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12 Feb 2013 22:18:24
Chris Porter off Sheffield United will sign for Shrewsbury Town tomorrow on loan until the end of the season.

It's for a month with a view to longer.



12 Feb 2013 21:15:55
Mark robins to be named huddersfield manager tomorrow at a press conference

I don't know why people are complaining over this appointment if it all goes through without him even being in charge for 1 game. I have been a town fan and been going to matches for over 20 years and we need to get behind him not be complaining before he has even had a chance. I for one am glad about the appointment of him.

Says at the earliest they will announce it on Thursday

13 Feb 2013 06:56:40
If robin's is appointed and as a town fan I hope he is. get behind i'm give the guy a chance. he as dun ok at cov. and before. with the resources he as ad. a young hungry manager. yes he will lose games. everybody does. sum town fans are so fickle. thinking we are bigger than Wot we r.

13 Feb 2013 07:55:34
Great news, just the type of manager we need. Well done deano.

Thursday not Wednesday, it helps if the information is correct

If we were in talks with Alex Ferguson some fans would be moaning. Big thankyou to Mark Lillis and Steve Eyre for show the players how to play with passion and commitment.

Quite right to moan. MR will use you as a stepping stone to move on as he has done to us (although when you are in leauge 1 next year this won't be seen as a stepping stone). you may be able to pay him more but you'll never be a bigger club than CCFC. PUSB

Huddersfield are a bigger side than coventry, coventry are terrible and are going to lose the man who has stopped the rot. Looks like coventry are going to go all of the way down out of the leagues!



12 Feb 2013 21:02:38
Town have been given permission to speak with mark Robins. confirmed.



12 Feb 2013 20:48:57
Town have been given permission now, according to tv radio



12 Feb 2013 19:25:05
Bradley Wright Philips is on his way to Mkdons for a loan until end of season.



12 Feb 2013 19:12:39
Gorks to wolves on loan for 3 months

A great signing for you no nonsense centre half who is top championship player proven by 2 promotions in a row a reading legend for turning us around we were bottom 3 when he arrived all the best kasper



12 Feb 2013 18:44:14
Rotherham United chairman Tony Stewart, is close to sensationally bringing David O'Leary back into English football as Director of football at the New York Stadium outfit. Mr Stewart said I want to bring into the club a director of football with a high pedigree and if I persuade David to join us I think I will have achieved that.

Yep this is true, spoke to Mr Stewart at reserve game against hull. He didn't confirm but he smiled when I asked about it. Steve Evans said that David was a close personal friend. So maybe it's true.

Yeah right!

Evans will put o, leary in the team. lol



12 Feb 2013 18:28:38
Walsall set to sign Ross Flitney on an 18 month contract. The 'keeper has impresses Dean Smith in a trial game.



12 Feb 2013 17:20:59
coventry sign stoke defender carl dickinson

Watford player

12 Feb 2013 19:49:01
Watford signed him from Stoke 18 months ago but yes gone to Coventry on one month lone

14 Feb 2013 12:29:19
And you are welcome to him. He's had two loan spells at Portsmouth and was very poor in both of them.



12 Feb 2013 16:08:34
Derby County to make a shock move for Burton Albion striker Billy Kee in the summer. Nigel Clough has had him watched and DCFC scouts are impressed enough to sanction a move.

Bournemouth AFC and Portsmouth to battle for the signature of Burton striker Matt Paterson.

Ipswich Town to make a move for Burton winger/striker Jacques Maghoma. Maghoma has been interesting various clubs including Preston and Leeds, however the tractor boys will make the offer.

Doubt bournemouth would be interested

Hands off our players for the time being, I doubt anyone will be moving anywhere if the brewers get promoted this season.

Not true, no interest from Derby, they're looking at Marc McNulty and Waghorn as Tyson and Robinson will leave in the summer. Fryatt will join on trial, to prove his fitness before possible pay as you play deal. Fact

Itfc still looking to boost there midfield and are in line to sign on loan with a chance to buy at the seasons end Henderson from the Bee's. Chopra is wanted by Norwich as cover for Holt also.

Ambrose on his way back to Ipswich.

Nobody does pay as you play deals nowdays

Kieron Dyer - Just last week signed a pay as you play deal with Middlesboro!

Paterson would probably choose Bournemouth over Portsmouth as they are both heading in different directions.

DCFC could well take Kee, he has not had the best of seasons but is starting to hit form. Paterson originally came from Bournemouth, he is an Eddie Howe player, maybe a good call. Ipswich are all over Maghoma.

Why would Kee/Paterson/Maghoma want to leave Albion? They are all playing well, scoring goals, contributing to the fantastic season we are having. If I were Gary Rowett I'd be signing them on regardless if we get promotion - stick with the Brewers lads, you know it makes sense! UTBs

I hope they all stay. Mags has been brilliant, Kee is deadly and Pato 'the whip' brilliant add to these three Calvin Zola and you see why we are doing so well. Work your magic Mr Rowett.

