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12 Feb 2012 23:05:53
hi ed any news on wolves that donkey mcarthy {Ed001's Note - I haven't heard anything new, not that I am that inclined to believe anyone regarding that any more, even people close to Morgan believed McCarthy was going to get the chop a while back. It has amazed them that something has persuaded him to hold off.}(6)(6)


12 Feb 2012 21:19:15
Watford to sign Jordan Slew or Nick Blackman this week.(8)(7)


12 Feb 2012 20:34:07
jacob butterfield to sign a new contract with barnsley
a release clause will be put in also barnsley to take craig dawson on oan till the end of season(13)(6)


12 Feb 2012 20:25:57
MK Dons to sign Thomas Ince on Loan unitl end of the season {Ed003's Note - When he is a regular starter for a team currently in the championship play off positions ? }(3)(15) 



12 Feb 2012 19:26:28
Jordan Slew to join Watford on loan this week.(14)(6)Watford cannot sign Slew on loan as he as already played for Sheffield and Blackburn this season and you cannot make and appearance for more than 2 clubs each season. {Ed001's Note - you can on an emergency loan.}Ed laying the smackdown on you


12 Feb 2012 19:07:39
Reading forward Mathieu Manset will join Bristol City on loan.(10)(11)So where is the defender,and thought city were signing cox on loan plus wheres davidson,driver,templeton


12 Feb 2012 19:00:19
Rohan Ricketts will sign for League 1
Walsall on Tuesday(8)(6) 



12 Feb 2012 18:53:49
Free Agent Seth Johnson set to sign for League 1
Walsall untill the end of the season(4)(9)Who do walsall think they are ,u cant afford players like this stop postin carp


12 Feb 2012 17:46:57
Why does mcliesh refuse to play bannan he got something about him that the rest of villa midfield dont have(3)(7)Well yes he has, they are all slow.Points on his license?Yes i think he shud get a run of games think he is a good little player and ive noticed (dont no if u have) he hardley ever gives th ball away which is a great quality to have. im a liverpool fan and dirk kuyt lately and most of the team frustratingly kept givin the ball back to united yestday!Well done. What a great football rumourAre you being serious? Barry Bannan hardly ever give the ball away? Definitely can tell you're a Liverpool fan and not a Villa fan because he is dreadful. Loses possesion 9 times out of 10 and is USELESS!A drink drive ban?Watched him play for Leeds last season - he is a very average player, I wouldn't play him either


12 Feb 2012 17:46:24
Ray Wilkins to wolves(2)(14)What as a ball boy behaveI know they r playin bad lately but aint he a bit old lol


12 Feb 2012 16:23:43
Norwich City are looking to sign Vitesse winger genaro snijders in the summer transfer window the player is currently on loan at Willem II until the end of the season(3)(9)


12 Feb 2012 15:23:00
Pozzo to complete Watford takeover by this Thursday.(7)(6)It's going to happen, but no chance by Thursday. Will take a month or so to finalise.


12 Feb 2012 15:17:51
wolves to sack manager mick mccarthy today or tommorrow after todays defeat at home to west brom(23)(8)How many times has this been said42 last time i countedKeep the manager sell the squad disgrace to clubI think McCarthy is doing an excellent job. Why sack him?Mick's tactics are pathetic, great players let down by rubbish coaching. Conner is also to blame, get rid of all coaching staff and rebuild now. Plenty of top class coaches looking for a top class club.Lol that post has to be from odemwingies agent priceless............


12 Feb 2012 11:00:17
Pellegrini is likely to be sacked if Malaga do not win tonight, with Capello favourite to replace him.(1)(19)Who the hell would want this idiot


12 Feb 2012 10:49:35
Bradley wright philips is going no-where(4)(11)Who would want him anyway? other than a blue square teamWhy would anyone else want him,another average player living on a name."Who would want him anyway? other than a blue square team" 2nd top scorer in League One, I struggle to see how only Blue Square teams would take him? If I could I would call you something but I doubt I'd be allowed to say it :)What literaly as in not moving :0 how will he keep you fans happy if he is not allowed to move?


