Football Rumours Archive July 12 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursJuly 12 2012 

11 Jul 2012 21:56:21
Birmingham to sign Hayden Mullins from Pompey for nominal fee(21)(8)He is a free transfer so im going to regard this as bull.He has moved to Birmingham today but on a free!


11 Jul 2012 21:52:52
Cheltenham town will pull out of a deal for izel McLeod after the strikers high wage demands.(15)(5)


11 Jul 2012 21:49:14
Antonio in talks with Sheffield Wednesday Burnley and Huddersfield who have all offered the asking price of 750k(10)(7)He's off to WednesdayAntonio will join Sheffield Wednesday before end of week. Huddersfield may need one more winger, but its not our priority.Defo off to wednesday HTFC fan


11 Jul 2012 21:44:14
Oxford have been heavily linked with Kevin McDonald of Sheffield United. This would be a similar deal to Peter Leven of MK Dons.(5)(14) 

We would have no chance of signing him whatsoever!Thomas steps down as Chairman.


11 Jul 2012 21:42:15
Havent done any rumour killing for a while so here goes ... Connor Henderson and Oscar Jansson? A big NO from PP. This was taken straight off simon parkers t&a twitter account post 11 hours ago(1)(6)


11 Jul 2012 21:39:19
just had it through that cardff have
signed bellamy on a three year deal
unsure of price ill post price when i get
more, cardiff also have completed all
terms with kim, awaiting intinational
clearance.(16)(36)Rodgers has already stated that he will not be sold and that he is a big part of Brendons plans.Uh, no he's not part of B.Rodger's plans unless you call cup games big plans lol. Craig is coming home! he's coming home, he's coming!


11 Jul 2012 21:39:09
Cheltenham Town manager Mark Yates is hoping to conclude a deal for Swindon's Alan Connell by the end of the week.(7)(10) 

Alan is being linked with every other club, i think you are all clutching at straws...........


11 Jul 2012 21:37:41
Steve Sidwell will leave Fulham this window with Southampton and West Ham ready to pounce.(12)(13)My money would be on him signing for reading againI doubt he'll be back at Reading, I reckon he'll go to West Ham.Can't see how saints would be interested. Schneiderlin, Cork and Davis are all better plus we have Chaplow and Hammond in that position too!He did a good job at Reading, then left to keep a bench warm at Chelsea when he saw £ signs, and has not been the same player since. I would not want him back at Reading either.He fits the Reading / West Ham mould... signing older players who have not delivered for the bigger clubsWhy would
He leave when he is one if our
Only 2 CM 's ?? Think these things
Through before you make
Up rubbish .....Im a Fulham fan and I think he is a good player; and now that Danny Murphy has left he will have more of a chanceIn CM Fulham have: Dembele, Diarra, Gecov, Etuhu, Sidwell, Baird. So think a reply through first eh?Gecov is terrible, Baird isn't a CM, etuhu is leaving so think realistically we can't let Sidwell go.


11 Jul 2012 21:30:58
Massive news concerning Oxford United released tomorrow.
Source: The Oxford Mail.(6)(16)Yes, so I see - Constable is the main man!Injury crisis. Defenders, Duberry, Worley, Whing and Davis all out of training injured for month.Is that more massive than Dubes missing the first month of the the season with a slipped disc?


11 Jul 2012 21:28:31
According to the Portsmouth sport - "Izale Mcleod will probably not be signing for the club. Walsall and Cheltenham are among a host of clubs tracking the striker"(11)(9)Think this wil be sorted one way or another by mid next week. McLeod has hung around waiting to sign for Pompey but can not wait much longer.Why would he sign for portsmouth when bigger financially stable clubs are interestedSo why has he not signed for them already? He is awaiting confirmation from Portsmouth FC that he can sign for them.


11 Jul 2012 21:22:45
Stephen Dobbie currently in talks with Millwall(4)(25)It would be very good as we did try to sign him on loan a while ago,but probably another rumour that WONT HAPPEN!


11 Jul 2012 21:18:01
AC Milan accept bid of €65m for Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva from PSG. Wow, having already signed Lavezzi, it looks like its a dead cert where the French league is heading( top of the league)!(12)(19)Thiago Silva signed a 5 year contract with Milan yesterday you peanutYeah but they have accepted the bid! And that doesnt matter they can still accept the bid! You clearly know nothing" looks like its a dead cert where the French league is heading( top of the league)!"........NO IF REAL, IT JUST MEANS THAT PSG ARE BUYING THE FRENCH TITLE.


11 Jul 2012 21:16:45
Francis Jeffers training with tranmere with a view to a contract being offered.(14)(4)


11 Jul 2012 21:14:19
Arsenal in line to sign Yann M'Vila. The rennes midfielder is set to have a medical this week(16)(12)


11 Jul 2012 20:56:09
Robinson, Kay and McCombe to be transfer listed by Huddersfield before end of August. Kay to tranmere, Robinson to Bournemouth and McCombe to Preston.(17)(7)Chould happenThat's good he'll be able to trip over all the other centre backs Westley has signed, seriously though I doubt it but he is a more than decent lad who certainly doesn't take prisonersSheffield local newspaper say that United are interested in signing Zoko, but Preston are firm favourites and talks are at an advanced stage between Zoko & PNE. Skysports say that North End are in talks with ex Villa keeper Peter Enkleman as a replacement for Richard WrightPNE have enough centre backs without McCombePreston already have a surplus of centre backsHurray to this but I doubt many will pay a fee for any of them. Hope they get the message cos they are not going to get a kick in a Town shirt this season.Why would we transfer list them if they have moves lined up? Would cheapen the price? And if we were to list them why not do it now?A high possibility for PNE, especially if morgan gpes.Feeling positive for afcb with central defender miles addison signing today, pugh still with us and possible return of robinson, there is real depth in the squad.


11 Jul 2012 20:48:06
Alan Connell,and Curtis Weston will be announced as new signings at Bristol Rovers on either Friday or Monday.

One of the deals is done already with one still to iron out.

Strong source from within the dressing room also says that Eunan OKane was at the training ground on wednesday along with Izale McLeods agent who has been talking with Nick Higgs since Early May.

Another consideration is Dave Clarkson who has also been talking directly with Mark McGhee ... This was confirmed by one of the training team this week.(8)(7)As much as I'd love all this to be true, we certainly won't be signing McLeod, Clarkson and Connell. 2 of the 3 maybe, but not all of them.

How confident are you this will happen mate? Would love to see Eunan O'Kane join but think it's a pipe dream.


11 Jul 2012 20:40:07
kevin nolan signing for cardiff city early next week.also heard roger johnson is wanting a move back to cardiff.(7)(34)Please, please let the Johnson rumour be trueRoger Johnson duh duh da dah, Roger Johnson, i doubt it wolves wont let him go unless its near the price they signed him for 7m or something, Johnson was one of my top city CB ever but i dont think we are going to pay that priceAs a cardiff fan - maybe the johnson but
nolan? cmon hes captain of west ham in the premiership why would he come to


11 Jul 2012 20:39:24
Curtis Weston has been offered a one year deal by Bristol Rovers with a second year option.

Hopefully will be a done deal in the next few weeks.

Thank you Martin Allen ......(8)(7)


11 Jul 2012 20:30:17
Bristol city still wanting a keeper have asked spurs to loan out gomes for the season to replace david james(3)(26)As a City fan why would Gomes come to us? If we're loaning a keeper it won't be Spurs' second choice keeper and a regular player in the Brazil squad


11 Jul 2012 20:27:40
Southampton FC summer signings 2012

Paulo Gazzaniga
Craig Gordon
Alexander Buttner
Scott Dann
Adrian Mariappa
Tomas Sivok
Nathaniel Clyne
Matthew Jarvis
Wilfried Zaha

Steve Davis-Done deal
Jay Rodriguez-Done Deal(12)(34)Davies not a done deal yet. Rangers refusing to give some sort of clearance and Saints are considering going to FIFA about it!The FIFA thing with Davies is just a delay he's contracted to Southampton so he'll be there next season the clearance is practically there already. Jarvis is a no and so is Scott Dann the rumours on Dann are ridiculous we've heard them for ages but nothings happened there. We don't need Jarvis we're getting Buttner. I hope Clyne, Mariappa and Zaha do move to St Mary's they'd be a good fit for the club. Craig Gordon would be a good signing but still not so sure and Gazzaniga's would be good he'd work well with Kelvin so I hope so. Sivok is in doubt almost nothings happened. Buttner is practically completed there's just a brief complication to deal with. Michu would be nice but he's the lowest priority of the one's we're expecting to get.This looks more like a wish list than a signings list, i can see us getting a few of those targets but not all.
not a bad list though, would like a better goalie on there and i am a big fan of butlands so i hope he coomes inCraig Gordon is now fit again. He's a superb keeper and would do well for Saints.A few of them are possiblePremiership clubs are only allowed to name a first team squad of 25 - there are already 12 names on that list, meaning, if true only 13 of last years squad will be given a squad place.Aside from Buttner I'm not too convinced that any of these will come off. Very worrying lack of signatures at the moment. Really hoped we'd have the squad assembled by start of pre season. We need another three minimum, four if butt er falls through. Our current squad just isn't strong or deep enough to survive.
All that said I have never had reason to doubt NA or NC so........Adrain Mariappa and Nathaniel Clyne are still wanted by Reading so expect a battle thereIf there under 21 They do not need to be in the 25 man squad


11 Jul 2012 20:18:03
Huddersfield could add Harry Maguire of Sheff United to their squad... A very good defender with a bright future.(8)(16)Not going to happen. Could not afford fee. There are 3 prem clubs tracking him.We could afford the fee all you lot seem to think we are broke and you forget that money talks.Huddersfield have a chairman with hundreds of millions at his disposal, so I don't think that holds water. If the manager wants a player for the squad, we'll go for himHuddersfield couldn't afford the fee? Funny, I though it was Sheffield Utd that were having to virtually raffle off their players to cut down their wage bill. Although I agree, he'd be more suited for development at a low premier league clubPersonally don't rate maguire. In all 3 games against town this season he looked amazingly awkward

Terrier96He might have all that money but you can only spend what relates to your gate receipts. So you can't afford to spend millions as you don't have the fan base.


