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11 Aug 2013 18:22:28
Sheffield United are going to sign experienced midfielder James Harper to replace Kevin Macdonald.

Oh no please tell me you are joking

11 Aug 2013 23:46:13
If i'm honest I would sign him up again, the only problem was the first time we signed him we was playing hoofball and James Harper is a passing footballer (same as Leon Britton) but I would rather have harper in Doyles position than McDonalds

12 Aug 2013 09:44:25
Oh please please do! Terrible footballer!




11 Aug 2013 18:06:48
Yeovil are looking at Stephen Henderson of West Ham and Simon Moore of Cardiff as potential loan replacement for injured GK Marek Stech

Yeovil boy Chris Weale (shrewsbury town) is coming home to replace Marek - quality keeper

11 Aug 2013 22:56:23
They would have to pay for Weale and GJ has said he'd dip into the loan market for a GK so Hendo and Moore realistic targets

Hope Chris Weale does come back!

Really would prefer it not to be Weale, I think he is well past his best, far better to get a hungry premier league fringe player, hendo would fit the bill perfectly

I hope chris weale doesn't come back. He was a great keeper for us-then. We have developed and moved on as a club. It's like saying let's get PT, jevons back. they were great for the club but that was then. I do think we need to buy another keeper as a third to take some pressure off not having to dip into loans.

But saying that Gareth Stewart played very well on Saturday.

Chris weale was a great keeper for us but I don't think he will be good enough for the championship

12 Aug 2013 15:32:23
Neil Alexander is looking for a club, has championship and Europe and international experience, be good for six months.

Personally Moore would be a fantastic signing on say 6month loan.



11 Aug 2013 18:43:40
Vydra is going to put pen to paper in next few hours with permanent deal as confirmed my Clarke in late interview and Sinclair might be given permanent way out by jp offering 5 million for his experties. About time I reckon

Very much doubt if WBA have the financial clout to get Vydra on a permanent deal.

I doubt it too. Loans? Very possible, but shelling out dosh freely. Nah.

Whys everyone saying that he's worth so much money? He had half a good season in the second division, no one knows if he'll make it in the Prem, many players that scored as many as him don't e.g Becchio

Can't really knock the way we do things up until now. But it is getting a little embarrassing if i'm honest keep asking for loans and favours.
But as I say it's worked up until now so what do I know.

12 Aug 2013 11:01:20
WBA has money but they won't spend! Vydra loan, Sinclair loan with view to perm at the end of the season



11 Aug 2013 17:42:38
Justin Hoyte to Join Millwall by the end of the week. hopefully he will be the pace we need at Millwall.



11 Aug 2013 16:16:03
Now it looks as if Bent is on his way to Crystal Palace, Fulham will have to look for another striker with Osvaldo being the main target.

Holloway was in Speroni's bar & said " the mirror are talking *******" & " I tried to get him in but we lost out to another prem club from London". He couldn't say what club though

William Gallas is being touted as a possible signing also. Hope Bent does go to Palace, his record stands against the best.

Palace player, will be announced in the next few days.
Centre back on way too!

Wow that is an incredibly detailed discussion for him to have in a pub

11 Aug 2013 23:19:31
I guess if we have missed out on Darren Bent, then it must be Fulham

12 Aug 2013 11:16:29
Wow that is an incredibly detailed discussion for him to have in a pub


it's not a pub but a restaurant in Selhuurst park

Wow that is an incredibly detailed discussion for him to have in a pub
it's not a pub but a restaurant in Selhuurst park
Either way it is a very detailed discussion for a public place

Yeah but how do u know only that was said

Ed I say detailed because the conversation is in a public place and discussing the details of their prospective transfers not something most clubs would do.

And its obvious that Ian Holloway is such a introverted, quiet character. I can't believe he said anything too much.

12 Aug 2013 23:53:19
Darren Bent on his way PALACE

Hope so but will believe it when I see it!

