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13 Jul 2013 21:42:29
After handing in a transfer request to force through the move. Peterborough's Rowe is set to sign for Millwall

What, when Rowe has specifically said he isn't going to hand in a transfer request?

Rowe has never handed in a transfer request! he was put on the transfer list because he declined to sign an extension to his contract which still has a year to run, this is normal Club policy! Get your facts right!

No transfer request needed, he's already listed

Rowe hasn't handed on a transfer request at all

The fact is Rowe is leaving

Tomlin is leaving

McAnthony is trousering the cash.

I like the way so many Peterborough fans seem to know the ins and outs if the club so well. Who's staying whos going. 6000 chairmans there!

Last comment is clearly not a posh fan, or knows nothing whatsoever about Macanthony and how he works. Always reinvests it, on transfers and wages

Seems Rowe wants a move back up north I doubt he will go Millwall

Someone getting carried away here me thinks.

Anyway what is true is that Mick Hartford from Millwall was at yesterdays game against QPR

This looks more like people trying to wind us up, than so called rumours. Sad people.

Lol I like the way so many non-Peterborough fans seems to know the in and out of our club, who’s staying who’s going 20 Million chairmen there!

Millwall will not buy any players from peterborough. free signings and loans only for the lions to maximize the budget given to lomas. that said there are funds available up to 1million should the right striker become available. ( waghorn)

Millwall will spend £1 million on Tyrone Barnett from Peterborough, hence why Millwall representative was at QPR game



13 Jul 2013 21:47:19
Peterborough are on the verge of signing Hull striker Aaron McLean on a seasons loan.

He a free agent

No he's not a free agent, but steve bruce is willing to let him go along with cameron stewart.

14 Jul 2013 10:29:38
No he isn't. he has a year left. Bruce has said he can go, but we haven't paid up his contract and released him. He will be available on a free but that is because the buying club will have to pick up his promotion bonus enhanced wages

Mclean is in talks with Hull to see if they can come to some agreement over the cancelation of his contract.
Hull are quite keen to lose a player that has no future at the club.



13 Jul 2013 21:26:21
Phil brown is currently not happy with the lack of transfer activity within the club. They still remain in strong talks with john joe otoole and charlie lee but zavon hines and josh murphy are still linked but put aside for a moment as phil brown and the chairman ron martin still discuss about thier rather high wage demands. Both players has said they wouldn't mind a move to roots hall



13 Jul 2013 21:22:33
Paddy McCourt training with Blackpool, Dave Jones busting a gut to sighing after getting the Helan deal complete.

Think he is going to USA

David jones?

Shef Wed I presume he means



13 Jul 2013 20:44:46
Was at the Chesterfield vs Huddesfield game earlier, did anyone else notice the attention Paul Cook was giving the Huddesfield left-back left-back Jake Carroll in the first half, I saw him pat him on the back at least twice and then a long handshake at the end of the game with a comment. I might just be looking into it too much as he used to play in the League of Ireland for St Pats Athletic, I'm guessing while Cook was still at Sligo. Maybe a loan might be in the offing though!

Possibly, but bearing in mind he has just moved here so I think Robins will want to integrate Jake into the squad properly in pre-season, then see how he fares in the opening fixtures before sending him out on-loan. Considering we have paid a £150,000 fee for him. Would think Chesterfield'd be a fitting loan for him though if it did turn out he was up to first team standard yet.

PC did know him in the Irish league and was an admirer

I noticed that too, and seeing that there are potentially two other left-backs in front of him, he might be better gaining more experience at lower level first, just look at Jack Hunt and what he's achieved.



13 Jul 2013 21:05:20
Southend are in talks with josh murphy of norwich, links saying that an agreement of terms could be completed by monday and deal done by tuesday

13 Jul 2013 22:49:58
you would only get him on loan

I highly doubt this unless its on loan because the murphy twins signed 5 year contracts on their 18th which was at end of last season

Lol considering he was part of the team that won the FA youth cup I very much doubt he will be sold. A loan I could expect but he isn't for sale

I meant a loan, sorry lads

No way would you get any of the murphy twins, lol lol they are future 1st team prospects.

Norwich won't be selling off one of their brightest ever prospects-and, if they were consiering it, far bigger clubs than Southend (and probably Norwich) would be interested in signing him.

But as a loan move it would be an excellent move for all three parties.

You still have terms and fees in loans. The guy isn't saying we are selling him

14 Jul 2013 13:18:52
Postr has clarified that this is a loan so is a good deal all round, good club who play good football and it close to home too.

We don't want him, so overrated

Has he not just gone with the squad to the USA?

I wouldn't be at all surprised if this was true. Both of the Murphy twins need to get out on loan to get some serious experience in. It'll be a quandary which wingers we'll lose when these guys mature though.



13 Jul 2013 20:20:06
Mark Hughes could bring in adel taarabt on loan, QPR don't want to sell the talented Moroccan

Not going to happen and its the same for Hull Adel wants to return to France. Shame he couldn't step up to the plate at premier league level. My guess is he'll go to France and become the flat track bully he was in the Championship



13 Jul 2013 20:02:13
southampton set to complete the signing of Ever Banega for £10 million from Valencia by Wednesday

Why have we signed wanyama and are now trying to sign banega because they are similer players

Surely not after signing Wanyama? We're set at dm now with schneiderlin, wanyama, cork, and JWP/Davis to cover

He is an attacking midfielder, totally different to big vic

Banega is an attacking midfielder who can also play as a striker or in a holding midfield role, very versatile. His favourite position is in the hole behind the strikers.

Banega is more of an attacking midfielder than a defensive one. So I can see this happening, and it's reported we've had a bid accepted.
Hopefully with Lovren, Wanyama and (hopefully) Banega and a top class striker we can break well into the top ten this season, maybe even more.

How do you know this is happening?

Even though Banega plays further up the pitch surely we should be focusing on buying some width given we are pretty well stocked in the centre.



13 Jul 2013 19:53:20
Brian Jenson has been offered a one year deal at Bradford City along with Raffaele De Vita.

Good luck to Brian, wherever he goes. He was a good servant to Burnley football club. As a claret's supporter he has given many match winning performances fot the team over the years

I posted that he was coming on trial 3 weeks ago and thought today he looked decent. not slow and his distribution was very quick and effective. hope he signs

Brian Jensen has not been offered a contract at Bradford as yet. Whilst he has played in 2 'friendly' games now, Parkinson is casting his eyes over 2 more keepers this week and won't make a decision until then

We have only played 1 pre season friendly, so how can he have played in 2?

He played in a 'behind the doors' game on Wednesday at VP

45 minute training match played behind closed doors at VP

That's wierd people saying he played in a game of valley parade the other day are just chatting rubbish! I work at valley parade and I watched the game and he didn't play!

45 minutes is hardly a game is it? Considering he didn't even play in it.



13 Jul 2013 18:41:00
Portsmouth midfielder Jed Wallace is set to join Brentford early next week. The two clubs are discussing compensation for the 19 year old.

He just signed a 1 year deal with pompey

This is clearly not going to happen as he could easily play at championship level and has been linked to a couple of prem teams.

. Brentford. Brentford. REALLY?. That is clearly utter rubbish. Stoke wanted him, as well as Bournemouth. both are a higher level.

Don't blame him, be able to play in a good league

Back page of today (wed 17/7/13) Portsmouth News - Jed Wallace in talks to extend his contract at PFC. "I want to stay" is the quote. So enough of this Brentford nonsense.



13 Jul 2013 18:39:34
Watford set to sign Reece Brown on a permanent deal

Most likely after impressing at Italy

A 12 month contract not a 12 day trial would safice - Nothing to lose and the lad has everything to gain. wouldn't expect first team football either! Fantastic cover option and who knows where it'll take him.



13 Jul 2013 18:21:42
Reading are hoping to complete the signing of FC Utrecht striker Jacob Mulenga within the week.

So are another 4 clubs also



13 Jul 2013 18:20:04
Midfielder/winger Raffaele De Veta who was recently released by Swindon is on trial at Bradford

Impressed in friendly at Guiseley today, and scored a cracker too.

