Football Rumours Archive July 11 2013


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11 Jul 2013 21:56:44
Bolton have signed another young player in the shape of Hungarian goalkeeper Erik Bukran. Bukran will join the Wanderers youth academy from Budapest Honved on a two year deal.



11 Jul 2013 21:44:32
Paul ince is set for a shock 1.2m move for wigan target jacob mulenga who is a zambian forward

He has been linked with lots of prem clubs and would cost a lot more than 1.2m maybe 4-5 m

No he isnt

Mulenga has a year left on his contract and was previously linked with Forest who bid 800k. Its known the player was keen on a move to Wigan and there has been talk that a medical has already taken place. The fee is somewhere around 1 million.

to suggest that the fee would be 4-5 million is just plain silly.



11 Jul 2013 21:38:12
Adam Mcgurk close to sealing a switch to Oldham Athletic on a two year deal.
Terms have been agreed and Mcgurk is looking forward to a fresh challenge. He is said to be chopping at the bit to get his Latics career underway. Lee Johnson is said to be thrilled with this latest capture.

As long as you choose carefully the 12 - 15 matches per season he will be fit for you will have a good player. Adam has more doctors notes than Darren Anderton had whilst he was at Spurs.

Would be delighted with this signing it true. Maybe he can convince James Wallace and Danny Holmes to come here aswell!

Oldhams new striker will be Adam Rooney. I believe he is currently on the team bonding session the lads are having with the Army

Wewouldn;t want any of Moore's players and the striker is ADAM ROONEY legal stuff just being sorted then he' s our player.

Great forward line we have for next season OTID

He's training with the club until his contract dispute with Swindon is resolved. He will play in pre-season games.

Adam Rooney has signed for Bury.

12 Jul 2013 14:02:33
McGurk is a less then average player in this league, gives the ball away, can't beat players I can honestly say don't get to excited about it.



11 Jul 2013 21:22:24
Manchester United has had a bid accepted for a Ghanian international
Rooney is heading home 'INJURED'
Looks likes we are going to lose out on Thiago

11 Jul 2013 23:54:33
If this is Boateng or Asamoah then I can't complain but let's be honest it'll never happen

Dont think utd was ever in for him moyes should act fast if he wants top players

It makes you wonder did ferguson get out at the right time with an aging defense and the on going Rooney saga



11 Jul 2013 21:12:14
Bradford are in talks with Southampton on Bradford taking James ward prowse on a season long loan

Oh no they are not!

No offense but I think Ward Prowse is too good for league 1. If he is to be loaned out it would be to the Championship.

He's got offers from Championship teams, I highly doubt he'd go to Bradford. Bournemouth would be his most likely destination if he were to leave on loan.


Suso now ward prowse who comes up with these

You've made my night! Literally laughed out load.



11 Jul 2013 21:06:49
Craig Gardner has been told he can leave Sunderland. West Brom looking favourites.

No he hasn't PDC really rates him

Who would you take out the team to play him though? This would be a step in the wrong direction for Clark and the football his trying to get us to play!

12 Jul 2013 12:00:33
PDC doesn't rate him. Trust me

Rate Gardner highly myself but feel we have a lot of midfielders similar to him. IF he does sign he will have to be prepared to be in and out of the team a lot I feel.

But, personal opinion, he won't sign. And neither will and other central MF player this window

Dorrans out gardner in

13 Jul 2013 19:44:04
As much as I don't rate Gardner, he offers nothing apart from a hard shot, sitting with the fans in the away end and going on twitter doesn't make you popular with me. atrocious out of position at right back, too slow in midfield, DI Canio words were "a key player, a battler, a warrior" doesn't sound good, but think Di canio rates him, "big heart" was also used, I just us the word ****



11 Jul 2013 20:56:44
Millwall's Fred onyedinma is to go on loan to notts county



11 Jul 2013 20:41:27
Walsall are set to bid for karl darlow and florent cuvelier. Walsall are also hoping to wrap up the signing of bradley wright phillips by early next week. Also offer contracts to trialists troy hewitt, richard o'donnell, jordan ball, james mcquilkin and romaine sawyers. Craig westcarr will also sign a 2 year deal.

And then I woke up and it was all a dream.

Darlow signed a contract till 2015

We will not get cuvelier or Darlow for definite

How many more times? Walsall don't bid for players Walsall could sell a player for 10million they still wouldn't pay for a player

Bidding for a player isn't out of the question. We paid fees for leito, constable, o'conner and marcello.

Plus we got extra money from patto/grigg sales and continue to make profit year after year

I'm a Walsall fan and this post is just ridiculous. We won't buy anyone. We never spend any significant money. It's July 13th and we haven't made a single signing yet. The Paterson and Grigg money will be forgotten and Smith will have to work with a very small budget. That's just what Walsall are like under Bonser. Tough season ahead. We finished 9th last season, in a pretty poor League 1, and we've just lost our three key players. Need to make some decent signings but I won't get my hopes up. My only faith lies with Dean Smith. He'll get the best out of what we have.

Mick Kearns is set to return to Walsall as first choice keeper next season until they find one cheap enough to sign.

Last time Walsall paid for a player the Ark wasn't built.



11 Jul 2013 20:56:40
Fabregas turned up at heathrow 20. 15 plane who is he joining I heard he said to a fan arsenal will always be in my heart?



11 Jul 2013 20:14:29
Man utd starlet will Keane set for season long loan to championship middlesbrough, boro also set to snap up Eden hazards younger brother from Chelsea on a similar one year loan deal, boro have also lined up billy sharp if they are able to offload Scott McDonald back to old club celtic

Will Keane was due to sign for boro last year until his injury

Really hope we can get them, especially Billy Sharp, he would be the striker we need

There could be truth in the billy sharp story, we were in the running to sign him before he joined Southampton

Dnt want kean when we have gibson and bugess who need development

Love to see hazard come looks a good player

Will keane is a striker so I'm not sure how that would affect Gibson and burgess

Gibson and burgess are centre backs and will keane is a striker so don't see how that has anything to do with it his brother michael is a centre hald but were after will



11 Jul 2013 20:12:57
Heard Paul scholes is set to join Oldham as assistant manager. This is 100% official

He said he wants to take a break from football to spend time with his family! my prediction is that he'll be a united coach and then later he'll go on to be oldham manager:)

If its official, ill be able to see it on the website then will I. plus, he just turned down Moyes to be with his family.



11 Jul 2013 20:08:23
Billy Sharp is being linked with a move to Ipswich, I have no idea where this rumour came from, but its rife on twitter - anyone know anything about it?

Rubbish, unless chops goes, can't see another forward coming in especially if fee involved with the player

Would be a great signing but even if Chopra went I couldn't see this happening. unless we loaned him.

Love him at town, heard he's going back to donny

11 Jul 2013 22:18:21
This would be great news please mr Evans put the money in the box

Would be nice but he'll be out of our price range and I'm sure there'll be other clubs offering better wages.

Indications are that he is available for £1m. I also know that the player has a lot of affection for Ipswich fans, and would love to join the club if a deal could be done.

Can't see any way Sharp would prefer a move to Ipswich over any of the others interested. Doubt he'd agree to playing second fiddle to McGoldrick & Chopra

We can't afford £1m. Not unless we sell Cressie or another player for several million (which I don't think will happen).

Second fiddle to McGoldrick and Chopra?! Chopra won't be in the 1st team next season and will only be making the bench if he's lucky!

Cresswell may go, if he does a million pounds for Sharp is quite possible.

Fulham will have money to spend now they have been taken over so wouldn't dismiss Cresswell going before the start if the season.

Chorpra needs to go before we can sign a decent striker link billy sharpe.



11 Jul 2013 19:55:35
Oldham close to agreeing a undisclosed fee (said to be small) with Preston for joe garner as Preston want to offload one striker

11 Jul 2013 20:33:55
not a chance Grayson likes him it will be cummins or Beardsley

Hope this is true.

