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12 Nov 2012 23:02:42
Harry Worley to York. Clarke Carlisle to leave when short term contract is up to pursue TV interests. Both Chris Doig and David McGurk to exit the Bootham Crescent side on loan to conference clubs



12 Nov 2012 22:31:38
Take over fallen through at barnsley, potential investors not happy with results and crowd numbers

Not surprised with how the club is been run from top to bottom at the moment only way is down im afraid

Would you buy the club some bloke on the radio put a good idea in let the fans buy the club

I have defended Hill to the hilt because I believe that he has been unlucky with injuries, but if there is any truth whatsoever in this rumour then I believe that a collective madness must have overtaken the club management.

IF it was ever going to happen it wouldn't have been influenced by attendances and results. These are business people, when investing millions your business plan is more comprehensive than the last 4 results. Back your team instead of spreading non-rumours.

Wake up and take your hill tinted glasses off and realise we ARE going down...

We have had the same attendance and same results for last 4 year!!!

This take over as not fallen through in fact its gaining momentum.

Let the fans buy the club, are you for real ? all 24 fans we have got ! how long you reckon that would last ?

Can you please get your facts right. The takeover is still on going and is definitely going to happen

Cancel the spaghetti at half back tu the meat and tatty pucka

Experienced striker due immenatly in time for bolton match

Fans buy the club?. Apparat from the diehard 8k what they going to buy it with. Fickle fickle and more fickle and I can say that as I haven't missed a home game in 21 years



12 Nov 2012 21:15:51
Barnsley fans favourite to leave

Bobby hassle. Barnsley in talks with Chesterfield fc, seson long loan.

Deal to be announced tuesday / Wednesday


Shocking decision sent hill to chesterfield instead!!!!!!!!!

Yet another bad decision

Why? Bobby is too old and slow for the championship now Sorry but its true

What is hill doing does he actually want us to go down? Hassell is still one of our best defenders. We can't keep a clean sheet to save our lives lately

Can only sign on loan till end if December so get ya facts straight, maybe in January

Put him in goals hes better than alnwick!!!!!

Brian, what happened to your prediction?
Thursday and not signed!



12 Nov 2012 21:03:09
Millwall are in the process of agreeing a deal with West Brom for Chris Wood on a permanent deal. West Brom are asking for 1 milllion but Millwall are only prepared to pay for the deal in installments and future add-ons.

As a West Brom fan, I'd be hoping for a higher fee than 1 million

Nearly all transfers are paid in installments, so no barrier to this transfer as JB is willing to fund transfers if Millwall is in with a chance of the play-offs.

As a West Brom fan you want to play him then....why do you think a player you don't rate is worth over a mill. ........ you are selling him to Millwall bet you don't even get 750k...JB is a shrewd cookie

WBA to make an offer for jay spearing, steve clark really rates him

I do rate him yeah, and if I had the choice I wouldn't sell him... But if/when we do, I'd want more than 1 million

'As a West Brom fan you want to play him then....why do you think a player you don't rate is worth over a mill. ........ you are selling him to Millwall bet you don't even get 750k...JB is a shrewd cookie'

The only reason we don't play him is because he's a kid and is nowhere near the same level of Odemwingie, Long, Lukaku etc.

You say JB is a shrewd cookie well have you taken a look at our chairman?

Diomansay Kamara - sold for 6 mil
Curtis Davies - sold for 9 mil
Jonathon Greening - sold for 5 mil
Jason Koumas - sold for 5 mil
Nathan Ellington - sold for 4 mil

None of these players were worth any where near those figures but as we don't need to sell and we're one of the only clubs in the Prem who are financially self sufficient I reckon your thoughts on only paying 750,000 are way wide of the mark !

Exactly, somehow we even managed to make a profit on Borja Valero



12 Nov 2012 20:50:41
sheffeild wednesday looking to move dave jones to a director of football role to oversee all football matters.they hope to approach paolo dicanio about the managers role.they want the prodical son to return to hillsbourough.this will put two ex swindon managers in charge at boh sheffeild clubs

That would be the worst move ever for our club!

This ones a corker not a cat in hells chance

'Prodical Son'?? Hardly, he played just 41 games for Wednesday under a manager he hated for a club who could not wait to get rid after Paul Alcock dive fiasco. Another day, another PDC rumour. Next your going to tell me Matt Richie is going to Bournmouth.

Rubbish rumour, Paolo is off to manage the Moon park rangers, the club who play on the moon, he is always shooting into orbit and might as well be managing there

Matt Ritchie is going to Bournemouth

Deffo going to Bournemouth

Think he is already in his car and on the way to be honest

Saw him in Town buying his bucket and spade

That was a poop scoup mate

No, you all have it wrong....Bournmouth is going to Matt Ritchie!!