13 Jul 2013 20:47:28
Rafa is a very underrated player and is very tricky and a skilful player. However he is not a 90 minute player but is very creative and I was sorry when he left and I wish him well and if he ends up at Bradford I think you will have a good player who is one of those players that goes unnoticed but is like the silent assassin.

Good luck Rafa

Yes good luck to Rafa. I always liked him during his stay at Swindon. He will do a good job for Bradford.

De Vita and Brezovan will complete the jigsaw for me. De Vita always looked decent for Swindon. (a city fan).

I hope you sign Rafa, very good player, tricky to play against and scores goals, can drift out of games, but very good player and thoroughly nice guy off field

Any truth that Cameron Stewart (from hull) and Aaron Martin (from Southampton) are joining swindon soon?



13 Jul 2013 18:10:31
Nottingham Forest, Middlesborough,
Barnsley, QPR and Leeds are all chasing Brighton and Hove Albion player Ryan Harley, they are not put off by the 1.5 million pound price tag, Harley has asked permission to talk to other clubs

Very much doubt it 1.5 million for a player that couldn't get anywhere near the brighton first team

Why would they want Harley he carnt get in Brightons first team

Worst rumour ever. 0/10

Hope we sell him

Cnt c boro and barnsley paying that much for one player.

1.5 million?

Nothing special is he?

Ill drive him - he's awfull

1.5 million for him, are you high? He could barely get his game for MK dons last season. Especially as Middlesbrough have already signed two midfielders a damn sight better than him. And Barnsley have never had 1.5 million to spend on anyone

£1.5 million asking price? There is absolutely no way on this earth he is that expensive. I would value him somewhere around £500K. (Albion season ticket holder). He can't get in the Brighton squad, so I doubt some of these teams are after him.

Let him go especially for 1.5 mill he's only worth about 500 k if that!

Deal 1.5 mill more than I expected

Excellent at free kicks and a box to box player, would be a great signing for Forest

Barnsley will not be signing any one for cash loads of players about for nothing or on loan

Think Brighton would pay £1.5m for another team to take him.

I love it. People take things so seriously. He's worth at least 5.5 million. The best player outside the premiership. If Brighton let him go for less than 7.5 million they are mad

We don't want him, young Digby looks like being hell of a player if he keeps fit he could go for a lot of money

14 Jul 2013 11:00:46
Harley would be best player on pitch if he joined Leeds, that's how poor he is,

More like Barnsley.

Barnsley don't want him. Got better players on their books. Flitcroft looking for a striker only.

And since when do Brighton have players worth 5.5 million. keep dreaming!

Bridcutt worth at least 5.5 mill

Bridcutt is worth 3 million tops {Ed029's Note - Jumpers for goal posts?



13 Jul 2013 17:58:23
young liverpool striker Samed Yesil is set to join colchester united on loan for 6 months to get first team experience under his belt.

This would never happen, Joe Dunne is happy with the strikers at the club

This lad is class so why wouldn't they loan him, don't talk soft lad.



13 Jul 2013 17:44:48
i said several weeks ago that swindon would have new investment/owners before the season started. that has happened with power and crouch. I also said that kmac would be replaced by stuart pearce. many rubbished this rumour but I told you it was a slow burner and would come to fruition. kmac has gone and pearce will be named manager next week

You also said that it would be wealthy investors? Wrong? Crouch has not been mentioned for ages as to being on the board yet, you are just guessing about Pearce and putting 2 and 2 together, I wouldn't be surprised if it was someone like Tim sherwood?

Not entirely the case is it? 120k is simply not enough, 400k at least considering what Aiden Flint went for?

After this afternoons lack of fire-power upfront, let's hope so!

Glen Hoddle may return



13 Jul 2013 17:28:02
After 3 poor friendlies, Crawley are to reconsider spending money on a suitable striker. Tubbs remains on the list

How can you say poor we played 2 championship teams why always tubbs? It's getting boring now

Can you buy Barnett back from Posh please

Good one! Crawley won't spend one penny on a transfer fee. get real, your glory days went when the fat man left you for Rotherham, he knew you were struggling financially.



13 Jul 2013 17:26:07
Doncaster t complete the signigs of Carl Winchester, Jack Truelove and James Tarkowski all from oldham. Dickov said he is excited for the youth to blossom with the facilities that are at Doncaster.

Winchester is out injured for up to 6 weeks, Truelove hasn't proved anything and Tarkowski has signed a new 2 year contract.

I'l have you know that these three have just signed new deals and are very much in Lee Johnson's plans, plus Winch is out for 2 month with a knee injury

Absolutely untrue as all three have recently signed new contracts

See the muppets are out in force again! winchester out injured tarky has just signed new contract and truelove is just a rookie!

Haha what a load of rubbish. tarky just signed new deal, dickov never played Winchester or truelove so clearly didn't rate them

Ha ha here we go again nothing but LIES. Winchester has done his medial ligament so out for up to 2 months. Tarky just signed a 2yr deal and Truelove is signed up as well.

is this the same Dickov who never gave youth a chance at OAFC. Oh yea it is.

Why would we want to take oldhams youth? we've got our own youth thank you very much

Load of rubbish that rumour, more chance of Billy Sharp signing on a 8year contract

Doubt your facilities are anywhere near good enough to aid dickov's lack of managerial qualities



13 Jul 2013 17:23:17
Jean-Yves-M'voto has rejected a last minute contract offer from Lee Johnson Oldham will have to find a new CentreHalf else where. M'voto should now go through the process of siging up m'voto on a 2. 5 year deal

M'voto signing up M'voto? Sounds intriguing.

That doesn't make sense.

Mvoto hasn't been talking to LJ at all he's been with Donny for the last 2 weeks and has gone to Portugal, have to laugh same place where Dickov took us last season.

See Mvoto has already shown how he makes mistakes against Retford in the 9th tier of the FL.

Already have his replacement coming in watch this space.

Actually, they have been talking it was confirmed in the Chronicle, we offered him a new deal, he's still not formally rejected it yet and I think LJ just wants to know what's going on before he signs another centre back.



13 Jul 2013 17:09:43
Rafa De Vita is currently on trial with Bradford City and is set to sign in the next couple of days

I doubt he is 'about to sign'. He arrived on Friday and played 30 mins in a local friendly earlier today. Parkinson will need more time with Rafa before he makes a decision



13 Jul 2013 11:33:01
Eds know of any new transfer rumours/news to do with Southampton? Thanks {Ed001's Note - I don't sorry.}

Liar Ed you know everything :-P {Ed001's Note - shhhhhh, that's a secret!}

Reports say recent 20 Euro million bid for Osvaldo was rejected by the player himself as he doesn't want to move to Southampton. The team are abroad for pre season the next week so don't assume much transfer activity will occur. Still slight rumours of Damiao and Banega, possibly a Cb to replace Forren but it seems the main targets will be a winger, a striker and attacking mid

Tubbs and Thomas from AFCB.please!

14 Jul 2013 11:41:56
If you remember last year, we signed players while we were abroad, so that doesn't discount us from signing someone while we're away.

Expect to hear something within the next week!



13 Jul 2013 17:14:58
Pne are trying to sign Andre Wisdom on loans for the season

He was in talks with stoke. but I heard he had a better offer from another prem club, so won't go to league 1

He's going to Wigan apparently as BR wants him playing regularly and in Europe

Obviously made up. He an easily play premier league football.

Try again. One of the worst (made up) rumours I've seen



13 Jul 2013 17:03:13
Rochdale's Andrew Tutte is a target for Cheltenham Town. Mark Yates has identified him as their next target following the signing of Terry Gornell.

Tutte would require a Pharaoh'l wage though but he's a nice Giza

He's going no where signed a 2 year contract with dale the other week

Use coudent afforde him or his wages tutts for prem in nxt 2 or 3 years

A pharaoh wage? That's pretty old money, I'm sure CTFC could afford it (unless he wants a luxury pyramid?)

CTFC can have him, he's a camel!

