Football Rumours Archive June 13 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursJune 13 2012 

12 Jun 2012 23:36:01
Rumour has it that Spurs are taking a serious interest in Marouane Fellaini, and may utilise Everton's interest in Steven Pienaar to push a deal through.(23)(12)Tottenham have to good a midfield for him to get in first teamI think Moyes may play both at Spurs :-)


12 Jun 2012 23:30:04
Liverpool's top two targets this summer are Gaston Ramirez and Theo Walcott. Brendan Rodgers has put forward a couple of names such as Barry Bannan and Gary Hooper. Liverpool are still in the market for a holding midfielder and there is a big possibility that Mohammed Diame will sign on a free. Then the only obvious hole in the squad will be in a back up left back. Liverpool are looking at players who they believe would improve the squad and want to play for the club. Liverpool have already moved Fabio Aurelio and Dirk Kuyt off the wage bill while Alberto Aquilani is set for a cut price £3m move to AC Milan which is a bit of a joke IMO. Liverpool want to move the likes of Joe Cole,Maxi Rodriguez,Charlie Adam,Brad Jones and Jay Spearing off the wage bill to fund new players.(14)(22)I like Jay spearings Passion.But it was a bit of joke that he was playing first team
football.Especially when Cole and Aqualini
wer moved on loanIf this is true; then i fear about rodgers ambition Theo "all pace but no substance" walcott will be another overpriced english tripe, hope rodgers find some cheaper quality players or we might have to witness another kenny's horrid episode


12 Jun 2012 23:28:02
Swedish legend Michael Landrud to be confirmed as Swanseas new boss this week.
This news will allow Blackpool chairman Karl Oyston pursue Holloways targets safe in the knowledge he is keeping his manager this season. Paul Anderson will be signing up by next week when he returns from vacation. Bednar will follow suit.(16)(12)Here we go.
There are two flaws with this post, firstly and most importantly there is no such person involved in football called Michael Landrud. Secondly correct me if I'm wrong but the person you are refering to is Michael Laudrup who just happens to be an ex-DANISH international and not SWEDISH as you indicated.Don't you mean Danish legend Michael
laudrup?Damn it, I was hoping for denmarks Michael laudrup. Heard the swede is good tho!Laudrup is Danish....Who the f is that ?? Michael Landrud from sweden.......... i think you mean Michael Laudrup from Denmark!I think you may mean the Danish legend, Michael Laudrup !Laudrup is DanishSweedish? He's danish you toolLast time I checked he was danish!Apart from getting the name and nation wrong, good point!Laudrup is danish and you guys are swedish


12 Jun 2012 23:27:46
Villa poised to make a £10 million bid for grant holt and Jonny howson, mean while hughton looking at bringing in Curtis Davis £2.5m, Doyle £5m, Naismith 1m(9)(40) 

£10m. Is Howson worth £9m?Also Howson has played for Leeds and Norwich in the last year, does that not mean he cant play for another club until January?


12 Jun 2012 23:27:43
Ashley Vincent could sign for Yeovil as Gary wants two natural wingers as it looks like Edgar has been frozen out shame as Edgar has got a lot of potential(6)(1)Dont think so hes leaving colchester to go back to midlands as his partner and child are there


12 Jun 2012 22:45:08
After completing the signing of top target Jay Rodriguez, Nigel Adkins is set to work on utilising the loan transfer market with Josh McEachran, Aaron Ramsey (depending on whether Arsenal sign a CM) and Nick Powell - to name but a few - all set to be available. Mike Williamson may also be available on a cut-price deal, but Cortese is reluctant to give Adkins the money to sign a player who was the subject of a media attack after his less that convincing performances for a successful Newcastle side during the run-in last season. Cortese would prefer to follow Norwich's example by signing young and hungry players from the Championship and abroad.(11)(21)Can't see many loan signings into Saints, it is not their way of doing things. Maybe one if they are unable to bring in the quality of player required for a particular position.Truly Ridiculous Rumour

1) Aaron Ramsey, played 44 games for Arsenal last season, including 7 Champions League appearances...why on earth would he go on loan to a small club like Southampton, seriously you fans are so deluded!

2) Powell - doh! He hasn't even played in League 1/Championship, let alone the Premier League, you seriously expect a player to jump 3 leagues up and perform without a consolidation season, get real! This isn't FIFA or Championship Manager.And yet man u got him.Under premier league rules, no player can leave on loan for another premier league club in the same window in which he was signed by the first club.
See Lukaku to Stoke last season as an example.
Therefore if Powell does leave on loan it is to a lower league club. That is the law.A player who has just been signed by a Premier League club cannot be loaned out to another Premier League club in that season, so Powell can't be going to any Premier League club on loan.


12 Jun 2012 20:18:13
Alan smith will sign a two year deal with Mkdons this week after moving to the new city last week(23)(12) 

What City? Milton keynes is a Town.Thats funny as i know smithy well he wanted to rejoin leeds united he spoke to NW and was wanted but talks on told til next week where he will sign till june 2014 on 13kSmith has said in an interview he will stay if robbo does, so he is signing for the DonsSmith to MK will happen. Bought house in Woburn not long ago and his girlfriend lives in the area.

Also stated that he wanted to sign permanently.


12 Jun 2012 20:17:49
The os have entered talks with chris beardsley as slade steps up his search for a striker as preason season nears, and slade has also offered matther spring a new one year deal which is dependant on beardsley signing as slade is is keen on keeping spring.(6)(5)


12 Jun 2012 20:07:46
rumours all over twitter saying arry quit the spurs apperently fallout over the sale of modric if dont belive me get on now its trending(11)(23)Harry has issue a statement saying this is total rubbish and people are taking liberties...he will not resign.


12 Jun 2012 19:49:45
carlisle to sign taiwo atieno from torqua(8)(6)


12 Jun 2012 19:44:11
Afc Wimbledon have completed a double swoop by signing Louis Harris (wolves released him) and Stacey long (Stevenage released him)

Source- afc wimbledon official site(15)(3)Thats three now. Just hope there are more to come after the clearout. We have only 3 defenders including the new signing.And ones injured


12 Jun 2012 19:31:20
Reading have enquired about Koren
MrRfc(11)(16)From the man who told us the Mariappa deal was done... I'll believe nothing until it comes from Reading FC thanks.He's on international duty with jamacia at the moment and we have to do a medical and personal stuff, so it would be hard to sign him if he isn't actually in the countryThe Mariappa deal was done now Watford are moving the goal posts.It was done, how was i to know watford were going to raise the price, it was agreed.
MrRfcKoren would not be a bad signing to be fair, would add depth to our squad. If he's worth 750k then I would go for it


12 Jun 2012 17:13:51
mohammed diame in second round of talks with west ham. source SSN(36)(13)Can see that happening as Allardyce likes his strong, tall ball winning players


12 Jun 2012 16:33:01
Reading trainee Dominic Samuel looks set to sign on a season-long loan at Cheltenham Town as Mark Yates steps up his hunt for a "20 goal a season" striker.(18)(9)Good for both parties he gets experience and he will be good for you. He is highly rated and is goal record for youth academy is amazing.Samuel is a really good lad, future Reading star and would benefit from league experience.Dominic Samuel is a great finisher at youth level but im not sure he is physically ready for that sort of impact yet. In a few years he will be a "20 goal a season" striker.


12 Jun 2012 16:08:19
West brom to pay £3mill and boaz myhill for Ben foster, the club are also being linked to bram nuytinck from NEC(31)(5)That's great new for us baggies fans!I think foster is gonna wait to see if a bigger club comes in for example tottenhamOr the wolvesFoster dosent want to leave the midlandsAnd again....Foster has already he said he wants to join ALBION and he wants to stay in the MIDLANDS! why join a bunch of bottle jobs like tottenham anywaysErr.. more wages?Hes been offered 58K a week, so I think the wages are no problemThe wolves are in a division below albion


12 Jun 2012 15:42:49
Hearing from a reliable source, deal for Jordan Rhodes to Celtic is close to being sealed for £4M plus potential add ons.....also Frase Forster digging his heels in meahs celtic may turn to Craig Gordon(16)(52)Craig Gordon is a top class keeper and will do well anywhere now his injuries are all sorted.You wont need to sign anymore players come friday there wont be any more competition by then !!I have heard that Jordan Rhodes would be joining Celtic for some time now. He grew up in Scotland supporting Celtic when his father Andy Rhodes played for Dunfermline.

This one is very possible!^ not at all, he doesn't want to leave huddersfield, even come out and said that! why would he drop down th the spl when he's got a prem future...?Rhodes for £4M? when Huddersfield have said that he cant leave for less than £8M?Since wen do players move to a club just because they "mite" have liked them as a kid, sorry celtic fans but JORDAN cant afford to take the massive step backwards to the SPL as its guna be a one horse race for the forseeable future, better playing in championship with HUDDS or making the step up to the prem. just the truth, soz. AGMust be joking he will be joining Southampton don't you knowNot happening mate! he's just got into olympic squad and spl is where people go at end of there careers, imagine been one of the hottest young players around then moving up to donkey lge. tell you celtic need........... HESKEY!Town want at least 8 Million for Rhodes, and he wants to test himself so why would he want to play against ex Town players playing in the SPL who wernt good enough for league 1As a scotland an, i hope to god rhodes does not go to celtic, he (and scotland) will be better off if he learns and develops in EnglandI'm a celtic fan and i am sick and tired of people mocking the spl, yes it isnt as good as the premiership but think of some of the players that have came out of teams like celtic and rangers, henrik larsson was a 30 goal a season striker and then went on to play for man united and barcelona, the two biggest clubs in football.with both teams he scored and assisted the goals that won the champions league for his team.
aiden mcgeady came through the celtic youth system and went to spartak moscow for £10 million. allan hutton and craig gordan both moved down south for around 9 millionListen up no league 1 player will ever go for £8m! I know HUD have been promoted but he scored all his goals in league 1 so he Ida league 1 player! £4m is a very good price! And for all you arrogant English muppets! When was the last time your team reached the knockout stages of the champions league and played in a European final like Celtic have in recent years! Nuf said! Peace out fools

Ice man {Ed001's Note - erm mate, you do realise Chelsea won it this year, right?}From what i have heard, nobody wants to pay £8M up front for Rhodes.
Celtic will put down £4M cash, with the rest as add-ons. (Champions League Group Stages, Trophies and Bums on seats )Ed001 it was more directed at lower Premiership,Championship and League 1 team supporters! I'm not in any doubt that the SPL is a poor,poor league but Celtic themselves are a match for mid-lower premiership teams! And European football is also a big incentive for players(great site by the way ed)

Ice man

Ice ma {Ed001's Note - ah right, sorry, got you now.}Listen up no league 1 player will ever go for £8m! I know HUD have been promoted but he scored all his goals in league 1 so he Ida league 1 player! £4m is a very good price! And for all you arrogant English muppets! When was the last time your team reached the knockout stages of the champions league and played in a European final like Celtic have in recent years! Nuf said! Peace out fools
Current England sensation alex oxlade-chamberlain was sold for 12-15 million whilst being a league 1 player with Southampton.Common sense here people

SPL poor league > Celtic huge club great side

EPL > great league > A. Villa etc poor teams

it's idiotic to judge a move on the league a team plays in, players transfer to clubs not leagues.

and as a club Celtic are bigger than most clubs in England.Mid to lower position in the premier league you did mean the championship didn't you^^ 60000 every other sat, name more than three english clubs that can fill those seats pal! plus ure english clubs will be answering to hmrc now they've finished rangers!!Mid to lower in the championship? i hope thats a joke


12 Jun 2012 15:40:12
Steve Elliott has signed a new one year contract at Cheltenham Town, ending speculation that Swindon Town were about to sign the defender.(13)(7)Noooooo! He was going to be the Jewel in the crown of our team next seasonWell at least Elliott wont score own goals in the johnstones paint trophy final? risser...oh wait!
Hes a great player and would easily play in swindons defence!That's because he will never get to a final playing for Cheltenham, chin up!I'm so glad he has re-signed for you!! He just is not good enough for any team that have asperations of promotion from the first division. No offence to Cheltenham...who had a fantastic season, they were favourites to be relegated at the start of the season and ended up in the play off final, I really think they will be pushing again this coming season, good squad...great manager.He will be playing div2 football thoughAlways been a fan of Steve's since he was here at a Derby lad...and I know that he loves it down there nowYou can't get promoted from the First Division... The First Division is the Premier League...Sorry elliott played in a final less than 3 weeks ago :L get ur facts right mateSo he did! Easy to forget little Cheltenham and how they threw it all awayThe premier league is the Premier League, it is obvious that he meant the Npower League 1. Whats the big hang up whether someone calls it division 1 or league 1....The top division is the Premier League and the next league down is called the Championship....not much chance of confusion....Can't disagree there, we did throw it all away but oh well! onwards and upwards and hopefully back up there next season. Good luck to Swindon in league 1 by the way, best team in league 2 last year and deserved every bit of success they got!


12 Jun 2012 15:37:42
norwich city wilol sign curtis davis birmingham 3 million leon best newcastle 3 million jordon rhodes 5 million with c martin going other way kyle naughton 3 million thats it till january(18)(31)I've seen some bull on here before but that is the worse yetIm a Norwich fan, but i don't think these are posted from a Norwich fan, genuine city fans know that new Norwich boss ch won't be buying new players for a while yet.

He's away on holiday at the mo & looking at some dvd from last season before making up his mind what area of the squad need strenghthening before he buys.

Stop posting rubbish - all you are doing is giving us Norwich fans a bad name.I know he's good but can't play for Celtic and Norwich at the same time and 4 million you are taking the ...sNorwich have 2.5 million to spend alltogether so this is made up go homeWhy is this bull? These are realistic sighningsWhen Hughton returns from watching the DVD's he will definatley buy Davis to plug up the leaky defence....NCFC FANBull because simpson wants to play in london rhodes is to much of a gamble for the money and naughton will end up at everton/villa.the next star to grace carrow road will not be british....welsh canary2.5m in total to spend. Behave!
Norwich chief exec david McNally has clearly stated that the club have the best budget for transfers that we ever have, plus any money we receive or players, be it Holt leaving or fringe players like C Martin to championship clubs.
We spend at least 8m during pre-season last year so, expect a minimum of £10m available.Lambert had £13m last season, were lookin at about £20m-£25m this season14 Jun 2012 16:08:31
McNally gave lambert around 13mill last year and has said the Chris will have more than that


12 Jun 2012 15:36:47
john paul mcgovern to sign for rotherham by the end of the week been show around the ground(14)(14)He should no leave carlisle are trying to get to the championship and rotherham are trying to get in league 1


12 Jun 2012 15:35:07
Michael Jacobs to sign for Derby. Straight from the horses mouth.(16)(17)Its a done deal a least a couple of weeks ago. the clue was the arranged pre=season friendly at northamptonWe've been signing him for the last 2 months... whens it gonna be completed?How can thaw friendly be a clue? Its just the fact that Derby are staying in this country for pre season because it's more financially beneficial. Source = BBC sport + Sky sportsIt officially goes through on July 1stHope he does sign - i watched him against burton earlier in the season. a similar player to gascoigne, very quick, a good 1st touch and the ball seemed to stick to his feet. would be a good acquisition for the rams.


12 Jun 2012 15:26:19
Sunderland ins:

Diame, agbonlahor, McGeady, Jorge Fucile, Fletcher & espanyol striker Alvero Vazquez. Liverpool will out price them too the signature of Adam Johnson causing Martin o'neill to bid for victor Moses who he may be able to get at a bargain price due to him only having 1 year left on his contract!

O'neill may also look at chris samba as he has declared he wants a return to the premier league after just 7 months in Russia. But this will be largely dependent on outgoing transfers.

Sunderland outgoing sales; kilgallon, Richardson, bramble, McCartney, Angeleri & gyan.

Outgoing loans; wickham (to gain experience), elmohamady & maybe Ji-dong won

(source: club insider)(11)(31)MON will sign dross, he does not like flair players just ones who can defend, hoof and runBe quite happy if that were to happen must say. Haven't heard much of that espanyol striker though. Any good?
MuddyNot sure if all the deals will happen but i think everyone has a good chance good info mate nice to hear something reasonableSad sgb above... im hearing toivenan from psvThe espanyol striker is 21 years old, don't know much about him just that he is regarded as a good prospect for the futureDoesn't like flair players?? Ashley young, downing?Alright cheers mate not really sure about him then. We got two prospect for the future, we need agoalscorer now
MuddyDowning a Flair player??What about ryan noble back to hartlepool?


12 Jun 2012 15:19:07
Derby County Foreign Players update

Following Players have been offered trials along with 3 more

Simon Kroon
Yannis Tafer

Massive Interest

Michael Almebäck-(Jason Shackell Replacement)-25 Year old
Fegor Ogude-(Paul Green Replacement)-25 year old
Takayuki Morimoto-(Steve Davies Replacement)-24 year Old(11)(13)Yannis tafer will not go to Derby his rated extremely highly if France and should break into the national team by the next world cup.Yannis tafer now plays for Algeria not
France.He was highly rated 2 years go
now he seemed to have made little progress playing only reserve footballAnd is all this despite Clough stating on a number of occasions he isnt keen on signing foreign players due to the risk of them being unable to settle in the country?


12 Jun 2012 15:17:24
The Mariappa to Reading deal is hanging in the balance after Southampton enquired about him. Watford want to raise the price and try and start a bidding war between the two clubs. Watford had already verbally agreed a price with Reading for the defender and so Reading are not happy. Watford are interested in Jacob Mills and Simon Church and Reading have told Watford if they up Mariappa's price they can forget about signing either of the two Reading players.(17)(30)Good dont want Church anyway...if you dont wanna pay the price....go suck eggs.Reading fans back tracking now because Watford have NEVER agreed a deal with them for Mariappa. I was on here last week saying you lot shouldn't be too confident about getting him because of other interest. I wasn't lying!Joseph MillsIf you miss out on Mariappa, blame your own club, not Saints. You will not find that Saints take part in a bidding war, but if they feel the player is right for the club and he feels the club is right for him, then he will come our way. I don't think your recent lack of success in attracting new talent will do much to promote your club to him.Its joe mills....You stole Rodgers from us... really don't feel guilty about wanting more money for our own player.... and you can keep your players we don't need them.The deal was agreed verbally between Reading and Watford. It's considered bad business to then try and change the terms of said deal.

As for Reading fans getting ahead of themselves. As stated the deal was agreed now Watford are trying to change the deal.As for the Southampton fan who says we are failing to attract players. Pray tell who have we gone for and missed out on. Our only target so far was Mcleary and we got him.

Reading aren't about wasting money on average strikers like Southampton are.Jacob Mills? Thats closer to Jacob Mellis than the guy you're actually trying to talk about :)Fairs7m rod what a waste 3m tops! 15 league goals wave goodbye to the prem for another 5 years! and i think players will see reading finished 1st not 2nd"wasting money on average strikers"
Ummmmm, the price is a debating point but average? He is universally seen by those in the know as one of the upcoming English forwards. Dumb comment.If there is a price war so be it but if that's the Watford way of doing things then they will lose out in the long run (no players going their way) and Saints will pay above the odds, mind you they could do with a central defender after the mauling that Reading gave them at home last season.Church is a good player, just needs playing time and confidence but could be a very good championship striker, possibly lower prem league - however he won't leave us on loan and therefore won't get that at reading
If we truly harbour top 8 ambitions someone like pogrebnyak would be good but he won't join us over fulham, he said he wants to join them and we can't outbid them in terms of wagesAs for the saints fan who said Reading are failing to attract players the simple fact is any club can sign a player 1.5 million over market value as Southampton has recently proved recently.Goodness, there's some dumb Reading comments on here!
Look, if you think good players are not going to attract attention from other clubs you really are a sad lot. If in the end you are not successful getting a player it's tough, but get used to it. A deal has to be fully agreed by all parties until it is complete. I hear no end of posts on here from Reading supporters saying no-one will know who you sign until the deal is completed-well then, how come you were all commenting on how the Mariappa deal was progressing and how agreements had been reached when the deal was not complete? You are just believing your own hype with no substance at all.
If Saints are talking to Watford they will have been doing so for some time. Saints knew perfectly well which players were of interest many weeks ago and will have been working quietly to find out whether they are realistic options.
And as for "mauling" Saints at St. Marys that is really dumb. Yes, we made some stupid defensive errors pushing for a win but we outplayed you for 80% of the game.So Rodriguez was £1.5m over market value. Saints have not said how much they paid and the figures from Burnley vary considerably so you really don't have a clue. The £7m is from the press, and they don't have a clue either.
Also, whether they have paid over market value will not be known until at least the end of next season. How much did we pay for Lambert-does that make it likely we would not know a good attacking prospect?
If you don't like competition, the Premiership is going to be really tough for you.Reading no fans but loads of talk on here like people say you were a small club in the championship just enjoy your one season in the prem and then forgotten good luck saints and west ham lufcAs we keep saying Watford verbally agreed to the deal. Now because Southampton are interested they've decided they want to start a bidding war so are trying to up the price. In the end it just looks bad on Watford and no one will deal with them knowing that they might change the price half way through.

As for Southampton you paid £7m for an unproven prem striker. We'll see how that works out but I predict tears.

As for the Reading failing to attract players again I ask which players? We have made a genuine move for 2 players as far as I am aware. Mcleary being one who we got when other teams were interested the other is Mariappa the deal was done till Watford tried to change the price.Yawn! How do you know the deal was done are you the Reading manager or chairman? Until it is signed there is no deal and as for no one dealing with Watford grow up this is about business and money talks. Maybe Watford think he is worth more than you are offering.You all need to stop hating on Reading because of some plastic fans, every club has plastic fans. Call Reading a small club all you want, I would rather be a small well run club than a club that is constantly in debt. As for the Marriapa deal, fair play to whoever gets him. Southampton will most likely sign him as Reading will not pay inflated prices, just look at the Gunter deal as proof of that. Personally I do not understand why people dislike Reading so much. If anything hate on West Ham, the club that seem to think that West Ham used to pass like Barcelona. Good luck to both Reading and Southampton.

A loyal royal.As a watford fan this is incredibly harsh on us. no deal has ever been agreed, verbally or definitly. as a club we are allowed to wait and see what offers come in for our player, and especially as hes our captain we have a right to state the terms of the sale. verbally makes it sound like no price was agreed, but that we would sell him. reading fans, you don t seem to know much about the deal as no offer has been accepted by watford for mariappa since january so stop having a go at us as we havn't done anything wrongThere is a good word. Gazump. Ever heard it? Portsmouth did it with Tommy Smith and I'm sure other clubs have hijacked deals by offering more more money as a transfer fee or as a salary. I would like to know who "verbally agreed"? Could have been Reading fans in a pub somewhere (as seems likely), might have been Mr Madjewski, unlikely to have been the new owner and certainly wasn't Adrian Mariappa as he is away concentrating on playing for Jamaica. I know agents talk deals up when nothing exists and that players have mobile telephones, email, etc; but this is a rumour site and some people are getting very excited about something that is nowhere near leaving the startng blocks, if it ever does.Reading have bought mcleary who was only decent in a handful of gamesMaybe they do think he's worth more but they shouldn't have agreed to a deal if they thought he was worth more.I'm a chelsea fan and watched Saints v Reading and Soton were by far the better side. They took the game to Reading and outplayed them. Just didn't take their chances.Keep all the comments coming about how Saints are going straight back down. Suits us fine. We got exactly the same this time last year. Different clubs, same ignorant fans who don't understand football properly.How do you figure that you "mauled" saints at st.mary's?? You can't have seen the game. Defensively we were slack and had a bad day at the office. It happens. But we absolutely battered you for large parts of the game without finding a finishing touch(again, this happens sometimes). On another day we'd have been out if sight at half time. You went on a great run to leapfrog us into 1st and honestly well done to you but if you believe that was a mauling then I'm afraid you know nothing about football.Seems to have stirred up a bit of a Hornets nest!So Jason Roberts goal against Southampton was a defensive error?
I'd say it was. Southampton DO need a central defender. Cos that goal was pure class.
Oh and by the way. We outplayed you at the mad stad for 85% of the game. You got a lucky draw
So Sanchez
Dame n doyeWhat's wrong with wanting to get the most from your best player, he was watfords player of the year and is worth way more than 2.5million which has been mentionedHad a deal been agreed verbally, it's as ineffective as a 'gentleman's handshake' (looking at the deal agreed between Everton and Spurs involving Saha last season). Reading should have got something on paper, because if Southampton came in with a higher bid, I would certainly hope Watford wouldn't turn it downSouthampton didnt pay £7m up front, its around £5-6m with add ons. With the potential he has its a good signing and it will not end in tears. As for Mariappa there was never any deal done between Watford and Reading..He is a Watford player and they have every right to see who is willing to pay the most for their player.It's has been widely reported by those in the know that a deal was agreed though. The stories put out by the WO saying bids were rejected we're attempts by Watford to say to their fans "Well at least we tried to keep him" when he was eventually sold to Reading. Reading had agreed to this.As a Saints fan i personally like Reading as a club they are well run and a lot of clubs should take note and maybe run there clubs the same way. I think we are Run well these days with NC in charge.

As for the JR deal, if 7million is the price we payed then yes it is a lot of money, i would imagine it would be more like 5 million raising to 7 depending on appearances etc... but isnt that the price of good stikers these days. He might be unproven at prem level but cant deny he is a top talent, i am sure Burnley fans would agree.

Man U have just paid 3 million for Nick powell raisng to 6 million depending on appearances etc.. yet he is league 1. Arsenal paid 12 million raising to 15 million for AOC when we were in league 1 and he looked as good as any England player against France.
surely they are inflated prices especially for league 1 players yet no one seems to say anything.

As for Mariappa, what will be will be, i pesonally could not care less were he went.

One more thing i agree with one of the comment above regarding West Ham, they get promote through the back door yet there fans think they are going to win the Prem. From what i see last year you were a poor team and need some serious investing if you are to survive in the Prem.

Good luck Reading lets hope we both prove them all wrong and stay in the Prem next season.Reading fans live with the hate, we are a small club and I love it.

And to all you "big club supporters" carry on getting ripped off, but we will do things the reading way and we will always be proud about it!

And lol at saints %80 outplaying us, we had a makeshift midfield and still blasted you!Tinpot reading thinking they run the showJohn Eustace is our captain.As I've said there's nothing wrong with wanting as much money as possible for your player but you shouldn't agree to a deal only to then raise the price a few weeks down the line.

As for Tommy Smith Reading offered exactly the same amount as Portsmouth. Smith chose Portsmouth over Reading as they were in the prem and we were not. It had nothing to do with money.How jay Rodriguez is 7 mil when Danny graham only goes for 3.5?Yeah but he has 1 year left on his contract and wants to leave.You said we bought mccleary and he was only good in a handful of games he started 23 games scored 9 goals from right mid and for 0m was a good buy compared to rod who scored 15 in 37 starts for 7m so 7m for someone who scored 6 more goals in 14 more starts as a striker not right midI'm a chelsea fan and watched Saints v Reading and Soton were by far the better side. They took the game to Reading and outplayed them. Just didn't take their chances.
Sounds like the CL semi final when you played Barcelona but not so one sided....Still think you deserved to win the CL in the end, so possesion means nothing when you can't do anything with it....I would also like to point out to everyone who says that Southampton outplayed Reading at St Mary's clearly knows little about football. We intended to play defensive efficient counter attacking football that day. Saints couldnt break us down, we scored 3 goals from 3 shots on target. Football is not based on possession, its based on tactics. Personally I think that Southamptons football was the most attractive and entertaining last season, but we won the Championship by playing good defensive football. If that style of football suits us, then thats the way we will play.