So glad Hume has decided to stay.

Hopefully now we will get rid of Cummins, Beardsley and Garner. All useless!

I'd rather see Garner go than Cummins. Cummins is really under-rated

Can't see this at all Beardsley and Cummins I will personally drive there & pay for fuel!

Beardsley would be the only one to go, as he has been put on the transfer list, the other 5 forwards will play it out against each other. Championship here we come :P



11 Jul 2013 19:52:45
Russell Slade is interested in taking Watford striker Britt Assombalonga on a seasons loan. Watford are currently on a pre season tour and nothing likely to happen until next week.

Unlikely at this stage, Britt is now 20 and should be looking at breaking into the first team, although depending on performances he may go out on loan later in the season. Good luck to orient though for the season.

4 goals in 2 games in the pre-season friendlies so far. Alright, they were against pub teams but you've still got to put em in the net, right? Should be moving up to a loan to a League 1 or Championship side. Probs not good enough to make the first team yet, but he's definitely a good prospect.

He's a great player he could be the next zaha



11 Jul 2013 17:35:05
Bristol City are looking at Shrewsbury Town winger Jon Taylor as a possible replacement for Albert Adomah. After the Ghanaian handed in a transfer request this week.

Jon Taylor has jus re-signed for Shrewsbury

Jon Taylor has just signed a new 2 year deal with shrewsbury! turning down derby to stay! so no chance this is happening!

Taylor only recently signed a new 2year contract extension so he would cost a fee which I guess shrewsbury would demand a large fee for a promising young player. Can't see it happening

Don't think so he's just signed a new contract at Shrewsbury.

He's going no where so no point trying tbh

They might be looking but not going to happen as has just signed new contract.

TBH it does not matter if a contract has been signed or not!
if the player wants to go to a bigger club in the end they do! its just a matter of the buying club paying enough. i'm sure that if the rumour is true then we would buy him no problem.

If city want Jon Taylor better get your chq book out goal scoring winger turned down a move to championship club plays in league 1 will be scoring against Bristol not playing for them

Yes if Sean and Mr Lansdown thought that this lad was the answer thenr the purse could be opened and he could be bought, you notice I said could, it would depend on 4 things.
a) Did those at City think he was that special?
b) Would Shrewsbury listen to offers?
c) Would the player want to leave Shrewsbury?
d) Could personal terms be agreed?

a no to anyone of those and it is a non runner.

No truth in this rumour, I've just ask SO'D.

Hang on. If Bristol City did want Jon Taylor, why would they wait until he's signed a contract at Shrewsbury? Why wouldn't they make a move for him before?



11 Jul 2013 19:56:51
Adam mcgurk signing for oldham athletic after tranmere rovers released him! you heard it here first.

Brilliant signing! Honest awesome for tranmere made Stuart Barlow look prolific!

12 Jul 2013 12:01:43
He won't play more than a dozen games a season absolutely shocking injury record.

12 Jul 2013 13:38:11
Felt for McGurk at Tranmere, got a lot of stick from a lot of fans but I always thought he did well. He'll never be prolific but he'll work hard and cause teams problems, Oldham fans should like him.

I agree, I wasn't his greatest fan but I was quite shocked by the high number of assists that he was credited with. He certainly did not deserve the taunting he got from a small ignorant minority of our support.

Thought he tried hard but never got involved every match. He won't score a lot but will score some for Oldham. We will him as a good substitute but Oldham is a good move for him- he will be shown appreciation

Mguirk is very average! all about ryan lowe! swa

There aren't many lads in their early twenties who spend time out of their jobs with a collapsed lung.

Unfortunately this sums him up - reasonably talented, but one of the most injury prone players ever.

Akpo Sodje has signed for Rovers today on a 1 year deal with option of further years



11 Jul 2013 19:47:32
Nigel Adkins is closing in on two signings. James Ward-Prowse on a season-loan and Billy Sharp. Both are expected to be confirmed next week before the club travels to Portugal.

Forget JWP he is going no where, as for Sharp think again him and Adkins don't like each other

11 Jul 2013 21:24:29
Club fly out on Sunday so if its next week then they've missed the plane.



11 Jul 2013 18:22:48
Ipswich town news;

Jack Doherty to sign tomorrow for a rumoured �100,000. Could be involved in the Ipswich Town side facing Chippenham on Saturday.

Dean Gerken will sign a 2 year contract next week.

Dan Seaborne to be released from his trial and look for a club elsewhere due to Ipswich closing in on the signing of Christophe Berra. Again, understand a deal will be completed next week, 3 years.

Doherty looks a real prospect and town could do with a young winger like him. Less than £100k I heard though as Waterford in financial trouble.

£100,000 for an 18 year old Irish youngster without much of a reputation at a cash strapped club?! I doubt we'd be paying anywhere near that much for him. It's just guess work with the trialists and Berra though.

Fee won't be as high as 100k, Waterford are facing a winding up order and wil have to accept pretty much whatever money we give them.

Reported this evening that fee is £50k with add ons, just sorting out final bits and should sign Monday

Gerken signed



11 Jul 2013 18:12:29
Brain stock and Simon church are set to sign two year deals with bournemouth

Looks like a no brainer

Simon church has no decent goal-game ratio, would be unlikely Bournemouth would want him as star striker. Return of brian stock to afcb also be rated as unlikely as midfield is full of decent players at afcb.

Heard there is a fee involved of 200k for stock is that true



11 Jul 2013 18:44:39
Shrewsbury have asked about the availability (on loan) of Birmingham youngsters Reece Hales & Akwasi Asante.

Lee Clark is looking to loan out his young academy
players and both strikers would fit the bill at Graham Turner's Shrewsbury. Asante is no stranger to the new meadow having spent the latter half of the season on loan with the league 1 side.

If we were to get a previous loanee back then I would love to see Tom Eaves back in a Town shirt. He certainly showed a lot of promise when he was last with us.

Asante looked promising when on loan with us last season.

Far from the finished article however and I would see him as someone to come off the bench. We do need an experienced signing to lead the front line.

Asante is definitely coming back on loan will not feature today against galatasary



11 Jul 2013 17:35:07
Notts County have Signed Danny Haynes on a 2 year deal.



11 Jul 2013 17:03:31
Burnley may take Simon Church on trial has a possible replacement for Martin Paterson

Well they are in Ireland now so it seems nowts going on



11 Jul 2013 17:03:08
Nick Powell is subject to interest from a variety of championship clubs for a possible loan deal, after being left out of Manchester United's squad.

Reading, Wigan and Huddersfield are all set to compete for his signature.

He's Wigan bound as Moyes wants him to stay local and get European games.

Yeh must be Wigan! As Huddersfield is knowhere near Manchester. the £6million quid player might need to catch two buses if too far away. Give me strength TTID

Can't Tomlin from posh buy Powell a BMW? He offered to buy the cops one when drunk on booze and excited about his own ego. Go on Tomlin, do the decent thing. You players at posh are on EPL wages if comments by posh fans are to be believed, And you are worth more than Messi and Ronaldo!

Hasn't he been left out of the squad because he had surgery over the summer break?



11 Jul 2013 16:59:43
Nicky Shorey has completed his trial at Brighton and is not being offered a contract. Now training with Millwall. {Ed029's Note - I told you you'd be disappointed. He's just going through the motions and living off his reputation from his first stint at Reading. No motivation. No desire.

I'm not disappointed. If he can't impress on trial, he isn't going to take us to the next level.

Garcia has someone else lined up

Spot on. One very much on the radar

But who!

Alex Grimaldo

Buy or loan?



11 Jul 2013 16:46:25
Premier League clubs Stoke & Crystal Palace have joined Huddersfield Town, Derby & Ipswich in the race to sign highly rated 20 year old Coventry defender Cyrus Christie.