11 Jul 2012 20:17:52
Nick Proschwitz Will Complete His Hull Move next Week But Only If Bruce Offloads Aaron Mclean To Brighton or Peterborough to pay for Nick Proschwitz

Also Robert Koren Will Remane at the kc stadium for 1 more year but looks set to leave the club if they dont make the top flight

Llyod Sam Former leeds Is Set To make His Way to Hull On a 1 Week trail After The Hull Players Return To England

Tom Cairney Could Seal a 500k Move to Bolton Later Next Week I Believe He Is In Talks With The Club

Leeds United Waying Up A Bid For Matty Fryatt and look to Offer 1 million pounds but hull city will reject any approach(7)(8)McLean isn't going anywhere he said it himselfLloyd Sam return to England ?? He's making this up! The Leeds player was on loan last season at Notts County, both in England!According to his Twitter account, McLean is currently in Portugal...and so are the Peterborough United squad plus one mystery player not yet unveiled...Read it again, he said Sam was having a trial when the Hull players get back to England(they're in Portugal at the moment - which isn't in England).I think he meant Sam will link up with the rest of the Hull players once they come back to England from their training camp in Portugal?.McLean is top dog in the Hull dressing room and the sort of character Steve Bruce will love. Can't see him going anywhereThe player is suspected to be Harry Kewell, although no progress is likely to be made, probably either the personal terms are too high or the face to face meeting didn't go well.Who said he was abroad in the first place??The player with Posh in Portugal isnt MaClean or Kewell


11 Jul 2012 20:14:10
Peterborough to resign Aaron mclean from hull . He said on his twitter acount he was in portugal running his balls off. The posh are currently in portugal and there have been rumours today an ex posh player is returning.(12)(8)He's in Portugal with hull!! He also said on his twitter that he wasn't going anywhere!Oh dear...Hull are also at a training camp in Portugal...He has also said on his Twitter that Hull are training in Portugal. I doubt PUFC will want him back, as he's getting on a bit, and Darren Ferguson has said the oldest player he wants in the squad next year is 25. I would welcome him back though!Hull City are also in Portugal training so doubt it.Anyone seen pictures of city training in portugal? well there a massive one of mclean training in a HULL TOP


11 Jul 2012 20:09:10
carlisle close to signing taiwo atieno
from torquay herd the rumour from a
mate living in torquay(1)(7)Why would Carlisle sign a player like that are you sure that they did not getting confused, Tom Taiwo who rejected a contract extension from the club. There is no link with any player in this tom Tawio or Taiwo atienoCan't be true. Atieno struggled in league 2 to score, doubt he'd find the net at all in league 1. For me, hes a good standard BSP player.Seen this post twice now, not that i full believe it. however, is he good player? good enough for a team battling for a league one playoff position?


11 Jul 2012 19:58:21
Walsall set to sign former Birmingham, PNE and West Brom centre midfielder Darren Carter(11)(3)Sorry coach carter is training with bcfc fact !Carter trained with Blues last pre-season too...he's a local ex-player who is out of contract and also a fan of Blues. Training suits all parties, he may or may not sign. Walsall is more his level these days


11 Jul 2012 19:55:44
Francis jeffers training with tranmere(9)(4)


11 Jul 2012 19:47:23
George Elekobi four month loan Wolves to Vale, wages 65:35, Solbakken knows Vale legend Robbie Earle from their short time together at Wimbledon, Earle set it up(3)(20)What a load of rubbish. He is off to forest and will be announced before MondayThis is a ridiculous rumour! You would be bankrupt trying to pay even 35% of his wages


11 Jul 2012 19:44:18
Bristol City are close to completing the signing of South African Midfielder Teko Modise from Mamelodi Sundowns for around £900k-£1mill to replace Albert Adomah who will be signing for Swansea Early next week for £3.5 Million

But City failed with a bid to sign his teammate and Striker Katlego Mphela on loan until January with a view to a permanent move(4)(18)Would both be decent signings! hope this is true!


11 Jul 2012 19:55:28
michael owen on the brink of being the first summer signing for nottingham forest(11)(38)Dont talk rubbish, how many times does he have to say he wont drop a divisionHas tweeted this morning saying, will only sign for a Premiership club or abroad. you have no chance


11 Jul 2012 19:48:54
Reading and Fulham in the hunt to sign Jermain Defoe. Newcastle and Stoke have also made enquiries but it is thought Defoe wants to stay down south(17)(17)Only reading and fulham no northern teams.McDermott has said he has no knowledge of move for defoeEverton is after Defoe and has a big chance to sign him after Adebayor's return at tott.


11 Jul 2012 19:39:23
notts county to sign lloyd sam and
micheal spillaine and very close to
sign delroy facey or johnathan forte(4)(5)Facey? He wasn't good enough for us in the first place why the hell would we want him back


11 Jul 2012 19:33:54
Jarvis will most likely be in red and white come the start of the season but that was the same with demba ba so its not a done deal
also i think olsson and cameron look good to be at the brit maybe O'hara, fletcher and rodallega are possibles(13)(12)


11 Jul 2012 19:28:12
New Hull boss Steve Bruce wants to raid his ex club and sign sunderland duo Ahmed Elmohamady and David Meyler for a combined fee of £4(9)(10)I'd stretch to £4.50-a fiver would though be too much for this pair


11 Jul 2012 19:06:51
Looks like the Paul Coutts to Posh rumours have started again. Supposedly flying out Portugal to sign.(4)(10)


11 Jul 2012 19:06:04
Reading are close to signing Pape Diakhate from Granada according to reports in Spain.

He is a centre back who was watched by Arsenal a couple of years back according to the Daily Fail.(5)(7)He plays for Dynamo Kiev and was only on loan to Granada last seasonNo he plays for Granada. Google him.


11 Jul 2012 18:44:45
FC Zürich are preparing a bid for 19 year old Amin Nazari a centre midfielder who currently plays for swedish outfit Malmö FF.(5)(3)


11 Jul 2012 19:33:40
Yassine El Ghanassy has joined West Brom on loan from Ghent.

M'Baye Niang set to join Arsenal from Caen. Caen want £9million for the 17 year old.

Liverpool want Jose Callejon for £10million(7)(2)Yassine WHO? this is exciting aye it? never heard of him!Had you heard of the likes of Gera and Mulumbu before we signed them?


11 Jul 2012 19:22:43
Huddersfield are linked strongly with Charlie Austin form Burnley. also they are tracking Marc Pugh from Bournemouth in an exchange deal for money and Anton Robinson.

they really are doing it in this window Huddersfield. possible promotion contenders especially if they keep Jordan Rhodes.(8)(22)Ha ha ha ha hope huddersfield are willing to pay 3 mill plus . cos i cant see it happening otherwise . i thought they were after treacy ...... its all gone quiet sssshhhhRhodes aint in league one this year,will find goals harder to come by,remember Billy Paynter?.What! Title contenders? Huddersfield may have signed a few players but promotion is a bit premature. Mid table will be a fantastic season. You forget you've got Bolton, Blackburn and Wolves already competing for top spot. Good luck, you'll need it.No chance with austin mate , burnleys main striker now and hed cost a good few millionBurnley will not sell there best striker. Also can Huddersfield afford to throw millions around ?More chance of signing Steve Austin for a million dollars !You guys obviously haven't heard of our chairman, so yes, we do have 3 million to "splash around"We can afford to throw alot of millions around...Let's put the Austin rumour to bed burnley say he is not for sale meaning come up with 5m and he is yoursRemember Billy Paynter?? Who was top scorer this year in Championship? RICKIE LAMBERT who was top scorer the season before in which league? LEAGUE ONE!! Did he score as many as Rhodes did this year? NO!!!Billy Paynter had one good season at Swindon before cashing in on a move to Leeds, he only scored the goals he did because the opponent defenders were struggling to keep Charlie Austin quiet.

Rhodes will do well in the Championship, but I imagine Huddersfield will be a upper half team, possible outside bet for playoffs. But will need to kick on and invest in the second season to stay competitive.


11 Jul 2012 19:21:26
Looks like Micheal Antonio. Is on his way to swfc. A deal has been agreed. Announcement due imminent good luck to Micheal Wish him well.(8)(1)He could do a lot better than Wednesday. Obviously doesn't like a challenge of being at a club with competition for places.


11 Jul 2012 19:16:00
Nicola Cortese is getting frustrated with Nigel Adkins' inability to attract higher reputation players. FACT! There are rumours within the club that Harry Redknapp is going to be offered a role as Director of Football with increased responsibility to help assist with transfers and to give the team valuable premiership coaching experience.(4)(17)I dont think that would be the best move!! nigel is getting a great squad together!Nice try. Harry is catching up with his golf on the odd sunny day. He will then consider various pundit roles that he will be offered. Nicola is increasingly optomistic about the season ahead! FACTBringing in Redknapp for coaching? The bloke has no tactical knowledge all he does is just keep signing players.Complete nonsense on all fronts. Geez you must be bored.Ummm... how can i put this so that the editors will allow my post.... NO!
I dont think NC wants to have empty stadiums and the fans protest about harry would result in empty stadiums.Nicola always wanted to bring in a Director of Football - that was one of the disputes he had with Pardew so there could be some truth in this.Don't believe this is a post from a Saints supporter. If it is then he should start taking the tablets!
Why would Adkins be seen as responsible for bringing in players?? This is a team effort and will involve Cortese as much as Adkins. As for Harry-just realise why he was not offered the England job and then ask yourself, are Saints standards going to be lower? Of course they are not.
There is a club down the road that could do with your support-if it doesn't already have it!