Please Palace fans don't believe the press or "certain sources". Bent is well known round my manor (Wandsworth), I'm a Chelsea fan but my pal works at Fulham, he reckons Bent & Fulham have agreed terms weeks ago & are very close to agreeing a fee with Fulham. Sorry palace fans but don't let the press get your hopes up.

Pal also said Fulham are after Chantome, Osvaldo & KPB of Milan ( bit ambitious ).

Palace want 12 month loan.

At £65k per week. Fulham can ave i'm!

Yes, Holloway is such a quiet character he discusses not only Palace business but Fulham’s as well. According to the BBC website he has told BBC London 94. 9 that Aston Villa striker Darren Bent is joining Fulham.
"Fulham could wait a lot longer than we could so we've tried to force it, they've stepped in, took our deal, " said Holloway. "I was told last night he was coming to us. I was told this morning he was coming to us. It's life



11 Aug 2013 16:09:20
yeovil will try to sign Cardiff keeper Simon Moore (played at wembley against us for brentford) on a half season loan deal to cover marek stech's injury

Why would we loan out a player we just signed when he is here to be our number 2 at first, more chance of getting joe Lewis than Moore

What a load of rubbish he's just joined Cardiff they wouldn't want to loan him out he might as well stay at Brentford



11 Aug 2013 15:54:50
Millwall have made an enquiry for Middlesbrough right back Justin Hoyte they are also interested in taking young Manchester United defender Scott Wooton on a season long loan

Let him go, have Frazer and Stuart

Sell him easily get £300,000 for him have Richardson now as well also get haroun out then focus on bringing in a striker or 2 a CB and a CAM then we will have a squad capable of competing for the play offs if not the top 2 UTB, Boro its in the blood

Frazer had a cracking game for us yesterday. Reliable, experienced and worked his socks off. Got up and down the line well but was comfortable at the back. Would be sad to see Justin go (I don't think he will) as he has the pace but if it meant a few more Ks our way to bolster squad then I'm afraid it's got to be done.

Not a big fan of Hoyte but can't afford to let him go due to the injury record of all of our defenders!

I like Justin hoyte. Good cover, would be sad to see him go. Richardson can't play all season.

Can't sell hoyte he is the best RB because Parnaby is by far the worst I've ever seen and Richardson won't be fit all season

Id have to agree keep hoyte he's better than parnaby, unless we get 600k to 1m sell him and bring in other right back whos better than what we've got

We paid 3 million for hoyte a good few years ago and he has done well ever since. Not brilliant and not terrible just ok/well. We shouldn't wan't to get rid of anymore defenders when we don't have cover. If richardson got injured we'd only have parnaby as an out and out right back. Hoyte's also goof for getting forward and putting crosses in the box, he definately should stay at Boro, for the sake of a few hundred grand we'd be better to keep him. We need a striker or two mainly, we lack options upfront and other teams know were going to be playing juke and emnes up front every week.

Rumours are that Hoyte wants to move back to London, if true best to move him on. Unsettled footballers don't play well

Hoyte won't leave. Mowbray told me after the Charlton game that hoyte is going nowhere



11 Aug 2013 15:04:18
From an inside source at EFC. Everton will allow top midfielder Marouane Fellaini to leave the club if United stump up the cash and make an acceptable offer.
Word is that Martinez plans to replace him with another highly rated Belgium midfileder, Radja Nainggolan and may also possibly look at Porto's Stefen Defour, however many believe Everton would be to much of a step down for the Porto midfielder.



11 Aug 2013 14:53:13
Millwall are looking to move players on to fund further strengthening of the squad.
SL said to be monitoring Justin Hoyte and an unnamed left back / mid.

Shorey and dicker



11 Aug 2013 14:46:24
Nahki Wells to Leicester from Bradford, 800k plus Jamie Vardy. This is true.

As soon as you put something like 'Fact' or 'this is true' at the end of a rumour, it just completely invalidates it

Won't happen

OP has been reading the city forum - scouts were at the ground but to watch Carlisle who they have in the cup

There was Leicester scouts at VP yesterday.

