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11 Aug 2012 22:42:51
Two players names popping up as replacements fir ollson and dann. Kevin conboy and Marcus almebach. Sounds interesting but hopefully if so is as back up not replacment!!



11 Aug 2012 22:39:10
Bobby Zamora to Brighton o season long loan... with same wage stucture as bridge. Welcome home Sir Bobby

Yeah we wish but not going to happen is it

Brighton have put in a bid for Alan Judge notts county, penetrating midfielder, called the irish Messi, could be good. hope we get him.

Mate you are getting very boring now,away and play with your cars..



11 Aug 2012 22:33:19
Matt jarvis to fulham 8m upfront + add ons , born up north but grew up in surrey n wants to move back there n join fulham NOT west ham .

Westham all the way ..... {Ed044's Note - yeah.......... all the way down!

That's a hell of a lot of money...

Ed 44 if u want criticise teams whats your team... {Ed044's Note - haha .... actually like hammers just feeling urge for banter this morning

Lol he never has said he wants move back and is fulham in surrey ?

The fee required to purchase Jarvis is 10 Mill.

That is un true he handed his transfer request to push through his move to west ham im a west ham expert

Every Fulham player lives in Surrey as do Chelsea's...

Fulhams training ground is in surrey



11 Aug 2012 22:26:12
Is there any truth behind the Huddersfield rumour about Gary Mackay-Stevens and Jonny Russell joining?

No.they would cost 6 million for both
seen as scotlands best young players
you would have to sell rhodes to get them and even then i think you would be 2 million short.Plus dundee united lost 8 first team players in the summer with you already taking paul dixon i doubt they would give you 2 more

Huddersfield have a very wealthy chairman who is willing to splash the cash but still think we could only get 1 due to dundee's lack of players

Well lets put it this way,both players have pulled out of the scottish international match,and simon graysons not with the team for tonights game at preston,see it as a coincidence if you want but huddersfield are serious for these 2

Would have to sell Rhodes?! With a chairman that has 300 million+



11 Aug 2012 22:18:25
Blackburn are to bring in CB Matt Bates on a free



11 Aug 2012 21:28:38
Former Chelsea man Jose Bosingwa to sign for brazilian side Gremio.

One of the worst ever players to wear a chelsea shirt, utter rubbish he his.



11 Aug 2012 21:22:24
Big Deano annouces signing of Jamie McCombe on 2 year deal. Good signing I think.



11 Aug 2012 21:16:10
Tranmere to ask Liverpool over the availability of Stephen Sama or Andre Wisdom on loan due to a CB shortage



11 Aug 2012 21:14:23
Wolves are interested in ex-Hearts keeper and Slovakia international Marian Kello. (Local paper)



11 Aug 2012 21:09:07
Massive news for Cardiff fans...........
We thought bellers was an amazing signing!
Watch this space.......ex England man utd and Liverpool striker looks like he will follow!
Yes non other than Michael Owen... Heard a few whispers last week but really gathering pace now and it's being reflected with the bookmakers now too!

Do you know any more details now

No. We are only signing defenders now.

His agent has said publicly that several Premier League clubs are interested in him, and he also said that he feels the Npower championship is a too big of a step down for him as he has always played in the Premier League.

Owen said he wouldn't play championship. He'd rather retire!

Its only being reflected with the bookmakers because more people are betting on it to happen, odds don't change because a transfer is more likely they change because there has been an increase on betting for the transfer to go through

From a cardiff fan - it wont happen malkys only looking for defenders and only striker linkedis nicky maynard on loan dont belive me watch this space.

Just checked with and its 1/4 on he signs for Cardiff.

Lol some one telling porkies

True but players of all sports havu u turns not every player but a few

If maynard leaves westspam it will only be to leeds on a season long loan

At least 6 prem teams chasing him, plus the fact that he says there is no chance he will drop in to the championship, so this is bs

It wouldnt be that much of a good signing anyway he spends 3 quarters of the season injured

Michael Owen would be great. But why do we need him? Wouldn't his wages be too expensive anyway?

Keep signing the hasbeens!

We haven't sign any hasbeens what are you on about. just because a player is over 30 does not mean hes a hasbeen. Bellamy is quality, Helgerson is one of the best target men in the league.



11 Aug 2012 20:13:33
Graham Westlet at preston open training day said akpo sodje wont be signing for them and risdale said david healy will be avaible for mondays game against huddersfield

Utter bolloxs sodje is signing along with beavon that is why he was not playin against watford as for healy he is not welcome back at preston

So David Healy will be available for Monday's game despite the fact that any signings had to be made before 12PM on Saturday to be eligible for Monday night. What a load of drivel.

This is true but sodje wont sign if stuart beavon signs

No way PNE will pay Healy's wage demands.No way will PNE fans accept Healy after the open goal miss v Leeds (deliberate miss).

Ed044 ru a town fan? {Ed044's Note - what makes u think that??

Well when i asked sodje he certainly thought he was signing for us

Sodje has signed a 6 moth deal , healy is not signing , neither is beavon he is off to millwall

Ed044 deffo got a soft spot for town :-) {Ed044's Note - haha

Andy smith had energy utter b******* , beardsley will not score more than 6 goals this season , have seen the guy play several times before for stevenage he is garbage

So not seen him for PNE? I rest my case. The Andy Smith that I saw ran around like a headless chicken, no ability but BAGS of energy, you could hardly miss him.



11 Aug 2012 20:11:03
David Artell to sign for Northampton on monday!

Hasnt he signed for port vale last month

Port vale can't afford him, will be signed by northampton on monday afternoon

Contracts signed by the vale players have had to be redone as the takeover has not happened and the administrators have to draw up new contracts (something on those lines anyway). News from Vale is that Artell has not resigned, with Northampton the likely destination

He has offically left port vale with other clubs interested but doesnt say who hopefully us he is a good player

He has officially signed for Northampton town on a 2 year deal.



11 Aug 2012 19:58:19
Swindons Matt Ritchie is interesting Millwall boss jacket

Yawn zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Here we go again!! Rubbish


Possible.? Swindon r waiting for tribunal for coillins cox sold to forest that must be a sell on clause for Swindon town come ,

Dream on he wont go to Millwall so jackett can be as interested as he likes but no way will he go there.

He will go Bournemouth fc I reckon if anywhere


Someone is winding UP! And the last text HAS TAKEN THE 'BAIT' BIG TIME! We have got James Henry & Liam Feeney! SO WE DO NOT need Matt Richie! OK Matey!

