Football Rumours Archive July 13 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursJuly 13 2012 

12 Jul 2012 22:43:06
Roque Santa Cruz to Brighton. Loan deal to be completed within the next few days if wages can be settled. Source - Man city's masseur.(17)(41)Ive heard this aswell..... you never know, shame as i prefer him to tevezOH NO - i heard it was adabayor as the striker with beckham and hargreaves in the midfield - dot cotton as sweeper and olly murs as an impact player from the bench ( these apparently are the only people we HAVEN'T been linked to getting this summer. but a source close to the club says that palace want Ronnie Bergcamp for a season to replace Murray as he's a better 'first touch' playerIsnt bergkamp Roland?Yes but he prefers ronnie to roly, so we humour himCalm down,.....RUMOURS site...Ok!!


12 Jul 2012 22:42:37
Mk Dons going to sign leon barnett
from Norwich on season long loan(14)(23)Can see this happeningRobbo did say he wanted a centre back although Barnett's got a discipline problemThats bulll st there is nothing wrong with the way leon behaves. He would be a great signing for you. He is to good L1. I would like him to stay were he is.

Ncfc mattWhat "discipline problem" is this exactly?Unlikely he will go out on loan. He proved last year with us and a couple of years back with West Brom that the premier league is a step too far for him. Perfect for the championship though!Barnett has not got a discipline problem, definitely a good guy maybe occasion booked in the game but that is part of playing CB sometimes. I used to live near him in Brundall he would always stop for a chat he is a nice guy.


12 Jul 2012 22:41:38
Daniel Bogdanovich to sign for Notts County in the next 48hrs. Keith Curles primary target has agreed terms and the deal is done.(21)(5)I'd rather have Clinton Morrison! Proven goal scorer at sheff wed mk dons etcPlease be true!Itll b his dream to play for ncfc , bfc fans will no wot im talking about.


12 Jul 2012 22:35:26
Swindon Town Interim Chairman Jeremy Wray has announced an additional £2 million cash injection from existing shareholders (Betfair founder Andrew Black) to give manager Paolo di Canio the best possible chance at back to back promotions (Source - Official STFC Site) Having already made 7 signings, manager Di Canio was informed of the additional funds at a meeting between Wray, Di Canio and Di Canio's agent (Phil Spencer) at Swindon Towns pre season training camp in Italy. Di Canio is said to be delighted with the additional funds as a large chunk of the playing budget had already been committed to new high earners such as James Collins, Andy Williams and Gary Roberts. Di Canio is hopeful of securing the services of John Bostock from Spurs on a season long loan, the permanent signing of former Crawley loanee Sanchez Watt from Arsenal and early meetings between Jeremy Wray and Harry Kewells agent have taken place prior to Wray flying out to Italy.(13)(12) 

The budget side is correct, the signing of Bostock has been on the cards for ages, kewell i would doubt, di canio has said he is happy with his squad so far and will watch the squad and let the chairman know if they need cover on certain playersThe money is going on the shed end of the ground not players as application to council has been applied forSwindons average gate last year was around 9,000. Historically, the chances of their gates averaging over 14-15,000 are slim. How long are these people going to bankroll the club? I know its all very exciting now, but this is the recipe for future trouble. I do hope its all good for you, but look what happened to us! Bryher PilgrimThe plan is to redevelop the County Ground into a 7 day a week venue for the people of Swindon, it's being billed has "A New Gate Way To Swindon" this is how the money will be recouped. It's not just great news for STFC and their followers but also for the people of Swindon. There will be state of the art Sports and leisure facilities as well as furure plans for a hotel etc. The local council are on board already and there are several outside groups who are in talks to become backers for the project.If you read the statement on the official site, the money for ground redevelopment is being sourced from external parties, the £2m is being funded by 'existing investors' for the playing budget, which is now the largest playing budget in league 1. Swindon, much like Reading, will attract more supporters with success.


12 Jul 2012 22:26:26
Brighton target Ignasi Miquel, 19, is likely to reject a move to the south coast in favour of joining his boyhood team, Barcelona on loan. Despite being guaranteed regular football at the Seagulls, Miquel is set to be loaned to the Barca as Arsenal are unwilling to sell such a talented young player this early in his career.(6)(23)Not a Brighton target since signing Bridge. Interest ended^Bridge is a left back, Miquel is right back..Miquel's favoured position is CB. This story first appeared a couple of days ago on Talksport.No Miquel is NOT a right back... He's a left/centre back.


12 Jul 2012 21:56:35
Scunthorpe utd have had a bid accepted for St Mirren forward Dougie Imrie(8)(10)


12 Jul 2012 22:01:41
Lee Bowyer to sign for MK Dons in the next few days.

free agent after leaving Ipswich(11)(20) 

Do we need him? Surely we have enough quality in midfield and its attack where the greatest need isI do hope this is wrong, not a good signing for such a strong family clubNo that can't happenAbsolute nonsense. MK Dons have five top quality midfielders in Potter, Gleeson, Chadwick, Smith and Williams already. Manger has also said no more signings for next couple of weeksRobbo siad that there is not going to be signing for the next 2 weeks due to being on tourDoubt he would pass Karl Robinson's high fitness requirements


12 Jul 2012 21:29:28
Expect 2 players to sign for Reading probably before the end of the weekend. likely to be 2 defenders a RB and a CB. dont know who but think its probably either simpson/young/naughton and Mariappa/Davies /Diakhate/Dann. also RUMOURS suggest Defoe may have met with Reading, does not mean he will sign.
MrRfc(14)(16)MrRfc has been right with every thing so far so I think all of this is true.Wasnt there but apparently McDermott confirmed two defenders very soon at a fans forum
MrRfcMariappa medical today, i expect a signing
MrRfcReading and Spurs have a great relationship. Naughton on loan would be my shout. Idealy Danny Simpson signing aswel so we've got plenty of cover


12 Jul 2012 21:24:32
Blackburn rovers have made an official bid for Derby Countys wantaway striker this includes Cash + 2 fringe players one thought to be jordan slew but thats not confirmed.(9)(9)I heard this one too. £500k + Jordan Slew and Josh Morris apparantlyDoubt it they paid 1.2million for slew and rate Morris highly


12 Jul 2012 21:19:13
Afc Bournemouth will now turn attentions to Swindon town winger matt Richie after finalising miles Addison today Bournemouth will hold talks with Swindon in the coming weeks(4)(18)Every week we get this rumour Bournemouth know how much PDC values him at so come up with 2 mill and he is yours, before all you Bournemouth fans say he is not worth it,then look else where.As you know we won't be letting him go for less .This rumour has run it,s course about swindons matt richie, and the obvious annoyance of swindon town. They wanted £2.5m for totally untried player from the lower leagues,a reasonable 500,000 offer was made by afcb which was rejected. If bournemouth come in with a slightly higher offer we wait to see, howvever I think afcb have moved on as the list for £1m left winger are quite long. Certainly you can get better players then richie for that money.When are Bournmuff going to realise we dont need the money therefore we dont need to sell our contracted players unless they have a spare million or two to give usHe wants to play championship football and hes more likely to be doing that with Swindon next year than with Bournemouth. Also, can Bournemouth afford £2 million for him?As an AFCB fan, we need to put this rumour to bed! It's a tad embarrassing now. It won't happen. We'll get a left-back and that will be it for the season I would imagine.

I've seen Martin Cranie (free agent after leaving Coventry) is wanted by Leeds - if he didn't want to go there, could be worth a shot?Here we go!Like bournemouth you have stuck a silly price to scare other interested clubs away. Pugh and Richie are both together not worth a million, other clubs will come in for both of them as both of them could play in championship, not neccersary with swindon or bournemouth.Miles Addison would not step down to league 1!! He is one of England's hottest young prospects so why would he go to Bournemouth?Groves only wants proven players after the failure of Tubbs. He would not take the risk on this Ritchie fellaWhy do people start this rumour up again it just upsets the swindon fans, would love him at dean court but can not see it happening with their valuationI'm Bournemouth fan & none of this true so stop bringing it up.Wouldn't say Tubbs is really a 'failure'. He hasn't even had a decent run of games to prove himself to us!^^ Uh? We've already signed him lolI feel a few points need to be made: 1) Bournemouth and Swindown have plenty of money 2) Addisson has signed for Bournemouth 3) This rumour isn't true and needs to stop being posted. - Bournemouth FanJust another Bournemouth pipe dream like the Miles Addison one. As if he was going to pick Bournemouth over Cardiff and Ipswich?Rithchie is not wanted nor needed by Bournemouth! And as for the person who said Addison wouldn't step down to league 1... Look againAgain Bournemouth have signed Addisson. A Championship player so we ahould have no problem aigning someone who's only played at the bottom of English Leagye Football


12 Jul 2012 21:18:54
simon baldry training with town to keep fitness up to scratch watch this space(2)(7)Baldry has just signed for Bradford Park Avenue
MtlHaha......he wasn't good enough 10 years ago, why would he be now?!?!?


12 Jul 2012 21:14:36
Brighton & Hove Albion are within touching distance of closing a deal with Liam Trotter from Millwall for 1.2 Million.(9)(15)If this is true, what a great signing, a beast of a player.Never happening. Similar teams, Both building for the future, about 1.8m short of the 3m that hed costWEST BROMWICH albion have made an offer for himAwesome... exactly what the Albion midfield needs. C'mon Liam!3m no chance. Probably still won't happen though.I've seen a lot of rumours about Trotter to Brighton over the last few months. It would be a strange move if it did happen, as it seems a bit of a sideways, or backwards step. If Millwall did sell, I'd be surprised if it were less than 3-4mil, and to a prem side. Selling to a competitor doesn't seem likely.Dream on, if Southampton want him why would he go to a team similar to Millwall and Millwall wont sell to a team in the same league. 3 million minimum anywayI doubt this is true. KJ has already said we are not looking to sell and we are basing the team around trotter, why would we sell him to a club in the same league and pretty much the same situation we are in?


12 Jul 2012 20:57:08
Bristol Rovers manager Mark McGhee is spoilt for choice . He has options to consider on Curtis Weston, Eunan O'Kane and now David Noble as indicated he would be interested in signing as he wishes to stay in the West Country.

Developments will unfold quickly and its likely he will sign potentially two of the three.(6)(5)Noble going to Rotherham and I doubt O'Kane would join after rejecting CrawleyNoble has signed for Rotherham and McGhee has already confirmed on the official website that we haven't had any trialists with us, but he may look at a couple during this weekend and early next week. Eunan O'Kane interested us, but we were quoted a fee which was beyond reach with other targets in mind.Curtis Weston IS NOT on trial!


