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Man Utd possible signings

Alex Terriara–£8M
Simon Kjaer–£6M

David Silva–£25M
Igor akinfeev–£12M

These are only rumours do not get your hopes up cuz we never sign over 3 players or 2 big players because we are in debt roughly £365M to be specific but once we sign with aon we should clear about a third of that


Utd rumours. ferdinand out after world cup, utd have perfect replacement in the future utd captain johnny evans. new goalkeeper will be boruc from celtic. obertan will be given a chance, but anderson and nani will be moved on, darren gibson to be given an extended run in the team. rooney owen and berbatov will be joined by wellbeck and josh wolf from the reserves with macheda will be sold to juventus. magnus ekrem and david petrucci are going to vie for the paul scholes goalscoring role. evra to ask for trasfer, fabio will come in with ritchie de laet taking over at right back. this is a team that is going to sparkle


Just saw none other than Franck Ribery stepping out of a car outside Stamford Bridge this morning...expect to see Franck in the Blue come January.

you heard it here first

watch this space



Liverpool will have between 15–20 million pounds to spend in january, 1 striker, 1 wing player, 2 defenders. the striker will be Goran Pandev 4 million (contract expiring soon) and Carlton Cole 7 million, Adam Johnson 4 million, simon Kjaer 10 million and unfortunately John Arne Riise p/ex
Outs Dossena p/ex Voronin loaned out to hertha berlin with a view to a 4 million transfer when he has scored some goals.


Expect Liverpool to sign a striker in January, but it won't be anyone who will cost big money.

You should be thinking along the lines of Pandev, Chamakh, Heskey or even Benni Mccarthy, not Villa, Aguero and Carlton Cole.


{editor's note – I think McCarthy would be a great signing for someone – he is wasted on Blackburn's bench!}


Bristol city news landsdown will not be putting any of this own money into new stadium and will sell club if money from ashton gate sell, (sanisburys) plus the sell of devlopment land around new stadium does not fund the 69 million cost of stadium!! their is a big issue if sanisburys, they will not get planning for store as big as they would like, may have to be smallier one, with smaller price which they will pay bcfc!!!plus southlands not being pasted by bristol city council.


Quite a lot of goosip coming out of glasgow about the big two that they going to play 2 freindly games 1 in america and 1 in austrailia next summer which will bring in £4million revenue for each club .
if successful this could become a regular thing for the old firm
rangers and celtic could both do with the cash rangers prob more but the state our game is in we need to try and advertise our game the rumours keep going on about rangers/celtic joining epl if so can't see it for at least 4/5 years . fingers crossed though


Looks like I upset a few Manchester United fans when I said they're in deep trouble. Dont shoot the messenger! These are facts, not my opinion.

The biggest fact is that the Glazers are in serious financial trouble. The fact is that the club is in huge, huge amounts of debt and winning titles and getting to the final of the Champions League every single season still wouldn't cover the interest alone. This is why Ferguson saw none of the Ronaldo money. If you want to bury your heads in the sand and believe that he just didn't want to spend it, then by all means believe that. But the fact is, United will have to sell off one big player a season or else they'll do under. The Glazers realise the bad press around them has massively died down, and people don't realise the state of the clubs financial crisis when they're successful. But I reiterate, Manchester United are in massive trouble.

The Silva rumours are rubbish. He will stay in Valencia until after the World Cup, why would he risk his place by moving to a new country? Afterwards, if Valencia don't qualify for the CL, then Villa, Silva and Mata are all likely to end up at either Barca or Real. As for United getting a new young goalkeeper. Again, wrong. The reason Ferguson has stuck by Foster is because he can't afford a flash new young goalkeeper. Forget Neuer or Akinfeev, it won't happen. Carrick and Ferdinand WILL be sold because Ferguson knows he can get away with selling them without getting too much stick. As for the big player who'll be sold next summer? The newspapers havent just dreamt up a name I'm afraid. Its likely to be Wayne Rooney. He could stay in England because of his family, in which case he could end up at Manchester City. He gets on well with Hughes and City would be prepared to go over £100 million to get him, which the Glazers would accept in a micro–second!


