Football Rumours Archive May 10 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursMay 10 2012 

09 May 2012 23:18:22
Burnley to sign Luke Freeman from Stevenage(13)(10)


09 May 2012 22:56:23
anybody have any celtic news(1)(24)


09 May 2012 22:43:27
Burnley to complete double signing of Luke Freeman and Marc Pugh(5)(20)


09 May 2012 22:12:29
Have heard that Oxfords James Constable is in talks with Yeovil.(18)(13) 

Have heard this too. Maybe a cash/player deal....But have also heard Rotherham have made enquiry about Constable - Evans has an open cheque book apparentlyAfter all the abuse and death threats Oxford fans gave Constable in January when Swindon wanted to talk to him about a move i wouldnt be surprised if he moved. His form has dipped considerably since January and who can blame him moving after the way he hwas treated by Oxford fans. What makes me laugh is when he stayed at Oxford after the January window Oxford fans expected everything to go back to normal with Constable. He wants to leave the club and will.Er death threats? What utter utter rubbish. There is not one supporter who thought Beano worked his socks off for Oxford. Get over it - he did not want to sign for Swindon and after a huge amount of money was offered too. Typical of Swindon - throw loads of money at something and dont worry for tomorrow. Well, tomorrow is not far away. He will leave Oxford most likely as he needs to develop and its likely the case he is bit hacked off with the way the management have treated him. But death threats - get your facts right. That is a serious and nasty accusation to makeHe loves oxford , the fans love him, the recor when he plays is far better than without, he hasnt had many chances to score since the swindon match! he s an ultimate pro but his future unfortunately lies at the hands of the manager


09 May 2012 22:12:15
People saying that charlton need to settle the books and sell our best players even though we spent around 2 million and received 1 million for jenkinson plus around 400k for add ons
Also Still getting payments from boro for nicky bailey and appearance money from Liverpool for jonjo shelvey so I'm pretty sure the books are already levelled and with new owners which the deal was to clear the clubs debt not to buy the club.(11)(10)


09 May 2012 22:11:12
Bristol Rovers in talks about a deal for Pablo Mills..(5)(10)From the Rovers forum as pure speculation or proper information?


09 May 2012 22:10:56
Lee Barnard in talks with Yeovil town over possible deal!(11)(25) 



09 May 2012 22:02:23
In addition to signing Heskey Middlesbrough will be bringing Cottbus midfielder/striker Clemens Fandrich to the Riverside in the summer(8)(14)We wanted Clemens frandrich before and emile Heskey is on about 40-60,000! A week we can't afford thatK i want to see Middlesbrough give heskey £60,000 a week


09 May 2012 21:54:40
Derby County are going to anounce
next week 3 signings

Michael Jacobs from Northampton

Fegor Ogude from Valerenga


A shock return for Free agent
Lionel Ainsworth who has recently
been released from Shrewsbury.
Nigel Clough has been often saying
the lack of pace on the right side and
was impressed with his performance
agianst Derby County in the early
season cup game

These signings should be comfirmed
on sky sports or the club site by the
end of next week(9)(15)The Ainsworth rumour won't happen. He's not up to League 1 standard, let alone Championship!Yeah, doubt we'd get Ainsworth but i want the other two.


09 May 2012 21:54:17
Does anyone know who is likely to get
the Gillingham job?(3)(3)Steve tilsonI'll drive Alex Mcliesh to Gillingham personally!!Not a player rumour but jason dodd could become the new manager at gillingham


09 May 2012 21:22:11
Any Sheffield Wednesday news(1)(7)Yes your going straight back down !!New owner by Christmas 2012.


09 May 2012 21:21:24
James Constable to sign for Rotherham United(8)(10)


09 May 2012 21:20:25
Bristol rovers to sign Alan Navaro after he was recently released by championship side Brighton(7)(12)Source?Cow pat mate. absolute cow pat. Although he been released, they done that last season aswell. BHA have already said they will review his situation again in June as they offer him a new 1 year deal.No idea if it'll be Rovers but highly unlikely to stay at Brighton. He had a good season and was still told that no new deal was there for him. Will get another club on a 2yr deal easily enough.


09 May 2012 21:10:17
looks like Hughton may be available now(28)(4)But to who ?WBA more than likely! Wolves may be interested but I doubt he'd choose them over a Premiership team {Ed025's Note - he is a loyal guy...i expect him to stay at birmingham..


09 May 2012 21:08:29
Is Jason Lowe any good? On MOTD I've not noticed him, but on here he's being linked to a few big(ish) money moves to premiership sides. I'm aiming this at Blackburn fans mainly.(8)(7)


09 May 2012 21:05:39
Not a transfer rumour, but what's going on at Hull? I don't particularly know the club, or even like Nick Barmby, but he seemed to be doing an alright job, why the sacking? {Ed025's Note - trashed the board apparently..(5)(2)Owners looking to quit....Owners not looking to quit. Sacked Barmby for apparently making comments which offended the owners and brought into question their integrity around proposed transfer budgets. Irony being Billy Davies is odds on favourite to come in as long before he bangs on about lack of ambition?


09 May 2012 21:05:27
Luke freeman to sign for burnley(12)(8)


09 May 2012 20:53:45
Eddie howe (burnley) today has announced interest in stevenage's Luke freeman(13)(5)No he hasnstop making BS up


09 May 2012 20:37:12
hey ed there is a lot of talk of liverpool buying players but are there any players that have a real chance of coming to us cheers {Ed025's Note - see the liverpool page..(7)(2)


09 May 2012 20:16:46
Scott Loach in talks with Ipswich,although it depends on whether Watford can bring in the replacement they are negotiating with. Loach would cost £350,000 with add-ons(12)(17)£350k - are you joking
Try £2m with add onsBoth wrong he's out of contract and given his age it would be a tribunerial that would decide thanks for playingIs it 2013 already?
That's when Loach's contract expires.


09 May 2012 20:15:33
Rochdale looking to sign Andrew Callaghan from Bradford Park Avenue. With Darby going back to lpool after his loan spell has ended,this leaves The Dale without a left back.
Up The Dale(0)(5)


09 May 2012 20:13:35
St mirren are having a look at junior team Dalry Thistle's left back Ross Cochran as a possible replacement for tesselar should he reject a new contract.(4)(1)


09 May 2012 20:08:16
Newcastle to sign:
Douglas - FC Twente
Romain Amalfitano - Reims
Jacob Butterfield - Barnsley
Luke James - Hartlepool
Junior Hoilett - Blackburn(25)(23)


09 May 2012 20:02:01
Am I dreaming? A bloody saints fan that likes us more than Palace!! You obviously have an eye for a good team mate. Now on a more serious note...a, bridcutt will stay put. B, vincente will stay put. C, joe Lewis and Boyd will both sign next week from peterboro(4)(16)Joe Lewis is no longer a Peterborough player! He is useless! Boyd is a good player but is not premiership quality, if you want to stay in the prem, you really need to be aiming a little bit higher than this!Think any animosity between Saints/Brighton has come more from your lot, mate e.g 'It's official... SAINTS BUBBLE HAS BURST'. Also certain the poster above has misread the original post and may wish to comment on Lewis and Boyd going to Peterborough's championship rivals.


09 May 2012 20:01:17
matt sadler to sign for shrews(4)(7)


09 May 2012 20:00:03
robbie fowler is to sign for shrewsbury player coach(17)(13)


09 May 2012 19:58:09
there won't be any footballers left at the end of the summer because according to this site Southampton are buying everyone!(28)(12)Hang on there, doubt we will sign anyone from Pompey and according to the poster below, lambert is going to LeicesterThe same thing happened last year. On the back of promotion, and with money to burn loads of people are getting carried away, and this year the papers are joining in, I've seen 12 players linked already in national papers/online. Last year we only signed 4 players, and I'd expect no more than 6 this year.Haha that was funnySo what about Reading, Leciester, Charlton etc....Its a rumour site your going to get loads of posts about different players. Always happens with newly promoted teams too. People taking this all seriously make me laugh!I thought it was a rumour site have funWe are southampton, we'll buy who we want!


09 May 2012 19:44:49
MK Dons looking into the possibility of signing Lionel Ainsworth on a free transfer. Alex Rae will also be appointed assistant manager.(9)(3)


09 May 2012 19:42:21
Charlton's financial situation is not looking good after last seasons spending spree. Numerous big named players having to be axed to reduce the wage bill including Jackson, Kermogant and potentially BWP. Jackson has been linked to Palace as after all, Palace do not consider Charlton rivals.(10)(13)This is absolute rubbish. We're on a solid financial footing having had a recent takeover. We didn't spend massively (look up New York Addick, I believe he's the go-to man for Charlton financial information), we received a lot for Jenkinson, a bit for Bailey, and bits and pieces here and there for other players. JJ certainly won't leave for Palace.Really how old are you?
You Palace fans are really wierd pretending not to like us but then posting almost obsessive things like this about us.
Oh, and by the way we're financially stable and will be pushing for a return to the premier league sometime in the next few years.


09 May 2012 19:12:40
Southampton to sign this summer

Jason Lowe - Blackburn - £2.5 mill
Jordan Rhodes - Huddersfield - £4.5 mill
Craig Cathcart - Blackpool - £3 mill (depending if BP are promoted
Jonjo Shelvey - Liverpool - Loan(6)(32)Absolute rubbish!If southampton sign these players, they be straight back down into the championship.Im a Saints fan and I agree this is rubbish...These players would not improve out squad in my opinion (Maybe Rhodes though)They will any way ^^- Lowe - relegated with Bburn and I wasn't impressed with him at all.

- Rhodes - would like more pace up front so can see him being expensive and not really what we need despite his talent.

- Cathcart. Just no.
- Shelvey - if we bring in youth players into the team they will be from our own academy, not on loan on the behalf of other rival clubs.


09 May 2012 19:01:04
Any Forest rumours at all? ins or outs? {Ed025's Note - use the search mate..(1)(9)


09 May 2012 18:52:05
kayode odejayi spotted at portman road today to complete move from colchester to ipswich source twtd(8)(11)Good one considering it's not on twtdGood luck ipswichCan confirm ,a mate who works in office opposite see him as well shaking hands with jewellWill fit in with Ipswich's long ball football. Neck braces at the ready...


09 May 2012 18:48:43
Arsenal in:
m'villa-£17 mill

chamakh to fulham for 5mill
arshavin to zenit st petersberg 7mill
park chu young to southampton 10mill(6)(37)Southampton wouldnt spend 10mil on an unproven playerPark Chu Young is not going to Southampton.Arsenal would be lucky to get 4mil for park chu youngPark for 10 and Dempsey for 8? you are dreaming...Why would Fulham hand back £5m for a player that can't score? You may sign Dempsey but we won't be buying your deadwood!Dempsey is at least 10 mate even with his contract out next summer. 8m and rosicky could tempt them thoughWhy on earth would Dempsey want to take such a massive step down when he has played so well this year.


09 May 2012 18:48:21
ipswich are looking to bring in

michael jacobs - tribunal
colin doyle - free
joel ward - 750k
matt mills - 1.5 mill
connor wickam - Loan
paul taylor - 600k

all deals are in place and should be concluded by end of may in time for pre season.(6)(25)Bristol City news - David James will sign for Swindon Town as player coach. McInnes wiil sign Stephen McManus from Middlesborough as his first signing of the summer.


09 May 2012 18:45:29
Portsmouth to sign Izale Mcleod on a
free transfer.

portsmouth out:
ward to ipswich for £700k
Kitson to bristol city for £250k
Halford to Hull for 600k
Ben Haim to southampton for 350k(3)(33)Joel Ward will sign for Leeds done deal!Why on earth would Southampton want Ben Haim? All he is is a drain on Pompey's funds. There's no way anyone would pay money for him. If his contract is up he'll go for free and on his wages, I don't think many of their lot will be too sad to see him go.Unfortunately TBH's contract has another year to go. Gotta come to a deal to release him or hope some mug punters buy him.


09 May 2012 18:43:17
Stuart Nelson is likely to join Watford in the summer following his release from Notts County.(5)(8)


09 May 2012 18:42:49
Chris Powell will make Francois Zoko and Anthony Wordsworth his first 2 signings of pre-season before the players link backup.(12)(5)


09 May 2012 18:40:44
GK Woodsy deserves his chance, with maxted as backup.(0)(6)


09 May 2012 18:35:49
Brighton and Coventry are both thought to be admirers of Sammy Moore from AFC Wimbledon having watched him in action on several occasions this term.

source: sky sports(6)(7)Sammy has already said he wants to stay with us! Just signed a new contract


09 May 2012 18:33:25
you what nunez for £0 he's on transfer list unless your wanting to swap a few of your players for him(3)(6)Na he aint mate warnock releced him bout week ago bet he will end up with us COVENTRY CITYNunez has not ben released. he has only been transfer listed. he signed a 4 year contract in october with the option of a fifth, so he has plenty of time left on his contract. if Coventry want him they will have to pay


09 May 2012 18:31:25
Rumours, rumours, rumours. Reading to sign Mariappa, M Owen, Yakubu, Johnson, Jarvis, Hoillet, Maxi Rodriguez, Mcleary and a few others. Considering Brian McD said he only wants 4 players and that the squad are all getting chance is amazing. Let's wait for REAL stories to emerge. Messi next by any chance now pep has left??(8)(16)You forgot robin van persie mateStop being a little whiney female dog. This is a rumours site, if you have a rumour then add it. If not then just keep the noise down yeh? Thanks.Forgot Sigurdarson.


09 May 2012 18:27:24
Leeds boss Neil Warnock is expected to add four names to his summer transfer list after completing the deal for Portsmouth defender Jason Pearce last week.
Nottingham Forest skipper Luke Chambers is subject of a undisclosed bid from United and could sign a three year deal before the weekend.
Secondly, Watford forward Joe Garner is close to signing a two year deal after Championship rivals Leeds had a £170,000 bid accepted for the former Nottingham Forest player.
Another striker very close to signing is 21 year old attacker Darren Mattocks from Vancouver Whitecaps. The youngster is thought to be the next big thing in the MLS and could sign a four year deal with Warnock's side.
Finally, Charlton midfielder Dale Stephens is subject of a £300,000 bid from United and could sign a three year deal after impressing Warnock during winning promotion to the Championship from League 1.(5)(24)Luke chambers is out of contractHow can anyone sign by this weekend, the window is still shut!!And garner?! wats he done to merit anyone buying him this year? as a watford fan i hope we get our monies worth because garner has been a real disappointment this year. he tries hard but just lacks quality and goes down far too easily. we hav very few strikers as it is so i doubt we d be selling him just yetLeeds have no money theyre skintPlease take chambers ! hes rubbishSkint? Leeds are one of the few clubs in the Champinship that are not in debt and make a profit.And chambers contract is up so thats proved this is all made upI hope Leeds do take Garner off our hands.There is so much wrong with this post I can't even be bothered to comment!Joe Garner at leeds, haha, a match made in heaven. He won't get you 20 goals a season but he might get 20 red cards.


09 May 2012 18:23:27
There have been a couple of rumours on this site today about Brighton players without the club's name attached (see under the main 'Football Rumours' thread 9 May)
One says Bridcutt is going to Fulham for £3.2 mill and the other that Dunk is joining Liverpool. Both seem unlikely.(3)(9)Well why say it then?


09 May 2012 18:22:34
I would drive Howard to you free of charge!(3)(6)


09 May 2012 18:14:04
James Brown is a must sign from Hartlepool.
25 years old absolute TANK what mor could you want.
Same playing style a Tubbs, Brewster come on sign this talent up. Exceptional player.(0)(5)Can you drive him to the richo arena plz


09 May 2012 18:03:03
Just spoken to someone in the know and Jamie Carragher will be released in the summer, and i understand that he will sign for the town on the 1st July. {Ed025's Note - which town is that?(3)(12)Be a good little signing for des lyttle at hucknall that will


09 May 2012 18:13:37
Crawley to sign:

Matthew Gill (Bristol Rovers £200,000)

Relyable Source
(In my family)

McLeod (Barnet) £400,000

Jermaine Grandison (Shrewsbury) £400,00

YEAH BOI(0)(15)McLeod isn't joining for us, he's already signed for Portsmouth check it if you don't believe me on wikipediaMcLeod is a free agent in the Summer, Gill is nowhere near worth £200k either.Can't see any of those deals happening.Grandison is a Shrews legend and is going nowhere.Total rubbish.

If your team had been promoted from league 2, I'm sure you would not be happy them signing 2 players from the league below for 1 million (with the 3rd in a fellow promoted team).

Crawley will be going for tried league 1 and Championship players.


09 May 2012 18:12:01
Michael Owen on his way to Ipswich on a season long loan, Jewell has good relations with Michael and looks to add some experience and goals to his side.

Jay Emmanuel Thomas linked with a £3,000,000 move to WBA after impressing in his 1st season(1)(28)Do me a favour is owen gonna want 5 grand a week what the top earners are on at ipswichWho are you loaning Owen from then?On loan he's out of contract so how can he join on loan silly girls spreading rumours eh!


09 May 2012 18:09:17
Bristol city to sign dan Harding for a small fee(7)(11)No chance. Still happy at southampton and in manager nigel adkins prem plans. Unless you bid around 2 million carnt see him leaving


09 May 2012 17:51:39
as soon as the lge 1 playoffs are over, norwich will make a move for Harry Maguire after culverhouse has watched him numerous times and gave lambert the thumbs up(5)(9)Yeah pretty much a done deal


09 May 2012 17:51:21
Jonjo shelvy to Bristol city season long loan(3)(28)Too good of a playerYour joking hope he stays therePoor guy, doesn't know where he's coming or going. First, Charlton now Bristol City.Where next, Reading?


09 May 2012 17:49:08
newcastle to sign josip illic 12m sebastian giovinco 7m erik pieters 8m and douglas free(13)(12)Douglas... free??
6-8m was the going rate last week has he had a leg amputated?


09 May 2012 17:49:08
Bristol city trying to sing venegor of heselink {Ed025's Note - is that a national anthem?(3)(24)Haha nice one edAt least get his name right: jan vennegoor of hesselinkHe played for hull when they were in epl if i am not wrong


09 May 2012 17:47:36
Preston on verge of signing tranmeres john welsh.(6)(9)


09 May 2012 17:44:20
zaha agreeing a deal with southampton with jason puncheon going in the opposite direction deal 85% done ..... good source from both clubs(18)(19)Saints fan here...Sorry cant see it..Zaha is good enough for a bigger team.Saints fan here,

Tough one to call. Seems reasonable to be honest. Palace get a quality replacement and Southampton get a cheaper deal. As above post says, Zaha is good enough for better clubs, but might be happy with premiership football and a starting place, which few prem clubs can offer to a 19 year old?

Just a thought. As with all rumours at this stage it's probably not going to happen, but I think it could benefit both parties. Southampton not a bad club to get involved in for a 19 year old wanting to break into prem football.So that he can play back in the championship 2014 -2015 SEASON.Above post - Why would Saints buy Zaha only to sell him back to a Championship club? Makes no sense!"So that he can play back in the championship 2014 -2015 SEASON."

I know I am biased as a Saints supporter but realistically most of the teams Zaha will join could potentially be threatened by relegation next season?

There is no point him or anyone speculating which will go down, but from my perspective I'd rather join a successful, confident, ambitious, wealthy football club than one treading water in the prem? Saints have decent support (will sell out every game in prem), ambitions to rival most clubs in the prem, some of the best facilities in the country and is generally considered a very well run 'going-places' club.

I am not saying we will stay up/go down, but I am saying wherever Zaha goes there will always be that threat, and I would look at the clubs and see Saints as one of the more attractive ones to give the prem a crack with, worst case scenario is that he gets relegated but will be good enough to be brought back into another prem team?


09 May 2012 17:43:49
i know this will never happen but donny need to sign a striker like Shane smeltz who plays for Perth Glory. A goal machine just what we need(6)(5)But he wasn't up to much last time he was in the UK, was he?


09 May 2012 17:42:46
Pompey want izale mcleod Clovis kamdjo and Liam O'brien from barnet. And are releasing 5 tallack stockford walshe gledhill and Jennings(8)(4)


09 May 2012 17:26:55
Marvin Elliot to Southampton(12)(18)No thank youIs this from the same person who all summer 2011 kept saying Maynard was going to SouthamptonThats a pointless question above post. It's a rumours site, stop being a baby.Elliot better than players already with Saints? Don't think so.


09 May 2012 17:24:21
heard leicester are signing james vardy and robert koren also they will bring in cameron s
tewart and Akinfenwa and possibly jay
bothroyd and beckford not going to
leeds so dream on(13)(12)His names Jamie Vardy not James VardyI am no leeds fan but it is obvious that beckford wants out of Leicester cityBeckford is quoted as saying he would like to move back to Leeds (source: conversation with Becchio in player's lounge after the Leicester game at Elland Road, which appeared later on Twitter). He also kissed Alex Bruce's shirt before being substituted off in the game, and was warmly applauded. The impression is that he would like to return to Leeds, if he leaves Leicester, but we aren't after forwards providing McCormack stays.
wallyAnd you couldnt afford him


09 May 2012 17:24:03
I would be suprised if Jackett is interested in brininging Troy Deeney from Watford to Millwall. Millwall are OK up front at the moment and Deeney has his limitations. I agree that it might have been an idea at Christmas; I think it is an old rumour.(1)(8)Deeney is better than any forward at Millwall, but he won't go anyway.


09 May 2012 17:23:13
Cole Skuse going o stoke 1.5 mill(17)(10)


09 May 2012 17:21:39
Owen to Bristol city pay as you play deal(8)(19)...should fall well well within budget then !To be fair he was only on 20k at united, and james was on 15k so not that much moreSome ones been busy since they got home from school, i take it your the same person that put on the jordan rhodes and john jo shelveys rumours? now owen as well, WOW!


09 May 2012 17:19:48
Afc Bournemouth will sign James hayter and Brian stock or Simon gillet Doncaster Eddie Mitchell has understood to already spoked about free transfer of James hayter(4)(8)


09 May 2012 17:19:38
Boss Smith, Dismissed links to out-of-contract Leicester winger Franck Moussa
in express and star under Dean Smith to learn budget plans for Saddlers(5)(2)


09 May 2012 17:18:15
Luton manager Paul Buckle is hoping to lure ex Hatter Lee Mansell from Torquay. His top target remains Delroy Facey.(2)(7)


09 May 2012 17:18:11
Ipswich can carry on hoping for Scott Loach, never for that much or even treble the figure.(4)(5)


09 May 2012 17:14:57
any pne rumours d {Ed025's Note - look back through the history mate..(2)(4)


09 May 2012 17:10:07
09 May 2012 14:12:50
Sky State Charlton Are Ready To Offer Francois Zoko A contract when his contract at Carlisle ends Very Soon They Also Say He Rejected Several Re-newels From Carlisle.

And Dont get critical Its A Good Source Look It Up Yourself.

Yes, he is on free transfer.
Yes, clubs will be interested.
But no, he hasn't rejected any offers of a renewed contract from Carlisle.

They offered him one on Sunday, and negotiations are yet to start. He's given Carlisle first billing, and has talked to no other clubs. He is Carlisle's to lose.(0)(0)Hang on, what? Zoko is publically quoted as saying that he offered to send clubs videos of him playing to coax them into offering him a deal at the end of the season. If that's not a player in dialogue with other clubs, then I'm a fish with legs.