12 Jul 2012 21:05:39
The Swindon Town board and investers are ploughing a further 2 million pound into the club to enable PDC to push on towards the Championship. They have also announced that working with the local authorities and outside backers the intend to start the redevelopement of the County Ground. Brilliant work by everyone at Swindon Town, J Wray is working wonders as the Chairman, A big thank you to all of the board and backers!!(13)(4)


12 Jul 2012 21:02:21
Wigan will sign Lee Chung-Yong from neighbours Bolton for around 3 million if victor Moses is sold to Chelsea spurs or arsenal(14)(10)He is sticking with Bolton he has already sed to help them like they helped himOptimistic wigan fan 3 million what a jokeCYL is not going to leave Bolton,he is happy there.Anyway £3m is an insulting suggestion.Sorry mate , if he gets a good prem offer he will go . Loyalty is becoming rare in football . Its mainly about the money and lets face it the players get far to much . More money should go to reducing ticket prices , grass roots football , the lower leagues .Chung yong lee id Wirth more than 3 milWhere do you get your info from from ycl is going nowhere certainly not for 3 million and to wigan. he is staying @ bolton to help them back to the premier league,He did break his leg and hasn't played all last season so can't see being worth more than 4-5 millionBolton are in a lot of debt apparently so would bite Wigans hands off for 3M for and injury plagued winger.Bolton have a 10 mil debt to banks and lcy is not injury plagued he has has 1 injury in già time at BoltonFor anyone else that wants to comment about debt. BWFC do not owe the bank anything the "debt" is owed to our owner Eddie Davies who has continually backed the club through good times and bad!

P.s Man Utd are in more debt than BWFC. Enough said.

Bolton are building a young side on long term deals so expect no more leavers and about 4-5 exciting prospects on loan to join the Bolton finishing school!Injury plagued ? he had 1 injury that kept him out untill end of last season. Bolton won't sell him and defo not for for 3m.A lot of debt? debt in football is common but its weather the debt is controlable, bolton have 100 million debt of that 10 million is to a bank and 90 million to eddie davies our owner who has said bolton will not pay back any until the club is making a profit again. bolton have actually got one of the most controlled debts in football so saying 3 million for a player worth 8 minimum is a ridiculous rumour from a wigan fan dreaming.Come first game cyl will still be a wanderer, if it was a big club I'd be worried, but wigans wage budget won't be much bigger than boltons, and there's a good chance in 12 months we will be in opposite ositiosInjury-plagued? lot of debt? Why do people comment on things they know nothing about? His ONLY injury in three seasons was a double-fracture caused by a scything tackle from a lower-league player! And our 'debt' is owed to ourselves! Chungy is going nowhere, especially not to Wigan!What are you on about in 12 months there will be a good chance we will be in opposite positions Wigan are going forward with football boltons going down hill fast Bolton and Blackburn deserved to go down as they was playing terrible football and we don't need chung yong lee he's hardly going to be the same player after his injury and we always find a good replacements unlike Bolton who where relegated because they couldn't find a good replacement for elmander and when they bought sordell they didn't play him maybe they were expecting to go down.


12 Jul 2012 21:00:17
Any legs in the rumour that Robert Earnshaw could be coming to Shrews on loan - possibly becoming a permanent deal in January as Cardiff are keen on signing Tom Bradshaw?(7)(33)


12 Jul 2012 20:59:31
Brendan Rodgers first signing to be Seydou keita deal to be done in the next few days Keith is on a free and won't cost a penny a source from the inside {Ed025's Note - walton, or parkhurst?..(3)(27)He's already signed for a team in China? so stop making up lies!


12 Jul 2012 19:42:05
kelvin thomas to quit as oxford chairman and ian lenegan to take over(8)(6)Heard about this! Where is everyone getting this rumour from?It's true my mate is a member of Oxfords supporters trust and he was told by the chairman of the trust yesterday.


12 Jul 2012 19:42:01
It would appear that Oxford United have parted ways with their popular Chairman Kevin Thomas. It is rumoured that the owner has decided to take over the chair and run the club. This could lead to a major shake up of the club if proved correct. Mr Thomas steered the club from the Blue Square Premier back into the league.(6)(5)


12 jul 2012 20:01:25
andy carroll will leave liverpoolthis window . 20m bid or loan...baz(32)(31)Loan to fulham as part of deal for Dempsey plus 8mil or fulham will buy him for 9mil plus Dempsey though I doubt that one would happen8million max thats all he is worth if that totally overatedHe might well leave, but 10m max is what we'll get8 million max! what are you talking about? hes 21 and on a 5 year contract.. yous are all clueless on this and before you start saying "typical liverpool fan" im actually an arsenal fan


12 Jul 2012 19:56:14
Spurs youth midfielder tom Carroll to sign on season long loan deal for huddersfield town.(22)(15)No he won't maybe in January but most likely he'll spend the first half of the season at spurs to play in the europa league/carling cup


12 Jul 2012 19:41:53
Rotherham united have had a 175k bid turneddown by Crewe for forward shaun miller they wanted 250-300k and Rotherham are signing Exeter captain david noble after he rejected new contract...............TRUE(7)(8)He was released... get your facts rightBecause you couldnt afford his wages and we've signed 2 off your best players....Another ex evans favourite from ,,,,guess where ,,yea boston utd ,,.lolBoth good sometimes, but Noble likes the drink and Nardiello goes missingPoor shout taking both our best players. Both our most underachieving players for their quality sounds right. They could both perform but i wouldn't be your house on it, nardiello can be extremely disappointing at times


12 Jul 2012 19:24:06
Exeter and Bristol City have come to a agreement for Ryan Taylor to spend the season on loan at St. James Park.(5)(21)Sounds unreliable considering we have what, 3 strikers and he's one of themYeah right taylor will start a number of games for bcfc this season.Get the ginger ninja some game time then back in to fire the goal in for city


12 Jul 2012 18:48:20
Reading look to complete their deal with Newcastle for defender Danny Simpson for £2 Million after he rejected a new contract with Newcastle. Reading have also been linked with:
Adrian Marriappa - Reading had a deal rejected but look to extend their deal after Giafranco Zola said that he can't see Marriappa staying at the club this season.

Jermain Defoe - Expensive but could be true as Harry Redknapp has left the club which could be a reason for Defoe to leave

Matt Phillips - With Blackpool not going up through the playoffs this could well be true

Matt Connolly - Played well in the few games without injury he played for the Royals last season.

Chris Gunter - With Forest struggling near the foot of the table last season, Gunter may be looking for a better club.

Reading have already completed the signings of
Pavel Pogrebnyak from Stuttgart
Danny Guthrie from Newcastle
Garath McCleary from Nottingham Forest
Nicky Shorey from West Brom(28)(25)Zola said no such thing , he actually said he wanted him to stayWhy should it be true that Matt Phillips is moving because of Blackpool's failure in the playoffs. In fact nothing could be further from the truth-he's staying put for at least one more season!Just one example-Forest are now owned by one of the wealthiest owners in UK football, so Gunter would like to move to a better club, like Reading!!

Why is it that Reading supporters seem to know nothing about football outside of Reading?12 Jul 2012 18:48:20
Reading look to complete their deal with Newcastle for defender Danny Simpson for £2 Million after he rejected a new contract with Newcastle. Reading have also been linked with:
Adrian Marriappa - Reading had a deal rejected but look to extend their deal after Giafranco Zola said that he can't see Marriappa staying at the club this season.

Jermain Defoe - Expensive but could be true as Harry Redknapp has left the club which could be a reason for Defoe to leave

Matt Phillips - With Blackpool not going up through the playoffs this could well be true

Matt Connolly - Played well in the few games without injury he played for the Royals last season.

Chris Gunter - With Forest struggling near the foot of the table last season, Gunter may be looking for a better club.

Reading have already completed the signings of
Pavel Pogrebnyak from Stuttgart
Danny Guthrie from Newcastle
Garath McCleary from Nottingham Forest
Nicky Shorey from West Brom

As a reading fan I can't see us landing Defoe as his wages would be impossible even if he was willing to take the gamble. Gunter and mariappa are 50/50, both players are in our reach financially but with both clubs now having new finance it puts a new twist on things. Matt Philips is an old rumour and I think if we were going to move we would have by now. Connolly is probably the only one Brian is actually looking at {Ed003's Note - You did move for Phillips,but were told he wasn't for sale}Because we now have the money, and blackpool realisticaly are a third division clubChris Gunter is a no go as is Matt Phillips. Maximum of three new players in as Mcdermott has already publicly stated he is looking to bring in just 2 more before the pre-season tour. I personally beleive it will be either Young from QPR or Danny Simpson, along with a CB possibly Marriappa but wouldnt be too sure and a striker either a proven striker or one for the future. (sorry not so exciting but realistic Reading fan)Simpsons gone on tour with the toon so if we get him it will be in a few weeks. This was on his Twitter not making it upMarriappa signing tonight, we are not interested in Connolly any more.I'm sure people just put these rumours about phillips leaving to annoy blackpool fans. {Ed003's Note - Don't bite then,he is only for sale at a big price,nothing to worry about this window so far}Most Reading fans do know more about football than just Reading, the Gunter deal is not looking likely anyway. Good luck NFFCGunter will be getting more money at forest don't know if you heard forest are billionairesSo are Reading. I would assume playing in the Premiership > playing in the Championship on more money.Realistically a third division club? Why? In what way? We are REALLY in the championship. (that is the SECOND division in case you didn't know)


12 Jul 2012 18:47:31
Im back, again! Was the first to break the Elliott Hewitt and Luke Chambers deals on here, and im back with another bit of info on Ipswich Town.

I've been told, from my ever reliable source, Luke Freeman of Stevenage could be joining Town before they head out to Holland on monday for their pre-season tour.

Ipswich were given permission to discuss a deal with Luke, which he has been at the clubs ground/training ground for talks and a medical. Its now down to ITFC to agree a fee with Stevenage, who are holding out for £850k. Town are willing to pay £750k.

Still expect the deal to be done before monday.(27)(7)Strange how he has just extended his contract another year thenContract extensions only mean clubs can get more money not staying at the club e.g. Connor Wickham.Take that money, he is as greedy as they come doesn't cross, you see the frustration from the strikers week in, week out. Never good enough for championship football.


12 Jul 2012 18:47:11
Huddersfield are looking at ex Leicester midfielder Franck Moussa(2)(29)


12 Jul 2012 19:19:51
wednesday have got back to reading with the 700k asking a price and a deal should be done next week somtime uto(13)(6)Both sides play each other in Portugal which could be useful for a dealThis is for Antonio?I hope sheffield wednesday get antonio, he wants to play for them so may as well let him go


12 Jul 2012 19:01:21
Liam Lawrence looks set to join Hayden Mullins at Birmingham for a fee of 500k(14)(11)Hope so .......Cardiff dont want him back.............stokebluebirdIsn't it true that you can't really sell anyone? Due to the wage deferrals they can all claim a broken contract and could walk away for free with 2 weeks notice same as in any other job. Also they are unlikely to do this as it would affect their claims when Pompey go pop or in fact if they are subsequently brought.Birmingham wont have to pay 500k for him, more like 50k


12 Jul 2012 18:30:05
Spurs linked with Athetico Madrid forward Adrian Lopez, 24 years old, scored 18 goals in all competitions this year, would be a good addition to Tottenhams forward options as Defoe is only recognised striker currently at the club(10)(6)Gotta fight Arsenal off. Apparently they are also interested.


