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13 Aug 2013 22:12:13
Dean Parrett on trial with Argyle after release from Spurs. Was on loan at us when Reid was in charge.



13 Aug 2013 22:20:17
Osvaldo is set to take a medical tommorow after Roma accepted an 8m bit from the cottages a couple hours. Jol has stated that this is an exiting signing and that he believes they have paid a respectful price for the forward.

He's off to sunderland

14 Aug 2013 17:17:04
8million isn't enough roma have already rejected 12million bids. he wants to go to inter milan as they have expressed an interest. better luck next time



13 Aug 2013 21:38:15
after being rebuffed in there bids to sign tokelo rantie and ross mcormack middlesbrough have now turned there attention to rapid vienna striker terrance boyd and will lodge a �1M in the next 24 hours

Haven't been told about this, so I'm skepticle! Wouldn't put it past them though, decent young player. Can imagine him costing more than £1mil. Ronnie Schwartz also being considered. -JRM

14 Aug 2013 01:03:54
Unknown striker? Not what we need. Why are we not looking at Luciano Becchio? Proven goal scorer at this level, and looks like he is down the pecking order at Norwich with the signings of Van Wolfswinkle and Gary Hooper

14 Aug 2013 05:44:09
Rather we go for Nicky Maynard he's in his prime at 26 and would surely love to feed off Adhoma again. Rantie an unknown and untested as are a good few names bounded on here its proven scorers we need not hopefuls.

We don't want any unknown strikers. We should stick to the targets we have. Peter Odemwingie would be a good signing if he takes a pay cut.

We are looking at what you call 'unproven' strikers, because they cost less.
Maynard and Becchio will both cost more than the 1 to 1.5 million we have been offering.
We've wasted time on McCormack and Rantie. Bidding for the players you suggest will waste more time as we will surely only be turned down.

I for one would love to think that the club can uncover some hidden gem.
I know that's a big ask, but if we get it right we will get a better player than the sort of 1 in 3 type forwards that we already have, or are being touted here as proven goal scorers.

I wouldn't expect the boro to bring in anyone else this window as we are always slow of the mark to pull them off, or do not have the money to back up our big talk in the press about who we are going to sign, going to be a weak scoring campaign but maybe we could surprise a few! Fingers crossed

16 Aug 2013 00:27:09
How would you know Maynard would cost more unless you test the water and same for Bechio have you not been watching the transfer market I wouldn't say there's a lot of big money deals flying about apart from the massive clubs. Its a case of do these guys want to be bench warmers or play footy I'm sure they would look at what's been offered as football is a funny old game.



13 Aug 2013 21:25:54
Bournemouth expected to make another bid for Tokelo Rantie of around £1.2 million. The club have also looked at Terrence Boyd of Rapid Vienna.

Doesn't look like Billy Sharp will be signing. The club may also make a move for Jonny Howson from Norwich

We won't sell howson good player and needed

And the pope will sign for Barcelona too. We won't sell Howson he will be a key member of the squad next season. He proved his quality like Ryan Bennett at the later stage of last season

Haha. Why would an established Premier League player who plays week in week out for an established Premier League club leave for a club with essentially a League 1 team?

Lets just focus on getting a striker in!

Jonny Howson is a quality player although he has taken time to settle at Norwich is seen by Chris Hughton as being a key figure in the future of the club. If he carries on developing in the PL as he did towards the end of last season he could be close to an England call.

Fully agree why would Norwich want to sell Howson or why would Howson want to leave Norwich. The player is a future international playing in a team which will be in top 8 of PL within 2 years

Like the look of Boyd, big lad scored plenty and clearly puts himself about by the number of assists. Go for him EH



13 Aug 2013 21:12:53
Neil danns is to sign on a season long loan for bristol city. This will pave the way for neil kilkenny to complete a move to yeovil for 50k. The deal could be completed for neil danns by the end of the week.

I am seeing Danns to City on loan pop up all over the place now.

Is there truth to it or has the rumor spread in to a life of its own.

We will soon find out.

Il drive Kilkenny there to make sure take Fontaine too

Please be true and take Liam Fontaine too Gary

Kilkenny, Fontaine and Pearson to Yeovil! Plenty of Championship experience to help Gary!

Looks like ND rumour has some truth in it! Great signing and hope it marks the end of Kilkenny and Pearson.



13 Aug 2013 20:44:44
{ED 003's Note - Fixtures are up on the Correct Score Comp page for week 3. }



13 Aug 2013 20:36:40
Burton are close to signing former Southend defender/midfielder Michael Spillane on a one year deal.

Spillane is unlikely to be in Garry Rowetts plans. Michael has been given an opportunity to train and put himself in the shop window.



13 Aug 2013 20:39:40
Stoke have made a £3 million bid for Sunderland Striker Connor Wickham after failing to land other targets

13 Aug 2013 23:06:29
god no, hope this isn't true.

Wickham is not a bad player

14 Aug 2013 03:51:02
Mot a bad player. nut definatly not a good one. Average at best.

I hope this is bull, must be better out there, we need a proven quality striker

No offence to Wickham but I hope this is not true we need a proven goalscorer we have a young striker coming in January.

This is defo not true he's off out on loan! Stoke have made a 3.2 mill bid for deeney & a 3.6 mil big for J. Rhodes

Hope it is true, £3M not a bad investment on Wickham, I think given a chance he could become a decent player, scored plenty of goals in the England in under 17s tournaments!

Not saying that they still don't need to sign at least one CLASS player before the window shuts.

At least we may actually get something back in a few years, not like: Crouch, Soares, Tonge, Arismendi, Owen, etc etc.

Soares as a good player when we signed him, it was the defensive approach of Pulis that ruined him as a player. I also think that if he had been given a chance then Tonge would not have been a waste of money. Cannot disagree with the other players though

Hughes. if you don't put your hand in you pocket soon and buy a decent striker Stoke WILL be relegated
Stoke got £44.8 million for being in the premiership. Spend £30 million on decent player and you've still got a huge profit. What the hell are you playing at

I think the problem is Coates does not want to spend big like hughes did at QPR! but then why appoint him? We will go down this season! paid 10 mill for crouch but can't pay that for Diouf?

