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Robbie Neilson to join Rangers on a bosman in the summer from Hearts. Celtic to sign Stephen Fletcher
  Rangers Rumours
Expect to see Hutton return to rangers in the summer, he wanted to go back in january but his injury scraped any potentail move.
Another familiar face, Carlos cuellar may return however only on loan, he is dissapointed at having to play right back for villa and o'Neil would rather have an out and out right back who would give more to the team going forward.
Rangers are looking at Derby duo Kris Commons and james McEveley.
If Ferguson doesn't get his finger out for the remainder of the season he will be sold and Davis will move into the center with Novo and Aaron sharing the right wing berth.
  "I'd have a bet with anyone that Mourinho is the manager designate. All signs, comments and actions indicate that. Watch for the forthoming games and comments – trust me!!"

I'd love to take you up on that bet! Sir Bobby Charlton got recorded saying Mourinho would not be the next manager. Seing as his a director of Manchester United I think he would no.
  Breaking news at celtic

boruc is taking cocaine and it will be in the press on sunday morning
  Have heard from a very reliable source. Louis Carey will cross over the river in the summer & join Rovers.
  BIG BIG BIG news to break about Celtic's dodgy keeper on Saturday morning.

I nearly fell off my seat when i heard, you will too. .

4 in a row? Where did it go?
  If Hiddink decides to stay at Chelsea past the end of the season then expect a cheeky bid for Arshavin from Arsenal. The pair are very close from Arshavins time at Zenit and Hiddink thinks Arshavin would suit his plans for Chelsea perfectly. Wenger will only accept if he gets Joe Cole in return.
  Real Madrid will look to make some big changes to their squad in the summer, as they have failed to live up to their 'worlds greatest club' status this season. Here's who they could look to bring in:
Sergio Aguero (£40m)
David Villa (£60)
Karim Benzema (£35m)
(only 1 of the 3 strikers above)
Ashley Young (£40m)
Cesc Fabregas (£50m)
Kaka (£90m)
(only one of Kaka and Fabregas)
Philip Lahm (£25m)
Here's who they will move on:
Rafael van der Vaart – Inter
Ruud van Nistelrooy – Feyenoord
Christoph Metzelder – Bayern Munich
Javier Saviola – Pompey (loan)
Fabregas will not be going. He will see out his Arsenal contract, despite Madrid set to show interest. Kaka would be keen on a switch to the Bernebeau.

In Arsene We Trust
  LFC News

Listen guys I posted that Liverpool will be signing 3 major players and some of you have pooed it. Well all I can say is watch this space. I deal with facts. . . where is the proof you say? Contracts and faxes. . that's all I can say. You can't lie about that.
2 contracts have been signed and the third player has verbally 100% committed to joining Liverpool regardless of where they finish. No guessing who that is? This has come from one reliable source who also mentioned that Robbie will be leaving in the winter transfer window, which happened.

I am excited about the news but can you guys please stop talking about DIC. It is happening but people who think liverpool will be spending silly money on 22 players are in dream land. Look at what you have posted and you will see that Liverpool are signing 6 strikers???? DIC are coming to Liverpool as in investment not to spend millions. Yes they will put some money on the table but Rafa will still have to sell.
The 3 transfers that are taking place will not even break the 40m barrier. You will be surprised.
  I have it on good authority that by the summer if Liverpool have not been sold they will be put in to administration!! Yes that's right! They have no money at all dur to the American owners blowing all their money on hamburgers and hot dogs!!! Remember, uyou heard it here first!!!
  Wayne Rooney is said to be upset with SAF after being told that he will not return to the first team asap as Fergie want Tevez to feel wanted and sign a new deal. The Scouser – well hes not a Scouser anymore, he gave that right up when he decided to join the Mancs – will be made to prove 100% fitness before seeing any action.
  DIC will not be buying West Ham !!
The Hammers will however be taken over by Falcon Equity which is made up of German, middle–easterner and Asian investors this project is being lead by Sulaiman Al–Fahm. Look for this to be completed by the end of March FACT
  Danny Shittu to sign on loan for Birmingham today .
  It is to everybodys knowledge that Arsenal are not the same side they were Three 0r Four seasons ago. . But they are not far off with the signings of a few key players. First of all a goal keeper in the likes of Robert Green or Joe Hart. A strong tall center back, Matt Upson springs to mind. Then a central defensive mid–fielder and this can only be Yaya Toure who will bring the best out of his brother who's dream it is for them to both play for Arsenal together. With these Three signing the Arsenal will be the invisibles once again.
  Rafa would never join Chelsea,but if you want a Chief Executive there may be an opportunity. . . .
  Walter replaced by Scolari after failing to win league.
  These are not rumours but comments on other rumours.