Danny wellbeck gibson to barnsley after man u are knocked out of the carling cupqlso in jan barnsley are to sign carl dickinson and ryan shoten both on 3 year deals



Aldi Haxhia
Born 22/12/91 in Mitrovica, Kosovo.
A goalkeeper who has been with the Academy since the Under 12s level...

Sam Walker
Born 2/10/91 in Gravesend, Kent.
A 6ft 5in goalkeeper, Sam joined two season's ago from Millwall...

Jan Sebek
Born 31/1/91 in Plana u Marianskyych Lazni, Czech Republic.
A former Czech junior international goalkeeper who is already the same height as Petr Cech...

Nikki Ahamed
Born 18/4/91 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
A holding midfielder or right–back who grew up in the Wembley area of London...

Tom Hayden
Born 15/10/91 in Chertsey, Surrey.
Tom is a right–back who has been with the Academy since the Under 12s...

Ben Sampayo
Born 10/12/92 in Dagenham, Essex
A very quick right–back who struck a balance between school and the Academy last season...

George Saville
Born 1/6/93 in Camberley, Surrey
A left–back who joined the Chelsea Academy at Under 13 age group...

Kenny Strickland
Born 10/10/1990 in Ormskirk, Lancshire
Has joined Chelsea this season having been released following two years as a scholar at Man United...

Aziz Deen–Conteh
Born 14/1/93 in Bumpeh, Sierra Leone
Came into the Chelsea Academy as a 13–year–old, Aziz is an inner–city boy who grew up in Deptford...

James Ashton
Born 2/10/92 in Gravesend, Kent
In the Chelsea Academy since Under 9s, James is capable of playing full–back or in attacking midfield...

Rohan Ince
Born 8/11/92 in Whitechapel, London
Mature enough to be central defender in the 2008/09 FA Youth Cup campaign when still a schoolboy...

Aliu Djalo (Kaby)
Born 5/2/92 in Bissau, Guinea–Bissau.
In his first year at Chelsea. Aliu is nicknamed 'Kaby'...

Billy Clifford
Born 18/10/ 92 in Slough, Berkshire
Having come through the age groups in the Chelsea Academy, Billy is a wide player who can operate at full–back or in midfield...

Billy Knott
Born 28/11/92 in Canvey Island, Essex
Back in action for his first full–time year after a cruciate injury...

Gokhan Tore
Born 20/1/92 in Cologne, Germany
Moved to Chelsea in January 2009 from Bayer Leverkusen, Gokhan had first played at Cobham as a 14–year–old in a tournament and scored two goals…

Josh McEachran
Born 1.3.93 in Oxford, Oxfordshire.
A regular in the youth team last season when still a schoolboy...

Anton Rodgers
Born 26/1/93 in Reading, Berkshire.
Joined Chelsea at Under 13s from Reading, Anton is a midfield player who can hold or attack...

Bobby Devyne
Born 29/11/92 in Kiambu, Kenya
Hailing from Friern Barnet in north London, Bobby first played for Chelsea at Under 13 level after a 'Talent ID day'...

Milan Lalkovic
Born 9.12.92 in Kosice, Slovakia
Joined Chelsea at Under 14s when his family moved to England from Slovakia...

Marko Mitrovic
Born 27/6/1992 in Malmo, Sweden.
A striker in his second year at Chelsea, Marko is a Sweden Under 17 international...

Adam Phillip
Born 19/6/91 in Carshalton, Surrey.
A striker, scouted aged 15 when playing Sunday park football with Sutton...

Philipp Prosenik
Born 1.3.93 in Vienna, Austria.
New to the club this season, Philipp is a centre–forward who plays for Austria Under 17s...


"I do wish people would pack it in with the swap rumours. How often do swap deals happen? Very, very rarely. And yet people seem to think that the top clubs are all going to be swapping players. Nani for Silva....Henry and Busquets for MascheranoCarrick for ModricJust let it go. Onto some rumours. After the defeat to Chelsea, Manchester United are in big trouble. The cracks are clearly visible and as its Fergusons last season before retirement (he'll be pushed at the end of the season) and he's got no money to spend, he'll look to sell players in January. Ferdinand and Carrick will be leaving for around £15 million each. He'll spend the money on Shawcross and Ronaldinho, who he wants to work with before he leaves. He hopes that will be enough to get them the title. If other teams get out of their slumps, United are in very real danger of not qualifying for the Champions League. And that would leave them perilously close to bankrupcy and having to sell of all their assets (players). Nervous times at Old Trafford."

