fortunate enough to get him!Think I'd rather have Darren Moore back. A lot of your team seem to be leaving on a free, may be they've seen the light. saying that you'll just throw more money at it!


10 May 2012 09:57:19
Lewis Grabban to Peterborough. Taylor going to watford so DFerguson needs some strike power. Borough preparing to pay 1mil for him(10)(11)I admit that I would LOVE Taylor to join us, and it would be a decent move for him... but can't help thinking that another Championship team would offer him more wages. Fingers crossed....If Boyd is going to Leeds for 1. Then Taylor is worth 2.5 for a starting price!Ant going to happen. Posh have about 2 to 3 mill to spend to try and get between 12 and 14 players as they only have 8 first teams players left after a big clear out!U can have him straight awayTaylor has one year left on his contract. No one will pay anywhere near £2.5m for him.

Not saying Watford will get him but I doubt we'd offer more than £750k - simply because we cannot afford more.


10 May 2012 12:32:58
Coventry - With pressure growing on the club, a number of players are set to leave. Clingan has rejected a new deal and Cranie is likely to do the same.

The Council are refusing to negotiate a rent reduction with the club for the Ricoh and the club cannot submit accounts until the rent is reduced. As a result, Coventry remain under a transfer embargo (doesnt affect sales).

The Council leader has demanded that Coventry reduce its wage bill first. Consequently, the entire squad has been made available. Gael Bigirimana will leave for Burnley for £500,000 and Conor Thomas will leave for a similar sum to Ipswich. Richard Keogh is a target for Bolton for £1 million.

High wage earners like Gary McSheffrey have been told they can leave for free, if they find a club willing to sign them.(9)(15)Richard keogh is going to join ipswich deal set to done next week


10 May 2012 12:23:14
Everton will be forced to sell players again this summer, with Rodwell and Barkley the likely players to be sold, in order to generate funds for Moyes.

Everton need to sell a player a year to service the debt and to generate further revenue, more than one player will be sold on.

The club think that significant revenue can be realised from the sale of 2 young talents, sufficient revenue to appease Moyes and to allow him to spend between £5-10 million in the summer(13)(7)This is untrue, without any sales, moyes has been told he will have a 20 mill transfer budget. {Ed025's Note - who told you that?Absolute nonsense. Even the most optimistic Everton fan knows there is no money to spend. {Ed025's Note - well...very littleTo the original poster if you sell 2 first teamers to generate some mone to buy new players, surely you need to buy two more to replace those you sold so instead of buying 2 now you need four. four players with only 5-10 million to spend your not going to be getting the kind of players your losing! think about what your posting

tommoThe 20mill funding was the price for moyes staying. knowing the man, if the club do not deliver, he would walk, but he will get the funds.


10 May 2012 12:27:07
Spurs have conceded that they will lose either Bale or Modric this summer. Redknapp is keen to retain both players but both players have indicated that they want to leave White Hart Lane.

Levy will play hard ball with any potential club but the realisation is that the sale of one will raise a huge sum of money for Harry to spend over the summer.

Bale is known to want to leave for Spain and Modric is keen on a move to Chelsea.(21)(13)Modric has not spoken since last summer about his desire to leave, you reckon he'll go chelski when they lose to munichComplete nonsense, Spurs have conceded nothing of the sortNeither will go to London clubs. Chelsea aren't looking attractive to play for unless they make several big signings this summer. Arsenal won't splash out on the transfer fee for either.

Only clubs that can finance the deal and attract either are Manchester clubs or Spanish clubs (real and barca). Can see modric going to spain, can see bale staying in the UK.

So small number of potential clubs to move to for me...
Man City and United for Bale
Real and Barca for Modric

If they move anywhere.. which I doubt they will.


10 May 2012 12:19:49
Millwall are said to be interested in signing Crystal Palace central midfielder Mile Jedinak, Kenny Jackett is looking to provide cover for Abdou, Trotter and Wright
No chance.Jog on!
Haha jedinak is probably better than all 3! Never gonna happen.

Jedinak better then them 3 please he would struggle to make the bench at millwall with the 3 of them better then him and creating a lot of intrest from premier league in trotters case. Palace fans need to get out of bed and relise they are more delegation candidates rather then promotion(2)(4)


10 May 2012 12:19:18
Stephen Dobbie will sign for Bristol city after play offs!(5)(35)


10 May 2012 10:59:09
Middlesbrough boss Tony Mowbary has
set his sights on making Southampton
man Guly Do Prado his first summer. He
is expected to be worth around 2 million
pounds. They can expect competition
from Nottingham Forest for the striker
who netted 15 goals in a promotion
winning season.(5)(21)£2m?! When do you want him delivered?I think guly de prado is immense however we have no moneyWe'll throw in Barnard, Chaplow and Holmes for that money too!Forest havent got £20 to spend on a player nevermind £2m. Do you actually keep up to date with football NEWS.?Sorry, but this one will be a non starter.

