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11 Mar 2012 21:25:50
Very very very hot news from Molineux. Billy Davies will be appointed as Wolves new manager on Monday or Tuesday this week. Terry Conner will be offered a position on the coaching staff BUT not at 1st team level. So this may well see him resign. THIS WILL HAPPEN IN THE NEXT 48 HOURS.(27)(26)Hope its right david kelly was his number 2Dream on, wolves are going down end of!Seems a very odd appointment if trueBin on the lash with johnson have we ?This was wrong as pexpected then!WoW that was hot!


11 Mar 2012 13:25:04
steve beavon of wycombe to sign for swindon townfc at the end of season for 150k(10)(13)Stuart beavon and he is not leaving, i am a wycombe fanWho is Steve Beavon? Is he any relation to Stuart Beavon the Wycombe player?Beavon is too good for Swindon (and Wycombe). I agree he will almost certainly leave WWFC at the end of this season, but it will be for more than 150k (probably nearer 400k) and, with due respect to STFC, he will certainly not go to Swindon. much more likely a mid-table Championship club. He's too good for L1 or L2.


11 Mar 2012 12:32:05
after recent bad run Steve evans is to be sacked.His comments and attitude to fellow div 2 managers and officials could not go on.
Probably best thing for the club(29)(12)Why/ with 2 easy games coming particulary the gills game who can't defend to save their lifes.Not a fan of Evans, who is? But Crawley play decent football and think them and Swindon deserve to go up....and thats from an Oxford fan!


11 Mar 2012 11:54:21
So i see on skysports/twitter and a lot of american media are saying mictchell goldhar is looking at getting involved in pompey? if this is true it could be the bright light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel!......(21)(25) 

Must have more money than sense


11 Mar 2012 11:44:08
MK Dons on the verge of signing Robbie Fowler as Fowler and Dons manager Robinson are good mates from their Liverpool days(16)(20)


11 Mar 2012 11:17:34
any news ed about wolves bringing in a manager {Ed001's Note - no, sorry.}(12)(10)Morgan must do something mustSteve Bull has said he can take Wolves back to where they belong!

Bye bye back to league twoI'm so enjoying this fall from grace so much after getting rid of that Irishman from Yorkshire. Keep em coming please, they're hilarious.


11 Mar 2012 09:15:03
Mark Robins is being lined up as the next Burton albion as PP faces the axe (Daily mirror, friday )(6)(11) 

Could happen tbh as if we dont win saturday i think he will be gone if not after then saturday he will defo be gone after tuesday


11 Mar 2012 01:10:15
canterbury to back portsmouth fc kit sports(12)(20)


11 Mar 2012 01:08:49
hayden mullins not exit pompey
david norris to crystal palace out on loan(13)(17)Mullins going to Reading. Norris interesting Palace & West ham looking to get Pearce.Us Ipswich fans are glad to see the back of Norris very greedy player who has got what was coming to him. He left purely for money, money Pompay can't now pay him.


10 Mar 2012 23:37:45
Billy Sharp could be heading back to Doncaster on loan, after failing to settle in at Southampton(30)(40)Should have gone to LeicesterHave you spoken to him or is this a hopeful guess based on the fact he is not guaranteed a place in the starting 11. 99% of the rumours about Billy have proven to be false. Why should he have gone to a mediocre mid table team?What a stupid comment! Saints are top of the Championship with 10 games left, they have been in the top two for all of the season, so they have a strong squad and they have brought in additional players in January to add to this squad. No-one is going to walk into the first 11 of a team with this record and the squad will all be important in the coming weeks, including Sharp. Don't you think his focus will be on contributing so he gains a place (and wages) in a Premiership team in the near future rather than going back to a relegation struggle!To the Reading!!!!Poster 3, congrats your the first saints fan on this site to post something that is actually well thought out and worth reading.Yeah on loan


10 Mar 2012 23:09:17
Gary Docherty will get a permenant move
to wycombe for a fee of 40 thosand(14)(8)Hope you're right. As he hasn't been playing for Charlton all season, there must be a fair chance of a permanent transfer. Doherty has been quality since arriving at Adams Park on loan, as have Paul Hayes and Craig Eastmond.