09 May 2012 17:05:00
WE ARE LEICESTER CITY AND WE ARE GOING UP, yes your all sat there saying we cant spend millions because of FFP who cares if they fine us we are loaded remember, then you say you can only spend what you earn we have loads of rich sponsers like puma so yeah premiership watch out leicester are coming!!!(6)(41)Seriously?! This has to be someone pretending to be a Leicester fan surely! They cant actually believe that crap?!Hes just finished his homework i think ....Didn't you all say that last summer? didn't happen as planned really did it...Didn't you lot come out with these statements before the start of last season, I bet the bottom half of the PL quaking in their boots, you'll stay where you belong, championship.Loling at the stupidity of immature fansThis for me (who is a real Leicester fan) is embarrasingHaha championship will be 10 times harder this season! Leicester lucky to make playoffs.

I'm a Saints fan, we were lucky because the championship wasn't the most competitive it has been this year (no one put a winning run together to challenge us until Reading at the end of the season), but next year it will be a nightmare. Couldn't call any team being certain of promotion other than Wolves who shouldn't lose too many players from relegation.May i say as a leicester supporter the original poster is clearly on a wind up, tho the ffp rules will come into play i dont believe it will be in full effect for 3 seasons, also there are loop wholes, maybe leicester will sell the rights to there stadium for millions to king power just as Man city have im not saying we are in the same financial league as them im just making the point that there will be ways of creating extra income.Ime a coventry city fan u crack me up i swear it was u ho said that this time last year i bet u cov will get to prem before uDear oh dear. Either 10 years old, high on something or had a bang on the head. {Ed025's Note - or all three..You spent millions last season, what league you in next season?The FFP rules will be in full effect from the start of next season. From next season you will only be allowed to make a loss of £10m and your investors can only put £6m into the club and it wont be a fine it will be a transfer embargo if you break these rules. Make sure you check your facts before posting on here!Check ur facts buddy! I repeat FFP rules will not be in (Full) effect till 2014-2015 season these rules will be introduced gradually and sanctions will not be introduced I till the 2014-2015 season and this will be either a transfer embargo or and I quote " A fine the other clubs who comply will share!!Groundhog dayThe FFP rules are in effect from the start of the new season. It is the fines & transfer embargo's that will come into effect in 2013/14 based on the finances of the previous season. A promoted side will be fined and a team not getting promotion will suffer a transfer embargo.Hang on, you've just made this up!
wallyJust want to thank you again for the
£5million you paid for Matt Mills! Will wave to you on Match of the Day URZZZZNo chance mate, look you wont be spending as much as last year and look what happened to ya! going nowhere!


09 May 2012 17:04:04
Mohammed Fellah of Tippeligaen side Valengra will sign for Bristol City for an undisclosed fee. The Norweigan U21 International is an Attacking Midfielder.(5)(5)


09 May 2012 16:52:20
Luke freeman to burnley(8)(6)This is fourth post re LF to Burnley, may well be correct but expect to pay.


09 May 2012 16:52:12
Lewis Dunk off to Liverpool you heard it here first dave(4)(8)


09 May 2012 16:52:00
Mark McGhee will make his first summer signing with the capture of former Shrewsbury Town winger Lionel Ainsworth.(7)(3)Is this legit or someone posting what was on the forum?Apparently he is due to sign for rotherham in a couple of daysUseless and a bad apple from an huddersfield fan was glad to get rid him


09 May 2012 16:48:34
Manchester United are in talks with Athletic Bilbao over a £35m double swoop for Iker Muniain and Javi Martinez. Both players have impressed Sir Alex Ferguson in the Europa League.(21)(11)Thought he was courting De Marcos, the forward?
wallyThey would want best part of £35 mill for Martinez alone never mind Muniain as wel, both great players mind with massive potential


09 May 2012 16:40:07
Reading FC chase Carlos Sanchez and Danny Guthrie(15)(2)


09 May 2012 16:36:27
Andre Amougou (burnley was on loan at ashton gate), Curtis Nelson (plymouth argyle) and Murray Davidson (st jonstone) to be signed by bristol city in the next few weeks(14)(5)


09 May 2012 16:36:22
Ipswich are close to completing their first 2 transfers of the summer, after their mass clear out.

First in the door will be Joel Ward from Portsmouth. Talks have been on-going with board members and the administrators at the debt ridden south coast club, and a solution is close to completion.Twon are hoping to seal the £400k deal by the start of next week.

Joel Ward will be closely followed in the door by Michael Jacobs from Northampton. Ipswich have moved ahead of plenty of championship sids in the race for Jacobs. Jacobs is said to be impressed with the way Aaron Cresswell was given the chance this season, and is hoping that Jewell will let him fill the left side of midfield. Town are hoping to agree a £250k fee, rather than for it to go to a tribunal.(10)(6)Is it me, or do we get this yammering every season from Ipswich fans. If half the deals rumoured on here last year were 'done and dusted,' then Ipswich would have signed upwards of eighty players. Especially Joel Ward. God, if you're going to get him, just do it, before Leeds come in.


09 May 2012 16:27:15
Leyton Orient have reportedly signed Solomon Taiwo from Cardiff on a free transfer. The midfielder spent a loan spell at the club at the end of the 2011/2012 season.(5)(3)


09 May 2012 16:25:42
trotter & henry no chance ,got more chance of signing torvil & dean(0)(3)Lol why would palace want trotter they have loads of centre midfielders.


09 May 2012 16:20:30
A host of league 2 clubs are after Enoch Showumni. These clubs include Burton, Barnet and Morecambe.(4)(3)


09 May 2012 16:19:18
whoever is appointed WBA manager will be promised a transfer budget in the region of £15m - £20m as Jeremy Peace is now willing to spend as they head into their 3rd consecutive season in the Premier League and see's this as the ideal time to further consolidate their position as a Premier League club. The manager will be allowed to spend whatever money is generated from player sales. the amount given/raised will also have to include new players wages.

expect the following to leave

- Olsson (wont sign new contract)
- Odemwingie (if bigger club comes in)
- Tamas (wants to leave)
- Jara (cp)
- Scharner (didnt trigger clause in contract)
- Foster (End of loan)
- Mattock (not premier league standard)

from a Walsall fan, got a friend who works in ticket office up the albion

Bescott Boy(5)(5)I hope foster stays. he is the best goalie we had for some timeWe'll take Mattock, happily :) (BHAFC)


09 May 2012 16:16:57
Liverpool have bid for David Bentley.(6)(28)


09 May 2012 16:15:49
Leeds want Clint Hill, Heidar Helguson, Ricardo Fuller and Darren Ambrose.(16)(15)Fuller would be a good signingHalf of these are accurate. I heard Hill a while back, but its been quiet since then. Ambrose is definately a solid rumour; seen that on a good number of sights from some decent sources. I'm not sure about Helgusson, as he is very similar to Becchio, though undoubtedly a useful player.
wallyYou cant always get what you want


09 May 2012 16:11:28
Bradford targets include:
Lionel Ainsworth
Danny Green
Jamal Campbell Ryce
Liam Ridehalgh
Paddy McLaughlin
Anthony McNamee
Paul Hayes(3)(10)Paul Hayes?Haha think you'll find he is far too good for league 2 never mind Bradford..... Coming home to the Iron is more realistic mate!


09 May 2012 16:10:19
Odejayi Will stay at Colchester
Vincent has been released, Mooney
Was turned down by Colchester last
and wont be returning.
These are not rumours just my thoughts.
out: vincent,John Joe O'toole,Williams,
Waddeswoth will be sold, Bender released,
In: Not many(2)(2)


09 May 2012 16:01:10
"Brighton and Hove Albion ready to come in for the Dinamo Zagreb's wonderkid Mateo Kovacic. After the transfer injection money of 8 Million available for the summer signings, Poyet has set young player as a key target for Premier League push next season. Dinamo is believed to agree to sell Kovacic for 12 Million deal, 5 + 6 in the next 24 Months. "

As seen in the Croatian newspapers, also young Mateo is very keen to move to UK.(3)(14)5+6= 11 not 12Can I have some of what you're on ?. Now way do we have that kind of money to spend on a fee, let alone afford the wages.


09 May 2012 16:00:23
Emile Heskey to the so called RED DRAGONS (ccfc) on free transfer. Apparently deal already done.
Never forget Cardiff city are BLUEBIRDS!(6)(6)Heskey wont go there how you gonna pay 60k a week hes going back to LCFCWhat mug is going to pay him even half that amount pub team playerAnd the dons all ways played in wimbledon.....things change with owners if they throw in 30 million and next year you are in the prem with the big boys will you still be moaning!...@Cardiff City are bottlers


09 May 2012 15:36:05
Word around Merseyside this morning is John Henry had told Kenny Daglish he will have to be a lot more careful with transfers this summer as he will only have £25m cash plus whatever can be raised through player sales. Last summer Liverpool spent more than double that with £20m on Downing, £16m on Henderson, £7.5m on Adam, £7m on Coates and £5.5m on Enrique while Bellamy and Doni joined on free transfers. Despite most of last seasons transfers flopping Doni is the only one looking likely to leave the club this summer as he wants a move back to Brazil. Daglish is willing to offload Aquilani,Kuyt,Cole,Aurelio,Doni,Maxi Rodriguez,Eccleston,B.Jones and even young Jay Spearing as he looks to trim the huge wage bill. Daglish is hoping the players going out will raise £15-20m . Daglish will not be paying over the odds this year as he won't have enough money, he is looking for some shrewd premier league signings in Craig Gordon and David Hoilett, both are free agents this summer and would surely relish the opportunity to play at Anfield. Liverpool need another goalkeeper as 2nd and 3rd choices Doni and Jones look set to leave. Gordon would be a good back up and could provide competition for an under performing Pepe Reina. David Hoilett is a tricky young winger with pace to burn, Hoilett could be just what Liverpool need but they face competition from Tottenham and Sunderland. Bologna confirmed last week that they have received a £16m offer for Uruguayan playmaker Gaston Ramirez from an unnamed PL club believed to be Liverpool. Ramirez is believed to be Kenny's top summer target. Luuk de Jong is available for £12.5m and Daglish sees him as the man to replace Dirk Kuyt, de Jong will offer Carroll some competition up top while he is just as good playing off the striker or like Kuyt on the right wing. Liverpool will also sign an experienced holding midfielder as Daglish doesn't feel spearing is up to the job and with Lucas out with a long term injury he can't afford to start another season without another tough tackling midfielder. Daglish is planning a £7.5m bid for Lassana Diarra should that fail then Daglish will make a £3m move for Seydou Keita. Jonjo Shelvey,Danny Wilson,Raheem Sterling,Adam Morgan and John Flanagan are all set for a period out on loan to develop. Possible Ins Ramirez-£16m,Hoilett-free,de Jong-£12.5m,Diarra-£7.5m,Gordon-free Liverpool squad 2012/13 GK-Reina/Gordon/Ward RB-Johnson/Kelly CB-Skrtel/Agger/Carragher/Coates/Wisdom LB-Enrique/Robinson CDM-Lucas/Diarra/Coady CM-Gerrard/Adam/ CAM-Henderson/Suso RW/LW-Ramirez/Hoilett/Downing/Bellamy ST-Suarez/Carroll/de Jong/Ibe(10)(17)


09 May 2012 15:16:47
Tamika Paul Mkandawire is in talks with former club leyton Orient for a stunning return to his former club where he left back in 2010 for Millwall FC.(3)(10)Tam's been out for months with a serious injury. Had been superb in new midfield role up until then. This won't happen.


09 May 2012 14:58:05
put on here weeks ago that van persie
will be a manchester city player next
season! But the editor didn't put it on
the site.(6)(9)They didn't put it on the site because it is ridiculous and moronic.

Of course he won't go to city. If he goes anywhere he will go to Spain.

Arsenal are showing intent in the transfer market from an early stage this year so he should be relatively happy with the club. Also he featured heavily in the clubs new kit promotion video, which is promising for Arsenal.


09 May 2012 16:00:23
Rochdale want Bolton's young striker Jack Sampson on a season long loan deal. They will also go for an audacious attempt to get Ex Dale hero Chris Dagnall back to Spotland on loan.(0)(3)


09 May 2012 15:55:51
Stevie Naismith from Rangers to West Brom has hit the skids thanks to Woy getting England job. Aston Villa, Reading and Wigan all interested in the player who is guarenteed to leave Rangers.(8)(6)Told you that last week.I hope not he is injury pronRangers rejected wba bid in march,from naismith himself bbc sportHes not injury prone, one bad injury, buy him good player, and am ajungle jim HH.Thank god for that he's rubbish my nan could score goals in the spl


09 May 2012 15:54:02
Crystal palace potential summer signings of Dumbya of norwich city, Luke Freeman of stevenage, swindons Matt Ritchie and james collinns fom shrewsbury town all of a combined fee of around 3.5 million depends on the sole transfer of nathanial clyne to manchester united.(2)(7)Who is dumbya norwich dont have one mate?Collins wont leave the ShrewsMatt Ritchie won't be leaving Swindon unless a huge bid comes in. He's a key player in an improving and winning squad Di Canio won't let him go.


09 May 2012 15:53:13
Yeovil to sign Anthony Mcnamee after he has been relesed by Wycombe and Yeovil are in talks with Jon Grounds and Jon Franks(7)(3)


09 May 2012 15:51:48
Some of the players Neil Warnock is looking at are:
Andrew Crofts (Norwich)
Matt Mills (Leicester)
Richard Keogh (Coventry)
Gabriel Zakauni (Peterborough)(12)(7)


09 May 2012 15:48:17
Sean StLedger is a target for Barnsley.(8)(14)Ha ha is that joke of the dayYou got a million quid dont think soEven though weve got the dough, i cant see us wasting it !! been down that rd with hume.


09 May 2012 15:43:39
Thank you to all the Charlton fans making our fans look pessimistic and humble.

Southampton(10)(4)Well said.Let Charlton fans have their moment. At least they haven't been filling this site with their deluded fantasies all season like Saints fans. Get over yourselves.


09 May 2012 15:41:25
Brighton Out:

Brighton In:
Connor Wickham(Loan)
Papa Bouba Diop(Free)(3)(12)


09 May 2012 15:36:16
All the people making up crazy rymours, then the people retaliating to them by saying southampton fans are deluded are getting annoying.
What I will say is in league1 we signed the best around are league to go up, and in th championship we signed players around us or higher with the odd foriegn player coming in.
some genuine name saints have been linked with are; J.Rodriguez(8m-the sun) Michu(4.9m-skysports) Scott Dann(?-the sun) Kevin Doyle(4m-daily mirror) Conor McAleny(free-daily mail) Zat Knight(?-the people) Matthew Upson(500k-daily mail) Matt Jarvis(4m-the express) Mark Davies(?-the sun) Jamie Vardy(1m-the sun) Zak Whitbread(free-skysports) Yakubu(?-) Simon Cox(?-) Jake Livermore(?-) Matt Phillips(?-) Curtis Davies(3m-the sun)
Theres also Gary hooper who had a 7m fee rejected in January and has expressed his views of playing in europe, but who knows, Adkins does what he can to nail his man. wait an see

SM(8)(8)The press just gather in a bar and make up transfer rumours so don't believe anything you read -especially as they will now be avoiding 'phone hacking!I'm a Saints fan and can't see the point of this post.

Started off as a bit of a rant. Then went on about some past signings. Then went on with some vague attempt to over view the current rumours out there without using the space bar.

Not quite sure what you are hoping to achieve. There was a rant but it wasn't backed up by anything. Then just some random rumours - bit confused.


09 May 2012 15:35:48
A few Premier League sides, like Aston Villa and QPR, seem interested in Aleksandar Dragovic. The Austrian centre back has been instrumental for his club (Basel) in their last two Swiss League titles.(3)(2)


09 May 2012 14:54:45
barnsley fc

lee collins done deal
brain howard free
grant mccann 100k
Piquionne season long loan
alex bruce free agent
jamie coppinger 300k
brain stock 250k
varney 750k pompy
Ramon Nunez leeds 400k

outs butterfield newcastle or reading 2mill(11)(22)That would be some very very astute transfer work from Barnsley if they could pull it off. Can see that team finishing top half of the table.

Good luck to you.

SaintsLadThis is true i have heard the exact same list of players apart from oliver norwood instead of grant mccann and southampton have joined the race for butterfieldBrain stock who's he lolPoster above your probably the guy that wrote this lolPeterborough would never sell their captain for 100k c'mon mate.Brian Howard has gone to Doncaster.
You're going to get about £850k for Butterfield if it reaches tribunal.


09 May 2012 14:46:02
Charlton Athletic are on the brink of signing Wilfred Zaha from Crystal Palace. It will be a Great signing(3)(32)Idiotic comment.IDIOTWhat a brilliant jokeDont be silly he will be a prem playerWelcome to Charlton Athletic - the new Southampton of football rumour forums.

SaintsLad...and Messi will take a 98% pay cut to join the MASSIVE charlton!!

Come get promoted from LEAGUE the CHAMPIONSHIP...not the champions league! i thought reading and southampton fans were getting bad!Brilliant!! Thanks for that it's really brightened up my afternoon - not laughed so much for ages!


09 May 2012 14:45:22
Highly rated tranmere left back David Buchanan is being closely monitored by 3 clubs; Sheffield Wednesday,Barnsley and Doncaster. After having an outstanding 1st season at the rovers winning both goal and player of the season and is still to sign a new contract with tranmere(3)(7)Barnsley have enough lb/ defenders.


09 May 2012 14:40:57
Southampton are reportedly looking into signing Paul Robinson from Blacburn Rovers for a fee thought to be around £2 million. It is thought he would provide great competition to Kelvin Davis.(19)(12)Competition? Surely Robinson would be the new number 1 otherwise he wouldn't sign!He probably might sign but dounbt he'd be back-up if he did.In what way is this good competition for Kelvin Davis?

Two old keepers competing over a spot is NOT what we need. We need the space to have a young keeper fighting for a first team spot.

Having a 32 year old and a 34 year old competing over a first team place is not what we want going forward, we want kelvin davis as first choice, buy in a new young keeper as 2nd choice and have him improve and compete. An older keeper should always be understudied by a younger keeper if the club wants to progress as a whole.

For example:
- Lars Unnerstall (my first choice. He is 2nd keeper at Shalke and they already have a young keeper holding the number 1 spot, so this could easily happen but it would be costly as he is a quality player, but I believe we need to sign young quality players even if they cost a little more)

Others that could become possible:

- Marc-André Ter Stegen
- Ron Robert Zieler
- Samir Ujkani
- Ali Ahamada
- Esteban Alvarado
- Bill Hamid

I know my football and these signings are all possible. I am not categorically saying "we will be able to sign them" but they are not off the mark. Google them if you want more info.

SaintsLadNot sure about the players he mentions but the comments from SaintsLad are spot on.I agree with SaintsLad. Finally people that actually think before posting! I agree we will bring a keeper in though. Bart has been with us for years and years and barely got anything, I think he will probably move on to get regular first team football. Which is a shame, he's been so patient and shown great loyalty and patience with the club


09 May 2012 14:27:35
Now that Blackburn have been relegated, Celtic are looking at young Scottish centre-back Grant Hanley, as well as striker Yakubu.(10)(15)


09 May 2012 14:24:45
Manchester United are lining up a sensational move for Arsenal skipper Robin van Persie.

The 28-year-old has just one year left on his current deal at the Emirates and there has been intense speculation over whether he will remain at Arsenal.
Van Persie, who has hit 35 goals in all competitions this season, has stated that he will hold talks with Arsene Wenger over his future in the summer.
Manchester City are reportedly ready to pay the Dutchman £250,000 a week to quit north London, while Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona have also been linked with moves.
Now United have joined the chase, with Sir Alex Ferguson planning to strengthen his squad this summer after a disappointing campaign that looks set to end without any silverware.
talkSPORT understands United have already sounded out the possibility of van Persie making a switch to Old Trafford, and are prepared to splash out big on the former Feyenoord man.(13)(27)Dream on man u are pennyless couldnt afford van persie even if they sold rooney naniHe will go abroad if he leaves. Hes a gunner at heart. This from a Leeds fan s unbiasedWhere have you heard this


09 May 2012 14:22:58
Barnsley sign Lee Collins after succesful loan period end of last season(13)(1)


09 May 2012 14:18:14
Paolo Di Canio going to resign as he has been offered the
Jamaican International team job.

Juan Pablo Angel set to sign for Swindon.

James Constable off to Rotherham.

Peter Leven off to Shrewsbury.(11)(30)Dream on about Di canio the only club he would go to would be West Ham and he at least 2 years away from that needs more time to groom himself as a manager in the lower leagues, Jamaica dream on get real.....that really is an upward step..........I hope neither rumour is true.The West Ham job will be vacant by Christmas 2012, but Swindon already have a manager lined-up for when PDC leaves.

His name? Llewellyn Charles 'Alan' Curbishley10 May 2012 09:15:26
Not A chance! Di Canio has committed himself to Swindon. Hence the swindon tattoo.....


09 May 2012 14:13:39
Jose Quitongo to sign for Colchester.(0)(7)


09 May 2012 14:12:50
Sky State Charlton Are Ready To Offer Francois Zoko A contract when his contract at Carlisle ends Very Soon They Also Say He Rejected Several Re-newels From Carlisle.

And Dont get critical Its A Good Source Look It Up Yourself.(4)(9)


09 May 2012 13:46:35
Any walsall rumours ed {Ed025's Note - not that iv heard mate..(1)(3)I heard that exeters liams sercombe and wycombes joel grant


09 May 2012 13:45:59
Burnley to enquire Stevenage over the signing few of Luke freeman(7)(4)


09 May 2012 13:42:47
Ipswich are hoping on making the following transfers this summer:
Scott Loach (Watford)- £700,000
Adam Smith (Tottenham)- Free with compensation
Joel Ward (Portsmouth) - £400,000
Michael Jacobs (Northampton) Free with compensation
Paul Taylor (Peterborough)- 650,000
Connor Wickham (Sunderland)- Season loan(11)(20)Loach had a poor season....but we have rejected £2m + clauses in the past few years. So don't see us accepting £700k.There is no chance you get smith on a free, he'll be loaned to a premiership or top level championship team. Not ipswich


09 May 2012 13:39:12
Bridcutt has just been voted Brighton's player of the year and signed an extension to his contract. He is a key component in Poyet's plans for the future. Brighton wouldn't stand in his way of a move to Fulham but they wouldn't want to sell him.(5)(3)Fulham?Not ready to go straight into a prem 1st team yet and would cost Fulham more that they would be prepared to pay for a squad member.


09 May 2012 13:38:37
Pompey News....As reported in the Pompey newspaper this morning there are 2 interested buyers for the club one being chainrai and The other one is Chinease Businessmen Yon em lal,a very succesful man in China....He has big plans for the club, a new ground away from FP,new training and academy facilities and substantial funds for MA....Exciting times for Pompey...(3)(18)Just read the news - no mention of a rich chinaman buying the club

Why would he want to - club in too much debtBull. There is literally nowhere in the city to put a stadium other than where FP is now. You'd have to put it out of the city which won't happen.I would suggest being a little cautious until there is something more concrete.Shame its a false rumour , good luck on finding someone from a sincere saints fan were not all wishing you go underGood luck to you pompey. Don't get excited but don't get pessimistic either. You're not a bad investment. Whoever buys you has a potentially premiership club to build on with a blank canvas and if I had the money I would want to buy a club like yourselves with decent fans and a history and make something of it from scratch.

