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Yeah fair point sorry i got confused by the way that paedophile is a bad thing therefore anglophile seemed the right word. although if u think about it "phile" is clearly someone that wants to screw something (paedophile–children gerontophile–old people) so an anglophile is someone that wants to screw the english (would have used a certain other 4 letter word) which seems 2 illustrate my point better than saying anglo"phobe" meaning hes scared of the english, which i doubt he is 2 b honest. secondly tho at no point did i claim not 2 b a xenophobic inbred and i do have a lot of national pride and am completely unashamed of it. The point is england already has WORLD CLASS players who should b destroying other national teams, the fact that theyre not is not because theyre not good enough but because we can't take penalties and unfortunately were not great at producing strikers or keepers at the minute. In a couple of years wel have walcott young rooney agbonlahor all peaking. . plus how many other wicked england prospects r there? welbeck johnsson lennon michael johnson spearing ohara not 2 mention others its not like were gonna fall off the footballing map without ANY of these changes, but the reason its so annoying is because its 6 + 5 in the STARTING lineup, which is basically platini saying "all the good players r in england bacause the english fans r more lucrative, so how can we negate their advantage?".CLEARLY IT HAS NOTHING 2 DO WITH IMPROVING OUR NATIONAL TEAM. That's my point. Oh yeah and tottingham isn't a real team. X DUCKULA

Heres a wierd one 4 u, a good mate of mine is in construction in dubai and he reckons theres rumours of D.I.C making a fresh bid of 400 million for liverpool with a pledge of the original new stadium and ample transfer funds as well. Not sure what the kuwaitis have bid but thought u might like 2 no. .
  First of all, to all celtic fans who think they'll get 6–7 million for turncoat mcgeady YOUR HAVING A LAUGH !!!! no self respecting manager would put up with the crap he has thrown at strachan this season.he's clearly a trouble maker and you will be lucky to get 3–4 million for him. my 2nd point is that it wasn't that long ago that celtic were 1 hour away from folding so when people that rangers will fold they need to check themselfs in to a mental care unit.after all SIR david murray's companys make a net profit in 1 month that would wipe out the full of rangers debt but he wants the club to be able to maintain itself just as mr abramovic is doin at chelski , now we don't here any1 saying there going bust because they didn't splash the cash in jan. now to the transfers , boyd will defo be away as coisty doesn't think his all round play is good enough. lee miller from the dons will come in .expect a decent cetre half to come in to partner majid . last 1 for the gers is mcgregor is off to a mid table english prem team and alexander will be new number for celtic they will sign paul quinn from motherwell. also david o'leary is a front runner for the managers post wen WGS leaves at the end of the season
  To the mankey mob fans who keep going on about rangers debts because there team is terrible and there strikers can't score goals (haha)if its that bad why would we be looking at a striker who has (baha) who has a 4.5m release clause

spl trophy comin home
4 in a row were did it go
  To the boy that said this

Where do we start?????
The debt being a smoke screen??? well why agree to sell your top goal scorer in January unless you need the cash???

What about the official figures release last week by dodgy Dave showing all the millions of debt?

Why inform all non playing staff that there may be pay offs??
Celtic have been the stronger side for that past 8–9 years and will remain so for the next few years as we have under £1M debt, so we are in a better position to spend in the summer.
Having said that these are the worst old firm sides in the last 10–15 years!!!!!
Anyway onto your signing targets. .
McCarthy from Hamilton??? this guy is a Celtic supporter and choose to play for Eire over Scotland, not much chance of him wanting to pull on a blue top at ipox. He will be joinging Celtic as will Fletcher from Hibs in the summer.

Also Rangers won't sell Fleck just yet and no–one is going to pay £5M for a guy who is only good prospect at the moment.He has looked good in a fw games and will remain at ipox for at least another 2 seasons to see if he improves before being sold.

Expect to see either McGeadie or wee Gordon leave Celtic. Dont think that they'll be too much money spent in the summner. .