With Southampton spending big wish palace could go for jack cork and fonte who will be fringe players soon

What positions does he play in? Because Derby only really need a centre back but if he could fill in other places like right back that could make us very interested.

Hes mainly a right back but can play centre back

Centre back & right back

Rb/cb me thinks. also had a quick look down the page at the original rumour and that says the same.

Seems him and Lomas from Milwall can play in both positions. Note a trend :-)

I would guess IF either signed it would be cb as Clough has said if Brayford leaves Freeman will get the nod.



11 Jul 2013 16:34:55
Nottingham Forest have failed with two bids of £400K and £800K for Middlesbrough's Grant Leadbitter.

Boro have stated that he is not for sale.

Fee accepted for Carayol from nottingham forest

If the bids high enough then they will sell. A bid of over a million could bring in three/four players that would improve the squad. Smallwoods ready to take his place anyway

You won't sign leadbitter with that poor offer, maybe 4 to 5 mil.

Leadbitter won't be going anywere unless we receave a silly offer he's one of our most consistant players

Carayol will not be sold he's what Tm describes as a diamond from the rough n a future star of mfc n I'm a forest fan

Smallwood is not go enough! And The Carayol deal fel, through weeks ago?!

A few decent player for £1 mil? Sort your head out, we need the best we can get

Carayol and Leadbitter aren't leaving Middlesbrough

Boro don't need to sell, and Mowbray has made it clear no offer will be accepted for lead bitter, carayol or Williams, so forest are just going to have to play the useless players they already have

Mogga said that carayol is the best player and he won't be letting him go



11 Jul 2013 15:58:58
cameron jerome is close to signing a deal with blackburn rovers



11 Jul 2013 15:26:39
danny Haynes currently having a medical at meadow lane so expected to sign his contract shortly, also striker lee barnard on a season loan from Southampton where both clubs will be paying a percentage of his wage.

In no way shape or form will Notts be getting both! Barnard it is as Haynes is away with another club.

Haynes done. barnard is not joinin till enoch leaves. wide player agreed terms and a few cms. some strong signings in the pipeline at notts, just a few hurdles atm though

Barnard will be fantastic for you. Hard working and will bag you goals

I can't see us getting barnard on loan surely southampton will want him off their wage who are these good signings in the pipeline however if we do get him haynes and barnard will be deadly

Haynes done.
Enoch has an offer from Burton, with a few details to sort. If he goes, Barnard will come in.
Mark Fotheringham will sign after a good trial, Bell has a deal agreed, just sorting his terms from Coventry.
Notts are due to make a decision on Parrett next week.
Pearce and Mahon to go.



11 Jul 2013 15:56:23
Rene Howe has tweeted stating that Hibernian are NOT interested in him. Which fuels speculation he may be on his way to Oxford United after traveling to Edinburgh (where Oxford United are currently on tour).

2 year deal with Burton Albion

No money grabber there he's gone to Burton.

Oxford were never in for him. Oxford have openly said they are after one more senior signing. And that's a experienced centre back, after trialist Matt Heath has left due to injury



11 Jul 2013 15:55:55
Newcastle want Matt Taylor from West Ham for £3m

Wouldn't want him at Newcastle if west ham paid us 3m to have him

Taylor was managed by Kinnear at Luton, where Taylor's class and energy was there for all to see.

12 Jul 2013 13:01:45
I'll drive him there personally if West Ham can get that much for him. Well past his best me thinks.



11 Jul 2013 15:52:20
Portsmouth 'Deal of the Century' Will be signing Jason Pearce on loan from Leeds United

Hardly deal of the century!

Ha ha dream on! Maybe Stuart pearce

Can't see it, why would he drop from championship to div 2, good centre half sure he was in the Leeds team last season any Leeds fans correct me if I am wrong

If this happens i'll eat my cat!

I keep hearing a lot of whispering about this "deal of the century". There's something big happening at Fratton, Jason Pearce is a name that keeps springing up.

It could be true as leeds want a new centre back

It's not Pearce, his Mrs confirmed that 100%. Could possibly be Matt Taylor, he's just been released from West Ham

Jamie o hara



11 Jul 2013 15:51:10
Portsmouth FC will sign 4 trialists. They will be Shaun Cooper, Ryan Bird, Nathan Ashmore, and Araund Mendy.

Ashmore will train with pompey for the next couple of weeks but will stay with Gosport for the coming season. We have only just signed two keepers in Smith and Sullivan, but Smith is only on a one year deal

11 Jul 2013 22:03:03
who, who, who and who?

Not true, the only trialist being invited to train is Ashmore, and he is probably only going to be a long term target



11 Jul 2013 15:47:41
Robbie Simpson has turned down the chance of a trial with league 1 Shrewsbury.


Didn't do much at all at Oldham so I for one are not disappointed that he's not joining us.

He can't shoot. Couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat. Missed several sitters in 4-6 apperances for one goal against a relegated Portsmouth.



11 Jul 2013 15:26:20
Released West Brom Mid Romaine Saywers is set to sign a 2 year deal with Walsall. Sawyers played vs Halesowen last night and got an assist.

He was on the bench last season don't even see why we're after him. Bad move for us

Don't know tbh.

He wasn't that impressive when on loan with us last season. The fact that we have on trial makes me wonder if the club still has some doubts

He was on the bench because brandy and Patterson were playing class. We haven't even seen him yet give him a chance!

Hes to idle for us, doesn't do enough

He is a talented kid got to give him a chance

He played for all of 15 mins the entire time he was at the bescot and showed some nice touches. Worth seeing on the pitch for 90 mins. The other ex Albion lads haven't done badly.



11 Jul 2013 15:24:12
Oxford United are set to sign Rene Howe, Howe had held talks with Hibs but wants first team football, and it looks like Oxford have offered him a good 2 yrs deal.

Oxford United's priority now i'm told will be to sign a centre half, and then the summer transfer activity will be completed.

He is a money grabber so he'll go to Hibs if the offer is on the table.

Oxford are interested in taking Reuben Hazell on trial.

Hazzell is retired



11 Jul 2013 15:10:36
Brentford are interested in bringing in Frazer Richardson who is now a free agent after being released by Southampton. He will provide a challenge for the Right back berth to Shaleum Logan

Not likely considering they've just signed Javi Venta.

11 Jul 2013 22:04:07
Frazer wants and is good enough for the Championship

Not likely, considering Venta has signed. League One signing of the summer.



11 Jul 2013 15:02:40
Cheltenham Town are waiting for two players to sign contracts (source local trusted media) players believed to be Steven Leslie and Ashley Vincent/Bowerman

Bowerman likely but Leslie is a no go.

Surprise if Steven Leslie was a target, he's not been massively outstanding in non-league over the last couple of seasons.

12 Jul 2013 09:40:08
Jack Midson and a left winger certainly not interested in Leslie or Vincent.

Please give up on Vincent. CTFC fans need to wake up from longing for former players to return!



11 Jul 2013 14:55:06
Brentford interested in bringing in free agent Chris Baird to Griffin Park as he provides the experience to get the team promoted and is a versatile player who can cover several positions

Get him he can replace douglas



11 Jul 2013 15:05:42
Manchester united are on the verge of a 15 million pound bid for leighton baines. is this end of the evra era at left back



11 Jul 2013 14:47:18
West Brom target Ola Toivonen after the possibility of him signing for Norwich fell through last night. He is a possible replacement for Lukaku standing at the 6 foot 3 mark and has a current goal scoring average for 1 in 3 for PSV.

Need this type of player, Anelka can finish but doesn`t make things happen like Lukaku

According to the player he wants to move to Italy, two clubs showing interest apparently if he turned down Norwich then I suspect he also believes he is too good for WBA, or worried that the premier league may expose him.

I just wish albion would get on with it. just seen Swansea have shelled out 12 mill for Bony. and they are supposed to be on a par with us. I can see who looks the most ambitious.

