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Bendtner,Dempsey, Bale and Dunn are all on there way to charlton with rommedahl, m.bent and fortune all leaving.To the biggest utd fan ever you can't even spell solskjaer right! massive fan u are!- m owen, kaka cmon, someones been playin to much footie man. the guy that said reading to sign nani- wrong he has been quoted sayin if he leaves he will only go to a superclub, that reading aren't. expect a major transfer scramble in jan fo his signature. also united to sign Fernando Torres in the summer for 22 millionTo the Boofhead who said Nesta will be sold b'cos he is 31y.o. AC Milan have a tendancy of

keeping ageing backs ( Maldini, Cafu Current squad and Baresi, Costacurta also retired well into there thirtys. )

Arsenal will sign Carson, Ribery

Reo-cocker and Abidal will only be signed if injuries occur.My cousin works at Villa Park and he said that Villa are after 3 defenders. They are Hinkel, Evra and Bridge. Villa are looking to add more competition in the full back positions. They are also wanting to make more competition in midfield and are thought to be making a Jan swoop for Sidwell for a cut price as his contract ends in the summer and Reading will be looking to cash in rather than losing him for nothing. Villa will also sign Diarra from Chelsea in Jan to add more competition for McCann in the defensive midfield role. Villa will also look to sign Milner and SWP on loan with an option to buy. Defoe will be at Villa in Jan as he is not getting enough game time at the Lane. Other strikers being touted around the place is Beattie, Bent if Charlton are still near the bottom com Jan and also a cheeky bid for Alan Smith. Saviola's name keeps popping up aswell. All true. Bids will be made but may not eventuate.Man Utd are signing steve sidwell for 4mil in JAN. There is no need for Torres in the EPL. He would end up like morientes. Instead, SAF would buy either jefferson farfan,kevin doyle or fred from lyon.Im tired hearing rumours about man utd.

The only possible transfer in January is Owen Hargreaves but that is also unlikely due to the negativity of B. Munich. .Summer is more likely. Torres is definitely not coming in January. .the only possibility is if Saha or Solskjaer are injured then will be extra possibility to sign him sooner than next summer. .if he wants to come ofcourse. .and stop the rumour that man utd allready paid 5m. .that's just rubbishARSENAL NEWS

Arsene Wenger has decided against buying Baptista and wil instead opt for robinho as he hasnt quite settled in at Madrid.

Arsene will not be buying anyone in January but will instead bring back Bendtner from Birmingham and get him to have a run in the cup matches.

Also it looks as if Fran Merida is home sick and a move away from the emirates is very much in the running with seville looking to capture the spanish star.

Also Ryan Smith's motivation skills in the dressing room have been greatly missed and it looks like a return is on the cards for him as he has been touted as a possible captain replacement for henry.

100% TRUE!

Everton will sign tugay on a free in jan to help in the defensive midfield positionMorten Gamst-Pedersen is a replacement for Giggs.

S.Taylor - 3m

T.Huddlestone - 5.5m

M.Richards - 6.8m

J.Ledley 2.5m

are rumors for ManU.


MOURHINHO OR LIPPI is going to take over ManU.

lennon and jenas is leaving either to Arsenal or ManU.

Nesta, Pirlo and Camonisi is linked with ManU.

Tommorrow feature: ArsenalWolves will be looking to off load leon clarke this year, darren potter will be signing from liverpool as he is already on loan from them he will sign for a region of 1.2 million, i know this as my dad is a close friend of jay bothroyd he says that wolves are close to signing to youngsters on loan from premiership clubs these include andy o'brien from newcatle as mick mccarthy is a big fan of him and has already had 2 bids rejected the other player will be lee catermole form middlesbourgh he is currently sitting on the bench and playin in the resrves for bourgh but wil likely be heading to the wolves as bothroyd said they are in need of a right sided midfieleder lee catermole is in the england under 21's and will be an asset to the club and will get on will with the youngsters wolves have got. WATCH THIS SPACEArsenal do not have all the money that the lad said, about the mortgaging of the stadium, they did this because they simply didnt have enough money to pay for the new emerates statium, fool. due to this shay given will not be leaving newcastle. unless a sizable offer is put on the table.

michael owen will be moving in the summer, when he is fit again, along with the 20mil that newcastle will get for compensation, the fee will probly be around 12mil, if we are lucky, from manchester, so newcastle will again spend big in the summer, big freddie doesn't know how not to.

