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Arsene Wenger has made it clear that he will not be signing anymore young players, and that he will look to sign a couple of experienced players, but will not break the bank to sign any player. It seems Gareth Barry may be able to be prized from Villa on the cheap, as he will be desparate to leave Villa Park in search of champions league football. And with Liverpool seemingly more keen to hold onto Mascherano and Alonso, a move to the Emirates for Barry would make sense. He could be available for as little as £8m, and no more than £12m. Expect this deal to happen, as well as the signing of two centre backs. One being Mamadou Sakho for £7m, the other being one of Brede Hangeland, Micah Richards and Matthew Upson. Wenger has said that he will not be signing any strikers provided that none leave, and being as Adebayor has said that he will '100% be an Arsenal player next season', it dosen't look like Santa Cruz will be comming. Wenger may also look into the availability of Marcos Senna, however expect the price tag to be more than Wenger is willing to pay for a 32 year old.

Good times ahead at the Emirates,
In Arsene We Trust
  LFC news

Rafa has already identfied his targets for the summer (plus 2nd choices)

RW: Valencia or Kuba
CF: Aguero or Tuncay
CM: Barry or Noble
CB: Taylor or Hangeland
RB: Johnson or Zhirkov

Shipped out will be Itandje, Babel, Dossena, Lucas, Hyypia
  To the Spurs fan who wrote this . .?

""This one for the pool fan's the thick one's that is?

how can you be signing stewart downing when he signed for spurs in jan 09?????? (deal to be made public in the summer 09)!!!!!! give it up!!!! also gareth barry is a massive spurs fan, and like the press has said, like gareth has said that spurs ARE the only team he would turn down champions league football for!! and would very much welcome a bid from spurs and one last thing gareth would never be going to the ars!! gareth will be at one of three club's nxt term, villa, pool & spurs and if the pool think he's anfield bound then preper for a shock cause his heart is at whl.""

Gareth Barry wanted to join Liverpool last summer and said so publicly for a couple of reasons. . Champions League football which he won't get at Villa or Spurs

Another reason was for him to stay at Villa he wanted the club to show ambition. . as you can see. . signing Heskey in Jan and fielding a very weak team in the UEFA Cup and getting knocked out and have not recovered since. . doesn't look like a side showing ambition. . or a will to win.

Barry wants to sign for a manager and a club with ambition hence why he will join Liverpool this summer !

Regarding Stewart Downing. . if he signed last Jan for Spurs. . how is he still a boro' player still??? Spurs showed an interest in Downing last Jan but Downing committed himself to Boro to try to escape relegation. . loyalty I call that. When boro are relegated he will obviously move on. . to where totally depends on who wants him the most and as for Downing going to Liverpool. . a big possiblity . . and depends on if Rafa gets his first choice. . for that position. . if not then downing will be another option. . all rumours. . and nothing happens anywhere until the league season completes. . no manager will discuss transfers until the present term is finished. . that is a fact !!!

As regarding that spurs fan. . wake up and smell the coffee.

It has been a sad season for all Arsenal fans, but no where near where near as bad as what Arsene is feeling seeing how his side were no match for both Man U or Chelsea. We are in desparate need of strength and experience to our extremly young side for which Arsene now understands. Even though many are ruling out a midfield buy, arsene himself has stated that he believes our defensive problems are in midfieled as well as defence. Arsene will make 3 signings this summer to complement our youth these will be a central defender, a defensive midfielder and a striker. The reason for the later is Adebayor's probable departure. The candidates for these positions are:

Central Defence


The 6ft 5inch beast would fit the bill for height and strenght. Would be available for around 6–7Mil


the exgunner would bring experience and fit back into the fold easily. As West Ham are looking likely to not qualify for europe would make a deal easier. 6 mil


The PSG young centre back is an excellent prospect but would not fit the bill in terms of experience, however would brng versitility and would eventually the new Blanc. However his lack of experience would make him only secondry option.

Most Probable: Hangeland

Defensive Midfield


At £8mil would be excellent value for money considering his experience. With have to fight off Liverpool for his signature.


Sporting are looking likely to cash in on both Veloso and Montiniho however the price of £15Mil would probably deter Wenger.