Why wouldn't he go to millwall what league are swindon in? And di canio will go next season anyway

RICHIE is far to good a player to sign for a load of persons like millwall

Ha ha but plays for swindon oh my days

How is he far too good when he's at swindon? Is he was so good a bigger team would have come in for him



11 Aug 2012 21:07:18
nottingham forest put 1.5 million bid in for paul taylor

Of all the wide men we have been linked with he is the one we must go and get



11 Aug 2012 20:54:24
Any Walsall news please



11 Aug 2012 20:46:14
Swansea will sign Lorient defender Bruno Ecuele Manga for a fee of 4m.

Would cost 10m + way out of Swansea's price range

How can 10 mil plus be to much can you please tell me? They received over 20 mil just for Allen and the manager, they didn't go bonkers with there promotion bonuses from last year which I don't know but think they are still receiving looks like Sinclair is gonna bring 6-8 million, they have hit the bargain bucket to bring in some quality and I'm thinking there's not crazy money up there but there well off enough to buy two 10 mil players, it's just Mr Jenkins doesn't seem to be a gambling man and wasting money is not one of his hobbies now behave talking like Swansea are skint when there better off than most as they have no debts. Anyway rant over keep up the good work city board plz ;-)


Because we got 15 mil for allen doesn't mean we going to spend it all load of s***.



11 Aug 2012 20:46:11
tony mowbray in talks with kevin davies,as he's no longer guaranteed a starting place at Bolton and Mowbray is concerned over his inexperienced attack.

He's just signed a new contract so doubt he'll want to move.

A load of rubbish Kevin Davies wants to see his career out at Bolton he signed a new contract last month when he could have declined and most probably got a prem team in for him!



11 Aug 2012 19:21:22
Ipswich town to sign maurice edu on
Monday has been at club today to talk
to town.

If ipswich do get him what a great signing to replace leadbitter or bullard

Paul jewell has made some good singings this transfer windows if we get him we have got a gppd team

Let's not get too excited,we have not signed him yet,and as we all know Jewell as chased many players and all have turned the club down.By naming players on here before we have signed them only alerts other clubs.!

Just need Heskey and some cover at the back and ITFC will be rocking!

Heskeys is a no brainier mate.he spends more time on his backside.your having a laugh.

I think heskey is a no brainer as I said before take him and cover for the back!

Monday is over



11 Aug 2012 19:16:39
wolves n boro want Josh McEachran on loan



11 Aug 2012 19:07:27
Swansea City will sign the following after manager Michael Laudrup and chairman Huw Jenkins came to the conclusion that buying players that could start for the team would be good as competition for places will be high!

Mohammed Abdellouie-3m
Thomas Ince-3m
Ludovic Sylvestre-1.5m
Martin Harnik-3m
Pablo Hernandez-4m

Not going to get Pablo Hernandez for 4m more like 10-15m

Already said on a number of occasions that they want to reduce the size of the squad! Is your life so dull that you have to sit at home making things up?

Sinclair will mess up his career goin to man city for 70 mins a game sinclair is no where to be found, he will just warm up the bench for a season and be sold. redicolous signing for man city



11 Aug 2012 18:39:01
Not 100% reliable, but I've heard that Brighton are going to sign Zamora on a season long loan from QPR within the next two days following QPR's purchase of players this season. Looks like it would be a wage agreement similar to Wayne Bridges. Zamora has always said that he wants to end his career at Brighton and at the age of 31 and him being a target man he fits the bill of Poyet's ambitions, seem likely.

No he is not, dont know how many times you lot have to be told, he is part of Hughes plan and is qpr's only hold up front man,

Why would we want to give you Bobby for a season unlike Bridge he is a first team regular. If we were to sell him maybe, but I doubt you got the money.

Zamora get yourself down the m23 and come home

You forgot that bobby himself has agreed to this as he loves Brighton FC and wants this move.

I am a Brighton fan. I would love it. But it is NOT going to happen. Just pie in the sky wishful thinking from fans with no foundation whatsoever

Oh my god. serioudly we have to think out the box .. zamora is a great player , however he would love to end his career at Brighton,but we are not in a position to offer the wage demands. stop dreaming and start being realistic.

And you still can't afford him!!

This is all I heard from someone who knows someone in Brighton. Being that he's a target man and always wanted to come back I can see some truth being in this rumour. I also did mention that it would be a loan and a wage cut similar to Bridge, Brighton play some of it whilst QPR pay the majority. I hope that this goes through, but as rumours go, there's a small chance.

So Bobby will take a massive paycut and leave the premier league to go back to Brighton. Well if they can match the 5million QPR paid then who knows. With QPR selling Helguson to cardiff it would leave them without a striker able to hold up the ball. The likes of cisse hoilett and tarrabt need zamora so this is very very unlikly to happen. And lets not forget how much bobby wanted this move from the moment Hughes arrived at QPR


Bobby signed a 3 year deal so its not him you would need to convince. Better get the cheque book out and thats not even taking into account the fact it would probably be his last contract so he'd not play for peanuts



11 Aug 2012 18:33:09
Anton Robinson and Marc pugh of Bournemouth fc will sign for burnley robbinson will cost 200k Pugh 700k

Robinson is a huddersfield man

Robinson has been a Huddersfield player for some time.

Anton Robinson plays for Huddersfield Town who signed him from Bournemouth in summer of last year.Please keep up!!

Is this the same anton Robinson that is currently no.22 for Huddersfield town on a three year contract. Please take him off us, but get your facts right.

You can have Robinson for Nowt...played well for Bournemouth but sh==te for town...

If Burnley sign anyone else it will be a young player and on loan.

Robinson isn't a bournemouth player, he's at Huddersfield town!

Pugh has just signed a new deal

Unless we have sold he back to Bournemouth he is still on the books at Huddersfield Town.

If anything, I see Robinson heading back to the cherries and Marc Pugh joining town.

Burnley fans are probably just assuming he still plays for us as every player they try and sign is from Bournemouth!!!

I dont see this happening!Burnley have already bought 6 players!God not 8 thats nearly another team!

Pugh not going to ipswich

Anton Robinson of Huddersfield and Marc Pugh of Bournemouth Eddie Howe wants one of them to complete his burnley squa

Pugh hasent signed a new deal dont make stuff up

Pugh has turned down burnley and we wait to see if bournemouth's ambition matches his own, hence he has not extended his contract to date. If recent signings at afcb shows the intent for championship football, then i expect he will sign the offered contract. This is rumoured to be the best deal in the bournemouth squad, and would certainly be in comparison with championship clubs that might have looked at pugh, but put off by 1m price tag. Swindon fans are putting 2.5 m on ritchee's head as they don't want him to leave, don't think any championship club would be willing to pay that type of money. Premiership clubs might have the money but spending millions would need to buy quality, i am afraid neither pugh or ritchie would be in that class.