Better off without the show-pony Toivonen.

Norwich favourites to sign Fabio Quagliarella from Juventus. Agreed fee of around 9 million. Fabio is set to leave with the arrival of Tevez.

I don't think albion fans realise Toivonen is a CAM not a striker. You can't replace an out and out striker with an attacking midfielder.

The comment above about Swansea spending £12m on Bony. are you mad? don't get me wrong Bony is a good player who would've got some way to filling Lukakus boots but £12m is a rip off. don't see anything wrong with Garlick taking the Peace out look on things. Good value is a must!

Thought fabio signed for sunderland yesterday

Norwich City have confirmed the signing of Dutch international midfielder Leroy Fer from FC Twente on a four-year deal.



11 Jul 2013 14:37:53
charlton still have work to do
richard wood to finalise things after spain trip
2 strikers are needed as kermorgant is the only proven striker
jon obika is 90% in it just needs finalising
the other striker has caused debate as we have a few people who are rumoured to it but not quite solid yet
cedric evina I think will stay because I think his agent is just stirring some stuff
maybe a winger aswell and danny green out on loan and that should be the summer wrapped up

Green should be in the first team, he played really well in both friendlys (i went to them)

How do you know this about Obika? I'd like him to come, he looked decent last year. I agree about Evina, think he will sign on for another year.

Sounds OK let's wait and see, desperate for strikers any clue as to the mystery man?

Maybe Stephens out and another creative midfielder in as well

No way green out on loan, one of the best creative players at the club, needs to play the whole season.

Green looked good because neither Welling nor Gibraltar have any threat down the left so his defensive weaknesses weren't exposed.

Green did not play much last season because we played very defensive, but this season powell has said they r playing in a way that suited green better (attacking). It would be hard to find a better right winger than greeny ;)

Obika played at bromley monday

We're not playing Bromley until 16 July!

There isn't a better winger in the champ the last one just signed for man utd.

What, the Bromley match is next Tuesday?

There was no match at Bromley on Monday it was just an internet joke and I cannot believe that so many seemed to have fallen for it. The team are away and the game at Bromley is next week.

12 Jul 2013 10:21:28
There was no friendly at bromley last Monday. It's next Tuesday. It eas a wind up on charlton life.
Ibika was with spurs. He was photographed with them the same day

Hello i'm the poster
i think green should stay, i'm just going by last season and how he was almost shipped out to swindon and he appeared less but I could be wrong

Danny green said he's staying at charlton after an interview against st mirren.

How people can say Danny Green should play, he played in a couple of two bob friendly games. He is not Championship material. Our board have us scraping the barrel.
League One Charlton 2014/15 believe it.



11 Jul 2013 14:26:35
hull after:
carlton cole
Jack colback (4mil) due to falling out with di canio over contract extension.
Connor Wickham on loan.
Mphela striker from south affrica they call him the beast and the killer due to be ruthless in front of goal

Connor Sammon rumours are rubbish no interest from bruce in the derby striker only netted 8 goals.

These rumours are pretty accurate, and as a hull fan I'd love Bruce to get these deals done

Would be good for wickham to go on loan at prem team



11 Jul 2013 14:26:06
According to today's daily mirror (11/7/13) blackpool are looking to sign former England under 21 left back joe mattock as replacement for the departed Stephen crainey.

Well that will be rubbish, if its from the mirror

If it's true then Blackpool will have themselves a good natural left back player who is not affraid to attack down the wing and make a scoring chance.

Would be a great signing. Who does he play for now anyway?

He plays for Sheffield Wednesday at the moment.



11 Jul 2013 14:22:02
Paul Caddis looking likely to leave Swindon in the next week with bids from both Wolves and Doncaster being considered by the board.

Dont think so as he's been captain in pre season

Caddis won't go to wolves as they are already struggling to get there wage bill within the conforms of league 1. doncaster?will be relegated next season and as caddis has been selected for last few scotland squads and would see this as a sideways move. caddis will go when the right move comes in but as he is a free agent in 12 months he is able to wait for the right club to enable his career to move falwards.

Hope so

Wolves struggling to lower the wage bill? for one that rule has not come in yet and 2 look how many players they have got rid of and how many u21 have been promoted. you know nothing

To be completed over the weekend

A sideways move to Doncaster? We're a league higher than Swindon after deservedly winning the league, we've only been in the third flight for one of the past six seasons. Good signing if we can make it!

Wolves struggling to lower the wage bill? for one that rule has not come in yet.

Oh yes it has, But WW can offset effects with Parachute Payments anyway.

So far Wolves have been able to get 14 players off the wage bill and with certainty more to follow. In exchange they have only added 1 new player so far. Wolves are not really in that bad situation regarding the wage bill currently, especially with 3 more years of parachute payments to go.

To the Wolves fan who says the rule hasn't come in yet. its been in for 2 years in this league just not in the Championship! keep up at the back!

As for Caddis. he wants to play at a higher level so won't go to Wolves. Doncaster or Ipswich will be his destination. he WILL leave Swindon so Swindon fans saying he won't leave are deluded.

Blackpool have made a offer for Caddis but it was rejected however they are likely to come back with an improved offer

Regardless of the rules. Wolves don't have a problem with wage bills. People need to get their facts straight before arguing about it



11 Jul 2013 14:17:41
Posh confirm today that they are NOT interested in Lyle Taylor

What about Zak is he staying or leaving

My posh team
russle martin
ryan bennett

No one has come in for Zac YET

I don't think
Ryan Bennet, Russel Martin, Pual Taylor and Gayle will come back because they are young and they want a big wage.
They will have to cut to come here

Lol - this whoever posted its dream team rather than transfer targets



11 Jul 2013 14:05:50
Standard's Batshuayi is joining Cardiff City in a £5 million deal

Was that after he signed a contract ext till 2018



11 Jul 2013 13:27:53
I'm hearing that Brighton have withdrawn their contract offer to Moreno David Lopez, reason unknown

Lopez will stay for anorther year

He can't stay if he doesn't have the offer anymore!

Lopez is going to Reading

True--BHA HAVE withdrawn their interest in David Lopex--in Argus

He won't go to another English club he will go back to Spain or stay at Brighton

He has left bright source the albion

BBC Sussex say David Lopez has said he's turning down Brighton's offer

Astonishing news. He's a talented player who can play midfield or right side defence, has a mean free kick and is ace at penalties. Highly creative, and why we no longer want him is a mystery.

Length of the contract or wages were not a problem. Therefore the signing on fee and the agent must have caused the club to withdraw their offer. He has been great for BHAFC this season but his agent has prevented him from repeating that. He's a great utility player and I hope he gets another club quickly (preferably not in the championship). Adios Spanish Dave.

I can only assume he asked for more than we could afford. Upson was more needed than another midfielder

It was his agent demanding a bigger fee, Spanish Dave wanted to sign, money and contract were no problem but Tony Bloom refused to pay extortionate agent fee, sorry to lose David but good on TB for not giving in, no doubt some club will pay and to he'll with the implications

I've heard that Brighton and Middlesbrough wanted to sign Lopez on a 2 year deal. He's given up with Brighton because they've taken too long to offer him another contract. Sad to see a player go who was one of the main reasons we got to the play-offs. Hopefully now Jake Forster-Caskey will have more of a chance of getting into the team.



11 Jul 2013 13:26:29
Any Barnsley news

A night with David flitcroft is now sold out.

Barnsley 2-2 Bucharest behind closed doors
goals clark
tarn 2 up at half time
kids and alnwick 2nd 1/2



11 Jul 2013 12:53:53
Burton Albion are in talks with striker Liam Dickinson following his release from Southend United.

He was released years ago so you mean after a year doing nothing

Release from end of 2011/12 season

Blimey, more clubs than Jack Nicklaus

Was released over a year ago

Dickinson was release two seasons ago.