Yaya Toure

This rumour never dies, would fit the bill perfectly however considering he is a automatic starter for Barcelona it would take something specail to pride him away. £17mil

Most probable: I reckon Arsene will try for Barry however if he can't fight off Liverpool then he will break the bank for Veloso



A proven goal scorer and an all round world class striker. Considering Valencia are in a world of financial trouble Villa will be of interest to all and I can't see Arsenal competing financially with the likes of Real Madrid and Man City £25mil


Is a definate to leave man u and wants to continue to play in the Premier league a loan deal would work.


Is currently scoring goals for Fun in the bundisliga, would be available at a reasonable price and would suit the premiership. £8mil

Most probable: Dzeko
  Just a quick word on the Chievo Verona playmaker Kerlon. Although Rafa is being touted, I am hearing that he could stay in Italy, but step up to Inter, as they refresh their ageing midfield. I say this with deepest regret, I'd love to watch him in the Prem
malcolm shaffer
  RAFA is very astute but sometimes he shows a glimmer of his hand, for next season he has stated 2 things in different presentations, first he said he wants to buy a quality player and the second he has stated he will need to sell before he buys. He realises squandering money on potential has not worked (i.e. El Zhar, Ngog) Expect Lucas to be shown the door and a serious bid for Kevin Davies of Bolton, Davies will be a better support for Gerard. But this is not the main buy it will be an attacking winger and as such Riera may have to give way, Babble is certain to leave, the only problem is who is this attacking winger going to be, the only name that fits the bill is Henry or Joe Cole. Its a toss up with Henry expected to be the first choice.

Well Done Newcastle fans your club is too good to go down and Im a Red Scouser, hope you sort your club out pronto, bring back KK.

  A few reliable liverpool rumours.

Liverpool boss rafa Benitez realises his squad is not far away from winning the premiership. there will be a few tweeks made to the squad, nothing major. First up Sami Hyypia is leaving. Replacing him will be either Aislan from Brazil, or Lugano, the Uruguayan. Second of all a new right back will be signed, Arbeloa is not up to the standard, and is too inconsistent. Glen Johnson will be signed. Surprisingly Mascherano will be sold. Rafa realises that while he is good at his job, he lacks creativity, and a good price will be generated from his sale.Lucas will leave too. Barry and Hamsik will join. A striker will sign, someone who is willing to be second fiddle, this player will be able to play in the hole, and also as the main striker. this player will be Tuncay. Finally expect rafa til pull a suprise signing out of the bag like Babel last year. This will be Marko Marin from Gladbach. Liverpool have a great relationship with them.

Thats just what i've been hearing, my contact is usually correct. Peace out folks
  Sheff Wednesday

Fraizer Campbell– Loan
N'Guessan– 250k
Darron Gibson–Loan

Small– Release
Boden– Loan
  Marcos Senna to arsenal is very unlikely because he is around 33 and villareasl want 15 million which wenger will never pay.
Sebastian Bassong will never go to arsenal.
A new goalkeeper will be signed, either Kamaeni for free or Renan with fabianski and cash going to valencia.
Two center backs will be signed likely to be Sakho, Lescott, Albiol, Richards, Zapata, or maybe even Lucio.
The defensive midfielder is looking more and more likely to be M.Diarra.
As soon as/if an offer of 28 million comes in for Adebayor he will be away however wenger will look for cash and Huntelaar/Pato/Bojan in exchange. Santa cruz will also be signed.
  My Dad is a sports correspondent for a national newspaper. .

Definatly happening but not public yet:

LFC ins
G Johnson (not new news)

Alonso to stay, G. Barry and Downing rumours complete rubbish

EFC ins (expect some serious cash for the toffes)
D. Bent
Mustafi (done deal)
M. Richards
Nani (loan)
Vela (loan)

Lescott (Man City approx 20mill)
Yak (Chelsea 15mill)

MAN U ins
Kaka a real possibilty (Ribery done deal to Barca)
Ronaldo staying

Hargreaves (Villa 8mill)
Berba (Inter 22mill)

Yaya Toure (unknown)
Hangelaand (10mill)
G. Barry (9mill)
Pogrebnyak (unknown)

Vela on loan (Everton)

Iniesta and Henry

Hart (loan birmingham)