1) "Martin O'Neill to be next manager of Man Utd". He may be on the list but I'd have a bet with anyone that Mourinho is the manager designate. All signs, comments and actions indicate that. Watch for the forthoming games and comments – trust me!!

2) "There will not be massive changes to Liverpool this summer but expect these players to sign this year. Aguero from Athletico Madrid (100% confirmed)
Barry from Aston Villa (100% confirmed)
Johnson from Portsmouth (not 100% confirmed)" .
!!!!! Two–thirds of this is simply rubbish !!!!!

Aguero is a slight possibility at the moment, no more. 100% is laughable, Scouse humour I assume!
Barry is even less likely at the moment. If, and it is still an if, Aston Villa qualify for the Champions League why would he leave?
Johnson – ironically the most likely even though apparently not 100%.

3) And finally, someone on my wavelength – PESSIMISTIC PETE (although it should be REALISTIC PETE). He's a "Liverpool supporter who is fed up of reading about DIC. . . Henry won't come to LFC . . Rafa won't go. Agger won't be going. Aguero won't be coming (too costly). Barry won't be coming (villa in top 4)"

Well said Pete, spot on. Chin up, mate!
  This is what's hapnin in scotland over the summer!

Walter will stay for another year regardless of the outcome of the league! which he will win anyway? a mass clear out is guarenteed because all the dead wood is out of contract! ie:


Out will go Beasley 500k Velicka 500k Adam 500k Madjic 5M

In will come

Hutton on loan for the season!

Healy – 1m

Tonel – 1m


and another C/B?
Jus heard news from a inside source that Liverpool have signed 6 players who will all be revealed at different points in the summer transfer window i am told that all the deals have been compeleted. i have found out 2 of the players names but and the rest i will post here as soon as i find out

the 2 players are –

Aguero 15 million plus alonso and dossena
Lennon 5 million as part of the Keane deal
  MO'N is planning for life in the Champions League by preparing bids for Joe Cole, Darren Fletcher and Kevin Doyle. Cole and Fletcher have plenty of experience in Europe and Doyle is a regular international player. This would give villa depth to the squad and two match winners in the shape of Cole and Doyle.

If the unlikely happens and Barry leaves then he will be replaced by the experienced frenchman Toulalan or possibly a cheeky bid for Hargreaves if he can get fit. Villa will challenge for the title if they can splash the cash this summer, wait and see!
  Jack Collison will sign for Liverpool for 5.5m from West Ham very realible source
  LFC will sign Angel Lafita in the summer.

  Barnsley fans be patient, had it on good authority, Davey as been told in no certain terms he his living on borrowed time, already his replacement is waiting in the wings, should he fail in his next two matches, the replacement will no doubt raise a few highbrows, and one or two will say never in a million years but you heard it here first. . non other than old floor cloth himself FJORTOFT Jan–Aage is about to take over the hot seat
  This site is mad gone. Why would Real swap Casillas plus money for Ronaldo. They could have sold the keeper to Man City for £127m but told them to stay away. So are they going to pay around say £80m plus Casillas for Ronaldo. He's good but not over £200m worth good!
I'm a Liverpool supporter and fed up of reading about DIC, let's talk about them when they've been bought is it? Henry won't come to LFC now he's to old. Rafa won't go. Agger won't be going. Aguero won't be coming (too costly). Barry won't be coming (villa in top 4).
Before any Kaka to Chelsea rumours start, he won't come due to the sacking of Scolari.
Man City are not big enough yet to buy any world class players. Robinhio is only there cos he thought he was signing for Man Utd.
Arsenal will loose Fabregas.
  To whoever said:

Ryt i have just found out of a good source that arsene wrenger will become the manager of real madrid at the end of the season. as ramon calderon (real chairman) wants real to b back in the glory days and playing the sexy football the club are used to expect this to happen.

real ins
van persie (seen as a replacment for the never replaced figo)
adebayor (replacment for van nistelrooy)
fabergas (van der vaart hasnt worked out and could even be used as part of a deal)
phillipe mexes(as roma 14mil)

