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13 Mar 2013 19:30:10
Tranmere have re-signed Ben Gibson on loan from Middlesborough until end of season



13 Mar 2013 18:04:44
wba are hoping to tie up an early deal for next season with the loan signing of chelsea defender tomas kalas.



13 Mar 2013 18:03:04
diego simeone will be the new chelsea boss and will look to make big changes at the bridge. falcao will be the obvious signing with torres being shipped out, maybe in a part swapo. cech will be sold on too with courtois returning as no. 1.



13 Mar 2013 18:00:40
honda to liverpool



13 Mar 2013 18:00:05
liverpool are in early discussions to bring in two french internationals to anfield nxt season. the first is ally cissokho of valencia and the second jeremy menez of psg who is looking to move on



13 Mar 2013 17:56:47
Oldham close to signing Leicester midfielder Richie Wellens on loan.

This would make sense given departure of Furman. Wellens not past it though?!



13 Mar 2013 16:27:03
The Argus (Brighton local papaer) is currently sitting on a story that Brighton midfielder Bridcutt is set to leave in the summer.

They have decided not to release the story yet as, although it is almost certain, his destination looks like Selhurst Park. With Palace due in Brighton this weekend they do not think this is the best week to release the story.

Oh look there goes Elvis riding Shergar. total rubbish. palace fan trying to kick up a reaction. nice try!

Ha! If Brighton stay in the Championship, which is looking more likely, Bridcutt may well be tempted away but he is way too good for Palace! Bridcutt is good enough to play in the majority of Premier League teams if played just in front of the defence. Plus, Brighton won't let him go cheaply.

! what a pathetic rumour. A definate Palace fan who is obviously jealous we have a great player in Bridcutt.
But its nice to know that bitter Palace fans agree that Bridcutt is good!

14 Mar 2013 13:22:16
Theres more horse in my burger than that story.



13 Mar 2013 16:26:56
4. 20 pm Weds,

Just been told by a club official Cook has next two games he must win to pray for play offs or he goes.

Phil Brown was at Casa Hotel meeting officials Tuesday night and was asked about his terms.



13 Mar 2013 15:20:56
According to Rob Staton at Radio Sheffield, Oldham captain' Dean Furman looks set to join Doncaster Rovers today

Officially announced half hour ago!

14 Mar 2013 11:38:21
He's signed on loan for rest of season

I told you a few weeks ago that this would happen and someone from Oldham came on to say he wouldn't come to Donny as the club were going nowhere.
Looks like I was right then.

He likes MONEY and thx for the money as well what you have paid for him too.

Njoy his awful passing and it shows.

Ask him about his backpass against walsall and others have followed.

9 goals in 146 games and he's off to SA soon so he won;t be playing much.

He was free in the summer as well, thanks for the substantial fee though for him.

He;s not a brilliant player either so thanks again for the money pity he jumps at the slightest chance

Quality. Couldn't have said it better myself. Out with the old and in with the new. Wellens? Heard Nicky Butt is considering player / coach role

Also, he's two yellows away from a ban, so you might get 7 games out of him.

2 games missing for being in SA then he will have to recover form his jetlag so you may be lucky to get 5 games from him.

A slightly different reaction to the one posted a few weeks ago.
Along the lines of why would he want to go to Donny, he has more ambition etc.
I'll tell you why he wants to go to Donny (and it won't be the money believe me).
Its because we are top of the league and heading for the Championship instead of scrapping to avoid the drop to League Two.
Speaking of money, enjoy your cup run money because you will need it next season to try and get back to League One.

He who laughs last, laughs longest my drfchound friend ;)

DRFCHOUND! Who gave away the free kick from which Portsmouth scored? Was it Furman?! Haha! He who laughs last. So sweet.

Wow Furman leaving has really hurt you lot hasn't it? Don't worry sure he will be a success in the championship with us, enjoy going to places like Barnet and Rotherham next season haha I'm sure he isn't going to miss the delights of Oldham, who would, onwards and upwards for the lad

Not 1 of your posts said anything like this when it was rumoured a month or so ago, it was all "never going to happen" etc, now he has left you, you guys are saying this! Can you really blame him? Donny or Oldham? No brainer really isn't it. P. S enjoy league 2 ;-)



13 Mar 2013 15:45:35
Hull City's summer transfers include -

Ryan Taylor - Newcastle United
Matthew Kilgallon - Sunderland
Daniel Ayala - Norwich City
Gary O'Neil - West Ham United
Jonny Howson - Norwich City
Jamie Mackie - Queens Park Rangers
Billy Sharp - Southampton

Planning for another season in the championship with a motley crew like that!

