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10 Feb 2012 19:45:38
neil warnock is going 2 apply 4 the england job (source my dad neil) {Ed025's Note - tell your dad not to bother...tell him to look at leagues1+2 as that is his level..(8)(17)Is he still alive ? Last time I saw him he was talking ph on Sky Spoerts.

PipRight, his level is League One/Two even though he's got two teams promoted from the Championship....?Actually it was 3 teams mate.....?Ok but the point still stands! I have no interest in Warnock whatsoever but I don't get why some people think he's a bad manager, seems to have done pretty well in the game!Meaow! @ed002Woof! Woof!Sheffield United, Queens Park Rangers, Who's the other team he's been promoted from the Championship with?Is it April already !Who writes this tosh ? he has as much chance as getting the England job as Micky Mouse has. Can you imagine first time England lost, he would be calling someone a cheat, he has abused his position many times as a manager calling many footballers cheats in front of the camera, simply because he cannot accept he is ever wrong, look at the pitiful interview he gave after getting the sack, wining about people within the club with secret agenda's etc.He is the most whinging manager apart from Pullis and that is saying something.


10 Feb 2012 19:43:41
Coventry looking to sign young chelsea strikers on loan(7)(6)


10 Feb 2012 18:20:59
Marcello Trotta will sign for Cardiff on loan for the rest of the season on Monday ( was at their training ground today).(17)(6)I wasn't at the training ground btw, I meant Marcello was! Welcome to the Bluebirds!He is a target for Watford, so I guess this will be true.Typical Malky Mackay - Cant think of his own targets - Has to look at who Watford are going for and try to gazump them.I heard Watford was after him but as he was on bench that makes him named for 2 sides in one season which makes him unable to move as the three club one season rule ed ? {Ed001's Note - unless it is an emergency loan.}


10 Feb 2012 18:19:43
Consortium group SCD Sports are in negotiations with Coventry City FC over a possible sale of the club. The consortium would stick with Andy Thorn and offer him £5m in the summer for squad development IF they stay up
Source: Secretary of the consortium(0)(10) 



10 Feb 2012 18:20:30
Any Reading loans(0)(10)George thorne of wba is being watched.


10 Feb 2012 15:23:27
Chelsea want hemings from wolves and aston villa want him to. he costs around £800,000.(5)(18)You are either the said player, or his mate, because there is no evidence anywhere to back this upIs this the 20 year old that,s on loan with plymouthDoing a great job at Argyle,but he isn't top 6 premiership class.


10 Feb 2012 14:59:53
Eidur Gudjonssen will be joining Birmingham on a pay as you play deal until the end of the season..... source.... SSN(7)(18) 



10 Feb 2012 14:42:12
Chelsea Team next summer:
Sturridge-Mata-Hazard/Ben Arfa

Van Aanholt

INS: Hazard (lille) or Ben Arfa (newcastle)
Hemmings (wolves)(3)(19)Happy with that shout, mid table here you come.Where's Ashley Cole then? And mikel and boswinga?Cole is past it. Mikel and Bosingwa are awful.Aye cos Luiz & Torres have been belting


10 Feb 2012 14:38:56
Chelsea have been seen favourites to sign young winger Ashley Hemmings from Wolverhampton. Hemmings is currently on loan at struggerling League 2 team Plymouth Argyle and has proved to be a vital player in the teams revival.(3)(11)Why is he out on loan if he is being chased by chelsea??


10 Feb 2012 14:11:15
Telegraph cancelled sky blue blog against reading as large sky blue army protesting wanting sisu out telegraph should be kicked out when hoffman takes charge also local commentary yes you sl and ce will not mention all the great sky blue fans wanting rid sisu cuz u luv them and i for one will be glad when u go with sisu call yourself sky blue fans u suck up to sisu so dont make me laugh(2)(4)


10 Feb 2012 12:42:36
the fa have a short list for the next england manager ..harry rednap- 1st tony pulis- 2nd dont no any others(2)(17)Give to Chris Hughton - he's brilliant and underratedTony Pulis - Please god no!!!Everyone knows Pullis is crap, other than you of course.Listing Tony Pulis as 2nd choice clearly means you are making it up and this is just a very bad joke,even the FA know the very worst choice they could make would be Tony Pulis unless we want to go backwards to the fifties.
The FA have already made two serious errors appointing two foreign managers in Erikson & Capello both of whom have not added anything to the England team and in reality taken us backwards against other nations.
I am not totally behind Rednapp as I suspect if he gets the job he will continue to pick players on name rather than merit.
I hope they pick a younger English manager who picks players based entirely on form rather than age or reputation.
John Terry should retire from international football now, he is not a certainty for the team anymore, and if picked for squad will only cause disharmony amongst the group.To true we need a younger man with fresh ideas,to much hype about redknapp the london media luvvy,it will end in tears as per.


10 Feb 2012 12:35:56
hi any barnsley news on any loan players(8)(5)Sylvan ebanks blake and maybe chris riggott on free transfer and freddy eastwood close to joiningRiggott just joined BurtonHill looking for centre half not forwards after conceding too many goals Wombwell Red


10 Feb 2012 11:50:10
Udinese owner, Giampaolo Pozzo, is interested in buying Watford from current owner Lawence Bassini.(11)(16)Some reports coming out of Italy seem to be backing this up..

He was linked with Portsmouth in December and for an Owner like Pozzo the Harefield Academy would be a major attraction.

Good Luck to Watford if this is indeed true.


10 Feb 2012 11:08:36
Burton Sing formor Boro defender Chris Riggott until the end of the season(12)(9)Aye, he's a canny playerSing, sing, sing. Those Brewers must be very tuneful.


10 Feb 2012 10:37:12
What happened to the Quaresma deal did it fall thru ed? {Ed001's Note - what Quaresma deal? As far as I am aware, there was no Quaresma deal.}(3)(11)He was at Goodison Park deadline day.


10 feb 2012 09:46:55
any bristol city loan news please,(2)(23)



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