Once again as a shrews fan I can tell you tutte is very average
Cheltenham in danger of becoming shrews cast off's fc

Will be happy to see him go to Cheltenham for a decent fee



13 Jul 2013 16:58:41
One in and one out at Bristol City. Greg Cunningham is going to Wigan and Brad Smith will sign from Liverpool as his replacement.

You can have Greg Joey Bryan is a much better left back and we have Derrick Williams now too Greg can't cross or pass a long ball and struggles to make a decent tackle you will all see how important Bryan will be for us bcfc

Have you even watched a game last year? Greg was by far our best player. After he got injured at pboro, our season went downhill. Joe bryans good, but never as good as greg.

He played four games before he got injured agreed he was fantastic those four games but after injury nah not for me Bryan played fantastic every game when he started un sung hero wait and see

I agree with second post cunnigh is a good player but very over rated played well a few games then dwindled off if we can get a mil for him you say sell and use either Williams or Brian

YOung Joe bryan will shine for bristol city this yr. next one2 b off.

Brilliant you say he is over rated yet you want a million pounds for him!greg was a very good consistant player for us last season imo and I for one hopes he stays joe bryan is better on the left of midfield

Course you'd get a million pounds for an over rated player that's why he's referred to as over rated although I do rate Cunningham but I agree sell for top price while we can

Do any of you have any idea about football at all? what on earth would be the point in selling him now as a elgated player wih lost confidence and ultimately a lower price? if we have a good season xt season and finish play-offs or near them, he will be woth a lot moe. So no we shouldn't 'take the moneywhile we can', we should give him the credit he deserves as our best player last season.

Did he win city player of the season fact no he didn't so how was he the best player agreeing with above posts he was a good player but with the arrival or Williams and still having young Joey if we can cash in now then why not

I don't think anyone is over rating Greg Cunningham, a fine player that is easily Championship quality and with the potential to one day play in the top flight.

I would be happy if we could keep him for the bounce back attempt, but he is another one that will attract interest. We have signed him to a lenghty contract so I would expect a good profit.

Agreed we could use the transfer money from Greg to reinvest in two or three other players he is a good player and a stand out player on his day but not vital that we keep him



13 Jul 2013 16:54:44
Ishmael Miller will return to Middlesbrough once they are back from their Portuguese pre-season camp. In an attempt to gamble on regaining his previous form, Mowbray has offered a contract that is light on wages and heavy on goal bonuses.

Connor Ripley has been loaned to Aberdeen and Luke Williams may join him in the SPL at Hibernian if they cannot tempt Derek Riordan back for a third spell at the club.

I hope not he is 110% s*** worst player I've seen, couldn't score in Bangkok that lad!

What form? No thanks

Very much doubt the Ishmael miller bs like lol wer not interested mogga already said once all the loanees go back to their parent clubs we'd try for sammy ameobi and see what happens with mceachran that's it!

Wldnt like ripley and williams going to scotland, rather they played more of a competitive tougher style of football in league 1 or 2. for williams would love to see him in the first team, him and main will get 20 goals between them.



13 Jul 2013 16:50:16
Swansea to make a bid for Toby Alderwield who turned down Norwich as European football could attract him.

He rejected Norwich based on the package he was offered, guessing not a big enough wage packet. He then said he wouldn't go to a mid table team. Despite a good season last year I would still class swansea as a mid table team, which means that it is the clearest call out for Liverpool to come get him for cheap, as 7 million is cheap for a player of his quality

Once again we have been turned down by another player. What is ch going to do now. Getting concerned now as all clubs on our level seem to be able to attract players of high quality. Come NCFC pull a rabbit out of the hat fans are getting restless {Ed027's Note - you've just got Fer...

Norwich city obviously wanted him and offered the best package they could, they have still managed to sign some really promising players two dutch, 1 swede and one English all with very promising international futures, McNally and Houghton are doing a fantastic job bringing Norwich up to a much higher level but remain prudent in their purchases, a look at the likes of Portsmouth, QPR and Birmingham show you what can go wrong when you start throwing big cash at players to attract them to lesser known PL teams. Ok we didn't get him, but we will move on and find another player who wants to come to Norwich.

This fan obviously isn't watching very closely, the two players who have rejected us both should be playing Europa league football if not champions league. Toby is more than good enough to represent one of the top 4 teams in the premier league, I just don't understand why Liverpool or spurs haven't bid for them. As for the signings we have made so far, I believe that Redmond, rvw and fer are going to be very big parts in our season. All three have excellent potential, young and all have the possibility of being the signing of the season

What is wrong with the person who sent the last post, we have just bouhgt 4 quality players who does he want ronaldo and neymar. the board and ch have done us proud and they haven't finished yet

I don't know what fans you know but I and the ones I talk too are extremely happy with our transfer activities and actually signings yeah Toby turned is down but don't forget the guy at his club plays champions league football and we can't offer him that.

Think he lives across the border - tother side of diss :)

Can't believe your moaning about the quality of signings were making!

Not moaning about signings just can't understand why players would turn down our club. We are growing into a well established pl side, and it just frustrates me when players think there to big for us. all we need is a cb and striker and it's job we'll done. Bring on 17th august

Itll be next year we will be attracting high players and players who want more got to admit we ain't a top team and its a risk coming to us but with the new players and there all top draw hopefuly we can do well and get more playes interested net season but hay if we are doing well will we need players who doubt us

Personally I think Fer, RvW and Redmond are collectively the best 3 signings we've potentially ever made pre season. We need to watch our budget so for DM and CH to get quality like this shows we're going in the right direction; so we haven't got TA, but there are def reasons to be cheerful. OTBC.

Looks like he will be signing for Liverpool : ( hopefully with the signing of Fer confirmed this will attract better players to the club.

"can't understand why players would turn down our club" -how about they just don't want to join Norwich-don't feel its the right move, feel they can do better, might want to stay put for another year? Stop looking at it as a fan-he isn't, to him its just the next stop on his playing career, his next employer-nothing else-if he doesn't want to come here, fair enough and good luck to him. I rather think he's torn between taking that last year at Ajax or joining Liverpool, and, with the greatest of respect to our club, if you are a neutral, who do you choose out of Norwich or Liverpool?

He'll go to spurs

Personally I believe Alderweireld should stay at Ajax until January and see how well Norwich are doing. If we top half and playing well then he should consider a move, if we are bottom half or playing particularly poorly then he should either choose to finish his contract at Ajax or choose to then move to Liverpool. Liverpool may be a bigger and better club but first team football a definite there for him is doubtful, more likely squad rotation between him Agger and Skrtel

Another player whose head is turned by bigger clubs.
I ask a question. If Espanyol wanted to buy you but you heard that Real Madrid were sniffing. would you sign for Espanyol (i like Espanyol btw!) Toby is just angling for a bid from a "bigger" named team, if they don't come he would join. After all Chelski have all his international team mates!.
Also btw. was really annoyed with Sam Matterface earlier who said NCFC held Chelski to ransom over Ruddy!. hmm easy to say when you are spending some else's money!

He will get played at Liverpool he's pretty good, fair play he don't want to risk playing for us never no what's going to happen

Playing the clubs off against each other! Hoping tha we come in with better terms. we have to be careful that players come to us Hungry not just feathering the own nest looking at Norwich as a soft touch. great work by our management thus far! Can't wait to see some attacking footy!never mind the danger!

If he goes to Swansea, as a Norwich fan - I'll be fuming.



13 Jul 2013 16:48:30
Motherwell may have lost out on signing James Mcfadden as he has been offered a contract by Blackpool who need a wide player after Matt Phillips broken arm, Barry Ferguson recommended the player to the club.

Nope he is in Spain with Motherwell and flew out there yesterday



13 Jul 2013 16:49:33
Reading have had bids accepted for Cameron Jerome (£?), Charlie Austin (£2.5m) and Billy Sharp £1m accepted.

The club want two of the three, with Sharp having already held talks and the club hoping for a response next week before they fly out to Portugal on their pre-season training camp.

Austins all we need thanks.

Their flying out tomorrow.

THEY ARE flying out tomorrow.

Someone's living in cloud cuckoo land I think

THEY ARE flying out tomorrow.

