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13 Feb 2013 19:16:31
Peter Reid to step in the managerial position at Torquay to support current ill boss martin ling



13 Feb 2013 18:49:10
Mark Robins turns down Huddersfield Town, fact Radio

Nice thought for cov fans, but it ain't Christmas

In your dreams he's coming to HTFC

Would Cov fans want him to stay now?
I'd be surprised if the answer was yes.

Hope your right

Hot News! Mark Robins walks away from Coventry regardless!

Whatever happens tonight whether Robins joins us or not, we should say thank you to Mark Lillis, a real titan. His love & pride in representing this club has not changed one iota since his playing days. He says he will frame the team sheets of the sides he's put out since becoming caretaker manager, if Robins can show half the pride & passion for this fine club we will be onto a winner!

13 Feb 2013 22:57:05
you lot at CCFC have spent 40 years in the top 2 divisions and now you have fallen on hard times just the same as wolves villa man city
Nottingham forest L666DS UTD WELCOMBE TO THE REAL WORLD its not your divine right to be in the premier league your only as big as the league your in end of I hope CCFC get out of the mess and be successful again one day UTT.

George Boyd Seen outside the John smiths today. could be another loanee coming in!

What a disappointing appointment for the key position of manager. Yet again, Town miss the opportunity of improving one of the most important roles at the club. Surely we should improve upon the previous incumbent and I am not convinced we have

14 Feb 2013 06:59:13
Deano listen to the fans. if for any reason robin's does turn us down. and I hope he doesn't. giv lillis the job till end of season. he as put pride and passion back into the team. and he knows Wot it means to wear the famous blue/white shirt. lillis we Thank u.

MR will prove to be a first class appointment for HTFC. Few, if any incoming loans required. Mark Lillis and Steve Eyre have proved that the current squad are well up to the job in hand. Those two can now get on with their excellent work whilst MR gets on with his.

Would not be my firat choice, but then again I'm not paying his wages. so let's get behind him & give support.
We need stabilty & Cahpionship stability after the mess with Larry Grayson.

Great appointment Deano. wouldn't jump into getting any old manager, didn't go behind other clubs backs, didn't have someone lined up for when Larry was given his cards. All business done in the correct moral way, well done Dean.
Onwards and upwards now, welcome the The Terriers Mark

Firstly I think robins is an excellent choice for the town, but to say Grayson left us in a mess you must be on another planet. he did lose is way towards the end of is spell and he payed the price for that, but he did the job dean brought him into do get us in the championship (which calamity Clark could not do). he as also brought in some good players who seem to be getting their form back. so thank you Simon Grayson we would not be in the championship if it wasn't for him

Why is he a disappointing appointment? Forget adkins and any other manager you had in mind. Just because a manager does well at another club (adkins) doesn't mean they're going to do it at every club they go to. Leeds thought they had the new messiah when they got warnock but he's not done owt special. that's why there were calling for him to go at the boro game. Get behind MR and the players. This season is about staying up, not challenging for promotion. some people are never satisfied.

Warnock is one of the greatest ever managers. His record is first class and to be honest if we were going to raid another club for a decent manager with a track record at Championship level, we should have been knocking the door down at Elland Road. This is a poor appointment, it will end in tears and we won't make any progress. I feel for Dean Hoyle who has had the courage to put his money into the club. Until he appoints a quality manager we will yo-yo between the Championship and League One.

Your Putting MR down before he's even managed his first game. If we go down then robins ain't the man for town. fair enough. If we stay up and do well your all going to be singing his praises. Saying what a great manager we have. Talk about 2 faced.

Wow, one of the greatest ever Managers, are you his son?
Grateful for the two Wembley visits and promotion, but the football was not up to much in the way of entertainment.

Neil Warnock is a winner and his track record confirms so. His record is second to none and if were the Chairman of any football club - he would be the one I would want to sign. Leeds supporters are fools if they are calling for him to be sacked. He will win promotion for Leeds if not this season then certainly next.



