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Buffel - £1. 2m

Sebo - (loan)

Klos - retire

Ponroy - Free

Rae - Free

N'Diaye - Free

Novo - £300k


Neilson - £300k from Hearts

Webster - £1. 5m from Wigan

Broadfoot - £50k from St Mirren

Francis - £2m from Watford

Gow - Free from FalKirk

McDonald - £500k from Motherwell


To the person who said Arsenal would buy 'Abidial from marseille', do you mean Abidal from Lyon? Anyway, Denilson will replace G. Silva, and Bendtner and Lupoli will figure more in the team, as will Walcott. Wenger will only buy (maybe), Gordon for £5 million as Fulham had a £4. 5 million bid turned down. Reyes will leave, but Real may not buy him. It that is the case, Baptista will leave the Emirates, possibly back to Real, or join Juventus or Inter. Reyes then could rejoin Sevilla in an exchange + £7 million for Jesus Navas. That is mainly it! However, if Henry leaves he will go for £25 million at the lowest. With the money, Huntelaar would join for £15 million and Van Der Vaart for £10 million. That is unlikely, but a small possibility. V. D. Vaart would be cheap as Hamburg have been rubbish this season.

100% true fact Milan manderic will sign to be the sole owner of Leicester City Monday night this will be annowced Tuesday morning as I said before this is 100% certain stake my life on it.

Expect Rafa to raid Valencia for striker David Villa (25mill) as well as the player believed to be the next David Villa, Spanish starlet Aaron Niguez.

Rafa will do as much as he can to sign these players, with an extravagent bid of 7 million for the 17 year old Niguez.

Also expect him to return to another former club, Real Madrid to sign 18 year old Juan Manual Mata who is highly rated, having made the champions league squad this season.


Benitez won't spend money on a lot of players. hE will buy 4 or 5 world class players so the rhythm of the team is not spoilt. He is looking to bring in:

RB: Richards 20

CB: King 15

RM&LM: Ribery 18

ST: Villa/ Torres Villa=35 Torres=24

If king comes, hyppia will leave

If Ribery comes Kewell will leave

Mascherano will NOT sign permentastly yet as its a 18month loan deal with an option to sign for 10mil

FSP returns from loan and will fight

Fowler will leave and be replaced by Villa

Bellamy will leave and be replaced by FSP

Carson will return and fight with Reina

Dudek leaves, Zenden leaves, Le tallec leaves

Reina/ Carson mostly cups)

Richards/ Finnan

Carra/ Arbeloa/ King/ Agger/ Paletta (cups)

Riise/ Aurelio/ Emiliano (cups)

Pennant/ Ribery/ Anderson (cups)

Gerrard/ Alonso/ Sissoko/ Mascherano

Gonzalez/ Ribery/ Leto/ Guthrie (cups)

El Zhar (cups) / Crouch/ Kuyt/ FSP/ Villa (Torres)

Hicks and gillette will build a great scouting network with scouts permenantly in S. America especially as Rafa feels this is where players will come good and cheap. The 2 americans will pend a good 54mil for the scouting network and youth academy. RB only want to sign world class players now but will not buy too many. He feels that 2 many would put him under pressure&wouldn't benefit the team. He wants about 6 worldies to come in in the next 3 years as well as youngsters. Liverpool will also work with 4 ytear olds from Liverpool now as class has not come from the Liverpool ranks since Stevie.

I'm an insider in case you're wondering. lux

Im a Charlton fan but Steve Sidwell of Reading has agreed a pre-contract agreement with Scottish Champs Celtic.

Its already been agreed but it won't be announced as he doesn't want to cause reaction within the team incase their form dips and the fans turn on him!

To the guy who gave us an in depth explanation as to why Xabi is not leaving;

I agree with what you are saying but one of the Liverpool central midfielders is considering leaving as you don't sign Mascherano as a bench warmer.

He is a young Argentinian international who is world class and in my opinion is probably the best holding midfielder in the Premiership although we haven't seen his abilities yet.

He will not replace 30 year old free transferred Zenden in the squad. World class players will not be bench warmers or backup to the first team.

So the only explanation for this move is the departure of either Sissoko, Xabi or Gerrard. I highly doubt it will be Gerrard so it could be either Sissoko, who Juventus have put on top of their priority list, or Alonso who has a whole host of La Liga admirers.