Expect most of this to happen, most made public at the close of the window. Big moves from Newcastle if they stay up but no info on players yet. .
  Manchester United
Scott Brown deal looks almost done with the youngster Gibson going the other way and possibly Fraizer–Campbell on a loan till Jan. Also Alan Hutton will join from Spurs and Valencia from Wigan. Tevez will leave but Manu won't sign a replacemet as they intend to use Ronaldo up front next season and bring Tocsic in as a winger.
The new manager at the bridge hasnt been decided yet so i can't confirm any deals but what i can tell you is that under Hiddinks advive Chelsea are looking at Zhirkov Ben Arfa Ashley Young and Steven Defour. Joe Cole is likely to leave the club with Real Madrid apparently hot on his tail and Liverpool also sniffing
Manchester United will give the gunners a fight for Sakho but the Londeners will get their man thanks to the oppertunities for youth at the Emirates. Hazard is also a big target but Fabragas and Van Persie might consider leaving after the horrific performances aganist United and Chelsea. Van Persie is likly to go to Inter or Real while Fabragas is considerin a move to Barca with Liverpool also showing intrest(poss swap with Alonso)
They do have cash just not the 60 mill the likes of Chelse are boasting. Silva still is a target so you never know with Rafa. Also if Silva dosent happen then expect Aguero to make a move to Anfield as Benitez admiries the fact that he can play Right or LEft Winger, the Gerrard role and as a main target man. .this is a deal i can see happening. Villas Gabby is high on Rafas list as the boss thinks that defences would shiver at the thought of him and Torres together up front. Mark Noble,Renato Augusto and Kuba are targets.BARRY WILL NOT WEAR RED NEXT SEASON!
  A freind of mine is an architect involved in the development of the man city ground over the next 18months, although he didnt divulge any info on the design he did mention meeting with Mike Summerbee and Andy Dibble who revealed that Jose Maurinho has been lined up for Man City next season. This is a very reliable source of information, those of you sensible enough to take a gamble on this could get some decent odds on it.

  Rafa benitez has used mascherano's friendship with tevez to convince tevez to join Liverpool.

also rafa has 4 other players monitored. lavezzi, kuranyi, amauri and aguero. one of them will be signed to partner torres or play bheind torres or play instead of torres.

tevez will play more a wing role like kuyt or benayoun.

players leaving will be lucas, dossena, voronin, penant,el–zhar, itandje.

the surprise out will be riera and skrtl. albiol and sakho will be signed. also alternative to albiol is mertesacker. tevez will be playing left wing role but there is a chance of a surprise return for mark gonzalez.

barry deal is done and will be announced on two hours after the premiership finishes.

either johnson or colrluca will be the right back signing
  Can all the Ranger's fans stop linking us with Hemdani whoever the hell he is. It's obvious you don't like him but who cares? Why are you linking him with Birmingham when you know it's not going to happen and it's got no sincerity at all. Most Birmingham fans don't have a clue who Hemdani is including me!! McLeish was at the 'Judgement Day' yawn but he was there for pleasure and not for business and to catch up with Murray.
Scott Brown to Man Utd for £10m whoever put that is an idiot! He's worth about half that much and would go to a mid–table Premiership club I'd even argue he could probably join us more likely than him joining Utd. Also team–mate Aiden McGeady I'd heard that some Celtic fans think he's worth something like £15m well I can tell you from a very reliable source he is VERY LIKELY going to be joining Birmingham. But the deal will be more realistic in the £5–7m range.
  Just a couple of questions why would any club pay more now for kris boyd when we accepted £3.5 in jan and he 6 month less on contact,back will come michael ball don't think so remember at the end of stay HE had to pay money to play(we had to pay everton after so many appearances so he was dropped he took a cut in wages just to get a game)NOW so good rumours–walter to retire ally to take over that will make us a all out attacking team 3–4–3 watch out for two flying wingers coming in maybe DRIVER if we can get hearts to take webster
  Firstly i will start by saying who i am and what i do, my name is john bunn and i am employee by the lfa. We work as links between clubs and agents to help negotiate and to confirm that every transaction is above board.

Now on to what i know.
The big talking point is the whole tevez saga,we have had agents meeting with agents from both liverpool and arsenal to ask for our assistance in helping a move progress and remove any chance of the events that happened at west ham. Where do i think he will end up? With msi having their own box at the emirates and with recent quotes in the paper from tevez he wants a move back to london,plus hes looking for regular football so i can see a loan move to arsenal.