I know why would league two players want to better themselves to play championship football. Stupid comment.

Well stupid comment, because they are all very good L2/1 players, why would they want to go and bench warm and probably not play in the CCC? Players want to play. Fingers crossed we've already signed them on longer term deals - so hands off!

There not even league 1 players yet slow down! Every player wants to play at the highest possible level, if they get an opportunity from the championship (which I doubt) they will take it.



12 Feb 2013 15:06:27
Coventry reject Huddersfield move for Robins

On the basis we've decided Robins is now the right man to take over, but hasn't been approached because Coventry not even given us permission to approach him, doesn't it beg the question: Just what have we been doing for the past 3 weeks in our supposed relentless pursuit for a manager?

According to tv robins has cleared his desk at coventry and wants to talk to htfc by using a clause in his contract.

They say he's cleared his desk at the Coventry training ground.

Robins clears his desk and walks out, as they say you can take a horse to water but if Robins doesn't want to work for Coventry anymore, not a lot they can do but huff, puff and stamp feet. Compo will be paid in line with his release clause, end of, welcome to Huddersfield.

Robins has cleared his desk. for me I am quite excited about this manager if he does come to town. all us town fans need to back him and let's hope our performances keep up UTT

Town given permission to talk to robins, talks will start this evening. Backward step for town

Sadly I think he's on his way!

12 Feb 2013 21:34:19
What is it with you all? Great win tonight, enough said! Fortunately you are not all picking the team. If Robins is coming to Town we all need to get behind him and the Team! For sure he wants to do the best for the club. Will be interested to see if all you persons that have "ripped-up" your season tickets will show up against Wigan. Town fan 28 years, and always a Town fan!

12 feb 2013 22:12:29
mark robins was at the kp stadium lcfc v htfc 4th round fa cup result town 2 liecester city 1 robins welcombe to the terriers up the town, fact. this is not tosh



12 Feb 2013 13:56:52
Newcastle to sign Wilfred bony in the summer for £13mil



12 Feb 2013 13:55:20
rumour coming out of ITFC is that we are up for sale! bidding starts at 10million

Ipswich nice club, fans good aswell. always like going long journey from sheffield though.



12 Feb 2013 12:29:35
According to tv flicker is interested in bringing John stones back to Oakwell on loan once the loan window opens, I myself hope this happens



12 Feb 2013 12:14:56
Mark Robins signed a 3 year deal as the new Huddersfield Town manager.

Coventry city have rejected the other to talk to him

That is truly a rumour. well done you. Unfortunateley, its not true. Its all a PR ploy by agents to get Robins a proper contract at Coventry. meanwhile DH is very happy for the media spotlight to deflect from his primary buisness. Need we not reming him, is to get us a Manager!

Except that Coventry have denied permission to talk to him

Bad day for town if true

12 feb 2013 15:34:33
coventry city have rejected hudderfield to talk to mark robins

12 Feb 2013 15:41:22
Coventry according to the tv have turned down the approach

As you were this afternoon refused permission to speak to him this is something I highly doubt.

Denied the opertunity to speak with him by Conentry according to the beeb.

No he hasn't! First Coventry need to agree compo, which hasn't happened! Back to square one 3 weeks down the line. Complete joke!

Coventry have rejected town's official approach, however Robins has stated h is interested in the job. Ball's in his court, out of Cov's hands at the moment

PR ploy? haha doubt it mate

Strong news coming from reliable sources says that Mark hughes is now 1st in line. He was spotted outside the John smiths earlier this morning.

Robins quit Coventry I heard on radio, must be coming to town.

Best joke is tonight's team. Smithies in one week goes from captain to not even on the bench. Then Vaughan and Hunt on the bench! Someone take me away from all this insanity. At least make it look as if we are interested in the game!

Permission given by Coventry

Smithies on bereavement leave

2 1 interesting enough for you lol

Hi just a question what do you guys all think of Mark robins? not heard a lot about him but people seem to have a lot of good things to say about him.

You who thought tonight's team was a joke, we won.

Best joke town win and you look a plonker

Alex had a family bereavement - be more understanding!

12 feb 2013 22:18:51
btw town 2 city 1 hope you stop being negativ now up the town


12 feb 2013 22:22:10
best joke in tonites teem this teem has just beaten liecester city 2, 1 in the fa cup so is that a joke then?

To the doubting Thomas - Smithies was left out due to a family bereavement and we were so not interested that we have beaten Leicester 2-1. Not bad eh. or do you want to moan about that as well. Mark Lillis - thank you for a job well done. Good luck Mark Robins.

