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13 Aug 2012 20:47:10
Oxford set to sign Alex Evans.



13 Aug 2012 20:50:30
Am hearing that Norwich have accepted a 4.5 million pound bid from Aston Villa for Wes Hoolahan.

I've been hearing this as well, hope this is just a rumour as he gives us abit of creativity in the midfield.

4.5 million and I'll drive him there!! He's 30 and not worth that although he is a good player at going round in circles!

You either heard that or posted that from the Pink'un. either way, it's incorrect.

Thanks for the memories Wes.... 4.5m would be too good to turn down.

Emilio, Curtis and Jordan and it's off to Europe we go.

Haha get stuffed villa Wes is going nowhere

Well, your hearing wrong

I think not. Not like I'm against Hoolahan, (he is the mighty magician), he is not worth that much at his age of 30+. I very much doubt this is true...

4.5 mill for him hes like 30 and dun nuffin special in his career. Would rather give ireland a pay rise thn get him.

Nope, wouldnt sell him for 10mill!!!

Great price for a player who is now 30, if its true, take it and go and get Curtis Davis, we must also be looking for a top quality left back to challenge Tierney.and another proven goalscorer,
Lappin, Martin to be sold and possibly Jackson if the right offer is made.

Im an estate agent in the city and hes just pulled out of a house purchase.

We should take 4.5m for him if this is true. Hoolahan is an excellent player. However as he is probably now behind Howson in the pecking order a sale would make sense particularly for club and player provided that we can get 4.5m for him.

You new norwich fans make me laugh. We would take half off that for wes, 4 mil wow could buy Rhodes with that.

Age 30 take the money and put towards the new stand for next season wes is a great player but tends to be a trip hazard at times ...irk ,,,

I was the original poster of this rumour and find it strange how people jump straight on your back and tell you that it's wrong. It may well be wrong or it could be right, that's what makes it a RUMOUR and nothing more. I simply posted it because I had heard this from different people on a couple of occasions.

Probably not gonna happen. If 31 year old Grant Holt won't go for 6 mil I doubt wes will leave for 4.5mil



13 Aug 2012 20:41:47
Simon Eastwood has joined Portsmouth on a non contract deal.

This is as Portsmouth require a keeper for Tuesday

He won't stay fit long-back trouble from picking the ball out of the net!

He'll be on the bench, when we sign Andersen from Reading on loan.

Could be out of the door soon as Pompey are hoping to sign Andersen on loan from Reading and also looking at ex-West Ham keeper Peter Kurucz



13 Aug 2012 20:04:31
Brentford to sell Sam Saunders to Charlton Athletic!! Both clubs have finally compromised with 27k fee!

27k?! You're talking nonsense!

27K? they wouldnt get his left leg for that!

Are you kidding me, 27k. Think you might be missing a zero at the end of that. Besides Saunders has said he is staying put for promotion with the bee's.

In your dreams....he's a 1st team regular and one of our key players who just signed a new contract and 'IF' we sold him it would be for a lot more than 27K

"Are you kidding me, 27k. Think you might be missing a zero at the end of that. Besides Saunders has said he is staying put for promotion with the bee's."

He cant wait that long mate, cmon!

No 27k!! Done deal! Brentford need the money!!

270k more like 900k if it was true. and they probuly wouldnt sell for that

I've been a Charlton fan for 46 years and who ever sent that quote 27k could do two nights at the O2 surpporting -Alan Carr. what a funny guy I'm 51 and I would cost more than that and I have one leg longer than the other two left feet and cross eyed.

27k what are you on! Like I said to the other post that said 25k, stop smoking whatever you are coz it's playing with your head! We ain't selling just signed new deal and if we did it would be 250k min absolute minimum!

I think 27K is a fair price

Because you think your funny, I hope your aware that nobody believes you and you sound ridiculous?!

Brentford are ok for money person



13 Aug 2012 19:57:59
Lawson D'ath set to return to hush park for 6 months



13 Aug 2012 19:55:01
Chelsea pair Lucas Piazon and Gael Kakuta set to sign for Crystal Palace on season long loan deals.

Would love that to be true but probably isnt



13 Aug 2012 19:50:37
Strong rumours today for Everton

Owen will sign on pay as you play.
Adam Johnson on loan ( get first option)
Clint Dempsey moyes top target now

I would take Dempsey and Johnson all day long, COYB

Moyes top target ha - they want 10mill you avent got 10 quid to spend. scousers living in the past - welcome to the mid table nobodies

7th isnt mid table mate? and we have just sold Rodwell for 15mil so wake up



13 Aug 2012 19:21:15
carlisle will sign striker daryl murphy

His wages would be way to much for Carlisle

If Carlisle singed him then pigs can fly.

Celtic want rid of him so would think it would be a player carlisle would sign and greg would want.


Is that ed or eugene


Pigs cant fly and Daryl Murphy is out injured for the month. if he is out of favour will Lennon, then a chance of a loan when he is fit would be good.



13 Aug 2012 19:08:33
Liverpool are willing to sighn sahin but maybe putting a stop to liverpools centre back daniel agger from leaving.



13 Aug 2012 19:04:17
FC Torino have enquired about taking apostolos vellios til january



13 Aug 2012 19:02:18
Scunthorpe United will this week tie up loans for 3 premier league players.

Sead Hajrovic - arsenal
Connor McAleny - everton
Jonathan Cosgrove - fulham

Conor mcaleny is probs true , sead hajrovic would be a good signing.

The Iron are also interested in Samir Carruthers of Aston Villa and Billy Clifford of Chelsea



13 Aug 2012 19:01:15
Stoke city sign jamine defoe for 12 million and also the aston villa deffender allan hutton for 2m.

He won't move up north so can't see this happening

We definitely haven't got 12million to spend so behave

I know this seems a crazy rumour but it keeps cropping up and I am sure Crouch will be key to making this happen if we can convince Defoe to move north

Stoke/Pulis has not got 12million to spend, plus I agree with above Defoe won't move up North.

That's quite dear for a unknown player I'd pay it for jermain defoe

Lets hope this is true,i would love defoe to come,not a big fan of Hutton though,think he is slow & clumsy,havent heard this rumour anywhere else though,is it a good source?

I agree re Hutton and he is a bit of a thug. Can't see us finishing a game with 11 players very often if Hutton and Huth start haha

Wasn't Defoe homesick whilst playing for Portsmouth? Can't see him being happy playing even further away in Stoke.

Last time i heard defoe was available for around 8million not 12, and for those people saying stoke cant afford 12million, are you stupid?! we will not be spending that much this year, does not mean to say we cant afford it, we are one of the only clubs to not be in debt and the chairman is worth around 1billion so please be quiet

Why do Stoke think they will sign there a small club

Stoke have got alot of money to play with but Coates and Pulis arnt stupid..! These guys are businessmen they know how to run things and definitely know how to run a football club....if they wanted to they would buy a player for 20mil today but theres no need when that same amount can get u 3 or 4 good players..just look at Stokes progression so far..Theyve done well..Hats Off!

Urgh! They are a big club compared to many others. They are pretty established now in "the best league in the world" are run well and are stable. I don't get why people would ever turn their noses up at that especially when they can't get games at "a big club". I don't even support Stoke but I hate teams like that being put down as "small". They work hard with what they have and have done well thus far.



13 Aug 2012 18:56:20
Blackburn have struck a deal with aj leitch-smith for around 300,000.

What a load of rubbish



13 Aug 2012 18:54:05
just got sniff kyle bennett to leicester 1m

I don't want him to go but if anywhere its going to be Nottingham Forest



13 Aug 2012 18:49:00
S Jennings is having medical at coventry and will be unveiled in the week

Signing 2 year deal today, pusb!