Spurs are also looking at signing french striker gomis so we will see what happens more news to come!
  To the person who said about Pranjic to Liverpool, well you look spot on, agreement made with club £8M just personal terms to be agreed.
Also it personal terms agreed with David Silva, however still unable to agree a fee with Valencia and also heard that Juventus have been given the go ahead to talk with Silva.
With these two a distinct possibility, that looks like the end for both Dossena and Babel.
With the values for these two incoming players likely to be approx £35M, the outgoing values to be approx £25M, net spend of £10M, these will leave approx £10M for a striker, likely to be Negredo.
Also, it looks like that we could be in for Lucas Neill from West Ham on a free due to his contract expiring next month.
  Shearer will be offered a four–year contract at Newcastle whether we stay up or not. However if we do stay up the transfer targets will be as follows:
De Rosario (Toronto FC)
John Utaka (Portsmouth)
Tom Huddlestone (Tottenham)
Michael Dawson (Totenham)
Andy Dawson (Hull)
Fraizer Campbell (Man Utd) Probably loan as Man Utd won't let him go on the cheap
Dragutinovic (Seville)
Warnock (Blackburn)
McManus (Celtic)
Fleck (Rangers)

Possible departures:
Owen (Aston Villa, Man City, Everton or Celtic)
Enrique (Celtic, FC Porto)
Joey Barton (Bolton, Blackburn, Tottenham, West Ham or Everton)
  Have some inside knowledge on potential Gillingham news.


Bishop (Bury)
Ashton (Grays)
Wright (Charlton) – permanent deal

Mark my words, this is what Stimson is looking at
  I am friends with the electrical engineer at anfield, and he is saying he heard rafa saying that benayoun is staying, and babel will go to either a spanish or a italian team. Also, comin gin will be ezequiel lavezzi and def gareth barry.

Also he has connections with everton staff who says that arteta may be tempted by athletico madrid and hadouir a player playing in holland might go there.
  No rumours to share but just some common sense. This applies to all clubs not just Man United.
Fergy has said they won't spend big. However, you can expect them to spend their 'operating profit' because if they don't they pay the taxman 40% on it. It's a no brainer really.

Secondly, to all those linking vast lists of overseas players with United. Look at what has happened since Fergy has been in charge. He's always had a good proportion of UK players in the squad and on the pitch. So, he's unlikely to be offloading Brown, O'Shea, Hargreaves etc and replacing them with overseas players. He got his fingers burnt in Europe years ago, pre Bosman, and with the threat of teams having to play x number of home grown players looming it's unlikely Fergy will leave United unprepared.
  Barcelona will sign:
vidic – height in defence and experience.
ribery – replace henry
villa – challenge eto'o
lahm – new LB
sergio asenjo – young keeper.

does anybody else know who barca will sign this transfer market?
  Wenger now knows the score on transfers, he has the money, the board and fans are desperate for him to sign new players. He believes the defence dosen't need experience, just depth he's identified Mamadou Sahko (6ft 1, Powerful, strong commanding and predominantly left–footed) as the man 2 replace Gallas and also Sebastian Bassong (Quick, strong and bite in the tackle) as the men for the job. In midfield, Wenger will surprisingly bid for no one as he wants to play Fabregas deeper with Arshavin behind the strikers and Walcott and Nasri on the wings.
His backups include Albiol, Marchena, Cahill and Bruno Alves
  West ham take over news !!

Deal to be announced within the next 2 weeks , the hammers new owners are a Asian sporting/lesuire concern with a estimated £3.6B in the bank !

  Arsene has more money to spend due to the increased investment from Kroenke taking his holding in the club to over 28%. However, as has ever been the case, he will be reluctant to just splash out. he does however realise the need for some quality additions to the squad, and has also realised some members of the squad are not good enough yet, and therefore will be loaned out for a season.
Ins: Joe Hart (loan), mamadou sakho (8m), bassong (4m if Toon go down, 6m if they stay up with Hangeland as an 8m alternative), santa cruz (10m), bojan (loan), however if Ade leaves, expect a striker more high profile to arrive instead of santa cruz, marcos senna (10m) – wenger wants some1 who will not be in the way of song/denilson/diaby for too long, traore, hoyte, simpson (loan returns)
Outs: Adebayor possibly (25m), Fabianski (loan), Denilson (loan), Vela (loan), Silvestre (free), Randall (2m), Gilbert (2m), Barazite (2m), Senderos (5m)
  Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez WILL have the projected £65m to spend on players. He wants to sign a striker, a winger, a full back and a centre half.

Ezequiel Lavezzi(£20m), Mauro Zarate(£20m), Carlos Tevez(£25m), Alvaro Negredo(£10m), Edin Dzeko(£15m) and Diogo(£9m plus Leto) are his targets to partner Torres upfront.