13 Feb 2013 17:42:55
Derby County have made an official enquiry on the 13th February to a premier league club for a left sided defender. The enquiry response will be apparent by Thursday evening as derby need the player to be available for the wolverhpton league game on Saturday since first choice left back Gareth Roberts received an unjust red card against hull.

If it was an unjust red card why are you not appealing against it? Roberts feet were high and off the ground.

Sour grapes or what

14 Feb 2013 00:53:17
Not sour grapes at all, just facts!

He's from the Champ

Manager Nigel Clough said: “We won’t be appealing the decision judging on what we’ve seen on the DVD. “

It was right in front of me and it was definitely a red.



13 Feb 2013 15:48:36
It is set to be one in, one out at Portsmouth as Guy Whittingham wants to shuffle the goalkeeping options around a little bit.
Current stopper Simon Eastwood is set to sign for League 2 strugglers Plymouth Argyle on a short term deal.
Guy Whittingham is keen on replacing Eastwood with 27 year old Bristol City player Dean Gerken.

14 Feb 2013 07:42:59
Plymouth can't sign anybody else we've got the maxiumum loan limit

Gerken will be getting Pompey out of a pickle, presumably?

Gerkin has quality but you can't help but wonder why he has never made a huge impact at Ashton Gate, I wouldn't be suprised to see him go out for a bit.

It said short term deal. could be a free transfer

Eastwood will leave. Not universally popular at Fratton Park.

Hes awful couldn't catch a cold get gerken in

The only limit on loan players is 5 in the starting XI + 5 Bench. So we can get more players on loan, just cannot have more than 5 in the team of 16.



13 Feb 2013 15:45:43
Huddersfield are set to appoint Coventry manager Mark Robins and are set to back him with his first signing at the club, being Nottingham Forest midfielder Henri Lansbury.

The good thing is hudderfield will be d1 next season and robins will sacked and I hope no other club employs him good ridams to bad rubish

He's not going.

I doubt lansbury is going on on loan and we already have plenty of central misfielders, if you have names a striker it may have been beleivable

Would be nice if he could bring Mcgoldrick with him

Lansbury is pure class just not reached his full potential yet. Premier League teams looking to het him! Why would he even think of going to Huddersfield? No way this will happen.

14 Feb 2013 18:22:01
did you lot say the same thing when lynch came up here? thought so!

It's official. He's gone. We have to move on now. We still have a chance of making the playoffs. We must get behind the team. Huddersfield will hopefully. Get relegated. Now and we will go up. Get Eric black back or nigel adkins.



13 Feb 2013 15:42:12
Notts County are close to signing young Arsenal forward Zak Ansah on loan.



13 Feb 2013 14:54:58
Gillingham to sign Marlon Pack from Cheltenham after his deal taking him to Swindon fell through.

So he wants to play a higher standard and how is Gillingham playing at a higher standard. don't believe everything to read in the papers.

Swindon takeover confirmed, pack still wants to come to swindon, why would he go to gillingham?

In todays paper Pack still wants to join Swindon, why would he consider going to a team that will be 2 leagues lower next season? madnes!

Swindon won't get promoted this season the take over will not happen so you will get points deduction of 20 points ul be in league 1 next season

They're probably just still counting out that £50,000,000 transfer funds for Di Canio lol

20pts deduction? Change the record mate. You have been harping on about this for a couple of weeks now. How do you know the take over won't happen? Did you sit on the FL panel? Only a couple of more days and you will be back at school after your half term break.

My feeling is that their may be a twist when new takover is done & new board member comes out of the woodwork say a Fitton or a Wray?
big guess I know but a good one.

I know it won't happen because you Swindon fans have been saying the take over has been going to happen for weeks and it ain't happens its always its going to happen this week and when it don't happen you say its going to happen the next week then the next week and so on get real and realise its not going to happen its all just lies pathetic

Spiteful posts are really mature, fact there have been very encouraging meetings with the FL, the takeover is highly likely to happen early next week. The FL are making 100% sure the new potential owners are the correct people for the job. They have all been vetted, they all fit the bill, the only thing that is being looked at is the financial model for the club.

