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12 Oct 2012 19:30:56
Burnley look to make a deal with Owen coyle about the vacancy of the managers role {Ed003's Note - Not according to Burnleys chief exec}

This will not happen! Plenty of Burnley fans will hand there season tickets back if this does! We will get someone in who is cheap as there are no transfer funds and we have no money! Where has all the money gone of late???

I've heard this too it would be gr8 if coyle came back UTC

There is a large sign outside Turf Moor saying "OWEN COYLE NOT WELCOME HERE"

Best manager you ever had

Look Owen coyle is not welcome at turf moor, the reception he received on the first day of the season spoke volumes as to how the Burnley fans feel about the way in which he left Burnley at such a vital time in one of the biggest seasons of burnley f.c's existence.



12 Oct 2012 17:24:42
howe has officaly joined bournemouth its on telly im glad like every bournemouth fan should be i wonder what the odds are on us now getting promoted sorry for spellings

Eddie Howe done nothing for burnley!

Promoted,haha.we ain't got a chance,not even wiv darling eddie!step backwards if u ask me,hope he proves me wrong!let the panto keep rollin!

8/1 for play offs and 30/1 for div1 champs.

He would have gone before the end of the season as he was running out ideas and could have been given the old tin tack

He left Burnley as he wasn't good enough in the Championship. Nice guy jumps ship very easily.

He left burnley as there is no ambition and no money there! Mid table is a successful season according to board. Bournemouth have Russian investment, building bigger ground, want to go as far as they can etc. lets see where Bournemouth and burnley are in 2 years time. I think burnley fans have seriously under estimated Howe by saying he lacks ambition, he could of sat at burnley in mid table obscurity balancing books with not much pressure but now he has to build a football club, not just a team, but a football club at Bournemouth and the pressure of that will be intense. That's ambition for you

He's a bottler

Bigger ground you can't fill the one you got the fans said lets pack the ground for eddies home coming what was the crowd 5,700. I wish some of you so called fans would be realistic. Russians money yes big support no and before somone says we usedto have 20 to 30,000 in the sixties times have changed

Reply to the above. You are right on the first part. However people want to watch winners and when AFCB were second in league 1 and a point away from the leaders( Brighton) I struggled to buy a ticket some weeks as it was booked out, so watch this space in a couple of years

Dean court holds 10,000 if you build a ground that holds 20 to 30,000 you may get crowds of 15,000. The problem you have is that the surrounding area has a lot of retirement flats so a lot of elderly folk.

The problem Bournemouth have is there is lots of other things to do on a Saturday. Football isn't the only thing the borough has to offer compared to other places like southampton for example {Ed003's Note - It is the same in all seaside resorts }

There was a time when bournemouth were called 'newcatle of the south' they have a large catchment area that could easily support 20,000 crowds. Look around at teams nearby who were struggling with 5,000 crowds i.e reading they have had investors which enabled them to become championship plus club. circumstances over the last forty years mean't we did not move forward, the decline made it virtually impossible to invest in the cllub. Administration actually galvanised the support and the club managed to rid the debt, this is what made us viable to have a russian billionaire to buy in to the vision for afcb. The return of eddie howe is the final piece of the jigsaw, I expect promotion, building of hotel and fourth stand and a growing support as people will see the vision being realised. This is not just fantascy football but is likely reality!



12 Oct 2012 17:19:09
MacDonald sticks with Plymouth.

Burnley forward Alex MacDonald has extended his loan spell with League Two side Plymouth.


I knew this yesterday {Ed025's Note - do you know the lottery numbers for tomorrow?..

He's obviously decided to stay on holiday a little longer.

Why didn't he just sign for them permanently in the summer - it was a waste of time giving him a new deal at burnley!

He's hinted countless of times to Fletch to sign him on. It'll happen.

I think if fletch want mac on a permanent deal he would of signed him already. he is just waiting for the right time to replace him with a permanent player. abuse the loan system always



12 Oct 2012 17:17:31
Milan rebuff Guardiola rumours.

Adriano Galliani laughed off reports he is heading to New York in a bid to make Pep Guardiola the AC Milan boss.




12 Oct 2012 17:14:07
Silvestre wants PL return.

Mikael Silvestre is training with Manchester United as he attempts to find employment at a Premier League club.


I knew this last week

The only teams stupid enough to take him would be wigan, reading, southampton, norwich. Teams that need experienced prem defenders or need cover.

He should try championship he'd get more takers there.



12 Oct 2012 17:13:30
Bournemouth agree Howe package.

Bournemouth have confirmed they have agreed a compensation package with Burnley to bring Eddie Howe back as manager.


Eddie howe has come home, took some extra money from max demin to seal the deal, but this is the start of afcb season.

