Football Rumours Archive January 11 2012


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10 Jan 2012 23:41:44
Aey news on the PNE JOB ED {Ed003's Note - Should be announced tomorrow }(1)(5)Grezza as got it with unsy


10 Jan 2012 23:07:48
Dan Seabourne (Saints) Spotted at Bournemouths last home game while Saints played Brighton!(10)(4)Don't think he's back in training yet with Saints after his life threaten head injury.
If he is though, it's a very realistic deal, though probably only on loan


10 Jan 2012 22:47:14
heard a rumour that Leon best could be involved in a swap deal involving Birmingham versatile defender come left back liam Ridgewell.(6)(16)Wouldn't be surprised to see Newcastle in for someone like Ridgewell, but I think Ba's departure to ANC means they're unlikely to get rid of Best in Jan.This wont be happening, he's basically first choice while ba is goneBest was a donkey at southampton, and still is


10 Jan 2012 22:26:48
Kilmarnock to sign former Hearts player Michael Stewart if he passes a medical.(11)(4) 

Good talent- bad attitude at every club he's played for. Thinks he's better than he is !! Good luck Killie.


10 Jan 2012 22:17:52
Seems the Stevenage fans will be very happy tonight. The discussions between PNE's Peter Ridsdale and Westley have broken down after hitting some snags

Westley wanted a heafty budget for players and his backroom staff to join him.

Ridsdale isnt able to offer any budget and a backroom staff of Unsworth & Alexander.

Westley has left Preston and is on his way back to Stevenage(16)(10)Westley wasback in stevenage mid afternoon tuesdayWow!! Sounds Like The Riddler is learning that he cant spend what he hasnt got,Fans dont seem to want him, he doesnt really want to go.....sacked by next season


10 Jan 2012 22:12:54
The Barnsley manager will become the new manager at Bolton before the end of the month.
Fergul.(6)(22)Considering you don't even know the Barnsley managers name we should question not only your intelligence but your clear lack of football knowledge showing this rumour to be nothing but a rumour because you would have thought Coyle would have had the sack by now of the wanted a change in managerThe Barnsley manager is Bolton born Keith HillRightly or wrongly Bolton have said they won't sack Coyle. Personally I think he should have been shown the door six weeks ago but whilst you get a chairman who buries his head in the sand and says it's all part of a long term plan and fans (at Macclesfield) chanting his name in blind adoration I think you can safely say he's here for the foreseeable. Barnsley fans hold no fear, Keith Hill is staying at Oakwell.Keith hill would not give up on a good job at barnsley to take over at bolton. this is due to him been faithfull to the reds. however if he does go can we please please sign neil warnock.


10 Jan 2012 22:11:33
Wycombe negotiating a move to extend Marcello Trotta's loan until the end of the season.(4)(6) 

Hope he's still scoring - want him back for start of next season


10 Jan 2012 22:09:51
Wycombe interested in signing QPR forward Angelo Balanta on loan.(9)(4)


10 Jan 2012 21:53:44
west ham united looking to buy striker Yannick Sagbo from Evian after him saying that he wants to move(8)(6)Thats because Huddersfield Town have told you that Jordan Rhodes wont sign for a team that is punching above their weight.


10 Jan 2012 21:17:18
Arsenals ryo miyachi and nico yennaris to sign on loan at championship side barnsley.(12)(20)


10 Jan 2012 21:00:13
Has anyone heard of any Wigan transfer targets?(4)(15)Wigan are looking at Championship fringe players so they can reduce wage bill for championship football next seasonFuller coming in Diame going the other way.Even Martinez doesn'tElokobi from wolvesTo get some points I would think


10 Jan 2012 20:56:37
Leeds United have beaten Blackburn Rovers to the signing of USA winger Robbie Rogers. The former Columbus Crew man met with his new team mates at the Emirates last night and will sign subject to getting a work permit.(11)(14)I really don't know about this..Apparently he's part Greek and under EU laws would not need a working visaThe trials at Thorpe Arch, more often than not, tend to sort the wheat from the chaff. Grayson has used this well to his advantage, but its about the only good thing he has done in the transfer window, besides signing Gradel and Lonergan. Still, I look forward to watching Rogers. Looks like a hard-worker, so the fans will take to him.


10 Jan 2012 20:55:21
Blackpool have had a bid of 650k turned down for jason puncheon(26)(11)To be honest i dont think we need him keep the talent we have and bring back jon jo maybe vardy and a way we go-what you think. {Ed003's Note - I think Puncheon would be a good signing for Blackpool}


10 Jan 2012 20:44:12
Roy hodgson close to pulling off deal to bring west ham's mainspring mark noble to craven cottage for £2.5m!(7)(17)That is an amazing deal considering he's not the Fulham manager anymoreHodgson to bring Noble to Craven Cottage? Hodgson is at WBA.Why would Roy be taking someone to cravencottage surely he should be taking someone to westbrom got to be untrue rumour {Ed003's Note - Ok this has been clarified now,no need for anymore on this }It would also cost a fair amount more than that, considering West Ham are chasing a 40 million paydayI thought Rog Hodgson left Fulham for Liverpool, got sacked and now manages West Brom??Hope notDo You know anything about football becuase

1st hodgson doesnt manage fulham
2nd Noble is a hammerthrough and through why would he live to go to fulham or west brom
3rd 2.5 million are you joking future captain and a fans favoirate
4th if you going to make a stupid rumour up get your facts right and make it believe able


10 Jan 2012 20:43:49
peter lovenkrands plus 5mil for jelavic from rangers i hear there is a real chance of this 1(14)(27)Bs im a fan of both Rangers and Newcastle Jelavic is valued at 8m while Loverkands is valued at 500k or so, which is 2.5m off


10 Jan 2012 20:35:32
Paul Ince is the new Bristol Rovers manager(12)(29)Not yet, he's only said he's keen on the job.Good luck to him,hope he gets some success,great player,seams like a good bloke also.He's hanging on to see if Stevenage Fc managers job becomes available.


10 Jan 2012 20:24:43
Victor Palsson is in talks with Watford after Hibs agreed to let him leave the club on a free.(11)(6)


10 Jan 2012 20:08:41
David flitcroft to get the rochdale job. Craig hignett to take up assistant manager role at barnsley(5)(12)Barnsley have released a press release on the Officail Website already denying this


10 Jan 2012 20:07:50
TO set the record straight , having looked through all the rubbish that's been put on here about Jordan Rhodes I will put the record straight , I live 200 yards from Dean Hoyle and speak to him everyday. He has told me that Jordan is not for sale , and won't be until the summer , the only way he said that he would leave now is if there was a bid of around 8 million pounds for him , and in deans words not mine , they wouldn't be able to ignore it and he would leave , both of them are in agreement on this and Rhodes himself said that he wants to get promotionwith Huddersfield to the championship and then try out a career in the premiership , will all the west ham fans that think there a big club and can tempt him to go to the championship wake up and realise that he doesn't want championship football , he will only go to a premiership club , can we just let the kid enjoy his football and all the people who think they know what's going on stop making stuff up .(11)(22)Yea as if he would tell that to someone in the street and he would be too busy for you to see him every day even if you lived in the same house.L1 player and will command a L1 transfer fee so get real.Nice one pal, that will put the cat amongst the pigeons, not that anyone will believe a word of it, NORWICH fans will still say JORD gion to them cos we've got a "GOOD RELATIONSHIP" with them. HA HAI am not a west ham fan, But to say they are not a big club you do not know much about football. West Hams average crowd is just under 30,000. And thats in the championship! The 8th highest average including the premiership. Maybe you think that if you are not top four in the premiership that does not make you a big club !! By the way, i am a Cheltenham town fan. A very small club with heart. I just like to talk about football without stupid remarks like that one.I thought Jackanory finished years ago but no, it's alive and well and living on this site... get over yourself princess, we don't believe you. Rhodes will be off to a big club just as soon as your chairman thinks he's pushed the money as high as he can.I'm a hammers fan, and it looks like we will sign rhodes, for about 4+ mil, which is steep, he looks pretty good, but 8 mil, no way, i'm not that fussed if we dont get him, he might go on to be a premiership player, but thats by no way a certainty, dont think mr huddesfield realises how big the gulf is.
oh, and surely if hudd. spent the 4 mil they got for him, they would be twice the team by feb!?Fair comment mate but I don't think West Ham fans, I'm one of them, have delusions of grandeur on the big club front and most of the cp spouted will be coming from other sources. Good luck on your promotion push.I totally agree with the 1st post. I was at Sheffield wed and spoke to him at half time. Deano said the same thing. These wanna be premier league fans probably can't understand what it's like to have a chairman that both lives in the uk and speaks English! Oh, and he's not asset stripping the club either. Dean is a fan who is happy to chat with other fans. He just happens to be the boss too.


10 Jan 2012 20:06:36
Ex liverpool winger adam hammill a suprise transfer target for everton(10)(23)Keep playing your fantasy football games - Have Everton actually got any money or will the banks be taking most of it?Not a chanceVery unbelevable as he could sign for championship clubs(ie Reading and Leister)Everton cant afford him


10 Jan 2012 20:05:15
Ricardo vaz te to return to bolton 600k(8)(20)Doubt itHe's out of contract in the summer why would they pay us for him?This will not happen because he will sign a 2 year contract with the mighty reds
"barnsley"Vaz Te is worth more than that surely?


10 Jan 2012 20:00:24
are argyle still interested in matt heath !(2)(8)


10 Jan 2012 19:59:31
Hi Ed... Any news on hooper, jutkiewicz, Maynard or vela joining southampton? {Ed001's Note - no, possible, possible and also possible, though Vela surprises me personally. Maynard has a choice of a few Championship teams, and Bolton are interested too. But I would think Southampton have a very good chance.}(6)(12)A slim to no chance yeahWhere did the vela thing come from? Has it been reported in the foreign press or something or is it some kind of twitter rumour?Maynard going nowhere near to Southampton as he wants to play in the premiership and on recent form Southampton will blow it and still be a championship side next season.The ed keeps going on about how there is no chance of hooper joining southampton. does he not know about southamptons wealth or adkins part in hoopers rise to fame? {Ed003's Note - 001 is clearly saying it how it is regarding Hooper and knows very well hooper's background, and your vast amounts of money which is not much good when the football league also has committed itself to the fair play rules }Why does edo1 talk about Vela being possible? A. He's on loan at sociedad for the season and B. nowhere legit is talking about this at all. {Ed001's Note - deals can still be done even though a player is out on loan. The reason it is possible is because he is supposedly keen to prove himself in England. I did say I was surprised, because my personal belief is that it is highly unlikely, but it does seem he is a possible out from Arsenal. I am also told Southampton have had a look at him playing for Sociedad. I would personally think it is only going to happen if Southampton get promotion, but I was told not to rule it out and that I might be surprised. Stranger things have happened I suppose.}Can't really see Maynard going to Bolton,if he has a choice of Saints or Bolton you'd have to think he'd choose saints as it appears as though they'll be swapping divisions.Maynards not going to Bolton or Southampton - Its Swansea or WolvesWhat championship teams


10 Jan 2012 19:28:27
There have been some rumors about possible moves from Ozil or Kaka to LIVERPOOL. I know it sounds very far fetched but Mourinho told Ozil that he has to be better if he wants to stay in the team, causing LFC to monitor the situation. I read about the Kaka rumor on another website and, as far fetched as it sounds, i believe that there actually is a possibility. He rarely gets a starting position in the Real squad and i can imagine him maybe wanting to play in the UK. A 30million pound offer would be the starting price though so i am not sure if he is really worth it anymore.
Other Liverpool interests include:
Alonso (!!)
Torres (!!)
Eden Hazard (although Man City will probably out bid us for about 50 million or something stupid)(8)(33)Haha deluded, only kalou is possible from that list. no champions league means liverpool wont be able to sign quality players, FACT! it will be like this from no on, sorry liverpool fans, your just not enough of an attraction any more.Slight dig at Man City there! It's not our fault we are a more attractive club than Liverpool. You did pay 35 mill for Carroll so it's not like you can't compete financially!


10 Jan 2012 19:09:38
Hi ed. People say norwich don't splash the cash and we won't make big money signings, well by the looks of the signings we have made have worked but do you have any news on the following as i'd love to see some of themin a Norwich shirt! - Snodgrass, Rhodes, Mcgugan, Phillips, Gunter, Maynard, Rodriguez and any others? OH and that young german that you said about hopefully gotze! Cheers! {Ed001's Note - nothing new on the rest, but the German lad is from his former club, I have found that much out. Sorry I haven't got a name yet, and thinking about it I should have realised it would be from them!}(1)(16)


10 Jan 2012 19:34:02
I heard Matt Tubbs coming to bristol City replacement for nicky maynard(13)(5)AFC Bournemouth have had 2 bids rejected for Tubbs, and the "ball is in their court" apparently. Big shame about Sheringham, was starting to look like a very good acquisition. Personally, I'd prefer to see Cody MacDonalds ahead of Tubbs but who knowsIs the ball in their DEAN COURT,sorry couldn't help it,bad joke


10 Jan 2012 19:13:47
Sheffield Wednesday have signed defender Miguel Llera on an 18-month contract after he and Bojan Djordjic were released by Blackpool.(13)(5)


10 Jan 2012 19:12:31
Celtic have belived to have layed a 6 million pound price tag on gary hooper southampton are expected to offer this after there 5-6 million pound bid for jay rodriguez on transfer deadline day in august - also albert adomah is in talks with southampton after bristol city now feel they will keep main star nicky maynard(15)(33)Please stop with these rumours, Hooper loves life in glasgow and has stated this only weeks ago, he has a few years on his contract and is chasing a domestic treble, celtic are sound financially, so why would he want to leave? and why would celtic be touting him, when hes 1 of only 3 fit strikers that celtic have? think before you post!!All the talk of Hooper to the Saints is well wide of mark. Hooper has a new deal in the offing but has been promised an EPL move if Celtic don't qualify for the Champions League. Bidding starts at 8milliNo chance would hooper leave in jan maybe summer and to premier leauge side not sothampton dream onHooper knows Nigel Adkins well and wants to play in the English Premiership with The Saints. Not really much of a challenge for him playing mickey mouse football in Scotland !Dident realise ..... were in the prem? Don't count your chickens before they hatch. Your all gonna be very dissapointed come the end of the season. Arrogance is so sweet when it backfires.Hooper wouldnt pass up european competition and domestic trophies to get maybe promoted and relegated in the space of a few seasons, however a crazy bid of 10m+ would be welcomed for the SPLs best striker and he would be ushered out the door!Who the heck are this southampton that we keep hearing about getting hooper?

what have they done? what league do they play in? do they get european football? do they get 60,000 fans at home games? do they even exist, because i've never heard anyone important talk about them or seen them play in big games?

bewilderingSouthampton= top of the championship at present, the largest club with the biggest fan base in the south. Now I don't know if they will sign Hooper or not, but what I do know is that you obviously feel so threatened by them buying your star striker that you feel the need to query their very existence. Now if you are indeed such a big club, surely you don't need to be worried about Harper coming to such an insignificant club as Southampton. Now that's what I call bewildering..... {Ed003's Note - Harper ?? the goalkeeper ?? }Well said mate. Harper? as well, yeah why not, can always do with an extra ball boyWho the heck are this southampton that we keep hearing about getting hooper?

what have they done? what league do they play in? do they get european football? do they get 60,000 fans at home games? do they even exist, because i've never heard anyone important talk about them or seen them play in big games?

I think they won the FA Cup once. Massive Club with a Massive Trophy cabinet with nothing in it lolForget J-Rod,he's already turned you down why would he change his mind,born and bred claretBefore Celtic get all high and mighty. Let me give you a few names you could only dreamt off having played for you. Shearer, Keegan, Ball, Bale, Flowers, Shilton, Channon, Wilcott get it now. You are just a big fish in a small puddleLMAO, celtic fans are jokes, ITS THE SPL! It's barely even a league. You get the attendances because your all to poor to come watch EPL games, no one watches on sky or espn. So dont get all high and mighty. No one cares about SPL, and no one cares if it stopped existing.Only thing that last post proves is Southampton = feeder club fact!


10 Jan 2012 18:54:17
West Brom are after Fc Porto winger Christain Rodriguez. The Baggies are believed to have had a very watchful eye on the winger . The club is only prepared to offer 2.5-3 million for the winger who has only played 60 games at his time at porto. Very possible this will happen as he said that he would like a move to the Premier Leguage.(14)(14)Wba will need at least 10million for him porto wont let him go on the cheap


10 Jan 2012 18:52:57
Watford sign Nyron Nosworthy on an 18 month contract from Sunderland for an undisclosed fee.(14)(4)It 2.5 years2 1/2 year contract actuallyThanks nyron from all at safc-youll do great at your new club-good luck watfordFeel for Watford. Hopelessly out of his depth at league levelYou obviously haven't seen him play for the last few months. Brilliant signing for a club with small resources like Watford.


10 Jan 2012 19:10:03
Fleetwood Town have confirmed that a bid from Blackpool for striker Jamie Vardy has been knocked back. It is believed that the offer was in the region of £750,000.(14)(15)


10 Jan 2012 19:09:28
rangers and leeds to do a swap deal for australian international matt mackay and ex rangers striker ross mccormack..apparantly a dead cert.(5)(42)MacKay can't get in the Rangers team, and Rangers are desperately short of players at present. Why would Leeds let McCormack, their top scorer go, to be replaced by a midfield dud.Yeah, of course it's a dead cert, I'm sure it makes perfect sense for Leeds to ship Ross McCormack, joint Championship top scorer, out and bring in a MIDFIELDER who can't get into an already threadbare rangers team. Maybe Rangers could sweeten the deal, throw in Ortiz and Bedoya? That's the kind of business sense Leeds employed 10 years ago and look how where it landed them. Don't think they're quite so thick as to go for this "dead cert"Only way this can happen is if we (Leeds ) have another striker lined up and rumours may suggest Beckford returning (please no !) big time charlie who thinks he,s better than his team mates


10 Jan 2012 19:08:56
I was laughed at when I said saints should sign hooper but now it seems we're interested, however I doubt he'll leave celtic till the summer were hopefully he'll be reunited with adkins at saints. If we're in the prem.(12)(21)Why would he go to Saints when he can get Champions League football next season with Celtic.Because Celtic don't get proper champions league football and the English leagues are a higher levelTrue but only for one game so is that worth playing in a mickey mouse league forBecause he may have champions league football with Celtic but celtic will not reach the group stages. Plus the Scottish league is one of the worst around.As the original post said, if Southampton are in the prem. I dont think he would go to Southampton, but if a mid table premiership club such as Norwich, fulham, west brom etc came in for him i think his head would turn. At the end of the day the scottish league isnt competitive, if he wins the domestic treble there's nothing left to achieve (lets face it celtic wont do anything in Europe as usual).Lol mid table...ok, they are now, but your seriously assuming norwich wont be scrapping away a relegation fight? He would rather go and do that?Southampton if promoted wont win anything at all in the EPL and deinately not a sniff of even 1 european game, so its a no brainer for the lad, stay and win medals and leagues and the crazy money of the EPL is sure to come!He'd go to the saints,because celtic wont get into the next round of champs league,and get knocked out of the europa.Players with ambition don't give a toss about 'competitive''s about medals and money, and he'll get both at celtic, not some fly-by-night relegation battlers like all of the teams mentioned above

oh, and the epl aint competitive either.....always seems to be a 2 horse race hmmmmmmmmmHe'd go to the saints,because celtic wont get into the next round of champs league,and get knocked out of the europa.

and yet he wouldnt even get either if he went to saints! pash team won nothing!I have nothing agianst Southampton but honestly your fans are so pig-headed.... You have achieved nothing yet, won nothing - even if you do will need to prove that you can stay up, from a neutral perspective I hope you fail, and I'm sure I'm not the only one that has come to that conclusion from some comment made by southampton fans on this site, your fans think your Man U when you are probably on a par with Motherwell, Mickey Mouse league?? Elmer Fud fans! lolI have nothing agianst Southampton but honestly your fans are so pig-headed.... You have achieved nothing yet, won nothing - even if you do will need to prove that you can stay up, from a neutral perspective I hope you fail, and I'm sure I'm not the only one that has come to that conclusion from some comment made by southampton fans on this site, your fans think your Man U when you are probably on a par with Motherwell, Mickey Mouse league?? Elmer Fud fans! lol


10 Jan 2012 19:05:22
Derek Asamoah could be on his way to Bury FC. The Ghana Forward is expected to sign an 18 month deal after the African Cup of Nations at Gigg Lane(4)(10)


10 Jan 2012 18:37:08
i have also heard whispers of ki going to villa with celtic recieving cuellar plus cash. Mcleish is a big fan of ki but cant afford him with upfront cash, lennon would welcome a solid centre half plus the bonus of some cash to buy a striker..doubt diawara will be within range tho.(5)(22)Absolute and complete utter tosh, Ki will be starting most games from now to the end of the season with Kayal being injured, so why would we sell him? he loves life in Glasgow and has years on his contract, why are people continually selling celtic players in this window, when A they dont need to sell and B they are chasing a domestic treble!!Because Celtic have the quality of Emile Heskey.
They are championship standard, Ki will be in EPL at some point soon!Championship teams dont have European competition, not a good reply to original post, Ki has the ability to play in the EPL no doubt, but he will leave when it suits celtic and the bidding will be around the 10m mark. The SPL cant be as bad as people think if the English teams want our players!Aye and Villa have the quality of alan hutton lolol mug!Aye and Villa have the quality of alan hutton lolol mug!


10 Jan 2012 18:33:15
The "marquee signing" that Milton Keynes dons boss Robinson hinted at will be announced as Neil Mellor, within the next 48 hours. Mellor knows both Potter and Robinson well from his Liverpool and Wednesday days and see promotion chasing MK will offer an him a wanted escape from Preston.(3)(17)Are u for real he is out till end of the seasonHaha your better sighning ledley king he's less injury prone at the min


10 Jan 2012 18:26:28
Lots of rubbish being spouted about Celtic's Ki, fact is Celtic would have considered bids in region of £10million but have ruled it out due to kayals injury. £8million bid turned down from Russia and Liverpool have been asked to be kept informed. Real news- Jelavic and Davis desperately trying to be sold which has but buyers off until last minute to get last minute bargains. This means Rangers wil hav to sell at least 1 more with Edu the most likely. Source- agent(19)(20)What A Load Of Absolute Bullst. What colour is the sky on your planet. I mean as well as Green.


10 Jan 2012 18:24:34
barnsley to sign mike jones and danny haynes going to charlon(13)(5)Also heard Haynes been offered to sheff utd
as part of a deal to take Ched Evans to Oakwell


10 Jan 2012 18:24:08
Swindon have received a favourable response from the Gills in their bid to sign Luke Rooney, Rooney has stopped short of handing in a transfer request but has refused a new contract and wants to talk to swindon, Town have been asked to up their offer but have so far refused, a player in exchange could be on the cards and it looks like Kerouche Swindons top scorer has been offered to make the deal happen.(8)(2)Kerrouche is a very god player and dont think we should be letting him go to a promotion rival he will score alot of goalsI agree but PDC has obviously had another fall out which means he will leave, personally I would rather Kerouche stay than get rooney, but with another striker being brought in its likely he will go, and what the F does he see in Magera, abloke who cant run, cant jump and hardly chases a ball..


10 Jan 2012 18:19:09
chesterfield to sign nathan doyle from barnsley(4)(15)Can they afford his wages


10 Jan 2012 18:17:20
Southampton in talks with Arsenal over a loan move for young centre back Kyle Bartley.(10)(14)Is'nt he at rangers or did his loan expire?He,s at rangers on loan till end of the seasonWhy would we loan Arsenal's youth players when ours are better then there's, if we wanted youth players then we would give our own a chance.Kyle Bartley is on loan at rangers so this is aload of rubbishHis loan spell with Ranrs runs out at the end of this month. May take opportunity to jump ship before the HMRC knock at the doorHe is actually at rangers until the end of the season.


10 Jan 2012 17:41:34
Newcastle are interested in signing Paul McShane from hull city for £1.5 mill(5)(30)Thought he was available on a freeDont think Mike Ashley will spend that type of cashAs a Hull City fan I highly doubt this is true. McShane is a League 1 defender at best. Hull City will be happy for a third of that easy. No way a premiership Full back. However if this is true, say yes Mr Pearson!Hull city fan Pearson is no longer ur manger and sunderland resign himAdam pearson the chairman you tool not nigel and I would be happy to see him leave for free, he is a liability don't think he has played a game without getting carded.


10 Jan 2012 17:41:22
Drogba on his way to PSG for the region of 10-15 million(18)(5)


10 Jan 2012 18:11:24
St. Ledger is set to sign for Ipswich tomorrow morning on loan with a view to a permanent. Also Southend have just signed two midfielders to replace the outgoing Ferdinand and Grant, who will also join Ipswich for a fee of £1 million.(15)(14)Utter rubbish ledger doesnt want to sign because jewells getting his p45 and they are sixty million in debt and have no money and why would you leave southend for ipswich thayll both be in league 1


10 Jan 2012 18:10:52
heard celtic might nip in and take sandaza. could be the straw that breaks the rangers fans backs and lennon would love that. only 300 grand and would make mccoist sick.(8)(9)If Rangers were that interested they would have already made a bid ...Celtic are not going to buy anyone from scotland as they have at least 2 or 3 on trial a week that are just as good if not betterDon't think Mcoist will bat an eyelid. I don't think he is good enough for rangers anyway. He will be purely a bench warmer at celtic...Have to agree with above poster, think he would do a job for rangers thou ecspecially with Laffety out for full season.... spanish lad would be better buy tho if gers can stump up cash


10 Jan 2012 18:07:01
Clyne to Man Utd

I've just been told by an estate agent friend in Prestbury that Nathaniel Clyne has been shown around a few rental properties in the area.
Clyne has been watched by United ever since Crystal Palace's shock Carling Cup quarter final win, and with him out of contract in the summer, Palace may be tempted to cash in now before the transfer window ends rather than lose him for nothing.

You heard it here first!(9)(20)


10 Jan 2012 18:06:13
heard a cracker of a rumour, kenny miller going back to celtic! Doubt it will happen but you never know with miller!(5)(24)Why would kenny miller go back to the spl poor league with poor teams also hes doing well with cardiffHe wouldnt get into the team at the minuteWhy would he take a backward stepThat would be like going from the Championship to league 1?? Why would he do that?? Old firm games ...blah blah blah , you must get bored with only playing competitive matches against 1 team??


10 Jan 2012 17:31:49
Wolves Ins and Outs. These are all being considered by the Wolves board on the request of MM. I have a mate working in the offices at the mighty Molinuex.


Vokes - Permanent
Kightley - Loan
Keogh - Permanent
SEB - Loan or Permanent
Griffiths - Loan
Guedioura - Permanent


Jones - Stoke £5m
Maynard - BC £1.75m
Onoura - City £2.75m
Chamakh - Arsenal £4.5m
Squillaci - Arsenal £1.5m

Obviously these wont all happen. But all of Wolves business this windoew will come from the above names. Guarenteed.(13)(30)Agree with the Vokes one, your Kightly rumour is wrong, agree with Keogh, agree with Ebanks-Blake, they will try to sell Griffiths and agree with Guerdiora. Jones is a big rumour I agree, as well with Maynard and Onouha but Chamakh and Squillaci I can't see them touching with a sh1tty stick, both individuals are demotivated and overpaid so not MMc's type of players at all.Steve morgan spending 13 million i need to lie down fJones 5million ? chamakh 4.5million? I think
jones is gonna cost a bit more than that if you think that chamakh is worth that much,he could n,t hit a cows arse with banjo! you,d be better off having that big german/austrian bloke back mairhoffer or something is name was?Chamakh - Arsenal 4.5m & Squillaci - Arsenal 1.5m , dream on! FFS & I'm a Wolves fan.'All of wolves business will come from the above names' apart from frimpong and jonssonUs spending 13 mill look at that pig flyingI want what he's on micks already said he's willing to give vokes another chance n chamakh n squillaci lol dream landCHAMAKH? SQUILLACI? you wont even be lucky enough to land Maynard, he would have no intrest in going to your team as he wants to go prem and stay there , you will have about 2mill to spend not 13mill hahaYou dingles live in dream land, who would want to go to a club that will be in the champioship next year


10 Jan 2012 17:25:47
Portsmouth looking to lodge a last ditch bid for Billy Sharp in a player plus cash deal. Player most likely is Kitson.(2)(18)Umm with what money ? No owner , players not getting paid this month and a point deduction on the way .. tut tutI'm a Pompey fan and even i think this has no legs.Still thinking there going to splash the cash when they could fold in a matter of weeks..The most delutional fans in the league...The recent take over talk from AA has gone very quite and im hearing the deal with the consortium is off which is now putting the club in real danger....Your havin a laughhhhhhhhh?pompey with moneyAll of you are wrong! Pompey are on the verge of a big takeover. So 1 players will be paid and 2 Greg halfords good mates with sharpe so I wouldent completely rule it out. Focus on your own clubNever gonna happen billy's to good for youA big takeover ha ha ha!! What have you got to offer anyone....You have a terrible stadium,Sit fan base,No training ground,no academy,debts up to your eye balls,cva,and maybe a points deduction..Why would they buy you when they could buy many other clubs that are for sale and cant find buyers and have the investructure in place..Everton,Palace,Wigan,,Newcastle just to name a few....You will only ever attract chancers with no money, oh my god, thats exactly what you already have done the last 4 times and you mugs still believe the knight in shining armour will come along...Firstly, pompey arent on the verge of a big takeover, its just talk to try make interested parties speed up. I know this as i have several friends that havent been paid, one expecting to lose his job by the end of february in the youth set up. Secondly, why would he leave to go to portsmouth, a middle championship team on its day, when teams much bigger are sniffing about? Not forgetting the financial impossibility about it..