In the unlikely event that it does fall through there are a number of parties interested, it is strongly rumoured that Jed McCrorys consortium may not have been the richest consortium but was the one most likely to take over soonest. Also Andrew Black is likely to keep a large share at the club.

We will c if the take over happens early next week then, my bet is that is won't happen then another Swindon fan will post that it will happen later on in the week then the week after and so on that has been going on for weeks now and still no take over funny that ain't it lol

I think they said it will be Monday. If don't happen then it will never happen.

I agree with last poster, one minute swindon fans are on about new stadiums and massive funds and a board worth billions then they are broke? I don't think any of you know what's happening just living in a dream land



13 Feb 2013 14:56:57
Crawley sign Millwalls Aiden Obrian on loan until the end of the season. That's a good signing for them.

Wonder why players don't want to sign 4 {Ed003's Note - I understand the point you are making,but with a legal case approaching I can't post it nor do I want to go down that route}

Ed I understand you not posting my view i'm frustrated at a few people who think it clever or fun to make these chants at certain players. I've been in block 28 all season and yes I can't defend a few knuckle heads but the majority of us in the ground don't chant the rubbish these people chant football is the loser but we must never give in to the few who want to drag it back to the bad old days of the 70s and 80s

Of course it's impossible to defend the indefensible. Our club has always attracted these types. I've supported the club since the 1950's, and often been ashamed of this awful minority. To be fair to the club even in the sixties as a season ticket holders when I went with my sister she complained about abusive language of people regularly in seats behind us and they got them moved or maybe banned. Yes even then!
Yes we get behind the team - and yes more aggresively than most. But to all those jumping on the bandwagon - stop and think how you would feel if a horrible minority, who most of us despise, were to constantly drag your club through the mire. I guess this will fuel cheap shots aplenty, but we are the REAL non prawn sandwich eating fans, who care about our club in an honest passionate way. I was at Luton all those years ago when shame was brought to my club. I hope we can show how much we have moved on tomorrow night! COYL



13 Feb 2013 15:37:55
Fulham are set to see two of their reserve players leave on loan this week.
Philippines international goalkeeper Neil Etheridge is set to sign a short term loan deal with Notts County.
Two offers have also been accepted for Finland under 21 international attacker Lauri Dalla Valle. The former Liverpool youth player is set to have a choice between Blue Square highflyers Wrexham or Championship side Blackpool.

Notts County have TWO top class goalkeepers so they don't want another.

Not a chance, we are short on funds and have 3 excellent keepers and a reserve veteran

Notts don't need him. Bart is a great number 1, and Speiss is one of the best young prospects around right now. Mitchell isn't a bad number three!

Etheridge is not going to notts when we have spiess who is playing out of his skin at the moment and our first choice keeper is coming back from injury!

Blackpool have Ecclestone

Lauri Dalla Valle has been on trial at Molde, and could go there on loan
Corey Gameiro has gone to NZ club Wellington Phoenix on loan



13 Feb 2013 15:26:52
Steve Coterill is in line to replace Graham Westley.

Simon Graysons the man

13 Feb 2013 16:16:37
I would prefer another ex Burnley manager - Owen Coyle but not sure if League 1 would appeal to him. The hot money appears to be on Grayson but Gareth Ainsworth is a fans favourite. Just hope that Peter Ridsdale is not consulted about our next manager after he fired Brown and replaced him with the incompetent Westley.



13 Feb 2013 15:25:29
Barnsley are set to bring in young Manchester United defender Tyler Blackett on loan.

I heard the same. I also heard that Shergar is still alive too. and then I got sectioned off.

Fergie won't loan any player to a team that is competing against his sons team peterborough against relegation

Something smells rotten when flitcroft doesn't get nominated for manager of month wha t a sham

So long as we now he is the best that's anough long live sir david

Glad Flicker wasn't nominated for manager of the Month - it's the kiss of death. Main thing is that the fans know what a good job he is doing. Also musn't forget the players - they have been brilliant since he took over.