If knew something about Real Madrid, you would b aware that Calderon stepped down and is expected 2 b replaced by Fioretino Perez in the next Madrid club elections. You should also know that Adebayor and Fabregas are tied to 5 and 6 year contracts respectvely and Van Persie will most probably sign a new 5 year deal in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, it's extremely possible that Wenger will gamble on Ghana captain Steven Appiah to sort out his DM woes, Its equally possible that he moves for Jorge Resurreccion Merodio, or Koke as he is known. The 17 year old Atletico Madrid defensive–midfielder has admitted that Arsenal have watched him and it is rumoured that Wenger believes Spain's under–17 captain could have a Cesc–like impact in England.
  LFC will sign two England internationals this summer in Glen Johnson(10m) and Gareth Barry(15m)(if Aston Villa do not make the Champions League) or Stewert Downing(15m).They will also sign Kuba for 6m and Gareth Bale 9m.They have been given a budget of 55m and will use this plus the 15m from the Keane sale to sign Sergio Aguero for 30m
  David Villa is set to join Barcelona for 60m
Kevin Doyle will go to villa in the summer
Clinton Morrison will Go to Sunderland for 1m

Cheers Guys, Dean Mitchell
  Word around Liverpool is that the Guus Hiddink appointment at Chelsea will be temporary until end of season when he will be replaced by Rafa Benitez.
Klinsmann will leave Bayern and will be replaced by Hiddink. Merry–go–round or what!
  Liverpool FC facts: Andrey Voronin will rejoin Liverpool to fill in as backup striker till the end of the season. N'Gog showed he can't really handle the first team yet against Pompey. Voronin will leave at season's end an Rafa will bring in Aguero from Athletico Madrid. This is the reason Rafa didn't replace Keane. He's keeping the cash to put towards the Aguero deal. MB
  Rangers looking at a number of players for the summer in's.
One of these

Kris Commons DERBY 2M
Andrew Driver HEARTS 1M
Joe Ledley CARDIFF 4M
Alan Hutton Tottenham 2M and debt owed to rangers written off
Gattuso AC Milan Free Beckham took his spot and too many midfielders at the club
Cueller Aston Villa 3M hates playing right back
GIO Feyenoord Free
Mattias Bjarsmyr IFK Gothenburg 2.5M

And one good striker worth 5M.

Broadfoot 1M
Whittaker 1M
Papac 1.5M
Bougherra 5.5M
Hemdani FREE
Velicka 1M
Miller 2M

If McGregor leaves for anything over 8 million
then we will get Igor Akinfeev Walter see's him as a great investment for the future as we could sell him to any of the top four for double the price we paid for him
  ((( AFC Bulletin )))

Possable move by AW 4 a gk as its been known Fabianski or Mannone might go out on loan . AW may also move 4 a defender , it's been heard he's been looking at some defenders from the lower leagues like Swindons Nathen Thompson amongst some of the defenders he's looking 2 take on loan . AW is also interested in 18 year old INTER starlet Davide Santon and has sent his scouts 2 watch him .
  The 10 year old 'lfc fan' who spells said wrong suprisingly talks alot of sense. as for another rumour i've heard nemeth will be coming back from his loan spell, so there will be no place for voronin– who will join hertha berlin in the summer.i doubt barry will come as villa will finish in the top 4, which he said if happened he'd sign a new contract.aguero will make the move to anfield, but with a player or to in exchange( hopefully alonso won't be involved) and johnson from man city is a big possibility as a replacement for lucas who will go out on loan next season to build up some confidense– but that last one may change depending on how lucas performs for the rest of the season. mark

Although their is wide spread specualation Roque–SC will be joining Citeh don't be surprised if liverpool make some sort of offer for him. We are missing a striker, he is big an powerful good techinque and can finish. Has campions league experience and presure control in abundance. its not that Blackburn regected the price its that they didn't have a replacement, they needed a quality replacment for RSC expect Niko Zigic to join them.

RE: DIC – lets be honest no–one knows a bean, its all speculation its all clouds of smoke, i do think thier will be movement in the board expect parry to be demoted or change job title and responsabilites. Thus the reason keano was sold ( best price for an aging striker who rafa didn't buy)

RE: Henry/Gudjohnson – Henry has stated on the LFC website he has a strong bond with gerrard and almost joined when he went to barca but couldn't do it to arsenal so he won't be coming (which is a shame) rumour is thou Gudjohnson is coming??? see how that develops.