As for the transfers, Watford were well within their rights to change the deal as the paperwork was not signed. The price for Rodriguez was not over the top, thats the sort of prices you pay these days for highly rated talent.

A loyal royal.Saints played better on the night but who came away with 3 points? Because reading soaked up the pressure and made the most of their chances, something that will prove vital in the prem!!Watford are in a win win situation because if we hold out then we get more money and if we hold on to Mariappa then we keep an excellent centre back....Gawd bless yer Reading!Watford were in need of the cash then, had it not been for them having financial problems theyd have got at least 5m. I dont see how Rodriguez is worth more than Shane Long though, Long is a much better playerIf there was a hand shake which I very much doubt. I am sure that Reading were still looking around in case anything else better came up. A deal isn't a deal until it is a done deal.Happy to be tinpot better than thinking your the big IAM and failingTransfer fees are all relative. If saints stay up next season as a result of decent Rodriguez performances and goals then the 7million is money well spent. Simple.There are shrewd clubs and there are tight clubs. Reading are the latter and will miss out on targets as a result.If money were not a factor Tommy Smith would have gone to Reading; near home, playing for a team that were not struggling (albeit in a lower league). None of you can honestly say given two jobs paying the same you would prefer to live a larger part of the time in a hotel and travel further to work, even if it was paid on your behalf.OMG why are Saints and Reading fans against each other, we were both promoted and deserved to be, first or second who cares, we are in the prem thats all that matters.
As for the JR deal, first of all the price is not 7 million, second even if it was so what, each fan worry about your own clubs and we will worry about ours.
Fans said all through last season Saints bubble would burst, we would'nt get promoted blah blah blah yet we proved you all wrong. Hopefully JR will do the same if he dont so be it Saints problem no yours.Tight? Reading aren't tight. The philosophy is right player right price. If there was a player out there that Reading wanted that was really worth £7M then they would pay it. Rodriguez is not worth £7M so Reading didn't go for him. It's the same as Jordan Rhodes. Huddersfield have an inflated idea of how much he is worth so again Reading won't go there.

Nicky Hammond has already said we won't be held to ransom now we have money.The Mariappa fee has been NOT been agreed! Watford want Church, Antonio and Kanu included in the deal.I posted the comments about beating you at home but I have nothing against Southampton and hope they do well next season......Hopefully at the expense of some genuine big spenders, or clubs who don't buys wisely (QPR, Joey Barton), also hope the Canaries can do well again. Personally as a Reading fan i'd settle for 17th and upgrade that academy and raise the capacity to 38k, which we will fill most weeks.Haha loving the banter.Truth is nobody knows whether J Rod is worth 7mill. If his goals keep us up then he will have comfortably paid for himself.


12 Jun 2012 15:17:02
Double swoop from Peterborough for both Kaid Mohamed and Marlon Pack!(13)(17)


12 Jun 2012 15:11:09
Burnley have agreed a 850,000 deal to sign Leeds midfielder Adam Clayton subject to a medical. The Clarets were waiting on the sale of prize asset Jay Rodriguez to make the funds available.(25)(13)You mean waiting on the sale of J-Rod that happened 2 days ago?Do you mean out of contract Adam claytonClayton is not out of contract he is transfer listed, and if you read the post, he person said burnley WERE waiting for the jrod money, now burnley have the money a fee has been agreedSorry, misread post. 850k seems reasonableClayton isn't out of contract... On the txfr list,,,He's not out of contract, he's transfer listedI think you'll find he will be going to Huddersfield. He's one of Simon Grayson's playersI found on the official htfc twitter that adam clayton is being followed,strange one that?i personally think he will end up at huddersfield with the grayson connection link and probably not have to move.Deal agreed!! Clayton is Turf Moor Bound!!Will be amazed if he goes for less than £1 million.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Obvioulsy he's not Simon Grayson's player because he is currently at leeds, and simon is at huddersfield? Just because he previously had him in his team, he is automatically going to join grayson again. Besides, burnley are a MUCH stronger championship side that huddersfield, FACT.


12 Jun 2012 15:03:15
Norwich City to offer midfielder Paul Green a contract when he returns from the euro's.(6)(26)Paul green isn't even at the euros!So how come his names on rep of ireland squad list then, is suppose hes acting as their mascot ?He replaced Keith fahey and started every Qualification game and is one
of the Hardest working footballers you will
ever see(Derby fan).Paul Green, who "isn't at the Euros", has just come on for Ireland against Spain. How does that work then?!


12 Jun 2012 14:57:03
Yeovil and Walsall have entered the race to sign Cheltenham Town's out of contract midfielder Luke Summerfield.(13)(4)Bournemouth and leyton orient are also interested


12 Jun 2012 14:56:49
Stoke are among a couple of premier league teams hoping to take a closer look at Senegal's Kara Mbodj. The impossing 22year old 6ft 4" defensive midlfielder has been compared to Patrick Viera and plays for Norwegian Team Tromso. Tony Pulis has recently stated that following the departure of Salif Diao he is looking to replace him with a similiar landmark signing. Who else better than a fellow compatriate.(11)(12)Forgot to say, the 'closer look' will be during the Olympics when he plays for Senegal.Brilliant another giant, -.- that means more stick from all these football fans that hate stokeIf it makes you feel better arsenal were scouting him a few seasons back but he had an injury. He's a bit old for wenger now though.


12 Jun 2012 14:45:48
Heard a rumor that Rotherham United are close to signing Alan Connell from Swindon. From a die hard Sheffield United fan all the best for the season I really do think you will go up as you are not scared of spending a bob or 2 !(13)(9)We will be swapping divisions thenRotherham have spent well in the close season and brought in some good players. Evans is good at that - spending loads and when it dires up, moves on. Hope the pockets at Rotherham are deep because if not, there could be real financial trouble looming. Good luck for the new campaign and Im sure you will be one of the teams to watchThe only thing you will be swapping is shirts with our players in a few years time when we are in the premiership and you are in liquadation due to stupid over spending in league 2. STFCRotherham havent spent anything yet this transfer market only got players in on bosmansSo you didn't pay any juicy signing on fee's or agree to very high wages then?According to official website ,budget for players below last years and strict wage structure in place ,so the answer to your question is no.So the players they have signed did not want a signing on fee despite being free agents?? and they are good players so they did not want good wages either?? Well whoever said footballers can be quite selfish should hang their heads!! Look forward to the headlines.."SELFLESS PLAYERS PLAY FOR PEANUTS AT ROTHERHAM"....Great PR for them.


12 Jun 2012 14:41:48
Foster to West Brom almost a done deal, should be completed in the next week at most. fee to BCFC believed to be between 5-8 million (including add ons), unless a swap with Boaz Myhill is included, in which case the fee will be around 3 million. Pretty reliable source(18)(6)So Boaz Myhill is worth what exactly? £5-£8m straight or £3m + Bo! Your source may well be pretty but reliable, they are not!Myhill had a good season with blues so his value would have increased slightly but still only worth a max £1.5m, its being said that a deal has been agreed and are now in talks over contract terms...fee will be around £3-4m as it was agreed during the loan deal that if albion stayed up and blues didnt gain promotion the albion would have first option on FosterIt saves them having to buy a keeper, and Myhill is championship quality anyway. It's brum trying to say "give us this keeper in return or we'll rip you off". They don't think he's worth that, they're trying to persuade usnto take that option


12 Jun 2012 14:40:54
Southampton to announce signing of Aymen Abdennour, next week fortransfer of 4million. Jedi convinced him to join southampton from Toulousse, instead of joining Arsenal. He was pictured with Rodriguez at lymington hotel which saints player mistakenly put on the club website.(17)(19)No he wasn't...?If this is true then this will be a fantastic signing... Hard tackler, quick and a very strong defender. Can't wait for this to be announced, just the experience we need in our back line.Hate to break it to you but the guy who you say is a 21 year old Tunisian International defender is actually Jay's dad!The bloke in the vid was his agent (ex player Ade Akinbiyi).It wasn't Aymen Abdennour in the video, it was his Dad and his agent.
Although the Abdennour rumour may have some truth in it, as well as another as yet unnamed African winger.Who's Jedi?Utter Tripe it wasnt him in the video it was adi Akinbiyi and an older overweight personIve just looked at pic of Ade Akinbyi and it was certainy not him at the Lymington hotel. Go look for yourselves on Saints player both were young therefore not Jay's dad and both were african.Certainly could be the tunisian I dont know about the other maybe west african perhaps senagalese?Some how I don't think soJust seen it whos the other fellaJedi? Do we have the sith lord too?It's Jay's Dad Kiko. Played against him many a time and used to manage Burnley United. Akinbiyi is Jay's advisorIt was actually limewood hotel in lyndhurst not lymington utter toshJust to further contradict this post the hotel was the limewood hotel in lyndhurst not lymington. Pedantic I know but it would be nice if the rumours had an ounce of fact in them!A lot of emotion over Typo's.. This is an interesting rumour! I hope it is true. Saints clearly need a centre back, Jaidi is specifically employed to tempt African talent to Saints.. He is available and may well be interested in joining a team where he would get first team football rather than be a squad player. Would be a good signing although Arsenal would prob be favourites given their status and the 'French connection'..This is not true in the slightest, someone has puyt 2 and 2 together and come up with 6476I think Jedi is Jaidi


12 Jun 2012 14:39:40
Crewe after Swindon towns Callum Kennedy and Billy Bodin(8)(8)Kennedy signing for scunny and bodin to torquay. done deals


12 Jun 2012 14:32:13
Barnsley are to sign out of contract Sheffield United midfielder Lee Williamson on a two year deal.(24)(10)Well thats the fiftieth player your signing this seasonGood in it!!!Done deal. Said he wants champ football. Would've stayed with us if notSounds like this will more than likely happen :)Already signed a new contract with the bladesI don't think he has. He wants Championship football.He hasnt sign a new contract with sheff u yet n that coz he doesnt want to play league 1 football next season he is signing for barnsleyNo official contact as been made by Barnsley to sign lee williamson from sheff utd, But the player is wanted by keith hill. This news as come out of oakwell today 13.06.12 FactLee williamson is wanted by keith hill but no official approach to sign him as been made by the club


12 Jun 2012 14:10:10
Right back, Luke O'Neill is in contract talks with Burnley after Mansfield have accepted a second bid for the 20 year old.
Mansfield official club website (so it's obviously true)
claretmad (a Burnley website ran by fans)(17)(6)Tripper on his way then heard possible to southamptonTrippier to Southampton will not happen, if it was he possibly would have gone when Jay Rod did.Tripper him self has said he is going know where.You people do realise if Kieran Trippier gets injuried Burnley have no RB.... just because they are singing one doesnt mean the current one is leavingHe will be back up as we only have one right back at the moment - trippier


12 Jun 2012 13:57:40
west brom are in talks with birmingham over the signing of ben foster and striker marlon king(14)(15)Marlon King? No chanceWhy would we go after king we've got alot better quality players than him


12 Jun 2012 13:44:23
Wolves are close to announcing the signing of Bjorn Bergmann Sigurdarson(26)(9)They have been "close" for quite some


12 Jun 2012 13:30:11
Swindon have been linked with central defender Magnus Okuonghae after his contract with Colchester expired.(3)(15)Really? and just where were Swindon linked with's not in the Swindon local press, the forums or the Official Site, it's not anywhere in any of the you heard this where?....local pub....dart thrown at a bunch of names....the tea leaves...palm reading.....Apparently Celtic are interested in him.It could just have been a rumour!He has Championship clubs after him, so doubt he will end up at SwindonSeeing he is linked with Celtic, Bolton & Blackburn among others....Swindon? No offense, but no chance! More chance of him staying at Colchester, and there isn't much chance of thatWot rubbish ,colchester gazette said celtic blackburn bolton middlesbro dont think hes gonna move to a smaller club than his already at is heWe have been linked on here with nearly every player going!! And yet with the exception of a few none of the are mentioned on any Official site, Swindon Forums or any Swindon Press, let alone national press...Leave Football Manager alone...just because it happens on there doesn't make it real.He has been spotted at Fratellos restaurant with DiCanioColchester fan here, On his day Magnus is great but he is far too inconsistent for some of the teams being suggested.He wouldn't have been spotted by anyone in this country as he is on holiday!Yes he is on this so called rubbish!!


12 Jun 2012 13:29:27
charlton are attempting to buy Burtons Billy Kee for an estimated 220k, as they see him as one for the future but with enough ability to have an impact on their upcoming season.(8)(8)Billy kee left Torquay because he was home sick and it was affecting his performances so I doubt he'll move down south again anytime soon, besides he's league 1 at best!No chance, i think he'd only move to another midlands club to be close to home


12 Jun 2012 13:27:56
fleetwood are apparently after morecambe striker lewis allesandra for a fee around 75k they see him as a perfect striker to send them into league 1.(6)(12)Not prolific he plays as a wingerThey wouldnt sell anyone to Fleetwood on principal.


12 Jun 2012 13:27:25
Palace are opting to sign either Keith Tracey or George Boyd.(21)(14)


12 Jun 2012 13:20:08
Aldershot Town Midfielder Josh Payne on the way to Crystal Palace.(6)(15)I seriously doubt thatThis one feels right, I think he would improve Palace no end.


12 Jun 2012 13:10:37
Nigel Clough say's he will listen to offers for defender Jason Shackell. However, it would take a bid of around £5m to make him consider selling.(7)(22)5 Million what planet are you on, someone offers 2 - 2.5 he will be goneLooks like he's going nowhere thenYes that is correct.
Plus Check out Derbys Replacement target
should a bid come in
Michael Almebäck5m are you having a laugh, he's 28 and playing for derby. He's rubbish! Not worth 2mIf Matt Mills was worth 5, then Shack's worth at least that, probably more5 million isnt his transfer market valuation
its been raised to that to stop interested clubs bidding.Nigel clough was saying on
tv if a club is prepared to pay double his value they may consider.Double his value so you are suggesting he's worth 2.5M ?, frankly at that price he won't be going anywhere, even at £2.5M its way more than his real value.....As a Wolves season ticket holder I'm guessing he's improve a hell of a lot then because he was a complete Pony for us, average in the air, pathetic in the tackle and no pace or positional sense.

BobbybuffonIt actually turns out that Mat Mills wasnt worth 5M been sht for Leicester however he may do better at celtic! i doubt Shacknell will go for anywhere near that!Not worth 5 million, more like 1.5 million.5 million you could buy the whole team for that


12 Jun 2012 13:07:48
Alex Mendy signing for Hansa Rostock in Germany and Jimmy Juan for FC Chamois Niort in France(4)(7)


12 Jun 2012 13:01:02
Fulham to sign fernando gago and lassana Diarra.

Dempsey to Malaga 14 mil(7)(34)Would be surprised to see Malaga go for big Flint but could be awesome midfield

cazorla. Dempsey. Toulalan. Isco

That's a good strong midfield if you ask meWell considering that the quatari royal family own Malaga, and the rumour vein that they are going to buy 49% of fulham, I can't see them paying themselves 14 millions for Dempsey!It makes perfect sense if you take into account the fairplay rules. They would need to funnel money to Fulham, and the more the better. Not that I believe any of the rumours that are going on now.Gagos agreed terms with Roma, just yet to sign and apparently if Redknapp stays he wants him due to relations


12 Jun 2012 13:00:01
Andy Gray agree's a 1 year contract with Bradford City with option for 2nd season activated after so many appearances.(14)(7)Where have you pulled that from?Christmas Cracker!


12 Jun 2012 12:54:55
mansfield town accept offer from burnley for luke o'neil. says it 6 figures. not sure who burnleys right back is but it not be long till luke is in thr first team as he is quality(10)(5)Its rumerd to be 100k-200kTrippier is prem class so there is no way he will be starting soon.Seen luke play..good player but not as good as trippier ..good cover thoughAs a burnley fan I hope he is as good as you think. Don't think he'll be in our first 11 as trippier is right back unless O'Niell can play left back or maybe howe is getting ready for life without trips as newcastle have been linked with him. Personally think trippier is best right back in championshipBurnley's Right back is kieran trippier who is one of the best right backs in the league and one of their best players. But if a big club comes in for him then he could be off.Burnley's first team right back is keiran trippier and he is amazing .... so this guy must be a back up unless he is going to be sold . and with whats going on at mo any thing is possibleUnless Trippier(current RB) is sold, or gets injured, Luke has no chance. Trippier got Player off the year last season and is probably the 2nd best RB in the league behind Clyne.O'Neill is going to need to be good. unless we are selling him we currently have the best right back outside the premier league in Kieran TrippierTrippier is going no where!! Eddie Howe will play him on the right side of midfield with o'neil playing right back. This will help to bring o'neil on as better player!!What do you mean with what's going on at moment anything is possible. Firstly, Jay Rod was sold as he wanted to test himself at the highest level and secondly, we need the money to balance the books and keep the club secure which is the most important thing. Be a true fan and support your team we don't want to be the next Portsmouth.Balance the books? We're not in debt, and we don't need to sell our players! We're comfortable at the moment and signing a RB from Mansfield isn't going to change that!Did I write anything about Luke o'neil, no and without selling at least one player e.g. Jay Rod we WOULD be in debt, it's as simple as that. Our operating costs last year were a loss of £4 million, this year will be even more and the new chairmen have already stated the majority of the money received for Jay Rod will be used to make up the loss.I do support my team and i meant with whats going on at the club ..... howe says we wont have millions to spend . But we never have even when we went up we didnt spend . Where has all the money gone ? stupid wages for rubbish players etc eckersley, cort, van der schaff . we need investment . i seriously think we are going to struggle unless some decent signings are made . i know the club needs money to survive . i will always be a season ticket holder . but only time will tell if the chairmen can get us into the promised land . i as always look forward to seeing the future .I've been a season ticket holder for years too and I completely agree with what you are saying, the revenue the club brings in is just not enough for a club at this level to run freely and have money to improve the team year on year. I was just making the point that as a club Burnley is run very well club but to maintain our status, sadly we have to sell, but now Jay Rod has gone we shouldn't expect anymore departures.


12 Jun 2012 12:50:09
Watford to sign Shrewsbury striker
James Collins,announcment next week
after his return from holiday, compenstation
fee will be decided by football league
tribunal.(13)(4)Wow a rumour that is actually correct!NeverJames Collins is already back from holiday... he is with the irish u21s on tour...his choice will be between staying at Shrewsbury or his childhood club Coventry.... preference will be to sign for Coventry sadlyWatford and the Tribunal are not good friend, Danny Graham and Paul Atkinson are two players who this panel stitched Watford up over with inflated valuations. Thankfully one of them came good.No good... Another lower league player...
Don't bother SD....He back from U21 squad and is on holiday and due back end of week.James Collins asigned number 18 for squad numberLoad of bull... Trust me,Collins will be playing for a league one club next season, But who? (Mr T)Thought Coventry had a transfer embargoCoventry under a transfer embargo, you telling me he would rather stay League One than test himself at a higher level with Watford, this will show either a lack of ambition or self confidence in his ability, not good either way.Or he could want to stay at Shrewsbury and play gamesHe really would play games for Watford. We have 1 starting striker and 3/4 squad (at best) players to help him out.He would most likely be playing a lot of games at Watford, we've only got one first team striker in Deeney (Garner, Iwilumno not shown their talent yet; and Mensah is still young, but might feature every now and again)Agreed playing with Shrewsbury makes more sense than playing for another team in reserves or keep bench warmDon't think he's made his mind up yet.Please NO SD....


12 Jun 2012 12:48:42
Crawley are set to sign midfield duo Brian Stock and Gary Roberts.(6)(20)Stock is an alright player but just remember to have a medic nearby for every match as he always get injured


12 Jun 2012 12:48:10
I have just seen Evander Sno sat in a hotel restaurant in Bristol chatting to new Bristol City chairman Keith Dawe and Jon lansdown. All 3 seemed happy

could he be signing? Cisse' replacement possibly(4)(20)Steve Lansdown maybe?He would not be replacing Cisse, he is an attacking midfielder, who would replace Kilkenny.He has signed for NEC NijmegenThought he played for city? Magic player. Wish celtic had held onSno only signed for NEC in June so noSno is a defensive midfielder, not attacking ^ to add to my last post he has already joined NEC NijmegenIf this is true I will be pleased, rated him last time he was down Ashton gateHe wasnt great down at ashton gate, started off like a house on fire, then as time went on he became poor and ended up on the bench and if i remember went back to Ajax early. had the potential but I wouldnt take him, especially after his heart problems. If he was to hav another heart attack then although wed tak care of him wed have to spend money on hs wages for a season and its not what wed want. we need a hungry player who will play 35-40 games a season consistently well and NOT injury prone!He has been deployed in a holding role but is better utilised as an attacking midfielder, where his strenght and skill can open-up opposing defences and he can score too!


12 Jun 2012 12:43:55
Jermain Beckford and Ross McCormack are targets for grayson, also Adam Clayton and Lee Peltier are likely to sign, and Sean Morrison will join town if Brian McDermott lets him leave(15)(28)Please GOD not beckford, dont want him & dont need him. ! All the others wud be good signings. AGWe don't need or want both of them (beckford & mcCormack) hope clayton comes though and reckon morrison will be sorted by end of the weekAll believable, all good players, want all of them. remember simon grayson was leeds boss, expect to sign leeds players...


12 Jun 2012 12:41:31
Out of contract keeper David James is set to sign a 1 year pay as you play deal with Bristol Rovers. The former City keeper has been keen to stay in the west country and continue playing.

Having hoped to team up with Plymouth James was informed on Sunday that the League Two outfit would not be offering him a contract.

James who is 42 in August will also take up a full time position on the coaching staff at the Memorial Ground.(8)(19)He is signing for Plymouth. BCFCWhy would Argyle take him on when we have Larrieu?I would like him to sign for us but he bit too old now so theres no pointLarrieu has retired!!!Argyle dont have larrieu as a player he retired end of last season :LBCFC. Say that James is on his way, Larrieu is Assistant now, David James No.1Plymouth will not be signing James. Ollie Chenoweth recently signed a contract extension.We need a new keeper. Jake Cole isn't good enough and Chenoweth is inexperienced. A keeper is a must for a push for play offs. Cole will concede too many from long distance.Jake Cole definitely good enough imo, one of our best players last season by far, Chenoweth isn't a good back up really, too hesitant when he played vs Morcambe, may do well in the future but we need suitable back-up now.When I said we have Larrieu, I meant as the Goalkeeping Coach, and seeing as James would like to be Player/Coach, then we don't need himWe need a first choice keeper, Cole is back up at best. He gets beaten from long distance far too easily. Not saying he is awful, just not good enough for a team trying to do better than another relegation fight.Larrieu is assistant manager not goalkeeping coach now


12 Jun 2012 12:39:46
Sky Sports reporting that wolves are
close to signing Sigurdarson.
Sorry deluded Cardiff fans(22)(21)Really I don't see thatINCORRECT!

They closed in on him, however they could not agree on some terms which is why, deluded Wolverhampton fan, he's on his way to Cardiff City FC. RED ARMY!Deluded cardiff fans ? with our owners we are now one of the strongest club in the championship, nothing deluded about us, malky has promised that the funds he is getting he will happily spend through the summerMoney means nothing in the championship Cardiff fans! If i did Leicester will have walked to the title last season and where they did finish? Oh yeah thats right mid table obsecurity!To the cardiff city fan who said Wolves couldnt agree terms with BBS, whats your source for this info?Money does mean something in the championship the reason leicester didn't do well was because they couldn't get their tactics correct so yes money does countHes too good for the championship, so if either side get him they will have done well, good young player. i think wolves will struggle, reckon cardiff will reach playoffs....again!But we won't have a poor manager to start with will we? leister did swap managers if they ha pearson from the start they would have gone straight upFair enough leicester had a poor manager but still shows to go that you can have all the money you want in the championship and still struggle if the tactics are wrong! Cardiff may well reach the playoffs again but once again they will bottle it. As for wolves i dont think anyone can forge an opinion on how they will do until we see the style of football Solbakken will play and the transfer that are made both in and out of the club.I'm a Cardiff City fan and i just have to say wait and see, if you are closing down on the icelandic striker wolves why havent you got him yet that was posted up a week ago by sky sports, granted you may want to take your time but not when us and some prem clubs want him


12 Jun 2012 12:37:42
Bristol City are believed to be in talks with former Norwich defender Zak Whitbread over a possible 2 year deal to join the Championship Side. With City struggling to agree terms with Stephen McManus it is believed that City will turn their attentions to Whitbreak who has also been linked to Crystal Palace and Millwall since being released from Norwich.

Bristol Rovers will in the next 48 hours complete the signing of former Queens Park Rangers striker Rowan Vine on a 3 year deal. Vine who spent much of last season in the reserves managed 1 goal from 9 appearances at Gillingham towards the end of the season. The League Two outfit can regard this somewhat an exciting signing.(9)(14)Sorry Whitbread was only released due to being injury prone other than that he was easily able to cut it in the prem, therefore i can't see him going to Bristol City more likely Aston Villa, Reading or a replacement for Shackell at DerbyI don't think whitbread will drop down a league when he has been linked with everton, Sunderland and other prem sides.Here we go again, another Derby rumour. had to get it in didnt you! cmon, Aston Villa....Reading...or I know that brilliant team derby..that's it! wish derby fans would stop living in the past! he could easily go to bristol city as we only have 3 centre backs of note! just calm down with the Derby stuffWhitbread is class and will move to a prem side no doubtRemind me how many points did derby get about 9 when they in the prem
bristol city fanHe'd do a good job for someone like QPR or Reading or one of the other promoted teams.


12 Jun 2012 12:31:14
torres is on his way to birmingham city (sergio torres)(8)(17)I doubt it.If so Massive risk.Hes 29 and only used to blue square and league 2And do you even have a manager to decide who to sign


12 Jun 2012 12:29:04
Brighton are in talks with former man united keeper tomasz kuszczak.
Source: Click Manchester(20)(11)Good morning! This has been going on for weeksThis would be a good move, but which of Ankergren or Brezovan would have to go?I'd say Ankergren to go, keep brezovan for the bench. hope this transfer goes through.He isgoing to ipswich


12 Jun 2012 12:21:35
Rotherham have had a bid of 110k accepted by Swindon for Alan Connell.(14)(8)This is not a rumour IT IS FACT,Where you see that?Fact is it....ummm 2 days later and there is still no mention of it anywhere except this rumour....Evans has said they bid for a striker,but now the club don't want to sell now.May or may not be him.


12 Jun 2012 12:21:25
Villa trying very hard to sign one of Snodgrass or Matty Phillips, but is Peter Whittingham possibly returning to the club, let's see......(14)(18)Leeds Rob Snodgrass WILL be going to
One of the following Norwich, Villa,
Everton or West Ham


12 Jun 2012 12:18:17
Further news regarding the middle eastern group looking at Bury FC.
It is rumoured that Mr Neville may be the man behind the meeting.
The group have business connections with an Everton Sponsor.
This proposed buy out could see Burys own multi-millionaire residents look at taking an interest in the small sleeping football giant.
In 1960 Bury averaged around 20000 supporters.
Presently their home gates can fall below 2000 but the thriving market town, with less than 3% unemployment, shows a solid investment potential for incoming investment.
Richard Barker would still be in charge of team affairs after a tremendous first season in the big chair.
Whether or not money will be available to strengthen the squad remains unclear at such early stages of negotiations.(5)(17)Where did you hear this?This has been ongoing for over six months.
The first contact was made regarding the naming of the stadium and talks have progressed from there.
The UK representatives of the buyer are based in Manchester.What exactly does "a small sleeping football giant" look like, I wonder?