You have no idea what goes on at Stoke you do not know what happened with Diouf or how much Stoke have to spend. You say we have £44.8mil but how much of that goes on wages, bills and other stuff. Hughes is being wise last season he splurged on new strikers and a whole new team and who scored less than Stoke last season?

I do wish one prospective deal for a striker had come through before the start of the season, but I like how Hughes has acted in the preseason. Looking back, Sparky does better when he has to think things through rather than sign whoever looks good at the time. That said, preseason may mean pretty much nothing, but with a more clinical striker, we could have put 2 or 3 past Genoa, so there is that.

I agree with the above statement. you also have to consider how much is being spent on ferrying fans to away games. hughes is also trying to address the striker problem. I admit it would have been nice to have got someone in before the 1st game but unfortunately it didn't happen. we'll defo get someone in and i'm convinced it will be soon. i'm also convinced that they will be better than our current crop of strikers and with some resale value so let's just see what happens and get behind hughes because like it or not he is our manager and he deserves a chance. if come january we're looking like pure relegation fodder then start baying for his blood



13 Aug 2013 20:01:37
Bristol City have agreed to sign both Neil Danns and Billy Sharp on loan. Each of the player's respective clubs will pay 50% of their wages.

City have also renewed interest in Crawley centre back Kyle McFadzean after conceding five goals against Coventry on Sunday.

Billy sharpe going to bristol city. behave.

Yeah, there's not a chance Billy Sharpe will go to Bristol City. Billy Sharp however, is a distinct possibility with the O'Driscoll connection.

Sharp and Danns would be a nice pair of signings for any club outside the Premier league.

I be shocked if one signed on loan, both and I will eat my hat, and if thier clubs agree to pay half the wages I will do it without condiments.

Hope he goes, can't understand why SOD keeps playing him, when there are other options.

Why is everyone hating on Pearson? He could be a key player this season for us. We need another wide player!

He only plays well, when he's after a contract, we were warned!



13 Aug 2013 17:21:14
Tom Huddlestone to sign for Hull City on a 2Year deal with Jake Livermore also joining on a season long loan from Spurs.

Good signings, huddlestone deal will face competition with sunderland, though will prefer hull with guarantee with of first team football.

Do derby still have a % in him?

Huddlestone will get injured every game but Livermore good buy.

Huddlestone and livermore confirmed utt

Huddlestone bought, Livermore loaned in.



13 Aug 2013 16:29:53
Burnley are tracking Fleetwood striker David Ball and Rotherham playmaker Ben Pringle!

I went to watch fleetwood v dag and redbridge the other week. Ball looks a good player. It's a big step up though!

Pringles not for sale the ginger wizards staying at the miller UTM

Pringle won't go unless an insane offer comes in.

Sorry. But if you think Pringles is worth over 500k for playing at that level your deluded. Clubs have to break even.

Hes easily worth 500k.

15 Aug 2013 06:59:17
he is if dwight gayle is worth 6 million

Pringle is young, quick, has a good left foot, imagenative, confident, skillful.
He can get up the wing and put a accurate cross in.
He can play it through the middle with pin-point passing or use his unpredictable skill to get past a player.

That is worth over 500k.

Dwight gayle isn't worth 6 million, that's just what someone payed for him

Keep Pringle as long as we can, and then if he goes, hope its good £ we get for him, and a sell on,



13 Aug 2013 16:28:52
Paddy Madden will have talks with Burnley after international duty and the Burnley vs Yeovil match at the weekend! No fee agreed as yet. But 250k likely to be the figure! Burnley hope he'll be the 'new' Charlie Austin, score goals and make a decent profit on him in a few years!

250k- what are you smoking

You just sold an inferior player for 15x that amount

Get real

I'm not one to debate on the quality or otherwise of any player but in what universe is Charlie Austin inferior to Paddy Madden?granted the lad looks to have a bright future and if we (Burnley)were to sign him then i'd be a happy Claret but you're classing of Austin as inferior to Madden seems a bit strange considering Austin was one of the country's leading marksmen last season in what was a struggling side.

Inferior that scored more goals in the league above?

More like 3 million

We've already got the new Charlie Austin. He's called Danny Ings.

he has just said he is not leaving us and 250k is just not enough that is just a joke

Inferior? how did you work that out?

Austin is definitely better but madden is worth at least 4 mill to Yeovil, more than any club would want to pay i'd say

Think a nought has been missed off the suggested figure!

Some ridiculous and interesting comments above. On behalf of all sane Yeovil fans I would just like to say this; As much as I like Paddy, Austin is a far better player and worth far more money. Paddy is worth much more than £250k but nowhere near as much as £4m! Personally, I think Paddy will struggle at Championship level. He's already started to get found out by better, more intelligent defenders. He will be very average at best in this league. Sorry, but it's just the way it is at the moment. Yeovil should sell if the price is right.

But let's be honest about this if you put any body up against a 6foot 6ins CB a lot of people would struggle live him be I am an avid Yeovil Town FC fan he may struggle but under Mr Jonhson he will grow and become a better player give him a break PLEASE

I don't think paddys actually worth 4 mill but it think that's the kinda money Yeovil would want to let him go



13 Aug 2013 16:26:32
Burnley to sign Hull City striker Matty Fryatt for £200k in the next few days! U heard it here first!

Surely worth at least 1.5m. £200k more likely to be loan fee for 12 months

There is no way on this planet we will sell fryatt for 200k we would get at least £2m he is proven in the championship and we need rid of McLean before we fryatt so truly bogus rumour

14 Aug 2013 09:09:05
proven to be injured for 12 months is all that he has on his record at the minute.2 million lol

The only reason this is the first time we've heard it, is because IT AIN'T GOING TO HAPPEN. especially for 200k. he's one of 4 strikers at the club, so he's STAYING.

14 Aug 2013 19:15:44
The player turned Burnley down during the Austin saga!



13 Aug 2013 15:32:58
Lee camp to join Bradford on a 2 year deal

Hope so but can't see it

I'm sure he's signed for Norwich

I wish it were true but Parkinson appears to be dismissing this rumour. He has recently said that his focus is on McLaughlin and the new loanee Ripley.

He was released by Norwich at the end of the season.