In for the 4 in a row champs
McCarthy from Hamilton – £1.5M–£2M
Fletcher from Hibs –£2M
another striker & a left back

Balde – Free to anyone
Sami–arse – £1M to anyone
JVOH – £1.5M to anyone who needs a useless injury
prone donkey.

well let me state sumfink if rangers were in big financial trouble why did they let burke go for free and accordin to you celtic were the best team in the last 8 years a hardly think so. . rangers have been the best out of the old firm in europe and cups.

also must a remind u miller from rangers to celtic and bck and pressley rangers to celtic so dnt tell me players still pick what team it is coz of religeon coz we all know that aint true.

fleck is the most excitin player in scottish football so don't tell me no team would pay 5 mil for him wen ur aiden spit the dummy out was a target for 9 mil. alan hutton ring a bell 10 mil from tottenham and he was onli playin 2 good seasons. . my case rests
  Is you incredible source the toilet mate? Cause that's where those rumours belong I'm afraid. Gerrard will nevr leave LFC and it certainly would not be to live in Bloody Manchester! He'd rather quit football. As for your others they don't even deserve to be acknowledged let alone debated. Some real rumours I've heard is that that LFC are seriously considering a bid for Tevez if Man U don't seal the deal soon. The other two major signings that LFC are looking at (not all definately going to happen) are Barry and Kuba.
is my source the toilet? is your source the sewer mate?a manchester united player going 2 liverpool he couldnt do that 2 the fans you idiot and why would he step down.and i believe gerrard once handed in a transfer request 2 go 2 chelsea twice am i right? quit football rather than leave my backside
more rumours people
that good enoug for you

in the know
  Fulham and Middlesbrough are each lining up a £2m bid for Bristol City midfielder Lee Johnson in the summer.
  Out of contract Hibernian players Szamatolski, Rosa and johansson will all leave easter road in the summer, with Rosa a possible Target for rivals Hearts if he impresses Csaba Laszlo.
  Kris boyd won't play for rangers again after his fall out with walter smith
  ––––––Newcastle United Big News––––––
The short term contract agreed with lovenkrands has an automatic two year extension if lovenkrands scores 5 goals in the season.3 More to go.He has admitted his love for the english game and his wife has already moved to the north east.
Also bad news bassong set for arsenal, good news swap for song and djourou.Other signings :owen(contract) veloso 15m and turan 9m.
  All the talk of rangers and celtic signing big, aint going to happen, rangers are skint and celtic are tight
and all the talk of rangers going bust, and the celtic fans all laughing at rangers. can you believe how bad the scottish league would be without Rangers, how bored would you be if you were a celtic fan. THINK ABOUT IT. IF THERES NO RANGERS, THERES NO CELTIC. . .AND VICE VERSA. . .FACT
1 certainty is rangers will sign mulgrew from aberdeen, and sell who they can, celtic will do much the same, they will try to win the league with what theyve got, then bank the champions league money, . like they usually do.
  Just got back from the Man U match v Inter. Where I bumped in to David Weir of Rangers and said to him 'U can't go on forever mate, what are your plans for next year?' – He tells me he was meeting David Moyes (his good friend and ex manager at Everton) – And went on to say he and David would be taking over from Walter Smith and Ally McCoist at Rangers after this season. He was also sure this would leave the door oped for Strachan to move to Everton and Owen Coyle to take over at Celtic. I might have to pop down to the bookies with this one! Champions
  Just a rumour off the rumour mill. .

If Spurs allow Aaron Lennonto join Liverpool, then expect them to raid Celtic for Aiden McGeady.

I'm not Harry Redknapp's dog walker's uncle's landlord, just a rumour that I picked up
  To all of you saying Jose Mourinho will be the next manager at Manchester United. Get one thing straight, he may be a decent manager, but Mourinho is not now, nor will he EVER be worthy of the managers job at Manchester United if he lived to be a hundred. He’s nothing more then a mouthy little chav. Sure he won the champions league with Porto, they we’re a good squad that played well and beat the odds on a great run of luck through the tournament (ala Greece in Euro 04) and were even luckier to meet Monaco in the final. He only had success at Chelsea because he had Abromavich’s billions to throw at every decent footballer out there, and even then he only won the prem two years on the spin before they ran him off.
“We all bleed Red, whether we deserve to or not.”
  West Ham lawyers have discovered that since relegation Sheffield Utd have made an increased profit, both seasons. This is even despite the fact that they have also paid off twelve million pounds worth of debt in the same period. The Sheffield lawyers have based their claims in the same way that civil court claims are calculated, gross figures without any deductions. However in a civil court that figure can be appealed against. West Ham lawyers will argue that arbitration should only consider net losses and therefore Sheffield Utd would not be due anything at all. It seems likely that arbitration will agree with the West Ham point of view and only grant a figure to cover legal expenses. The hearing is due to start Monday and is likely to come to a swift conclusion possibly by the end of the week.
  ((( AFC Bulletin )))