12 Jun 2012 11:49:24
burnley to sign adam clayton in the next week(12)(12)The bloke from U2?He's on his way to Huddersfield, as Grayson knows him well


12 Jun 2012 11:38:57
Reading are set to bid 500k for Cheltenham ace Marlon Pack, with Lawson D'ath going the other way on a season long loan.(3)(26)Why would d'ath drop to league 2 after playing league one last season?Interesting - I've heard Reading too.

Not sure about £500k though.Because Cheltenham were the playoff finalists last year and are hotly tipped to win the league. Also it fills a gap that losing Pack would create so it benefits both teamsBut he's good enough to test himself in the Championship debatably, at least League One. Why would Reading let him go to League Two and gain less valuable experience?Why would reading buy a unproven league 2 player, shocking player.Because without D'ath coming in then Cheltenham wouldn't be prepared to make the dealCheltenham will not win the league..end ofIf they want Marlon Pack that much, then theyll force him to! if he then doesnt want to, they wont be signing Pack will they?!D'aths better than league 2 no chanceWhy will Cheltenham not win the league! they have a 1/24 chance of winning it, like every other team. The football league is so unpredictable and thats what makes it so great. Anyone can win! I woudnt rule out Cheltenham yet although there is now pressure on them to succeed after this season so I expect them to finish mid-table! But dont rule them out!


12 Jun 2012 11:28:56
Out of contract York City midfielder James Meredith is attracting attention from league 1 and championship sides. Meredith was heavily involved in York's promotion campaign and played in the playoff final win over Luton. He is a versatile player, playing either left back or centre midfield, which appears to be why he is being tracked.(9)(7)


12 Jun 2012 11:26:29
CHARLTON ATHLETIC are hoping to convince Justin Hoyte to turn his back on a return to Middlesbrough and head for his native London instead(10)(11)Could see this happening...wonder if he'll be Solly's replacementLets hope he does turn his back on boro , to be fair hes no better than a sunday league full back and how he gets in the boro team over mcmahon is something i still havent got my head around baffled gd luck charltonI agree with the bloke in the Boro Gazette.
Id chip in for his bus money to send him to London. Have him Charlton. Please!^^ with the views coming from boro fans then we don't want him at Charlton anyway sollys by far better than hoyteThis will only happen if Solly goes, and thats not happening.Can't believe he ever played PL. How long does it take to settle at a new club? Charlton will find this after 3 tedious years with himIf he comes to us it will only be as backup for Solly. I really cant see us letting Solly go at this time, his value will increase ten fold with another two seasons behind him. Apart from that if anyone can get a full back working to his full potential it's Chrissy Powel.Can't believe we paid £3m for him, probably about £2.9m too much. Hope McMahon signs a new deal and Hoyte goes to Charlton.Any boro news pplBoro will loan young stoke lad Florent Cuvelier.Fair shout on McMahon - you know what you'll get from him, not the steadiest but makes up with real passion. True Boro ladHoytes is a awful player


12 Jun 2012 11:24:15
Justin Hoyte looks to be on his way to the valley, paving the way for Chris Solly to make a move to west ham(9)(7)


12 Jun 2012 11:21:28
Notts County to complete triple signing of Liddle,Alex Bruce and David Connolly all on frees(7)(15)We've signed big Enoch from Tranmere today. 6 ft 5 of pure scoring machine! BRUUUUNOI can't believe people rate Enoch! Poor sighning I thinkAll three would be good. Believe Liddle all done but his medicalI agree, with the poor signing remark, not the best player we can sign by no means. Stating that he got released by Tranmere shows that he isn't that highly rated. "Pace and Power" he says on bbc. Some how i don't think so.

Common Keith sign some quality!!Yea prolific Enoch 27 league goals since2006 - 2007 season. ( nt )Actually showumni does have pace and power and hope he makes u eat your words.Very dissapointed to say the least!Where r these signings


12 Jun 2012 11:09:28
West Ham to make a 2.5M bid for Burnleys Charlie Austin(12)(28)Burnley are looking to sign a striker and after selling jay rod it will take more than that to sign AustinHudds to sign him and play up top with jordan rhodes, happy days (£3m)Don;t know where this bs comes from. Would want a seriously improved offer on that! Proven goal scorer. Will bag 20 this season. Worth a lot more than that with 2yrs left on contract.Its going to take at least £5m for Austin....I cant see Burnley selling anyone else, they 'apparently' had to sell someone to make the books balance. That has been done now and the runmours are that Burnley are looking to buy not sell.


12 Jun 2012 11:08:09
Burnley to make a 1M bid for Sam Vokes today(17)(12)


12 Jun 2012 11:03:38
Leicester striker Martyn Waghorn is set to be offered to Peterborough as part of a deal to take Paul Taylor to the foxes.(7)(19)Why would we do that waghorn is better than Taylor. Total BS!Waghorn is no were near as good as Paul Taylor lolThis is possible however think Nigel is a fan of waggys as he took him to hull on loan,


12 Jun 2012 11:02:30
Dundalk striker Bob McKenna is the mystery striker who has signed for Peterborough Utd(4)(12)


12 Jun 2012 10:58:46
Stoke city are rumoured to be interested in signing tottenham midfielder danny rose(16)(14)Would love himI'd rather Brayford to Rose but either would be better than the current round pegs square hole team selection of TP


12 Jun 2012 10:49:45
New Hull boss Steve Bruce faces a battle to keep midfielder Robert Koren.

Promoted Reading are lining up a £750,000 bid for the Slovenia captain, 31.

Royals chief Brian McDermott will offer striker Jason Roberts, 34, a two-year deal to fend off interest from clubs in America and the Middle East.(8)(12)Good shoutWould that be the same Slovenia Captain who announced his international retirement earlier this year? NO CHANCE


12 Jun 2012 10:34:28
Doncaster Rovers star Kyle Bennet is on his way to Bristol City after a fee of around £200,000 has been accepted. Personal terms still to be agreed and talks will begin tommorow.(13)(17)Highly doubt itIve heard this one too, good signing for the CityWhere did you get this from??Why would he go to bristol higher championship and even premier league looking at him. He is a young talentHe isn't a talent at all, he is very lazy and just not good enough. I would take the 200,000 as I believe he isn't even worth a pennyI have been reading this argument and I have to say Kyle Bennett is actually a talented lad


12 Jun 2012 10:29:53
Alexei Eremenko set to seal a 6 month loan to Kilmarnock to help his recovery from injury.(8)(6)


12 Jun 2012 10:24:05
Robert Green set to sign for qpr after his contract ran out at west ham and west ham did not want to pay his wage demands of 50k a week(18)(10)100% probably to be confirmed after the eurosGoing to be confirmed during the euros. officials are being sent out to Poland/Ukraine to finalise the dealSamba wont come.He kept turning us down in January


12 Jun 2012 09:47:19
Brentford are getting targeted by new owners but the fans will have less share and they are planning a 400k move for watford fc striker gavin massey(4)(16)I would take Massey for 300k insteadNonsense, Matthew Benham is/has just taken near full control of the club.You can have him.Gavin Massey £400k you can have him.PlausableWhy are people so keen to get rid of Massey?Lool why would we when we could get better players for half the price we wouldnt spend that amount anywayDon't think so... he'll prob get more game time this season at the Vic... There isn't many other choices...I don't want to get rid of Massey. He's similar to Theo Robinson... we sold him for like £250k and look at him now.Massey is a good player, but I think we might benefit from selling him cos it allows Mensah to work his way closer to the first teamWatford may loan Massey to Brentford but won't sellGM should be in the team...
The only player in the whole team with pace....Brentford would not sign anyone for 300k, let alone massey


12 Jun 2012 09:44:10
Fulham will bring in lassana diarra on loan with a view to buy , chadli will be flown in for talks nx week . Fulham are growing with frustration over jordan rhodes n may turn attention to the likes of mandzukic , keibling , bony ,. Mbokani n miralas. Dempsey wants out for cl football but so far no takers at all for him , etuhu may join reading for 3 mil n bh riise n haliche will be off loaded.(8)(18)Why would fulham bring in one dm Diarra when they already have the other M diarra DM, where did you invent this non senseHis agent has been quoted as saying that Lassana will sign for Fulham. Look it up if you don't believe me


12 Jun 2012 09:43:20


Scott Donnelly (Swansea)
Gary Doherty (Released by Charlton)
Chris Hackett (Released by Millwall)
Paul Hayes (Charlton)
Izale McLeod (Released by Barnet)


None so far, even though there is rumours about Stuart Beavon. He's recently said he doesn't want to leave Wycombe!(3)(20)Ha what a load of rubbish, Im good friends with Stuart he's desperate to play championship or league 1 football, is in talks with PrestonChairboys 24/7 rubbish. These are just players we had last season an McLeod. no chanceYou wont get Hayes without a fee and you dont have the money for that so forget it.Unfortunately Wycombe are still under a transfer embargo and are in the process of a change in ownership, so these transfers are very unlikely for the forseeable future. It would be great to keep Stuart Beavon, but he's a certainty to join a Championship or at least L1 team when the embargo is lifted.Beavon will go, theres alot of interest in championship but i dont think, except millwall, that theres been any concrete offersAnd Hayes is too good for L2.And I hear that Doc's wage demands are very high.Excuse me Chairboys 24/7 "rubbish"? Use your eyes and you might read I stated 'whom I believe' not concrete signings.


12 Jun 2012 09:40:14
QPR possible ins :

Rob Green - WHU
Diakite - Nancy
Ireland - Aston Villa
Jenas - Spurs
Bentley - Spurs
Santa Cruz - ManC
Christopher Samba-Anzhi (Unhappy over banana incident and said he'll be interested if Hughes was interested)
Andy Johnson - Fulham

Outs :

Kenny - (wherever Warnock goes)
Tommy Smith - Watford
Helguson - Leeds
DJ Campbell - Fulham
Connolly - Reading
Rob Hulse - Bristol City
Hall - Leicester
Gabbidon - released
Rowan vine - gillingham(24)(18)Weve already turned down not signing connoly, he is not prem standard.Seems viable until you get to Ireland - he wouldn't leave Villa for mediocre.
Jenas is very injury prone.
60k p/w apparently at aston villa last season & played a total of 22 minutes.DJ Campbell will never play for Fulham, if he can't get into QPRs team he would have no chance at fulham!Why would Fulham want DJ Campbell he's terribleIreland, Santa Cruz and Jenas unlikely, but De Jong joining arsenal means we may need Ireland or JenasHA QPR will never get them players.Rob Green - WHU
Diakite - Nancy

Have signed. Shows what you know. HAGreen seems to be a done deal, i'd have prefered Given, Diakite has signed over two weeks ago according to his clubs website. Jenas wouldnt get into a conference side he's that bad, so we dont want him, ireland is someone who worked well under hughes so i wouldnt ewrite that one off yet, bentley again worked well with hughes at blackburn, so you never know, and he'd be better than w-phillips. samba.....not sure, but again he has a history with way we dont want him.How can you say dj campbell is terrible, 13 goals for blackpool 2 seasons ago,injury wrecked his season last year,granted he wouldnt be in the same league as rooney or rvp,but he is a great poacher,great movement off the ball and 9 times out of 10 if given the oppertunity will put the ball in the back of the net,i hope we dont sell him,cisse and zamora, with dj and heidar subs.He's a striker though so any one would be worthwhile.


12 Jun 2012 09:31:53
West brom are ready to offer 3 mil plus myhill gmfor foster and are also planning to sign reo coker if mulumbu leaves(11)(8)Dont wont Reo Coker - he only plays when he wants and thats not often


12 Jun 2012 09:23:08
Reading Look set to tie up the marriapa deal with Watford using Simon church as a plus player deal. Bid 2.5 m. Plus Simon. Each club then adding add on deals.(9)(10)Source?
As a Watford fan I would be happy with £2m plus ChurchYour a person then, why do other teams fans actually think hes any good? adding church to the offer actually devalues itWe''ll need all the help we can from the man above...
church not good in all honesty..


12 Jun 2012 09:20:49
Ryan neilson to sign for ipswich following release from rovers.

Jr Hoilett to Galatasary.

Robinson to West Brom.

N'Zonzi to Montpellier.(11)(23)Hoilett is a Borussia MG player and Nelson left Blackburn in January, Spurs just released him. {Ed001's Note - he has not signed for anyone yet! Hoilett was asking for way too much money and so is now looking elsewhere for a contract.}You know a lot nelson was at spurs last seasonNot interestedNelson is having a medical at QPR...Really? QPR?


12 Jun 2012 08:36:12
Frank Fielding tops notts countys goalkeeper wanted list.(4)(28)LOL hes derbys first choice keeper
he has been on the england bench 3 times
only 23.No chance of getting him.I agree I would be surprised if he comesMore chance of getting saul deeney back from derby


12 Jun 2012 08:10:43
west brom are to bid 8 million for ben foster making him the most expensive player in the clubs history. reliable source(6)(24)He wont cost £8mill!! why would a club pay that much for a nearly 30 year old goalkeeper! more like £3-4mill plus Myhill


12 Jun 2012 07:39:59
Steve clarke set to make a move for Nottingham forest defender chris gunter aswell aswell as boltons David weater(10)(14)Id prefer Clyne over Gunter but still a good player, can see it more likely that they move for Brayford at Derby for the RB position as they have watched him a few times. Isnt Wheater injured long term?Good Luck getting Wheats! He's crocked until March '13.This is poor Wheater is already out injured for the whole of next seasonDavid Wheater is out until at least Christmas with a knee injury so no chance


12 Jun 2012 07:33:41
Ramon Nunez to Bradford is true! A Spanish newspaper has confirmed City's interest.(4)(21)No chanceWhy would he go for wheater when he is out for 9 monthThought He was from Honduras not SpainWhy a spanish newspaper hes honduranTell us all the Spanish paper then so we can check?Nunez is Honduras so i dont know how a spanish newspaper would knowIve seen the link that was posted so i believe you


12 Jun 2012 07:06:42
Oldham goalkeeper Akex Cisak will complete his £350k deal move to Peterborough United this week. Cisak will sign a 4 year deal with The Posh.(8)(5)Not true Darragh ruled it out on twitterDarragh didn't rule it out, He just said we haven't put a bid in for a certain league 1 goalkeeper.Cisak staying at oldhamPeterborough taking a mid 20's League 2 keeper over a League 1 early twenties International? Sounds like good business to me (eyes roll)No reason that a league two keeper can't be better than a league one keeper, if that rule was applied to all leagues then there would be no point in having any ambition at all! Also keepers have a much longer shelf life.Peterborough have agreed terms for torquays keeper fact !!


12 Jun 2012 07:05:37
Mansfield have accepted a £250k bid from Peterborough for right back Luke O'Neill.(5)(8)Wrong. According to Mansfield manager and chairman, they have excepted a bid from Burnley. My source is the official Mansfield website. Take a look


12 Jun 2012 07:03:44
Peterborough United are set to sign Manchester United midfielder Oliver Norwood.(10)(17)Oliver Norwoods coming home to Burnley FACT


12 Jun 2012 07:02:32
Walsall midfielder Emmanuel Ledesma is to join Peterborough United on a 3 year deal after talks with Middlesbrough broke down(6)(13)Where did you get this from?Could be right hes takein time if he is guna be a boro playerLength of contract? Can't be wagesWish he would just go to be honest getting boring now.The deal is 90% done with middlesbrough .


12 Jun 2012 07:00:15
Peterborough are to sign Stevenage pair Luke Freeman and Michael Bostwick after a deal was struck with Stevenage last night. It is though that transfer listed Posh due Mark Little and Nicky Ajose will be part of the deal.(6)(15)What plus cash aswellFreeman is under contract and will not leave


12 Jun 2012 06:58:20
Out of contract Carlisle Unite midfielder Tom Taiwo has agreed a 2 year deal with Peterborough United(3)(12)No chance. His reason for leaving Carlisle was to be closer to his family in Yorkshire.He is rumoured for Bradford City, so that ticks the Yorkshire box. City are determined to say goodbye to league 2 this comming season.Bradford? Give over, not a chance he will be playing League 2 football next season


12 Jun 2012 01:29:17
Derby have agreed a gentlemans agreemant with Michael Jacobs. The Northampton winger is currently on holiday but it looks like the Rams have won the race for the talented winger.

Derby will also offer Coleraine's young striker Curtis Allen a fortnights trial in pre season. The striker has scored well in his last 3 seasons in the Irish league.

Other striking targets for Derby are Sam Vokes, Leigh Griffiths, Frank Nouble, and dutch striker Jack Tuyp. Both Nouble and Tuyp have will be given trials.(12)(7)Tuyp is 28 - far too old to fit in with Cloughie and the boards plans for the clubThis sounds more believable. Not all that Nicky Maynard that is going around.Lol shackells like 28 aswell, yet we still got him!


12 Jun 2012 01:28:29
Cheltenham Town are set to lose out of contract captain Alan Bennett, as he seeks a move to a League One club.(4)(4)No he isn't.He had a poor season at Cheltenham anyway...would be a decent striker based on his ability to assist the opposition. Don't think he'd be a big loss to Cheltenham and don't think he'd cut it at a higher levelHe's staying, there was a clause in his contract which was triggered so he has an extra year!


12 Jun 2012 00:51:02
Rotherham to sign John Paul McGovern from Carlisle United(17)(9)Mike edwards signed yesterday from Notts county 2 year deal


12 Jun 2012 00:25:10
Birmingham City are on the verge of accepting a £3million bid from Tottenham for goalkeeper Ben Foster.

With Birmingham without a manager, birmingham are still going to make an offer to loan Keiren Westwood from Sunderland for a season long loan.

West Brom are going to make a £2million bid for Blackburn goalkeeper Paul Robinson.

Another goalkeeper change is Robert Green is set to leave West Ham for a £4million move to QPR.(12)(42)Foster will be sold, but why would be look to bring another keeper in when we have Butland?Robert green is out of contract, shows how much you noRob Green is a free agent - so for him to be moving for 4 million sounds a bit wide of the markGreen foster and robinson are all kind of in the same league as each other,i would be happy with any of them.Funny that, West Brom have reportedly made a bid for Foster who has said he wants to be at West Brom and doesnt want to leave the midlands, expect Boaz Myhill to go to Brum as part of the dealBirmingham will agree a fee with WBA. As so many of you have said he wants to stay in the Midlands and he loves west brom set up. He will be a WBA player by the weekendSunderland have already let two keepers go already this summer they wont let a third goFoster to Wba is almost a done deal, fact.Robert Green just agreed £50k a week contract with QPR.Dont think you will get 4 million as he has already left on a freeSpurs are not going offer for foster anyway's. they are going to be looking for a top 4 standard goalie, therefore he is more likely to join west brom or qpr^^^^^
And it looks like butland is off to can leave on a free and birmingham have accepted a 3.5 mill bid from west bromFoster going to west brom green is free!!Foster will be an Albion player next season. He has already stated he wants to remain at the club and Albion can easily match the 3mill Blues want for him.If Greens free and nobody at QPR has been told i rekon we should share the money out between us and just keep it quietBarton won't play for qpr again


11 Jun 2012 23:29:13
Walsall are interested in former Bournemouth defender Warren Cummings to replace the departed Mat Sadler who left the midlands side to join Crawley

The saddlers have also been linked with Ian Craney (Accrington) and Ashley Hemmings (Wolverhampton)(17)(2)Warren cummings was excellent right back and could have played at higher level. Shame that he never returned to any form after breaking his leg, good persnality to have around the team and hopes he does well at walsall, that is if he gets the move.He is a left back!Your right, slip of tongue warren cummings is left back.


11 Jun 2012 22:06:35
Cardiff city are looking at 3 peterborough players
lee tomlin
paul taylor
george boyd
also joe lewis has signed for the club on a 3 year deal(30)(16)And grant mcCanCardiff cant afford Taylor, Tomlin and Boyd!! They have no cash hence the reason they signed Joe Lewis on a Free!Please take Tomlin, He's fat, Ugly and is an excuse for a footballer believe me.. The other two only have a year on there contracts and would warrent a decent fee.From a ccfc fan - this will not happen not good enough and lack of ambiton if this was to go aheadNo chance on Tomlin, not going anywhere, still progressing young, and still to become a true championship player, so really really cant see Cardiff wanting himCardiff no money PAH! coming from a Posh supporter that's insulting. Where have you been the last two weeks? Cardiff have been re-branded and as a result have had an investment of £1,000,000. With more to come later on next year! We could afford all your players together and still have some left over!!Do u mean £100,000,000£1000000Sure you were meant to put £1m? If so Posh made triple that when we sold Bennett to NorwichI think you need to sit down with your abacus again, One million won't buy you a conversation with these guys.I think he means £100,000,000Taylor is way to good for cardiff would be a downwards move if he went there he has much higher standards, Tomlin is commited to posh and can't really see boyd going there.How is Peterborough to Cardiff City a step down?? As much as I would like that to be true (being a swan), I have to admit going from Peterborough to Cardiff is a step up JACK ARMY!I think you mean Cardiff is to good for taylorCardiff is south of Peterborough, hence "down"From a Cardiff City fan: Paul Taylor would be a class move, and what is that guy on about Peterboro to Cardiff would be a downwards move for Taylor what position did you finish boro, we got to the play offs where you look a decade away from champ play offs


11 Jun 2012 21:49:53
Derby to Sign Shane Ferguson if
they fail with Paul Dixon.Which im told he is now likely to sign(6)(13)Which one's likely to sign? ferguson or dixon?Shane Fergusan? The same guy who's the next big thing up in Newcastle? Same old deluded Derby fan posting rubbish on this page (derby fan)Dixon?
If hes the Next big thing why are you not playing him instead of 3 minutes at the end of some games.He wants to leave if
he dosent get First team Football.How can u say he is the next big thing when he was on loan at Scunthorpe last season who r in league 1 where he performed quite poorly according to a Scunthorpe fan I no. Why would derby want him.


11 Jun 2012 21:22:23
Brighton to sign Gonzola Jara Reyes from WBA on a free transfer next week.(20)(5)Woop - wanted MattockMattock went to Sheffield WednesdayReally,.. not a fan of his having seen him play last season. Would have preferred Mattock,.. but thats footy.(gor)Gonzola? Bit cheesey if you ask me! Gonzalo Jara Reyes would be an okay signing thoughReyes is a right back and Mattock a left back. Work it outNot a bad signing for free, but would have liked to sign mattock.Very over zealous responses to the "wanted Mattock" remark. Of course the play on different flanks which is why I would have prefered him. Left back is more crucial to Brighton then right back. Take a pill of the chilled variety!Advantage of Reyes signing for Brighton, if he does, is that as a spanish speaker it makes life easier for Vicente which might encourage the latter to remain at Brighton.Love the logic but Jara Reyes would be replacing Inigo Calderon who has become Vivente's mentor at the club (another reason of course why Inigo will not be leaving Brighton)Reyes more 'versatile' than Mattock perhaps?Either way a really good player to sign on a free transfer, we should try signing michael owen on a free transfer aswell.Owen has already said he wont drop to the championship.

As a Brighton fan you lot on here are embarrasing the hell out of us other fans that are sitting patiently waiting for some signings.

Stop with your pie in the sky links to players and be reallistic.

Next season will be another season of consolidation, nothing more and nothing less!

We wont be signing any superstars or hass beens.

Gus will be looking for up and coming talent that could provide a sell on should we need to, why spend £20/30k a week on wages on players we wont get anything back from!

Wake up and smell the coffee, its going to be another enjoyable yet frustration season for the Seagull fans!I Don't think it will be a season of consolidation, yeah we'll be aiming to stay the relagation zone, but i think gus will be aiming for a playoff spot if not higher."I Don't think it will be a season of consolidation, yeah we'll be aiming to stay the relagation zone, but i think gus will be aiming for a playoff spot if not higher."



11 Jun 2012 21:18:21
Ramon nunez passes medical this morning and is to be named as a bradford city player by tomorrow after agreeing a three year deal. fact(8)(24)Cant see this he can cut it at a higher level, played well against us and would be welcome but unlikely. FACTThis could be true Nunez is exactly the type of player PPis looking forPutting 'fact' at the end doesn't make it any more believable.That is totally true. FACT.


11 Jun 2012 20:44:54
R Nunez and T Tawio are to sign for Bradford city tomorrow FACT(10)(36)Must be true, he said FACT, lolWhy would taiwo sign for a rubbish league 2 club who will be fighting relegation again next seasonYou will be eating your words boyo, bradford are on the up!!Nunez will command a fee. Unlikely any Leeds players will move out or in for at least a week due to ongoing negotiations.No way for tawioTaiwo is from Bradford/Leeds and he as just become a dad and all is family live there still and he as said that he wants to move back to be close to his familyTaiwo is joining Crawley.Do you mean Tom Tawio from Carlisle?He is a local lad true.Tawio is going to Doncaster and this is from a Carlisle fanDoncaster does sound a more likely destination, Local to him aswell


11 Jun 2012 20:24:39
Peterborough United have tabled a bid for West Ham striker Freddie Sears.(13)(20)Why would Peterbotough table a bid when if they asked WHU they'd probably give him away, the man is on 14K aweek.


11 Jun 2012 20:04:10
Stoke are interested in signing former Wigan striker Hugo Rodallega who is avalible on afree transfer after being released by Wigan. Celtic and Everton are also interested.(32)(13)Stoke aren't interested anymore, him and his agent are messing about and holding out for the biggest contract.Aren't aston villa intrestedStoke have told Rodallega that they won't pay what he's asking. Pleased about that to be fair.They all hold out for more wages then may come back to Stoke later in the window. depends on who, if anyone, offers better deal. So just because aren't interested at the moment doesn't mean they wont sign later. Don't forget Stoke wages structure doesn't allow for mega bucks. Some players in the end forget their dream wages, get real and come back to TP. All the players mentioned in these postings may all have an offer from TP, they just like to hold out for a little more! wouldn't we all.How much would Wigan get for Rodallega because he is a good striker who can score goals. But he is rubbish compared to Moses but he is wigan's Lionel Messi.He has said he wants to go to Spain


11 Jun 2012 19:11:25
Huddersfield Town are set to sign young Bradford striker Nahki Wells after impressing at the bantams last season, possibility of returning to bradford on loan for the season to get more first team football as he is one for the future(7)(34)Not a chance in hell .....although heard syers was talking to them ???Nonsense!Not heard about syers, would fancy Wells, seemed quite goodNot a chance in hell? Why is he not good enough or do you rate him and reckon he would stay in league two rather than play in the championship?Huddersfield would have to offer city a very lucrative fee for Nahki can't see that happeningThat takes Huddersfields spending according to there fans to about £50 mill. You'll go the same way as your Rugby League side, down the pan at this rate!Behave, Bradford are absolutely skint to the point of breaking. 50k would secure him no worries.I heard 100kBradford are not as skint as you think after selling the office block so get your facts right.50k? You having a laugh! City won't sell him for less than 150k he's a bright young talent they wouldn't just give him away.Dont want either, Bradford can keep em both!! Rugby League side down the pan?? Having a poor run at the moment but didn't the bulls get done 54-0 the other day??Given we've not signed anyone and it's all rumours I can't see how our spending is £50mDo you realise who our chairman is? I think he might just be able to find 150k if he valued him that much. In dean we trust!150k!! HAHA. For an average 22 year old who got 10 goals in the big bad world of League 2!? Behave yourselves.