Good luck (from a saints fan)

SaintsLadPompey fan here, Not trying to put a downer on things buy whoever buys us what are they buying. The ground is an awful state, would need rebuilding or massive work done on it, we dont own our own training ground. By the time any deal goes through there will be no team at the rate the way we are going. All i am saying is dont get your hopes up, we been let down to many times before.Sorry SaintsLad, I am a Saints supporter as well but that is a load of rubbish.
The problem for Pompey fans is that the club is now a diabolical investment. Compare it to a club like Rangers and you will see that I am correct-if Rangers are struggling to get new owners with their support, facilities and chance of Champions League football, what have Pompey to offer?Above post, whoever buys it will be buying whatever is worth the price they invest.

When you buy a football club half of it is purchasing the material assets of the club, the other half is purchasing the fans and the stature the club currently has (decent fans and a potentially decent championship status at the moment).

The price that will be payed by whoever purchases it will reflect the quality of ground and the training ground and the players. Of course they aren't buying a finished product but the value of the purchase will reflect that.

Tony Bloom tookover a lower League 1 Brighton buy purchasing a majority share for relatively little value and invested money into the club, got a new stadium built etc. With the history pompey has and the fans something similar can easily happen. Its a clean page to start on for any investor with potentially a premiership club and will be a cheap club to purchase. Right now things look dire for pompey, but the future could potentially shine very bright for them if the right investor comes in, who no doubt will come in with the intention to buy the club for cheap then spend to increase its value (like at Southampton).

And I'm a Saints fan. Don't slate pompey for being a st investment, its a decent club, just needs the right owner and it is in the perfect position to make a comeback. {Ed025's Note - well said pal..To the person questioning what pompey have to offer.. the above post answers that question (I wrote that also but just didn't sign off with 'SaintsLad'.

If you purchase any company (e.g. a Football Club) you purchase it at it's current value. What portsmouth offers isn't a position of great material assets but one of potential assets.

By that I mean.. After administration and other legal measures, which I won't go into now, Pompey will be relatively debt free, with a decent supporter base and a history in football. The fact it needs re-structuring and new facilities will only serve to make it cheaper for any potential investor.

The fact the football club will be relatively cheap means that more money can be invested elsewhere - buying an expensive club which has already been developed by a previous owner gives that club little area to grow into and expand as a business and as a football club.

Having a blank slate to start building a new football club franchise upon, yet still retaining a reasonable league status and fan support is very attractive. A club hitting rock bottom offers a lot more exciting investment opportunity than a club staying afloat and doing reasonably well.

Of all people Saints fans like yourself and I should appreciate that sometimes it takes relegation, hitting rock bottom and stripping bare all the extra weight weighing you down before you can start again and build for a brighter future with a disciplined and ambitious owner.

All I am suggesting is that people shouldn't slate pompey's attractiveness as an investment for having nothing material to offer an investor because investors don't buy clubs that are finished products, they buy them and develop them themselves so they can turn a profit. Anyway gone off track, whether this rumour is true or not is another story, but good luck to pompey anyway.



09 May 2012 13:31:20
Pottinger is coming in on a 100,000 pound deal from yeovil town subject to a medical when the embargo is lifted, this is great news for the future of our club. Btw hes a goalkeeper {Ed025's Note - but to whom?..(1)(4)Who??
from a yeovil fan


09 May 2012 13:21:30
Any Stockport County transfer rumours? {Ed025's Note - no mate..(0)(1)


09 May 2012 13:17:42
Martin Allen or Paul Cox to be named Burton Albion manager this week(3)(4)


09 May 2012 13:17:38
Roger Johnson and Scott Dann to be Aston Villa new centre backs next season.(4)(12)Both have been relegated from the prem with their respective clubs for two consecutive seasons, when are people gonna take note?I support Wolves and you can have Rodger on a free.Hoping for relegation are we?


09 May 2012 13:03:15
Have been told by a mate on Holland that part of the reason Town are playing a friendly against Den Bosch is that they will treating the game as a chance to look at two or three players. Its possible the friendly includes deals for young players believed to be striker Tom Van Weert (he scored 17 in 23 last season) and defender Dan Van Vinter.(5)(1)


09 May 2012 12:49:42
Leeds set to sign Liam Lawrence from Portsmouth(10)(22)He will be premier league football next season with west ham so dream on {Ed020's Note - if west ham go up :p}I really hope we do sign him. Last season he destroyed us at fratton park


09 May 2012 12:47:17
Leicester city team as of next season:
Mcnaughton( 500,00) Morgan De laet(1.5 million Koncheske
Stewart(2 million) Danns Whitingham(1.5 million) Brady(loan)
Davies(free) Nugent(1)(15)A team should have more than ten players and i doubt danns and whitingham would want to downsize to a waste of money club {Ed025's Note - danns already plays for them!Just because you voted against the FFP rules, doesnt mean you can ignore them!!!Danns is already a leicester player dumb nutsAlso not sure where you got 10 players from? def 111.5 million for wittingham? we are talking peter wittingham here right?1.5 million for whittingham? must be Guy whittingham, not Peter!Thanks Nige!


09 May 2012 12:43:06
bristol city going to sign murrey davidson from st johnstone(15)(5)


09 May 2012 12:36:31
Papiss Cisse was misinterpreted and did not say he wants to join Real Madrid, he just said he grew up as a supporter!

Although, if they did come in for him, I wouldn't begrudge him a move, Newcastle would get at least £30m for him, probably as much as £50m. Goalmachine#(8)(21)Maybe £18m not £30m and especially not £50m when real madrid could buy a better goalmachine and striker for that priceExcept if he plays against KompanyGood player but wont cost anywhere near £30m!! had a good start to the prem but hes only been there half a season....could just be a first season wonder...we'll see! and if Real come in for him i can see more like £15m-£20m more likely and he wont reject them to stay at disrespect i like Newcastle just not as big as the Real's and Barca'sI believe this. Translational mis-interpretation.

Footballers get a lot of stick now a days but they aren't stupid. He would be a fool to betray newcastle a few months after signing with them, after all the support he is doing and how well he has been playing. No need to upset the apple cart. If he has another season like the one he has just had though, can see him moving on to bigger things unfortunately.

Can see him being a bit of a Samuel Eto type player.Wots going on ed wheres ma reply to this so called rumour {Ed025's Note - never seen it mate...but if it was abusive or contained will have been binned..He has buy out clause of 15m


09 May 2012 12:19:17
Doncaster Rovers are set to put a £200,000 bid in for Scunthorpes Jordan Robertson(1)(10)


09 May 2012 12:17:07
crystal palace have been linked to brightons highly rated defender lewis dunk and will buckley.the pair see it as a step up.(4)(16)How is moving from brigton to palace a step up?? oh and that's coming from a forest fanHere we go again silly rumour time from poor Palace supportersLol er yeah ok, and in respect to Dunk, you can have him after his contract has been cancelled by the club, and he is probably imprisoned for part in the sex scandal, so sign him in 18 months or so ladsMaybe he could sign for Forest......That would be a well bigger step up....Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!I'm neutral (Saints) and I can't see it as a step up I'm afraid.

Brighton is a nice area on the South Coast, nice towns. Lovely new stadium. Ambitious club finishing progressively higher (not lower like palace) and with a great manager.

Sorry Palace but if you are going to start competing for players against the likes of Brighton you need to show more overall ambition.

However, with Clyne leaving this summer and palace no doubt getting a fee of larger proportions.. I can see some spending. But not directly against championship clubs finishing higher than them and currently with better prospects.

SaintsladYou might be able to get them both if you're prepared to splash out a decent percentage of the £150m you are getting for Zaha. Or not maybe.Are you seriously comparing forest to palace? Fan base, stadium, potential, seriously think place are anywhere near forest? Come on daft lad lol
I'm to saying forest are a big club, because at present we are not, but we are a level above palace.
I've heard good things, footballing things of course, about dunk. I just hope he doesn't go to the prem and spend three years in the reserves or being loaned out to lots of different clubs.
He would do well staying at Brighton and learning his trade


09 May 2012 11:48:33
Tranmere release 7 players as they look to strengthen for next season:
Enoch Showumni
Mustafa Tiriyaki
David Raven
Robbie Weir
Martin Devaney
Joss Ladabie
Andy Coughlin

Showumni has been a shadow of his former self since his broken leg and looks to need a fresh challenge.
Tiriyaki was on loan at Cambridge and failed to find form there possibly will go back to non league football.
Raven was an ever present at the strt of the season however a number of injuries kept him on the sidelines.
Robbie Weir never managed to find any sort of form decent enough player on his day.
Martin Devaney Mr Glass!
Joss Ladabie far to indisciplined
Andy Coughlin could well go on to have a decent career not a bad keeper.

Rovers have had to get some of these higher earners off the pay roll simply because they have not played for large parts of the season.

Rovers have offered deals to Goodison, Taylor, Welsh, Buchanen and Robinson. The club are hopeful all will sign despite interest from a number of toher clubs.

Rovers have also taken up the one year option on Danny Holmes, Lucas Akins and Adam McGurk(11)(2)


09 May 2012 11:40:15
Emile Heskey is considering a move to play in the MLS, according to the Metro.(21)(8)He Will sign for lescister or afc bournemouth


09 May 2012 11:39:42
Norwich city have been linked with young tallented superstar Sam Cary, lambert has been targertig a left back for some time now and it appears the 6 foot 2 left back who's technique is undoubtedly gifted. One for the future young star!(11)(9)


09 May 2012 11:32:20
Burton release Patrick Ada and young keeper james wren along with 3 others
All the other players that are out of contract are being left up to the new manager that will be eaither Chris Wilder or Pual Cox from mansfiled town.
If i was manager i would move for the following players
Harry Pell (hereford)
Pablo Mills (free agent)
Dean Howell (free agent)
Oli Johnson (free agent)
Craig Fagan (free agent)(3)(5)Dean Howell and Pablo mills could end up at Rotherham..Paul Cox has just signed a 2 year deal at Mansfield, and despite just missing out on promotion this year, he'll be honouring that contract. Trust me, I work at Field Mill/One Call Stadium.


09 May 2012 11:31:04
Bobby Gould to be next Wolves manager. Inside info(7)(20)A match made in heaven!That is very believable he was on Talksport the other day talking about how they have wrecked his club and would step in at the drop of a hat,so it could happen


09 May 2012 11:26:31
Shrewsbury towns top scorer James Collins has been rumoured to have attracted support from Huddersfield,Sheffield utd and Derby.(9)(2)


09 May 2012 11:16:00
Any Enfield Town rumours Ed? {Ed025's Note - no mate..(2)(10)Enfield town!! what league are they in? {Ed025's Note - ryman league..


09 May 2012 11:14:59
Pato seen on a flight from Milan to London with his agent.long time target for Chelsea or maybe keeping in trend with this page Charlton(7)(8)


09 May 2012 11:08:51
Next West Brom boss is straight choice between Hughton and Curbishley(13)(9)Curbishley just isn't the type of manager we would consider, wouldn't fit with the structureCurbs is a free agent so to speakNo one has been interviews yet and probably wont happen till after the last match! personally can see it being Hughton as Brum having financial issues and cant see another top target (Martinez) leaving his club!


09 May 2012 10:58:09
Reports suggest that Randy Lerner
is in talks with billionaire about buying
the club as he does not have the
funds to keep aston villa afloat anymore(6)(15)I doubt he would sell Villa after so much time & effort put into it.Where are these reports from?A program called watch with mother and Jackanory


09 May 2012 10:45:01
Dougie freedman has outlined his transfer targets to chairman steve parish.
swindons Matt Ritchie
Forest Luke Chambers
Millwall pair Trotter and henry
Doncasters dumbaya
Norwich simeon jackson.
Juan Sheet albecete(5)(20)You couldnt afford Matt Ritchie unless you have 2.5 million wihich is what our club would want. we turned bids down of 600k in january and 2.5 is the figure our chairman has said anyone would have to offer but Paolo wont want him to go.Chambers thinks he bigger then he is and thinks he is ready for the prem he had one good season at forest


09 May 2012 10:44:09
Luton want to sign Delroy Facey following Hereford's relegation.(13)(3)


09 May 2012 10:41:24
Charlton will be very secretive about who they sign this year as they were last year. You will not hear anything true about signings until they are back from their group break FACT!(5)(11)


09 May 2012 10:38:40
Swindons Matt Richie and Paul Caddis are being touted for Championship clubs by Ipswich, Middlesbrough and Derby.(10)(9)Caddis and Ritchie wont go as Paolo wont let them plus you would have to stick up a fair amount of cash for those two. wont happen.


09 May 2012 10:34:33
ANY BRISTOL CITY RUMOURS, {E025's Note - check the search function mate.

any NEW bristol city rumours, {Ed025's Note - no mate..(1)(8)


09 May 2012 10:30:54
Burnley have had a 400,000 bid for Luke Freeman turned down(10)(4)Who??Luke wont leave. hes worth so much more than 400,000. try at least £1million


09 May 2012 10:30:07
Paddy Kenny to Leeds United.(32)(19)


09 May 2012 10:19:46
man united bayern munich chase baines(18)(6)Any other united news {Ed025's Note - no mate..But why would united need him they have evra {Ed025's Note - because baines is twice the player?..


09 May 2012 10:04:46
Jozef Zurek to Sign for Manchester City
Thomas Wilson to sign for Sheffield Wednesday(3)(8)


09 May 2012 09:55:29
Swindon Town are set to sign Gillingham's Chris Whelpdale and Marlon Pack of Cheltenham(17)(3)


09 May 2012 09:45:48
Watford are interested in James Coppinger from Doncaster(7)(9)


09 May 2012 09:37:01
Derby to sign Emile Heskey on a free as he looks for First-Team Football elsewhere.(12)(13)Wrong on three counts;
1 - we couldnt afford him
2 - Clough has stated he is looking for a 20 goals a season man which Heskey isnt
3 - Hes rubbishHow is he rubbish? hes still avaerage at premiership level, he would be great in the championship but he would never go to a club like derby anyway, 1 hes going leicester and 2 who are derby to turn down a ex england player? your crap...


09 May 2012 09:30:30
Luke freeman to burnley(12)(3)


09 May 2012 09:27:09
reading made an offer for hoillet(14)(20)Hoillet will be going to a big club - FactYeah, this is up there with rodriguez in size and will also not happen cause of wages/too good for us etc.Reading made an offer ,didn't sign him...


09 May 2012 09:23:28
Looks like Dicanio will not get the funds needed to go all out for promotion next season.
It appears the Board although mega Rich
will not throw money away, and where as
Dicanio did very well in the last season there are limits to what they will put in the
pot.So looks as if Dicanio is headed to west Ham.
It's also rumoured that Dicanio went way over budget last seaso, yet he mad the team champions
Time for the Board to either fund or let Dicanio know(3)(17)TripePosted by a deluded Oxford fan this rumour. I think people need to remember the high earners were shipped out when Di Canio came in and so this rubbish about him spending over budget is pure fantasy.What is he going to do at West Ham then Ball boy??
god knows where you get your information from you are so far from the truth its unreal... he couldnt manage championship players at the momentas he is to raw! could see Noalan and cole training 7 days a week i cant, the Swindon players had a total of 19 days off this season thats including sundays and week days......... nothing but a dreamer? i know hoddle is the next Swindon manager??


09 May 2012 09:09:24
Reading to sign Maxi Rodriguez upon his departure of liverpool. The fee is beleived to be £3 million(5)(27)As he wants to cancel his contract there wouldn't be a fee.Reading fan here....are you in dreamland?? wages for one will be a huge problem! He isn't going to leave Liverpool for Reading FACT. The takeover hasn't been completed yet so I will wait until that goes through to see how ambitious the new RFC owner is and how much money he is willing to give us for transfers this summer.This would be SOME statement of intent, but of course wouldn't fit into our wage structure and is far too good for us


09 May 2012 09:06:27
Liam Bridcutt is off to Fulham for £3.2
million, rising to £5 million (apps, etc)(5)(11)Pmsl - divide all numbers by 3!


09 May 2012 09:01:34
ANY BRISTOL CITY RUMOURS, {E025's Note - check the search function mate..(1)(6)Stephen Mcmanus 750k - 1million


09 May 2012 08:56:15
Skysports seems to think Man Utd have
agreed a fee of around £23.5m for
Javi Martinez – Central Midfielder (Athletic Bilbao)(24)(12)Where is it shownUnlikely because both Real (despite his altercation with Ronaldo) and Barca are keen on him and he would more likely opt for either and AB would demand a higher price than that


09 May 2012 08:52:24
South African billionaire Johann Rupert
has reportedly teamed up with the
owner of NFL team Miami Dolphins
as he prepares a potential bid for
Blackburn Rovers. With a fortune of
£1.65billion surely can only be a
good move for the club?.(6)(21)Doubt he'd buy it in the championshipMore likely to buy Newcastle or Aston VillaHe won't need that much a couple of quid should be enough.


09 May 2012 08:35:14
Saying here in Italy,the Rumour is that Ferguson to leave Man Utd at the end of the season and Alan Pardew to take i say they are saying its the Rumour from England at the moment.(4)(29)Unbelieveable jeff!Well tell them from england,its rubbish.


09 May 2012 08:29:41
Tottenham striker Harry Kane is poised to sign for Leeds on a season long loan deal.(14)(20)Who are leeds?We're the club that gave you Lennon.


09 May 2012 08:21:37
Charlton to sign Jay Spearing of Liverpool on season long loan.(27)(29)


09 May 2012 08:07:57
Derby may have signed Michael Jacobs after the club announced a pre season friendly against Northampton will take place.(19)(11)On that basis - Watford may have signed Luca ModricIn the past seasons, every time a friendly with a lower league team has been announced, its been due as part of a deal for a player. Crewe v Derby - John Brayford & James Bailey, Exeter v Derby - Dean Moxey, Mansfield v Derby - Tom Naylor, and now Northampton v Derby, Michael JacobsThe last post is correct its part of the deal when they sign . Derby play Burton in pre season because it was part of the deal that got Nigel clough .


09 May 2012 08:04:15
Sydney FC are close to landing
striker Mathieu Manset from Reading
(currently on loan at Shanghai
Shenhua) on a 3 year deal.
Although Reading would have
preferred to loan the young striker
out for another season, his development
has stalled and he is unlikely to sign
a new contract when his expires at the
end of 2012/13. They have agreed a
fee which could rise to around £400k.(8)(9)Reading wouldn't have preferred a loan at all. We bought him from Hereford knowing he had a weight problem but felt we could get him fit and keep him fit. The sad fact is he isn't professional enough and can't be managed. He's also had off-field problems, one of which was his drink driving.

I'm surprised there's any money involved if I'm honest.Ill be honest, i think he has great potential, id take him at boro any dayReading straight up rejected a (sizeable) cash offer for Manset in January from Crawley, before the bid from Shanghai was even mentioned. Why wouldn't they want a fee?Can we have him back at hereford


09 May 2012 07:06:29
Ed what you are forgetting is that they have already affected jobs and small businesses in the area, have a look at the creditors list and all the small companies they owe money to, the list is endless..... {Ed025's Note - and so you think gloating about that is ok?..

Ed ....have you ever heard the old adage "what goes round comes round" you would be telling lies if you dont admit you have gloated at some point in your life, it is actually called banter, i have got some friends that are Portsmouth fans and I have suffered abuse from them over the past 6 or 7 years, so everyone needs to lighten up and get a life. Bye Bye Poopey...COYR(9)(5)Yet another sad muppet from the SO poor area of Hampshire making comments, and its not banter it is gloating, the likes of Man U, Liverpool, Chelsea etc owe far more than us and if their owners were to walk away like Gudamuck did, they also would be in the mire.Add to "what goes around comes around" "there's none so blind as those who will not see" according to the exp-erts 70% of clubs are in financial problems or will be if their ambitions and fan's expectations are greater than their financial ability can support.Pompey fan writing from dire experiences.I think what irks many fans are some Pompey fans who do not seem to have any grasp of maths. Perhaps the fan who compares Pompey to Man.U, Chelsea etc. does not realise the difference between a business with strong assets and income compared to one that has neither. If you keep spending money and you have poor assets and income the outcome is inevitable but many Pompey fans seem to feel they can ignore this, either whilst it is happening or after the outcome.

It is not just the local businesses that have lost money, what about the clubs who were relegated because they did not spend money they did not have? Are all their fans supposed to say "poor old Pompey"?Who do you support,6/7 years of stick would infer the team to the west of Pompey, did you work in Portsmouth?Childish person , poopey? grow up your in the prem and your still worring about porsmouth and feel to write on this site i think your the one that needs to get life no problem with banter in real life but on here or the interent gets a bit silly every one trying to out do each otherBore off there is no point getting involved. Pompey know they are in a st situation, they've been laughed at by Saints fans now just leave it and wish them luck for the future, wouldn't want them slipping further down the leagues. I'm a Saints fan and there comes a point where the gloating is just pointless and childish. Let our results do the talking, have a little laugh at pompey then move on. No point rubbing salt in the wound, it's easy to forget that your neighbours are the most alike to us. Good luck pompey, from a saints fan.


09 May 2012 03:40:20
Adam Barrett to sign for Manchester city on a one year deal then he will join backroom staff reliable source(3)(14)Noooo noo all wrongAdam Barrett? - a 5 year deal surely ? ;-)


09 May 2012 02:17:14
Judging by his tweets, Clayton doesnt seem to interested in leaving. i personally would like to see him stay. i think he would fit in well with a 4-2-3-1 formation. playing alongside someone who can tackle (green?). Someone with pace on the wing and play snoddy in front of 2 holding midfielders.(12)(3)If he doesn't seem interested in leaving why wont he settle for a lower wage? I agree i would like him to stay, young hungry and developing to a decent championship player. But he is still developing and inconsistent, if he was playing anything to the standard of his demands then it would be a different story.He said he wanted to renew his contract, seems hes being a bit greedy unfortunately as i also rate himShow us then and sign a new contract and help us get to where we belong
In warnock we trust. MOTWake up. snoddy will leave and so will clayton. money talks and leeds dont have any


09 May 2012 01:45:52
Former Reading midfielder Brian Howard has agreed a move to League 1 side Doncaster Rovers(23)(11)


09 May 2012 01:37:50
Millwall's chief executive Andy Ambler has categorically stated that Millwall will not be doing a lot of business during the summer.

However, as Hameur Bouazza is almost certain to leave Millwall as he said to an Algerian newspaper back in February, Millwall will be in need of a left winger and are said to be keeping tabs on Martyn Woolford of Bristol City and Mustapha Carayol of Bristol Rovers.

The lions are also short of coverage at left back and are rumoured to be interested in Scott Laird of Stevenage - should they not get promoted from League One.(5)(2)CAFC Fan - Still see progress though, I'm sure you'll finnish a lot higher than this year.


09 May 2012 01:17:37
Young Chesterfield striker Ashley Morton is attracting interest from Derby County and Dundee Utd. The youngster has been the academy's leading goal scorer for the last 2 seasons.