11 Jul 2012 18:44:21
Arsenal Spanish centre back Miguel is to go on a season long loan to Brighton(12)(11)Doubtful. Brighton undoubtedly had an interest but it was as cover at left back. Now Bridge is on board he wouldn't get the game time Wenger would want to justify a loanWith subs back to 7 this season. I can easily see this as a possibility. I suspect the player himself is not keen. As I would have expected it to be further forward by now. With the lack of depth in this area at Brighton he would easily see enough game time.Saltire can play left or right back concept can,also play there and painter will be bridges back upp. that's plenty of cover. gus has stated many times hs wants 2 playera for each position he won't have 2 left backs on the bench let alone the 3rd that the arsenal Guy would mean


11 Jul 2012 18:43:42
Stoke are likely to bid for Wolves duo Matt Jarvis and Stephen fletcher . Wolves value the pair at £20 million

Stoke striker kenwyne Jones is also Likely to leave with West Ham the favourites to sign the target man(16)(23)If kenwyne needs a lift to london i will drive him there free of charge15million is a fair price.. and you can have shotton on loan


11 Jul 2012 18:43:06
Bradford City are close to signing Billy Paynter(10)(15)Hope this is true about billy paynter. would love to see him back in a city shirt.
hope theres also some truth in Oscar jannson coming back aswell.. CTIDNo they aren'tHeard from a close source down at Valley Parade that Bradford City are close to signing Billy Paynter what this space!! Will do a much better job than spoilt Andy Gray!!If this rumour is true that would be a great signing


11 Jul 2012 18:39:21
Stoke are looking to sign Stephen Warnock if there deal for fullback Martin Olsson fails(19)(7)Please take Warnock off our hands he's a liablity worst LB we have had at VillaPrefer ollson to come jusy as he is younger and quicker and will develop into a valuble playerDon't know why Stoke don't look a bit further afield for a LB. Shalke 04s Christian Fuchs would be perfect for Stoke as he's solid at the back and great a set pieces. His agent has tried to pimp him out to United before so a move to the premiership might be advantageous for his carer as the big premiership teams will get to have a look at him on a weekly basis.Because that is now how TP works, I wish he did look outside the uk at times.


11 Jul 2012 18:03:16
Francois Zoko has restarted contract talks with Preston North End with a view to joining then on a 2 year deal. Will be announced in the next couple of days once players leaving are completed by the club(7)(14)So why is he talking with Sheffield united if he's signing for PNE?

No doubt the Yorkshire side can offer him better wages and a manager who wont send him texts at 4 in the morning.This is actually true my mates dad is on the board and he said they in talks with zoko but not certain he will signBut he said he only wanted to leave Carlise for a crack at the Championship?Sick to death of hearing this rumour i wish we.d just hurry up and sign him if its true of course.Wishful thinking ?Lets wait and seeThis is true sheff utd tried to sign zoko and its on the sheff star as hes in advanced talks with pne


11 Jul 2012 18:00:41
Huddersfield are linked strongly with Charlie Austin form Burnley. also they are tracking Marc Pugh from Bournemouth in an exchange deal for money and Anton Robinson.

they really are doing it in this window Huddersfield. possible promotion contenders especially if they keep Jordan Rhodes.(17)(22)If town keep rhodes they don't need Charlie Austin. burnley won't let him go seeing as they just lost J Rod even though they may need the money. Austin isn't that good anyway, he did score quite a few but missed many, many more most of them sitters!Huddersfield are going to be hard to beat with the squad they are putting together. Will have one of the best defensive lineups in the league, talented midfield and if they bring in another goal getter just sit back and watch them fly. Happy days.I'd pay Bournemouth money for Pugh and pay them to take RobinsonRobinson needs to go - absolutely useless at Championship level. Dorian Dervite to be unveiled on Friday.Promotion candidates behave! No where near good enough they can't defend bournemouth beat them home and away last year and tore there defence apart. Good club with good fans however but top half is the maximum they could really achieve. Austin as well will not leave Burnley as they look set to have a strong season but if they can offer a realistic amount of money for pugh let him go!Just like Lynch would never move to little Huddersfield, or Clayton leave the mighty Leeds..........Clayton wasn't wanted @ Leeds. Not strong enough for a promotion push.You honestly think we've got the same defence as last year?? SighI think you'll find its not us Town fans putting out these ridiculous predictions. There probably coming from Ken Bates's trust fund 16 miles due North-East from hereYes please, we will take Robbo off ur hands. Always done a great job at AFCB as you know, or you would not have brought him from us. Good luck to the UDDERS for coming season, gonna miss those 6 points this season though.And just like Dixon wouldn't choose Hudds over Cardiff and DerbyWont get dorian devite just already got 2 cb


11 Jul 2012 17:59:44
Cheltenham will look to sign striker Brett Williams from Reading on loan(9)(5)Currently on trial at St Johnstone prior to season long loan there


11 Jul 2012 17:50:44
Huddersfield Town and Cardiff looking at wantaway Fulham striker Orlando Sa.(12)(16)Hes been released/contract terminated? was a boss for me on fm either wayHe was released so he is no longer a Fulham playerYou mean the orlando sa who was released last week? once again, before you post get your facts right


11 Jul 2012 17:42:35
Lee Bell and Carl Martin who were both recently released by Crewe Alexandra are both on trila with Burton Albion(6)(2)


11 Jul 2012 17:35:23
Afc wimbledon are weighing up loan moves for defenders Michael hector and Angus McDonald. Both player for reading and played at barnet and torquay last year(7)(1)MacDonald didn't really get much game time due to form of Saah and Ellis (and Chris Robertson, now at PNE). But when he did manage to get some time on the pitch looked good. Pretty composed for a kid, good height/strength. Wimbledon would do well to get him in at the back, or just as cover.I'd like to have Michael Hector down our place for sure. He looked class for Barnet against usAs a Barnet fan, Hector has the potential to go a long way. Would be very surprised if he went to AFC Wimbledon as he has signed new deal at Reading, while Derby and Crystal Palace were interested in him. Will either be at Reading or a championship/high league 1 club next seasonAre these two the 'Scottish' and 'new Zealander' trialling against Reading on the weekend?Trialists are Aaron Downes ex Chesterfield and Zdneck Kroca ex Kilmarnock previously at Luton Town


11 Jul 2012 16:52:26
derby county and birmigham city are
intrested in sign presten north end
midfeilder paul coutts. im a derby fan
is he a good performer.(9)(7)He was a posh player, ferguson took him to Preston with him, as he was supposed to be next big thing, I saw him play for the posh I'm not convinced that's probably why fergie has not bought him backCoutts is a quality player - too good for League 1. He was our best player in the ChampionshipIde take him as a good player, but isnt the reason bailey is goin is because we dont want to break bryson and hendrick up?Bailey was on first team promise and wages so i guess we would not give that to Coutts.Quite a bit of buzz around Deepdale about Coutts to Derby aswell. Sounds like this could happen.


11 Jul 2012 16:38:38
With Jason Steele set for Team GB Olympic duty and Connor Ripley away with the England U19's, Tony Mowbray has invited several goalkeepers to Middlesbrough's training ground. The players seen entering and leaving Rockliffe Park are FC Basel shot-stopper Jayson Leuwiler, who spent the latter half of last season on loan at Swiss third division side FC Scaffhausen, former Portsmouth and Reading keeper Jamie Ashdown, who is currently without a club following his contract expiry, 33 year old Steve Simonsen who has previously played for Everton, Stoke City and Sheffield and well travelled United States international Marcus Hahnemann.(8)(5)Nice=)You should go for Jamie Ashdown, good servant to Portsmouth, great guy and player, wish him all the best.


11 Jul 2012 16:33:23
Crystal Palace are keen to offload Nathaniel Clyne with Reading, West Ham and a number of teams interested but Chris Hughton's Norwich are in the driving seat to bag the young right back for a £2.5m tribunal compensation and may offer Chris Martin as well.

EaglesInsider33(16)(19)How can they try and offload when he's left? Just compensation1) Palace DO NOT choose who he goes to, he and his agent do.
2) Tribunal will not finish anywhere above 1m, it's just not realistic. and don't give me all that bs about the top clubs paying 1.5m etc. for young players in tribunal, if you truly think he's as good or better than them, it's deluded.Off to Reading. Clyne wanted to sign for Man Utd, but they are not interested and out of the 3 clubs who have spoken to him, none have spoke to Palace for a tribunal here we comeWrong..........Palace can agree a fee with any club before tribunal and if clyne agrees terms then he's theres. Plus the Tribunal will take in to affect how long he has been at club,Apperences for club and country and future potential so will easily be at least £1.5m without a doubt........Watch this space! ;)Until it reaches a tribunal it's open ball for Palace to accept and dismiss bids. Clubs don't want to go to a tribunal but aren't meeting our valuation of Clyne. It's looking likely it will go to the tribunal unless the right money comes in.He would probably prefer Norwich over reading..Umm your wrong about 1.5million because in a tribunal it is the buying club with the upper hand. With Jacob Butterfield we offered the amount of money we think will be charged at tribunal and Barnsley rejected, now it will be a similar fee but through tribunal. Palace won't get a million should of offloaded for a fee whilst they couldBut if no Compensation is agreed a set tribunal well below his worth will be set unfortunately


11 Jul 2012 16:32:27
Franny Jeffers currently training with rovers - emphasis should be on training
I assume it is merely to improve fitness(8)(7)


11 Jul 2012 16:31:55
Fulham have nearly signed Hugo Rodellaga on a free transfer despite interest from Everton(14)(13)Almost untill he told us how much money he wanted a week . Good player but not that good with reports he wants 70 grand a week !I know. He's no Mousa Dembele is he!


11 Jul 2012 16:47:00
barry nicholson in talks with fleetwood town!(13)(5)Will be a good move for fleetwood good midfielder


11 Jul 2012 16:26:42
AFC Bournemouth will look at out of contract winger Lloyd Sam or Brighton's Ryan Harley should Marc Pugh leave Dean Court shortly.(9)(6)Both of these wingers would be excellent replacements for pugh, easily replaced for virtually free.Have Harley pleaseHarley isn't a winger but please take him anyway.Harley isnt a wingerSam is supposedly interesting Hull in the Championship - much more attractive until Bournemouth start to actually realise some of their potential.
Harley won't be an uber-cheap option but might be interested in a move somewhere he can play games and be top dog again. Probably £250-350KGet bothHarley isn't a footballer let alone a winger.Harley is a good player who we (Brighton) haven't seen the best of yet.Rubbish Harleys AMAZING you should snap him up real quick


11 Jul 2012 16:25:05
Coventry want to resign jermaine grandinson from Shrewsbury - they prepared to offer Cody McDonald in return after a frustrating season at the Ricoh arena(4)(20)I think that this could happen but I hope it doesn't. I would take Cody McDonald any day but I would not let grandison go. He's been brill.Not going to happenNo way think jg will b team captain this seasonWhat a load of rubish, C T I D....McDonald isnt going anywhere! and i very much doubt we'd want grandison back....not good enough!Grandison is awsome. he wont goCody is a proven goal scorer in League 1 so Coventry will bot let him go. Get some proper info instead of posting tosh.Grandson not good enough?? What planet do u live on?Hes only 22 and he is amazingGrandinson has even admitted he wants to return to Coventry in the next season or soI'd rather we keep Grandison than have McDonald.Grandison is a legend at Salop. he loves it here! future captain for us.There completely different positions so the transfer wouldn't workBoth clubs don't want to get rid of them soooo...Grandison hasn't admitted that he wants to return at all! He's said that he can't wait to play against them this season, and that's all.It can't be he said he WANTED to play against CoventryWhen has grandison said he wants to go back to cov and said it to who?It might not possibly be McDonald but Shrewsbury want a player plus cash with a striker being part of the deal


