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In reply to this muppet "well let me state sumfink if rangers were in big financial trouble why did they let burke go for free and accordin to you celtic were the best team in the last 8 years a hardly think so. . rangers have been the best out of the old firm in europe and cups.

also must a remind u miller from rangers to celtic and bck and pressley rangers to celtic so dnt tell me players still pick what team it is coz of religeon coz we all know that aint true.

fleck is the most excitin player in scottish football so don't tell me no team would pay 5 mil for him wen ur aiden spit the dummy out was a target for 9 mil. alan hutton ring a bell 10 mil from tottenham and he was onli playin 2 good seasons. . my case rests"

okay here we go again. .
Rangers owner, dodgy Dave has confirmed that the club have a large debt of around £20M, also daves companies MIH bought £50M of rangers debt in the last share issue, this is one of the reasons why he hasn’t been able to sell them for the past 4 years!!!!! He is not going to write this off.
burke was allowed to leave on a free as they wouldn't get a large fee for him anyway and they wanted him off the wage bill as dodgy dave has stated that Rangers are paying roughly £5–7M per year on wages for players who are not required for the first team squad

As for Rangers being the dominant team, over the last 8 years.
Celtic = 6 Titles
Rangers = 2 Titles
Both have made it to a UEFA cup final
Celtic have reached the last 16 of the Champions Leagues twice and rangers once.

Based on this I would say Celtic have been stronger.

Both Celtic & rangers are interested in McCarthy, however Celtic have shown in the past that we can outbid rangers and offer more wages to get the player, e.g. Scott Brown, Scott McDonald, Glen Loovens. So if given a choice to play for the club he supports or their biggest rivals for less money it’s a no–brainer (although you may struggle with this)

Fleck – I agree that this guy is a very good prospect but do you honestly think that someone is going to pay £5M for a 17 year who has only played about 6–7 first team games in the SPL. McGeady is an established full internationalist and won the player of the year last season, Hutton was also a full internationalist with several years experience. I have no doubt that if Fleck continues to improve over the next 2 seasons then he could get a move to a big club.

4 in a row!!!!!
  To the bloke who wrote about not wanting Mourinhio as the next Man U manager based on the sentiment of "UNITED IS ENGLAND". .Sir Alex is SCOTTISH is he not?
  To the person who claims to be in an 'administrative role' within LFC – are you off your rocker mate? You claim that you alledgedly 'voiced your concerns' to the clubs heirachy because you think that Benitez is 'a bit odd'??? I can picture it clearly:

"Boss, can I have a word?"

– "Of course, what's the problem?"

"It's Benitez"

– "Yes?"

"I think he's odd"

– "Eh?"

"Yes. He's odd, boss."

– "Really?!?! Well, I thank you wholeheartedly for alerting us to this; I'll ensure that he is immediately ejected from the building and will commence finding a replacement manager right away!"


–"No. Get out of my office you tt"

Get a grip – you expect us to believe that anyone within the clubs heirachy would give a toss that somebody in an administrative role thinks Rafa is 'a bit odd'?!?!
Why do people posting on here assume these different identities on here to add authenticity to utter rubbish?
  Breaking News. . I can reveal everton are working on a price for both Joao Moutiniho and Miguel Veleso its going to be in the region of 20–30 million pounds. .Talks are at a advanced stage my contact says. Also herd we have sent a scout to 3 time to watch kerrison from brazil . The money is coming from the dubai investment group which WILL tak over in the summer.Main reason moyes signed a contract was because they wanted him to be the man in control of there money. . . .COYB
  This is villa team for next year
wes brown 2m united
joe cole 10m chelsea
michael owen free newcastle

michael johnson 6m man. city

shorey 4m
carew 2m

knight will not leave as that will leave them short at the back
  Man Utd News:

sir alex feels that he has a very strong squad and thinks just a little tweaking is required for next season. it is with a heavy heart that i inform you that Carlos Tevez is leaving as sir alex feels he's aproaching his prime but can't garentee him first team football every week, so a replacement in the form of either Edin Dzeko of wolfberg, Vedad Ibisevic of hoffenheim, Babacar Gueye of metz or Radamel Falcao of river plate. then we move to the left wing where Giggs is gettin too old Nani is inconsistant and Tosic is untested, so sir alex looks to loan out Nani to a premier league team so he can get lots of experiance and hopefully develope some consistancy and sign someone new in the form of either Hatem Ben Arfa, Alexis Sanchez, Angel Di Maria or Yuri Zhirkov although he faces strong competion from Chelsea for Zhirkov and Real Madrid for Di Maria so 1 of the first 2 would be more likely. then its just a few youngsters 2 baulk out the squad and add depth. these are centre back Kyriakos Papadopoulous of olympiakos, striker Walter henrique Da Silva of Internacional and either Axel Witsel of Standard Liège or Anderson Hernanes de Carvalho Andrade Lima (Hernanes) of sao paulo.

keep ur eyes on the sky and miss that which is right infront of you.
  Crewe to sign Colchester Uniteds Midfielder Johnnie Jackson.
  Celtic Rumour:

Cech West Brom £ 1.5m
Fletcher Hibernian £ 2.5m
McCarthy Hamilton £ 1.3m
Pele Le Mans £ 3.0m
Janko Saltzberg £ 2.8m
Bodnar Saltzberg £ free
Zaluska Dundee UTD £ free
Total £11.1m
Boruc Munich £ 4.5m
McGeady Spurs £ 5.5m
Donati Udinese £ 0.5m
McManus Newcastle £ 2.5m
Balde Birmigham £ Free
JVoH Everton £ Free
Total £13.0m

Celtic will use the rest of the cash to bolster the squad with some more up and coming players from Ireland and Portugal
  Major premier league transfers
Deco–Man City
Elano–Athletico Madrid
Adriano–West Ham
Boa Morte–Fulham

  Newest gossip around europe
mourinho 2 get sacked or leave at the end of the summer and probably go 2 real
tevez will join him
apphia(free agent)will sign for fulham when dacourt goes back 2 inter
benzema to a top european team
if boro stay up theyl have a budget of 12 million plus the probabal sales of tuncay and downing so make that bwt 35–40 million theyl put an ambitious loan bid for bojan and will sign 3 very good players probably a defender a centre mid and a renown goal scorer