Part of Guly's problem this year is he is way ahead on many of the Saints team. Fans either love him or hate him, and a lot of the criticism that he has received has been overly harsh. Adkins however can see that he has the quality to play in the prem, and I am certain the he'll do well playing with better quality players that we'll hopefully bring in this summer.I'll drive him up there


10 May 2012 10:16:33
Burnley hope to complete signing of Marc Pugh this week for 350,000(12)(3)350k for pugh youd better make it at least 500k or is mitchell on 20% mitchell said were not a selling club now so eddie give mark the 4k a week mate


10 May 2012 11:22:04
Vardy and Mangan set to leave fleetwood in the summer. vardy to Leicester and Mangan to Rotherham. Peter Till, Danny Rose and Steve McNulty also believed to be on their way due to financial difficulties.

Micky Mellon also linked with Preston job.(7)(12)Fleetwood in financial difficulties? You obviously have no knowledge of the club and chairman then!There is no vancant job at Preston


10 May 2012 11:01:50
Sky State Charlton Are Ready To Offer Francois Zoko A contract when his contract at Carlisle ends Very Soon They Also Say He Rejected Several Re-newels From Carlisle.

And Dont get critical Its A Good Source Look It Up Yourself.

Yes, he is on free transfer.
Yes, clubs will be interested.
But no, he hasn't rejected any offers of a renewed contract from Carlisle.

They offered him one on Sunday, and negotiations are yet to start. He's given Carlisle first billing, and has talked to no other clubs. He is Carlisle's to lose.


Hang on, what? Zoko is publically quoted as saying that he offered to send clubs videos of him playing to coax them into offering him a deal at the end of the season. If that's not a player in dialogue with other clubs, then I'm a fish with legs.

Sorry, what quote is this? He never made any public comments about that video on YouTube; it was his agent who posted it. Zoko himself has revealed to the News & Star that he has not, as of yet, talked to any other clubs over a contract offer. Believe him or not, that's the only info availbale. End of.(7)(1)


10 May 2012 10:41:01
According to the Daily Mail, Leeds are set to sign Joel Ward, while Cardiff are interested in Aidy White, although why he'd want to join them after their humiliation in the Play-Offs, I can't understand.

So all you Ipswich fans insisting that you're signing Ward.. bad luck, i guess.
wally(13)(2)Its all RUBBISH I have just looked at the daily mail and their is NOTHING.Its in Portsmouths local paperIt is ive just looked onlineStill better than being at Leeds I guess...Crap right wing news paper, i dislike ipswich but would go there before leeds, everyday week. Like uncle ken can not stand warnockThe Daily Mail, really! Spend your money on the Beano, its a better comic.10 May 2012 18:22:13

well, here it is. tbf, this is the only place I've seen it, but its there in writing
wallyBest mates with pearce seems to be the deal breakerAll us Ipswich fans who have been saying he won't sign for us or he would have in Jan are wrong are we I see. thanks for correcting us now can you stop going for all out targets please


10 May 2012 10:12:15
longshot question but is there any rumours on what sponsors and style kit walsall might have next season(1)(6)Red and White?I heard that Walsall are that poor they're having to ask Willenhall Town if they can strip share!


10 May 2012 09:00:24
Blackbury Rovers are to have
a drastic overhaul of the playing
squad this summer.

With up to 8-10 players going to be
sold or leave on a free.

With Blackburn ready to raid all the
Championship clubs for there key
players to give then a chance to
return back to the PL first time of
asking.(8)(21)The fact that you don't know the names of said 'key players' and the clubs that they play for shows your ignorance. With that attitude, it becomes obvious why people are saying the fans got that club relegated, not the manager or board.
wallyBlackburn going to raid all other Championship clubs?? Sorry but they may be going to recieve parachute payments but that will go to the Chicken you think the are going to start bank rolling them now?? Why not when the club needed it? why not when a certain letter dropped on their desks begging them to help? Sorry but it's more likely a slip down the leagues beckon for the one time should not have been allowed to happen but it question is how big are the gates going to be?? It was never because of a big fan base that took them to the summit was it? it was because of one mans love for his team.....something Venkys have clearly not got!! Any one who thinks that bouncing straight back to the Prem is a given is in for a massive shock.Rovers will promote from the youth and reserve teams next season,its clear what venky's plans are,sell the best players for a tidy profit,let the out of contract players leave(hoilett etc)to massively reduce the wage bill and swallow the parachute money for the next few seasons,i can really see this once proud club dropping through the divisions.Totally agree, Blackburn owners do appear to be asset stripping the club, they already got rid of Samba and Jones for big money, so expect some big outgoing sales during the summer including Hanley, Ollson, Pedersen etc with little or nothing being spent on new recruits. They will let Steve Kean continue with his positive upbeat statements about getting in the right new players with experience to add to the young players to get them promoted back to premier. What he really means is players who are out of contract with other clubs who may agree to sign on free transfers, because they have not received any other offers.
He is the perfect fall guy for the owners, promotes them as great owners and always puts a positive spin on every disaster. Mr Kean please respect yourself and the fans wishes and resign your position