David Silva(£25m), Yuri Zhirkov(£15m), Danijel Pranjic(£8m), Stewart Downing(£12m) and Maxi Rodriguez(£9m) are targets to challenge for a wing place

Glen Johnson(£10m), Rafinha(£7m), Philipp Lahm(£18m) and Fernando Navarro are fullback targets

Raul Albiol(£9m) is the only centre back target Rafa is looking at
  Charlton athletic news
Danny Butterfield(palace)– 1m+ Jonjo Shelvey
Matt lawrence (palace)– 500k
Francis Jeffers (sheff wed)– 200k

Jonjo Shelvey (palace)– swap deal
andy gray (leicester)– 500k
Todorov (retire)
Mark Hudson (Norwich)– 100k
  I've been hearing things from a pretty reliable source over the past few weeks and here is what he has brought up as strong possibilities for the summer;
(Sorry no fees)

Babel – Arsenal (Verbal agreement almost reached)
David Silva – Liverpool
K. Jones – Spurs (Part ex with Bent)
Owen – Everton
Barton – Blackburn
Smith – Blackburn
Downing – Everton
M.G Pedersen – Fulham
Tevez – Man Utd (Finally)
Bentley – Sunderland
Cisse – Everton
Gordon – Spurs
Ben Haim – West Ham
Wheater – Villa
Huth – Fulham
Daryl Murphy – QPR is nailed on
Also, a rumour that refuses to go away from many sources is Amir Zaki to Sunderland (depending on their premier league survival of course) with mnay top teams no longer looking at the Egyptian.
I hear everyone talking about who Man City will sign, but from what I hear they have a list of realistic targets with perhaps one mega signing, they may look at;
G. Johnson
They see such players as potentially realistic. The re–emergence of Elano has removed any potential move for Ronaldinho from the pipeline.
A lot of players will be allowed leave Eastlands and don't be suprised to see a new man at the helm next season. My shout would be Klinsmann.
Tell them phoenix told you.
  Who's the nutcase that said ribery is going to pompey. What a laugh and a half. Ribery will sign for Man Utd as soon as the season is finished. Arsenal is said to be keen on David Villa, who declared his interest last year.
  Wolves are planning for the Premiership and looking at the following to strengthen the squad. Calum Davenport will be signed for around £2m, Carlos Edwards for £1m, Chris Eagles if Burnley not promoted £5m, Joe Ledley £6m, Ross McCormack £2.5m, Frazier Campbell–Loan, Carl Hoefkens, Matthew Bates
  I have heard the following:

LFC will be releasing most of their fringe players.
This is to make funds for the following:



this is a rumours site, not SoccerManager.
How many people on hear have actually "heard" rumours?
it's obvious the above won't happen, LFC haven't got any money, so why do people persist on linking clubs with everyone who ha s ahalf decent season

More likely to be at Anfield will be:
Blaklywoski (spelling??)

Forget the big name signings, owners and rafa will not get into a bidding war, and with some of the names that people are coming up with, a Bidding war is certain.
  I have been told that manager's all over the world are turning down the cheslea job, this includes jose at Inter. They will go back in time and go for Sven–Goran Eriksson.
  Scott Brown has signed a pre contract with a premiership club, rumoured to be Man Utd £10m

Steven Fletcher £3.5 – Birmingham to team up with other ex team mates David Murphy and Garry Oconnor

Andrew driver £3m – Rangers/Wolves/Burnley

G Beuzelain – Coventry – Hibs free transfer reutrn to Scotland , wife is from Edinburgh, brother studying in Edinburgh.

Barry Ferguson – Wolves/Sunderland/ America, will never play for Rangers again, and they badly need cash no secrets there
  To the person who claims Kris Boyd is going to Birmingham for £250,000. Birmingham would have to offer at least 12 times that amount to get anywhere near an offer that Rangers might consider.

Rangers Outs –
Graeme Smith (Back to Kilmarnock)
Kirk Broadfoot (Possibly Cardiff or Wolves)
Christian Dailly (anyone stupid enough to take him)
Andy Webster (loan)
Brahim Hemdani (Birmingham)
Barry Ferguson (Wigan, Birmingham, Newcastle)
Charlie Adam (Permanent to Blackpool)
Lee McCulloch (Hull or Stoke)
Kenny Miller (Wolves)

In –
Andy Dorman

Also heard a rumour WS interested in Joey Barton but considering Gers already have 5 centre midfield players i don't know where he would play.
  "Forget about ronaldo getting upset in the manchester derby. He has made up his mind and he's staying with united.Why would he leave a club which is winning 2 or 3 trophies every year and join which club? Madrid? No way.