Top player (Quality)



13 Aug 2012 18:48:00
Lucas Neill is to snub english clubs and join former teammate brett emerton in his native australia. (sydney fc)

I wouldnt mind having him at villa instead of tht itallian defender we are looking at. Especially if we can get him on right wages.



13 Aug 2012 18:31:00
Millwall are set to sign young Everton defender Jake Bidwell

Possibly, if it's a loan deal. No chance if you're suggesting it's a permanent switch - he's progressed massively in the last 18 months and we wouldn't get rid of him now. Loan might be a good bit of business for all parties.



13 Aug 2012 18:02:47
Burnley will try to sign Chris Wood on Loan from WBA to cover for Danny Ings who is out for 5-6 months after having a loan bid for Norwich forward Simeon Jackson turned down

Apparently he's s*** but were leading the chase 4 Sheffield uniteds nick Montgomery and also chelsea's Gael kakuta according 2 Chelsea rumours

Chelsea have bid for azpillcueta or however u spell it and the other team wants kakuta as part of deal so doubt burnley will sign him

Kakuta is going to marseille and I don't think we'll make any more permenant signing anyway



13 Aug 2012 17:57:40
notts county will sign kiren freeman on a
three year deal

No we won't.

I'm hearing derby want him.. if he has any sense he'll join us pies and help us attempt to go up.

And what are we going to pay him with?

Possibly. forest are making him available according to the nottingham post.

He's going to Derby



13 Aug 2012 17:53:12
SSN report Millwall and Chalton are both intrested in signing Dan seabourne from Southampton, if this is true this now indicates that possibly 2 Centre halfs could join Saints?

And they can't come too soon. I am afraid to say Fonte is not up to the task of premiership football. Jos reads the game well and in my opinion should do ok.

Agree,thought Fonte was going to be alright,afraid he's not gonna cut it in the Prem,we need a lot better.

We need new centre backs now!! Man City on Sunday. I'm getting scared.

Seabourne is league 1 standard and due to unfortunate circumstances hasn't played in a year. We need a new partner for Jos and a quality backup. Fonte should be 4th choice Cb.

Seabourne was excellent before he got injured at the start of last season definitely can handle the championship standard



13 Aug 2012 17:39:14
Pompey sign Goalkeeper Simon Eastwood on non contract basis so that they have a keeper for the Plymouth game on Tuesday

Has now signed for another month

May sign for plymouth after his months contract exspires as impressed heavily against agyle



13 Aug 2012 17:30:17
Doncaster complete the signing of Billy Paynter on a 2 year deal!



13 Aug 2012 17:25:30
Millwall news:
Danny S****u has signed a one-year deal with the club.

Scott Barron is set to complete a move to Brentofrd today.

Still chasing Stuart Beavon, however if a deal cannot be made they will target Simon Church of Reading



13 Aug 2012 16:58:47
Saints to announce triple signing of Gary Monk, Mike Williamson and Spanish U-21 Pedro Bunglez in next 1-2 days

Source: Nicola's Assistant

If you are Nicola's assistant,you won't be tomorrow

Hmmmm...More illegal approaches by the saints...

Would like williamson and bunglez but monk is getting on a bit and is championship at best, would prefer williams from swansea.

Lol no way.

Haha never gonna happen

Hope it don't happen there crap



13 Aug 2012 17:11:58
paul taylor expected to no longer be a peterborough player tomorro after 2 bids accepted today, posh in talks with hull over out of favour striker aaron mclean

Who are the two bids from?

Lol these jokes just get better . No.bids accepted n only one bid made that got turn down we couldnt afford arron wages n he wouldnt come bk.

I think one is from Nottingham forest

Forest are one.

Both Taylor and Boyd played in the league cup for Posh last night, looking more like january transfers now



13 Aug 2012 16:57:11
Wigan Athletic complete season long loan for young Arsenal winger Ryo Miyaichi.



13 Aug 2012 16:49:41
wigan ath have signed arsenal winger ryo miyachyi on loan for the season.

jimmy bullard has been offered a trial at the club

We won't take Bullard back as he's injury prone and can't hack the championship let alone the Premier league



13 Aug 2012 16:56:15
: Leeds united have bid 700k for Marc Pugh

And where are we getting the money for that ken won't fork out that much

Thought we wanted a forward.



13 Aug 2012 16:51:21
david bentley could be off to norwich on a season loan

No he wont. He hasn't played since 2010 and considering MK Dons want him he is no longer Premiership quality.

He's had it, been can't see him playing prem again.

The last thing we need is a half committed has been show pony.We have better players -we dont need him.

Could happen, but why another wide player?? We need 2 full backs, a defensive midfielder and a striker!! OTBC



13 Aug 2012 16:38:58
Barnsley strongly linked with Tottenham Reserve keeper David Button, they are to loan him for a month whilst Ben Alnwick is suspended and Luke Steele is injured.

Carlo Nash of stoke rumoured to be coming in as cover for the injured steele and suspended Alnwick according to the Barnsley Star Also Harewood trained with Barnsley Yesterday in the hopes of gaining a contract again Barnsley Star



13 Aug 2012 16:33:51
south korean midfilder ki sungyueng is going to sign with arsenal after alex song's transfer to barcelona. Ki doesnt need to spend 2 yrs for the military service because his national team won bronze medal this olympic.



13 Aug 2012 16:30:36
Doncaster sign Billy Paynter on a free with a two year deal at the League 1 club



13 Aug 2012 16:29:07
everton fc are about to snatch clint dempsay of liverpool as he was seen yesterday in liverpool cit and also his agent has been in touch with everton football club before about this move whilst dempsay and tim howard are very close friends both from the USA

Dempsey has his heart set on going to Liverpool, don't ask me why but he has!

Probably signing for liverpool

Yeah and everton have loads of money and have been linked extensively with dempsey.. good try though

It's possible that DempSEY would be joined at Goodison by Donovan

In the motd mag it says rumour rating 10/10 for clint dempsey fulham to liverpool and says fulham offered him a new 3 year contract and he sed no because he want to go to liverpool!

I can see him being a great player for us (everton) and would fit in well, a good replacement for Cahill but at the same time, overpriced for his age. See what happens.

Everton have loads of money? You may have just sold Rodwell for 15m but that doesn't mean that will be put in for transfers

Dempsey to liverpool would be a great signing

Dempsey will not leave Fulham for a team that has the same quality Fulham nd Everton are par teams



13 Aug 2012 16:19:40
Saints confirm interest in Matt Phillips, and Holloway is claiming and illegal approach by the new Prem side. Adkins has had been in contact with seasiders and said "It's a shame that Blackpool have had to go and do things via the media in the way that they have done," and that NC has been in contact with the Blackpool chairman and chief exec. Fee is expected to be circa 4m. COYRs

Illegal approach? it was villa {Ed003's Note - I think it is fair to say that it is Saints and for some strange reason they think showing an interest allows them to speak to a player without permission,also B'pool are quite in their right to report an illegal approach if more teams did it we might just get this side of the game sorted}

Holloway didn't reveal the name of the club to the media and he has the right to be upset anyway, even if Adkins has asked him if he can talk to phillips the answer was no so to talk to him is an illegal approach.

Blackpool have proof of the illegal approach. That is a fact. Oh, and Matty P isn't going anywhere. Money talks I know, but BFC have it in bucketloads, and will strengthen significantly before the window closes. Mattylad is onboard with this.

It's a shame they did illegally aproach the player they contacted his agent before the club. I doubt very much that a deal will commence now even if they go about it in the right way especially because everton an established premier league club will now be sniffing around after the sale of rodwell.