Town were immense tonight, Smithies was on family bereavement ( our thoughts with you alex) and some players rested for what is essentially a "free" game. not only that the done us proud and pulled off a great win
Robins will be coming into a team buzzing. thank you Mr Lillis town legend
For what its worth I think Lillis will get the wigan game in the cup as it doesn't look like robins will take over until thursday



12 Feb 2013 12:13:02
Goalkeeper Daniel Lloyd-Weston formerly at West Bromwich Albion, Port Vale and Cheltenham Town has recently been training with Brentford.



12 Feb 2013 11:41:13
Any news on the reported 3 new signings for Barnet?

Spoke to paul fairclough at saturdays game at home to port vale he said three new signings coming pending international clearance one was craig beattie who we have signed I can only imagine the other ones are from holland. oh also spoke to ricky holmes who said he's out for the season and I asked him if he is staying next year he shook his head and said he don't know. that's all I know

Beattie was signed before Tony Kleanthous announced there would be three more signings, Dani Lopez is one of the signings on loan



12 Feb 2013 11:38:31
new investors to meet with FL ref takeover of Swindon Town All new erson have passed as fit and proper persons. Meeting with FL is to outlay 3 year plan and hopefully ratify the Takeover.
Does not look good for Swindon as if deal is not ratified for sure they will go into administartion and have 20 points at least deducted possibly relegation. Dicanio who has wasted so much money and contributed to the clubs downfall will walk away.
So looks like sad news for swindon Fans
The FL do not want another Portsmouth situation

Old news mate, what happens if they ok the deal? that's right the club moves forward.

12 Feb 2013 13:08:11
Alternatively, takeover is ratified, Swindon bring in the 3 loan players that were agreed on Transfer deadline day and we continue our good form and go up Champions.

Nice try my little yellow friend, now toddle off back to your three sided hovel and wait for the yellow financial bubble to burst, its already creaking

Same old record mate let's see what happens in the next couple of days. What club do you support? You seemed to know more about swindon than your own club. how do you know the FL are going to reject them? Are you on the FL panel?

Why is it the fault of DiCanio? He isn't the one who signs the cheques for the players. All he does is ask for certain players to be signed. Its the board who sanction the fees and salaries!

As a Pompey fan, I wish Swindon the best and hope they avoid Administration. The impact of Administration, such as points deductions, punishes the team but most of all the fans, never the guys who mismanaged things, who always seem to get away scott free.

Thanks Pompey fan as you know first hand from this forum that fans from other clubs gloat about your clubs financial position. I don't mind the banter like any other fan but after all we are all the same all we want is the best for our club (s) & want them to do well. These so called fans that do gloat I just hope they don't go through the same as us. maybe then they would understand more. Its the fans that suffer not the owners that walk away from the club

If what you say is true, which it most probably isn't, it would only be a 10 point deduction. As of the rules made when Pompey entered admin to stop the massive deductions of teams like Leeds.

I'm also a Pompey fan, and I hope that Swindon get out of this situation really quickly. Might be worth considering a Supporters trust sooner rather than later, because, as we have shown, it will keep happening if it is not sorted properly.

Swindon should look at a supporters trust idea. Even if it gets you on the board it is a start.

I hope Swindon get out of trouble too but not Portsmouth, they have had far too many chances and they will only do it all over again if they get away with it, disgrace of a club and a bad example to others

I think Swindon fans are starting to get worried they are starting to realise that the takeover is not going to happen



12 Feb 2013 09:05:44
Southampton's new boss Mauricio Pochettino failed in a last-gasp club-record £15. 25m bid for Morocco midfielder Abdelaziz Barrada, 23, from Getafe.


That is simply not true, an attempt for him was never made.

And you no it is not true how?



12 Feb 2013 00:50:09
Aston villa and now Everton have expressed interest, that's all it is atm, in troy Deeney
Yet to extend his contract he is allowed to speak to any club he wishes as he runs down the last 6 months. He would be in league 1 again with probably Walsall if watford hadn't stuck by him after his stint inside. Is there any loyalty in football? Watch this space!

I am amazed that Deeney is attracting the likes of Everton or any Prem club.

He's a decent player, but only of Championship standard really. He's nowhere near as good as Danny Graham.

Watford have an option to extend his contract by a futher year if they wish, so any club will have to pay a transfer fee to get him. I wouldn't have a problem, as a fan, to lose Deeney for a good transfer fee.

Actually he's not free to speak to other clubs until 6 weeks before his contract runs out.
If either Everton or Villa have contacted Troy or his representatives then I am sure the FA would like to know.

Wrong! As soon as the January transfer window shut then any player with just 6 months remaining are allowed to talk to other clubs. Bye bye Deeney. Not a good player at all.

Wrong again, players cannot talk to teams in the same country until one month before their contract expires. You can talk to players from foreign leagues from the 1st January {Ed002's Note - THis is correct, a player may only talk to clubs playing under a different football association during the final six months of their contract.}

No he's not, unless it is a foreign team he is speaking to.
Any domestic team has to wait until 6 weeks before his contract expires before opening negotiations witht he player.



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