12 Jul 2012 18:13:15
Burnley set 2 wrap up the season long loan signing of Harry Kane from Tottenham tomorrow(16)(14)Not a chance im afraid!dream on he bleeds spurs & wants to break into the first team this season!Harry kane is on the brink of being in spurs first team squad for next season! try again!After keeping a close eye on Kane through out the euro u19 championships AVB is keen on keeping the young talent but will send him out on long to get more games under his belt, spurs would prefer the yong striker to return to millwall on loan as the championship side are a fellow London side and play to Kane's strengths^^That is just plain wrong mate. Sherwood stated in an interview that he'll stay at spurs in the first half of the season to play europa league, then they'll loan him, but definately absolutely specifically not to millwall because they feel he's already completed that stage of his development. He either stays at spurs all season, or is loaned in January to a championship title-chasing or relegation fighting premiership clubLess than a week in charge avb is doing wellYes im sure harry kane is going to b in tottenhams 1st team next season . Especially with them agreeing a fee for adebayor and they are still after another striker aswel so ye sure he will be !


12 Jul 2012 17:30:55
Freddy Eastwood rejoins Southend united on a two year deal(22)(5)How can people put unbelievable!


12 Jul 2012 17:13:43
Izale mcleod was set to join Portsmouth but that move was cancelled after Pompey were stopped from signing players. Cheltenham also got in contact with Mcleods agent but Mark Yates confirmed Mcleod will not be joining Cheltenham. Mcleod has already turned down Walsall, he has made a decision and the club he will join is either, Colchester, Crawley or Bristol Rovers, it is thought all three offers were very good, and despite Rovers making him an offer which would see him become the highest paid player in league 2, he will complete a move to Crawley by Monday at the earliest.(13)(10)He will be joining the Rovers on 4k per week will be announced very shortly.Hasn't turned down walsall he's been offered contract but there has been no confirmation of him turning it down plus he has been on trial for the last three weeksSorry mate but he has signed for Crawley, 100% to be announced in next few days.Yep, he has signed for Crawley, to be announced MondayCrawley have struck a deal and he is having a medical tomorrowWhere have you heard he has joined rovers on 4k per week?4k a week to Rovers. That's hilarious. That would be higher wages than we paid Rickie when we were a mid-table league 1 side.How do you know he'll be signing for Rovers? Every other club in L1 and L2 think he's going to them!

I'd certainly have him at Rovers but don't know how likely it is!He will signed for Walsall the reasons being wants to be closer to his family in west midlandsHe is signing for portamouth ? His wife tweeted about it a few weeks ago and tell me why on earth he would have waited until mid-July to sign for Crawley or anyone else ? The reason he hasn't signed for any of these is that he is signing for Portsmouth. And it won't be long before Portsmouth are able to sign players as Aaron Mokoena and Hayden Mullins left on Thursday and Luke Varney and David Norris and maybe Kanu will follow out in next few days, hence reducing the wage bill and the Football League will have to allow Portsmouth to sign playersRovers fan here. He's NOT signed for us.Portsmouth will not sign mcleod because they are in administrationI don't think we'll get him, i reckon he'll got to Colchester. Think there striker situation would appeal to him and he has been there beforeHe's demanding 10k a week wages. I'd imagine that's the hold up.The sooner he makes his mind up, signs for whoever so this tedious rumour mill is ended the better! {Ed003's Note - We said the same thing last night at footierumours towers lol}10k wages, thats Walsall out then we only offer £1.50p to playersColchester won't pay more than a couple of grand a week after reducing wage budget, although saying that, the money saved from Williams, okuonghae,odejayi,James & Gillespie may mean they can raise it for McLeod. Time will tell.


12 Jul 2012 16:38:18
Bristol City are set to confirm the loan signing of Chuks Aneke from arsenal in their bid to reinforce the midfield. The deal should be done in the next week.(13)(13)


12 Jul 2012 16:20:57
Strong links now being made that a bid of
£2.8 m has been agreed for watford defender
Adrian Mariappa to reading

If so mariappa has done wonderfully
at watford and will always be held in high regard(27)(9)Remember when the last deal was "agreed"? Still think he will end up at Wigan.Both Villa and WBA are keen too - Swansea were in but have now sorted their need - this is not a 2 horse race - it is going to go way over £3m before the ink dries!It was, then Southampton enquired so Watford upped their price to try and start a bidding war, but now we've upped our price and it's likely to be accepted if this is the bidThink he's staying at Watford after talks with the new regime and their visionIt was 'agreed'. Watford decided to unagree itIf a sale had been agreed before the Pozzo takeover AM would have gone, Watford's financial state would have forced the issue. As he did not make the move it can safely be said that an agreement had not been reached, probably finding a firm offer had not even been made.^ It was never "agreed", Reading fans just decided that it was out of thin air.Who cares when the deal was agreed he's a Reading player now, end of.It was never 'agreed'. Nothing was signed so nothing was made official therefore anything can happen! Funny how all the reading fans were insisting that as Watford 'screwed them over' they wouldn't be back.. So much for that..New owners though. The old owner seemed to be a bit of a prat alot of Watford fans would attest to that. The new owners are obviously better to deal with.


12 Jul 2012 16:16:44
further invest ment of 2 million pounds for Swindon Town.Plus plans fro stadium redevelopment.All looking good will be interesting season(18)(8)Cant see McLeod lasting 20 mins under Paolo di Canio, nor do Swindon Town need a penalty taker, which is where most of his goals came from last season


12 Jul 2012 16:31:09
Millwall are intrested in Brian Howard, 29, after his release from Reading and he enjoyed his last term at Millwall on loan last season.(13)(10)No we're not.Fell out with jackett after kept being pushed out to left mid when he prefers being a cm, would like to see this happen as hes a very good player on the ball but with trotts abdou wright and racon i dont think hes requiredMillwall fans dont want Brian Howard!After he called Millwall a STHOLE!Howard IS NOT wanted back at the NEW DEN!BYE!


12 Jul 2012 15:55:23
Working in Nottingham today and
Blackpool manager Ian Hollaway is
being strongly rumoured for the
Forest job.(30)(41)I am not a forest fan!But that would not surprise ME!Why would he go to Forest when Blackpool have a better team then them?Ian has done really well at Blackpool on
a small budget, promotion to the PREM,
so with backing from the new owners this
could be the making of Forest !Holloway learnt his lesson when he jumped ship at Plymouth to manage a supposedly bigger club in Leicester. Things didn't work out. Once bitten, twice shy. He's staying at Blackpool-believe me.Do you not have anything better to do Ian Holloway sat down for over an hour today to clear the air with the squad to make sure there was no Wembley hangover and to discuss plans for automatic promotion. I quote "I shall not bite the hand that feeds me, I have done that before and will not be that stupid again" Holloway is a credit to Blackpool and he has the full respect and support from all the fans and players who would want to leave somewhere where they have such status??Forest have a better side on paper than blackpool anyway and bigger fan base, forest are a much bigger club than blackpool. darren ferguson is to be announce as forest manger anyway apparantly {Ed003's Note - Teams on paper and fans don't win games of football }You lot are too funny, going to forestWell said Ed. Think it is because Forest fans think now that they lots of money they can buy anyone.I'm afraid in the real world it's not that easy.
An yes I am a Derby fan
KevinHmm you mean like he did when he moved from Plymouth to Leicester for the money and it went flips up and basically said he would never do that again? {Ed003's Note - I think it is fair to say the poster means excatly that,you are not really adding much to the debate}Check the source says he is working in Nottingham not that hes a forest fanI don't see where you got this "better team on paper" from. In what way?Ollie is about to sign a new extended contract at Blackpool and they have a better team than Forest at the moment, though I realise there will now be money to burn at the City ground.


12 Jul 2012 15:42:59
Ipswich have upped their interest in Stevenage winger Luke Freeman.(23)(9)You heard it here again as the info I give comes direct from members of itfc.stockdale will sign a years loan for town with out a callback clause.genuine.


12 Jul 2012 15:38:21
I have heard from a give good source that Tom Huddlestone and Gabby agbonlahor will sign for Sunderland Within the next 72 hours.(23)(22)Don't fancy gabby at all not enough goals and it's goals we lack from strikers. Huddleston good player but injury proneHuddlestone is going to sign, Agbonlahor isn't.Wishful thinking from a bias Sunderland fan. Agbonlahor is going nowhere. Who is your source, MON?MoN has said nothing will happen on transfers until the team come back from Peace Cup in KoreaLambert isn't keen on Agbonlahor and would rather bring a regular goal-scorer in. Sunderland aren't the only team interested in him.


12 Jul 2012 15:36:24
Varney and David Norris to move to leeds by the end of the week with Billy Painter moving the other way(7)(15)Pompey can't sign anyone as they're under a transfer embargo so how will Paynter join them? Oh that right, he CAN'T!!!!Unlikely to happen as even if the embargo is lifted, they won't be able to afford his wage demands.He will be given a trial at the club, then see if we get the owner


12 Jul 2012 15:30:25
Izale McLeod to join Swindon.(12)(29)Here we go again Swindon signing the world. Who next, messi, Ronaldo??No thanks.We dont need him, similar attitude to Leon Clarke , look at the amount of clubs hes had since leaving us


12 Jul 2012 15:28:31
Rotherham United are set to sign former Exeter City skipper David Noble(16)(5)How many times hes too good for usLooks quite likely as Evans wants a ball playing midfielder.He's just signed this morningHe's gained a lot of interest from L1 clubs so it's unlikely he'll go to Rotherham. Leyton Orient, Brentford and Walsall are all keen.Weve signed him...sounds like hes a good player!He has signed ,hope he his too good for us.


12 Jul 2012 15:26:20
Junior Hoilett has signed for QPR on a 4 year deal(27)(46)Hes going fulham qpr /everton and stoke all pulled out because hes demanding 70k a weekReally what is your source?...well he won't get 70 grand at Fulham - we have a sub 50 capWhat is your source? it has not been announced anywhere!Let fulham have him if there willing to pay 70k a week greedy lil st U R'ssSo Fulham are willing to pay £70k per week, but QPR aren't? Riiiiiight.

Deal has been agreed with QPR.How do you know? media havnt annouced nothing. hope this is trueIs this gonna be confirmed tomz cause so many are saying this are u 100 percentWhen was this.announcedQpr are the only club stupid enough to bow to his wage demands!This best be trueHoillet on his way to Borrusia - Source SSNHoilett has agreed terms with QPR, but nothing can be signed until QPR agree compensation with Blackburn. As QPR are flying out to Asia today, he will not sign for QPR until they are back. Flying to Germany, but deal with the German side is very unlikely.Funny that seeing as how he is on route to germany.Sky Sports are reporting that he's signing for Brush-your-munching-glad-bags...who I believe are in that GermanyHe is off to GermanyHe is going to germany sky sports news saidR u sure he will sign cause he is goin for talks with the Herman clubHe is weighing up all his options. But reports say he is keen to carry playing premier league football. And i would imagine QPR will offer him the better wages, which may persuade him to got to the West London club


12 Jul 2012 15:21:25
Defensive midfielder Doumbia is set to join West Bromwich Albion from Rennes after the midfielder expressed interest in moving to the west midlands club. He sees the black country club as a stepping stone to bigger things and will replace outgoing Paul Scharner and Keith Andrews.