Bradford ARE skint.. They were close to going to the wall before they sold that office block. Rhodes and Lawn would jump at 50-75k for a striker who is after all, a Carlisle reject.We will see super town fan, just enjoy been at your highest level for many many years and concentrate on keepin hold of Jordan, your a one man team!Many Many years? Does that equate to 11 these days? Enjoy being near the foot of the bottom division - where Bradford have spent most of their pitiful existence ;-) - you're a no man team.


11 Jun 2012 16:15:35
Derby target Michael Jacobs is no longer a target for Charlton. The Addicks have resigned to signing the midfielder.(22)(5)As he has already signed for derby.This statement doesn't make sense. Are charlton targetting him or notI agree this really doesn't make sense.I think he means they don't want him anymoreCan't see why it doesn't make sense. Charlton and Derby both wanted him, now only Derby do. Hence "Derby target".Surely it should be resigned to not signing the midfielder? It doesn't matter anyway we know what you meant!I think it's the "resigned to signing" part that's confusing everyone


11 Jun 2012 16:11:10
Martin jol is to move for his former hamburg employee Elia from juventus , player is free to leave for a modest fee n jol is confident of beating bigger clubs to his "freinds"signature. Also Chadli due for talks when his holiday ends this week.(15)(19)Not that impressed with Elija - showed nothing against us in the euros and nowt special since - though I've only seen a few games - I guess BMJ knows better


11 Jun 2012 16:07:36
Reading set to bid danish league striking sensation Dame N'Doye from Copenhagen. The fee is believed to be 6 million.(36)(28)Please be true! I doubt if we could sign him for just 6 million as they rejected 7million+ last year for him. He is the best signing we could make who is possible.^^^ Agree.. we need a class striker in for the club, we also require a centre back (hopefully Mariappa) and a left backA right back is more important, Griffin is too slow and Cummings looked suspect at Champtionship level at times so I think he is not ready for the Premiership yet.And a camEverton after himNo your notWould love this to be tureIn terms of a rb, the Chalme rumor is nice, hope it's trueAnyone told you griffin was release last month?Yeah Griffin indeed released but will probably come back as a coach.....Nice guy and knows all the tricks in the book as a defender so hope he does


11 Jun 2012 16:07:06
Darren o'dea has got 2 choices to sign for and will be at either of these two clubs July 1st. Leeds or charlton(3)(36)Well.... he just left Leeds so.....Leeds have already said they don't want him.Or wednesdayHe will be warming the bench at Charlton so..........I don't think he's coming here either.Will not go to Leeds as Warnock let him go at the end of his loan without making an offer for him to come permanently.


11 Jun 2012 15:57:29
Newly appointed Steve Clarke is expecting Peter Odemwingie to leave this summer, with the likes of Arsenal, Manchester United and Lyon all tracking him.

Therefore he will go after a like for like proven goal scorer, with Huddersfield Town striker Jordan Rhodes the top of his list.

Steve Clarke is willing to table a £5 million pound bid, and throw Mar Antoine Fortune into the deal(5)(68)Peter odemwingie is not wanted by any off these clubs that is his agent saying stuff to get a better contract will end up at a half decent euro club ...@Couldn't see any of the above teams wanting Odemwingie maybe if Clark is going like for like Odemwingie should consider like for like and look to the likes of stoke or maybe Wigan to replace Rodellaiga

Quigz23That won't happen. Powell from Crewe is leaving them for £6m and Rhodes is worth a lot more than him!I am a West Brom fan and I expect Odemwingie to go; but I can't see us throwing Rhodes into the deal as nearly all of our other strikers are young and pacey. I could see us going for Browsek, Klasnic or Aranda.Odemwingie and Mulumbu to leave, possibly Olsson. Albion looking at an NEC defender to replace olsson..Bran something forgot his name! heard a few rumours lately that Albion want Defoe, could be likely as he would get first team football and he would be ideal to replace Odemwingie...much better player IMOThey wouldnt want him hes to old


11 Jun 2012 15:55:47
Barcelona have rejected an offer from Manchester City for winger Pedro, reports that the Premier League champions have put in an improved bid of £18m. Pedro's contract runs out next summer and has rejected his new contract offer due to his English wife feeling homesick(23)(19)Unlikely


11 Jun 2012 15:54:43
anybody know anymore on bjorn sigurson to wolves ed(6)(18)Great signing if you get for £3 million ...@Heard its a done deal and their are just waiting for the kit to be realsed in the new mega store and he will also be their at the same time. mega store should be ope at the end of the mouth/ end of eurosStrange times. Nothing official announced but the company my daughter does admin for have been asked for a quote on 5000 headbands, gold colour!Signing for cardiff this weekHe will not be signing for Cardiff this weekEverton are after himReading are still interested, his family wants him to go there but he wants to go to wolvesEverton cant afford him due to being 30/40mill in debt n reading withdrawn interest


11 Jun 2012 15:49:28
Aston Villa younster Samir Carruthers is being tracked by various clubs, these are:

Charlton Athletic
Derby County
Huddersfield Town

It is believed that Paul Lambert will allow him to go out on loan to get more first team experience(16)(7)He is far too good already.
He could be a gem next year!
Peterborough? do me a favour!Why do ppl mock peterborough? they may not be the biggest club but they are in the championship on merit! credit where it's due pleaseConsidering that Peterborough play an attractive passing style of football it would be a good place for a youngster. But as has already been stated on here several times, loan signings are not going to happen!Charlton will not take long term loans, as it was one of the reasons highlighted that we were religated CP has been told not to do it. Charlton will only do this with a view to signing a player.Would definately have him down at town, looked like a good talent for villa last year and looks a like he has a few goals in him


11 Jun 2012 15:43:36
Huddersfield Town defender Jamie McCombe wants to join his brother John, at Port Vale, it is higly likely that Simon Grayson will let him go on a loan for the seson.(26)(6)Great coup if true!


11 Jun 2012 15:39:18
Ádám Hrepka to join Crystal Palace for Pre-Season(16)(4)


11 Jun 2012 15:37:45
Cheltenham Town out-of-contract midfielder Luke Summerfield is in talks with Crystal Palace and Shrewsbury(7)(18)Doubt he'll sign for Shrewsbury given that he turned us down last seasonWe turned him down ^We turned him down actually"We turned him down actually"

Shame he would have improved your team.


11 Jun 2012 15:33:05
Marko Futacs will become Palace third signing of this pre-season on a free transfer. Marko was offered a 12 month extention but on reduced terms. Marko decided not to take this up, thus allowing him to leave for free.(13)(9)The fact he signed a yr extension in Jan still means hes under contract! they offered him reduced terms to get the wage down, hes still ares!Incorrect. He had a 1 year extension clause in his contract which the club activated.Just because Futacs is contracted doesn't mean we can't get him for free. If Pompey want to get him off their wage bill I doubt they'll be too rushed into getting a fee for him. The sooner we get him the better for Portsmouth by the sounds of it. - Palace FanAny Pompey player can leave with 14 days notice as the club breached the terms on there wage deferals.


11 Jun 2012 15:29:31
Jamie Ashdown to sign for The Clarets later in the week.
Out of contract and looking to be first choice at a promotion chasing team. Jamie's brother is the messenger, not me!(10)(10)


11 Jun 2012 15:16:39
Palace have completed their second signing of the season signing Aaron Wilbraham from Norwich on a 2 year deal(22)(10)Great signing... think he will do well. with the right service, he can offer plenty of goals and his electrifying pace is a real threat to any defender- "electrifying pace"

I think we're talking about different people here. Still let's hope he can do well for us. Come on you EAGLES!Sure he's getting on a bit, but his positioning and fine touches make him an excellent player. He will help Palace out for sure. Wish we offered him one more year.I'm a Norwich fan, and he is a good player. He'll do well in the Championship. He seems to win everything in the air and he's a tidy technical player. We all wondered why Lambert had signed him up, but he went and proved us all wrong. I was sad to see him leave in the end.Good player, shame to see him leave us but I think he will do well for Palace.Great professional as well. exemplary in training; instills a sense of a degree of confidence and security in the dressing roomGreat lad give him some backing Palace fans and he will perform !Third actuallyWilbraham is the perfect pro. Will play in goal if it gets him minutes on the pitch. Forget his goal record at Norwich. He's a goal scorer at the right level and an excellent target man. He's like Heskey but stays on his feet and has a good first touch...Why do people like wilbraham so much he doesnt win anything in the air and has only scored twice for norwich which is hopeless.After one season at Palace he'll be worth at least £10million and will be sold to another prem club.


11 Jun 2012 15:05:33
Heard a strong rumour.. Bruce to raid Blunderland for his number 2.. I don't think for a minute O'Neill would join the might Tigers.(11)(2)


11 Jun 2012 15:01:40
Watford have enquired about Simon Church from Reading. some rumours saying that Watford have actually tabled a bid.(15)(12)U can have him. Please take himYou can have him for free, infact well pay you to take him.If you have a tenner he is yours.Not good enoughWill pay the taxi fare for him to go if he likes.People said the same about Shane Long and Kevin Doyle before they came good. Have faith in our club you plastic fans.He had move chances than most don't think he going to be prem class do well in the champ with a different club


11 Jun 2012 14:58:38
Tonight at the Huddersfield home shirt revealing , a new player will be announced at the same time. It is expected to be a big named signing.(3)(25)HUDDS new kit will be revealed at 9.30pm (correct) but as for a new "big name" player being announced, i doubt it as hudds management team only just met up again after their hols. But i hope its true.Where was the big name signing pal? ha i dont understand what makes people decide to tell blatent liesWell,you got that wrong didnt you!


11 Jun 2012 14:46:01
Bristol City competing with Charlton to sign Sam Baldock.(12)(20)Bristol City competing? When have they ever done that?Aahhah ^^ he has already agreed to sign fir charlton just contract and medical leftHe hasn't agreed to sign for Charlton yet. We've shown an interest but West Ham are trying to make us pay more than he's worth.Hope he goes to charlton he s steNo he isn't, 7 goals in 3 games for MK at the start of the season then scored 4 in 3 for west ham before he got injured, just face it your only saying he's crap because you can't afford himWe can afford him mate, but we're sensible and wont pay over the odds for an overrated striker! seen him play a bit for west ham and Mk dons and although im not doubting his goalscoring ability (he knows where the goal is) his all round play is not good enough and not worthy of what West Ham are demanding we pay. Do they even need money after getting 90 million last month!Iff baldrick is that good why are the hammers trying to off load


11 Jun 2012 14:38:37
bradford to sign chesterfield striker(1)(14)Craig Westcarr ???????Who ??Rumours about this are everywhere wquite possibleDismissed on Twitter by the man himself. hes not going anywhereNo1 saw terrell Forbes arriving at the b2 net. WHO???Terrell Forbes is a good player at this level


11 Jun 2012 14:36:21
Paul Walker (Radio Sheff) has just put this on Twitter, "Now hearing Chesterfield are one of several clubs to have shown an interest in former Scunthorpe midfielder Sam Togwell."(6)(4)


11 Jun 2012 14:25:36
Reading are set to bid £6million for Copenhagen ace Dame N'Doye.

Newcastle and Everton are also keen on the Senegal striker, 27.

But Royals plan to be first in for N'Doye, who has hit 59 goals in 104 games for the Danes.

Madejski boss Brian McDermott faces a battle with Southampton over his £2.75m move for Watford defender Adrian Mariappa.(21)(10)Sounds legit


11 Jun 2012 14:05:02
Craig Westcarr out off Chesterfield and signing for Bradford City and Chesterfield in for Sam Togwell(3)(12)Westcarr tweeted no truth in rumoursAssuming he probably didn't agree terms, rumours are everything was accepted by Chesterfield and bradford just not the playerEven the t & a have posted about it now seems a strange one


11 Jun 2012 14:04:38
Stuart Beavon of Wycombe wanted by Millwall, Burnley and Sheff Utd, bids off between £250,000 - £500,000

Lots of league 1 clubs after Paul Hayes from Charlton including Notts County, Brentford and Sheff United(14)(5)Wycombe also want Paul HayesAnd wednesdayI would imagine some championship clubs would like him too, he's not a bad player.He is never Championship quality. We don't want him end of!


11 Jun 2012 13:51:16
Free agent Paul green is set to join huddersfield town this week. Green most recently played for derby county and played over 250 games for Doncaster rovers. He is a republic of Ireland international central midfielder.(11)(14)He wont be signing this week as he is with the Ireland squad for EURO 2012Set to join this week yet he's at the euros for 2 weeks? Nice rumour there...Why would he go to Huddersfield?(Derby fan).
He's Going to Birmingham.Dont think so..... said he wants to finish his career at Doncaster! FACTDoncaster fan?
Hes only just turned 29 midfielders dont retire till 34/35He is a sheff weds fan and he is going to leeds watch this spaceHe's going to Birmingham. Birmingham who don't have a manager. Yea good one!Yeah but he wants to stay at doncaster and getb tghem promoted! FACTI have seen this rumour and many transfer websites (dcfc fan)


11 Jun 2012 13:47:19
Jamil Adam to sign for Yeovil Town from Baldock Town on a 1yr deal with option to extend to 2yrs after 20 appearances.(5)(10)Source? or completely made up?Completely made up


11 Jun 2012 13:36:21
Palace linked with david bently, could sign a loan deal in next few days!(5)(21)His names BENTLEY and Palace aren't interested. too much money for a bigtime charlie


11 Jun 2012 13:18:07
Crystal Palace have shown interest in signing Centre Backs Stephen McManus and Paul McShane.(9)(16)McShane needs to accept a 75% pay cut from his 40k a week wages if Palace are to follow through their interestMcShane was on 20k a week to start with. Now, bearing in mind he's on a free transfer now and he's looking Championship standard at best he has to understand that clubs aren't going to be offering that kind of money. Almost certain to sign.McShane did alright for Palace when on loan last season, so I would not mind him back as we need an experienced centreback to go with Paddy and the loanee Martin..he can also play right back


11 Jun 2012 13:18:00
Barnsley to sign Chris O,Grady this is true the player as even bought a house already in Barnsley.(5)(17)He's been having one built since last year so mean nowtSince last year ? how big is it ,must be some
size,how do you know this mate.Hope he ain,t signing not good enoughHe has several houses, he is moving as his house is up for rent. Rumour of barnsley, bournemouth and a couple of other teams. Hope Barnsley get him as he hasn't had a fair crack at Wednesday.Yes heard the same, bought house in silkstone. definately true.I've heard he's bought a touring caravan, so he could be destined for primrose valley f.c!!!! {Ed003's Note - Not Blue Dolphin FC ?? }


11 Jun 2012 13:08:15
Aston Villa to sign Ross McCormack as Lambert rates his fellow Scot.(6)(29)As a Leeds fan, he is not good enough for the Premier League.To true leeds fan, too true. Championship/spl standard striker


11 Jun 2012 13:04:29
Ramon nunez passes medical this morning and is to be named as a bradford city player by tomorrow after agreeing a three year deal. fact(6)(20)Is this true ?No way would city give a 3 year deal


11 Jun 2012 12:55:19
Stephen Ireland to join Mark Hughes at QPR(25)(19)Yes, him and Barton together - dream midfieldRekon this one will happen can't see given following though.Ireland And Barton, what a combination. But I would like too see Diakite and Faurlin play together.I heard he could be going to MK Dons on loan. Never to QPR


11 Jun 2012 12:39:21
It has been revealed today that mariappa will go to newcastle for 6.5 million.(11)(33)Ha 6.5m good one. Just got that Rodriguez chap went for a high price recently ! But he's 22 scores goals and you pay more for strikers !Why would Newcastle pay 6.5 million for a player they wouldn't pay 2.5 million for in January?Revealed by who? And LOL they could get him for less then half that.6.5! yes please! wont happen though6.5Magic beans??He is off to join the mighty saintsWhy would we buy him for £6.5m he is average and plays for Watford. Plus we could get a class centre back for that£6.5 million when he's going to Reading or Southampton for £2.5million? ....SMB


11 Jun 2012 12:35:10
Barnsley manager Keith Hill has offered trails to Portuguese trio - Andre Marques, Diogo Rosado (Both formerly of Sporting Lisbon) and Bruno Severino (formerly of Vitoria du Setubal).

All three are currently out of contract and will join up with the Barnsley squad on their pre-season training camp in Portugal.

Hill has decided to target the European markets as he feels the transfer fees and wages be asking domestically are total outrageous.(15)(10)His assistant bought a beer off two of them on the AlgarveThe training camp will be in marbella,spain !!
but flicker has been in portugal so their may be some mileage in the posting !!Where did you get this information from? I am only curious as I know for a fact that at least one of the players mentioned there are definately having a trail with Barnsley....


11 Jun 2012 12:23:31
David Bentley has said he would like to join up with mark hughes at qpr and said come and get me please(33)(12)Makes sense just hope it starts as a loan with a fee agreed if it works out. If he can regain the form he had at blackburn he'll be a top signing. If not you get shot and its nothing ventured nothing gained. I still rekon Hughes will pull a couple of suprise signings off he seems to have a good scouting set up in both belgium and france so expect movement in those area'sAs a qpr fan I would love that but he just would'nt fit in there with the hoops + we are close to signing Rob Green


11 Jun 2012 12:11:10
Walsall will now offer Matt Sadlers 2 year contract to free agent Lee Naylor(9)(11)Walsall cannot afford his wages (Fact)


11 Jun 2012 12:07:08
dave jones to birmingham(15)(31)


11 Jun 2012 11:58:04
Liverpool interested in Stockport County's Sean McConville.(7)(24)


11 Jun 2012 11:56:35
Millwall want Watfords Joe Garner(8)(8)You can have him hes rubbishHave him3 million pounds please. He's clearly as good as Ellington.Omg please tell me this is true, millwall have been linked with every one of our players. I will liturally carry him to you, although i gues you guys did see his only goal this season.Hope the clubs can sort something out. It'll allow Watford to bring in someone who can score more than one goal a seasonI'm amazed that Millwall have lost interest in Deeney!Take himGreat player, would be sad to see him leave...not!He didn't play well last year, but lets not forget what Deeney used to be like before he got a real chance....& Danny Graham the season before his last with us...
He too was hopeless...^ Untrue, he still scored quite a lot of goals. Garner has been quite decent performance wise but just doesn't have the composure to score goals.


11 Jun 2012 11:54:28
sheffield united and preston after stevenage craig reid(7)(13)Preston want everyone, Westley needs to jog on if he thinks we will let him have everyone too.We don't want him lad, you're alright there.


11 Jun 2012 11:54:13
Watfords Chris Iwelumo to sign for AFC Bournemouth(12)(19)Noooo we don't want him or need himSaid in a recent interview on the watford website that he is happy at watfordThis will be a very good signing for afc bournemouth and he will do very well to take us to the championship.As much as I believed this before, now they've signed Grabban and McQuoid, I can't see that they'll be signing any more strikers so I think we'll have to hang on to him...As a Watford fan, I'll be happy for him to stay. Had a great end of season for the hornets.He can go if Watford can bring in someone betterYou are the only watford fan in the world who would possiblynot want to get rid of joe garner, he had an awful season no highlights not even his only goal. He's a waste of space and money.Paul Groves has confirmed in todays Bournemouth Echo that he is not interested in IwelumoWhat's this got to do with Joe Garner?Brett pitman has been at dean court afc Bournemouth and Bristol city have agreed a feeChris wont go... Joe does alright but he's no Danny Graham or HH


11 Jun 2012 11:49:22
QPR to make a 3 mill bid for Shay given. would be very good signing(23)(24)Especially after last nights performance
would double up as a great striker with heading skills like that.............He and John o shea were not fully fit
and were carrying small injuries.He was
also not feeling wellafter being sick 2 days beforeHe is a brilliant keeper. Single handedly kept villa up.3m you having a laugh 6m more like£3 mill for a 36 year old way to much no matter how great a player he's been3m bid for a player with 4 years left to run on contract! signed a 5 yr deal and was signed for 3.5m need to up the bid for a start and 2nd wont be going anywhere!


11 Jun 2012 11:47:48
Huddersfield set to sign Sean Morrison from Reading.

Roberto Mancini' sons Andrea and fillippo to join Bournemouth on trial.

Sheffield United Lee Williamson to sign for Barnsley while Kevin MacDonald is interesting Sheffield Wednesday.

Tommy Miller and Steve Howard to sign for Hartlepool.

Carlton chasing Sam Baldock(20)(19)Mancini is wanted at Oldham, Rochdale, Crewe, and TranmereWould be a great loan signing but he will go to a bigger club. time will tell?Howard was on 10K at leicester a week hartlepool can't afford that.Wherever Howard goes next at 36 he won't be on 10k a week and pools assistant manager Micky barron is best friends with HowardCan't see Oldham being interested in Mancini, We had him on loan last year and he played about 10 mins as a sub in one game,


11 Jun 2012 11:42:55
is there any more cardiff city rumours(4)(14)Whitts signs for fulham in the coming weekLooking like beavon will be signing for you.Mankey is waiting to see which players Watford are interested in before making a decision. When Watford show their hand then he will pounce.Signed a new contract recentlyBjorn sigurdsson signing on Friday. Subject to medicalYou wish Whitts would go to Fulham, he doesn't want to leave and we know for a fact his girlfriend (from Barry) definately doesn't want to leave.Move on Watford fans just because we took Malky and Cowie you don't have to throw a strop, I mean it has been a year. There's a reason we could and did take your personel....Cardiff City FC = bigger than Watford FC.Which players have we stolen which watford have been interested in?George boyd seen outside portman road a couple of hours ago, wha you think?Manly seen in disguise following Sean dyche. You are welcome to him as a manager. Overrated, starts the season well then gets found out. Has no idea how to change things if they are going wrong or how to hang on to a two goal lead,
. David kerslake is the brains of the outfit.
Name a stolen player, try Andrew Taylor and Craig conway for starters.Wow overated and got to the playoffs in his first season with a squad he had to build from scratch. Whats isn't watford manager is not overrated mind he kept a poor team (watford) in a league that is to good for them


11 Jun 2012 11:40:53
Despite interest from Bristol Rovers and Rotherham, Jack Midson to resign for AFC Wimbledon.

Aldershot and Yeovil interested in Swindon's Bily Boden.(8)(12)What's that suppose to mean, Rotherham buy there way to promotion like crawley did next season, and dons are better than rovers!
Up the DonsThere is no interest from rotherham anymore so your about 2 week lateIt would depend on how much Town want for Bodin (Notice correct Spelling), I mean I want to keep him and I think his Dad will convince him to stay as an impact player at Town......

In 2-3 years he will be quality so I really want to see him stay :)More than 2 week old about 2 months and rotherham havnt paid a fee for any players yet so were not obviously buying our way to promotionWherever he goes clubs will have to fork out between 50,000- 150,000 because he is under 23 and there will be a sell on clause as he came from the Swindon academy so I doubt any of these clubs can afford himRotherham will buy their way into league one... and then come tumbling back down when they realise you need more money to get out of league one... teams with less money that produce teams that stick together have better chances of survival... - coming from a yeovil fan celebrating 10th season in league one with no money...Although Rotherham haven't spent any money on fees, your wage bill will probably be amongst the highest, added to signing on fees, so it depends on your definition of buying your way to success.

Also, as a Yeovil fan, this will be only our 8th season in league one, not our tenth. It's 10th season in the football league.We have got all our players on bosmans so get your facts right pleaseRotherham have a lot more money than clubs like wimbledon and barnet, it's just Wimbledon are going to use what they have better! Rotherham also have had numerous bids rejected from clubs, ie Wimbledon for midson! It's just no decent player will go to them because they are poor qualityRotherham haven't bought one single player but they can offer better wages to get the better players to play for them, pity that clown Steve Evans is on charge absolute thugSorry two international players, a player from league1 who was in league two team of the year, colchesters player of the year(again from league 1) a defender who has played in the premier league, soon to be a league one midfielder and nobody decent wants to sign?? ye alrightColchester are rubbish... dont be too caught up in their 'player of the year' I tip them to be in a relegation fight this year they were very fortunate last year... free transfers are often the best as they carry less expectation than those with a fee... Rotherham will be a disappointment this year money brings nothing but false hopes to those who cant play the market... Rotherham cant just stamp their name on every tom, dick or harry that had a good season and make it a good team... and even if you get up, you wont stay up league one is a tough place to be for the long term...How do you think Rotherham got these so called decent players, money!


11 Jun 2012 11:37:52
bristol rover ready to bid 200 000 for stevenages craig reid(3)(18)They can have him, he's awful, cant hit a barn door


11 Jun 2012 11:35:17
Nick Powell to sign for Man Utd and be loaned to Peterborough.(25)(29)The only link here are the Managers. Not a hope that he, or anyone else will come on loan to PoshWhy does everyone think Peterborough cant attract players?? We are Championship and allow players to play decent football and progress. Sorry, forgot Leeds, Forest etc are European champions and that means they can sign anyone!!


11 Jun 2012 11:29:54
Football League journeyman Phil Jevons signs for Hyde United.(9)(8)


11 Jun 2012 11:28:41
possible transfers this season:
arsenal ins: podolski(definite) lewandowski, m'vila
outs:jenkinson(loan) chamakh, van persie if no contract deal
aston villa ins: holt, snodgrass
outs: agbonlahor
chelsea ins: marin, hazard, dzagoev (roman abramovich wants him)
outs: ferreira, kalou, drogba
everton ins: drenthe,
outs: fellaini
fulham ins: el hamadaoui
outs: dempsey, etuhu
liverpool ins: luuk de jong, griezman, m suarez
outs: suarez, kuyt,(9)(58)Some of this is plausible - but the fact that you said everton were signing Drenthe means your poses has lost all credibility (apart from the obvious statements made)Drenthe defenitley wont go to everton he was in trouble a lot with moyes when on loan, doubt the suarez, de jong, griezman, lewandowski or snodgrass rumours are true eitherMan Utd are close to signing robert lewandowski from dortmund for about 16 million already. The poland manager said he will be signing for them after Euro 2012 and man utd have already signed dortmund midfielder shinji kagawa and now are trying to sign baines and modric.sigh where to start...Surely they are not the only transfers going to fulham or i hope not otherwise something is seriously wrong!!You are so far off the mark it is unbelievable!Suarez will not leave Liverpool. Sorry amigoThe only way Drenthe will come back to EFC is if he buys the club


11 Jun 2012 11:26:51
Middlesbrough are set to offload Stephen McManus to Bristol city for a fee around the range of £150,000. Bargin if you ask me.(15)(10)Snap your hand off if trueThat is a huge hit, but with his wages and Mogga not a fan guess something better than nothingHes worth more than thatYes this is true. any more middlesdrough newsCant agree termsBargain at that price but City don't want to pay the wages that he wantsWord last night from connected source (aren't they all) that a compromise deal is close. Never trust connected sources so doubt he'll agree unless close to what he wants, but there's hardly a queue for him is thereReally liked him for the month we had him! its strange i know because we didnt win with him in the side but he seemed to make the defence more organised and solid! but i would prefer Amougou, we didnt lose with him playing!Ask for 150000 plus albert adomah who i think is a good pacey winger.