It's a shame we went to the media. no no no it's a shame they cant do thinks in a proper matter

14 Aug 2012 02:47:03
wrong , adkins was on radio solent today and has said we enquired ages ago , saints are not the club tapping Phillips up. every club weve dealt with has praised how saints have done everything by the book this summer

From the posts above you are completely confused about what did happen!
Firstly, the name of the club was revealed by somebody. Either somebody at Blackpool or the FA, or the player/agent. I know who I suspect.
Secondly, you are not certain whether his agent or the player were contacted illegally.

Adkins has declared contact was all above board. So who is right? I don't know, and neither do any of you.

The matter will be investigated and then we might find out, but rumour doesn't equate to fact.

All I would say, is yes that if an illegal contact has been made then some action could follow. Equally, if a false, malicious claim has been made the same could happen.

Its amazing how everyone is quick to believe Saints actually made an illegal approach...Blackpool say Saints have and Nigel Adkins says everything was done above board and that no illegal approach was made....So everyone has decided it must be true! For all anyone knows his agent might have approached Southampton..No one knows for sure what happened and it really should be innocent until proven guilty...But I know when it comes to fans they are quick to judge...whether they are right or wrong. Its ridiculous


Seems from the Everton site that Phillips is pushing for a move to Everton. So much for he isn't going anywhere, and maybe a clever little justification for claiming illegal approach turned his head? We will see.

Thats the problem with Holloway's % on transfers. He has his own agenda.......

The thing is it was definately an illegal aproach, Adkins can say it wasn't all he likes but the fact of the matter is Blackpool did not give permission to speak to Phillips or his agent and contact was made. Just cos he made an enquiry it doesnt give him the right to talk to the player.

The message above is rubbish, holloway must be sick and tired of the selling blackpool do, how little players are paid and the hard work he does to see players he's developed e.g charlie adam sold on.

"The thing is it was definately an illegal aproach, Adkins can say it wasn't all he likes but the fact of the matter is Blackpool did not give permission to speak to Phillips or his agent and contact was made. Just cos he made an enquiry it doesnt give him the right to talk to the player."......I'm sorry but unless you actually work for Blackpool FC you cannot make that statement...You just prove what I stated in my previous post.


I hate when people mention Holloway's % from a transfer it is a common deal put in most managers contract outside the premier league the sooner people stop quoting generic insults the better don't spout tosh about things you don't understand.

More suggestions from Everton Phillips will sign for them by the weekend!
If so, Holloways motive will be out in the open-FACT (as you like to say up there.)

LLS83, why would holloway lie to the media about it when the fa could punish him for doing so, he would tell the truth if he gave permission for southampton to speak to phillips.

He can make that statment because a club, no matter who they are, is not allowed to make contact with a player or agent before speaking to that players club first. therefore, as holloway stated, an unnamed premier league club (may or may not be southampton) spoke to phillips' agent without permission from the club. that is illegal and blackpool have every right to take their case to the football league and the fa

"LLS83, why would holloway lie to the media about it when the fa could punish him for doing so, he would tell the truth if he gave permission for southampton to speak to phillips."......Holloway never said it was Southampton to the media..he said it was a team from the Premier League, need to get your facts right. I will say again...Innocent until proven guilty!


LLS83, we'll see who's right when the fa deal with the situation then. {Ed003's Note - Unless a compromise is met and the allegation gets withdrawn}



13 Aug 2012 16:11:06
hereford united are in talks with former loanee james chambers. this is after he was snubbed by walsall due to a injury

Dean smith as said 2day that he will be talking to chambers this week aims to have him signed by the weekend along with jordan stewart

James Chambers wont go from championship last season with Doncaster all the way down to Blue Square Prem with Hereford! Walsall are still interested.

He is dffo signing for walsall

Chambers is surplus to requirments. Purkiss, Taundry and Holden can all play rightback.

I shuk his hand



13 Aug 2012 16:09:55
Millwall signed Danny s***tu one year deal, and he will be featuring against Crawley tomorrow.



13 Aug 2012 16:09:29
Joe Devera to join Crawley Town from Swindon Town

Yeah we are going to sell three of are first team a week before start of new season yawn rubbish !!!

I dont think so. why would we sell one of our centre backs which would leave us short.

Devera will be staying....and he certainly wouldnt sign for Crawley!!



13 Aug 2012 16:05:21
Former captain and pint sized full back Paul Caddis will join Ipswich next week for 1.15 million. Town will turn their attention to Cheltenam full back Sol Jambetti, offering 375k plus Oliver Risser.

Can't see Ipswich going for another right back when they have already got Edwards and Hewitt

Ipswich wil not pay that

Once again Ipswich will not pay that much money for one player !

Not sido jombati then?

Its sido jombati and chelt would not sell to a rival especially for so little when everton were looking at sido last year.

Ipswich and cheltenham rivals?



13 Aug 2012 16:05:19
Coventry will sign up Jordan Obita on loan from Reading

Good deal for both clubs!

Coventry will sign up Jordan Obita on loan from Reading

Obita is easily championship quality

Great young player

Could help them push for promotion, great young player.

Andy Thorn denied this at fans forum this evening!

Hope this deal happens, it would be a good source of inspiration and pace, would be a good loan signing to help us push for promotion.

No chance says manager Andy Thorn

Gone to pompy



13 Aug 2012 16:01:00
Norwich City will aim to complete the signings of Kyle Naughton (Season-Loan), Liam Bridcutt (3.5m) and Curtis Davies (3m) in time for the start of the new Premier League season this Saturday.

Naughton wishes to start regularly, but with his chances limited at Tottenham (Kyle Walker is ahead in the pecking order) and having enjoyed his spell with the Canaries last season, looks set to return again on loan for 2012/13.

Andrew Crofts and Elliot Bennett will have recommended Norwich to Bridcutt, and with a serious need for a strong DM, what a chance to step up to the top division in a young and ambitious squad.

Davies wants to join Hughton, under whom Birmingham excelled last season, and with Whitbread's departure over the summer, there is a void for an experienced CB to play alongside Russell Martin or Ryan Bennett.

There are also ongoing loan enquiries concerning John Guidetti, the Manchester City striker, who impressed while on loan to Feyenoord with 20 goals from 23 games. He is thought to be keen to test himself in the world's most competitive division, the Premier League, and form a lethal partnership alongside the prolific Grant Holt, who was the EPL's 2nd highest English goalscorer in 2011/12.

Norwich will therefore have cherry-picked the best of Championship talent in Snodgrass, Butterfield, Bridcutt and Davies, to add to R.Bennett and Howson from January; both of which are great success stories.

Sounds good,id be happy with this.OTBC

Cannot see Naughten coming as Tott do not want to loan him again and we cannot afford him. Plus now Corluka has moved on, there is the prospect of some game time.
we have signed Turner to add experience at CB, as we were obviously outpriced for Davis. already 4 Centre halves, 5 with Martin. We def wont be signing him unless someone else moves on.
Bridcutt is a possability as we seem to always buy from the same clubs...

Firstly, Naughton has said on record he wants to fight his mate Kyle Walker for a strating place at Spurs.

Secondly, void of an experienced defender?? Michael Turner signed for us....

Thirdly, i actually agree with the Bridcutt one, he would be excellent.

Finally, Guidetti has had offers from bigger clubs who are prepared to hand him larger wages than we can offer. So unless he has a burning desire to play in the Premier League and would be prepared to earn less money, he wont join us.

Can't see us signing anyone from the champ after what Hughton said on SSN. proven players from hereon out.