OK people lets get this straight Artur Boruc will NOT be leaving Celtic as the fee which Celtic wld command wld be far to high for certain clubs to match. Also heard the rumour of Gordon (Hearts) going to Celtoc to replace him this is nonsence as he will be heading for the English Premiership.

Everton Transfers!


Van der Meyde - Feyenoord = £2m

McFadden - Celtic = swap

Beattie - Portsmouth = £4m


Miller - Celtic = swap

Harewood - £2m

Konchesky - £3. 5m

Brown - Hibernian = £4m

Djibril Cisse' plus 10. 25 million pounds seems to be a done deal for Ribery.

Robbie Fowler to announce his retirement from All forms of Football and Despite impressive form striker Florent Sinama Pongolle will not return to Liverpool instead he will make his loan move permenant in a deal worth 2. 75 Million pounds and the only other players coming in despite heavy speculation of a buying frenzy and a clean out will be Klas Jan Huntelaar in a deal worth 17. 355 Million Pounds and Daniel Alves will move to Liverpool for 13. 299 Million Pounds.

I don't pretend to know like all you guys. I DO know this!


Ribery (for Cisse + 10. 25 Million Pounds)

Klas Jan Huntelaar (17. 355 Million Pounds)

Daniel Alves (13. 299 Million Pounds)


Dudek (Auxerre)

Carson (Loan to Charlton again)

Paletta (Deportivo Alaves)

Zenden (Feyenoord)

Fowler (Retirement)

Plus a clear out of some of the reserve players and youth who arent cutting it to allow for more investment in adding depth to the PLayer personell

ie: Anthony Le Tallec will Make a move to PSG and others in a similiar situation.


Steve Sidwell has agreed a 4 year deal with Celtic FC worth £20k a week!

However have kindly given us the option to take Jarosik from them for £1m as a replacement, which we will take up

Why is everyone saying Liverpool will sign a goalkeeper we have 2 YOUNG ENGLISH keepers in Carson and Martin and if we are going to sell Carson why did he sign a contract extension and why did we offer one anyway Liverpool to sign Aaron Lennon for 20 million and a striker hopefully Villa but realisitcally huntelar or trezequet

Expect heated intrest from Real Madrid, Liverpool and Inter over 22 year old right midfielder Fernando Belluschi of Boca Juniors. He has impressed greatly and Real Madrid are tipped to steal his signature.

Also expect Liverpool to sign Real Madrid Raul Clone, 18 year old Juan Manuel Mata who can play as a left midfielder.

The reason that Henry is being linked with Liverpool is simple and has nothing to do with the Takeover or the extra cash Liverpool now have to spend it is this

Arsenal don't sign 30y olds on more than a 12 month contract at a time and this was the reason that Big Pat moved away the fee for Henry would not top more than 8-9m as it would be a contract buy out not the 20-30m people keep posting

Henry doesn't want to leave but he won't sign for 12 months either so something has to give and the Ball is in Arsenal's court right that is that out of the way

Now Liverpool Targets Rafa has gone on record as saying that the targets are the same as before the takeover no new ones the take over will mean that he can complete the deal he wants right lets lokk at a few that are posted regular on here

Torres in his new contract that he signed in the summer he is available to anyone who bids 24m so if he is wanted he is well within crasp

Villa he has a 90m buy out but that means nothing a buyout clause means the club can't keep him even if they wanted to if this fee is matched it never will be but that doesn't mean that is his value

With the new labour laws now challenging the way football and contracts are dealt with it will be impossible to keep any player who wants to leave just in the same way that it is impossible to make you stay in your job if you want to leave you might have to work a period of notice or forgo your wages if you just leave that will be the same in football everyone is trying to keep the balance and for that reason if a player wants to go his club will sell him and take the money Villa would cost 25m tops but what you have to remember with these is that in football there are pleanty of Villa's to choose from so if the fee is to steep you make a move for someone else Villa has 14 goals this season Nando has 15 so just remember all that glitters is not gold



and the rest will be targets



Craig Grodon - £4m, Hearts

James McCarthy - £400k, Hamilton

Anatoli Tymoschuk - £4m, Shakhtar

Steve Sidwell - Free, Reading

James McFadden - £2m, Everton/ trade (McFadden)

Stephen Naismith - £2. 2m, Kilmarnock

Andriy Voronin - Free, Leverkusen


Artur Boruc - £7m, Arsenal

Bobo Balde - £500k, Monaco

Paul Telfer - Retire

Thomas Gravesen - £2m, Everton/ trade (McFadden)