Dickinson is at port vale

He's missing from Vale's trip to Ireland (with a poor excuse concerning passport problems) so its likely that he won't be staying on at Vale.

He has been training with the Vale whilst he recovers from an ankle op. looks like someone who has not played for twelve months



11 Jul 2013 12:49:58
Simon church to be eddie howe's 4th major signing this summer with Brian stock in the next few days

11 Jul 2013 14:48:38
Church will be an awesome signing for the Cherries - we are signing internationals now. Stock is quite good too.

11 Jul 2013 16:04:04
Great. 2 Welsh full internationals, we can make it a treble if we sign Sam Vokes back from Burnley.

Church was awful at Huddersfield last year and I would feel sorry for Bournemouth if they signed him.

11 Jul 2013 16:57:38
If stock needs a lift ill drive him, Howe signed him for us found out he can only last 50 mins, dropped him for us but now you think he'll want to take him back of burnley? I hope you're right like but I can't see it. UTC

Bournemouth fans didn't have the privilege of seeing how catastrophically bad Church was on loan at Huddersfield, vand that was in the few months where we were playing well below par and he still couldn't get in the starting 11 he was that bad. I'll feel sorry for as someone else has already said if you sign him



11 Jul 2013 12:43:54
David James is in England to discuss a move back to Portsmouth as assistant to Guy Whittingham. The former Liverpool and Man City 'keeper is currently a player and assistant at, former Pompey left-back, Herman Hreidarsson's IBV.

James admitted that he still loves the club, and that he donated thousands of his own money to help towards the future of the South Coast club, when IBV played a friendly at Fratton Park.

I doubt this very much!

What Tosh, Alan McLouglan was appointed ealrier this week, and Jammo has only been at IBV for a couple of months



11 Jul 2013 12:15:13
Danny Haynes to Notts County - done deal

I doubt it

11 Jul 2013 14:35:25
that's funny he is away with burnley on trial

Not true at all he's signing for barnsley or millwall

We won't sign him

11 Jul 2013 16:08:03
Hope Burnley don't sign him: (

With the Charlie Austin deal falling through at Hull this means Danny Haynes is surpluss to requirements at Burnley.

He won't go back to Oakwell after he had a torrid time there few years back.

Millwall doesn't appeal to him as he's a Charlton lad through and through.

Notts County - done deal. Announced in the next 10-15 minutes on Notts County official site.

Danny Haynes has signed for Notts

Ha ha in your face. Danny Haynes just signed a two year deal with notts county with the option of a third
Get in.

He signed

Dont know how he is away with burnley, he has just signed a two year deal at notts. get your facts straight

You all look rather silly now he has signed

12 Jul 2013 08:44:54
You've got a good striker there, he's very hard to keep fit though which is the only reason he left us. Best of luck to him CAFClad



11 Jul 2013 11:29:33
I get the feeling. Our spending spree is over.
We desperately need a player like bridcut to sit behind Guthrie.
And a top quality striker.
Nothing seems to be happening!
Unless you know better ed.? {Ed029's Note - The club want at least two more players. One is a striker for certain. I know the club are talking to Sharp, but Forest are also keen. Nothing certain there.

11 Jul 2013 13:08:09
We desperately need a player like bridcut to sit behind Guthrie

1) we signed Williams
2) Guthrie is NOT an attacking midfielder.
3) o_O

11 Jul 2013 13:09:41
I get the feeling. Our spending spree is over.

£1.5m on one player is now a spending spree?

We're 11 days into the window? Chill out

Guthrie will play a bird cut type role anyway, we need a playmaker and 1/2 strikers

It's the Reading way unfortunately and will continue to be the case whilst Madejski has any involvement.
I believe that the plan was always to talk big until season ticket sales reach record levels and then dismiss all speculation by saying that talks had broken down.
We were never going to get Hooper, Austin or any of the other names mentioned, instead we have our regular

11 Jul 2013 14:00:19
Reading could go for Austin now Hull deal fell through?

Worth a gamble on knee if he seals promotion back to PL.

11 Jul 2013 13:10:30
Not sure who you heard about Sharp from Ed, but that's way off. {Ed029's Note - The club have spoken to Sharp, that is 100%. I've no idea how well those talks have gone though.

11 Jul 2013 20:03:56
i thought danny williams was a holding midfielder.
or he can atleast play there

definitely in need of another striker, but do we need quality? we've got pog (didnt have a great season, but then again didn't really get the service last season) and alfie who is going to terrorise defences (if he gets played)

i agree hooper or austin wouldve been amazing but let's be honest that was always going to be a WTF moment

i still think we need a left back, we got bridge but no one as back up, maybe a young guy with a lot of potential that can learn from bridge
id love bertrand back but thatll never happen



11 Jul 2013 11:46:07
I've heard that Clayton Donaldson is interested in a move to bristol city

Brentford fan

B******* the chronicle hsd already daid that uwe is hanging on to donaldson and has rubbished all rumours



11 Jul 2013 11:30:31
Middlesbrough remain in the picture to sign Albert Adomah. Bristol turned down an unnamed club (Wigan). He had handed a transfer request in, Mowbray will be waiting to hijack the deal if nothing is agreed.

How can wigan be an unnamed club



11 Jul 2013 11:22:42
It is being reported that Peterborough front man Lee Tomlin has handed in a transfer request. Peterborough have agreed to make him available with Huddersfield town the only club with known interest although I expect a few more will be now he will be available for less than previously speculated. {Ed001's Note - I am sure Ed007 was saying Celtic had shown interest in him as well, but I might be mistaken on that. I will have to check with him.}

He hasn't

11 Jul 2013 12:06:16
under the impression posh still saying he isn`t for sale.

Dof n club n chairman all denied rumour today player to speak later

11 Jul 2013 12:13:40
He will.

The Club has confirmed that they have recived no tarnsfer request from tomlin

Celtic quoted in local papers

Dmac and sir barry fry have said that it ain't true. also, he'll only get sold for ridiculous money now that dwight gayle's been sold.

11 Jul 2013 13:52:09
Player will say " delighted to be at posh. Really great club. Posh till told otherwise. Love it here, Exciting times. etc. etc".
Roughly translated as " i`ll be off like a shot if a c`ship club offers me more money. "

Its Celtic who are interested but he has NOT handed in a transfer request

Talk of him signing a new contract too

True enough but long contract = big money required to sell and as we know POSH will get the maximum out of any deal.

11 Jul 2013 16:21:08
should imagine he`s had a new contract offer on the table for a while. won't want him leaving on the cheap. Why do clubs openly admit to turning offers down if they don`t intent to sell. Generally to tell other clubs he`s definitely available.

DF has said in the local press that he does'nt expect to lose anyone else in the transfer window.

No transfer request just new contract talks until 2015 worth 1.5mill

11 Jul 2013 20:13:17
He's not submitted a request and will not be sold according to the Peterborough chairman on twitter

Posh have never said they've turned down an offer for tomlin

The immediate denial from the posh chairman & DOF points towards Tomlin having actually requested a transfer and its a ploy to convince him to stay before listening to bids

One says yes Tomlin is off and another says no. I'll toss a coin. heads it is, he' s off but nobody wants him. Posh dilemma!

Tomlin is the man that told a police person to get a proper job, Fair enough, but he also said he'd buy them a BMW. He sounds like a total typical spoilt over-paid brat. You can keep him 'posh' and pay his fines

A lot of wishful thinking on behalf of other teams fans methinks.

If Tomlin was as amazing as posh fans act, he'd have been snapped up before now surely. But of course the price tag to scare away may be a factor there



11 Jul 2013 11:16:22
adomah to middlesbrough

He has no interest in Boro. He's handing in a transfer request to force through a move to Wigan

Really hope so!

Adomah to leeds

Boro don't need adomah. Let Wigan have him

He said end of last season the middlesbrough would be his new home in the local gazette of Bristol.