You've put a lot of effort into writing this, I hope effort and truth go hand in hand:)

All good players the problem is you are having a very bad dream .....

Well if Guidetti is to go on loan it doesnt matter who is after him as he still gets paid his Man City wage. It's more down to how much of his wage we are willing to pay and whether Man City are happy to cover the rest of it. Fair enough if he has permanent offers, but thats not what the OP said.



13 Aug 2012 15:59:10
Swansea are ready to offer Blackpool 4m for winger Tom Ince.

Double it to 8m and throw in Dobbie and maybe a deal could be done.

Swansea would be silly to offer that money, The lad is a talent, but unproven. The reality is SC might offer 1m+ add ons. BFC will refuse. Move on.....nothing to see here.

Blackpool are ready to laugh and reject the offer.

This will be rejected immediately due to being to low

Blackpool dont need to sell

As a Tottenham fan I think 4million for an unproven player is over the odds. Get real Blackpool fans he is not worth more than that at all. Take the money and enjoy it

Be a good signing. 8m what a joke be lucky to get 4m. As the comment above says. Unproven in this league.

I have to disagree, it should be that way but it isn't, you cant buy an average championship striker for under 2 mill these days. I know ince isnt a striker but he also isnt average and has football pedigree. I also believe he will play for England 1 day.

Modric isnt worth 40 million either.

Oxlade-Chamberlain cost Arsenal 15 million and he was unproven at theat level.

Connor Wickham cost 12 million and he's rubbish.

Walcott chamberlain anyone bale ? unproven wingers who went for big fees Blackpool are in one of the most financially secure positions in football no need to sell unless a huge offer comes in people really do need to think before posting :/.

Well we will see where he ends up but if a premier league club comes in AKA Swansea then its a step up from Blackpool (no offence) even if you think 4m isn't enough he may want to leave.



13 Aug 2012 15:54:15
burton boss gary rowett is interested in adding defender cian hughton and striker oumare tounkara to his squad before the rotherham game



13 Aug 2012 15:58:01
Fulham still have a few spots left in their squad after announcing player numbers.
Number 9.
Nirmally a striker / target mans number , fulham are looking at , Hooper (deal stalled player agreed terms , celtic want silly money), berbato (jols old pal who was brought to spurs by the dutchman).M.O.A norwegian striker who plays for hannover eho is good pals with hangeland n riise. Finally nicklas bendtner of Arsenal .
Adam will join 1 of these n possibly buttner.

Celtic dont want silly money they want what he is worth. They are just not letting the English teams steal there players for half of what they are worth. He is better than Carroll and you are trying to pay 6 million. Geez a break


Hooper is Celtic's top scorer with 50+ goals in 2 seasons, if carrol went for silly money then hopper goes for silly money, just because celtic scouted the better player doesn't mean he goes for 5 mill cause he plays in spl. Celtic don't need to sell and 7 mill bid already turned down so to say give them 10 mill is not silly it is paying for a good player that brings more then just goals. Don't say anyone can score in spl and players are s*** because all the big clubs are trying to take our players, hooper, izzy, wanyama, ki, Ledley and more are starting to see that Celtic have quality in them. With hardly any debt we can demand what we think is right and most of our players are in the 10 mill range. I mean ki can't get into our midfield and sits on the bench and he is going to go for around 9 mill( a spl bench player) and he was killing it in the Olympics.

Hooper better than carroll? The quality of defending in the spl is on conference level

Hooper scored more goals than Andy Carroll when they were both in the champiinship. 2009/10 season

Do you have any proof for this? If you want to say "It's been a two team league for the time he's been there" why dont we bring into the equation the fact that he scored 5 goals v Rangers and also scored v Rennes and Udinese last season. He also scored more goals than Carroll in the same Championship season, playing for Scunthorpe.

The deal stalled for hooper - How can he agree terms then Celtic want silly money? Not the way a deal is done is it. Agree a deal then the player agrees terms.

There is proof type in to google championship top goalscorer 2009/2010

We have got Mladen Petric who is the meaning of target man, what we need is a natural goalscorer



13 Aug 2012 15:45:15
Rangers about to re-sign former player Bob Malcolm who is a free agent

Seen him going into the front of ibrox at the east fife game not that it means anything.

He was at Ibrox that day because he plays for East Fife... He just didn't have the right paper work to play in the Rangers game



13 Aug 2012 15:44:01
Doncaster sign Billy Paynter

Doncaster should try and sighn ian hulme from preston



13 Aug 2012 15:42:16
Charlton athletic will make one new signing today, Devite is the most possibl target. Meanwhile Paul Hayes has been attracting interest from Gillingham and Scunthorpe. However charlton are still struggling to offload Clarke with the only interest coming from Crawley, who cannot pay his wages



13 Aug 2012 15:13:22
After the two new additions of Joel Byrom and Chris Beardsly, Preston will also sign free agent Akpo Sodji on a 1 year deal.
Steve Simonson will sign a 1 year deal and most likely act as cover for 1st choice Thorsten Stuckmann.
Wycombe have apparently agreed a fee with Preston regarding striker Stuart Beavon, but Millwall are still not out of the picture.

Unsure about Jamie Proctor but Danny Mayor will sign for either Blackpool/Bolton.

A move to to Blackpool would not go down well with Preston fans seen as they are both born and bred Prestonians.

Neither Mayor or procter are good enough for Preston this season, never mind for Blackpool in the championship. Hope we get decent fees for them

Sodjii to get an initial short term deal to cover for the loss of trundle

JP and DM sent packing. No deal will be offered.

Simonsen would be competition for Stuckmann, not cover.

I think most Preston fans would love Proctor and Mayor to go to Blackpool!

This is very accurate!

Beavon to prefer Preston to Millwall, just like Laird did!

And im sure they would love to go

Can real one fans chip in to help donkey lashers get proctor & mayor ... Real bad attitude & ego's av they ... Get rid



13 Aug 2012 15:12:22
Burnley have asked Spurs to take Harry Kane on loan to cover for the injured Danny Ings.

Burnley directors will not give Eddie Howe any more money even for a cheap loan signing never mind a Premier player.

Would be a sensible move!

It is a great dream for burnley fans!



13 Aug 2012 15:11:51
Plymouth Argyle to bring in free agent Jean Paul-Kalala on a 6 month contract and Tom Barkhuizen on loan from Blackpool, this will be the final peice of Carl Fletchers transfer business.

Barks won't be going on loan if we don't bring some new strikers in, he's the only actual striker who's fit at the moment.

Jean Paul Kakala makes sense as we need a midfielder

Tom Barkhuizen or "Barks" might be OK played for Hereford last Season so knows this league

Barkhuizen wont go because holloway wants to develope him at Blackpool this season.

Plymouth will not sign him as they have now got enough strikers at home park with chadwick, griffiths, feeney, gorman, lecontie, sims

Also paris cowan hall

Im sorry but how many of them strikers u just mentioned are really going to get more than 5 goals all season? maybe paris ch, maybe!! maybe griff if he can make the step up. thats it. so lets say 10 goals from them two, plus 10 from the others combined. So we need from the midfield and defence at least 45 between the lot. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! SACK FLETCH FOR BUYING rubbishE! LET GO OF SIMS, CHENOWETH, FEENEY AND CHADDERS. SIGN PROPER PLAYERS. JAMIE

Barks will go out on loan to either Plymouth Argyle or Burton Albion. It depends on the wages offered.