12 Nov 2012 20:48:28
Rovers are about to sign Phillip McCracken in January {Ed025's Note - and which rovers is that?

Are you sure it is not a double signing with Ben Doone also signing?



12 Nov 2012 17:53:35
Jon Taylor shrewsbury fc has been in talks with Blackpool about a move in January

Yes ok, but sign Matt Ritchie from Swindon. Quality player.

Pay us over the top he is not that good really

Don't think so. He likes his footy here and if he went would be for mega bucks for our highly rated winger

Wouldnt call him highly rated anymore, more average to me, hasnt really stood out playing at a higher standard

He's got lighting speed and he can play.

Agree with second one, Matt Ritchie has the possibility of playing at highest level. I watch Swindon quite a few times mainly in the cup and he is a class above his team-mates. Imagine Blackpool playing 4-2-3-1. Matt Ritchie, Tom Ince, Matt Phillips, Kevin Phillips. Like Chelsea's Oscar, Juan Mata, Eden Hazard and Fernando Torres, Blackpool would go up with that {Ed003's Note - Crikey :-) }



12 Nov 2012 18:22:52
Interesting rumour at the weekend that Charley Austin fee of 4.5mil agreed with Huddersfield Town. shortly after the transfer window shut. Deal to go through in Jan.

If true it's a fantastic deal and it would explain the lack of perminent signings. UTT, TTID

Why would he go there step backwards.hudd can't keep there strikers fit anyway.

Makes sense

I am a Huddersfield Town fan and I have to say I do not believe that this is true at all. When premier league clubs are looking at him, we are not going to be first choice. Also Burnley want more than any 4.5 million. We sold Rhodes who scored 40 goals in league 1. We are not going to get Austin for less who has already scored 20 in the Championship.

I was told the fee was agreed at the beginning of Sept, I'm not 100% on it myself. I just wanted to see other reactions.

Why would we sell Austin for 4.5m when youve just got 8m for Rhodes! Austin won't be going anywhere for less than 9m and it will be a prem team!

Austin isn't a Rhodes mate. He's good but he isn't that good. Be happy with 4 mil

If the deals already done it don't matter what you think you will get for him, we will have him, it's as simple as that, let's see what January brings. UTT

Austin is not worth 9m but also won't be sold to Hudders either.

Stick to fifa mate uddersfield are never going to get charlie austin the only place he will be going is the prem

This would be totally opposed to Towns philosophy on paying a fee for a player. They will not buy players at the top end of their potential and valuation, they want to bring in younger talent who they can groom and if and when they sell it will turn a profit. Austin does not fit the bill. More likely Jonny Russell and Makay Steven from Dundee in Jsnuary.

'Austin isn't Rhodes' most championship or prem league managers would prefer to Austin than Rhodes. Austin is a better all round player and had shown this season he can play up front on his own. Rhodes needs a target man up there with him to score the goals.

Scored more this season vs Full international goal scorer. You pays your money you take your choice.
Personal opinion is it would be hard to get him for the price quoted and also for the reasons quoted

Cant see austin joining the terriers not with decent prem clubs interested. more likely we'll sign beckford or church on a long term loan with a view to buy in jan

Most Championship or Prem Managers would prefer Austin, how would you know? Needs a target man, utter b*ll*cks. Both good players.

Rhodes is a good player but Austin is a better all round player which is why a a lot of prem teams are looking at him including Arsenal and Liverpool.

Yes austin isnt as good as Rhodes. im not saying hes not good though but hes not in the same class. Rhodes is a more complete player everyone knows this. he will score more this season and he can play up on his own but unlike burnley huddersfield and blackburn are good teams who like to play good attacking fooball not park the bus so will play more than one up front.

IF Austin stays fit and IF he isn't sold in January to a Prem team he will finish as leading goalscorer in the Prem. As for Burnley parking the bus... there are only a handful of teams in all 4 divisions of the football league that have scored more goals than us this season and up until last week Austin had scored more goals than Blackburn this season! Burnleys problem is they can't defend and have lost 13 points from winning positions this season... otherwise we would be in the top 2.

But your not in the top 2 are you. We all said Rhodes will only go to a prem team but look where he is now! Money talks, just remember that burnley fans!

Town had a bid rejected in summer. Novak ward and 1.5m. Maybe it will happen but apparantley chelski kookung at him

Ward can go for me, Too greedy and thinks he can win the game all by himself. would be sad to see Novak go as i think he has the potential but don't think he will get the games after Xmas due to new signings.



12 Nov 2012 18:21:08
Charlton intrested in Gabriel Zakuani and Emile Sinclair after they both transfer listed by Peterborough United due to a breach in the clubs discipline remit.

