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Lfc news:
liverpool's new sponcer is not the rumoured standard chartered, but actually in fact mercedez benz. i got this from a extremely reliable source. Wait and see.

I have a few ITK stuff regarding NEWCASTLE UNITED.

Barry Moat, a local Tyneside property developer, has been holding talks with Mike Ashley and Seymour Pierce for over a month but is short of the £100m asking price. Moat will not buy the club as he cannot strike a deal with Barclays regarding the club's overdraft facility.

However Charles Sale, a billionaire American investor backed I believe by a consortium of American billionaire and millionaire's, is the closest anyone has come to purchasing the club. He has shown proof of funds, has agreed the price with Ashley and is waiting for things to be processed for him to complete the deal.

Also, Newcastle have signed a talented young keeper called Lee Clark who will join the Academy.

Loads of transfer news .

Lucas neil has signed for west ham
David Silva from the andorra side willsign for burnley in January.

by the way i am a west ham fan.

Frank Ribery is likely to sign for Chelsea or Real Madrid.

Benjani will sign for Portsmouth or Notts County in January.

Michael Ball could sign for west ham or Cardiff.

Bolo Zenden could join Blackburn , Hull , Notts County or even Barnet.

Luis Fabiano will sign for Man Utd in January.

and west ham could sign Ronaldinho in January from Ac milian if we can get the takeover to happen.

According to ITK's, Spurs are trying to get a work permit for Sandro and to sign him in January. The tie up with Internacional was done too late in the summer window. Inter's president has said the £14million bid was 'reasonable'.

But. .the rules for work permits are complex. Sandro doesn't have joint EU nationality, isn't married to an EU citizen, hasn't played more than 70% of Brazils 'A' team matches. Hopefully the Points Based System might provide an argument that he has exceptional skills that cannot be found within the the EU and that his presence would have a beneficial economic impact. It looks like the age of a player is taken into consideration by the home office. For example if a young player is a regular for the U21 team and progresses to the full squad, which Sandro has done. The level of the players national side is also important it seems!

I'm not optimistic, so I've sent a photo of my daughter and booked a date at Gretna Green next month!

Standard Chartered, the London–based international bank, are liverpools new shirt sponsors from 2010 the deal is worth £80 million over four years
very rarely i get my rumours posted (wonder if this 1 will be?)but this just prooves the yanks are trying 2 do their bit 2 help liverpool so all the deluded posters that keep saying they don't care about us are talking crap because what kind of person(s) shell out money 2 let their investment dwindle away
its better the devil you know and the arabs and other interested parties could be far worse than these yanks

Jonaton Johansson who was recently released by hibs is considering a move to rivals hearts as they look to add to strike department.His wife works for stv and they would like to remain in scotland

Liverpool wil sign these players in the summer:



Everton fans will be interested to discover that the club is in talks with a Swedish and Swiss consortium headed by Ingvar Kamprad, the fourth richest man in the world. Kamprad has an estimated worth of £30 billion, and was the founder of the IKEA chain. Talks have been ongoing for 12 months now, but recently have progressed to the point where the club has handed over all documents pertaining to it's finances and dealings.


1 Mukesh and Anil Ambani India Petrochemicals
advisers has been to 3 meeting with the glasiers
this month
takover before january

The 'news' of Liverpools new £80 million 4 year sponsorship deal has actually been around for over a month now.

It does prove however that, although these Yanks know very little about football, they do know a thing or two about making money. Once again I'll re–iterate, they're only here to make money and they know that the only way they'll be making significant money is a new stadium. They also know however that the man to keep them ticking over in the meantime, IE stay in the CL, is Rafa. So he isn't going to be sacked, they know they face a huge revolt if he is.

He'll be given a fair bit of money to spend in January, certainly off the back of this new sponsorship deal. Rafa will have a keen eye on those countries who may not qualify for the World Cup EG Argentina, Portugal, France, Germany, Russia etc. The majority will qualify but a couple of big nations will inevitably miss out, and Rafa will look at those players as their prices won't be inflated by World Cup performances, whereas those clubs with World Cup players will wait until after the tournament has finished before considering selling. With this in mind, look for bids for Aguero certainly and maybe Gourcuff but not to go through until the summer.



add newd lk



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