in the know
  Aston villa are going to finsh in the top four this season and next season they will sign; hargreaves, lescott, owen, baines, walcott, hart and warnock.
  This is what i love about this site. .
"Yeah fair point sorry i got confused by the way that paedophile is a bad thing therefore anglophile seemed the right word. although if u think about it "phile" is clearly someone that wants to screw something (paedophile–children gerontophile–old people) so an anglophile is someone that wants to screw the english (would have used a certain other 4 letter word) which seems 2 illustrate my point better than saying anglo"phobe" meaning hes scared of the english, which i doubt he is 2 b honest."–DUCKULA
If you actually think about it what do all those things have in common? It's that they like the (root word). pedophile (someone who likes children), electrophile (a molecule attracted to electrons) nucleophile (a molecule that is attracted to nucleus–a positive charge). To say that that "phile" or "phillic" means "wishes to screw" is incredibly naive. Please use the dictionary or even google next time before you make a fool of yourself. .TWICE. btw EPIC FAIL
Now onto rumors
Real Madrid to buy Ronaldo in the summer for 100million pounds and as many Italian women as he can handle. Chelsea to look for a future and /or replacement for Drogba in the likes of Janko from Salzburg. Benfica looking at Afonso Alves from Boro(i really hope this one is true). I have my sources –Etoboy
  Is you incredible source the toilet mate? Cause that's where those rumours belong I'm afraid. Gerrard will nevr leave LFC and it certainly would not be
Is this the same Gerrad that handed in a transfer request only to change his mind due to none football matters. He had to hideaway under police protection in a Birmingham hotel. My mate was one of the police on the protection team
  Since Sergio Aguero does not like the new manager at Ath Madrid he wants out and only to one club because maradona wanted him to go there torres is there and Argentina Captain is there so liverpool r gettin Sergio Aguero but theres good no for not manutd but man city wh r getting drenthe and van der vaart
  DUCKULA– "The point is england already has WORLD CLASS players who should b destroying other national teams, the fact that theyre not is not because theyre not good enough but because we can't take penalties and unfortunately were not great at producing strikers or keepers at the minute." – HMMM, but only 20% of your league players are English. That would have a considerable bearing on the lack of strikers/goalkeepers, no? Especially as there are so few English strikers and keepers actually getting a game in 'the most exciting league in the world'(tm). So where have all these other WORLD CLASS players (i only counted 3 – Gerard, Ferdinand, Rooney) gone to since 1966? I ain't seen too much of them at World Cup finals etc – it can't just be penalties that cost you? Open your eyes mate, foreign players are killing your national sport and you can't take it. Unfortunately as all you can think about is your own paranoia about people being anti–English, the rest of the facts are irrelevent to you. Rumours – Kris Boyd has appologiesed to Walter Smith for his hissy fit at the Hamilton match in an effort to get a game in the cup final. Unfortunately it is this attitude problem that also ended his international career that may also have permanently limited his oppertunity at Rangers. Expect to see him as a substitute for the rest of the season, after which he will be sold to a Premiership Club.
  No rumours, just questions.
Is there anybody here who actually posts real, genuine nuggets of information?
I keep reading that Lennon is off to Liverpool.
Is that Neil Lennon? Julian Lennon? perhaps its that Keith LeMMon character off the TV.
It sure as hell isn't Aaron Lennon!
Exactly how are liverpool going to prise one of the hottest winger prospects away from White hart Lane with an 8 Million pound bid? 8 Million!! Utter fantasy.
Why would Tottenham sell him?
Levy has had his fingers severely burned, there is no way on this planet that he will entertain any bid for him. The only person who will sanction his transfer will be Redknapp. It aint goint to happen. Lennons final delivery is generally poor at the moment, does anybody think Benitez will have time to wet nurse the lad? No.
Exactly who will be sanctioning a summer spend at Liverpool? The current owners? The new ones?
The current owners cannot commit themselves to any spending which will load up the debt to the Incoming buyers, not unless they agree to it,they havent agreed to anything, infact it isn't even certain WHO the new owners will be!
Moving onto a more logical transfer. Stewart Downing is most likely to end up at the Lane at the end of the season, despite the fact that a bid for him was rejected.Redknapp will be back for him and, judging by the excellent reception he got from the Spurs when they were down at the Lane the other week, he would be daft to not want to come.
Liverpool? Champions League Champions possibly but they are no nearer a Domestic title.
Mind you selling a proven top class goalscorer back to his former club after making him a bench warmer for most of his time there doesn't help, does it.
  Why are we so hung up on correcting peoples grammar on this site. It's for RUMOURS!

Now, McGeady looks certain to go in the summer. The squad appear behind WGS's intent to sell and if a £7m offer is received, Aiden will be on his way to the EPL. Unfortunately not Liverpool or United as some people say but more likely Sunderland, Everton or Spurs.

Boruc will stay for one more year, this is with the intention of re–finding his best form, dropping a few pounds and getting his head right so that if sold next summer Celtic can command a decent fee – £8m (approx)

Boyd will be sold in the summer to anyone who will pay £3m.

3 in a row, 7 to go
  Red Report, do you seriously believe Chelsea will get Iniesta for £15 million and Liverpool will get Aguero for £22 Million (plus Lucas who couldnt lace his boots)i don't think so they are both far too good for the clubs mentioned and iniesta has a very long term deal and is worth 5 times that, as for Aguero rumour has it he will be off to Inter in the summer although personally i would like to see him join Messi at Barcelona. Another rumour i have heard is that there is a long line of clubs looking to sign brazillian wonderkid Neymar who they are calling the new Robinho
  Liverpool will sign at least 4 players in the summer.
1. A Senagalese striker from German club Hoffenheim.
2. A Danish defender from Sicilian club Palermo.
3. A Polish winger from German club Dortmund.
4. Gareth Barry from Villa, whether they finish in the top 4 or not.