13 Feb 2013 15:23:25
Bristol City have had a loan bid accepted for out of favour Sheffield Wednesday striker Gary Madine.

13 Feb 2013 16:55:34
Madine is staying at SWFC to fight for his place although he is behind Conor Wickham and Leroy Lita so perhaps a loan would be good to a league 1 side but not to a Championship relegation rival.

Transfer window closed 2 weeks ago. But it was nice of the wendys to accept the bid anyway.


You can get players on loan NOW

Not going out on loan



13 Feb 2013 14:18:50
Greg Abbott is a shock contender for the Preston job. He is getting tired of the board alienating the players at the club. The board refuse him when he asked for madden to return, Then there valuation of the league 1 top scorer. He also is sick of the low budget which could barley contend with some of those in league 2. He will stay at Carlisle if they allow him to sign the players he wants and not the boards cheap alliterative. A recent loan signing who had 1 game had a clause in the loan he cost nothing if he didn't play and had to pay the £7000 a week wage when he did play for more than 30 minutes.

13 Feb 2013 16:22:01
This would be a big surprise as he has in the past been very critical of Preston. His irk may have been due to Westley's "methods" but his comments will have been noted by Preston fans. We can't have another manager who causes a rift with the fans, just had 13 months of this!

But westley is not Preston. If he gets the money he will be able to sign the top youth players he worked with 10 years ago who are now at there peak

Well he will love it Deepdale, he will be given a budget of £0. 00

You offered garner 4 times the wage which Carlisle did.

If Greg abbot ever goes to Preston I will run on to Brunton Park wearing nothing but a Preston top!



13 Feb 2013 14:02:49
Former Aston Villa striker Darius Vassell to join Swindon until end of season on pay as play contract.

Can't afford him so we won't be seeing him at the county ground



13 Feb 2013 13:50:10
Hi Ed is it true that Stoppila Sunzu (theZambian CB)has come on trial too Sunderland? if so is he any good I know Reading were looking at him in the summer

Untrue he's going to reading in the summer.

If he didn't go to reading he won't be going sunderland its problems with his club not reading his club said he isn't a free agent



13 Feb 2013 13:57:59
Mark Robins is speaking to Coventry City about becoming the next Huddersfield Town manager.

Allegedly, Mark has a release clause in his contract which allows him to leave if the other party pay an unspecified compensation fee

13 Feb 2013 19:39:44
no MR is talking to HTFC about becoming the next town manager he, s leaving CCFC



13 Feb 2013 13:38:18
Owen Coyle will take over at Pne.

13 Feb 2013 16:24:37
I hope so but he may not relish life in League 1, but he would be a good popular choice as he can relate to the fans.



13 Feb 2013 13:21:08
Graham westley to be next shots manager



13 Feb 2013 12:04:50
Portsmouth look set to keep Guy Whittingham as manager despite his awful record in charge.

It was rumoured that Paul Ince, Salif Diao, David James, Paul Dickov and Stuart Gray were all sounded out about the role but seems Portsmouth will stick with Guy when the takeover has been ratified.

Takeover? lol

Guy cannot be judged on results so far, nobody could have done a job at Pompey this year, No Money, new players every week, certain relegation since October/November time. Give him a go next season with a realistic budget for League Two, that is if he even wants the job.

Agree that Guy has had a lot of challenges that have impacted him this season, but personally, do not think his mgt record before that, is at all good anyway. We need a replacement and preferably a manager with exerience of the lower leagues. Although I don't often like ex saints at Pompey, the manager they sacked would do for me!

Nigel Adkins go to you lot? I have never laughed this much in all my life, I literally wet myself laughing, I can't believe some of the rubbish your supporters post on here and how utterly deluded you people really are, you will be taken over by that nonsensicle trust of yours, lose money again and then go out of business, You just don't get it do you, there are not that many people that care about you, and by the gates you get and will get in Div 2 it will show that even less people care. I have never come across such people in denial of the innevitable and so deluded in all my life, I still can't stop laughing, it just goes to show how bad things are when its dragged on this long, Chanrai will destroy you, that I have no doubt, either now or in a years time it matters not, you will cease to exist and people will forget you ever existed

Pompey couldn't afford Adkin's new suit let alone the top up tan. GW is a joke, only in a job because of a: a brief stint with overpaid players that Clotteril didn't play in a 442, and b: is the minimal cost coach the administrators put in place to save money for thier wages. He will be shown the door IF the tackover happens, and that's a big IF.