Pugh has turned down burnley dont make me laugh ! Burnley havent even made a bid for pugh as hes not good enough for bfc or infact the championship , if he rejected the contract offered by bournemouth then i doubt he would reject any contract offered by any team in the championship as every team in that league is better than bournemouth !

Why would he turn down burnley he's a burnley born player

^ Trying so hard to offend us but yet you buy our players & former players who proberly arn't as good as the players we have now & you may think twice when you end up signing Pugh :L

We have four wingers we need no more !

Pugh wants to try and push for bournemouth because we have got some decent players



11 Aug 2012 18:30:28
Bournemouth Marc pugh to sign for Ipswich for £470k and defender Stephanie zubar will join on loan for 6mounts deal agreed to be concluded this week

Where do you get this rubbish from mate no truth what so ever

What a load of rubbish, theres more chance of steve keen becoming the next england manager

That rumour is more stupid then the burnley rumour, Can we just remind you that marc pugh has 1m price tag, zuber would demand large fee not a six month loan and buy deal. If the other rumour about richie to burnley then that should put a end to pugh leaving bournemouth rumours. With afcb ambitious signings it would assume that bournemouth are looking for promotion, Pugh said already that he would rethink if afcb bought well.

Zubar's brother going to Ipswich.



11 Aug 2012 17:44:11
New Portsmouth signings:

GK - Jordan Santiago (free from Cardiff)
GK - Andy Marshall (loan from Aston Villa)

DF - Gary Warren (Newport County, £50k)
DF - Richard Dorman (Seinajoen Jallapallokerno, £25k)
DF - Simon Ainge (Guiseley, £25k)
DF - John Armstrong (from Cowdenbeath, undisclosed)

MF - Richard Towell (unattached)
MF - Alex Lawless (Luton)
MF - Adam Davies (from Cardiff City)

ST - Karl Hawley (unattached)
ST - Nathaniel Jarvis (Cardiff City, £50k)
ST - Ryan O'Toole (Windsor FC)
ST - DJ Campbell (loan from QPR)
ST - Luke Rodgers (from Lillestrom)

Where are pompey getting 250k and the money to pay for DJ Campbells wages from ?

This is the same DJ Campbell whom Blackpool can't afford to sign due to his high wage demands!

DJ Campbell...really? Are you really that deluded?

How that when we dont even have an owner liquidation is 50/50 plus chanrai mute be pulling out of deal got to love rumours just unrealistic

Who said they were paying loaniees wages??

Obviously QPR have become a charity - rather than bank 1m from Blackpool to sell him - they are going to pay Campbells 750k annual salary - how nice of them!

Pretty sure Pompey will not be paying a penny for a player, and paying ridiculous wages is what got them in the situation they're in, so can't see DJ Campbell joining.

Nothing will happen until new Director of Football Mark McGhee arrives from Bristol Rovers next week.

Pretty sure all Portsmouth will be signing is free transfers!

Rubbish, what about all players on trial now.

Can only see one or two of the above as likely signings and DJ Cambell is not one of them. However, priority is to get a new club owner so we can sign the likes of Howard, Walker and McLeod who are currently on trial.

Where do these rumours come from? I'll be surprised to see more than five of these players sign

Start looking at the likes of DJ and you'll be skint again in no time

Andy Marshall is becoming a coach.
Soo no :)

Santiago played yesterday against Salisbury & Luke Rogers is on a freeby. Might sign both but even Santiago is doubtfull as we've already lined up Andersen on loan from Reading & Eastwood as keepers this season. Where do you get these ideas from? Pure drivel!

Mark McGee??? we're not that desperate

And Nat Jarvis is not going to happen we want him here no matter how many strikers and malky has been impressed with him when he came back from his last loan spell last season and he was impressed with him at pre season training in switzerland rarely misses his target when given a chance hes a very accurate finisher for his age

Plus if he (Nat Jarvis) does go it will be either next season on a free or for a 100k this season cos he's worth more than 50k even on his last season 250-350k is his worth

Jarvis must be a potential loan then because he is training with Pompey

Nah mate, sadly we are going to be liquidated.

Jarvis played for Cardiff yesterday.

10 players signed today and you got one right lol



11 Aug 2012 17:34:56
Just heard from Huw Jenkins himself that no bid has been made by man city for sinclair but sinclair 100% wants to leave.He is also very excited over mark davies and he is looking abroad for a new central midfielder.



11 Aug 2012 16:35:54
Crawley are set to pay Southend 100k for a season long loan deal for Bilel Mohsni with option to buy him for 250k at the end of the season, due to his Rolling contract they wont get him on a free. Monaco and West Ham are also monitoring the situation.

Monaco, West Ham and Man u possibly

Man.u wanting our Mohsni, you on drugs mate?

Can see this happening unfortunately, class player would love to see him for one even half a season more at Roots hall

Mohsni is going to Millwall :(



11 Aug 2012 16:34:18
Huddersfield are looking to tie up there summer transfers with a double swoop for Dundee united player Mackay Steven and Johnny Russell hopefully will be done in time got the Cardiff game Reliable source

I really hope so seen clips of these two and they look cracking. that gary Mackay- steven has been said to be the next daglish

Seen a lot around about this. Think it's possible.

Are you having a laugh will cost

2-3 million for russell
2-3 million for Mackay stevens
Celtic have attempted for both and have had 2 million bids rejected.Huddlesfield
are a league 1 club who have got some good free transfers but dont have 5-6 million to spend.

Mackey-steven going to Ipswich

Not so sure about Johnny Russell. Saw him partner Rhodes for Scottish U21s, wasn't a patch on Jordan.

Huddersfield town are in the championship. Huddersfield town have spent 1.85 million on players so far. Our chairman is worth 500m. We have a transfer budget of 12m. Give up with the no money posts. {Ed044's Note - OOH 2 B A OOH 2 B A TERRIER!!


Championship club mate! not league 1

Huddersfield are a championship club and we quite comfortably afford 6 million. Not saying its gonna happen but other fans really don't know very much about town and it's getting very tiring. Owner worth 350 million, he's a town fan, decent crowds, good stadium, young talented squad, good manager. We will be a threat this season and on our day will beat anyone. Promotion maybe a step too far but I reckon top half with maybe a flirt with the play offs is more than a possibility. {Ed044's Note - hoyle estimated value is different on evey post, I've been led to believe it's around 500million. Think its more important to realise huddersfield run with hardly any debt thanks to Mr. Hoyle. If he can get the stadium shares sorted with Mr Davy then he'll be able to lay even more foundations to go with the canalside project

League1 club? Errrm I don't think we are

Huddersfield are a championship club, try again :-)

Mackey-steven going to Ipswich . lol wake up

*championship club LOL... Ow and our chairman is worth hundreds of millions, just saying!

