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11 Oct 2012 19:38:22
Barnet's popular former England U19s keeper is attracting interest from several Div 1 and 2 clubs. Among them Gillingham AFC Wimbledon and Brentford and Yeovil. Barnet will be left with a decision to make by January as with Graham Stack they now have two top keepers. He could also be a target for Stoke City and Notts Forrest U21 development squads.

Brentford have three quality keepers already and won't need a fourth.

And his name is .........? The one thing you forgot to post !!

Yeovil dont need him weve already got the best keeper in the league

Liam o'brien

Gills have 3 keepers as well, and a 4th youngster out on loan. Where do people get these 'rumours' from?

Must admit ,I'm Brentford fan and Yeovil's keeper was the best I've seen at GP thus far

Paul Jones of crawley was the best keeper i have seen at GP this season! however he injured Farid so getting no credit from me!



11 Oct 2012 20:16:47
Burnley have released a statement saying Bournemouth made an approach but it has been rejected therefore they don't have permission to speak to eddie Howe. Looks like he's going nowhere :/ shame for us clarets :(

Wo! Now Burnley have a Manager who doesnt want to be there and his family have moved back to Dorset a few weeks ago. Looks like Bournemouth will get him for nothing in a few weeks. Greed is a terrible thing lol

Of course he's going

Would you like a Mr P Jewell?

No thanks Tractor boy!!! You can keep him lol



11 Oct 2012 16:48:21
Notts County to sign Sanchez Payne on loan from Leeds United and Mikael Forssell on a free



11 Oct 2012 16:38:30
Billy Davies set for a return to management with Burnley when Howe departs.

I wouldn't rule out the board approaching owen coyle again now that he's available... {Ed003's Note - I had the same thought}

Always thought Steve Davies should have been offered the job instead of Laws, cant see the board taking Coyle back on the payroll, and iam sorry that Davies is looking for work.



11 Oct 2012 16:22:18
Brain laws has flown out to Dave Allen's holliday home to hold talk about taking over the rains at the Proact stadium.

Don't wont laws or any x shefield weds day players

They're bringing out Brain Laws? Now they want to conquer our minds, too? Rise up, people! We can't let this happen!

Be bringing International Rescue in next

We don't want Laws at all, he is not good enough! I would rather Tommy got the job than Laws! My preference is for Sean Dyche,we need a break from the ex Wednesday regime...



11 Oct 2012 15:13:58
Darren Carter has held talks with Burnley about a January move.



11 Oct 2012 14:16:02
Nemanja Vidic's agent has ruled out any possibility of Manchester United defender joining Serie A champions Juventus in January



11 Oct 2012 14:15:23
Manchester City and Chelsea have been told they can have Atletico Madrid's Radamel Falcao next summer but the bidding starts at £48m



11 Oct 2012 14:12:32
Former Arsenal and Everton striker Francis Jeffers is in talks with Maltese Premier League club Floriana

Worst footballer ever-Rangers fan



11 Oct 2012 14:12:05
Former Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe is set to return to the club if the Cherries can agree a compensation package with Burnley

Yup and Billy Davies to be the new Burnley boss.

Burnley have confirmed an "unwanted" approach from bournemouth.

From wot iv seen bunley hav rejected bmths approach! {Ed003's Note - try english and not text talk and if you could refrain from abuse that would also help.............strike 1 }

Poor Eddie, he's just flown down and its been rejected, they will have to break soon they can't afford not too, surely they won't want a manager that doesn't want to be there??

Has Burnley just scored an Own Goal?
Burnley chairman could only see lots of Russian money and pushed it too far. I cant see that going down well with the supporters {Ed003's Note - the majority of claret fans are not happy with Howe anyway so I really cant see many biting to your post tbh}

I don't see how Howe had done a bad job at burnley, he was told he would have a large transfer kitty due to parachute payments from prem and was not given money, he was told to chop the dead wood and reduce wage bill which he has. He has built a young, capable squad on a shoestring budget while having players sold from under him, the financial troubles at burnley are plain to see and I think the expectations from the fans are high but the board know the real expectations and haven't been honest about the finances to both Howe and the fans. I believe this is the real story behind him wanting out. If your losing players for £6mil and being given say £500k to replace them there is something wrong somewhere, burnley board knew the score when they appointed him but were not honest with him and fans. Where are the transfer funds? {Ed003's Note - completely agree mate}