West Brom midfielder Youssouff Mulumbu is expected to be moving on with PSG showing big interest in the DR Congo man(10)(15)Would imagine Paris have bigger and targets than mulumbu and I'm a baggieDoumbia is set to fly over to the baggies on friday to have a medical


12 Jul 2012 15:15:21
West Ham boss Sam Allardyce has been given the green light to step up his bid to sign Liverpool and England striker Andy Carroll (what a load of rubbish)
A rumour that is gathering lots of momentum
is Gary Hooper to join West Ham. This
would be a good move for all parties with Hooper moving back to his roots. West Ham who need
a proven goal getter are interested however, its
whether or not Celtic would be willing to let
the hitman leave who would be available
at £7.5m and who would be a real alternative to Andy Carroll who the hammers are reported to be currently chasing!(22)(33)If Celtic turned down 8 from Southampton they are not going to sell him for 7.5.Who said he would be available for £7.5 million ?This thread would have some substance if there was any chat on jordan henderson, but that seems to have gone cold!


12 Jul 2012 15:15:07
Leeds are lining up a move for out of contract midfielder Brian Howard, 29, after his release from Reading.(12)(25)No he's not good enough.
With strikers like somma, becchio, mcCormack and Paynter he will never get a game. Also Leeds are linked with pompey striker Varney and BeckfordHe's not a striker....^^ Howard is an attacking midfielder, not a striker..Not sure why all those strikers would stand in the way of Leeds signing a midfielder. Embarassing. Plus, he's a Yorkshire lad and has a wealth of championship experience. As a backup/bench player on a free it could be a great move for both parties. Just my opinion though


12 Jul 2012 15:13:25
Word is that Chaplow is back on the Burnley radar and will sign a three year contract early next week if not before!(12)(19)He has already said he wants to stay at southamptonThat words wrong, hes not leaving Saints.

LLS83If he can squeeze a first team place he will obviously want to play in the PremiershipI agree he would be a good influence on the squad. Has the McCann to Norwich rumour gone quiet?


12 Jul 2012 15:10:03
Former Sunderland Keeper Craig Gordon is in Ipswich Town center... possible!
COYB(17)(20)I wish...


12 Jul 2012 15:09:24
Clinton Morrison training with Notts County with a view to earning a contract.(19)(6)Would be a good signing in my opinion. Far better than showunmi and arquin.Showunmi is goodClinton Morrison lives in Nottingham. Keith Curle has himself insisted that it is only training for Clinton's benefit. Nothing more.Keith and Clinton both said to This Is Nottingham they are in talks.


12 Jul 2012 15:07:23
expect tom tawio to sign for oldham bfore then of the week in time to go to portugal for
pre-season training(7)(5)Rubbish we got 5 cm (furman,wesa,mchangama,mellor,winchester)Oldham set off to portugal tomorrow so it would be unlikely and nothing has been stated on the website like usual before a new signingCant see one size coming back to bp would be great,but i think he will end up at a decent Championship clubWinchester and mellor will be used as cover for wings or fullback and neither are ready for a full season, wes and furman are both injury prone and the signing of tawio will make sure we are not short like at the end of last seasonMellor and winchester can cope fine mellor defo can wesa and furman arnt good toghether no creativity


12 Jul 2012 15:06:50
Carl regan to sign for notts county as he fits the versatile full back role which Keith curle is looking for and he has also impressed in pre season training at the club.(6)(2)And he was with us on loan a couple of years agoHe was not very good for the Shrews last season.He wasnt very good whn we had him be4


12 Jul 2012 15:06:46
Huddersfield Town squad numbers have been released today with the number 6 being left vacant. this is for Dorian Dervite who will complete his signing on Friday(16)(7)Sounds good also 14 and 21 free rumoured to be another centre forwardOnce town have secured Dervite, McCormack, Snodgrass & Austin we will have the most potent forward line and team spine in the Championship. UTTWe wont sign snodgrass and only one of either austin or mccormackWould like Snodgrass but I think he will go to premier league if he can

Terrier96Dervite isn't an attacker, Austin won't join, Snodgrass def won't, McCormack might

Terrier80Nobody said dervite was an attackerYes they did above, 'once we have Dervite, McCormack etc we will have the most potent strike force' just look above the post and read?!?


12 Jul 2012 15:06:09
fitz hall has been linked with former
club oldham, hall finds hinself a free agent but wages may be a stumbling block(4)(7)Can't see it happening but One Size was quality the first time round.Don't think he'd drop that far, he is still solidI wish!


12 Jul 2012 15:05:09
cliff byrne is trainng with oldham and
hoping to be offered a contract after being released by Scunthorpe(8)(1)This is true as he was training with us last week. Up to dickov if we sign him, he didn't play last night though in our friendly.This is a strange one since it is widely specualted that he is training with the squad, yet he didn't play at mossley last night so PD must be trying to keep it quiet since people would notice him


12 Jul 2012 14:55:44
alan lee has signed a new deal at huddersfield town for another year. source was hoping rumour was true he was ging to fleetwood

more barn doors more cows arses

town fanThis is not what I wanted to hear. I really hoped Alan would be departing our shores. Think he had better get used to coming on for the last 15-20 mins!Don't see what you have against alan lee. He gives it all every game. only person who gives more in a game is peter clarke


12 Jul 2012 14:51:35
Huddersfield to sign peltier in the next 48 hours for 650k(21)(19)That more than what we sold him for, and we already have 2 right backs at the club with woods and hunt we dont need peltierSold him for 750 palHe was a Clark player. More likely to go to Birmingham but they have no money. Unless we sign him as a cm and rid Robinson we won't be signing peltierHunt will go into right midfield, pelts is the better defender if im honest... But jack is a quality attacker500 plus add ons , none of which have happened yetAll accounts in leicester saying that Peltier favours a move to Leeds over Huddersfield, quoting any deal at £450,000.


12 Jul 2012 14:50:24
Notts county to sign Lloyd Sam on a free, Jonathon Forte for a nominal fee and Kieran Freeman on a season long loan.(10)(6)


12 Jul 2012 14:46:44
francis jeffers training with tranmere
rovers at the moment but is on the verge
of taking up a contract at carlisle united
very reliable source.(12)(6)He will go tranmereI think he would be a good impact sub. lets hope we sign himI hope we don't just get him fit so another team can reap the benefits I reckon at 31 he can still do a job and he'd be better than some youth player on loan bring him in ronnie!He`s only ask to train with us to gain his fitness he`s not been offered anything by us


12 Jul 2012 14:38:45
Charlton website states that Jimenez has raised his stake from 26% to 47.6%.

A move towards a more transparent ownership.(4)(3)Transparent? Not at all. TJ is rich but not rich enough to have that amount of shares in a championship club. He is being backed by a different man who has the moneys.Is this good news for the club ?Lies it clearly doesn'tBit worrying after reading rumours of Jimenez being greedy and using the profit for personal gain. Would rather Slater to have the larger stake.Don't get it. If he hasn't got good intentions why would he increase his shares in the club so much?Lies lies liesWhere on the web site does it say this? i visit the site daily and havent seen this? i think jiminez is a bit 'dodgy' to be honest. Just my opinion - still no significant signings by charlton though......and the team is back training. worrying.Apparently Slater doesn't own any shares at all, he's just the business face whilst Jiminez has the money at the expense of an investor..Probably to put him in a stronger position to sell the club, when he has such a high degree of control.
He was the one who orchestrated the Zabeel interest in 2008The information is on Charlton Life - not the club websiteIt's in the Directors/Company details page on the official site. You can find page in the club drop down menu.

Jiminez's share of CAFC Holdings Limited has gone up by 19.6% to 47.6%.On the Charlton site look under "club" and "Directors/company details"

It states it quite clearly there...It is actually on the website they just haven't announced it, if you click on the directors bit you'll see that jiminez is 47.6%


12 Jul 2012 14:38:32
iain hume training with burnley so might be on way to of preston(15)(8)Portsmouth are still in admin so cant sign players.No Rangers players players who have left have been given international clearance,they are waiting on FIFA to sort it all out,so dont hold your breath on this one.He is not training with burnley he is training at accy college with the other playersWestley's has a lot to answer for. Coutts & Hume are our best players. Ok let Coutts go but not Hume he's a 100%er.Hume's departure is because of his wages not his performances. Fair play rules are dictating that's probably true of Coutts also. Zoko would be THE Stelar signing {Ed003's Note - I wont believe any of it until I get a text to confirm it ;) }So there are to be several trialists playing against southport on saturday , some stellar signings my arse , westley to go by christmas hopefully and take that person risdale with him.Hume is not training with burnley you person , however i see we have peter enckleman training with us possibly the worst keeper ever to play in the prem and now he is 35 he is crapThere is also david gonzales training with us and he is a miles better keeper that enckleman there was also two trialst at training along with joel byrom and jack king and lee trundle who will sign soon!


12 Jul 2012 14:33:41
Mark Hughes, Colin Hamilton, Rob Farkins, Niall Wellington, Ibrahim Farah are all on trial at Cheltenham Town.(7)(5)


12 Jul 2012 14:28:45
Steve Cotterill in the frame for a return to his previous post at Fratton park due to his release from Nottingham Forest. Cotterill could return as manager as Michael Appleton has been contacted by two unnamed premiership clubs as head coach and by WBA for the post of head of youth development + shared head team coach. Cotterill's compensation package from Forest will soften the reduced wage package due to the austerity measures at Portsmouth FC.(5)(17)Appleton is no quitter and will stay in his current post.What a load or rubbish lolAlbion already have joint assistants in kevin keene and keith downing so that would make appy a joint joint co assistant.


12 Jul 2012 14:24:53
Huddersfield Town to sign Kevin Mcdonald from Sheffield United, Dorian Dervite from Villareal B and Ross McCormack from Leeds.(19)(15)Hope we do

Terrier96Ross McCormack probably won't decide to sign for Leeds west-yorkshire rivals
Although that would be an amazing signing for the terriersThis is boring now, mccormack isnt joining huddersfieldA bit like Adam Clayton wouldn't sign for Leeds west Yorkshire rivals ehUddersfield cant afford mccormack unless your chairman has 2.5 million burning a hole in his pocket which i doubt mot?Neither is maguire huddersfield wont pay 3 mill they ant got 3milTo all those fools that say Huddersfield can't afford these players, your wrong. We don't want or need Maguire anyway he's crap. Just hoofs itOf course we've got 3 million, our chairman kind of owns the card factory!

UTTTown have got the money for McCormack if we want himUddersfield as you call us can afford both McCormack and Maguire and any of the others. Do your homework on our chairman before posting hideous comments!Hudds chairmen is worth 350 million so 3 million is pocket money. A lot of people on here know very very little about Huddersfield Town don't they? Not for long :)That's why Maguire had Jordon Rhodes in is back pocket last two times weve played ya he's crap Rhodes must be crapper thenDon't agree, i think maguire is a good player would be good squad member..... lynch is better tho!
it is laughable how ppl know nothing about town just type random comments about us.........yes town could afford maguire and mccormack without even skimming the top off of deano's bank account!
more than few ppl gna be surprised when season kicks off!


12 Jul 2012 14:20:17
Walsall have reportably made a offer to ex Barnet striker Izale Mcleod. But they face competition from Crawley and Cheltenham Town.