Barbados international left back Josh Arthur is looking to sign for AFC Wimbledon after completing a 2 week trial. Arthur who spent a season with Fc United of Manchester and picked up their player of the season award is highly regarded in Barbados.(6)(0)


09 May 2012 00:23:02
wolves have agreed to sell Johnson to reading for 4m(25)(19)For the love of god let this be true.There is a god .Why would we sign a CB who will want to be starting. Our two CB's have been amazing this season so Johnson should go somewhere else for first team football. We do need a CB but as cover.Does he need a lift, I'll drive !Reading only sign a 'type' of player, and he aint it. He is an alcy for a start. He unsettled your dressing room. There's no way Reading would touch him!

Also I've heard they're very close to signing Mariappa from Watford. (The right type of player)Why would he leave for a little club like readingHe will go Villa him and Dann will be their centre backs next seasonBuzzzzzzing if this is true...hope you reading fans appreciate him as much as we have lol.., only had an argument with him 2 days ago hahah wish id of heard this thenHe is not the right character for us, let alone the fact he has been a prominent figure in a terrible defence for a season and a half...


09 May 2012 00:05:14
Source within burnley football club suggests Luke freeman of Stevenage will put pen to paper this summer(15)(5)He going to stay or sign for afc Bournemouth


08 May 2012 22:33:01
Players I could realistically see at Sunderland next season odemwingie, yakubu, hoilett, adam Johnson, fabio, clyne and milner also there will be a lot of outgoings(9)(36)Fabio is off abroad on loan, Sunderland fans you will dissappointed with what is signed in the summerPlayers I could realistically see at Sunderland next season odemwingie, yakubu, hoilett, adam Johnson, fabio, clyne and milner also there will be a lot of outgoings

I can catagorically deny this rumour as i know for a fact they are all signing for Charlton in the next transfer window.You are one deluded Mackem! Milner wouldn't ever consider signing for you lot! Neither will Newcastle fan Adam Johnson, them two are way out of Sunderland's reach.

Heard Heskey is going mind...Don't post silly comments, it makes us look as daft as our neighbour poster above! ;)


08 May 2012 22:24:27
Spurs have rejected an offer off Liverpool for Michael Dawson.(10)(36)


08 May 2012 22:10:25
bradley orr to sign deal at bristol city with paul robinson to follow to replace david james(5)(37)You wish!!


08 May 2012 22:01:17
Millwall are said to be interested in signing Crystal Palace central midfielder Mile Jedinak, Kenny Jackett is looking to provide cover for Abdou, Trotter and Wright(7)(13)No chance.Jog on!Haha jedinak is probably better than all 3! Never gonna happen.


08 May 2012 21:42:22
Walsall to sign Martin Devaney(13)(2)


08 May 2012 21:36:51
liverpool look set to buy either luuk de jong or matias suarez within the next two weeks with plansto buy hoillett or tello on frees they are also ready to offload kuyt maxi and henderson with alot of youngsters going out on loan(18)(19)Tello from barca on a free hmm what world are you living on typical liverpool fan if you new anything they rate him highly n wouldnt let him go n he wouldnt go to you anywayI would love to see Tello at Liverpool, but I don't think we would get him on a free..................or at all !Hes on a free cos his contract has run out


08 May 2012 21:31:53
I'm a reading fan and I thought our rumours on here were ridicoulous then Charlton get promoted....looks like they will have a squad of 57 players next season(18)(4)I agree total rubbishAfter 24 signings last year what did you expect?Apparently there are 57 teams all signing Matt Richie (yet again - yawn)Happens every year on here with promoted teams. I'm a Norwich fan and this time last year e were linked with 106 different players on this site. Think we signed about four of them.


08 May 2012 21:30:42
Premier league rumours:

Steven Fletcher is being chased by Aton Villa, Sunderland and Celtic. Its believed that Sunderland are the favourites, the fee could be in the region of 6-8 million.

Emile Heskey is also on the Celtic radar. Relegated Wolves and championship outfit Leicester have also been linked to the striker.

Charlie Adam is set to be in a tug of war between Stoke and Fulham. Though its believed that if Dempsey tells Jol he wants to leave he will be used as bait in the deal.(23)(14)Celtic couldnt afford him boot laces n 6-8 mill why would we sell him cheaper than we brought him for try 10millWhy would wolves sell fletcher for 7m? he cost them more then that he said he wants to stay and has got a five year dealWolves have put £12million on Fletchers head. As we have no debt we aint gonna accept 6-8.We paid £7m for Fletcher so as his value has increased I'd say barring any clauses you're looking more around the £10m figure.I wish you guys would stop all the adam stories he is going no where,and fletcher will be in epl.Burnley fc have a 25% sell on clause in his contract. so id say he wud go for at least 10 millCharlie Adam of no interest to Fulham - does not fit our teamRegardless of how much Wolves paid for Fletcher etc, there is no way next season he is going to be playing championship football. Will be interesting to see who bags him and for how much.


08 May 2012 21:20:41
Northampton Town looking to sign Mansfield Town midfielder Gary Roberts(10)(5)No mate its audrey roberts


08 May 2012 21:15:35
ipswich interested in neil harris of southend and dele adebola of notts county as jewell wants some experience(5)(19)Adebola is a Hull player who was on loan at Notts County


08 May 2012 21:14:20
Jay Rodriguez close to 5M move to Everton(15)(31)Ive hard its everton for jay good luck mate up the clarets


08 May 2012 21:08:44
There are a lot of transfer rumours knocking about and here are a few that will be completed a few days after the season is finished Eden Hazard-Manchester City, Yann M'Vila-Arsenal, Jan Vertonghen-Tottenham, Gaston Ramirez-Liverpool and Nicolas Gaitin-Manchester United as all the top teams are looking to strengthen before Euro 2012. Marko Marin and Lukas Podolski are all ready set to play in the EPL with Chelsea and Arsenal and by the looks of things the Premier League as a whole will be much stronger next year.(21)(3)


08 May 2012 20:30:22
Charlton to offer now a free agent Karleigh Osbourne a new contract at the Valley after he announced on twitter that he will not be signing a new contract with Brentford.(11)(1)


08 May 2012 20:23:19
YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST .(11)(15)Tbf wolves with their new manager stale, i wonder if he isnt like mick mccarthy and keeps all his money this would be a sick TEAM GK Hennessey RB Foley CB Bassong
CB Johnson LB Jenkinson from arsenal
RM Kightly CM Davis CM Spearing from liverpool LM Ward ST Sigurdsson from norwegian leauge ST King from Hull.


08 May 2012 20:21:59
If Andy caroll is worth 50mil, Jordab Henderson 20mil & Torres 50mil then Peterboroughs Paul Taylor is worth every penny of the 3.5mil been quoted He's better & younger than macail-smith who went for the same amount. The reading fan below can't be a true fan as he would know We (WBA) paid 6mil for Long.(6)(5)Well Carroll's not worth 50 mil is he?You didn't, at most it was 4.5 rising, john mad came out and said it was nothing like what the papers were quoting. carrol was 35m too. and anyone you ask will tell you that cms is never worth that and neither is taylorHow is Carroll worth 50 million?! He went for 35 which as everybody has said a billion times was way over priced. And Long went for 4.5 millionLong was 6.5 actuallyReading are not going to buy players who are way above there price tag. 3.5 million is way too much for a player in the championship who is not exactly ripping the championship apart like Long did. I have seen Posh fans say he is useless ect. Our scouts are pretty good so if he is under par what they are looking for he won't be playing for Reading.And he's not better than cmsv anyway you jokerThe financial fairplay rule is going to change player valuations drastically


08 May 2012 19:55:15
Nurnberg are looking to buy Marouane Chamakh from Arsenal to play alongside Pekhart.(11)(1)


08 May 2012 19:27:29
Expect leeds to sign free agent paul green in next 24hours,ex Derby man lined up as a replacement for outgoing Clayton,number of clubs were chasing him but he is local to leeds and a boyhood fan and is just waiting on agreeing personal terms.(27)(5)He better be good and true!Im a derby fan and to be honest he's overrated and a average player. Clayton is far more mobile and has better vision. Green is on the back end of his career and does not have the legs anymorePaul green is a sheffield wednesday fanWouldn't surprise me. Clayton is a good player but not a Warnock player. He's better suited to a team which will be playing on-the-floor tippy tappy football. Green is a lot stronger, as we saw when Derby completely outmuscled Leeds in the midfield this year.


08 May 2012 19:17:48
Oliver norwood and alex nimely have joined ipswich(4)(18)


08 May 2012 19:57:57
Omg charlton arent going to buy everyone im a charlton fan and from good sources like sky have stated charlton have a decent budget and are looking to smart buy

Rumored to sign on a free after refusing a contract renewell at carlise.. francois zoko not a done deal but a good source

and another good source says charlton are ready to rap up jason puncheon from southampton for £250.000

plus lee bowyer said when his contract ends at ipswich he would love the free move back to charlton(8)(7)You will not sign puncheon for 250,000 saints where holding out for 1million during the jan window you really think there sell for 1/4 of that?I would be surprised if Puncheon joins for £250k-Saints were looking for £1m a few months ago and other clubs are interested.Why would we want to buy a 36 year old midfielder who is well past his best and a player that Charlton sold years ago?Puncheon for £250,000? Dream on, we want at least £1,000,000 for him. Blackpool I think had a bid of £700,000- £800,000 bid rejected earlier on in the season."Why would we want to buy a 36 year old midfielder" You dont buy free agents. I dont want him anyway.Jason Puncheon - Things change in football, his contract is nearer its end and Southampton have to name a squad IF he's not in that squad then you are a seller or holder of an unhappy player, that can reduce the price. Not saying this is true or that other clubs wont want him (hence raising the price) just that things change. Charlton were very canny & cagey last year I expect the same this year. If it aint 250K we probs wont be interested anyway.


08 May 2012 19:57:11
kieren agard has been released by yeovil, news from official web site(7)(3)Oxford boundIt's not a rumour then is it ?!


08 May 2012 19:55:49
Stoke City are believed to be interested in signing Ipswich forward Jay Emmanuel-Thomas (21). It is understood that Tony Pulis' offer to the Suffolk based club will be in the region of £1.25 million. With Jay Emmanuel-Thomas being seen as the perfect long term replacement for Ricardo Fuller.(4)(16)


08 May 2012 19:05:06
Chesterfield are trying to bring back old boy Kevin Davies, as player manager, or in an assistant manager/playing role with the promise of the managers job within 18 months.(5)(14)Cant see how you can promise a managers job in 18 months time, what if he doesnt win a game as player manager?I think there may be some substance in this rumour. Davies has made no secret that he would like to play for Chesterfield again and what better way to end his career.


08 May 2012 18:59:51
Ipswich striker Michael Chopra has handed in a transfer request after being treated badly by manager, Paul Jewell. This is likely to interest Sheffield Wednesday and Crawley.

His replacement will either be Akinfenwa or Simon Cox.

100% def info(7)(27)Crawley could not afford Andy Drury wages in jan let alone Chopras meant to be a rumour page not a joke pageMisprint!
100% duf infoCopra has been treated very well by jewell!Chopra to sign for brighton, 1.3million + will hoskins


08 May 2012 18:43:41
Miles Addison will sign for Bournemouth in the summer on a free transfer also afc Bournemouth have said Marc Pugh will not go for anything less than £800k(10)(3)Hes not worth 8k never mind 800kWell - you won't be selling him then - £350k tops - no one will pay more


08 May 2012 18:43:00
Just heard Owen is looking at schools in Reading! Probably just weighing his options but adds some strength to the rumour(14)(18)Yes medical schoolsWhy would Owen go to reading you will always be a small club enjoy the prem but stop dreamingMaybe he wants to play football. He does not have much career left and sitting on a bench is a little pointless for him.Too old for readingHe's constantly injured and when he's not he doesn't get picked. Totally believable.He won't come south, he needs to look after his up and coming race horse stables, especially now he has Rooney's horses amongst others! Will stay in the Cheshire area...Reading will always be a small club?! Do you even follow football? They are about to receive serious investment, which will be reflected in their future transfers and the club infrastructure. More likely is they become a top 10 club in the next 4-5 seasons. Seriously do your research before making childish comments.1. You do not want this crock of a man at your football club!

2. He thinks he is too good to join a club below Man Utd's level

3. He will want £100k a week and will let you down time and again.

Yes, I am a Newcastle fan. I know what he's like..Top ten club please just have fun in the prem as you will always be a small club idiot


08 May 2012 18:42:21
Stevenage youngster Luke Freeman to sign for Burnley this summer(9)(5)


08 May 2012 18:41:26
Gary Brabin set to be unveiled as the new Gills boss.(6)(8)I bet


08 May 2012 18:33:18
Harry to have a clear out at Spurs, out will be Kranjkar,Corluka, Bassong, Cudicini, Bostock, Lennon, Bentley, Hutton, Jenas & Defoe(20)(18)This is got to be a wind upLol doesn't Hutton play for Villa now? shows how much of a fail this rumour is.Defoe Lennon and kranjar to go to sunderlandHaha, Hutton plays for Villa. Lennon and Defoe won't go anywhere. All of the rest of them are pretty obvious..


08 May 2012 18:31:18
Sheff Wednesday have drawn up a list of strikers. As getting at leats one of them in is priority.

Lee Barnard, Southampton £500,000
Ryan Noble, Sunderland, £LOAN
Luke Varney, Portsmouth, £250,000
Sam Baldock, West Ham, £1m
Brett Pitman, Bristol City, £1m(9)(26)Well if they are the strikers that the MASSIVE are buying you're going straight back down.Lee Barnard would be immense for wednesday imho. Prem striker and a steel at 500k. Is down the pecking order at st amarys, and imo would be one of the best strikers to grace us in years...Yes barney come here!


08 May 2012 18:30:15
Adam Johnson season loan to Everton part of deal that takes Felliani to Man City {Ed025's Note - felli is going nowhere..but we will have johno!(5)(23)Johnson is coming back to the north east with sunderland


08 May 2012 18:30:15
Middlesbrough very interested on the
Prospect of bringing in Emile Heskey
to Teeside on a free(13)(4)Everyone are signing heskey aren't they!I'm a Middlesbrough fan and I would love emile Heskey at us he's a goal machine lolThis is a message to Mowbray from a boro fan get Heskey signed NOW!!


08 May 2012 18:28:13
David Clarkson recently released bt Bristol City, to head north and sign a two year deal at Carlisle(7)(8)


08 May 2012 18:28:06
Barnsley Football Club:
Lee Barnard free
Bartorz Bialkowski free
Simon Church loan
Oliver Norwood loan
James Coppinger 250k
Simeon Jackson loan
Frederic Piquionne loan
Adam Hammill loan
Adam Le Fondre loan
Jacob Butterfield free> Reading or newcastle
all the releases(6)(25)IF Lee Barnard left Saints it would not be on a free thats for sure.So we're signing 5 strikers yeah reytLe Fondre loan.... not a chance, best striker at readingOliver norwood wudunt sign for barnsley its iver cov man u or burnley for the lad he dosent want relegation 2 times in 2 years welcome him back in a sky blue shirt ainy timeNot a chance of any of these. Why would Church, Jackson, Le Fondre ditch Premier League for Championship after working so hard all year. James Coppinger is worth much more than 250k, I know his age might be an issue but still top quality player who could do a lot better than Barnsley.Why on earth would Wolves loan a talent like Hammill back to a championship team when they really need him to help them get promoted. He will be 1st team next season due to imminent departures + they might as well sell him rather than loan as they could use the money.Why could they do better than barnsley a good honest little football club actually making a profit and not debt riddled like rest of teams and i'm a chesterfield fanBarnard going for free? No chance!I know we won't sign all those strikers but we could loan 1 or 2 strikers


08 May 2012 18:26:24
Bostock to Everton on a free, another masterstroke by the magician Moyes, he will transform him back into a Prem star(3)(17)Masterstroke? Anything but, he's absolutely useless! He nearly ruined our promotion campaign! From a SWFC fanPrem player again? When has he ever been a Prem player?


08 May 2012 18:26:10
Leeds to sign donny lb tommy spurr(14)(16)


08 May 2012 18:25:34
Leeds to sign george boyd from peterborough(11)(23)There is some truth in this....unfortunately (im a Posh fan)


08 May 2012 18:23:54
Young Rangers Striker Kane Hemmings to join Carlisle on a free,(6)(3)


08 May 2012 18:23:44
$£$£ Tottenham closing in on deals for ££££ Lucas Moura $$$$ and €€€€ Jan Vertonghen ¥¥¥¥ and ££££ Fernando Llorente £$£$.(13)(21)


08 May 2012 18:21:56
Watford striker Troy Deeney is rumoured to be on his way to Sheffield Wednesday, although Charlton and Millwall are also interested.(4)(15)Why would Watford let their Top scorer sign for them. Dyche sees him as a good player and is loved by Watford fansIf I see the words 'Troy Deeney' and 'Millwall' in the same sentence one more time I think I am going to scream.Why Let him go now after all the time ,effort and Patience we have invested in him.....It would have to be a realy good offer....I dont think Dychie would want to loose him ...Come on You OrnsFirst I hear of this, though Wednesday were interested in Deeney before he joined Watford


08 May 2012 18:19:50
Reading's Simon Church is said to be a target for Crystal Palace. Unclear if on loan or permanent deal but I would expect a loan if anything.(12)(3)


08 May 2012 18:19:28
Barnsley are close to securing up to two deals this week as boss Keith Hill seeks five deals before the pre season starts.
Le Mans defender Khaled Adenon has been training with the club after the 26 year old declared his desire to move to England. The former Bastia player is a free agent and could sign a one year deal.
Another deal in the pipeline is Hull forward Dele Adebola. City are keen on getting some of the fringe players high earners off their bills and could sign on at Oakwell for just £50,000 on a one year deal.(12)(3)


08 May 2012 18:18:11
ipswich to sign ashley vincent and kayode odejayi both on bosmans from colchester source twtd(6)(8)Thank god some pace and strength at last something chopra hasnt up the super bluesVincent - not even good enough to hold down a league 1 squad place, never fit & wants to go back to nearer home so little chance he'll join you

Odejayi - good strength agreed, striker he isn't really that effective. And is near to staying at colchester

Ipswich Squad really that hard to replenish... 19Yes Odejayi has pace and strength but he can't finish. His record at Barnsley was 4 goals in 73 games and he missed countless one on ones.


08 May 2012 18:12:29
Players out of contract who are not being retained

Aaron Downes

Greg Fleming

Simon Ford

Dan Gray

Jimmy Juan

Jamie Lowry

Alex Mendy

Dean Morgan

Derek Niven

Gregor RobertsonPlayers out of contract offered new one year deals

Scott Boden

Craig Clay

Tendayi Darikwa

Mark Randall

Danny WhitakerYouth team players offered first professional contracts for one year

Jacob Hazel

Jack Waddle

Jonathan Wafula(6)(2)


08 May 2012 18:11:18
I don't think Whittingham will leave but I wish him all the best if he does(5)(5)Hope he gives us another season next term....i'm sure we'll do it 2012/2013Go to a bigger club,Every year Cardiif fans think they will do it! seriously how many times do you have to bottle it! Wittingham will be a Reading player next season.


08 May 2012 18:11:14
ED any truth papa diop to dundee united rumour... {Ed025's Note - dont know mate....sorry(1)(3)Hope not


08 May 2012 18:10:46
Apparently Charlton are going to sign everyone championship player this summer according to this rumour site!(18)(0)This is a rumour site. Your the fool for believing them. ha ha ha


08 May 2012 18:04:15
Newcastle want to sign Montpellier's Younes Belhanda and are lining up a £10million bid.(12)(9)


08 May 2012 18:03:29
Charlton lol get promoted and getting all them players deluded like Southampton fans FOOLS(11)(9)Not expecting much from your team then?Some people do get soooo jealousDeluded saints fans ha ha is it the same deluded saints fans said we will get promoted well that says something don't it we speak the truth


08 May 2012 18:02:07
Norwich City will re-sign Dani Pacheco on a permanent basis aswell as his Rayo Vallecano team mate Michu who he has covinced to choose Norwich over increasing interest fron various other premier league clubs(18)(3)This looks promising...


08 May 2012 18:01:49
walsall are interested in re-signing former loanee mark wilson who was released by oxford today(7)(1)


08 May 2012 18:01:07
Luke Shaw to sign on loan for Yeovil until Christmas, Lee Barnard has been linked with Huddersfield and a return to Southend.(4)(7)Barnard is going to wednesday. Be the best striker we have had in years! Come home barney!


08 May 2012 18:00:16
Drove past Norwich training ground at colony today! Pretty sure it was malky Mackey I saw leaving the facility. Any1 got any idea why he might be here?(2)(13)If he was its because lambert is his mate and also a celtic teamateHe was taking his lasses cook book to get signed , who cares!We don't need Malkay we have Lambo


08 May 2012 17:59:57
Andre Amougou will be Bristol Citys first big signing of the new season(13)(2)


08 May 2012 17:53:21
Celtic are believed to be chasing Charlton Athletic duo top scorer Bradley Wright Phillips and left back Rhoys Wiggins.A combined fee of £3.5 could be commanded however for two of the Addicks top performers this season(7)(7)Why would celtic want them,behaveBecause they walked League 1, which is a better standard than that awful league SPL.Ha ha ,ok lets see if they go for these two duds,then get back to us.A lot of clubs were looking at both full backs last season, I doubt Charlton will be willing sellers unless the price is right.

As for them being duds, they are very likely to be regulars in the Championship next term and I dont see Charlton struggling which would put them at a higher level then Celtic. Oh yeah I forgot Celtic get four games in the champions league this year and next and next.Bradley wright-phillips won't be good at Celtic.
Used to watch him at Saints and I think he will be a solid championship player for Charlton and is happy there being a star. Leave it.


08 May 2012 17:52:12
Cardiff City are rumoured to have a transfer budget of around £7-10 million. They are after players from the Prem that have not had as much first team football as they would like: Ricardo Fuller and Jermain Pennant from Stoke.
Shola Ameobi from Newcastle (unlikely).
Matt Kilgallon from Sunderland.

One outside the Prem is Danny Ward from Huddersfield
but only if the Terriers fail in the playoffs which I
bloody hope not!!(4)(21)Cardiff City will not recieve 7 - 10 million in spending money because there is a new Championship rule where no club in the Championship can't recieve anymore than 5 million from their owners and if their are found recieving anymore more money from their owners the club will automaticially be relegated 2 leaguesIt’s not in force yet and it will be substantially more than the figures quoted above. There are many loopholes to exploit i.e. naming of the stadium etc...

The sacrifice is that they are being rebranded , playing in Red. But will still be CARDIFF CITY FC.Why would you randomly hope some team doesnt get promoted? not a huddersfield fan btw


08 May 2012 17:49:35
Greek side Olympiakos are keen admirers of Charltons french target man Yann Kermorgant.The lure of European football could be to strong to resist for the 30 year old Who could leave for as little as £1MIL(4)(3)As long as he does not take a penalty


08 May 2012 17:35:01
Bosnian u17 star Kine Ehrgeizis to join up with Carlisle United over summer. Greg Abbott is keen to take a closer look at Ehrgeizis, who is also a reported target for Belgian side Anderlecht following his release by FC Nürnberg.(1)(3)


08 May 2012 17:29:29
Emile Heskey set to sign for Blackpool. Club source has stated that they feel Blackpool has a lot to offer Emile's career, especially the pleasure beaches....(3)(14)He'll probably get some work on the beach with the rest of the donkey's! Let's hope they sign Roger Johnson as well!Emile heskey is a blue is a blue is a blue emile heskey is a blue he loves leicesterHes coming Leicester


08 May 2012 17:27:45
Doncaster's Dean Saunders is looking to replace 3/4 of his current squad. My sources had lead me to believe these are some of his many targets.