Out will be Agger to Milan, Voronin to Berlin and Kuyt to Juventus.
  Just to clear up a few thigns regaqrding Man Utd's apparent transfer plans for this summer. First off, no one will be bought with the exception of signing Carlos Tevez permanently. If this doesn't happen, a move for a squad striker will be made, it will be someone who is happy to make appearances from the subs bench and get in the region of 20 starts in a league season. My guess is this will be Alexis Sanchez of Udinese for around £15m. I'm not entirely certain Sir Alex Ferguson is convinced by the quality of Fraizer Campbell, given he struggled to get in to a Tottenham side short on goals and strikers before Keane & Defoe returned. Expect Hull to buy him for £6m if they stay up. Welbeck is obviously a talent, but needs to taste first team football with a side other than Man Utd to test if he really can step up. A loan move to Blackburn could happen, especially as they will lose Santa Cruz come summer.
With regard to people linking Hargreaves with a move away from the club. Are you serious? Why would Sir Alex chase a player for 2 seasons then drop him when it's clear he's arguably England's best defensive midfielder when fit? None of this makes sense. Hargeaves will be back next season, hopefully fit as he is a great player.
There will be no midfield aquisitions as Tosic and Ljajic were signed in January with the intention of involving them next season. Tosic will get some starts if we manage to secure the Premier League with a few games to spare. Also, expect Darron Gibson to play more as Sir Alex believes he can improve greatly, with more precise passing he could really be something in a few years.
Defensively nothing will happen, other than handing Evans an improved contract, the lad has deserved it and should develop in to a top defender.
Goalkeepers could have some small issues. Ben Foster wants to play in the World Cup, and Edwin Van Der Sar is one of the best in the world. Something might give, I expect Foster to get more starts next season, and Kuszczak too. Rotating goalkeepers is a risky business, but I think Kuszczak is showing a great deal more patience as he knows Edwin will retire at the end of next season.
In summation, the possible transfers this summer for Man Utd:

Carlos Tevez – £25m
Alexis Sanchez – £15m (If no Tevez)

Fraizer Campbell – £6m (Hull most likely)
Lee Martin – £1m (Championship)
Rodrigo Possebon – Loan
Manucho – Loan/Permanent Transfer (£3m)
Danny Welbeck – Loan (Blackburn or similar prem side, possibly only until january)

I don't have inside knowledge, just knowledge of how the team is best served. Don't worry about the 6+5 rule either, the EU won't allow it to happen, and steps have already been taken by big sides to get young players to gain nationality through playing for the youth sides etc. Platini will still appear insane, and Blatter can't be hated any more than he already is.
  The team for next season at chartlon will be

  Manu transfers

manutd=ST walter 5m ,CM bertolo 4m ,RBs,ramos30m
  Rangers will not be making any major signings this year due to the current financial crisis. Forget all this talk about Gattuso because it just ain't gonna happen. Sorry mate but those rumours you posted are well way off the mark. James McCarthy will NEVER sign for Rangers. He will go abroad or down south. If he does stay in Scotland there's only two teams he would sign for and that is either stay at Hamilton or go to Celtic. Some people just post cr@p on here.
  "Okay first off i should apologise cos this is going 2 b a bit of a rant. . . .The difference is that the teams are English and the person proposing the handicap (because that's what this proposal has always integrally been) is an anglophile. . . over the last few years he has said he hates the english style, hates the english fans, hates the english arrogance and hates the english press (we all do). In short he just hates the english. In my humble opinion, if u think this ia about saving our national team, ur an idiot, if u think this is about improving the game or players lives, ur an idiot. In short if u think this is anything other than a xenophobic inbred trying to scupper a nation that he clearly sees as his enemy, yes ur an idiot. . .DUCKULA" – EPIC FAIL DUDE, i think you'll find an Anglophile is somebody that LIKES English things! To call a Frenchmen a 'xenophobic inbred' is a bit of an irony too, no? You sure have a lot of national pride for somebody that obviously doesn't care at all for player development in your own country. Anyway, enough arguing – onto rumours (that's this place, innit?) – Tottingham are gonna bid several million for Aiden McGeady in the summer and he will definately go, as most of the Celtic squad dislike him and call him 'tomato' behind his back because his face turns bright red when he gets annoyed. Stachan obviously has a personality clash with him too.
  To the Bluenose who claims that HBOS are going to put Liverpool into liquidation in the summer, a couple of points for you:

1) The loan Hicks & Gillett took out was with RBS, not HBOS, so you are obviously clueless

2) As much as I am glad to see the back of Parry, one of the best things he ever did was to put a very important clause in the contact of the purchase of LFC by H&G. This clause ensures that the debt is set against H&G's assets, NOT Liverpool Football Club

Therefore, the only downside for LFC if we don't find a buyer for the summer is that there will be literally no money for new signings until a new buyer purchases the club. But by then, H&G will need to sell and get out of there as soon as they can, lowering the asking price
  To the guy talks about redeveloping the afield rd stand at anfield by way of a tunnel over the road itself, this idea was actually investigated by the club in the 80's with the turnstiles being situated in stanley park and entrance to the ground would then of been through a subway underneath the houses. you might not be to far from the truth as liverpool now own and have demolished most of these houses and also have planning permission within stanley park.
  I always look on this site for a laugh but for a change i've got a genuine rumour/fact. RBS are set to liquidate LFC very shortly and so H&G are despirate for back–up not sale. There's been an ongoing argument between 3 parties, obviously hicks, gillet, and now the al–sager family, whom are forbes 52nd richest consortium world–wide. The argument is that Gillet wants to keep a small % of the club, Hicks is happy with that but he wants 51% leaving him as top dog. The ONLY interest in the club comes from al–sager who wants equal share as Hicks. This argument is ready to breakdown any day leaving H&G and LFC in real danger. This is fact, as a guess i reckon D.I.C will come sniffing shortly for a bargain.

This i heard from an investment banker while on my honeymoon in New York.
  To the blue nose muppet how wrote this" I am a rangers fan and believe that they are going to be the drivin force in scottish football 4 the next 5–6 seasons and there wul b a big clear out in summer. dnt be dilusioned that we are ment to be in so much debt that's the smoke screen there wul b some excitin players in and some big earners out. .

mcgregor – tottenham (7 mil)
bougherra – marseille (5 mil)
ferguson – everton (1.2 mil)
fleck – man utd ( 5mil)
mcculloch – stoke (1 mil)
hemdani – france (free)
gow – norwich (300k)
adam – blackpool (500k)
boyd – birmingham (3.5 mil)
Total = 23.5 million
kasper schmeichel (1 mil)
gattuso (free) as he wants to finish his career at rangers
tonel (2.5)
james mccarthy (2 mil)
total = 5.5 mil
i personally like the look but we need 2 see wat will happen. .


Where do we start?????
The debt being a smoke screen??? well why agree to sell your top goal scorer in January unless you need the cash???

What about the official figures release last week by dodgy Dave showing all the millions of debt?

Why inform all non playing staff that there may be pay offs??
Celtic have been the stronger side for that past 8–9 years and will remain so for the next few years as we have under £1M debt, so we are in a better position to spend in the summer.
Having said that these are the worst old firm sides in the last 10–15 years!!!!!
Anyway onto your signing targets. .
McCarthy from Hamilton??? this guy is a Celtic supporter and choose to play for Eire over Scotland, not much chance of him wanting to pull on a blue top at ipox. He will be joinging Celtic as will Fletcher from Hibs in the summer.

Also Rangers won't sell Fleck just yet and no–one is going to pay £5M for a guy who is only good prospect at the moment.He has looked good in a fw games and will remain at ipox for at least another 2 seasons to see if he improves before being sold.

Expect to see either McGeadie or wee Gordon leave Celtic. Dont think that they'll be too much money spent in the summner. .