10 Jan 2012 17:23:53
barnsley are in talks with league one side sheffield united over a possiblemove for inform striker ched evans(16)(19)I have heard this as well with danny haynes as a make weight in the dealI am sure that Ched evans would love to be associated with such a masssive club as BarnsleyWe can't all be as big as the massive Sheffield clubsMassive clubs in the short trouser league that is league 1Dream on dingles...


10 Jan 2012 17:13:59
Sean St ledger to sign for Ipswich within the next 48 hours on loan till the end of the season and he will sign permanently if Ipswich stay up and there will be NO recall clause!! :)(18)(14)Recall him !! he can do one


10 Jan 2012 17:13:38
Dean Saunders Going wales and rovers to appoint neil warnock as new boss(12)(22)Why put this utter tripe?

BobbybuffonWarnock will go to plymouth or even ipswichWarnock to huddersfield or sheff wed


10 Jan 2012 17:09:43
Hibernian are hopefull of completing transfers of Caddis and Brennan. Also Derek Riordan is training with SPL opponents Kilmarnock.(8)(4)


10 Jan 2012 17:08:22
Norwich could sign either in jan or summer:


Mcgugan and Gunter - forest - will need to strengthen full backs gunter can play both. Also mcgugan will be the perfect player to play alongside hoolahan
Snodgrass - leeds - lambert seems to be very keen and johnson may persuade him
Rhodes - hudds - good relationship with hudds
Maynard - bristol city - could be a possibility as a cut price
Rodriguez - burnley - lambert hungry 4 him as he is young and good player like rhodes + maynard( norwich will not sign all 3! 1 or 2 maybe.)


C Martin - palace - probably summer as they have extended loan
wilbraham - not needed
o johnson has been released
de laet - may return after his back injury is keeping him out

Untrue rumors:
messi - wes hoolahan is better
pilks to liverpool or spurs - utter b&^%£"$
holt to leicester - he is a norwich legend and captain(11)(26)You wont get none of them at the end of the season ,not when you,re back in the fizzy pop league,bye bye birdy..hahaNo way would rhodes go to norwich ! a lot bigger clubs are interested^Yeah bigger clubs that'd leave him on the bench all careerSounds like someone is jealous of Norwich, presumably a tractor boy? who with his wishful thinking will send Norwich back to championship, I am confident that Lambert and co will retain Norwich in premier league this season, the biggest challenge will be next season.Why would rhodes want to go to a big club and sit on the bench? waste of money for big clubs i think he should go to a club like norwich on the up. why not? Ed? {Ed003's Note - The club say he's not for sale }Oh im sorry 1p5wich fan is it cos we are prem and u r league 1 well u cant help jelousy!How exactly will Johnson persuade Snodgrass? I heard the rest of the squad weren't impressed with his attitude, when he rejected two improved contracts. While complaining that he wasnt earning 'Beckford-money,' he disillusioned himself to an extent with the rest of the midfield, except Kilkenny, who is just terrible.
wallyYou wont get SnodgrassFrom a HUDDS fan, wats wi the "gud relationship" carp, LEE CLARK was wi u(wow) & u bought PILKS, u paid bout 3mil, gud BUISNESS for both clubs thats all. As for RHODES, join the long queue & stump up the cash(thats if he decides he wants to leave) cos we dont need anybodys money. AG10 Jan 2012 20:58:29
You seem pretty certain that we're going down mate. Probably a soon to be league one fan. Face facts, we have a real chance of staying up come the end of the season, at the halfway point we sit in 9th, and there are some teams playing pretty poorly at the minute.Forgot captains and legends cant be sold....ah wait...legends...henry...left arsenal? :O IT IS POSSIBLE?!?!Don't be so stupid, Johnson might persuade him, its not school boy stRhodes wont be going anywhere this transfer window unless a massively inflated bid is made. Getting promoted to the Championship is worth more than anything any club will be willing to pay for Rhodes. Norwich (Lambert) wont pay over the odds for any player so lets put this one to bed.


10 Jan 2012 17:04:07
Aaron Mclean a dead certain to join Brighton on a two year deal at a cut price due to Barmby wanting a new strike partner for Matty Fryatt(18)(8)OH rubbish! McClean is staying at City cos Barmby has informed us nobody is leaving the club! Stop talking pants!He is coming to the amexDream on mate ,no way will macca leave the kc stadium at a cut price .and thats the owners words ,


10 Jan 2012 16:55:56
Mathieu Manset to Join Notts County on Loan untill end of season(10)(3)Yer very believable I'm a reading fan and the beast(manset) is useless for us


10 Jan 2012 16:54:45
Jason Euell has rejoined Wimbledon fc on 5 Week loan(16)(4)


10 Jan 2012 16:46:44
If there is to be a Uruguayan signing in January as claimed below then surely it will be Gaston Ramirez from Bologna whose been linked to LFC frequently...(18)(3)


10 Jan 2012 16:39:21
Cardiff City's Peter Whittingham has been revealed as a target for Brighton and Hove Albion. Sources close to Albion manager Gus Poyet, have suggested a £400k bid has been tabled for the ex-Villa playmaker.(5)(28)West ham had a offer of 3,000,000 rejected. Anyway Cardiff won't sell.Is that the same WITTINGHAM thats reportedly worth 4+mil, if so, gud luk wi that 400k bid. shud be in the bag mate. lolRumour is West Bromwich Albion have bid
4 million quid for Whittingham,could be that you,ve got the wrong Albion ?I think you mean a 4,000,000 bid has been posted and by West Bromwich Albion, I quite like Brighton but they no chance of signing Whittingham.I think this supposed to be ironic after the pathetic 400k Cardiff offered for Craig Noone!Saints put in a bid for 3.5 million that was rejected why do u think he would go 2 brighton anyway.This person is being ironic but noone is not even half the player whitts is so no more than a million for noone when whitts is worth easily over the 3 million west ham bid for him400K you are having a laugh, coming from a Leeds fan he is worth much more!Oh dear , Brighton have been on the 'bitter' again!!!400k! are you joking mate


10 Jan 2012 16:37:20
Kris boyd set to join st.mirren on a short term deal(7)(30)He would join rangers if he was going to scotland and rangers are desperate for a striker just look at david healy playing thats how desperate they areIsnt he free now?He's in talks with Leeds


10 Jan 2012 16:34:55
Sunderland to sign Arshavin on loan and will buy Pavlyuchenko for 9m. Sessegnon will sign for PSG for 8M also Ryan Noble will join Doncaster on loan. Kieron Richardson is a loan target for Arsenal but Sunderland will not allow him to leave until the summer(12)(31)Not a chanceLol really what about messi is he coming toSeen marty at the arsenal game last night hmmmSessegnon won't go, 8M you jokin?!Bendter is going back,your only allowed 1 player from the same club on loanI am a Villa fan, do not get over excited during the transfer window and expect nothing to happen until 1159 on the final day8m for sess? haha it will take at least 20m for our best player, he will only leav eif his family can't settle and I'd say it will be in the summer if anytime


10 Jan 2012 16:26:43
whittingham of cardiff to west brom for 4-5 million(12)(21)West brom aint got 4-5 million you idiotWhy go there for championship football for the foreseeable future?


10 Jan 2012 16:25:14
Chelsea to enter and win race to sign Demba Ba when Kalou is moved on.(8)(24)Zemba ba will never sign for chelsea he will go to tottenham or man city :)Ba will join up with psg when they miss out on a lot off big name signings and thats all they can get...@


10 Jan 2012 16:22:49
Check Toite wont leave Newcastle till summer

Chelsea and United are keen to Strengthen Central Midfield Position(25)(10)


10 Jan 2012 16:22:38
southampton to enquire about signing carlos vela from arsenal(12)(24)As he is on loan for the season in spain so cant happen to the summer atleast...@


10 Jan 2012 16:21:18
Bristol city on verge of clinching a deal for midfield maestro Hayden Mullins,mcinnes looking or a playmaker to spray the ball around from the middle of the park,and the Pompey general fits the bill nicely!(4)(13)Need more than Mullins (are you rovers in disguise) super CrawleySpray the ball around? He can only play it 5 yards backwards and hangs around on his own 18 yard line do 90 mins. Still would be an improvement on what we got though.To be fair crawley played well and we couldnt handle there long balls. not use to playing long ball teams in the championship.Hayden Mullins a playmaker, really, I've heard him called a few things and playmaker certainly isn't one of them.

BobbybuffonJust demisting the car windscreen before driving him up to Bristol. I'll even chuck in's BOGOF!!Looking forward to seeing him in a city shirt,kept mascherano out the west ham side,the complete midfielder.You are going to be dissapointed, we loved Mullins at West Ham but he's a destroyer not a playmaker


10 Jan 2012 16:21:02
looks like matt ritchie is off :/ bournemouth are quite rich now and can offer better football
please dont hate, from a swindon fan(14)(9)Rubbish - Bournemouth are a small club and its a move back not up.Finally a swindon fan with a bit of sense!I'd not want Ritchie for more than 500k. Not a question of being rich, we're only spending monies brought in from our sales. But good to have an invester...Look players dont want to go to Bournemouth you are too small and today you have bid for Tubbs and that has been rekected there is no way you will get Ritchie for 500k seems you bid upto 600k in November for him plus he has stated he wants to stay as there is a revolution going on at STFC and we will be abaove you soon in league status.

Just get used to the fact you are a small club and always will be.I wouldn't want Matt Ritchie!! He looks ok in league two but we're building a squad for the championship and I don't think he'd cut it! We should knock this one on the head and do all we can to keep Pugh! It's a prolific striker we need... Anyone remember when Reading were a small club? Money changes things... Look at us in 3 years time..... Up the cherriesIf Bournemouth are now a club with money why is it you keep trying to sign players on the cheap and with instalments. the only good thing about Bournemouth are the babes on the beach in the summerThats why 7 championship and premier league teams were watching him on saturday so Bournemouth bigger than them you are in cuckoo land. You wont make the championship L1 is your maximum you will ever achieve.Will Matt Richie be able to make the step up ? Seems a lot of money to gamble on a league 2 player. IMO if he went to a Premier club chances are he'd be a bench warmer. This rumour does seem to have ruffled a few Robins feathers! Que sera sera.Everyone signs players by installments. Didn't you realise that? Everyone.


10 Jan 2012 16:19:40
Zamora to Leicester. You heard it here second, because someone told me.
wally(8)(29)Well if someone told you, that means they didn't tell us, so when you wrote this rumour here it meant that we then heard it first!Then you are both wrongHey, I'm trying not to take credit for posting it, because I'm as fed up as everyone at all these stupid Norwich/Southampton/Leicester rumours.
wallyZamora to Leicester. You heard it here second,
because someone told me that you're a wally


10 Jan 2012 16:19:33
Liverpool, Spurs, Arsenal Loan offer for Inter Milan’s 19-year-old forward Luc Castaignos,
who has been loan listed as short term option.(20)(9)


10 Jan 2012 16:19:21
09 Jan 2012 16:42:06
09 Jan 2012 12:18:17
Bournemouth will sign Freddie Eastwood this week in a deal of £190,000 + Warren Cummings. Cummings will join Coventry as left back cover and will bring more experience


Bournemouth cant afford 190,000


seeing as how they have new rich russian owners, i think they probably can


Freddie Eastwood can leave Coventry for nothing. Coventry told him to find a new club.


They are not spending money so not that rich.


Its common knowledge eastwood isnt fit and its also common knowledge that he can go for free as we just want him off the books..


Bournemouth fans are like Saints fans they think they are going to buy everyone up as they have a dodgy Russian owner with some oil money.


I'd heard it was Macdonald at Cov they were looking at, not Eastwood.


We are considerably richer than yoooooooow! E I E I E I O, up the football league we go! Dean court is buzzing :)


not spending money? they've already spent big on 5 new players you egg(6)(11)Southamptons owner isnt a "dodgy russian". He's a well established swiss businessman. Unlike the rest of the countries clubs owned buy criminals.You need some fans to get it buzzingYou only average 5800 per game not exactly buzzing with that size crowd and your rich russian owner wont last so make the most of it.I heard Eastwood wants a new caravan for his Ma!Not a question of being rich. We're only spending the money brought in by selling most of last seasons team. Nor are we being smug like the Stains fans down the road, when it comes to having the good fortune of an investerRead my comment properly i didnt mention Saints had a russian owner i said Bournemouth - God what school did you go to.They've got to have some money they've just paid 150,000 to make Scott Malone a permanent signing.



10 Jan 2012 16:13:19
LOL at the comment about Coyle getting the sack..since when did anny team bsides blackburn and city get points at old trafford..and keith Who..(3)(7)Newcastle 4 points from manu, 1pt at old trafford.LOL at the comment about Coyle getting the sack..since when did anny team bsides blackburn and city get points at old trafford..and keith Who..

Why its Keith Hill who was born in Bolton


10 Jan 2012 16:07:58
Sean St Ledger has signed for Ipswich on loan till end of season and then permantly on 3 yr deal if Ipswich stay up.(12)(8)Looks like he's staying short term then !Im a leicester fan and your welcome to himOnly till end of season then!


10 Jan 2012 16:03:20
Suarez the Seagull , jaja no creo(5)(15)


10 Jan 2012 16:01:37
All of these players have been linked with Southampton on the site inthe past few days alone:

Jermain Defoe (Spurs)
Carlos Carmona (Barcelona B)
Gary Hooper (Celtic)
Nicola Jelavic (Rangers)
Alessandro Marotta (Bari)
Massimo Donati (Bari)
Robin Ruiter (FC Volendam)
Lewis Mcgugan (Forest)
Kris Commons (Celtic)
Tadanari Lee (Sanfrecce Hiroshima)
Carlos Vela (Arsenal)
Nicky Maynard (Bristol City
Lukas Jutkiewicz (Coventry)
Michael Owen (Man Utd)
Joe Lewis (Peterborough)
Billy Paynter (Leeds)
Jack Lochray (Cowdenbeath)
Sergio Romero (Sampdoria)
Matt Tubbs (Crawley)
Scott Loach (Watford)
Albert Adomah (Bristol City)
Matt Phillips (Blackpool)
Jay Rodriguez (Burnley)
Horelio Gomez (Tottenham)
Jonjo Shelvey (Liverpool)
Charlie Austin (Burnley)
Nathaniel Clyne (Crystal Palace)

(BTW I am a Saints fan and I know only 1 or 2 of these are likely to happen)(19)(29)Nicely put. The Defoe and Romero ones were a particular hoot. But I've got to say, of those players, only Lee looks likely.
wallyI am too, and i have a feeling that half these rumours are just from people starting the saints bashing off..Can you tell your deluded fellow saints fans what you have just stated as i get fed up of them thinking they are going to buy every striker they can think of as its total bcks.Celtic fan here.

Hooper and Jelavic won't happen. Hooper is too important a player to offload mid-season unless the money is stupid, while Jelavic is more likely to join an EPL side. Liverpool, QPR, Bolton, Blackburn, Aston Villa, and West Brom are supposedly interested, as well as Atletico Madrid.

As for Commons I've no idea. He's been injured most of the season but there's also talk of him having had a fall out with the manager and if so it's a possibility as another one of our players (Juarez) also fell out of favour, I reckon due to a fall-out and has been offloaded on loan ever since.To the clearly angry guy who posted. if it annoys you, stop reading. I read this every day and saints arent the only clubs croppign up, loads are, weat ham, leicester, severla prem clubs, all apparently buying the world. So deal with it, its a rumour site, its going to happen. Get a grip.Its got every chance of getting at least one of these right ,after all you seemed to have named every player that ever kicked aball since the beginning of time!I agree, but in the end all these rumours mean nothing when you have nicola cortese at the club , he will only tell us on the official website when pen is to paper.and not before, so there are no "insiders or rumours that countIs that all so quite a small squad then for the mighty 'lets buy everyone we have heard of saints'Linked = Yes - Happening = Highly UnlikelyDefoe and Gomez? Are you being seriousYou can have paynter!Some i could see true but coming from a saints fan defoe would be nice but unrealistic.It doesn't bother me that we're being linked with loads of players. I find it interesting, and some of the times, quite funny to be honest. Bothers me more all the people moaning about it.. Not supposed to be taken seriously.

Been useing this website for about 3 years and love looking at the site for a little light hearted fun!You forgot Jordan Rhodes!!


10 Jan 2012 15:58:58
Blackpool have had a 650,000 bid rejected for puncheon an a 750,000 bid rejected for vardy!(14)(4)Think vardy is strong possibility but tight old oyston again .west ham got rejected for 1mill. dont be a joke again bpool.


10 Jan 2012 15:58:46
Oh big big wow !!! Cardiff got to the final in 2008. so what? that dosent make them the greatest team. How deluded are you. Brighton have also got to a Cup final (and lost to a better team may I add). Anyway, total and utterly irrelevant of what either team have done in the past. currently there is nought between Brighton and Cardiff. So, all your pathetic comments about Craig Noone going to a better club - all i say is Ha, Ha,Ha, Ha. how deluded are you. Have him if you think you need him. Thatt'll just porve that Cardiff need players from a decent club to move forward. HA, Ha, Ha.(5)(6)Brighton are a small team. The new ground is half complete and the manager is a joke! Cardiff is a proper club with a proper ground and decent manager proven at this level. Bigger fanbase as well.Where are you in the league again i forget...? also just cos he is a decent player doesn't mean he is at a decent club...Somebody needs to pick thier toys up and put them away. Now sit down and behave yourself. Cardiff are 10 places above Brighton , Cardiff on the up , Brighton.......pop! Was that the sound of a bubble bursting??Good luck Wrexham in the FA cup replay!!


10 Jan 2012 15:57:18
the owners of leicester are almost billionaire's(18)(12)The owners of Southampton are BillionairesSeveral times overAs an LCFC fan, we dont know how much our owners are worth nor where 100% of our money comes fromThe owners of leicester are almost billionaire's - & you still can't get promoted lol


10 Jan 2012 15:51:13
Watford close to agreeing nyron nosworthy deal for 18 months; source - sky sports news.

Newcastle once again persuing mervlut erding from psg, in the summer pardew offered 7.5 million but wouldn't take the bid any higher and considering mike ashley has given pardew 8 million to spend the transfer bid will more than likely stay the same; source - chronicle live.(16)(6)Newcastle officials are now actually in Paris trying to sort a contract out with him before he comes for a medial. Also not only will they be sorting out Erding's contract but PSG are rumoured to be going after Demba Ba who has admitted that he would love to play for the team he supported as a boy.Nosworthy has signed 2.5 year deal with Watford


10 Jan 2012 15:48:01
Wolves duo Johnny Gorman and Sam Winnall are close to joining local league one side walsall on loan(13)(4)


10 Jan 2012 15:40:22
Rumour has it in the Wrexham Leader that Swansea are planning a 6 figure swoop for Wrexham's Mathias Pogba, brother of Manchester United's upcoming player Paul.(9)(8)


10 Jan 2012 15:39:56
Colchester will not be re-signing Michail Antonio on loan. He is now considered part of Reading's first team squad.(7)(3)


10 Jan 2012 15:38:37
Ex Crewe midfielder Dan Gardner is attracting attention after some scintillating displays for Blue Square North club Droylsden.(4)(5)Yes i know coventry city are def interested in Gardner


10 Jan 2012 15:44:12
Wayne Bridge (loan)
Steven Ireland
Zamora(16)(18)NO way will you get Ireland he's just starting to find formJust asking for relegation with signings like that!


10 Jan 2012 15:35:47

Dean Morgan of Chesterfield signing for Bristol Rovers on a loan deal if all goes well it will be permanent

Lee Johnson of Bristol City signing for Chesterfeld for 125k 3 year deal this iw the signing John Sheridan hopes to start the clmb up the table(9)(10)Just because deano put on facebook 'bristol bound yipeee' doesnt mean he is signing for anyone.Chesterfield can have LJ! He is crp, he makes loads of mistakes, but that's football!That's some climb you have there mate!


10 Jan 2012 15:16:42
this is true, maroune chamakh is having a dreadful time at arsenal. ive heard this alot. he will make a 3 million move to fiorentina. i did hear in september that qpr are very intrested in the morrocan.(11)(8)


10 Jan 2012 15:09:51
Nosworthy staying at Watford. Tommy Smith is a deffo to come back to Watford again as not in Mark Hughes plans. Marvin Sordell in talks with Arsenal but loaned to Watford for rest of the season as part of the deal.(7)(8)Have heard the sordell rumour myself in a pub in arsenal last nightMust be true if a bloke in a pub said it.


10 Jan 2012 15:04:49
heard a wee rumour that rangers might do a swap deal...juan ortiz and matt mackay for nacho novo..supposedly letting both go on frees anyway so makes sense.(1)(15)Then you heard wrong ...


10 Jan 2012 14:58:13
Lille have put a 40 million price tag on Eden Hazard with Real Madrid, Arsenal and Liverpool the favourites to sign the player who has admitted that he would welcome a change.(15)(11)How can all three of these clubs be classed as favourites...only one can be made favourite too sign him.,...I am a Liverpool fan and if I could pick one player semi-realistic signing{i.e. not Ronaldo,Messi,Neymar etc.} it would be Hazard but he is moving to Madrid so we can forget about him however Liverpool are eyeing up a summer move for Xherdan Shaqiri, he may not be quite as good but he is a similar player and will still vastly improve our team in the coming years.When have you none arsenal to spend 40 million on a player...@Hazard to man city , to replace samir nasri the flop.


10 Jan 2012 14:57:48
Qpr to sign drogba and bridge in next two weeks.
Jez jez(7)(34)


10 Jan 2012 14:56:14
celtics ki seung yeung may be heading to aston villa in a cash plus carlos cuellar deal, lennon would love an spl proven centre half plus feels he has cover for ki in the likes of wanyama and ledley. Cuellar has apparantly given the move the green light.(11)(19)What a load of utter shtDont want anymore person rejects and with kayal out think it would be wise to keep KiNah not happening for the simple reason there is no one called ki seung yeung who plays for celtic!But there is a Ki Sung YeungNot a hope ki worth more than that as cuellar is finished he was good because rangers protected their centre halfs witha bank of 4 weir played until he was 41 and still their main player until this year


10 Jan 2012 14:56:09
nicky maynard to swansea with us having dobbie. adomah staying so is brett and also stead. city ready to sign ryan stevenson on a free transfer from hearts(5)(18)


10 Jan 2012 14:47:51
just heard from mate that wigan athletic want sign antony stokes frm celtic.(10)(17)You can have him for free,aspIt will take a lot of money to get any player from celtic 5 million plus for the 1st teamers


10 Jan 2012 14:28:15
celtic boss neil lennon has asked ki seung yeungs agent to tout him down south for offers over and above 5mil. Lennon is desperate to land baba diawara and wants to sell ki to free up the funds to land a player he believes could become a celtic goalscoring legend. diawara and hooper could be deadly...Watch this space(13)(14)Not sure he'll do that if kayals out for the seasonCant see celtic signing diawara wood love him to sign but if we were to get 5 or 6 mil for ki i wood try and buy rhodes
david cLennon could sell other players to get funds he doesnt have to sell kiFull of .... ki going nowhere becouse kayal out for the season


10 Jan 2012 14:16:55
Dundee United are days away from signing Ross County striker Michael Gardyne., according to United manager Peter Houston.(9)(3)


10 Jan 2012 14:16:31
charlton will not sign anyone new this transfer market apart from a new keeper(9)(10)Do you mean apart from a new keeper and the striker already singned?Who was the striker??............The striker Charlton signed in this transfer window is Leon Clarke.


10 Jan 2012 14:01:05
Ha ha Wanderers are going down, just heard on local radio podcast your after Crystal Palace striker Murrey, he'll help you next season. COYR(5)(12)Glenn Murray is not for sale....and why would he swap a team on the up(3 points of the play off's and semi final off Carling Cup) for relagation. Murray has much more in his locker than scoring goals.


10 Jan 2012 14:08:04
Stevie Howard wanted to come back to derby but they turned him down because they couldn't afford him and he only wanted 4,000 a week!(12)(13)Could be true this one not getting games at
Leicester and near the end of his careerAs much as I would love to find this funny, I can't as we (forest) are in exactly the same boat.


10 Jan 2012 13:50:21
ed is this true - leroy Lita heading back to Ashton Gate? i as a Bristol City fan i hope this is not true, as he is a lazy, over rated player that thinks he is better than what he is. he would not be made welcome back at the Gate. you just have to listen to are crowd when he has come back before with Reading and Boro. {Ed001's Note - I have no idea sorry.}(5)(8)This is true as maynard is off to wolvesGood player, but if you wind up the hand that used to feed you,that is the reaction you are likely to get


10 Jan 2012 13:48:32
Southampton look interested in signing Carlos Carmona from Barcelona B until the end of the season.(9)(13)


10 Jan 2012 13:36:51
Martin O'Neil will look at Fulham's Bobby Zamora to add more goals in his side. They will also loan out Connor Wickham.(14)(26)Wickham isn't going anywhere mateWhy would he loan him out? We are short of strikers as it is.
Mag trying to cause mischief?BZ 9m


10 Jan 2012 13:33:37
celtics james forrest set for spurs in a 6mil deal IF they dont get hoilet from blackburn. Hooper is apparently back on newcastles radar along with brown and wanyama but only if a big bid comes in for tiote. Pardew has said they wont sign a striker but is a long term admirer of hooper and would consider a bid if the cash is available. If hooper does go portugals top scorer bapa diawarra will come in as a replacement for celtic.(3)(20)Celtic are top and going for the title so y would we want to sell our best players and they are to good for a team like newcastle6 mill my arse more like 12 millWhy do celtic have to sell everyone we dont need money urgently and are building a team if the right offer comes in then the players are for sale but you wont get any player on the cheap


10 Jan 2012 13:25:22
stevenage have signed LUKE FREEMAN from arsenal for an undisclosed fee. he has signed a 2 year deal with the league 1 side.(15)(11)


10 Jan 2012 13:20:52
Dundee United are days away from signing Ross County striker Michael Gardyne on a free transfer; so says United manager Peter Houston(4)(5)


10 Jan 2012 13:11:37
Ooops, it's Ryan Hall from Southend(1)(7)


10 Jan 2012 13:10:11
Just been informed that Barcelona's Maxwell was spotted at Heathrow airport? Possibly heading to a North London club.(13)(8)He is Heading to ward the south coast. Cortese will do all he can to secure promotion and will spend now rather than after promotion so the team gel b4 the start of the premiership - Saints will also take carlos carmona as part of the deal. Puncheon will leave for a nominal fee so he can be offloaded from the payrol. Adkins will never involve him in the first team. Chances are Cortese will use his links to bring in another 2 players from Italy


10 Jan 2012 13:05:15
Defender Pablo Caceres of Real Mallorca linked with move to Everton(5)(10)


10 Jan 2012 13:02:48
any Watford news?(1)(7)Yes. Breaking News !! They are useless.


10 Jan 2012 13:00:42
Middlesbrough to sign Simon Cox on loan till end of season from West Brom, Cox scored a hat trick at the weekend and wont be available for F.A Cup games, Tony Mowbray also wants a target man to complement the shorter strikers at the club and are after buying Ishmael Miller for £750,000, Goalkeeper Paul Smith to come back on loan again for the remainder of the season who did a great job for us both from Notts Forest. Tarmo Kink to be sold to Derby County for £400,000 to boost their promotion push.(5)(11)Where is Notts Forest based? Never heard of them!No-one can be bothered with the apostrophe-M. 'Notts' is just easier. Plus the reaction is funny.


10 Jan 2012 12:54:38
Ed's::::: do you have anything on the Hooper to Southampton deal, word is up here is that he has had talks with SFC yesterday? and that a price around 5m will be agreed
also strong rumours is that lennon is bringing in Salihi Hamdi as a replacement {Ed001's Note - I have heard nothing regarding any deal being done. I very much doubt Celtic would sell him for 5m, I find this story extremely difficult to take seriously.}(11)(15)I've heard Connolly might be used as a sweetener I don't agree but have heard itSouthampton, what a joke, a massive backwards step, no european football, no chance of winning anything, and 5 mill is just laughable, 8 mill at leastHooper is going nowhere and not for 5m double that and we might think about it!!!If Andy Carrol is worth 35 million, then 20-25 million is a fair price for Hooper.
But Andy Carrol is not worth that - so let's call it 10m and we'll consider it, then tell you to GTF Pardew 'cos yer a bletherin baw-heid! GIRUY!


10 Jan 2012 12:43:00
Hi ED, whats the latest and truth in the Sandaza to Rangers story? {Ed001's Note - as far as I can tell, he is having a good season and so is being linked with a move to a bigger club. That is as far as it seems to have gone, though that might change if Jelavic does leave.}(3)(4)Sandaza has agreed a pre contract with rangers and will join in the summer but rangers might try get him in jan


10 Jan 2012 12:57:12
Burnley have asked if they can loan Chelsea keeper Ross Turnbull and are waiting for a response

Brian Jensen will leave to Norway if they can get Turnbull(9)(7)


10 Jan 2012 12:56:01
Tom Taiwo to Sheff United for 300K and Nick Montgomery to Burnley for 400K(8)(10)


10 Jan 2012 12:53:53
Kaka has apparently agreed with intrest on joing premier league club Chelsea. Also chelsea have pulled out on a £84 million bid on hulk. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!(10)(19)


10 Jan 2012 12:49:04
chelsea to buy Kaka for 25m(11)(31)


10 Jan 2012 12:44:39
Frank Lampard to West Ham? If they are promoted, and willing to accept a pay cut(15)(27)THIS IS THE WORST RUMOUR IN FOOTBALL HISTORY!