GK : Nicky Weaver, Sheff Wednesday £250,000
GK: Tom Heaton, Cardiff £LOAN
GK: Lewis Price, Crystal Palace £250,000
DC: Darren O'Dea, Celtic £LOAN
DC: Miles Addison, Derby, £0
DC: Pablo Mills, Crawley £300,000
DL: Jay McEveley £0
MR: Marc Pugh, Bournemouth £300,000
MC: Brian Howard, £0
MC: James Bailey, Derby £500,000
MC: Nick Montgomery, Sheff Utd £LOAN
FW: Simon Church, Reading £LOAN
FW: Ramon Nunez, Leeds £0
FW: Callum McManaman, Wigan £LOAN
FW: François Zoko, Carlisle Utd £500,000(10)(24)Check your source mate, Zoko is out of contract at carlisleYou do know doncaster got relegated dont you? weaver just got promoted with sheff wed so no, heaton and prive are back ups so wont get sold, o dea wouldn't go to doncaster, addison set to fight for place at derby, crawly will be in the same division next year so wont want to leave, mceverlys the only believable one, they want 1mil for pugh, howard wanted by championship teams, bailey is staying at derby, isn't montgomery the seff utd captain? i know simon churchs brother and no way would he go to doncaster, ramon nunez wanted by championship clubs, same with zoko and mcmanamanPablo mills £300,000 crawley will snach ya hand off you must be made of moneyThink you need to check the facts my friend, Pablo Mills has just left Crawley and Rovers are in pole position to sign NunezNunez isn't a free, he still has at least 2 years left on his contract so there will be a feeRamon Nunez for free!! you must be having a laugh!I know a lot of Reading fans take the mick out of Church saying he is useless but he is too good for league 1.When would Doncaster ever get a 2 million transfer budget in league 1? And they would also be deducted points and fined for breaking the rule of having only 4 players on long term loan deals from their own country.Nicky Weaver - A liabiility at that level he should be in the conferenceIt's not very likely much of this. Howard seems quite likely, but being pedantic Rovers wouldn't have broken the 4 from same country rule, unless Celtic have moved countries all of a sudden?

Of that list the only believeable ones are Miles Addison, Brian Howard (who has been in talks) and Ramon Nunez who has also been a confirmed target.

Bear in mind Rovers sold Billy Sharp for a fee not long ago and expect to sell a few others for fees too.


08 May 2012 17:48:28
Cardiff Blues return to Arms Park as Cardiff City consider rebranding(7)(2)What,the cardiff bottelers


08 May 2012 17:41:39
Bury transfer rumours-

Mike grella offered contract
Nicky Adams to return to the shakers
Ryan Lowe to also return on loan from sheff weds
David Worrall to move to Leicester for at least £500k(6)(0)


08 May 2012 17:40:33
Yeovil will make a move for newly released Jamie McCalister as he has expressed his desire to stay in the south west and Yeovil will want a right back with luke ayling considering an offer from Watford.(6)(1)Maccea is a left back - but GJ rates himWatford already have right-backs coming out of their ears


08 May 2012 17:19:25
wot is all this talk about yakubu an reading(7)(8)


08 May 2012 17:17:41
Chesterfield have announced official plans today for the new season.
Out:-out of contract.
Aaron Downes
Greg Fleming
Dan Gray
Alex Mendy
Dean Morgan
Derek Niven
Simon Ford
Jimmy Juan
Jamie Lowry

And they have also announced that they have offered contracts to 5 un-named players who are out of contract this summer.(3)(0)I love Simon Ford back Kilmarnock replace Sissoko or Kroca


08 May 2012 17:16:05
Leicester looking to hang on to their prized assets Schmeical, Nugent and Marshall and are braced for some big money bids. But they want to bring in Danny Murphy from fulham, an unnamed right back, heskey, Jamie Vardy, Alan judge plus any replacements if/when any players leave.(7)(7)Braced for big money bids for those 3 - are you on drugs?- honestly don't worry your pretty little head - no one with big money would want them!Yeah got to agree with comment above, you will be lucky to get any viewing!Well both the comments above are bs as schmeichel has been linked with spurs & shalke, before deciding he wants to stay at the club

LeicesterLadDanny M has a year extension lined up, before taking a coaching roleNugent and Marshall... prized assets?!?

What you on up there! No wonder you struggle to get higher than midtable with that opinion.


08 May 2012 17:14:44
if durrell berry leaves plymouth argyle, paul bignot will sign a from blackpool(4)(1)


08 May 2012 17:05:43
Southampton have been linked with Norwich's Zak Whitbread

Source: Daily Echo(7)(8)The Echo stopped having any sources from Saints at least a year ago, so it will their usual relaying of questionable info.Won't be happening. Daily Echo know nothing.


08 May 2012 16:55:25
Terrell Forbes to re-sign for Yeovil having been let go by orient. YTFC.(9)(3)


08 May 2012 16:54:34
Bristol city to sign Tom Heaton(11)(4)You can have him! :L only good at penos


08 May 2012 16:54:28
David Ball set to talk with Bury after a bid for the transfer listed star was accepted.(9)(3)


08 May 2012 16:53:50
George Boyd to sign for Ipswich(9)(17)


08 May 2012 16:53:20
Wolves are looking into emile heskey as hes leaving aston villa(6)(7)Signing for leicster after expressing an intersest to sign for the club where his career took off


08 May 2012 16:53:12
Scunthorpe to bid for former star Grant Mccann(3)(12)


08 May 2012 16:53:08
Liverpool will bring in a number of players to avoid another season like this 1.

Scott Dann
Lass Diarra
Mario Gotze(3)(4)No chance dann just got relegated
gotze would cost 35 millionDream on mcduff!!!None of these would join a mid table club barr scott dannDann has gone down now with two clubs in two seasonsGoetze ? ha ha ha ha ha ha , you crack me upGoetze has already signed an extension to his present contract. Try a bit harder with your rumours.Liverpool dreamers again


08 May 2012 16:52:41
Marc Little to swindon for a nominal fee(10)(2)


08 May 2012 16:52:20
Wolves intrested in Zakuani of PUFC(7)(11)


08 May 2012 16:50:18
Marc Richards to sign for Rotherham(5)(11)


08 May 2012 16:49:52
Enoch Showumni in talks with orient(7)(5)


08 May 2012 16:49:24
Andy Williams to sign a new 2 year deal with ytfc.(7)(3)Very possible if Gary Johnson can work his magic!


08 May 2012 16:48:57
Marcus Bean , Sam Wood have been offered contracts by Leyton Orient.(6)(2)


08 May 2012 16:36:41
Nigel Adkins has shown a big interest in fulham's Andy Johnson because he feels that the striker can score goals in the premiership and has much needed experience, also would cost nothing as contact is ending at the end of the season and Martin Jol and no interest in keeping him.(8)(2)Now where did he show that!
More rubbish-if he can't make the team on a regular basis for Fulham what makes him good enough for Saints?Too old and injury prone. Good in his day but a bit hit and miss now a days. Saints will focus their limited transfer funds on young players or experienced players who will play regularly and offer something to the core of the team, not just up top.


08 May 2012 16:35:18
Names linked with Rotherham United:

Giles Coke (Sheffield Wednesday)
Andy Williams (Yeovil Town)
Nicky Ajose (Peterborough Utd)
Lionel Ainsworth (Shrewsbury Town)
Jonathan Smith (Swindon Town)
Richard O'Donnell (Sheffield Wednesday)
& two un-named Carlisle United players.(7)(8)Carlisle players are Zoko & SimekAW to league 2? jog on.Have you ever been to Rotherham? Dont think anyone would want to go back in time!Back in time ? To a brand spanking state of the art stadium? Woddever...Rich o'donnell is def off to rotherham.


08 May 2012 16:30:17
Barnsley Have Made a bid for Sheffield Wednesday's Reda Johnson ( not meaning we will get him ). And Keith Hill would like to sign Martyn Waghorn(6)(6)Waghorn aint going no where permanent but you may get him on loan until janNO MONEY AT OAKWELL max 250kIt will be interesting to see how hill spends the 500k from vaz te plus the transfer fee from Butterfield (1.5 - 3 m). we will have atleast 2m available !!!Barnsley have got no chance Reda loves it at wednesday and you lot could'nt afford himCouldnt afford reda!


08 May 2012 16:28:58
marshall, hudson and miller out...... then we're talking 4th time success to prem(5)(3)


08 May 2012 16:28:06
John Pantsil is looking for a new club after he was released by Leicester City.
League one Yeovil are looking to offer him a contract and guarenteed first team football, if his wage demands are not too high.(3)(9)


08 May 2012 16:28:00
tottenham hotspur will give
harry redknapp £50m to spend with
his first priority to sign adebayor from
city for around £15m. Then he will
turn to former tottenham player
berbatov and offer Man Utd £15m for
him.(0)(29)Seriously berbatov it's a steal, your going to pay 15 million for a player out of contract well doneIs that after tax tee hee.None of them r worth 15 millionIf ur gonna make something up,check ur details first.Berbatov is free out of contractWhat a massive waste of money. Better strikers out there for less. Berbatov is lazy and ditched spurs before - you shouldn't welcome him back even if he's free.


08 May 2012 16:23:09
Right With all these Rumours about Southampton signing Jay Rodriguez or who ever is rubbish when he played against us at St Marys last season he was shocking! and As for Matt Jarvis would be a decent signing but can see him going to your Fulhams and Everton stature of club!(9)(4)Ok judge a players ability on one game, if you actually watched him you would notice who good he actually is. We burnley fans are resound to losing him, but not to a team like Southampton he is too good. Someone like everton or fulham an established team not a team likely to go straight back downSaints are not likely to go down, they have a very good chance of doing well next season. It amazes me when ppl look into their crystal ball and just say "yep they are going straight back down" I think its just more wishful thinking on your part.What person wrote this why would he go to fulham they are a small club everton and saints will struggle he should be in a top six clubHe's class and would be a great signing. That said, i suppose Fox and Cook were too good for us as well?First saints fan that actually talks sense...Rodriguez, great player & looks like a real prospect, Just because he didn't put in an exciting performance at St Marys like we all know he can do doesn't mean he's 'Rubbish' If maybe you look at some of his other games your realise why he's rated so highly, to add further using your theory of judging players after bad performances, does this mean that Lambert is rubbish because as a Saints fan I can remember watching many games where you wouldn't have even noticed he was playing.Idiot.



08 May 2012 16:22:28
West ham to spend big if promoted

Potential Ins:

niko kranjcar - Tott
defoe - Tott
wilfried zaha - Crystal Palace
matt phillips - Blackpool
matt jarvis - Wolves

Could cost around £15-20mil


Should be atleast 5-8 players which
could possibly bring in around £5-7mil(4)(25)Defoe wouldnt come to us and we wouldnt want him after the way he acted to get a transferHow much you value jarvis at hes worth 8-10 mill {Ed025's Note - in disney world!.....5m tops..Could cost 15-20m!

i think it could cost doubleExcellent - the sort of spending that should ensure administration to go with their next relegation :)


08 May 2012 16:21:55
Sounds like a big summer ahead for the BLUEbirds!!(3)(15)


08 May 2012 16:21:40
leicester want fulhams dickinson etuhu, danny mirphy and simion davies(8)(11)I would take all of them danny murphy is just what we need and they will all provide experienceI want pippa middleton but my chances are about as good as leicester signing those players.Simon Davies and Dicksa may well move - though Etuhu is good enough for bottom half Premiership. Danny Murphy is staying - one more year playing, then coaching job


08 May 2012 16:13:12
Bit of Stoke news

Kenwyne Jones is interesting QPR who failed in a January move

Ricardo Fuller will make his last Stoke appearance in one form or another at the weekend

Many outs for the Potters in the Summer and a lot of interest in fringe players as Pulis wants more strength in depth

Robert Huth has a new deal on the table but a return to Germany remains his preference

Stoke have made an approach to Liverpool for one of their big money misfits. Charlie Adam seems to be the general consensus.

Matt Phillips also on the Potter's wanted list as is a foreign striker.(7)(12)Adam will be at anfield next season,remember this post when new season kicks of.I think its kuyt they like mate


08 May 2012 16:12:49
Paul Taylor will leave Peterborough & join Reading for £2m + Michail Antonio & Mat Manset(8)(14)Lol, ii dont understand how Peterborough fan can rate him so highly. we sold long for 3.5m so your comparing Taylor to him... moronsPaul Taylor is easily worth £2m the lad could go right to the top. The best talent seen at Posh for years.Antonio signing for wednesday


08 May 2012 15:54:18
Tottenham would definitely make a move for French playmaker Marvin Martin if Luka Modric is transferred. The Sochaux player will certainly move away from his club if they are relegated from Ligue 1.(6)(3)He wants to move to lille


08 May 2012 16:03:54
Peterborough's Paul Taylor is set to join Reading for a fee in the region of £2.5m + keeper Alex McCarthy(6)(6)NEVER GUNNA HAPPEN! McCarthy is way too good for peterborough and will be Reading number 1 when Feds leavesIm not even a reading fan but seriously why do you want a player that only scores about 12 goals in the championship for the premiership and alex mcarthy is the best keeper you have and taylor is worth 1 million not 2£2.5m is worth 10 times the Peterborough squad put together and McCarthy is a future England keeper. Like hell that will happen! (From a Leeds fan)


08 May 2012 16:00:42
can see charlton doing a southampton and norwich and going straight into the prem(12)(21)The squad will be about 65 strong going by
the players they are going to sign so they must be in with a shout
ps hope the changing rooms are roomy at
the training or it,s hello sailorI've been to West Ham and Millwall to watch games this year as well as Charlton and I don't see them struggling but I think promotion is a bit too much of an ask. You never know who they will sign though, they did pretty well in that dept last year. 8th - 10th at best


08 May 2012 15:48:03
Yeovil Towns Andy Williams agrees new 2 year deal at the club!(12)(2)


08 May 2012 15:47:47
A Charlton fan here with a message: who ever is clogging up our rumors page with even more crap than usual, STOP!!!!!(12)(4)


08 May 2012 15:43:13
Heskey(Free Agent)
Scharner( 1.3mill)
Luke Moore (1.5mill)

Source 1901 Club Excutive(3)(22)Why would heskey go to Brighton ??Why pay 1.3 million for Scharner?? West Brom have released him!Scharner is a free agentHeskey going back to leicester mate no chance of him going to a club whos highest earner gets 3k a week. hes on 60kIm a leicester fan an hes defonot getting 60k at Leicester as were getting all our wages down to max of 20kHeskey & Scharner wages out of our league. Ashdown a possible. More from abroad than UK based I would say. Would love Scharner though if it was possible.


08 May 2012 15:39:28
Gavin Williams has secured a two year contract with Yeovil

Also Yeovil to sign Ryan Dickson after he has been told to leave by Southampton manager Nigel Adkins(6)(5)Only a year contractA one year deal for Gav, I've seen Andy Williams has agreed a 2 year deal in several places but there is no sign from the club.


08 May 2012 15:39:15
st ledger to where sheff ubited or notts county are you serioushis is the same st ledger named to play in euros lol funny that one ledge to stay at lcfc(1)(13)


08 May 2012 15:37:07
If Bolton go down Sunderland will snap up Kevin Davies. MO is a big fan of his. Sunderland may also try sign Leon Best from rival club Newcastle.(5)(19)Leon best championship striker, Davies not going to happen sunderland will go for either Holt, Fletcher or Jones for their target man


08 May 2012 15:35:47
Rumour has it that Charlton will be in administration in June due to the ridiculas amount of players supposedly joining the club.(19)(5)If that is tue fa rules state any club going into administration during the close season the team concerned would be relegated 2 divisions so i doubt chrlton would go into administrationI think the poster was joking! On this site Charlton are buying everyone!


08 May 2012 15:33:15
Wolves to sign Gary Hooper for 4 million from Celtic(0)(25)Not if Charlton sign him first mateNeither will. If a championship team couldnt sign him last jan, i doubt either of you two could now. Plus, they asked for at least 8mil. ridiculous rumour, neither of you will get him.He has sign a 4 year deal and would cost about double the 4 million you state, plus he said it's his ambition to play Champions League.Stop dreaming childrenHooper is a celtic player so he wont go down a level will heHa ha,best one today so far.Lol why would he want to play any more league 1 football i think we beat you in pre season with our reserves more or less so shows you how good you are n id value him at 2 mil only scored in scotland43 goals from 80 appearances for Scunthorpe in the championship outscoring newcastles 35 mill striker andy carrol and who cares what value you put on him you nugget we knocked back 6 mill in jan from southampton


08 May 2012 15:27:22
Charlton to sign everybody that Reading and Southampton havent signed...according to this forum(15)(3)Tell me about it.. I come in and we've gone and signed every fooking player in the worldLooks like Charlton, Leicester, Reading and Southampton will have 75 man squads next season judging by this boardThats because we have MONEY!!!!!That is the same with any club getting promoted and have money to spend. It is just a rumour page, don't take it too serious. As a Reading fan, I have laughed at some of the players we have been linked with."As a Reading fan, I have laughed at some of the players we have been linked with" As a Charlton fan I've had the same. As the kids were off over the bank holiday they got a little carried away.Im quite enjoying it, we (reading) never get mentioned anywhere and if you take it all seriously you're on the wrong site


08 May 2012 15:26:22
Leeds to sign rickie lambert for 3 million(10)(44)Good oneStarting to think some of my fellow Leeds fans don't appreciate the predicament the club is in. We are looking at our best players leaving this summer, not signing Championship top scorers.You should be on
stage with jokes
,like thatIm a leeds fan lambert aint coming,and as for previous poster were in a very healthy financial position contrary to your comments. theres a big difference in having it n uncle ken letting us spend itWe'll be lucky to get £300k from our benevolent chairman.Take a step back for a second and think to yourself why on warth he would do that!
Submitting daft posts like that simply make u look stupid.


08 May 2012 15:23:28
All these rumours about Jay Rodriquez going for around 5 million is aload of rubbish. he will go for around 8 million.. he's only 22 years old, english and has a very bright future ahead.(6)(16)"Only" £5m? Even that is more than he is worth. Top strikers from last season in the Championship went for around £2.5m-£3.5m (Graham, Morrison etc) and they are players who are ready for the top flight (unlike Rodriguez). Due to his age he may go for £5m but £8m? No chance.


08 May 2012 15:19:49
Have this turned into the charlton rumours page, or is there one poster trying to be clever dck?
Well done on being promoted but try and post all your silly rumours on your own page. Nobody cares(8)(2)Maybe you could tell who Charlton will not be signing then the rest of us can sort it out
between us
ps please leave messi off your listCharlton fans starting to get way ahead of themselves with silly talk me thinks.You will have noticed that it was bank holiday and the kids were off school!


08 May 2012 15:17:24
Palace to sign Puncheon from Southampton, done deal.(15)(7)Hope so he's crap


08 May 2012 15:07:35
Scott rendell is supposedly making a move to gp(2)(5)Sorry, who is gp....finished season with OUFC and disappointed we have not signed him up. Worked his socks off for a team that the Chairman has described as having fitness problems!! Wherever he ends up, good luck to himI will believe that when I see it.


08 May 2012 14:56:27
08 May 2012 12:05:18
charlton to sign brightons vicente and buckley

LOL just not gonna happen is it. Worst rumour i've ever seen. Why would they go to charlton from brighton?? (birmingham fan)(1)(17)I don't get why there are so many Charlton rumours, most of which are completely unrealisticLooks to me judging from last 10-15 posts that one dillusional charlton fan is continuously posting rumours about half the football league going to charlton. maybe he signed them all on football manager 2012 game


08 May 2012 14:48:11
Charlton are set to sign Ross Mckormac from leeds(3)(33)About as likely as Messi coming to Leeds to replace McCormack


08 May 2012 14:47:22
Joseph Armson from Lille is expected to sign a deal with Charlton , the winger has scored 7 goals in 8 in the French Ligue 1. He is keen on a move to england(1)(14)


08 May 2012 14:45:29
Goodwillie from Blackburn has his heart set on a move to London with Charlton the favourites to sign him this summer(4)(22)


08 May 2012 14:45:04
Peterborough United have confirmed the signings of Shaun Brisley and Tyrone Barnett from Macclesfield and Crawley respectively. For a combined 1.4 million.(6)(0)


08 May 2012 14:43:11
John Bostock is looking stabilise his career with permanent move to Charlton from Tottenham.(2)(18)


08 May 2012 14:42:06
Charlton are to sign Frimpong on loan next year.(2)(20)


08 May 2012 14:41:02
Jacob Spong , a university student from Sheffield has sparked a scramble for his Signature after scoring 49 goals this year for the university team. The 19 year old is set to be interesting Charlton, Sheffield Wednesday, Norwich and Leeds.(2)(13)Did Jacob Spong from a University in Sheffield write this by any chance? Go and study.


08 May 2012 14:40:43
Alan smith will meet this week with Neil warnock and leeds representatives this week to talk about a one year deal with a further year if the reach the premier league, Unfortunately this is true and im a leeds fan :((6)(20)Newcastle fan hear save your money and
leave well aloneI'm a Leeds fan and fortunately this is not true.


08 May 2012 14:40:10
Alan curbishleys assistant mervyn day has been spotted at the last 2 wolves home games
Curbishley to be offered the job at end of season(3)(8)Mervyn Day is Leeds head scout. He is scouting players from Wolves!Or maybe he's just a fan of comedyCurbishley turned you down, deal with it and move on!


08 May 2012 14:37:00
Grant Holt has attracted interest from Charlton, Swansea and Hertha Berlin(0)(23)


08 May 2012 14:35:44
Charlton are set to sign Zakora, the former spurs man is a free agent(6)(18)


08 May 2012 14:35:18
Pascal Chimponda is having a trial at Charlton following Doncasters relegation(7)(15)


08 May 2012 14:34:37
Young Leyton Orient winger George Porter is signing for Burnley .(6)(6)


08 May 2012 14:34:43
Jason Koumas is on the brink of signing for Charlton. The midfielder is a free agent(6)(15)


08 May 2012 14:32:51
Charlton are set to sign Yakubu, The nigerian striker has worked with Powell whilst on loan at Leicster and struck a friendship with the Charlton Manager(2)(25)So why would he go to Charlton and not Leicester? lol surely hes friends with players at Leicester too? dream on, he wont go to any championship club, probs go to ReadingThey never worked together.....


08 May 2012 14:32:44
With his contract set to expire this summer, Senegal international forward Boubacar Diabang Dialiba, currently playing for Mechelen in Belgium, is to be offered deals from a host of Premier League clubs. The 23-year-old, availible on a free transfer, is said to be interesting clubs such as Reading, Wigan, Southampton and Stoke City(7)(0)


08 May 2012 14:25:55
Charlton are set to sign Leigh Bromby and Tom Lees as they offered first preference by leeds(1)(30)Bromby is injured and will be out until Christmas at least. Lees is a major part of Warnock's plans for next season.