Yes, there were Leicester scouts at VP. They were scouting their next opponents in the League Cup. Carlisle. and not Wells!

As soon as wells left the scouts left

Maybe due to them scouting Carlisle and Wells was taken off when they were 4-0 down, would you want to see anymore?



11 Aug 2013 14:44:47
I was shot down by you all last week for suggesting the talks for Eduardo Vargas are in process. They really are! I've been told Mogga has flown to Belgium or Sweden and then straight to Italy. He's gone to watch two games.



11 Aug 2013 14:37:05
What players are bristol city interested in?

After today, a defence :- (

I hear Fontaine got another pasteing yesterday. He needs to be better or be gone.

An experienced CB has to be considered, unless Carey still has a game in him at League 1 level.

Carey struggles with injuries and is right footed, Fontaine should be replaced by Williams, who is left footed!

Fontaine has got to go! that was a joke performance yesterday! even worse than last seasons! saying that sod don't worry about another striker let's get a couple more defenders its stopping goals we got to worry about not scoring them! one team in bristol bcfc!

12 Aug 2013 16:56:11
All of them!

Sadly none will come

I am not sure having one left footed and one right footed centre back is an issue?

I have been playing for 20 years and nobody has ever mentioned that you can't play a two CB who are right footed?

There are plenty of reasons why Carey is not the answer, but I don't think its the foot he plays off.

I can't understand why SOD bought flint and williams both well over six foot, we've still got james wilson, yet fontaine still gets a game despite all his mistakes.



11 Aug 2013 14:01:40
Crystal Palace are set to fight Cardiff for young winger Jeffrey Montero. Palace are thought to have marched his clubs asking price of £3 million, after Cardiff reached a financial stalemate.

No chance, Cardiff have agreed everything and are expected to announce him soon



11 Aug 2013 13:37:38
Arsenal are on the verge of agreeing a £14million deal to land Bayern Munich's Brazilian international Luiz Gustavo.

True but they have oferd 16 mill



11 Aug 2013 13:35:58
wba are closing in on 2 loan deals. man citys scott sinclair and udinese forward matej vydra are on there way too the club.

Sinclair is for sale not for loan, Vydra will not be allowed out on loan either they want to sell him.



11 Aug 2013 13:35:39
St Johnstone striker Stevie May is signing for Peterborough.

Bids turned down

Saints knocked back bid

11 Aug 2013 21:58:09
Something really good about this lad, will be a great striker for Scotland, think he needs to stay at saints at least for the season, but previous managers never gave boy chance so can't blame boy if he walks

Quote from Darragh MacAnthony, Posh Chairman:

"Peterborough United are not buying Stevie May. "

Quote from Monday paper by Barry fry talks are on going

But Mr Fry says we are still talking.

Scottish press saying far from dead in the water do maybe



11 Aug 2013 13:09:13
Swansea thinking on bringing Marvin Emnes back to club on loan.
Would be totally underwhelmed if this one is true!

11 Aug 2013 17:30:58
I will drive him there

Oh no, not that sh*t again. When will is ever stop. Mark Davies, Albert Adomah and Marvin Emnes always picked as Swansea City targets by lazy journalists. No the Adomah problem is solved as he is sold in this window.

Now that's just a lazy rumour (I hope ;-)



11 Aug 2013 12:59:35
danny classen, matt mills and ricardo fuller were in the blackpool hotel watching blackpool v barnsley last saturday.

And your point is?

Whose danny classen, never heard of him,

They could possible be looking to sign?

I stayed at blackpool hotel over weekend, never saw matt mills or ricardo fuller. ps wouldn't know danny classen if I fell over him

Bolton and leeds want mills and why would fuller leave charlton

11 Aug 2013 22:41:10
Blackpool signing a baseball player

Think you will find his name is Daylon Claasen. He played for Blackpool against Newcastle.