Local press in Bradford today saying lee camp deal still on

He was at Norwich last year and released this pre-season! but I would be very surprised if he went to bradford. he is championship quality

Local press? There's no mention of the Camp deal being 'on' in the local Telegraph & Argus.

I agree, Camp is championship quality. There's a comment further down that he is still talking to 2 championship teams. The Bradford fan who expects him to sign for them is ignoring most of the counter arguments.



13 Aug 2013 15:30:49
Billy Sharp will be at Oakwell on Thursday for talks.

It wouldn't suprise me.



13 Aug 2013 15:23:13
If Middlesbrough manager fails with his bid for either Rante or McCormack he will turn his attention to Leigh Griffiths of Wolves. When at West Brom, Mowbray nearly signed Griffiths, where he had a successful trial, but Mowbray was relieved of his duties before a deal could be concluded.

Griffiths is going to be great, Wolves would be foolish to let him leave if they want to bounce straight back from league 1.

13 Aug 2013 19:52:41
He's just signed a new 2 year contract

He'd be wasting his time - Griffiths is happy to stay at Wolves, and has just signed up for 2 more years.

Why have Boro got a spare 5mill to start the bidding off?

Surely Peter Odemwingie has got to be an option, his 1.5mil transfer just fell through, reckon they are desperate to sell, he is desperate to get away so would prob accept cut in wages. Has a 1 in 3 goals to games ratio in the premiership, proper clinical finisher which is just what we need.

No chance of this happening this season. He's got of to a flying start but wolves won't let him go now.

A flying start is a bit over the top

Seen griffiths couple times last season playing for hibs. now he's at wolves. which is bout his level (league one). no wherenear good enough for a team aiming to get into premiership

Odemwingie not a bad shout mate

14 Aug 2013 17:28:00
Baggies are not desperate to sell. He will be sold but only for a fee that is acceptable to JP the chairman. If that fee is not met then JP will let him rot in the reserves until his contract expires. Not saying it is the sensible way to go but it is JP, s way.

Odem whinger more like. How Chris Hughton kept his cool with this muppet last season is beyond me!

14 Aug 2013 17:56:38
Mowbray wasn't relieved of his duties he left on his own accord to go to celtic after asking the Albion players to stay loyal to the club, which he didn't do

I think you mean Steve Clarke!

Whats chris hughton got to do with odemwinge then



13 Aug 2013 15:21:24
liverpool will used downing money to up their bid to sign diego costa from atletico madrid

Sorry to spoil the party but costa 100% won't be joining Liverpool as he has signed contract extension at atl Madrid

He's just signed a new contract at Atletico



13 Aug 2013 15:16:06
Gary Johnson has put in an offer for Bristol City's Liam Fontaine. Fontaine who was a vital member of Johnson's promotion winning team and Championship playoff finalist team, has struggled to find form after a poor season last year and Johnson feels it's a confidence issue.

Johnson has offered the possibility of a full season loan to the Robin's manager Sean O'Driscoll who is considering the offer and has agreed to talk to Liam Fontaine about the possible move.

Fontaine who is out of contract at the end of this season was left out of a training game on Tuesday with a reported rib injury.

Good though Liam HAS been, a change is definitely needed both for him and BCFC. A new club might see him get back to his previous level but I can't see it at City.

Agreed he's no use to us anymore



13 Aug 2013 14:21:11
Neil Danns is had some interest from Bristol City but no deal has been made, but could be done by the time they play MK Dons on the 24th August. A defender has to be brought in as last year would be a repeat of loads of goals being conceded and a striker to score goals which will help with promotion.



13 Aug 2013 14:17:15
Yeovil are considering a move for Moncur of West Ham and/or David Davis from Wolves

Not a chance of getting Davis.



13 Aug 2013 14:14:59
Yeovil are looking at Oxford's Alfie Potter who is a RM.

He has just signed an extended contract with OUFC. One of our star players so it would have to be a pretty big offer to even be considered. The club are trying to build a side to get at least playoffs this year or better. So a big cheque might do the trick, but doubt it.

13 aug 2013 23:23:33
oxford have a decent set of players but potter and jake wright are both over rated would be more than happy to see them sold if right offers are made

Oxford would want more than we would want to pay

Hes decent!

Oxford won't let him go he is a prizes asset at oxford and Yeovil will be in league 1 with oxford next year anyway!

16 Aug 2013 19:01:50
Get in line pal. Palace, Leeds, Charlton, Barnsley, Millwall, MK Dons, Walsall, Port Vale, Gillingham and Pompey are all keen on young Mr Potter.



13 Aug 2013 13:25:26
Middlesbrough interested in jimmy floyd hasselbainks nephew Nigel hasselbaink

He can't score to save his life.

14 Aug 2013 12:49:55
Have heard of him but never seen play can't be that good because he's in the spl



13 Aug 2013 12:40:22
Burnley have been in contact with Everton about the possibility of signing Shane Duffy (CB) & Matthew Kennedy (CM) on a seasons long loan.
Apparently Martinez would consider loans up until Christmas.

Doubt Duffy would come, didn't play much last time he was on loan here and his dad slagged the club off on social media. never heard of the other chap

Well I guess Duffy has been at Burnley before albeit only playing 1 game



13 Aug 2013 12:39:33
Burnley to look at Celtic's young midfielder Dylan McGeouch

The guy has had a bizarre strt to his pro career. Ball boy at Celtic, released, joined rangers, left and went back to Celtic then finally played some games. So if he fails to make an impression he could help collect Marneys wild shots

14 Aug 2013 01:08:53
This bhoy is a talent that's for sure! Confident and very calm on the ball. I can see him breaking into the first team this season and it won't be long before he will be a key player for us. I remember watching him getting knocked out against Real Madrid and felt sick! Glad he's back in action! I remember time and time again he took the ball and ran past some of the Madrid boys with ease and then WHACK! Out cold. I don't see Neil Lennon letting him go anytime soon.

Green Stig



13 Aug 2013 14:56:23
Tom Huddlestone having medical at Hull



13 Aug 2013 13:12:03
Watford are being linked with a season long loan move for Tottenhams highly rated CM Tom Carroll.

This will be a deal that sees Troy Deeney go to Spurs, and Carroll plus cash to Watford

He's not highly rated and we have better midfielders already

13 Aug 2013 20:24:54
Look - Levy never pays proper money and Watford don't want or need to sell - if you want Deeney - then think about selling Bale to fund it!