Neither will happen!!Absolute garbage,bromby out injured till next year and lees has a big future at elland roadThis is a forum for REAL football not fifa 12


08 May 2012 14:24:30
Papa Diop is set to no longer be in the Sam Alladyce's plans if West Ham are promoted. Charlton are a possible outlet along with Millwall(4)(11)


08 May 2012 14:22:42
Walsall winger Alex Nicholls is a shock target for Charlton with them set to make £150,000 bid(1)(15)


08 May 2012 14:21:56
Riise is set to end his nightmare at Fulham with a move to possibly QPR or newly promoted Charlton as the left back wants to stay in London(2)(14)What nightmare is that ?Bjorn helge Riise maybe. John Arne has been awesome


08 May 2012 14:18:20
warnock interested in singing peter
whittingham and jay bothroyd both on
3 year deals(15)(17)


08 May 2012 14:17:26
Jason Puncheon has agreed to sign for the addicks. The deal is set to go through on 1st of July(3)(14)


08 May 2012 14:15:28
If we signed Emile Heskey it wouldnt be a bad idea. We could use his strenght up fort and he would score goals as well. so i would be happy to c him come to charlton kaylem1300(1)(11)"and he would score goals as well"...are we thinking of the same 1 in 4/5 Emile Heskey?You just need to look at reading to see why this would be a good idea. Jason Roberts isnt exactly prolific and he has help them alot


08 May 2012 14:14:13
Matt Richie from swindon is set to be a target for charlton with Chris Powell saying 'we have made an offer for him and we're waiting to see what Paulo decides to do'(7)(16)


08 May 2012 14:12:01
Jonathan Greening from Nottingham Forest is having a medical at charlton today with a view of a 3 year contract. Marlon King has stalled on cpntract talks with Birmingham with Charlton waiting in the wings. Benjani is also a possible target for the addicks.(1)(14)The same Jonathan Greening thats having an op on the stress fracture in his ankle that he's put off since Jan, it's on Forest's official site.Jono had op on is ankle this morning so your wrong mate.No thanks don't want that Marlon King anywhere near my club. Shame on any team who pays his wages.


08 May 2012 14:11:24
Understand Sheffield Wednesday are interested in Charlie Austin. We have had scouts at Ipswich games. Press assumed we were watching Chopra but actually Austin. Is it possible Ipswich will let him leave this summmer? Reading your forum appears quite a bit of change is planned.(3)(16)Your scouts are a bit thick then as Charlie Austin plays for Burnley!I should sack your scouts if I were you!
Why attend ITFC games to weigh up a Burnley player??


08 May 2012 14:10:05
Preston Targets :
Claude Davis
Matt James
Scott Laird
Stuart Beavon
Max Ehmer
Nicky Hunt

Preston T/list:
Neil Mellor
Brian Mclean
David Gray
And the others out of Contract (9)(8)(8)


08 May 2012 14:07:21
Blackburn to be raided this summer:

Yakubu - Spurs, Reading £3m
Paul Robinson - Norwich, WBA £2m
Junior Hoilett - Lyon, Sunderland, Liverpool, PSV, Bayern Munich, free transfer
Simon Vukčević - Partizan, Steua Bucharest £3m
Modeste - Loan expired

Possible Ins:
Luke Moore - Swansea £1.5m
Simeon Jackson - Norwich £0
Dave Jones - Wigan £1.5m(5)(14)Blackburn will get a fee or conpensation for hoielt as he is under 24


08 May 2012 14:05:09
everton want wes hoolahan(4)(6)


08 May 2012 13:59:52
Crewe Alexandra looking to sign 18 year old Max Avory to develop him through their Academy.(4)(2)


08 May 2012 13:56:23
Leicester City set to bid for Kevin Davies as Owen Coyle thinks that he is getting too old for tthe club and wants to bring in a fresh face to improve boltons chances of staying up next season(4)(11)Are they staying up this season


08 May 2012 13:54:07
MK Dons looking in to Lee Croft from Derby its believed the Rams are willing to let the winger go on a free transfer. The Dons are also looking at Canadian international striker Ali Gerba who is currently on a free transfer.

Reading favourites to sign Gareth McCleary and are willing to offer a trial to Northern Irish striker Curtis Allen who is currently at Coleraine.(5)(4)


08 May 2012 13:48:37
Premier League rumours:

Norwich have failed in bids to sign Gary Hooper, Jordan Rhodes and Jay Rodriguez. Paul Lambert is still keen to sign a striker though.

Tottenham will attempt to sign Blackburn's Yakubu for £3m. Also looking in to Athletic Bilbao's Llorente but they could resign Berbatov from Man Utd instead.

Southampton looking in to Celtic's central defender and Scottish PFA player of the year Charlier Mulgrew. Celtic's asking price of £5m could be a put off.(4)(6)And you wont get him anyway,so dream on


08 May 2012 13:35:07
Walsall Boss Dean Smith is to offer released A-League trio, John Sutton, Tim Brown and Alex Smith Deals for next season.(3)(5)


08 May 2012 13:28:42
Walsall to sign Domonic Foley from Limerick(0)(5)


08 May 2012 13:17:46
jan vertonghen not coming to spurs due to financial issues(4)(11)Care to specifiy?


08 May 2012 13:24:15
matt jarvis looking for new club with liverpool, qpr, reading and southampton all intersted(11)(9)As a Wolves fan I can safely say cash in , he is not that good & easily replaceable.He wont move to any of these clubs because most of them will be in the championship by this time next season (except liverpool) and he wants 1st team footballIts naive to think all the newly promoted teams will go straight back down. Just saying, loads of people wrote off Norwich and Swansea and look how well they have done. Also Blackpool were unfortunate to go down last season.

On another note I rate Jarvis, one of the PLs most underrated players IMO


08 May 2012 13:21:44
spurs are going to try and loan out of favour man city striker edin dzeko(8)(11)


08 May 2012 13:21:39
Danny Guthrie played at saints on loan a few seasons ago-he may consider it a backward step returning(4)(10)What? Dear god!


08 May 2012 13:03:19
jay Mceveley as been released by Barnsley so possible to sign for you(11)(4)So another bloke who doesnt name the clubs he is talking about so you mean sign for Swindon and Yes Paolo has already said he wants to sign him.Believe,s in his self & still thinks could play at championship level


08 May 2012 12:58:40
Just heard that richard keogh is to join ipswich from covenrty fee about 350000(8)(8)


08 May 2012 12:53:23
Notts County signings

Steve Howard(FW) Free
Lloyd Sam(W) Free
Jay McEveley(FB) Free
Frank Nouble(FW) Loan
Paul Smith(GK) Free
Brendan Moloney(FB) 250,000
Martin Woolford(CM) 200,000
Andy O'Brien(CD) Free


Alan Judge to leicester for 600,000 and Kristian Pearce to Derby for 300,000(8)(9)


08 May 2012 12:39:48
Atkins will look mainly to domestic player because of his regime dictates the squad should be 60% bias towards homegrown tallent.

Thus Curtis Davies for 3m would be something up his street to strengthen his defensive line.

Either Jake Livermore or Mark Davies are possible midfield additions.

Mat Jarvis and Robert Snodgrass would offer flair and creativity on the flanks.

Dont think much money will be spend on the forwards as we have 3 competant players.

Will need to look at RB alternatives, not sure whether Clyne has the mentality to be first choice prem RB. May look to foreign leagues here.(8)(9)Livermore would be the best signing here, lets get him...I think if Livermore signed it would be on loan, thats more realisticThese are hardly rumours, simply personal opinions.
I think the intention to produce home grown talent is worthy, but with Saints promotion to the Premiership two years ahead of target I believe they will have to be relaxed about that initially. Good talent coming through but a lot of it still requires some experience.Nigel will suprise a lot of people by getting a striker early. He has a desire to score goals and won't settle for Lambert, sharp (too slow) and lee who has been injured most of his Saints career.Just because your promoted saints it doesnt mean you can sign any player you like. ive read through all posts and according to your dazed fans you will sign 47 players most of which being premier league or spl stars. get realAbove post - Do you really believe every post on this site? Do you really believe some of these rumours are being made by real Saints fans or Leciester fans or Charlton fans? Or do you think theres a chance some people are taking the mick...Bloody hell.


08 May 2012 12:37:21
Martin O'Neil is set to make Sunderland
his team this summer with players
expected In & Out.


Bridge (Loan Finnished)
Kyrgiakos(Loan Finnished)
Bentner(Loan Finnished)


Aaron Hughes
A left back not sure who
Adam Johnson
Junior Hoilett
Mayb Hesky now he a free(3)(14)Not heskeyAaron Hughes is happy where he is - not dropping down to MackemsMON forced Hughes out at Villa, i dont think he would go back to an MON sideHeskey?? hughes?? your talking rubbish sunderland will be after better than them two


08 May 2012 12:35:06
Southampton may bid £3m for Birmingham City's defender Curtis Davies if they fail to get promotion.(13)(8)


08 May 2012 12:25:22
Tottenham are in for
Loic Rermy
ED do you see this one {Ed025's Note - no mate...they wont pay the £12.5m...liverpool, and west ham are interested..(8)(7)West ham?! Dont make me laugh.Im a hammers fan but remy is way out of our budget


08 May 2012 12:23:33
Daniel Nardiello is set to leave relegated league one team exeter for a move to either walsall or preston. but he is in talks with many of clubs so we'll see what happens.(8)(5)Walsall to prepare 400000 bid for him because of the sale of nicholls


08 May 2012 12:20:23
Shrewsbury are set to announce a shock deal which will see Zinedine Zidane pull out of retirement to sign a one year contract with a view to a coaching role next season. {Ed025's Note - hmm...really?(8)(20)


08 May 2012 12:17:12
man city are looking at
younes belhanda
as a
back up target
with their pursuit
of Lile's
Eden Hazard
proving more
diffcult then
the club had
first anticicipated
ed what do you make of
that {Ed025's Note - both fine players..(9)(3)


08 May 2012 12:05:18
charlton to sign brightons vicente and buckley(1)(19)Don't be a silly person


08 May 2012 12:02:19
Frank Zane to get a professional contract with Crystal Palace, to be announced this week.

A strong central midfielder who looks to have a bright future.(4)(5)


08 May 2012 11:53:55
terry connor had an interview for the wolves job yesterday according to the express and star ,and me mr morgan ffs(8)(6)


08 May 2012 11:47:55
Shrewsbury also set to sign out of
favour left back Matthew Langman from
Reading youth academy after the youngster
was told he could leave(7)(5)


08 May 2012 11:47:28
arsenal in for
vann Mvil ed can you see that
one {Ed025's Note - yes i can..(7)(5)


08 May 2012 11:47:00
Norwich have been linked with young(3)(12)Diver young or oap young


08 May 2012 11:46:13
Man Utd really going to place a bid
in for out of favour Kaka? just seen
it on skysports. £18m supposedly(7)(19)


08 May 2012 11:41:38
Jay Rodriguez apparently a done deal with Everton, just not been announced yet due to Burnley not wanting season ticket sales to plummet. Only what I've heard though, not definite. Heard from a source within Burnley Football Club {Ed025's Note - i hope your right mate..(14)(12)I heard he was on his way to fulhamI hope I'm wrong...Why would selling jay plummet? everyone knows he is off. Everton will be a great club for jay, if its true i wish him well.If its true good signing everton, would love him at saints with lambertSeems to be a done deal with alot of clubs!Everton now have 5 1st team strikers if this true. very unlikely


08 May 2012 11:41:06
Out of contract Andy Johnson at Fulham is set to keep a long standing promise to return Crystal Palace FC to finish his career.(9)(8)


08 May 2012 11:36:18
mmm Jamie Mackie, currently getting plenty of game time for QPR in the premier Leagueis going to got to Cardfiff who continually fail to get out of the play offs and are only going to go in 1 direction now and that is down....

Seems higly unlikely to me.(5)(11)See into the future can you , hope you come join us again next season!!


08 May 2012 11:34:02
O'Brien has a year to run on his contra ct and as an U23 would command a fee. Several clubs meant to be chasing the former England U19 keeper including Coventry. Peterborough, Stevenage,Bournemouth and Brentford.(5)(4)


08 May 2012 11:31:51
leeds 2 sign jay boothroyd trust me i no FACT(19)(5)Trust me he is over rated


08 May 2012 11:30:23
With Emile Heskey believed to be exiting Aston Villa, Charlton are leading a host of clubs to secure his signature. Other clubs believed to be interested are Watford and Leicester.(11)(10)I would love watford to sign heskey but there is no way we could afford his wages


08 May 2012 11:29:31
Jan Vertonghen has expressed his desire to join Spurs this summer. It expected that Tottenham will meet the £10m valuation that Ajax are demanding for the defender who is out of contract in 2013.(9)(5)Van der vaart has commented that vertonghan will join spurs!£10m to buy a player with 1 year on his contract? I would have thought that a fairly unproven player would go for less. Mr Levy usually gets a good deal


08 May 2012 11:22:45
arsenal are keen on
to make a move
for fulham
cllint dempsey
who is also wanted by
liverpool ed could you see this {Ed025's Note - yes mate...everton are also interested..(10)(3)


08 May 2012 11:22:34
Just heard that Reading have placed
bids in for yakubu in the region of
£4m and a loan bid for Owen from
Man Utd
Readings new chairman is showing
good impressions about keeping
Reading a premier league team .(6)(15)Reading don't have a new chairman...Owen will be free agent so who R U going to loan him from?


08 May 2012 11:15:43
Orr signed for brfc in jan on perm deal so you are wrong idiot! Think before you blabber !(1)(9)


08 May 2012 11:10:32
millwall will get keith treacy this
summer(2)(13)No they wont sheffield wednesday are keen to sign him after his good loan spell


08 May 2012 10:59:33
Exeter are interested in signing young
Spanish striker Sebastian Parker. His
contract at Forest Green Rovers is
due to run out next month. However,
due to Exeter's interest Sebastian
won't sign a new deal with Rovers.(2)(5)


08 May 2012 10:56:33
Shrewsbury Town are set to sign highly
rated young goalkeeper, Jack Bennett,
after England international keeper, Callum
Ball wants to leave Town on loan until
January, the young keeper is set to sign
for the Shrews for around £15,000(7)(4)His name's Callum Burton, and he won't be going on loan because he's only just starting his scholarship!


08 May 2012 10:47:25
Good luck in playoffs huddersfailed town. We all know you will STILL be in league 1 next season. Your just a town full of leeds fans.(24)(3)And LOL at LOLeeds who are a bog standard Championship club. Where are the 20,000 missing fans by the way? lolzTHAT MEANS MOST LEEDS FANS LIVE IN
OLD TRAFFORDAre you forgetting you've got are cast off manager to get you up because you will always come second to us. now pipe down and finish your league 1 season on a low. and even with half are crowd missing its still a bigger draw than you'se. SAD INIT, FOR YOU THAT IS! MOT4LIFEWOW, nowt better to do because you're season has finished, well at least you achieved a club record this season.No we did,nt get your manager we still have
mr ferguson as for crowds dream on you never have or ever will match us,so just carry on living in the past,oh see your still
top in football banning sorry lot^clueless f he was clearly on about Grayson (you know january 3rd?) at huddersfield. i don't really care about huddersfield my self, if they come up it's a decent game and if they don't then they maintain their annual fight against promotion.


08 May 2012 10:36:21
Luke varney has been holding talks over a permanent move to griffin park (brentford). Also shaleum Logan is set to be offered a new contract {Ed025's Note - varney?....i dont think so..(2)(20)


08 May 2012 10:36:10
M'vila deal 99% done. 22m euros, 4 years. Great signing for Arsenal and player is delighted(18)(7)


08 May 2012 10:34:10
Emile Heskey to join Bristol city after former england teammate david james reccomended them as a good cclub to join(2)(19)Wants to stay in the PL. Bristol City a good club to join? You're fending off the administrators... dear me.The club that just dropped him?Fending off the administrators?

Get your fact right please. We have a majority owner who is funding the club. ALL significant debt is to him. Until and unless he asks for it back ther eis NO question of bankruptcy. He hasn't so it is a nonsence. The club makes a loss each year, this is true but since Mr Lansdowne is (for the foreseeable) willing to bear this, there is NO issue of administrators. PLEASE get your facts straightHeskey's not going to bristol. please get your facts rightI am a Bristol city fan of 25 years, I have close ties with the club, I also heard that we will go into administration in the near future, hence Colin Sexton leaving the club, he did not want to be the face in charge, watch this space,Utter garbage!
You are obviously NOT a BCFC supporter to post such drivel. Any monies owed by the club are to one man who has put his son as Vice Chairman and is, in his words 'in for the long term'. This is also the owner that is fighting a daft village green application using all his powers in order to pay for a £92M stadium. That doesn't sound like a club in trouble to me. I can only assume you are a supporter of 35 years but of the 'other' Bristol club, you have my sympathies.
AS for Heskey, not what BCFC need atall.


08 May 2012 10:30:18
middlesbrough after colchester winger ashley vincent on a free transfer(8)(1)


08 May 2012 10:24:59
Fulham are close to signing Jay Rod from Burnley for 5M plus 1M add ons(3)(22)


08 May 2012 10:24:51
McDermott has displayed interest since January, and now seems a perfect time to sign Yakubu.(7)(5)Lots of talk about it but it's the wages that could be a problem. We'll see. Would be exactly what we need though and McD is an admirer. I just know we'll get Heskey tho...


08 May 2012 10:21:07
No more a breeding ground for success than say Watford (Barnes / Young / Graham makes your list look a bit 3rd rate) - the reason people don't like you (yes we know you don't care) is because you are such an unpleasant bunch and even imagining that Henry or trotter are worth half what you say is deluded - Morison fee was half what you quoted by the way!

Millwall rejected a 2 million pound bid for him so why would Millwall then sell them for less(1)(4)


08 May 2012 10:11:43
just heard that Wolves are to offer Steve Bruce the managers job after the final away game of the season, 2 year contract, plus another in the clubs favour(10)(8)LOL

You're well suited to each other; however, considering the way WoLOLves treated him after he was interviewed a few months ago, why on earth would he want to go there now when the WBA job is available?Not sure your 100% right about Bruce, i gather Terry Connor is to be offered the position, but Bruce was interviewed over the week-end- againThis is so far from the true you can laugh as he has already turned the job down in january which is why he isnt there now


08 May 2012 10:08:42
west brom to meet with Chris Hughton after Blue's match on Wednesday evening. However, if Blues get a result and make it to the final West Brom will interview the remaining 3 managers on the shortlist (two of which are out of contract) with a final decision being announced following the Championship Play off Final on the 19th May(11)(6)Heard a meeting between WBA and Hughton is on the cards tomorrow and the club has already held official interviews with 2 other candidates


08 May 2012 10:05:40
Reading will now begin in an attempt to sign relegated blackburn rovers striker Yakubu.

Although he is fond of the club, he aswell as the club realise that he desires a higher quality of football, and that is exactly what Reading can offer.

Although other teams are interested Reading seems the obvious choice as not only would he pair well with Roberts, but also as the club will be able to offer him the first team football he wants.



08 May 2012 09:49:12
paul jewell is looking to sign four youngsters Will Frost, Matt Bowler, Robert Pettitt and Luke Welham on 2 year deals estimated to be offered 10k a week(0)(13)


08 May 2012 09:48:02
If sheffield united fail to get promoted via playoffs kevin mcabe will look at placing them into administration.(21)(5)


08 May 2012 09:40:48
To the guy who posted this load of waffle: 06 May 2012 11:02:11
Dougie Freedman to be offered the West Brom job, with an unnamed director of football. Jeremy Pearce is trying to cut costs at the club and has seen the good job Freedman has done at Crystal Palace with very little money. A director of football will be appointed to give experienced advice to Freedman. Certain players will be sold by the club, and very little will be spent, a big rebuilding job will be on Dougie Freedman's hands. The club are rumoured to be only offering £2m for transfers regardless of player sales.

West Brom already have a Sporting and Technical Director so you've just managed to prove your chat a load of the brown stuff.(4)(12)


08 May 2012 09:25:05
Wolves will sign Huddersfield Town striker Jordan Rhode for a fee in the region of 7 million. This will be after they sell Fletcher and Doyle for a combined 13 million(5)(27)Ha Ha good one thatWoLOLves don't have £7m for anyone. Also Rhodes will cost half that!Who are wololves......?? and we probably do have 7 mill but on one player untested i doubt ..., not a signing i would want..., and doyle and fletch wont both go thats a fact if either of them actually do that is!Who would want to sign for Wolves!!You will be lucky to get half that for those 2 - don't forget that you are a championship side now and frankly neither looked like world beaters this year


08 May 2012 09:19:58
Drogba and heskey out of contract... Just sayin(8)(5)Just sayin', your sense of humour brilliant,
a real chuckle,thanks mate.I had porridge for my breakfast,,, just saying!


08 May 2012 09:01:28
Paul robinson from blackburn to leeds £750,000(21)(20)Think he wants to stay in the premiership
and will probably get his wishYeah - Like he's going to sign for another Championship club, you goon. Robinson will be back in the Premier League next season.Robinson to WBA if Foster does not sign.


08 May 2012 08:54:37
Now that Blackburn will be playing
in the championship next season lots
of changes are expected.

A restructure of the backroom staff is
thought to be the first thing to be

Players Out:

junior hoilett
Anthony Modeste (finnished load deal)
paul robinson
martin olsson

Players In (this is only from speculation )

Frédéric Piquionne
dj campbell(13)(9)


08 May 2012 08:48:56
Greg Halford to saints!!
yep sounds like it wonr happen but @greghalford05 and lord_appy both confirmed it yesterday trevor birch is doing the deal as we speak!(4)(15)Terrible player. Had him at Reading and we bombed him out asap. Couldn't cope in Prem and hasn't done anything in the Champ.

Oh dear Saints.That's not Halford's twitter account!Will NEVER happen.Not good enoughConfirm as previous comment, that is not Halford's Twitter Account. Also Lord_appy twitter account is also a fake one as Appleton is not on twitter


08 May 2012 08:48:08
Is there any rumours about Leeds united? {Ed025's Note - read back through the history function...or your own rumours page..(0)(7)


08 May 2012 08:16:09
I would just like to thank Peter whittingham for some outstanding goals at Cardiff cfc and all the very best with your move to the prem. Cheers(14)(8)On his way to Reading. Apparently a done deal if you failed in the play-offs. Is he a good signing? (to be completed obs)I've seen this guy play in the Championship for a few years now and I can't see what all the fuss is about! Lightweight and goes missing in games, especially the big ones like yesterday. Yes he can shoot from distance but i think he'll get found out in the Prem.Its nice to read a fan having nice things to say nice things about a departing player. Hope u make it to prem nx season after going so close few times. Ncfc matt


08 May 2012 08:04:55
Why does southampton think jarvis is the answer to survival he is awful you need to do better than that to stay up trust me(10)(7)Thats why he got capped for England last year and is worth around 6mil. You have no idea what your talking about so just give up.Ah finally, someone with premiership experience and the knowledge to keep us up! Please please please travel down South, and apply to replace Adkins, we need you. You know so much! .... Idiot.Oh yeah, cos everyone knows he'll be the only signing and the one to single handedly keep us up.