12 Aug 2013 09:13:35
Mills plays for Bolton.

Daylon classen is a free agent from south africa who played in a friendly 3 weeks ago

To ed003. New text colour I see

The blackpool hotels brilliant ed. the staff th. ere are really friendly and welcome away supporters. their owner is a frequent visitor and likes a chat. michael chopra was also staying. highly recommended

Its daylon claasen

Daylon Claasen looks to be a real find. he cut through the newcastle defence and looked inventive and very fast for the smallest player on the pitch.

Steve Bruce really rated him when he tried out at Hull but they didn't think he would get a work visa so unless something has dramatically changed, I doubt he will be signing. which is a shame

12 Aug 2013 11:13:55
Dont you mean Orange ED :)

Maybe he can give us a decent pitch!



11 Aug 2013 12:30:48
West brom put an official season loan bid in for Matej Vydra

We look like we will sign him today or either tomorrow with vydra and wba having advanced talks

Medical completed, will sign monday on season loan.

Vydra to sign today whilst albion are talking with city about the fees for former swansea man sinclair

12 Aug 2013 10:03:57
would still like to see full back cover and I think Craig Gardner could be a good signing

Don't understand why people are calling for cover at full back and centre midfield. It is not needed. All we need is some wingers and maybe another striker. This will be matej vydra, Scott Sinclair and one other winger

Could do with 1 more pacey winger and a CDM as cover for mulumbu and yacob

Yea we do need back up in midfield! When yacob got injured last uear we put brunt there and lost nearly every game until yacob was back in the team. We definitely need anither cdm for back up because brunt is terriable there and we don't have any other back up!

Bring in assaidi or sterling on loan

We need full back cover because Reid is not quick enough, Jones is defensively naive and Ridgewell goes to sleep! Gardner would fill in and cover midfield if needed.

Vydra to sign on thursday as he is on international duty with czech republic so he has had his medical and went but will come back on thursday to train with the team



11 Aug 2013 12:27:37
Bury have circulated all FL and Conference clubs the names of players available.

Pratt (loan)

Source; Burton Albions John P

First 4 are believable but the last 2 aren't. harrad is bury's main striker and jackson has just signed and does get used from the subs bench. #bury fan#

Would take Harrad back in a flash as he's a proven goalscorer at this level



11 Aug 2013 12:18:59
Southend United boss Phil Brown is still wanting to bring in Southampton foward Jonathan Forte on a loan deal till January. If the move for Forte looks on then that will mean Don Cowan will not be offered a contract extension.
If Southend do not get the transfer embargo lifted before the end of the transfer window no more signings can be made

My God, poor old Phil must be desperate.

We can make one more signing as Barker was released.

After signing Thompson, I don't think we can sign anyone else



11 Aug 2013 12:13:36
Farid El-Alagui is set to leave Brentford on loan until january to get game time after recovering from a knee injury, St johnstone are reportedly interested



11 Aug 2013 11:59:11
Gary Taylor Fletcher could snub a host of clubs including Sheffield Wednesday, Brentford and Bristol City by signing for rotherham as the millers will offer him a 2 year deal and the other clubs only offered a 1 year contract.

He won't play for evans

GTF came back to Blackpool to accept their 'new' contract about 2 weeks ago. Karl Oyston cut that offer by 50% and told him to take it or leave it. so GTF is close to desperation at this moment. Wednesday & Bristol have said NO. so Rotherham would look possible.

Bristol City are not interested in this player as they have Emmanuel-Thomas who plays in that role

GTF is going to Charlton,

No chance off Brentford signing Gary Taylor Fletcher we have all the players we need.



11 Aug 2013 11:56:21
Rotherham have rejected a 600k bid from an unnamed championship club for winger Ben Pringle. Leicester, Reading and Nottingham Forest are rumoured to be interested in the ginger magician but I wasn't told for sure who the bid was from.

Adkins said in his latest interview he wants one or two more strikers that's it.

Doubt we're after wingers mate we need a striker

Jason roberts to SWindon town great signing if that happened.

We already have McCleary, Kebe, HRK, McAnuff and Drenthe. I would be more inclined to believe the Crouch, Jones, Wells rumours as we are clearly light up front!

Don't forget Obita!