Possable move by AW 4 AZ Alkmaar striker Moussa Dembele come the summer ,Eboue is likely 2 leave AFC as his contract ends at the end of the season, its heard AW is unlikley 2 give Eboue a new deal, Gibbs or Randall might replace him . INTER boss Mourinho is unlikley 2 move back 2 the EPL , its been known he intends 2 stay at INTER 4 at least another season . AW is also interested in Rosonborg player Per Ciljan, Diaby could leave AFC 4 a club Serie A in the summer his agent has said so . The rumours about Bayern Munich player Ribery moving 2 Barca or any other club are absurd , Bayern Chairman Rummenigge has said so .
  Bayern Munich

100%Defo Ribery will be moving to Barca in the summer, and Hleb is going the otherway.

As for Arsenal news, their is no point in posting about transfers cause from what I have been told nothing will be decided untill the end of the season it all depends on the 4th spot.

I post no lie, Iam the real deal.
  I'm involved with Liverpool football club, in an administrative role. I'm not privy to anything regarding the American owners, or to Rafa's transfer plans (or lack of them). What I do know, the club being effectively like a village, is that Rafa has fallen out with a number of players over the last few months. I won't name names because I feel that this would be wrong. However, this does include a number of regular first team players. What I am prepared to reveal is that there is now huge unrest amongst the playing staff. Initially this started because of what many individuals perceived were baffling selections. But since then it has progressed and become more personal. It regards Rafa'a attitude and what many see as a number of childish outbursts and temper tantrums. Now, it's well known amongst the staff at the club that Rafa can be a touch odd on occasion. I have personally had some very strange encounters with the man. So much so, that I have even formally voiced my concerns to the club hierarchy. I'll end this now because I can't give too much away for obvious reasons. Just to note that we're a very unhappy ship at the moment. Unless something drastic happens and Rafa receives a personality transplant, I wouldn't expect to see him here for much longer.
  Im related to a liverpool youth player and he thinks liverpool are looking to bring in 4 players in summer being a left back, two strikers and a winger

Stewart downing and Arron Lennon being the winger choices, Bale (dont no why hes rubbish) the 1st choice for the left back, Then names such as Klose, Villa (highly doubtful, Tevez and Drogba being the list.
NYWA !!! 5 times
  When will fans realise that big money signings are a thing of the past. Realisticly, Man City and Man United are the only teams that will splash out. Most premier league teams are re–structuring their finances. Only expect hot young prospects to be bought by Chelsea,liverpool and the likes.

on a transfer note. . Dan fox and Scott Dann off Coventry to Newcastle. 5M PACKAGE
  While liverpool have benitez in charge and there over reliance on gerrard and torres they will never win the league.that is not a rumour its a fact.
reading all the players that liverpool are linked with they need 2 flair players that give you width.
players in
some south american that would be just a squad player
and henry from barca
In rafa with trust to mess up again
  Okay first off i should apologise cos this is going 2 b a bit of a rant, but you guys started talking about it so i thought id give my bitabout the 6+5. i personally find it really funny how revealing platinis comments are regarding his psyche. At the start of the galactico era at real madrid, when madrid were buying the best, most marketable players in the world and looked easily the best team around no one seemed to be bothered. Spain hadnt won anything for an age, but that wasnt mentioned and everything seemed as it was supposed to be in the football world. . . now things have evolved such that instead of real madrid, it is the BPL that looks like it might b making a break 4 pre–eminence, and after just one season with THREE of the last 4 in the champs league being english,(real madrid valencia,barcelona,bayern 1999–2000. real madrid, juventus, acmilan, inter 2002–2003) suddenly measures must b taken to stop the ruination of football! Anyone that cannot sense an anglophobic agenda there simply doesn't deserve an opinion. The difference is that the teams are English and the person proposing the handicap (because that's what this proposal has always integrally been) is an anglophile. Someone said we should watch platinis interviews in full rather than the murdoch spin we see now– i do and over the last few years he has said he hates the english style, hates the english fans, hates the english arrogance and hates the english press (we all do). In short he just hates the english. In my humble opinion, if u think this ia about saving our national team, ur an idiot, if u think this is about improving the game or players lives, ur an idiot. In short if u think this is anything other than a xenophobic inbred trying to scupper a nation that he clearly sees as his enemy, yes ur an idiot.
Anyway onto rumours apparently theres a rumour going round that i may have a teeny problem with platini, sorry! Liverpool 2 sign kuba,johnsson,barry. Man u benzema or tevez and city klose and ballack
  Adebayor's future at Arsenal looks uncertain, after he failed to rule out a move to another club. It seems he is happy at Arsenal but would not give a straight no to another club, and with Barcelona and AC Milan set to come in for him once again, he could finally be tempted away in the summer. Whether or not anyone would be brought in to replace him or not I'm not sure, as if he did leave we would still have v.Persie, Eduardo, Bendtner and Vela as striking options, Eduardo looks more than capable of starting alongside v.Persie, speaking of which v.Persie has seemingly said he is not leaving Arsenal. I cannot see any of our players other than possibly (although hopefully not) Adebayor.