Man united ins:–
Benzema 35 mil
Ribery 30 mil
Lahm 15 mil
Lopez (villareal GK) 10 mil
D.Costa (Gremio) 5 mil

Man Utd outs:–
Nani 20 mil
Brown 8 mil
Tevez released
Campbell 10 mil
Manucho 10 mil"

Ok, I'm a Man Utd fan too but those are just ridiculous! 20 million for Manucho and Campbell? Diego Costa for just 5 mllion? Thats all a bit far fetched considering Fergie has come out and said he won't be spending big. Bertolo and Dodo most likely to come in.
  I think everton should give jacobsen a contract as he would be a good relacment ofr tony hibbert who is injury prone also i think we should keep nev nev in the dm role as he had been emance this season. any possible signings? well giving that we have limited funds i would say maybe joe ledley form cardiff or maybe somebody like darren bent who would be a good deal at 6–8 million. COYB!!!
  As a villa fan, these are the players i would be looking at. . these are not factual, and it would obviously not be all of them

Fabian DELPH – leeds united – £8.5m
Philippe SENDEROS – arsenal – £3.5m
Boaz MYHILL – hull city – £3m
Fabrice MUAMBA – bolton wanderers – £4.75m
Steven TAYLOR – newcastle united – £5m
Michael OWEN – newcastle united – free
Gareth BALE – tottenham hotspur – £5m
Brede HANGELAND – fulham – £9m
Stephen WARNOCK – blackburn rovers – £6m
Aiden McGEADY – celtic – £7m
Scott McDONALD – celtic – £6m
Lee CATTERMOLE – wigan athletic – £5.5m
David WHEATER – middlesbrough – £4m
Raul ALBIOL – valencia cf – £8m
Vedad IBISEVIC – hoffenheim – £9m
Yuri ZHIRKOV – CSKA Moscow – £14m
Chinedum ONUOHA – manchester city – £6m
Micah RICHARDS – manchester city – £13m
Joe HART – manchester city – loan
  Expect plenty of transfer activity at burnley fc in the summer if promoted to the premier league, in ( j.scotland, r.williams, r.anderson, d.o`dea, b.orr, a.driver, a.surman, b.hemdani) out ( s.caldwell, m.duff, a.mahon, s.jones, r.van der schaaf, b.berisha, g.kiraly) also watch out for two youngsters to progress to first team who are neil kudiersky (cb) and wes fletcher (st) COME ON YOU CLARETS !!!
  Not rumours – truth – Alan McKay, a former scout @ LFC, went to a hillsborough dinner and came back with these from the inside.




G. Johnson
G. Barry
C. Tevez

Plus if Agger leaves (prob not) Rafa wants Bruno Alves.

PS Watch for Nemeth getting the nod above Ngog next season, this boys gonna be top notch!
  To the Guy who said the below coments . .
Birmingham are set to bag themselves three Ranger's players after their good showing in the Scottish Premiership,currently top of the table. These are:
Kris Boyd £250,000
Allan McGregor £3m
Ferguson £1m
Possibly Broadfoot might arrive in exchange for Martin Taylor and cash from Rangers.

Get a grip. . . Boyd being sold for 250k, and McGregor for 3m. . get yourself off the clouds mate. Rangers will demand at least 4–5m for Boyd (100 goals + in 3 seasons) and 4–5 for McGregor (regardless of being dropped to the bench) ––––– as for Barry Ferguson. . you can have him for nothing.

Anyway, i ve been hearing roumors that the below could happen if Rangers get aoutmoatic entry to the Champions League:

Smtih's, Weir, Broadfoot, Weir, Papac (unlikley), Daily, Ferguson, Arron, Hemdami, Novo, Velicka, Adam, Gow, Arron, McCulloch, Beasley & K Miller.

Tonel, Hreiderson, Aguair & Neilson, Ball (returning – 500K), Dorman & Ross, Lovenkrands (returning – free), Baha, S Larsson, L Miller.
  Long–term target Karim Benzema has apparently decided to join Liverpool on a 6 year deal.
  I have to say as an Arsenal fan, we are used to a lot of 'rumours' surrounding our players, but some on here are monumental – or just mental.