Dean Hoyle (the town chairman) is 1 minted and 2 a terrier fan. Also get the facts before you post!

Ed044 deffo a closset terrier lol {Ed001's Note - he's in the closet? That explains why he keeps dropping the soap......}

Chairman worth 700 m, 500m or 350m , make your minds up, oh ,and you're only championship team for 1 season, so he was part right, you will be lge 1 soon {Ed044's Note - hahaha steady! not Closet proud to be a terrier

We at hudds have a chairman worth in the region of 400 million after he siold card factory so where does he live ? miami ,hollywood barbados no no no The mill town of Mirfield where our superstar patrick stewart was born and we are so so down to earth up here.



11 Aug 2012 16:22:08
Huddersfield town to tie up deals for Scott Kay(1 year deal) and an unnamed championship striker for £1 million on Monday.

Scott Kay? The same lad Macclesfield released? Who's only made 10 senior appearances?

Hope that Million pound player is Steve Davis...So we at Derby can buy another striker



11 Aug 2012 16:03:54
Blackpool have had a bid accepted for Posh winger Boyd JB

Matty Phillips to Southampton then

No we will not sign Boyd and we will not sell Phillips.

Please can these overrated lower prem clubs get it into there heads that phillips and ince are stying at blackpool

If this it correct i would be over the moon, fab player. may i ask whay ollie is buying load of these midfielders. i doubt barry ferguson etc will be happy

Well good because backpass barry is a donkey who should belong on a blackpool beach not on the football pitch



11 Aug 2012 15:54:49
Blackburn to attempt to sign Ben haim on a 12 month deal as cover in central defense with the chance to earn a longer contract. Kean not going to sell anymore players.

Kean is on borrowed time

Yep. Put your money on Kean or Warnock as first championship managerial casualty.



11 Aug 2012 15:19:04
Norwich City are set to sign Seattle Sounders midfielder Osvaldo Alonso for an undisclosed fee and hope to complete this in the next week or so

After watching some videos of him playing I can see why he is called the "Honey Badger" looks like he may be suspended more than he plays, yet again Hughton did sign Cheick Tiote so it could be plausible.

We are in dire need of a De-Jong like figure to kung-fu the enemy, and strike fear into their hearts. I`ll predict 4 red cards, but I can`t wait to see him headbutt Barton, that is worth 1m solely on its own, and would be well supported by all Premier League fans. Sign him up!

"The Honey Badger" :D

That would be ace to have on one`s shirt...



11 Aug 2012 14:49:19
REPORTS: Hull striker Aaron Mclean will sign for Millwall in next 24 hours

If 'TRUE' & NOT a rumour a 'VERY GOOD SIGNING'! I WILL believe this when HE HAS GOT THE MILLWALL KIT ON!?

McLean to sign because they have missed out on Beavon to Preaton? Just like with Scott Laird!

I am not convinced, but we do need another striker kenny!? asap please!

I do not know what is really happening regarding us getting another striker, but we need to get one very quickly! like next week kj!?

Why did he play & score for hull today?! answers please!

We are talking about Beavon NOT MESSI!!?

There is no chance McLean is moving anywhere this transfer window!

Blimey he got dogs abuse at the Den last year.... and he was rubbish sub'd early second half. Mind you Hull where the worst team we played at the Den last year, or was it it was Ipswich ...can't wait till saturday

Not true aaron grew up in dagenham i used 2 play football with him im a millwall fan and he hates us



11 Aug 2012 14:37:17
Stuart Beavon of Wycombe on his way to Preston after missing today's game through "illness"! Now not cup tied.

Or, alternatively. he might just be ill

Peter risdale as said today that pne are very close to a deal for beavon

Yea right ! lol

Preston or someone?!

Lets wait & see!

He looks to be preston bound??!

Obviously like Scott Laird no ambition if he wants tojoin a LEAGUE 1 team rather than a CHAMPIONSHIP team.

Beavon goin no where!Stuart gd mate of mine and wants to help Wycombe get promoted this year!wycombe gave him his chance and he's staying loyal!end
Of story this PNE fans keep dreaming

Or Millwall...... who can offer him a chance to play in the Championship. If PNE had to get rid of a striker who was on 6k a week because they couldnt afford his wages (about average in the Championship) I cant see you offering him more than Millwall......and lets face it....Money talks & players walk.

Think he will be a Millwall player very soon cos he would rather play championship than div 1

Hes agreed personal terms and wants the come! the only problem is that millwall have put an bigger offer in and so wycombe want him to go there but he doesn't want to!

Been told he is close to signing and at the latest its going to be tuesday, only time will tell

Our media assistant actually spoke to Wycombe's manager Gary Waddock & he said Beavon spoke to him and said he was unwell to play in the game, don't read anything into it, Beavon is loyal to Wycombe and wants to stay.

Staying loyal he refused to play because he wants to leave and doesn't want to be cup tied and to be honest a don't really go to bed at night dreaming that we sign stuart beavon.

It is up to the player 'BEAVON' where would you rather your football LEAGUE 2, LEAGUE 1,OR THE CHAMPIONSHIP? NO CONTEST! UP TO HIM!

I personally think that beavon will be a millwall player b4 tuesday! bet now!

Beardsley is as bad as andy amith agreed
he looks crap against non league teams could not score even with no goalie in nets

Maybe the above armchair manager spouting about Beardsley needs to wait until they actually see him in competitive action. Egg on face after last night. And at least Andy Smith had motivation and energy, something the whole team last year didnt have.



11 Aug 2012 14:34:29
Simon cox signed for forest

There is a god, cheers Forest do you want Jerome Thomas same price.

We will take him for 3m got anyone miller players types in your swap you don't need we love them.



11 Aug 2012 14:05:38
Anthony Kay and mark Beevers to sign for Barnsley on Monday

Is the same Anthony Kay that signed for MK Dons in the week? Wish people wouls stop posting so much bull and get the facts right or just go away.

Nice try, Kay is playing for MK Dons as we speak, signed yesterday...

How can kay sign for Barnsley when he has just joined M K Dons?

Beavers just signed a new two year contract last month and he's a Wednesday fan so this is rubbish

I know mark beevers bro they are all big barnsley fans

Beevers is decent but no better than what we've already got...I'm uneasy at the thought of McNulty being pretty much a first choice centre-half at Barnsley though, really need someone experienced in there.

Darren Moore had the turning circle of a cruise liner and had the speed of car running on kebab meat - but we did look a lot more solid at the back in those days.

What absolute rubbish, we got mullered every time Moore played, the only time he held anything up was when he stud in the emergency exit!! He was rubbish



11 Aug 2012 14:04:10
Ipswich Town are on the verge of signing 26 year old Rangers midfielder Maurice Edu. Jimmy Bullard will be leaving Portman Road to free up enough wages to tempt Edu into the move.