FOR ALOT OF REASONS!Wouldnt be welcome back at upton parkI know Fat Frank is past his best, but West Ham ? be fair to the guy - he's more likely to go to QPR


10 Jan 2012 12:44:05
Southend rumours

Hall wont be sold, no price he has this season and next season on his contract and is loving it. He does not want to move yet.

Ferdinand will go for 500,000 Ipswich and West Ha are intrested.(6)(5)Hall will sign for Millwall in the next week or so. Ferdinand will move to West Ham at the same time.


10 Jan 2012 12:41:31
News from west ham about strikers, John
Carew going back to Sweden, Frederic
Picquionne joining Celtic and Carlton COle
staying put. Herit ilunga joining Doncaster
permanently in cash + Player swap for Billy
Sharp.(12)(20)Was with you until the Billy Sharp part of the deal. Plus we have been paying most of Illunga's salary while he has been at Doncaster. can not see him taking a pay cut. I think he will be back on loanCarew is norwegianCarew is Norwegian and as never played in Sweden eitherCarew is Norweigan!


10 Jan 2012 12:38:36
-Drogba-£5 million
-Alex-£3 million
-Johnson-£2.5 million
-Samba-£8 million

Not a fan this is just what I heard, 100% when Mark Hughes gets the job.(11)(33)No way in the world, I could give a 100 reasons why but for starters why the hell would they go to a club that will be relegated?And blackburn to sign Messi, Ronaldo, Hulk, Villa and Jesus. Probably just as likely.No chance Drogba or Samba. Why would Drogba take a pay cut and a relegation dog fight when he could double his money in China or PSG. Considering the other clubs that are in for Samba he won't be going anywhere near QPR even with Hughes. Plus he is better than Cahill so top 10 team will sign him.^ agreed ^AJ and Bridge maybe - the rest no chance


10 Jan 2012 12:37:06
rumours out of st marys jelavic of rangers is on the radar and is travelling to the hilton southampton for contract talks.(15)(24)Saints dont have that kind of money. Jelavic wouldn't go there either.Before you all react realistic Saints know this will not happen.
Another skate rumour, why dont you make rumours involving your own club, oh thats right you have no money.I'm a saints fan and know this is won't happen he could play mid table prem if this happends then I'd eat my hatJust as defoe to saints will happen, another comment I see listed on here. I posted this and I am a saints fan. We will see, we will see. No need for abuse though so calm down.Yes there is cos your making us all look pathetic which is why i don't believe your a Saints fan for 1 minute.Y would anybody want to go to southampton...mid table championship team at bestFirstly held is is more likely than hooper because he is cheaper because of his contract! Secondly he's better than hooper! Thirdly nobody predicted de ridder or lee or Hoiveldt but because we bought one player from Celtic we now want there whole team! As I say we will see! Anyone can post a rumour that is why it is a rumour website but clearly you do not understand the concept! It's up to you what you believe! We will seeJelavic is way over rated 2mill maxJellyfish better than hooper goals this season say otherwise FACT


10 Jan 2012 12:32:39
Any news on Southampton FCC transfers everyone(6)(10)Ins:
Tadanari lee waiting on work permit, shouldbe known on Thursday whether the application has been successful.
We've made an inquiry about Kris Commons, but deal is unlikely.
Bid rejected for Gary Hooper, and looks as though it will have to be a bigish bid to attain his services.
Saints have made an inquiry and held unnofficial talks with Coventry for Lukas Jutkiewicz.

Adkins admitted that lee Holmes and Jonathan Forte are likely to be sent out on loan in January.
Saints have rejected a 650'000 bid from Blackpool for Jason Puncheon, with Saints wanting closer to 1M for him. saints are not internested in loaning him out again andonly a perminant deal will do

Just some of the things that have happened/are happening, that I've heard ofHearing the hooper deal will be completed 5m - NA wants him available for SATHooper not happening, lot of hot air.


10 Jan 2012 12:31:39
nyron nosworthy close to completing permanent deal
Source SSN

BS18(14)(4)Where at?


10 Jan 2012 12:25:15
Paul Ince has agreed a deal to become Bristol Rovers Boss .

The deal is till the end of the season with a 2 year available if Ince keeps Rovers in the Football League

The Deal Will be Announced tomorrow morning and Ince will be a spectator at tonights relegation clash with Hereford at Edgar St(6)(9)Former notts manager is rubbish you will go down with his links in football you would think he could get some good players in to a club but just dos not seem to happen for himGood Luck - get ready for the conferenceBye Bye Rovers,this Joker will wipe you off
the coupon,scraping the barrel with Ince,
you,re better than that.Oh dear.....bad luck


10 Jan 2012 12:22:07
A host of Premier League clubs are hoping to snap up Bristol Rovers starlet Shaquille Hunter.

The 16-year-old winger has up to a dozen top-flight clubs chasing him, and it is believed Manchester City, Liverpool and Fulhamare amongst his admirers.

Hunter has emerged as Rovers' prized asset and has already been called into the first-team squad for a number of games this season.

Rovers are now deciding whether to cash in on Hunter or not, as they are well aware of the proposed Elite Player Performance Plan which, if implemented, this summer could see them lose out on a possible bumper deal.

The EPPP sets a tariff for young players being sold to clubs, but if Rovers brokered a deal now they could decide their own fee and deal, which could easily be in excess of £1million.

Rovers are likely to have their stance tested this month, with top-flight clubs ready to make offers for the skilful winger



10 Jan 2012 12:19:48
Galatasaray have bid 10 million for Dirk Kuyt with weekly payments of 75k a week to the player, the club have also offered Liverpool addons based on performance that could reach 5 million, making a total of 15 million which was Liverpool's original asking price.(23)(14)He's not having the best of season's , probably a good time to let him go.....especially if the figures quoted above are correct. Liverpool should bight thier hands off!!!Liverpool have been offered 6.5m straight cash no add ons and at 31 I still think we should sell for 6.5m then make a 12m move for Luuk de Jong who Liverpool have been scouting, he's fair haired, Dutch can play on the right, in behind the striker or up top himself so it's a like for like replacement however this guy is ten years younger and has got the potential to outshine Kuyt.Well, he's guaranteed european football (possibly champions league) at Twente - so do you really think he'll go to liverpool ? don't be daft, lad


10 Jan 2012 12:19:16
After the return of Henry and Scholes to Arsenal and Man Utd respectively, Liverpool are looking to follow suit and offer King Kenny the position of player manager.(28)(22)Bet hed still have more goals in um than carroll {Ed025's Note - so would tutankhamun..What next : bet they could all still do a job
shearer > newcastle
zola > chelsea
klinsman > spursShortly to be followed by Bryan Robson and Peter Reid at thier respective clubs!!Haha thx for posting this. Put a smile on my face :-)Bring Bully back. prob still score more than doyleYou are idiotsWhos King Kenny?? Is it Kenny you mean, just plain old average boring Kenny.


10 Jan 2012 12:15:20
Also to those misinformed Bournemouth fans that think they are a bigger club, your highest lge attendance is less than Swindons average!(9)(8)We will always be bigger and more successfulConsidering your in league 2 you cannot call your self a bigger club! what a load of rubbish!Little Robins getting in a flap as Matthew Ritchie again has refused a new contract at Swindon. Cheerio.I Agree Swindon! Your a massive club and I'm sure Ritchie won't leave you for us! Just like Charlie austin stayed at your massive club, Bournemouth is a massive place and with success the town will start to take interest in the club, we are building for success, the plan is the championship and we are on course..... Build it and they will come or should I say build it and Ritchie will come! ....... Don't panic though, you have di canio....... Til the end of the season at least...... Love cherry bear xYou Swindon fans DO make me laugh. Apart from being VERY arrogant, for some reason you seem to think your Oh SO wonderful. Your no bigger than Bournemouth, except you have a deluded fan base with a manager who has delusions of grandeur. We're on the up for a change and know we have an invester to thank, apart from the fact we sold almost an entire team for 4 mil. So I suggest you take a reality check!! UTCIAD


10 Jan 2012 12:11:05
Yes Richie would have gone to Bournemuff if we would have accepted the bid because by accepting a bid you say that you are happy for the player to leave so of course he'll want to go.(3)(5)


10 Jan 2012 12:09:11
Hibs duo agogo and thornhill to sign for the pies(5)(4)Do you mean notts county and is it junior agogo and matt thornhill if so great another load of forest rejectsSorry didnt put first names was i required too? c you next tuesday - jimmy pie


10 Jan 2012 12:07:18
Expect Millwall's Chris Hackett to sign for Exeter and James Dunne to go in the opposite direction.(2)(3)


10 Jan 2012 12:04:56
Nosworthy set to sign 18 month deal with Watford(16)(2)


10 Jan 2012 11:49:02
The Lions have scouted the former Crystal Palace wideman, 24, who has scored nine goals for the Shrimpers this season.

Millwall watched Hall at AFC Wimbledon at the end of December and he scored and dazzled in a 4-1 victory for the Shrimpers.(4)(2)Who are you talking aboutCrap rumour.

Hall is NOT for sale. Millwall cant afford him either.


10 Jan 2012 11:46:52
Nathan 'Delfy' Delfouneso has just been spotted arriving into Teeside for a medical! The deal could rise up to £3.5 million.(9)(17)'delfy' obviously so made up as Delfouneso's nickname is Del Boy not Delfy. load of rubbish rumour!!If that were his nickname, I forsee some confusion between him and Fabian Delph.Actually his nickname is 'The Fonz'
Fact not bullste


10 Jan 2012 11:36:44
West Ham offer £4.5 mil for Rhodes, he's going for a medical tomorrow.(26)(27)Yeah and so is RonaldoHe must of misunderstood, its not jordan rhodes, its Gary rhodes they have upgraded the canteen and invested in a chefWill belive it wen i see itBe nice, but can't believe it - Rob DiCanioNot going anywhere this season unless an offer of 10 mil plus comes in and when he does go because its going to happen it will be to a top half premiership club or celticNo way!West ham not big enough neither is the offer, staying to at least the summer, doesn't even want to leave in january! agree top half prem or celtic if he does leave in summer maybe newcastle!


10 Jan 2012 11:25:02
Andres Oper is on trial at Yeovil(5)(4)


10 Jan 2012 11:18:40
rangers prepared to cut there losses and let broadfoot, matt mckay, alejandro bedoya and juan ortiz all leave on free transfers freeing up funds to bring sandaza in this month, if jelavic goes aswell then gary o'connor and david templeton will come in providing they havnt signed for any1 else.(4)(23)I can believe letting these players go on frees...nobody is going to pay money for them and it will free up much needed funds for players...hopefully kris boyd, gary o'connor no chance...david templeton ( watch this space)O'Connor is a Edinburgh TIM, more chance of him going to celtic at the end of the season for free.


10 Jan 2012 11:12:19
Estonian striker Tarmo Kink is being loaned out by Middlesbrough to league one side Walsall on a two month loan deal

Kink has struggled for first team football this season and Tony Mowbray wants to send him out on loan to help him find form to force his way back into the starting 11(6)(3)


10 Jan 2012 10:58:49
Keith hill widely tipped as succesor to owen coyle should bolton lose this weekend. Bolton are ovally impressed by the effect he as had in such lil time at oakwell at his ability to buy lil know players and develop them .Its common knowledge keith hill is a bolton wanderers fan. Neil warnock could be his sucessor at oakwell(5)(13)Either way you look at it it seems that Coyle's time is up at Bolton and rightly soI would take Warnock at Oakwell happily


10 Jan 2012 09:55:13
Hi Ed do u know if Mk Dons will sign anyone soon and have they been linked with anyone. {Ed001's Note - I was told they have a bit of cash to spend, by their standards anyway, the issue is wages. So far, I am told, the players they have made discreet enquiries about wanted too much money. I think they will have to set their sights a little lower. They have been looking at fringe Championship players up till now, apparently.}(3)(4)


10 Jan 2012 10:53:04
Got this from a very reliable source.....

Paul Jewell will sign a player today that will raise the spirits of the supporters.

More to follow..(5)(24)Well unless its a Mr L Messi slim chance. PJ is showing his class after spending big in the summer and flirting with the bottom of the table!He won't sign someone to 'raise spirits'.

He'll sign someone to make the team better.Most likely Paul MersonIt is supposed to be Sean St Ledger "mardy" to all at Leicester, watch out if he does sign, not a great defender big mistakes will be made, and if he is dropped then he throws his dummy out the pram,big disruption to any team... good luckEverdently the deal been done wages etc, and its just up to Sean to make his mind up, we might be in a poor league position, but Ipswich is one of the best clubs to join and progress and get games which is what Sean needs


10 Jan 2012 10:52:34
derby county are to sign neil bishop of notts county for 250000(3)(12)Dont think so bishop is a good player but not championship level if he does go its more money for a player that cost us nothing but with the amount of players roumored to be leaving it would be cash plus player deals or we will have no squad


10 Jan 2012 10:49:05
Rumour has it that Middlesbrough are thinking about loaning out or selling their goalkeeper Danny Coyne.Due to lack of playing time. Their price tag is around 1.5 million.(4)(14)If he's not in the Boro 1st team, then he sin't worth 1.5 million. Try 100,000.He's just a bit old to be worth that much


10 Jan 2012 10:44:46
jelavic of rangers to qpr or west brom for 6mil plus add ons rising to 8mil with mccoist being given some money to bring in david templeton of hearts sandaza of st johnstone and o'connor of hibs. Boyd is a no-go apparently. Don't think he'd go to celtic though. Also spurs looking at james forrest if the hoillet deal falls through with blackburn. Kommons to southhampton and hooper staying put until the summer.(11)(26)Jelavic moving looks likely. David templeton to rangers u must b joking! Hes Celtic Daft! not good enough for the old firm IMO. Also read todays papers... Rangers have ditched Sandaza and are now interested in a spannish striker. Commons to Southampton sounds about right. Hooper will leave Celtic, they are already looking a Rapid Vienna striker. Forrest not good enough for Tottenham yet. Needs to develop more! Hibs won't sell O' connor to rangers in a milluion years. Boyd is a more likely option.No way will West Brom pay thatThis guy is way overated 2mill maxHibs would loose him for free in the summer so why wouldnt they sell?Hooper or kommens isnt going in summer
or the january window


10 Jan 2012 10:28:06
Brighton and Hove Albion January Transfers:

IN's (Signings)

Majeta Kezman - (Free)
Joe Lewis - (£900k)(8)(15)Kezman to Brighton!!?? What is with Brighton fans and inflated opinions as to where there club realistically are. Time to get real boys.I think you need to be more realistic pal and not whoever added this rumour. Kezman is past his best (thats if he realy ever got there in the first place) so why you need to say - what is it with Brighton fans?. I think is more - get in the real world and look at what Brighton have achieved and what there ambition is. You still think Kezman is still a big name player (thats why youve critisised this rumour) and obviously jealous that Brighton can attract sush name.Why would'nt Kezman go to Brighton? He's spent a few months playing in Hong Kong which is hardly a high level, so I doubt that he's "too good" for Brighton


10 Jan 2012 10:27:26
Bournemouth arent signing freddy eastwood. Also Swindon fans dont seem to realise just because they have an eccentric manager from italy, they think they are inter milan. You play league 2 football and ritchie would have gone last time if your club had accepted a bid for a player that is worth way under 500k. AFCB will sign Cody Mcdonald before the end of the week(9)(11)God, there is such jealousy about our manager. Just be happy with Lee whats his name.

If a proper team made a realistic offer for Ritchie he may go, but he will not go to a tinpot L1 side for a fee spread over so many months it would not pay the groundsmans wages.
When you are in the Championship and have some cash to offer up front, then give us a call. We'll still turn you down though.So whats your point Mr Cherry fan. Bournemouth are a small club and all of a sudden you have a supposed rich Russian chucking his money about. Ritchie doesnt want to go Bournemouth as he sees you as a step backwards and why should he when Championship clubs are interested in him.
As for Paolo he is going to be a top manager whereas Bradbury is a L1/L2 manager.

You need to get a reality check pal we have bigger crowds than little Bournemouth and normally when we go to your place we take it over in fact last time you didnt have enough room for us.

looking forward to next season.Bournamouth have spent most of their time in L2 and Paolo will get us back up and dont be surprised to see two promotions on the trot from us. He is an intelligent manager and one with character and passion and he is out to prove everyone wrong.
so far 1 defeat in 19 games and getting stronger.Bornmuff are a micky mouse club always have been, Swindon have good backing and far more potential than them and maybe a div 2 club at the moment, yes Ritchie may go to a bigger club but to suggest 500k to bornmuff is the deal he wants is purely a delusion on your part, he's too good for you lot and you aint a big club, why would he want to join you if prem and championship clubs are looking at him.Most of their time in Lg 2 (Div 4?) No...Lg 1 (div 3). 89 seasons in the league. 9 seasons in Lg 2. Bournemouth seem to have got some Swindon fans very uppity though. Funny!Bournemouth are a joke club, and you are proving that the fans are none too smart, read your comments again that Ritchie would have gone if we accepted a bid below the 500k we turned down, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, it makes no sence.... Ritchie is going no where this season, as for thinking we are milan, not at all but we are not bournemouth either..... why would he go backwards even if we did accept your 500k, no way he would join you, so grow up worry about the club you support and stop the green eyed glances as this superior club.... You may have money, but without supporters and a decent ground who are you going to attract ?If di canio is that good he will soon move on you lot have nt got enough money to buy the players he wants as he s already said what he s got is carpWho's better bournmouth or swindon? who cares! ur both small clubs its like trying to decide what tastes better st or sick!


10 Jan 2012 10:22:46
wolves to solve their goalscoring problems with a bid for tim howard(32)(14)Classic!Thought wascally woy wanted him for west bromHilariousWoy needs him to get come goals at home.

Imagine that, paying money to watch Albion, and they dont perform at home.



10 Jan 2012 10:21:38
Once appointed manager at Preston North End, Graham Westley is set to raid his old club, Stevenage for four of their best players. His key targets are Ben May, Larry Wilson, Michael Boswick & Guy Madjo(13)(8)


10 Jan 2012 10:18:32
Ipswich Town bill will bid 100k and offer Drury back to Non League Luton in exchange Jake Howells(9)(8)


10 Jan 2012 10:13:36
Rangers davis tO move to Blackpool fOr 2.5mil . Expect deal to be completed today(4)(31)This rumour smells of shie. At least try to make your lies sound believableDont think we would spend that amount and dont much bout davis and 1st time its been mentioned so more than likley poo.


10 Jan 2012 10:00:45
Darron Gibson to Everton (more than likely in the summer on a free) with Tim Cahill departing for Stoke.(17)(18)Tim Cahill is also wanted by a number of Australian clubs, mostly by Melbourne Victory to partner Harry Kewell in midfieldTim Cahill is NOT going to Stoke. This is a rumour perpetuated by certain Stoke fans who seem to particularly pleased at the prospect and Liverpool fans who know that it annoys Evertonians. This is not meant as a slight to Stoke, who are clearly are clearly in the process of establishing themselves as an upper-middling Premiership team (whilst Everton's future is anybody's guess). I know that this is a rumour site and that 95% of what's written here won't happen but please, for everyone's sanity, can we please let this one drop?Tim cahill going stoke {Ed025's Note - no aint


10 Jan 2012 10:00:02
Jake Lloyd of Crewe Alex to Hull(5)(8)


10 Jan 2012 09:58:27
People are saying that Dobbie is part of a swap deal for Maynard between Swansea and Bristol City, but the talk going on around Swansea is that Leroy Lita is the player involved in the deal and not Dobbie. Lita is not playing much game time at the Swans and may be would be up for a return to Bristol City.

-----------------------------------(6)(10)Lita aint scottish tho.The BBC are reporting it to be Dobbie, it's not just "people"For some reason BBC have reported about Dobbie plus cash. but cannot see this on any other website. strange for the BBCAlthough many Bristol City fans would welcome Leroy back with open arm I'm not so sure the player himself would be interested in rejoining the club. There have been plenty of rumours regarding his behaviour since his move concerning other City players and his general attitude whilst out enjoying the Bristol nightlife. I don't see this rumour having any legs, but as I said many fans would love to see his return.


10 Jan 2012 09:57:00
Stoke take Nigerian striker Michael Uchebo on trial(24)(5)He's signed on a 3 year contract, every things done just waiting on a work permit for it to be officialHe's known as the Nigerian Peter Crouch!


10 Jan 2012 09:45:11
Contrary to his own Twitter assertion that he will stay at Barnet until the end of the season, I have it on very good authority that Izale McLeod will be re-signed by MK Dons this week on a 2 year contract. Fee agreed, thought to be £375k"

Very funny. Dons spending £375k! HA HA! No chance. Now, £37.5k, that I WOULD believe...

Even though the dons have been given a million pounds to spend(4)(9)


10 Jan 2012 09:40:25
Cahill transfer being delayed because we wont pay the £100,000 wages that he is wanting.(18)(3)He is not worth of it
go for showcross or vermaelen^ agreed, both would be much better ^This is not a rumour, it is internet news!Heard he's currently earning 39,000 a week and his agent asked Chelsea for 110,000 which is outrageous, he's not even that good, sign Jagielka instead he's far better.

BobbybuffonMoneygrabber cahill. he isnt that great to be paid 100k a wk


10 Jan 2012 08:43:23
Ed all this talk of Rhodes going to every club in the top 3 tiers, where do you think he will actually end up, if he goes anywhere, and will it be in this window or in the summer? {Ed001's Note - I don't think he will go anywhere until the summer at the earliest and Spurs seem the most likely team to get him.}(7)(10)Even then Ed he will be loaned out to a championship team like Ipswich to develop his skills that he learnt at Ipswich through the youth accademy {Ed001's Note - I doubt that very much, the price he is going to cost will ensure he stays at the club that buys him and gets a chance.}IPSWICH fans pls give it up, u let JORD slip through yor fingers, you will never see him again, up the TERRIERSBig thanks to roy keane blinding bit of bizz that son cant think why he is not in a management positionHaha ipswich a championship side thats abit optimistic for next season! quite likey huddersfield could be in the league above u come august! ooh 2 b a , ooh 2 b a terrier. after all them years at man u you'd think roy keane wud b able to spot talent rather than flog on the cheap!


10 Jan 2012 09:39:14
talks have broken down between west ham united and galatasaray conserning charlton cole(19)(6)Or even Carlton ColePoor choice anyway, isn't Milan Baros firing for them up front? And aren't they also bidding for Dirk KuytYeah thanks, Carlton XD and i've heard about Kuyt being linked with Galatasaray aswellCole (and WHU) are at their right level in the Championship. Nowhere near good enough for Gala


10 Jan 2012 09:38:49
Micheal Jacobs has been linked with Huddersfield in replacement of Jordan Rhodes who is set to make a move to West Ham very soon.(11)(14)Am sure michael Jacobs is a midfielder
plays at NorthamptonIf jordan rhodes does leave huddersfield it will be for a premier league clubRhodes probs not moving until summer, whenever he moves it will be to Prem, not WHU


10 Jan 2012 09:36:04
Adebayo Akinfenwa is reportedly being offered a contract to Chelsea F.C with wages of £78,525(25)(20)Sounds a bit exact on the old wages


10 Jan 2012 09:35:39
Southampton are set to swoop for Bari striker Alessandro Marotta and midfielder Massimo Donati. 25 year old striker Marotta is currently out of favour despite signing a new deal in the summer at the Italian Serie b side and is beleived to be available for around 1 million Euros, while former Celtic player Donati would cost in the region of 2.5 million Euros.

Southampton look set to sell fringe players Jonathon Forte, Lee Holmes and Tommy Forecast while Lee Barnard looks set to move to Championship side Ipswich Town on loan if he passes a medical.(8)(7)Will there be any strikers left available anywhere as Saints will be signing everyone apparentlyOf course there will be strikers left you muppet. We have (apparently) an 'interest' in about 5. No more than any other club, we just have irritatingly speculative supporters.So random it is probably true......I was joking you person as you lot think you are signing every striker going. just to mention a couple Jukiwetz- Maynard- Sharp keep being mentioned i can just see Cortese signing all these plue the Bari striker its total pie in the sky.Once again, ALL clubs get linked with alot of strikers, doesnt mean you sign them all idiot. A good manager keeps options open, holds talks with a few so we have back up options. Other wise whats the point. Stop criticising and worry about your own clubBarnard has only recently had an operation. And is out for most of the season. So I think it's a given that he'll fail the medical.."I was joking you person..."

Holloway? Is that you?If Barnard was fit he'd be more than welcome at Ipswich


10 Jan 2012 09:20:07
Wolves and Bolton have made official enquiries for Stoke's Kenwyne Jones.(24)(8)


10 Jan 2012 09:09:04
Oli Johnson to join Swindon - Kerrouche, Bodin, Clarke and Magera to leave this week for Wycombe, Torquay, Chesterfield and Hereford respectively.(8)(10)Dont think Magera will be going agree with the others but Clarke has already gone to Charlton


10 Jan 2012 09:06:04
Bristol City are to re-sign Scott Murray untill the end of the season, this will be a massive one for the fans of ashton gate, Maynard to Swansea, Adomah staying, Brett Pitman to Derby, Jon Stead staying. and fingers crossed Woolford goes League 2 where he might be good enough for.(2)(13)


10 Jan 2012 09:03:06
Doncaster will attempt to keep Billy Sharp despite Leicester being after him(11)(7)


10 Jan 2012 09:03:04
billy sharp to sign new contract at doncaster rovers ok they cant offer anywere near what leicester will have offer but he loves the club also in the contract will b a low release fee if rovers were relegated(10)(14)He already sed hes ready to leave doncaster why would he sign a new contract !!When has he ever said hes ready to leave? must have missed that one, he will stay to at least the end of the season


10 Jan 2012 09:02:14
liverpool are swapping demba ba for andy carroll !!(19)(15)No theyre not....only if they pay Newcastle 35m as well


10 Jan 2012 08:58:03
pmsl laughing at some of you..davis of rangers for 2mil...hes on a 5 year contract you muppets. It will take 5mil plus for davis to be sold with villa most likely to put in a bid, o'connor of hibs, jamie murphy of motherwell and davidson and sandaza of st johnstone are all prime targets for rangers but will only come in if someone is sold.(5)(9)Ok, hes on a 5 year contract - shadow of the player he was for the last couple of seasons. On present form 2m would be about right. Get in the real world!Steven Davis has never been worth 5M


10 Jan 2012 08:57:12
reading fc are preparing a 3 million bid for rhodes(2)(27)Why would he go to reading when PL clubs are after himIt's rumored that they have already knocked back 3.5 from Liverpool. Why would reading bid 3?? LolWhats with all the bs on this site talking about rhodes! not going to happen! READING HUDDS not that far behind them now n will prob be a better team in 2 years! rhodes not daft doesn'twant to even leave might even stay another year if htfc go up! then off to top EPL club


10 Jan 2012 08:53:58
Piquionne in advanced talks with Celtic regarding an 18 mth contract .
Hooper speculation and interest from Southampton and now Sunderland has convinced the board they should sell at the right price...believed to be 6.75 milion pound rising to 7.5 million pounds if the south coaster's get promoted ...also a further payment could be factered in if Hooper breaks into England set-up within next 2 years.
Arthur(12)(9)Stupid rumour - Southampton won't pay more than 4.5m for a player - so unless Hooper is available for around that price seems very unlikelyHow is that a load of rubbish? when saints had a 6 mill bid turned down for jay rod from burnley in the last window. U people dont realise who we are after or what money we have got.If we really want him then we'll fork out the cash, but seems like one of a number of targets for Saints


10 Jan 2012 08:53:57
Psg to move for rooney with a 80 million bid . Seems unbelievable but true .(12)(35)No its just unbelievableAnd certainly aint true


10 Jan 2012 08:52:22
man city are preparing a 50 million pound bid for villa and offering 250k a week(11)(30)That sound realisticInjured for the season and he can pass a medical?When hes out injured with a broken legGet real that the same David Villa thats out with a broken leg yeah?He could mean Aston Villa but you could get them cheaper I thinkMaybe they are bringing Ricardo Villa out of retirement.50 million is rubbish , Aston villa arent worth half that


10 Jan 2012 08:39:01
Chris Coleman will be a front runner for the Wales job after leaving Larissa.(15)(6)


10 Jan 2012 08:37:46
get ur money on torres to malaga(27)(26)The Malaga owners yesterday announced they wont be spending on their midfield or attack in this window due to the stupid financial fair play rule coming in.However with 4th place in La Liga up for grabs this could be an elleberate smoke screen for a big name signing.