In for the 4 in a row champs
McCarthy from Hamilton – £1.5M–£2M
Fletcher from Hibs –£2M
another striker & a left back

Balde – Free to anyone
Sami–arse – £1M to anyone
JVOH – £1.5M to anyone who needs a useless injury prone donkey.
  C'mon you've got to agree LFC V Real Madrid, Real were put to the sword. We are So so good in Europe. I can't understand why teams of the same nations are kept apart, to me it looks like a Uefa decision made by some Italian bureucrats to try to achieve a Milan V juventus final at some point years ago and its stuck, only problem is they're crap and it will never happen. now that the penny has dropped that English teams dominate Europe lets see how fast they change the rule.

El Torro
Couldn't of put it better myself, it's disgusting the way someone given such terrific power in the game is aloud to be so openly Anglophobic.
I agree with everything you say, bar the Ballack rumour :)
  Im not related to any popular i only have 3 rumours surronding the big 3 chealsea either look like there getting hiddink and losing terry and cole or getting someone else and getting quaresma and ramos and losing cole and anelka
Man utd
  One rumour I've heard is that Barcelona are going to sign Camacho from Ath Madrid in order to replace Arsenal bound Yaya Toure. He will cost in the region of £20 million. A bid for Villa will only be made if Eto'o goes elsewhere and Henry will definitley be leaving to sign for Juventus and join up with his best mate Trezeguet. Not sure who they will replace him with.
  Dundee united Manager Craig Levien may consider moving on this summer if Dundee united fail to finish in the top 4 in the SPL as he feels he may have taken them as far as he can ,he may look to have
another go in england maybe with a Championship or decent level 1st division side.

Glasgow Rangers have put in place emergency plans for next season if they can't move on as many players as they want and if they fail again early in the champions league ,the option of administration has been looked at, giving there rivals celtic a 10 point advantage ,but they stress this is a very last resort choice and its all go to try to win the league.

At hibs Mixu has 5 games to save his job ,tho a defeat to hearts this saturday may quicken his exit.Meanwhile hearts will look to extend Csaba lazlos contract to scare of possible interest in
the manager who is impressing other clubs.
  Man City are planning a swoop for Chiellini from Juve but are unlikely to get him, but they have a backup of Metzelder from Real Madrid. If Hughes somehow manages to keep his job he will bid for Bently (£13 Mill), Santa Cruz (£17 mil) and Samba (£5 mill). Turning City into Blackburn isn't what the Arabs had in mind though I don't think.
  More info about the ridiculous 6+5 rule Platini is proposing. I was listening to a 5live football show and they brought up an interesting point that many people seem to be overlooking. The 6 part of the deal means any player who is registered to play for the country in which that players team is playing. This means that players such as Almunia, Arteta and Di Santo would count as part of the 6 when they become british nationals, as they have never played for spain and Argentina respectivly. This also means that players can be brought over here when they are very young from places like spain, brazil, africa with no english backgrounds. They can then be told by their club they will only be given big money contracts if they turn down any chance to play for their home nation so they would be eligible for england, when they have been in the country for long enough. If this proposal goes ahead the future of international football looks like being a joke. Countries with the big money clubs who can pay big wages will have national teams made up of players from all over the world, and countries with much smaller national leagues will loose all of their talented young players who would one day play for the national team. If anybody thinks this rule will help develop young english players and inprove the national team then they are not looking at the bigger picture. Platini and Blatter need to be stopped before they destroy the game beyond repair.

thanks for reading. greg.
  To the guy that wrote this:
"Incredible source tells me and i am adamant this will happen
nesta will jump ship and head to inter!
other rumours are:
ribery–man utd/barca
quaresma–spurs part exchange with dos santos
adebayour–ac milan
owen–any english club lol
jesus navas–athletico madrid

Is you incredible source the toilet mate? Cause that's where those rumours belong I'm afraid. Gerrard will nevr leave LFC and it certainly would not be to live in Bloody Manchester! He'd rather quit football. As for your others they don't even deserve to be acknowledged let alone debated. Some real rumours I've heard is that that LFC are seriously considering a bid for Tevez if Man U don't seal the deal soon. The other two major signings that LFC are looking at (not all definately going to happen) are Barry and Kuba.