08 May 2012 07:54:43
Swindon Town interested in the following (but wont sign them all):
Jay McEveley (Barnsley)
lee Holmes (Southampton)
Eunan O'Kane (Torquay)
Matt Harrold (Bristol R)
Adebayo Akinfenwa (Northampton)
Rene Howe (Torquay)
Marlon Pack (Cheltenham)
Nahki Wells (Bradford)
Liam Hearn (Grimsby)
Jemal Fyfield (York)
Harrison Chatting (Billericay)

As said befire they wont all sign, heck none of them may not sign but this is a provisional list off players they are interested in(12)(6)Are you having a laugh with Akenfinwa the guy need to lose about 4 stone he is totally unfit and only covers a 5 yard radius and Howe isnt good enough either.
Holmes and McCleverly already on loan and thr club have stated they want to keep them. Pack and Okane i can see coming to us as Pack is a good friend of Matt Ritchie.


08 May 2012 07:51:10
Erik Huseklepp to stay at Pompey but
most of the team will be sold. BTW
this is from a Coventry fan.(7)(10)Get lostAll players will leave, especially Erik.


08 May 2012 05:52:08
Northampton left winger michael jacobs to sign for ipswich town, the fee being decided by tribunual as he is out of contract, but has been offered a new contract by the cobblers and is under 23.(9)(8)Leeds' have had scouts watching him in the final 2 games of the season also....


08 May 2012 02:49:40
Hey Ed, anything on where Nick Powell might be going? {Ed025's Note - no mate..(0)(5)


08 May 2012 01:53:02
im hearing southampton fans think there finish mid table next season CRAZY no chance lol(8)(10)Why are you that interested in where saints fans hope their team finish??shall we just look forward to next season hoping we,re going to get relegated. person !!Lol, how is there "no chance" considering Norwich and Swansea did it? In fact, that points to the fact there is a chance. Grow up.I wonder how this poster will feel come seasons end? Sick, I hope.Would you be the same person who said Saints would struggle in the Championship last season, and we maintained a position in the top 2 all season?
If I fancied a little flutter I would go for Saints finishing between 10th and 12th place next season, but then every "expert" on football has been proven wrong many times over, so let's wait and see.You're right. Mid table would be terribly disappointingDear God! That is all......Straight back down,only way they are going lolCannot believe some people's delusion. Any knowledgeable fan will take 17th next season with both hands. Staying up is the priority, we've done this in 3 seasons since admin so have completely rebuilt, hardly had time to look back and see what we've accomplished before predicting mid table.Who are these sour idiots probably Pompey fan who have no fans or future


08 May 2012 01:35:11
you wont be getting WHEATER from us he is out for 9 months(7)(2)Cmon Ed what is this all about?


08 May 2012 01:31:25
keep dreaming, he is too good for stoke(4)(9)


08 May 2012 01:27:42
luke shaw wont be joining yeovil from southampton. nigel adkins has already said that he will play apart in the team for the premier leauge, new rules say that so many players have to be home grown, adkins said he will play youth in leauge games(8)(1)The loan was suggested through to Christmas, so it could still have legs.Shaw and other youngsters will need experience,soa loan would seema good move.....and adkins has never said, he will be playing league games next season,in public unless you are privy to private conversations


08 May 2012 01:23:54
Everton main target this summer is a proven left back as moyes fears a big bid for Baines from Barcelona or Chelsea Everton want 20+mill for Baines and gain up to 3 new players to push themselves to top 6 next season with D J Campbell on the list to back up Jelavic {Ed025's Note - baines is going nowhere, and d j campbell? serious..(3)(19)Sell rodwell and baines then see if you can get drogba {Ed025's Note - i will take drogba...but baines and rodders are going nowhere!


08 May 2012 00:58:11
Nottingham Forest to sign Paul Green on a free.(4)(23)


08 May 2012 00:39:13
Eddie Howe (burnley) declares interest in stevenage's Luke freeman(7)(4)Good player coming from brentford fanHeard that a few championship clubs are
interested.What little i have seen of him he
looks like he would be capable of playing at that levelHe signed a 2 year deal with stevenage in january, cant see him leaving just yet as hes playing week in week out, thats what he wants to do


08 May 2012 00:28:49
07 May 2012 22:18:49
Jamie Mackie to Cardiff City for a fee no one is aware of at the moment, all we know is that he is high on Cardiff's and Brighton's list. Craig Noone is moving to the welsh capital for around £850,000 after realising Brighton are nit as good as Cardiff. Danny Ward (Huddersfield) is also another player Cardiff are interested in.
C'mon Seaguls!

yeh okay then mate. you can have nooney anyway he's been crap since you lot were interested. Only had about 1 month where i would have said he was worth £1million+ so pay £1million and he's yours!
clueless bluebird, 3-1 tosser!! oh and see you next year, you guys must LOVE the championship :)(2)(9)


08 May 2012 00:28:22
keith hill to look mainly abroad to bring
in new players this summer.
coming in will be
manucho season long loan
scouring 2 players from brazil
and 1 from portugal.
chris taylor free
craig dawson and simon cox loan deals
micheal bostwick

leaving will be
jacob butterfield 1.75mill
jim mcnulty 1.2mil(4)(11)


08 May 2012 00:26:04
Just hearing from my sauces that Bolton WILL NOT have to worry about relegation as QPR WILL be deducted a minimum of 10 points as punishment for breaching rules over a player they 'BOUGHT' in January. I CANT NAME THE PLAYER, - BUT PLEASE , WATCH THIS SPACE ....

#HeardItHereFirst(6)(20)Which "sauce"? Ketchup, HP, Tartare?Even if this is true (which I doubt) how many points were West Ham deducted?Yeah they really got punished last season to did'nt they? idiot


08 May 2012 00:19:40
Ryan gordon from aberdeen will sign for saints for 2 mill ive heard he's really good just what we need(4)(7)Ryan who? No one of that name at AFC.


08 May 2012 00:12:16
Simon cox season long loan to peterborough united with WBA paying half the wages of the young striker(5)(21)


07 May 2012 23:57:21
The Blades may have found a replacement for ched evans in falkirk forward Farid El Alagui.(5)(10)


07 May 2012 23:47:51
Edin Dzeko in talks with S.S Lazio(8)(14)


07 May 2012 23:46:31
Now relegation has been confirmed, Blackburns Yakubu will be heading to join Jason Roberts at Reading.(20)(15)Hope so but i reckon other clubs will be looking at him feel sorry for blackburn cause they have never had any support from there ownersThis is what happens when clubs have foreign owners who are just interested in making money and have no interest in the club structure etc. I also feel incredibly sorry for Steve Keane the way he has been treated by fans has at times been disgusting.You are supposed to encourage your players and get behind them.How were they expected to do well last night when all they could hear was "keane out" . It is the owners fault that this club has gone down as they know nothing about football and do not want to spend any money. {Ed025's Note - good post mate...keane is the victim here, the guy tried his best, venkys promised more than they delivered, yet the so called supporters vented their frustrations on keane..very unfair imoYeah really mateOr support from there fans. If we get the Yak we need to either introduce a young striker from our Academy or buy a young ST. This will allow the young striker to gain much needed experience from top pro's.Blackburn's fans are as much to blame as the owners, manager and players - if you got behind the team and manager im sure you would have stayed upReading fan saying no support from our fans are you kidding you have never had any supportersNever sign for reading small club still has goals in himI love it when muppets who know nothing about the club or football say its the fans fault. We've always been behind our team, but the demonstrations have been aimed at Steve Kean and Venky's for thinking that a worse run of results than Paul Ince's days were acceptable. If a packed out crowd cheer on a talented team, who is run and managed by demented chimpanzees on fizzy sweets, that aint gunna change results, so why applaud someone who has no idea wot they're doing......get a clue!


07 May 2012 23:38:28
Sheffield wednesday have offered around 750k for antonio with also a possible loan deal with adam le fondre . Dave jones has links with Cardiff so peter wittingham looksto be on the cards aswell if cardiff dont get promoted.(3)(23)Whittingham's wanted by Fulham and Newcastle. £3m from either and he's gone.Don't be daft. Whittingham and Le Fondre?! B'ave! They'll both be in the Prem.Wednesday will sign no one because they are not a big club anymoreLOL Dream onYou wont get alfie(le fondre) hes too good for the championship and will prove his worth in the prem with reading.


07 May 2012 23:37:41
Doncaster are set to sign Ramon Nunez and brian Howard in the next 14 days
Also Habib beye is to stay at the yorkshire side
El-hadji diouf
Pascal chimbonda (wanted to stay)
Habib Bamogo
Mamadou Bagayoko
Sam Hird
Adam Lockwood
John Oster
Oscar Radford
All are not having contracts offered
Expect 15/17 new players to be coming in at doncaster(8)(13)Where is this money coming from as you are relegated?As a Donny fan i can't see this been true. Hird had a great season, Oster good in parts, Radford surely one for the future however could be pushed back with the emergence of James Husband and Locky did well when he played in parts, changed my opinion on him. Good backup defender that lacks a bit of pace, but reads the game well. For the rest all I can say is that they probably won't be missed. If this is true, I will be utterly shocked.


07 May 2012 23:13:41
barnsley are looking to bring in over the summer, David Clarkson, Ryan McGivern and Sam Hird(8)(3)


07 May 2012 22:50:08
anyone interested in roger johnson? {Ed025's Note - no mate..(9)(4)Why would they be ..... He's a spoilt little kidThe only suggestion I can make is perhaps his missus is interested in him?.He has been rubbish for us this season.Thank god we did not pay the five million Birmingham wanted for him.Apparently Wetherspoons are contemplating an ambassadorial role for him. With Oddbins earmarking him for promotional duties.


07 May 2012 22:27:49
A lot of news coming from London Road as Peterborough boss Darren Ferguson looks set to lose a number of keys players but is keen on replacing them.
Reading boss Brian McDermott is keen on signing winger George Boyd and a deal worth around £400,000 could be struck before the end of this week. The Championship champions have been looking for a winger this season and have recognised Boyd as their choice.
Striker Paul Taylor is also set to leave the club after a bid came in from Everton for the 24 year old. The former Vauxhall Motors has impressed scouts and managers this season after bagging 12 goals.
Ferguson is close to tying up two deals coming into the club.
The first is thought to be Burnley striker Alex MacDonald. The 22 year old has impressed United whilst on loan at Plymouth this season and could cost around £150,000.
Another deal in the pipeline is Shamrock attacker Aaron Greene. The 22 year old will sign a four year deal for an undislcosed fee once the wages can be agreed.(5)(10)


07 May 2012 22:53:57
Bristol City in for Blackburn's Bradley Orr(3)(15)Bradley orr's on loan from qpr so this is wrongBlackburn bought him, orr is on a 2.5yr contract with blackburn.


07 May 2012 22:25:31
PNE news:

Sheffield Weds to offer 2 year deal to Neil Mellor,

Paul Coutts and Ian Hume set for talks with Peterborough.

Danny Mayor and Jamie Proctor wanted by Swansea(6)(8)It seems that PNE have identified just 18 players out of 48 (including the above) to be spared the boot by sargent major Westley on Tuesday/Wednesday. Coutts & Hume already have a number of teams looking at them as they may not want to join the "revolution". A good offer of cash and Graham will cash in and they will be off. Westley has confirmed that most/all of his new players will be Bosmans & any cash will help him put a bid in for some 6ft 2" non league journeymen!!Hume will not leave pne he as said he will stay and coutts can leave ,as for mayor no chance he will leave pneC'mon PNE fans, your club is in need of restructuring players will leave and players will come in that is the way of football. Your wage bill is far too high, addressing this problem is the priority to make sure you have a club next year.

Give Westley a chance, I work hard you work hard why should footballers be any different.


07 May 2012 22:22:57
Peterborough will seal deals for Wycombe's Stuart Beavon and Teovil pair Andrew Williams & Luke Ayling by the end of the week.(2)(10)


07 May 2012 22:21:01
Doncaster to sign free agent Brian Howard on two year deal(14)(6)


07 May 2012 22:18:49
Jamie Mackie to Cardiff City for a fee no one is aware of at the moment, all we know is that he is high on Cardiff's and Brighton's list. Craig Noone is moving to the welsh capital for around £850,000 after realising Brighton are nit as good as Cardiff. Danny Ward (Huddersfield) is also another player Cardiff are interested in.
C'mon Seaguls!!(0)(15)


07 May 2012 21:27:46
Evening Ed, any gossip on Swansea city transfers, ins or outs? Or any other news involving the Swans. Cheers. {Ed025's Note - not yet mate..(1)(4)


07 May 2012 22:10:57
Derby to look in to availability of Tommy Smith. Would be prepared to offer £500,000k to land the former Rams player of the year.

Callum Ball could be on his way out to Shrewsbury on a loan deal til January.(7)(5)No chance of callum ball going anywhere, and who wants tommy smith, hes a has been


07 May 2012 21:56:21
Hi Ed .have we got anything on the new westbrom boss yet ,or incomings cheers keep up the good work {Ed003's Note - Nope }(0)(1)


07 May 2012 21:31:15
The Leicester transfer rumours just keep on going. My source has informed that Sean St Ledger will be leaving to either Sheffield United or Notts County. The Foxes will be looking to offload the defender for around £500,000k. Matt Mills is also on the way out to Celtic for 2mil done deal. Martyn Waghorn will be the third player to leave with both Charlton and Bristol City both looking at the striker. Nigel Pearson is looking at Arsenal youngster Joel Campbell for a season long loan. Jacob Butterfield is also one of Pearson's must have's with the Barnsley midfielder valued at 1.5mil. Curtis Davies is admired by the Leicester manager but the 3mil price tag could rule out any bid from the midlands club.(5)(17)So that's a potential squad of 126 then ......Celtic is not siging mills
charlie mulgrew and tam rogne are beter
players we should sign wheater or dunneHa brilliant.

Anyone else??

Stupid Leicester fansButterfield is wanted by Newcastke and Reading. Why would he go to Leicester?Butterfield to newc n reading? Its rumours name of the site durrrr i heard messi is going fleetwood townCampbell hasn't got a work permit!!Sheffield united wont spend 500k! If they dont go up iv heard they might go into adminstration. There debt is in excess of 40million!


07 May 2012 21:21:13
Watford have put a bid of £350k in for Preston winger Danny Mayor.(11)(4)Eventhough he'sTry over a millionTry thinking through the fact that you are a lower half 3rd tier club and if any of your players were worth a million you would not be where you are


07 May 2012 21:20:19
Championship rumours:

Jamie Vardy - Blackpool 1.25mil

Barnsley - George Boyd 750,000k but Peterborough United want at least 1mil for the attacking midfielder. The tykes are also chasing Wolves striker Leigh Griffiths possibly on loan til January but will try and tempt the relegated club in to selling the striker for 500,000k.

Paul Taylor will leave Peterborough for 1.5 mil to Middlesbrough. With an extra 250,000k being paid if he scores 15 league goals and another 250,000k if Middlesbrough finish in the top 6. To replace both Boyd and Taylor the Posh are looking at Dundee United striker Johnny Russell and Alan Judge from Notts County.(7)(12)No way this is trueBarnsley got no money transfer fees no more than 200k most will be loans or out of contractI cant see anyone paying £1.25m for a non-league player. He may have potential but he is also a risk. Finances have changed since the intoduction of Fair play rules.


07 May 2012 21:09:04
Any sunderland news please ed?(1)(5)Yes, on the sunderland pageBlack cats want steve fletcher matt jarvis
yann kermorgant and ash williams
but sessegon and cattermole out


07 May 2012 21:00:48
Charlton boss Chris Powell looks to tie up a deal with West Ham for striker Sam Baldock. The youngster, who arrived from MK Dons last summer, has struggled to find a regular starting berth at Upton Park and has fallen down the pecking order due to the recent arrivals of Vaz Te and Maynard.

The deal is said to be around 750k with add ons totaling to 1.5m if the Addicks gain promotion. However, this deal will only go ahead if the Irons win the play-off final and return to the Premier League.(17)(6)"if the Addicks gain promotion" Where've you been mate!Promotion from the Championship, given this deal would happen in the summer...Obviously its if they get promoted to the Premier League. The season is over you idiot.


07 May 2012 20:46:03
Scunthorpe Doncaster & Huddersfield
are viaing for the signiture of
Gainsborough Trinity's exciting young
centre backs Luke Waterfall & Andrew


07 May 2012 20:54:53
leicester want pompey duo david norris and joel ward a fee is expected to be 1.5 million for them both.(6)(14)


07 May 2012 20:52:50
how do you start rumours on this page? {Ed003's Note - pack it in ;) }(4)(3)Is this guy having a laugh Ed {Ed003's Note - I'm guessing he/she finds it funny }I agree, how do you do it, as this is just a forum for asking questions to edsYou dont start rumours you post them


07 May 2012 20:47:55
anything on sheff wed ed? {Ed003's Note - Not yet sorry}(0)(4)


07 May 2012 20:42:20
alright ed any realistic leicester rumours i see a lot of names flying about but as a leicester fan its embarrassing how ridiculous they are...cheers

LeicesterLad {Ed003's Note - Just the Vardy one,has that been confirmed yet? sorry not been around the last couple of days}(1)(3)Mills being linked with a move to Swansea City.


07 May 2012 20:35:15
Heard rumours that saints are going for Dirk Kuyt(8)(27)Well it had to be Saints or Leicester didn't it !And people say leicester are signing everyoneSeems to be heading to his former club Feyernoord instead.


07 May 2012 20:32:45
Rueben Reid set to join League 1 side Walsall on a short term deal to prove his fitness(6)(6)Source?


07 May 2012 20:31:31
Mark Bunn will sign for Sheff United in the close season as Steve Simonsen is out of contract.(2)(6)


07 May 2012 20:17:19
Two of Orient's under contract players will be allowed to leave the club this summer.

David Mooney is wanted by Colchester and Shrewsbury and Marc Laird could be on the move to Walsal.

Orient would be happy for them to move on without a fee if a club takes over the remaining year on thier contract.(7)(4)


07 May 2012 20:17:03
Tottenham talking to Sao Palao player Lucas.(12)(21)


07 May 2012 20:09:55
Hi Ed!
Just wondering about Fulham transfers...

Jay Rodriguez (is this confirmed?)
Nacer Chadli (i have heard this is 99% done? true?)
Jordan Rhodes (i haven't heard much in a while but, anything there?)
Who else is their interest in?

Clint Dempsey (is he gonna go? If so where?)
Moussa Dembele (haven't heard ANY confirmed interest.. whats his situation?)
Anyone else, other than Andy Johnson on their way out of the cottage?

Contract Offers:
Will Pavel Pogrebnyak and Mahamadou Diarra be offered extensions?

Thanks! {Ed003's Note - Just the interest from other teams in Dempsey that has been widely reported,if you get Jay Rod I think you are getting a belting young prospect with quite a few league games behind him now for a youngster,I do rate him from what I have seen}(2)(9)I cant see dempsey goingYour not getting Rhodes Wednesday is uto we are already in talks with him unluckyIf there was interest from Fulham, Wednesday wouldn't enter rhode's mind..


07 May 2012 20:07:18
anything on wolves ed? {Ed003's Note - Nothing until the play offs are finished we are led to believe}(3)(6)They're not very good!Thats not a rumour, its truth


07 May 2012 19:58:11
Portsmouth are interested in two barnet players izale McLeod and Liam O'brien who are both available on free transfers(14)(6)


07 May 2012 19:47:01
Eunan O'Kane from Torquay to Peterborough for £300k(3)(8)He's got a release clause of 200k (source - Sky sports)And he's going to Watford....He's at Swindon tonight....get ya facts right!!


07 May 2012 19:41:09
Yeovils andy Williams to sign for Swindon(2)(12)You Wish if he leaves Yeovil he will go up to the championship or a promotion chasing team not a team just up from league 2


07 May 2012 19:37:46
how do you reply to posts? please help! {Ed003's Note - for the last time press the reply to the post button under the posts}(0)(13)Thats great i did itCool! , so did I.Thanks!O thats what it does. {Ed003's Note - Enough,lol}


07 May 2012 19:26:24
Connor Wickham to be at either Ipswich or Reading next season, Martin O'Neil not impressed with the Striker with Wickham ready to go out on loan either back to the team he trained with as a kid or back to the club where his career started.
Josh Carson also wanted by 2 or 3 Premiership clubs(8)(8)Lolazy journalolismReading would have taken him last season but not now in the Premiership when you need a proven goalscorer.Ipswich have first say on Wickham part of the original dealWhat a waste of oney! Didn't he go for somewhere around £10-12M?I never thought he'd cut it in the PL and i still doubt it now


07 May 2012 19:06:17
Derby County have made finding a striker their top target. My sources claim that they have made a list of 6 players that they will target. The Rams will not pay more than 1.5m for their man.

Lee Novak: Huddersfield £750,000k
Jon Daly: Dundee Utd £500,000k
Sylvan Ebanks-Blake Wolves £1.5m
Heidar Helguson QPR £300,000k
Conor Sammon Wigan £1m
Ricardo Fuller Stoke Free transfer

I'm led to believed that Daly, Helguson, and Noval are the main targets.(5)(13)When we sell rhodes novak will be our number one striker and it would take a lot more than 750k to get himIf novak goes to derby i will eat my car {Ed003's Note - Crikey!!}Sure you can afford SEBs boot lacesAs a Derby fan, i can tell you now that we will not be getting any of those players. We are reducing our wage bill and have very little money to spend.Would love ebanks blake to sign :)I very much doubt that they'll sign Jon Daly! He's too good for that se! {Ed025's Note - maybe the golfer?Why are so many deluded peoplesaying wolves are going to sell ebanks-blake he scores for fun in championship so why now we are back in that league are we going to sell him to a team in the same league ffs. get real!!


07 May 2012 19:03:25
how do you reply to posts? {Ed003's Note - use the 'reply to post button' }(0)(11)


07 May 2012 18:47:11
Newly promoted Fleetwood Town are casting their eye's over Mansfield Town midfielder Lee Stevenson. Stevenson who hasn't really featured in the Stags first team could move to the Trawlermen for a small fee. Alfreton Town striker Anthony Wilson is also a target for Fleetwood, Wilson who played a key part in keeping the Red's up last year is being touted to replace Jamie Vardy who looks destined to leave the cod army.(6)(3)


07 May 2012 18:44:45
A few Premier League clubs, like Wigan, are apparently interested in Viktoria Plzen's star Daniel Kolar. The Czech player, who is most likely to be included in the Czech squad for Euro 12', would move if Plzen fails to retain the league title in Czech Republic.(2)(3)


07 May 2012 18:44:32
Notts County to sign Stevenage playmaker Luke Freeman as a replacement for Alan Judge.(4)(14)No chance, only just signed a 2 year deal, why would he leave a club that might be playing in the Championship next season.A) higher wages
b) Stevenage won't be getting promotedLuke signed a 2 year deal with stevenage in january, and why would he go to notts that wouldnt offer him a start week in week out. if he went it wouldnt be to notts county, but he wont go


07 May 2012 18:41:53
Burnley have bid excepted for goal keeper smithies from Huddersfield for 500k plus Lee grant. No deal finalised untill mk dons games as huddersfield don't want him to lose concentration on the play offs(8)(9)


07 May 2012 18:38:13
Danny Harrison and michael Raynes
could be off on there way to accrington
stanley after harrison was released
today by rotherham and michael
raynes was put on the transfer list
but bradford are also looking at raynes(1)(3)


07 May 2012 18:28:59
Derby County Looking at Norway 3

Fegor Ogude
Havard Neilsen
Markus Henriksen

Talks with Valengra have started for
the first two.But Markus Henriksen
seems to be destined for Premiership.(2)(12)Henriksen has stated in the past that he prefers Bundesliga over Premier League anyway.Markus Henriksen has been courted by all the top clubs in Europe this season, you utter mad man!