10 Jan 2012 08:37:35
Im a west ham supporter in australia and want to know y do clubs have to wait till the last week of transfer window to bring in new players into the club then the players that we want get other offers from other clubs and we miss out on the players we want lets get em know y wait?(7)(4)Saves them a few weeks wages and some clubs desperate to sell in the last week that they take lower bids. other clubs more determined to keep players so ask for more. so stupid. Get business done early and get the new players bedded in quickly.Teams like to have replacement players in place also haggeling over prices /feesBecause West Ham are a last resort club for any half decent player


10 Jan 2012 08:37:07
charlton are in the race to sign hotshot jack cogley, there fighting off competition from accrington stanley & everton(5)(8)


10 Jan 2012 08:30:20
premiership teams have no chance of signing harry maguire from sheffield united he says he has no intention of leaving anytime soon and says he doesnt want to end up like jordan slew at blackburn by being a bench warmer source: sheffield star(9)(10)


10 Jan 2012 08:17:49
Ipswich are chasing wonderkid Michael Uchebo dubbed the new kanu he holds a price tag believed to be between £1-£1.5million(6)(16)They might be chasing him but they'll never catch him.Pulis has given him 2days to impress in training with the Stoke team before completing a 1.5mil move. st sources mate.10 Jan 2012 10:00:26
odd since hes at stoke city right no on trail lol is going to stoke already signedWhy would anyone want to go to ipswich? They are a crap small club who are going to league 1."The new Kanu" - so he's tall, ugly and crap then? Brilliant, let's hope you sign him.Pullis will sign the lad, then loan him out to Ipswich to develope and hone his skills, after all we are one of the best clubs known for young player developments, Regardless of our leagus position Budgie


10 Jan 2012 08:16:08
Rangers linked with £2million rated spanish striker Javi Guerra of Real Valladolid.

Daily Record.(13)(7)Dot think 2m would be possible unless jelavic is sold.Rangers have no money


10 Jan 2012 08:05:29
Liverpool striker to move to Turkey??(11)(23)Sounds like kuyt to galatasarayLiverpool striker is a turkey! Ba-dum tshh


10 Jan 2012 07:51:46
Southampton in:

Robbin Ruiter
Lewis Mcgugan
Gary Hooper
Kris Commons
Tadanari Lee

Southampton out:

Ryan Doble
Lee Holmes
Jonathan Forte
Guly(8)(13)Im a saints fan, and this is ridiculous...why would we buy 2 more keepers when we have Davis who still has about 1-2 years left in him. Bialkowski who, may have had a mare in one game, but has been pretty solid in his other performances and Adkins rates him highly.

Gary hooper would be a good signing yes, but to be honest i think with the amount of interest sparked from our inquiry i think we will get outpriced easily. Cortese wont spend ridiculous amounts for a striker that isnt much better than Lambert who cost 1million..

In terms of outs, Doble won't go anywhere except on loan, Adkins wont get rid of youth players so easily considering he wants 50% of the team to be homegrown. Holmes and Forte will no doubt leave on loan, but may be used in exchange deals/sold to free up wages. Guly, this is just stupid, yes he may be a bit 'lazy' at times, but pulls through when we need him and is rated quite highly!Guly Do Prado will not be sold. He is a regular first team player so why would he leave?Southampton In's will be:

Tadanari Lee (definite)
One of Ruiter or Mcgugan
One of Hooper or Commons.

Not every single one. There is interest in them all but we won't sign every single player on our shortlist, we will be lucky to get any of the above considering our tight view on transfers.

Southampton out:
Doble (Loan)

And Guly will not go anywhere, he is our second top scorer and current first team member If anything he will slip to being a back up player if we bring in another forward.Southampton would be a great team for hooper and commons, but hooper definatly isnt going anywhere might have a shot with commons but will do his usual.... will be absolutly brilliant for half season then utter rubbish the next, we were warned when he came from derbyI dont think GULY will be sold some how!I think Forecast might need to be added to the outs list


10 Jan 2012 07:39:38
The Celtic board have approved consideration of offers for Hooper in excess of 5 million with add ons. They have requested David Connolly become a make weight in the deal with Southampton. Connolly would relish the opportunity to finish his career at the club he has supported since a boy.(11)(10)


10 Jan 2012 07:16:24
Seems Southampton just make low offers for all players they are interested in and more often than not they are rebuffed.(12)(7)Its called "running a business"Isn't that what most clubs do?Not Leicester, they make overly large offers to players that are "not for sale" and pay them high wages when the offer is accepted.I keep telling saints fans Cortese wont pay over the odds and there 12k wage cap is the problem so Adkins will always get budget players- Fact but its like talking to a brick wall with Saints fans and they cant accept it.


10 Jan 2012 06:44:24
isn't it funny how you english footy fans think you are so high and mighty when you talk about the old firm, glasgow rangers have won more major trophies than any team in the WORLD(feel free to look that one up) and both rangers and celtic attract 50,000 plus attendances every home game. so before you spout your sh1te on this page hav a think about how successful YOUR team REALLY is before sllagging us off..rant over(14)(25)Crikey, cant wait for Scotland to get independence from the UK. Then we would finally hear the last of "massive" Celtic and Rangers joining the EPL!Any team with a big support and money could win trophies in your Mickey Mouse League ! You 2 wouldn't even get out of the Championship in England!We could all win lots of trophies if we played in a mickey mouse league!!If the premiership consisted of two half decent teams and 18 other abyssmal teams (like SPL does) then Manchester United or Liverpool would be the most decorated teams in the world.

On the major stages i.e Champions League Rangers have never really done a lot, granted Celtic had a golden era. Just look at the performance of Sotland national team to see how mediocre SPL is.

Teams in Prem who get gates of around 50,000 are Man Utd, Man City, Arsenal, Newcastle, Sunderland and Liverpool.

For size of city of Glasgow so they should get 50k plus.U said major trophies what Scottish league 54,Scottish cup 33,Scottish league cup 27 and cup winners cup 1 I only c 1 major trophy there as the rest is a 50-50 chance of winner cos the one you didnt win celtic did ( Scottish football 2 horse race every year)Your league is poor thats why!? put either of them in the prem and see what happens relegation battle if your teams were so good you would at least turn up for the champions league"MAJOR trophies"!! It's like winning a coin-tossLol.... How many trophies were won outside The Mickey Mouse Scottish league??Your comparing a competition that is totally uncompetitive to the fastest most competitive league in the world. I bet if even tottenham went to spl they'd be undefeatedThats because there is a lack of quality in the spl, yes your a big club, but nobody else has the financial power to compete, so your bound to win alot more trophys because there is only one other club to give you competion, and i'd hardly count the spl as a major trophy anyways, doesn't it come filled with pic'n'mix?You spoilt it by saying MAJOR TROPHIESIf rangers or Celtic were ever to leave the comfort of the SPL the 'major trophies' (said painfully) would dry up like a pond in the Sahara - FACT.
Who were the last team to give the top 2 a decent run for their money, Hearts (paying their players in Haggis & Jellie Beans) or Hibs (2nd bottom of the SPL).........Sorry what's this about? I lost interest as soon as i read "old firm", i can get Sunday League on the local park, it's slightly better quality and it rains less. The downside is there are no pasty gingers to laugh at, ho hum.Hope you didn't include glasgow cup in your total of major trophies cos if you did you are on a loser mateFor a wee country winning 3 europeon cups a super cup, an getting into a few semi/europeon finals ain't to bad. Granted our national team have been crap last few years, getting a bit better now though. But what about INGER-LAND complete and outter P15H. Last time your team where in a final is when you bribed a russian lines man. Top sides in the world lol, explain to me why is your national side such a big streak of PI5H haha.Ha ha ha, just spat my drink everywhere you should be a standup comedian, its like putting inter milan in league 2 and them boasting about winning the league.... of course you have trophies, there are no other clubs challenging for them...The only reason EPL teams are considered better is due to the masive tv rights that give each club about 30 million in revenue to spend each year. whilst in Scotland you get just over 1m. if either OF club had that to spend of course they would cope in the EPL and within 5 yrs be a top 6 team. i dont support either but you can only spend what you are givenTo the person who posted that the standard of football in the SPL is comparable to the standard of the Scottish national team - most of the Scottish national team play for teams in the EPL.Personally with the Secterianism problem you have up there ,and all the Racism problems that the English leagues have got can,t see this happenin any time soon plus if You get
Independance you might have to apply for the League of Ireland.Other than Darren Fletcher name a player who plays on a top 6 club in the English Premier League, don't count Alan Hutton because he never would make the Spurs team now. All the scottish national players play for the bottom feeders of the prem. The only spark you have is Jordan Rhodes who is only a proven goalscorer at the League One level. Get your head out of your ass mate, Celtic and Rangers would barely make it out of the ChampionshipCeltic couldn't even win an away game in the champions league and would struggle in the chumpionship as would Rangers - SPL is a joke.I mean there ok stupid meThought ur talking about qprSeems a bit rash to say that the Celtic would fail in English football.

With Sky TV money, in addition to the enormous worldwide support they have it wouldnt be long before they were becoming contenders. Parkhead will have 50k plus fans in to watch the likes of St Mirren and is full to capacity (over 60k) for bigger games so revenue generation wouldn't be a problem and as we all know that is what it all comes down to in the end.

Another point I would like to make is that despite being portrayed by all and sundry as a poor team in a poor league it seems that almost every member of the Celtic first team is attracting interest from a Premiership team at the moment, just have a look through the rumours page.

As for people coming on here saying Celtic are broke and Celtic are in financial trouble I would like to set you all straight- Rangers are the ones in dire straights, Celtic currently have basically zero debt and 3 billionaires on the board which means not only are we in a far healthier financial state than most of the Premiership, we absolutely dont have to sell any of our top players.

DavidMacAnother boring post from the scottish pub sunday league !

maximusMight have to pawn some of the silverware to clear the debtsWell saidThe SPL is a poor league with poor players , Fact! Championship is about the level of the SPL.


10 Jan 2012 05:22:26
Southampton bought hoiveld from Celtic right? A player that didn't even get a game for Celtic but he can get a game for southampton? Proves how much better Southampton are?!!(9)(13)Or proves your manager doesn't know a decent defender if he is under his noseBet you wish you had him now.!I agree Southampton fans are living in a dream landJust proves you didn't know what a good player you had.We saw enough of him, he is hopeless and if your team gets into the premiership he will be found out bigstyle. Same as Caldwell at Wigan, another donkey.


10 Jan 2012 03:47:41
craig bellamy has enjoyed his time at liverpool but believes his future lies with cardiff he wont be sold in this transfer window but the next and also maxi rodriguez will switch to aston villa barcelona to sign vincent company from manchester city as a deal estimated at 28m pounds alsoreal madrid to sign edison cavani so chelsea fans can stop dreaming.(5)(24)


10 Jan 2012 02:41:09
have heard the following moves will occur in january :
essien - fulham 1month loan (fitness)
krasic - chelsea £9mil
cahill - chelsea £7mil
podolski - arsenal £11mil
rodegella - everton loan
cavani - man city £50mil
pogba + morrison (man u ressies) - stoke loan
tevez - psg £30mil(22)(22)Essien would go into the Chelsea reserve team to get fitness, not to Fulham for a pointless 1 month loan!Could be trueWhy would Wigan let Rodallega go out on loan? He's one of their best players so anyone after him would have to buy


10 Jan 2012 02:39:24
Crawley Town are lining up a £50,000 bid for Walsall striker/winger Alex Nicholls(14)(9)


10 Jan 2012 02:33:27
Tarmo Kink is set to join league one side Walsall on loan from Middlesbrough

Andy Halliday is also being sent onto back on loan to league two side Hereford on loan until the end of the season(9)(9)


10 Jan 2012 01:54:10
Piquionne in advanced talks with Celtic regarding an 18 mth contract .
Hooper speculation and interest from Southampton and now Sunderland has convinced the board they should sell at the right price...believed to be 6.75 milion pound rising to 7.5 million pounds if the south coaster's get promoted ...also a further payment could be factered in if Hooper breaks into England set-up within next 2 years.
Arthur(17)(21)Hooper is awesome!Im a celtic fan and hes a great playeer hope he doesnt go


10 Jan 2012 01:51:24
Hi ed, have you heard anything about man united signing anyone this January? Plus I live in Basel and FCB Basel are not selling shaqiri this transfer window thanks I then qualifying for the latter stages of the champions league, but he will be gone this summer!! {Ed001's Note - I am really not sure what is going on there, I would have expected a midfielder and full back to join in January, but Scholes' return suggests that a midfielder is not going to happen. I do still expect a right back, if the right one can be tempted to move ahead of the Euros. That, I believe, has ruled out any move for Azpilicueta, who seems to be the first choice, judging by the amount of times they have scouted him.}(10)(5)


10 Jan 2012 01:35:35
Graham Westly to be named as new pne manager.(9)(12)There will be a press conference to announce this some time today.Odd's on that PNE will sack him in 18 months time when he fails to get the club promotion back to the Championship.This guy is no mug just what pne need in my opinion to get the best out of a decent but lazy squad.


10 Jan 2012 00:44:36
Heard something about Marlon King heading back to coventry?!(7)(24)He should have been sent to coventry by all of football years ago.


10 Jan 2012 00:40:18
bolton have made a shook
bid for junior


10 Jan 2012 00:35:44
Psg to move for rooney . Seems unbelievable but true .(17)(36)Adam Rooney maybe. If not, dont make up such pathetic unbelieveable dribble.


10 Jan 2012 00:34:10
Brentford In's:

Steven Gillespie (Colchester United) could be heading to Griffin Park after being spotted at Ealing Broadway station
It is though Gillespie would be available for around £50,000.


Karleigh Osborne to Charlton - £120,000
Kirk Hudson to Hayes & Yeading United - Free(3)(9)The premis for Gillespie leaving Colchester is that he was spotted a railway station! OMFG


10 Jan 2012 00:33:34
manchester untited
are looking at olympakos right
back vaslis
can u see this ed {Ed001's Note - they are certainly looking for a right back, United have scouted Azpilicueta extensively, so it is certainly possible. I have no info on it though one way or the other.}(9)(12)


10 Jan 2012 00:29:23
Davis of rangers to a championship side for 2.5 mil . Also snodgrass to norwich(19)(25)2.5m ... ha ha ha, no. You don't get a good player who has a 5 year contract with a team he loves moving away for that little ... hes our captain ffsYou if your skintM8 celtic are allot better than rangers and davis isnt that good


10 Jan 2012 00:06:30
Liverpool will be signing a Uruguayan International in this transfer window, rumours suggesting Álvaro Pereira or Edinson Cavani but Nicolás Lodeiro is the man Liverpool are trying to sign from Ajax(12)(23)


09 Jan 2012 23:49:34
Carlos vela is negotiating personal terms with southampton after a £4.5m deal has been agreed.(9)(42)Can all you Sthampton fans please wind your necks and post something realistic. Defoe, Vela, Hooper, etc, really? Oh dear...


09 Jan 2012 23:17:35
Hi ed where is shaqiri going and is Rooney leavin utd coming from a reading fan {Ed001's Note - I doubt Shaqiri is going anywhere in January, just like Rooney.}(8)(17)


09 Jan 2012 23:47:08
Dunfermline to loan Darren Mackie from Aberdeen(5)(15)Hope soJust when the Pars thought that it couldn't get any worse...


09 Jan 2012 22:37:56
liverpool are trying to bring in flamini as a straight swap for aquilani(11)(36)Are you desperate?Flamini is a decent player and is also versatile. If it's Liverpool's intention to sign a short-term replacemen for Lucast, Flamini would be a decent option. Saying that, I still think that they'll persist with Spearing in the meantime.


09 Jan 2012 22:37:42
Birmingham midfielder Enric Valls on trial at SPL side Kilmarnock.(5)(10)That's why he played a reserve game today?


09 Jan 2012 23:06:17
If you have any rumours on st.mirren please reply(1)(12)Swindon town have enquirer about the availability of Paul McGowan and a bid is imminent


09 Jan 2012 23:04:03
Christian Dailly 6 month deal at Kilmarnock(14)(12)


09 Jan 2012 23:01:33
Cardiff city to bid once again for noone but after the carling cup semi final tomorrow! Deal could be agreed by next week!(11)(10)No they are not. Gus Poyet has said today that Noone is staying.


09 Jan 2012 22:34:34
gloves are off in scramble to sign Tom Taiwo
Burnley, Watford, Doncaster, Sheff Utd & Huddersfield all eager to sign him.(4)(14)


09 Jan 2012 22:22:49
Any Southend utd rumours at all out there ed?(4)(8)


09 Jan 2012 22:09:16
Both Jelavic and Davis of Rangers being punted around EPL with £6.5m and £2m being quoted aslong as payment is cash- direct from an agent. McGregor will only be sold for £6m plus should stay until the Summer. McCoist is planning double swoop on St.Johnstone for Sandanza and Davidson but wages have been laughed at. Loan for Chelsea youth player but don't know name.(21)(8)Also heard this about Davis and heard he is gutted because he is the captain of his boyhood heroes! Without him the league is gone!Your club might be gone soonTwo million for davis ? we paid three million for him and he has just penned a new five year deal so get a grip and stop talking pish timothy !!St Johnstone shall be looking for at least 1500000 for the 2 of them something rangers do not have as they are about to go bustUtter rubbish. The board has set the price for Jelavic and they will only sell at that price. All this nonsense about Rangers going bust yet there storys in the paper today saying McCoist wants to splash 2mm on Javi Guerra


09 Jan 2012 19:11:01
Hi Ed, do you know of any Norwich transfer rumours? Or do you know if any of these rumours are true; Snodgrass, Matt Philipps, Jordan Rhodes, Nicky Maynard, Chris Gunter, Wilfried Zaha? Just names I have heard, and would love to know if you know if there is any truth behind any of these. Also do you know anymore about the young German player? {Ed003's Note - Phillips has been watched by a lot of teams and at least 2 offers have been turned down,the others I dont know,sorry }(9)(8)No way Zaha will go Norwich, bigger clubs looking at him and he signed a 5 year deal 2 weeks ago.
And yes im a palace fan, not hating #justsaying^ this isn't twitter?You have no hope of getting Snodgrass, he wants to join CelticHope snograss does join glasgow celticPhilips to norwich what garbage is this if he goes and only if, it will be to a big club his manager said chairman said and so did the player so give it a rest fool.


09 Jan 2012 22:03:46
Podolski to arsenal 9 million
Pato to arsenal 40 million
Rhodes to arsenal swoop with afobe
Arshavin to zenit
Fabianski to norwich-loan
Afobe to huddersfield(12)(8)Yeeeeeeeee right , pato whos injury prone for 40 mil , so who sits on the bench van persie, ur crazay , a crazay man u r whos just .... carazy
5 gold starsBelievable apart from PatoYou won't get pato podolski or Rhodes keep smoking the good stuffHudders will want more than afobe he is there RVP at least 4m and then maybe afobe aswell!Afobe not bad player. lot younger the rhodes but rhodes going to be a lot better player, afobe couldn't hit barn door last season butstill young would expect 4-5m plus afobe! UTTWhy would Norwich want another keeper? Fans have every faith in Ruddy and have 3 good young keepers at the club so no keeper will be bought at carrow for some time


09 Jan 2012 21:58:54
People are saying that Dobbie is part of a swap deal for Maynard between Swansea and Bristol City, but the talk going on around Swansea is that Leroy Lita is the player involved in the deal and not Dobbie. Lita is not playing much game time at the Swans and may be would be up for a return to Bristol City.(4)(13)No chance of Leroy returning to Bristol, he would be in too much trouble of the pitch for it to be sensible.It is on the back page of the Bristol Evening Post about the Maynard - Dobbie and cash deal. i would not want Lita back at ashton Gate, very lazy, useless and over ratedNow reported on the BBC website too


09 Jan 2012 21:41:19
that was a bit convenient, henry unmarked and scores the winner, I bet that there was a few big bets placed on that one?r(20)(7)From where I was sitting it looked offside, but as it was Henry it was over-looked. Too busy cooing over him. Yes I am a Leeds fan and yes Arsenal deserved to win, they had enough blooming chances to win comfortably. However I do feel like it wasn't going to be their night and would have welcomed a draw, just so we could have another go at them with the likes of Snodgrass and some new transfers.Henry wasn't offside...aidy white played him on


09 Jan 2012 21:40:15
Leeds to offer Henry a loan move after a drab game at the emirates, master bates having a wet dream over the night(12)(28)


09 Jan 2012 20:56:08
Leyton Orient are signing ex Charlton centre back Jonathan Fortune on a 6 month deal after he impressed on trial today(4)(4)I hope he'll do well at Orient, not a bad player at all.


09 Jan 2012 20:52:26
leicester to sign
cameron stewart and billy sharp
southampton to sign gary hooper and nicky maynard
west ham to sign jordan rhodes and vedran corluka(19)(34)Dream on about hooper hes to good for the championship and hes out of ur price range!!Cameron doesn't want to go and Hull don't want to sell so Leicester are wasting their time.All these players are far 2 good for the camp. This is utter rubbishDonny and Leicester have already agreed a fee for Sharp just awaiting personal termsSouthampton and Celtic have agreed a fee for HooperWhy is it ppl think that hull wont sell 2 leicester? its utter bcks! bye far the richest club in the championship FACT! if pearson desperately wants sum1 then he will get him end of!! BLUE ARMYHow can you judge if Hooper is to good for the Championship when he only plays in that piss pot SPLLeicester are nowhere near the richest club in the Championship, their owner barely makes the top half of the table, he just seems to like wasting his money. They might get Sharp, they won't get Stewart.If you are judging "richest" club by the wealth of its owner, you may want to check out who own Southampton FC and how much they are worth.Im a celtic fan hooper wont be sold for any priceSharp isn't going to leicesterCameron Stewart is going nowhere! He as pledged his alligence to Hull City, so quitter Pearson might as well look elsewhere eh!


09 Jan 2012 20:51:19
Bradford City keen on taking Watford striker Joe Garner on loan to add to their firepower. Garner is out of favour at Vicarage Road with Sean Dyche looking at loan options instead of the former Forest man.(2)(5)


09 Jan 2012 20:49:09
Youre mad, wolves dont pay big wages, and are not in debt at all, old firm arent a force and couldnt hack the pace of the prem.(11)(5)It is easy to slag the old firm, but rangers got 2m for winning the title last year,when the team that finish bottom of the epl get 35m. Just remember that is every year. Given a level playing field rangers and Celtic would blow wolves out of the water. Just remember that rangers took 150,000 fans to Manchester, no other team in the
World could have done that.
I don't think 150000 have even Heard of wolves {Ed003's Note - It was 100k yesterday,but you have to remember you play under a different affiliation, I just dont get it myself nobody from other affiliations try to compere themselves with the EPL ? }Behave of course the old firm could cope in the pl. Might take a couple of seasons to get some money but could defo compete. The money in the pl is ten fold to the spl and we have some I the largest fan base in the ukI'm a wolves fan, but I have to say if Rangers or Celtic were given the chance to play in the Premier League and had the money that that goes with it they would grow and become a force within a few years. The size of the clubs there fan base's are huge they have massive gates compared to English clubs like Wigan. This is one of the main reasons that they should never be given the oppurtunity because english clubs would suffer in the long run.I am not being funny, but the EPL is shown all around the world to possibly even billions of people if you think about it in Asia, so even if 'knowing' about Wolves is only a by product of playing against some of the so called better teams in the world, it is still more coverage than what the SPL gets, I am not sure of exact numbers, but the supporter numbers (people who have bought tickets), are in the 200 thousands, so even taking in the fact a few people will have 1, 2 or possibly even 3 numbers, that could accumulate up to at least 125k people buying tickets alone, there are also quite a number of fan clubs around the world who follow Wolves, and also the general support who dont go to games, so I do believe 150000 have at least heard of Wolves.

Just to add, I think you would struggle to begin with in the EPL as if you were a championship club who has just been promoted if you look at your squads as they are (Players who couldnt make it in the EPL, and those who are untested Championship players or those who haven't left Scotland yet. You have a few exciting young players coming through, dont get me wrong even your national side will be decent in a few years time, but just 1 thing you will struggle to compete with in the EPL, and that is to attract players, who wants to go to Glasgow, when there are alot better cities on offer in England, from an outsider looking in I know where I would go, and almost anywhere in England is better than Scotland (I stress not everywhere).

So to conclude, until you actually do start playing in the EPL, we will never know how you would do, and since this is almost certainly not going to happen, I think and more discussion on it is pretty pointless?Wolves fan is talking sense. we would compete and it would be hard for a season or two but we would have the fan base and the ability to attract big players. After a few years they'd be up neat the top.'A force' doubtful, midtable at best.SPL sides would only be half decent in the championship, there best players are of the same calibre of kyle lafferty who couldnt even hack the championshipThe two sticking points with this are,
Where would Celtic & Rangers,Conference?
Blue Square? they could not be expected to
join the football league without having to progress through the divisions on merit,and what would happen to the SPL
without the revenue that the Big Two generate.Although there are some good points being made here they are completely irrelevant as it will never happen, although you could ask the question as to why the EPL has Welsh teams in it?

BobbybuffonThe Welsh teams were in there from the start or at least very early on!


09 Jan 2012 20:47:25
bournemouth to sign Swindons Matt Ritchie for 1.5 million plus add ons........ Big things happening at the south coast club thanks to russian investment with the club already having spent over 2 million on permanent deals for their loan signings acording to Steve fletcher (Bournemouth striker) who I was chatting to in the gym tonight(6)(27)Disregard this one.....He wasn't in the gym. He was on twitter posting pictures of him playing darts on the xbox with his daughters. Check for yourselves.....the truth is out there.Total rubbish for a start Bournemouth wouldnt pay 1.5 million and Ritchie wont go to Bournemouth as he sees Swindon and what is happenning there a bigger club than Bournemouth.He'll sign eventually, not for 1.5m though. League two players are not worth that much. Swindon might get some sign on clauses but if the lad is that good he's going to want to move to a club on the up.I'll bet you 1.5 million he doesnt go to liitle Bournemouth and any Russian who is a pal of your chairman has to be iffy how many times has his company gone bust - oh Yes that s it just the SEVEN TIMES. - and apparently he is proud to call his current building company seven building


09 Jan 2012 21:47:18
Liverpool linked with any player who has a pulse!(48)(12)Its better to be linked, and lost, than never to be linked at all. Everton take note.

ynwaAnd all of those players are willing to walk bare footed as they are Liverpool fans and are coming for a quarter of the asking price because everyone wants to be part of the club.I think you are mistaken its Tottenham who are linked to any living species in the world..........and a fair few that don'tWell maybe not ipswich players, not that many of them belong to them! OTBC!


09 Jan 2012 21:45:09
doncaster rovers major shareholder dik watson has put up his own money to offer billy sharp a new deal at doncaster rovers to attempt to keep sharp at the keepmoat source sky sports(14)(8)


09 Jan 2012 17:14:38
Hi ed , any Swansea rumours ? {Ed003's Note - Nothing at the moment }(0)(7)Rumour has it they wont hack it and go downRumour has it you are in for Nicky Maynard. Think he would be a good signing for you guys


09 Jan 2012 21:34:53
Scott Allan signed for WBA(21)(6)True work with his dad


09 Jan 2012 21:34:45
Leon city leaves burnley(13)(2)Signing for barnsley


09 Jan 2012 21:30:09
Scott Allan signed for wba(17)(5)


09 Jan 2012 21:28:29
Christoph Daum new England coach.

According to resident HVM, the 58-year old
has been made first chice replacement for
Fabio Capello.

65y old Italian has 60% winning record
since he took over in December 2007.
However, his contract will run out on July, 30th 2012
regardless of how England will fare at the Euro finals.

If he does not fail the medical test,
Daum will be second German to coach national team
in the UK, after Bertie Vogts' spell with Scotland.(2)(16)


09 Jan 2012 21:25:33
Demba Ba will be staying at St. James Park until next summer and he will most likely be moving to PSG who will offer him sky high wages, the Senegalese forward was born in Paris and according to the man himself he has always wanted to play for PSG. Tottenham,Liverpool and Arsenal are all thought to be interested in Ba who has a £5m release clause and i'm sure we will hear about this clause nearly every day until the 1st of February but a January move appears highly unlikely while a summer move to moneybags PSG who need a forward seems very likely.(25)(15)Already in talks


09 Jan 2012 20:57:03
Junior Hoilett deal almost done as kk sees him as the ideal player to fill RW position. Liverpool to also bid for stokes tuncay sanli and/or Demba Ba of Newcastle. Kk also needs to bolster the midfield and will target chiek tiote. The only player to transfer from overseas will be gaston ramirez of Bologna to add some creativity to the side.

The futures bright......the futures red {Ed025's Note - is there anyone who they are not buying?(4)(39)They wont be signing Ken Aguero!Tuncay Sanli doesn't play for Stoke anymore he left last seasonYeah evraLiverpool to spend 70 mil plus in this window? LOL no, they will sell Suarez to Real for 30 mil, and then maybe they will spend some of that.Tuncay has been to germany and now bolton on loan,u know plenty about football it seems


09 Jan 2012 21:09:12
Heard from a very good source paul ince is taking over the gas with scott Mcgleish being his number 2(6)(6)Good luck


09 Jan 2012 21:04:30
Leeds are lining up a bid for Dave Kitson.(6)(15)Dave Kitson is happy at Portsmouth and appreciates Michael Appleton's coaching very much.Please be true, Kits can't find the back of the net with a map, compass and satnav this season!


09 Jan 2012 20:43:24
Alex bruce of Lds to move to Huddersfield, Loan
till end of season after his short spell, wants to play at a real club.

Need the mighty stes to win tonight only cos i got a bet on(5)(19)Your a little abusive arnt you. bruce wont go back to huddersfield untill LEEDS find someone better. lets face it its a massive drop going to huddersfield espectially when your best player leaves- then what are you left with except a bitter set of fans.

chorley whiteIf he wants to play for a real club he wont pick huddersfield, what a jokeHuddersfield, a club that every club aspires to copy. NOT!Small town near dewsbury


09 Jan 2012 20:37:56
ive heard sol campbell will re join pomey next week(8)(22)Appleton is trying to reduce the age of Pompeys squad, so he's hardly going to bring in a 38 yr old.