13 Aug 2012 14:23:25
Swansea city striker Rory Donnelly is rumoured to be heading out on loan to either league one side Walsall or league 2 side Gillingham

Wont sign for the gills as they have 5 strikers



13 Aug 2012 13:40:50
Norwich City have made a £5m bid for Celtic's Emilio Izaguirre with James Vaughan going the other way

If Vaughan sign it will be a horrible decision. would take 8 million for izzy. Good player and Norwich would be a good fit.

No they haven't- he doesnt fit the profile.



13 Aug 2012 13:34:55
Expect three high profile players to leave Swindon in the next week

Caddis - sheffield Utd - 900k
Ritchie - Ipswich - 1.2million
fodderingham - Midlesboro - 1million

Sheff utd fan here, I think you are wrong as we are skint, dont have a penny to scratch with..

Total rubbish.where do you all get this from.get real and wait till town sign players first. have to be joking....

The Others; well Ritchie.....thats been the rumour for over 12 months, not really anything new in your story there.
Caddis; Interesting; after being stripped of the Capt's badge last Fri. They may be some truth in that......Wilson might spend some cash on him; but he's signed an extension, so the cash would have to be right!

Cant see any of those happening at all. the most unlikely one of the lot would be foderingham surely.

Ipswich will not be spending that much all year on transfers. Not gonna happen.

Jeremy Wray and Di Canio are not that stupid to let probably our 3 best players go from last season. I agree on the Caddis rumour as a maybe. But like when Paolo fell out with 5 players last year, he gave them all a second chance and even signed Mclevely after what he done. I do hope Di Canio calms down a little this season as it started getting embaressing seeing Town in the paper all week

Like we would sell Fodders when we have no reserve gk with 1st team experience, think before posting!



13 Aug 2012 13:21:20
Brighton to sign Chris Wood from West Brom after being told he is available.

He is a target man and did well for Birmingham, however in his short spell at Brighton in their promotion season in League 1 he didn't suit the style of play very well.



13 Aug 2012 13:20:35
According To Sheffield Star. Barnsley is trying to re-sign goalkeeper David Button from Tottenham on loan to cover for the injured Luke Steele and Suspended Ben Alnick



13 Aug 2012 13:18:06
Artell signs for NTFC



13 Aug 2012 13:13:36
Plymouth Argyle manager Carl Fletcher is hoping to conclude a deal for released Birmingham City midfielder Enric Valles after he recently spent a few days training with the Pilgrims and impressed greatly.



13 Aug 2012 13:32:24
Morecambe's Nick Fenton subject of a cash bid from Bradford City

Dont need him. We have a perfectly good reserve team back four already thanks.

You can't have him. We have a better back 5 including our keeper and Fents is ready to step in if anyone's injured or suspended.



13 Aug 2012 12:52:02
Middlesbrough have completed the signing of goalkeeper Jayson Leutwiler as back up to Jason Steele. He's expected to be on the bench against Barnsley on Saturday.

Good news, looks like we are getting a strong squad together!

John guidetti could be on his way to middlesbrough on loan for the season

If boro get gudetti . casterlan . mcgalcran there would finish top 2 easy

City dont want to lone the lad



13 Aug 2012 12:34:57
Reading are interested in Crystal Palace's Wilfried Zaha. Tentative talks have taken place but nothing concrete yet. Talks no doubt would have taken place after the friendly between the two clubs on Saturday.

No one is going to pay the asking price, he'll keep Palace up at least.

So is half the premier league

Hope so he will become a great player in the future



13 Aug 2012 12:44:23
deals that will happen by next saturday
owen and adam johnson(loan) to everton
charlie adams sawp with c.dempsey cash inc
Edin Dzeko to a.c milan
Scott Sinclair to man city..(not sure why lol)
Jordan Rhodes to blackburn..
Jermain Defoe to sunderland
Dimitar Berbatov to zenit
Daniel Agger to man city
Nuri Sahin to liverpool (loan)

friend is a agent..hope the owen 1 is not true,unless pay as u play

Owen, Dempsey and Johnson loan to Everton

Rhodes to Blackburn?....

No chance

For one dzeko has been t
Old he's not going to leave man city and
Charlie Adam has said he's not going no where he wants stay at lpool fight for his place and Rhodes will be premship bound

Maybe 1 of them will happen



13 Aug 2012 12:43:09
Bristol Rovers are set to sign former Notts Forest Goalkeeper Paul Smith on a 1 year rolling contract. Rovers are hoping the deal will go through in time for him to be available for their league cup tie against Ipswich on Tuesday.

Rovers manager Mark McGhee decided against offering trialist GK Iain Turner a contract after he failed to impress in 2 friendly games.

Rovers will also announce that Former Wimbledon GK will be taking over as a part time GK coach at the club, following the departure of Carl Emberson to Luton

That's not really a rumour is it? It's word for word what he said in his interview, except you forgot to write that the name of the former Wimbledon GK is Dave Beasant.

Very good signing if you get him. Should have been given more chances at Forest.

Forest fan.

The GK coach is now understood to be Dave Beasant

Dave Beasant is thought to be favourite to land the goalkeeping coach role at Bristol Rovers.



13 Aug 2012 12:10:43
Chris Wood in talks with Bristol City over proposed move. Fee agreed 1.65M

Bristol city have not got that type of money

It was 'reported' on here that Tony Mowbray is interested. No offence I'd rather sign for a more ambitious boro side who's manager he's already played under.

And yesterday you were posting that Sam Baldock was a done deal - tell me where has a club with no money suddenly found it all - under a stone at the bottom of the garden!

Chris wood was at bcfc last season so he's played under our manager too and we have enough funds for this transfer too if true.

Ow dear you silly Boro fan, He played for City on loan last season!!

We have money. Before you try and slag off a club at least find out a bit about them. COYR

We don't have 1.65M to spend on a striker when we still need a CB. Only reason we could afford Baldock was because of the 1M West Ham still owe us from the Maynard transfer so essentially we were only paying 500K. Chris Wood isn't even worth 1.65M, he is not that good. And Chris Wood, another target man to add to Jon Stead and Ryan Taylor, no thank you, we need some PACE upfront - like Maynard who Del Boy has said he is trying to 'replace' so that means a pacey player, not another target man, there is no need! And Baldock has not fallen through yet. He is just taking time to sign and waiting for other options in the hope of staying in London, but as no London team wants him he'll have to leave London for first team football, so that deal is still on the cards.

If Mowbray is interested then let's hope he takes him because that would be insane money for someone of his ability.

Chris Wood is a hell of a talent, but he is deffinetly not the player Bristol City need right now.

He could go on to be as sucsessful as a Kevin Davies or Andy Carroll. Top target man in the making.

We dont have money? where did the maynard money go and stephen henderson, oh and by the way steve lansdown is still able to invest. The issue is finding the right players which will come to the club not the money!

Some facts... McInnes was told his transfer budget this season was ~600K. Having spent almost half of that on Cunningham it leaves 300K for a CB and Forward. Baldock was attractive as City offered 250K plus the money West Ham owed from the Maynard transfer which is ~1.2M. A move for a season loan of an unnamed established premiership CB fell through nearly two weeks ago and has left McInnes searching for a suitable replacement.

Try having a look for a certain 'Steve Landsdown' on Google and then tell me where we found the money? To add, you'll see Bristol Rugby and BCFC in the same new stadium soon......both in their respective Premierships....C'mon Bristol

Just a long shot but if were looking for pace up front why not try Yannick up there. He's got fast feet and is tricky and wiry. I think he could be the answer to all our problems. Remember Thierry Henry started on the wing!