Source - The Express and Star Newspaper.(9)(10)Cheltenham boss confirms offer made to Izale but no confirmation back from the player yet.He's out of contract he's a free and after watching him a couple of times last season if he was on contract wouldnt get much for him to lazy most goals came from the penalty spot


12 Jul 2012 14:19:04
Cardiff City FC Slovenian Centre-Forward Etien velikonja 23 years old from NK Mroibor for more than 1m euros dont know for how long the contract year is but its on Walesonline now(17)(2)I got the info, he's a 5'10 striker powerful and quick he's just penned a 4 year deal with Cardiff City FC starts next week 25th July after his last Game for NK Maribor in a Champions League Qualifier, He scored 20 goals last season for Maribor in 46 apps his entire career goal record is good 68 goals all comps at the age of 23Celtic fan here could be a class act wanted the hoops to go for him 4 years ago,dont know how he has progressed but was class kid then........Yeah great signing its actually a fee of 3.6 million euros its on wiki and maribors website its the largest fee paid for a player from sloveniaHes a top quality player watched him in europa, his power is raw and hes quick watch this guy he will be playing pl next year no doubt.


12 Jul 2012 14:16:48
Southampton make an enquiry for Celtic defender Charlie Mulgrew - who can play at centre-back or left-back(15)(15)No chance Celtics top player would need to be big moneyPossible but not likely is my verdict on that one, but still I don't personally know for sure. {Ed003's Note - Are you a Politician by any chance ;) }No they haventBest player in the spl last season and a big celtic man, cannot see that happen in the near futureTo slow for premier league(Note to Ed003) Well done for noticing. {Ed003's Note - No probs Mr.Cameron}Could happen, Scottish football loosing funds fast so Celtic will need to sell some of their best players to take the hit of missing television money.TV money is worth about £2m to Celtic - they might lose a bit but it isn't going to be as bad as the above poster states - they won't be forced to sell any players.Depends on the fee. Could be a decent addition but wouldn't pay too much for him.Too slow for premier league. They already bought hoijvelt from Celtic, who could'nt get a game at Parkhead and he was a cart horse.Mulgrew couldn't hack it in English football when at Wolves, overated in a poor league


12 Jul 2012 14:14:22
confirmed on various sites that miles
addison has now completed his transfer
to bournemouth from derby co. The
actual cost is being kept quiet but
previous rumours put it at £300,000.
Three year deal should be long enough
to get afcb into championship.(9)(4)


12 Jul 2012 14:09:14
Southampton look set to beat swansea for midfielder Albert adomah from Bristol city(14)(20)They don't wear read and white stripes anymore. :( sad saints fan.Just thought i'd let you know i work for Swansea City and i know that Adomah is coming down here on Monday to have a look around. I also know that the fee agreed is 3.2m.Are you joking?! Derek wouldn't leave the club after this long especially not for forest!If you work for swansea city you will know the name of the company set to be named as one of your main sponsors for next season. common knowledge around the club but not being made public to next week.Ofcourse you doWe need to be looking at better than Adomah(saints fan)We do still wear red and white stripes, its just that now the white is pin stripe.Totally agree with above post,regarding looking at better,he's not for Saints,hopefully.


12 Jul 2012 13:56:45
Buttner deal to go through in nxt few days, as for clyne and zaha, 8m plus add ons for international apperances etc and 2playera going the other way in dickson and puncheon(13)(10)


12 Jul 2012 13:54:00
Bristol Rovers close to signing former Wycombe, MK Dons, Norwich and Swindon winger Anthony McNamee(6)(8)He is lazy & will give you 2 good performances. Other than that he never tracks back to help the defence, leaving them exposed, never tackles. Ignore his history - really isn't that good. - Wycombe fan.


12 Jul 2012 13:52:26
Reading will sign 2 from Matt Connolly or Luke Young from QPR, Adrian Mariappa from Watford, Paul Scharner on a free and Danny Simpson from Newcastle by next wednesday when they fly to Portugal. Also on their radar is promising 19 year old midfielder Geoffrey Kondogbia who currently plays for Lens.(4)(11)2 rightbacks can't see it rekon you'll get conners from QPR but not young if simpson signs. I can't see why Reading would want conners he's nowhere near good enough as a premier league defender. Looks like panic buying to me Qpr did it last year and it almost cost them. If Reading keep taking average players out of other prem reserve teams i can see them having a very tough seasonDidn't Norwich sign a load of hungry league 1 and Championship players and do well. Our signings so far are not from Premiership clubs reserve teams.


12 Jul 2012 12:42:26
Bournemouth have agreed a deal to sign Derby defender Miles Addison. Addison, who a spell on loan at Bournemouth last season, is set to sign a three-year deal with the League One club.(14)(1)


12 Jul 2012 13:43:34
Huddersfield chasing Man City forward John Guidetti on a season long loan.(7)(29)I doubt it mate, he played pretty well last season at Feyenoord. Scored plenty of goals and played well. He will play in the premiership this year, either at city or on loan in one of the teams.Prem clubs interested also italian teams so doubt he would drop to championshipYea makes sense going to huddersfield when newcastle,sunderland and lazio looking at him !!!So he goes to a top european side and has best strike rates in europe with like 30 goals in 32 games.To only be shipped out to a league 1 stanard club.You havent managed to play yet stop getting ahead of yourselfWould also make sense going somewhere where he'd get a gameWatched this guy last season and was unbelievable won't be playing in championship!
whats with the slagging off of huddersfield...........lets just see where we finish think few will be surprised!
terrier85Im a huddersfield fan and i laughed at this. Guidetti is an unreal talent and would never come to us.


12 Jul 2012 13:41:01
Former Barnet midfielder Mark Hughes is currently on trial with Cheltenham Town.(8)(2)


12 Jul 2012 13:37:40
Izale McLeod in talks with Cheltenham,Shrewsbury and Walsall.

He will only sign a 2 year contract.(8)(7)We will have too many strikers soon!!Done deal. McLeod announced tomorrow. CYOBHe was going to Portsmouth. But because of their administration, it might not happen. This would be a great signing for shrewsburyBrill.Source? Would be a good addition to the Shrewsbury squadMarvin Morgan and Tom Bradshaw out on loan for twelve months. Mcleod and Morrisson to be announced MondayWould be a great signing if it's true.


12 Jul 2012 13:32:56
Bournemouth sign Addison on three year deal from Derby , could involve Pugh going the other way..(8)(9)R u sure M8Bournemouth have already completed the signing of addison, so wont involve pughPugh said he dose not want to leave


12 Jul 2012 13:31:42
Hull to sign Heskey in coming days(21)(12)Aaah, the old Hull to sign Heskey rumour has raised it's head again, Amusing :)Why if were getting proschwitzAhha waste of space my nans better than him


12 Jul 2012 13:19:26
Marcus holness to leyton orient!(1)(6)We won't sign another centre half, unless he can play at right back as well (which Holness can't). Also, if we do it will most likely to be a loan. Slade needs to focus on signing a midfielder and a striker on loan.Average 2nd Div player, who's agent is desperate to find him a Club, before the season starts. Yep, Leyton Orient fits the bill. Any wages under £1000 per month will suit Hearn nicely. But why would he want to join Orient ?And you support who?


12 Jul 2012 13:18:59
Just looking at the albion page on the sn website and noticed that on the squad list under 'strikers' a certain 29yr old swedish markus rosenberg is on there. has this been confirmed?(1)(12)


12 Jul 2012 13:17:22
Marcus Holness signs for Burton after having his contract at Rochdale cancelled by mutual consent(6)(2)He has not signed for any body just yet


12 Jul 2012 13:17:20
Conor Thomas has traveled to Norwich for talks after a initial 800k bid was accepted,(6)(9)Decent future signing if its true but surly can't expect minutes this season (especially in Midfield). Likely to be loaned back to Championship / league 1 if its true


12 Jul 2012 13:17:08
George Elekobi is very close to finalising his transfer to Burnley. The fee is believed to be in the region of 500k.(10)(15)Where has the elokobi rumour come from?No reports of this anywhere?
Hope its true but doubt it tbh


12 Jul 2012 13:16:03
Arsenal , Southampton and Manchester Utd all in the mix up to sign Michu. Saints look set to sign Sergio Romero for about Argentine£4-6m. Also Ryo Miyachi from Arsenal looks like he'll be wearing the famous red and white stripes of Southampton next season.(12)(15)Stop just being biased and putting Soton in front of every rumourSaints don't play in the famous red and white stripes any more :(Cobblers, Saints are wearing a red shirt with a blink and you'll miss the white pin stripe next seasonActually if Miyachi moves to southampton he'll wear red at home and white away not stripes. Michu probably will go to Southampton and They won't sign Sergio Romero he's not right for them.Arsenal man utd and ,stop there,you'll never be in the same mixHaven't you seen the new kit!


12 Jul 2012 13:06:24
Rory Boulding passes medical at Kilmarnock and contract talks are ongoing.(2)(2)


12 Jul 2012 13:03:56
Out of contract 22 year old Dutch winger Genaro Snijders is set to have a trial at Premier League side Norwich City with a view to a permanent deal and compensation set to be paid to former club Vitesse(6)(4)Is it to gauge his fitness after the cruciate knee ligament injury?I don't see this one happening. According to my friends in Holland this guys cruciate ligaments have gone and it's possible/probable he's going to have to quit the professional game.Complete no go.... we need to avoid players with any major problems like that, as chances are if its happened this young it will reoccur again. Plus is this guy any good? Fifa raiting's don't count, lol.Demba Ba's knees had gone too when he came to the UK. This was reported as being why Stoke apparently didn't want to sign him. They seem ok now though don't they. {Ed001's Note - it is a long term degenerative issue, it made it difficult to insure him, that was why they weren't willing to take a risk. Understandable, even if it has turned out to be the wrong decision.}


12 Jul 2012 13:03:14
after the signing of el ghanassy west brom are stepping up interest in rennes midfielder doumbia who has supposingly rejected interest from arsenal to pave a way to the hawthorns to get regular playing time to develop his career further.(7)(2)


12 Jul 2012 12:51:43
Southampton look to of successfully captured the transfer of Ryo Miyachi from Arsenal. Buttner's '3rd party' issue has been resolved and now saints just have to wait for confirmation. Also the news about Southampton signing Marseille striker Jordan Ayew for somewhere in the region of £8m. Also I have seen a lot about Argentine international goalkeeper Sergio Romero taking Kevin Davis's first spot.(13)(17)Sergio won't go to Southampton Davis is number one. Not sure Miyachi will come but I hope he will. Good news about Buttner and as for Ayew, this is getting silly we've enough good strikers only once we sell Barnard off will we look for others. And even then we don't necessarily need to get rid of Barnard he is a reasonably good striker.We should get Romero if KEVIN Davis our current number 1.Getting Romero would be a sweet scoop out of nowhere, not seen any solid sources on him yet though, but as is always the way saints like to do things...behind closed doors!Seriously the guy has been at Saints for over 5 years ... KELVIN! The only realistic rumour here is the Miyachi one although I believe Bolton have first refusal there. As for signing the Argentine No1?! Seriously? Also do we really need ANOTHER striker? we already have 5!