'Boro don't need Adomah'. I have to disagree with you, we don't have a constants Rm/Rw. Only ledesma can play there but though sometimes he can be brilliant, he can also have a nightmare and just doesn't have the consistancy the championship demands. Adomah is a proven talent and would really strengthen up the squad.

Adomah and carayol on the wings with ledbitter and whitehead in the center will be the best midfield in the championship. let's hope its true.



11 Jul 2013 11:08:14
Scunthorpe looking at Britt Assombalonga

If he goes it will only be on loan, he got 3 in yesterday's game in Italy.

Against a nobody team.
plus even as a loan would be a very good aquisition

Scunny have deon burton and Craig fagan on trail and have offered deals to trailists esajas and Mcallister



11 Jul 2013 11:00:54
Reading are set to sign ex-Juventus striker Rej Volpato on a free transfer.

He is 26 and scored 15 goals I don't think so

Reading are going to bid 6.5 million for fc lorient striker Jeremie Aliadiere

15 goals in 10 years. I dn't think so either.

6.5 million for that peice of oxford! your having a steffi mate. We should be aiming higher then the ex arsenal flop.



11 Jul 2013 10:45:24
Wanyama has signed a 4 year deal and has now completed both parts of his medical.

An official announcement is expected later today.
SaintAlex - COYR!



11 Jul 2013 10:43:52
Gillingham FC set to sign former Reading & Notts County full back; Julian Kelly in the coming weeks. Can play either full back position, signed for County by Martin Allen and he is keen to link up with him again to compete for places with Joe Martin & Matt Fish.

I thought this could be a possibility I've alwaus brought him for Gillingham on online games

I think we need someone who can challenge the Fullback slots, and Kelly seems to fit that role. And he has also played under Allen before.



11 Jul 2013 10:05:06
Bradford city currently have john Paul mcgovan on trial, Parkinson looking for right sided midfielder as competition for Gary Thompson. Source: Simon Parker. T & A

Jon-Paul McGovern has been offered a one year deal by Parkinson. But J-PM is wanting a longer two year deal

McGovern isn't joining Bradford's pre. season training trip to Ireland which might suggest he sees his future elsewhere

Bradford city set to sign liverpools promising star andre wisdom

Can Andre Wisdom play in goal or right wing? Thought not, we ain't signing him then!

Would that be the same Andre wisdom that went to Liverpool from Bradford city??



11 Jul 2013 10:09:34
Ryan Creswell, will sign for Chesterfield in the next 48 hour's, done deal.

Haha you rekon, cfc don't want to spend money. We had to pay port vale for morsey

Here we go again lol. wheres this come from this time?

Hope you are right lumped on £50 at 10 to 1 for Spireites to win the league early summer big 500 pounds payout next summer Blondie

Going by tradition shouldn't we be signing James Beattie next!

Oh yet again Creswell comes into view if he wanted to come to us he would have signed. Southend and his greed is probably the reason he hasn't!!

This is getting boring, are we actually signing him or not? It's put on here weekly

Could be some truth in it, as he didn't play in Southend's friendly last night

Cresswell will be at Chesterfields pre-season friendly with Huddersfield today. now then, now then.?

Its not Cresswell that's the problem its Southend they want a bigger fee The add on's are been discussed to try to get Southend to sell. Cresswell is still wanted by Chesterfield wages have been agreed. So its not Cresswells greed its Southend wanted what they think he's worth

Our pursuit of Cresswell is over The deal offered turned down that's It No more to offer Matt Brown signed up



11 Jul 2013 09:54:25
Cheltenham have offered a contract to Jack Midson.

Can't believe this. Why are we signing the strike force of a team who were nearly relegated last season?

Ah yes, it wouldn't be a new day without another rubbish rumour about Jack Midson leaving Wimbledon. For the umpteenth time, Jack Midson is under contract at Wimbledon so unless Cheltenham have spoken to the club, he's going nowhere!

Turned down CTFC a couple of years ago - don't think MY would go back there.



11 Jul 2013 09:30:12
Burnley to complete signing of David Jones on a 2 year deal today after his release from Wigan and are also hopeful of signing Darren Ambrose from Birmingham later this week

Burnley expected to announce signing of Simon church on a free transfer by the end of next week along with Darren ambrose

Burnley to complete signing of David Jones on a 2 year deal today after his release from Wigan and are also hopeful of signing Darren Ambrose from Birmingham later this week
come on burnley



11 Jul 2013 09:30:05
Derby County will sign John Eustace as soon as 2 of the transfer listed players are sold.

Eustace is seen by Derby as the old head they have been missing to see out wins away from home, or hold on to the point when under the cosh. He will also provide competition and cover at Centre Half if needed but CDM is where he would play.

Derby also had Marcus Salandy Defour on trial from the states who represented USA at under 20 level. A very fast winger.

As for outgoings there is minor interest in all the players but a little but more in Robinson and Bailey

So is this american lad being offered a contract?

I imagine that he'll play in at least 1 of the pre-season friendlies before a decision is made.

I *think* at the moment he can only train with the Rams?

Derby, were just having a look at him, they won't sign him.

Clough said he will be taking a good look at Eustace in the friendlies before making a decision.

If the american player is anything like Conor Doyle we don't want him!

Thanks, Rams Fans everywhere

14 Jul 2013 18:20:09
Celtic planning a bid for our new pacy trailist from the States.



11 Jul 2013 09:22:05
Millwall to sign Chaplow on 2 year deal hopefully today!
Great signing!

Undergoing his medical this morning, no issue expected, 2 year deal, no fee involved, just awaiting Saints completing the release paperwork.

Great signing for you he's a quality player we will be sad to see him go. Good luck to him.

If millwall sign Richard chaplow they will be on a winner always has given his all for saints. Good luck.

Not yet, as this gone pear shaped, hope not.

Whats happening ABOUT CHAPLOWW



11 Jul 2013 09:20:22

No more signings at the start of this season, but 2 or 3 loanees could be coming. A defender from Southampton possibly has been rumoured, not sure of any other names being mentioned.



11 Jul 2013 09:15:59
Big Rumours across the club at the moment following losing out on Simone Jackson. Eddie Howe has turned his attention back to his old friend Charlie Austin who would fit straight into his format.
Expect a bid within a week for Charlie but it won't be anywhere near what he was worth last week as he is now viewed as damaged goods by Premier league teams and others

11 Jul 2013 14:04:16
Unless it is a Premier League club then he won't exactly demand a move. Burnley would not ideally want to sell and for a small fee from a Championship rival?!

Don't be daft. There's no way he's going to come to Bournemouth. He's down there at the moment because his family live there. That's all. True to say his value had diminished by a fair bit after this week's events though.



11 Jul 2013 08:36:18
ed what do you know about this sammon link with hull? {Ed001's Note - nothing mate, I assumed it was just a wind up, having seen him play I can't imagine Hull would want him, personally.}

11 Jul 2013 11:08:14
That made me laugh ed.

Sammon failed at wigan



11 Jul 2013 09:07:03
Iain Hume will sign a new contract with preston on Thursday afternoon to stay and help pne get promoted and after Doncaster cooled their interest

Why would he sign a new contract, he is under contract for next 11 months.

He could sign a two year deal on different terms to include next season as there's no way he'll get his current deal with anyone else.

I don't know. But he already has done.

He would sign a new contract because he now understands that he is being over payed for a league 1 player. a new contract doesn't always mean staying at the club for an extend period of time.

Seems the new "sponsorship" deal from Trevor Hemmings Pools company has suddenly seen a large injection of money into PNE that will pay for Kevin Davies & Ian Hume's wages without breaking the SCM (The FFPR for League 1 clubs)

Hume has 1 year left and Davies has 2 years to get the club out of League 1. or just enjoy their retirement on decent money.