11 Jul 2012 16:23:30
Middlesbrough manager Tony Mowbray will look to make a move for out of contract leftback/midfielder Aidan White. White, who has previously played for Leeds United and Oldham Athletic is without a contract following the expiry and may see Middlesbrough as an ideal option. If the deal does go through, White is likely to play at left back, with Joe Bennett acting as cover.(7)(7)Will have to pay Leeds compo because he is under 23Good he's crap anyway cannot defend at all. He wouldn't play anyway since we got Adam druryReckon it'd mean pushing Bennett up into a LM position instead of signing Carayol. Reckon he'd be better suited there too like... Decent crosser of the ball for The Juke and means we don't have to worry as much about his occasional dodgy defending...!Hope this is not true. want him to sign for leeds. good player.Aidy White is a lovely lad, and a Leeds youth product...but he can't tackle, defend, his positioning is appalling, he can't pass, his crosses are ineffective and he can't score goals, he does have pace though!! Perhaps with some experienced coaching from Warnock & his back room team he could have improved. Unfortunately the lad has listened to his agent about money rather than common sense which might have allowed him to have a decent career.No chance,joe bennett is a far better left back and attacker,anyone who comes in wil be cover for Bennett, mogga next target is a striker,bikey still negotiating over personal terms.Aidy White due to his age is not a free agent, he is unattached and in my opnion not worth anything like the money that people are stating his compensation to be worth. Also why would you want White when Joe Bennett is ten times the player already?

TeejLUFCBennett isn't ten times the player, Bennett isn't even a better player than him.White is miles better than bennett you clearly didnt see him up against chamberlain in fa cup he had him in his back pocket the whole game


11 Jul 2012 15:48:52
Just read n a footy mag that middlesbrough and Swindon are interested in Harry kewell after he has declered his desire to come back to the uk to look after his sick wife, surely paulo wouldn't want him to lazy, coyr(4)(19)


11 Jul 2012 15:56:51
Middlesbrough monitoring Simon Cox.(10)(10)


11 Jul 2012 15:51:23
Ipswich boss Paul Jewell is reportedly preparing a £250k bid for PSV Eindhoven goalkeeper Boy Waterman. Waterman, 28, is out of favour and spent much of last season impressing on loan at Viking FC.(6)(11)Nope! he only just signed for psv! so wont be joing itfc unless on loan


11 Jul 2012 15:51:19
arsenal will sign m.suarez by monday as arsenal bplay
anderlecht on saturday that will be his las
match for anderlecht(4)(13)


11 Jul 2012 15:30:01
Yassine el ghanassy is set to be confirmed a west brom player today or tomorrow , it will be a loan move with a view to a permanent deal , around 2m . Also speculation that albion have nearly completed a deal for mali midfielder tongo doumbia is untrue , they have no interst in him at the moment . And finally , ryan bertrand and steven caulker willl not be going to albion.(12)(2)The Mali lad is in the Midlands, having a medical so his club site is saying. Close to the chest I think the word is.They are interested in doumbia had medical but deal far from doneRennes official site saying Doumbia has had medical at WBA?Yassine el ghanassy has signed for WBA, confirmed on BBC & west brom home page. This is a great signing for us, he is quick and the exact kind of winger we have been missing. Can't wait to see this lad shine in the premier leagueThere is an interest in Doumbia but local papers were saying that the deal will be done in the coming days, albion cooled this rumour but there has been talks with Rennes and the players agent. Also Arsenal are said to be interested but the player is 'rumoured' to be more interested in going somewhere in the Premier League where he will get more first team football and the chance to try and shine as he believes his style is suited to the English league. Villa also shown a slight interestDoumbia has confirmed that he wants to join Albion


11 Jul 2012 15:29:46
just been annonced on hartlepool united website that steve howard has joined from leicester city he joins up with jonathan franks and simon walton 3great signings by neale cooper bye bye gary liddle(13)(0)Good luck to Steve Howard from a Leicester FanLucky Lucky Hartlepool fans. As a Leicester fan I will take special interest in Hartlepool results from now on. Big Steve always played well and always gave 100%. Wish we could find a 25 year old version. I know he will do well.Leicester fan here, Good luck at Hartlepool Steve and thanks for all you did for us big man, a great contribution from you in your time all Hartlepool fans, big Steve maybe getting on a bit but he is no 'Billy big time', he'll give you 100% EVERY time he comes on, well liked at the City and will be missed, just not many of his breed about any more, you'll enjoy watching him put himself about....Good Luck and thanks!!Great 2 see big steve back at his first love hartlepool judging the nice words from leicester fans we av finally got the big man we,ve craved 4 up front gud times ahead hartlepool fansGood signing for you boys, he did a great job for us at Leicester, all the best Steve!


11 Jul 2012 15:22:42
Rory Donnelly of Swansea to sign on Loan with Aberdeen Later this Week.(7)(3)


11 Jul 2012 14:51:21
Graham Stack
On trial this week at PNE.
Craig Morgan.
He's off to northampton on a years loan apparently(10)(4)


11 Jul 2012 14:47:25
Adel Taarabt to sign new 3-year deal at QPR. Hoilett announced by Friday at the latest.(16)(8)Is this 100! Percent HoilletI have heard that QPR arte the only club mad enough to meet his hugely inflated wage demandsUnless its for mega bucks I cant see why Hoilett would go to QPR? However they are in London and it doesnt seem to matter they have a por attendance and poor ground -cash talks! Sad state of football!Qpr do not have poor attendance they cant help the small ground that's why they are going to build a 45,000 stadiumYeah, deal agreed with the player (he was even at Loftus Road yesterday posing for photos for the wesbite). QPR need to agree compensation with Blackburn or will go to tribunal.

Wages will be high, but a player with massive potential, to match a club with big potential- new training ground & stadium etc.Its all about the QPR future! May be a small ground and low attendance for now but doesnt mean it will stay that way! Good time to be a QPR fan!Poor attendance? home fans sell out everygame at loftus and its hard to get a ticket at the best of timesTony fernandes stated that their has been 20,000 demands for season tickets not including the koreans that are park fanatics. We cound easily sell out a 35,000 stadium especially as we r improving the squad


11 Jul 2012 14:41:55
Southampton look favourite to sign Arsenal winger Ryo Miyachi for £4m(21)(23)Not sure they'd let him go so cheap but hope so.Would be a great signing.Hope not as he hasn't even played for the Gunnerss yet


11 Jul 2012 14:38:19
Argentine Keeper, Sergio Romero looks set to take Kevin Davis's number one spot.(10)(4)


11 Jul 2012 14:32:24
Crystal Palace looking into the possibility of signing recently released former West Ham player Abdoulaye Faye as they look to reshape the squad for the coming season.

Freedman is also said to be taking a look at Mustapha Dumbuya who was on loan at Selhurst Park back in January with Portsmouth also said to be showing interest in the free agent.

Former Portsmouth and Werder Breman player Marko Futacs is also under the radar as Palace look to improve on their poor goal-scoring record from last season.

Nathaniel Clyne is said to be closing in on a move away from Palace with Manchester United, Reading, West Ham and Newcastle all said to be interested.(17)(7)Wait, Palace want Futacs, who hardly scores, to IMPROVE their poor goal-scoring record?
I'm not sure you thought that one through.'Former Portsmouth Player' he's still our player and has a year left on his contract...He's 22 and played for a poor Portsmouth team last season. With the right service, he'll be banging in the goals.Don't kid yourself ref 'banging in the goal, Futacs has promise but is far from the finished article.The Portsmouth team last season was not poor.. Why are all the players leaving for Championship and Premier League clubs if they were poor?
And Portsmouth's position does not reflect results, results were affected by external influences towards the players and the fact they were loaned out, and a 10-points deduction.
Please refrain from commenting without research.Nope you are wrong, he was signed on a one year contract with an option for another year which we could not agree. he is now officially a free agent which is why the likes of watford and barnsley are looking at himLast seasons Pompey team was poor, as far as i'm aware only Henderson has left for a premiership team and that team was in the championship at the time. There leaving because they are going for peanuts or less. Anyway Portsmouths (2nd highest wage in the championship) team should have had enough quality to be in a safe position before CSI went bust and cope with a 10 point deduction, as I and others have said, they were a poor team.How were Portsmouth a "poor team"? They beat us (Reading) and most of the other teams who finished towards the top and wouldve been safe if it wasnt for the -10. And obviously wondering when they were next gonna get paid would obviously effect their mentality... And if they were bad, why are near on every top Championship club after their players? Rant over, can't understand why people post with no research/knowledge!


11 Jul 2012 14:28:25
Im told by my ever reliable Ipswich Town source that there to announce another signing before they set off for their short pre-season tour of Holland.

He's told me that it'll be a midfield player.

He's also told me that although Steve Davies is holding talks with Blackburn, he's still holding out for Ipswich, although they are struggling to agree a fee with Derby.(5)(4)We know its Cheick Kourouma isn't it? He already training at Ipswich but there's a lot of paperwork involved with his transferMassimo Luongo from Tottenham on a season long loanHe's not going to blackburn, i'll put money on it.Been seen at brockhall today


11 Jul 2012 14:26:28
Looks like a Saints move for Marseille's Jordan Ayew - £6-8m(8)(16)We dont need anymore strikers we need a c/half badly


11 Jul 2012 14:20:31
A number of Portsmouths players are close to the exit door at Fratton Park, those are;
Luke Varney - Leeds - 400k
David Norris - Leeds - 400k
Eric Huseklepp - Parma - 500k
Kanu - Sacked for not returning to pre season
Aaron Mokoena - Bidvest Wits - Free(9)(5)All true apart from Huseklepp who said he wants to stay in England.Sack Kanu for breach of contract? The FL will remove Portsmouth's golden share before you can say Pot - kettle - black.Huseklepp to Leeds?