12 Jul 2012 12:49:40
it is reported in an italian newspaper
today wesley sneijder is unhappy at
inter milan, he is unhappy as inter
milan are not in the champions league and key players like lucio and maicon are
leaving or have left. Arsenal are
reported to be using the money from
the sale of Van persie, withthe fee
believed to be 20-30 million!(1)(20)


12 Jul 2012 12:26:02
With the sacking of Steve Cotterill at Nottingham Forest, the new owners are thought to be looking to Alex Mcleish and Bristol City's Derek Mccinnes as possible replacements(6)(27)There is no way McInnes would go to NFFC


12 Jul 2012 12:23:11
Bristol city have agreed a fee with peterborough for striker emile sinclaire(4)(22)Nothing on the web siteI have never wanted a rumour to be true as much as this one, please let it be trueI hope this is not the case as he was our top scorer last season.Doubt it If Talour Goes thats a first team player for Fergy, and it will cost bristol city a bit as he was one of our second top scorers 10 goals in 21 starts, not a bad record for first season in the Championship!No! definate sideways move for a player which could definitely be key for us next season.With Mendez-Laing he is definitely the weakest attacking player we have now (excluding Ajose and Ball who are listed) so I think it would be a good move.

Sure he may improve technically, but he does also give the ball away a lot at times and pace alone doesn't make up for the lack of technical ability.

If he is here though good luck to him, he got a good goal tally last season, although we need to keep the ball also. He needs to improve some more


12 Jul 2012 12:20:46
Greg halford to be unvailed as a bristol city player tomorrow after agreeing terms and passing a medical(13)(13)Hopefully


12 Jul 2012 12:12:45
West Brom's Jonas Olsson to Spurs. Albion asking for Defoe on season long loan as part of the deal. Could suit everyone. Except maybe Defoe himself(6)(18)Rumour is defoe is not interested in moving away from londonThe rumour is probably true but olsson doesnt seem to be a player the AVB would sign.. also wouldnt make sence for Spurs to sign him as they have Caulkner. as a baggie fan id like to see the lad at the hawthorns.


12 Jul 2012 12:04:49
mick mccarthy one of favourites to get the forrest job(20)(11)


12 Jul 2012 12:00:58
Sammon apparantly wants to stay at Wigan and fight for a first team place. Derby have therefore turned their attentions to Blackburn striker Nick Blackman.(10)(4)I hope not!Sammons on his way mateYou can have him, he's shocking


12 Jul 2012 11:57:59
Andrew little is waiting on news on the events at rangers before making a choice to stay or move to England with Carlisle, Portsmouth and Preston reported to be interested by the versatile forward. The proximity of Carlisle puts them as front runners with Portsmouth not seen as viable.(4)(4)


12 Jul 2012 11:55:46
The new Nottingham Forest owners are to go all out to bring in Harry Redknapp as the clubs next manager.(8)(31)


12 Jul 2012 11:54:25
Lee Barnard linked with Leeds. Warnock is known
to be a big fan of the out of favour Soton striker!



12 Jul 2012 11:46:56
bristol city looking to bring in Danny Wilson in on loan from liverpool as brendon rodgers wants the cb to get some first team football city are also in for a season long loan deal for Nathan Eccleston also of liverpool(11)(5)


12 Jul 2012 11:44:41
Bristol city needing a keeper making moves for craig gordon,marcus hahnemann or to loan hurelhio gomes of spurs(6)(14)


12 Jul 2012 11:39:58
Mkdons Are after Brian Howard who is recently been released by Reading.(2)(6)


12 Jul 2012 11:39:06
Izale Mcloed will sign for Cheltenham on Friday.(3)(14)


12 Jul 2012 09:48:57
Thanks for your quick reply With regards to the Carroll rumours I find it very hard to comprehend.2 strikers at the Olympics(both with big hopes of winning) Kuyt gone, why would we get rid of Carroll who over the last couple of months is showing his best form since arriving at Anfield. New signings, in general, tend to need time to settle in and gel together and given our first three home games alone surely we need players who know each other and can hit the ground running. Would be grateful for your opinion.

Many Thanks. {Ed029's Note - I'm with you, I don't want it to happen either, I think he could be amazing for us with a run of games. The only thing I can think of is with Andy's form at the end of the season, his great goal in the Euros and AC Milan discussing how they would like to sign him, now would be a better time to sell him as his price would be higher than if he doesn't fit in to BR's plans and he ends up sat on the bench and ultimately being sold without much game time or goals to his name.}(3)(1)I really do not think Brendan Rodgers is up to the pressure of the top job at Anfield. For starters he has not really had a job under this much pressure, and I think he is going to fail big time. He will be sacked at Christmas, with Liverpool languishing in the bottom half of the table, and replaced by someone else who will steer the club to a 7th or 8th place but with many big signings already gone. I think Merseyside may be blue this seasonRogers has no idea what he is doing selling or getting rid of the best players and keeping the crap ie shelvey downing henderson spearing all not up to liverpool standard he wants to get a grip and ask the old heads for advice because if he starts poorly they will throw him on the scrapheapAbove comments 1- He proved he can handle top quality players and being a pro coach he probably has the mindset to manage a top club in my opinion.
2- who has Rodgers sold that is relatively good? Kuyt had to go or just be fall further back in the pecking order. Carroll was a possibility he stated but with his personality i feel he just doesn't want to give anything away. Also Borini looked extremely promising in Chelsea youth setup and at Swans. Also proved great at Roma!You liverpool fans make me laugh. Not even played one game yet and already righting Rodgers off. He played attacking football last year at Swansea. Something liverpool used to do well at. Dont have to be a big name manager to make an impact.
I can see rodgers doing a good job if the fans give him a chance and dont jump on his back after the first poor result.


12 Jul 2012 11:10:16
dons to sign ibrahima sonko on a free after his release from ipswich.(4)(8)


12 Jul 2012 11:00:12
Reading boss Brian McDermott has made a shock £4million move for French starlet Geoffrey Kondogbia.

Giant midfielder Kondogbia starred for his country's under-19s against England in this summer's European championships in Estonia.

Negotiators from his club Lens flew to England yesterday to sort out a deal with the Royals for the 19-year-old who has been watched by several top Premier League clubs.

Reading plan to bring Kondogbia back from the tournament once France's competition is over and tie him down early next week.

Kondogbia and his pals lost to England but are in the semi-final against Spain today – with Reading hoping they can agree a fee before the match starts and his admirers increase. ReadingKev(12)(11)Dont know a lot about hin i assume he's a defensive midfielder?. also thought that McDermott watched Harry Kane
MrRfcReading will sign newcastle
United's Danny Simpson and Watford's Adrian Mariappa.If anyone else goes for him you have no chanceHope we get kondogbia looks like a promising 19 year old with height I think he'd be a great addition to the squad.If anyone else goes for him you have no chance

You mean like when clubs also came in for pog, Guthrie and mccleary and we ended up signing them?"Other clubs go in for him we'll stand no chance of signing him" Thanks for that Meg.If anyone else goes for him we have no chance? Pogrebnyak from under the noses of Fulham, Sweeney from under the noses of Everton, Guthrie, McCleary and Shorey also believed to have been offered deals at other clubsPlus Mariappa opting for Reading over Southampton.Simpson looks to sign next week, and i would think there's one more BIG signing to be announced which will finally shut the doubters up.


12 Jul 2012 10:58:10
Reading chronicle believe Reading will sign simpson and Mariappa before next weeks tour.
Chronicle also believe McDermott could be interested in Spurs player Harry Kane, and he flew to estonia to watch him score for England. Sky sports reporting interest in Geoffrey Kondogbia who also played in that match.


12 Jul 2012 10:44:51
Southampton are going to bid £8m to bring in Crystal Palace pair Wilfred Zaha and
Nathaniel Clyne. Deal expected to be finalised in the next few days with Medicals to take place this weekend.(24)(26)Keep dreaming kid, they may have cost 8 million on football manager but this is the real world. We turned down 8 million for Zaha alone in January and have no intention of selling him, he still has 5 years to run on his contract yet!Yeah, I saw this in the Daily Echo and the Daily Mail.

LennyI reckon the pair would cost between £10-12 million, but this would be an excellent set of signings for the Saints.No the media said Saints are thinking about a joint bid, nothing done yet. Clyne is still linked with a move to Newcastle. Your getting way ahead of yourself.

LLS838million for Zaha maybe then just need another 3million for clyne as that's what palace are trying to hold out for. If it goes to a tribunal then you might get Clyne cheaper that way. Palace want 8million for zaha so can't see saints getting them both for that moneyYes pleaseDoesn't matter, Zaha isn't going anywhere this season from the sale of other players no matter how much we receive - confirmed by Steve Parish (Palace chairman)Clyne was in Southampton today looking at the facilities and having a chat with the management. Not saying a deal is done but he has had a visit.

FHComplete rubbish, Palace want 4 million for clyne and 10 for Zaha12 million ad you may be getting close! this is not going to happen anywayPalace wont be able to hold out for 4 million for Clyne because he is out of contract, most likely to be received is 2.5 million... if that cant be agreed, 1-1.5 million in a tribunal


12 Jul 2012 10:44:35
Brian Howard the ex Barnesly,
sheff utd and
reading man linked with middlesbrough(5)(13)From a Reading fan, Boro should be looking at better. Lower championship quality at bestWell thats not really fair - he did well when he was confident and had plenty of gamesTo the reading fan: never a truer worts said but if n until we get took over by a billionaire this is what well be making do withDecent enough squad player.Wonder what Halliday will have to say to him after the tackle in 2010 when Howard was sent off!


12 Jul 2012 10:43:59
MArk Noble wanted by Martin O'Neill at Sunderland and is seen as ideal midfielder for Sunderland to secure top 10 finish this season(4)(23)Not even half as good as the lads we already haveHes better than most of the lads you got would never leave west ham


12 Jul 2012 10:39:31
Andy Carroll back to newcastle on loan view to permanent transfer at the end of the season(12)(27)Im imagining a swap with demba ba or something


12 Jul 2012 10:39:04
French player ELLIOT GRANDIN has returned to BLACKPOOL from his loan at NICE and will be playing with the Seasider's next season.(16)(3)Just because he has returned from loan doesn't meen he will be staying. It didn't seem like he got much playing time at Nice so he might as well be staying.