newcaslte are apparntly tracking a right sided midfielder from levante called ettien, and i remember hearing something about one of the massadonian defenders, also newcasltle will make bids for darren bent and miroslav klose

Emre might be saying good bye though, which would be a huge loss as he has been amazing this season, the fee shud be quite large.Newcastle are going to sell luque to athletico madrid for 5 million allowing rossi to move permenantly. Then newcastle will get lucas neil on a free and wqayne bridge on loan till the end of the season. james milner will join aston villa finaly for 5 million allowing the signing adu to join as a replacement. man utd will sign tevez and mascherano at the end of the season.To the west ham fan who said they'd sign huddlestone for 5.5mil and m.richards for 6.8mil.

You do not know what you are on about mate. Both youngsters are thought as as priceless at both clubs as Richards is a future england international, and huddlestone will become a spurs regular soon and will be in the england set up within 2 years. Also spurs will sign M.Petrov from A.Madrid for 9mil.I spotted what looked to be Jaap Stam in Newcastle city centre last week (Thursday afternoon) heading towards the monument. I'm not claiming that he is signing for Newcastle (who would want to ?), but maybe he was just over on one of those Amsterdam to Newcastle mini cruises. If it wasn't Jaap himself, then he has a long lost twin.When did arsenal an man u become billionaires because there signing full squads from the rumours on here the only thing thhats gunner happen is asenal in=babtista an maybee a few youngsters

manu=rossi,owen h,glen johnson

am a liverpool fan and i don't lie by sayin were buyin every one we will only sign a cheap striker to replace fowler which av heard its a young brazilian called jo frm corithions an a right winger maybee routledgeWill evry man u supported realise they just don't have the money nemor, all this talk about kaka, riquelme, de rossi, torres is stupid.

expect to see nani singed from sporting lisbon in the summer though, carlos quiroz knows the portuguese league v well and its a good bet hes bein groomed to take over from AF when he retires.ARSENAL NEWS

Arsenal are looking to sign the following players:

LB - Bale, Marcelanho or Abidial (10m to spend)

Winger - Ribery (18m)

GK - Utari or Gordon (6m)

Wenger is also reportedly looking at the following youth players:

Gago - doubtful as he prefers a move to spain.

Sahin - Good Possibility. Rosicky his idol.

Leaving the club will be the following:

Reyes - Loan move permanent.

Aliadere - Not good enough for 1st team.

Almunia - Frustrated at 1st team oppotunities.AVFC NEWS

signings in jan

1.david trezuguet for 9m or jermain defoe for 9m

2.khaka kaladze for 5m or micah richards 7m

3.james milner for 4m

4.shaun maloney for 4m or aiden mcgeady for 1m

5.steve sidwell for 2.5m

now ill explain why bebecause martion oneill has 25million 2 spend in jan an wants 2 dring in a quality striker with will definatly be wither 1 of trezguet or defoe.martin also wants 2 sure up his defence with either kaladze or birmingham born richards who is onli a young lad and would prefer 2 b nearer home.james milner is a certaren'ty as he wants a move 2 villa. maolney and mcgeady want 2 play in the premiership and ther preferd place would be villa park under oneill who they respect the most.steve sidwell will leave reading in jan due 2 reading not wanting him 2 leave 4 nothing in the summer and villa suits him as he wants a bigger club.All the stuff said on this site is lies i know that baptista is stayin in arsenal permanently because he doesn't fit into capello's style and tactics and reyes is stayin in real m definitely because he is enjoyin a lot of first team action in the expense of beckham and also he is too homesick to play for arsenal in london the deal wasnt done in august because the contract negotions would've taken too long i don't want abidal and even ribery joinin us never saw anythin special from them in the world cup but if wenger wants them a lot then i aren't against because as we all know "ARSENE KNOWS"Manchester United to sign in January Torres. Transfer fee is around 25 million pounds.

ManU also to sign Hargreaves for 20 million pounds.