LOL! shut up mate. you quite obviously only stating this because we have no ronaldo or tevez. think about it. how do you know we're not in a slump of form? and that this is the 'new' liverpool? you don't. you no nothing about the final league standings so you might as well save your breath with that one. and about united being in close to bankruptcy? do you know nothing? yes we have the most debt but as i keep pointing out we make the most revenue which balances it. aswell as the fact we've got a new shirt sponsor in AON where we're reported to be landing between 80– 125 million pounds. so we're no where in going bust. anyway about rumours i don't know what will happen for sure but ive heard numerous times that (noting that ALL 80 Million aswell as annual transfer funds are available); Ronaldinho OR Silva 11 and 27 million respectivly. Corluka 9 Million. Alot of goal keepers have been named personally i believe either Akinfeev 16 Million or Cesar 22 Million, some rumours are stating IF Benitez leaves for whatever reason by the summer we could even recruit Reina for around 19 Million although these are just rumours and i seriously doubt Reina ('d love to have him though).
The Ninja.


Further to many posts on this site David Silva will sign for man utd in January for 15m plus nani. Although nani has been a failure at utd he cost over £10m so the glazers are keen to recoup some of that or get a good bit back in the transfer. Although Fergie has denied interest in CSKA's keeper it is widely reported in Manchester a deal has been done and Thomas Kuschack will go the other way. One of the youth players at Man City told me to look out for the "giant" striker they have in their ranks by the name of Damian Hoskison who was reported to be the best finisher at the club, by Darius Vassell.


For the bloke who posted John Aloisi to Aston Villa from Sydney FC i have watched a few A–League games and i wouldn't let John Aloisi play in my backyard so to suggest a team would fork out 30 million euros for him is ridiculous, big summer moves, fabregas – barcelona, silva – man utd, Ribery – Real Madrid, Di Maria – Man City,


There is some absolute drivel posted on this site isn't their?
Unfortunately some of it is from fellow LFC fans!! Face reality– If Dalglish ever did take over he would not have the same targets as Rafa, that's a fact, so stop posting rubbish.
As for Rafa and the sack, doubt it, itd cost us a fortune to pay him off and the yanks wouldn't risk a backlash .yet!!
Rumours of Villa are stupid the lad said he doesn't want to move to the Prem, Madrid are interested and arent happy with Benzema– Fact
Aguero– Yes he would prefer a move to us over the other top six teams, but we can't afford him unless we get a massive injection of cash, so forget that.
Torres– How many times does the lad have to come out and put on record his love for the city, the club and the fans??? We've got him on a 5 year contract and trust me, there would literally be a riot in Liverpool if he were sold! The yanks are Greedy but not that stupid. He won't be going anywhere Jan or in the summer so drop the stupid rumours! We are in debt (less than Manure) but we are not desperate enough to sell the worlds best striker and certainly not to Chavski or the Mancs!!
IMO– we'll see Degen/Babel/Dossena and Voronin leave in January probably for
£2m/£7m and part–ex/£4m and part–ex/£3m respectively. With a reported 10M given by the owners that would give us 15M to spend plus the part–ex's. So don't expect mass arrivals! I reckon a centre back and a striker and that's it. I don't think LFC would let Masch go in January its just bad business. He may go in the summer but only if Barca match or get close to the evaluation of 32–38M. In that case id expect a young winger maybe Lennon or Young?? My tip is a bid for Carlton Cole in Jan, but id expect the hammers to tell us where to go!!