Totally agree with the above post. The Burnley Board have a lot to answer

When you spend 1.2 m on zavon Hines / junior stanislaus ,I do feel the lack of money argument looks silly ,maybe promises were broken ,but there was also a lot of very poor lower division signings purely because he couldn't attract players from champ or above unless they were kids ,won't be long before Shackell throws towel in citing family reasons on back of eddies departure for genuine family reasons ,utc {Ed003's Note - Who would you like as the next boss?}

Don't forget the compensation deal included money owed to Bournemouth for Howe, tindall, ings and Bartley where they had MISSED the payment dates so the lack of money looks very real, Howe left Bournemouth when they had nothing and since he left they now have Russian backing and are spending money like its going out of fashion so it's not really a backwards step like people think, not in the long term anyway



11 Oct 2012 13:42:43
Liverpool are looking at Galatasary forward Burak Yilmaz to bolster there strike force in january



11 Oct 2012 13:41:21
Liverpool youngster Suso is expected to sign a new contract this week

He has already signed a new contract



11 Oct 2012 13:40:40
Former Arsenal Goalkeeper Alex Manninger has been given a trial at Everton after being released by Juventus at the end of last season.



11 Oct 2012 13:39:19
Ajax have taken former Tottenham youngster Ronnie Hawkins on trial.



11 Oct 2012 13:36:04
Ashley Cole and Frank Lampard will not be offered long term contracts by chelsea and both could possibly leave as soon as january.

When Terry becomes manager perhaps?



11 Oct 2012 10:33:44
Bournemouth set to announce Eddie Howe as their new manager. Talks have been agreed and both clubs are now sorting out a compensation figure which will be lowered as Burnley still owe outstanding money from player transfers from Bournemouth

Source: Bournemouth paper

If it is true that eddie howe is returning home to bournemouth, then he will be in a strong bargaining position. I expect that max and mitchell would need to guarentee certain conditions to eddie howe before he considers coming back. His background staff and player kitty for january sales as well as directors not have any say in team affairs i.e not entering changing rooms at half time. That would be reasonable mr. mitchell.

Plus Marvin Bartley is coming back along with Jason Tindall

Howe take the bounemouth BOYS with you

The Bournemouth fans will be saying Austin will be going there from burnley next. I don't think the russian could afford the 8 mil price tag

Why are all Bournemouth fans excited about jason tindal going back. EH is explainable but I don't understand the buzz about tindal?

For the record "The Russian" flys everywhere in his own private jet. He lives mainly in Monte Carlo for tax reasons.He is as we say dripping in it so if The Russian wants to take Bournemouth into the Championship and buy Austin in the process . No problem

Tom Mitchell is the problem completely out of his depth but he's Dad don't se it

Could afford it but i think youre dreaming if you think hes worth 8!! we're stupidly rich not richly stupid. Manchester City by the sea

I think you will find , that many prem clubs are watching him ! so why would he go to bournemouth ? and it will be you who wont be able to afford him when theres a bidding war for him

Some of your fans are deluded you may be able afford his 8 mil fee but under the rules you couldn't afford him, also it would be a step back for Austin why would he go to a small seaside club that has a problem attracting 6,000 at home. There are a few prem clubs watching him at the moment so, league 1 football ( crowds of 6,000) or chance to play in the prem ( crowds of 25,00+) I don't think there's any comparison

Would the last one out of burnley please turn off the lights... Thankyou

I don't get why this burnley fan had got his flat cap in a twist? Nobody has said we are bidding for austin.

When austin was at Poole he used to bang on about playing for Southampton (as they are the biggest club locally) and Blackburn as they were champs when he first started school so he supported them (glory hunter) it won't be Blackburn but possibly could be saints

Some of your fans have wrote (in the bournemouth local rag ) that howes first signing when he goes back is going to be Austin that's where I got the info from

Everybody knows with burnleys current financial state that they will sell austin but I don't believe any Bournemouth fan really believes we will bid for him let alone sign him

Chill out hes going back to bournemouth with majority of our blessings. we were cool when we got him so lets be fair football outside the big four is becoming a joke, be it any division outside the prem no team will hold onto managers and players alike because money talks. good luck eddy and good look bournemouth

Bournemouth were very successful under howe and tindall albeit with no money. That is why burnley were interested in him as their limlited resources mean't that eddie howe could produce a team to compete at championship level without breaking the bank. Now he has returned to bournemouth, things have changed as he has 36 players, a huge squad for div1 and club ambition to get into the championship, eddie howe must think it is xmas everyday with all this money to spend, the fans are getting excited.



11 Oct 2012 10:10:55
Portsmouth manager Michael Appleton is being sounded out to become the next new manager of Bolton Wanderers.