11 Aug 2013 11:19:55
Charlton are in talks with Millwall's highly-rated midfielder Josh Wright over a possible move.

Probably one of the best passers of the ball at the club just needs to add a bit of an angry streak to his game and he would do very well at millwall.

Have him doesn't do much never in the game his just got an average pass nothing special seems to be very lazy aswell

11 Aug 2013 16:37:22
highly rated!warms the subs bench!scored one good goal!he is not highly rated!!

We couldn't afford it - no money in the club!

Highly rated? Really?

Highly rated?!

He is the worst player I have seen at Millwall for years - please buy him charlton

Is he that bad? If so, should shine brightly our starting XI

Why would would buy him if we let him go in 2009

Powell does have a habit of resigning old youth players, so shouldn't be ruled out. If Millwall want money for him though it won't happen!

He used to be ours but we couldn't afford his contract demands so he left on a free - don't think we would get him now.

Co-incidentally, I did see him at the game on Saturday and wondered what he might be doing there. We do have enough central midfielders, with Stephens, Hollands, Hughes and Pritchard not in the starting 11 - if this is true I have to think at least one of those must be on their way out, would suggest Stephens or Hollands.

Could be any of the midfield as none of them want to play there, all trying to get better deals, players being treated like sh- t by the fans or so called fans, who would want to go there, only someone with no club out of contract with no offers elsewhere. Last season for a lot of players as there contracts run out see who Charlton attract then in league 1.

Josh Wright is a decent midfielder, he likes to get forward, not afraid of a tackle. the fella who reckons he's the worst player he's seen in years couldn't of been going millwall very long cus you've missed some real stinkers over the years pal! let me tell you!

I've been going millwall for 30 years and yes wright is one of the worst I've seen, and I've seen some real rubbish, the bloke who rates him obviously doesn't know much about football, the sooner he goes the better

Quality player, when a player is linked with charlton, millwall fans go against them.

Nothing against Charlton, he's just a poor player, league 1 standard at best



11 Aug 2013 10:27:54
After breaking their transfer record a third time on Gary Medel Cardiff Will be looking at Free agents or loanees.

John Arne-Riise is available on a free! he's got years of Premier League experience behind him.

Anthony Reveillere being linked aswell.

Riise and Bellamy?
I don't think so!

Riise is going to Werder Bremen



11 Aug 2013 10:15:47
Anderlecht defender Cheikhou Kouyate the Senegalese player now boasting a Belgian passport. Linked to saints, Newcastle and Aresnal.


11 Aug 2013 13:26:56
bristol city scouts have been looking at a player from willem 2 they are a dutch team in the jupiler league



11 Aug 2013 10:10:55
Matej vydra is now back in WBA targets.

Word has it he's even having a medical.

Gonna have to get the cheque book out - you want a loan - Mr Pease will have to get over his need to count the money everyday and spend some!

T. o be honest I am sick to death of Peace We are mucking around with loan deals which seem to take an age. His negative comments about us being an average champinship side at best and at present punching above our weight might be the reasom why he seems reluctant to invest in new players. Where the hell is the marquee signing umless it is Anelkas high wages.



11 Aug 2013 10:09:40
Boro boss Tony Mowbray has been seen this morning with the chief exec at gatwick airport flying Scandinavian Airlines to Sweden. Is he going to get the South African forward Tokelo Rantie of Malmo the price will be million euros for the Malmo forward.

Absolute hogwash I live near mowbray and I seen him in his car about 11oclock this morning

Looks good on YouTube. African international fast has tricks and score goals looks a simlar player to beneke of villa.

Hmmm. not sure GB

he is out of the country but i'm hoping he goes for vargas rather than rantie, with the other flight heading to see a decent centre half



11 Aug 2013 09:58:42
Free agent Paul Reid to train with hometown club Carlisle United, if he proves his fitness will be offered a pay as you play deal until the end of the season.

He is training with the club today and will sign on a non-contract basis for a month with the option of a deal until the end of the season if he impresses.

