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Stand by for a massive backlash from all of the big clubs in Europe Chelsea are livid at the treatment they have had and are canvessing all of the other top clubs in Europe. It seems that everyone thinks Me Plattini is out of control and needs to be stopped. The clubs are going to brake away and form a new Euro super league which will bust UEFA.


LFC News

My friends brothers girlfriend works at a top London hotel, and claims there is a meeting planned between Hicks & Gillett with DIC for the last weekend in September. A room has been booked for 2 days that weekend. It is expected that Hicks & Gillett, along with representatives of DIC will be present at Anfield, travelling by private jet, that weekend to see the game against Hull City.

Expect a deal by christmas.


Oh my God, I can't believe this myself but there is a consortium in for Liverpool led by a frenchman. I don't know if God and Shaggy are involved though. I've literally JUST found out that this frenchman is Bernard Arnault. He is rumoured to be worth $14 billion so I don't know why he doesn't buy the club himself instead of leading a consortium but hopefully we'll find out soon. My source tells me that talks began last week and are going well, although there is a lot of haggling to be done!! I'm not sure about Arnault's stance on the new stadium though. .


Robbie Fowler and Steve Mcmanaman are in a consortium to buy LFC. . . only different ones!! Fowler is involved with a group of arabs, while Mcmanaman is supporting a french consortium.


Jurgen Klinsmann will be appointed Man United Director of football this week. He will use his marketing knowledge to promote the club in North and South America and will oversee Fergie's transfer policy, which has been rather unprofitable in recent years. Believe me, I would be the first one to say that Fergie knows more than Klinsmann, but its the Glazer's decision. Apparently they were impressed by his his signing of Ribery for Bayern after Fergie turned him down!


Gareth Bale is signing a next thursday i am 100% certain also the the myster trialist is Julian Gray
You heard it here first


Massive city fan and my source is generally pretty good. Sam Vokes is the loan striker that Coleman is after, he will be joining for 3 months very soon. Also for any Notts county fans you are trying to sign Michael Mifsud on a free transfer. Offer him enough wages and hes sure to come because hes a money grabbing greedy litlle sh. Will probably do well at that level though.


Heard A Little Rumour That Nicky Storey From The Villa Going To West Brom Season Long Loan Hope its True Please Post This


Have heard sam vokes is on brian laws loan list if they can offload jeffers to someone.if not then a lower wage earner will come instead.


Notts Close to agreeing a deal to take Jamie Cuerton on loan and then sign him in jan

a fee of 100,000 was agreed last night and the deal will go through before weekend


Rangers r still trying to strength there squade and r having a look at the following free transfers and loans.

Free Transfers

GK– Darley Ramon Torres (Feynord will cancel his contract)
CD– Gláuber
CD– Godwin Antwi
RB– Lucas Neill
LB– Roberto Carlos
ST– Christian Vieri


ST – Ronaldo/ Benjani Mwaruwari
CM – Emmanuel Koné



Steve McClaren to take over from Ian McParland at Notts County


I heard from a source at Anfield that Liverpool are being investigated on three separate charges of tapping up players. This is serious, and my source (high up) revealed that a transfer ban similar to Chelsea's ban is the likely outcome.

Sorry fellow reds. :(


Notts County will sign either Jamie Cuerton or Michael Misfud this week


Heard through couple of respected business men ( 1 played for rangers gary johnson ) that rangers are to be sold by the end of the year and that there are 2 business men and 1 consortium in for the club (business men have better chance of buying club) plus rangers are to be sponsered by (virgin) in a £8.5million a season deal and also have a new shirt manufacturer in adidas worth a cool £7million a season as well as royalties from sales will not be anounced till november 10th rangers will also be looking at the possibility of new stadium again that is to be disscussed at the ( agm ) there will be a vote beetween us share holders ( 1 share – 1 vote , 35000 shares – 35000 votes ) get the picture and finally if the new business men come in or consortium they will have to agree to ally mccoist being manager as promised by sir david murray .

u never heard from me !!!!!!!!!


Right lets not be silly and believe these silly rumours/lies about benitez leaving. Yes there are problems with hicks and gillett in terms of finances but don't forget we are in a recession. I personally know that money rafa made from selling players was available but rafa didn't want to spend on second choice players. There was an offer for silva who rejected and so too for lavezzi. I've been told that there will be a bid for Ashley young once spurs sell them jenas and bentley. That wlll be it till the summer. Again we will try for silva. Lets wait and see. .


There seems more truth to Manchester Utd being the next team to be banned from two transfer windows. Other teams being investigated are Liverpool, Arsenal, West Ham and Tottenham Hotspurs. Michel Platini seems intent on bringing down the English game. Sir Alex Ferguson is known to have said that he will quit immediately should United be sanctioned. You heard it here first. Michael DeSouz



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