I must apologize for my poor grammar, at the end of the day most people would understand what was meant and it just isn't that important. Correcting people and being pedantic are two very annoying petty traits.

On his day leg-of-wood was brilliant. Two seasons ago he was immense but the last two seasons he has been of par. Great servant to the club but now is the right time to move on. Carrico will not stay sadly. We need smith CM and striker.

When have you ever seen a team buy three strikers in one day. If the bids have been accepted that means they'll all be confirmed on monday LOL.



13 Jul 2013 16:34:38
Belgium Center Back Toby Alderweireld of Ajax has rejected Norwich's contract offer and is waiting to see what other offers come in, but said he will not rule out staying at Ajax for another year.

Gary hooper and n'dolye seen at carrow road at 4oclock today!

The news about Toby Alderweireld is disappointing but surely the first offer by Norwich can't be the final offer. Club's negotiate the transfer fee and surely can come back with a better offer for the personal terms. As long as the transfer fee has and continues to be accepted then Norwich and the player can continue to negotiate. Just because the first offer has been rejected doesn't mean Norwich won't come back with a better one.

Dame n'doye please; class with great strength, pace and quick feet - would be as good a signing as we have made. a right handful!

Hope we get hooper reckon he will be very good plus it'll pee me of if Qpr get him such a crap team and itll show he's only in for the money so let's see what he wants

Don't want Hooper.

Jelavic scored 30 goals in 50 SPL games and in 54 Prem games he has just 11 goals.

That isn't all down to shabby SPL goal keeping.

Hooper won't get the time or space in the 6 yard box in the prem that he gets in the SPL.

He has no capability to run off the shoulder of the last defender and has little creative output.

N'Doye looks a way better prospect and by a country mile. In the box he has it all but he is also strong in the transitioning part of the game and has pace to burn.

We should just stump up the money for this player even if his club want 8-10m- just pay it and sign him.



13 Jul 2013 16:40:51
Mikele Leigertwood is on his way to Leeds after Reading accepted a £500,000 offer for the 5th choice central midfielder. Brian McDermott has been working on this one for several weeks and will get his man if the player can agree terms.

Haha you can have him for free Leeds shocking player!

5th choice he was your main midfielder last season and the season before that he was one of the best in the championship

He's 5th choice now.
Guthrie, Karacan, Carrico, Akpan then Leigertwood.

Oh thank goodness, ill fly from the states to drive him to leeds

^carriço's a goner, there's Karacan, Guthrie, Williams and Akpan, so at the moment he's 6th choice!

Excellent championship player and a top bloke, did you think he was shocking when his goal sent us up?

Well 6th choice as we've bought Williams now too. Legsofwood was great in champ then poor last season yet mcd constantly played him. Then he was finally dropped by Adkins thank god. Could do a job in champ again but not for us. But I wouldn't get hopes up Leeds fans he can't pass for ****

"5th choice he was your main midfielder last season and the season before that he was one of the best in the championship"

He was main midfielder because mcdermott had his favourites who could do no wrong, he was shocking last season and should have been dropped long before he was. Yes he was good the season before but that was then, we now have better midfielders and he's surplus to requirements.

{Ed029's Note - Williams, Karacan, Guthrie, Akpan and Robson-Kanu (central att. role as well as out wide), all preferred in midfield over Leigertwood.

Good player He'll do well at leeds.

Your forgetting about willams aswell

14 Jul 2013 12:35:42
Leeds have enough midfielders, so I doubt it



12 Jul 2013 19:01:12
As Reading were hoping to be announcing a new signing before Portugal, any news on that Ed?

{Ed029's Note - Only that we're in the hat for Sharp, but he has interest from Forest and it sounds like Leeds too now. Club hoping for a decision next week. Also a £2.5m bid lodged with Burnley for Austin. No idea where we are with it though. The club have also confirmed they have been in Turin trying to do a deal thought to be a club partnership with Juve.

Austin will struggle to command high transfer fee after having failed a medical at Hull. Nobody is going to spend big with that background risk hanging over him.

Oh come on, Charlie Austin is now damaged goods with a bad habit. He is not worth £2.5 million and Burnley would bit the hand off any club who offered such an amount.
On a positive note he is a great striker but very few and I say very few clubs will now be interested in taking him on now the cats out of the bag
Current value £1. 2 -1.7 million and that's not just because of a knee injury

And Burnley won't accept 2.5m

Are you for real? Bradford striker wells who has no experience in any league apart from the basement league of English football is valued at 1. 5-2million but because Charlie is rumored to have a dodgey knee (though he has never been injured in his career from a knee injury) he is valued at 1.2 million. In 150 games in his career he has scored 84 goals in the championship and league 1. Easy worth 2.5 million. Ps, I guess the other reason you stated is his 'coke problem' that he did in October last year and claims its not true. Get real.

Rumoured to have a dodgy knee! He failed a medical at Hull because of it.

Burnley should offer Austin a new deal now this "injury" has come up, it can work for both player and team. They don't want him to leave for free but will keep playing and paying him despite the fact he has this knee injury that has never sidelined him. Why accept 2. 5 for a player worth more. I would rather keep him than sell for that.

If he is valued at £2.5 million Bournemouth can afford him if they want the hassle?

Austin has a dodgy shoulder, not a dodgy knee, Bruse said that's why he failed, he has didlocated it either 2 or 3 times in the last few years. {Ed029's Note - 'A paper' said last week both showed up as a problem, but they may have got their wires crossed. The knee is a current injury, they claimed.

More than one thing came up on his medical which devalues him.
Only weeks ago Burnley wouldn't take less than £7 mill then they take £4.5 mill. Now they want £2.5 mill.
Do we have a problem?
Blind supporters with no idea, comes to mind!
Real Value £1.5 mill

How can anyone call us blind supporters?i seem to remember Jordan Rhodes scoring a lot of goals in league1 and being sold for £8m, a so called injured Charlie Austin scored 28 goals in a struggling side, this injury didn't seem to hinder him being one of the leading marksmen in the country so to put a value of £1.5m on that sort of goalscorer seems a tad naive to me, I grant you the fact that he only has 1yr remaining on his contract but all things considered your valuation seems just a little unrealistic, for that kind of money he's worth more to us staying and then leaving on a free which i'd imagine would make a couple of prem clubs take a punt on him with no fee to pay. DAZ

Well said daz, sick of all these persons on here thinking austins not worth anything now, watch next season I bet he's top scorer

Just because the club says its his knee that failed his medical doesn't mean its the complete truth. I heard he failed on 2 counts and the second one didn't impress anyone in burnley or hull, which is why Burnley now want to off load him at any cost.
Come on guys read the whole story not just the club P. R machine

Dont talk rubbish mate, burnley don't want to off load him at any cost its already been stated that he's been offered a new contract



13 Jul 2013 15:57:51
Heard that due to Matt Phillips needing an op on his broken arm that Blackpool had offered James Mcfadden a short term contract as cover and he has gone to Blackpool today to discuss the move.

Rubbish he is in Spain training with Motherwell and has been all day



13 Jul 2013 15:48:27
Watford are close to a deal with Fulham's U18 star George Williams who has been scoring goals for fun in the U18 league

Didn't he play for MK Dons? like youngest goalscorer

Permanent or loan?

Is he a striker then because if its true we have an abundance of strikers for it wouldn't look likely

13 Jul 2013 18:39:47
Like many of our young starlets we (Mkdons) let them join bigger teams for money we never spend

:- (

Not true

Absolutely zero chance of watford getting this kid, although Man united and Liverpool have been sniffing around hopefully we can keep him.

We don't need another striker

Plays on the wing for our Under 18s and usually comes on as sub. Doubt he would go perm

14 Jul 2013 10:40:46
Loan only



13 Jul 2013 15:37:14
Boro will take Hull City's Cameron Stewart on loan for the duration of the season with a view to a permanent switch when his contract expires. This should add some much needed pace to the Middlesbrough midfield.

I'd take that

You can have him with pleasure, bit of pace couple of tricks but no end product, garbage after knee injury, heart not in it.