13 Nov 2012 12:09:49
zakuani loves posh and doesnt want to leave at all look at his twitter. He wants to retire at posh and has said he is trying to sort the matter out with the gaffer and chairman

I'm not being funny mate but if it was a choice between Charlton and Peterborough I know which one i'd choose, I'd be off to London, not London Road. As it happens I'm not sure Charlton are in te market for anyone, money is tight.



12 Nov 2012 16:58:33
Chinese club Guizhou Renhe are looking to sign ageing Chelsea and England legend Lampard at the end of the current season. The move, if it goes through, will follow the departure of Didi Drogba and Nicolas Anelka to Asia.



12 Nov 2012 16:55:32
Chelsea are looking to sign a left-back in the summer, after Ashley Cole is being linked with former boss Ancelotti at PSG. Although, it is thought that Chelsea will sign a player in the position regardless of whether Cole moves on or not, as the England international turns 32 next month. Ryan Bertrand is the obvious successor for Ashley, but Chelsea are still keen on more competition for the position. In other news, Malouda is being linked with several Brazilian clubs, including Santos, after being frozen out at Stamford Bridge. RDM was interested in the possibility of offering the French winger to Santos in the previous summer, in exchange for a small cash fee and first 'dibs' on starlet Neymar, but Santos were not interested, preferring to spark an auction with Europe's elite.



12 Nov 2012 16:54:29
bradford city interested in josh payne of aldershot fc try to get him on loan with a permenent move in jan inside rumour

Great player watched him on sat. atfc best player



12 Nov 2012 16:33:19
Rotherham will bid for Peterborough duo Emile Sinclair and Tyrone Barnett who have both been transfer listed and disciplined following a breach of club rules. The Millers have already expressed an interest in Sinclair earlier this season but the move was blocked and Barnett played under Evans at Crawley before he was sold against Steve Evans wishes

This is very true, but it wont be both.



12 Nov 2012 16:11:22
Derby are interested in Hearts' left-back Danny Grainger, and will be making a bid as soon as the transfer window opens.

A lot of clubs are tracking him

Would be a top signing for anyone in championship



12 Nov 2012 16:08:13
Derby County are keeping tabs on St Patrick's Athletic winger Chris Forrester and Livingston striker Marc McNulty

Mcnulty will be offered a deal.Forrester to come for a trial over christmas period with 3 or 4 others(from america i think)



12 Nov 2012 15:22:45
Town to sign craig westcarr from chesterfield in january after he was transfer listed

And who is town?

Town ? town who why wait till january him and trottman available now

Town won't sign him, City will beat them to it. However Albion, Athletic, Rovers and United are all said to be interested in him too.


Ipswich, huddersfield, cheltenham, who who who !!!



12 Nov 2012 13:40:34
Johnny Howson cannot settle in Norwich and has recently being losing his place in the side and is pondering a move back North.

What a load of tosh me thinks its some hopeful leeds fan wanting to get him back to save their season

Howson has more guts and commitment than to cut and run after a game or two on the bench.Not to mention a contract with Norwich.

Howson going out on loan to notts forest



12 Nov 2012 15:47:14
Rotherham are lining up an ambitious bid for transfer listed striker Tyrone Barnett. Evans was full of praise for him at Crawley but Barnett is likely to decline with numerous championship and league 1 clubs in pursuit of him including Burnley and Barnsley.

Nobody want to come to barnsley as they are playing negative football

Is it the negative manager thats the problem ?

We need someone like him at oakwell

Bring him back to crawley he is just what we need to continue our push for promotion. He would be welcomed back by the fans and he probably cost less than what we sold him for.



12 Nov 2012 15:13:14
Dundee United , Hibernian, Millwall ,Coventry, MK Dons and Charlton Athletic are interested in signing Jason Koumas on a free transfer.

Wasn't there talk during the summer that Koumas was crocked and likely to retire due to injury? Where's he been the last few months?

Training at Sheffield Wednesday and unable to earn a contract because he is past it and a sick note

He was training with Sheff Wed

Yeah, was suspecting that. He's all we need, another Jimmy Bullard. No thank you!

If he is worth more than millwalls whole team, how come you couldn't defeat us at your own ground if he is amazing?

KJ doesn't usually go for players of the Koumas profile.

Jimmy bullard part 2, might aswell give ian wright a start



12 Nov 2012 15:00:59
Hibernian will bid for Watford striker Chris Iwelumo in January if Leigh Griffith's loan deal cannot be extended till the end of the season.

Hope for Chris that this comes off, good team player but he needs to score goals once he does he'll be excellent and Scotland could be the place for him to rediscover his scoring boots



12 Nov 2012 13:29:53
Burnley have spent a little over £7m redeveloping the facilities at Gawthorpe, the Training Ground. The previous Chairman Barry Kilby and CEO Paul Fletcher spent a lot of time investigating and visiting facilities. Sir Alec Ferguson had them as guests frequently and helped them by going through the set-up at Carrington.
The Academy is now state of the art - a truly superb set-up. They also have a European Grant as part of the envelope scheme for the Burnley East area to complete the stadium.