Firstly, to the guy who said about Liverpool keeping tabs on Eden Hazard – well done! Liverpool and every other top club in Europe are keeping tabs on him! Wenger has already come out and said in public how highly he rates Hazard, but that he thinks that it is best he stays where he is for now, something that the player has come out to various sources and stated himself.

As for Arsenal signings. .

We all know what we need, but we all know how stubborn Wenger is – look at the Arshavin deal and how long that was drawn out to make sure we didnt spend over the odds.

Possible signing for cb will be Micah Richards – not had a great season, had a fall out with the manager, the fans arent impressed with him and he supports Arsenal. Due to a poor season we could get him at a bargain, but personally I don't know if Wenger will risk buying him – not really proven he is better than any of Toure/Djourou/Gallas/Senderos. Possibly Zapata or Chiellini – though I don't see these as being likely either. No doubt some surprise name who nobody has ever heard of will be brought in at cost.

We definitely need a cm – previous interest has been focussed on Xabi Alonso, Miguel Veloso, Mark Noble or Inler. Again, all have had strong links with Arsenal in the past, and Wenger has confirmed his interest time and time again in these players – so possibly one of these will be bought in.

Dont be surprised to see a maximum of 2, possibly 3 signings. Also don't be surprised if they are unknowns. Wenger is stubborn and will not go against his philosophy of a self sustaining football club spending within its means. Reality is our transfer budget is around £30m–£40m which in todays climate will only buy you 2 top players.

We could see any of Adebayor, Bendtner, Gallas, Eboue or Senderos leave – but yet again, Wengers stubborness to prove his squad will work will no doubt see them stay.

In Arsene We Trust
  It has said on BBC Radio Leicester that manager Nigel Pearson is intrested in bring Tottenham duo Gareth Bale and Chris Gunter to the Walkers Stadium on season long loans.
  Javier Mascherano and Carlos Tevez both wanted a move to Barcelona in the summer, but Mascherano has pledged his future to Liverpool after reds boss Rafa Benitez ruled out letting the midfielder leaveand and I think Tevez will stay in Manchester but for City.
  2 the newcastle fan who said owen goin 2 wolves is 'very optimistic' it is possible and the chance of wolves' big cat salary this year of £25M they will be spending, will bring a few surprises 2 the club. Wolves can get owen on a free at the end of the season, will they save some of there spending money for owens wages, i dunno. But its realistic. Owen won't go everton as hes got 2 much love 4 liverpool. They won't have him back either due 2 his lack of form. Villa? possibility. But 2 the other wolves fan saying he wants to live near wolverhampton, that could be true cos ive heard the same rumour goin round even though he was born in chester.
Owen and ebanks blake up front. Premiership is on alert.
  Wolves fan here got some news for you lot
ribery to man u
drogba to inter milan along with lampard in exchange for ibrahimavic also expect to see diego at the bridge
kameni to arsenal
man city to temt liverpool with a 80 mil bid 4 gerrard but don't think he will go
wolves have offerd 6 players already
owen unlikely but seen in estate agents near wolves
manciene still waiting
van der mayde done deal
shittu fee agreed
ledley fee agreed
sol campbell if stays in england will be at wolves new york red bull have also offerd.

thanks for reading
  Birmingham City


Chris Riggott
Calum Davenport
Lee Bowyer
Sean Davis
  LFC Rumours

Rafa will look to sign the following players in the summer being given around 30m to spend including Keanes transfer:

David Silva 21m
Gareth Barry 8m
Michael Owen Free / Sturridge 9m
Glen Johnson 9m
David Wheater 5m (Only if Middlesborough get relegated)
Coming in from the academy: Spearing, Pacheco, Nemeth

Owen will only be signed, if he takes a pay cut to around 55k pw and is squad rotated and can play back up to torres, otherwise a good young english striker will be bought for around 7–10m (Sturridge from Man City is a confirmed target). Alonso will not leave as Lucas will go out on loan to Valencia or Athletico Madrid. Rafa will get rid of Babel, as he feels the players attitude is not all there, and will struggle to cope with the EPL. Also, there will be a massive overhaul in the acedemy with some players sold, others being loaned out and a few coming into the first team, although their appearances will be gradually increased as the season goes by. Kenny Dalglish will oversee the academy and act as a consultant to Rafa, on footballing matters.