13 Jul 2013 15:40:00
aston villa have enquired about signing matej vydra to udinese



13 Jul 2013 15:36:19
Paul caddis wants to leave swindon because of the owners, but they have put a high valuation on him that's why he hasn't gone so far. My source spoke to him in the devizes fc club house after the friendly the other evening.



13 Jul 2013 14:43:05
Exeter City are set to move for released Reading striker Nicolas bignall and also are looking to add Lawson D'ath on loan from Reading.



13 Jul 2013 14:37:34
Crystal Palace are set to sign Dutch Striker Dirk Kuyt from Turkish club Fenerbahce.

No thank u

Oh please
crao at Liverpool so not good enough for us

Don't think so some how happy in Turkey

Where did you here that? would love this to happen. he never stops working and would fit in well

Palace don't buy 30+ has beens!

Danny Gabbidon?

Gabs was a free transfer and has been given a one year contract. Towards the end of the season he put in some outstanding displays, especially in the Play Off Final, he was solid. His Prem experiance will be usefull. I know him and he is a lovely bloke, not like your typical footballer.



13 Jul 2013 14:37:07
Blackpool have confirmed interest in Rochdale Striker Bobby Grant

Why would they pay money for a striker who could possibly miss 10+ games next season through suspension for racism?



13 Jul 2013 13:27:42
Reading to sign Gary Hooper for 7M next week

Reading will not spend £7m on one player. Hooper is a good player but if £7m is the price tag, Reading will walk away.

It will never happen. good PR for club but its not believable.

I thought we dropped our interest?- would be good if true though

13 Jul 2013 16:04:59
if he goes anywhere it will be to Norwich never going to go to a championship club never going to happen

Celtic aren't even asking for £7m.



13 Jul 2013 13:25:48
Lyle Taylor from Falkirk rejected Rotherham to sign for Sheffield United as the blades offered him 3k a week compared to rotherhams offer of 2. 2k a week.

Its a story on sky sports but nothing official yet

I think this guy is nervous of playing football again in the English leagues. Two blank years in England and one good one in Scotland - Stay there son - why risk another blank year!

Lyle needs to push the boat out! Going to Rotherham - with an ambitious chaiman - he knows that his career would develop - especially with the classy team of midfielders the Millers have. Staying in Scotland IS NOT A CHALLENGE but make it with Rotherham to the championship and THEN he can ask his own price!
what he is doing now is short term safety - LOOK FORWARD!

Lyle Taylor rejected Rotherham United as personal terms could not be agreed. Falkirk and Sheffield United agreed a fee for him today.

Basically he wanted to play for a bigger and better club with more potential for promotion that's a fact will put pen to paper later tonight

Even though we aren't getting lyle taylor we can still sign other potential strikers such as matt tubbs and jack redshaw so it isn't a great loss {Ed003's Note - Redshaw is out for months.}

Rotherham wouldn't offer any higher than £2, 500 for a Fringe Rotation Player; Sheffield United will offer £3, 500 for a Key First Team Player.

Theres the differences guys!

Wow that's incredibly cheap, only three thousand and five hundred pound for a player, btw the fee rothertham bid was around 150,000. And sources in Scotland e. g. The Falkirk herald reported united paid the same.

No news yet about a pen on contract - perhaps Sheff-U are also struggling about "TERMS".
But IF he does sign for Sheff-U and not Rotherham United - I doubt he will get the service that the Rotherham Midfield would provide - that's Lyle greatest mistake! But hay-ho It's will be his best chance to loose in the play-off's

Sorry mate but this sounds like a bit of sour grapes to me.

What he said, united have McDonald, mcfadzean, murphy, brandy and McGinn who all have great service, and all that eclipse Rotherham's midfield. I bet you are one of the people who when they thought he was signing said he was the best signing ever and when he rejected you slagged him off



13 Jul 2013 13:22:00
Theo Robinson has been told he can leave derby on a free which has alerted a few clubs including Huddersfield, Rotherham and Bristol City.

Huddersfield definitely have no interest in Theo after having signed 3 strikers better than him already, plus he was barely used in his loan spell last season

13 Jul 2013 16:44:21
free transfer is still over-priced.

Theo, have banjo will travel in the attempt to smack a cows bottom with it but usually fails. If he was coming to Huddersfield he would probably miss the exit from the M1. Only in his dreams is he coming back to Huddersfield.

He will definitely do a job for someteam.

Hope him and Tyson get fixed up soon. even if it is just to save on wages.

Has Tyson also been told he can also leave on a free?

It won't have alerted Huddersfield! While on loan at the end of last season he couldn't even make the subs bench.

He'll not end up st the John Smiths!

Maybe Bardford would be a suitable place for him? Definitely a good league 1 striker when he's on target, but not up to championship standard and definitely surplus in Derby's squad

Leave Theo alone. he will be a fine signing for someone, as long as he is allowed to enter the match with his banjo, gives him a better chance to score, legs and head and banjo.

Would not waste my money. if town were silly enough to sign him

He managed 7 goals wow we! and you say he kept us up.

7 more than you chummy.

His goals to games ratio was only marginally less than James Vaughans and he got player of the season, I'd say he definitely helped keep us up and would have him back but doubt we'd pay his wages

Good old Theo he's a laugh

Theo didn't even score for htfc

I think this person going on about goal ratio compared to Vaughany is getting Theo confused with Beckford, who did help keep us up



13 Jul 2013 13:04:05
New Target £13mill rated Ivorian 6ft8inch Lacina Traore of a proposed 5yr deal

13 Jul 2013 14:56:33
Anzhi won't sell traore for 12mill

I have seen this guy play a few times, he is a great signing and I agree I doubt anzhi will accept 12m for him and even if they did would he really want a move to villa? (im a villa fan so i'm not taking the you no know what!)



13 Jul 2013 12:53:19
QPR are set to sign Serge Gnabry on loan from Arsenal in the next few days, they also are interested in Brightons Liam Bridcutt but are having trouble agreeing a fee

Bridcutt said he wants Premiership football, so he won't be going to Queens Park Rangers.

14 Jul 2013 10:42:58
Gnabry looks like he'll make a decent player, so I can't imagine him going to the qpr circus to get ruined with their club ethic

Serge Gnabry won't be going anywhere this season.



13 Jul 2013 12:42:27
hinds of ex sheff weds will sign for bury at some stage next week is expierence will a good addition to the squad

An who is this person

Centre back on trial, played in last 2 friendlies

Nothing special, but 100% effort and solid. Plus, really nice guy. Owls fan!

Richard Hinds

Do we need another cb. We seem to have pretty good cover already- cameron, zubar and lockwood. We need a rb.

Since when did we sign Zubar? and Lockwood is so shakey, he falls over if you breathe on him.

Lowry is the man for right back and Forrester looks a hit if he can score 7 goals against a team of amateurs.

Lockwood is off to Burton Albion mate



13 Jul 2013 12:32:37
Blackpool are looking at powerhouse Jacob Mulenga. The striker is believed to be available for 1.2 million, but with a proven record, he could tempt Blackpool.

He's going to Wigan so no chance of this.

He seems a decent player from what i've seen

Who is this guy?

What position and what club?

Striker Utrecht.



13 Jul 2013 12:06:54
Peter Brezovan is in talks with Bradford City.

Very good and experienced keeper. Probably needs more game time than he'll get at Brighton

14 Jul 2013 11:11:54
Agree steady keeper be good addition for Bradford, done well for Brighton when called upon, needs to move to further his career.



13 Jul 2013 11:38:03
Shrewsbury have offered a month by month contract to David Healy, however yet to here a reply with Healy being busy with court case, Turners hoping a player with his experience will help bring the best out of youngster Bradshaw

Things must be desperate at Shrewsbury if this is true. Worst player I have ever seen at Bury (when he is not injured of course).

This is not true, but two strikers will be signing next week.

Akwasi Asante has signed on loan and John Cofie is also set to sign on long term deal

P. S you could of heard that billy jones the right back was on the bench yesterday he is just on trial nothing else

GT's son has told me this

Who are the unused subs named matt owen and billy jones. where are they from?

Matt Owen is a local lad who plays in midfield. Not sure about 'Billy Jones' though.