Never mind the Howe package, question is why?

Family reasons apparantly , with the death of his mother not so long back , and the birth of a son , and his mrs , he wanted to go home ! Good luck eddie , and good luck bournemouth !

(1) Mum died six months ago- dad struggling to adjust and Eddie feels helpless so far away in such a demanding and time consuming job.
(2) Wife not happy being so far away from family, friends etc now 1st child has been born and has pretty much moved back down south already (been there a month or so according to rumours).

Eddie has had to balance this against his job and quite rightly he's decided that his family, at this point in time, has to come first. Fair play to him- his priorities are in the right place.

Hope he succeeds at Bournemouth and he comes to Turf Moor with them next the Championship!

Nice post above, I wish burnley every success and hope they find a new manager who does well with them. Family first, football second. I've known Eddie a few years and I can tell you he is one of the most genuine men out there. He was obviously suffering and this was too good an oppurtunity too turn down (as in coming home). Doing a half job at burnley with his mind elsewhere is not in him so he has done the honourable thing.



12 Oct 2012 17:10:57




12 Oct 2012 16:26:28
Southend United i am pleased to announce are out of a transfer embargo, and have signed Jonson Clarke Harris from P'boro on a month's loan. We will also be signing free agent Sean McAllister next week.



12 Oct 2012 15:51:12
English Premier League sides, including swansea, newcastle and fulham are chasing VVV Venlo winger Yanic Wildschut



12 Oct 2012 15:48:32
Official E Howe has left Burnley! Burnley will get someone in on the cheap as this is what we do!
Burnley will not get a good decent manager as there are no funds and will cost money. Could be relegation!



12 Oct 2012 15:46:41
Mk dons trialists are:
Henri saivet-bourdeaux
al abed-al hilal

Not the names I'd heard. Allesandro Celin is the one on everyone's lips. Seems it's likely to happen today or tomorrow. Holds an Italian passport, so no Work Permit issues.

Alessandro Celin is indeed the trialist, very likely to sign this week.

And the other?



12 Oct 2012 14:55:34
Bradford will sign Angelo Balanta on a months loan from QPR to cover for the injured Kyel Reid.



12 Oct 2012 13:49:00
Expect a huge clear out at Bournemouth over the next few months after Howe takes charge, many on loan with subsidised wages, some moving permanently in January. many of Groves' players are not seen as up to the job. Bartley & Pitman coming in already looking like done deals.

Best news ever in 42 years supporting afc bournemouth, eddie howe returning home. It will be the finishing icing with a cherry on top if pitman and bartley follow.

Howe is the only one that can get the best out of Pitman. Pitman needs Howe more than Howe needs Pitman

Hope you get robinson on loan too, he's not needed at Huddersfield

Big thankyou to burnley fc as eddie howe belongs in bournemouth, personal reasons only made him leave burnley, heard that his wife had returned to dorset two weeks ago, so it was on the cards. All the best to burnley and hope to see you soon in the championship.



12 Oct 2012 13:36:56
Dicanio set to leave Swindon Town,the Embargo will not be sorted until afte the Cup Game with Villa.
If Swindon do not win tomorrow or he is given funds for several players out will go
his toys from the Pan yet again.
No doubt Coventry will beat Swindon.
That will be the finish for Dicanio

We will see

What a load of rubbish. Its actually toys from the Pram. If you are going to write rumours (that are tosh anyway) learn to write properly at least or have they not allowed you to use anything other than crayons yet! PDC does throw wobblies but we are 4th and he has shown throughout his career that he is loyal. Just ask Sheffield Weds, West Ham and Celtic fans. Try putting something on here when you have some proper rumours rather than wishful thinking from an Oxford fan

He's said he wants it sorted out as soon as possile and JEremy Wray is wokring to do that, we've paid the fees to Shrewsbuyr and Exeter for Collins and Archibald-Henville which was the only thing which tookour budget over, by 1.5. With Coke going back to Sheff Wed it will reduce it even more. All will be sorted soon and he will be able to sign one or two more players on loan to cover injuries (Williams, McCmormack although should be fit in week or so)



12 Oct 2012 11:38:32
Jermaine pennant to join wolves on loan untill january in order to get some games under his belt

How long before he gets sent back over disciplinary problems?

100% correct. Paul Tamworth

Pennant on a good day very very good on a bad day very very bad .clad we got him and not the young kid from unrubbished think he will be good in the champ should run defenders ragid and him and sako should give doyle siggy and seb a decent supply of crosses wolves for promotion wfe

Hope he remembers where he parked his Porshe



11 Oct 2012 23:09:01
Norwich City have shortlisted Gent striker Illombe Mboyo after scouts have been impressed by the player who has had a troubled past in his youth



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