09 Jan 2012 20:34:20
connor sammon will b joining rangers in this window with jelavic going the other way(4)(16)Yh Connor Sammon is IrishThought he was going to Liverpool?Utter steBorn and bred Celtic fan. Hates Rangers and would not be subject to sectarian abuse from the fans of his own club. Get a grip.


09 Jan 2012 20:31:11
Neil Warnock will rejoin as Plymouth Argyle manager for a second spell next week.(10)(25)I dont think he's that desparate for work.He does live in Cornwall,and that is the nearest club,but other than that, I cannot see him going there-Nice idea thoughWhat about Truro City BSS now that would be a challenge for him LOL


09 Jan 2012 20:27:37
Mark Hughes will become new QPR manager {Ed025's Note - mystic meg has got nothing on you!..(26)(6)


09 Jan 2012 20:26:54
QPR why buy players like johnson when you can get quality like chamakh? stupid(2)(25)Chamakh, quality, ask any Arsenal fan to describe him in one word, you won't get many responding with quality.



09 Jan 2012 20:24:40
Olsson to the Villa for 3.5m
Cox going for 1m
2 defenders then to come in
Hogdson will try to sell Odemwingie in jan window for 5m(4)(18)Who writes this rubbish ?


09 Jan 2012 20:24:29
Scott Alan signs for wba(17)(3)Watching brian swanson on ssn have we


09 Jan 2012 14:45:33
Hi Ed have you heard any Norwich transfer targets ? {Ed003's Note - only the conjecture posted on here }(3)(7)


09 Jan 2012 19:53:40
Sunderland to offer trail too Darlington striker Ryan Bowman(11)(7)


09 Jan 2012 19:49:42
How old is Juan Pablo Angel Now? thats 1 in and 3 out! real rubbish!(1)(10)35 and plays in USA


09 Jan 2012 19:43:37
Apparently Ipswich have had a bid for Dave Kitson rejected for approximately £500,000. And also Portsmouth have agreed to sign simon Cox and Marc_Fortune with either Ben Haim or Luke Varney going the other way, depending on their choosing. Also Darcy Blake has agreed to join Portsmouth for a fee up to £250,000 depending on if pompey get a owner by then! any other pompey news uve heard pleasee reply and tell me what that is!;)(5)(25)Ipswich are 60 million in debt no more moneyI'd heard that Pompey need to get rid of Ben Haim, Kitson, Varney and Lawrence before the window shuts to drastically reduce their wage bill. If they can't and don't get new owners pretty quickly they won't be able to pay January's wages. And whoever buys them is going to need to rebuild the ground having paid Gaydamak 15 million or so for the land around Fratton Park first, find and build a new training ground (instead of renting a school field in Eastleigh) and then build an academy from the ground up. Although would anyone invest all that in a club only getting average gates of 15,000?Any news on the takeover15.000 is good for a 20.000 stadium given were now in the championship. And we don't owe 15 million to gaydamak for the land at all. He owns the land around the ground I.e the car park which is a few mill tops. There's a lot of money to be made at Pompey it's wether the right people invest or not. Could make huge profit long term. Plus we have the best fans in England fact.10 Jan 2012 09:03:44

Read it
Marcus Evans has and will continue to back jewell with Money and it's not Ipswich in that much dept it's how much Evans has lost! :)Surely if you had the best fans in the country every home game would be a sell out, would it not?, please enlighten me as to how anyone can make a profit from Portsmouth. You need to wake up and smell the roses mate, PFC are in trouble BIG TIME. Now that's a FACT!I would have thought that 500K was about right for Kitson, also Haden Mullins for around the same fee, at least they wouldnt have to worry if they were going to be paid each month, I cant see for the life of me who would invest in Pompey, I think they have been delt a raw deal when Harry took over, well over spent to get their success and now its biting them back big time, I do hope someone comes in and brings some stability to Pompey they dont deserve all this crap that they and the fans have been dragged through.

Ipswich Town FanJust like there was money to be made out of Chelsea and any other team that's been tarted up and rolled in glitter. Pompey have fantastic fans and are feeling the pinch like everyone else. I would say 15.000+ is very good for them considering where they are at the moment. They'll be fine I like Pompey always have done. Very passionate people and I hope they finally get right owners that treat them right? And get them back to the prem etc


09 Jan 2012 19:42:33
Oli Johnson will join Gillingham,as will Jo Kuffour.(12)(5)Oli johnson of frankie goes to hollywood?


09 Jan 2012 19:20:42
HI ed , any news on chesterfield signings or goings ?(3)(8)OUT Rats allways leave a sinking ship. IN non-league or has beens, same old, same old


09 Jan 2012 19:15:25
Leon Cort has had his contract cancelled by mutal consent by Burnely and is free to speak to other clubs, however he WILL sign for charlton athletic

Source: Official charlton site(12)(8)Thank god ... unlucky mate (burnley fan.)He actually seemed alright for us, good in the air, good tackle


09 Jan 2012 10:39:24
ed have you any Blackpool news? {Ed003's Note - A bid for Puncheon was turned down last week, Paddy Mc Court is wanted again I've been told and DJ Campbell is wanted on loan,Bojan Djordjc has left on mutual terms (the mutual firmly being the clubs stance ) }(6)(5)


09 Jan 2012 19:08:17
Billy sharp trained with Doncaster today and will do until told other wise even though they have agreed a fee with Leicester(18)(6)Not according to our local bbc newsBBC radio sheffield say Billy was training with Rovers as usual, he will leave at some stage if not now it will be the summer, but it won't be to Leicester, he can do much betterI heard he was in leicester today to discuss personal terms? maybe he went after trainingAccording to sky sports, major Rovers shareholder Dick Watson has put forward the money to offer Billy a new and improved contract.Can do better than leicester? are you for real? wot is it with all the leicester haters these days? ppl well jealous of not having as much money....we will buy whoever we wants when we want FACT! money talks and apart from west ham we're by far biggest club outside of premier league wotever u all may think!! BLUE ARMY!!Leicester biggest club . middle table and rubbish dull manager best thing that happened him leaving hull.COYH


09 Jan 2012 19:04:47
Nicky Maynard to swansea for 2m plus dobbie(13)(17)Offer accepted. Only personal terms to be agreed.....The way he played on Saturday against crawley his not good enough for premSo basically because he had a poor game against crawley, your saying he is not good enough for the prem. Some fickle footy supporters out there. If Swansea sign him he will score goals. Reasons- He be playing with better players, training with better players and playing for one of the best managers in the prem.Why do you think the manager is one of the best in the prem league. You Jack person you have played 20 games and won 5 that makes him a great manager yes.


09 Jan 2012 19:02:01
kalou to arsenal for 3M(17)(15)3MILLION i think a lot of suiters would pay a lot more good player dont get many chances to start tho (not a chelsea fan by the way)Not a chance Kalou is worth 3M (not a chelsea fan either)Wenger has not got a Kalou


09 Jan 2012 18:58:08
Heard from 2 people today, (very reliable), 1 with brother who works at the club, we are going to go in for Glen Murray of Crystal Palace. What a joke Coyle, we need better Prem quality players at the Reebok if we're to stay up, not average championship standard.(7)(6)He will go with all the ordinary players you already have.


09 Jan 2012 18:57:59
Jamie Chandler of Darlington FC may be joining a football league team this week. There has been a number of teams, such as Coventry City, Yeovil Town, Northampton, AFC Wimbledon and Hartlepool United who are keen to sign the ex-Sunderland player.(8)(4)


09 Jan 2012 18:56:29
Walsall Manager Dean Smith has been given the next three games to save his job with former Millwall Boss Steve Claridge set to take over(1)(9)Claridge is as bad a manager as he is a pundit,he is on the same par as Dowie .


09 Jan 2012 18:54:18
Matt Richards set to join Walsall on a months loan from Shrewsbury(1)(7)Is this the Matt Richards who was at Ipswich


09 Jan 2012 18:46:27
Bristol City want away striker Nicky Maynard was set to sign for Fulham after both clubs and the player agreed terms. Maynard would have signed a two year deal but failed the medical(6)(16)Tell you the only Nicky Maynard hasnt been linked with is l-pool, man u, man city.or tott who else is he going to be linked with


09 Jan 2012 18:39:02
Martin Keown interested in the possible vacant manager job at Stevenage Fc, he was there a few months back doing some coaching with Westley and was very impressed with the club.
Watch this space(6)(8)


09 Jan 2012 18:31:35
PSG to make a shock 22million bid for andy carroll {Ed025's Note - 22 million what?....lira?(20)(32)EscudosLeeds make bid for Jody Craddock. Three month loan deal with option for perm 1 year contract. To solve defensive crisis. Seen havin lunch at Harvey nicholls with club official jim Bradshaw.Such a bitter toffee Ed025 is {Ed025's Note - you bet your life i am..Accept it while you can!Take him away


09 Jan 2012 18:31:12
millwall will get porter
from orient
in jan(4)(5)


09 Jan 2012 18:29:50
ive known matt richie since he was 10(both played for same youth team) and i now now that leeds are preparing a 1.5million bid for him(7)(16)Prove it, which youth team?What youth team was that then?Gosport boro youth teamAnd you know him so well that you spell his name wrong.Fair play that was his youth team, still got his name wrong though!!Play at privett park just off forton road-so stick that up your pipe and smoke it.Still got his name wrong though didnt youYer i got his name wrong thats just cause i cant spell that well lol - look at the origanl post as i put now now lol -does that raelly mean i dont no him and that it aint true?No but anyone can spel poorely (see what i did there?!). Plus, you can google Gosport FC and find out it's location, and wiki/google has info on Matt Ritchie.And where we gonna get that money from? Bates?So y would i go at such lengths so a league 2 joing a championship team wen i support i premiership team sum people really are fickle i know him end of it.Even is u did play with and know would u know if leeds are targeting him? SG keeps his targets nameless


09 Jan 2012 18:27:57
Xherdan Shaqiri due at melwood on thurs for a medical before a £20million move to anfield(19)(38)


09 Jan 2012 18:24:10
fabio aurelio to sunderland 3.25m(24)(20)...with his injury record ?? :)Im a liverpool fan, and when he is fit he is a top player, however when is the big thing. I heard somewhere that in the course of his liverpool career he played less than 30% of games he should have been available for. A shame really because a fully fit in form aurellio is a threat to any team. If you get him, when he plays you'll love him, but I doubt a club like sunderland would take such a big gamble on a plyer whose fitness is questionable at best


09 Jan 2012 18:09:00
Birmingham City goalkeeper Colin Doyle could leave in the january transfer window with Watford keeping an eye on the situation.(14)(4)Dont blame him tbh. weve had him since 2003 he's only made 25 professional appearances for us, and only making 42 professional club appearances in total. i guess he needs the step down to watford so that he can get some first team action. hes a good keeper and ill miss him. fair play to him for sticking it out for 8 seasons!'OHHHHH we were in the Europa League' get over yourself mate, your championship now where you belong, not a step down for a mere average goalkeeper! Did great up at Liverpool didnt he last year!!


09 Jan 2012 18:07:46
adam johnson on his way to anfield for 14m to get regular 1st team football before he loses his england spot for the euros(33)(31)Well Adam Johnson signed a new 5 year deal with city in nov knowing he was not getting 1st team football just wanted more money tho!...@PossibleDream on sunshine - no chance!No one of his calibre is going to join Liverpool , you are a second rate club now.Get used to it! He is a cracking little player and would not entertain you guys when he does not need to.FACT!


09 Jan 2012 18:04:41
liverpool preparing a £17.5m bid for aaron lennon(20)(47)Unlikely, but he would be great.What while hes injured?Lol dont be so stupid boy , why would he want to go??Good moveWhy would they do that, Spurs won't sell Lennon and that kind of offer would hardly entice them to sell a player of his quality, plus why would he want to move to a team with only an outside chance of CL next season when he has an excellent chance where he isFor that money I'll drive him there myselfAaron lennon to liverpool it is very unlikelyAaron hates Liverpool! Not going to happenWhen theyve got about 100 wingers? i don't think so palI think 17.5 would be a decent price from any one other then liverpol but with their history of overpaying spurs should ask for double

YaoLiverpool got 100 wingers ?
Aaron Lennon hates liverpool -why
unlikley to happen, in this world-think again
lennon not good enough this season so keep him.


09 Jan 2012 18:00:22
Bradford City central defender Steve Williams travelled to Scottish Premier League side Inverness Caledonian Thistle this week with a view to a loan move.(5)(5)And has left again because its to cold ! Boo Hoo


09 Jan 2012 17:56:39
Eric Abidal to arsenal(27)(24)


09 Jan 2012 16:31:07
Ed - any you heard developments on rumours for SAFC? Ie. Peinaar and James Collins? Also anything 'concrete' regarding Sunderland signing a forward? {Ed001's Note - the only concrete thing regarding a forward, is that they had Rhodes watched, but so did half the Prem! Pienaar has tried to get a return to Everton, doesn't seem to be happening though, no idea of any more though. Collins I have no idea about sorry.}(9)(6)


09 Jan 2012 16:20:01
Hi Ed any news on what's happening with Jutkiewicz to Southampton? {Ed001's Note - nothing new mate.}(7)(12)


09 Jan 2012 17:44:50
hooper of Celt is on his way to start his football career at any english club he is willing to sign for conference leve as it will be more competitive(22)(20)You need to get out more muppetI know all these medals he,s got up here. he says he,s fed up winning everything,
wait a wee minute?And give up european football?, doubt it much palYou know nothing at all you spool.60000 every home game,european football,will he get that at WBA,VILLA,BOLTON,overpaid,over hyped league propped up with tv money,equals debt,so go away .Stop biting at these crude attempts to wind you up.Aye your a trumpet right enough as last reply said teams liike bolton wba villa sunderland fulham i wouldnae cross the street tae watch them overhyped league would be nothing without sky money and i for one canny wait till it all goes boobs upKi to newcastle 6 million and darren gibson to celtic 1.5 million as his contract runs out in the summer


09 Jan 2012 17:39:20
Norwich City Hot Gossip;

No lies on this list.
Juan Pablo Angel (short term loan) from MLS. De laet is going back due to his persistant back problems.
Gary Cahill's move to Chelsea is being held up as Bolton are dependant on them getting Norwich centre half Leon Barnett who is seeking a move for first team football.
Finally Aaron Wilbraham to Ipswich is happening, deal will be sorted in the next 48 hours. Player and club are said to be delighted about the capture of the ex mk dons player.(15)(18)What a load of rubbish this isI agree, most of this sounds rubbish rumours, Juan Pablo Angel / yeh right lol, and why would Norwich sell Barnett to Bolton a team who could impact on our chances of staying up, never going to happen. Wilbraham to Ipswich and is well documented in papers already, but will only happen if Lambert gets a fourth striker in for 1st team squad.The De-Laet could be a possible, because he has suffered a few injuries, but NCFC would still have to pay his salary through end of season, so it will only happen if Lambert has a replacement loan he desperately wants to bring in, because its an expensive option.


09 Jan 2012 17:31:31
Leicester city close to bringing emile heskey back to where it all began.Nigel Pearson's a long time admirer of the prolific striker's speed and ability to poach a goal out of nothing,a nominal fee is all that's required.Pearson's also hoping to recruit Kieran Dyer on a pay as you play deal to form a lethal partnership with heskey!(13)(12)AHAA "prolific" and "poach a goal out of nothing", have you been watching the same Heskey as the rest of us! ha too funny!Also heard this but with hargreaves in cm just for guaranteed strenght over 40 games a season!Dyer,s out for the seasonNot a hope of this happening heskey is out for the next monthHeskey taught messi all he knowsShrewd business from pearson,sleepless nights ahead for championship defences facing smash n grab,once they hit a purple patch no one will handle their pace and power,a lethal combination!He can trap a ball further than some can kick it


09 Jan 2012 17:31:08
my dad saw daniel levy at a conference, he asked him about anyu transfer rumours, he said there's a few irons in the fire, on of which being tim howard... his contract runs out in the summer too(4)(10)Everton goalie please no hes rubbish !Oh yes, because when a random person meets Levy, someone that Levy has never met, he will go and tell him a player who he is interested in, one that he hasn't told anyone else about.Going nowhere, + has three years on his contract, so a liar or very ill infomed.Daniel Levy would not be telling people who he was looking to buy and even if he did he wouldn't be looking at Tim HowardI doubt he would have said anything, are you mad?So he has Friedel, Gomes, and Cudicini, who are all better than Howard in my opinion.But Tim has a higher goals to chances ration than most of the spurs team


09 Jan 2012 17:31:05
Source from inside the club that Southampton had a bid of 4.5M for Gary Hooper rejected and as a result won't go over 6M as they don't want a bidding war and Hooper could want more then the 20k per week wage cap at St Mary's(9)(19)The wage cap at Saints is less than 20k it 12k and i keep telling you Saints fans about all these strikers you are tlaking about signing you will have a team of strikers according to you lot.

So again i will tell you Cortese wont buy players for silly money and wont pay more than your 12k wage cap- i know trust meI'm fairly sure Lallana is on 22 or 23K a week as it is, so I don't think the wage cap is 20K.12k? Ok, you clearly know nothing. Lallana and fonte for example, are both way above that. 22k is the wage cap. Get your facts right, and yes we maybe linked with a few strikers, a good manager doesnt go for one, he has back up plans, so yes alot of inquiries will be made. So think before you post. All it takes is a bit of logic.No FR know's what the wage cap is, if any, unless you have inside information, which so many people seem to have on here. Saints will sign players if it is for the good of the club, they wont pay silly money for any individual player. We have had our finacial problems before as most people are aware. Under Cortese this will not happen again, it not a lack of ambition, it is being sensible. Ask Pompey what happens when you try and buy success.The top player at Southampton is actually 17kWAGE CAP IS 20k per week 5k bonuses
Lee has agreed a 800k per year contractWell i know someone senior at Saints and im telling you the wage cap is 12k as i've told you lot before but you come out with these saints stories which are all fairy tales.

apparently you were getting Billy Sharp but looks like hes going to Leicester as both clubs have agreed a fee and i told you that as well. I know more about the inside of your club than you as i keep telling you because of a senior guy i know.


09 Jan 2012 17:28:50
Liverpool are considering a joint bid of around £6m for Huddersfield starlets Alex Smithies and Jordan Rhodes which would see the pair loaned back to Huddersfield until January of next year. Liverpool have already opened talks with Blackburn over a possible £7m move for David Hoilett. Dirk Kuyt,Joe Cole,Fabio Aurelio,Brad Jones,Alberto Aquilani and Maxi Rodriguez are likely to have left Anfield by the start of next season and Liverpool are planning summer moves for Luuk de Jong and Xherdan Shaqiri but while Liverpool continue to look towards the future they may miss out on Champions League football which will be detrimental in attracting the best young talent.(9)(26)Rhodes worth 6m alone and still no word on when smithies will return (if ever) just cant see itRhodes will go to NorwichRhodes is going no where until the summer depending on what league we are in. Why would anyone bid for smithes when he not fit!


09 Jan 2012 17:22:20
Gary hooper (Celtic) seen in black Mercedes at st Mary's Southampton this eve with agent(19)(31)Proven scorer at Champonship & SPL levels & a previous working relationship with Adkins. Fingers crossed, however Lennon didn't sound keen when interviewed recently.Hoope is not good enough to play for the current Saints team, i would be pretty down beat if this signing gets the go ahead.There must be 2 Gary Hooper's then because the one that plays for Celtic is actually in Glasgow right now #truthHooper isn't good enough? Are you insane, Hooper would be exactly the player we need along side Lambert. I know this is very very unlikely but I hope it's true.Yea lets drive from Glasgow to Southampton. That shouldnt take long...Hooper wouldn't leave to go to championship far to good for that levelWhat is it with some fans from small clubs ,who do you expect to sign ,rooney,messi,ronaldo ?I didnt know ashton lane was in southampton?

ahhh....unless it's one of those supersonic mercedes he's in

stop just making up 541t!Don't think that's likely. If a player was to sign then he'd surely be taken to Staplewood?More then likely adkins said today he was very close to completing a deal to sigh a top class player .... Ps said in the daily echo paperGuys, has anyone thought that he could have been picked up from Southampton airport in a black Merc, 90 min flight from Glasgow.
Rumour has it that Lennon wants to un- load him because of his wage demands to be paid top rate at club, this would release funds for him to bring in another striker, may actually be some truth in this story.
Celtic may get 60,000 in for big derby's but their share of TV money in Scottish league is poor, they get less than Championship clubs, so unless they get a goods run in euro cup they and Rangers struggle to get the really top players, they just can finance them.For a start, why would we be willing to sell our top scorer while we're attempting the treble, and the fact that we don't need to sell anyone?

Lennon has also said in the past day or so that no-one will be going anywhere unless crazy money is offered.

and where this nonsense rumour about hooper wanting to be top paid player comes from, i dont know. hooper has stated himself that any talk of contract extensions is being put off till the end of the season so he can focus on the games ahead without niggling worries

he's not going.....END OF!


09 Jan 2012 17:20:59
Bournemouth to bid for Matthew Ritchie again after refused a new contract at Swindon and they will be bidding the same as last time 500k(2)(16)You can bid 500k for Ritchie if you want which is mickey mouse money as you wont get him for that not when Championship teams are hovering for him and going to offer more money plus the fact he says he wants to stay as he loves playing under Paolo and he can see the club really progressing under him.

With all due respect to Bournemouth you are a smaller club than us and we will soon be overtaking you. Ok you've got your Russian guy come in with some money but how long for as he could be another dodgy guy as Pompey had especially if he is a friend of your chairman.So muppet when did Ritchie refuse a new contract thats news to me as he still has two years left on this one.So just to put your nonsense rumour into context your manager says he wants one stiker in this window so that counts Ritchie out plus contract talks havent even been discussed with Ritchie so again total nonsense story and STFC have already stated he wont go for less than 1.5 - 2 m and Bournemouth wont pay that.Dream on mate 500k would not buy his bootsNo-one will pay that cos he's not worth that much.Then he will stay and see out his contract, because thats how much he is worth to us...


09 Jan 2012 17:10:16
Zamora to leave fulham, with fulham singing Carlton cole to replace him!
Samba to go to spurs(8)(17)Would have believed it more if they'd both been left out of FA cup teams this weekend (Zamora & Cole)BZ will only leave if there is a better, younger replacement available - ie not Donkey ColeCole didnt play along with 6 other 1st teamers wont be sold unless u offer silly money or he puts in a transfer request to important to push for epl for us


09 Jan 2012 17:10:05
allagui is much better than fleck anyway so yous can forget about
sighning him(6)(2)


09 Jan 2012 17:06:47
Two days before it was officially announced that we were in liquidation. A huge ship called the Amaryllis was in dock in Gun Wharf Quay. That shipped was owned by Billionaire Karl Albrecht the 12th Richest man in the world.
He already owns a sports club in America (Although not sure if it is American Football or "soccer").
Somehow I can't see his visit was to enjoy the festivities of Gun Wharf Quays.(4)(12)German boat builders Abeking & Rasmussen for a cost in excess of 100million and has been undergoing sea trials since SeptemberTheres no docks in GunwharfSo we'll be playing with Aldi on our shirts will we ? somehow can't see it.Yeah on board was olive oyl popeye and plutoSoory but that ship was actually in Edinburgh docked at Ocean Terminal (i even have a pic) and it is available for rent so not owned


09 Jan 2012 17:04:58
Championship scouts were left dissapointed after traveling up to the SPL outfit to watch young LAW,in the Cup. Left happy with the efforts of a cameo performance by Christopher Humphrey, only 20 minutes on the field and 2 assists. 7 Championship team scouts present, all jotting the Jamaican sprint merchants name down.(9)(4)


09 Jan 2012 17:03:52
Andrew Andronikou, who is quite open about his role, has stated again that Portsmouth are in talks with more than one potential future owner. He is keen to secure a long term future for the club including investement in a new stadium and state of the art training faclities.(9)(7)Are they planning on doing an MK Dons then a bu99ering off somewhere else?!The funniest thing ive read all year...100m for a stadium,20m,for the training ground,30m to service the debts etc etc....How are they going to make there money back?? There not, so unless its a PFC supporter this is pure fantasy... Ive heard the deal that was 48hrs away last tuesday has collasped...The above post is wide of the mark. When the debts are paid the ground and surround will be redeveloped at a significant profit. Much needed student accomodation will be part of the new development, among other regegeneration projects. A new ground coupled with training facilities will be developed concurrently including hotel and conference facilities. The club's new owners will also set out to provide a sports science academy.If there was so much profit in building a new ground and developing the surrounding area why has none of the previous owners done it?? Im a property developer and there is certainly no profit in spending 80-100m on a new ground and hopeing student accomadation and a few flats will make you a return,it wont...The land at fratton isnt big enough for anything like whats needed to interest any savy investor unless you knoch FP down and that isnt going to happen or is it?Yes, well read. The entire historical parcel of land including will be redeveloped including Fratton Park. It will not be a few flats but hundreds of attractive student lets in a block. plus other regeneration projects. One part at least will ne a run by a Community Interest Company. The new ground will outside the city one of two sites. This will faciltate ease of access to much larger away support contingents in the future. The sports science college will emerge here also. The new traing facility will be on the West in a country area requiring change of useage.


09 Jan 2012 17:01:05
Billy Paynter is having a medical at Crystal Palace.(12)(10)Hope they check his eye sight,he seems to have trouble spotting the goal!Funny that,As he is sat next to me!

Paul Paynter.TAKE HIM PLEASEWish anyone would take the bag of sh@te. and if your his brother please tell him that a striker should score once in a while. hope you both have better success scoring in a brothel but i doubt it.
chorley white


09 Jan 2012 16:53:43
Norwich City have enquired about signing arsenal keeper luis fabianski on loan until the end of the season(9)(16)Good loan for norwich if it happens.Why would they want him? They have Ruddy, who has been linked with an England call up, and is better than Fabianski, and Rudd as backup who has played England Under 21 and is a good prospect. What a load of bcks.Isn't he called Lukasz?Rumour? fairytale more like, they already have two loan players and goalkeeper back up in two young England U21 & U19 internationals, plus we have our quota of 2 loans.


09 Jan 2012 16:51:56
Ipswich Town will pay Norwich City £500,000 for in-form striker Aaron Wilbraham(8)(16)That would be more like 100K, he has had less than 60 minutes on pitch this season in premier and I am sure if Lambert gets another striker in , he will be allowed to leave.I'm not arguing with the fact of Wilbraham leaving. But 500k? Well if anyway is stupid enough to pay that much for him it would be 1p5wich! Hope they do sign him, can only help them get relegated really! Poor player is WilbrahimovicNot sure your opinion of Wilbraham being a poor player is fair, he Joined Norwich as a back up to Holt at a diff level of football, and then we signed Morrison, who has kept Holt out of the team sometimes this season, so he has not had much of a chance to show his worth.He's not worth 500, never mind 500k, I'd be surprised if he wasn't allowed to leave on a free if anyone would take him.


09 Jan 2012 16:51:55
Watford, Charlton and Portsmouth all want Karleigh Osborne after he rejected a new contract with Brentford. Watford are also looking at the option of bringing Jose Baxter in on loan from Everton.(7)(3)


09 Jan 2012 16:50:58
Jason Roberts to Reading FC...(8)(16)Oh please noWould we be so lucky? doubt it.


09 Jan 2012 16:50:51
Portsmouth are looking to sign Norwich City defender elliott ward on loan until the end of the season(12)(10)Been injured for so long its possible he'll go for couple months for matches, but no way for the season. he's still our best centre half when he's fit!Best centre half when he's fit? What have you been watching? Everyone I have spoken to, plus me, think he is our weakest central defender. So unreliable, and extremely slow. Offload him as soon as possible I sayPompey cant afford the wages of there players ATM let alone for him that's why it's cash only at fratton park to pay there wages up front lmaoPossible for a month loan to get him match fit after long injury lay off, but doubt Lambert will let him go permanently until season end, we had 3 CB's injured earlier in season, so doubt Lambert will sanction loan till season end.Not going to happen, one of our best centre backs!


09 Jan 2012 16:48:37
Leeds are signing Sean St Ledger and Matty McKay by the end of the week, while Robbie Rodgers is in London tonight to watch Leeds against Arsenal

Watch this space(22)(11)There is some truth in this as he posted a picture of tower bridge on his twitter account.