11 Jun 2012 11:22:58
Bristol City are looking into a possible Season long loan for Liverpool starlet Jesus Fernandez Saez (Suso).(9)(13)If that happens, it will not impress any fan of Liverpool who is concerned about the future of the club.Is he old enough?


11 Jun 2012 11:15:37
Crawley are closing in on the signing of Doncaster midfielder Brian Stock. The former Bournemouth player headed down to West Sussex for talks with new Reds boss Sean O'Driscoll yesterday. A fee in the region of £200,000 has been agreed.(12)(19)Best Wishes to Stocky, he has been a good servant to Doncaster. He will be the same for Crawley£200k for a 30 year old L1 player? Hope notWhere's all this transfer money coming from?
From paupers 4 years ago, money seems to be from a bottomless pit at Crawley.Are majority of players that come in are free transfers and I think that the fa cup runs and the sales of Barnett and tubbs for a reported combined fee of just under 2 million


11 Jun 2012 11:13:55
Bolton are set to bid 1M for Notts County wide man Alan Judge(2)(22)He would cost abit more that 1mil mate

Notts have been desperately clinging on to him, and have already sounded out a bid nearer 2mil from +lcfc +bhafc +mfcConsidering that Notts County have already turned down a bid of 1M for Judgey i think it will get rejected again !!He may have had a good season but £1 million? That's a lot of money for a League 1 playerMike Edwards has left the clubBolton have four wingers already in Eagles, Lee, Petrov and Wylde.Petrov wont be there next yearPetrov has signed a new contract actually as confirmed by the chairman Phil Gartside not two weeks ago.Petrov said definitely staying at BoltonPetrov has signed a one year extension what's this guy talking aboutPetrov to Rangers! How, lazy journalism at it's best. Petrov has already a signed a 12 month contract extension, so will be very much part of Bolton's plans for the season. Bolton also have first option on Miyaichi, but don't really need him, so the Judge move is deffo not happening.Petrov has just signed a new 1 year deal so i think he willNotts rejected a bid of £1.5m from Leicester for JudgeIf 1mil is steep for a league 1 player, what about leicester paying 1mil for that fleetwood player and man u 4mil for nick powell
I don't think you understand football - it's the player, not the league or club that's valued.


11 Jun 2012 11:11:56
Reading to sigh Lukaku on loan.(14)(35)Not what I heard.He going to stokeNot the kind of player we would want, the boss has made it clear we will sign players that fit in with the team spirit we have in rfc, lukaku after his refusing to touch champions league trophy +problem despite still being young of being kept on the bench and wanting constant 1st team = not a rfc player.His refusal to touch the trophy was nothing to do with petulance. As he didn't play a minute of champions league football he felt he hadn't won it so didn't want to touch it.


11 Jun 2012 11:08:54
Burnley have had a third bid(1.3M) rejected by Derby for Jason Shackell

Derby are holding out for 2M but Burnley will not be paying that much(14)(8)Is this a Derby fan?
Either way you would know we are not selling Jason Shackell whatever the price.
As Nigel has Said in 4 Interviews now is Not about the Money its about whether we could get a Replacement as good as
Jason.He said from what they have seen they can and they are not holding for 2 million derby Value him at 4 Million and
have raised it so high to stop Interested Parties.Not sure Shacks will be happy to be treated as a piece of meat by Clough, sending out the wrong signals.He said if the money is right (roughly 2m) he will sell12 Jun 2012 16:02:31
shackell is saying that derby could sell if we get the right offer, to me its bad management by clough spuring clubs on to buy himThink noises from the north west media are saying Burnley have had a bid accepted by the rams. One step forward, ten back...


11 Jun 2012 11:07:49
Bradford City are set to sign Ramon Nunez from Leeds after Warnock has told him he is not in his plans, he will sign later today(12)(18)Ha ha ha never in a million years he will drop down to Leauge 2 levelSo much for him signing today then eh l


11 Jun 2012 11:00:18
Scott Loach to go to West Ham to replace Rob Green.(12)(23)Poor keeper for poor keeper then


11 Jun 2012 11:00:15
Millwall and Brentford talking to Paul hayes(3)(13)


11 Jun 2012 10:58:58
Ruddy and Pilkington interesting Arsenal also Everton.(4)(31)Bearing in mind Everton are skint, I can't see how they could afford either of them. Ruddy certainly wouldn't go back there-he's settled, playing regularly and has had an England call up whilst playing for Norwich.
Pilkington may be a player that moves onto bigger and better things ultimately, but it won't be this Summer.


11 Jun 2012 10:45:45
Millwall have had a 750k bid accepted for Stenage FC pair Lawrie Wilson and Luke Freeman. FACT(5)(22)Freeman is worth a million + on his ownFreeman on his own would cost more than 750k


11 Jun 2012 10:27:54
this is what gary johnson has said on yeovils website in an interview about some transfer rumors.
"Gary then went on to discuss the names mentioned on the rumour mill over the last month, focusing on ex-Glover Nathan Smith, former loan star Ryan Dickson and experienced strikers Jon Parkin and Freddy Eastwood.

He admits to being interested in one of the four but confesses that his side's recent success puts Yeovil out of the picture financially."

this was also said by johnson on glovers player(2)(6)This is old news im afraid...


11 Jun 2012 10:17:24
Huddersfield Town are to announce the signing of David Syers from Bradford City within the next week according to a club source.(4)(15)


11 Jun 2012 10:02:03
Paul Anderson will decide whether he will sign for Blackpool when he gets back from his holiday.(6)(6)


11 Jun 2012 09:41:20
van persie to juventus (done deal)(18)(15)If it was a 'done deal' then it would have been announcedDone deal even though they pulled out of the running last week??Doubt he would go to Italy, their league is not what it once was - Spain maybe but not Italy.


11 Jun 2012 09:13:32
Ezequiel Lavezzi looks set to join Paris Saint-Germain after Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis confirmed a deal had been reached.(28)(6)


11 Jun 2012 09:04:12
Michael Owen will be revealed as a stoke city player this week.(37)(38)Hiring high profile players is probably a way for Pulis to send a message out that Stoke can attract such players. Obviously Owen is way past his best and will not add anything to the Stoke squad.Why do clubs still buy this guy,done nothing since he left liverpool and will add nothing but hype.Don't agree. Stoke did a great job at getting Woodgate fit week in week out and Owen is still one of the best finishers around. If it's a similar pay per play deal as Woodgate then will be a great move.Too good a footballer for stokeCould see him doing well with Crouch and Stoke's wide menOwen would do good at stoke he would work of crouch just like walters but better finishing. We would welcome him to our stadium


11 Jun 2012 08:59:46
According to The Daily Mail Southamptonaree also interested in Mariappa. Is this his agent or the club trying to up the price?(15)(14)Probably the club trying to up the price. Watford need the cash so have accepted Reading's offer of £2 million despite continuous reports saying otherwise. I assume they are trying to start a bidding war.Decent player, right age, international and we are very much in the market for a C Half. May fit...And is he good enough?What is this rubbish about watford need the cash, maybe 5 years ago, we are now in a great financial position, better than most clubs. as for marriappa, he is a very good player, not very tall for a cb but great jumping ability makes up for that, voted watfords player of the season.Great financial position. According to most of the Watford fans you can't even afford 850K on one player. Yeh you need the money.Why would Watford pay £850000 for a player that is not worth half that fee. The trouble with Reading is they want to buy cheap and sell expensiveIt wasn't about the player but the fee. They were saying you can't afford that much regardless of the player. Anyways the Mariappa deal was done a long time ago. He needs to have a medical and that's it. He played for Jamaica on Friday and will be playing tomorrow but should be back soon after that to tie up the deal.


11 Jun 2012 08:59:06
Preston North End are hoping to sign Cheltenham City's former Spurs striker Jamie Slabber(14)(8)Doesnt play for cheltenham he plays for chelmsford. good signing. NOT.Hope this aiant true


11 Jun 2012 08:51:54
Charlton are close to the signing of Damien Delaney from Ipswich Town for an undisclosed fee.

Also Luke Varney in talks over a return to the Valley.(12)(19)Varney is off to forest once cotterill knows his budget, which is dependent on if they get taken over. This is why he has not signed for anyone else yet, even though there has been offersI would love to see varney come back as he has unfinshed busniess with usYeah. That's not happening until we get 2-3 centre backs in because we are not going to be left with one centre back at the club.
Plus I'm not sure you'd want him.I will drive delaney to youI can see it happening if town line up a few replacement defendersLuke Varney would be perfect for us and as the previous guy said he has unfinished Business,. His non stop, plus his gained a tremendous amount of expereince,. Can make goal can score goals,.good news if true !!Why would Delaney want a relegation battle all seasonExactly so why wouod he stay at Ipswich? ^^Don't get nasty about Charlton. They could do well in the championship next season, just like all of last years promoted teams.I'm not at all sure about Delaney, we have three good centre backs.

Luke Varney however has never set the world alight but is great to watch and I'd love to have him back. Who would you drop to fit him into the team though?"Why would Delaney want a relegation battle all season"

Exactly, why stay at Forest?Forest?Damien delaney cant wait to leave as ipsweich board very unambitious.How do some of these stupid comments get ok'd? Is Ed a budgie or something? {Ed003's Note - I've never been called a budgie before,is that a compliment? }Oh yeah, we're 'unambitious'!? Because us aiming to build a squad for the future and get into the premier league within the next few seasons is 'unambitious'.
If you're going to make up rumours at least make it believable.Definitely not a compliment from our perspective. Although that is harsh to accuse Ed of such foolishness. {Ed003's Note - More a donkey man myself to be honest}Delaney doesnt think Ipswich is unambitious, I speak to him after every game and he would only leave if he wasnt getting regular footballHe might well be leaving next year then...Delaney can go if we get a decent replacement because he is a donkey


11 Jun 2012 08:43:31
Norwich City will confirm the transfer of an unspecified player on Wednesday afternoon more on this as I get it(9)(21)If you don't give a name then don't bother posting-they could sign anyone-Wednesday or the days afterwards and you could say that it was you that tipped it, no matter who he was. Anyone can say "a" player, provide a name or don't bother.Ch is off on holiday and will watch tapes of all last seasons games i cant see nobody singing this week.Aaron Wilbraham to PalaceAs a Norwich fan, Chris Hughton might be singing whiles watching those 38 games, but i don't think he will be signing any player soon.


11 Jun 2012 08:16:27
wigan are closing in on giovani dos santos personal terms have been agreed, all thats left is the fee(16)(18)No way either joining swansea or bilbaoThis one has been talked about for some time! Possible, as Martinez has been keen on this player for a couple of seasons.Trust me this is trueSwansea ain't even got a manager


11 Jun 2012 07:57:44
I heard a whisper that Bradford City are set to sign Ramon Nunez from Leeds Today (9)(22)I heard it could be American Grella or Nunez!Good luck to him if this happens, i as a Leeds fan didn't feel he was good enough to play week in week out but feel he would be a great signing for league 1 or 2Its a fact passed medical this morning. plus big time investment to be announced this week also factI think it's Mike Grella signing today, he's ex LeedsNunez isn't an American, he is a Honduran.Grella sounds more likely.
Nunez is too good for league 2. Top of league 1 or lower championship quality.Who said anything about Nunez being from America? I think he was meaning Grella was from the US of A.

As for the right-winger from Leeds, it's more likely to be Lloyd Sam who played under Parkinson at Charlton.


11 Jun 2012 07:47:05
Preston close to signing gillinghams midfielder,jack payne on a two year contract(8)(8)Preston already appear to have a surplus of midfield playersIts not long since he signed a 2year contract. I can't see Preston paying out money for himHope this one is true, great player with a bright future imo"Great player with a bright future"....not if he joins PNE......cant see it happening as he would cost money.....and PNE dont have any.Although I don't believe this rumour to be true I am getting sick of ppl saying PNE have no money to spend! Ridsdale has said that money is available to spend so please get the facts rightWish people on here would stop talking crap about Preston that they don't know. We do have money and Hemmings is going to let some of it be spent during the actual transfer window, the frees coming in are just the out of contract players. Also Payne has more chance of furthering his career at Preston than at Gillingham, I'm a fan of both clubs so I can say with conviction that Gillingham are a League 2 side and Preston are building towards a Championship side.If this was true, whick i know its not as I know JP's family very well it would cost PNE 500K up front + 250k at xmas + 250K in March.

He has a 1m release cause in his contract. He will only look at Championship London Clubs.


11 Jun 2012 06:54:20
Luke McCormick to move to play for Central Coast in Australia.(11)(10)The aussies wont have him


11 Jun 2012 06:53:32
Ross Allen and David Rihoy to sign for Swindon from Guernsey FC.

As part of the deal, Swindon will play them in a pre-season game after Christmas.(7)(5)What a late start to this season then !What, a sort of mid-season pre-season game?


11 Jun 2012 06:52:35
Paul Hayes is signing for Wycombe(10)(14)This is true, also heard this. He enjoyed his loan spell & is looking to play upfront with Stuart Beavon again.He's going to a League 1 club


11 Jun 2012 06:49:51
West Ham to be sold by 1 Jan 2013.(8)(13)To who and what's your source?


11 Jun 2012 06:49:00
Rangers players on the move:

Sasa Papac - Cardiff City £0
David Healy - Sheff W £0
Sone Aluko - Charlton £0
Salim Kerkar - Brentford £0
Andrew Little - Oxford United £0
Andrew Mitchell - Bury £0(25)(18)So Glasgow's finest only good enuff for Championship mid-tablers...dream on palThey are not the finest,thats why they are going,all bit part playersRotherham intrested in sone alukoRangers are a championship (equivalent) team, they arent anything specialSorry to say but the Scotish league is very poor. Even Celtic would struggle to get out of the Championship.Get a grip you person celtic are premier league standard mid table and in 4 to 6 years they would be chalenging for the titleSone Aluko will be going nowhere near the championship after last year i'm afraid. He's either staying at rangers, or it's BPL or la ligaHa challenging for the title...dont think so mate, Celtic are average about the same as Stoke or West bromCeltic would struggle in the champ due to most other spl steams being league 1 quality


11 Jun 2012 06:36:00
Kanu signing for DiCanio's Swindon(11)(29)How you knowthis?Absolute rubbish.


11 Jun 2012 06:28:57
Nani set to leave Manchester United this summer as Valencia/Young are in form and Nani wants better wages(21)(20)


11 Jun 2012 05:07:11
Milan Baros is interesting Leicester(13)(35)


11 Jun 2012 02:41:46
Barnsley news. jacob mellis to replace out going midfielder jacob butterfield.(12)(15)Hill already said last season he wouldn't be looking to sign Mellis, in fact he said he'd watched videos of his loan spell with us and that he only ever played one good game for us so I can't ever see that one happening.Agree with Keith hills comments was not good when on loan with us previously why would we sign him now.Butterfield wasgone in the transfer window before the injury.
Mike Jones will be his replacement.
from the mouth of horsesButterfield is struggling to overcome knee injury in time for start of season and as not received any other contract offers off any club


11 Jun 2012 01:30:25
George Boyd close to agreeing a 2year deal with Palace from Posh for a fee in the region of 400k.(15)(40)Palace dont play with wingers anymore. A massive Palace fan but it aint going to happenIf we can bring in Boyd, with Zaha on the other side and Scannell, Parr and Ambrose all also able to play on the wings I'm sure we'd open up the wings once more. If Tshabalala signs too we'll be on fire. Come on you EAGLES!Not gonna happen not a fan of either team but he won't leave peterboro



11 Jun 2012 00:50:57
Bristol City have shown interest in Crystal Palace's Kagisho Dikgacoi. The two clubs have agreed a fee in the region of£200,000 for the South African.(12)(22)KG is fat and lazy, i'll accept £1 for him let alone £200k + we have Jonny Williams to replace himThis is laughable
Why would he go to Bristol for a smaller team and palace let him go for 25% of the price we actually paid^^^^ Haha
Personally I'd pay Bristol City out of my own pocket for them to take KG!I will drive him down to Bristol footballer my asePosh want over 1m for Boyd wont happen at 400kHow's about a swap, Marvin Elliot for KG?No Id rather keep Marvin Elliot , you can have niel killkenny ;)Martin Elliot is valued at 3 million by bcfc so yeah a stright swap for a lump of wood yeah il take typical thick palace fans as always


11 Jun 2012 00:48:57
George Thorne set to rejoin Portsmouth on a season long loan.(11)(17)Portamouth can't sign anyone until the CVA has been accepted, which wont happenWhich should be soon...It will take a couple of weeks yet but the CVA will be signed as even at a few pence in the pound, it's more than creditors will get via liquidation. After the CVA is in place could easily see Thorne return on loan.I know thorne impressed last season in the CHAMP so why would he go back to league 1?He would join league 1 because he worked with Pompeys manager for many years at WBA, because he wants regular football, because he was well liked by Pompey fans and because he is unlikely to be swamped with offers from the better Championship teams.


11 Jun 2012 00:48:15
Portsmouth are set to sign the following players -

Shaun Cooper (150k)
Papa Bouba Diop (Free Agent)
David James (Player Coach)
Clarke Carlise (Free Agent)

Eric Huseklepp (4Million) to Bran
Marko Futacs (Undisclosed) to Crystal Palace
Kanu & Benjani released.(8)(51)£150k for Cooper ?? Mate Pompey are skint and will have to make do with free transfers for a few years + you're going bust at the end of JuneYou can not sign anyone-you are still in administration.Sorry but you wont get 4 million.Clubs will
only take advantage of your situation
not help you.Your owners will have to take the best price that comes in for any of your players.Bran and Birmingham have
offered 800k.Not 4 millionComplete rubbish4m behave, hes allowed to leave on a free !Clarke Carlise going Northampton

You dont have 150k to spend4 million for huseklepp? Dream on!Shaun cooper is joining from bournemouth!To the first comment: You have completely contradicted yourself there, saying we'll get getting frees for a couple of years, then saying we're going bust by june? make up your mindFutacs has signed a new contract with pompey£4 million would buy the whole Pompey team with £3 million in change! Also Kanu can only be released if you pay up his contract something you dont have the money to doBrann dont have that kind of money! 400 000 maybe ...Futacs will be a Crystal Palace player by the end of the week.Which week will Futacs be a Palace player?


11 Jun 2012 00:34:37
Out of contract Bournemouth defender Shaun Cooper is set to join Portsmouth.(11)(13)Portsmouth can't sign anyoneAnd he's not out of contract... he still has another yearThought he signed the contract?He signed a new deal in January taking him up to 2015


11 Jun 2012 00:32:36
After missing out on Brentford midfielder Sam Saunders , Oxford will sign free agent Lloyd Sam.(5)(17)After missing out on Sam Saunders? Do me a favour pal you were never in the running as he's just signed a new contract and was never up forsale.Lol it gets betterHe isn't joining Oxford - As I am a youth scout for the club he has pretty much agreed to join. Might wanna re-think your sources next time.


11 Jun 2012 00:02:13
Coventry, Watford, Millwall, Derby, Leicester and Burnley all chasing Norwich's Aaron Wilbraham.(8)(9)Signing for PalaceYou sure about that...he's a free agentWill score 30+ goals a seasonGood. would hate to sign him.They'll never catch him - he's too fastWho on earth thinks Wilbraham will score 30+ a season? He certainly isn't a premier league striker in fact I reckon he'd struggle for goals in the blue square premier league!I dont think enough people respect the role wilbraham does in the club and how hard he works every match.Lol, bit harsh he's been very good at norwich although id say about 10 goals if your lucky. As a watford fan i wouldn't mind him but apparently crystal palace have offered him a contract.Coventrys transfer embargo will not be lifted until the forseeable future. no deal for half share of ground. sisu considering options. it doesnt look good.He can offer a high work ethic and enthusiasm of the great gameWatford get him nowGreat at holding the ball up, good vision, occasional goals, great attitude, brilliant squad player, no one at Norwich has a bad word to say about Wilbraham, been good for us, not pivotal but important, a wise signing by Palace, glad to see him get picked up, surplus to requirements at NCFC now. Congrats to Palace. Are you signing Chris Martin too?Done deal apparently according to Richard Crawley on Twitter - CPFC it is


10 Jun 2012 23:58:05
In: Barnsley in contract talks with Sheffield Uniteds Lee Williamson, also in talks with Birmingham City over Kieth Fahey (wanting fresh challenge) however doubtful to sign. Almost completed the signing of AFC Bournemouth midfeilder Harry Arter.

Out: Butterfield to Bolton on Free,
Clark on loan to MK Dons(6)(20)Barnsley want arter? HA, take him pleaseOh Gooood....someones signing Arter (Cherries fan). Try to keep him on the pitch!!Butterfield is going nowhere on a free he his
under 23 so fee if not agreed between clubs will go to a tribunalNot sure why a championship club would want arter, he's not good enough for league 2Butterfield not on a free will have fee to pay by tribunal cause of his age.Yeah but technically it is a free, but with compensation, i think thats what he meant!Harry arter for barnsley, surely not that desperate as he is not good enough to play in div 1. His passing and distribution is poor but ok for the bench or div 2 !Dons Manager, Karl Robinson, recently told that he will not loan unless they are '5 Star Quality' after the recalls of James Tavernier and Adam Smith (Not Alan). I doubt Clark is '5 Star Quality'Keith Fahey has been at the club over the last two days, contract talks still on going. I have heard rumours about Arter, apparently kieth Hill is a big fan. Not sure about Clark thoughIf arter goes to barsnley there will be a que of people at dean court to drive him there take him shocking and when not shocking be sure he doesnt get sent off good ridanceWe dont want him do we?


10 Jun 2012 23:56:42
Mansfield Town's Paul Cox to join Burnley with Ben Purkiss joining the stags from Hereford United.(2)(6)He signed a contract in April!


10 Jun 2012 23:53:02
Danny Murphy and Fredric Piquionne to join Steve Bruce's new look hull city side(19)(25)I doubt it, Bruce will be going after young players, not old premier league rejects, to fit in with all of our other young players.Ha Ha, after just about surviving after spending millions on wages and fees for overpaid, old players. You want them to do it all again. Really, get realMurphy is staying at Fulham - will eventually become a coach


10 Jun 2012 23:42:40
Ezequiel Lavezzi Napoli-Paris St Germain(37)(8)Your about 5-6 hours late with this one.Was hoping the "unnamed" team was going to be Mansfield Town, never mind.


10 Jun 2012 23:19:16
Oxford face a battle to sign former loan striker Dean Morgan, the winger is interesting newly promoted York City.
The signings of Ronnie Henry and Lee Frecklington should be completed by the end of the week.(4)(13)Funny how Morgan isnt wanted by WilderThere wont be a battle for Morgan. Lazy waste of space when he was on loan to OUFC. So not sure where you get this from.....


10 Jun 2012 22:47:35
Any Swindon Rumours ??(8)(20)Yep, they are in the first division...meanwhile at the other end of the A420..........That's not a rumour. That's a fact !!Swindon are set to place another bid for oxford united striker james constable, in the region of 400kA rumour that shrewsbury winger jon taylor is in talks with swindon town over a 3 year deal and is set to sign over the next few days, possibly a swap for matt ritchie?Ritchie is staying for ay least another season. As for Constable, Di Canio has made it plain that he lost his chance...the fact that his own supporters threatened him etc put him off even talking to be honest the fans that did that are disgusting but ultimately did us a favour.


10 Jun 2012 22:13:02
Steve Clarke hopes to make Nathaniel Clyne his first signing as West Brom manager. WBA are willing to meet Palace's £3m fee to avoid a tribunal.(18)(30)Clyne is going to Man U after Euro 2012. Fee will be set by a trib with Man U beliving the fee will be as little as 1.5 millionClyne will be at man utd soon. already had disscusions.As a Palace fan I'd rather see Clyne go to WBA than United. Will get first-team football and be part of a growing club with passionate fans. Rather than a club full of arm-chair glory fans..Rather see him stay at Palace but agree a move to albion would be better for him


10 Jun 2012 22:00:59
My thoughts are with everyone who loved and new former everton gk gorden west who has passed away.(44)(3)Great goalkeeper my hero as a young goalie very sad .I am Wednesday fan and saw him play many times in the sixtiesYes great keeper - I saw him years ago Everton were my Dad's team


10 Jun 2012 21:23:43
Leicester are interested in Stoke's 1.5 million pound rated Belgian, Florent Cuvelier(9)(35)On a loan move only, as hes considered as stokes jack wiltshireJust signed a new contract d/sThe midfielder recently signed a new deal. so they would get him on loanDoubt it he has just signed a new contractNo way he has just signed a new contractHe won't except it. He recently signed a new contract at stoke and wants to break into the first team there.Not a chance, he recently signed a new long term deal! The only way he'll leave the club is on loan! Do your homework!He's just signed a 2 year deal with stoke... try again sunshine.Is it true thoughPeter coates is ready to give TP 20 million plus any futher cash generated from player sales. expect a couple of tasty deals.They might get him on loan ..remmber b4 he went walsall he was struggling make the reservers thats why they sent him out as a make or break ..and b4 stoke commit to a bigger contract they will send him out agian this year to see how he gets onCould well go on loan as Stoke hinted he could join a Championship club. He certainly is a talent. Far better prospect than Marshall


10 Jun 2012 21:19:47
Port Vale are too sign former loanees Liam Chivers and Jennison Myrie-Williams and also chasing Liam Dickinson.(13)(4)


10 Jun 2012 21:34:24
It is believed that Palace will make a last minute attempt to try and scupper Crawley's deal for Torquay's 22 year old midfielder Eunan O'Kane. It is believed that O'Kane is seen to have a bright future and will be loaned back out to Torquay should Palace sign him. The amount required to activate O'Kane's release clause is £175,000(16)(10)Can Palace afford £175,000?O'kane to the new den!He's ste, ane't gonna happenTo the muppet who said Palce can't afford 175k, our owners are worth a combined 1 billion and will spend as much as necessary on the right player. Stop living in the past


10 Jun 2012 21:02:02
Stockport wanting Southports Andy Owens(3)(9)


10 Jun 2012 20:58:21
Bristol City to sign Darren O'Dea on a free transfer.(9)(22)Please No! -Signed by Roy Keane as part of a dreadful Ipswich defence last year -


10 Jun 2012 20:26:04
Martin Boyle (or Hoskins) as he is known to friendswill sign for aberdeen
in next couple of weeks. Craig Brown has told him he cant go on a pre-planned lads holiday to magaluf in July as they will be back in pre-season training
Source: He is one of my daughters best friends(7)(7)What you talking about? He's just jetting off to Turkey today on a lads holiday haha! In Glasgow airport right now.
Source: He's my good mate.