10 Mar 2012 22:01:10
Nottingham Forest keen on landing Sheffield Wednesday giant defender Reda Johnson on a pre contract agreement after Dave Jones playing well without him in First team!! 4-1 Bury, 3-0 Bournemouth!!!(1)(23)Red Johnson has been injured. He was available for the Bournemouth game but DJ had said in the match notes that he'd prefer to ease him back in. Doubt he's going anywhere for a while. Big player at the club.


10 Mar 2012 21:35:57
Cheik Tiote and Demba Ba will leave Newcastle this summer.
Due to their new wage demands - they will leave for a combined £70m which will be used to help pay off their club debt.(6)(75)Demba ba can leave for 3and half millHope so ha70m --- has King Kenny got that much cash this year!!It is known that Ba has a 7m release clause (which he recieves an %) so more like 4m for Ba and maybe 18m for Tiote maybe - so 22m topsNew wage demands? tiote signed a 6 yr deal last season so still has 5yrs to run.. he has no power to negotiate. it's up to the club to sell himLol talk sport junk - just because it was said if someone makes an Andy Caroll esk bid for a player Newcastle would sell- they twist this to Newcastle will sell all of their squad... utter junk

If it is on talk sport and it has not already happened then it aint gonna happen... their news is old news their scoops are utter junkHa ha hilourius I'm worth a 1m thenWhst debt? Lmao! Newcastle are breaking even! Theyvdont NEED to sell!What debt ?? lol try the 100 mill plus in debt LMAO


10 Mar 2012 18:22:57
gabor gyepes is on trial at preston(12)(5)


10 Mar 2012 13:53:14
Heard Neil Warnock is readying summer raids for Clint Hill and Darren Pratley whether Leeds are promoted or not, with Forssell, Nunez and Rachubka leaving.(12)(15)Wether we are promoted or not ?


10 Mar 2012 13:01:44
Fleetwood Town to sign Robbie Fowler(11)(43)


10 Mar 2012 11:42:10
Mirror reporting that Reading want Hayden Mullins. He'd be back up if we got him really.(25)(12)


10 Mar 2012 10:12:17
Reading fc to take Reading born Midfielder Hayden Mullins on loan and West Ham to take Jason Pearce and Stephen Henderson(29)(14)This is good for both clubs


09 Mar 2012 23:26:00
AFC Wimbledon will sign free agent Erik Opsahl(6)(22)


09 Mar 2012 21:15:19
Brentford will confirm the signing of Lee Barnard, on loan, from Southampton early next week.(7)(30)


09 Mar 2012 19:30:34
pompey sign chris maguire on loan from derby to go into team for game v brighton source evening news portsmouth(14)(22)See the f a going out of their way to
help pompey again pity thet did nt help the smaller clubs like bournemouth luton etc when they were in trouble expect pompey will get 10 points back if they look certs to get relegated the whole saga of pompey stinks do everyone a favour go down the pan sooner the betterOuch sum1s a bit bitter! The FA r helpin pompey because they realise they r not entirely inocent in this, they failed 2 spot a crook wen Antonov came in. Give pompey a breakI am a pompey fan and your comments are very harsh. The fans themselves are not to blame but be assured they are they only ones being punished throughout this. And i for one dont wish to see any ckub go out of business including my neighbours down the road. And you only feel that the fa have helped pompey in anyway you are very much mistaken, fit and proper person!!!!!!!How are the fans the only ones being punished .What about all the small buisnesses that have lost money AGAIN and the likes of the St Johns Ambulance your club needs to be taught a lessonWe all knew Pompey would get out of it again. They'll be signing Premiership players on big wages again next season and the fans will lap it up. How much is Ben Haim on again Pompey fans? Probably earning enough in a few months to save several non-league clubs that are in the brown stuff for not being able to scrape together enough to pay the tax every month. Sickening, used to like Pompey but not anymore. Have no sympathy for them whatsoever and the person above me is right, they need to be taught a severe lesson.The people that owned the club need to be taught a lesson not the fans. An investigation as to what has actually gone on at fratton park should be authorised.Firstly, we did not sign Ben Haim whilst in the Championship, we signed (or should I say Redknapp signed him) when we were a Premiership side. This was prior to our first administration - so get your facts correct. I agree with last comment that in investigation needs to take place as I think that it will prove that a few people have had their fingers in the till over the last few years, naming no names but I suspect one could be a prospective England manager.Should have got rid of Ben Haim then and concentrated on paying your bills rather than useless players like him. Your club is a joke and you're now up there with Liverpool as the most hated clubs in England. And all this rubbish about great fans and feeling sorry for them? Sorry, every Pompey fan I've met has been an ahole and I can't stand them. Enjoy League One!I feel for the Pompey fans no one likes to see another club go to the wall.