12 Feb 2012 10:01:41
I was completely right in what i said earlier in week cwt and cov telegraph r sisu puppets and stuart linnell,hoffman will take over and kick local media out as stadium will be full local coventry journalists u should be ashamed ur club is being destroyed by sisu,sisu out c w r out cov telegraph out this is a lot thousands coventry fans opinion grow up and get a pair sl,at,ce,gf. U know who u r(0)(8)Grow up mate you may have an agenda agaist the local media but as you put it "thousands" love the local press, if and when hoffman takes over he will need the local press on hes side like all clubs do


12 Feb 2012 09:40:29
Norwichs' John Ruddy is on the shortlist as a goalkeeper who could be selected in Stuart Pierces' England squad for the friendly against Holland after his strong performances throughout the last few weeks.(16)(11)Stuart pearce was at St Marys looking at Jack Cork and Adam Lallana yesterday.Ruddy deserves to be around the squadHe's nowhere near good enough


12 Feb 2012 09:33:43
Paul Lambert is set to sign a new 3 year contract with Norwich City, days after Brendan Rogers signed a new contract with Swansea City.(17)(6)So if brendon rogers resigns then paul lambert will as well??


12 Feb 2012 07:44:49
Harry Redknapp to be announced as the new England national manager on Thursday afternoon.
Jose Mourinho set to fill the soon to be vacant Spurs job.

Kev(6)(41)Would prefer it the other way around jimFrom a Norwich fan, Rednapp would be putting his head in the noose himself, Don't jump Harry.From whats being said around whl is the euros yes, long term no!Is that the wrong way round,the tax evader band wagon rumbles on.Yes then they will sign ronaldo, messi, iniesta and villa and then you will wake up and have some crunchy nut corn flakes for breakfast muppet {Ed003's Note - Any other brand is available of course }Harry would be good but mourinho spurs NEVERThe FA have said they aren't going to rush a decision and wont be just targeting one person, Nothing will be announced for a while and certainly not Thursday.
Harry might fill in for the Euro finals if he gets an offer but is more likely to stay at Spurs after considering both the club and his family


12 Feb 2012 02:05:31
Not so much of a rumour, but it does involve transfer issues. Read on:

We currently have a player who has been accused by an opponent and charged and convicted by the authorities of racist abuse.

The same guys who own us own the Boston Red Sox, who have had their own significant public relations issues concerning racism. It was was only after Fenway bought the Sox that their reputation was restored.

It would not surprise me if they recommended the transfer of Luis Suarez to the highest bidder.

What do you folks think?

Peace YNWA(11)(5)Make no mistake he will be gone in the summer. Abroad to the highest bidder.Why should he be sold he served his ban
no law saying he should shake hands
these t v pundits pee me off noticed ferdinand pulled his hand away oh i forgot he plays for utd and england ferguson forgoto mention that very convenientHe doesn't have to shake hands. Hearing an interview this afternoon maybe their is more to this than meets the eye.Thats why him and dalglish have issued groveling apoligies,dalglish is stuck in a time warp.Might have made an apology shows how big they are is evra going to apologise for what he did at the end like hell he isTypical Liverpool fans, you cant accept that Suarez did wrong, then instead of just shaking hands, he gives the whole incident a new set of legs... Then daglish, supporting him throughout this is wrong, Liverpool are a great club with a tradition that is arguably the best in the uk, so to defend this player who just keeps making your club look like idiots is stupid... the best thing that can be done is get rid of him, daglish is a dinosaur, he is not up to the job required at Liverpool, his signings prove that, Evra did what he did because Suarez refused to let it lie, shake hands and move on.

I dont support either team, I am a Swindon fan, but I love football and It gets me that Liverpool fans are allowing this and supporting this, they have an amazing club with great tradition and history (one of my lasting moments was experiencing anfield in the premier league), the atmosphere the banter with the pool fans, but this frankly is abysmal....


12 Feb 2012 01:29:53
Peter Coates to stand down as Stoke
Chairman at the end of the season.
Mr Coates' son to take over.
Tony Pulis on borrowed time.
Rumour from a very close source.(14)(11)


12 Feb 2012 00:19:39
Sam Allardyce in the frame for the England managers job (interim). Nigel Pearson being lined up as his replacement at West Ham(4)(32)Why would nigel pearson leave a club like leicester city with the backing of the thai owners to go to a club in east londonHaving a laugh at thatNigel Pearson will go anywhere if the salary is better. The name mercenary was invented for him"Sam Allardyce in the frame for the England managers job (interim)."

I doubt the f.a. want england to play hoofball bullying football, so that is unlikely to happen.



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