No to Nidel Adkins - David James is the man with Paul Dickov as No. 2. Once the farcical administration situation is sorted the club can restart its journey again.

Why do you supposed Pompey fans give the Saints so much ammunition? Of course we are not going to get Adkins, don't be so deluded, nor did we want him. He has done ok in the premier league and will drop to the Championship and that is it. Also James as manager with Dikov as number two? Not going to happen is it when Dickov has shown he is his own man with a managerial job. How about instead of all spouting ammunition to let the scummers think they can abuse us and get behind the PST. If they want to be pathetically obsessed with our club then let them, perhaps looking at our dire situation gives them some solace from the fact their chairman is an egotistical clown who sacked the most successful manager of the last decade to the point even their own club legend Matt Le Tissier has turned his back on them.

Pathetically obssessed with your club? lol that's rich! I think you, ll find it was your lot doing the same when we were in the doo doo! What goes around comes around! you lot were organising street parties when we looked like we were going out of existence, so don't cry about us having great pleasure in your demise, You don't even have the intelligence to realise you are the worst culprits when it comes to gloating. We find you people big mouths, simple as, all this scummer rubbish, its not even a proper word. You like to give it but like a boxer with a glass jaw you can't take it. I for one will dance naked around the good old streets of Southampton if you do go out of business because of the hate filled nonsense your lot spewed out. I would rather have lepers as friends than you lot, very bitter people!



13 Feb 2013 11:50:43
Salif Diao could be in line for a shock return to Portsmouth. Diao has recieved his coaching badges and looks set for talks with Portsmouth once the takeover is completed.

At last a sensible rumours, I hope its also realistic

It's Steve Claridge for me!



13 Feb 2013 11:48:20
Portsmouth are interested in signing goalkeeper Michel Kuipers on a free transfer.

Kuipers is the experianced stopper the club have been seeking.

We're in administration, no owners, no money and already have two goalkeepers. So, very unlikely.

Makes me laugh people question me. I was the one who had the Jake Jervis on loan signing before anyone else, John Akinde training with Pompey a week before anyone else noticed it and you still question me.

You obviously are a fantasist and believe everything you read in the paper. Sick of speaking to stupid Pompey fans get your head out of the sand.

I believe you mate. It's a free, so why not. Eastwood somehow has attracted interest from elsewhere, or so I'm hearing, and Paul Smith isn't being given a chance, so you ae probably onto something!



13 Feb 2013 11:46:09
Yeovil have recently released Kilmarnock midfielder Lee Johnson training with the club. Johnson is the son of manager Gary and could be in line for a contract.

It is believed Lee Johnson will also train with Portsmouth this week aswell as they weigh up whether to make an approach for the player.

Lee won't come back to Yeovil he's siad previously that he doesn't wan to work under his dad again

Lee won't be coming back, he doesn't like the manager ;)

As a coach maybe not good enough to play though

14 Feb 2013 11:18:48
Traditionally working with his Dad has paid dividends for LJ, certainly can play a role at any League 1 team.

Bristol City fans gave him a roasting for being a Daddy's Boy but in fairness they were our best years for four decades.

I think this could be a good move. Why shouldn't he come back. Gary and super Gav have.

Stop the sentiment and think the reality of what is best to do with the small budget we have. The answer is is to probably not to spend any more of it at the moment and if we did have to add a player I doubt LJ or his position would be first priority.



13 Feb 2013 10:58:46
Ian Dowie is definitely the next Oldham Manager. SC returns from the states on Thursday. see how quickly the ball rolls

No he won't due to his BIG WAGE DEMANDS, interviews next week and Dowie isn't one of them.

