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10 Sep 2012 22:57:04
Chesterfield are close to completing a deal to appoint Sean Dyche as manager.
The former Watford boss is set to sign a two year deal and has already agreed a deal to sign Fulham youngster Marcello Trotta on loan until January.

He's joined the England under 21 squad yesterday.

I wish! Can't see it happening though

Dyche does not rate Trotta so get your facts right and come back

Well, he's not because he has just taken up a role in the england u21 set up

He has taken the U-21 role on a temporary basis likely to be for just the one game.

He was just invited to coach for a few days with U21s



10 Sep 2012 22:50:44
Nottingham Forest manager Sean O'Driscll is still wanting to add three more players to his squad before the end of the January transfer window.
Forest are wanting to sign Exeter forward John O'Flynn. O'Driscoll has been keen on the 30 year old since his goalscoring exploits at Barnet and a loan deal this week could happen until the New Year, with a view to a full time deal come January.
Another striker close to signing is Leicester forward Martyn Waghorn. The 22 year old has been made available for loan by their local rivals.
The third name is forward Kim Shin-Wook. The 24 year old Ulsan Hyundai player is wanted by Forest and willbe wrapped on the 1st of January, after it was revealed Korean hitman will by flying to England in the next few weeks.

Right, cos that's what we need, three more strikers!??

So we have sharp, blackstock and cox and you think we'll be buying three more strikers, that are not even close to them.
try again

John o'flynn is far to lazy



10 Sep 2012 22:45:06
Kilmarnock set talk Jose Baxter than he can replace Kennedy

Shiels want for good experience with striker



10 Sep 2012 22:57:00
Palacios 2 Leeds on loan

Wages too high

If only!!! He would be excellent!! But im not sure the money is there for that!



10 Sep 2012 22:39:38
West Brom are set to loan out two youngsters as manager Steve Clarke wants them to gain more first team experience.
New Zealand striker Chris Wood will join Sheffield United until the end of December. The deal is expected to be done before the weekend.
Scotland under 21 international Scott Allan will also leave on loan to link up with Southend United. Paul Sturrock is wanting a more in depth squad for a promotion challenge and the 20 year old seems up for the three month loan.

Scott Allan to Southend would love to see it as he is a good player from all accounts but im sure a championship team or a high league 1 team would be in for him ahead of Southend

I don't believe this rumour to be true. Why would we want another striker? The Blades already have 9 strikers in the books, why would we want a 10th? What we do need though is a left winger. And some cover in midfield after Flynn and Doyle got shown red on Saturday.

Would love Allan, but this seems highly doubtful, seeing as C.P nearly signed him.

Have heard that clarke doesnt like the young pros at albion,how come we dont put our young players in to give them a chance like all the other clubs!



10 Sep 2012 22:06:12
Akos Buzsaky will sign for Bristol City having agreed a 1 year deal.

I wish , but no

Same, too good to be true.



10 Sep 2012 21:28:13
Jose Baxter still in chance of Palace contract if he improves his fitness

Im not even an eagles fan and know your not signing him

On trail at oldham athletic played for reserves today



10 Sep 2012 21:17:13
Readings lawson D'ath set for Yeovil to provide competition in his favourite cm role

Cm no Rm yes marsh-brown has been poor

He's not a winger he's a cam and needs to play that position on loan this season wont be at Yeovil I'm afraid

I think Marsh-Brown has played well this season, but like the majority of the side, judged by the Bournemouth performance, just needed a bit of a break. Hopefully, this last week will have done the trick.

Kmb has been good and looks like he will be a very good player. I don't know where you got that from

Kmb is way too selfish he needs to learn when to pass and when to take a player on

What about ugwu he's not too bad



10 Sep 2012 21:19:15
chris wood to sign for millwall on season long loan, scott allan also looks set to revive a loan deal with crystal palace

It would be good if it does happen?

Clearly BS. "season long" loans can't be done outside of the window. Only 93-day "emergency" loans

A 93 day loan from the next international break would go through to the January window.



10 Sep 2012 17:52:30
Oxford need to offload players or admin looming spoke with Chris wilder at weekend

The attitude you showed over the Constable deal .... you deserve to go bust !

I have also heard this rumour very worrying indeed

If they off load all there players ......would£455 get them out of the mire!