13 Aug 2012 12:08:38
3 teams thought to be interested in simon church on a season long loan huddersfield thought to be in the driving seat for his signiture,would be the icing on the cake should we get him

Old news this........its a done deal on church, and he will have Novak`s place in the team friday



13 Aug 2012 11:35:36
Barndoor billy finally agreed a two year deal with Donny. Source SSN



13 Aug 2012 11:33:27
Graham Westley has told a fans forum the club are looking into the possibility of signing Robert Earnshaw, but negotations are far from completion



13 Aug 2012 11:31:05
Steve Simonsen is on trial with Preston and is expected to sign for the club in the next few days

He's ex Tranmere and that seems to be the qualification for playing for Preston now !

Lol! Ex "anyone who's cheap enough" for us this season mate.



13 Aug 2012 11:27:02
Michael Owen to make return to premiership football to Stoke City

Not when he's asking for 70K a week!

I didn't know Michael Owen had left Premiership Football.
Wasn't the club he was playing for last season Manchester United in the Premiership or did I miss something?

Are there any more half decent strikers about/ not injured/not after megga money/ just want to do a job for the love of it. apply stoke city

Please no.. go cardiff or everton

Owen & warnock to complete the signings for stoke with jones going villa

Stoke don't need Owen they can sign a way better striker..! Owen would bring alot of experience into the dressing room no doubt but they need a striker playing every game and banging goals in FULL STOP!

Stoke wont sign warnock as we have have signed goron popov on loan and i agree about owen, jermain defoe would be much much better



13 Aug 2012 11:22:29
brentford missed out on paul hayes so scunny set to battle gillingham for hayes who would cost about 150k

Brentford didn't miss out! we refused to bend to his wage demands!

I'm loving the sagacious veracity of this pesudo-forum/ comment thread board-thingy.

Here is what IS true, from a man in the know:

Brentford WON'T sign a proper striker until they find themselves mid-table and going, "uh-oh". Possibly7-8 games in.

Sam Saunders is Brentford through and through and he'll never leave. Even if he scores against Greece.

DJ Cambell on loan, coming to a stadium near you.




13 Aug 2012 11:16:18
connor sammon at moor farm now looking round and ready to sign for the rams whoooooo hoooooooo



13 Aug 2012 11:06:36
Arouna Kone is likely to join Wigan Athletic according to Spanish reports

I really hope this is true he is a very good player

Would be a great buy



13 Aug 2012 10:59:46
El Hadj Diouf has entered contract negotiations with Leeds after Neil Warnock could not muster enough transfer monies for key positions of striker (West Ham's Nicky Maynard) and right wing (QPR's Shawn Wright Phillips).

Nothing to do with not being able to raise money, diouf has been in the wings for months, just waiting for season start, as for swp , never even on the radar

Not a bad shout, i think diouf could be as good as maynard anyway. He made doncaster look fairly deadly going forward at some point during his spell

Aparently on an open contract. Playing for Leeds but free to leave

SWP to leeds thats funny how they gonna pay his 60k aweek oh no don't tell me QPR will pay most of it. Pure fantasy Shaun has had a great preseason and may well have pushed himself back into the starting 11

SWP would of only been going to Leeds if the takeover had happened already; this is why they are brining in El Hadj Diouf to cover the position, it has been confirmed on the official Leeds website that full contract negotiations will start next week after the Wolves game where he will be in the squad.



13 Aug 2012 10:58:09
Barnsley are set to resign David Button on loan from Tottenham for a month.



13 Aug 2012 10:57:06
Peterborough United boss Darren Ferguson has arranged talks for Thursday with former Wigan midfielder Jimmy Bullard after his release from Ipswich. Bullard played for United between 2001 and 2003.

Yeah right he's too old for our transfer policy.

I'm sure posh fans will be livid at this. All I hear is them going on and on about not having anyone in the squad over the age of 26 or whatever.

Would be fantastic, not a chance though too much wage

Jimmy bullard is not returning to posh 1 man who could be is mclean, posh are prepared to pay 1 million, but wages will be the sore point, surely he would take what was offerd to tayls and to start regualy

Never going to happen

Strict wagers policy at Posh so i would say, absolute pie in the sky.

They're not livid, they're are just not taken in with this silly rumour.

Have a look in the MLS league there are 3 clubs ready to take him



13 Aug 2012 10:26:10
ED - any new rumours regarding stoke city seems to be very quiet now

Have signed:
Jamie Ness, Michael Kightly, Geoff Cameron and Goran Popov still interest in owen also shown interest in Richard Dunne and Alan Hutton both from aston Villa so saying that its quiet is wrong



13 Aug 2012 10:39:48
Former Swindon Town captain Paul Caddis is the subject of an £800'000 offer from Ipswich Town. There is also interest from Huddersfield and Sheffield United but Ipswich are the only club to make a concrete offer for the influential right back. It is believed that Caddis wanted the opportunity to speak with Ipswich when the bid was made apparent in July but club manager Paolo Di Canio was unwilling to allow talks to go ahead.

There may be something in the as he was stripped as club captain on friday,and previous rumours of Ipswich making a bid for a player were assumed to be for ritchie

I think you will find that It was Sheffield Utd that made the bid and Cadds wanted to speak with them, hence why he has been stripped of the captaincy, expect rocky roads ahead for the right back, I think we should have accepted the 800k its a lot of money for a right back.

Huddersfield DO NOT need a right back!

Sheffield United don't need another right back. We've already brought in Tony McMahon and Darryl Westlake during this transfer window for the right back position. We've also broght in Matt Hill who can play anywhere in defence. We don't have the need for the likes of Paul Caddis. Besides Paul Caddis has signed a contract extension with Swindon Town recently, I doubt he is going anywhere. But then again everyone seems to have been linked with Ipswich Town recently according to this website.

How true is this,unless we are selling cress well. hot air I think.

Former Captain????? And he's going nowhere!!

99% sure this is not true. We have bought a young right-back in Elliott Hewitt from Macclesfield this summer and we won't be looking to spend 800,000 on any player in a position that we already have competition for places in.

He signed a new deal about 2 months ago so i doubt that

He is worth as much as ritchie so 800k is is a micky mouse offer and will be rejected. If the player wants to join other clubs then i would ask the question of why he has recently signed a new contract and suggest an offer of close to 2million is near to his real value, 800k why would he think we would let him talk to other clubs based on an 800k offer that he knows is gonna be rejected

Not true don't need to sign another right back,already signed hewitt and we won't spend 800,000 on another one!!

Just like the above, Ipswich have cover for that position in Elliot Hewitt who has massive potential, also, Sheffield United have Westlake and McMahon who will both not want to join and then warm the bench

All makes more sense now. Stripped of captaincy because he was deemed to be disloyal as skipper of the side.
If Ipswich were the team then that is a temptation for any league one player.
Feel he is total class so would expect at least 1.5 million before he was allowed to go. Time will tell but 800,000 definitely not enough.

Caddis didn't sign a new contract, the club took up a years option that was written into his contract. Caddis had no say.

I have no idea if this rumour is true, but he didn't sign a new contract. The club had the option of extending his contract & took it up, Caddis got no choice in the matter.

I heard Cresswell has held talks with Norwich city,

Ed can you please stop these rumours being put up about Swindon as they are upsetting and just not true. Many thanks :) {Ed044's Note - haha sorry



13 Aug 2012 10:33:24
Brentford are signing Scott Barron from Millwall

What about another 'striker' kj before the 'deadline'?

Panic buy I am guessing to make numbers up!! Need to get some real quality in if we want to go up!! Could do with a household name striker too but guess we just can't pay the wages!! Shame to see Hayes knock us back!!

I love this site! Everyone saying Brentford missed out on Paul Hayes and we can't afford his wages! Today Brentford have signed him on a 3 yr deal 4k a week! We have got money if we need it as stated by our new chairman Matthew benham!