No big money players coming in guys that's just the way it is at the moment. Squad size to be reduced while also reducing the debt.


Ferguson (Newcastle) £2m
McGregor (Newcastle) £5m
Hemdani (free)
McCulloch (Stoke) £1.5m
Beasley (Schalke 04) £700,000
Dailly (free)
S. Smith (free)
G. Smith (free)
Gow (Norwich) £200,000
Adam (Blackpool) £600,000


Barr (Falkirk) £750,000
Reynolds (Motherwell) £750,000
Mulgrew (Aberdeen) £600,000
Lovenkrands (free)
Cerny (Hamilton) £400,000

Emphasis now on promoting the best of the exciting youth players now coming through.

Kevin Thomson will be named new club captain.

Little Boy Blue
  Need to laugh at the guy who said James McCarthy to Rankers – havent u watched the last two games against hamilton? rankers fans despise this bhoy because he chose to play for Eire and not scotland – the only place this BHOY is heading is to play in the green and white hoops of his heroes – the famous glasgow celtic
  Whats all the Rangers fans on with all these big money transfer targets lol.

The Debt has went up and when there next figures are out in 6 months time, the debt will be up again, even if they sell.

Forget about big money signings.

When we win 4 in a row, it will be the green half of glasgow that is doing the spending. Celtic win 4 in a row the once mighty glasgow rangers might never recover.

Anyway Gordon Stachan will leave at the end of the season and be replaced by David O'leary you heard it here first.
  Burnleys summer targets are rhys williams(m,boro) russel anderson(sunderland) darren o'dea(celtic) andrew driver(hearts) steven naismith and steven whittaker(both rangers) out will go gabor kiraly,steve jones, besart berisha, michael duff, clarke carlisle, ade akinbiyi,alan mahon and remco van der schaaf , coyle 2 sign a new contract in the next 2 weeks
  Not sure about this one because I don't know how long Sami Hyypia has left on his Liverpool contract, but word on the street is that there may be a lucrative player/coach contract on offer from Forest for next season (as long as they stay in the Championship). It's part of Nigel Doughty's (Chairman/Owner) aim to get the club into the Premier League, and manager Billy Davies wants a specialist defence coach who can also play 60% of games next season in order to achieve this.
Other Forest targets for the summer are: McSheffrey and Osbourne on a permanent basis from Birmingham/Villa
Camp from QPR
Lita from Reading
Rob Jones from Hibs
  Why, oh why, oh why do Rangers fans keep posting that the likes of Cuellar and Hutton will be re–signing. ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Gattuso, is also a non–goer. Always looking backwards, you lot.
Anyway, Vennegoor of Hesselink to go back to Holland for 1.2m, with Celtic picking up Steven Fletcher for 4m. McGeady will also go, for 6m to either Liverpool or Spurs, with Wolves Michael Kightly as replacement.
Also, Roy Keane will not, EVER, be Celtic manager. With any luck.
  Leicester city are set for an instant return to the championship and have aproached clubs already for their services.

Jack Hobbs 500k
Kerrea Gilbert 1 mil
Junior Stanislas loan
Nick Bailey 1.5mil
Iain Hume 1 mil
David Martin 500k

Patrick Kisnorbo 1 mil Sheffield Wednesday
Levi Porter 75k Cheltenem
Paul Hnederson Free Queensland Roar
DJ Campbell 750k Blackpool
  Liverpool will raid la liga in the summer and land valencia's spanish international Raul Albiol and Athletico's Sergio Aguero.

Everton have big spending problem's, but will look to renew their intrest in Joao Moutinho of Sporting Lisbon. The Portugese International midfielder will be a free transfer in the summer of 2010 and has reiterated he will not be signing a new contract. Sporting will try to offload him in the summer for 17m but may have to cut the price.

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