You spoke to Chris Wilder at the weekend and he told you, a complete stranger? and Wilder confides this in you....For goodness sake.Im sure that there are money issues at the club, there are at most clubs. How do a club offload players at this time of the season other than by loan and often the owner club pay the majority of wages in many cases....Totally agree with the Constable saga, absolutely disgraceful. So let me think who might put this sort of post on here.....Well, likely the team up the A420. Think you need to look at your own club because PDC is going to implode the club soon - even the Editor on Football Rumours commented the other day on his poor behaviour.........

I am not a complete stranger to Chris wilder as I speak with him regularly so get ur facts straight first Oxford r very close to admin fact

Yes you expect anyone to believe this. What a nightmare. You speak to CW regularly and he would tell you something like that, likely in confidence and you put it on the Internet. In your dreams matey.....Im sure there are finance issues at the club, but they are a long way from administration - FACT....

Let's see. Going into Administration means that all those creditors will get some money back. Unfortunately the only person the club owes money to is Ian Leneghan, the owner of the club!! Why would he put the club into administration to get back his own money!!



10 Sep 2012 16:19:40
Bristol city have pulled out of Elliot ward deal as Danny wilson of Liverpool has agreed a season long loan

The maximum loan period in the emergency loan window is 93 days, so you could not possibly sign him on a season long loan!

Well brains it will be extended to the end of the season when the window opens back up



10 Sep 2012 15:06:05
Lee Martin could well move back to Charlt
on in January. Has been on loan there and out of contract end of season.

Sorry wants a long term deal at Ipswich, currently looking at new deal

Knowing how Clegg messes all the deals up this is a maybe. but Charlton will have to pay very high wages circa 12-15k a week



10 Sep 2012 14:57:48
Swindon Board to meet tomorrow as grave concerns have ariser over dicanios management style.He has bullied the team and looks as if a dressing room revolt will happen.Appears the team have had enough of his methods.
Ling?tayor along with Steve Cottril lined up for the job

This site has got too obsessed with PDC & Swindon town get it. a rest guys

I was starting to believe your comment until I read "Ling?tayor along with Steve Cottril lined up for the job".

If they were lined up for the job then that suggests Paolo is out. So why the need for a board meeting?

Stop stirring crap up

There are problems i know this for a fact, I know that dicanio has now fallen out with McCormack, the team looked scared to express themselves on Saturday and i think Paolo is in danger of losing the dressing room, he cant keep training them 7 days a week and keep treating them like children, they are grown men, also paolo has to stop airing his dirty laundry in public its not good. nobody is bigger than the club....paolo has been given a lot of money for players wages i think the wage bill is something like 5 Million, paul caddis also played for birmingham last saturday got man of the match and got Sunday and Monday off?? he was also at the game Saturday, he was only two places from me..... its gutting that he is now on loan to birmingham good player we could of done with him Saturday.....

For the person posting "There are problems...."

I agree there are problems in the back ground, but for the other poster to say the board are meeting and have Ling / Taylor along with Cottril lined up, now that's a different take on the current situation.

Yes, Paolo can cause problems, but these same problems only surface when we lose, as per the start of last season.

Let's just keep supporting the team and the decisions until we get to a point either PDC leaves or is pushed.

What cheeses me off is all these comments that are only on here to stir things up, a la the persons from down the road.



10 Sep 2012 14:51:44
What is Roy Hodgson playing at!! STERLING, come on.
He's a headless chicken at the best of times, but he is also very raw! How many goals has he scored in the premiership if any?!! yet he makes the England team!!

He's been called up to the squad for experience - he has NOT made the team!!

It's very short-sighted to not see the overall picture. Hodgson is thinking of long-term development and I applaud it.

So he's a headless chicken? at 17 years of age and 3 PL games, you are obviously an expert. roy has picked him because he has potential and to stop him being picked by Jamaica. Who would you suggest Young? after his wonderful Euro.

With respect Chamberlain hadn't played at all in the PL when he was involved with England for the first time and look at his progress.

You have obviously not followed this young lads career to date. Take it from one who has that this kid will be a future superstar.balance,speed, skill and a brilliant finisher.I applaud Roy hodgson for giving him the opportunity to experience the set up at such a young age,it will only help his development.You need to understand the a game a bit more my friend.