11 Jul 2012 13:56:31
Albert adomah ls in talks with a move to Southampton from Bristol city(18)(17)I heard this ages a goRubbish rumour! not a consistant player at all and saints already have the likes of guly, chaplow and de ridder in the same position...until one of those three goes no-one is coming in


11 Jul 2012 13:54:45
Hey looking for some Sunderland transfer rumours(6)(11)Sunderland have made a 3million pound bid for blackpools striker matt Phillips and have(unconfirmed) made a 7mill bid for Blackburn Steven nzonzi.......(princey1995)


11 Jul 2012 13:54:25
Javi martinez to bayern munich(3)(16)


11 Jul 2012 13:53:44
Lucas mauro to man united(7)(14)


11 Jul 2012 13:51:12
Rumours have been flying about Charltons Scott Wagstaff as he has major interest from other championship clubs. It is expected that we will stay but Charlton will sell for the right price.(2)(2)No way... Waggy is loved by Chris Powell... And Waggy loves London and said he'd only want to leave if Leeds came inEveryone is for sale at the right price, this is not news!Waggy is poor, to afraid to take on any full backs. No strength as well! Can't believe any championship team. Get rid of him and cash in SCP.Totally agree, waggy is dedicated but not a championship performer


11 Jul 2012 14:16:19
READING plan to battle West Ham for Sochaux striker Modibo Maiga. The French club
have rejected a £4million Hammers bid
and now Royals officials are set to
move for the 24-year-old Mali ace. West
Ham appeared to have the Mali forward
in the bag but due to stalled negotiations
the hammers seem to have missed out.
West ham have also been linked with
Joselu from madrid but again, cash is
expected to be a major stumbling block
as the hammers try to bring players in
on the cheap. This has left Sam Allardyce
very frustrated and has reduced his list
of targets considerably as Reading and
Southampton (both newly promoted) are set
to outbid and out haggle the hammers
at every turn. Jamie Mackie was also due
to have talks with Sam Allardyce but
Nigel Adkins has stepped up his interest
and he is now likely to sign for Saints(11)(13)As I have stated before re WHU, firstly there are a limited number of players who will opt to play according to Sams style, when they have other, more attractive options. Secondly, WHU budget is closer to the £8m suggested by the Times, rather than the £20m quoted by WHU owners-(I know which figure I would believe!)
Finally, don't blame Saints-how many forwards do you think we want-we have signed 3 since Christmas, and none have left! I think you will find a lot of the rumours of us competing for the same players is made up by the press and agents.

Saint MartinI know West Ham are frustrated but this hasn't happened often, Southampton haven't interfered much and I doubt we'd really want Mackie. West Ham have money to make large signings they have an overdraft and they will receive 90 million as standard for being a Prem side. {Ed001's Note - no they won't! That includes the parachute payments, if they get relegated.}West Ham also have a £90m debt (reportedly) so servicing that will cripple any signing aspirations they might have


11 Jul 2012 13:46:27
jon harley to sign for pompey(14)(15)


11 Jul 2012 13:45:17
portsmouth to sign izale mcleod and mustpha dumbaya as soon as varney, norris and mokoena leave(12)(21)No new Pompey signings until TBH, Kanu and the other magnificent seven have left.Looks like 5 will be gone within the next week so it's a case of how long McLeod is prepared to wait.


11 Jul 2012 13:41:39
Cheltenham Town manager Mark Yates will continue to hold talks with two unnamed strikers this week in a bid to bolster his attacking options.(5)(7)Hardly unnamed, the only two names going about are Connell and Mcleod so expect it to be them


11 Jul 2012 13:40:51
Cheltenham Town have completed the signing of Exeter City left back Billy Jones on a two-year deal.(10)(1)


11 Jul 2012 13:30:02
John Ward has confirmed that Colchester will NOT be signing ex-Ipswich goalkeeper Richard Wright. The 34-year old left Preston after only 1 week citing "home-sickness" was effecting him. The U's boss is happy with his goalkeeping situation despite the departure of Ben Williams. Mark Cousins looks set to don the number 1 shirt next season.(8)(4)Cousins was actually confirmed as the new number one by the Club, it was how they put a positive spin on the fact Williams had decided to leave.


11 Jul 2012 13:27:53
Freddy Eastwood is holding out signing for Southend United as once he reaches a current date, he will get paid his final month's wages at Coventry, he will then sign for the Shrimpers. Ex Malaga midfielder Lionel Andela is also trialing with the lub and if he impresses in further pre season games he will sign with the Essex outfit. The Blues have also been linked with moves for ex Swansea midfielder Scott Donnelly, and Northampton forward Bayo Akinfenwa, who Southend boss Paul Sturrock is a known admirer of.(8)(8)Check the rules. There's nothing stopping the player agreeing a move to a new team whilst he awaits his final round of wages at his existing team.Don't think we will go for akinfenwa, if eastwood arrives we will have 4 last year we had too many don't think we will this yearUm he has been release by Coventry so no more pay sooooooooCheck the rules. Theres nothing stopping the player agreeing to a move to a new team whilst he awaits his final round of wages at his existing team. Can't officialy sign but he can agree.If Freddy Eastwood was holding out signing for Southend till he picked up his last wages at Coventry why did he say last week his signing could be only days away and perhaps completed before Last weekend?Yeah but they still have to pay his wages for the last monthSounds believable to me. Most player's contract ends (with a final pay) on 30th June. If they haven't found a new club by the end of July they're then entitled to an extra month's severence pay. This delay often happends when payers drop down a division or two.It is identical to normal transfer window. Players can agree moves in June but can't sign till July. At the mo theres no guarentee Freddy will sign in three weeks as a verbal agreement hasn't been struck as yet. As already said He can agree to the move now and make that public but can't sign till Aug comes round. But no agreement is reached yet.He is no longer a Coventry City Player, he was Lazy and Unfit and has a Lousy attitude. He is currently a free agent I feel you are grasping at straws I imagine he is waiting for the best possible deal
And you haven't offered to him near the £10,000 a week he is used to.Couple of comments above this seem to understand at least.Freddie signed today on a 2yr contract great signing just need a goalkeeper and we will win the leagueComment no.9 obviously not.Well your Wrong he just signed for us!If you look up the rules of the English transfer window players can agree deals before 1st July but can't join until 1st July and free agents or agreed deals can join from 1st July till 31st August. As the players contract expired on 30th June he was then free to sign for another club.


11 Jul 2012 13:20:26
Stoke City are still chasing former England striker Micheal Owen and have tabled a pay as you play contract(20)(17)Stoke improving year on year are they maybe a level too high now for Owen maybe he might be better off pay as you play at West Ham ...... Still Stoke travelling distance from Manchester {Ed003's Note - or even from North Wales}


11 Jul 2012 13:19:23
Stoke City have inquired about the availability of Blackburn midfielder Steven N'Zonzi.(26)(11)Would be a good signing for stoke him with wilson or palaciosGood playerReally hope so, midfield or N'Zonzi/Whitehead/Palacios would be decent! Don't think it will happen though, better offers and £10M which I don't think we will pay nor is he worthGood player on his day, got a very bad attitude if things don't go his way, look at west brom away, and when he elbowed about 3 stoke players, glad to see him go if I'm honest.


11 Jul 2012 13:05:18
According to local Posh press David Ball is a target of Fleetwood Town

Posh are still looking for one or two players.

Based on comments by DF, they still have only 1 RB in the whole squad (With Mark Little left at home to find a new club while the others train in Portugal)

Based on the failed acquisition of Coutts they are probably still looking for a midfielder, although this is likely not a priority(3)(8)


11 Jul 2012 12:53:45
Bloke at work was driving behind a Bentley in marchwood heading towards staplewood last night. Older Man driving a younger lad. Who could this be my initial feeling is Butland.

FAT SAINT(9)(20)Why do people always assume anyone in a bentley is footballer?Yes, based on that thorough description of events you MUST be right!A rumour based on a seeing two men in a car in the same part of the country as a premiership football club! Really what a joke.Why do u assume some1 driving a nice. Car iis a football player I drive my Bentley by the Brit every day going to my company I'm glad stoke fans are not that narrow minded


11 Jul 2012 12:50:02
charlton still need a centre back a left midfielder and a forward
ideally magnus okunghae hogan ephraim and sone aluko(8)(9)No way Only aulko is good enough,Ephraim had a good loan spell at a championship club last season so he might be good enoughWhy reject bid for clarke hes fecking ste i take him on the train myself next bid comes in


11 Jul 2012 12:49:57
Walsall have offered a contract to centre back Nathan Clarke, once of Huddersfield(8)(12)


11 Jul 2012 12:48:01
Crystal Palace WILL be unveiling Ross McCormack tomorrow afternoon on a 3 year deal alongside the signing of Izale McLeod on a 1 year deal. There will be players outgoing within the next 3 days with Jermaine Easter returning to MK Dons, and Nathaniel Clyne has a deal agreed in principle to join Reading on a 4 year deal, this will go to a tribunal to set the fee.

Nathaniel Pinney will be signing for AFC Wimbledon.(12)(27)How do u no about pinneyEaster can only play in Championship or above. Too good to come backWe dont want Easter back thanks.he said he was to good for us and left.cleary he isntRoss Mccormack has been taking part in pre season training with leeds today! so obviously will not be joining palace tomorrowMccormack still not spoken to anybody,as he waits for the takeover,however ,ambrose is coming to leedsWe do not want easter he is not coming back.You sound very sure about these 'rumours', I don't think Jermaine Easter will be going back to MK Dons in the next few days... I don't think he's improved much since his last unsuccessful spell at MK Dons.Easter is not too good, league 1 the only place he's seemed to prove his worthI like the bit about Izale McLeod, what a donkey!Don't want Easter back, no where near good enough, League 2 is where he should be.Easter is better than Christmas though...Izale said he's signing for a team fighting for promotion its not palace. it will be mk dons.


11 Jul 2012 12:41:07
Ipswich town believed to be in talks with Manuel Almunia after previous goalkeeping trials were halted by Hull City.(8)(15)Hope not he's got butter fingers!I have heardbthisnalso from a good source,but I doubt we could afford his wages.davies will join town next week and there is no hope of him going to Blackburn as his wife wants to move southHe was on £60k a week at Arsenal so i doubt he'd come to us for about £10,000


11 Jul 2012 12:39:56
clint dempsey will be a liverpool player by the end of the week. 8m done deal(19)(27)I'm still hearing that a loan or player exchange is also in the dealLets hope so!