10 mollion and Pozzos will think about it.

Woowww sell bale to fund deeney? they would be up deeney for a couple of mil.

Sadly, the Tottenham story is dead. Pozzo's will not sell Deeney, and the player does not want to leave, having been well looked after by Watford after is spell in prison last year

Good luck with that one!

Swap bale for deeney +10m and you've got a deal

^^ Now that's what I call negotiation!

The 6 month loan of Tom Carroll will be signed in time for the Nottingham Forest match next weekend.



13 Aug 2013 12:24:26
AFC Bournemouth are chasing the signature of German born, USA International Terence Boyd from Rapid Vienna.



13 Aug 2013 12:23:24
Celtic will make a bid for Leigh Griffiths this week, but Wolves will not sell unless a ridiculous bid is made as his low wages ensure they stay within FFP regulations

No they won't, lennon said he's not good enough for first team so why would he sign him? He's good, but not champions league good.

Just signed a two year contract extension last week, and there is the option of a third year in favour of Wolves if they want

Aye let's forget about a multi million move for finnbogason and look down to league 1 to get leigh griffiths

Wolves are in no situation to be demanding huge transfer fees, no way Doyle will go for £3 mill £1 mill at a push even that to much, totally disagree Leigh not good enough for celtic best striker in Scotland last year by a mile, would be great partner for Alfie if it happens.

Non of Celtics players are champions league good. Which Celtic player scored as many goals as Griffith last season.

When he gets more experience he will be sold for 20/30 million to a premier league club - not a team playing in the soccer backwaters.

Wolves are in a great position to demand fees, apart from the few transfer listed. It would require huge sums to buy any other player

Ledley and Forster are easily champions league standard. Griffiths being sold for 20/30 million. nonsense

Explain how wolves can demand huge fees, what league your team in. Aye exactly

For the guy that made comment none of the celtic players are champions league class, take a look at yourself you would take any of other players in a second, Leigh a great player & too good for yous but 30 million get a grip, the boy should walk away after yous messing him about for the past 2 year, your club will never be anywhere near premiership again pal, read it & weep

Wolves have another huge parachute payment due this season, we will sell at the right price FOR US, thanks.



13 Aug 2013 12:15:13
Sinclair and Bent defo signing by the weekend - these we're always our principal targets along with Remy and the Bony, PEA and all the other rumours and links were just smoke screens - in Joe I trust! GironaJack



13 Aug 2013 12:02:33
Rumours of Federico Macheda to go to Doncaster on loan. It's been silent at the keepmoat, no news of anything for 3 or 4 days. Even the clubs twitter account is silent. Very very strange.

That guy needs to leave Man United, he could be a great player but is going nowhere at Old Trafford. I thought he had already left to Italy to be honest

Can't see him scoring 15 goals a season, why didn't we go for Will Crigg from Walsall, he signed for Brentford 2 goals in the bag already, dose PD realise there are other clubs out there to get players from other than Manchester or Oldham, joke of a manager,

See the Rovers are advertising for a stadium manager, how many managers do we want.? After all we we are not Barcelona, wouldn't the cash be better used to help get us a decent striker, will we need all these guys when we get relegated back to league one, Baldwin will be Ieft with a bunch of managers, with no one going to the stadium what a joke

That's a shock a rovers fans judging a player who hasn't kicked a ball in the championship ever, ahh brilliant logic

Wait a minute we sign forrester from brentford and duffy from scunny and cb on loan kumalo from spurs just give him a chance RTID

Too many so called supporters willing dickov to fail probably s, o. d fans not supporters just hanger ons signing so far very good and show promise pity can't get more support from board and doom and gloom merchants. keepmoat

14 Aug 2013 11:07:09
Who can say Machido won't get 15 goals a season he may not he may get 25 ect give the lad the chance ateast he wants to come n give it a go, come on you so called rovers fans back tbe lad for gods sake! RTID

At least we are playing good football and with the addition of a striker can see us finishing half way and South Yorkshire top team AGAIN

14 Aug 2013 12:09:05
You all saying its macheda I can tell you it's not. I know exactly who it is and it's not a Man U striker.

For a start the striker is not macheda. Get it right

You must be joking, no goals for Stuttgart none for sampdoria, none for QPR, a friend in Manchester says the only clubs he likes is night clubs, would be better looking in lower leagues for someone to develop, we have 2 strikers who can't hit a barn door don't want another.

The reason the fans moan is because it's everybody but billy sharp, they are obsessed with him simple as that, any other striker gets linked with rovers and it's not him the throw their toys out the pram

14 Aug 2013 12:55:48
^^ according to an Italian newspaper it's macheda

Heard its someone from man city was on loan last season at palace and middlesbro is that correct if your so in the know

So if you know who it is, why don't you tell us? Or is it just another case of someone who thinks he knows it all, knowing absolutely nothing. JRH

Alex nimely from man city. Near enough done deal

Hmmmm, might just be Alex Nimely. what will the next moan be? Not good enough. well he scores goals and has played at age levels for England! Must be something to moan about.

Alex nimely from man city

14 Aug 2013 22:03:49
Also macheda to join along with Alex Nimely from city

That was on radio Sheffield Tuesday never heard of him

There's nothing wrong with any of them on loan, people's head have been filled with stupidness since the takeover rumours came up, the talk of 20million has got people thinking we can get anyone we want, well it's not that simple is it, nimely has bags of pace nothing wrong with having a Lacey striker, play 2 upfront get the ball into paynter to slip nimely in that's what I'd go for, I'm sure all the attacking midfield a we have could put him through aswell, and handy to have on the counter, people need to lower their ideas of targets it's pathetic

No more rumours about strikers! DRFC website today shows we signed Theo Robinson from Derby. No doubt so called fans will complain but can whingers please shut up and show up to support Rovers at games?!



13 Aug 2013 12:01:53
My uncle works at Liverpool FC and he claims Aston Villa have put an offer in for Liverpool's Andre Wisdom to bolster their defence, which leaked quite a few goals last season.

