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11 Feb 2013 22:24:03
Eddie Johnson is joining Pne on loan.

More chance boris johnson of joining

12 Feb 2013 10:00:56
There will be no activity in the loan market until Westley's position in known. Hopefully this should be tomorrow when he gets sacked after another defeat tonight. The new man can then have a say of who goes and comes in.



11 Feb 2013 22:14:50
Fulham goalkeeper Neil Etheridge will join league one side Walsall on loan, the league one side currently have Ian McLoughlin in goal who is on loan from Mk Dons, but the Dons will not allow him to rejoin Walsall when his loan expires after Saturday

Striker Lauri Dalla Valle could also leave the Cottage to either league one sides Crewe or Crawley on loan

Going to Crawley on loan with view to permanent

12 Feb 2013 11:52:41
He is going to crawley already having medical

When will you Crawley fans realise NOBODY wants to sign for you because you have no money as you are riding close to the wage cap.

Deny it all you want but it is true, I think you will find that out very soon when last years statements show how much in debt you are. people in glass houses should not throw stones at Notts County, Pompey and Swindon!

12 Feb 2013 14:48:48
He won't be going to crewe as they cannot afford his wages however crawley can afford his wages

A simple googling would've revealed that Dalla Valle is currently on a trial with the Norwegian champions Molde. Already played in one friendly and scored after 11 minutes.

12 Feb 2013 17:56:36
If you actuly checked richie barker has already confirmed that crawley are in talks with a prem team about taking a striker. He didt realy want jimmy spencer however he was forced to take him as they were finding it difficult to agree personal terms with this prem striker however barker has confimerd that he is hopeful of the capture of a big name on loan

Don't comment about Crawley's financial position when you know NOTHING about it - you have no idea of the financial plans already in place that totally contridict everything you have said. Hate us all you ike - but get your facts right. Crawley have NO financial issues, unlike other clubs.

You have the clubs account do you worry about your club not how well crawley are doing

12 Feb 2013 23:46:12
Crawleys money situation is fantastic persons look into it more until you critisize them

13 Feb 2013 12:40:06
Adrien obrein what a waste of time why does barker keep bringin these young players in with no experince such a waste of time

Crawley are stable money wise, fact. The CEO said it himself.

Aiden O`Brien singed on loan today till end of season

Crawley are spending money on re laying the pitch at end of season around 150K and they are spending 1.5million on a training ground, spent. Is that a club with money problems?

Need somenbody ecperienced



11 Feb 2013 22:26:25
West Brom interested in signing Leeds defender Sam Byram in the summer. The Baggies were watching him during Leeds draw with Wolves on Saturday.

If I was byram I would not come to the baggies, we have just released some quality young pros and just given the injured george thorne his chance because of his ashworth connection, we have bought no one through the academy for years even though there's players there waiting for a chance this manager is not brave enough to put our own kids in,

What are you on about! If the youngsters were good enough they would be playing! And how can you be moaning about Steve Clarke when we are in the top half of the premiership. Get a grip and i'm guessing you don't go to many games or know anything about football.

15 Feb 2013 17:50:29
This won't be publish but the bloke who dislikes Steve Clark is obviously a wolves fan go on publish it

Its a good point, there are no academy players in our first team, we get good cheap foriegners

The end of this season will be massive for us with so many top pros leaving us so yes I can see it would have been nice to blood some of the young talents, rather than keep gambling on foriegn players we can even spell there names



11 Feb 2013 22:00:07
Marko Fuctacs joining Notts county on loan

This is not happening as he played for Leicester on the 12th against Huddersfield.

Doesnt mean he won't go out on loan



11 Feb 2013 21:52:02
chris kiwomya to raid his old club and get jay emmanuel thomas on loan



11 Feb 2013 21:23:54
Sounds like Mark Robins is getting the Huddersfield Town job, he is 1/7 now

12 Feb 2013 08:14:16
No one wants robins. btw is Adkins even on shortlist. and I want mind butt because he as fire and soul in him however he asent maneged yet and to jump to the championship striaght away its very risky!

Stepping back in time then, another clark situation, risking our championship status this time, doing it on the cheap with Robins. regardless of budgets etc etc, coventry are 8th in league 1 having played 2 matches more than rivals. Well done Dean, supporters will love you for this one, we won`t be using our season tickets at our house, and I suspect many others will think likewise.

Here's all hoping the name we see announced as town manager has the surname jones and not robins

Well the Daily Mirror says Robins is getting the job so bound to be true. I will believe it when it's on Town's web site.

You can't speak for everyone. Mark Robins would be a good choice. Adkins was never in the running - he wants a bigger team than us now he's hit the big time. Let's not get negative before we even start yet again.