In Arsene We Trust
  Hi ive just heard that man u havemade an inquiry with jose mourinho about buyin queresma and puttin him on the left wing as giggs is to old and nani has not proved himslf

man u transfers in summer
Ricardo Queresma 12 mil
Carlos Tevez 30 mil
Phillip Lahm (right back) 15 mil

Man u transfers out in summer
Owen Hargreaves 10 mil Everton
Manucho 5 mil Hertha Berin
  Some of the LFC rumours are deadly. If only half of them were true! We don't know who the owners will be, what the budget will be, even who the Manager will be so I don't know where the stories come from.
Wish I had some rumours but haven't, I just hope we move on Lucas, Babel & Dossena fairly sharpish.

El Nino
  Incredible source tells me and i am adamant this will happen
nesta will jump ship and head to inter!
other rumours are:
ribery–man utd/barca
quaresma–spurs part exchange with dos santos
adebayour–ac milan
owen–any english club lol
jesus navas–athletico madrid


Sorry Buddy but you are missing the point of my comment. I don't care and the whole world doesn't sit around and complain about french football but it seems like Platini and everyone complains about English football and their league just because they have the best league in the world. The point is if you nit pick and every little thing then you will always find something wrong. Now with the langauge, Dont be disrepectfull justt because your sitting at your moms' house by yourself typing on your little computer.
rumours– Arsenal–Gourcuff,Sakho, Hazard
AC Milan–Adebayor

  This just in!!!! Rafa to sell Agger, Lucas & Dossena.
Rafa beleives there is still enough quality in his squad and won't be splurging out on big money signings, only expect two or three new faces this summer, he will try to attempt Aaron Lennon from Spurs and Santa Cruz from Balckburn. Also to pursue his interest in Zaki of Wigan. Reliable Source
  Rangers ins and outs in the summer


  Mr Shane, thank you for humouring my morning by winding up the bluenoses and platini, really made me chuckle,

Now then, this is a "rumour" site so hears a rumour for you, I was working for the BBC in manchester last week and while I was there I got talking to a stage crew hand who's dad "apparently" works in the stock exchange, and according to him Dumb Hicks and Gormless Gillet are set to lower there asking price for LFC from 500m to 415m in order to sell to a middle eastern consortium, apparently they have until JUne the 30th to refinance the 280m loan from HBOS that they used to buy the club, if they don't the Bank will take over ownership and liquidate the club to get back its money, therefore H&G get NOTHING! However he also said that although the groups involved in buying the club (apparently there are three) will not be doing a Abramavich and splashing the cash, Rafa (if he isn't sacked)will have to sell before he buys, but one consortium has promised (if successfull) to bring in one big name signing and fund the stadium (name rights would be sold to help with this :–( ) however they have only offered a bid in the region of 380m so H&G would only get 190m each, oh how terrible for them! Anyhoooo that's what I heard so we shall wait and see. As I said only a rumour.