They have enough defenders now, this is such a ridiculous post & Wisdom is an average player at best.

I'm looking forward to this if true, Wisdom would be great at Villa.

Well he definitely fits villas kind of player - Young



13 Aug 2013 11:47:13
Sheffeid united have bidded on fleck Leon Clarke and Franck Moussa deal to be around 200k
Steven Pressley not happy but must let high earners leave
You heard it here 1st

You couldn't get one of them for 200k let alone both.

When the top earners have been told they can go for free, I think we can.



13 Aug 2013 11:36:40
Neil danns is in cabot circus cafe, could be some truth in his move to bristol city

Hell of a player, surly he won't be signing for us unless someone is going to buy Marv or Killkenny?

Just can't see it.



13 Aug 2013 11:36:12
Leon Clarke off to Walsall!

Yeah right



13 Aug 2013 11:36:09
Neil danns will sign a permanent deal with bristol city by the end of the week. Bristol city are also looking at a loan for ex barnsley man stones from everton.

Ha not in a million years will John Stones be loaned to Bristol City. Wake up!

No chance stones will be going on loan, he''ll be part of the Everton first team squad this season

Give over! John stones will be easily making the bench for Everton this season.

Stones would never go there, he'd rather come back to barnsley 1st before a league 1 side, he will be in Evertons first team before long too good not to be now.

13 Aug 2013 17:53:27
Funniest thing I've ever heard! Re John Stones!

Stones will go back to Barnsley if he goes anywhere.

Lita, Moore would both be better than Dagnall.

17 Aug 2013 15:02:39
John stones will be loaned out on a season long loan, he's a youth no point in wasting his potiental on the the bench!



13 Aug 2013 11:28:25
Swindon towns Ryan Mason's injury is worse than at first thought and he is likely to be out until January at the earliest.

Marlon King is expected to join the club on a short term contract after spending the past two weeks training with the club.

The Owners are also looking to bring in a young striker to develop with Boltons Sanmi Odelusi expected to sign later this week for a six figure fee.

Right now Odelusi's market value is probably not more than £250K, but Dougie sees a bright future for the lad & will not sell. A six month loan spell is the best you can hope for.

Don, t be silly about mason they might has well send him back to spurs if he is that bad!!!
M. King another bad boy no thankyou
B. Zamora could not afford his wages
no point getting in a young player

Odelusi is very much part of Bolton's first team these days and Freedman wants to develop him at the Reebok so there's no chance of a permanent move anywhere. He's been involved in the last two games and is now seen as part of the first team squad.

Not true about Mason, can't see King joining as wages are huge

I don't think so he is in our first team now, and freedman rates him highly.

What the hell are you talking about? Odelusi ready to sign for Swindon, you haven't got a cat in hells chance of signing him.
Dougie Freedom rates Odelusi very highly and he has just broken into the first team squad. I've never heard so much carp

Will be completed by Friday, £300k fee agreed plus 40% sell on.

^, you reckon? Be very surprised if we shell out 300k for one player

I will be surprised if we shell out £3 for a player



13 Aug 2013 11:22:11
billy sharps is seen outside dean court this morning!

13 Aug 2013 14:14:16
Very much doubt it other clubs after him

With so many clubs interested in billy sharps, it is becoming odd he has not signed for anyone?



13 Aug 2013 11:05:59
who are reading fc going to sign we badly need one more striker

Surely with WBA now having anelka and vydra its got to be worth a try NA going in for a loan for shane long???

13 Aug 2013 11:05:59
who are reading fc going to sign we badly need one more striker

I wouldn't get your hopes up! That is all I will say

Kenwyne jones. yes please!

Sharp on a two year deal would be absolutely ideal for us. However the fact that we've been "Set to sign him next week" for the past month and a half (according to people on this website) isn't promising.

In for Kenwyne jones according to reports

Peter odemwingie clearly isn't going to play for wba soo isn't it worth going for him I know he's 30 now but he's still got a few years and it don't matter aslong as we go back up he would be class in the championship!

I think Anton should splash out £20 mill and bring in like Crouch and Defoe or something, although this would be costly and wages would be high - this would get us promoted, maybe even just a loan deal! What does everyone think?

IMO Peter odemwingie is a good option for Reading and I'd love him to join us.

Odemwingie is being treated with the little respect that he deserves after his antics, the worst possible player to bring to the royals a dressing room breaker.

So has all that money we offered end of last transfer window for the sig now gone ed? Also anyone close to taking the pog off our hands? would have thought there must be a couple of others rumoured to be leaving, squad seems quite large still - worry for the likes of cummings and esp obita who I really rate (might follow on from james henry and antonio which have proven to be very good at this level but we can't fit them in the squad)

What has happened to the 60 odd million we won for promotion, the parachute payments? Has anton shipped it to russia and to his offshore Gibraltar bank accounts for himself?

Cardiff have just spent 26 million on players! We spend a couple on Danny Williams, and some free transfers. Where is the rest of it?!

People were worried about Drenthe coming to Reading due to his past antics but if Odemwingie came to Reading then it would be 100 times worse.

Sorry no money doesn't wash any more. stupidity to spend on anything but new players, continue like this and we won't have a club to support.2millionaires no money. logic out the window.

It hardly costs any money to gain category 1 status. We I only have 3 big earners so where has the money gone from winning the league getting relegated and the sky money. It hasn't all gone on wages. Teams like qpr Wigan and Leicester have higher wage bills then is but they continue to improve there squads with quality players we have the only russian with no money. As its all going in his pocket

We probably have a higher wage bill than Wigan, Leicester, Bolton, Watford etc.

Drenthe, Pog and Guthrie are all on 40k a week so £2m a year. Federici can't be too far behind that. HRK, Pearce, Williams, Mariappa and McAnuff are probs all on 25k a year as well. And the manager and backroom teams salaries you'd be surprised how much wage bills come to

We should go abroad to get a striker as they are cheaper and they seem to be better as ASTON VILLA did it and got benteke

Sorry no money doesn't wash any more. stupidity to spend on anything but new players, continue like this and we won't have a club to support.2millionaires no money. logic out the window.

Stupidity to spend on anything but new players? So the club aren't wise to invest the millions in the category 1 status that it has? Or planning and eventually building a new facility at bear wood? And it's other academies?