11 Jul 2012 12:36:52
Brighton & Hove Albion looking at taking Arsenal defender Ignasis Miquel on loan for the season. Barcelona also interested in loan deal.(5)(16)


11 Jul 2012 12:30:05
lee bell is on trial at burton(7)(1)


11 Jul 2012 12:23:04
West Brom have offered 1 million plus Simon Cox for Millwall's Liam Trotter.(2)(26)I've also heard this rumour. Seems that Cox is keen to get first team footballTake it kjI would take this offer as we have enough midfielders and are short of a striker of Cox"s classMore like 1 million + Brunt... get real the lads class put up or shut upI'd take that deal, but maybe a bit more cash.We must keep trotter its as simple as that!coylNo way trotters worth 4 million in todays money if cahil was worth 2 in 04 if he goes buy faye from west ham and get another strikerBrunt!...get real. I like what I've seen of Trotter and always good to know he's rated by his clubs fans. Cox will score loads at that level, someones gonna get a good buyI really think we've got to try and hold on to Trotter for one more season. He was outstanding last season, although injured towards the end. At the West Ham away game I thought he was head and shoulders the best midfielder on the pitch. He will end up in the prem, there's no doubt, but I'd like him to try and get there with us next season. Agreed we do need another striker though...We definately have to keep trotter for at least one or maybe another two seasons!When he is FIT he runs games and does look Prem class!And we HAVE to GET another STRIKER KJ!


11 Jul 2012 12:10:50
Notts county to sign
Jonathan forte
Kieran freeman
Yoann arquinn
Michael spillane
Lloyd sam

Waite - loan
Spillane loan(10)(10)If this is true I'll be quite happy. But i doubt that it is true.Arquin already signed, Forte unlikely to happen same with Freeman. Sam possible but less likely each day goes by and Spliane was only an enquiry nothing formal in terms of a bid. Pearce won’t go until we sign another centre back, Waite could go on loan to improve experience and Spliane unlikely to sign then go out on loan if we just paid money for him.Forte yes
freeman no (but i hope so)
aqquinn already done
spillane yes
sam yesCan't see Sam coming now we have too many wingersToo many wingers? Campbell Ryce and who else?Ryce who else is a winger ?


11 Jul 2012 12:28:13
Paul coutts to sign for Peterborough today, he has flown out to Portugal where the team are training to finalise a 3 year deal - source club insider(7)(17)NOT TRUE ,posh chairman said posh would not sign coutts even if preston offered posh money to take himPossible but i very much doubt it.Absolutely NO WAY this is happening judging from what Posh Owner has said.Coutts has already turned down Peterboro. He will sign for Derby or Brum.Is that the same Posh chairman who fired Ferguson and then gave him his job back?So who is the mysterious player who jetted out to Portugal today?There is no chance that courts will be coming to posh. The clubs said that


11 Jul 2012 12:25:08
Burnley hope to complete double deal of Sam Vokes and George Elokobi this week

1.2M for both players(8)(13)Ok so we have been linked with vokes because of bournemouth connection, loan last season but why and where has the elokobi link come from ??Would love elokobi but not a big f
an of vokesElokobi is a beast


11 jul 2012 12:05:44
ipswich to sign steve davies from derby before next week, also a loan signing will be completed after ipswich return from holland. bayern munich keeper to play for ipswich in holland matches also(14)(10)Is this a reliable source or one you have just thought may happenReliable source but if the derby lad doesnt sign it because we can't agree a fee with them! He wants to come tho as he has family in Colchester! Trialist keeper likely to play against den bosh hence why it's at there training ground!


11 Jul 2012 12:04:02
sunderland to sign matt phillips from blackpool for 3m ricky van wolfsvinkle from sporting lisbon for 9m, also in negotiations with wolves to sign steven fletcher. However contrary to reports they are not intrested in signing steven nzonzi from blackburn, nor are they after junior hoilett, however they are intrested in signing their team mate martin olsen(21)(29)If we pay 9m for wolfswinkle theres no way we will pay 15m for fletcher. personally i wouldnt pay half that for fletcher. very over rated mad maxHe will not go for 3 milQuit with the Phillips and Ince leaving. Neither of them will. Dream on!That's 50m worth of talent ur talking out not has since oniel has to sell before he can buyNot a hope in hell of getting phillips for 3m3m for matty? 1/ he wants to stay at Blackpool...2/ if he went it would be to a "big" club....3/ put a 1 in front of the 3m and go to the back of the queue :)Made a 3mill bid for the lad and martin o'neill is willing to pay 5million where would you rather play championship or the premiership (princey1995)Blackpool has a team spirit you dont get anywhere else from the core of the squad, and it really isnt matty's decision even if he did want to leave.


11 Jul 2012 12:03:27
Stevenage are going to loose another one of their key players, Luke Freeman, to Watford for a fee in the region of 800K(16)(15)New owners likely to want to recruit from outside englandThat's old news and won't be happening anymore.


11 Jul 2012 12:01:29
Watford are set to complete the signing of Tom Heaton on Thursday afternoon.(6)(25)The new owners pulled the plug on this deal a week ago. not gonna happenThe deal is dead already, watford decided against itLOL we have pulled out!New management already pulled the plug on what was a 99% complete dealI think its back on, Watford are selling Loach for over a milion, and their is a young Italian goalkeeper linked.Pozzo's wont let loach go. yetScott loach is not going anywhere apart from forest or ipswich


11 Jul 2012 11:59:08
Brian Howard is currently holding talks with Coventry City regarding a 2 year contract with the club. Howard is currently a free agent and this would add to Coventry's signing of free agents.(18)(12)Howard is holding out from signing as he has issued a "come get me" plea to Barnsley! Hill not seeing as a replacement for Butterfield thoughGood player


11 Jul 2012 11:55:54
Bristol Rovers are set to sign Midfielder Curtis Weston. He has impressed while on trial at Rovers.(13)(8)I very much doubt that as he was at gillingham pre-season trainging trying to fight for w nea contractm he only left mondayHe has signed year deal with a second year option.Hes on trial at rovers now.


11 Jul 2012 11:41:18
Chelsea are looking to offload Yossi Benayoun this summer, although they may find this quite difficult. West Ham, QPR, Everton and Newcastle are believed to be interested but all will struggle to match his current wages, suggesting a loan is a possibility. Chelsea may offer him as part of a player-exchange deal if they move for players such as Modric, Schurrle or Hulk(22)(10)Rumours in North East appear that both Sunderland and Newcastle could be interested?


11 Jul 2012 11:39:01
Oxford Utd have beat off competition from Torquay to sign Michael Raynes.(9)(9)How can you say unbelievable when they have signed him?


11 Jul 2012 11:38:24
Bristol Rovers manager Mark McGhee will this week step up his bid to sign Odd Grenland's (Norway) forward Torgeir Børven. McGhee was scouting U21 football for Scotland when he first saw the 20 year old play.(7)(7)Could well be true, there was meant to be a meeting with two non English based players this week!


11 Jul 2012 11:35:27
sammon will have a season long loan at derby, then the back room staff will see how he has fit into the club, then see wether to take a permanent deal. This should be completed a few days. Nicky maynard had been offered a season long loan at the rams, but flattley refused due to the clubs ambitions and the wage they were offering. Derby county are now looking for the alternative of a striker from peteborough. Tensions are high at derby at the mini after the selling of shackell. They are trying to look for two defenders, 1 centre back and left back arjust below the class of shackell. Source: my bro is best mates with the soon of the goalkeeping coach(4)(12)Why not just buy Maynard and take the Peteborough striker on loan if it's Paul Taylor.
KevinDerby want to take cod and haddock as well with sprat thrown in for good measure


11 Jul 2012 11:35:03
After being released by PNE, Darel Russell will today sit down with Bristol Rovers manager Mark Maghee to discuss a potential 1 year contract. He was invited to train by friend Matthew Gill yesterday.(12)(11)Haha rubbish


11 Jul 2012 11:29:32
Hibs to sign dean sheils {Ed039's Note - He signed a new deal with Kilmarnock at the end of last season did he not?)(2)(15)Shiels signed a six-month loan deal with Kilmarnock, managed by his father Kenny Shiels, in July 2011.[8] Shiels made his first appearance for Kilmarnock on 30 July 2011, in a goalless draw against Motherwell at Rugby Park, coming on as a 74th minute substitute.

He is currently out of contracT


11 Jul 2012 11:23:40
Crystal Palace have finally got there man. Ross McCormack has signed a 3 year deal and will be revealed tomorrow.(16)(32)Ben saying for weeks that RM will sign for Palace. Bam. right againStrange... Just seen a picture of him in training at Leeds this am. look at the Leeds OS.

Stop guessing.... bad call mate.Two places at once! - Ross is training at Thorpe Arce today with Leeds.Why was he pictured training with leeds today if thats trueThat's funny mate he has been pictured on Leeds offical cite today training! Soz mate. Could palace aford 1 million cos that's watt I'd imagine we would want for himWhen did he have time to be in London to sign when he has been pictured training with Leeds today at thorp arch, if he does sign it won't be today pal.Of course he will. I am sure he has been signing for your lot for the past 2 weeks now, relegation looms for the Palace.I'm afraid you'll all be eating humble pie, negotiations have now moved on and the signing is imminent, dont cry in your tetleys,"Ben saying for weeks that RM will sign for Palace. Bam. right again"

Well Ben Your wrong!


11 Jul 2012 11:15:19
A trio of Nathan Doyle, Matt Hill and Tamas Kadar all look set to join Portsmouth on trial with the view to signing once they come out of administration(4)(12)Good signings!


11 Jul 2012 11:14:43
Blackpool Gazette reporting that PSG striker Banvo Anderson is on trial with the seasiders. Described as a young, pacey, left footed, 6 foot striker.(14)(1)


11 Jul 2012 11:10:22
Crystal Palace will sign free agent Abdoulaye Faye after he was released by West Ham.(16)(9)No thanks, we already have one fat and past it player in KG


11 Jul 2012 11:06:17
Former Bristol City striker David Clarkson will undergo a medical at Bristol Rovers today, with a view to signing a two year deal with the club. He has already agreed personal terms and rejected offers from Notts County, Yeovil, Oxford and Gillingham.(12)(6)Oxford have stated on so many occassions that we are not looking for a striker. We have 7 already at the clubOxford were never in for him.