Appleton has impressed the Bolton board with how he has conducted himself during Pompey's financial troubles and has gone ahead of other candidates in the race.

Appleton is from nearby Salford and played for Manchester United and Preston so a return to the North West would also be a big pull.

Bolton still remain keen on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer but he is likely to stay at Molde and Mick McCarthy has been ruled out of the running.

Nonsense. Appleton's happy at Fratton Park.

Michael Appleton is not going to Bolton Wanderers from Portsmouth.. Why would he now that things are about to turn around at the club?

Yeah, Michael Appleton makes sense, I know he has had a lot problems with Pompey's financial crisis but look where they are now in the league. Not an ideal candidate for me, not in a million years.

Solskjaer would be my choice ..... but that ain't going to happen with Gartslime making the decisions.....

Appleton's family home is in Preston and he is part owner of a local restaurant with his brother- in- law.A move to Bolton would be perfect...

Solskjaer can't leave Molde - their wealthy backer will pull out the funding + he has a young family that are happy in Norway.
Coyle was too soft with the players - Its Davies or big eck for you guys - enjoy lol

Appy = Happy??

Get your money on big Eck - he's due to interview soon for the job

Appleton... got to be joking, I know his arms are tied about Pompey under thier finances but Bolton to take a manager on because is is from Preston and his family home is in Preston and a part owner in a restaurant even Gartslime isn't that stupid! Might be perfect for Appleton not Bolton. Get real

Bolton need someone with more than 11 months experience as a manager, they tried appointing a good coach (which Appleton is) as manager in Sammy Lee and look how that turned out.

I agree with the OP in that Solskjaer won't come but don't think the door will be closed on people like McCarthy just yet.

Face the facts....Bolton are massively in debt,are on the slide and well on the way to becoming the next Portsmouth.Michael Appleton would,therefore,be the ideal man for the job.Get real Bolton fans,you are in the mire !!!

In response to the above comment and facts, Bolton owe £10m to the bank and £100m to their owner Eddie Davies, a Bolton fan, therefore we are in debt to our owner.

Nailed on for Clarets job!! {Ed003's Note - I heared that aswell}

Pompey were in debt to their owner (Gaydamak) before he sold the club & debt to Chainrai. If your owner (whom you owe the money to now) walks, then you'll be in the poo, as the above point makes!

Portsmouth supporter here, from what I have heard about Bolton, I wish you guys the best of luck, because based on what has happened here in comparison to your situation.. You may well be in a much worse one than us!.. So fingers crossed yet another historic club does not suffer.

The difference between Gaydamak and Davies is that Gaydamak had no ties to Portsmouth other than the football club, Davies is Bolton born and a lifelong fan. Agreed though, sad to see Pompey and Bolton fall out of top division

Appy is a northerner as well so he may be tempted their they also have a good set of players and good youth facilities

Sad to see Pompey and Bolton fall out the top division!?!?

Bolton play incredibly boring football, so no it's not sad at all. I would much rather watch Swansea or Newcastle any-day. When Bolton get interesting again then maybe.

As for Portsmouth...seriously!? We all know why they got into the prem last time round, massive overspend. Still feeling the repercussions now. Pompey are a laughing stock. In my opinion Pompey haven't been punished enough for what they did. The FA are letting them survive so it doesn't reflect badly on them. They deserve to be liquidated, not premiership.

Portsmouth spent money like no tomorrow on high wages and transfer fees on a lot of overrated players with a few exceptions ie DEFOE & CROUCH. Prime example you may have got Tel Ben Hiam cheaper but paid him way over what he was worth. Pompey another LEEDS UTD .....

The difference between our debt and Pompey's our club is owned by local business man and Bolton fan not some foreigner who bales when it's not going his way then s...'. on the club ......

Just how much money do you think eddie davies has ?

Portsmouth FC did not overspend to get into the Premiership, perhaps in it, yes. But they got into the Premiership by playing class-act football in the Championship to win it.
And the comment about Bolton and Portsmouth said nothing about the 'top-flight' anyway.. The Premiership is abysmal compared to the other leagues anyway.. Way too full of the real over-spenders such as Man City, and way way way too many glory hunter's who think they know everything about football when they know absolutely nothing!

Lashing out at Pompey is pointless and shows only the worst side of football fans. Pompey were abused by poor owners, their fans have paid the price for this with three successive points deductions whilst the guilty have long since escaped with the loot. Stop punishing those that still follow their team and if you are lucky enough not to be in their position, just be grateful!