Fans only see pitch side investment but developing the club at he rate we are costs money!

Just gunna point out that Adkins has said more than once that he's looking to do business towards the end of the transfer window, where players that want to move get a little bit more desperate and surprises can happen. If you look at the history of most transfer windows some of the most interesting business is done on the last day or very soon before

At least they're being prudent with the money, I don't want Reading to follow pompey etc

Fully get what people are saying with the money being well spent on the academy etc which I fully back as long as we get these up and coming players some first team football. On the flip side it would give the fans a real lasting boost if we could bring in a big name striker which I think is the only position were short in. Need to get pog out to free up some wages ASAP and also I don't see the point in keeping feds on 40k odd a week to sit on the bench when we've got a player like anderson performing very well again out on loan AGAIN. He could do that job and develop here accordingly.

Short memory. When we went up we spent no money on players, we came down. This time exactly the same up no money spent down in 1 season, C Palace. Norwich, West ham Hull all spending as if no tomorrow but securing place in premier division. Which is its own reward.

"Short memory. When we went up we spent no money on players, we came down. This time exactly the same up no money spent down in 1 season, C Palace. Norwich, West ham Hull all spending as if no tomorrow but securing place in premier division. Which is its own reward. "

and yet all those teams could still quite easily get relegated this season. throwing money around didn't save qpr or portsmouth.



13 Aug 2013 10:53:24
Ex Doncaster goalie Gary woods is on trail with watford. who also in the game behind closed doors at the watford training ground. Fitz Hall was also at that game.

Its not a trial-read the match report!

Don't be naïve. Why else would he be at the club if not trying to impress. Of course it's a trial, regardless of what is being said.

Watford need a third keeper as they only have two on the books. Woods seems to fit the bill, although Doncaster fans think he's woeful.

Woods is probably being looked at with a view to a potential deal, but Hall certainly isn't, we have more than enough centre backs to cope for the season and there is no need for Fitz.



13 Aug 2013 10:49:18
Kenwyne Jones set to be given permission to speak to Reading after Mark Hughes told him he was no longer in his plans for the upcoming season. Jones agent Jack Lowe says that the player is interested in the deal

Probably far from the truth but I'd be over the moon if this were true.

Kenwyne Jones set to be given permission to speak to Reading after Mark Hughes told him he was no longer in his plans for the upcoming season. Jones agent Jack Lowe says that the player is interested in the deal

Shortest convocation ever. "Hi kenwyne, how much do you want it wages? Hmmmm we'll call you"

This would be excellent



13 Aug 2013 10:38:50
Lee camp is to have a meeting with chairman m lawn and pp to discuss personal terms and wages



13 Aug 2013 10:07:06
Vydra signs for Baggies on 1 year loan, official site,
Anyone know what is happening with Sinclair deal?
rumour is that its off.

The story is that Sinclair simply went to the Liverpool training ground to see his brother train for their development squad. Cue lots of 'Sinclair to Liverpool' talk on the internet. As far as I know, the Sinclair deal is still possible.

Still in talks between clubs I've heard

According to express and star man city was offering us Sinclair for season we pay £2m now then £4m at end of season to make it permanent. I think this is a good offer splitting up the cost but e&s think the deal is falling through we all know what Pearce is like won't splash no cash

Albion don't want to pay 2million loan fee so the two sides are still negotiating

Think talks are being held between both clubs at this present moment

West brom to miss out on Sinclair west brom will miss out again because Thay won't pay envy money more full west brom Sinclair would be great at west brom

13 Aug 2013 12:20:29
Thanks for the info, maybe Sinclair will be the Marquee signing after all.

The fee seems to b the problem for sinclair but it shouldn't be as i'm sure we can afford it. Need to sort it asap or we going to miss out on a class player

Couple of stumbling blocks in the Sinclair deal, according to someone close to Garlick (I've wrote in before using the same source and it was spot on).

1) Man City want rid of Sinclair but aren't going to be mugged off, they want a structured deal ending up with a fee of £6m. The initial fee is the 1st stumbling block. City looking for £2m but WBA not looking to pay more than half of that.

2) The 2nd is his wages split, City want WBA to pay all of his £60k a week wages but WBA are arguing that if they signed him permanently he wouldn't be on more than £45k so they are not agreeing to paying 100%.

Garlick is still however confident a deal can be done but there is a lot of thrashing out to be done.

He also said Newcastle have made an enquiry for Sinclair but he is almost a last resort for them so that deal won't likely be progressed until last week of window, if at all

I think city are being fair though because there not making us pay all in one go

Plus £ 60. 000 a week can't remember what he's done to warrant that sort of money the west brom will do it our way and won't be rushed if he goes some we're else so be it

I like the way surporters from other clubs say how we should spend our money the baggies won't go to the wall like other clubs

To right Sinclair would be great signing come on west brom just pay city 6 mill and we can get on with the job and Finnish in the top 10

So after 3yrs in prem with the last season being an 8th place finish tv money going up to a reported £60mill we are squabbling over basically £6m. welcome to the big time

I don't think wages are a stumbling block with Sinclair. He was on £10,000 a week at Swansea and he quadrupled that when he moved to Man City. He's not on £60,000 a week, he's on £40,000.



13 Aug 2013 09:57:48
Swindonntomsign former loanee Jake Jervis as he struggles to settle into the Turkish leauge

He would do very nicely

Yes he would, I would be very very happy with that one, if only it wasn't just a silly rumour, this was tweeted on Jeds page earlier.

13 Aug 2013 20:31:25
he is utter rubbish if Swindon sign him will just show how bad of a run team they are

Jervis is far from rubbish, what is rubbish is your view of him. he could be a star of the future without a shadow of doubt.

I din't raise the comment about being rubbish, but Jervis is far from being a star of the future. In fact, he is closer to being rubbish than a start of the future



13 Aug 2013 09:40:42
Leeds reject boro offer of 1.5 million for McCormack, so now mow bray will offer the same amount for Bradford's nahki wells, a perfect fit for the style he is going for this season.

Would love wells at Boro and let main go on loan as part of the deal. That and Lyle Taylor from Falkirk.

I don't quite get that, offer for McCormack, but Nakhi Wells is a perfect fit.