11 Jul 2012 11:04:44
Izale McLeod to Cheltenham is a DONE DEAL, two year deal to be announced shortly!(5)(31)Looks like he has so many options of clubs to sign forDrum roll, Welcome aboard to the 15th person who thinks his team are going to sign McLeod!!Cant belive it! everyones in for him.Please be true. He is what we needed last season to go upI would love mcleod to sign for Cheltenham as I am a keen follower of the Robins, but where is your source? I think Alan Connell is more likely than Mcleod but I wouldnt say no!


11 Jul 2012 10:52:18
swansea have joined the race for roma striker fabio borini who has just joined last mouth borini enjoyed a good loan spell in swansea last year and helped the swans get to the premier league swans are willing to pay 7 million for the itallian but face stiff face stiff competition from liverpool wiv former swabs boss rodgers keen to link up again wiv fabio who he worked with at chelsea and swansea(5)(22)Would love it if he came back to the swans!Would love to have him back but can't see it happenUnfortunatly he is Liverpool bound.....unless Spurs take interest :)Roma want 11 million for him so we can forget about that.Would love borini back at swansea but we cannot afford him :/


11 Jul 2012 10:50:18
Although Barnsley are away at a training camp, heard that Keith Hill is looking at bringing Shaun Derry from QPR to Oakwell to add some experience and leadership to the team.(6)(16)Would Like Him To Come,Did okay in the prem. But we really need someone to replace Butterfield.Hope not hes useless he will go to leeds hopefullyDo u mean the same Derry who was a fairly regular last season in the Prem? I cannot see that one coming off.If derry was to leave, i could see it because of all the players qpr have signed and are close to signing, he would be the best player barnsley have next seasonSorry never happeningDale jennings will be coming in for a season long loan, howard will not be signing however the derry rumour is very strong.Barnsley won 1-0 at st mirren out in Spain well done lads :)


11 Jul 2012 10:32:39
Former Dundee Utd centre-back Garry Kenneth is attracting interest from Derby County, who are in the market for a left sided centre-back after selling Jason Shackell.(8)(2)That would be a quality signing and great replacement, especially for free. Blackpool tried to sign him a few years back but Dundee United wanted £2million. At 25 he has experience but is still young enough to fit into Clough's plans, could be likely and would be goodHe is the worst ever center half to make it in professional football so i hope not..!How do you know he is the worst centre-half, You a Dundee Utd fan? Kevin


11 Jul 2012 10:32:29
18 Year old PSG striker Banvo Anderson is on trial with Blackpool.(15)(2)This will please Karl Oyston as he will not cost anything and will require minimal wages. More of the 16 million parachute money to keep!He still has a 1 year contract with PSG so will more than likely cost something unless they agree to let him have a free transfer, which is doubtfulAs he's under 24 we will have to stump up some compensation for him, hopefully not much as PSG are billionaires. Seasider91


11 Jul 2012 10:30:40
Lewis Carey and Aaron Amadi-Holloway have both agreed one-year deals at bcfc(4)(6)


11 Jul 2012 10:18:52
Chelsea Out:
Bosingwa, Malouda, Kalou, Drogba, Sturridge, Essien
Chelsea In:
Hazard, Marin, Oscar, Hulk, Piszczek, Schurrle(11)(24)


11 Jul 2012 10:17:11
david james to re sign with bristol city on a 6 month deal as dale boy is struggling to find a good back up keeper for deano(4)(17)There is over a month before our first game. I doubt he's that worried yetWhat a load of rubbish we got rid of him because of his wagesI hope you are joking really don't want butterfingers backI thought we were looking at peter shilton or ray clemence not jamesThis is a true story.We wont resign David, derek said he wanted a new man


11 Jul 2012 10:14:30
Antonio will be joining Burnley or Huddersfield, contract talks ongoing(7)(23)We'll seeBut antonio has agreed a contract with wednesday and he ishaving his medical on fridayAntonio who, michael antonio ?No chance, Huddersfield already have several player's who play that positionWednesday can't match the terms offeredHe's going nowhere near Hillsborough


11 Jul 2012 09:52:01
Hull City are attempting to sort loan deals with Sunderland for Ahmed Elmohamady and David Meyler.(16)(2)


11 Jul 2012 09:51:30
Sheffield United star Harry Maguire moving to a Premiership club within the next week, deal has been in place months apparently. Heard this from a current first team player!(9)(13)Hope not what a centre half he is b a big blow 4 bladesHarry going nowhare,he has been given the number 5 shirt and is DEFFO staying at BDTBL


11 Jul 2012 09:33:12
Michael Raynes turns down Stockport, Rochdale, Wrexham and York to sign for OXFORD UNITED. Yesssssss.(6)(9)Also turned down a move to the SPL with ICT silly boy - would have made him.


11 Jul 2012 09:29:36
neymar has been spotted outside stamford bridge, sourses suggest a £50 million bid has been accepted for the brazilian starlet and is at the bridge to agree personal terms.(20)(46)As hes already agreed terms with barca for after brazil world cup {Ed039's Note - I didnt know you can sign agreements that far in advance??)Amazing how the use of the camera's on Mobile Phones is so poor with all of these sightings...! What was he doing, selling burgers?Yep it's true heard ages ago has a pre contract agreement with barca old news stevemackemLondon Olympics? any excuse cos' i assure you he isn't going Chelsea!So basically Chelsea rate neymar to be of the same quality as Fernando Torres!Spotted by who and he must be super man since he was live on local tv yesterday in Brazil


11 Jul 2012 09:24:36
darryl o flahavan been training back at southend(9)(8)It's Daryl Flahavan.That is interesting as darryl o flahavan has not been a great hit while at bournemouth as he's the old manager bradbury mate. This is the only reason for him to get into the afcb team as first choice goalkeeper. If he was taller he might be suitable to play at higher level but div2 or conference would be more suitable. Jahel is my first choice.Does that mean that afcb are after a better goalkeeperThat would be a great signing and it's just flahavanMy mates the physio at southend and says theres been no sign of flahavan :(Southend legend he was a great keeper for us although he is quite small for a keeperCould you take Barrett and Francis back aswell please? CheersBoth a good players for us but we don't need rb id take barret back in a heartbeatSo he is much taller than Belford and he was class for us, also he isn't much shorter than glenn


11 Jul 2012 09:10:55
Lots of rumours going round Loftus Road Ki,Jarvis, Hoilett, etc... How many midfielders do we need? Expecting Akos to leave and it looks as tho Hoilett will be joining, I expect the owners want Ki to promote the club in the far east but really don't think it will happen. A few defenders mentioned also, Dann and the other half decent relegated players along with a couple from abroad would love Samba to join but think this is somewhat wishful thinking(4)(21)Is a bit of a mystery what's going on think the Hoilet thing might be just media hype along with most of the stuff you hear


11 Jul 2012 09:06:03
Torquay look set to sign a new centre half Wed or Thurs this week as a replacement for Mark Ellis.

There have been lots of names mentioned but I think it'll surprise some fans.(4)(4)We've missed out on our top target. I was told it was nearly a done deal but he changed his mind at the last minute.
Very dissappointing!Why? has the player got one leg? Give us a break, you obviously dont know either so it will be a surprise for you too!Shame Raynes turned us downIt was Raynes. Would have been an amazing signing but he went to Oxford instead.


11 Jul 2012 09:03:53
Coventry City have made an inquiry about the young Liverpool striker Nathan Ecclesston about taking the young lad on loan til the end of the season.(17)(6)Source?Let him go at least he will be able to play first team football instead of the subs at Liverpool fc


11 Jul 2012 09:03:02
The former Sheffield United striker Danny Webber has been seen at Ryton with his agent. The player has said on his twitter account that he is hoping to agree a deal with Coventry City after being out of football for so long.(3)(9)Out of football so long? The very same Danny Webber that finished the season with Leeds?He played for Leeds at the end of last season, so he's not been out of football for that long.Don't know where you heard this from as no1 can get into there training ground


11 Jul 2012 08:46:53
Cardiff City have had a bid accepted for South Korean star winger Kim-bo Kyung. They face fierce competition from SPL champions Celtic. Nobody is aware of a fee (as far as I know), but Monacco had a £4.7m bid rejected previously.(16)(16)Its 5 mil, hes in cardiff today personal terms agreed jsut sitting on the medical source: sports moleThe fee could be lower the reason for the rejection of monoco is because he could avoid military service and he did not want to look like a coward to the south korean mediaNot seen or heard anything about him , any good? Know that he's a left footed attacking mid/winger??I think that would be a decent find as ji sung park now a qpr player recomended Kim Bo Kyung to be his replacement for him at international level park would not make a big risk for his country unless he knew he is going to be a good player or already isHe's a South Korean International plays in the J-League for Cerezo Osaka he wears the no. 7 shirt he's an Attacking Midfielder and Can do really well on the wing if you have watched his clip on youtube, he's been a regular starter for South Korea ever since Ji Sung Park recomended him as his replacement, has played 13 appearances scored 2 assisted 2 for his country and has a decent record for club levelWrong player, lol, sorryProbably just rumours, but I heard QPR were paying £7 millionThats the celtic bloke qpr were willing to pay 7 million for


11 Jul 2012 09:21:15
Jonathan Forte is considering an offer from Torquay Utd.(9)(9)Forte is well out of your league not a hope in hell of signing him, plus you could not afford his wages


11 Jul 2012 09:16:53
Izale Mcleod set to join Portsmouth at the end of the week after norris and varney move to leeds,then the football league will let us sign players,,, then mcleod will sign because if h was going anywhere else it wouldve happened by now(15)(18)The football League have already said no to you signing players and that wont change.There will be Div 1 & 2 games every afternoon and evening this season, this will enable Izale Mcleod to play for all 10 clubs that are going to sign him.You have just become the 14th person to claim his team is signing McLeod.