10 Jun 2012 20:19:59
Yakubu to sign for west ham for 1m rising to 2m west ham are also in talks with blackburn for scott dann fee arojnd 3m rising to 5m as black burn want him off the wages west ham are also willling tolet blackburn have robert hall ,dann potts. Freddie sears and possibly sam baldock on loan as part of the deal! Watch this space!(24)(18)


10 Jun 2012 19:52:37
Jay Rodriguez has signed for Southampton. There maybe at least one player involved in a swap as part of the £7million deal.(33)(18)Its a cash deal.No other players and i think closer to 6milThe deal is done, none of our players have gone, why are people still saying Burnley are getting a player in the deal?Its a cash only deal but it is £7mThe deal is £7m cash, no players coming the other way.... FACT .... good luck JayIt was 6 millionI can 100% say that the amount is less than £6m up front. It could rise to £7m but is closer to £5.6 initial payment.Its 7m but has a million worth of add ons."I can 100% say that the amount is less than £6m up front. It could rise to £7m but is closer to £5.6 initial payment."

i can 100% say you made that up. {Ed001's Note - I would suggest checking, they tend to be very accurate with prices. They list the deal as costing 7.6m (roughly).}Its not 7 million! But it can rise to they depending on matches, goals, england call up etcSo will be 7 million then..... Jay welcome. Next target please.SkySports reporting the price was 6 million. I believe them more than I believe . {Ed001's Note - then you are a fool, as use real figures from FIFA, UEFA and the FAs, while Sly make up their own figures. Run along now, you probably need to place a bet on their latest made up nonsense to get the likes of you gullible ones betting on slybet.}Different to ed 003s opinion a little way down "5million with add ons up to 7", no need to get bitter and uppity about sky:L {Ed001's Note - oh well, his opinion is his own, mine is based on the figures submitted to the FA, so I will stick with mine. As for Sly, they continually try and post nonsense on the site in an attempt to get free advertising, I have every right to be annoyed with their lies.}


10 Jun 2012 19:45:46
Northamptons Michael Jacobs will join Derby next week when he arrives back off holiday (Northampton fan)(15)(10)If your Northampton fan can you tell everyone that doubts this that he told everyone in his local pub and friends and family that he is leaving to derbyApparently he did mate. Obviously can't be 100% but the talk up here is that a deal is close.Jacobs isnt on holiday :/ so this is another wrong jacobs talk... thought he had already signed for derby? more lie's....I know i wear claret and white tinted glasses but in my very serious opinion Jacobs will one day not only grace the premiership but will play for England. If Derby don't get this deal sorted soon then more fool themNo this is the right Michael Jacobs, i have him on facebook and he is in ibiza with 2 of the team mates (johnson & arron davies)
-Northampton FanHe's a fantastic talent. The best player we've produced in a long time. Good luck to the lad.Not on holiday? Want to check his twitter? He left for a week holiday to Ayia Nappa on Wednesday. Check on there. Get your facts right.I do not know were he is or wear he is going but i like the player and how ever gets him a great talent at a bargain price
Northampton fan for years if you go good luck MichealI am a cobblers fan and i think jacobs needs to go , he cant say in the lower leagues all his life he is just to good . i think he will become a prem star in the future and hopefully try and push for a england placeIm a massive derby fan and what i have seen of the videos and highlights and him being only 20 will fit right in with our young squad he is a talent and has also recieved a england u21 call up from stuart pearce.He goes to ayia nappa with a friend of mine soon, he also told this friend he has agreed to sign for derby after going upto moor farm a few thursdays back to finalise it.


10 Jun 2012 19:44:33
Derby county are in for Dan Harding of Southampton. The former Leeds and Ipswich left back has bags of Championship experience but has been largely left out since the purchase of. Danny Fox last summer.(18)(13)Derby want a Lb no older than 25Afraid this isn't true. He has made some pretty permenant recent changes, indicative that he is remaining in Southampton for a while yet.Too Old for the RamsI think it could be true-with Englands next left back coming through for Saints, will they keep 3 other left backs in the squad-don't think so.Dickson will go before Harding. Seems he ha been given reassurances by Adkins over next season.Dan Harding just moved in to a house in Hiltingbury (February), he was in Knightwood renting until thenI do hope this is true! he is woeful at crossing to light weight and not fast enough! he is barely championship standard! he started less then 10 games against championship opposition last season! You can have him!


10 Jun 2012 19:11:53
Coleraine Chairman Hugh Wade moved quickly to support Manager Oran Kearney in his bid to keep prolific striker Curt Allen.

Allen was a target for both Bury and Falkirk
and is believed to have a 10000 pound buyout clause in his contract, which has 11 months to run.
Allen is settled on the Irish Coast but a move to a bigger stage could suit the players personal ambitions.

Expect contract talks to begin on his return from the TT races in the IOM.

Coleraine are known to play good direct football and Kearney himself has been the subject of much talk regarding a move to Scottish Football.(6)(3)Hugh Wade is not the chairman of Coleraine FC it is Colin McKendry


10 Jun 2012 19:19:35
Brian stock has finally agreed personal terms now just waiting for too clubs clubs to agree a fee Bournemouth won't pay any more than 500k doncaster holding out for 500k this is from Doncaster fan(10)(10)This just dont make sense. if doncaster want 500k and bournemouth wont go higher then 500k , the deal should be agreed?I'll take him down myself for 500k I'll fit his crutches in the boot aswell hes never off em and how can he talk to Bournemouth if Doncaster ain't agreed owtWhat's the point discussing personal terms if a fee hasn't already been agreed? {Ed001's Note - often happens that way, because the team's budget to buy a player will often be influenced by how much they have to pay out in wages.}Be sad to see him leave if its true. But the wages he is on we need more games from him. Deal deal deal. Backs gone and he can't play week in week out.I havnt signed for Crawley Sean O'Driscoll is a good man but Doncaster is my team now, so i want to get them promoted or if not get to the play-offs with them!


10 Jun 2012 18:46:38
According to tv sources, Man city to make a bid for France and real Madrid striker karim benzema(23)(20)He's said he's staying at Madrid.City dont need him we need someone like gotzeYou mean that Man City have actually made a bid for France !


10 Jun 2012 18:13:48
Reading will look into buying Rafik Djebbour after his impressive display in the Greek Super League. He is still within contract so it looks unlikely. Fee: £5million approx.
I'd love this but I doubt it will happen.(5)(17)His agent


10 Jun 2012 18:11:34
Having banked 7m Burnley now have the funds to bring in their identified targets. These are well known to be:

Jason Shackell
Bret Pitman
Oliver Norwood
Adam Clayton(15)(16)Burnleys spendings

Steve Davies and James Bailey-2.5 million
Bret Pitman-450k
Adam Clayton-850k

No Jason Shackell
Oliver Norwood has alot of clubs offering
him a contractI think you will find the total was £7m INCLUDING ADD ONS, so you will not receive £7m up front.My brother taught Oliver Norwood when he was at Fulledge Colts youth FC, he is so proud of him, no matter what club he goes to, but he would be so proud if he plays for his hometown club BURNLEY FC.

So come Oliver go to Burnley, Mr Paul Brooker-Carey would be so happyThe fee was 6.5M with only 3M being paid outright and the other 3.5M paid over the rest of his contractYou wont get Pitman for 450k, more like 800kIts actually six million then a million in add ons


10 Jun 2012 18:10:47
Charlton chasing the following players in the following positions ,they will not sign them all and some are either ors

Goalkeeper Ben Alnwick ,David Button ,Conrad Logan or Jimmy Walker

Right Back Gavin Hoyte ,Stuart Parnaby

Centre Backs Kyle Bartley ,Michael Turner ,Tamas Kadar Darren Purse and Darren O'Dea

Central Mid field Keith Andrews ,Hayden Mullins ,Dean Parrett , Darrel Russell and John Bostock

Left Mid field Stephen Quinn ,Anthony Wordsworth,Julian Gray or Sanchez Watt.

Striker Martyn Waghorn ,Sam Baldock or Francois Zoko(13)(27)The only impression Parrett left at Charlton was on the cushion of his seat on the subs bench!Hoyte struggled in L2 with afc Wimbledon!
No way is he championship quality, do you mean Justin Hoyle who got releasedMate, what have you been smoking?

Most of these layers would struggle to make it into a league side and Powell clearly has no intention of signing them.HAHA John Bostock, Julian Gray and Hayden Mullins


10 Jun 2012 18:07:59
lancashire telegraph reporting Southampton have today completed the signing of jay rodriguez. also saying burnley are still targetting jason shackell and brett pittman(19)(6)You will not get Jason Shackell.
What is wrong with you people the paper
says you have made a 1million pound bid
we paid 1.1 million last summer.Why on earth would we accept an offer that is less than what we paid.He was our best player last season playing nearly every
game.even a 3.5 million bid would be rejected as Barker will be back for the last 10 games or so and if derby make a promotion push.The Barker and Shackell would be key to premier league successChill out, just saying what they put in the paper, doesn't mean I said it will Happen3.5m wouldn't be rejected? What are you high?


10 Jun 2012 18:04:10
With Southampton completing the signing of striker Jay Rodriguez from Burnley, they are set to let Lee Barnard leave on loan for 6 months with the chance to extend it until the end of the season in January. Crystal Palace are leading the chase.

Jason Puncheon is once again attracting interest with Crystal Palace, Millwall, Blackpool and Bolton all interested. Palace have already made an offer of around £750k which is set to be accepted if Southampton can strike a deal for young right back Nathaniel Clyne (Puncheon will then be included in the deal plus around £2.5 million.)(23)(8)The WALL have NO MORE interest in Puncheon 100%!Jay rod what a waste of moneyReturn on investment will be 100% in 12 mos. Certainly not a waste of money.^ 21 years of age. Englands next big thing? ^Signals are that Saints have some further business brewing with Palace, following the loan of Martin, and whether through Barnard or Puncheon, it could equally be for Zaha as Clyne.Wouldn't say Jay Rodriguez is a waste of money, for 7 million, with his record in the Championship I'd say it could turn out to be a good buy for them. Despite that, I do wonder what will happen to Lambert and Sharp now. I can't see any one of the three wanting to play second fiddle to the others.

About Puncheon, I'd happily have him come to Palace. Despite having Zaha on one side, Scannell hasn't really established himself on the other wing, the experience would be great. Although I had heard you were going to offer Butterfield to try and tempt us to sell Clyne to you. Myself I'd prefer Puncheon, though both of them would be great!- Palace fanWe dont want puncheon and clyne is not going to southampton, he`ll either go to a top 6 club or he`ll sign a new contract. we`ll take barnard cos he knows where the goal is, maybe he could remind murrayFair points palace an although I believe jay rod is a long term replacement for lambert and could play out wide, you've got a good centre back in MartinHow is he a waste of money, one of the best strikers in the championship and hes only 22. Good signing and he will improve a lot, when he grows out of Southampton he will go for a profitBarnard's a top player, he could of been huge for saints if not for his injuries (and bottling people) he knows where the goal is and would be quality for any champ team, i hope hes involved in a possible zaha deal, but only on loan.Murray knows where the goal is but hasn't had the support and a new partner in crime would help him barnard or even a crafty bid for lambert if he doesn;t want to play second fiddleLee Barnard was found innocent at Salibury Crown Court. Case closed.Wtf craffty bid for Lambert, he will be main strikerYou will never sign lambert!Barnard was good in league 1, Probably be decent enough in the championship but is surplus to requirements at saints now really.
"Cheeky bid for Lambert"
He's just won championship player of the season, golden boot and back to back promotions. And he'll miss out on prem football to drop down and play for a Midtable championship club?? have a word!


10 Jun 2012 18:04:06
collins to leave shrewsbury(22)(6)I doubt it..he is too loyal. But who are all the teams interested??Watford are favsHe's on his way to Watford"Too loyal"? What a strange thing to say, unless you know him personally, you have no idea as to his views on loyalty. He is not a Shrewsbury lad or a youth product and has only been with Shrewsbury for 18 months- can't quite see why he would have too much loyalty. Seems like he's off to me.He likes it at Shrewsbury. I just hope nobody has come in for him as surely if he had no attatchment personally to the club he would be gone.
He is on holiday


10 Jun 2012 18:01:26
CONFIRMED: Jay Rod to Southampton
from Burnley (7 million)(28)(9)Like to see tom ince
at saints now
another good young
playerGood luck jay, hope you go on to fill your dreams

so proud of you moggybfcIts only £6M :)


10 Jun 2012 17:59:47
Neil Warnock is being lined up by the consortium trying to gain control at Nottingham Forest to replace Steve Cotterill.(6)(17)Old news, where have you been for the last fortnight?I'm a leeds fan i would not like to see this happen but with all the uncertainty at leeds i can see this happening.
plus he will have money to spend.


10 Jun 2012 17:52:44
southampton fc have signed jay rodriguez for 6-7 million pounds for four years

source sky,saints {Ed003's Note - It says a substantial 'undisclosed' price,more than likely £5m with potential add ons to £7m}(21)(11)


10 Jun 2012 17:49:50
Jay rod signed 4 year deal at saints - fact on website...first quality young English signing and more to follow I bet...(19)(9)


10 Jun 2012 17:41:24
All you doubters have now been
proved wrong, as Jay Rod has
now signed for Saints(19)(9)We will always have doubters no one give us credit but all us real saints fans are the ones that count jealousy is a fickle thing coyrWhat doubters? all Burnley fans knew he was leaving.Wasnt Burnley that were doubting. Not sure why soton receive so much bad press on here. They have had an unbelievable couple of years and seems some butter folk can't hack it. But the reality is saints do have a bucket if cash (7mill for Rodriguez should suggest that) and are up and coming and play great football.Well done you've signed a player who has never played top level football...only team in for him as well....speaks volumesCompared to the Money paid for strikers with a lot less ability like Kenwyne Jones, Steven Fletcher and Connor Wickham who had never played top flight football it's a great deal - not too mention the money paid for Andy Carroll!^ Yet! excluding of course England U21s"Well done you've signed a player who has never played top level football"....We have signed one of the hottest prospects outside the Premier League...So yeah it is well done to Saints!Yeh - its only taken you about 12 months to get him.Sounds like a lot of pompy fans are very jealous that saints have ambition.. good luck to you saints and to Jay ... i think he will prove all the doubters wrong... £7m well spent ..... up the claretsA certain striker from ''BURNLEY'' isnt enough to survive in the premier league..SAINTS are creating a hype as if they have secured the signing of Messi or Ronaldo !Norwich signed lots of players who had never played in the Prem last season and they did well-not having played in the top flight before is a lazy argument-after all, until any player had played in the top flight, he hasn't got that experience!


10 Jun 2012 17:35:27
Jay signs for Saints its on our official club site!!!!!(22)(9)Great signing for you there`s every chance he will go on and play for England .Good luck Jay we'll miss youGreat signing and I believe he was 5 million rising to 6.5 depending on saints survival - good deal I thinkCheers Burnley. We're used to our best players being sold on and know it sucks. Hope u boys can use money to move forward and push for promotion.


10 Jun 2012 16:44:02
Bristol rovers and Rotherham target jack midson is set to sign a new contract to keep him at afc wimbledon.

Source- hounslow chronicle(8)(5)


10 Jun 2012 16:37:37
dortmund and bayern munich both chasing city striker edin dzeko(21)(5)Does that mean lewandowski is joining manutd?


10 Jun 2012 16:36:54
qpr and westham are locked in a two way battle for celtic midfielder wanayama(13)(14)Never going to happen! many may not know him but he will be playing for a much(one of the biggest) bigger club in the future. he likes it at Celtic with the history/fans/charity as well CL(which he loves and wants to play against the best clubs in europe and not just epl clubs) and still 3 years on contract. unless you pay 10+mill(but we will not sell him until a few years, hope keep him) cause he is going to be a GREAT player. he is going to stay at Celtic and would only move to one of the top clubs in europe, whats better about him is that he is down to earth and not easly turned buy money.He said himself he wants to go to the premWhat you reading newspapers...he didnt say that it is just bad and made up.I don't recall a quote from WanyamaThere was no quotes from him saying he wanted to leave , fabricated storyWanyama wants to stay in parkhead. It was all made up by the daily record that he was leaving!The newspaper quoted his father who says his son has no intentions of leaving celtic this season but would like to play in epl at some pointMoney always talks in football and the truth is QPR have a shed load of it. I guess if they want him they will put a deal together and we'll see how celtic and the boy react. Before you start with all the small club no history small fan base remember as i said ££££££ talksMoney does talk so if your club puts in a 14mill bid then he might be yours. but he will not go cheap even though he plays in spl because he is a beast and could/will be one of the best. but i can only see him going to a even bigger club then Celtic like one of the top 4 in epl and a top la liga, seri a club. which i think epl has a lower chance because they will not pay the price for a spl player where as other Europe clubs might even though he would like to play in epl one day.He's good enough for most Premier League teams - no point in signing for one of the worst ones to spend all season fighting relegation. Kevslug.Perhaps he wants to play for the real hoops (qpr) and not sum team in a lousy leagueCeltic are probably, realistically about 40x bigger than QPR...and only if you have at least £15millionCeltic Gave QPR ALLTHE MONEY FROM A FRIENDLY MATCH A FEW YEARS AGO BECAUSE THEY WHERE SO SKINT I WAS AT THE MATCH HOW TIMES HAVE CHANGED.Bri Plymouth celtic pcsQPR hah lousy league doesn't mean lousy team, Celtic are 40 times bigger as someone said and that's being kind. let's face it outside the top 5-6 in the EPL the rest of the clubs are overpaid and poor in general.All those defenders would make qpr much strongerDe Jong will hardly leave the Prem champsDefoe and Giroud what a strike force


10 Jun 2012 16:35:27
charlton are set to sign Dean Parrett from tottenham for 400k. the youngster had a loan spell at charlton at the arrival of chris powell and is said to have left an impression(8)(2)400k as if.Total rubbish about parrett... charlton will announce signing of Keith Andrews following Euro2012. CP wants even more goals from midfield and sees him as the ideal partner for Hollands. CP wants experience rather than young potential.

Solly rumoured to be off to West Ham -I fear he would be a bench warm at the very best in premiership. For his career he should play in championship and enjoy 1st team football. Great season for us and should stay to enjoy the good times

Also thing we need a striker (experienced) and a backup centre backAbsolute rubbish Parett is very average.


10 Jun 2012 16:35:15
former wigan forward hugo rodellega who is now out of contract is in talks with newcastle,wba and westham amongst a host of clubs from abroard(20)(5)He won't go to WBA or West Ham that's for sure, Newcastle yes or more likely Spain


10 Jun 2012 16:33:17
aston villa are looking to sign tottenham full bak kyle naughton(11)(23)Anyone to replace hilarious Hutton!


10 Jun 2012 16:32:42
harry redknapp is looking to bolster his forward options with the signings of fc twentes luuk dejong and free transfer michael owen(5)(36)Why the hell would he want owen hes finished


10 Jun 2012 16:29:58
Derby manager Nigel Clough is really interested in West Brom striker Simon Cox.(12)(10)This is old news he lost interest a month
a go and Simon Cox wants to stay and impress the new managerCox is leaving. FactCox is staying. Fact.


10 Jun 2012 16:29:34
wba are looking at bringing in ben foster after the club spoke with new head coach steve clarke and he would welcome the aquisition of the blues stopper.
another player on the radar is sunderland pair michael turner and the versatile kieran richardson.
martin kelly of liverpool is also linked but nothing formal has been mentioned(9)(9)Martin kelly will stay at liverpool...


10 Jun 2012 16:26:25
With Kyle Lafferty on the horizon of Huddersfield Town, Lee Novak has been told to find a new club.

This should spark interest from numerous clubs from all leagues including West Ham, Derby, Swindon and Fleetwood(5)(33)Maybe fleetwood and swindon, but not west ham, hes a big clumsy oaf! hail hailAre you seriously saying that a striker could join west ham (premier league) or fleetwood(league 2). there wood not be a league 2 striker playing in the prem or viisa versaClearly you dont know who he is then cos hes not big or clumsy he's small n fast and not a bad finisher, granted he's not premier class but not for the reason ur saying, just putting things about him cos u've not heard of him!Lafferty ye probs coming but Novak aint going nowhere!This would be good if trueNovak is Staying put FACTNo way super Novak is leaving huddersfield town, 1 of towns best players last season. Is work rate is outstanding u can't buy the kind of attitude he has so stop posting utter rubbish please. JohnNo chance of lafferty goin to HTFC, you couldnt afford his wages, also he wants top flight football, not championship footyGrayson has already announced his departures... Novak isn't going anywhere sunshine. Cracking player wo will do well in the Championship, but bless your cotton socks for the thought.... (Terrier)We can afford what we like deano sold his company for 200 million so laffertys wages is no problemAfter JR, Novak is Huddersfield best scorer, why would they let him go.If his work rate is as good as claimed then Paolo will 'ave him, provided 'udders really are letting him leave that is.We cant afford Laffertys wages?! i'd hardly say Rangers are in a secure financial position...
He wants to leave, had a fall out with Manager, We can afford his wages easy, we're very financially secure...Deano sold his card company for just over £300m. and he's already thrown bags of cash at the club, ye am sure we can afford laffertys wages,and the state rangers is in he's bound to jump ship!Novak is staying. TOP PLAYERLee Novak is a brilliant player, no chance of him leaving Huddersfield!!Novak is coming to Swindon, get in!!Would love him at Swindon but doubt it would happenNovak is going nowhere


10 Jun 2012 16:25:39
newcastle are on the verge landing ajax forward vurnon anita(18)(11)Errm, defensive midfielder you mean. Opening the door for tiote to go to man utdDefender left back or occasional dmForward? He's a left back or defensive midfielder


10 Jun 2012 16:17:37
David Grof and Jake Jones sign contract extentions with Walsall also Jimmy Walker is set to do the same on a player/coach role but Matt Saddler , Alex Nicholls and Richard Taundry have all left after declining contracts with the league one side(3)(0)Well we knew that last week where you beenJimmy Walker will not sign for Walsall, they have no money, he is hoping that another club will come in for him.He's staying!


10 Jun 2012 16:16:19
Salop to sign strikers saido berahino and jon parkin on loan and a free transfer repectively and also are going to sign midfielder hamza bencherif from notts county(3)(3)Have him - he's bloody uselessBencherif that isHes not even that good ( Bencharif that is )


10 Jun 2012 16:09:12
Reading will sign Simao Mate Junior from Panathinaikos on a free transfer.(3)(11)Where have you heard this from?We dont need another DM, but I would have him as hes qualityWe need a dm who has pace strength and can pass though! As good as jem and ledge are they won't last a full season in the prem.


10 Jun 2012 16:24:21
sunderland,wba and olympiakos are the 3 teams in talks with carlos cuellar(13)(8)


10 Jun 2012 16:12:04
Preston North End are ready to offer a one-year contract to former fans favourite Richard cresswell.(8)(17)This is complete rubbish - he is still under contract at Sheffield united! Make up another rumour!I understand Creswell still as I year on contract at Sheffield on far more money than PNE will pay him.Haha he got a year left at sheff utd. Silly rumour with not truthWhy would we want him!!


10 Jun 2012 16:10:13
League 1 new boys Crewe Alexandra will sign recently released Huddersfield Town defender Nathan Clarke on a 1 year deal.(9)(13)By crewe you meen Scunthorpe


10 Jun 2012 15:59:03
Leicester to step up interest in Charlie Austin(Burnley) and Tom Ince(Blackpool) next week(6)(30)I can't see Tom Ince going anywhere in the ChampionshipSame with Charlie. Why would he go to Leicester when he's now the no.1 striker at Burnley? Ok money, ambition, all that carp, but still, he's not going to be the centre of attension.I can't see what money leicester can offer the most profitable club in the championship to make them part with that sort of young talent?? UTMP!! {Ed003's Note - Ince is 20 years old, he left L'pool for 1st team football and wages (on advice from his father) he is allowed to attack and his career will flourish for at least another 12 months where he is,I don't see him going anywhere either}


10 Jun 2012 15:42:26
Jay Rodriguez has signed for Southampton. Pictures of him in a saints scarf surrounded by photographers and club officials at Limewood Hotel in the New Forest are going around the #saintsfc twitter feed(19)(6)2nd this!Saints have def signed jay rod its on.are website next target pleaseTrue all the news atm is of him signing a four year dealYep - deal done. Now on official website.
C'mon you SaintsIts on the saints website as wellYou'd think you'd signed Messi the way you lot of carrying onWe don't need Messi - we've got Lallana! Anyway we've been chasing Jay Rod for over a year - and his signing shows Saints are back in the Premier League and rapidly moving forwards. Wait until you've been in the old third division - then you'll understand."You'd think you'd signed Messi the way you lot of carrying on".....Oh sorry! How dare us for being excited about a signing, how dare a set of fans of a club who have been through hell and back and who are now back in the big time with a secure future and alot to look forward to get ever so slightly happy about a player with huge potential! How rude of us.The 'how dare us' post above superb. We've every right to be excited about the way things are going. We were 36 hours away from liquidation a few years back SO WE MAKE NO APOLOGIES WHATSOEVER so all you Saints haters out there GET IVER IT!^
"you'd think you'd signed Messi"
Why? It's big news. Smashed our transfer record, talented young player taken from under the noses of several established prem clubs. It's a lot to pay but he is a good player and only 22.
Stop being so bitter. {Ed003's Note - I think it's a case of humility more than anything,personally I think you have just made a great signing but some fans should chill a little]Ed, we're just fed up with the ste and bitterness that's all. A club gets a double promotion and is optimistic for furst time in ages and we get slated.
Ps great site and well done for your work.Im a burnley lad ,j rods will do a fantastic job for the saints,good luck to him and you guys next season ,his goals will make a difference its money well spent ,and greatly accepted.Ed 003- there are some fans who talk rubbish on here and make the rest look silly with nonsense comments but that is the same with each and every club.
To put it into perspective. What seems like just yesterday we were on the brink, there was no light at the end of the tunnel and it was grim news after grim news, almost didn't exist for a while.
New owners, new manager, new crop of young starlets, two promotions and now spending 7million on players! If the odd fan gets a little over excitable I think it's understandable! {Ed003's Note - I agree mate,you have done fantastic to come back from your troubles and congratulations,I'm quite sure you will stay up aswell (just my opinion) however you do not see the countless (smug) posts I/we have to delete through some of your over excited fans,anyway good luck I really think you have got a belting young striker in Jay Rod}


10 Jun 2012 15:40:35
AFC Bournemouth are in discussions with Luton Town over winger Robbie Willmott. Led to believe Jayden Stockley/Joe Partington could join the BSP club on a season long loan as part of the deal.(8)(4)What is going on at Seward Stadium no signings from this manager just a load of waffle on these rumours-fact not fiction pleaseHe's made 3 signings already!!Willmott is out of contract........Groves has already stated that Partington is going to be in his midfield next season now that he is injury free, I would be surprised if he went. Stockley needs to get out on loan though as he is now way down the pecking order at AFCB.


10 Jun 2012 15:34:12
Swansea City are set to approach Kevin MacDonald about the vacant management position.(1)(18)Ha ha ha! We're looking for a young,progressive, forward thinking manager that'll suit our style of play. That rules Macdonald out on all accounts


10 Jun 2012 15:28:33
At the end of June Blackburn Rovers will sack manager Steve Kean, the board are hoping to bring in their number one choice Alan Curbishley who could be offered £1million to take the job. If they fail to hire Curbishley then Rovers will attempt an controversial appointment by trying to lure Eddie Howe from local rivals Burnley.

Robert Snodgrass is to leave Leeds United for £6million to join Everton.

Ben Foster to leave Birmingham City to join Tottenham Hotspur for £5million.

Birmingham City to hire Billy Davies on a two year deal.

Michael Owen is in America to hold talks with La Galaxy.