Why not just chase Wells in the first place and not try and disrupt other players

Yawn yawn getting boring now, 1 last time Nahki is going nowhere for 1.5 mill. SIMPLES

Boro looking at wells if mcormack deal stalls

Nahki Wells is definitely not cut out for the Championship at the moment, would be a terrible signing for Boro, over priced and over rated.

Taylor has signed for Sheffield.

Lyle Taylor is div 1 now we missed out to shef uted

Mowbray likes to play 433. I think to play this system, a big man up front is vital. the Juke has to come good again or it won't work. This system generates lots of corners so you need some height in the team. we don't score from corners, So Wells may be a good option!

If Wells wanted the move Bradford would have very little choice but it's a huge gamble for someone who had a good season in League 2 and the League Cup.

McCormack will sign for Boro

1.5m won't get Wells out of bed. Looking at 2.5m+ after the start to the season he's had. Bradford not struggling at all either so in their interest to keep hold of him and push for play offs again.

13 Aug 2013 19:02:04
mccormack going to celtic mowbray to have talks with shola ameobi wages stumbling block but he wants to stay in north east

Wells is a great talent and prospect but not yet a core player for the Championship that Mowbray wants.
McCormack is that level - if he's not available we'll go for a player like him not Wells

Wells is 5ft 7 so I doubt he will score many from corners. He won't move to any club unless at least 5 Million is offered.

14 Aug 2013 11:34:05
Who is guna buy wells for 5 mil way too much for a player in the league, 1 to 2 mil would be the right figure at 2 mil Bradford would snap your hands off

Haha, 5 mill for Wells? that's the market value of the entire squad!

Yep 5 million for the whole sqaud what fantastic job parkinson has done- no need to sell money in the bank- doesn't have to spend silly amouns- great start to the season- i'm so glad its not all about how much money the sqaud are on or cost.

Yes 5 million is a lot of money for nahki but as has been said time and time again, bradford don't HAVE TO SELL, he's tied to a 3 year contract, financially city are well set, so it would take something silly like 5 million for city to consider selling

Everyone slating wells value, but didn't dwight Gayle just move to the premiership for 8mil?

15 Aug 2013 14:15:36
No he went for 6m after an excellent season in the championship, not league 2!

He had 6 months in the championship having impressed at Dagenham in league 2.

And at least gayle has scored goals in the championship has nahki wells nope enough said



13 Aug 2013 09:27:42
Are there any Fulham rumours?

Enoh wants to come back to Fulham, but Fulham don't want to stump up the 3m that Ajax are demanding.

Deeney also in consideration.

Billy Jones from West Brom is one I've heard a few times lately.

Rumours are thin regarding Fulham - not sure what is going on. Jol has been saying for ages how much he needs a striker so why hasn't he gone out to get one early in the window so they could be ready for the new season.

But that is only the tip of the iceberg - further problems throughout the squad notwithstanding Jol's poor tactics - replacement and cover fullbacks required as well as some real pace in wide positions to cover for Kaca and Frei.

Still expect Fulham to make at least three big signings (beginning to sound like a desperate Arsenal fan) but really not sure what is going to happen and most disappointingly it won't happen before the season starts.

I hope u r right Ed it just depends on who it is.

Nothing given away by Khan in his interview with Simon Peach - only revealed one signing is close to completion and possibly a few more before the first home match against Arsenal. All very cloak and daggers -

Kahn said that a new signing is imminent, and lead to it being a "big" signing. This was in an interview today. Which goes along with Ed's Simon Peach response.

Parker bid accepted. Battle with QPR now for his signature

Need a left back

And two strikers and a pacey wide player and a decent defensive midfielder and cover at right back. and a new manager.

We miss a midfield general - we severely miss a Danny Murphy, not only a good playmaker but a superb captain and organiser on the field - it is no surprise Fulham were a mess on the field last season because they did not have Murphy's influence. Hangeeland is a good player but he is no Murphy when it comes to captain material. Unfortunately Fulham currently have no captain material (other than Karagounis) in the first team and with a manager who also fails to organise or change tactics during a game is it any wonder why performances have been so poor in the last 20 games.

If they made Karagounis captain I would hand in my membership.



13 Aug 2013 09:09:26
Doncaster Rovers are interested in Manchester United striker Federicho Macheda, doncaster hope to sign him on a loan deal before the Blackburn game.

Great he will fit in at the Rovers, brilliant goal scoring record 3or 4 in 3 seasons just what we want

13 Aug 2013 13:39:51
All these negative comments on DRFC are getting tiresome.

Get behind your team, you could be a Coventry City or Portsmouth supporter then you would have a genuine reason to moan! Our record over the last 11 years is one of the best in the entire Football League. Stop whinging!

Its not tiresome the fact is we need someone to score goals his record is awful

13 Aug 2013 18:21:23
How can someone whinge about this I honestly don't know what some fans expectations are this would be a quality signing for any championship side and I'm personally keeping my fingers crossed on this one

^^same old fans moaning AGAIN. We will survive in this league and we will build a really good team. It all takes time RTID ( 24 year fan )

Yes it is tiresome, where were you when we were playing Leek Town and Leigh RMI in the conference. Some of our so called supporters have very short memories. To even be talking about signing Man U and Man City players is a dream we could not have contemplated 10 yrs ago.

Macheda is not the answer neither is alex nimley from man city none of these players have a good scoring record they have both been on loan at bigger and better clubs than rovers and achieved nothing if we are not going to sign a recognised striker don't bother because we might aswell carry on with the 5 midfield system. The only striker worth taking from man city is guddeti I wouldn't think he has been named in the 22 man squad just take a chance and find the money to bring him in.

The trouble is that the moaners expect us to sign players that we can't afford.
It's a bit like wanting to buy the million pound mansion - you can only do it if you have the funds.
These people should get real and get behind the club and the team, or they could shove off and watch Man Utd.

15 Aug 2013 00:42:18
Guidetti is going Valencia. How unrealistic are you



13 Aug 2013 08:57:41
Fuller just been at blackpool training ground set to sign 1 year deal great signing

Contracts are not signed at the training ground. Why make it up

The rumour didn't say he was signing at the training ground. It said he had been to the training ground and was set to sign a one year deal.