To the person who wrote that the deal between man city and ribery/bayern munich is almost done... from where have you got your information? I have also heard that Mark Hughes should have been in Munich to discuss the possibilities but have not heard anything else. Cannot figure out if its right or just gossip. COME ON CITY


For the idiot that wrote Utd are in real danger after the Chelsea game, we outplayed Chelsea most of the game and deserved to win, Utd will finish in the top four with ease and fight Chelsea all the way for the title, Arsenal will drop off and liverpool struggling at present, On to some rumours utd will sign two players in Janurary and Two in Summer, JAN INS– Silva 20m+nani, Rene adler 10m, Outs– Nani part swap, Kuscack 6m, Summer Ins– Maicon 15m and Either Mouthino or Hamssik 20m, 2010–2011 first 11– adler, maicon, vidic, ferdinand, evra, obertan, hargraves, hamsik, silva, rooney, berbatov. UTD for the treble


Strong rumour up here that Mr Mowbray is for the chop next month once it is confirmed Celtic are out of Europe. Favourite to take over is Craig Levein. Also heading South are McGeady and Brown to Birmingham, Caldwell and Wilson to Middlesborough, Naylor back to Wolves and McManus on loan to Norwich. Boyd and Miller could also be Birmingham bound as Rangers attempt to ease their financial crisis and with Bougherra out to the EPL Rangers will look to Wilson and Fleck as first teamers. McCarthy to Celtic from Blackburn on loan in January just won't go away.


With Bendtner to go under the knife and to be out for a while, does this mean Arsene Wenger will finally go guns blazing for Klaas–Jan Huntelaar who is currently bench warming at Milan? I think so.


Just an overall fan of football here in peace and a few rumours ive heard but have a few things to point out first :) i watch most leagues around europe, but mostly spain and germany and find it funny that there are fans on here saying things like pavel pogrebnyak is still at zenit st petersburg lol and david villa, sergio kun aguero and david silva are coming to the premiership are quite funny rumours too :)

if any of you watched any spanish football you would know that david villa has clearly stated that he will go to real madrid or finish his career with valencia, and aguero has said the same thing over and over again in interviews when being linked with chelsea, he says its a great league but has know interest in playing in it. aguero always says he wants to stay at athletico. and they arnt in debt so its not like hes going to get sold is it they arnt in the same situation they were in with fernando torres.they were in debt then. not unless someone has ronaldo money to spend. exclude city from that though because the team would need some history lol

transfers ive heard will and won't happen

david villa to premier league
sergio kun aguero to premier league
danielle de rossi to anyone
frack ribery to anyone but real madrid

rumours ive heard

nani and ricardo quaresma will both be loan signings for everton

mario gomez will sign for man u

brede hangeland will sign for man u

chelsea will sign toulalan from lyon
and also gary cahill from bolton.


Whoever the Liverpool manager is in January WILL have money to spend, as Javier Mascherano will make his move to Barcelona on New Years Day for 32m and Andriy Voronin will make the move to Hamburg for 3m.Albert Riera will move to Villarreal for 15m and Andrea Dossena will move to Napoli for 5m and Ryan Babel will return to Ajax in a swap deal involving Luis Suarez and Liverpool paying 18m for his services. Goran Pandev will also sign for Liverpool for 3m as his contract ends in 2010 with Lazio. Juan Mata and Adam Johnson will both move to Liverpool for 17m and 5m respectively. Steven Defour will make the move to the Merseysiders for 8m and Matthew Upson and Simon Kjaer will sign for 10m and 6m


I hear that Torres and Benitez had a screaming match earlier in the day which is why Torres did not play. Any info?


I do wish people would pack it in with the swap rumours. How often do swap deals happen? Very, very rarely. And yet people seem to think that the top clubs are all going to be swapping players. Nani for Silva....Henry and Busquets for MascheranoCarrick for ModricJust let it go.

Onto some rumours. After the defeat to Chelsea, Manchester United are in big trouble. The cracks are clearly visible and as its Fergusons last season before retirement (he'll be pushed at the end of the season) and he's got no money to spend, he'll look to sell players in January. Ferdinand and Carrick will be leaving for around £15 million each. He'll spend the money on Shawcross and Ronaldinho, who he wants to work with before he leaves. He hopes that will be enough to get them the title. If other teams get out of their slumps, United are in very real danger of not qualifying for the Champions League. And that would leave them perilously close to bankrupcy and having to sell of all their assets (players). Nervous times at Old Trafford.