11 Jul 2012 09:16:34
100000% true sturridge is on his way to liverpool(21)(39)No thanksYES!!


11 Jul 2012 08:58:22
Adrian Mariappa will not be moving to the Premier League, instead opting to stay at Watford with Gianfranco Zola.(20)(19)Marriappa reluctant to leave for Wigan or Reading as he feels that Watford will pass both in the coming 12 months. He now wants to stay at the club where he started his career and be a part of the new project set by the Pozzo family and new manager Gianfranco Zola. Expect news of a contract extension in the coming days.Please be true


11 Jul 2012 08:31:12
Fulham set to sign Aaron Ramsey from Arsenal.

Arsenal set to sign Clint Dempsey from Fulham.(12)(37)Dempsey actually close to going to Liverpool I hear from a good source. Why do Liverpool want him I wonder though.Nope only player fulham are signing so far is that guy from wigan who i can spell hugo -------LOAN?This is more likely as CD wants champions league football and everybody Liverpool sign from Fulham (managers included) they ditch too soon because fans (and owners) expect an instant quick fix.I'm a girl and No more about football then who ever wrote this..
Ramsey said he isn't going to follow Wallcott and RVP.. And clint has been Majorliy linked with. LFC..Hugo rodallega is the only player set to sign for fulham at the moment!!!Are they actually going to sign Ramsey


11 Jul 2012 08:22:00
I have it on good authority that Newcastle have enquired about Bojan after missing out on De Jong -- only stumbling block is the player does not want to relocate to England - lets see how this develops(6)(19)


11 Jul 2012 07:21:29
The Baines transfer is off. EFC were holding out for 20m but Fergie wanted him for 16m.(22)(20)The manager never negotiates the fee. The Manager identifies the target and the board will negotiate with the other club to sign the player.


11 Jul 2012 08:05:46
Bristol City are rumoured to be looking at free agent Tom Heaton.The 26 year old played with Cardiff last year and impressed the new city manager.(11)(12)The Tom Heaton saga continues. He may have been better off staying to play in the League Cup with us again.

RedbirdHeaton is a good keeper. Someone will get a bargain with him.Bristol City no disrespect to Bristol City but i think he should play in a championship team thats is in the top 6 often or near that place because he's a top keeper and i think he maybe good enough for the prem. Good Luck Tom wherever you go.


11 Jul 2012 08:03:55
Bristol City manager Derek McInnes will consider a move for Swansea City skipper Garry Monk if he fails in his bid for Coventry City defender Richard Keogh. McInnes has made no secret of the fact he is in the market for a right-sided centre-back and Sky Blues captain Keogh remains his preferred choice.(2)(14)Don't think Monk will sign for Bristol or anyone else. He seems to want to end his playing days at Swansea and join coaching staff. You never know but if he does leave it won't be this summer he is club capatain and i am sure laudraup will want him in place to keep continuity. Should he join Bristol they will get a great player.


11 Jul 2012 07:45:35
lynch signed its on town web site.(20)(6)


11 Jul 2012 07:29:49
Bellamy wants to come back to Cardiff City, Rodgers might let him go and the transfer is expected to be finished before the season starts. Source Mirror (Football Transfers)(22)(23)Unfortunately, I think this is a non starter. Liverpool may well demand a fee even though they signed him for nothing and meeting Craig's wages will probably blow our budget. We need other players as well!

RedbirdCraig said, last summer, he would take a wage deduction to join Cardiff. This was before he was aware of Liverpool's interest.Actually , this one is a starter . 'Redbird' do you know the budget and details of the potentail deal , if so please enlighten us?And he only went to Liverpool because of Kenny Dalglish. {Ed001's Note - he went to Liverpool because he is a Liverpool fan! That is why he not just took the pay cut he refused to take to join Cardiff, but he also bought out his contract to make the move happen.}Rodgers MIGHT let him go and 'transfer to be finished by start of season', so you cant know, obviously rubbish


11 Jul 2012 07:28:06
Heskey to Hull
Lucas to Man U
Iturbe to Liverpool(15)(33)Didnt you hear bruce say that heskeys not coming


11 Jul 2012 06:58:55
Izale Mcleod has had talks at Meadow Lane along with other clubs and last year's top goal scorer will announce where his future is, towards the end of the week.(5)(18)


11 Jul 2012 06:41:08
Keith Curle told the Notts County website that he missed out on young Freddie Sears after he chose Colchester United because it is closer to his home.
He also said if Giles Barnes's trial in Greece doesn't work out, the former Derby County man will sign for the magpies.(6)(9)Paul Anderson training with the magpies currently


11 Jul 2012 06:28:37
So Michael raynes has signed for Oxford which only strengthens the rumour about duberry(6)(4)And michael raynes is a waste of time buy. i hope your planning on a relegation battle


11 Jul 2012 06:06:15
FC Twente will re-enter the race for Hearts Andrew Driver.They had a bid of 4m Euros rejected but now Driver is in his last year of a 5 year contract and the goal posts have changed somewhat.(2)(6)


11 Jul 2012 04:44:26
Everton still looking through free agent bargain bin following signing of Naismith. Chasing the signatures of Junior Hoilett, Hugo Rodallega, Olof Mellberg, Tomas Sivok, and Danijel Pranjic. A sale of Baines to Man United, although not desired, could ease the purchases of Pienaar and Lewis Holtby.(8)(12)Baines is not for sale and pienaar is coming back anyway


11 Jul 2012 03:08:07
Buttner to Southampton to be announced tomorrow, also one marquee signing to be announced Friday(2)(13)Buttner could be announced this week, but I would suspect any other signings will be left unannounced until the Memorial Cup on Saturday.

Saint MartinPortsmouth have been bought by local businessmen Joshua Read and Mathew Atkinson who own Shirley Bhoys Limited !Why do we want to sign a big tent??Do one you mugsBreaking news saints are in the running for signing super star Josh Read from brazillian club Santos!This marquee is no ordinary tent he made 67 appearances at festivals last year scoring 33 goals not bad seeing as he/she is only a 17 year old tent, nigel adkins has seen the potential and wish's to snap him/her up for a fee beleived to be around the £79.99 mark from argos FCTo keep all the new signings in.Buttner probably will sign soonThis marquee is no ordinary tent he made 67 appearances at festivals last year scoring 33 goals not bad seeing as he/she is only a 17 year old tent, nigel adkins has seen the potential and wish's to snap him/her up for a fee beleived to be around the £79.99 mark from argos FC


To keep all the new signings in.

HA HA! Love it! made my day with that fellas!


11 Jul 2012 00:38:20
Not sure if this is old news on here but recently released ex-watford Michael Bryan is being chased by gillingham and aldershot. He is playing in a shots friendly Friday night(7)(4)


11 Jul 2012 00:19:29
Florent Cuvelier who spent part of last season on loan at Walsall is set to join Oldham Athletic on a season long loan deal from Stoke.(3)(16)Doubt it, we are fine for CM's and he is supposed to be linked with championship teams. we are in more need of a striker, left winger and CB.NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Stoke want Cuvelier in the championshipship this season to further his development, he did L1 with Walsall last season.Bye kenwyne jones... steve bruce was spot on with him... unplayable on hus day but his day only happens 2times a year


10 Jul 2012 23:53:39
Joe cole,Paul Robinson gk,Chris samba,Nicky Maynard and jermaine jenas all set to sign for cash rich nottinghsm forest(16)(66)Maybe, but think your being a touch optimistic, and you won't get Samba.Here we go!

Just remember the nonsense about your neighbours last year. Suggest you wait and see what happens and don't get carried away.Who would have thought it? Forest get taken-over and suddenly someone pops up with a long list of big-name signings! Didn't see that coming!Very funny, cant see any of those happening even after the takeoverJust because a takeover has happened, doesn't mean they're overly rich.Anything is possible with Money.. Look at city before they came into money.. They was the shadow of UTD and Now Utd shadow City.. Money changes everything in football.. Name one Player recently who wants to play for the Game or the Wages..If Notts Forest are going on a signing bonanza, then why are there best players leaving, 6 players offered contracts 6 players leaving, it don't make any sense!


10 Jul 2012 23:52:17
Kilmarnock set talk with Damian Reeves after Reeves snub with Doncaster and South Yorkshire club or Lancashire club(4)(13)Rubbish, killie have some very good strikers already they don't need anymore.That's a good point and another point is that his girlfriend is pregnant so why would he move up scotland and have no family there for when its born!!


10 Jul 2012 23:33:37
Southampton linked with yet more players from what I understand, I believe they've missed out on Buttner but there are still a few other players listed, Vagner Love, Christian Tello as a loanee and from what I've heard David Odonkor. Also JackButland is still on their transfer targets! I have also read about Sergio Romero, better known as the Argentine international goalkeeper has been linked with them! Again a rumour that keeps escalating is the Ryo Miyachi one. Also Scott Sinclair's brother is being moved on to Crawley Town for some loan experience, Scott Sinclair could move to Saints if he feels he'll be treated better at Southampton.(9)(39)Vagner love has just gone to flamengo so that s very unlickelySaints fans really aren't helping themselves out by linking themselves to players such as Vagner Love, Christian Tello and Argentina's Number 1 who are all comfortably Champions League standard players. You may have money but it takes time before you can make these deals. Look at Man City, when they got their money they were signing players such as Bojinov and Petrov. You cant just buy everyone until you're an established Premiership sideDoubt Vagner or Tello to Southampton we really wouldn't loan in anybody at this time. Butland won't come he's not worth the transfer costs and wage he'd demand. I also have doubts on Odonkor he's not that amazing and he's injury prone. I have doubts we'd go for Sergio Romero but I guess it could happen. Miyachi would be a nice signing but would Arsenal let him move to Southampton? What sort of fee would that demand?
On the Sinclair's issue I hope Jake leaves for some loan experience he's got excellent potential, as for Scott we'd love him at Southampton he'd be an ideal signing, I just doubt we'd be where he'd go.When saints announce they have
signed a player its true
all these rumours are just that



10 Jul 2012 23:28:01
There is a report in the Kuwait Times that Chairman Jamal Al-Kazemi of the Kuwait's Arabi Club is seriously considering buying Newcastle United, and that's the news that's hit the news media in the last hour



10 Jul 2012 23:17:35
Everton are considering making a move for former Tottenham defender Reto Ziegler who looks set to leave Juventus.

Emir Bajrami has joined Monaco

Evertons Joao Silva has left and joined Bulgarian side Leveski Sofia

Rafael Van der Vaart could be heading back to Hamburg after Schalke pulled out of the race to sign him

Wolves manager Stale Solbakken has confirmed Steven fletcher and Matty Jarvis can leave if the price is right

All rumours n transfers are from sky, bbc or internet sources

Craig's gossip and transfers(12)(11)Van der vaart wouldn't want to move to a midtable club like hamburg


10 Jul 2012 23:11:32
Leeds to sign pompey duo david norris and luke varney for a combined fee of around 600k(19)(14)Not looking at promotion for a while then




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