I think you guys and your team are missing 2 good players in your squad, they are hopper and Forster of Celtic. Yes they play in spl but they have also played against some top teams in Europe and held there is and did great. Forster could be a #1 but right now more of a #2, hooper(scores more then carrol in the championship) is a goal scorer and with the players that are in the squad they could give good cross to find him and he will score a bunch for yous. It's a real shame yous guys don't see thier talent because both if in epl would be in the England squad and helping out a lot.

Roy should be sacked his squad selection has been a complete joke . This is the worst England manager ever .

Hodgson is not scared of playing potentially good players as previous managers were.He would get slated for keep bringing in the old guard I for one admire the bloke.

Why not bring him now, in a few years time he will be playing for England week in week out.

Cant believe Roy hasnt picked Fraser Forster as he is only 1 of 2 English keepers playing in the champs league

I think hodgson has the potential to be a decent England manager. I don't think we'll win a major tournament with him but atleast he's exploring new ideas and potential young players.

Hodgson not really has much option. Injuries are taking their toll and the ones people on here are suggesting he puts in are untested at Intl level as well.

Its time england experimented and explored the young talent that is coming through the acadamies at the minute. Who would you suggest instead of raheem? Joe Cole perhaps? thought not!!

Prospect or no prospect, if Sterling played for Bolton, or West Ham etc, he wouldn't be anywhere near the England full squad, but because Roy is such a huge Liverpool fan, anyone who's English and wears a red shirt gets in the England team. Hodgson is a total disgrace to the job!! or is it, bring a kid to work week or something!!

I have no issue with bringing in new players to taste what it is like if Hodgson feels they have a genuine future. Well played Hodgson. However I think it is only the club they are at that gets them there. There are talented players at lower profile clubs that should also be there. The day they get transferred to Liverpool, Man U / C Arsenal, etc. they would get a call up. However they are never good enough the week before when playing for the less fashionable clubs.

Haha hilarious...someone judging sterling having probably only seeing him once on tv and a guy suggesting forster could be number one keeper ahead of joe hart. Also saying Hooper could play and scores more than carroll, i could score more goals than carroll if i played in the spl. They may be good enough but until they play in the epl and against good opposition every week and not twice a season theyll struggle to ever be noticed! Hodgson has a long term plan for England and its good to see him throw youngsters in and not do what every other england manager has done and stick with the same old players!

Players not at a big club dont get picked....sorry to put a dampner on that but.....jack butland (birmingham) upson (birmingham) zamora (fulham) Nicky Shorey (reading) Ricketts, davies, cahill (bolton) chris powell (charlton) emile heskey (leicester) wayne bridge, james beattie (southampton) downing (liddlesborough) jay bothroyd (cardiff) cole, lampard, ferdinand, ashton (west ham) and my personal favourites steve bull (wolves) salako (crystal palace) nugent (preston) and thats just a few theres many more ----- think that comment and argument put to bed!!



10 Sep 2012 13:28:08
Hull City are keen on signing Tranmere forward Adam McGurk. The former Northern Ireland under 21 international has impressed a number of scouts in the Championship and a move is touted for the new year.
City manager Bruce is also keen on a goalkeeper. Cardiff stopper David Marshall has impressed Bruce over the last few seasons but it will take up to £4 million for the Welsh club to part with the 27 year old.

Marshall is Cardiff no.1 keeper,no chance of that happening!!

But I'd take 4£million. Come to that I'd take 2£million


I know Marshall is good and all, but I can't see why we'd need another keeper or another forward to be honest!

We have 3 keepers right now. Why would we want another one?

I wouldnt sell Marshall, we got money, Marshy is a good keeper, plus bruce will have to wait till the january window and he knows he wont get him Marshy is too happy and confortable here at Cardiff City

Dont know when mcgurk impressed anybody cos he's been injured forever

Mcgurk has impressed some one the Physio.

McGurk is the only player I've seen injured by pulling 'out' of a tackle - he's pathetic, I wouldn't waste my time putting him out with the empties in the morning. Suwarmy!

Please take McGurk

Well you get 3 points at bristol city easy win



10 Sep 2012 13:52:44
Manchester United, Greek champions Olympiacos and outsiders Sunderland are all chasing Bordeaux striker Yoan Gouffran.



10 Sep 2012 13:50:20
Tottenham manager Andre Villas Boas has had a £13 million bid accepted for Valencia striker Jonas.



10 Sep 2012 13:48:49
Leeds United are wanting to sign Aston Villa midfielder Chris Herd on loan until the end of December.