Billy jones west Brom and Matt Owen is a Hereford reserve

Is it the Billy Jones from WBA who used to play for Crewe and was born in Shrewsbury?

Billy jones is the west Brom right back

Billy jones from Cheltenham full back ex Crewe Alex?

Pretty sure billy jones will not leave wba - he is a first teamer

Billy jones and Matt Owen were fake names for trialists



13 Jul 2013 11:26:12
Danny Pugh of Leeds United going to AFC Bournemouth. Big rumours abound.

Hope so! Hopefully you'll give us some money for him too! God awful player.

Pugh is not rubbish, he is a composed and professional player willing to fill in at left back, left mid and centre mid and even at centre back a couple of times for us - he has never moaned and is apparently a good trainer; he has premier league pedigree and I think he would be an excellent addition for bournemouth and also a good deal for leeds as we do not need him with our surplus of better midfielders and left backs on our books.

Where has this danny pugh rumour come from?

Why? A mifielder whos ony scored 16 goals in his whole career? We have a decent squad of mifielers. We need a decent biglad up front with 'TheChicken'

From what I've seen, The Danny Pugh move is very much a possibility. but why do we need him?

Why does afcb require another mid-fielder? Can not see his happeing.



13 Jul 2013 11:12:17
Oxford United looking at a loan deal for Reading's Michael Hector

Reading will be looking to loan up a league from last year not down. He's a quality prospect and at least it'll be lower championship he's loaned to

13 Jul 2013 21:31:45
Port Vale a possible loan destination for Hector?

Got a lot to learn hector makes lots of mistakes cost shrews points last season whilst on loan however will learn!



13 Jul 2013 11:12:09
Bury to sign ex Arsenal goalkeeper Reice Charles-Cook, after a successful trial

What a load of rubbish already have 2 goalkeepers have you not heard

Obviously not rubbish as he has just signed a 12month contract

Think person who said that was rubbish should apologise



13 Jul 2013 11:02:27
Burnley close to double deal for Sam Baldock and Darren Ambrose

Would be a good couple of signings for them if true

Heard ambrose going to sheff utd



13 Jul 2013 10:52:45
Middlesbrough interested in taking Stephen Ireland on loan for the season from Aston Villa, Villa will pay over half of his 65K a week wages - as we couldn't afford him otherwise.
Also still strong interest in Billy Sharp who has been told he is surplus to requirements at Southampton, although there would be a nominal fee involved his wages aren't as high as most premiership players.

Billy Sharp is available for transfer-the fee will not be nominal!

We won't pay half of his wages at all. Stoke etc. will offer to pay the full whack - why should you not have to!

After his Promotion wage rise I believe Sharp is on a fairly hefty amount for a championship club to pay. 20-25k a week.

Middlesbrough do not have the money for 30k wages

Sharp is on less than 15k a week and that includes appearance fee

Would think saint will continue subsidizing his wages and his new club paying the rest till the end of his contract, surprised reading didn't snap him up. Not given much of a chance in prem league with saints.



13 Jul 2013 10:26:33
AFC Bournemouth are reportedly chasing Cardiff City striker Joe Mason who is apparently surplus to the new Premiership club's requirements. Bournemouth are also interested in signing Leeds United midfielder Danny Pugh to bolster their midfield options.

Maybe on loan, you won't get him on a permanent, too good a player and with a ton more potential

Probably a loan malky see's a lot of potential in mason

You won't get mason on a permanent deal, malky rates him a lot and has huge potential.


I like the sound of a year loan if Cardiff won't sell. Pitman can't do it all on his own and although I rate Grabban I think this is an area we need to strengthen if we are serious about doing well in the Championship.

Joe Mason at AFCB on a year long loan. that sounds good!

Watch Pugh sign for Bournemouth and then sulk as Bournemouth do better than us. It happens soooo many times to us

F Richardson

Cardiff city player is potentially the best striker for afcb. Joe martin scores 1 in 4/5 goals but 22 years is a good age to improve under eddie howe!



13 Jul 2013 10:17:16
Matej Vydra is subject to a 10m bid from Aston Villa as a replacement for Benteke

Double it and maybe.

Half it and maybe!

Sick of Watford fans acting like Vydra, who isn't even their club's player, is worth only £4m less than Manchester United paid for RVP. Deluded isn't even the word. He's worth maybe £6m, but the Pozzos would probably sell for £10m to a team Matej wanted to move to. No chance of him returning to Watford though, most of their fans even seem to have moved on from that.

14 Jul 2013 10:01:00
He's staying in italy, with his parent club Undine's.



13 Jul 2013 10:12:18
Blackpool have had a £800,000 bid rejected for caddis from swindon

Local swindon press says £120k which is nearly as funny as the 800k quote

Decent player, but £800k is massively wide of the mark.

13 Jul 2013 14:58:58
It was not 800,000 if it was we would have sold him in a shot as the culb would love 800,000 for a player with 1 year left on his current deal

13 Jul 2013 18:47:17
No way did Blackpool offer 800k you insulted us with an offer of 120k. Birmingham offered 300k and that was declined if it was 800k he would have gone knowing our new owners as they're selling the lot and brought in cheap alternatives loan players.

Pay Shrewsbury what you owe them for collins first before you think about selling! Living above your means for a few seasons!



13 Jul 2013 09:55:05
Now that most of the transfers for ITFC are complete apart from the exit of Chopra and Cresswell I hear that MM is looking to bring in one exciting addition to the midfield, but don't have any name. This should be enough to get them back into the EPL.

13 Jul 2013 12:44:48
cheap cast offs and freebies good enough to get you lot into the prem what a laugh I mean really

It's not Agustien, a rumour was circulating about a season loan for Christian Benavente, a youngster from Real Madrid who is looking for competitive experience.



13 Jul 2013 09:01:35
Charlton are getting thorgan hazard on a season long loan from Chelsea.

He is being linked with QPR

"He is being linked with QPR2

Now he's being linked with Charlton.

This would personally be my favourite possible signing. excluding Darren Bent of course.



13 Jul 2013 08:50:14
Burton have signed Rene Howe on a 2 year contract
Rory Delap and Adam Mcgurk to sign next week

So we could end up with Howe and Symes up front with MacDonald and McGurk on the wings.
Now that's a front line that could rip up L2.

What about Billy Kee

Excellent signing, re-sign Pato and I will be happy with Kee and Howe up front and Pato off the bench. Symes couldn't hit a barn door and Knowles is inexperienced. UTBs

Symes is garbage so happy Orient let him go. Kee and Howe could rip it up though.

Kee and Howe has to be first choice. Knowles looked better than Symes yesterday at Alfreton friendly.

Cannot understand signing Symes and no sign of Paterson re-signing? Who would you rather coming off the bench to bag the winner Symes or Pato, no competition.

Get over it man, Paterson has gone and Symes will do well for Burton, your consistent whinging is giving the clubs supporters a bad name. Albion will do well this season!

Symes do well for Burton LOL. Burton fans arguing over Symes LOL.

How do we know that Paterson didn't reject us everyone's thinking we don't want him

We see when season starts who is right

We (burton) offered him a deal with a slight increase. With pato being the age he is any English team would have to pay for him. Pato believed he'd been stitched up and is leaving to play in Scotland where the Bosman ruling doesn't come into effect. No great loss in my eyes.

Burton have NOT offered him a deal. He now needs to find another club. No great loss to lose a striker who scored 7 goals in 15 starts, winning goals against Torquay, Plymouth and Rochdale and the goal that not only secured us into the play offs but took us to the highest league position in the clubs history, yeah, no great loss. Some supporters just leave me amazed.

Surely that says it all, Burton haven't offered him anything so they don't want him. It's got nothing to do with fans not wanting him, the management don't want him, so move on.

Stunned by some of the no brains who support Burton Albion. Pato = fully commited, excellent young striker with bags of goals in him, gutted he's leaving us.

They did they offered a 1 year check back through the burton mail

Even if Paterson wasn't offered a new deal doesn't that say a lot about what Rowett thought about the player?