But no one wants Jimmy!

Ipswich to finalise deal for zubar for 300;000 on monday

He has let itfc down. Get rid of him.
Ipswich should have listened to hull fans



11 Aug 2012 13:58:05
Lloyd sam & Jonathon Forte both signing for Notts County on Tuesday 14th August.

Not true we carnt afford the wages. but if this true that would be brilliant

Sam is signing for New York Red Bulls in MLS



11 Aug 2012 13:57:33
Burnley have signed Brian Stock on a 2 year deal-source Burnley fc official website



11 Aug 2012 13:57:03
I have heard that newcastle are hoping to strengthen with 4 players, the first being the long awaited signing of Debuchy for 8million. Pardew only rates him at around 6mill but they are willing to pay extra to keep Cabaye happy. The second will be anita from ajax, looks a very good player and has good versatility that will be a need for europe. The third will be Lukaku, he need team experience and newcastle need cover. they would prefer to develop there own players but will have him until jan and then chase up other targets. The final signing will be mbiwa for 7million, he is versatile and a very good player across the complete back line.

Hasn't lukaku gone to WBA on loan? yesterday?

Lukaku has already joined WBA on loan which makes it hard to believe your post

Lukaka signed for west brom

Lukaku just gone to WBA on loan. How can I believe any other of your guesses

I mentioned M'bia weeks ago but I've seen and heard we'd face big compition for him. be a good signing though. lukaku is at west brom.



11 Aug 2012 13:50:20
Crawley have made a big offer for
Bury Midfielder David Worrall, Bury are
reluctant to sell but Worrall is keen
to join Barker at Crawley and the move
is expected to happen by Monday

He was at the Crawley match against Brighton last night

This will not happen he turned down burnley and Blackburn sh he wouldn't go to Crawley.from a Crawley fan.

He couldnt have been at the crawley match because he was playing for bury vs middelsbourough.

He was at the brighton match was he?thats why he was playing for bury at the same time...

Is that the same David Worrall that was playing against Boro

That was on Friday when Creepy Crawley played a local derby friendly against not so Brighton.He had 24 hours to get back to Manchester.Sadly he was our worst player against the Boro.

No he were'nt. trev carson was the werst.



11 Aug 2012 13:38:09
Joel Byrom and Chris beardsley have agrred to sign for Preston North End. Will be announced next week alongside maybe two more who have been on trail at Preston

Akpo Sodje and Steve Simonsen to sign too as well as Stuart Beavon.

Officially confirmed now

It's been announced today (saturday) pal.

Can someone who has been to any of the pre season games please assure me that Beardsley's signing is a good thing!

If you call relegation a good thing then yes hes our 'stellar' signing

Beardsley is an awful signing. Possiable worst play ever in a pne shirt after andy smith



11 Aug 2012 13:16:01
Jamie mcCombe has been released by Huddersfield. This has just been announced on our website.
Rumour has it town will make 2 more signings before the Cardiff game:
Danny Pugh & iann Hume.
Both not good enough In my book for us

Pugh not good enough for leeds but will be star player for town

Are you taking the mick.....pugh and hulme? Crikey no, no no!

Danny pugh always struggled for leeds but can see him doing well at town

Hold on Leeds need a new winger don't they ? Now tht noddy 17 has left so u need all the help just to stay up!!!!

Be really surprised if town sign ANOTHER central midfielder. Sure you don't mean MARC PUGH? Hume didn't look too bad for preston last year against us, but no better than what we already have. No better than Novak, and not a patch on Rhodes. And Scannell, Lee and Spencer in reserve. Nah, can't see Hume coming. But stranger things have happened.

And sad to see Boom Boom go. Donny have got a half decent centre back there. Turning circle of an oil tanker, but unbeatable in the air at both ends.



11 Aug 2012 12:36:42
I've been told by a board member that Arsenal are putting together a bid for Kaka not Sahin.
They are trying to offload Bendtner (no surprise there!) Gervinho & Walcott if he doesn't agree a new deal before the end of the month.
Barcelona's offer for song was £11m +Tello, this was rejected as arsenal aren't interested in Tello and would want £20m for Song, and would be reluctant to sell even at that price.
There is a suggestion that any more signings would need to be youth signings as AW is concerned at the lack of development from the youth/reserve squad into the first team.


I'd take 11m and a TV for Song any day!!



11 Aug 2012 12:31:55
jamie mccombe released by town



11 Aug 2012 12:29:08

Charlton Athletic have taken Maidstone's player of the year, Tom Mills on trial with then, he is a 19 year old left back that can play centre back too

I played with tommy for 2 seasons at Maidstone easily the most talented non league player I've seen will be a great player in the future if given the help to develope!

Maybe one for the future, look at Smalling for Man U! Our scouts should have picked him up as a local lad.



11 Aug 2012 12:24:22
Burnley have signed experienced 30yr Brian Stock for a reported 200k. This is Burnley's last signing of the summer.



11 Aug 2012 12:04:57
Blackpool will snap up James Caton after his release from Bolton Wanderers on a three year deal. Stephen Dobbie will join on a season long loan with a view to a permanent deal and George Boyd will sanction his £900,000 move from Peterborough United to the Tangerines.

One of Joey Barton or DJ Campbell will sign on season loans.

James caton was released 4 months ago hes been at 5 different clubs since then.

Went to the gane last night, thoroughly enjoyed the encounter, Barca B looked lively especially their number 7. Barca B a very good talented bunch of lads, would take any of them on loan ,

Dobbie not going out on loan to Blackpool its a case of pay up 750,000 or mis out, has been left out of the squad today to talk to Bristol City, swop plus cash for one of their players.

Where's this George Boyd thing come from, I keep seeing it on this site but haven't seen it from any credible news source. I know we were in for him a couple of years back but priced out by Peterborough.

I cant see us (Blackpool) getting George Boyd

Should we (leeds-ye ye we know everyone hates us) get rid of papa smurf it is highly likely we will snatch boyd at the last minute.
Takeover to be finished this coming weel



11 Aug 2012 11:57:22
Killie look set to miss out on spanish striker Borja Perez, but could sign ex killike striker Colin Nish on a loan deal to replace injury hit Paul Heffernan. Daily Record



11 Aug 2012 12:22:07
sam baldock to wolves in a deal for matt jarivs

Oh baldock is off again dont want him at city

Who is Sam Baldock

Good player mate!



11 Aug 2012 12:19:09
bolton are in talks with sergi roberto, young barcelona. bolton played barcelona b in a pre season friendly and to take you young player on loan for the season after the 2-2 draw at the reebok stadium and both teams are interested in the deal.