RE: other rumours – i like the sound of Klinsman to be new Chelsea boss, makes sense in my eyes he has always been in it for th money and he is a big name, completley plausable.
expect a couple of movements in summer, i.e. barry –> LFC, Delph –> AVFC, Lescott –> MUFC, Van der vaart – MCFC.

see what happens this is a rumour site after all.
  To the Person who wrote;

To the people who wrote

"Heard this one from a contact that i have working inside Anfield. Rafa Benitez has been contacted by DIC who say that there take over is inevitable and that his job is safe, so he can now concentrate on his job and signing players in the summer.
Signings that are expected to take place are as follows.
Roque Santa Cruz from Blackburn 12m
David Villa from Valencia 18m"


"liverpool will then buy a striker in either henry for 12m"


"Liverpool will sign the following
–Gareth Barry 15m
–Glen Johnson 10m
–Aaron Lennon 5m(part of the Keane deal)
–Kuba 5m
–Sergio Aguero 35m(only if Liverpool get new owners)
–Bojan Krkic 15m(if Liverpool don't get new owners)"

you all have one thing in common. .you are all duluded liverpool fans

there are multible factor in here that prove that all your sources are idiots

i'll start with "Roque Santa Cruz from Blackburn 12m", Big Sam knocked back a bid from Man City for 15m in Jan and values him at 30m so what makes you think you'll get him for 12?

then you have "David Villa from Valencia 18m", Valencia even though they are in financial trouble have stated multiple times they won't sell him for anything less than 50m so 18 is WAY OFF the mark

So then we goto "liverpool will then buy a striker in either henry for 12m", Henry has already stated that he is happy at Barca and that he would only return to the Prem to play for arsenal so there goes that option aswell

and finally "–Bojan Krkic 15m(if Liverpool don't get new owner)" He is one of the best young stars and being only 19 and in the spannish national side and Barca 1st string side i can see why you would want him. . But for only 15m?? you going to have atleast double it to 30m, Barca don't want him to leave and he doesn't want to leave.

Finaly on the "takeover" news every liverpool fan on here keeps on talking about. So far it was ment to happen by the end of December, then the end of Jan, Now its in the summer. Why can't you get it that its not going to happen???? They have already stated they gave up on your club when the Yanks kept on bumping up their asking price. .

Well that's my rant over. .

Well now here is my rant. .

Why do you appear to get angry over something someone has posted on a site that is ment to be a bit of fun? Do you really belive any of this is true? Why do so many people just happen to know someone working at an admin office in a stadium. And why is your opinion more valid than anyone elses. Everything on this site are rumours which throws doubt over the accuracy and reliability of the posts.

Well that's my rant over. .
  Christian Ribeiro is set to join Arsenal in the summer for £5million. (subject to full injury recovery)
  Man utd rumours, tevez deal is up in the air, its all on ronaldo, if ronaldo goes then utd will sign tevez, valencia, benzema and sergio ramos along with casillas for ronaldo.

so there could be big change at old trafford, depending on cristiano ronaldo's future. and as for aguero can't see him joining liverpool but is linke with chelsea

DIC to complete a takeover of west ham NOT Liverpool by the end on the Feb
The blades to receive compo of only £8mil after massive errors in the clam were discovered
  Ok now for the truth liverpool players out

c itandje//p degan//s hyypia//a dossena//j pennant//y benayoun//a voronin

dic to take over in may garrenteed inside information players in

g johnson. 6m + pennant
g bale. . .swap for benayoun
kerrison. .7m
g barry. . .12m
s aguero. .24m
aisanti. . .3m
f delph. . .5m
r van der vaart. .11m
d villa. . .26m
  Heard a rumour that Boruc has been caught doing cocaine – genuine rumour and story may break before old firm game on Sunday
  Man Utd: Martin O'Neil is the preferred option of SAF to take over from him at Man Utd. SAF believes that MoN has served a fine apprenticeship, and is the man to lead Man Utd.
  I have been told that paul sturrock will be sacked if they lose the next game,hope so cause im taking my 5 year old to his first game soon
  In the summer Carlo Ancelotti will sisnAlexandre Pato and Andrea Pirlo for Chelsea for a combined fee of 60m. Trust. Im not a dirty Chelea fan anyway. =D. LCFC 'til i die.
  Ryt i have just found out of a good source that arsene wrenger will become the manager of real madrid at the end of the season. as ramon calderon (real chairman) wants real to b back in the glory days and playing the sexy football the club are used to expect this to happen.

real ins
van persie (seen as a replacment for the never replaced figo)
adebayor (replacment for van nistelrooy)
fabergas (van der vaart hasnt worked out and could even be used as part of a deal)
phillipe mexes(as roma 14mil)
  Liverpool fans start to get excited.

There will not be massive changes to Liverpool this summer but expect these players to sign this year.

Aguero from Athletico Madrid (100% confirmed)
Barry from Aston Villa (100% confirmed)
Johnson from Portsmouth (not 100% confirmed)

Outs will be


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