11 Jul 2013 14:38:36
hume as come off the transfer list and is buzzing as he told Grayson he never wanted to leave it was just that tool westley who can't handle players

Clubs almost always try to get players to sign new contracts before the old one has finished.

He's staying Official

Thanks Hume. PNE got a class player there and you would do well if ya can keep hold of him

Hume is an average player for league 1, not a good enough standard for championship.

Clubs almost always try to get players to sign new contracts before the old one has finished.

Yes I m aware that is te case, BUT. If new contract is less than the ORIGINAL, then the player is deemed to be eligable for "Free Transfer", So, I doubt a reduced contract offered, or signed.



11 Jul 2013 09:02:59
Bristol city are chasing brentfords Clayton Donaldson as there target man moved (stead). Bristol city could persuade him with more of a chance of playing championship football next season.

Not true at all he won't go he loves at bees

I would be disappointed if Ryan Taylor wasnt given a chance to make himself the target amn we think he could be.

Sadly he injures himself everytime he trys to put his footy boots on.

Bristol City give him no chance of playing in the Championship next season - they are now in League one.

Don't think so You not got no chance of signing Clayton Donaldson, if he did leave which he's not he would go to the championship not another League 1 team, anyway we've got a great chance of promotion next season squad is stronger than last season.

IF you read the sentences properly. I think what its sayin is brent ford don't have much hope of championship football where as next reason next being the key word. no1 said anything about championship football this comin season.

Taylor is shocking no wonder we got relegated he should have never been given games over Davis and baldock

Lynne Taylor played like 22 games and scored once

If you read, Clayton Donaldson is not going to Bristol City, as you are in League 1 with Brentford so unless a Championship Team comes in for Donaldson then he will remain a Brentford player and with Will Grigg along side him will fire Brentford to promotion.



11 Jul 2013 08:08:31
Richard Chaplow due to have medical at Millwall today!

Chaplow sounds very good, he did well for us and Southampton fans liked him, hope he stays injury free. Its funny if we sign Waghorn as News at the Den reports Kenny Jacket is battling with us to sign him from Leicester, Kenny will be fazzed if we get him. And we're also splashing out £500K it seems. Things are really changing down at the Den if these go through:) Come on you Lions, about time!

Hope so he was quality from what I saw of him last season

I would 'sign' simon church as he would be 'our' player! not sure about waghorn i'm afraid? but up to sl?

Simon church is over rated and fell away badly in past couple seasons! do millwall really want a player like that? waghorn would be a much better choice!



11 Jul 2013 08:03:30
Machester United look set to seal a deal with Benfica over the signing of Argentinian CB Ezequiel Garay.

United are also looking to agree a fee and contract with Thiago Alcantra

Chelsea are looking at fighting with Arsenal and Tottenham for West Brom youngster Isiah Brown after their initial £200,000 bid was rejected.

Southampton look to of completed a deal to sign Victor Wanyama from Celtic for £12.5m. Saints have also agreed a contract with Luke Shaw, which will be made official on the 12th

Arsenal and Southampton are set to battle it out for the signing of Levante winger Ruben Garcia who will be allowed to leave the club for £8-10m

Sunderland have agreed terms with Velez Sarsfield RB Gino Peruzzi with deal going through early next week.

Napoli have had a £15.5m bid rejected for Southampton and Tottenham target Leandro Damaio with Southampton willing to offer £20m for the striker the deal is all in Napoli hands too see whether they can wrap a deal up asap

Catch up mate, isiah brown as already signed for chelsea.

Nice to see Saints battling with bigger clubs for signings, shows real ambition.

I hope the garcia deal is on he's a good player, can't see us spending 8 million on hoim though wich is what's reported in the mirror, competition for places in this team is going to be ridiculous

st stuie

Wanyama completed medical and Signed a four year deal


No the bid for isiah brown was rejected

Brown hasn't signed yet!

Izzy Brown has been training with Chelsea since Saturday and is pretty much a Chelsea player although no compensation fee is agreed between the 2 team. If they cannot agree on a fee it will go to a tribunal and he will eventually be thier player.

Personal opinion, I think he is making a mistake. See too many good young kids move to 'bigger' clubs then rot away and end up playing League 1 or 2 football at the age of 23

Isaiah Brown has signed for Chelsea. The teams now have to either agree a fee for him otherwise it will go to a tribunal.

Brown has signed for chelsea he is in america with the u21 team

Izzy browns in america with chelsea u21 squad :) thanks lads much appreciated :)

There has been pics of brown at Chelsea. Surely he's not doing an odemwingie?!

Brown is totally overated

Read the replies before commenting. Jeeees. Yes he is training with Chelsea and WILL be a Chelsea player but there is no compensation fee agreed. As I said in my post before. 6 comments up from this



11 Jul 2013 07:57:11
Richard chaplow having a medical at millwalls training ground today and martyn waghorn moving to the den as leiscter city have accepted a 500. 000 bid from millwall for him

No they haven't. Leicester have accepted a bid from wolves. Millwall just enquired.

But waghorn didn't want to drop down to league 1

Waghorn has already said he doesn't want to play league 1 football and doesn't want to play for bolton because he wount get first team football at bolton



11 Jul 2013 07:55:23
Peterborough manager Darren Ferguson has confirmed that he wants to bring Hull striker Aaron McLean back to London Road

I say 500k for Mclean

Yep 500k but wotton 250k

He didn't say that at all. If you read the article properly he said that Aaron would be "welcomed back", however it was unlikely due to his wage demands.

But he also stats this probably won't happen as his wage requirments would be to high

500k yes please. Hull have already said he can leave on a free. But if you want to pay.

500K? read the artical, hull will let him go on a free

Sorting out a release figure with Hull, so would be a free.

Aaron is to be released on a free transfer next week, if no champ clubs want him then Posh stand a good chance

Mclean's available on a free apparently

AM is negotiating a contract pay-off with Hull, he will then be a free agent.

Not too bothered if he comes back or not, we've already had the best years out of him so not convinced about a second time around.

What Aaron being welcomed back, I hope so

No we have moved on since then



11 Jul 2013 07:00:40
Brighton have failed to land the signature of Barcalona forward Deulofeu who has now signed a yearlong deal with Everton.

Mate, it was between Everton and Spurs, Brighton were not in the running

Yes they were. They have his old manager now, so it was always a slim possibility.

Admit it mate we were never going to get him.



11 Jul 2013 04:13:33
Watford set to bring in Frimpong on a season loan from Arsenal.
Secondly Watford are about to announce a surprise signing of Eduardo Vargas a young Napoli attacker who spent a season at Gremio.
Finally the Hornets have made an enquiry into the signing of Danny Graham although no direct bid has been made.
(Source: from the same person who said Cassetti on loan at the start of the season and the signing of Forestieri)

Would Like the Frimpong thing to be true. We look a little lightwieght in midfield. Tough tackler to break up the play seems a logical move on GFZ's part.

But can he play ping pong?

Would love for this to be true but I doubt it, frimpong may be realistic as he plays a similar position to Chalobah who isn't returning

Hahagaaa! If we sign one of these players I'll eat my shoe

Would be very surprised if Vargas signed for us, cost Napoli £11.5m 18 months ago so would be a very big loan fee and he isn't exactly prolific. However hope he does so the bloke above has to eat his shoe. Can you film it and put it on youtube!

Didn't fringpon leave arse last tw

Frimpong is, as yet, untested. I think we already have enough players and don't want Watford/Pozzo players to be pushed down the pecking order because we play Frimpong. Hogg is a capable tackler in midfield, Battocchio can do a job from the deep-lying playmaker role and Angella is being played there in the pre-season friendlies so we could be seeing more of him there as well.



11 Jul 2013 02:44:54
Thiago to bayern Munich I repeat pep has won the race it will be all over the news in the morning



11 Jul 2013 01:47:02
Mohamed Al Fayed, as said, in talks to sell Fulham FC to Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan who is worth $2. 5b making Fulham the 7th richest team in the Premier League.