And searching long-time replacement to Gary Neville.Sheff utd to sign a left back, right winger and are set to let ifill, unsworth and shipperly to leave in jan.

the left back is either stephen warnock or ledley at cardiff. the winger is to be carlos edwards from luton.ManU will get 3 players on jan - Alberto Castillo, OwenH and Nani. Arsenal and Liverpool will instead target SWP, if a deals strike than will see chelsea grab Ribery. Adriano will want to play for Real and shall see the part exchange with Ronaldo plus cash also Alves to Real. Spurs will complete the signing of Downing for 8m.Manuel Fernandes. .to Man Utd in January from BenficaEveryone who is expecting lucas neill to be going to liverpool is wide off the mark. after a brief chat with manager Mark Hughes on sunday he confirmed the deal is done for NEWCASTLE. .as lucas wants to be playing first team footie but will be on rotation at liverpool. and newcastle can match his personal demands. thinks he can't win over liverpool fans coz of his checkered history regarding 'that infamous tackle''Neil Doncaster, of norwich city is about to unveil new management team consisting of Alan Curbishley assisted by Mark bowen and Iwan Roberts'

city til i die.OMG! man united fans pls stop saying that we will have a huge spending spree in the summer and selling stars like smith and saha. The only thing wrong with us at the moment is our strike force and possibly central midfield. The only people we will buy will be fernando torres and owen hargreaves with the possibility of signing morten gamst pederson as a backup and a future replacement for giggsy. Now man united fans be realistic and remember were top of the league and that won't change!!To the idiot man united fan who posted regarding the 90 million pounds that will be spent in january. please xplain to me who rooney ronalso owen kaka and riquelme will all fit onto the same team. .

its ridiculous!

other news regaridng my team Liverpool:


Neill 1million

Lucas Lobos 6 mill

Esteban Granjero compenstaion

Bale 6 million

snd hopefully a swoop for micah richasrds


The keepers. .either here or in the summer

the two frem=nchies " "

Kewell 2millCurbishley new norwich manager tomorrow!Fernando Torres wants to go to Man Utd the only reason it didnt happen at the start of the season is cus United didnt put the right bid in , but with his new contract he has a buy out close of around 26million so that won't be a problem for Man United who Torres wants to go to according to Reviste La Liga on sky sports 1

R R R R R R R R R R RTo the guy who said stefan klos of rangers will be going to villa get your facts right. Klos is still a rangers player he is only out with a shoulder injury as he crashed his motorbike during pre season. Secondly le guen would not want to let klos go because alan mcgregor will be on his way out when lionel letizi is fit enough to play. Mcgregor has already said he will not stay if he is on the bench. So if he leaves that would leave rangers with only Letizi and Klos and then if Klos leaves we would only be left with Letizi who is a dud. So i think Klos will be staying right where he is.To the villa fan who thinks there going to get stefan klos no chance le gaffer thinks very highly of him that's why he only signed letezi klos is going to get the number 1 shirt back as mcgreggor has already been told he can leave and will do so in the jan transfer window and expect some major signings in jan by le gaffer as he knows there is plenty of room for better players at ibroxArsenal Will Sign Hearts and Scotland international goalkeeper Craig Gordon next summer. Expect the transfer fee to be between 2.5m and 3m.Manchester United to sell EVRA, VIDIC, SAHA (loan), SMITH, SOLSKJARR, RICHAERDSON, FLETCHER, VAN DER SAR, JONES, BARDSLEY, MARTIN, FOSTER (loan), AND EVANS


as if we would sell all these players in january - get real and screw your head on right. .we will not sign michael owen as he is injured for the rest of the season, that and the geordies will never sell him. van der sars gonna get a contract extension offer which he will accept. jones, martin, bardsley, foster and evans are the future of the club and so will be goin nowhere - when foster gets back end of the season he will stay at OT and learn from VDS.

now some real rumours - true who knows but they are known rumours. the money saved in the summer (spend £13m on carrick, £18.3m dependin on success) and got £6m from the obi mikel saga, £11m from the ruud trandfer and about £1m from spector, ebanks-blake, etc. means united made £5m, in the summer we get the other £6m installment of the obi mikel money. united reportedly had a budget of £25m in the summer - meanin there's a £30m kitty. and apparently united are to sign Hargreaves for between £14m and £17m. the rest of the money will be saved for the summer to top up the summer kitty to around £44m (£6m obi mikel, £25m budget, £13m remaining from jan budget) and it is in the summer united will sign torres. .

and ericsson will never be united manager as everyone saw what a cock-up he made of england in big tournaments. .mourinho yeah right, as if he wud leave chelski for united. .and SAF gonna stay a few years yet anyways. .


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