  I am a rangers fan and believe that they are going to be the drivin force in scottish football 4 the next 5–6 seasons and there wul b a big clear out in summer. dnt be dilusioned that we are ment to be in so much debt that's the smoke screen there wul b some excitin players in and some big earners out. .

mcgregor – tottenham (7 mil)
bougherra – marseille (5 mil)
ferguson – everton (1.2 mil)
fleck – man utd ( 5mil)
mcculloch – stoke (1 mil)
hemdani – france (free)
gow – norwich (300k)
adam – blackpool (500k)
boyd – birmingham (3.5 mil)
total = 23.5 million

kasper schmeichel (1 mil)
gattuso (free) as he wants to finish his career at rangers
tonel (2.5)
james mccarthy (2 mil)

total = 5.5 mil

i personally like the look but we need 2 see wat will happen. .

  . .just to clear up the confusion Celtic signed Marc Crosas on a permanent deal, though the deal allows Barcelona 1st refusal went the contract is up. so he's not on loan
  Big Summer moves :–

Benzema 35 million to Inter
Villa 40 million to Barcelona
Silva 25 million to Barcelona
Tevez 30 million to Manchester United
Ribery 40 million to Chelsea
Iniesta 15 million to Chelsea
Mexes 10 million to Chelsea
Forlan 18 million to Milan
Aguero 22 million(plus lucas) to Liverpool
Cazrola 14 million to Liverpool
Albiol 13 million to Lverpool
Adriano 21 milion to Athletico
Terry 22 million to Man city
A.Cole 7 milllion(plus drenthe) to Real Madrid

Red Report
  First of all – enough about the 6+5 rule, its all getting very boring now. now back to the important stuff – Bristol Rovers are in talks with a 'significant' investor, sure it's not along the lines of Man City but i have been told by a reliable source that if it goes through with in 5 years the gas could be fighting for a top 4 finish with the big boys running scarred!
  Hughes will be sacked as soon as season ends and in will come Frank Rijkard. He will be able to attract a better quality of player to Eastlands and play a more attractive style of football.
He will try to sign Alonso from Liverpool to run everything (much like Xavi for Barca), if he fails he will go for Barry instead. He will pick a front three of Robinho, Wright–Philips and Eto'o (£23 mill) with Alonso/Barry, De Jong and Ireland running the midfield. Samba (£4 mill) and Woodgate (£7 mill) will be signed to sure up the defence and Rafinha (£8 mill) will sign at right back. It will all be about pace and power and City will push the big four, or they will do a tottenham instead and disappoint!
  This just in from a very reliable source. . .Liverpool to be taken over by the end of this month, 2 groups interested, the same source told me about Rick Parry leaving the day before it was announced by the club. . Watch this space, I tell no lies, this WILL happen. I have put £50 on it with the bookies. . .Bye and good riddance to the yanks.
  Moyes will buy quality instead of quantity and his main aim of the summer is to get at least two quality players with a bit of creativity about them and a striker with a bit of pace and these are his targets
j cole 8m
kranjcar 5.5m
d fletcher 4m
s parker 7m
d bent 7m
j utaka 5m
g oneil 3.5m
c cole 7.5m
  Some sad attemts at wind–ups and FM style wheeler dealing on here lol.

Some real LFC rumours, that's rumours not facts i've picked up as a ' worker ' at the club.

The Kuwaiti's will buy Gillet out at a profit of 60m to Gillet. The club are looking at ideas to extend the capacity of the current ground by building a huge stand at the Anfield Rd end and are considering building over Anfield Rd by means of a road tunnel under the new stand, amazing ? Unlikely ? Yet feasible.
Benitez will stay and sign a compromise 2 year deal. He will be given a £50m lump sum plus outgoings.

Babel–10m with Buy back clause.
15m ' floating in accounts ' for Keane.

=42m + 50m = 92m

Hyypia will go into coaching at the club. these are rumoured to be players ' unwanted ' although Babel will be under bb clause if needed.

First choice ins =

Glen Johnson – 8m
Raul Albiol – 7m
Gareth Barry –10m
Aaron Lennon – 8m
Sergio Aguero – 25M
Michael Owen – free

  Rangers were scouting Getafe v Malaga, primarily for Nabil Baha but would have also noticed Cuadrado the centre back as a potential target
  Owen Coyle (Burnley Manager) has been sounded out about taking over from Gordon Strachan at Celtic in close season. .Iain the Know

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