Billy Sharp already agreed to join Notts Forest permanently for £1.2million.

14 Mar 2013 13:57:22
billy sharp is a red

Hull will make the permenant signings of Elmohamady, Gedo and Fathi first. Excellent players! Howson won't be allowed to leave Norwich, he is a future captain for them. Raheem Sterling rumoured to be joining on loan for the rest of the season.

Good bunch of players but no better than we already have (maybe with the exception of Howson).

Don't want Ayala. His decision to move to Norwich over us says he is only after the limelight of the Prem, not bothered about the long haul.

Mackie will be on quite big money at QPR. Do we need another drain on finances?

O'Neil is average. Rosenior is better than Taylor. Kilgallon would only be a bit part player for us.

Howson would be great but agree with other poster that he will probably stay were he is.

Howson future captain! Haha. He's pretty useless so no way. Wouldn't bet against him leaving next year.



13 Mar 2013 15:02:55
Mark Robins is struggling to attract loan players to Huddersfield. Alan Tate and Southampton midfielder Chaplow have refused moves offered to them via their respective agents.

No suprise there. We are heading for league one. We have a league one manager, a league one squad, and a non league pitch.

Unfortunately the Huddersfield Directors have made a mess of things. They did not strengthen in J anuary by bringing in a couple of quality signings. They have let the supporters down and we are staring relegation in the face.

If true this is a worry, just hope we can scrape enough points to keep us up then strenghten in the summer with one or two overseas players and some up an coming from the lower leagues. The lack of fair play rules are giving massive advantages to clubs with money to splash and they can attract fringe premier players which we clearly can't. The pitch is a real eyesore and no doubt an issue when trying to sign better quality players.

Completely agree with the above. Loan players signed at Huddersfield are sat on the sideline injured. Why can't we attract a Kevin Phillips (hat-trick in the Championship aged 39 - marvellous example!) or a Jason Scotland (currentlky adding value at Barnsley) Poor managerial appointment will cost the club in the long run and League One here we come

As a Town season ticket holder, it pains me to agree with you, but it is true!,

So negative all the time. Hows about all you doom and gloom people start getting behind the team, the manager, the Chairman. If not go and watch Halifax

So negative all the time. Well look here, I haven't missed a match this season and am fully behind the team and owner BUT I am entitled to an opinion and the club have made some big mistakes this season both in signings/lack of signings and management decisions. It appears to be a mix of indecision and over cautious approach to strengthening the team with the Rhodes money. This is a forum where opinions can be expressed without impacting on the team, for example I don't boo our team during matches and I do spend my hard earned cash supporting them through thick and thin so I won't be going to Halifax but will continue offering my opinions.

14 Mar 2013 12:19:53
Ive been to watch Halifax and at the minute they would play us off the park!

Good on yer! Well said.

You are right you are entitled to an opinon, but then again so is he.

lets face it we are now the small fish in the big pond, we have been running at a loss averaging 5 to 6 million over the past few years, that loss has been covered by Hoyle, so he's out about 20 million right now,
he wealthy but not made of money. the reality is we will need several years to establish ourselves and grow the team before making anything like a run for the premiership.
i think appointing grayson wasnt the best idea in the world, but I do think given some time Robins could be the right man for the job, he's only been in the position a short time and hasn't had a whole lot to work with.

Agreed, the board have shown as much urgency as a conservative to spend money and invest! We have the Rhodes money and not used it. Deano has repeated the Marcus Stewart mistake. An astonishingly bad decision. And like Stewart decision. will see us relegated. How the Directors sanctioned this is stunning. Yes. people say Rhodes wanted to go. Well I am sorry that does not wash. He is a pro and would have played on till New window opened, such were the extreme circumstances of his sale, at the last moment. BAAAAAD Business.

Doesn't anyone see that the so called Rhodes money is being spent keeping so called Premiership players in the squad. Premiership tag equals premiership pay.