Khan is expected to follow through with the expansion of Craven Cottage. He's promised to not be involved with on field business and will back Martin Jol and Alistair MacIntosh from a far. How much FFC will spend this summer will be revealed in the week post take over?

Personal wealth does not equate to the club's wealth.

It is probably worth noting that, under Shad Khan ownership, the Jacksonville Jaguars finished the 2012 season with the worst win/loss record in the history of the NFL.

Also, given the Jacksonville 'connection', I am very much hoping to see a statue of Fred Durst outside of your stadium next year to accompany that of Whacko's!


Can't really say because his NFL team had a bad season, Fulham are doomed.

We have a good squad and a decent manager.

I have no idea about NFL but I'm pretty sure the owner doesn't deal with tactics.

Jol just needs the backing to continue what he's building. We don't need to spend big at all this summer, just a back up a few players. Still got the Dempsey and Dembele funds to fund this window. IF we need more, Khan is worth $2. 5bn, he sounds like a decent option.

Powerful Moustache too.

11 Jul 2013 12:02:47
No, I'm not saying your doomed. Just worthy of note that, even with funds, it is possible to lack credentials. And, whilst I agree that he didn't choose the tactics himself, he did did hire the people that did.

Anyway, back to the old Jacksonville thing, perhaps along with a second statue, you guys could get some cheerleaders? The team could come on to lynyrd skynrd? Make a real hill-billy spectacle of it! It would make watching Fulham play interesting. Lord knows something need to!


Ive heard if this takeover happens then Jol is going to try to sign Kevin Prince Boateng Jol gave him his debut at spurs

Fulham play some of the best football in the league

Mssaint - how often do you actually watch us? We do have an exciting team. Saints fans are hardly in a position to comment on owners as they are always stating that they have a super-rich owner and using that to justify silly rumours.

He took over a year ago at Jacksonville?

Hardly his fault they had that record really.

Exciting times for us Fulham fans, hope he injects some cash to keep Al Fayed's work going

Jacksonville has always been a poor team! If you want a closer look, go watch them at wembley for the next couple years.
It's hit and miss with the owners. As a United fan we have the glaziers who own Tampa Bay, they are terrible, but look at our club.
Then look at the Villa owner, he owns Cleveland who again are terrible.
The Liverpool owners own the Boston Red Sox team is ok but Liverpool are a joke.

The concern I'd have if was a Fulham fan would be if Jol would spend wisely?




11 Jul 2013 01:40:36
Bristol City Head Coach Sean O'Driscoll is interested in MLS player Alvaro Saborio and the Slovakian international Peter Styvar.

11 Jul 2013 07:52:32
Not these two again, the worst players to ever pull on a city shirt

Are you sure you're not reading a rumor from 2008?



11 Jul 2013 00:14:04
Tranmere are set to re-sign Notts County prolific scorer Enoch Showumni after he fell out of favour at the end of last season to Ivory Coast international Zoko.

Ken Webster

I hope this is true.

However, Enoch didn't fall out of favour to Zoko as Zoko played the majority of last season out wide rather than through the middle.


Please no

Prolific Scorer? Where? Certainly not at Meadow Lane. Just filled my car up, where shall I drop him off!

Oh god nooooooooooo!!

Prolific. hehe this has cheered me up, its got to be a wind up post! Well done Mr Webster, made my day!

Drop him anywhere as long as its not Tranmere

Absolutely no chance, why would we resign him when we don't even need another striker? Lowe, Stockton, JLAA.

Enoch is past it

Ronnie Moore says he's hoping to bring a striker to the club on Monday

10000% will not be enoch

Mamady Sidibe?

Enoch does a job to be fiar, but its route one again!

Akpo Sodje signed for Tranmere today



11 Jul 2013 00:10:57
Tranmere are set to sign Wolves striker Jake Cassidy after Wolves terminate his contract sometime this week. Also Preston (finished below Tranmere this season) are also going to lay off Ian Hume as they cannot afford his wages. Tranmere, Leyton Orient, Rangers and Seattle Sounders all are keen on signing the Canadian hitman.

Kevin Davies?

Casdidy's contract will not be terminated. 1. We could command a transfer fee after he impressed while on loan. 2. They don't want to sell him as We are now in league 1 were he has scored goals before. 3. Jacket has said he rates the clubs 4 young strikers. (Of which Cassidy is one) 4. It makes no sense to terminate his contract. 5. What a load of rubbish. 6. Don't make stuff up.

Why wolves terminate Cassidys contract. We are selling the likes of Doyle only leaving us with 4 strikers all under 22. Cassidy will get his chance at wolves this season.

Iain Hume news on the way shortly!

PNE/Tranmere stats? Compare "form" for last 12 games of 2012/2013 season.

Played for Canada, but Hume is Scottish by birth, born in Edinburgh, lived there till age 5.

Have tranmere suddenly been able to pay bigger wages.

Hume staying at preston by look at things as there restructuring there wage bill and he taking a cut

THink might be best to keep up with football media before making silly rumours like this. It was all about yesterday that Iain Hume was about to stay at PNE.

Ian Hulme has been taken off PNE's transfer list. Grayson apparently is delighted he is staying

11 Jul 2013 20:10:44
PNE have said Iain Hume will be in the 2013/14 first team.

Cassidy would be great signing!



10 Jul 2013 23:42:36
Ipswich look likely to agree loan deal with Tottenham regarding centre-back Bongani Khumalo!

This now puts real pressure on potential defensive signings to Ipswich.

Dan Seaborne looked likely to be offered a contract when on trial.

Christophe Berra is keen on re-uniting with former boss Mick McCarthy.

The possible transfer of former-loanee Richard Stearman still has a probable transfer.

McCarthy is also keen on bringing in young defensive talent from the premier league!

Decisions, decisions it looks like.

11 Jul 2013 09:58:19
Talent? Khumalo?

You lost me when I saw those two words in the same paragraph.

Khumalo is 26, has ten games worth of experience in English football and couldn't hold a place at Oldham. SO WHY. would we take him over Berra. SIGN BERRA and loan a young premiership defender like Wybara.

Options, options more like. good forward thinking MM. He can now pressurise Wolves to deal on Stearman and give Berra a deadline to decide if that doesn't come off.

strong negotiating position now.

After the Doherty deal goes thorough, I think all we need is a GK.

We had Reece Wabara on loan for half a season and he was so out of his depth it was painful. Shows how much you know.

I forgot. at 18 years of age a footballer is at their full potential! He's had two years to grow and a decent season at Oldham / Blackpool. for a loanee he'd do a better job than Khumalo the 26 year old reject from Spurs and relegated Reading. Jester.



10 Jul 2013 22:20:51
Martin Allen will complete the signing of John joe O'toole when the team returns from france, he will be a direct replacement for Southend bound Charlie lee and Adam Birchall may be taken off the transfer list and loaned to Ebbsfleet for the season as he has shown good form in pre season.

11 Jul 2013 05:36:46
don't think o toole going anywhere now eastmonds injured



10 Jul 2013 22:11:26
Bristol City have submitted a bid for Seattle Sounders' star Fredy Montero. Sporting Lisbon supposedly had a bid accepted, but rights ownership is a stumbling block.

He spent all of last season on loan in Colombia.

As much as I want this to be true we can't compete with sporting for wages

Not a question of wages here it is ownership of the player or the rights to the player that is the problem. It looks like there might be a third party who holds the image rights to the player now for a 'big' ( Man City/Chelski here Sporting/Benfica there) club image rights are important not so much in the L1 as not as much cash involved.

Lets be honest City are looking at players realeased from Championship clubs and the like. We won't be making any big international transfers.

We just wont.

Lummie hardly a big international transfer it is just a possability atm



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