12 Feb 2013 09:31:58
Mark Robins has done exceedingly well in management and some of these people who condemn Dean Hoyle on this possible appointment have no concept of what is required in a football manager. If they decide to stay at home if Robins is appointed they will not be missed at the John Smith's stadium

12 Feb 2013 09:32:14
when robins took over at coventry they were up rubbish creek without a paddle. I think he has done quite well to get them where they are now

It is for Dean Hoyle and the board to decide. Whoever it is let's hope they turn out to be a better manager than you are speller!

I'm not happy at all. Season ticket holder for 16 years. These candidates are a joke. Risking our status he is

I cannot believe how some people are prepared to write off managers before they have even been offerred the post. Those of you that are threatening to stay at home if Robins is appointed, will you be coming back with your tail between your legs if he retains Championship status and kicks on next season. I live in the Midlands and I can tell you that Coventry supporters think he is great. He has got their team playing with passion and belief and getting results. They were sliding to obscurity before he took over.

The only problem for Dean is that Robins has said in the local press that he is going nowhere.

Look where Robins has dragged coventry from! With Zero money to play with!

Mark Robins would be a good appointment but Graeme Jones would be better!

To the person who posted they won't be using their season tickets if Robins is appointed, two things. Firstly grow up! Secondly can I have your tickets as I would love to go down weekly to support MY team unfortunately my family cannot financially afford to do so.

Who ever the manager is, I won't be throwing my season ticket away. All we can do is get behind the team and the new manager and hope we can stay up ( which I think we will ) Huddersfield town till I die. !

It doesn't matter who takes over as Manager of Huddersfield Town we are Town fans and should get behind the new man and the players to give our season a boost with 16 or so games to go!!

Who cares now! let's just get on with the rest of the season. I will be renewing my season ticket regardless. that's because I am a proper Town supported, not just a glory, glory fan!

To all the objectors, after I said I wouldn`t be going to watch if Robins was appointed. I have nothing against him, but I object to my club which I have supported for years taking in my view, a backward or sideways step, now we are in the championship. He may have done well at coventry on no money, but that is league 1, where they are 8th, by no means promotion contenders. We on the other hand are trying to retain our championship status, and I don`t have confidence he can firstly achieve this, and secondly move us forward. Its all well and good waiting and seeing, we can`t afford to take chances!

Dean Hoyle risking our status? we wouldn't have a status if it wasnt for dean hoyles investment

I think Mark Robins will do just fine he's a good track record on limited resources. You never no Dean might even part with the Rhodes money and let him sign some proven strikers.

Can't believe some of the persons on here who claim to be fans. Before he's even got the job they're saying they will rip up the season tickets. Losers. Get behind the team and SUPPORT. If that's you're attitude were better off without you. Probably just a boo boy anyway. UTT. Thanks to Deano

Yes but you need to be realistic. We are a small club in this league, just have a look at some of the contracts the top teams have their players on. We need good business sense not what happened with Rubery and Bruce, remember George Donis?! A manager within our budget with hunger and contacts which Robins or Butt fit. Graeme jones would be great too.

No-one wants Robins, very big statement but if you know everyone then I suppose it might be true



11 Feb 2013 19:54:29
Huddersfield to get Nick Powell on loan for the rest of the season

Mark Robins odds on to be new Town manager as Dean Hoyle buys out his exisitng contract for a six figure sum. Announcement to be made Wednesday at 11 a. m.

Seen as he's injured I very much doubt this

Robins as done well wherever he has been, relative to budget and the position of the teams when he took over, given a chance and the backing of a great chairman like Dean Hoyle he could really build something special at Town imo



11 Feb 2013 19:10:40
if PNE lose to Yeovil tomorrow, Westley WILL get sacked and Risdale will appoint Peter Reid until the end of the season

11 Feb 2013 20:40:01
It pains me to say this but if defeat tomorrow brings an end to the Westley era I would take the loss. As for Peter Reid, I don't think so wasn't it Risdale who sacked him at Plymouth? Unless all our prayers are answered and he also gets sacked by Trevor Hemming s.

Maybe, my choice would be simon grayson. don't see ridsdale sacking westley though

Bye bye westley



11 Feb 2013 18:10:26
Blackpool rumour - Aston Villa will offer Nathen Delfonso plus 5million for Tom Ince if they stay up. Source agent linked to AVFC.

Well i'm guessing he is staying then

Ince looking to join a Premiership club next season.

I doubt Villa will be in that league



11 Feb 2013 16:57:34
Simon Eastwood to Plymouth on season loan with
David James moving to Pompey on a month to month
loan deal.

12 Feb 2013 07:50:22
Argyle can't loan anymore players we have the maxiumum limit

You don't want Eastwood either. He is rubbish.