Leaving will be:

Hyypia – Bayer Leverkusen
Dossena – 6m Udinese or Fiorentina
Itandje – Free
Pennant – 2m Portsmouth (he still has 1 year left on his contract)
Degen – Free
Voronin – 3m Hertha Berlin or Bayer Leverkusen Babel – Juventus 12m
Lucas, Plessis, El Zhar, N'Gog, Anderson = Loan
  Hello. I work at a luxury hotel in Liverpool city centre. We are contracted to Everton football club to provide suites whenever the need arises. I can reveal that prior to the Toffees FA cup final with Chelsea, we are hosting a party from Portugal, booked under the club's account. Now make of that what you will, but I'm guessing that this delegation will consist of none other than João Moutinho. The hotel is to pull out all the stops on this one. This isn't the type of service we're asked to provide when Everton hold discussions with the various small–fry that have signed during the past decade. This is 6 star (sic) all the way. It will be interesting to see who finally turns up. ;–)
  Expect Big at the Emirates–
David Villa, Wenger has hinted (20–30 mill)
Also expect someone like
Veloso or Inler to arrive possibly Yaya.
Also expect signing of a decent cb –
Zapata or Sakho.
Maybe a sneaky bid for Tevez!!!
Outs include–
As usual several loans

Man Utd

To the guy who said "Lajic will drafted into the first team squad if he shines in pre–season, in much the same way as Rafael and fabio have."

Ljajic isn't old enough to sign for United yet, there is a deal im place of around 3m plus future incentives for when he turns 18, and will therefore sign 1st January 2010, he is however allowed to join up with the united squad so the staff can see he progression

  Lcfc rumours
pearson will sign the following:

kerea gilbert–loan made permanent–arsenal–500k
tom cleverly–loan made permanent–man u–750k
kelvin davies–southampton–500k
andrew surman–southampton–2 mil
ross turnbull–m'boro–bosman free
marek saganowski–southampton–1.5 mil
Rumours that will become facts in a couple of months for sure:

Vidic – He wants to move to a warmer climate and Spain is his only option. He will probably join Barcelona so Caceres will be probably sold.

Essien – He feels that his time in Chelsea has ended and as he was greatly impressed by Barcelona's game, so he wants to move to the catalonian team and Barcelona will be ready to do a great bid for him.

Xabi Alonso – His relationship with Benitez is quite bad now and wants to return to Spain. And as he's been a great fan of Madrid since he was a kid, there is no doubt that next seasn hes gonna play with the Galacticos.

Silva – He's not going to sign with liverpool, Florentino and Valdano have stated that they want to sign some of the best players and Silva is the first one of the list, and as Real can easily offer more money that any other team in the world and Valencia will sell him to the team that will make the bigger bid. It is very likely that his signing with Florentino will be anounced before 1st June.

Villa – He has stated many times that he doesn't want to leave Spain and as there is already a bid war between Barca and Madrid for him, he has told his agent to don't ever consider other offers coming from abroad.

Albiol – He's going to sign with Real Madrid– Hes a great fan of the team since he was a child and his dream has been all his life to play there, and as Real needs desperately a couple of quality CB, his signing with the whites is done deal.

Ribery could have already signed a pre–contract with Barcelona. He thinks that right now they are he best team in the world and would love to play with Henry because they are best mates.

Gudjhonsen is probably signing for Blackburn or Fulham, as he has stated that he doesn't see himself being a substitute another year.

C.Ronaldo is leving to Madrid, that's a fact. He has signed a pre–contract with the last Real president and it is only a matter of time that MU accept the 70m that Real is offering as they don't have onter choice, cause the player has alredy decided to leave.

Negredo will be re–bought by Real as they have an option for just 4m. He could be kept after his great season or could enter in some operation with other players (probably with Valencia)

Cazorla will probably join real too as Florentino is a great friend of Villaral's president and thay want another great winger to compete with Robben that will stay for another season in Real.

Ibrahimovic or Benzema will be also in Barca next season as both has stated that they want to move to Spain and Barcelona will need another striker next year as Henry is getting old and injury prone and Etoo will be off at least for a month in Africa's cup of nations.

Cesc or Kaka will be also bought by Real,they want to have a star in that position, and in one hand they would love to have a young spanish there but on the other hand they could have a winner of Ballon D'or.

Clichy and Maicon will be Real Madrid's LB and RB nxt season as both are more than pleased with the chance of playing there.

Lahm will sign for Barcelona this summer as they are searching desperately a new LB and they could be already negtiating for both Ribery and Lahm. And what is even more important, Lahm has said many times that hes been a Barca fan since he was a child so his signing is very likely too.

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