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10 Nov 2012 20:37:07
Desperate to free up cash for more players at Bristol City to strengthen midfield and defence allowing John Stead and Brett Pitman to go out on loan will free up 100k a month. Stead likely to return back to a northern club while Pitman could be Ian Holloways first signing at Palace

We wont let two strikers go it would leave us short. SL will have to throw money into the transfer kitty to get us out this mess..

Look wake up and listen its time for mcinness to go lets not dance around the fact we need this and that if we stick wid this person we will be playing league one football soon and yes some of it realises on the players but we have had worse players and suceed its how u motivate and tactives he cant so get reral

As a bristol city fan myself i can say times are bad down there. for my dad to suggest we go to see reading or west brom for a change if it gets much worse is bad. he has stuck with this club through and through and for even him to get that worried is a bit worrying. i know hes only trying to let me watch some entertaining football again, but ive never seen him this worried.

i will always always be supporting bristol city, but it makes you wonder whether the board are trying to send us down deliberately. yes people may think its rediculous, but it all makes sense, which is worrying.

I just wish that the board or the chairman would actually tell us supporters, who pay theyre wages, the truth. not the pack of rubbish weve heard recently. all we seem to get is either the future or the stadium.

don't get me wrong but ask yourself this guys, would you rather have a brand new, 40000 seater stadium in league 1, or our existing ground in the premier league?



10 Nov 2012 19:31:28
Charlton have signed Eggert Jonsson from Wolves on a loan lasting 1 month.

Was hoping to get playing time to win national team spot back. Ironically Helgi Danielsson (who Powell is now interested in) seems to have the edge.



10 Nov 2012 17:24:08
Dean Smith will be sacked by Walsall if they lose their FA Cup replay on Tuesday, just weeks after signing a new two and half year contract!

No he wont. We're not that lucky

Love it to happen but it wont

Yes I have heard this too, Richard O'Kelly to be the new manager as well

Deano will turn it around,could do with a big forward to hold the ball up,grigg, bowerman,hemmings need a big centre forward to play off, mantom is a big plus in midfield but we need to hold the ball up front.

Walsall are a very poor leauge side who only have one ambition (to stay in the black) they belong in the blue square premier, Therefore Dean will see out his contract sorry Walsall fans its a fact!

A bit harsh on Dean this. I know we are playing badly at the moment but, financially, we are hamstrung (like most of our better players at the moment). A big Hulk up front would make a difference though - maybe Zenit St Petersburg would loan him to us in return for Taundz and Hemmings. I feel sorry for Dean Smith's dog (who must be over-walked right now) but I think that sacking him would be ridiculous a week after giving him a 2 1/2 year contract!

Walsall are run like a non leauge club and i'm afraid they should be a non leauge club if they wont spend money, what are they saving for a rainy day, lets face it other clubs spend money they havent got then say woops sorry have 10 points deducted and have the slate wiped clean, so why are Walsall so obsessed about living within there means??

The Chairman uses the club as his cash cow. It makes no difference who the manager is, without backing, he won't be successful. I think Deano's doing the best he can given the constraints he's working under.

I really fear for walsall their fans have given up and just accept what happens to their club, without using their voice supporters get what they deserve (a club with no ambition) and eventually non leauge football like a lot of the clubs who have let this happen to them! It's such a shame as they used to be a good club

What can the fans do? We can't force the Chairman to sell. Nor can we force him to want the club to succeed. If the fans voted with their feet, Walsall's demise would happen a lot quicker.

Sorry I disagree if you vote with your feet and protest outside the ground the board has to take notice, Walsall are one of the very few clubs that get a lot of money from advertising due to their location so low attendance should NOT affect the playing budget just the pockets of the directors something they won't let happen!!!



10 Nov 2012 17:16:16
Josh Thompson has joined Colchester om loan. some reports say for a month others say he will make it permanent in January



10 Nov 2012 17:12:06
Turner is going to try to sign 2 Crewe stars Harry Clayton and tootie in next few days.



10 Nov 2012 17:08:18
Shrewsbury town are about to let hector return to reading in the middle of a season long loan.

Already have. App he made costly mistakes and they wont cancel loan but hes at reading to play in reserves

Jon Taylor has signed a pre contract at burnley for jan



10 Nov 2012 12:30:50
My local sources are saying
Chesterfield fc are in the hunt to get
Arsenal's young defender Torah on a
1mth loan deal


Londoner Spireite



10 Nov 2012 10:46:44
Just heard crystal palace after trotter jackett will listen 2 a zaha + 1mill swap deal

Will never happen!!

Considering that Zaha is one of Englands best talents coming through, this is a load of crap.

Millwall & palace just do not get on! simple as that!

Go away lion. You can only dream

Millwall 'DON'T' need him!

Millwall don't need a striker whos in the England squad?

No chance zaha is by far better than trotter



10 Nov 2012 08:37:30
Andy Carroll staying at West Ham after loan

Maybe, he would do quite well in the Championship.



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