Good last season but only really if you play defensive football or need that right back going forward!
Would like to see Herdy go on loan & see if he can manage playing week in week out in the championship at least before the full EPL leap.



10 Sep 2012 13:33:50
Crystal Palace want to sign Dundee United midfielder Stuart Armstrong.



10 Sep 2012 12:16:05
paolo dicanio has just been fired.the board have had emuff.bye bye dicanio. {Ed020's Note - no he has'nt, i do agree that he needs to, his general attitude is disgusting.}

Why do fans of other teams have an obsession with PDC .His attitude is fine he criticizes his players and teams performances in the press . What makes us Swindon fans angry is everyone knocking him. I wish you would concentrate on your own teams for once {Ed020's Note - its not his managment style or ability, its his harrasing tone and how he personifys himself as an outspoken individual. its very unprofessional, and thats coming from my own personal neutral opinion}

PDC is certainly not a run of the mill football manager that is for certain, as a STFC fan, I would hope he learns to curb the negative appearance of his outbursts.

It must not be forgotten he is a young manager learning his trade. That said, fans the world over can dislike him as much as they like, as many do of Fergie and Mourinho, he is here to stay and he is an outstanding prospect, who I have no doubt at all will be managing in the Premier league within 2 years, 3 at a push. Not with Swindon i might add although I like to dream that would be the case.

Us down in Wiltshire fully expect him to get us promotion this year, just as he did last year. {Ed025's Note - I like the honesty of the guy, but he is a loose cannon, I can't see any prem club touching him with a barge pole, for the foreseeable future.

I must admit I really like dicanio, he demands that his players give nothing less than 100% he is passionate about his job and eager to learn his trade! Now people dont like then thats fine however people dont like SAF and they didnt like Brian Clough so get of your high horse and respect the man! Long live Dicanio

The way he treats players is disgracful. I will not attend a game while this bully is at Swindon

Paolo dicanio is a P***k was as a player and now as a manager what has he really done?



10 Sep 2012 12:03:09
Ex Everton striker Jose Baxter on trial at Oldham

What's he done now?



10 Sep 2012 10:44:32
George Thorne to join Portsmouth on a one month loan deal

I think Michael Appleton's priorities are more a centre half or a striker rather than yet another midfielder - good though Thorne is.

Thought he was going to Burnley, too good for L1 in all honesty, plus we need another defender really

Thorn too good for L1. If it was Scott Allen, then perhaps but as per the other poster - Appy was planning for a striker until Gypes got injured on Sunday, so may now be forced to get yet another centre-half. He has hinted at letting another player go in order to get both. Either way - not GT.



10 Sep 2012 09:42:30
James Wilson (Bristol City) to join Yeovil on 3 month loan.



10 Sep 2012 09:17:14
2 free agents hull will sign

jose baxter formerly of everton dubbed the new wayne rooney a few years back wants first team football

craig gordon unable to find a premier league club to get him back in scotland setup next best thing is promotion contender in champ.

Why another keeper ? There's already Amos on loan, Jakupovic who is yet to play and Oxley.

Promotion contender?? why go to Hull then

Why go to hull!! Because we finished 8th last season and now we have squad so we will and are promotion contenders !!! Simple really !!

Dubbed the new wayne rooney,ha,by who,himself,had potential,yes but never fufilled

He's been with Oldham since last week so your off the mark with this one.

Because amos is on loan to get a keeper of gordons quality is not an everyday oppotunity you have to sieze it wen u get chance oxley is completely unproven leaving hull with one keeper next year if they get promoted then they wud have to splash out to get a prem quality keeper or they cud get gordon now on a free

He's only on trial at Oldham, I'm sure he's hoping some else comes in for him.



10 Sep 2012 08:12:10
Harty kewell is apparently training at oakwell

How many clubs is that he,s trained with ?must be a dozen ,dont that tell yer some thing

Good riddance, greedy mercenary, MOT



10 Sep 2012 07:46:41
Barnslsey boss Keith Hill will loan out defender lee Colin's, when Edwards and McNulty are both fit again.



10 Sep 2012 06:39:53
Bristol city have offered a trial to former Auxerre winger Omar Kossoko.

He looks a good player check him out on youtube



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