Stuart Pearce is to quit is post as England Under 21's manager and to leave at the end of year.(12)(15)Everton will not spend 6m on s/grass... i have heard he wants to go to westham.Are you real howe to blackburn??????Foster will go to either QPR or West BromHowe is going swanseaEddie Howe would not ditch Burnley its just some rubbish deluded Blackburn Rumour made up just to wind Burnley fans up!I have heard he wants to go to west sham!!!yes the daily mirror is full of the truth.lolHowe will not go to Blackburn. Don't be daft! Swansea is a possibility, but not Blackburn!Why would Eddie Howe go to bol e wood park? dont think so .... in venky`s we trust...... UTC......Owen has stables in cheshire hes developing and is going train race horses after his footy career is over he said himself he is not looking to move where he cant give his stables 100% effort and wants to stay where he lives alreadyFoster is going to West Brom definately,he will be steve clarkes biggest signinig,the rest will be free,s or unattached,also scharner and andrews will be given contracts.Am a Leeds fan... 6m for Snodgrass, where does he sign...... Good player, but is he worth that? Oh, what am I saying .... Delphi to Villa for 8m.... Nuff said me thinks


10 Jun 2012 15:25:57
Ipswich in discussions with millwall about James Henry a long term target of paul jewells. The deal could see Nathan Ellington moving in the other direction after failing to impress last season. Jewell looking to add 4/5 more players to his recent addition elliot Hewitt,(8)(6)Ipswich are having a laugh!NO CHANCE!Nathan Ellington? The same player who accused millwall of racist abuse?

Pull the other one!Millwall fans won't like hearing this. They certainly won't want to sell Henry, although he would fit the bill as a young, hungry, athletic player.
I can't see it happening to be honest but I would like it to be true as I've heard good things about him.As if Henry would go to Ipswich it's no step up is it?James Henry loves life at the New Den and wants to HELP them to the PREM'SHIP!Defo leaving millwall then ;)Millwall premiership!!!!! how funny...James henry will not leave millwall we baet ipswich twice last season he is happy at millwall so the tractor boys can go and do one go and get another winger one that actually would be stupid enogugh to go there


10 Jun 2012 15:25:25
Wolves are looking to bring in Michael Krohn-Dehli who scored against Holland. He is a player who new Wolves manager StÃ¥le Solbakken is a fan of. He could cost in the region of £3,000,000(10)(7)Just cause he scored 1 goal against holland dont mean we will sign him does it jeezHmm see cus he rated at least 13 million by his clubLets stay realistic and not assume every goalscorer in the Euros is going to want to come to Wolves.Oh my god! Every semi decent player from the Euro's will be linked to Wolves. Got to love this time of year :-)Doubt it to meny prem clubs looking at himThey were going to sign the entire dutch squad in the 70,s some things never change.


10 Jun 2012 15:22:29
Bury Assistant Peter Shirtliff has a special challenge set him by friend and manager Barker.

Centre Half Shirtliff has been tasked with contacting his portfolio of contacts to find the shakers a new wide man who can play at full back or wide left.

Pace and height are the main points the RB wants and the Boss is alleged to prefer a team of six foot plus players as he aims to build upon the over achievemnts of last season.

Jon Parkin heads the shopping list but his 5k p[er week request could stop any real Bury interest.(2)(2)Please take Mike Jones Back. I'll drive him if necessaryNicky ajose and mike jones !


10 Jun 2012 14:55:42
Liverpool to replace the outgoing Skrtel with Robert Huth(13)(32)I sure hope not. That'd be like replacing F. Torres with Carroll....oooopsHuth signed a new contract


10 Jun 2012 15:14:30
Pne are in talks with a club favorite Richard Cresswell(7)(7)He's is not a club favourite as he is hated by many pne fans for moving to leedsAnd he is happy at Sheffield united!


10 Jun 2012 14:39:30
I would absolutely hate to have Ian Holloway as our manager, most over rated piece of garbage in Football management.
On the other hand, the Swans are looking at signing;
-Giovanni Dos Santos (on loan-never given real chance at Tottenham, can play behind striker or on either wing)
-Dani Carvajal (on loan from Real Madrid attack minded RB competent in defense)
-Curtis Davies (Solid season with Birmingham, proven in PL)
-John Guidetti (on loan-free goalscoring form in Eredivise)
-John Gossens (replacement for Gylfi)(7)(19)So, your manager has no say in who you will sign?
Any club will wait for a new manager before any decision is made who to sign-so, basically, your post is total rubbish!Ollie has said he's not interested in the Swansea post and that's good news for us Pool fans. He's worked miracles for us so he's the dogs.Who is this muffin who made the original post? What a cracking job Olly has done for Blackpool off very slender resources, but there again he doesn't need people like me to defend him his record speaks for itself.True, because Ian holloway didn't do anything of real credibility at Blackpool! Turned them from a nothing club at a premier league club. I would love to have holloway at my club.Please dont forget youre only in the Prem because Rodgers is a good manager...Odd's on to drop back into the Championship after this season....even more so because youre only good player has jumped at the chance to join Liverpool......Holloway far to good for you and will eventually join a large club (Like Cardiff...ROFL)Dos Santos is Wigan bound.Lucky Howe is coming then. Holloway v Howe....... Discuss {Ed003's Note - B'pool, Budget £7.8m 5th place v Howe, Budget £13.8m 13th place}Any team that gets to the prem has to have a good manager... so that is a nul point... Holloway has made Blackpool promotion contenders, ex prem team and one of the most entertaining teams to watch in the championship... you get more than your money is worth watching Blackpool and the play-off final proved that West Ham were a joke... Heads up Carlton its another one for you...The OP doesn't know anything about Ollie, or what he has achieved on and off the field.Curtis davies isn,t good enough, why did villa get rid, did ok for blues in championship,that,s his level,best to steer clear.


10 Jun 2012 14:36:19
Yeovil Town ins:
Free agents
Jamal Campbell-Ryce (Bristol City),
Rene Gilmartin (Watford),
Adam Lockwood (Doncaster),
James Beattie (Sheffield Utd),
Sam Walker (season loan Chelsea)

m922(7)(20)Only truth in this is Sam Walker. All the others are nonsenseAnd jamal campbell ryce beattie is too old as is lockwoodHe lost his job by signing him before, surely he won't make the same mistake again!Yeovil to sign ex newcastle fabrice pancrateGilmartin was released by Watford so u might sign him, he's a LAD


10 Jun 2012 14:18:50
Man City have offered Tottenham Adam Johnson, Emmanuel Adebayor and cash for Gareth Bale.(15)(18)And cash? That wouldn't be a good deal for City. Bale is overrated.It would have to be a huge amount of cash, who would pay anything for Adebayor given his salary demands and why would Spurs want Johnson?Good deal both Adam an emanual faded at city bale will be a great adition


10 Jun 2012 14:18:36
ex norwich striker a wilbraham is wanted by crystal palace. he is a free agent after being released by city(15)(5)Everyone's known that for weeksPlease dougie no no no, he`s nearly 33 and scored 2 goals in 22 games for norwich last season. we`ve got too many strikers who dont know where the goal is.He would be a good signing for palace, most of them 22 games were from the bench. He gives 110% and puts himself about. He would do a good job for you.Bring in gianfranco zolaConnecting dougie:
what do you call a man who burried himself in sand... doug!!2nd guy who commented get you facts right...last season he started 2 and came on 9 timesWhat do you call a man with a spade in his head...


10 Jun 2012 14:06:04
Arsenal will swap Denilson for
Stigurstion plus 5mill(2)(24)Denilson doesn't play for Gunners anymoreYes he does, he on loan in Brazil.


10 Jun 2012 14:01:19
Derby County have shortlisted 5 strikers that they would like to sign for next season. They are:

Sam Vokes
Nicky Maynard
Sam Baldock
Johnny Russell
Jamie Murphy

He will be attempting to sign two of them with Maynard and Baldock top of his list.

Nigel Clough has also got his eye on Southampton playmaker Guly Do Prado who looks set to fall out of avour following Southampton's promotion to the prem.

Other signings are as follows:
Jacobs (deal nearly complete)
Ogude (in talks with Valerenga this week)
Pearce (yet to make a bid)

All these transfers funded from budget origianally set with the additions of Bailey, and Davies deals.(10)(14)He will be signing Maynard and Russell
their his prefered options.

Daniel powell bid has been made
Krystian pearce is to join derby after
a bid was accepted last week
Jacobs has already told friends and family
hes moving to derby.
Derby have offered 350k for ogude and contract talks will start asap.
Paul Dixon Has been offered a contract
along with Karleigh Osbourne but with
other clubs offering contracts the players are thinking over their optionsAlso we are not getting Guly do Prado
but A suprise transfer of ex favourite
loanee Alberto Bueno.Its all over twitter
and News updates.He has a release clause of 450,000 and has been in good form in spain he will be our Attacking MidfielderThe is no way Maynard will go to DerbyNo its not all over twitter. You guys are deluded. Derby have not got the funds to buy such luxury players (derby fan)Maynard has only just moved on to West Ham. Surely they won't release him that quickly?Deluded?
If you are a derby fan you would know the following things.
Nigel has a starting transfer budget of 1.7 million

with Burnley offering 2.5 million for
James Bailey and Steve davies

.Chris maguire leaving for 600k + to
Watford,Sheffield wednesday or Dundee united

Miles addison 175k+ to Coventry,Bristol
city and Charlton

Lee croft to Oldham or St Johnstone

Ben davies to Shrewsbury.

That gives him a Final Transfer budget
of 5-6 million
with 4 of those players being free transfers how isnt it possible you need to stop putting a downer on the club.The new owners have made finances secure.
We have upgraded Youth Facilties and
Boast some of the Best Talent in the Country.For those who say Clough Out?
Are the Deluded ones.He has been one of our best Manages since Clough senior
and you will see why this season.He producing Excellent young players Hendrick,O brien and Naylor.No. You have 0 proof our budget is 1.7m. You make stuff up. We have a strict wage bill and can't afford these players. Clough and Glick have already come out and said we have to sell before we buy so i dunno where you're getting all this "transfer news" from. Sounds like you're making it up.Hold on.. When did Tom Glick and Cloug say we needed to sell to buy. The quote of Mr Glick was we do not need to sell to buy players.
You really need to start supporting the club, not just bagging the Management and team off. From a season ticket holder born in Ashbourne living in London away and home....Hahah do you think with a transfer budget of 6million that derby would be finishing 12th?Where has this £1.7m figure come from?


10 Jun 2012 13:59:16
Stephen Ward will sign for Everton if Leighton Baines agrees Man Utd transfer after the Euro's. Fee for Ward will be £2-3million. I know this as his father in law told me....(14)(14)Ward is the worse left back to play in the prem.....Is his father in law Mick McCarthy?How can Stephen ward father in law tell
you if he himself dosent know.As Man u havent even made a bid for Leighton baines yet.Why would everton have made
contact and said if baines goes we are buying youYeah mad mick ward goes out with his daughter dont post stuff that the papers put onNo his father in law is definitely not MM that's just a rumourWell hes engaged to mad micks daughter so he would be his farther in law lol so he told you then lol


10 Jun 2012 13:56:50
A deal between Yeovil Town and goalkeeper Chris Weale will be struck over the next week. The sticking point has been over Weale's wages but Yeovil are waiting for confirmation that they will receive £20,000 from nPower for winning an online competition. Weale is keen to return to his hometown should the the wages be sorted(6)(6)I believe we can get weale but we cant pay his wages and exeter won the fanpower stadiumUm no Yeovil won the fanpower stadium shootout and exeter won the stadium filler.Exeter didn't win, Yeovil did!Yeovil won the 20k from fanpowerstadium, Exeter won the 10k there were 2 parts to the competition.
If Weale is coming to Yeovil he knows he will have to take a pay cut. No player would drop to Yeovil without expecting less moneyThe £20k is not going to or allowed to be used on player transfers.


10 Jun 2012 13:56:31
Bradley-wright-phillips to cardiff city i hope not(8)(12)So do i.another living of his name,how did anyone consider 21 mill for his brother,total waste of space both of them.Bradley commited to charlton !


10 Jun 2012 13:49:34
Adam Johnson to sign for Liverpool for around £15 million on a 4 year deal worth £80,000 a week. He will be unveiled as Brendan Roger's first Liverpool signing within the next couple of weeks.(35)(10)What is br the time he starts looking for players.all the good players would have been signed up.b.r...........wake up and start buying new players.Downing cost 20m is older and nowhere near as good as Johnson.Hurry up about it rodgers


10 Jun 2012 13:42:34
Eddie Howe is not leaving Burnley. He has come out and said this. He is committed to the club.(14)(6)He said that at Bournemouth too, then 2 days later...............Thats what Paul lambert said to Norwich and Brendan Rodgers said to SwanseaDon t beleive him
he said the same at
if offered more money
he wil goIt's all about the club that comes in for him. Like at Bournemouth, he rejected a couple of clubs such as C Palace and then when the just relegated Burnley come in for him, he came :) Can see him going to Swansea if they offer it to him.


10 Jun 2012 13:40:32
Carlisle have confirmed 2 experienced players coming in soon, this is on top of replacements needed for any out of contract players who do not commit to the club, anyone any ideas or thoughts on who they might be?, cheers(4)(2)Stuart Parnaby & Daniel NardielloThink 1 is cadamarteri or have u already signed him?Nardielo signed for Rotherham I say cadamarteri and parnabyOne is defiently parnaby don't no about nardielloDaniel nardiello has gone rotherham.Oh yeah, i meant Cadamatri, whoops!Clarkson to signThe first player [mentioned ages ago] and now confirmed in Greg Abbott's press interview is Mike Edwards from Notts County. Not the youngest - but a very decent defender!


10 Jun 2012 13:46:57
Recently released Barnet striker Izale McLeod will be joining Oldham this week on a free transfer. He will sign a 3 year contract with a basic salary of £3,000 a week but with big goal and win bonuses. The deal will be announced this week and will be made official from the 1st of July.(5)(22)This guy is going to be a busy fella according to this site he is due to sign for nearly all the clubs in legue 1!£3000 a week with bonus's. U avin a laff mate. We could probably get 4 players for that.Thats rubbish he wants to stay local to london for his family its a load of rubbishDickov wouldn't waste so much money on one player as no one player is bigger than the club at oldham.Going DoncasterGoing doncaster...... Why ? Is he a big racing fan or summat ? Dont want him at Oldham anyway, hes average, would rather the Shefki signI am a Oldham fan i hope & pray that Shefki is NOT at Oldham next year - He Not good enough !I can confirm the rumour, but deny the wages. we are talking around £1700 not £3000So 16 goals in a poor team is NOT good enough then, who would you like instead, maybe mario gomez would make you happy ? should he have a good tournament that isShefki scored 16 goals. However, 5 of them were in cup games. So in his 41 league appearances, he scored 11 goals. Giving him a goals-per-game average of 1 in 4. I agree that we're not the amongst the best in league one, however, a 1 in 4 goal/game, in my eyes, isn't worth the fact that he's the highest paid player. By some distance.Oh by the way. Regarding Kuqi. Reuben Reid who we've just released, is ten years younger, was paid HALF as much as Kuqi and didn't rack up anywhere near the amount of yellow/red cards. Oh, and before I forget, HE HAD THE SAME GOAL/GAME RATIO as Kuqi!Well your entitled to your opinion , i just think he is capable at league 1 to step it up and keep his good start to the season going. Over the last 2 seasons the WHOLE team as dropped off in the second half. Mark my words whoever else we get wont score as many goals for usGot that wrong KUQI wasn't the highest paid last season. Guess who was ???Reuben was overweight lazy n was just happy picking up a wageI would say robbie simpson was the highest, and to even try to compare shef with that fatty reid makes me so angry, like that guy said he was just happy picking up his wage. Kuqi was not and was not even content when he had 1 of the best scoring records in the leagueI would be a little less harsh on Reid, His work rate at the start of last season was second to none and he was the foil Kuqi needed to score his goals. Look at the stats Reid gets injured Kuqi stops scoring.Forget about the pair of them we need to try & move on as a club & the best way is with some new faces !Well said ried was best player on the team until he got injured .managements fault letting him get overwieght you dont see fatties at old trafford .alex would have had his mouth wired upSo the best way to move on is to dismantle the team every year and bring new faces ? cos thats been really successful for us in the last 15 or more years. Dont talk tripe,the more successful teams are the ones that play together longerSome absolute rubbish on this post, Reid scored 5 goals 4 of them penalties so 1 from open play and you want him kept on above a guy that scored 16 goals in a piss poor team. Reid wasn't even injured this season he was dropped for being caught out several times on the lash the night before a game and boom never played again same with another certain player who no longer is with us. Reid was useless.Absolute rubbish reid was injured for 3 monthsKuqi IS THE HIGHEST PAID PLAYER. Paul Dickov told us exactly that after the fans' game. He actually asked us to guess! And then he told us!But we do all agree he was fat then ? Kuqi please give us the swan dive again this coming season, and thanks for keeping us in the divisionThe more successful clubs bet it right first then keep the momentum going clown !!


10 Jun 2012 13:31:24
Tottenham are interested in signing Jack Butland as a long term replacement for Brad Friedel. He will likely be loaned out to another premiership club for next season(10)(13)He isn't good enough for the premier league yet, in a few years maybeHe's League 1/2 standard at the moment - give the lad time please, he is not Jesus!


10 Jun 2012 13:31:00
Swindon town are exploring the possibility of a part ex with Bournemouth between Matt Tubbs and Matt Ritchie. Tubbs has become surplus to requirements at Bournemouth and Ritchie is seen as the ideal replacement for Marc Pugh. Swindon wanting cash plus Tubbs but Bournemouth not keen on this(5)(21)We did not tubbs when at salisbury,why should we want him now? 👎Pugh hasn't gone anywhere and will not be sold. He has another year on his contract and will either sign a new one or will leave on a Bosman when his current deal expires.Tubbs has flopped at league 1 level so why would we swap him for another potential flop like Ritchie? He is not proven at this level. Groves has said he doesn't want passengers this seasonAfcb fan here richie won't come and tubbs won't leave end of stop bringing up richie it won't happinWhat part of you won't get Richie do you b muff fans find hard to understand?Tubbs is not Surplus to Requirements and has stated that he does not want to leaveI believe the post said "Swindon were exploring the possibility"...... I would get into a battle of wits with you Swindon fans to appears you are all unarmed........Richie was player of the year the season before last when we were in div1 so how can he be unproven at this level?Why would Ritchie come and sit on a bench at Bournemouth when he can play every game at Swindon?Player of the year the season before last? Was that the season you went down without a wimper? Oh right it was.... UnprovenAre yuou having a laugh why would we want Tubbs he wont cut it at L1 as L2 is his max level. No Thanks we'll keep Ritchie and he wont go to Bournemouth its a step backwards. Small club - small crowds dodgy chairman. He'll stay at Swindon he likes playing under Paolo.Tubbs surplus to requirements? He has been injured, we signed him for the long term and thats that! Ritchie however may be bought if Pugh leaves but i don't think either deal will happen.Ritchie will never go to Bournemouth. He wants to further his career. When he eventually leaves Swindon it will be to a Championship side , not a tin pot club.Tractor rage from the Swindon boys, attendances don't win you football matches!Ha Ha, we won plenty last season, ritchie wont join bornmuff i would put money on it, fyi bmuff are div 1 like us with similar if not smaller average attendance. As for history maybe your rich chairman can buy you 20 thousand fans to go with your average 7 thousand so you can actually feel like a big time charley club, other than that your average like us.^^^^ I like this Swindon fan above, he's the only one of them living in the real world and to be fair he's given a pretty honest assesment of both clubs. Take a bow son


10 Jun 2012 13:27:01
Balraim Chainrai is considering Bristol Rovers manager Mark McGhee for the role of Director of Football at Portsmouth FC.(5)(14)Huh why is he thinking of sacking appleton in a month time and then appointing him can't be true where did you hear this ?As long as he is happy to be paid in the currency of buttons.Has Chanri taken over at Fratton again? As far as i know they are still in Administratiion.I hear chainrai leaving when he finished getting his money back FACT^cva been given to creditors to see if he can return looks likelyLevi Kushnir is Chainrai's main advisor and he suggested bringing in someone with experience of the lower leagues as a steadying influence at the club. It could well be McGhee.So it'll be a temporary appointment then, as Chanrai will be gone by Christmas.Chainrai may be gone by Christmas but it'll be Christmas 2015 because to get any decent money back he knows Pompey will need to be playing in the Championship by then. McGhee could be the right man to help achieve that objective as a link between Chanrai and Appleton.Can not see any additional 'administration/mgt' being added as this will only aggrevate the wage bill.


10 Jun 2012 13:24:33
Derby midfielder Craig Bryson has been linked with Celtic for 2m(4)(11)Try £4million at leastTry 5 millionWill not moveIm a derby fan, if anyone wanter to sign craig bryson they would have to pay big money 5m+ he won all 3 of our player of the season awards by some distance a head of jason shackle who club value at 3.5m and both our top goal scorers!Is this the same Bryson who played with Kilmarnock and was bought for £350'000 . Now he's worth £ 4m , £5m . That's really cheered me upScott browns twice the player of bryson never mind wanyama kayal etc and 5 million when derby got him on a free transfer. never going to happen! keep him.350000, sorryBryson aint good enough,end of conversation.


10 Jun 2012 13:10:50
Just found this site, a couple of days ago i was in a location in Southampton where a couple of saints fans were talking about Jermain Defoe coming in Jay R refuses. Any one else heard this one?(1)(23)I would rather have Defoe than Jay...I would rather have Jay-a 22yr old, with the potential to develop within the team spirit that Saints have. Can't see Defoe fitting in.Jay Rod 100% signed for SaintsWell we have signed Jay Rod now!Do not want defoe
jay rod signed


10 Jun 2012 13:02:19
Jamal Campbell-Ryce is being linked with Yeovil Town. He's currently a free agent after being let go by Bristol City. Gary Johnson's former club. Gary will talk to Jamal when he gets back from holiday.(10)(5)


10 Jun 2012 12:51:51
marlon harewood is a target for crawley town(17)(13)


10 Jun 2012 12:40:43
QPR are intrsted in a number of players however some are not as true as others.

GK: Netherlands report that Swansea goalkeeper has been contacted with QPR - Swansea will not let go of Vorm he still has a long time left on his contrzct and his contract, therefore Swansea will most probaly reject all offers.

Foster - This seems much more likely than Vorm as Birmingham have agreed to let him go as he does not want to play championship football, and with West Brom contacting other keepers he look set tpo sign for QPR for just over 4 million.

Forster and Gomes - Celtic have nearly tied up a deal to bring in Forster so that QPR deal look unlikely and Gomes has not been contacted by QPR and that is 100% factual he has not been contacted, however the rumour appeared due to the keeper wanting to move else where to get first team football, however he wanted to stay in London. With Robert Green leaving and possibly going to spurs West Ham fans watch this space? Gomes to west ham?

Green: This looked likely 5 days ago now all speculations have been blown away, however West Brom seem close to signing him on a free, which would mean Foster does not have a choise of returning to Hawthrons meaning he will go to QPR.


Taiwo: He does not look set to sign for QPR as Benfica are poised to take the left back from QPR's reach.

Samba: Looks unlikely because he has still got alot of time left on his contract, however personally he would be intrested in a move back due to the racism incident and the fact that Mark Hught signed him on a Blackburn.

Danny Simpson: This one look very likely because Simpson said he would prefer a move to London, however Norwich are still instrested. Fulham are aslo hot conteders to get his signature. QPR look second favourites behind Fulham, however QPR seem more eager to fill that position and allow Onuoha to drop back to cover centre back and sometimes right back when Simpson is out.

Midfielders -

Diakite: He has signed a deal worth just over 3 million, and although QPR has announced nothing the Nancy website has confirmed he is now a QPR player.

Adam Johnson: I can fully confirm this will not happen liverpool are instrested and the 18 million price tag will put QPR off.

Nigel De Jong: Pretty sure QPR are tryi g to build a Man City midfield, but this seems more likely than Johnson as De Jong has lately seen alot of the bench and has played under Mark Hughes before, also QPR need another deep lying holding midfielder and De Jong fits the bill.

Victor Wanyama: This rumours has just come out that QPR has targeted Defensive MIdfielder Wanyama seems possible but dont know much else on this rumour.

Victor Moses: Wigan Boss and Manager has said Moses is going no where END OF THAT!

Diame: He is on a free contact and with Villa and QPR chasing in signature, he will most probaly be in the PL next season. QPR will face tough negotiating to persuade Diame to snuff big name clubs.


Andy Johnson: Andy Pandy makes sense because having played under Mark Hughes with Bobby Zamora it seems quite likely, however will QPR be smart enough to look at the age of all the strikers thats why I do not think he will return to Mark Hughes strike force.

Giroud: Unlikely, however if QPR can meet the release clause of 12.8 million and can give Giroud enough wages and persuade him who knows? We all know QPR can splash the cash in wages so why not? Montipieller have to let him go if a club meets the clause, therefore the people who say the club will not let him go, THEY WILL HAVE TO!

Defoe: Personally I think he is very underrated! He
he is a very good striker, and does not get enough credit. He is desperate not to move away from White Hart Lane, however with Redknapp not certain about his future QPR could be one of the favourite to Land his signature. Around 10 mill.

Hooper: There has been alot of specualtion Hopper will leave this summer, there was in January but it didnt happen so why will it happen now? It will happen now because clubs no there fate wether there going up or down, and alot of the premoted sides such as West Ham and Souhtampton are fighting for there signature. Also QPR are said to be intrested, and with Hooper wanting a move to The EPL he may well be hot favourite to sign for QPR.

All rumours come from reliable scources or personal involvment within the club. (Part of the QPR media team)(3)(27)Clearly dont no nothing giroud has a 50mill release clausePart of the daily record propeganda machine you mean!Would almost definitelyt faced this sack if you were part of the QPR media team, spreading transfer information all of the web, i got in trouble on my apprentiship with swansea for posting something on a facebook group about the Danny Graham signing.Doubt Foster will go to QPR he has already said he wants to stay in the midlands.The person who posted the first comment it's a 12.8 million release cause !Hope we get some of them Forwards would love hooper and Danny Simpson !Would absolutely love having Adam johnsonGiroud has a 12.8m release clause, his manager said he's worth 50m in todays market, all they'll get it is 12.8The Giroud release clause is reported to be £12.8 million its a figure repeated in all the rumours about a move to England for him. The £50 million is what his current club value him at can't see him going to QPR but there's no saying what wenger will do which may leave the door open for a move to loftus rd. Lets not forget the reality of football and that is money talks. I can remember when brazilian and italian internationals started turning up at middlesbourgh. QPR do seem to be a club with ambition and throw in wealthy owners and a willingness to take on a big gamble.Villa are a bigger club by far.....a bigger club does not make for a nicer club, I would rather support little old Norwich, local fans supporting tne team 100%, no glory hunters.....OTBCTo the person who said 'Clearly dont no nothing giroud has a 50mill release clause' well for a start it's 'know' and the release clause is reported to be £12.8M, not £50M, so before you post obnoxiously, get your facts straight.Foster hasnt said he is staying in the midlands, he said he would prefer to. He will probably go to QPR tgough because of moneyHooper isnt leaving celtic he's staying he said he's happy at celtic and he won't leave because he will playing champions league football next seasonHooper said he wants to stay with celtic for another few years but would someday liek to go to the epl and even if he did go this summer i can only really seeming him go to southampton to join up with atkinsYe so basically saying he wants to stay in the midlands!Foster will be an Albion player next season 100%. He's already said he wants to remain living in the Midlands and is unwilling to spend hours travelling. Albion need two keepers and he will be one of them.Foster will be at west brom as he wants to stay in the midlands, he has a young family that would not want to move his kids out of school.No one likes Villa. Tecnically they are insolvent. The kitty is empty. Only budget will come from sold players.