09 Jan 2012 16:47:25
Manchester United have made a bid to sign Ki from Celtic to bolster the central midfield, the offer is in the region of 7.5 million, Celtic have already turned down a bid of 6 million of Villa for the player just named Korean Player of the year(14)(25)Ki is worth a lot more than being offered, Celtic turned down 8 mill in the summer, and since becoming korean player of the year, try making an offer upwards of 10 mill plus, who do these EPL clubs think they are trying to get players on the cheap,Not a bad player would be a snip at that priceOverrated 2 mill playerWake up ,turned down 8 mil ,lawell wouldnt knock that back ,yet more deluded celtic fans dreamingCeltic have not turned down an offer from villa of any note, get your facts right please!Both rumours are utter tripeAlex Mc Leish has said it himself that they cant afford him


09 Jan 2012 16:44:44
Jay Rodriguez will go to fulham FACT!!(6)(22)Its only a fact if it has already happened, I think you will find he is on Norwich's radar as well.Must be true,use of the word 'Fact'I still think he's going to southamptonWould never happen! Why would Jol buy a player who hardly scores in the championship & take him to PL?No he wont fact


09 Jan 2012 16:42:06
09 Jan 2012 12:18:17
Bournemouth will sign Freddie Eastwood this week in a deal of £190,000 + Warren Cummings. Cummings will join Coventry as left back cover and will bring more experience


Bournemouth cant afford 190,000


seeing as how they have new rich russian owners, i think they probably can(9)(8)Freddie Eastwood can leave Coventry for nothing. Coventry told him to find a new club.They are not spending money so not that rich.Its common knowledge eastwood isnt fit and its also common knowledge that he can go for free as we just want him off the books..Bournemouth fans are like Saints fans they think they are going to buy everyone up as they have a dodgy Russian owner with some oil money.I'd heard it was Macdonald at Cov they were looking at, not Eastwood.We are considerably richer than yoooooooow!! E I E I E I O, up the football league we go! Dean court is buzzing :)


09 Jan 2012 16:39:37
Blackpool to sign el hadji diouf if phillips goes to Liverpool(8)(29)Diouf has signed a 18-month contract with doncaster so this is unlikely.Phillips going to Liverpool !! Wake up and return to the world of reality. He's almost 40 years old. What a load of tosh. {Ed001's Note - Matty Phillips, not Kevin!}Matt Phillips numpty, what an idiot. He's closer to 10 years old than he is 40. Quite a way off.What divs we get on here.
philips is not going anywhere chairman and manager have said,but maybe come the summer, if he goes to lpool would no doubt see a player come t other way as is the good relationship between clubs.
I think hes 1 of the best prospects ive seen at bpool for years, including sinclair,stewart,adam etc.


09 Jan 2012 16:29:41
liverpool looking again to test ajax's resolve again in january with a £25million deal for cristian eriksen who is keen to link up again with suarez and international collegue daniel agger straight £25million cash or dirk kuyt and £12.5million(23)(18)U think kuyt worth 12 dream onAgger hardly plays and Suarez will be gone in the summer so when would he get to play with them plus he has turned down europes biggest clubs he's a winner not a mid table player so stick with donkey Adam and heavy HendersonEriksen wishes to move to a club with Champions League. Liverpool have very little chance of signing him.Agger has played almost every game this season idiot. Suarez loves the club, wouldn't leave unless a massive offer was accepted by Barca and only Barca. He came from Ajax who haven't set the world alight in the last few yrs and has said he believes in the LFC plans for the future.What a heap of made up rubbish.....Liverpool again.Eriksen has his pick of teams i doubt he will choose Liverpool, stick with the Downings and Hendersons of the world and leave the top players for the champs league teams.
Also i doubt Ajax fans would want a Feyanoord old boy in exchange for their golden childWhy not pick liverpool. Eriksen want too play, and if he picked Man city it would never happen. chelsea not that much. the only big clubs in the league who use the youngsters most, is liverpool and man utd.No way dirk will leaveSuarez to Arsenal for 25 mil. Clause in contract which they will meet.


09 Jan 2012 16:18:34
Brighton and Hove Albion are set to sign 'keeper Thomas Sorenson after he has fallen out of favour at his club, the fee is rumoured to be around £300k.(7)(16)Yeah right, he is 1st choice keeper now, just signed a new 3 year contract and if he was off the are bigger teams that would sign him in a flash!Hes first choice at the moment
and just signed a new contractOut of favour,he is back in the first team squad,u dont know much do u


09 Jan 2012 16:11:15
Snodgrass to join up with ex colleague at Norwich, 1.5mil(19)(17)I'm sure no-one would want to join up with Bradley 'Judas' Johnson. And it will take a bid of five times that amount to even open negotiations. You should check your facts.
wallyPrem has gone to your head, your still a small clubGive it up sad small Norwich,he don't even get on with bj.Now I know most Yorkshire folk a not the sharpest tools in the box, So lets try and keep this to works of less than three sylabuls. YOU ARE A VERY SMALL CLUB WHO ARE LIVING ON THE HISTORY OF DAYS LONG GONE BY.Ward is injured and we need strength in the backline so why would we loan himYeah we havnt got the money for him in january, wont happen indeed.
but small? cmon. sorry whats ur average attendance this year? let me enlighten you. 23,700. we're not a big club, sure. but our crowds average/season has been in the top 15 for years now (13th so far this yr) and its only going one way. look it up before shouting abuse, defo not a "small" club.I don't get all you Leeds fans. Yes your history is better, and you are a more well-known club around the world. But the situation is, Norwich are a premiership club, Leeds are championship, and it will be this way next season aswell. So if Norwich came in for him and had a bid accepted, I have no doubt Snodgrass would leave.The fact of the matter is, yes you may be bigger, in the way that around the world you are more well known, and that you have won more than us. But we are a premiership club, and will be next year, you are a championship club, and will be next year.Now I know most Yorkshire folk a not the sharpest tools in the box, So lets try and keep this to works of less than three sylabuls. YOU ARE A VERY SMALL CLUB WHO ARE LIVING ON THE HISTORY OF DAYS LONG GONE BY.

When knocking aforementioned Yorkshire folks lack of intellect it would help if you manage to spell your comments correctly you massive tool!
Either way this rumours nonsense!To the guy insulting "Yorkshire Folk".
The word you were looking for is WORD not work and it's also syllable.
Oh and history is three syllables his-to-ry.
Keep it up. You're really portraying all Norwich fans in a positive light and really educating us Yorkshire folk.
Snodgrass would cost anything from 3 - 8 mill by the way.Snodgrass woudl easily choose a contract offer from Norwich over one from Leeds. But don't agree with the fee though, Bates would never accept that. Considering we can get him on a free in the summer, i don't think we should pay any more than 2.5-3 million if we do sign him this month8 million? He has 6 months left on his contract, no club would pay that. But knowing Bates that's what he probably wants, even though he'll be joining us on a free at the end of the season. OTBC!He signed a 4 year contract in Aug 2009. I think you'll find that his contract will end in 2013.
3 - 8 mill and you can have him.Guys, I am a Norwich fan, and while I agree he will not leave for 1.5M, he will almost certainly leave at season end if not before, will he eventually come to Norwich who knows?, But Lambert is keen on him.
But before you start on the educational prowess of Norfolk Folk, please consider toning down your responses then you will find others respond in kind. The site is meant to allow rumours to be posted in a general forum, not to trade cheap insults about each other's club, after all we all clearly love football that's why we use the site....I think the original post about him joining up with ex-colleagues, is referring to him joining up with hoolahan and Paul Lambert.
the 3 of them were together at Livingston.


09 Jan 2012 16:03:12
hey ed ... i keep hearing about torres putting transfer request in , firstly have you heard anything and secondly , he supposed to only want to come back to anfield or athletico which makes me suspicious over the rumours as he could go and may want to go to a bigger spanish club and not just move for sentiment ... anything on the grapevine ...cheers {Ed001's Note - it's just rubbish.}(4)(12)


09 Jan 2012 16:09:57
Scouts coming to look at Motherwell midfield playmaker Law, left disapointed , but were impressed by the Humphrey cameo, creating two goals in less than 20 minutes. 7 Championship scouts at the match, in including Forest and Leicester City. Cheeky bids to test the water anticipated.(9)(4)I like the look of Humphrey, not helped at Motherwell buy the useless Striker they have there, if he finds a club who move the ball quickly, it will suit his game, Forest or Leicester would be a great move for him.They can take him he's rubbish anyway!


09 Jan 2012 15:58:35
Shrewsbury Town striker James Collins is to join league 1 Orient for a fee of £75k...(7)(7)


09 Jan 2012 15:58:18
Manchester united to get sneijder in a swap with nani .(12)(39)Not true. Sneijder will not be leaving Inter Milan while they are in the Champions League. A possible exit could come in the summer if Inter are still struggling.Rubbish !Not a man u fan ok
but this is rubbish why would united get rid of there best wing.Best winger obviously you dont watch utd and dont watch him playing he is crap the balls he sends over are sh-t even rooney thinks so valenciar gives the best crossesClearly you dont watch football or nani play. he is the best winger at the club and has been the best player this season. okay he hasn't been great the past 3 games, but name a utd player who has!His crossing is not great but his general wing play is Good and yes i would agree he is your best winger. and fyi his crossing he was uniteds (and i think the leagues) top assists last season



09 Jan 2012 15:57:46
Rangers to get Graham Dorrans on loan untill end of season .(13)(19)Very good player- would be a good signing.I love rangers wish we could get him but dont think we could afford his wagesDorrans wont be going to Rangers due to the injury situation at the BaggiesCant see Dorrans heading on loan to the SPL.


09 Jan 2012 15:39:56
Cheltenham Town have turned down 2 bids for Marlon Pack and Sido Jombati. The Pack bid has come from Reading for £175,000 plus a choice of loan players. Jombati bid of £70,000 coming from Wycombe. Both bids have been turned down by Cheltenham.(7)(5)


09 Jan 2012 15:38:25
Aston Villa have now joined the race for Gary Hooper of Celtic after a possible snag with insurance for loan move of Robbie Keane. Mcleish has told coaching staff around the club they need a ''fox in the box'' to which Hooper certainly is the best out there under 10 million.
Expect a bid to match Southampton's (not yet formerly bid but will happen in coming days) and again as stated earlier watch some movement from Sunderland.(2)(21)Fox in the box ha ha,far to slow for eplUnder 10m..., says who exactly?
cos i guarantee celts wont sell for anything less than 10mSurely Darren Bent qualifies as a fox in the box type of striker?
We don't need any rubbish from north of the border thankyou!I think you will find your captain came from north of the border, clown!


09 Jan 2012 15:36:32
Cardiff city will up their bid for noone to 900,000-1m with maybe a player going the other way. If Malky does not succeed with him he will look at kebe. Then will look at bringing in cox and mucgugan in! With cox on loan for rest of the season(3)(7)


09 Jan 2012 15:36:11
Arsenal and Liverpool are favorites to sign Nathan Redmond from Birmingham City a fee around £7 million.

Birmingham are willing to cash in on England under 21 goalkeeper Jack Butland but want upwards of £3 million. If they fail to get a buyer they will allow him to return on loan to Cheltenham Town to gain more experience before making him 1st choice next season.(4)(15)Redmond is a Villa fan and wants to join them but birmingham have also asked for 17 million and Jack Butland also wants to join cheltenham on loan utv and utcNathan Redmond is a Birmingham city fan.
Bcfc have put a 10 million price tag so your wrong on both accounts.


09 Jan 2012 15:11:10
Hi Ed. Do you see any truth to the rumor that Alonso Is coming back to Liverpool and maxi and kuyt are on the way out? {Ed001's Note - no, yes and yes.}(10)(11)Xabi Alonso is happy at Real Madrid and has no intention of leaving this season although that could change if Real lose the league. Kuyt could be out of the door providing Liverpool find a suitable replacement. Ivica Olic's name has come up on more than one occasion since the Bayern man is out of favour and is looking for first team opportunities. however if Liverpool are to make the move, they would have to stump up 7-15m and also face a battle with Lazio for his signature - ATYes and if he does leave Real Madrid because they don't win the league he is going to go back to Liverpool because they have a great chance of winning the league and also being in the champions league next year haha!


09 Jan 2012 15:28:21
Gary Hooper
Martin O'neil has expressed his interest in the 23 year old Celtic striker and has been forced to bring forward his meeting regarding the player after learning of Southampton's aggressive move for him. A bid has not been made yet for Hooper but expect one in coming 2 days in the region of 6.5 million for the south coast side.Sundeland will feel they have the edge wages wise in a possible battle for his services but Gary is keen to move closer to his family if he leaves Parkhead.
Celtic are secretly welcoming a big money move for their hitman , but PR wise will continue to say he is not for sale and try and pin it on Hooper wanting to leave which he doesn't....just wants a new contract in line with the high earners in squad.(7)(17)Hoopers valuation should be around 10 mill plus, if Rangers value Jelavic at 9-10 mill, then Hooper is roughly the same value or more as he is a better all round player
once again, rubbish english clubs with no chance of winning anything or even playing in europe, trying to get players on the cheapCortesse is too shrewd to part with that sort of cash for that particular player.....Hooperman will stay celt 100%What a lot of mince!Total rubbish in one way he wants to be nearer his family and then you say he doesn't want to leave which one is it?I don't even think there are any players in Scotland even worth anywhere near 9-10mill?! Nobody North of the border can compare quality in SPL to EPL? Eg. David Healy & Anthony Stokes couldn't even get a game for SAFC reserves, yet they start every week for Rangers & Celtic! Enough said.What is southsmptons aggressive move if they have not even bid yet!! Not exactly aggressive!!

Also, 10 million! You having a laugh? He is a player from the Scottish prem! He came from league 1, where players like sharp and fryatt had a better record. Sharp is going to Leicester for 3 million and fryatt is joe average at Hull and worth barely a 1 million fee!
Just because he has played for Celtic it doesn't mean he automatically commands a big fee! Put it this way, Boyd and McDonald scored goals for fun in Scotland but in the championship were both average to rubbish!Answer to all your replies.... Hooper would be sold for 7 million and that really is good business for Celtic...Martin O'neill has been researching and scouting Hooper for last 3 weeks...I stated that if Gary was leave Celtic he would rather be nearer his family . Celtic have refused all contract negotions over last 3 weeks with the player ...that isn't something you do to keep a prolific striker on a contract far inferior to 4-5 of the other team players.
Arthur4m absolute tops!! Bar the Old Firm the rest of the SPL is the equivalent in quality to League One in England. That's not a dig, just a fact. Any more than 4m then we're better off bidding for Rodrigues from Burnley, The Duke from Coventry or looking outside of Britain.More BS....give it up you lot, hooper's going nowhere this window, and certainly not for less than 10m. like it or lump it, thats the price you're going to have to pay.Hooper has played and scored in european competition, think this is a step up from the championship, so would be worth more than the Sharps and Fryatts you mention...Oh, i forgot to add, he had a better scoring record than your 35m tattie Carroll, and if i'm not mistaking, both played in the same division at the same time, carroll has got even worse, whereas hoopers game has improved immensely, so shove your pathetic valuations up yer jacksie10 Jan 2012 08:57:24
Aston Villa, Sunderland and Southampton are after Celtic's Gary Hooper


09 Jan 2012 15:27:26
Wolves are in the market for a new keeper as it looks imminant that a big money move is on for Wayne Hessnessy with both Manchester clubs and Chelsea interested. Possible targets identified as Chris Kirkland and Lukas Fabianski.(8)(17)Kirkland is fecked and has a dodgy back & We do not need or want Flapianski.


09 Jan 2012 15:27:24
Doncaster are targeting 3/4 new signings this window with
Fabien Robert
Moustapha bayal Sall
Carl Ikeme
Herita ilunga (set to extend his stay)
Former man city striker Jo is top of that list

Billy sharp has rejected Leicester in favour of a move
To a prem club
Jason puncheon is training with rovers(13)(8)Were did you get your information from about billy sharp (fool)!Funny that he was at saints training ground at 12.00 today.Big news on sharp then! Must be headlines that he is the first human to be in two places at one time! Sharp was actually at Leicester again today where he has agreed his contract. He will be officially unveiled on weds. Sorry saints fans, done deal! You lot all speak about the players that you are going to sign on here, Leicester actually go and get them!I dont think we ever made a move for him this jan. He made it clear he wasn't gonna move south in the summer.Jo? he's happily playing in brazil isn't he? why on earth would he go to doncaster? he'd easily get in half of premiership clubs...


09 Jan 2012 15:27:15
heard a rumour that suddenly swfc think there a massive club again......unreliable source! only people saying it our owl fans! huddersfield for auto spot, blades to wallop owls in playoff final 3-0(11)(12)Hudders fans should look forward to their 11th yr in the 3rd tier next seasonWho has got the biggest support in lg 1
I rest my caseYour club is as big as your supportSheffield Wednesday are MASSIVE,fact.
In Gary Megson we trust.Huddersfield will come no where once Rhodes goes and believe me he will go,just a matter of time.Also Roberts to come to the mighty owls.Only time will tell but defo not worried about swfc, blades maybe! ( better team than swfc) but somehow they've got a worse manager than u so thats saying summet! htfc only lost 2 games in 50 owls,blades,mkdons and charlton all gotta cum t town, hudds nailed on for autos! gunna put 20 blades to beat swfc 3-0 in playoff finalSome one on the pills at the drugpharm sorry galpharmMighty megson worst manager outside lg2 rhodes will go only in summer once hudds got promoted, point proven with roberts struggles to get regualar place in hudds team yet would walk into owls team have him he's lg1 level just where you'll be next year! up the town! didnt hudds do double over you last year then score 4 at urs couple of weeks back? thought so! blades to beat u in playoffsYour not even biggest team in sheffield............. up the terriersTown been in this league way too long, granted. But its 8yrs & not 10yrs as u suggest, but pls dont try to work it out properly, no point havin to take ya shoe's & sock's off. U just keep howling at the moon & chasing parked cars, old pal.!"Who has got the biggest support in lg 1" Since when did that win football matches?1 man teamLee clarks barmy army! dean hoyle for prime minister! hudds for automatic


09 Jan 2012 15:25:30
Birmingham's Winger - Nathan Redmond has been like with a number of Premier League clubs.(9)(2)SHOCK!


09 Jan 2012 15:20:36
Antony Kay of huddersfield to Bradford Park Avenue for a fee of aprox £1

PLEASSEEEEEE GET RID OF HIM(12)(8)Will they take woods as well? on a free!Theres a reason we let him leave Oakwell


09 Jan 2012 15:19:30
Wolves are looking to strengthen upfront with Doyle and Ebanks- Blake not scoring the nesscary goals. Super Mick McMcarthy sees Emile Heskey as the ideal goal scoring partner for Fletcher in the region of £2.5 million. It is not known whether Mcleish is willing to sell his star player.(8)(13)Isnt he injured?Star player? good one. He's out of contract in the summer, take him he's yours.Heskey and ideal goal scoring shouldnt be used in the same sentence"star player" is that a joke?Doyle and ebanks blake are so much better than Heskey, if he was villa's star player he'd be worth like 20m upwards you fool!You silly steptoe


09 Jan 2012 15:15:40
06 Jan 2012 11:57:46
"As part of the Scout team at West Brom, i have heard about the Comings And Goings. Most Players are happy at WBA at the moment so they will not be many departs but Roman Bednar will leave for Brighton for a fee around £1mill, and Billy Jones also Departing too the Championship with Doncaster. West Brom will make a few bids, Hodgson will delve into the market and make a 2Mill bid for Jason Puncheon, followed by trying to gain a loan deal for Owen Hargreaves and Frimpong. they will also make a sneaky bid for newcastles james perch and Rangers Kyle Lafferty. Overall they are only willing to spend £9Million"

Who is the pathetic little boy who really thinks we believe he is a member of WBA scouting network? If you really were, do you have any idea how counter-productive it would be detailing transfer targets on a rumour website? You an absolute plonker and a compulsive liar who makes a mockery of this site. You're not a scout, people who scout for premiership clubs dont sit in there parents spare room revealing supposed transfer dealings, which by the way are clearly Bs because frimpong has signed elsewhere. I worry about people like you because you clearly have mental health problems and feel the need to inflict your own fantasies on other members of society.(16)(7)I am a scout, but not the guy above! Also, I do not scout for any prem teams... :(Bit Harsh !TBH I am a Wolves fan and when I see deluded stuff like this it is easy to tell who wrote this also the baggies do similar things , just a wind up really.


09 Jan 2012 15:09:26
Ivar Ingimarsson to move to Watford now he has been eleased by Ipswich Town.(8)(6)Your welcome to him, he aint the player he was at Reading


09 Jan 2012 15:06:59
It is Stevenage, PNE & Stevenage's website confirms it.(9)(5)


09 Jan 2012 15:04:31
i think liverpool have a better chance of signing hoilett as his agent said that he would fit in better here as there is more playing time in here (no left wing downings better on right) spurs have bale dos santos and modric that would makethe cut over him. personally hes right.

as well ""rumour"" has it we have put in a bid that was accepted for him and we are doing a medical,, rumour bid was 5 mil plus add ons or 7 mil... once again this last part was rumour(7)(13)Dos santos will be leaving spurs and reports are that hoilett fancy a spurs move more than his agent fancys a liverpool the momentThere are a number of Blackburn players who have "get-out" clauses in the event of relegation. Hoilett is one of them. Yakubu is another. {Ed001's Note - Hoilett's contract is up in the summer anyway.}He wont even be a reg in the lpool squad and he knows it he signe for a smaller club for regular footyDo your research mate, modric isn't a winger he just played there a few times 2 years ago, dos santos is most definitely leaving and persides he's a right winger come forward, you could have atleast said lennon, bale, rose, townsend, pienear, kranjkar and van der vaart CAN all play that position...^^ came here to say the same.
OP Jog on



09 Jan 2012 15:03:23
Nedum Onuoha will make a shock return to the Manchester City first team for both legs of the Carling Cup semi-final against Liverpool, and Mancini will decide after these game whether or not to sell him.(11)(11)Asif. so you know what mancini is thinking !?! i dont think sooooo


09 Jan 2012 14:59:19
Nathan Redmond is at Man City's training ground and he is to sign by the weekend for £15m from Birmingham City.(7)(25)What a rip off, I got him for 2.8 mil on FM!Why would anyone pay 15M for this player.

he looks like a half decent prospect but that is it, would pay a max of 3M for him.

He has pace but doesnt know when to pass the ball, tries and tries to take on to many defenders and most of his passes are not completed and most of all he is always out of position.

he needs a good 2 years before the likes of a PL club would pay that amount, but he must improve on the above that I have mentioned to stand a chance.Rubbish.


09 Jan 2012 14:53:23
Interesting comment about Ross Allen I askedd the same question to Nick Watkins (Chief Executive) on Saturday who appeared surprised at the suggestion.

Watch out for a bid to get Constable a favourite of De Canio.(4)(5)


09 Jan 2012 14:51:57
Reading have resigne dboth youn keepers till 2015 and Adam Fedrici's contract is untill 2013. One of the two young keepers will gp out on loan. McCarthy being the obvious choice to Leicester.

There is no way in hell Shane Long is coming back to the club unless west brom get relegated and Reading get promoted.

Jimmy Kebe is likely to move in the Jan window with a possible medical with West Ham lined up after appering in the a recent game to prove his fitness(8)(3)McCarthy already joined IpswichMc carthey already gone sure it was to ipswich ?Mcarthy's gone to ipswich for three months


09 Jan 2012 14:46:07
Southampton in:
Michael Owen from Manchester Utd 6 month loan with view to permanent deal if Southampton gain promotion
Lucas Jutkiewicz from Coventry £2.1 million
Joe Lewis from Peterborugh £1.5 million

Southampton out:
Jonathan Forte to AFC Bournemouth on loan
Lee Holmes to Northampton on loan
Dan Harding to Nottingham Forest £400,000
Ryan Doble to Exeter City on loan(16)(21)It also understood that the Sharpe move to LCFC is not concluded and he might still end up on the South Coast...Owen won't move away from the area he's currently living in......... His stables and Horses mean more to him than regular first team football. Sad but true I'm affraidCan see some of these happening.
Think Owens a non starter though.Cant see the owen thing.
jutkiewicz id like to see and joe lewis. Cant believe people are still thinking we are signing Sharp - im told we bid for him and hes too much money (wages and fee) We also wont sign Hooper from Celtic - Saints spending 6mill? your having a laugh!


09 Jan 2012 14:38:04
Leeds are on the verge of signing USA International Robbie Rogers.
Makes you wonder about the future of Snodgrass.(14)(6)No it doesn't, if we get a 5+ million bid in 4 him yes we will sell until that actually happens quit wondering!!

tommoRobbie Rogers who the hell is he ? typical Bates & Co yet another waste of space !


09 Jan 2012 14:35:19
Preston have asked Stevenage for permission to speak to Graham Westley about Managers Job at Deepdale

Source:- Stevenage FC Site(10)(4)


09 Jan 2012 14:32:35
adam hamill is not going to come back to us.. cos that mean he would have his wages slahed, but he went for money so he wont come back, alread got drinkwater, gai is coming, jacobs not sure, and last free keep dreamin!(3)(6)Gai not coming get on bfc web or buy a chronicleHe's renewed his interest in Gai now his injury has healed, loan to end of season if they can coem to an agreement with Gai - I'm Football Manager researcher for Barnsley FC


09 Jan 2012 14:23:01
Billy paynter to sign for Southampton, as Brighton opted out after realising he could not hit a cows arse with a Banjo!
Looks like Adkins is a big fan and Paynter said Southampton would be his second choice after Brighton!
He should fit in well!(7)(9)Bitter brighton fanIf you are realising players who cannot hit a cows arse with a banjo I assume you are letting CMS go as well.The only interest shown in Billy Paynter so far is from Hartlepool, who want the striker on loan.He's actually having a mediacal with Crystal palace. fact!


09 Jan 2012 14:21:06
Ipswich are looking to sighn portsmouth striker dave kitson at a reported 500 000(10)(8)The lack of certainty over the future funding and ongoing legal wrangles has unsettled Kitson and Haydon Mullins. Former team-mates are advising them to get better deals with secure wages.Just filled my car with petrol, ready to give him a liftDont think jewell will sign anyone as he wont be there longYee ha, just off out to get him a map!!


09 Jan 2012 14:20:18
Bristol city - offer accepted for francisco sandaza
- in depth talks with andrew driver
-accepted offer from fuham for adomah 4.6m
thats all thats been confirmed so far.(10)(12)No offer accepted for sandaza cause hes signed a pre contract with rangers


09 Jan 2012 14:18:43
Sturidge wouldent leave chelsea he has to much first team action(16)(5)


09 Jan 2012 14:17:57
Liverpool have agreed a fee with both Real Madrid and Barcelona for the return of Xabi Alonso & Javier Mascherano.
Commolli has been in spain and met representititves over the last 3 days. The deal is meant to be worth £40 million for them both with maxi rodriguez going back to atletico madrid to raise some funds. They are offerering around £6 million for the argentinian international.(12)(37)Again, Alonso has no intentions to leave Real Madrid as they continue to close the gap on Barcelona. Javier Mascherano has been monitored by other clubs in recent months but it is very unlikely that Barcelona will sell without buying a viable replacement as his departure would leave them light in that area. I haven't heard anything about Maxi Rodriguez but Atletico Madrid are close to signing a deal for the return of Reyes. As far as I know, he is the only returning player AM are looking at. - ATHAHA I'd love Alonso back considering he's nominated for the best player in the world along with Messi and Ronaldo. He ain't going NOWHERE!It's Xavi Hernandez that's nominated for the ballon d'or, not Xabi alonso. And neither would move to Liverpool from their respective clubs. Ever.Alonso is a key player for Madrid this is never gonna happen son! he is arguable more important than Ronaldo as there is no1 that can replace him where as there are a mass of attackers (not at Ronaldo's level obviously but that would bag alot of goals)No need of macheranoSorry girls to disapoint you but a spanish paper with strong conections to real have conformed alonso is being edged out and he would love to play in england again maybe chelsea city or would he return to anfield -dont think they av that money about but you never know.


09 Jan 2012 14:11:02
Tom Taiwo will join Burnley this week after Carlisle accepted an offer over the weekend in the region of around 500,000 plus extra if Burnley go up(1)(5)Tom Taiwo moving to Sheff Utd


09 Jan 2012 14:06:24
Leon Cort to Charlton on a permanent deal this January.(6)(5)Probably true, BFC have terminated his contract by Mutual ConsentHe is returning to Crystal Palace F.C"He is returning to Crystal Palace F.C" Good he looked a bit brittle to me.


09 Jan 2012 14:01:21
Fulham are poised to make a move for Fiorentina defender Lorenzo De Silvestri.

Fiorentina are wanting £5m for the 23 year old.

A deal for Derek Boateng is looking ever uncertain so Fulham could look to london rivals Tottenham for Tom Huddlestone on loan for the rest of the season.(8)(5)


09 Jan 2012 13:57:29
Brighton are set to make a move for out of favour striker 'Nathan Delfouneso' with 'Alex McLeish' keen for the youngster to get some experience(4)(7)Please take him! Over rated and very lazy player!


09 jan 2012 13:57:03
middlesbrough set to sign paul smith on loan from nottingham forrest for the rest of the season(4)(3)


09 Jan 2012 13:56:40
Crystal Palace will take advantage of Neil Warnock's sacking at QPR and take DJ Campbell for £150,000 and Shaun Derry for £15,000. You heard it here first people.(7)(21)DJ Campbell for 150 grand? What have you been smoking!? I doubt that'd even cover a loan fee, let alone a full transfer! Add another 0 on the end and you might be closer to the mark!DJ campbell will not go for that price,
Derry might go though150k is pittence you moron.For one game maybe, Derry wont go with Ale out for the season, and DJ hasn't really had his opertuntiy through illness, injury and bad luck so be shocked to see him go and put another 0 on the end and you may have chance


09 Jan 2012 13:54:21
Crystal Palace are tracking West Brom centre forward Simon Cox. It is thought the club will approach West Brom with an initial season-long loan with a view to a permanent deal.