Well you will have to stay gutted! We have siged a better striker who is proven in league 2 namely Rene Howe. Its getting a bit tiresome reading your ramblings, if your not happy have a word with Gary Rowett, he's the manager and frankly I trust his judgement better than yours.
I support Burton Albion and I sure have got brains! You do yourself a disservice posting comments lke that.
You will be telling me next Rory Delap is a waste of money!

Rob C you troll that has got to be you! The only Burton Albion supporter on the planet who doesn't rate Paterson, lol. Get out and get a life Rob :)

Rory Delap is joining Pompey

Apparently Gary rowett doesn't rate him either

Rob you need to stop it, you are getting very boring. Paterson has not been signed on so that GR can finance a couple of 'bigger name' players, that's it, it's nothing to do with if he rates him or not, it's all to do with spondoolies. Now you really do need to get out more Mr Cudworth!

I'm not Rob C, and I never said I didn't rate Paterson, I do actually, but something has gone wrong and we are never likely to know what. He previously had some kind of fall out at Southend prior to coming to us. Its time to move on with the players we have signed. I do have a life and am not a troll and have better things to do than worry about Paterson who wa only mainly used as a sub anyway!



13 Jul 2013 08:11:39
Beckford is due to sign on a permant from Leister after a successfull loan at huddersfield

To Bolton I presume

Signing for who?

He going Bolton

We won't pay his wages

Would be nice but no way will he take a 50% wage cut and no way will Huddersfield pay a fee plus his wages. Anyway, thought he had all but signed for Bolton?

13 Jul 2013 14:20:11
wasn`t that successful he was always injured.

13 Jul 2013 17:24:41
Beckford won't be going anywhere - He's on too much money at Leicester and we are fed up of clubs charging us a lot for players with other clubs wanting to pay next to nothing for them. Anyone wanting Beckford needs to take him from Leicester without us contributing to his wages

Dream on no club is as daft as yours you gave him the contract you honour it. All he did at Huddersfield was to feign injury. Waste of space!

How can people say that Beckford was a waste of space? He kept us up last season and had a goal ratio of 2:1, Quality player!

Beckford has class, no doubt, he showed it in glimpses at Huddersfield and his goals helped keep us up so respect for that. However, he is on silly money and pushing 30 and no longer a premier level player. Leicester are stuck with him unless a championship club with parachute payments take a punt on him. Sorry but fair play rules prevent most clubs paying his £40k a week wages, you can get three or four top quality players for this. You are stuck with him unless his contract is paid up.

HE KEPT US UP IN YOUR DREAMS, how many games did he manage out of the 46 leg games?

Didn't say Kept Us Up, read with more care. I said helped keep us up and if you look at the games in which he scored maybe you will change your comments.

Beckford did keep us up look at the games he scored in towards the end of the season and take them away then do the maths we would be in leauge 1. If we had him and vaughn fit all season we would of finished top half, would love to see Beckford back at town

He quite clearly hepled us stay up! And he wasnt hear for 46 games because he came on loan in january you peanut! And if you take away his goals against barnsley ect we would have been down, so yes he did keep us up.

He signed on loan in Sept??

Beckford played a big part in us staying up and me for one would love him back but it ain't going to happen but by any chance he did Vaughan and beckford up front at least 35 goals

All you if if if if people ie if 10 more points would have put us in play offs etc. Why don't you also write with 9 minutes of the season left we were getting relegated. Get a life. Ps Beckford is the most bone idle player I've ever seen. that's why is parent club (s) never play him.

Why then didn't the exact strike force your on about get 35 goals last season? You can't score goals in the treatment room!

Because they were injured. That's why they didn't score as many as they could.



13 Jul 2013 08:21:21
After Bristol City have signed Brad Smith from Liverpool they will now focus on getting enough money for Adomah and Baldock and will replace them both with Martyn Waghorn who they nearly signed 2 years ago but it failed due to Nicky Maynard not wanting to go to Leicester and a another striker.

Waghorn has already turned wolves down who had an offer accepted but he turned the offer down because he don't want to drop down a division. Championship side Millwall are favourites to sign the former Sunderland trainee

If Baldock is going to move I wish he would hurry up about it, I only ever see him linked on this site.

I would hate fro him to move as the season was starting.



13 Jul 2013 08:05:34
Daniel Pappoe of Chelsea is on trial with Colchester with the prospect of a 6 month loan deal.

Also on trial is former Macclesfield Left Back Craig Braham-Barrett.

Both players played 70 mins in the 5-0 win over sudbury and should both feature in saturdays game at Bishops Stortford.



13 Jul 2013 07:42:24
Watford to sign former Manchester United defender Reece Brown. He is a free agent and currently training with the team.

13 Jul 2013 12:57:27
No he's not he's been at sheff utd

No he's not, he's been at Watford.

There's pictures of him in Italy training with Watford.

Give yourself a pat on the back the genius that wrote he's been at sheff utd as there's photos all over of him training in italy with watford! hilarious

No he's not, he's been at Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya.

13 Jul 2013 20:46:24
The latest is that the club are in talks with him. He even tweeted that he was joining watford in Italy



13 Jul 2013 06:48:14
West Brom will sign Portuguese U20 wonderkid Bruma, who has been compared to compatriot Cristiano Ronaldo, on a 4+1 deal from cash strapped Sporting Club according to Portuguese national newspaper Correio the Manh�. Bruma is available on a free transfer after rescinding his contract with the Lisbon team.

If he is that good there's no chance he will go west brom

Hope this is true but can't see it. Hasn't he been linked with Chelsea and galatassary?

This is complete rubbish!

It don't look like Albion are going to sign any one pull your finger and your wallet out peace

He's gone to psv ain't he

That's Jeffrey bruma

Jeffrey Bruma. fail mate



13 Jul 2013 05:35:07
Bournemouth now want to make a move for Jordan Bowery on loan from Villa

You are very welcome to the lad!

Credible sources say Bournemouth are making a move for Leeds United midfielder Danny Pugh.

Danny pugh is a midfielder, while jorden bowery might have interest for a 6' 1"striker, he only scores once in ten games? Hardly prolific!

Once again Bowery is tall 22year old striker that could prove interesting for afcb if only he scored better ratio then 1 goal every ten games.



13 Jul 2013 03:37:04
News has it that Cardiff city have approached Arsenal football club and have made a formal enquiry about the availability of taking in promising Japanese winger Ryo Miyaichi on loan for the season.



13 Jul 2013 01:52:33
Ryan Dickson has met Crawley Town officials to discuss a possible move after his release from Southampton.

Expect an announcement by Wednesday

My, he's a clever chap, being in two places at once! Dickson is currently at Plymouth on trial. He didn't play vs Elburton due to an injury.

Well if he's injured, then he can't be training in his trial. So he can quite easily be in another place.



13 Jul 2013 01:50:43
Ryan Cresswell from Southend, David Noble from Rotherham and Enoch Showumni from Notts County all to sign for Fleetwood next week. All 3 are on pretty big money and Fleetwood are really splashing out as they want the league 2 title this season!

Rubbish! Noble is still in first team plans sbd cresswell close to signing for chesterfield. Showumni could happen tho

Enoch will give you everything but he is crap. Please take him.

How much is a taxi from Nottingham to Fleetwood? I'll pay the fare aslong as Enoch is in the taxi.

'We've got Enoch and he's crap'

Please tell me there is truth in him going

Great new joke about the taxi

Ill pay enoch taxi fare



13 Jul 2013 01:47:15
Rotherham have missed on Lyle Taylor from Falkirk and Jack Redshaw from Morecambe as they placed a bid for both last week. Taylor rejected them to go to Sheffield United and Redshaw is injured for upto 7 months. Tubbs from Bournemouth still a possibility but he will take a lot of convincing to move up North so its unlikely. The most likely strikers to sign for Rotherham are Theo Robinson who is out of favour at Derby or James Collins as Swindon look to cash in on him. Also expect Evans to make another loan move for Swansea forward Rory Donelly despite saying he's ended his interest in him.

Redshaw, is injured and out for 7 months.

Yes, he says that about redshaw.

Now being reported that Kevin McDonald has left Swindon by mutual concent

Broken promises on transfer funds are apparently the reason he left. Although Swindon fans will probably tell you they're loaded and Mourinho is coming in!