10 Jun 2012 12:35:44
hull city possible ins (we wont get them all stevebruce is only after 4-5 players so calm down about how many names
craig gordon
dave jones
keith andrews
martins (maybe)
michael turner
josh king(4)(21)Bruce has already said that he wont be going for campbell or turner.No chance with f campbellYou couldnt afford gordons wagesWe have a chance of getting

We need another keeper, a center back as cover for hobbs and chester , and a new forward to make sure matty fryatt makes his mind up. he wouldnt sell his hull house and move his family down south for nothing would he?He didn't say he isn't going for them he said it is unlikelyLiam Cooper is more than adequate cover at this level, in fact, he was very good in the last few games of the seasonCooper is a decent centre back and has some potential, but if we're pushing for promotion then we need a reasonably experience centre back to partner ChesterHobbs scheduled back in Sept/Oct?


10 Jun 2012 12:30:31
charlton will sign quinn and andrews by the end of the month(3)(16)Quinns signing for Ipswich this week.Andrews going to huddersfield mate!I am a charlton fan and Powelly has left it to late to sign 'quality' players. We are going down mate. Shef Wed + Huddersfield are better teams than us!Andrews ain't going to Huddersfield we are paying more I can confirm, and Quinn is coming to us, he met chris powell a while ago and CP watched him and McGuire in the PO final ( which you lost ahah )MATE, andrews wants to go to a club which is moving up (Charlton), not one that will be lucky if they move down with any dignity intact (Huddersfield)To start with why would anyone who has played in the Premier League this season go to Huddersfield who came fourth in League 1? I was surprised when he was linked with us (CAFC) but we would certainly be a more appealing destination than Huddersfield (not that I have anything against HTFC). As for Quinn signing for Ipswich, this may or may not be true but if we are interested then we would be a better club for him to sign for as we are a team on the up who will likely finish upper mid table according to the bookies whereas ITFC are going nowhere and will be bottom half again. Can see Quinn going somewhere with more ambition and potential to Ipswich whether that be CAFC or notI'm not a htfc fan or a cafc fan,but I can confirm that kieth Andrews has agreed to become a huddersfield player I'm also 99% sure that a fee with Leeds has been agreed for Adam Clayton.After watching Andrews play for Ireland today, Huddersfield can have him...Yes a team that came second and a team that won the play offs are better than a team that equaled the league record set by fulhum. Get with itAnd who dented that record?? CAFCI can't for season to begin then we'll see who finishes higher hudds or charlton, watch the cafc fans crawl back under their rock when hudds start climbing the tableAnd who dented that record? CAFC

Actually it was Bournemouth and Peterborough ;)No it was charlton!'I am a charlton fan and Powelly has left it to late to sign 'quality' players. We are going down mate. Shef Wed + Huddersfield are better teams than us!'
clearly about as much of a charlton fan as iain dowie.... charlton are reportedly signing baldock and liam lawrence


10 Jun 2012 12:10:53
Premier League new boys Southampton are set to offer Australian free agent Lucas Neill a one year contract(11)(18)I have heard this too. Think it's going to happen sooner rather than later too!He isnt a free agent is he? I swear he plays in United Arab EmiratesWell a one year deal would be a good option, if he doesn't work out he wants to head back to australia and end his career there anyway. he could cover the left cb role whilst we sort out poor dan seabournes situationHe's getting on a bit, how old is he now?^ What about Hooiveld?His middle eastern club released him earlier this month, he is 34 but could offer some good experience at the back.


10 Jun 2012 12:04:21
Fulham looking to make a lot of changes this summer!
In coming are:
Danny Simpson
Lukaku - loan
And a centre back who I'm not sure of yet!
Out going are:
A Johnson
D murphy
Pogrebnyak - end of loan(6)(14)Is that david bentley? no thanks to him or lukaku but the rest would be promising signings.In order


10 Jun 2012 11:43:37
Stevenage looking for options to replace left back Scott Laird. Michael Ball and Jake Howells are being considered.(6)(5)


10 Jun 2012 10:46:40
Heard from a reliable source within stoke city that michael owen has signed a pre contract that is 40k a week pay as you play.

Negotiations with robert huth have stalled and will recommence on tuesday.(4)(19)Why would he sign a pre contract if he's a free agent? He's had talks with Stoke last week but not signed anything.


10 Jun 2012 11:57:20
any real reading news??????(5)(11)Apparently not...Have approached Juventus about Milos Krasic. Carlos Sanchez deal just waiting on Visa...I have heard that a few clubs including Manchester United are after young Micheal Hector from Reading. Everton, Fulham and Sunderland. Very similar to a young Rio Ferdinand, could be a good player in the future.


10 Jun 2012 11:48:15
Derby want to sign Forest CB Luke Chambers on a free transfer.(5)(11)Even though he got team of the year 2010 we dont want more forrest rejects.
We are signing Free transfer Osbourne and Krystian PearceTbf he aint a forest reject they offered him a contract and he wnt accept it so ide take him straight away


10 Jun 2012 11:45:35
Houghton set to raid his ex-clubs, likely in's will be guthrie who had great success with chris for free, leon best for 3mill and curtis davies 2.5. and finally N'Daw who was on loan at birmingham. holty to go to hammers for 4.5mill(9)(6)


10 Jun 2012 11:44:00
striker Lyle Taylor to join Swindon on a 12 month contract following his release from Bournemouth(5)(10)Good luck to him, the potential is there he just couldn't break into the first team here. With games under his belt he could prove a great signing.How you know this?Would be a good move for him if this was true, he wasnt amazing at bournemouth


10 Jun 2012 11:10:51
Possible that Tranmere are looking at a season long loan for West Ham's Freddie Sears to play along side Ben Burgess.
I heard that Ronnie Moore was impressed with Freddie when he was on loan at Colchester towards the end of last season.
Player has also spent loan periods at Scunny in league one but percentage of wages paid by Tranmere may be a problem(1)(7)His rejoining Colchester, anyway why would he join tranmere over colchester.Why not?Because Tranmere are a bigger club than ColchesterWhy not ? colchester no great shakesColchester are better than tranmere all day long, and he has already said colchester is my home and i belong here. soColchester are a bigger club than Tranmere. Colchester have a good relationship with West Ham. Sears has also said he would welcome another loan move to ColchesterTranmere are not a big club!
Sears told a mate of mine who works at a golf course Freddie played at whilst at colchester last season that he wanted to come back for 'at least another season'In what way are colchester a bigger club ??Tranmere aren't a big club but we are bigger than Colchester. We have 2 massive clubs to contend with and who u do??? Wasnt it ur chairman who said he's gonna have to stop plowing money into ur budget? Come back when u live within ur means and see who u will sign thenColchester how can you say your a bigger team than tranmere? Ever bin to a domestic league cup final? Whose bothered about sears he's obviously rubbish otherwise he'd be goin to a championship side not done league one team with ' a good relationship ' with west ham! Tranmere will finish higher than Colchester!!If colchester are a bigger club than tranmere how is it they can barely attract 3,500 fans which is poorer than tranmere and we`ve got liverool & everton as close neighboursColchester Honours List:
Football League Trophy Runner-up 96-97.
FA Trophy 91-92.
League One runners up 05-06.

Tranmere Honours List:
League Cup Runners-up 99-00.
Football League Trophy Winners 89-90.
(runners up 90-91).
Div 1 - Now Championship - playoffs 92-93, 93-94, 94-95.
FA Cup Quarter Final 99-00, 00-01, 03-04.

Nuff Said!!Colchesters highest league finish, 10th in 2nd tier - lower than tranmere's. year founded 1937 -younger than tranmere. ground capacity 10,084 - smaller than tranmere's. no particularly notable former players in comparison to one of enlish footballs greatest strikers dixie deanWhat do you mean Colchester have no other teams to compete with. Try competing with all the London clubs, Ipswich and Norwich!How does a quarter final get onto an honours list?!
Also colchester won the conference in 92 alongside winning the f a trophy, won the playoffs in 98 and the watney cup back in the 70's after beating the all conquering Leeds side gained qualification for the tournamentThe watney cup? Watney the hell was that never heard of that an fa trophy? That's for Sunday league teams isn it or really poor lower league teams! An that's all Colchester have ever been. Good luck next season with teddy sears the goal machine..........not! Trfc82Won the conference in 92? Well done!
In the mean time Tranmere have been in the football league since 1921!Tranmere are a lot better than colchester and thats from a huddersfield fan!Tranmere are by far the better team. (charlton fan) {Ed003's Note - How mant teams do you support ? you was a Huddersfield fan a moment ago }How does the Watney cup get onto an honours list?
the FA cup is a historical trophy, the watney cup was a pre-season tournament that ran for 4 seasons and then finished!

only had 4 teams in it as well !!This is suppose to be a rumour site not a lets slag each others team siteOnly 4 teams in it but Colchester won wouldn't be on the honours list if they were the 3rd losers...

I also see that just reaching the playoffs seems to count as an honour for Tranmere; Colchester don't include this honour on their list but have also managed this! Quite a feat for a Sunday league side that beat you 4-2.4 2spanking prenton park dump weston homes england venue colchester no money chairman just paid 4 million for training ground and 1million into academy which is one of the best in league 1 and how long have tranmere spent in bottom of league 1 now every year ur in relegation fight sack hire ronnie moore sack hire les parry dont seem to recall tranmere beating col u muchThis thread ig getting rather borng now {Ed003's Note - I thought the same thing}Freddy sears will be at a championship club next season the only reason he was in L1 last season was cos west ham Were in the championship and wouldnt loan him to a rival


10 Jun 2012 11:05:58
Reading have targeted Highly Rated Burnley Midfielder Marvin Bartley and are Ready to make a 500,000 bid(9)(7)He must be a world beater to cost all of that!
Why would Burnley sell a highly rated player when they are about to receive the best part of £7m for Rodriguez?Bartley is not highly rated at burnley, I don't think he could hack it at the top level.He's not that good. Someone's made this up because the lad was born in Reading... try harder.


10 Jun 2012 11:03:26
Notts County to sell Alan Judge to Ipswich next week for 650,000 and use the money to bring in Jonathon Forte for 150,000 and Lloyd Sam on a free(money used on his wages)

Also Liddle,Grella and Bruce in on Monday

Although im sad Judgey is leaving we will have a better squad next year(7)(7)Notts turned down a £1million bid for Judge alreadyHope u enjoy liddle from hartlepool he was carried all last season by 35year old paul murrayWho did they refuse £1million from then?No chance we would sell Judge that cheapI Spoke to Ray Trew and he told me that we had turned down a £1million offer for Judge, But wouldnt say who from ( possibly leicester )When we have rejected bigger Offers than
650k and value him higher than a million
Why would we sell for 650k - load of crap
Judge not for sale unless silly offerTake it no chance of getting freeman
That lad is classShowumni and Dean Leacock are the players to signThey wouldnt sell him to anyone for that price - theyre holding out for at least 1million
UTTER BSThe rest i agree with thoughJudge will go. County have signed a replacement due to be revealed next weekLiecster made bid for judge the other day 1.5m havnt replied yetI think if this was true then Notts County would have accepted the offer by now from Leicester.


10 Jun 2012 10:53:54
Swansea to approach Burnley for Eddie Howe to become new Swansea manager although the 1.5M compensation may put them off(9)(19)Very good young manager would play in the same style as rodgers didWould be a great choice but would he want to risk the reputation he is building? Brendan has left big shoes to fill and I think Swansea would struggle to match last season even with Jose mourinho at the healmBrendan suited nicely i must say but why are we still hearing brendan this , brendan that... IMO I think Slimey Brendan had it easy as we (swans) were already playing the passing game under one Roberto Martinez who i must admit is the one that saturated our team with a bit of spanish glitz that has stayed and progressed therefore I dont think there are any shoes to fill just a quality team needing a manager and if we get the right one we wont just emulate last year, we should sign a few players and progress which is what it is all about... WE ARE A CLUB and the manager is just one person.. a powerful one all be it but its a club game and Swansea are a great CLUB! Tomo...IMO I think Slimey Brendan had it easy as we (swans) were already playing the passing game under one Roberto Martinez who i must admit is the one that saturated our team with a bit of spanish glitz that has stayed and progressed therefore I dont think there are any shoes to fill just a quality team needing a manager and if we get the right one we wont just emulate last year, we should sign a few players and progress which is what it is all about... WE ARE A CLUB and the manager is just one person.. a powerful one all be it but its a club game and Swansea are a great CLUB!
all i got to say is well said m8


10 Jun 2012 10:48:58
Alex Bruce and izale mccleod to finalise deals with notts county next week.(5)(11)Grella signing not Mcleoud


10 Jun 2012 11:38:51
Brighton to take Dan Seaborn from southampton(8)(9)They may wish to sign the player, but will they pay the price?


10 Jun 2012 11:30:39
Burnley Ins

Steve Davies and
James Bailey. About. 2.5 Mill
Jason Shacknell. 2 Mill
Brett Pittman. 400k


Dean Marney 750k
Jay Rodriguez. 7 Mill(8)(15)Steve davies and james Bailey is correct
but we are not selling ShackellBrett Pittman is on the last year of his
contract 400k sounds about right


10 Jun 2012 11:20:20
Eddie Howe will try to sign Brett Pitman for
About 400k as he is on the last year of his contract.
But if the deal falls through Howe will turn his attention
To Sam vokes for 750k.(7)(9)If youre going to make up a rumour, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do some research before you make things up...his transfer was around £1m to Bristol City on a 3year + 1 year option contract......Try looking up details on Wikipedia, base your rumour on real info & then people wont think youre a 12 year old playing fifa12......come on, it's easy if you have an IQ bigger than your age or shoe size {Ed001's Note - I would suggest finding a reliable source, with real info, rather than looking on Wiki, which is mostly messed about with by kids with no real info.}Ye 400k we paid 800k of course we will sell him for that muppetThe fee will be £1m


10 Jun 2012 11:18:37
rotherham will not be bidding for
robbie brady as man united were askin
around 450k for him so tryying to get
him on loan and rotherham approached]
gary roberts after being released by
huddersfield but asking around 8k a
week(4)(7)Never of got brady in L2 and roberts wouldnt drop either, 8k a week, what a joke


10 Jun 2012 11:17:48
Ipswich Town set to complete the signing of Stephen Quinn this week, fee of around 500k.(13)(11)


10 Jun 2012 11:11:44
Crawley town will try and name eunan o kane as there fourth signing when he gets back from holiday but rotherham also want him and have the money for him also steve evans dosent want to be beat by crawley(5)(7)Evans has said he is not putting in a bid for O'KaneO'Kane is aiming higher then Rotherham or Crawley. Neither will get him.'Evans doesn't want to be beat by Crawley'

This a childish comment to put. Do you really think a grown man who is manager of a professional football club would keep upping the price simply 'not to get beat' by his former employer? {Ed003's Note -It should not have been posted,sorry}


10 Jun 2012 10:48:01
Doncaster look set to sign 6 more players during this summer.

Alex Bruce, free transfer
Brian Howard, free transfer
Jay McEveley, free transfer
Billy Kee, Burton, £400,000
Paul Heffernan, Kilmarnock, £300,000
Ryan Conroy, Dundee, £150,000(3)(15)Why would they want heffernan back?Donny are skint like everyone else,800.000 big1s on players in league 1...get some fresh air cha...league 1 champs...PNE.FCDoncaster are not skint
we have welthy board members in the back but they very rarely put money into the club as they said there only there incase te club really needs money and to keep in a stable position the only time they will put money in to the club is if we had no money at all


10 Jun 2012 10:32:55
Nottingham Forest defender Luke Chambers is currently in contract talks with Blackpool, Milwall, and Huddersfield. My sources had lead me to believe that Blackpool are in pole position for Chambers.

Chris Gunter looks set to stay at Forest for the time being with Reading not willing to offer the £3m that the Reds want. Swansea have also made an enquiry in to the talented right back but have made no formal offer.

Matt Derbyshire could be leaving the city ground this summer with a laon move to Bristol City in the pipeline. The loan deal thats currently being discussed would take Derbyshire to Bristol until January.

Jonathan Greening is a target for Middlesbrough. Tony Mowbray would like to bring in the experienced central midfielder to replace the out going Barry Robson.(5)(9)We have already replaced robbo with leadbitter, greening is to old now!The people today said we're after Chambers (derby)What is matter with everybody we have just been promoted to the Championship why would he drop down a division get a life


10 Jun 2012 09:39:59
Yeovil to sign Jamie McAllister and Jamal Campbell-Ryce from city and they are too agree both 2 year deals. These deals should be expected within the next 3 days.(9)(7)Someone said this 2 weeks ago about campbell-ryce. still waiting


10 Jun 2012 09:32:37
Gus poyet has been alerted to former Chelsea teammate Ricardo carvallho as he is a free agent after leaving real madrid(7)(21)Emm when where they team-mates?Gus poyet left Chelsea in 2001 for spurs carvalho didn't join Chelsea intill 2004 they werent former teammatesCould be interest from steve clarke at west brom,he could be just the kind of experiened defender the Baggies need and as a free , ,Mr Peaces kind of signing.More to the point. why would he go from the champion league to the championship.?!!!


10 Jun 2012 09:24:07
Palace due to announce signing of Real Madrid youngster Jose Rodriguez this week. This will also see the start of link up between clubs whereby Madrid send youth players and reserves to London on loan, there'll also be annual friendlies and Palace can use Madrid's facilities on training breaks to Spain.(9)(11)


10 Jun 2012 09:17:08
Swansea are enquiring about the recently retired
Arsenal number 2 pat rice. They see this as a great
Move as rice is extremely experienced from his time
Under arsene wenger and would cost nothing in compensation. The job is to persuade him to come out of retirement for a crack at managing in premier league(3)(18)Never ever gonna happen!


10 Jun 2012 08:48:24
Kevin MacDonald is believed to be in the frame to succeed Paulo Sergio at Hearts. His experience at Vulla working with the younger players is seen as a valuable asset and Hearts believe he will see the job as a great opportunity to prove himself as a manager in his own right, having only
managed on a caretaker basis previously.(7)(3)Good luck to him if this is trueNo way,if they couldnt pay sergio a decent wage,how are they going to get him,


10 jun 2012 08:21:29
any bristol city transfer news.(7)(11)


10 Jun 2012 08:13:04
Rumour in the Burnly camp that Eddie wants the money asap from southampton and will get it as soon as Jay signs - 3 players that Eddie is desperate to bring in and doesn't want to loose out - been rumoured that a player is arriving as part of the dal(6)(6)Correct, Richard Chaplow is going the other way.Incorrect, richard chaplow has publicly stated that he is not leaving, so if burnley are signing a player from saints then it will be as part of a different deal rather than as a part of the rodriguez dealHeard somewhere that J Rod wants around 55k a week might be rubbish thoughNo he isnt, he's said he wants to stay at SFC for a very long timeIt wont be chaplowHowe has been promised £10mil to spend to keep him out of swanseas clutches


10 Jun 2012 08:10:06
Derby want nicky Maynard and Sam baldock on season long loans from west ham utd. Nigel cough believes these two strikers would form a good attacking partnership at derby aling with other strikers including Johnny Russell if he signs, Mason bennett, Callum ball, Nathan Tyson. It would also fill the boots of Theo Robinson, Steven Davies and Chris maguire who are all linked with other clubs and are set for an exit.(3)(16)We are attempting to buy Maynard not loan we dont want Baldock.
Johnny Russell bids have been made
Callum ball is going on loan
Bennett will play only saturday home games
Tyson will play cover for Daniel Powell,
Jamie ward and Michael Jacobs.
Theo Robinson is Staying and he said he would relish having more strikers as he feels it would give him more desire to
score 20+ goals that he said in public he will score.

Michael Jacobs
Nicky Maynard
Johnny Russell
Daniel Powell
Krystian Pearce
Paul Dixon
Andrew Tutte.

Confirmed by Andy Garner these are Nigels
Targets.Why would Bennett only play Saturday home games? He'll be leaving school this summer...As a derby fan i think its funny how we had to play a 15 year old!Bennett is in yr 10 he is going into yr 11 next year hes only 15 not 16


10 Jun 2012 07:07:26
Izale McLeod to be unvieled as a Carlisle united players in the next few days as the club sign him on a free transfer from Barnet after his release. McLeod will be a like for like replacement for Francois Zoko who will be announced as Charlton player next week.(4)(18)I thought mcleod has already signed for portsmouth?Francois Zoko, no thanks.Both of these are true. finally a realistic charlton fanBoth of these are true. finally a realistic Carlisle fanZoko isnt true!Hope this is true, I'd prefer McLeod over Cadamarteri.


10 Jun 2012 02:48:40
QPR are rumoured to be interested in former Chelsea youngster Gokhan Tore. Now at Hamburg the 20 year old playmaker has won many plaudits for his performances in an otherwise average team this season. Comments from his agent hinting at a move back to west london have journalists hinting at a move to QPR.(1)(7)


10 Jun 2012 02:04:08
ex Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe is set to buy two of his former club players.

Marc Pugh (500k)
Shaun Cooper (120k)
They also set to appoint Cherries legend Steve Fletcher as first team coach.

In the deal would also see defender Clarke Carlise join Bournemouth in a player coach role.(2)(13)Carlisle is a free agent so why would he part of any deal?120k for coops?? Behave, he's just signed a new contract. Add another 600k and your somewhere nearOne was meant to be josh carmichael but isaw him last week on crutches and he will be out for12 weeks.Rubbish maybe Pugh next season but Steve fletcher isn't going nowhere he family in Bournemouth and if he was going to do anything other than play he stated he considering a ambassador role at afcb in the futureDoubt all of these transfers will happenYeah I can see fletcher doing that, most people like to retire then move from a seaside town on the south coast, small bungalow by the sea to somewhere up north..... Ummmmmmm..........Or is that the other way round?


10 Jun 2012 01:59:25
Oxford to announce the signing of Brentford right midfielder Sam Saunders.(7)(11)LOOOOL. nice dreamYeh can really see him dropin a division and oxford paying a big fee for himNow that is funny!!
Why would he sign for you....
Unless Uwe has sold him for good money?.
have you got any money?Doubt this is happening. We have little in funds to buy in and has been said by the Chairman and Manager that the squad as it stands is pretty much it for the new season. Maybe a signing her and there but thats it


10 Jun 2012 01:43:45
Portsmouth will not be liquidated yet as The Football League can see how much progress we are making in selling players. Also this means there will be no more points deductions. Marko Futacs is expected to be on the move to palace soon, as well as Huseklepp to bran(5)(14)There most certainly will be more points deducted when you exit administration, and you havent made that much progress in selling at all..It's not up to the football league whether you are liquidated...Should be docked 20 points
for offering 2p in the
poundto creditors
taking the pi##
again like 2 years agoPortsmouth put on their site a while ago that The Football league would not issue any more points deductions due to the progress it's making.The FL have already said they won't receive a further points deduction and I know the 2p to the £1 to creditors is bad, but you wouldn't be complaining if it was your club in their position. And I know that if Reading were in this position I'd let anything happen to guarantee the survival of my club!Think you will find a few other clubs have paid just 1p in the pound when exiting Administration so stop all this nonsense ref wanting a 20 point deduction, you are obviously a Saints fan and one of the ignorant ones at that!Pompey will not be liquidated, will come out of Administyration within the next month and will not have a points deduction. The struggle will be in selling the high earners so as to begin the rebuild.Why 20 points for offering 2p? the fact is we will not get liquidated and we wont receive any further points deduction. live with itThere is still a chance of points being docked, thats a fact! Theres still a chance of liquidation, thats a fact!To the clueless person above, there is NO chance of points being docked/deducted. The Football League confirmed this


10 Jun 2012 01:39:32
Ashley Hemmings (Wolverhampton)
Brian Smikle (Cheltenham)
Ian Craney (Accrington)
are being linked with moves to league one side Walsall

Richard Taundry has left Walsall after turning down his verbal contract offer at the league one side(8)(2)He has not left walsall. get your facts rightHe has left WalsallHe has left Walsall. He was released as a free agent along time ago but he was offered a verbal contract which he has rejected. He's even talked about it in an interview with a paper (walsall fan)


10 Jun 2012 01:17:09
Paolo Di Canio's first summer signing is to be Lee Novak from Huddersfield town.(8)(19)Would be a great signing but can't see this happeningHow you know?Novak had 17 goals and 12 assists last year, do you think the terriers are going to let a play like that go ...Behave!Why would he move to a league 1 club when his current club ( town ) are in the championship and is likely to play most games? It's a big lie!No chance,why would Novak go to Swindon in League one.Hmmmm pivotal role for Town in the Championship or back down to league one...Stupid rumour, why would he go back to L1 when he got promoted, he will feature in championship plans so not going anywhere


10 Jun 2012 00:29:21
Stockport lose interest in former player Liam Dickinson due to wage demand. Could now sign for Crewe, Shrewsbury or Port Vale(15)(2)Shrewsbury are talking to him we will wait and see i think his wages will be to highBury have approached the striker via his former manager at Woodley Sports.

Dickie has been linked with Bury previously but do not rule out an offer of a trial from both Barnsley and Scunthorpe.
Keith Hill and Sir Alan Knill are both known admirers of the unsettled Northerner.Dickenson believes himself to be at least L1 calibre (not) so he would not lower himself to re-join County. That said, understand Gannon is very interested in bringing in Matt Paterson from Southend who had a very successful loan last season. County.


10 Jun 2012 00:21:49
Kyle Bartley set to be loaned out to either charlton or Watford as they are both closer to north London than rangers and there is an uncertainty about rangers wanting him next season due to the owner fiasco(11)(6)I think he'd be a bench warmer at Watford. Even when Mariappa goes we still have Nosworthy and Taylor as our starting pair.Taylor is too old and slow, he's past it and i really hope that taylor wont start for us next season, as nosworthy was bought in to replace him!It wont be charltonStarter at rangers so why would he be a bench warmer for watford who need all the help they can get to survive^ They say that every year and we do just fine. Usually finish above these "big teams" who think they're something.Norworthy was not bought in to replace him. He was bought in becasue Taylor had a long term injury. Also Taylors been a rock at the back for a few years now so show a little respect.Nosworthy was brought in on loan whilst Taylor was injured! Then we were just happy with how good he was and managed to buy him. To be honest, after we actually bought him, he became quite accident prone... I'd like Bartley to join the club, because with the exceptions of Hodson and possibly Dickinson, we don't really have any young defenders that are worthy of even getting on the bench. And even those two are hardly will be charlton if anyone ad we have a deal from the jenkinson deal, like we have one for Liverpool and inter Milan too


10 Jun 2012 00:21:03
Bradford City set to sign someone on Monday, expected to be a striker.(10)(11)Who is itNunez .Ramon nunez?I have it on good authority that Nunez from Lds will sign in the next few daysAndy Gray


09 Jun 2012 23:22:49
Derby to make an attempt to sign striker Simon Cox from West Brom after deals to sell James Bailey and Steve Davies go through(12)(3)We are Not signing Simon Cox his wages
are too much and Nigel has already stated
he will pick 2 out of the 4 below

Nicky Maynard
Johnny Russell
Jamie Murphy
Will GriggGuarentee its jamie murphy and sam baldock wont be other 2 lol



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