Watched far too much of westley and his great signings this season , the man has no idea what his best team is there is no creative midfielder , the centre halves he bought would not get a game on moor park , get rid now alerxander to the end of the year to come in

Sorry, The Premiership is abysmal compared to the other leagues? Which other leagues? Italian? The one that's so full of corruption and match fixing that players families get kidnapped, teams get relegated and stripped of their title, heavies turn up at players front doors and fans fear for their lives among the ultras? Or maybe you mean the Spanish league? The league where every single team except for the big 2 are feeder clubs due to the ridiculous way they organise their TV royalties, and pretty much every game is irrelevant unless it's Real V Barca? Maybe you mean the German league? The one with less of a TV audience than the Championship (although granted it's actually the only one which is run very well). Or do you actually mean the Championship and below? You must have fun as a fan hoping not to be promoted to the top flight every year.

As for the huge overspenders like City, at least it throws in a bit of competition to the big spenders of the past like Liverpool and Man U. It would be pretty dull if it remained the 'big 4' forever.

As for glory hunters, inevitable considering the sports popularity, and in any case irreverent. You shouldn't stop supporting a team because it picks up some more fans with success. That's like stopping listening to a band because they have become mainstream. Stupid mentality, 'if it's popular then it's not cool enough for me'. Moron

I do feel sorry for (real) Portsmouth fans to be fair. They have been abused by poor management (and 'Arry as all clubs do when they employ him). Plus they live in Portsmouth :p. Mind you most weren't complaining when the money was being spent. They were crying out for more signings.

I think a lot of people would feel more sorry for Portsmouth fans now if they hadn't been such absolute persons towards Saints fans when Saints were in trouble.

"You shouldn't stop supporting a team because it picks up some more fans with success" - I am not on about the people who support a team, and leave them when they are popular? When did I ever say that, I mean the sheep that follow a team who win all the time, say for arguments sake Man U, when they have never actually been to Manchester, or ever lived there, or anyone in their family has ever supported them or lived there, and they live in Devon.. Those are the glory hunters I meant.. Not sure why you jumped to people leaving clubs because they are popular? That is not what 'glory hunter' means?....

All I'm saying is you can't dismiss the Premiership as abysmal because it contains teams which have glory supporters. It's inevitable with success. It's not their fault that they attract fans who don't have any reason to support them other than that they play attractive football. Those clubs also have lots of real fans, and the classic 'everyone real fan in Manchester supports City' just isn't true.

It's perfectly fine to dislike the supporters you speak of, as we all do, as they have nothing to do with the club and don't go to games, but hating the clubs for it is a bit tenuous. Disliking a club like Milwall due to their support is different, because they are the actual real, local fans and give the club a bad name. It's also fine to annoy real Man U fans by calling them glory supporters, even when they aren't, because that's just good fun and properly winds them up, but you can't say the Premiership is crap because it has fair-weather fans.



11 Oct 2012 09:43:15
Preston defender Chris Robertson has caught the eye of Cheltenham Town boss Mark Yates who is wanting the former Torquay man on loan to cover the suspended Alan Bennett.
Yates was interested in Robertson in January but the Scot moved to Preston instead.

"caught the eye" ? Chris is working hard at the moment in an effort to regain the form he showed last season.

You will hear from me until westley is gone there will be no flair no skill seen at deepdale , journeymen players who have been found out already , beardsley must be the worst so called striker in the division , the service to beavon borders on the pathetic , mid table at best this season , go now westley

Journeymen players - what do you expect when Westley was faced with a wage bill cut of 50% and no money to buy players. Even the £250,000 purchase of Beavon was funded by the sale of Coutts, Mayor, Proctor and Barton (probably bringing in net £300,000 to PNE)

I expect a striker to be able to score goals , in beardsley's case perhaps being able to head the ball trap the ball have any awareness and ability might help he is carp , so is proctor byrom robertson
holyroyd amoo mousinho keane , westley's idea of aplayer is to have no skill ability but to run around like a headless chicken



11 Oct 2012 08:59:44
Huddersfield are trying to get a replacement loan winger during international break. Hammill is to be returned to Wolves. Fabien Delph is one of players to be targeted-another might well be move for

Delph is a centre midfielder

I thought Hammill was innocent until proven guilty? Unless there are other underlying reasons to send him back this appears to be a strange move.