Palace are still trying to tie up the Martin Zeman deal with just a few contract niggles to be sorted out but this should go through in time for him to feature against Leeds United.(3)(8)Cox is going to Portsmouth on loan. Deal will be done sometime this or next week.Cardiff will sign him after his performace against them at the weekend


09 Jan 2012 13:39:59
Mattia Lanzano is leaving Swindon, and will sign for Bath City.(4)(2)


09 Jan 2012 13:37:01
Neil Warnock for the Wales vacancy?(4)(21)Think he wants a proper job...He may want a proper job, but Wales will steer clear of Warnock, otherwise they would have to answer to FIFA every time Wales lost and he accused someone of cheating.What the hell have the welsh done to deserve that!Um , no thank you , Championship manager at best.


09 Jan 2012 13:31:40
Southampton fans are awaiting the signature of cowdenbeath academy player Jack Lochray. Lochray ,who is being considered to represent Scotland u18s through paternal links, is being scouted by a number of football league clubs .(11)(3)Hope so 1 of the best if not the best academy in the countryI saw him play for Cowdenbeath reserves last year, saints would do well to sign him


09 Jan 2012 13:31:07
I have heard from reliable sources that these moves should be completed in the couple of days James Tomkins-Tottenham Jordan Rhodes-West Ham Sebastian Bassong-Aston Villa Robbie Keane-Aston Villa David Hoilett-Liverpool Saloman Kalou-Arsenal Gary Cahill-Chelsea Alex-Santos Thomas Rosicky-Wolfsburg.(11)(22)Well done you.... whos ur reliable source the papers? rhodes aint going anywhere this season!Nor tomkinsThere is no way Tomkins will be allowed to leave WHUFC for the scum at white heart lane !!!!!!Allardyce has said that Tomkins would only go for 'mega bucks'.

Harry Redknapp is naive to Tomkins' ability and therefore too stubborn to pay the amount Allardyce will want for him. Therefore no such deal will take place.Fairly certain Rhodes will be leaving Huddersfield, but not to West Ham. He'll be in the Premiership come February, probably with either QPR, Norwich or Swansea.Naive to tomkins ability? typicial bloody west ham fan.. just because he's a player and he's decent it doesn't mean he's amazing i think redknapp a PROFESSIONAL football manager with trained scouts will know better than you...Rhodes to Norwich for me if he goes anywhere hope not but pilks went there and clarky would probably rather him go to norwich - ed u know any replacements for jord? {Ed001's Note - I don't think he will be going, but I know Huddersfield have an interest in Vardy in case he does.}West ham are the only team to put in a bid for rhodes


09 Jan 2012 13:28:01
simon grayson in line for QPR job(6)(19)No chance, Leeds thru and thru.What Planit you on mate !Possibly one that can spell a touch better than you, but he is talking b@llocks, why even bother it's going to be Hughes I expect in the next 48 hours max


09 Jan 2012 13:27:33
United will look to bolster their attack by making a bid for German superstar 'Mario Gotze' with the deal thought to be worth around £43 million(8)(25)As were Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Real Madrid, AC Milan and Juventus, that is until Gotze said he loved Dortmund and didnt want to leave, before extending his contract till the end of 2014. So I really don't like your chances there.Highly unlikely since Mario has already agreed to fulfil his contract with Dortmund until 2013 with an option to extend by a year some time soon. A lot of young German players are doing their best not to move abroad pending the outcome of the Euro 2012 competition. If Germany win, there's every chance the DFB will want to shield the league's best young Germans from foreign clubs prying eyes. Furthermore, the signing of Marco Reus from Gladbach signals intent from Dortmund. They are not a selling club and other BuLi sides have sat up and taken notice. It's going to be very difficult for clubs to pry away talent from Germany now. - ATThe glasers are skint youve no chance in 5 years youll be were liverpool are or have been or were glasgow rangers are close to being please wake up and small the coffee


09 Jan 2012 13:24:39
brighton are going to snatch billy sharpe at the last minute with a 2.3 million bid

source: groundsman at the keepmoat(6)(24)Ye he told u in confidence then u put up here for whole world to see jepoardising his job?...............DOUBT IT!Various reasons why this wont happen - 1. Billy Sharp will not be sold for 2.3 mill - he is worth more than that
2. He will not come south - simple as that.
3. I cannot see Gus parting with that sort of money to be honest.
I would love to see Billy Sharp come down here, but cannot see it happening. As usual, bush rumours on here - try posting some with a little bit behind them!Right because the bloke that cuts the grass is always involved in contract talks,And the groundsman would obviously know that?????
Stop making bullst up!
He will be going to Leicester, otherwise it would not of gone public


09 Jan 2012 13:10:03
brentford are lking at jason euwall.and richard lee signing for palace. jaytabb signing on loan(11)(6)


09 Jan 2012 12:59:44
Chelsea ready to step up their move for QPR talisman Adel Taarbat. The deal thought to be worth around £20 million with Josh Mceachran go on loan to QPR for he reminder of the season(11)(20)Swansea just agreed a loan deal for Mceachran.Chelsea are not looking to sign any midfielders this January, they are considering Mordic or Moutinho for next summer and Josh McEachran has just agreed a 6-month loan deal to Swansea.20 mill give us the money now as your getting mugged, but hopefully you might get Liverpool involved then and they are used to overpaying for playersThe way Taarabt has played this season I wouldn't pay 20pMordic? Does he have the one true ring to rule them all?20million!!! u must be getting high whilst typing that. proved v.good at championship level. done nothing this season if anything going t franceLies lies liesNot a chanceGod they must be desperate


09 Jan 2012 12:50:42
Siphiwe Tshabalala will sign for crystal Palace on Thursday after already impressing on trial. Palace have agreed a fee of around 125k with Kaiser chiefs for the Bafana Bafana Star.(10)(7)Kaiser chiefs described rangers' offer of 100k and insult. he will not go for that littleThey wanted at least a 1m when Forest took him on trial in the summerHis contract runs out in May so its either 125k now or free in 4months


09 Jan 2012 12:49:29
Jelavic will move for £8/9mil. Broadfoot for
pennies really, we will bring in HOPEFULLY,
Sandaza £400,000, Russell £500,000, and a
top drawer european striker like Jelavic for the
same £4M he cost, then the funds left can help
money problems.(9)(29)I wish but thats not happening...i will pay for broadfoot to go anywhere and drive him there myself...even let him in the front seat if hes luckyCant see any big signings at ibrox. 1m deals may happen but nothing ig until the tax case is heard. also see company suspended from trading on the stock exchange. not looking good.Lmao......Rangers getting 4m to spend on a striker. Read the news, the club is bankrupt, little of any of the 5-6.5m that Jelavic goes for will be spent on players......Lmao......Rangers getting 4m to spend on a striker. Read the news, the club is bankrupt, little of any of the 5-6.5m that Jelavic goes for will be spent on players......There is no chance of getting 8/9 million for Jelevic. Interested parties have baulked at the asking price, no offers on the table at present. Maybe towards the end of the window when clubs get desperate Rangers can screw a few more quid out of interested parties but i cant see a fee being more than 6/7 million. There are also suggestions that Rapid Vienna also have a 30% sell on clause so no money to spend even if he does go!

Lets face it, Jelevic is off form and clubs want players bang in form in the January Window. 7 goals this season(not counting penalties) is hardly setting the SPL alight!

You are right about Broadfoot - Pennies!

About 700K for Edu is about right tooThis Broadfoot rumour won't go away. Just hope he goes to Leeds and not to Ashton Gate - We don't want him either.Russell for 500K? I very much doubt it. When are Rangers fans goning to realise that they can no longer force Scottish clubs into selling their best prospects for pennies when they can sell them to lower league English clubs for more money? Get a grip, lad!Il tell you right now Rapid Vienna DONT have a 30% sell on clauseTake a lot more than the change of that to sort rangers money problems, may sell the stadium!Sandaza is the only player to be linked with Rangers so far in the current transfer window.Source SSN500,000 for Johnny Russell - who are you kidding blue boy? Away to your room where you and your Action Man can dream some more. IF Russell goes anywhere it will be down south - both for money and real career prospects. The days of young naive Scottish footballers being duped into thinking that signing for Rangers is in any way going to strengthen their reputation are, thankfully, well and truly over. By the way, big man, youse have been banned from trading - Happy New Year!


09 Jan 2012 12:39:43
Former Walsall manager Richard Money is set to be appointed as Bristol Rovers manager within the next few days(2)(14)


09 Jan 2012 11:45:26
Hi ed yer i thought the hooper rumour would be ott what about lukas jutkiewicz then ? {Ed001's Note - he seems to be the most likely signing, as things stand, for Southampton.}(7)(7)


09 Jan 2012 12:33:19
Norwich about to make rys williams ist signing this window a fee of 2 half million.(9)(10)Waste of moneyIf half of the rumors about Norwich transfers were true they would have signed half of the players in the championship by now.^Haha. I'm a Norwich fan, and we do seem to be the team that everyone decides to make up rumours about. Lambert hasn't even given any idea of any players he's interested in.


09 Jan 2012 12:31:30
Hammil to sign with Hull within the next 48 hours(11)(22)Would be surprised regular member of Wolves matchday squadReally? dont think so ... hes not happy not happy at wolves but why would he go down a step?Really? dont think so ... hes not happy not happy at wolves but why would he go down a step?Not a chance,he is in 1 st team plansBarmby put some money in for billy sharp he really wants to come to hull so please put some money in for him


09 Jan 2012 12:30:18
Blackburn are eyeing french winger Wahbi Khazri if Junior Hoilett decides to move.(9)(5)


09 Jan 2012 12:26:08
Noone to Cardiff ? Well, if they table a figure around the £1,500,000 mark maybe. However Noone loves it at Brighton, Brighton don't need the money and frankly, have Cardiff got that sort of money ? Cardiff might have a few more points currently but they are likely to struggle in the doubtful event of them getting promoted unless they get a large injection of cash to offset their current debts. Brighton on the other hand are very solvent, due to incrase their capacity by 30% in the close season and not having any debts thanks to Tony Bloom.

Cardiff would be at the very best, a step sideways.(7)(13)You know nothing of cardiff's finances ...and why are they likely to struggle...the malaysians have paid off quite a bit of debt and PMG have converted 6million into shares...dont speculate ...NOONE WILL BE OURS
AND IT IS DEFINITLEY AN UPWARD STEP...FA CUP fINALISTS 2008 SEMI FINALSTS LEAGUE CUP 20102...2PTS OFF TOP.....A step sideways? Cardiff are challenging for promotion, and unless Poyet stops trying to force players who clearly aren't good enough to play like Barcelona, to attempt to play like Barcelona then Brighton may well get relegatedI can see Noone coming to Cardiff personally, in exchange for another player and moneyCardiff are owned by two malaysians one being vincent tan worth an estimated 1.2 billion and dato chan worth 700 mil havent got money , obviously not . on a good note where heading upwards are your clearly heading the other way . hell when we beat palace this week we only need to get man city in the final win or lose to guarentee a uefa cup spot , step sideways i think not .Cardiff are backed by a multi billionaire so we are so much better off than solvent


09 Jan 2012 12:23:35
Madine to Huddersfield from Sheffield Wednesday to Huddersfield quoting Ive always wanted to play for a massive club like Huddersfield (11)(19)Really?? he wants to go from playing infront of 18-20k+ fans every week to struggling to get 14k??? massive club yeah, that why they have never been in the premiership and sepnt the last 6 years or so in the same division!I think you will find Wednesday are a bigger club than HuddersfieldYea of course he one could ever call hudders anything but a small club in a small town.I'm a blade so hate to say it but, Wednesday are a much bigger club than huddesfield will ever be.
So dream on..My quotes were totally mis-interpreted. I actually said that SWFC are MASSIVE and that Huddersfield are a tin pot club with no fans.My quotes were totally mis-interpreted. I actually said that SWFC are MASSIVE and that Huddersfield are a tin pot club with no fans.Im not a wednesday fan or huddersfield fan but wednesday are a much bigger club.Madine wouldnt even get in the team at huddersfield. might not been in prem league but been in top division for more seasons won the first division more time, got more money than you, and if we're so bad how cum swfc chasing our player ( roberts) take him he's league 1 level only. which is where ur staying,dint we do the double on u last season, score 4 at hillboro this season,will see whos small when we playing championship nxt season with the blades! see u in april wen we wallop u and seal automatic! tired of u swfc fans still talking about a couple of seasons in prem league where you got hammered every weekJust 6 yrs in L1!! Try the last 10 yrs and they still can not get out even though they are throwing money at it.You've never seen 20000 fans only on TVWednesday a big club? Not sure about that. What I am sure is that they are in the 3rd division


09 Jan 2012 12:18:17
Bournemouth will sign Freddie Eastwood this week in a deal of £190,000 + Warren Cummings. Cummings will join Coventry as left back cover and will bring more experience(15)(5)Bournemouth cant afford 190,000The new billionaire owner might disagree with you there. They can probably afford quite a few 190,000 players now!The poster that says Bournemouth can't afford 190,000 needs to do their homework.

But it's not Eastwood anyway.


09 Jan 2012 12:16:35
Junior Hoillet to Stoke for 8m and Pennant going the other way.

Upson to leave due to lack of first team football.

Kenwyne Jones to Wolves and Fletcher/doyle coming the other way.(10)(12)Fletchers next move will certainly not to be a poor team like stoke...they r too small time for a flying scotsmanUpson knows hes back up, Jones nor pennant aren't going anywhere and hoilett will go to Liverpool or spurs, stoke will only sign Michael uchebo and possibly Jimmy kebeAnd wolves the championship ping pong side arent"poor team" ?
You mean financially, or football wise ??
either way, you're full of

Financially - Owned by Peter Coates and his family - who also own a little company you might have seen during the ads on, well, pretty much EVERY top flight football match shown in the UK.. BET365 anyone ??

Football wise: 8th in prem, 4th season where we're consistently improving, Knockout stages of Europa League, last season's FA Cup finallists....

How does the song go ??

"We're going Valencia, you're going to Peterborough....."
;)Mellon at fleetwood but he told em to poke it wants to progress not regress.


09 Jan 2012 12:10:38
preston have asked permission to speak to another clubs manager.Any body know who he may be ?.(8)(7)Westley at Stevenage?Westley is staying put - Ridsdale is trying to persuade David Jones to manage PrestonMartin Allan - Notts CountyOh no.behave ridsdale and get someone decent.Yes it is Wrexhams manager.Its wrexhams manager. heard it on fa cup highlights, they drew 1-1 at brighton and speculation was about him joining Preston.At least spell his name right if you are gonna post rubbish! Its Martin Allen, and he won't be going anywhere!
Its Westley from Stevenage.


09 Jan 2012 12:07:28
Turkish side galatasaray to making a bid to lure dirk kuyt from Liverpool. Amount undisclosed at this time.(25)(8)If liverpool sell dirk kuyt add that money we get for him to get cavani or lavezzi they would be very, very good signing for liverpoolTalks of a deal already in place awaiting a contract agreement between Kuyt and the club to make it official


09 Jan 2012 12:06:03
Coventry have been linked with a loan for Simon Cox (WBA) or Adam Le Fondre (Reading).

Both strikers are said to be looking for first team football, and Coventry would certainly give them that although wages would be a massive stumbling issue.

Could just be lazy journalism after we tried to sign both players before they moved to WBA and Reading respectively, but we definitely need a goal scorer if Juke goes!(3)(6)No no no le fondre to good


09 Jan 2012 12:05:13
Luke Rodgers is set to sign for the Magpies on a two-month loan deal. Rodgers left Notts County to join MLS side New York Red Bulls last season but is set to re-join in order to keep fitness levels up in the off season. Karl Hawley is set to join Oldham until the end of the season.(3)(5)Long way to travel to games seeing as he is going back to the US this week


09 Jan 2012 12:03:00
Paper talk pure rubbish ok some true news.

Tom Huddlestone will join Fulham on loan untill end of season.

Demba ba Will not leave Newcastle but will move in the summer to Liverpool Fee Around £8 million.

Frank Lampard will leave Chelsea but not for Manchester but instead for spain to real madrid.

And the big player Tottenham will bring in will be
Kaka this will happen as spurs will give madrid first option should Gareth bale available for transfer.

Belive what you like AND don't shot the messenger.

Nemesis=1=(12)(23)Demba Ba won't sell for 8 millionUtter rubishLiverpool i think will sign demba ba but 8m ? no! this release clause is 10m and newcastle said they would not accept anything under 10m but have no words if its 10m or higher because his release clause is 10m so i think there will be alot of clubs looking for him and liverpool might buy him because they need a good young premier league player.Why would Liverpool pay 8m if Ba's release clause is around 5m?Huddlestone wont go on loan..

and i wonder how spurs willafford kaka's wagesLiverpool will not buy demba ba. just bad rumour. he do not fit the profile, he will fail medical, and there for cant be insured.Demba ba would be a great signing for liverpool. hes a great target man up front on his own and liverpool like getting to ball into the box.I would hazard a guess as to how spurs would or could pay kakas wages? they have the money from huttons wages, bentleys wages, jenas' wages (although he is injured villa signed him on a seasons loan and so still have to pay his wages), keanes wages, naughtons wages, part of townsends wages, so if you add up all those wages you would recieve a nice weekly income affordable to future playersEr he did say paper talk pure rubbish!!Tom Huddlestone is heading to QPR on loan for the rest of the season. Demba Ba could leave Newcastle for PSG. Frank Lampard is indispensable to Chelsea and shall not be moving anywhere this year. Kaka will only go to AC Milan on loan should the opportunity for an exit arise. Gareth Bale looks certain to be staying at Spurs but his future club hinges on who becomes the Welsh National Team manager. If the FAW get their man, there's every chance Bale will be part of a deal between Spurs and Manchester United involving player(s) + cash.Re: the argument above about how they will afford his wages, bear in mind that at least half (if not more) of Adebayor's wages are being paid by Man City as Spurs couldn't afford them....kind of blows that argument away.Huddlestone's going nowhere he's an important player for tottenham but that aside he won't even be ready to play till some time in Feb at the earliest

Mourinho has said he wants Kaka to stay and the most likely destination if he does move is PSGNot really, he could join if he takes a pay cut if he goes on loan spurs have a wage structure which they have stuck to for the moment, even with adebayor spurs only pay to their max, city cover the rest, same can and could be applied to yes they could afford him, so it doesnt as you say blow it out the water...Why would demba ba sign for liverpool, they are a 2nd tier team..he won't leave the toon for anyone bar man utd, no point going to citeh as wouldn't get in the team and he doesn't enjoy london life so that rules out arsenal and chelsea


09 Jan 2012 12:00:25
Walsall manager Dean Smith has been given until the end of the month, if Walsall's form does not pick up following only 4 league wins this season he faces the sack

As the clubs merry go round of managers is set to continue(2)(4)Must be that time of the year again


09 Jan 2012 11:57:59
The drums are beating for the exit of Lee Clark - it is rumoured nothing will change this happening. Chairman Dean Hoyle is thought to have decided that even after 'The Jordan Rhodes Show' on Friday at Wycombe Clark should leave the club.
Huddersfield are exploring the situation with Karl Robinson at MK Dons and teaming him with an experienced old head as Director of Football - such as Neil Warnock/Peter Reid type. Much has been made of Rhodes's future and when he leaves (not if) next seasons wage cap will mean his fee will need to be spent before these new regulations come in. Replacement for Rhodes is a must and Rob Hulse is one player who is available and could do a job for them as is Billy Sharp. Watch this Space!!(4)(7)Why would Sharp even thinking of going to a League 1 club,Only way clark will be leaving there is to go into managed much higher...hes worked wonders with minowsFUNNY, some people will make up any thing to post on here, try to make it abit more beliveble though.Huddersfield are third in League one, are playing good football and look good bets for promotion. Yeah, Clark's definitely got to go then, hasn't he? Tool.Don't think clarke will leave! unless town dont go up + he's best mates with hoyle (chairman) but whoever thinks he's worked wonders with minnows should know what he's on about b4 opening his mouth.. lee clark spent far 2 much money not t get town promoted blew it last year with bad selections and wrong tactics HTFC by far good enuff 4 top half of championship NOW! lee clark will scrape automatic place this year but mainly down to player quality. clark will be gud coach in a few years time maybe with town


09 Jan 2012 11:55:31
liverpool ins
eriksen-ajax £22.5m
sulejmani-ajax £12.5m

brad jones brighton (loan)
fabio aurelio sunderland 2.5m
raheem sterlling cardiff (loan)(17)(26)Liverpool dont want to spend more then 30m this summer ?Not this one, eriksen has already turned down chelsea and man city and i cant see liverpool curning his head especially if spurs come along.......Give me a serius reason why he would not team up with agger and suarez?? offcause he turned down city, he never get a game, with nasri, and silva playing the same spot. agger and suarez could may well talk him into it. but i know for a fact that he listen to michael laudrup guideing. and will most like end up in spain. but not in janBrad Jones will not come South, not after his recent problemsGood reason is it's Liverpool you's have no chance so keep buying players like Adam Henderson downing and Carol cause you'd just can't compete long long way from champions league footballGive you two good reasons why! one he can team up with modric, bale and van der vaart and two the fact hes also a spurs fan....good enough


09 Jan 2012 11:54:37
kaka to chelsea(10)(25)Keep dreamingHaha and Jesus starting up front with messi at hull fc in feb


09 Jan 2012 11:52:10
Breaking news and great news for Man U fans...
With a surprising signing of Paul Scholes, Sir Alec is confident of bringing in Dave Beckham and Van Der Saar!(22)(21)Bobby charlton can still run 3yards with out his walking stick fergi has asked him sign up for a seasonWont be suprised if they bring back steve bruce and roy keane..hi hiNeed to buy some zimmers for the physio roomLiverpool perspective that would be nice to have beckham back but i think the only reason sir alex ferguson brough back scholes because man utd dont have really that much talent in midfield. so i dont think beckham would be back on a short loan like henry with arsenal but van der sar ? nope.


09 Jan 2012 11:45:43
Apparently James Collins has just been spotted at Newcastle airport. Says he is going to have talks with SAFC(11)(24)Heard the same, collins is an excellent defenderThe mighty mackems, nice of us to let them use our airport!Yeah, we use it for arrivals...! Mags only for departures?!To the geordie about the airport its actually partly owned by sunderland city council fact try educating yersell. You are officially the thi..... geordie this side of chicago bay and I bet you weren't even born in newcastle probably northumberland (not geordies) breast.As a villa fan all I can say is good riddance! Collins is average at best and king of hoof-ballNope, born and bred in the toon. And check it out, no council owns any part of the airport, it's a privately owned business!


09 Jan 2012 11:30:52
Millwall have made a cheeky £0.5m bid for Troy Deeney(6)(4)


09 Jan 2012 11:16:24
Hi Ed, have you heard any genuine transfer targets for Norwich. Any ideas if the speculation over Maynard, Matt Phillips or Rhodes is true? Or are those names wide of the mark? {Ed001's Note - Maynard and Matt Phillips are true, not sure on Rhodes though. I also heard you were looking at some young lad in the Bundesliga, not sure who it is though. I am guessing Lambert must still keep a close eye on the league there and spotted someone. Oh and he was described as a young lad, so I would assume that means he is 23 or younger myself, though that is not definite. I am trying to find out who you have had scouted, see if I can narrow down which team he plays for a bit!}(5)(3)Yeah i heard that norwich were looking at coutinho for inter milanCoutinio would be class!I want Rhodes at Norwich soooooo bad tho!


09 Jan 2012 11:20:41
Ipswich have released Ivar Ingimarsson so that he can sign for league one side Walsall on a 18 month contract(10)(9)


09 Jan 2012 11:12:41
Ipswich Town to sign Emile Heskey for £1.5 million on 2 year deal! COYB!(18)(24)He would never go 2 ip5w1chHe's just been ruled out for 4 weeks so this isn't going to happen.....sadly for Villa!How exciting,he'll get you some goals,not.You can have him for freeIpswich dont have that kind of money after chopraIpswich sold wickham for 8million and Walters for 4million the year before which wasn't really spent
Ipswich bought Chopra-1million and jet-1million and the rest were freebies and cheap!

Ipswich don't have 1.5million hmmmmmm............!.....!....!.....!....!.....!Another has been for the scumAnd once again along come some Norwich supporters with a rather flattering interest in a rumour about us. Why don't you enjoy your success like you should be..instead of always thinking about us? That's massive bag of chips on your shoulders there!


09 Jan 2012 11:11:18
Tevez will be joining Chelsea on loan for the rest of the season and then sold to an unnamed Spanish side in the summer, probs Real Madrid or Barcelona!(13)(33)There is no way city will loan him out to another prem team!Ac milan already wanted to loan tevez but man city said only buy so what makes you think they would loan him to a premier league club :s ?This is a dumb rumour.Anybody who sign's that little runt want's their head testing !


09 Jan 2012 11:03:46
Harry Redknap has revealed that Demba Ba has a 5m buy out In his contract meaning that Tottenham have are obviously looking at him, cant see why as they have too many striker's already.
Also, Stoke winger Ben Marshall is to decide over next few days if he is to stay in the promotion battle at SWFC or go to Doncaster and join the relegation battle(10)(13)Could see spurs taking him and selling pavHe has 10mill buy out clauseNot too sure, im certain daniel wouldn't sign a player that cant be insured? we already have trouble with ledley!Has a 10m clause,harry redknap was saying his clause should be lower then 7m meaning harry redknap saying his not worth 10m ? i think liverpool to buy him.Harry Redknap speaking to either the Guardian or the Daily Mail said that the buy out clause was infact half the ammount they thought it would be, which is 10milCan't see why coz spurs have too many strikers? lets count Defoe 1, Pavlyuchenko 2 and Adebayor on loan 3.. em am i missing something here?


09 Jan 2012 10:54:00
How much truth is there in Matt Mckay in joining the whites ED ? {Ed001's Note - whites? Which whites? There are lots of teams who play in white.}(3)(6)Salisbury City of course!Take him please any team pleaseWhile many teams do play in white, there is only one club with the nickname, the Whites. In the Football League, at least. I won't insult you by telling you who it is.
wallyWho is matt makay


09 Jan 2012 10:43:13
Hi ed is ther any truth in southampton getting hooper ? {Ed001's Note - not that I know of, considering Celtic paid over 2m for him, he is their top scorer, you would be looking at paying 5m+ to tempt them to part with him.}(13)(12)


09 Jan 2012 09:07:19
Ed av u got any news on onouha or wolves rumors? {Ed001's Note - Stoke, Wolves, Sunderland, Newcastle, QPR (though they might be out now Warnock is gone), Everton and Villa have all shown interest in Onouha.}(5)(5)Ed do you know who the front runners are and is the kenwyne jones to wolves rumour true {Ed001's Note - I don't know who the front runners are, all of them should be able to match City's asking price, so it will come down to Onouha to choose. Wolves do have an interest in Jones, but I am told it is just a case of looking at him as a replacement if a striker leaves.}


09 Jan 2012 10:54:59
roy hodgson is looking to buy emmanuel adebayor for a cut price deal with chris brunt going to man city(10)(21)Cant do that until the summerI dont think so sunshine, Adebayor is obviously on loan and Brunt is out for something like 3 monthsLmao..... that one made me laughBrunt is out injured for 2 months so he would fail a medicalNah, brunt is too important to WBA and is out for 10 weeks...and isn't expensive enough for Man Citeh! Also Adebayor would never come to West BromHow will they pay his wages bird brain


09 Jan 2012 10:44:31
mark robins is set to be next chesterfield boss and therefore bringing in adam le fondre on loan for rest of the season due to him not feturing in reading plans.(13)(8)ALF very much in RFC plans!!


09 Jan 2012 10:39:52
lukas jutkiewicz seen near st marys with another man earlier this morning (could be agent) deal could be done tomorrow or wednesday!(17)(14)Why not ey, he didnt play a part in the FA cuop game at the weekend so I think he's in the bag. COYR!Don't want him, not good enough for Saints, would rather Hooper any dayAll these players that saints are supposed to be signing, it makes you laugh, if every one that's been mentioned on here signed then the current squad wouldnt even get on the bench, doing another Leicester sign evry man and his dog, and caused a big unrest withing the club,


09 Jan 2012 10:37:36
marco reus to man united(7)(26)He has signed for Dortmund will get there in the summerJoining Broussia Dortmund at the end of the season!To be re-signed by his first club BVB Dortmund at the end of the 2011/2012 season. The full amount is yet to be disclosed but pending finalisation of the move, it should equate to 13m and a 5 year deal.He has signed for borussia dortmound already!


09 Jan 2012 10:24:40
Promising young Cheltenham Town goalkeeper Michael Arnott is rumoured to be in serious talks with Stoke FC. The Premier League output are in need of a keeper and the youngster is desperate to leave home after a fall out with his parents.(6)(8)Stoke, the premier League OUTFIT, don't need a keeper.Begovic and Sorenson have extended their contracts with the youth team keeper to step up next season.Not sure on this one, we have Tommy, Asmir and carlo as senior keepers and our under 18's keeper so not sure how we need a keeper.


09 Jan 2012 10:24:24
liverpool to sign jordan rhodes from huddersfield for 4.5m plus ad ons of 1m after 50 games, 1m after 15 international caps 1m after 25 goals(15)(31)Very good in league one, doubt he'll be quite as prolific in the premier league. can't see any truth behind thisI agree I don't think he would be very effective in prem just yet, with further development no doubt but if he's rushed into it i fear that it'll be too much too soonHaha this sort of deal stinks of Football Manager, who knows, we may even throw in a friendly too!25 league goals already(xmas) at 21 yrs old not good enuff for liverpool... how many goals was andy carroll scoring at championship level just over a year ago... defo wasnt even 15 in full season if thats the case and carrolls worth 35m rhodes must be worth 50m!!1 ha {Ed001's Note - 17 in the Championship + 2 in the cup, he scored 11 in 19 in the half season back in the Prem as well.}I agree too much football manager mate...17 goals in the championship full season then ye?Oh ye is it 3 this year aswell? well worth it!!