11 Feb 2013 15:38:07
Colchester in talks with former Manchester United striker Andrew Cole to sign him as a coach!

Please don't bother, he came part time to Huddersfield under Lee Clark a couple of seasons ago as a consultant. While he was there the goals dried up. He's not exactly whay you would call "a motivating role model" for the younger playes, more a name without substance.



11 Feb 2013 15:23:27
Heard that Karl Oyston turned up to meet Owen Coyle with a contract already drawn up and that's why he turned us down. Rumours saying he asked for too much are completely false



11 Feb 2013 15:12:24
Watford are looking to bring in Manchester Utd youngster Ryan Tunnicliffe to help their push for promotion

I would prefer ryan babel. he is truly a world class player and could easily be developed into the next messi under zola. watford are said to be readying a 14 million pound bid for the summer. that would be a fantastic buy as we need strikers. {Ed003's Note - just borrow him instead :-) }

Let me guess, another loan deal? What a surprise

The editor is a sarcastic ****. {Ed003's Note - always nice to be appreciated}

Well loans are all that can happen until the summer, unless a player is a free agent

Yet another jealous fan who is confused about the Watford project. Don't be scared guys.

We will not get Ryan Babel, some of our fans can be real persons sometimes. Pozzo's will never go out and splash big money on someone like Babel. Be realistic!



11 Feb 2013 15:21:30
Derby County currently looking at Paddy Madden and Notts County's Alan Judge. Judge's contract is set to expire in the summer.



11 Feb 2013 14:12:03
Mark Robins will be appointed Huddersfield Town manager on wednesday and will sign a 3 year contract.

Huddersfield don't have the money to buy out his contract.

11 Feb 2013 14:51:14
Yes they do.

Oh yes we have, if Dean feels he is the right man it will be done!

Mark Robins. Yes that would make sence, an unproven junior that can work for peanuts and build the foundations of a home grown squad capable of holding their own in the top half of the Championship for a couple of seasons, after which he will be sacked by Mr Hoyle who will get a reputable manager in for the playoff push! Sounds like Clark and Grayson all over again. and we know the theory works. The upside is, the less we spend on a manager, the more we will have to spend on the pitch. which for a new one is a discrace.

Coventry don't have the money to keep Robins

Strong rumours in Huddersfield that the new manager is currently in a job but not a club manager, this would appear to narrow the short list down to Nicky Butt (reserve coach at Man U) and Graeme Jones assistant manager at Wigan. All those interviewed applied for the post so any currently managing a club must have asked for permission to send in an application.

It's not that Hudds don't have the money to buy it out, more whether it'd be worth it

11 Feb 2013 16:58:16
mark robins would be ok, but my money is on nicky butt. could be just the guy town need

Would be a dream move for Robins. He has coped well at Coventry considering the financial situation. Would expect him to achieve much more at Huddersfield with the backing of a good chairman.

Hope this isn't true, he was awful at Barnsley! P. s Huddersfield can afford what they want mate

If we did want Robins, which I more than seriously doubt, we could certainly afford to remove him from a 3 yr contract at Coventry City. get real everybody!

What contract. why do you think he wants to go. coventry have not given him any security since he has pulled them from the foot of the table. a 3 year contract is a good offer not to pass over

11 Feb 2013 18:32:18
Still not a sniff of any loan signings is that due to the fact we are paying £30,000 a week for someone to keep physio busy with nothing in return! I wonder?

Hot fav according to radio Leeds and radio Coventry
We will just have to wait and see later this week

Correct should be confirmed Wednesday, press been put on alert.

Robins won't leave coventry, chances are the 2 clubs will be swapping lges next season

Fact town are paying £10,000 a week for beckford

I just wish whoever we get actually brings in some good quality consistent players. George Boyd would be perfect although Scannell is improving. Jason Scotland should have been ours we've got to have more money than Barnsley and he's 10 time better than beckford.

Id be happy with Butt. You dong get offered a managerial role at Manchester United by Fergie if your not up to it! FACT

Jason Scotland would have been great at town, I don't understand why we don't go for these type of players that were available. Instead we like getting injury prone prima donnas.



11 Feb 2013 13:59:26
Huddersfield town keeper Alex Smithies is linked with a move to Everton, Wigan and Aston Villa. They are planning roughly a 3.5 million pound move for the 22 year old

If someone is willing to pay 3.5 million pound for Smithies I will take him there myself, I really cannot see this happening.

A good shot stopper but not a great ball distributor and doesn't command his six yard box. £3million would be great then get the stopper from Preston (German guy)

He's worth double that - a really talented and naturally gifted keeper. Those that have a go at him forget that he's not the finished article and loads of non-Town fans really rate him.

Hands off our captain. !

So you think Jack Butland is better than Smithies? I don't mate and he went for more than that

11 Feb 2013 18:24:44
Totally agree over priced keeper

Birmingham were hardly in a position to say no. butland is worth more, but someone had to leave birmingham otherwise they would have fallen deeper into trouble, also if he's one of the only players that was wanted then they were stuck. should have sold him in summer for a lot more cash and they probably wouldn't be where they are now.