Hammill played in the reserve fixture at everton today, if he was being sent back why get him game time



11 Oct 2012 05:00:41
Norwich City are hoping to finally end their long time pursuit of Hannover 96's Norwegian forward Mohammed Abdellaoue by cllinching a deal for the player who of recent times is finding first team football hard to come by after being displaced in the team by Ex Man Utd youth player Mame Diouf

What rubbish

Please, Please, Please be true --- we urgently need someone who can score. Holt is clearly not doing it anymore and perhaps in hindsight should have been let go to West Ham last summer.

If he's not good enough for Norwegian league then how will he be good enough for NCFC, Oh maybe he'll be cheap enough that'll be it then we'll buy him.

Sounds dodgy. If the player had wanted to come to Norwich then he would have done so by now. However if the player has no real desire to play for City (which his actions suggest) then surely it would be a mistake to sign him.

Old rumour of two years ago dead rumour utter rubbish

He is not in the Norwegian league, he plays in the Bundesliga.

One of the comments on here obviously has no idea who Abdellaoue is as Hannover 96 play in the Bundesliga and not in the Norwegian league. I watch Bundesliga football and he has had a few injuries early on this season which has stopped him playing and most importantly he will never join Norwich. Bigger teams want him.



11 Oct 2012 00:27:13
Former Arsenal, Fulham, West Ham and Portugal international winger Luis Boa Morte signs for League 2 side Chesterfield on deal until end of January, the 35 year old was on trial at Portsmouth but chose to move to Chesterfield to get first team football.

Actually, he did not choose Chesterfield over Portsmouth, thank you very much.
Portsmouth opted out of signing him because they chose to sign √Ākos Buzs√°ky instead.
This resulted in Portsmouth's current 20-man squad limit being filled, and therefore no other player can be signed unless another is shipped out, which Portsmouth decided they did not want to do.
So please refrain from wording sentences that try to make clubs like Chesterfield sound bigger and more attractive than clubs like Portsmouth.. They're just not, get over it. {Ed003's Note - Ooooooooo! lol }

I didn't write the first post, but "chose to move to Chesterfield to get first team football" doesn't sound like anyone trying to make them sound bigger than Pompey!? lol

Oh yes he did!

Calm down Post 2, He never said LBM choose Chesterfield over us, he opted to go there for first team football which he was never going to get at Fratton Park, because he is a 35 year old ex Soton has been

What a poor signing will not see out the 3 month contract that has been offered due to been very injury proned and way way past his sell by date they may as well offer dean windass a contract its just got to be a publicity stunt cant think of anything else will not grace the field thats for sure

But we can afford to pay his wages and are not in debt and running a club beyond are means - pompey but gone very soon bye bye

Portsmouth are no longer a "big" club,,not even as big as southampton,,,and for the record boa morte is big mates with coach at chesterfield ,,mark crossley,,get your facts right..and pay your players

It is very true though Ed003

Calm down lads does it matter who sez what the truth is chesterfield need a big strong center back to take control and stop all these silly goals going in season tickets down by 2000 must tell you something get the defence sorted and work out tommy doing ok but we need wins and an experienced manager sorry tommy but for the sake of our club we do or once again we will be struggling and come xmas it will be to late. cfc steve {Ed003's Note - finally someone has the decency to sign there post,cheers cfc steve}

Portsmouth are bigger than than us spirerites , Bigger in debt that is pay wages pay debts owed and start running a club the proper way ...........up the spirerites kev

Portsmouth FC, champions of England twice in succession, one of only 5 clubs in history to do this.. And FA Cup winners twice.. What do Chesterfield have to say?.. Oh here we are, Third Division (North) Champions.. Woopdedoo!

I like you Spireites but whoever you sign, as of right now, Portsmouth is a bigger club. Their history andeven their current attendances show that.

Been to match,,absolute rubbish,,apart from morte,,lacklustre,no idea cant break down defences,no mid field ,defence dont know how defend,,,shocking,,,probably worse team than last season.

We do pay our players wages

Portsmouth were never a 'big club'. Granted they weren't small small but would always have been considered medium at best. 'Even compared against Southampton' - also a bit of a wild statement. 'even' implies Southampton are a small club which they never were. You don't get top flight football for donkeys years as a small club. As for at present, the comparison between the two clubs would be considered an insult, if not a joke by most Southampton fans.

Both Portsmouth and Southampton are medium to large clubs, and their fortunes season to season gives one or other the upper hand. However, the key difference is that Pompey have achieved much more during their times of ascendancy so overall would say they are the bigger of the two.

Agreed {Note - if nobody is prepared to leave a name or tag after there post I'm not, come on guys if we want a debate leave a name}



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