Hearts will be having a fire–sale in January, due to (again) mounting financial problems.

Andrew Driver and Jamie Mole have been ear–marked by Cardiff, Ipswich and Leicester and other Championship teams will be making moves for Hearts players too.

Romanov OUT!


Rafa will be sacked tomorrow with Kenny Dalglish taking over. He will be given 10m plus sales to spend this winter to strengthen the squad. With Voronin leaving for 4m, Riera going for 14m, Skrtel leaving for 12m, Dossena returning to Italy for 5m and Ryan Babel ending his miserable time at Anfield for 7m. That will give Kenny 52m to spend in January. He will bring in 4 players to strengthen the injury batten side. Juan Mata will be brought in to add creativity to Liverpool's midfield for 17m. Simon Kjaer will have his buy out clause met at 6m to join Daniel Agger in the heart of Liverpool's defence. Goran Pandev will be brought in on the cheap for 3m as his contract with Lazio ends next summer. Finally Lassana Diarra will come to Liverpool to join Aquilani in midfield for 26m.


After Peterboro sacked Fergie for a big bust up with Daragh, over transfer funds, Posh are looking to appoint Paul Sturrock (unfortunately).

Sturrock's contract will not be renewed at the end of this season, by Plymouth, so will be cheap. DM is impressed by PS record of working on a budget and thinks he can build stability for the club (on the cheap).

When appointed we are looking to buy Jim Mackie and Rory Fallen. Plymouth have money problems so would be keen to sell.


Arsenal to offload Senderos, Silvestre, Traore and Rosicky. To bring in Sakho, Hazard/Ozil and another CB – possibly Subotic.


Forest Press Talk section of website claims a £3 million bid is on the way for Nicky Shorey of Villa.


To anyone who is listing off alot of players "in to birmingham" don't Alex McLeish(should be sir tbh) has already stated that he is going for quality not quantity so expect high class transfers but not many. He will most definetly look at Standards players Axel Witsel and He will look at his friend Mr Stephen Defour.
It will be interesting to see who will actually move though because of the position Brum are in but more quality players like Benitez will be coming in I am sure.RM;)
Finally post something i write gang:P


Seen a few rumours from rival fans saying that United have no money to spend in January. I'd just like to point out that Malcolm Glazer (who owns United) has said that the Ronaldo money and the £25 million we get to spend every year plus bonuses for winning trophies and money from other players sold can be spent and that's all the way down to the last penny. The reason is because in the 2010–2011 season United will no longer be under AIG... They have signed a deal with another company that have stated in the contract that for every trophy United win this season they'll pay so much off of our debt.
This was announced on United's official site and on sky sports news (2 most reliable sources for sport information right?)
All the rival fans can argue as much as they want but the arguing isn't going to change what stands at the moment.
In january United will sign and sell and sources say this:
– Nani (1 season loan with option to buy at end of season) + £25m will be offered for Valencia's David Silva.
– Yoann Gourcuff is a top target in january. He will cost around £25m, Fergie rates him well and thinks he would be the perfect replacement for Paul Scholes when he retires to become a training coach at Old Trafford.
– Daniel De Rossi is being looked at to replace the "injury prone" Owen Hargreaves.
– Carrick plus around £15m will be offered for Modric from Spurs.
Now those rumours are out the way let's move on to the Wayne Rooney saga...
Ronaldo wants Rooney to join him at Madrid & Barca are prepared to pay up to £85m for him. Wayne Rooney I highly doubt would leave United any time soon. He lives close to his family, He has just become a Dad and he loves life at United. Also... How many players from the England Squad can you name that don't play football in England? David Beckham is the only one and he doesn't start many games for England. England FC is just as important to Rooney as Manchester United is and if Rooney doesn't want to end up like Beckham you can bet that Rooney would stay in England and that SAF would not sell him especially to another Premier League club.


Franck ribery to manchester city deal almost done, robinho to barcelona, eto`o rumoured to be heading to bayern swapping with luca toni, john aloisi from sydney fc to aston villa for approx 30million euros, and david villa to manchester united.



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