13 Aug 2012 10:26:00
Reds to complete signings of both Ibrahima Sonko and Scott Hogan this week, also Marlon Harewood is training with Barnsley over a possible move. But the Tykes yet to sign a keeper on loan while Ben Alnwick sits out his suspension as Hill believes Lukas Lidakevicius isn't ready to make the step up, although he is a fantastic keeper.

The same marlon harewood that is currently training with sheffield wednesday??
and i'm a blade not an owl

No the marlon harewood that was training with sheff wed but now Barnsley

Or the same Harewood who left wendies last week?

Harewood is training with Barnsley yes but Sonko has left the club - not sure if Hill didn't think he was good enough or if he wanted too much cash. Really don't see the point the in signing Hogan when he couldn't even get into some league 2 and non-league sides.

Blade, listen to your local radio station, MH has been released from his trial with the Wendies.

He was turned down by wednesday despite scoring a hat trick in a 4-1 friendly win over Kilmarnock.

Harewood is not with Wednesday anymore as they didn't offer him a contract. Barnsley are hoping to sign him if he impresses in his trial.



13 Aug 2012 10:19:42
Crawley have swooped for Lee Barnard
and Southampton have agreed a fee
over the weekend, he did have a loan
option at Palace but now prefers a
permanent move to Crawley, even
though they are in League 1.

I think actually Southampton wanted to let him go on a permanent basis so they would be happier with the sale. Plus Barnard is more likely to get first team Football at Crawley. Wish you lot the best of luck with him he is a very good striker.

They might have

Good player Barnard. He will do well for Crawley

If this is true wish Barney all the best,felt
he was good for us,should be fantastic for Crawley.

Any more info?

True tht barnard was good

Just re-watched the highlights of our League one promotion season and forgot how much Barny contributed. Fantastic player for a league one club and assuming he can stay fit would be a massive signing



13 Aug 2012 10:11:52
Swindons Paul Caddis has been stripped of the captaincy! Any news regarding potential in-comings at the County Ground anyone?

No looks dead at the moment i can see , somebody leaving soon ?
one off richie/ferry/caddis/benson



13 Aug 2012 10:01:54
Liverpool have had an 18m offer for gaston Ramirez accepted and is arriving for a medical tomorrow

Yay! . but this is probably a lie , but you never know .

Lets hope so!! ynwa

This why his agent just said he rejected tottenham over wages and has only had brief talks with liverpool nothing else

Hope he will arrive this window YNWA

He would be amazing at Liverpool



13 Aug 2012 10:01:28
Southampton have made bids for William gallas and Stephen warnock in a bid to strengthen there squad ahead of the new season

Gallas no chance. he is injury prone, old and will demand huge salary. warnock is turd so hope this is not true.

I sincerely hope you are telling a joke.

Lol can't see that happening

Gallas. I don't think so. His wages will be astronomical and we wont go for that

Moste unlikely I would say as they just don't fit the plan.

Not sure why people slate Warnock, not a bad player, was on the fringes of the england squad



13 Aug 2012 09:54:51
Middlesbrough manager, Tony Mowbray, is interested in signing West Brom striker Chris Wood. Wood is available after the baggies signed Romelu Lukaku on loan from Chelsea. Woods, at 6'3'' is the physical presence Mowbray is searching for.

Could happen but mowbray said he wants an experienced forward like fuller.

Only on loan for the season

Could happen. Albion are reportedly going to listen to offers for the lad. He's a trier, but not mobile enough for the Premiership. Plus he is way down the pecking order. Mowbray gave him his Albion debut, but it was under Di Matteo when he scored a cracker v Doncaster in 2009. Good luck to him. As an aside, elsewhere I have read Mowbray may be looking at Ishmael Miller, an ex-Baggie from Forest. Again TM signed him up for the Albion.

Mowbray not after wood, Mowbray wants an older experienced front player,fuller is the player BORO bin linked with and is more of a Mowbray style of player.not knocking wood but BORO have better young players like main.can't see McManus or McDonald going on free transfers Gibson wouldn't allow such transfer.

Woods is twice the player Miller is, Miller has not really set the world alight at Forest has he ?

''cant see McManus or McDonald going on free transfers Gibson wouldn't allow such transfer'' He would consider if someone offered to take up their contracts. They are on massive wages. If they went and Fuller, McEachran and Amougou came in, we'd be better off.

Gibbo would drive them to Spain for a free transfer to free up the money they r on but they'll wait it out with or without game time because no other team will pay them half as much wages they're on at the boro except a Saudi or Chinese team with silly money but they don't wana move abroad so they'll just sit n wait out n milk the club for the next 18 months or so........ Strachan signings!



13 Aug 2012 09:42:22
Only just heard millwalls liam trotter will agreed to join Q.P.R for 2.3 million sometime this week

We wont sell for less than 3 million

Good one his only just said he wants to sign a new contract


What a load of rubbish, Trotter isn't going anywhere. I will give you 50 quid if he leaves

Trotter said he didn't want to leave the den and QPR have park, diakite and Barton! If trotter goes they better send Barton on loan

Where did you hear that? Rubbish


Then why has he just said that he will be staying and thinking of signing a contract extension

As a QPR fan I agree with replies makes no sense what so ever. For either team or the player



13 Aug 2012 09:38:03
Ricardo Fuller and Josh McEachran to sign for Middlesbrough before Saturdays league opener. Scott Mcdonald and Steven McManus to be given free transfers to release further wages for Ishmail Miller, Andre Amougou and Harry Kewell to sign before the transfer window closes. Amougou and Kewell are free agents so they could sign after the window closes but Mogga wants them in sooner rather than later.

It'll be one or the other regarding fuller and miller

''Scott Mcdonald and Steven McManus to be given free transfers to release further wages''. Free transfers to other clubs? or just released to be a free agent? Dont want Kewell especially if we get McEachran..

I can definately see them both being given free transfers and being told to find new clubs. Their wages are holding us back. But as for being released from their contracts, the club and the player would have to agree to terminate a contract by mutual consent-cant see that happening...but you never know!

Harry Kewell not coming to boro never was!

McDonald n McManus would have to agree with letting them become free agents! Would u when your earning 45k a week when no other club would pay u that silly amount?? Or would u just wait it out n hope that after yav took every penny of your contract you get another club n take a pay cut?? I know what I'd do.

I don't see why not, according to sky sports etc it's down to us or Blackburn who are most interested.

Good we dont want kewell hes sh

Gents, I see alot of negative talk about Harry Kewell here, he would be an amazing acquisition for boro, If they want promotion they need experience like Harry. I lived in Australia for the last twelve months. Harry played all the league games for the Melbourne Victory, 8 international games in the number 10 role and starred. He came second in the MVP next to Thomas Broich, scored goal of the year and was not injurred once. Trust me no league is as physical as the Aussie league boys. Rhys Williams is the new Captain for Boro and just ask him what he thinks of Kewell.

KEWELL IS WAY BETTER THAN ANY OF THE OTHER PROSPECTS... get your facts right guys, he just played a full season and didnt miss a game. skills and distant shooting still in tact

You dont want kewell ,he,s a sick note ,and his legs have gone ,good luck guys

Not being negative about Kewell mate just in my opinion as a boro fan I just wouldn't want him playing for us beacause In my opinion again I dont think he's good enough n he may have played well in a league but that's not the championship n yes he represents his country but also in my opinion Australia aren't really a top notch side n I also totally disagree with u about the a league being more physical than the champo ask Rhys or Scott they'll tell u the English leagues are the hardest in the world through the quality of players from abroad and England playing in them..... Just my opinion of course!