12 Jul 2012 10:38:39
Mystery player in Potugal with Posh has signed but not being named until this afternoon.

Local paper reprt him to be Australian na dhas played in the World Cup
Intigued now!!(2)(10)Apparently Harry Kewell is on trial at Peterborough


12 Jul 2012 10:36:22
Bristol City boss Derek McInnes has invited Scotland International goalkeeper Craig Gordon to join his side for pre-season training. The former Hearts stopper has been without a club since being released by Sunderland at the end of last season.(12)(11)Hes went back to train with hearts so highly doubt he wud go to a team such as bristol lol


12 Jul 2012 10:36:22
reading back in for mariappa after watford boss said if he wants to go he can 2.8 offered with add ons i believe up to 4m reading have had 2.6m bid accepted he targets 2 signings by next wednesdays tour in portugal you'll see antonio church and manset shipped off to pave way for simpson and mariappa and youll see morrison gone but NOT with rhodes coming here in for defoe he will hold additional talks with tottenham(8)(9)


12 Jul 2012 10:34:22
Rodellega to Fulham
M'Vila to Arsenal
Pienaar to Everton
Nzonzi to Sunderland
Ki sung-yueng to Liverpool
Junior Hoilett to QPR
Matt Jarvis to Stoke
Buttner to Southampton
Kieran Richardson to WHU
Connolly to Reading
Bellamy to Cardiff
Mariappa to Wigan
Baines to ManU(17)(31)A lot of this seems unlikely, Buttner will go to Southampton, Hoilett should be at QPR soon and Pienaar should move to Everton. but I'm not sure about some like Mariappa and Jarvis going to Wigan and Stoke respectively.Mariappa will probably sign for Reading. Sunderland arent interested in Nzonzi and I dont think Cardiff will get Bellamy in this windowNo, i think Newcastle will sign HoilettYou forget about Bellamy could still come to Cardiff City even though Brendon said its a no go but he also said unless its a unique or an Personal transfer he will not move and Bellamy's family still lives in Cardiff and always has so hes looking to finish his career with his hometown club Cardiff City FC and he will only be 20 mins away from his house after a match, the reason why the transfer has maybe not been done yet because he's in the Team GB Football for the Olympics and hes more focused on that at the momentGood call of rodellega mate hope the hoilett one turns out to be true what do u think the chances of that happening are?Buttner has already gone to southamptonMariappa should be a wigan player by the end of this monthOnly if Wigan buy him from Reading. You're to late mateQpr will get hoilett100% chance on the Hoilett deal to QPR.Borussia Moglendbach will get Hoilett! Was in Germany when couldn't play in England & Champions League football on the cards. Why would he join an ungelled teamHoilett off to germany. sorry qpr fansYeh I feel really sorry for the QPR fans...(Im a Fulham fan)R u sure hoillet will sign for qpr cause the German club look likely is it 100 percent done deal


12 Jul 2012 10:31:45
Stoke are looking at a last minute deal to hijack QPRs deal for junior hoilett(21)(18)Doubt it seeing as newcastle are wanting him too, but a very good player!Yh coz stoke are going to beat qpr for wagesStoke and newcastle will not pay his wage demandsQPR will have a team of big ego massive timers! It's not a team just a group of players who think they are better than they are. Imagine Barton, SWP, Hoillett, Taraabt, Ferdinand and Zamora all in the same team with there huge ego's! Newcastle and Stoke are far superior clubs and very well run.. If Hoillett had a brain he would lower his wage demandsNewcastle and Stoke will have a chance to sign Hoilett when QPR get relegated, only just avoided it last season, can't see this season being any different.Not to mention possibly the biggest prima donna of them all Djibril Cisse. Norwich and Swansea (like Stoke before them) proved that you don't need to spend like billionaires to compete with them.


12 Jul 2012 10:29:14
It has been reported that Gregg Broughton who has has left Luton Town to join Premier League side Norwich City.

Broughton, who had spent six years at Kenilworth Road, will now head up the recruitment for 16-21-year-olds at Carrow Road.

Seen nothing on NCFC website(10)(8)Its been reported on the luton websiteNo hes left Kings Lynn, to become part of the academy set-up


12 Jul 2012 10:27:36
sufc lose maguire to blackpool(13)(12)How reliable is this? he's not foreign ,would cost a bob or two, and can you see him breaking into the first team at the start of the season?


12 Jul 2012 10:21:01
juve go for cavani if rvp fails(6)(15)


12 Jul 2012 10:19:47
Alan Connell is set to have a medical at Argyle on Monday.(12)(15)


12 Jul 2012 10:15:49
swfc have been told no by burnley for treacy as swfc stil go for antonio(14)(4)


12 Jul 2012 10:11:29
marlon harewood training with swfc could someone go ialso saw ogrady at meadowhall he says hes happy to stay(16)(1)


12 Jul 2012 10:10:46
Burnley closing in on the signing of George Elokobi for 700K but have failed in a bid to sign Brett Pitman after having a 500K bid turned down yesterday(12)(10)


12 Jul 2012 10:09:29
Any one Know what is going on at White Hart Lane, we always get linked with a host of top names then everything goes quiet, i know we have made a couple of signings but still not addressed the serious issues like what is Modric going to do and who is going to get 20 plus goals a season.(1)(2)Rumours are around that Adebayor's going for £5mill.


12 Jul 2012 10:06:25
sources in hull say a bid for andrew
mangan has been placed in the region
of 1 million pounds(2)(10)Whos andrew mangan?13 Jul 2012 08:55:43
Andrew Mangan is someone to make Simpson look goodFleetwood Town striker.


12 Jul 2012 10:00:05
Huddersfield Town are due to sign Sheffield United centre mid Kevin Mcdonald who refused to turn up to pre season training on Monday. Free Transfer.(13)(1)Town already have alot of midfielderWe've just bought Norwood and Clayton... Why would we want him?He failed a medical at sheff wed with an hamstring problem so why would we take the risk ?Yes we've got alot of midfielders but apart from Norwood and Clayton not one of them is championship quality


12 Jul 2012 09:58:00
Izale McLeod is at risk of starting the new season without a club.
Last seasons League 2 top scorer is currently in talks with Crawley and Cheltenham Town, however due to his high wage demands, believed to be in the region of £4k a week both clubs are threatening to pull the plug on any deal.
Rotherham were thought to also be interested but McLeod has made it clear he does not wish to relocate from Milton Keynes.(5)(4)With the new wage capping, there's no way in the world poorly supported clubs like these two could afford £200,000 a year.Definitely not going to Cheltenham, Mark Yates has said it's not happening.There's no way in the world he is worth £4K a week. He needs to get real, otherwise he won't be playing for anyone come the start of the season. I would hope the powers that be at Crawley wouldn't consider putting the club at risk by meeting his ridiculous demands.208k a year actuallyCheltenham boss Yates confirms player has been offered a deal but as yet no confirmation if he will join or go elsewhere.Don't know what the fuss is as he is just a decent league 2 player and if you notice no BIG clubs what him so that says everything.


12 Jul 2012 09:57:17
Birmingham looking at the signing of james Mcfadden and Darren Ambrose(9)(15)They can look, but Darren will be staying an Eagle + Birmingham dont have the 2.5 million it would cost to buy him in any caseSo says Tom Ross, or Tom Dross as he is known locally.


12 Jul 2012 09:44:15
reading to get clyne defoe and dann 15m for the lot(5)(22)


12 Jul 2012 09:39:24
After Rumours linking Southend winger Ryan Hall to Peterborough & Notts County, Southend have rubished the reports, insisting that Hall is still in the frame at the Essex club!

Oh, and Mohsni isn't going anywhere! So Sheffield Wednesday fans can look somewhere else! Bilel was at a family wedding in France, and NOT at Hillsborough...

Source: Southend Echo (Local Southend Paper)

A(6)(4)He WILL be at swfc by the end of next week,not that I'd want him,he seems a bit of a loose cannonYeah our 2 most sought after players (Ryan Hall and Bilel Mohsni) are bot convenientley at a wedding or ill hence why they've missed the first week of training, as if the club thinks were going to believe thatHe won't he will stay with us! And he is but he is a class player


12 Jul 2012 09:38:34
Michael Owen just tweeted that he will not be joining Nottingham Forest, his next move will be a premiership side or abroad, to injury prone for me and don't think he'd fancy the championship anyway

So stop making rubbish up end of .(18)(7)Say he'll go to qatar...spend more time with horses than o the pitch!He may as well go somewhere hot, as he is going to get a lot of time to sit on a beach whilst he is recovering form injuriesWouldnt want the sick note any where near the City Ground, he`s past it.


12 Jul 2012 08:56:30
Buttner to SFC deal is now complete.

To be announced shortly.

SaintKerre(11)(11)It is a done deal, will be announced over the next 24 hours....from what i've been told. We will see



12 Jul 2012 09:04:49
Exeter City will complete the signing of midfielder Matthew Oakley later today. He is at the Cat and fiddle training ground completing a medical.

Izale Mcleod will complete a move to Exeter also by tommorow when he will arrive for his medical on Friday morning.

Also Plymouth are set to bid for Luton Town Striker Stuart Fleetwood.(4)(13)Congratulations, you are now the 18th silly person to claim McLeod is going to sign for his team.Why would Izale Mcleod go to exeter? Much bigger clubs are looking at him. He may as well have stayed at BarnetWhat a load of rubbish!Apprentley were getting Fleetwood and ConnellAlan Connell is to have a medical at argyle on MondayConnell having a medical at argyle on MondayMcleod is off to Pompey, you heard it here first. Can't see Argyle paying a fee for Connell though if I'm honest. Wouldn't be surprised if the Fleetwood rumour is true though.Mcleod going to a club that has to get it's eight remaining senior players off the wage bill ASAP? Don't be silly!Why on earth would mcleod sign for a team starting on minus 10 points. encertain future. and cant afford to pay there own players.Of course, this depends on the successfulness of the takeover! Just you wait and see lads....


12 Jul 2012 08:04:06
Manchester United Will Look To Bring In Three More Players Before The Transfer Period Ends:
. Baines 7m
. Llorentee 18m
. Hummels 21m {Ed025's Note - baines £7m...????????? not he everton one he will cost £20m..(6)(29)Which person thinks baines is 7 million lol hes the best left back in the country 7 million haha you need to lay off the ale mateHave to pay alot more than that for Baines and Llorentee!£7m for baines is a disgrace, for 7m you could get his right boot


12 Jul 2012 08:12:33
Kim Bo Kyung is joining Cardiff City on a 3 year deal for a fee of £5million.
I heard that there is some interest in Kevin Nolan but I think it will come to nothing.
Craig Bellamy has been told by coaches at Liverpool that he would only be playing in the Europa League and FA and League cups. Therefore he will be joining Cardiff on a 2 year deal for a fee of around £2million.(9)(24)


12 Jul 2012 08:11:19
When the Steve Davies transfer goes through derby will then bring in their targets Magnus Onkughae-Free transfer Krystian Pearce-100-200k Luke Garbutt-trial then undisclosed Johnny Russell-undisclosed 2 more trialist one to be Karleigh Osborne 1 loan(8)(8)You won t be getting garbutt lol some dreamers on here


12 Jul 2012 08:07:05
Tom Heaton from Cardiff to be a surpise addition to Ipswich town's squad next week.(15)(7)He's a free agent after being released by Cardiff.


12 Jul 2012 07:55:39
Bristol city may look at Swindon's Matt richie as a replacement if Albert Adomah leaves to Swansea(6)(20)Wont be leaving for less than 2m plus,we dont need the money so wont sell on the cheapHilarious, Bristol City and Swindon Town are likely to swap leagues at the end of 2012/13 season. Ritchie has committed himself to Swindon on more than one occasion and is unlikely to want to join a relegation battle in the championshipThey can look but they wont get him he's staying for this season at least. Likes playing for Paolo and the cluba ambition we could be swopping leagues with City. {Ed003's Note - oh dear}Dont count your chickens swindon you wont find this division that easy toget out of


12 Jul 2012 07:54:38
Hearing strong rumours of billy sharp to Leeds on loan !(3)(35)Not in a million years! He is very much part of Saints plans.



12 Jul 2012 07:30:01
Southampton are going to bid £8m to bring in Crystal Palace pair Wilfred Zaha and Nathaniel Clyne(27)(10)Utter media dribble daily mail story utter crap Clyne close to joining west ham and zaha is not for saleHmmmmm Double it and we'd be a bit closer and I'm a saints fan! The only way we'd get those two for that price would be if the palace management and board all wore Santa hats!Southampton don't disclose any of their transfers to start with.