I don't think many Swindon fans would say we were loaded. We are now trying to live as a sustainable club



13 Jul 2013 00:40:36
Chesterfield are looking to bring in 19 year old Terry Kennedy on loan until Januaray. The defender has played under Mark Smith in the reserves at Sheffield United in the past.

Left back by any means? would give it validity with Smith Injury not healing

13 Jul 2013 13:10:51
Kennedy is a centre back. and was high rated at the academy with many thinking he can be better than maguire. so it may turn into a good loan for both clubs

Good centre back, was going to be in team over Maguire, before Maguire made his debut, but was injured so Maguire got the chance

Humpreys has signed 100% but made some errors today showing the player the inside every time. Not cutting it as full back. Cressy deal still on.
Club wants the Marine players ( cheap)



12 Jul 2013 21:32:21
Bristol City are close to signing Rudy Gestede from Cardiff. SO'D tried to get him on loan in January but failed.

U can have him we'll have to do with Adomah until jan once were established we can get real quality



12 Jul 2013 21:30:52
Swindon manager kevin macdonald has handed his resignation in today, ward set to be manager if resignation exepted



12 Jul 2013 21:11:34
Alex Grimaldo to BHAFC from Barcelona B on season-long loan. The seventeen year old has just returned from injury and Barca want him playing high standard of football this season under the guidance of Oscar.



12 Jul 2013 20:57:58
Curtis Obeng is returning to wrexham



12 Jul 2013 21:31:03
Both Nicky Bailey and Richard Chaplow will complete their moves to Millwall over the weekend.

Let's 'HOPE SO'!

Theres a mixed bag of players playng today for millwall at crawley, lee croft, nicky shorey, pantsil!

Great signing for millwall chaplow a top bloke and player

13 Jul 2013 19:53:09
Try reading this, Chaplow may sign Monday barring hitches, and Lomas was happy with N'Guessan and Marquis.

Millwall played two different 11's in each half to beat Crawley. Adding Chaplow and Bailey to this squad will be excellent one more striker and we are ready to go.

Still waiting



12 Jul 2013 23:43:26
Derby County looking at Alan Tate whose just been told he can leave Swansea also Rams set to offload Bailey and Robinson in the next week but legzdins set to stay and Clough losing patience with Brayford

Seems a good lad this Tate bloke. but with a testamoninal against Manchester United on the 13th August, I can't see him rocking up to Pride Park any time soon.

Seems Dunne is off to QPR as well. I hope we do get a decent CB in. soon!

Clough would never lose patience with Brayford!

Both Nigel and John are seeing what's out there for him and if a prem club comes in he will leave or a champ club but it would have to be a good offer not a pathetic 1 million like Wigan.

Then after the transfer window ends in August if Btayford is still here he will sign a new contract.

Is Brayford the one Forest are supposedly interested in?

Tate's testimonial v Manchester United is off

Tate was on loan at Leeds last year I believe and may well head back there! Derby looked at Gary Monk from Swans but both are deemed too old and Sam Rush wants to target young hungry players!

Heard a rumour CB Michael Keane from Manchester United may come in on a six month loan?

As for Brayford, Clough wants him to stay but will not allow him to run his contract down so if he doesn't sign a new extended deal by the end of pre-season he'll be sold to the highest bidder!

You right it has been posponed. Thanks for that. my bad as they say.

I hope we do get an decent cb in, but Cloughs comments today make me think we will get a youngster on loan at best.

I can understand young hungry players due their resale value, but we were in for Dunne. If Clough had the dosh I think he would go for an old school 'head it and kick it' Centre back.



12 Jul 2013 23:31:39
Khan has bought Fulham and has givin Jol permition to bring in 4 more players to go for Europa league. No actual price limit for the summer, but not going to break the bank.

He's only just finished buying the club, for god's sake. What did he do, conduct two conversations at the same time?

He will probably giv him about 35 mill.

It won't happen man utd, man city, chelsea, spurs, liverpool, arsenal. miles in front of Fulham these will fight for Europe not Fulham just mae numbers up in league like rest.

If you want to become a billionaire, you need to be able to multi-task!

And the is the goal, to compete for a top 6th finish. Not saying their going to do it right off the bat. The are more restrictions on the money spent in the NFL, and Khan is willing to put in money. Again, not set amount for this summer but its more of a 20mil scope.

No one knows what Jol will be given during the summer so don, t eve know why people are second guessing. Khan has only just bought the club, he hasn't even mentioned transfer funds yet. Chill out people.



12 Jul 2013 23:18:42
rumour has it Matty Taylor has been released by West ham and
Matty Taylor is the player that is rumoured to be Portsmouths deal of the century

Omg like Taylor will drop to div 2

He is going to want to much money, but would love It If he did.

It 's Danny Murphy. Just wait and see!

That's not a deal if the century is it? Danny Murphy FFS

He would be a massive signing in league 2. What you talking about?

Danny murphy really

Love to see it but matty Taylor wages would be more than the rest of the pompey team. Wake up



12 Jul 2013 23:18:28
Five new signings for Middlesbrough fc next week Steven Taylor, Albert adomah and Obafemi martins these are the players that craig higgnet was speaking about exciting the fans also loan sigings thorgen hazard and Danny graham

Steven Taylor! What have you been smoking mate? Also can't see Martins coming, no way!

I would buzz if it came true but I just can't see it happening but who ever we get in ill be there when the season starts UTB

Lmaoooo. We get linked with strikers which is true because there manager at Falkirk said we were chasing him ( lyle Taylor) he's gone to Sheffield united not that I wanted him and players such as maghoma and your linking us with abafemi martins dream on yeah?.

Taylor is going to qpr, and we can't afford him

At the moment i'd be happy to see anyone come in and how much does mowbray have in his transfer budget

God I hope this would be the case, but it seems a little too good for us.

Everyone is forgetting we have NO MONEY! They all sound amazing but we will only be bringing in free agents or selling then buying.

If all them players ended up at boro i'd be very optimistic for promotion this season as we'd have pretty much the best team in the league. However I really really can't see all 5 coming to the boro. Maybe 1 or 2 of them yes. i'd take graham and taylor if we could. Need a quality Cb to partner woody/woody's replacement. Graham is a 20 goal a season man in the championship. It could be a good season yet.

As much as I would like the Taylor rumour to be true, unfort I think he will sign a new contract at Newcastle. Martins also very doubtfull. The others are plausible, although if you read the papers it's Stephen Ireland & Billy Sharp we're in talks with

Adomah would be a really decent acquisition. Hazard can add pace and someone who isn't afraid of beating the full backs. Graham is a natural goal scorer, give him it in the box and he'll score. Similar to what we have but I would still like him here

Taylor will want decent wages as would Martins! Neither would excite me.

Martins has gone to Sounders FC in the MLS

The clubs is close to finalising deals for:

CD: Frederic Veseli FREE
LW: Thorgan Hazard SEASON LOAN

When people are saying Boro have NO MONEY yes your right we don't have millions in the bank to go and sign someone on a permanent deal. BUT, we can sign free agents and players on season long loans. Even good players really. Think of who we released, Arca - a good bit of wages i'd imagine. Mcmanus - a strachan buy who no doubt will of been earning close to 10k a week no doubt. We just released Nicky bailey who was on 10k a week and got varga who was earning around 2k a week at debrecen. i'd say Boro have shaved around 100k a month off the wage bill. enough to sign a decent player we need. When there's a will there's a way.



12 Jul 2013 23:18:03
ed this there any news on boro trying to get thorgan hazard on loan {Ed003's Note - It was speculated a few championship teams want him on a season long loan including Boro that's all i know}

Chelsea want him to be tested in England. Need to toughen him up and add experience if he is to progress.



12 Jul 2013 22:49:07
Stoke set 2 bring in second Barcelona player (Quesada)

Barcelona b. don't get too excited

He must have quality 2 b at Barcelona

Hope we get him

Quesada has represented Spain at U16 and U18 levels so yeah get excited also iv heard were trialling him as well as Sordestrom (striker).



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