Yeah I appreciate your opinion. I agree the A league is not the Championship but Im talking about physicality, not skill.. Obviously the Championship is more challenging but Australian play a rougher grade of football and it haunts them at international level as they give away alot of free kicks. On the socceroos, not a good team? lets look at that. In 2011 Australia was the first team in 27 years to beat the dutch in the netherlands, in 2011 the socceroos were the first team to beat germany in 18 years in germany. In 2011 they finished in the final of the Asian cup to lose to Japan from a dodgy decision in the 90th min. I think before you brand a team "no good" you should do some homework! England is a team I would brand "no good". BTW Australia beat England the last time they played too, Harry Kewell starred haha. Each to their own i guess. Boro can go with anyone else if they like or they can go for a player like kewell, chamions league winner, FA cup winner, EPL MVP (with leeds) and 64 international caps with 51 goals.

In reply to the socceroo: Where in my last post does it say the England national team are great??? They're not great n if ur going on on shock results no one cares mate! Australia are not a team of international world beaters FACT even their club captain Rhys Williams plays in the championship so far from world beaters pal! England are way better in truth n Harry Kewell yeah champions league experience but fact is he is a has been nothing more..... Played good in a s*** league FACT n nobody needs to do any homework on Australia cause truth is nobody except Australia or u is interested haha

Best thing to come out of Australia is skippy the bush kangaroo FACT!

I'd prefer wilf mannion back where's he at these days? 110 goals in 368 apps! Aww nor sorry that was during the war haha

Why would BORO need kewell when it looks likely fuller might be signing who for this league would be a better for the Australian league,no way shape or form is it any more physical than the championship.the A league is a very poor league,very poor.

Australia first team in 18 years to beat Germany in their own country....2001 Germany 1 England 5, get YOUR facts right! Ozzie A league is the equivalent of our football conference league (non league) amateur football at best.

Well stated On the England score mate

England 2-1 Italy.......... Scotland 3-1 Australia haha mint the ozzies like!

2001 Germany 1 England 5

rememebr that i guess not



13 Aug 2012 09:36:28
Brighton are to re-sign Crystal Palace striker Glen Murray for an undisclosed fee. Brighton have also agreed terms with Liverpool to sign Nathan Eccleston on season long loan with view to possible permanent signing. Source: Gazette, Health Rep Agent.

Haha who makes these up?

If only this could be true. would love to see murray go back to brighton. from a true red & blue.

Had Nathan Eccleston at Charlton for a while, good young player.

No way, Judas can stay where he is.

He was only on loan!! =O haha!!



13 Aug 2012 01:08:27
bristol city to announce the signings of lucas neil cb, sam baldock st, and akos buszacky cm, all by the end of the week, dont believe me then fine bu you heard it here first!

Looks like Mcinnes is going to be real busy signing all those players plus Chris Wood!

By all accounts baldock pulled out of the city deal

I really do hope we don't sign Lucas Neill, He is too old. Experienced, but too old! I thought we were trying to build for the future! I highly hope we sign Amougou and not Neill, Amougou is a much better fit and has already proved himself! I will be pleased with finalised deals of Buzsaky and Baldock though, they're 2 class signings! Eventhough Baldock is taking ages to put pen to paper and may take a while to settle to life in the south west! Buzsaky doesn't have that problem seeming he was previously with Plymouth! COYR

Hes good but not worth that, we need a quick striker anyway



13 Aug 2012 00:55:47
Chris Wood returning to Bristol City for £1.6 Million

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo ................................. PLEASE

We dont want chris wood ryan taylor is better for back up!

I REALLY HOPE THIS IS NOT TRUE. WE DO NOT NEED WOOD. Okay, a loan signing i can deal with! But 1.6M, WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY!? We do not need another target man! We need someone like Maynard to replace him, someone with pace. Sam Baldock for instance! I REALLY HOPE THIS IS NOT TRUE EVENTHOUGH BBC SPORT GOSSIP COLUMN SAYS WEST BROM HAVE PUT HIM UP FOR SALE!



13 Aug 2012 00:49:48
Michael Owen is set for a shock move to Everton on a pay as you play deal.

Hes going to Cardiff city

Oh God no!!!

Hope so I certainly don't want him in stoke's treatment room, we need the space for Jamie ness



12 Aug 2012 23:35:10
Crysta Palace to sign Crewe winger BYRON MOORE

Never seen him play, nor heard of him. Sounds like a typical Dougie Freedman signing, better be good if this is true. - Palace Fan.

Wasnt he out of contract then he signed a new contract instead of moving to an spl team

He has just signed a new contract not going to happen, Moore not good enough for championship anyway he isn't consistant.



12 Aug 2012 23:33:34
Newcastle to bid £8mil for debuchy

Apparently agreed terms



12 Aug 2012 23:10:33
Stockport hoping to negotiate a deal for S.Celtic's Greg Wilkinson and want to sign trialist Alex Meaney. Also trying to get former stars Paul Turnbull and Matty Mainwaring to return for the third time.




12 Aug 2012 22:40:59
Leyton Orient are close to signing Paul Rachubka after the goalkeeper was released by Leeds.

We had him at Tranmere on loan last season, if you sign him I hope you have a very good defence ! He was awfull for us !

I feel sorry for them . He's So bad he let in five goals for us when we played Blackpool .

Wev'e just signed a cover keeper, why would we need another

I dont think he has been released has he

We Had Him Towards The End Of Last Season. He Was Terrible. There's No Way Hes Coming Back. Useless *********

& Anyway, We've Signed Another GK & Our Number 1 Is Fit Again So This Story Is False

He is the worst keeper everr, i would be willing to go in goal to stop him letting in 5 every week

Worst goalie I have ever seen, during his loan spell at us, the only thing he caught was a cold



12 Aug 2012 22:38:28
Matthew Gill set to join Luton Town after a fall out with the management at Bristol Rovers.

What rubbish.

Hope this is true - Matt Gill has taken far too much money from BRFC for doing nothing (always injured) - he certainly saw us coming with a 3 Year deal!..

Hope so. He's lightweight rubbish more interested in his Tennis business in Norfolk.

Thats why about 5 hours ago he had an interveiw saying how much he looking forward to starting the season dont post stuff when there is so much against it

Watch the gritted teeth interview and you'll see he's anxious to get away

Was hopefull when I saw this but McGhee obviously backs him which is why he seems to be an undsiputed starter and remains captain.

Doesn't sound like a fall out, does it?



12 Aug 2012 22:31:17
After just 2 years at the club only making 8 apperances, West Brom and Team GB Olympics 2012 defender Craig Dawson could join Swansea for 2m!


Absolute rubbish. Dawson just signed a new deal last season and is future captain material.

No way in hell would west brom sell Dawson

He would be good for the swand

Albion will definitely not let Dawson go

He's also only been here for 1 season, spent first season on loan at Rochdale

Dawson to Swansea? He broke into the Albion side last season and is rated by the coaching staff.

The reason why Dawson has only made 8 apperances, in in part to the fact he was loaned back to Rochdale for a season when we signed him in August 2010. Do your research please!

This may happen swans are looking to add to their defence wiv young welsh prospect nigel davies set to join the swans for a undisclosed fee from local team in welsh prem

What Swansea fan posted this?? Laudrup has said himself he will not buy British players. He doesn't know enough about them. Especially players who don't even play.

, my god someones been playing to much football manager

Young nigel davies is set to join been seen in landarcy set to have medical at swansea only cost 80.000 due to playeing for a small welsh team (cimla a.f.c) 22 year old is old school defender



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