I think its worth pointing out that the team that now has Rhodes, that he has scored over 20 goals for is currently a whopping 1 point and 2 places ahead of us in the division, and I didn't hear too many complaining about not having rhodes when we were sitting in the playoff zone without him
we are where we are because our defenders aren't good enough, Larry froze out the like of Dixon and Gerrard for too long, played woods out of position and put way too much faith in Clarke and Hunt who in my opinion are defensivly not up to the task.
Robins is now correcting that to some degree, I have faith we will stay up

You people do know we're 5 points off relegation zone? Plus, we still have a few relegation rivals to play, we'll be safe. Also, we're on the same amount of points as Millwall, a team that supposedly isn't in the relegation fodder. Look on bright side.

14 Mar 2013 18:58:59
Town have never been in the relegation zone all season keep the faith up the Town,

How true the above is. the board and the chairman have let the paying fans down badly with poor poor decisions this season at vital times, then tried to muddle through hoping against hope. If by a miracle we stay up, let's hope they learn a BIG lesson from all this and build next season and don`t put us through this again when in all truth it was utterly uneccessary.

15 Mar 2013 00:47:00
Town are not going down 5 points clear FFS

Realistically a point against Leeds would be a good result! Then we have two weeks off for the international break to work on what I hope will be fitness. This will also give the groundsman time to work in the pitch as the Giants don't play at home until the 1st April. Keep the faith!

7 draws, 1 win 1 loss and we stay up

If you take goal difference into account it's 4.

When will supporters realise the rhodes money has all gone.
there are not enough paying fans going through the turnstiles, the only reason the gates are up is because of the visiting teams support.
not enough fans = losing money, which the chairman can not continue to do for the forseeable future. would you? {Ed003's Note - We went over this issue months back about the Rhodes money, It has not all been paid yet.}



13 Mar 2013 14:44:44
Connor Wickham To Swansea

Sunderland manager Martin O'Neill has offered striker Connor Wickham to Swansea in a bid to push through a £5 million deal.

They decided not to extend his lloan at swfc cause they need him to help batlle relogation so don't bullsh!t ik this as i'm a swfc

13 Mar 2013 19:20:17
there are still in talks nothing has been decided however it does look likely that he will return to Hillsbrough

Looking for better forwards than him

Would be a great signing, couldn't see it happening tho



13 Mar 2013 14:31:55
Preston's Simon Grayson looks set to bolster his backroom staff in the summer by moving for respected Tranmere goalkeeping coach Dave Timmins - a move which he hopes will pave the way for Rovers' Welsh international 'keeper Owain Fon Williams to sign in at Deepdale on a free when his contract runs out.

I agree on the keeper coach but as for us signing fon williams no chance we will get rudd back on loan or permant and we still have stuckmann who is one of the best keepers in league one ,grayson will bring in wellens,lee and a few more new faces

Absolutely no chance of signing Rudd on a full time basis. His future lies a lot higher than with us. Williams is a more likely signing.

To be honest ya sign that many of are players your more like are reserve side anyway

Timmins was PNE's goalkeeping coach under Paul Simpson but he didn't last long. Carlo Nash in particular did not respec t him.

Ya took welsh and Buchanan and it got you nowhere if fonners and johnny mac know what's good they will stay with a team that's been in top 6 all season not a midtable team all season that released most players they aquired in the summer!

Ya mean timmins fella not john mac but I agree preston trying to sign 30 players again! trying to buy the league

Buy the league -what a load of rubbish you talk. For your info we have only one player that we paid money for i. e. Beavon all others were frees or out of contract. Get your facts right.



13 Mar 2013 13:54:22
Walsall have stalled on appointing an assistant Manager with David James having contacted the club.



13 Mar 2013 13:46:19
Doncaster Rovers boss Brian Flynn is looking to bring former Keepmoat favourite Richie Wellens back, to help with the final push for promotion.

Dont think wellens will return to keepmoat, not while he has a chance of premier league football next season.

Wrong your having talks with Dean Furman at Oldham about loan but a fee is the stumbling block at the moment.

Talks ongoing at the moment, pity you know nothing.

He's free in the summer.



13 Mar 2013 12:23:55
Rochdale lukin for a nother goal scorer like dagnal on loan for the run up to end of season barnsley might let this happen with george donnely going in the other direaction and both bein made per at end of season and tom kennedy also roumerd to be coming back

I, ll have two pints of what your on mate
Dagnell leave Barnsley to go back to
Rochdale? Never happen
You won't get Kennedy either.