Plus from the Palace front, we turned down 8 million from Bolton in January for Zaha and dismissed West Ham's approach which was supposedly meant to be 5-6 million and Sam Baldock on a season loan with our owners describing it as "poo".

To finish, it's looking more and more likely Clyne will go to a tribunal as clubs aren't meeting our valuation of the player. - Palace FanRead it in the paper too, but no chance. Zaha worth more than 6m by far.I'd love that to work...If the money is right Zaha will be sold. However this is just media rumours, though I dont think Clyne is close to moving anywhere yet.

LLS83So you can read the Echo! Said they were possibly-not they would.Doubt it! Fontaine failed a medical in January. Southampton aren't interested.If we got puncheon in the deal and possibly butterfield as cover. That may be ok.
Should try to hold out for a bit more thoI have recently worked in clynes godfathers house
He wants to go to a big team but is worried out not playing.All the post says is that SOuthampton might make a bid, which if it starts at 8 would need t go beyond 11 or 12 to be realisticCline would be compensation


12 Jul 2012 07:07:05
Walsall will announce 2 new signings later today. Names recently linked with the saddlers include - James Chambers, Darren Carter, Izale Mcleod and Ben Parker.(5)(18)I thought Daren Carter had retired . I know he has not played competitive football for a long time.Mcleod has already signed with 16 Clubs, you have just become #17, at this rate he will have signed for every League 1 & 2 club before the season starts.


12 Jul 2012 05:18:41
Steve Bruce interested in bringing Ahmed Elmohamady and David Meyler in on loan from Sunderland. Ahmed Elmohamady could possibly be turned into a permanent(21)(6)I would be willing to drive both these players to Hull if required, I have a people carrier so could also get in Turner, Colback and Richardson!


12 Jul 2012 04:44:49
Part time Pundit and former charlton legend Matt Holland has taken up the role of executive ambassador of charlton athleitc.(10)(5)What is an "executive ambassador" when it's at home?Id prefer Jools Holland.Spoke to Waggy the other day. he aint going anywhere. just wants to focus on getting a regular place in the side.Executive Ambassador means he is in charge of the C.A.F.C Christmas Party!Where did you see this.

Not on Club website?


12 Jul 2012 02:42:18
Reading to re bid for Marriapa, thought to be a bit of 3 million(10)(14)


12 Jul 2012 02:19:13
Leicester and Southampton are interested in Liam Fontaine, Robins will demand excess of 4 million.(5)(25)I know Sterling is devaluing but I think every name mentioned seems to be treble the right money..Not sure fontain worth 4 mil but for those thinking back to january deal was done but failed medical , think saints have moved onRubbish we bid close to a million at christmas which was excepted its just that he failed his medical....4 million get real!! check facts firstLeicester, maybe, Southampton won't, he's not Premiership quality.


12 Jul 2012 01:01:44
Nottingham Forest to announce 5 signings by Monday. 3 deals believed to be already confirmed with Elokobi, Guedioura and Kightly. Talks ongoing with Michael Owen also. And Firaz Al Khatbi is coming over for a trial at the weekend(13)(25)Owen has tweeted this morning declaring it will either be abroad or prem onlyMichael Owen just tweeted that his next club will be in the Premiership or abroad.Can't understand why Wolves would want them 3 to go. Good players in the championship to push for promotion!Wouldnt mind seeing Elokobi and Geddy along with Kightly, but not Owen.

Need to look at Rhodes.Rubbish ,all of it ,new owners said they will sit down and discuss where they want the club to go over the next few weeks,and you aint got a managerHope forest buy elokobi, guedioura and kightly we would become amazing hope they come even though cotterill has been sackedYou must be joking, this guy will do anything for money


12 Jul 2012 00:26:24
Baines Ganso and llorente in at united by the end of july! spoke to kitman at the pub tonight!(7)(37)That kitman will be the ex-kitman at this rate, spreading inside news AND saying ridiculous stuff!


12 Jul 2012 00:12:47
Zoko to sign a two year deal with preston north end,later this week(7)(20)Please be trueDont care anymore sick of westley
we are becoming a laughing stockWe dont want mccombe he is crap what we want is a new manger and risdale to quit they are rapidly ruining the clubIf true I promise to buy a season ticket!2nd & 3rd comments get a grip! Support the team! Sick of all the abuse GW is receiving.Last comment sssshhh your not a true fan if you believe gw as you put it is any goodOk so come january and we are in the playoffs or the automatics im pretty sure that you would be still having a go at him the just lket him get along with his job and then we can judge him later in the seasonSick of idiots who believe westley is a good manager , his style of football is negative sterile power driven hoofball , thats after watching both preston and stevenage, he hates skillful players his idea of a good game is 0-0What a load of rubbish you anti Westley come out with. He is working to get a team together, because the team he inherit did not want too play for him. Hence 3 wins from 21 games. The players should be ashamed of themselves, not only did they let themselves down, they also let the fans down, who by the way pay there wages.


12 Jul 2012 00:08:46
Wigan to sign Adrian Marriapa, Michael Owen, Marco Pappa and Kyle Naughton before the end of the month. Combined fees of around £9 million.(7)(51)Not a chance, Mariappa is either staying at Watford or moving to Reading or Saints. Also Kyle Naughton is being looked at by AVB to see if hes good enough to keep, if not a bid has already been made by Saints for him.

LLS83Naughton has just signed a new contract so he will go nowhere and also michael owen is going into the sunset to grab all the money he can.


12 Jul 2012 00:06:56
Ipswich are in talks to sign Spurs duo Massimo Luongo and Harry Kane on season loan deals.
David Stockdale is also in talks regarding another season loan deal.(10)(14)Tim Sherwood is quoted as saying..."We don't want him (Harry Kane) to go out on loan to a championship as he has already proved he can play at that level and would not be beneficial to his progression. The next stop on his ultimate progression is the Premiership"Stockdale is premier league quality and will, probably, end up as Schwarzers replacement at Fulham and he has proven he can do it.


11 Jul 2012 23:54:53
Doncaster will finally offer Damian Reeves a contract(10)(14)


11 Jul 2012 23:45:08
Stoke Transfers
Sturridge-loan(11)(27)Cant see any of these happening at all, the only one would be sturridge and dont think he would come with whats going on.The Cameron one is almost definitely happening. Houston Dynamo have said that they support the move to Stoke.


11 Jul 2012 23:44:38
looks like SWFC have met Readings asking price for Antonio, aprox 750k. Antonio appears to want the move, could be completed in Portugal.
MrRfc(12)(10)Good little player but i guess just no room.good luck son.So have 2 other Championship clubs who are offering better contracts and money talksAs a wednesday fan i am extremely happy. He is one for the future, big sell on clause i think reading will put on this lad.Agree, he needs a run of games which he wont get here, i'm sure he will do well in the championship for SWFC
MrRfcHe's definitely got potential to be a decent player, still a bit raw though. Will be good for him to go to a team where he can get first team football week in week out and progress


11 Jul 2012 23:42:26
Muzzy carayol joining leicester from bristol rovers(10)(19)Be good to see another 'Muzzy' at city again!


11 Jul 2012 23:32:32
Any Southend transfers?(3)(10)Ex-Aberdeen CM Yoann Folly and former Walsall DM Marco Gbarssin are currently on trial at Southend United.Ok thanks mate


11 Jul 2012 23:31:49
Leeds have now got there main target kenny.they look to get more. including Cameron Jerome as he is not getting enough playing time from stoke.(17)(12)I hope jerome stays at stoke... he is a great player.. very quick something which stoke dont havr much offJerome will not go leeds he will get first team football this year at stoke.If Leeds main target is a 33 year old keeper you are going down!Jerome only seems to perform as a sub so will be disappointed again. He's not the answer to our problems. I expect him to go this season, but to another PL teamYou stoke fans really do make me laugh it should be rugby players you should be signing not footballers mot4everYour rugby jokes were old years ago now mate. Find a new one.


11 Jul 2012 23:23:55
Stoke are looking to hijack the Hugo rodellega deal to Fulham. They are also showing a strong interest in Hutton from Villa, as well as Darren Bent. The Potters could use Kenwyne Jones as part of the deal. Geoff Cameron will sign by the end of the week, once the MLS decide to accept the offer. Finally, they are launching an ambitious bid for Daniel Sturridge on a season long loan from Chelsea, who look sure to sign Schurlle.(10)(20)Darren Bent to stoke?? Let me know when your at the comedy club in Birmingham next I'm always up for a laugh!If cameron does sign ,he still needs to get a work permitWhy wOuld he leave when he is one of our only two CM 's ??Im a stoke fan and i even think this bent rumour is a joke get a grip mateSturridge is at an age now where he needs to settle down and not have to go around the country on loan. Bent is key to plans at Villa so will not take a move to a smaller side.Bent to Stoke wont happen, he turned us down before he went to Sunderland (Slagged Stoke off as well if i remember correctly) .... Rodellega signed for Fulham this afternoon?


11 Jul 2012 22:34:49
Steven Caulker is keen to find out sooner or later if he will be playing regularly this season for Spurs after signing his new contract.

Reports suggesting West Brom are keen to take him on loan if it doesnt plan out for the England U-21 defender at Spurs.(8)(9)Thought Rodgers would've had a cheeky bid for him, especially with all the contract talk about Agger and SkertlCaulkner would never go liverpool


11 Jul 2012 22:08:16
Bristol city are on the verge of signing portsmouth defender greg halford after missing out on richard keogh and andre amougou.(11)(19)Why do you think BCFC have missed out on Amougou and Keogh neither have yet to find new clubsGarry Monk and Stephen McManus?Halford would be a good signing i think !Halford has pledged on twitter to stay at Pompey until the take-over is completed, as he wants to stay at the club and feels that he may be able to after the take-over.


11 Jul 2012 22:06:10
Brighton have opened talks with Arsenal over a loan move for defender Ignasi Miquel.the 19-year old is also wanted back by barcerlona who released him at the age of 17 .jordan rhoodes has also rulled out a move to the south coast side saying a move to the premiership is more likely to happen .(18)(8)This is just simply wrong, Brighton after another Arsenal loan player - he's a midfielder!! Source - ClubWe don't need him, we need a CM andST, unlikely we'll get another LB after Bridge, we've got two left backs.Firstly, Miquel is a centre back.
Secondly, who was Brighton's first loanee from Arsenal? There wasn't one.....
Also, Miquel will get plenty of play time at Brighton as he will be a slight class above our current centre backs due to him being bought up by two of the finest clubs in Europe; Arsenal and Barcelona.No His not a midfielder. First post is bang on.Would not believe this one, club stated aims is midfielder and striker, defence now sorted, just paper talkMiquel left Barca at the age of 12...No he is a CB get your facts right and he will get straight into the Brighton starting 11


11 Jul 2012 22:03:12
Sunderland have made an enquiry about boca juniors young striker Sergio Aroujo. Has anyone heard of this kid?(10)(15)Lots of potential, Real Madrid have first choice on him but others sniffing around so doubt he will end up as Sunderland


11 Jul 2012 21:46:41
Heard through the football grape-vine that Cardiff City are interested in Luke Varney? Anything Ed? {Ed001's Note - I hadn't heard that, sorry, Ed003 might have heard something, I will ask it for you.}(7)(19)



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