09 Jan 2012 10:08:09
hey edd is tom ewart the leading candidet for the qpr manger post ? {Ed025's Note - no(4)(6)Lets hope you are good at football because your grammer is awful.


09 Jan 2012 09:54:08
osborune of brentford hasent sighed a new contract could be off to charlton(9)(6)


09 Jan 2012 09:52:35
Burnley, Doncaster and Watford fight it out for Taiwo(3)(11)Watford don't need him


09 Jan 2012 09:52:28
spoke to Craig Noone on the weekend - his words "Don't worry - I'm going nowhere - I love this club"(6)(11)Also nooney is injured - why would cardiff want to come in for an injured player anyway? (Brigton fan)


09 Jan 2012 09:50:25
i'm a norwich fan but some other fans do come out with a load of rubbish. Whever your getting your rubbish from its not offical the board and lambert like to keep it close and we only find out about a player if there having a medical or have signed. So stop comming out with all the rubbish about snoddy and rhodes when you dont even know if its true. Also stop pulling all these random figures out your arse, everyone knows players will cost more in january.(8)(8)I agree with you. Most of the norwich rumours on here are a bit embarrassing. Having said that I was told the rumour about Snodgrass from Leeds fans who claim to have contacts at Elland Road so personally I do think there may be something in that one, especially as he is out of the contract at the end of the season and Leeds are being linked with a different winger every day of the week!Calm down sonSnoddy is out of contract at the end of next season and we never replaced our other winger/striker gradel thats why we are looking at wingers. bates has said it is up to grayson if a player gets sold or not and grayson said he will only consider offers of 8million+...therefore any norwich fan thinking this should stop their bcks and get facts rightAgreed. Norwich attracted no significant, big-money signings in the summer, so why should they in January? There is even less chance of it happening. The only good player that Norwich have signed, not counting Naughton, is Anthony Pilkington, and that was a lucky fluke.
wallyAll the Turkeys are getting a bit excited!Erm because we are in the top half of the prem and looking likely to stay there. Also given that Snodgrass is out of contract in the summer Bates (whatever he might say) will clearly be tempted by a half decent offer in this window. Finally as for our signings Pilks has done well but actually most of them have been impressive. Morison has been fantastic, Bennett looks very good, Johnson has probably only been surpassed as a free transfer by Ba this season and Ayala, after an initial injury, looks a class act. Suggest you watch our team play a bit before passing judgment in future.The comments from the Leeds fans suggest a little envy on your part, to suggest the signing of Pilkington was luck is garbage, Norwich jumped in before he had fully recovered from his serious injury, while other potential clubs in prem were waiting to see if he had made a full recovery. Lambert had been watching him for months prior to Injury and while there was a risk attached to get in early there was never any doubt about the lads ability. As the previous guy said there have been a number of really good signings in the last 2 seasons without spending a fortune, Morrison, Ayala, Naughton(loan)Bennett, Tierney, Martin and of course Bradley Johnson(free) etc, who have all stepped up to prem level and appear to be relishing the opportunity to play for Lambert. Some of these guys have improved beyond all recognition.
I will resist getting involved in a slanging match,but guys using expletives and insults do nothing for the credibility of your post and frankly suggest a lack of education.


09 Jan 2012 09:48:44
Hi all, up until yesterday Jelavic was going to be on his way to QPR. Everton have now seriously come in for the player.
Now almost certain to join the toffee's.
Jack Rodwell will definately not be moving this transfer window.
By the way I'm not a supporter of either. Just thought I'd post what I was told this morning by someone.

Supasub(12)(7)Nothing on any web-sites linking Jelavic with Everton


09 Jan 2012 09:47:51
Sunderland forawrd Stephane Sessegnon is a reported target for Everton(10)(30)And how can everton afford 20+m for sunderlands best player who will only go back to france if his family cannot settle in the north eastWorst rumour i have heard this window. Everton have no money and liverpool looks nothing like france.


09 Jan 2012 09:47:01

John Sheridan is to leave chesterfield today he is not being sacked as such but feels he cant ake chesterfield any further and its going to be published as mutual agreement to leave

this will please 95 percent of chesterfied fans who cant believe he has lasted this long with 16 games without a win(5)(12)Where you heard this? I hope you are right!Heard that Glenn Roeder could be lined up as replacement.


09 Jan 2012 09:41:44
Tottenham's Ledley King has torn a hamstring in training, meaning that not only will Spurs definitely be signing a central defender this window, but Bassong will be going absolutely nowhere.(5)(7)


09 Jan 2012 09:38:40
I have it on very good authority from within the club that Nigel Adkins No 1 target is Gary Hooper. He sees him as the man to partner Rickie and achieve the ambitions of the club gaining promotion to the premier league.

Nigel also has not given up hope on Nathaniel Clyne or Albert Adomah.(15)(14)Gary Hooper will cost you at least 2 million, he's been banging them in for CelticAdomah will cost you a few bob, he's got a decent contract and is flying at the moment2 million?.behave.paid 2.5 for him n he has not stopped scorin since.he wont b sold unless an offer of crazy money comes in.99% sure he wont be leaving paradise thoughU missed out a 1 mate 2 million lol we paywed more than that

daviebhoy08Pie in the sky daydreaming in Southampton! Can't see why any of those 3 would sign for you when they all have Premiership sides looking at them.I can see why Premiership clubs would get him before SFc, but lets be honest the SPL is about League 1 quality. Celtic are in a poor league. All they have is a good following.What authority is that head of the fan club? give us all a break and don't make up rubbish...All I have stated is that the No 1 Target is Gary Hooper. Subsequent to that Lennon then confirmed we had made contact with your team. So Believe me when I say I have it on good authority.


09 Jan 2012 09:33:51
James Wallace returns to Shrewsbury on a month loan after Everton gave him the all clear from his continuing injury(3)(4)Signed a months loan at Stevenage Fc


09 Jan 2012 09:16:29
gary cahill to join utd(26)(15)Yes buddyThey could hi-jack the deal, they would offer him 70,000 a week - some 20,000 more than what Chelsea are offering.


09 Jan 2012 09:04:35
BRadford linked with CRaig MCgrath
on an 18 month long deal(3)(5)No chanceSaw him pre season for motherwell,very solid


09 Jan 2012 08:55:49
Am hearing that Rangers midfielder and Aussie international Matt McKay could be heading to Leeds United. He is reportedly displeased at the lack of opportunities he has been given at the club(17)(7)From where are you hearing this one?
We need a striker howz about Forsell on loan as part of the deal.You can have forsell for the price of the lads train ticket if you want


09 Jan 2012 08:55:21
kompany red card agree or disagree(39)(46)Great tackle, never a red card.Agree, but referees need to be consistent with the ruling!! I don't support united by the way lol.....I agree , he was red carded.2 footed end of story :)2 feet off the ground........enough saidNot a red at all shame ya can't say the same for FOY the refereeing in the prem is poor and so inconsistent , city come out of that with a moral victory and will push on n win the title.No it wasent roony is a disgraceDoesnt matter what every Tom, Dick, roberto or Alex thinks. the rules state you cant show studs and have both feet off the ground. He didnt connect therefore does that make it alright? Get over it.No way was that a red card!The records will show that it was a red card and a United win. How anyone can say it is a disgrace but cannot spell themselves is beyond me!!Right, if it was the other way around and it was Man Utd who committed the same tackle and was red carded (which would never happen, let's face it, you would not be saying "two feet enough said".Rooney should have been booked for his blatent interference in the decisionLook at the United fans making out like the refs have never done them any favours over the years lolDidn't even merit a yellow, he won the ball with right instep, ref nowhere near blowing whistle until spoilt brat Rooney stepped in. Only on replay possible yellow for trailing leg comoing in late. Watford to beat Spurs {Ed025's Note - rooney did exactly what mancini did last week!...people who live in glass houses..and all that.Look at Frank Lampard's tackle last week, compare it to Company's, then look at the punishment dished out for each to see everything that is wrong with referreing at the moment.

Lampard should have been red carded, Company should not.Rules state if its reckless, its yellow. reckless with excessive force is red. therefore, at worst it was yellow! foy is out to help utd any way he can after seeing some of his performances this season!Technically yes it was a red but in context with some of the shocking tackles that some players have got away with no it shouldnt have been 1 there was no contact with player only with ball! the refereeing and rules need looking at and need to be sorted sooner rather than later.There will be egg of Foy's face once the red has been resinded, absolutely ruined a good game, i have a feeling Rooney will get a big backlash when him and Kompany meet again, remember Roy Keane's challenge on Alfie, same could happen hereAlthough i would like to see his ban stay as i am a spurs fan i think the dission is disgraceful it was not even a bad tackle ive seen worst not get a card


09 Jan 2012 08:39:36
nick montgomery of sheffield united could be going to either 1 of these clubs, derby county,nottingham forest,burnley,birmingham,leeds according to the sheffield star(7)(6)


09 Jan 2012 08:36:48
Saints will complete the signing of Hooper from celtic-5.5m and clyne from palace-2.5m by the end of the week(20)(32)Utter nonsence,wake up! leave a Giant club that compete's in Europe for a team that will never achieve anything....PleaseAbsolute rubbishHooper wants to play in the premiership, not just Old Firm derbies.Plays in Europe - a couple of games against teams from Malta and Switzerland then back to games against Kilmarnock and Dunfermline. Hmmm must be great.Malta?? try italy, spain and france diddy!

anyways, not going to happen, and certainly not for such an insulting amount eitherIf Hooper wants to play in the Premiership then why would he sign for Southampton, a club not guarenteed a place on the top table by any means yet? Esp when Premiership clubs like Newcastle, Sunderland, Villa, etc are said to looking at him.Don't get me started on the SPL utter rubbish. Why would he suffer all season in that drab league to lose to some decent European sides, and that's not even certain every year. Its been proven that quality of football is better in the Championship anyway, the amount of 'good' players from SPL come to this league and fail. Ha would rather go to championship table toppers any day.You aint got 8 millionAin't got 8 million!!?? Wot a muppet were the 5th richest club in country and have Alex oxo's money still 2 spend. That said we won't break our salary cap so can't see him coming that's why we didn't get sharp in August!Hooper to leave diawari to come in plus pederson as he wants to leave blackburn plus celtic make 2.5 million bid for chamberlin as he looking regular playing time


09 Jan 2012 08:35:22
ed help! you all keep saying Bristol City are to lose Nicky Maynard, Albert Adomah, Bret Pitman, Jon Stead, Liam Fontaine and James Wilson. But if this is all true why is there no rumours of anyone else coming in?? we have only signed Richard Foster from Aberdeen.(6)(8)


09 Jan 2012 08:34:10
Plenty of bitter people out there moaning about how stoke play football, or rugby as some people are calling it! The fact of the matter is we got to an fa cup final we got past the group stages in europe (the only english club to do so) and are sitting 8th in the league!! So what if you don't like our tactics the club is well run and we have a system that is working. There are way less goals scored from throw ins although it is still very route 1 just look at the players that came to stoke in the summer there is no way crouch would have gone to qpr or wolves or wigan or blackburn or bolton or wba or swansea or norwich just to name a few. also any type of premier league football is better than attractive championship football! And finally if you don't like stoke stop taking such a massive interest in them!(15)(12)Crouch has already played for Norwich! And it was Norwich who got his career back on track. He was doing nothing at Villa playing in the reserves and Norwich took him on loan. He started banging in the goals with other loan signing Huckerby. Norwich could only afford at the time to keep one permantly and Crouch went back to villa. He was then sold to Southampton and the rest is History. So why say he wouldn't of gone to Norwich or a few others. Your talking b!I agree sick of people pulling them down a lot of clubs would love to be in there positionIt is hardly he beautiful game,that is what people are saying nothing to do with bitterness.IMO.With all due respect to Stoke Pulis has you playing the way you do but no way could i go and watch that style of football every week its like watching teams in L2 as the majority of them play that way except Swindon and Gillingham of the teams ive seen so far.

Its a diabolical style of football but fair play to Pulis he hwas done well for Stoke the interesting thing would be of Pulis ever left how Stoke would do.The anti-christ of footballThe football you play is garbage but you cannot knock the achievement no matter how much you detest the methodsSwindon, Gillingham, Crawley and Southend all play a fast, attacking passing game in league 2 and they back it up with all being contenders for the title.. Stoke play better football than they used to but it's boring... i could have seen crouch go to wolves, blackburn or bolton if they had the money i think you're getting abit big for your boots mate.. The mickey mouse cup (Europa league) Spurs played a second rate team as did Fulham, Birmingham didn't quite cut it so yeah stoke were the only english team out of 2 that give one about the competition. They most probably won't win it because someone playing a slick attacking passing game will simply out class them...Pulis has got u playing like that and you've just kept climbing the table! simple! plus the players he's bought and the way the club is ran.... i wouldnt be a worried if i was a stoke fan! plus have started to change and actually play football a little, would rather be stoke fan at moment than wigan,bolton,blackburn,swansea and even teams like fulham and everton!Slick passing sides like arsenal and tottenham always do well at the brit don't they?oh maybe not.The number8 holds the ball well, the backs attack and pressure the ball, the wingers have genuine pace, great on line outs especially with the long throw, just need a decent scrum half to hold it all together..... can't argue though, Stoke are there on merit with a decent team.


09 Jan 2012 08:09:47
Manchester United have made a cheeky bid for Arsenal attacker Theo Walcott.(10)(43)I let them have him Walcott is a one trick pony all he is good at is running after a ball as long as he has 30 yards of space to run after it. When he takes a full back on he's lost what to do with it and his final ball is dreadful. A totally overrated player.Im a liverpool fan and no harsh feelings but man utd really ? who have giggs, nani, valencia & ashley young who could play in that position ? all 4 i mentioned are better then walcott so very unlikely. but liverpool need a good right wing plus his a liverpool fan.What will they pay him in vouchers for the megastore?


09 Jan 2012 08:08:52
Manchester City are interested in signing Newcastle hitman Demba Ba. The Senegal international has been in superb form for United and could seal a deal to the Premier League challengers, for around £25 million.(13)(39)Depending on who you believe ,his buy out clause is 5 to 10 million , so why would they offer 25 million ?Because there Man City so they 2,3,4x the price needed to show offHe has a buy out clause of 5-7m so 25m? you need helpWhy leave to sit on the bench?Why would he be sold for 25 million when he has a buy out clause set at 10 million? After Redknapp exposing the buy out clause I would expect a lot of interest in Ba. The only problem is that he is almost uninsurable due to a knee problem.No they don't, you're just jealous of their wealth!What a bunch of fools. Just because the buyout clause is !0 mill it doesn't mean the first team with an offer gets him! Since you know him so well are you even sure he wants to leave? He'll be getting paid as much to stay at the Toon as to play for the mighty soon to have a manager behind bars Spurs and any team wanting to buy him will have to pay a lot of money. If he leaves Newcastle will get a lot for him, never mind this 10 mill clause, loads and loads of players have them and get sold for loads more. Just worry about your own teams saddos.Ba will only leave Newcastle for French super-club, Paris Saint Germain at the end of the season. - ATThis makes me laugh, the team who have better, stronger, faster tall strikers ( dzeko & balotelli ) why would they offer 25m ? thats stupid. they wouldnt even offer 10m because they have better strikers. and when balotelli and dzeko dont play they play aguero up front nasri behind and silva and johnson beside nasri so no way in hell is city going to buy a player like ba.The buy out clause is exactly that and no there's a very few players who have them that low i think what you mean is players are sold below the buy out clause get your facts right..Does he not have a clause in his contract - reported 10 MILLION


09 Jan 2012 08:06:15
Dutch side Feyenord and French giants Lyon, have made a bid for Anderlecht striker Matias Suarez. The Aregtinian is also wanted by Arsenal but Feyenord and Lyon have both made bids worth around £7 million.(6)(5)


09 Jan 2012 08:02:32
Yeovil are very close to signing Lewis Guy on a free transfer. Guy has just been released by League 1 rivals MK Dons, and the former Newcastle youngster will sign a one and a half year deal with the league strugglers.(6)(5)He is terrible from an mk fan


09 Jan 2012 08:01:20
Hibernian are close to signing Bristol City defender James Wilson, on loan until the end of the season.(5)(10)PMSL what on loan considering he's 1 of city's main defenders I doubt it


09 Jan 2012 08:01:03
ed tell me if this is true - Bristol City are to see Nicky maynard leave to Swansea or West Brom, Albert Adomah to Newcastle or Stoke, Brett Pitman to Derby. {Ed025's Note - i believe the first one, the rest are speculation(6)(7)Maynard has had his day, happy to see him go. Pitman is shocking, Happy to see him go. we need to keep Adomah. Jon stead to be Bristol City main Striker, this would be a way forward.


09 Jan 2012 07:59:31
Portuguese side Maritimo, are set to sign former Belgium defender Birger Maertens. He has recently been released by Dutch side Heracles Almelo and is wanted by a number of League 1 sides.(2)(3)


09 Jan 2012 07:43:29
Albion boss Gus Poyet has warned Cardiff their interest in Craig Noone is "going nowhere".

The Argus revealed details earlier today of Cardiff's rejected £400,000 offer for the Seagulls' talented winger.

Poyet said: "People said to me in December are you expecting any offers for Nooney, for Dunky (Lewis Dunk)? I'm ready for anything because in football today you don't know.

"When you get an offer that means players are doing well but it's how you can control it, depending on the offer and the club wanting the player.

"The situation last January with Benno (Elliott Bennett and Norwich) was a nightmare for 20 days, unbearable. Let's see, maybe this one is easier.

"It's totally different. At the moment it's going nowhere. I don't know what is going to happen but what is true right now is they've got no chance.

"They would have to more than significantly up their offer."

Source Brighton evening argus.

What poyet mean Cardiff is shove it were the sun don't shine.
Gus cant control , he has said that he wants the move to cardiff and is not willing to budge ,cardiff have offered 700k but brighton are holding out for 1.2 m , expect the deal to go through tuesday , if its true whats been said for 1 m , gus has no time for players who dont wont to be at the club after the last fiasco , and plus cardiff being so much more of a bigger club you cant fault the player hes obviously ambitious

Absolute bcks, he doesn't want to leave! he loves it at brighton, you are deluded(4)(4)It's a done deal according to our end (city). We'll see thou! Quality player aswell.What an absolute load of tripe ! Ive never heard so much made up rubbish on this site then this pathetic, deluded & childish comment. Craig Noone has said no such thing that he wants to leave Brighton. Also, there is NO-WAY Cardiff City is an ‘ambitious move’. There is no evidence or statistical date records to say that Cardiff are a bigger club then Brighton. If anything, BRIGHTON are the team with the ambition and moving forward. Gus Poyet is a very shroud manager, he will do what is right for the club. If there is a substantial offer on the table then he’ll consider that when it happens. In the meantime, he’s going NOWHERE !! Again, an absolute pathetic comment.The only way Brighton is a bigger club than Cardiff is if your counting the number of United fans although its a close callNo stats apart from the league table?Cardiff's got a bigger fan base, a better history and a more stable financial situation.. However Brighton are an ambitious club and they could come up to the Premier League next season so i don't see why he'd want to leave.. Unless it was a Premier League club, West Ham or Southampton.. As for him being loyal he has stated he would leave if the right offer was on the cards, Poyet probably would sell if the player wanted to leave but the fee being stated here is some way off in my opinion he's got to be worth a good 3.5m as far as i've seen he's a class player with tremendous potential...


09 Jan 2012 07:31:27
Southampton have prepared a substantial bid for Argentinian international keeper Sergio Romero, currently plying his trade with Serie B strugglers Sampdoria. Romero is said to be considering his options with the prospect of a second straight season in the Italian second division looming.(8)(11)So he's going to leave a club in the second tier for a club in a different second tier, not yet guarenteed a seat at the top table by a long chalk? Mmmmmmm...He's a world class keeper very highly rated why on earth would he go to Southampton. maybe he meant to write Sunderland or Stoke...?


09 Jan 2012 07:01:36
Is it just me or are Norwich being linked with every player underf the sun?
You have done a good job in the Prem so far, but lets not get carried away. You were a League 1 side 2 years ago dont forget.
This from a totally un-biased Leicester fan.

(And before anybody replies, I know that Leicester seem to be the same, and its getting on my nerves. PLEASE NIGEL....BECKFORD OUT!!!)(5)(5)I agree,I'm a Norwich season-ticket holder.Some names and figures are unrealistic.I would like to see clubs the size of Norwich and Leicester challenge in the Premier League,because all you hear about are the 'big six' simply because they have deep pockets.A norwich fan here aswell... i agree, some names that have been linked are simply...stupid!Beckford to Leeds again he's a legend so you should respect himI think Norwich have been a breath of fresh air this season,i'm a Burnley fan and would hope that my club look at yours as an example,hope u stay up and hope we join u there soon,well done.Beckford a legend? Don't make me laff fella, I'm sick of watching an over rated first div striker, striker being the thing,, he's lazy, first touch woeful, and we have enough donkeys being carried at the KP stadium, so your welcome to taking him back my freind


09 Jan 2012 06:47:34
Australian international and Rangers FC midfielder Matt McKay looks set to join Leeds United. McKay has failed to cement his spot in the side since joining in August 2011 and it is not believed to be down to playing ability. Leeds are very lucky to be signing this talent. Matty has not been given a fair go at Ibrox, and now desires in seeking other pastures.(13)(10)


09 Jan 2012 06:30:43
very good source ipswich: paul jewell is definately looking at littlehampton striker(3)(2)Littlehampton striker....which one? I'm guessing Jason Jarvis, due to his goal record, but i'd like to know who you mean!


09 Jan 2012 06:20:04
Liverpool are looking at Podolski or Soldado. There also looking at a centre defending midfielder theres been rumours that tiote could go to liverpool. also liverpool are looking at a right winger, they might want Jesus Navas/Walcott/Lennon. They really want to be in top 4 by the looks of it. {Ed025's Note - then they will need that jesus fella..(16)(14)Not even Jesus could get Liverpool into the top four.Roberto Soldado will not be sold this transfer window. It is believed that Bayern Munich have first refusal to sign Soldado should the striker become available since Valencia have no intention of selling him to another Spanish club while, he himself is not keen on a move to England in the future. The fee for Soldado is believed to be around 17m and is believed to have been agreed earlier this season. Podolski has been strongly linked to Arsenal but at the moment he is very committed to Koln.Why would Lennon leave spurs in the title race, a club he's played for, for 7 years to go to Liverpool. Soldado plays for Valencia a club he's supported since he was a child he will NOT leave for Liverpool, Navas wants to go to either Barcelona, Madrid or United if he leaves Sevilla.. So yeah maybe Liverpool could sign one of Podolski or Walcott but you made that up so it ruins the whole debate


09 Jan 2012 06:16:40
Manchester City To Sign Thiago Silva And One Of These 3 Players Alexandre Pato/Hazard/Cavani(17)(15)It may come as a surprise but it's highly likely that Manchester City will not be signing anyone this transfer window. Mancini has been strictly told that he should be able to win the title with the players he has at his disposal. He has been warned that a failure to do so would result in his departure. The open cheque book attitude has concerned the board who fear that even with stadium deals and shirt deals worth 150m, the club may not break even in time for the 2013 Champions League. Therefore, it is imperative that Mancini understands that there will be no new arrivals until the squad has been streamlined and the club stops making losses of 194m.Persides the fact this is utter rubbish, it's probably true...


09 Jan 2012 05:18:33
From where I sit and,and I'm sitting a long way away,forget Errikson for starters.How about a forward thinking,level headed, ex player recently gone into management with proven ability,and for Christs sake be ENGLISH BORN (Real Passion).This will be the bloke who'll win the minds and respect of his players and take Q.P.R north.Errikson! are you people delirious.(1)(1)Great ! You dont want Paolo de Canio, with all his passion then.


09 Jan 2012 03:08:47
taiwo doesnt get in carlisle's first 11 most weeks,good player but not a championship player,well take that sort of money !(2)(3)


09 Jan 2012 02:00:00
Bournemouth bidding for Matt tubbs as he's a local lad but he's holding out for a move to either Leeds or Southampton. Bournemouth also after one of Matty fryatt (Leicester) Freddie Eastwood (Coventry) James hayter (Doncaster) sam vokes or Brett pitman (Bristol city). Just depends on who's willing to make the drop to league one


Fryatt / Leicester! - keep up!


Matty Fryatt plays for Hull. Nice one


Since when did matty fryatt play for leicester-wishful thinking maybe


My bad, thought he was on loan at hull


Sam vokes is on loan to burnly mate sort out your facts!


Brett Pitman Has Said he is Patient and will not look to move


More than likely going to be Hayter or Eastwood to be honest mate.... Wolves accepted Bournemouths bid for Vokes but he did not want to drop lower than championship... You can have all the Russian oil money in the world but if you can only offer league one football then your looking at past it players looking for a big pay cheque.


Only 2 of those mentioned are being looked at by Bournemouth. Hayter, as he doesn't play alot at Doncaster (alledgedly) and Eastwood, as he is a former team mate of Lee Bradbury and since Bradbury is making a habit of signing ex-team mates, the second looks most likely
Brett pitmann wot a waste of money you can av im for nothing.
Defiantly can not see Tubbs coming to us. I know someone who is/was at the time heavily involved with Salisbury and their scouting network, and he said that Tubbs said he HATED being with bournemouth because of "the way he was treated". Would've loved to see him come though!(1)(8)Cody MacDonaldBrett Pitman is a good player given the chance playing 2nd fiddle to a striker who dosen't want play for us give him a chance


09 Jan 2012 01:07:00
Robert Earnshaw is not being used in a swap deal from Cardiff City for McGugan at Forest. Nottingham Forest don't want Earnshaw back, and can't afford his wage demands. If they do sign another striker (unlikely due to Harewoods arrival) it will be someone whos fit and who can score.(8)(2)He is , said his goodbye's at WBA saturday!After scoring one and setting up anotherYeah mcgugan 2 norwich not cardiff and gunter as well. We need more defenders any forest news ed? {Ed001's Note - I haven't heard anything other than the McGugan rumours, he is being shopped around.}


09 Jan 2012 00:44:42
Bradford City keen on taking Watford's Chris Iwelumo on loan for the rest of the season.(10)(3)Yes, Yes, YES - pleeeease take himPlease godCant see it happening !


09 Jan 2012 00:42:55
Ipswich were looking at Jonathan Hogg from Watford during their FA Cup win over Bradford City.(5)(10)Believable because he's a class player but he won't leaveSo you think he'd move from Watford, who are an average Championship team, doing reasonably well at the moment, to Ipswich, an average Championship team who are underachieving... GET REAL.


09 Jan 2012 00:40:53
Watford's Scott Loach off to Southampton and Leicester's Chris Weale will replace him.(8)(11)


09 Jan 2012 00:35:52
07 Jan 2012 09:09:01
"Contrary to his own Twitter assertion that he will stay at Barnet until the end of the season, I have it on very good authority that Izale McLeod will be re-signed by MK Dons this week on a 2 year contract. Fee agreed, thought to be £375k"

Very funny. Dons spending £375k! HA HA! No chance. Now, £37.5k, that I WOULD believe...(2)(2)


09 Jan 2012 00:35:50
Swansea's Brendan Rogers is planning a £3 million double swoop for Watford's Adrian Marriappa and Lee Hodson.(5)(11)13 million might get one of them.LOL be serious. Mariappa is good, probably good enough to be in the Swansea team...but he's worth maybe 3m tops.

Hodson is young but he's so weak.....small....and he's not fast either. He barely manages in the Championship so he has no chance in the Premier League. He might find his level in the Championship but I don't see him doing better. Worth maybe 750k if we're being greedy....


09 Jan 2012 00:27:02
Reading are set to sign 20 year old striker Karl Sheppard from Shamrock Rovers who are top of the Irish Premier League. Brian McDermott says he will hopefully live up to the standereds of fellow Irish strikers Shane Long and Kevin Doyle.(6)(1)The Irish league season hasn't even started yet! How can shamrock be top!


09 Jan 2012 00:19:25
millwall to get tubbs in jan(5)(4)From the League of Gentlemen?


09 Jan 2012 00:17:45
QPEare set to get mark
hughes on tuesday(17)(3)My money is on Benitez, Hughes is not much different to Warnock. Fernandes sees a big profile as the big step to bring World class players in.My money is on Steptoe


09 Jan 2012 00:14:25
Hey ed is James McCarty staying at Wigan this season {Ed001's Note - McCarthy is likely to see out the season there.}(3)(2)


09 Jan 2012 00:06:00
chelsea forward
gael kakuta will
go out on loan to
dijon after completing
a similler deal
with bol


08 Jan 2012 23:56:17
blackburn are looking at
french winger
wahbi khazri as
a replacement
for jumior holiett(6)(3)


08 Jan 2012 23:31:33
who are millwall
going get in jan ED
I would like to see
james constable
or matt tubbs
can u see this {Ed001's Note - I have no idea mate, I don't know anyone connected with the club to ask either, sorry.}(0)(3)


08 Jan 2012 23:23:07
Ed I've heard there's a medical booked on 12th this month and everyones saying it's hoilett after Liverpool agreed fee any truth in this ? {Ed001's Note - no.}(2)(7)



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