You are in cloud cuckoo land, barnsley struggling to stay up and letting there top marksman go, I like a pint of that aswell

Was that Dagnall rumour quoted by Kieth Hill, just to have a dig at Reds fans, Bad Blood there, me thinks.

You have ogrady, touch like a first division player!!

If he did have a touch like a first division player, he would still be too good for rochdale



13 Mar 2013 11:26:40
Walsall trio will grigg, febian brandy and jamie patterson are wanted by several championship clubs.
Walsall manager dean smith however looks set to offer new deals to grigg, brandy and skipper butler.



13 Mar 2013 10:55:34
West bromwich albion manager steve clarke has travelled to the netherlands to watch 19-year-old Chelsea defender Tomas Kalas, who is on loan at vitesse

Why does he always go back for his old players, what's wrong with hurst, gayle and jara to name a few, we have our own players clarke, get them in, that's we we have an academy instead of taking other clubs fringe players.

A fair point and I'd love to see some more home-grown players make the first team, but if they're good enough then does it matter where they come from? And, anyway, a 19-year-old with potential can hardly be called 'old'. {Ed039's Note - I think the OP may have meant his "former players" and did not intend to mean he was old)

"Ed039's Note - I think the OP may have meant his "former players" and did not intend to mean he was old)"

Okay. That said, Lukaku apart, Clarke hasn't turned out to be one of these managers who raids his former club wholesale for old nags he's known and feels safe with. In fact he's done pretty well with what he's got. And if Lukaku is the type of player Clarke feels he needs to draft in from his former club, then I don't mind him doing that one bit. {Ed039's Note - And Lukaku was never at Chelsea at the same time as Clarke. I think he is a shrewd coach who has made a few friends over the years, so I dont think he will struggle to get a decent loan player or 2)

Unfortunateley there's nothing in our development squad so clarke looks at got no option



13 Mar 2013 10:23:34
Southend United Chairman Ron Martin is seeting with anger following defeat at home to AFC Wimbledon last night - the first of three home games against relegation threatened opposition. Anything less than a full return of 6 points from the next two games will see Paul Sturrock unceremoniously sacked in advance of the Wembley visit for the JPT Final. Martin feels no sentiment to Sturrock who was given an improved contract by a former CEO. Martin would have preferred Sturrock's existing contract to have remained in place.

Would be very happy to see Sturrock leave, never liked him at all.

We aren't that bad to lose to, sacking your manager won't do anything, we're 2nd in form table!

It does not matter who is in charge at Southend whilst Martin is chairman our club is going nowhere apart from downwards

Paul sturrock may go at end of season if southend don't make play-offs but he won't go before then

This is the third year he has failed to get promotion he has got to go and so has Martin!

We nearly didn't have a club two seasons ago. Be grateful for small mercies. We are in the Johnsons Paint Cup final and have not yet given up on the play offs quite yet. We have come a long way and have some great players who if they all fire on the same day can match anyone! With Mkandawire and Reeves coming back now the embargo is over and Lund's extension teams will be afraid of us, very afraid!

Teams afraid of Southend, I don't think so, others can see easy pickings with a team in decline and poor management



13 Mar 2013 08:32:08
Shrewsbury will aim to sign Izale McLeod in the summer.

We had all this in the summer and what happened he turned us down



13 Mar 2013 08:31:14
Plymouth Argyle will face a mass exodus if they are relegated to the conference.

Exeter City are keeping a close eye on the situation as they are said to be interested in signing Conor Hourihane, Luke Young and Onismor Bhasera as they all have get out clauses if Argyle are relegated.

Luke Young does not have a get-out clause.

Exeter couldn't afford any of them



12 Mar 2013 23:55:37
Nottingham Forest are reported to be rejecting the chance to sign Billy Sharp at the end of the season. Billy has become a less involved player since Billy Davies took charge. Making only a handful of substitute appearences

He's been ill.

That is rubbish he's not played because he had a heel injury and chest infection

Im a saints fan, and can tell you that forest have already agreed a £1.2 million deal to sign sharp in the summer. we were sad to see him leave on loan as he is a quality player, but he will be a forest player still next season



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