11 Aug 2012 11:13:46
stoke sign goran popov 6ft 2 left back from dynamo kiev season long loan with a view to perm by after the season



11 Aug 2012 11:10:19
West Ham have made a second bid worth £10 million after a £9 million bid was rejected. Could be the rumoured big signing to be announced on Monday. WHU are also set to sign Uraguian Pablo Alvarez next week.
Things starting to look better.

Bid 10m for who?

Sorry. Matt Jarvis.



11 Aug 2012 11:08:25
Daily mirror rumours Joey Barton to be going to blackpool on season long loan. I hope that's true, Ollie will get him playing!

Right... even though he already gone to fleetwood for 6 months

Just hope he keeps fit when serving his long ban period.

He hasn't gone to Fleetwood on loan, he only trained with them for a short time and played in a friendly. QPR didn't want him playing in league 2 so he will be loaned to the championship instead. As a Blackpool fan, I highly doubt we will get him.

He hasn't QPR don't want him to go to a league 2 team.

He hasn't gone to fleetwood

Didnt think ollie was dim enough to sign this troublemaker

He never signed for the cods just trained with them! as for going to Blackpool i think it must be a typo error by the papers. As he is set to be announced as a Blackburn rovers player on Monday. Get you thats right people

11 Aug 2012 21:17:17
Even though Qpr have said today they don't want him playing him in league 2 and Andy pilley gas confirmed he left on his twitter?

I think this is the case of 2 + 2 = 5 he is in the right place at the right time

He's not going to Blackburn or Fleetwood. The probability is that he is going to Blackpool.

The mirror now says we have rejected this chance to sign him 2+2=5



11 Aug 2012 11:01:22
Derby county are to have 3 trialist
from french ligue 2 side
The 2 from Holland and 2 from
germany. Also including 2 shamrock
rovers players Christopher Forrester
to be on trial for the Development

Christopher Forrester plays for st pat athletic

You failed to mentioned other trialist at Derby Roope Riski!

Who are those trialist from Holand and Germany or are you making things up?? Forrester plays for St Patrick's Athletic get your fact right for starter.

The same forrester who prem teams are looking at for scoring against shamrock tht has only come to attention recently due to skysports how convenient



11 Aug 2012 10:39:57
Done and dusted Bournemouth beat pompey to the signature of Tommy Elphick from Brighton. source- afcb website

Must have been difficult as Pompey are still unable to sign anyone!

Yes tommy elphick deal completed and will be an excellent signing for ambitious south coast club afc bournemouth. back up right-back is another position might need attention hence looking at good prospect luke nolan. Strike force suffering injuries but medical specialists are now saying that they might not be as bad as first thought. short term loan might be option while injury crises is got over - strikers presently injured are sherrinham, McQuoid,

We will miss you tommy

Ipswich are going to sign zubar for 300;000

This is a great signing, real class player

Bit late

Well thats where your wrong pal, pompey can sign players on pre contract agreements, and when they are taken over next week they will be able to register them....



11 Aug 2012 10:25:01
Chris Robertson is on his way to Northampton as part of a swap deal with Bayo Akinfenwa.

Doubt it... Never happening!



11 Aug 2012 09:44:46
Barnsley boss Keith Hill is close to signing a defender and two strikers as he seeks cover for injuries sustained in pre season.
Sheffield Wednesday defender Lewis Buxton was subject of an undisclosed bid from their Yorkshire rivals of which was accepted. Barnsley agreed terms with the player late Thursday night and could be signed by Monday.
The first forward is Nottingham Forest striker Robbie Findlay. The fast American international has been told by new Forest boss Sean O'Driscoll that he is surplus to requirements and could sign a two year deal at Oakwell.
Finally, Toronto attacker Ryan Johnson will sign next week. The 27 year old has put some good performances together in the MLS and has interested Hill since January. Barnsley will pay something around £400,000 for the player.
Two youngsters could also sign on in South Yorkshire.
Blackpool have told Scottish forward Craig Sutherland he can leave on a free and will have a trial next week with Hill's side.
Secondly, struggling Portsmouth have made prospect Ashley Harris available for transfer. Selling the young star would provide some more funds at Fratton Park and the 18 year old is wanted by Barnsley. The winger come forward could be signed after the weekend.

Craig Sutherland is out injured for the whole season.

How on earth would u know Findley has been told he can leave when us forest fans haven't even heard owt

It's rubbish about Buxton. He's first choice right back and not available.

Sutherland out injured for the year

Craig Sutherland is highly rated by Blackpool and if that wasn't enough there is the small matter of him been injured for the whole of next season so I'm not sure how he can be on trial. Get your facts right before posting rubbish

Haha utter rubbish, Craig Sutherland is out injured for around a year!!! Why the hell would you sign him?! Just shows you've been playing football manager and got excited.....NEXT

Sutherland is out for the season! Mind you he could still get a game for you lot in that state you're awful

I think Sutherland might fail to impress during his trial. He is out for the entire season with a knee injury.

Craig sutherland is injured for the season

Don't think so. Sutherland is out injured for a season with a cruciate ligament injury making it difficult to have a trail. RESEARCH!! B

No point going after Sutherland mate he is injured for the season

In case nobody else has mentioned I think Sutherland might (possibly) be injured for the whole season.

If this is made up then you have to wonder what goes through people's mind to even write such rubbish.

If what you have wrote is based on actual things you've heard from reliable sources then please ignore the above :)

Personally I suspect this isn't true, unless you are actually the Barnsley manager then there is no way you could know the names of so many targets.

Has anyone mentioned that Sutherland is Injured......just in case you missed it.....HE's INJURED!

Ashley Harris available for transfer?? Since when?? I know for a fact he isn't, as he lives next door to me & we chat almost every day. He's going no where & is looking forward to playing regularly for Pompey this season. Utter tosh!

Ashley Harris not for Sale

To the statement above i dont think anyones mentioned he is injured to be honest but he is injured

Is sutherland injured then?

Someone else who had been playing too much Football Manager - although it's funny with Portsmouth as they are probably the only club with less money than Barnsley yet they will still be signing foreign has been's on 20 grand a week five year contracts.

Harris true blue

I dont know if anyone else has notice this but sutherland is injured



11 Aug 2012 08:47:42
Huddersfield town will complete the £750,000 deal for derby striker Steve Davies next week.

Would be a great signing but don't know if it will happen


Huddersfield cant have this much money after all the signings they have made.. and didnt derby want alot of money for davis because thats why burnley didnt sign him? -Burnley fan

He fits the bill with regards age at only 24 but he's hardly been prolific over the seasons. Think i'd be a bit disappointed if we signed him?