10 May 2012 08:59:02
Blackpools Tom ince to Leicester {Ed015's Note - Why , he is on the verge of prem football.}(2)(41)Also with prem teams interested...leicester clearly haven't learnt their lesson from last season...Thought he was on a season long loan from liverpool?BehaveNo he is not. Another year in the Championship for him...


10 May 2012 08:54:10
You will see some big movement at swindon

Jonathon Smith
Phil Smith

Murray Ipswich
Marlon Pack Cheltenham
Craig Westcarr Chesterfield
Lee Holmes free
Jay Mckeverly - Free(15)(7)Boring!! As I previously stated..this is just regurgitated commom knowledge. The players going you have mentioned are obvious BUT ONLY IF TOWN CAN OFF LOAD THEM i.e. Magera may take some shifting and Town may have to keep him. Of the players coming in that you mention Holmes and Mceveley are again common knowledge..they have had good loan spells and are now available on free's which is good business for the Town. Marlon Pack has been linked with Town for ages (Especially becasue of his friendship with Matt Ritchie) forgot about a potential season long loan for Bostock......As for the others coming in that you mention...are you just plucking names from fresh air? PDC has said this week "I will make no other decisions on players until I have sat down with the board and discussed all targets..and seeing has the Towns current Chairman has been taken into hospital and is in "severe" pain I'm guessing they have yet to speak. I'm not saying you are wrong but unless you are close freind of PDC (In which case you should be ashamed of yourself as PDC does not want to publicly discuss targets yet) you have no more idea than anyone else. The next few months will be exciting...but please stop indicating you KNOW what will happen..and PLEASE stop stating the bl@@dy obvious!!Agree with the above post the players on your list is all guess work and no one knows who is staying or likely to come in until Paolo has made his decisions.


10 May 2012 08:53:46
Jon stead to charlton for 1000000(4)(31)What the same jon stead voted fans player of the season ?Not a chance in hellI take it you dont want him to leave then?


10 May 2012 08:48:57
Le fondre to Cardiff on loan. Reading promoted means no game time for the ex Rotherham striker(6)(30)Another post about Le Fondre going out on loan. It is not going to happen. He will get game time it is the other strikers that won't like Church, Mancet and Sheppard.Cant see why their top scorer wouldnt get game timeReading's most prolific striker, he will feature heavily next season. Another delusional Cardiff fan i see!Le fondre will be going no where as he will be a big part player in readings season,and will score goals aswell so wake up cardiff fan.:))As a Cardiff fan i wouldn't want him anyway...but I don't see him stepping up to the Prem level but I do see Reading surviving and doing better than Norwich or Swansea.Typical Cardiff fan! He isn't going anywhereWhy would anyone in their right mind go to wales {Ed025's Note - the scenery?..


10 May 2012 08:46:31
D Vassell to middlesborough for 750000(4)(25)Ha you person he is out of contract so you either get him free or not at all if he signs a new contract.


10 May 2012 08:25:34
So for all of those proclaiming Ritchie, Caddis etc will be leaving Swindon Town.. They have AGAIN stated "None of our stars will be leaving. Players on the fringes of the squad will go (If they can off load them) then new players will be added. They are hoping to get Bostock back on season long loan. They hope to tie up the free signings for Mceveley and Holmes which is common knowledge. As for who else may be on PDC wanted list there may well still be some interest in O'Kane (Although PDC was annoyed that SKY released this at a time when his club are facing the play offs-although Martin Ling as stated the transfer talk has not unsettles his player. There is also some talk of Pack (Cheltenham) apart from that all of the talk on here lately is nonesense, PDC and the Board know who they want, they know what resources are available. Those on here listing everyone with a pulse and two legs have not got a clue. They other last bright spot "Swindon stars do not want to leave, they want to see if they can get back to back promotions" and Jeremy Wray has stated "We do not need to sell and we won't sell" several times in the last few months. What ever happens, it's going to be exciting for the fans between now and the start of the season seeing just who is coming in!! One last thing PDC will not be leaving before then end of next season!!(9)(6)


10 May 2012 08:02:40
Luke Freeman is not joining Burnley. Im good friends with him and he wants to stay at stevenage and try and get them up if not this season then season season.(6)(17)Plus he signed a 2 year deal in january, i also am led to belive he still lives at home so wont move away from his family just yet


10 May 2012 06:55:45
Rooney Pato and Ronaldo all going to PSG(19)(51)Nurse hes got out of bed againThis should be on the banter page lolRooney can't speak english let alone french"nurse he got out of bed again" - love it.Top comment^^ Haha quality


10 May 2012 03:48:21
James Baily from derby spotted at portman road.(7)(15)


10 May 2012 02:58:42
Tottenham Hotspur transfers:
Jan Vertonghen: 10 million
Diego Capel: 7 million
Leighton Baines: 8 million
Adebayor: 15 million
Loic Remy: 13 million {Ed025's Note - £8m for baines? you got the prices for Baines and Adebayor the wrong way round...