Philly still in charge for at least another couple of weeks, please keep up.

Heared Oldham Job is going to Keith Curle. Any truth in this? He already met SC and agreed terms?

Rather Curle than Sammy Lee I feel.



13 Feb 2013 09:45:27
Strong rumour that Paul Ince is set to be offered the manager's job at Blackpool today

Paul ince would be a really really bad appointment but has nigal adkins turned us down sign him up oyston

Dont know why some people are being negtive about this appioment I think it would be a brillant one. We will get good players in as pauls got good contacts and he may even persuade his son to stay another year or two. Go on karl make him the manager if you don't you should take the job because theirs no one really out their at the moment whos good. Bet ollie gets sacked in september

Come on ince or adkins come to pool

Get Ince appointed! Great gaffer - UTMP



13 feb 2013 08:32:29
if mark robins don`t get the hudderfield job coventry city football club need to sack him we gave him a chance when he was unemployed for all them month did not see hudderfield hasing him then
but same old coventry city sell sell sell {Ed039's Note - Get over it mate, thats what happens, players, managers, coaches, they put theirselves in the shop window and then move on, Huddersfield werent chasing him then as they had a manager)

13 Feb 2013 10:16:52
let`s hope coventry will only approach out of work managers for their current vacancy and only sign free agents. Heaven forbid they may approach someone in work- that would never happen, would it?

Coventry obviously need the compensation money, otherwise they wouldn't have given permission to talk.

There is no loyalty nowdays both by managers and players, its what's in the wallet.

All about how much money they can get so there is no loyalty in football as money talks.

Just hope one of the new signings in the future is something that makes the surface/grass grow, if not it will be like watching KD's, the state of the pitch is a disgrace, PS Mr Robins, we need another striker and winger, despite our great result last night half we were fortunate, utt

Go ed039 love it : -)

So if you had been out of work and somebody gave you a job and after a few months somebody else offered you a better job for more money you wouldn't take it? why do people think guys in football aren't subject to the same aspirations.

13 Feb 2013 17:11:47
do you honestly believe clubs wait to get permission before approaching managers. When the job is offered and accepted, then an official approach is made. He will have been interviewed at least twice already.



13 Feb 2013 00:34:20
Swansea are hoping to tie up a 4.5m deal to take Sampdoria and Argentina u20 striker Mauro Icardi to the Liberty Stadium in the summer.

As a swansea fan would love this to happen, but I don't think the swans are a big enough club yet to compete with inter, chelsea and city who have all been looking at him

The same Mauro Icardi who has meant to have agreed a move to inter? don't think Swansea can compete here just yet!

This is 100% true according to Martin Morgan (share owner of Swansea)!

The most important signing they need to make is de Guzman



13 Feb 2013 00:21:25
Swansea are set to rekindle their interest in Rayo Vallecano star Lass Bangoura after a string of impressive performances including a goal against Atletico Madrid at the weekend. Swansea were interested in January but the transfer fee proved a stumbling block and Rayo not wanting to lose a key player half way through the season, Rayo may be willing to sell in the summer with Laudrup once again looking to the Spanish market for a gem, the figure is reportedly going to be around £4-6 million.

I`d love to see that happen



13 Feb 2013 00:15:12
jay bothroyd to join bristol city on loan

Heard this too, from a qpr fan, looks certain. He has family in wales still and will get on well with odriscoll

I have been hearing this for a few weeks, great if there is anything in it, but can't help but wonder if its just a rumor that has gathered steam after being made up.

14 Feb 2013 17:23:31
Lots of talent, less endeavour. Fab for a team that is able. To carry a luxury player. In city's position I'd rather not



12 Feb 2013 23:49:20
Stevenage to sack Gary Smith and replace after a poor run of results.

Probably wait until westley is sacked I would of thought

13 Feb 2013 09:40:36
Take Westley back as he has not cut it at Preston and constantly talks up his time at Stevenage. Today would be good please to save the hostility planned at Deepdale on Saturday if Westley is still manager.

We don't want westley back!



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