Derby want 1.1m 1m cash then add ons from there.They recieved a 500k offer from ipswich that automatically turned down and he set to make his first appearence today after it looks really unlikely he is to leave.James bailey has been taken off the transfer list and expect the same to happen to steve

The reason burnley didnt sign him, & nor will huddersfield is that hes clearly stated that he wants to move closer to london.

OMG come on Grayson come on and sign Quinn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To be fair, looks like they do have a rather large wallet. Wasn't completely sure it was true all the huddersfield fans talking about all this money, but looks like if they want someone they're getting em.

Wo i don't think u no what your saying we've got a mega rich owner and we've just got big money sponsership deals for shirt and staidium so actually i think you should no how we are afforing the transfers

He'll probably move to who offers the most money.. Like everybody would!

We have no shares in the stadium so get no money from the new sponshorhip deal

I do think this sort of signing fits with Huddersfields transfer policy. And 1 in 2 last season isn't too shabby. Could well happen.



11 Aug 2012 08:22:01
Bournemouth have signed tommy elphick from brighton for a fee which is thought to be around £200,000 on a 3 year contract



11 Aug 2012 08:20:08
Blackpool & West Ham have both agreed £1.5m fees for Peterborough winger George Boyd.

He's not going west ham

That means west ham are getting him then!

Doubt he'll come to Blackpool either to be honest.

Really cant see that money coming in for boyd be excellent stuff if we do

I cant see him coming Blackpool for 1.5m



11 Aug 2012 08:04:34
tommy elphick from brighton on a 3
year deal



11 Aug 2012 07:43:52
Once the takeover is complete at Pompey, MA first signing will be winger Christopher Forrester from St Patrick's Athletic, it will be the only fee paid for a player by Portsmouth which will be in the region off 250K. Source from within very reliable.

'only fee' 250k - absolutely unbelievable!!

He is wanted by pl clubs and championship clubs so i dont think this will happen

Who are they getting the
money from

All your players will be frees and loans.

They only have 2 players on there books so it better happen very fast or they will be excluded from the season and auto relegated face facts the club is only exstisting in name

^^ why do people talk so much cr-p people like you dont know whats going on, worry about your own club , appy got about 11-12 players ready to sign once the deal will go through in the next few days, any way we got youth academy to come in aswell

There will be a playing budget when the club is taken over, but mainly for wages not fee's



11 Aug 2012 07:42:01
Norwich City have set their sights set on Seattle Sounders' tough tackling midfielder Osvaldo Alonso after being impressed with several of the player's performances for the MLS side.
The club plan to bring the player over for an initial trial period and if successful sign the player on a permanent basis for a fee believed to be already agreed to between the two clubs.



11 Aug 2012 07:11:03

We won't sign Berra he's on premiership
wages pluse he's left footed!

All transfer news regarding City has seemed to die down a lot lately. I think Buzsaky is set to make his mind up within next week and probably i wouldn't be suprised if Baldocks deal is finalised/falls through the beginning of next week, hopefully before the Forest game. The only real transfer business we will make if Baldock signs will be the CB Del Boy has said he wants.



11 Aug 2012 06:49:11
Any proper QPR transfer rumours, looks as though we have no chance with Ki now

Young Ukraine centre back more than likely and maybe Jenas on loan

Says who?

I'd be pretty unhappy if we signed Jenas even as a last resort he wouldn't be good enough. Not to impressed by the renewed interest in Gallas either



11 Aug 2012 01:49:19
yeovil are set to announce the signing of 22 year old striker matt paterson on a free from southend united.
seems like gary johnson is going to a team full of depth

He said he would only sign a real coup i mean a player from southend no offence to them but their not the best team in league two

But they're one of the favourites for promotions from League Two and Yeovil are one of the favourites for relegation from League One.

First of all Paterson is a free agent no longer at Southend, and he signed for Burton yesterday, so other than that you rumour is spot on. LOL

We're not signing him so who cares.

A yeovil fan mocking southend? oh dear your one of the most tinpot teams in league 1 we get double your attendance as well.

And southend were the highest placed team in league 2 not to go up last year so we clearly are one of the best teams in league 2

Is matt paterson even at southend anymore ?

Another made up rumour. Also, may I remind all the people (including Southend supporters) that this is Yeovil's 10th season in The Football League and 7th in League 1. Hardly 'tin-pot'. Established is more of an apt description.

Ok, every season for the past 7 we have been in league one we have been favourites to go down into league two. so that isnt a valid comeback. so southend have a fun time playing teams like burton and plymouth LOL

Actually hes still at southend as off 14th auguest. not a burton player. he had his medical at yeovil town on monday evening

Paterson was released at the end of last season. It was a shame to see him treated how he was. I always liked him and he's a good player.

So where is he then? It's been a week since his 'medical' and the season has started. No sign.....

Signed fpr Burton nearly a week ago



11 Aug 2012 01:25:43
Huddersfield to sign Quinn for £1m and Barnard for £1.5m to complete the squad! From a good source within the club!

Are you talking about Barnard from Saints, if so i am a Saints fan and i can tell you he aint worth 1.5m. I would imagine we would sell him for less then half that. We have transfer listed him and are trying to trim our squad. So maybe you should have a word with your source from within, get him to have a word with the manager.

You have no money to spend unless rhodes leaves {Ed044's Note - NOT true ,huddersfield got plenty of money (for the championship)and backed by ambitious chairman who supports the club!!, if they didnt have money then they'd sell rhodes wouldn't they,kinda disproves your point don't you think??

Wish Barny all the best. He scores goals for fun, works his socks off and did a great job for us at Saints. He would be a great asset for Huddersfield.

Quinn at 1m is acceptable. But Barnard for 1.5m?! That is a ridiculous amount for a troublemaking striker who did hardly anything last year.500,000, yes, 1.5m, no way.

More like 250.000 for Barnard....dont want him..lot better out there !!

Banard isnt worth 1.5 million hes worth 300k

If we sell rhodes and get bernard he dosent match up to rhodes quality.

D'oh i meant 0.5k for Barnard...well it was 1 summut in morning! lol!



11 Aug 2012 01:10:16
QPR rumoured to have bid 12 million for a teenage center back from french side St ettien. Zouma i think his name is.

Im a QPR fan and that is a load of tosH!

Rumour is 9million think the 12million was euro's. Don't see it happening though if what i read is correct he turned down Man city last season after a similar bid was accepted. Rumours are building in Greece that Katsidis will sing as soon as monday and he's also been left out of the Aris side fueling the speculation he's on his way

Haha straight from Football Manager!