I'd say Capel is at best fifth choice for a wide player this summer, after Hazard, Krasic, Hoilett and Moses.Baines by far the best lb in britain he wont be leaving EFC for any less that 20+8 million for baines? you need some stronger glue you chopperWhy do all you fools think that baines is worth 8-10 milLeighton Baines--20mill ??
If Moyes can get anything like that he must be a miracle worker.I'd rate him £8 mill top bat. I accept he's a good player -but not that good!Erm best english LB by a mile my ARSE! Ashley Coles the best in the world and he's english sooooAshley Cole is nothing compared to Baines


10 May 2012 00:53:02
Manchester United youngster Ezekiel Fryers likely to join Wigan Athletic on a season long loan as Sir Alex wants him to have a season of first team football in the Premiership.(28)(9)


10 May 2012 00:52:56
Vincent Tan to abandon the ludicrous idea of re-branding at Cardiff - announcement on Friday.

However, he will leave the club by Christmas 2012.(2)(21)If he goes I assume he will take his money with him, where will you be then?


10 May 2012 00:50:39
Manchester united set to make a bold move to sign arsenals Robin Van Persie this summer. Wages would match Wayne Rooney, fee not a problem as in last year of contract, probably about £16m(25)(34)


10 May 2012 00:20:41
Expect movement around Forest Green striker Reece Styche. Now that he has recovered from a long term knee injury numerous championship and league 1 clubs intrested in the young striker. Conference club will be reluctant to loose their prized asset as they go for all out promotion next season.(11)(1)


10 May 2012 00:19:53
My mate, Gary Liddle, has been offered the chance to re-join Boro, but is unsure as he wants to play regular first team football. Mowbray told him he sees him as a holding midfielder.
Boro have also tabled an offer for Zola from Carlisle, but he looks likely to join Leeds apparently.

Marton Mick.(4)(17)Who's Zola?Obviously true this one, Zola doesnt even play for them, i think you mean zoko........


10 May 2012 00:19:29
PNE to offer Bury forward Mike Grella a two year contract at deepdale to replace Neil Mellor, who had to unfortunately retire from professional football yesterday due to a serious knee injury. Westley said to be a big admirer of Grella after scouting him against Notts County where he scored two goals. Grella keen to stay in the north of England, and will thank BFC for restarting his footballing career in Europe.
UTW(11)(7)He's actually going to sign for Notts County


10 May 2012 00:13:33
Doncaster Rovers are looking bring ramon nunez to the club after he was placed on the transfer list by Leeds united.
John Oster will most likely renew his contract with doncaster along side Simon gillett.(10)(13)All I'm saying is go to donny website to see why this is untrue


09 May 2012 23:48:14
Heard from my friend who went to school with sam Mantom and still lives by him in wordsley that he's definatly coming back to Walsall either on loan or a permanent as he doesnt know where his future lies now with hodgson leaving.
Rumours I'd like true: Nicholas Celeste Sam Mantom Jamal Campbell Ryce Craig Fagan or Calvin Zola and Darren Carter if he can prove his fitness And Florent Culvalier on loan(3)(9)


09 May 2012 22:40:45
Arsene Wenger is very close to sealing to incomings to The Emirates but also could lose three players after accepting offers.
To start with, Marseille midfielder Morgan Amalfitano is set to fly to England before the season ends to speak to the club after the underachieving French side accepted a £15 million bid from the London side for the 27 year old.
Another deal very close to happening is Borussia Dortmund youngster Terrence Boyd. The 21 year old is expected to sign a five year deal at Arsenal for around £3.5 million.
Three players are expecting to leave in the near weeks.
Morocco international Marouane Chamakh is very close to sealing a two year deal in Holland with AZ Alkmaar, in a transfer that could cost the Eredivisie side £4 million.
Another Dutch club in PSV are keen on signing Russia captain Andrei Arshavin on loan for the next campaign with a view to a full time deal in January. Talks have already starts.
Finally, South Korea international has this week held talks with local rivals Tottenham over a cheap £5 million transfer that could earn the former Monaco attacker around £65,000 a week.(8)(20)



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