11 Feb 2013 19:12:12
well that's a bit daft because the transfer window, s closed

Will he be doing a third of a season at each club?

How is butland better? smithies has proven himself in a lot more 1st team games, before this season all butland had played is league 2, and he's hardly setting the world alight at birmingham now. people like you just eat up anything the media says, if they wona big up a keeper they do, despit how good he actually is, you don't have a clue if he's any good.

Smithies has been 'going' for years. Personally think that he's a weak link and doesn't give the defence any confidence. Butland is incredible and was against us.



11 Feb 2013 12:45:27
Frankie Sutherland will return to QPR today after having had his loan with Pompey cut short (by Pompey) after only making one appearance as a substitute. This frees up space to bring club legend David James back in on loan from Bournemouth.



11 Feb 2013 13:03:37
Tranmere are getting Cassidy back from wolves in time to play Shrewsbury on Friday night

If this is true I would be very happy indeed. Where did you hear that mate?

Dean Saunders has already come out and said he thinks Cassidy will score goals for them this season, unlikely but wouldn't mind it! Need a different option up front!

Would be good for us and him but can't see saunders sending him out he'd rather leave him on the wolves bench just in case he gets a goal or 2 for wolves



11 Feb 2013 11:25:11
swansea city have already agreed 2 deals for the summer transfer window, they are

jose canas from real betis (free)
tom ince from blackpool (5.5m plus luke moore)

they also hope to agree 1 more by the summer and he is
matri from juventus (4m)

Dont be silly. Ince is worth at least 15 millon. Zaha was worth 15 so ince really should be worth more. 5. 5 what a joke

The price for Tom Ince goes up with every goal he scores so why woud Blackpool agree a price now? Nonsense,

We are the pool and were going up and we just can seem to get enoguh off

Nana {Ed003's Note - Nana what have I told you about contacting me when I'm at work}

Matri would be a good buy

Can't see ince being sold for 5. 5 illion (moore is worthless). Excellent deal for us if true.
As for blackpool going up, don't you have to be in the top six? Or do you mean going up from 14th to 13th?

15M for Ince. LOL



11 Feb 2013 10:08:14
Leicester boss Nigel Pearson is preparing to swallow his pride and recall Jermaine Beckford from his loan spell at Huddersfield. Pearson is concerned that Vardy, Waghorn & Futacs aren't up to the task of scoring regularly should Wood or Nugent get injured.
He will also allow Vardy to move out on loan, possibly to Wolves.

11 Feb 2013 10:25:41
absolute garbarge. he`s at hudds all season and injured anyway. Hudds would love to send him back.

Beckford is out injured for 6 weeks

11 Feb 2013 12:43:34
huddersfield can keep him

This would be fantastic news were it not for the fact he is on a season long loan without a recall clause, costing us a fortune the keep the physio occupied.

With a bit of luck, Leicester will play him against Town tomorrow. Should get about 80 seconds out of him.

Please take him back, overated and overpaid

Let him go back. he past his sell by date

If only this was true, the only reason they would take him back is to keep the physio busy. when we took him I bet the sound of champagne corks was deafening at kp stadium



11 Feb 2013 08:58:42
Goalkeeper Daniel Lloyd-Weston, currently at Leek Town, has been training with Hartlepool United.



11 Feb 2013 08:25:00
AFC Bournemouth ambitions to win league one are in doubt due to defensive injuries and lack of quality cover. Expect to see them ask for Jason Pearce on loan from Leeds, with a view to a permanent move at the end of the season.

Is possible, EH has said he's looking to go into the loan market.

Left back required not centre half

Dream on, we need him at Leeds, and he's to good for bournemouth

Too good for Bournemouth? We have 2 centre backs with one currently on loan IMO better than him.

2 centre halves in L1 better than pierce!yea course you have. lol

I'm a great admirer of jason pearce, but yes, we do have two centre halves as good as him thanks. we need left back cover. utciad

Leaking soft goals and Falling down the championship fast and Pearce still can't get into the team? I wouldn't threat on Bournemouth wanting Pearce. I'm pretty sure they don't lol



10 Feb 2013 23:16:28
Former Man City and Blackburn goalkeeper Gunnar Nielsen has been offered a trial at league one side Walsall
Walsall goalkeeper James Walker left the club last week, so a replacement is needed to challenge for the number one shirt

Heard Joe Anyon from Shrews was being loaned there.

11 Feb 2013 14:20:19
The former Ireland Rep Under 21 goalie, Ian McLoughlin arrived 13 January in Walsall FC on a loan Milton Keynes Dons. He has already played two matches for Walsall FC.



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