Jiri Jarosik - £1. 5m, CSKA Moscow

Kenny Miller - £2m, Newcastle

Maciej Zurawski - £1. 5m, Leverkusen


Gordon, Marshall, Brown, Wilson, Cuthbert, Caldwell, Pressley, Kennedy, McManus, O'Dea, Doumbe, Naylor, Nakamura, Hartley, Lennon, Sno, Sidwell, Tymoschuk, Ferry, Grant, McCarthy McGeady, Riordan, McGlinchey, McFadden, Naismith, Vennegoor, Beattie

FOOTBALL AGENT:Jose Antonio Alias,

Im writing under this alias for professional reason's. The following information can't be confirmed by me but is very real and agent's who are involved with the players may or may not be able to confirm or denine the following statements but certain parts maybe true but can't be positively confirmed by me or the parties involved. The following players are as follows :LFC or Liverpool FC George Gillet&Tom Hicks have devised a Plan with Rick Parry and Rafeal Benitez on the players and the of action behind acquireing the players that has in mind to move Liverpool forward to the next level. On Wednesday during the half time interval at the iternational friendly between England and Spain Benitez spent time with the Spainish team and Coach Arogones in which Benitez stated he was pleased that Xabi Alonso was not used and was kept fit for the weekend and that Luis Garcia was well on the road to recovery and could be back ahead of time then spent the rest of the interval with David Villa and Capedavilla and their agents befor putting his and Liverpools plans to them Benitez made an offer worth £21. 5 Million fo Villa and £8 Million for Capedavilla and said to take it back to their Club Presidents and Managers and get back him at Liverpool in the summer. At the same time in the Germany game an LFC rep he in turn explained the same Plan and also made an offer for them to take back to their respective clubs and Managers the players involved wre Miroslav Klose Thorsten Fringes Podolski and Philip Lahm were all offered a deal worth each between £18 Million and £10 Million possibly going up during negotiations in the summer to £25 Million and £15 Million Klose apparently said he and the others would be honoured to play for the most famous and successfull English club they are also interested in Valencias Vincente and Bayens Lucio P. S Hargreaves and Torres are subject to interested by a number of top European names Chelsea and Arsenal at the top Henry could make a Sensational move to Anfield with PatRick Viera as baite George Gillet said>

To 'The King' What a load of rubbish! 1) . Micah Richards is a right back and could not play as a defensive midfielder. 2) . Michah Richards plays is a Londoner who plays for Man City, so there iis no chance of him coming to OT. He is more likely to head for Chelsea, IF City decide to sell. I totlally agree that SAF will start looking for youth to replace Neville, Giggs and Scholes. However, he will not need to do this eurgently since the three players are playing out of their skin this season. I expect SAF will concern himself more with the fact that our strikers are not scoring regularly and will therefore try to sign Torres (which is not a done deal, Yet), Darren Bent or Hunteleer. He may want to address the centre midfield area and look at the players like, N. Reo Coker, Mvamba or Nolan before going back in for Hargreaves (which is looking less likely as time goes by) .

I think there will be the following ins and outs (purely based on rumours, but more likely to come true than most things posted)


Howard - Perminant move to Everton since we still owe them for Rooney.

Richarson or O'shea to Everton- 2-5m

Smith - Newcastle for around 4m

Silvestre - Any club in France 3m

Henzie - Inter 5m


Hunteleer - 15m

N. Reo Coker - 6m

Bale - 10m

Cahill - 6m plus Oshea or Richarson

UTD 07/ 08 (probably)

Van der Sar

Neville, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra

Ronaldo, CarRick, Scholes, Giggs

Rooney, Hunteler

(not much change you will notice) .

The new season will see Liverpool buy four players - David Villa, Ricardo Quaresma, Vincent Kompany and Gareth Bale.

The 1st team will probably be the following:












SPL Major signings:

1. Damien Francis and Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink to Rangers

2. James McFadden and Steve Sidwell to Celtic

3. Kenny Miller to Newcastle/ Everton for swap or £2m

4. Thomas Gravesen to Bolton £2m

5. Thomas Buffel to Fulham £1. 5m

6. Bobo Balde to Newcastle £1m

7. Artur Boruc to Arsenal £7. 5m

8. Brahim Hemdani to Middlesborogh - £500k

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