Burnley may be investing in the infra-structure but serious investment in playing staff has been done on a budget. The truth is burnley have the policy to sell players and replace cheaply, it might keep them mid table of championship table but premiership seems a long way off.

Fantastic training facilities but the prospect of selling our best players in the transfer windows... not exactly inspiring for the fans is it!

Had my season ticket for 20 years now and i cant help but get sick and tired of winging fans! dont forget we are a tiny tiny club, what we have achieved is fantastic and way above where we should be, get a grip and start realising that FACT!

Burnley dont have massive gates or other significant sources of revenue. The way they are going to compete in the future is by developing youth, hence the investment in facilities. you could easily spunk 7m on a couple of players to help the team for 2 or 3 years, but the board are investing wisely for the long term future of the club. Now that should be inspiring for the fans. The problem is these days some people want instant gratifiation and don't know how to live within their means, hence the ever increasing number of clubs going to the wall. Burnley's approach should be the model of the future for all clubs who wish to be financially viable in the long term.



12 Nov 2012 11:16:20
Pompey are looking for a new central defender and striker on loans. targets are Kevin Long of Burnley (again) and Marko Futacs from Leicester

Charlie austin will be going to fulham for 11 million



12 Nov 2012 10:52:32
Owen Coyle is set to replace Derek McInnes as Bristol City manager, but is only prepared to accept a contract until the end of the season because he doesn't see his long term future at Ashton Gate.

If he was to be offered the job he should grab it with both hands now that his reputation is shot to pieces

Shot to pieces! hardly things didnt work at Bolton but still regarded as a good young manager he will have other offers.



12 Nov 2012 10:32:37
Everton boss David Moyes has conceded that he faces a massive struggle to hold onto midfield master Marouane Fellaini. Manchester United, City and Juventus are just a few of the clubs that have casted an eye over the 6ft 4 Belgian international.



12 Nov 2012 10:30:26
Luton towns Andre Gary will sign for Peterborough by the end of the week.
Luton will then sign torquays rene Howe with Stuart fleetwood moving to Torquay.
Forest green rovers are looking to sign lutons jake Howells in January.

Rene howe going to port vale when their takeover is complete



12 Nov 2012 10:27:33
Arsenal full-back Carl Jenkinson reportedly turned down a plethora of loan and permanent offers from clubs in the Premier League and Championship, in order to fight for his place at the team he supported as a boy.



12 Nov 2012 09:28:38
Heard from a Charlton fan that Danny Hollands is on his way back to Bomo... happy dayz if he does.
Would be interesting to see who Eddie Howe picks for his first team though... in Eddie we trust!

With richard hughes brought out of retirement and harry arter looking good in the creative role, danny holland would be great to have back at bournemouth but the present priority at afcb is crop the size of the enourmous squad. January window seems a likely time when bournemouth sell/release players, could be 10-12 players leaving but eddie howe might decide to bring in the likes of pitman, richie and holland.

And what fee are you expecting to pay?



12 Nov 2012 08:22:40
Wilfired Zaha has attracted interest from Arsenal, they are willing to play £7 million for the young striker/winger

Well, they can go away and count their pennies again, can't they.
Don't see him moving until the summer, if at all, and there will be several clubs after him then, so his value will be at least double the figure you quote.

Poster 1 are you made so he's worth 14m he's good but lets be honest his unproven at the highest level.

7 mill about right for a top champ'p player, considering rhodes went for over the odds, expect a deal to be done in jan

Why would we sell for 7 mill when he is worth 50 if he gets us promoted? after the England call up you are looking at 15 minimum.... Was ox or walcott tested when they paid some 12mill each? Zaha has proven more than either of those two did before their respective moves

Undoubted talent but 14-15m for an unproven (at the top level) player is a huge gamble but I understand Palace not wanting to sign their top player when they are doing so well this season.



12 nov 2012 06:52:29
joshua king on loan to swindon this week.

Hes joining to end of january so ive been told.



12 Nov 2012 01:30:33
Mick McCarthy is set to raid his former club wolves for some players he signed Richard Stearman and Christophe Berra are his main targetsas well as Ebanks Blake.

I hope this is true! Stale can then bring on his own players. McCarthys players are not good enough for a Great club like Wolves!

As much as I would like this to be true that would cost us a lot of money and Wolves are under no pressure to sell.

Need to get rid of some watching them against forest today very poor will be fighting to stay in the championship at this rate



12 Nov 2012 01:12:57
Swansea interested in signing Dries Merten of PSV in january.

Yea okay then I'm a swans fan btw



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