Sean O'Hanlon expected to be back for this weekends game, so Reid will more than likely will be on the bench along with Livesey, with Feely starting alongside O'Hanlon.



11 Aug 2013 09:55:18
West Brom to sign Sinclair and Vydra this week according to various club forum, s. don't know if they are loans or permanent deals.

Both loans I would assume, unfortunately.

I hope this is resolved a. s. a. p. I am disappointed about Kalou but let's move on. I personally think the Baggies should spend 6 mill on Defoe. It would be a cracking signing as well as Scotty Parker.

We need a bigsigning, I fell asleep watching that dross of a friendly,,,,

11 Aug 2013 15:10:56
john arne riise on a free for defensive back up at the Baggies anyone

Hope so both very good players would like Sinclair on perm deal

Both are loan with view to permenant deals

Vydra will be on loan, but would hope with the kalou dealing collapsing that JP would part with some cash and buy Sinclair. Victor Moses on loan as well would be nice!



11 Aug 2013 09:33:53
Manager not happy with goalkeeping situation at Pompey with new signing Sullivan disappointing. Whittingham considering taking an additional keeper on loan from a Championship club.

Simon Eastwood from Blackburn

"John’s come to a new club and that’s not easy. ‘He will be a good player and a good keeper for this club – I have no doubt about that". Guy Whittingham today

Guy signed Sullivan so what else could he say? Playing Smith at Accrington tells you there is a problem, so I agree that he might be looking at others.

Simon Eastwood on loan from Blackburn would be perfect

Why bring back a keeper who, did the dirty on us, we offered him a contract and chose to accept a contract at blackburn. more money!!

You have a point ref Eastwood but surely we do need to find a decent keeper, maybe Ashdown who never wanted to leave in the first place?



11 Aug 2013 09:08:54
Celtic linked to 3.5m bid for Alfred Finbogasson. Would prove to be an excellent signing. Good goals to game ratio, in 3 different leagues and on the international scene. Big lad, so will manage to hold up the ball and withstand the rigours of British football.

Hopefully this happens this



11 Aug 2013 01:30:49
Swansea looking to bring in Víctor Ibarbo on a loan move and he feels unwanted at his club

Another non scoring striker, 4 goals a season. Come back Itay all is forgiven

Going to juventus.

Cannot see this happening, not good enough for the premier league. With all this talk of Jermain Defoe moving to QPR for £6 million, I for one would like to see him at Swansea. Fits the criteria for a different type of striker and knows where the goal is. If we could get him on loan that would be even better.

He scored 6 goals in 12 starts for the club last year that's not bad scoring form for a 23 year old



10 Aug 2013 23:29:13
Peter Crouch (Stoke) is Reading FC's main priority and up to 5 million is being prepared to spend on him.

Connor Wickham (Sunderland) is also being monitored at this stage

Why on earth would we want Peter Crouch!?

Why on earth would we want Peter Crouch? He's terrible and we've got enough strikers. I'd rather have the Pog than him.

Haha there's zero chance of that happening. IF (and a big if) we get another striker it won't be someone on the same level as Crouch.

Pretty sure this isn't true but I'd love it to be. Reading need a target man and I don't think there are many better than Crouch.

11 Aug 2013 11:29:40
Pog better than crouch doesn't be stupid, crouch gets goals holds the ball and links up with over players. Pog is crap he has lost interest, I would love crouch at reading

I'd rather have Wickham. Has much more potential than Crouch.

I very much doubt there's any truth in this, noel hunt is a better target man than crouch his aerial ability is pretty average.

In other words you listened to some names mentioned on BBC radio berkshire and thought they were true

11 Aug 2013 16:10:54
Why on earth would we want Peter Crouch? He's terrible and we've got enough strikers. I'd rather have the Pog than him.


Got enough strikers? No we don't. We have Alf Pog and Blackman. Two of which are completely inept scorers and will not get us promoted. Most clubs have 2 main strikers and 2 backup strikers, I don't even think we have 1 main striker. Alf isn't going to carry us on his shoulders he'll get 15+ goals but we need someone better than him and let him play second fiddle. We need a much much better strikeforce if we want any hope of getting promoted this season.