No he's not that much on football manager is he? joking aside both these rumours seem to be coming from the countries the lads play in so its probably just agents playing the QPR card as they know the clubs looking to spend and paying big wages



11 Aug 2012 00:32:47
Swansea to bid for adam Johnson. Very possible that a deal will be put in place involving Sinclair. Mancini is a big admirer of the former under 21 international and sees him as a cheaper alternative to Walcott. Swansea are interested in Johnson who laudrup believes will develop under Swansea's style of play. Swansea have the funds to spend money this year after receiving 22million off Liverpool on top of premier league profits. This is a team on the up. Watch out Europa!

Swansea getting Johnson, are you trying to be funny? They can't afford his wages let alone to 22 million.

And anyway, Johnson said his preferred choice would be LFC

Still think wages will be a stumbling block, any idea what he's on now, ed? Swans cap around 15-20k per week. {Ed044's Note - hazard a guess of around 50-60K might be wrong , i'll have a nosey about

You might have a bit of money,but Johnson signed a new 5 yr contract last season rumoured to be 80,000 a week. you can't afford him!
Swansea did well last season,I really enjoyed watching them play some great passing football under the guidance of a tactically sound manager.
You now have a new manager,sold your midfield playmaker and might lose a classy winger.I would be a bit cautious of making bold predictions such as europa league and be happy if they avoid relegation this year,then everything else is a bonus. I wish you well.
Uncle Bulgaria.

Not just liverpool newcastle as well

Seems like you've ignored the whole Sinclair rumour - this is what may make this possible. The players who have been sold have been replaced so I don't think relegation is on the cards.

Its the same sort of deal that Man city done with Cardiff, Swansea to pay 20,000 per week and Man city pay the rest,only on loan for the season and cant be recalled before January, Stephen Davies in directers box sitting next to Johan CRUYFF and Jordi. Do the dutch mix well with the Danish.

The deal is rumored to be 5.5m rising to 8m and Adam Johnson on loan.

I love how everyone said allen a mediocer player when he top class and sinclair a class winger when in all honesty he the one player i couldent care if he goes adam is ten times the player scott id and im a swans fan scott a good spot kick but 60% of the game he doing f*** all wiv michu and de guzman scott will not be missed p.s tom ince is going to come

I totally agree with last comment. Sinclair was a good player when in the championship. But very poor last season. People who watch swans home and away like me will be honest and say i would give Scott a piggyback to Manchester. On the other hand Allen will be missed.

Two comments above show that were tre swans fans im forever gratefull to sinclair for getting us promoted but everyone else over rates him in the prem just cos he came from chelsea also see McEachran sinclair doesnt defend and i was at the friendly yesterday and when he was subbed he did a goodbye wave where as allen is the best young talent coming out of britain atm par bale and he is worth every penny of 15m but if we could get 5-8 for sinclair all true swans fans would agrea it would be worth it



10 Aug 2012 23:46:13
west brom look for defensive cover with stefan savic been highly linked with a loan deal to the club

Savic is on the verge of signing for Wolves

I thought u cud only have 3 players on loan. Correct me if I'm wrong don't wba have three on loan.

Only 2 loans. Lukaku and El Ghanassy. We still have one domestic loan avaliable. I don't think this will be Savic though. More likely a left back.

Yes your wrong WBA have 2 signings on loan El Ghannasy and Lakaku. Yacob signes as free agent as did Rosenberg

Just El Ghanassey and Lukaku in on loan

We've got lukaku and el ghanassy on loan

They have 2, ghanassy and lukaku

If any defenders are coming to the club, it will only be either Nuytinck (NEC) or Stones (Barnsley).

Danny Rose still has a small chance of a loan deal, first two players look more likely deals though.




10 Aug 2012 23:42:07
Spurs hope to land keeper julio cesar, but inter want right back kyle walker to be part of the deal

Lazy journalism pure and simple , that does not make sense at all.




11 Aug 2012 00:15:31
Rovers and Middlesborough are battling it out to sign hot prospect Andraz Sporar.



11 Aug 2012 00:13:01
Young irishman Chrristopher Forrester will start a tug-of-war between a number of championship and league one clubs over his signature.
Clubs to offer 50k-500k

Sheffield united
Bristol city



11 Aug 2012 00:11:19
Alejandro Bedoya is set to sign for swedish side Helsingborgs.
Dorin Goian to switch to Palermo.
Carlos Bocanegra to Dallas FC



10 Aug 2012 23:44:00
stoke city sign dynamo kyiv left back goran popov on season long loan deal.

Stoke City INS:

Jamie Ness (Rangers)
Geoff Cameron (Houston Dynamo)
Michael Kightly (Wolves)
Goran Popov (Dynamo Kiev)

There's a striker on the way very soon..Apart from hearing about Michael Owen every other day most people could be in for a surprise..!

Good left back when i seen him last season he was impressive

Whos this striker then mate.

Stoke City are pretty much sorted in midfield positions now with Etherington,Pennant Cameron,Kightly,Palacios - some strength there surely and defensively they have always been very strong and now Popov has become apart of there defence (also taking into account Cameron plays in defence too) this definitely means Pulis' next move is a quality striker....I really think Stoke City is moving in the right direction and this season is going to be special for them....they will be a top 10 finish with ease....also think tactically they will approach the game differently....let's wait and see!

Striker is defoe and Owen will sign too, as he wants to stay in prem and wants to play with the robot again!

Be very surprised if defoe leaves London... he keeps saying he loves it there... i done even think he will.leave.. tottenham have not exactly got many forwards... adebayor and saha gone too.. defoe is capable of scoring 20goals for any team if he plays regular

I know that tottenham have only got a few strikers but i can see them buying one before the transfer market closes. But i tought crouchy loved london and look at him now ;)

Just need to sort ou the right back area
possibly Hutton

Crouch might of liked London but his roots and family lm are from cheshire... his missed from Liverpool... and he wanted a return to cheshirehire watch



10 Aug 2012 23:43:13
Liverpool have completed the signing of Swansea's Wales international midfielder Joe Allen.

Good business for both clubs. Cheers Joe

Great business for swans bad for liverpool overated by 13.5 million.

22 million has changed hands. Fenway lost the fingers off one hand getting hold of Rogers, they lost the fingers off the other hand and two thumbs getting Allen.

15 million will fit in well into liverpools midfield good buy for the pool as you will c in the next couple of seasons.

Not a bad deal considering he completed more passes than anyone else in Europe last season!



10 Aug 2012 23:41:13
Chelsea look back in to the signing of edin cavani after hulks deal fell through



10 Aug 2012 23:40:17
allen completes move to liverpool to join up with former boss brendon rogers



10 Aug 2012 23:31:35
wigan interested in zaha if chelsea can seal the deal with victor moses

I don't think that Palace will be done twice for their young talent.



10 Aug 2012 23:20:27
Chris Hughton offers former club birmingham 4million and striker james vaughan in an attempt to persaude birmingham for centre back Curtis Davies, although the club have said he is not for sale



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