The fa, your owners and greedy players need to be held to blame for the mess your in.


09 Mar 2012 19:30:18
Plymouth Argyle on the verge of signing Robbie Fowler.(12)(34)Oh here we go againHe's going to Fleetwood TownWhat are they going to pay him free will?


09 Mar 2012 18:24:26
Bradford want a right winger. They may go for Mark Marshall or ex bantam Steve Jones.(9)(6)Heard you're taking Karl Sheppard from Reading until the end of the season.


09 Mar 2012 17:41:59
dulee johnson will go on a test in chesterfield(5)(5)


09 Mar 2012 14:39:13
i hear that mk dons are looking at sign mcloed again at the end of the season ......why?(11)(7)


09 Mar 2012 14:20:47
I know Neil Warnocks son. Been told that he has a few targets in mind for the summer. Not saying that they're definatly going to Leeds but they're beinhg looked at.

Matt Ritchie- Swindon
Clint Hill- QPR
Matt Mills- Leicester
Neil Montgomery- Sheff Utd
John Fleck- Rangers
Matty Fryatt- Hull
Jamie Vardy- Fleetwood {Ed013's Note - I heard rumour his son was a Leeds fans. Does he live in Leeds? Could be one of the reasons Mr Warnock took over}(11)(21)His 2 Grandchildren are in the Leeds United AcademyWhat a load of rubbish - Source: Warnock's Postman...What a complete load of nonsense, Bates wouldn't pay the wages of those players, never mind their transfer fees.I support and work at Fleetwood Town and know Vardy, he hates Leeds. He would never go there.What a load of cos wallop ,post something that might be true ,I saw a dutch black blinged up range rover heading out of Thorp Arch yesterday (Sat 10/3/2012) but didnt recognised the driver- are there any dutch players on trial at the moment?I am a ST holder at Fleetwood and know that JV IS a Leeds fan, him and another couple of players. Don't pretend he isn't-fan he might be, but he isn't, and won't, be going there.Warnock must be working his magic then as Bates would never ever open his cheque book for those signings!


09 Mar 2012 13:58:01
Colchester United are in talks with Reading
to sign defender Ethan Gage. The
Canadian defender has said he would welcome a move to the Essex club.(11)(4)On loan a very real possibility. We have a good relationship with CUFC.


09 Mar 2012 08:58:39
Reading will sign Nikolay Mihaylov with Mikkel Andersen moving to Twente.(2)(20)That's a bit of a random one. I haven't heard anything about this but will ask.Son of Boris Mihaylov? If he's half as bad as his father was for us then I hope not.Mikkel signed a new long term contract a few months ago, I really doubt that he's going to leave. He might go out on loan for a season or two, but not likely to move permanently.Obviously not going to happen, lazy journalism


09 Mar 2012 08:28:10
Barker to be sacked if Bury fail to pick up any points in the next 3 games(5)(16)



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