Still not signed

15 Aug 2013 10:50:07
Deal now off, unable to agree personal terms!

He is now signed on a 1 yr deal plus a another yr option



13 Aug 2013 08:07:14
Southampton expect to complete the signing of Italian striker Pablo Osvaldo in time for the opening game of the season. A fee has been agreed between the two clubs, and personal terms agreement to follow. Expect a medical on Thursday

Not a chance saints have only signed 2 players and have no chance of champions league so why would he go to st marys

He's also, privately, agreed terms with Inter Milan.

We are seeing if by placing more money on the table we can make things happen. Remember Wanyama turned us down for the same reasons too but we got him in the end.
Osvaldo was also brought to Espanyol by MoPo and thrived under him there, he was also born in Argentinian although he has an Italian passport.
I don't think it will happen - but it's not stupid to think it could.

13 Aug 2013 12:41:04
I don't think his decision will depend on how many players have already signed.

Why does saints only having signed 2 players mean their is no chance? Plus he currently does not have Champions league anyway.

13 Aug 2013 13:07:24
Seems this is going the same way the Wanyama transfer did, I believe other fans also said that wouldn't happen! So we shall wait and see. I feel the Don is going about his business quite nicely!

For all our initial promise we have only really improved at CB with DL. With Clyne and Shaw injured we will be found out. No cover on either wing and no cover up front. We have no strength in depth at all. I think we will go down

Why would he not go to Saints? Two quality signings already, ambitious Chairman, rich owners, plenty of prospects. Exciting times!

I agree this doesn't sound genuine. The fee was agreed some time ago, personal terms have always been the problem.

Like the above posted so delicately put, he doesn't want to come to saints. But the reasoning is he wants to stay in Italy to increase his chances of playing for the national side. Also I wouldn't blame him for considering Saints a step down, for now

'why would he go to st marys'. I dunno, ask Wanyama and Lovren who both left champions league clubs.

A fee has been agreed between 2 clubs and Roma are trying to push the move. its just up to him now. Roma won't accept Inter Milan's bid because they are trying to get him on the cheap a few days before the transfer window shut therefore leaving Roma with not many days to try and bring in cover.

Wolfsburg offered less, Fulham and Athletico Madrid Have gone quiet leave saints in pole position

Would be a great signing, can see it happening personally

What kind of saints fan would post that they think we'll go down? Have some faith

If he played for Espanyol why wouldn't he play for Saints.

The Premier League is bigger than the Italian league. He would play against the best clubs in the world, he would be watched in more countries than any other. Saints are not a step down and the league is much better.

He wants to stay in Italy to increase his chances for playing for the national side. As a saints fan I hope he comes to us. Great player.

Osvaldo is with the italian squad at the moment so a medical on Thursday is very unlikely and he's seems a bit of troublemaker not what saints players have

Not going to happen, think we are being used again to get his value up then he will go to a bigger club ( agents)

Wouldn't want osvaldo he's 27 already and we need to buy for the future like we normally do. Especially as lambert is getting old as well.



13 Aug 2013 08:02:15
Bristol Rovers to monitor the Colchester v Arsenal friendly this evening, with John Ward intending to raid his former club for at least two players

I'm sure John Ward will be warmly welcomed back

I hope there's some truth in this



13 Aug 2013 08:00:35
Fulham have upped their targets
No longer after Bent or Huddlestone

They're likely to bring in some of the following
Lennon ( spurs loan)
Pappis Cisse

Note I put some of not all of

Bridcutt is injured

I agree some but Osvaldo, Aogo and Gargano would also have to been that list. The thre I just mentioned alongside Chantome, Granero and Gomis are all very achievable.

Gignac is very happy where he is.
Chantome is less so, but would be a brilliant signing

If Fulham have supposedly upped their targets then why are Eyong Enoh and Tom Deeney the latest names to be linked with us?! And Osvaldo is not achievable as has already been proved by the fact we can't bid a reasonable offer who anyone outside of League 2. Shahid Khan blatantly has no faith in Jol and I can't blame him.

People need to realise that at this point in time there is a limit to how much Kahn can put in at the moment. His money will probably be in evidence in January.

I think Kahn may be waiting till January to see how jol gets on, if he doesn't have the team in a respectable position by January I think he could be out the door



13 Aug 2013 06:36:10
With Vydra heading for West Brom and interest from Schalke for Gabriel Torje, Watford's final striker berth will either be taken by Matthias Ranegie or Odion Ighalo, who are both surplus to requirements at Udinese.

Really hope so, i'd take either of these strikers

It is possible, although Watford would like to bring in a British based players now

Personally, I hope we get Ighalo. He's a bit younger than Renegie but could still be a dangerous aerial threat and provide back-up for Troy if required.



12 Aug 2013 22:18:10
any truth in bridcutt going ed

No he is injured



12 Aug 2013 21:27:17
Derby could approach for defender Ryan Bennett from Norwich City on a six month loan deal once more transfer listed players have left Derby.

Behave. No Chance. Top top player for us.

They can "Approach" all they want. He's going to play a massive part of next season for us and has potential to be the best.

And they know where they can stick that idea ill happily give them ayala but rb is going to be class and I expect him to fully break into team and hold down a regular starting spot within a few months


Not a chance, Bennett proved his worth in the latter stages of last season as a more than capable back-up to Bassong/Turner. Rubbish rumour.

I cannot not see a single reason why this would happen, he is one of the best young english centre halves around, put in some really solid performances last season and featured heavily in all pre season games. Ayala maybe, Bennett no way.

Derby could do anything but won't as Bennett firmly in CH's plans and anyway what could Derby teach him! No chance.

Wishful thinking. Ryan Bennett likely to play if Bassong not 100% fit and ready for Everton Game. This season it will develop to be 1st choice Premiership defender.

Can't see this one happening. Bennett must be very much in Hughtons plans as he has not brought in a new central defender yet and possibly sees Bennett as being No 1 cover for Bassong and Turner.

Never in a million years, quality player!

Not going to happen and i'm a derby fan. agree he's a good player and would be good for us. but like norwich fans I expect him to break into the first team and move on to a top club eventually

Turner and Bassong both are injury prone we need him as cover



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