We need a striker who can score and also someone with strength. Jason Roberts has brilliant strength but is injured at the moment. Crouch has not got strength, he'll get the ball and just lose if he's up there on his own.

This would be a decent signing if true, and would give Alfie a target man to play off

I agree that we need at least 1 striker. However, last time we went up, didn't our top scorer (Le Fondre) get about 12 goals? It's already clear this season that we have the potential to score from lots of positions this season as well (Alf, HRK, Guthrie, McCleary Pearce & Drenthe to name a few), so if we don't sign another striker, there's no need to panic just yet

Crouchy, I saw him yesterday at the friendly, he was puffing and panting after 20 minutes and had no speed to get to the attack, yep put it on his 'ed and its a good chance he's above the other blokes, but flexible, "make play" striker, maybe not, stoke will do well to move on and put money to Diouf purchase. By the way Stoke played really different footy for 60 minutes, this season! and be surprised.

I think that Crouch would be good move for his career. We could rejuvenate his career however would rather splash the 6million and snatch Defoe from under QPRs nose

Lol. Crouch won't move. He's on 80000 at stoke and won't move to take half of that and play in the championship. Poor piece of business from Pulis signing him

We do have Roberts too, once he's fit I think we will be okay on the strikers front

5m for a couch, oh sorry, I meant crouch! No chance. Reading don't or won't need to spend that much on another striker. Sure, a striker would be useful but this deal is way off reality.

Crouch isn't terrible, if he signed for a championship side you would get a top striker

The rumours of Jason Roberts getting fit again just seem to go on and on, personally not sure if he'll play again, would love him to be a part of the club in a training role because by all accounts he is a great leader and nice bloke, therefore we ARE in deperate need of a holding striker who would be the perfect foil for le Fondre.



10 Aug 2013 22:43:35
Heard that we ( Plymouth Argyle) are getting JP McGovern experienced right mid and good history of assists for previous teams. JS has admired his for a while.

Got to sort something out. 2 defeats in a row is not good enough. once again another season fighting relegation when we have been promised to be a 'surprise team' get it together argyle!

Js cannot change tactics during a game, he just makes subs but plays the same system that loses the lead in the first place. ? baffling

How's Trotman doing? He looked slow and lost concentration during games at CFC. Not very clever.
Not a fan of Sheridan either he is a one trick pony

Not sure what you're on about there, Sheridan played 3 different formations on Saturday, 4231, 442 & 352, although 4231 is the only way forward, got to get Morgan off of the wing, put boco there and gurrieri in CAM

12 Aug 2013 15:51:23
we should have brought in another cb instead trotmen

No matter what formation is with js, if he can't get the players to adapt to that formation wots the point, get rid plymouth

Guys I understand your concerns i'm baffled about the start we've had we have some good players but you need to keep the faith in sheridan don't frget he took chesterfield out of this leaue top. first game of the season away never easy first gae, then a good result against birmingham which probbaly took it out of players for saturday which was also a nervous day for the players with it being first home game we just had some great news in havin develpment plan granted, we have a strong squad, its only been two games, chopping and changing anagers it clearly not the way forward this is the first season in league two plymouth have actually done some good transfer business, get behind the team and the manager.



10 Aug 2013 22:27:25
Swindon town are set to announce the signing of Jon Obika from Tottenham next week, its a done deal, Obika has taken some convincing from Mason, Luongo and the other Tottenham lads, but he is set to snub higher league clubs to go back to Swindon

This must be the mystery player the chairman was talking about

Not true

Nile ranger to sign on Monday.

I also heard Nile Ranger will sign this week, I don't want him though he's an arrogant waste of a talent.

Ranger's court case outcome will decide if any offs is made.

Jason Roberts to swindon that would be a great signing for us, he was there at the county saturday.
nile ranger has been mentioned if he can get rid of his baggage he would be good would bring height & power along with roberts.



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