Go back to Football Manager and keep it unreal.

DeROFLby County


07 May 2012 18:27:15
No way a deal is done for Rhodes with town still in play-offs even tho nobody believes they will beat mk dons. Rhodes might now go to sheffield wed now that they have gone up as his dad is goalkeeping coach(11)(16)Yer right lolFunny how all our best players are being linked to other clubs,Mk dumbs trying silly games ? dont waste your time girlsThink Rhodes will probably leave regardless , but can't imagine Sheff Wed can afford him.Why would Rhodes go to Wednesday when he can play premier league football?We can afford we have got the one and only Milan mandaric and we r promoted so we will get a few million ooh we beat you 2-0 your carp your not going upThe point is there are bigger and better clubs than Wendies who Rhodes could and will likely sign for after the play off's


07 May 2012 18:13:46
Anybody saying that players wont
move from the spl because they have
European football is rubbish.The teams
will never make it past Qualification.
Players in the spl the majority of them
want to move south either straight
to the Premiership or a stepping stone
to the Premiership by joining a
Championship side.(6)(9)


07 May 2012 18:13:24
Nottingham Forest look set to be raided with Luke Chambers on the shortlist of a number of Championship clubs with my contact saying that Blackpool are the favourites to sign him. Keeper Lee Camp is also a target for Wolves. Gareth McCleary attracting numerous interest from premier league dides and Celtic. Joel Lynch is a target for Cardiff. But Forest are looking good on the Paul Anderson front as the winger looks certain to sign a 2 year deal.(3)(9)McCleary was in Reading for talks last week. The club expect to tie up the deal this week.Mccleay gone west bromwich albionOpps meant mcclearyWhy would wolves sign camp when we got 4 keepers better than him ?Never heard so much bad news in 1 papagraph especially the paul anderson bit !Gutted if anderson staysThats complete rubbish because coterill will definitely not be offering ando a contract WOW


07 May 2012 18:10:24
Derby County's Andy Garner is set
to go to Norway to Join up with Scout
Ivan Hoillet who has been watching
Nigerian Midfielder Fegor Ogude
Who plays for side Vålerenga.After
Ivan Hoillet was Massively Impressed
with him.Derby County were Originally
Scouting 18 year old Striker Havard
Neilsen who Derby are looking to sign
aswell.Nigel clough wants to get
decent players in on a cheap fee.

This is Completely true.None of these
Players have signed but Derby are
going to start talks in a week.(8)(4)


07 May 2012 18:06:40
Dean Saunders is ready to strengthen all areas of his Doncaster squad with free agent Brian Howard set to sign a 2 year deal. Celtic central defender Darren O'Dea is also another target and Saunders will keep the hunt going north of the boarder by signing St Johnstone striker Derek Riordan.(5)(8)


07 May 2012 18:04:47
Crystal Palace manager has outlined his plans for the summer as the management will look to add quality in the chase for promotion next season.

After missing out on Juan Lopez last summer, Real Madrid have recommended Jose Zamora to club. Details of this move will become clearer over the next month or two.

Other summer targets for Palace include:
Mustapha Dumbuya - Doncaster Rovers
Aleksander Tunchev - Leicester City
Martin Zeman - Admira Wacker
Markus Henriksen - Rosenborg
Rick Ten Voorde - RKC Waalwijk(3)(9)And those players will take you from 17th to promotion! I think not. It will be another fantastic season, culminating in a riase into mid table, if you'r lucky.


07 May 2012 18:04:22
Leicester! You're a laughing stock!!(28)(9)Get lost, Just because we got money !!Im a LCFC fan and I agree. No hope for next season unless survival is success.Thats a good rumour! Wasteman, was it really worth writing?

LeicesterLadWait till were top of the leagueYes you've got money but how far as it got you you've gone backwardsYeah youve got money but you cant spend it and stick to FFP...which you voted against.Support ur own club. Armchair fans.


07 May 2012 18:04:17
Derek McInnes has said in the local paper that he's interested in a No2 Goalkeeper, a left-back, a centre-back, a creative midfielder and a striker to replace Nicky Maynard

The centre back is likely to be Curtis Nelson from Plymouth Argyle and the creative midfielder may be Jody Morris from McIness old club St. Johnstone

Source: This is Williams of Yeovil could be the striker to replace Maynard, as he will be avalible on a free and can score plenty of goals with 17 this season, with a lower league 1 team is a great return.I wouldn't call Jody Morris a 'creative' midfielder. More of a defensive midfilder whose job it is is to break up opposition attacks.


07 May 2012 17:58:33
Brentford are set to sign matt Richie from Swindon, for an undisclosed fee(4)(21)Ha, Ha, Ha !


07 May 2012 17:41:17
I would like to c charlton sign the
following players for next season

Hope Akpan- Crawley (300k)
Liam Lawrence- Pompey (250k)
Charlie Austin- Burnley (3million)
Guy Demel- West Ham (2millionwith others going these players would
give us strengh in each position.

KAYLEM1300(1)(20)How would guy demel be ever worth 2million? hahaCouldnt afford wages of lawrenceAustin is unlikely - Demel isnt that good. Akpan unproven.We don't have the money to do that. Nor do we want to sign players who won't see Charlton as a step up; the key is also players who haven't players in the Premier League. Demel and Lawrence are too old; Austin is far too expensive; Akpan of those is the most "realistic". Lawrence isn't too bad a shout but still, all unlikely.


07 May 2012 17:37:34
Millwall mulling over whether to release both Mildenhall and Bouazza. Mildenhall was a more than capable stand in for Forde so is expected to stay, whereas Bouazza has a very bad attitude which Jackett is no longer willing to put up with(8)(1)


07 May 2012 17:36:12
LOL at the person who said Paul Green has no connections to Doncaster, he came through our academy and played here for 7 seasons(7)(6)Thought he came through at Sheffield Wednesday and you picked him up for free when they didnt offer him a deal.Probably right, but that's be side the point. That lad is Donny through and through


07 May 2012 17:30:49
Ed any southampton transfer news :) {Ed025's Note - yes are signing everyone!..apparently(11)(5)^^ lol


07 May 2012 17:26:27
Cardiff City want to sign Reading super sub Adam Le Fondre on a season long loan along with Josh McEachran from Chelsea.
Lawrence will sign full time for a fee between £185,000 and £200,000.
Cardiff also want to sign Bolton Wanderers' talented midfielder Chris Eagles if Bolton get relegated.(3)(19)Never going to happen. How about Simon Church? He'd fit in with the rest of your forwards.What is with all these rumours with Le Fondre leaving Reading? He is staying. He is a major part of our team and will play more games next season.If they want Church, I'll drive him there ..come back and clear his house, and drive that down to him as well...and I wont even ask for any petrol money ;-)Cardiff will just see who Watford are signing then hijack the deal. That is their scouting policy.After last nights performance you need 11 new players mate,blooody embarrisingThe biggest joke ever - why the hell would he go to a championship club and cardiff too - no chance


07 May 2012 17:15:32
Tottenham have enquired Lazio for Bosnian winger Senad Lulic. Spurs would bid for Lulic only if Bale is eventually transferred. The Bosnian player has been one of Lazio's best performers, until an injury prevented him to play in the last months.(4)(10)He is an interesting players, and he holds Swiss passport, so he wouldn't have problems getting a work permit. But he still has 4 years left in his contract with Lazio, so he would be hard to sign anyway.


07 May 2012 16:56:10
Shrewsbury Town are set to re-sign midfielder Will Richards from Knighton Town on a free transfer.(2)(5)


07 May 2012 16:37:43
My England squad for euro 2012
GK: Hart
GK: Foster
GK: Forster(really been impressed by him)

RB: Walker
RB: Richards
CB: Terry
CB: Smalling
CB: Cahill
CB: Shawcross
LB: Baines
LB: Cole

LM: Johnson
LM: Young
CM: Parker
CM: Gerrard(for experience)
CM: Leon Britton(I know sounds stupid but a great player)
CM: Wilshere
RM: Walcott
RM: Sinclair(he's lm but give him a go,he might do well)

ST: Rooney(only suspended for 2 games)
ST: Crouch
ST: Defoe
ST: Welbeck {Ed025's Note - leon brtton?? is stupid(3)(22)Leon britton? He has no experiance at all get Barry or Lamps there insteadHow is Britton (one of best passing ratios in the world) worth less of a punt than Sinclair? Hardly gonna win it so give good players tournement experience early. {Ed025's Note - no chance!Why even bother posting what you think the England squad will be? Its a rumour site.Swansea fan... why dont you tell us what the welsh squad should beOh here we go again, another one who picks names. People like Welbeck and Defoe haven't scored as many goals this season as say...Grant Holt who is the second highest scoring Englishman in the PL in a supposedly "smaller" team. Yes he's nowhere near as quick as the likes of Defoe but you've got Crouch in there haven't you? Opposition defenders in the PL can't cope with him and these are the best defenders in the world so why he is not worth a chance?How is defoe getting in there when he's barely started all season? that spot's going to Danny Sturridge, who also hasnt featured much, but does at least have starts next to his name. And mate, I'm sorry, but the day Grant Holt plays for England will be a very sad day for English football. I mean, we were embarrassed with Carroll, and he's not even that bad! English players (not just strikers) need to be able to PLAY, seeing as the vast majority of regulars are of this mould. Holt pushes defenders around and gets in fights, scoring occasionally from a fixed position. European defenders, coaches and referees will be beside themselves laughing. I think Norwich have got to come to terms with the fact that their best players are Paul Lambert and Delia Smith.Isn't Wilshere injured?I didnt think forster from celtic was english hmm wheres ruddy n welbeck hasnt scored goals serious?Wilshere crocked and with Welbeck struggling with fitness - need 1 more striker - leave sinclair and Welbeck (if inj) at home / take Carroll and Graham (if welbeck inj)This is why England will never win anything. Too much politics in the game and who gets picked. The team should be picked on current form and who has played well this season. After Rooney, Grant Holt comes a clear second as the best English forward this season. He has scored against all the big teams in the prem this season . He has 15 prem goals in only 23 starts. And u still think Crouch, Defoe and Welbeck are better? You're having a laugh if u do.It's sad to see people stereotyping players like grant holt. have you even seen him play? he is definitely capable of more then pushing people around and getting into fights! try researching a player before spouting off such nonsense.


07 May 2012 16:34:05
$$$$ spurs have had a 26m offer for Lucas Moura accepted $$$$(7)(7)Would love to believe it's true but somehow I doubt it. Real are very much looking at him and I'm sure he would want to listen to any offer they might make before putting pen to paper anywhere else


07 May 2012 16:30:49
Burnley have accepted a thrid bid from Fulham for highly rated England u21 striker Jay Rodriguiz. Thought to be in the region of 6 million. Burnley want a quick sale so they can get signings sorted sooner rather then later.(5)(13)


07 May 2012 16:27:44
Will Hughes and Mason Bennett (Derby) are attracting interest from top 4 clubs. {Ed025's Note - in which league?(2)(4)Probally not championship as you never know who it will be


07 May 2012 16:26:31
Derby County have rejected a 2 million pound bid from Norwich City for the Irish starlet Jeff Hendrick.(5)(7)


07 May 2012 16:25:40
Portsmouth REALISTIC:
Kitson- minimal fee
Pearce- 500k
Tal Ben Haim- Either tear up contract or minimal fee

5 loans- not any that have played for us before as Allan, Maguire, Thorne etc. are far too good for league 1
Izale McLeod- Free
Richard Duffy- Free (the one that used to play for us)
Pretty much any free that plays in League 2 or 1 and is willing to sign for us(6)(1)Realistic??

Mullins is a FREE transfer.

LOL at HaLOLford costing anyone more than £500k.Buy one get one free


07 May 2012 16:24:31
Highly rated full back john brayford is attracting interest, with villa, west brom and norwich supposedly interested...(6)(3)Villa fan- really impressed by Brayford good strong full back


07 May 2012 16:20:51
derby to sign this summer:

pearce (notts county) - 500k
daly (dundee) - 750k
dixon (dundee) - free
jacobs (northampton) - free/compensation
russell (dundee) - 900k

I know people at the club and I can confirm these are our targets and the club our confident we can secure there signuratures.(2)(9)Might be targets but you wont get russell for that priceThese are the right targets but russell is
950k + 2 players and callum ball on loanRussell ( Dundee united you mean ) not dundee, big difference :)Russell will not be at derby.Nobody will get russell at that price,so dream on.1 - Daly, Dixon & Russell ALL play for Dundee United, not Dundee, you ignorant fool.
2 - Russell and Daly wont be leaving for anywhere near the amounts that you have quoted.
3 - Russell will sign for a Prem team OR a Championship team with a chance of promotion


07 May 2012 16:14:43
Jay Rodriguez (£6m), Matt Jarvis (£5m), Curtis Davies (£3.5m), Matt Phillips (£3m) and Mark Davies (£1.75m) are all on Nigel Adkins' transfer wish list.

Radhi Jaidi (retired), David Connolly (released), Lee Holmes (Swindon - free), Jonathan Forte (Stevenage - free), Aaron Martin (Swindon - loan), Lee Barnard (Sheff Wed - 500K) and Dan Seaborne (Bournemouth - loan) are all set to leave St. Mary's this summer.

Source very well placed at Southampton. Expect movement to start next week after players return from their celebratory holiday in Marbella.(14)(14)Your well placed source speaks a load of rubbish!
I suspect Saints signings will not focus upon Championship players and will probably be more weighted towards overseas players who may adapt to Saints style more quickly and be better value for money.
Whilst some of your "outs" look probable others are very dubious.
This whole selection looks very much to be the opinions of someone rather than based upon any facts. And it is unbelievable to me that Adkins will leak his intended targets-he never has and I hardly see him starting now.Not sure re the reliable source, celebratory trip is in Vegas! Last time I looked that was fair bit west of Marbella. Up until that point, sounded vaguely sensible compared to most of the recent Saints posts!You obviously have no clue the saints team is in las Vegas?? I'm a saints fan and as much as I would love to sign a couple of the players that are mentioned we all know the cortese and Adkins do their business quietly!Saints fan here, 2 posts above better check their Saints news again...They WERE going to Vegas but it got changed and they went to Marbella instead, its online so check for yourself. All the names this guy has said thats coming in have been reported in the paper and I know we should take it all with a pinch of salt, but they are all realistic targets for Saints. It wouldnt surprise me though if all the names said on this site are not signed and we go and sign a handfull of players that no one thought of. Cortese likes to keep his business quiet.Jarvis will go to a big club not a tin pot outfit like southamptonPost above sounds like a skate. Big LOL.Jarvis is staying unless we get offered stupid money for him n wolves value him more than 5milConnelly is speaking to Swindon, its only his high wage demands stopping the deal at the momentThey'll sign Roger Johnson and get relegated and that will be the end of these silly rumours... hopefully!


07 May 2012 16:13:47
John ruddy may be a consideration actually, having that season in the epl over Southampton's Davis?(1)(3)


07 May 2012 16:05:38
On McDermotts return from Marbella with the squad, he will be working with Nicky Hammond to make his first signing of the season, Gareth McCleary.

He has impressed all season, and a Reading scout was at the game when he netted for against Leeds.

Reading will be hoping to secure him ASAP.(6)(9)Yep, can back this one and saves me adding it. Deal expected to go through this week.

You're wrong though when you say he has impressed all season - no he hasn't; but he impressed in the latter stages and won Forest's POTS award.

Some Forest fans feel a bit agrieved he wants to move on but he wants a shot at the Premiership. Hard to stand in his way really, and if you rated him so highly in the first instance, why leave his contract to expire before offering him a new deal?

Good signing, Reading.You may be taking a big risk


07 May 2012 16:01:51
Burnley midfielder Steven Hewitt is in talks with Barnsley over a season long loan deal as the 18 year old seeks first team action away from Turf Moor.(4)(5)


07 May 2012 17:24:36
Stuart Beavon and Billy Paynter have both turned down a move to Preston(16)(5)I wonder why


07 May 2012 17:21:02
Luke Freeman reassures stevenage fans that he is going nowhere this summer.(5)(6)So he should, Arsenal didn't want him, we have taken him on, on a Two year deal, he should see if we make it in to the championship first before jumping shipAnd all five of them are glad he is staying.


07 May 2012 17:08:27
Peterborough are eyeing up 4 or 5 players to replace the 8 players transfer listed:

Alex Cisak in as Lewis and Jones have gone and Joe Day will step up to the bench this season.

A new right back to replace the departing Mark Little and challenge Craig Alcock.

A new holding mid, Barry Fry has admitted an interest in Michael Jacobs of Northampton Town or failing that the posh could renew there interst in Kane Ferdinand, cousin of Rio and Anton.

An centeral midfielder will be high on Fergusons wish list, Paul Coutts could make a return to London Road but posh would have to cough up 700-800k for him. Michael Bostwick interests peterborough but looks like he could move to a bigger club for alot more money.

And finally posh will look to replace there top scorer Paul Taylor with a new striker although many posh fans think Sinclair and Barnett will lead the front line in the 12/13 season!(1)(5)


07 May 2012 17:02:38
Following an indifferent season - Dean Whitehead is likely to be the best player linked with the championship this season - with almost half the clubs in the league interested in the player. Burnley, Ipswich, Leeds, Birmingham and Middlesbrough listed as admirers(5)(1)Please please please dont come to middlesbrough, hes awfull


07 May 2012 16:56:01
Neil Warnock has focused his attentions on CM with Darren Ambrose his top target following the sale of Howson and Clayton being transfer listed.(17)(4)When did Ambrose stop being a winger then?I heard we were linked with him, and he's worked with Warnock before. Great player, but a replacement for White? Uh oh.
wallySIck note off to Yorkshire? I hope so.


07 May 2012 16:00:20
Barnsley have this weekend held talks with two players after their respective clubs accepted offers.
Shamorck attacker Aron Greene flew to South Yotkshire in the early hours of this morning to speak to the Oakwell side and is on the verge of singing a four year deal.
The second is Sheffield Wednesday forward Ryan Lowe. The 33 year old had a bid worth around £200,000 acceoted on Friday and held talks on Sunday morning with Hill at a service station just outside of Sheffield. The former Shrewsbury and Bury hitman is expected to sign a two year deal.(2)(11)


07 May 2012 15:59:11
bristol city interested in curtis nelson. 250 k -500 k for the CB(2)(4)


07 May 2012 15:56:18
Sheffield Wednesday have accepted a undisclosed bid from Barnsley for star defender Reda Johnson. The Benin international is expected to hold talks with Reds boss Keith Hill in the next week.(3)(11)Ha,ha,ha,ha that's a good one pal
Where are Barnsley ever going to get the sort of money Reda is worth
Dream on


07 May 2012 15:55:09
Barnsley are in talks with Ipswich goalkeeper Arran Lee-Barrett after the Portman Road side accepted an undisclosed bid for the former Hartlepool stopper.(7)(1)If you want the petrol money to get him there I'm sure a few town fans would donate, most of the time a good shot stopper but not an organiser and always looks like making a clanger!


07 May 2012 15:48:31
Andy Carroll is to be named in Roy Hodgson's England squad for euro 2012. {Ed025's Note - why?(6)(15)Sign of desperation.Was excellent in cup final


07 May 2012 15:24:38
Any sheffield wednesday rumours ed? {Ed025's Note - no mate(0)(5)


07 May 2012 15:22:31
man city ins: van persie, chiellini and arjen robben(3)(14)Robben just signed an extension at Bayern think this proves the quality of this rumourRobben did not sign an extension.he refused to sign after his fight wit ribery during the cl semi final.he only has 1 year left on his contract so expect bayern to cash in now


07 May 2012 15:18:24
Hi ed any leeds rumours in or out please? {Ed025's Note - linked with beckford..but the price may be too big..(6)(1)Leicester want 4 million for himLeeds are skintNo we aint you muppet get ya facts right uncle kens a tight git!


07 May 2012 15:45:51
My selection for euro 2012
Midd.Gerrard,Parker,Sinclair,oxlade,Murphy,lampard,britton,Walcott,Beckham if scholes wud

Richards. terry. Cahill, cole

Parker. Britton/scholes

Walcot. Gerrard. Sinclair

Line up untill Rooney back, this team e would get us far, with p layers like lampard,Baines, coming in to change games,
Becks for experince
Chris!(5)(12)You are one fruitloop aint you? Pot = Bad. FOOL!Whos the goalkeeper Lewis ?!You talk rubbishGrant Holt. YES! Someone who actually knows his stuff! The England squad shouldn't be about simply who plays for the top clubs cos if it were a 5 year old could pick the team, we haven't got a hope in hell of winning the Euros so why not give these players a chance (Holt, Sinclair, Britton, etc). {Ed025's Note - how about because they are not good enough to represent england...we should pick the best players in the country!..and these guys dont even come close!!Beckham a non starter
plleeaasseBeckham,get realEd, like I said we haven't got a hope in hell of winning. The supposedly "best" players in the country have already proven that they're not good enough when it comes to pulling on the three lions shirt. After our "best" players have come home once again disappointed at the end of the group stage (probably), you will be among a large amount of people who will be wondering what could've been if our selection had been a bit more adventurous.So Ed, Grant Holt is not good enough to represent England? Have u been out of the country all season?? Cuckoo land? I'm guessing u ain't seen Holt play, so that's why u think he isn't good enough? {Ed025's Note - i have seen holt...average..Lewis in goal? joe lewis? couldnt even get into the first 11 at peterborough? give ruddy a chance second best goalkeeper this seasonWe will be piss poor whether we pick Holt or not so its not worth arguing about.Average holt? im a villa fan and i think he's better than bent and zamora tbh


07 May 2012 15:44:48
paul jewell has spoken to out of contract colchester goalkeeper ben williams on a possible move. source dad is mates with jon ward, colchester manager(1)(3)


07 May 2012 15:40:37
Wycombe's Stuart Beavon is the latest player to turn down a move to Preston. Westley has not managed to get any of his targets to sign (rumored to be 7 so far).(3)(1)He must not want to work hard enough for his pay then i dont want him near my club if he does.nt westley wants hard workers. I as a fan am sick and fed up of shirkers at this club.Maybe it's time to work on your spelling!! NOBODY likes Westley and ant decent player will not want to sign for a club thats in massive debt and odd's on to sack the manager 4 or 5 games in next it's free's from the non leagues for PNEWhen complaining of others spelling mistakes it maybe worthwhile checking your own, because it MIGHT make you look a little foolish otherwise.


07 May 2012 15:39:47
Burnley could sign there first player of the summer this week with the 450,000 signing of Martin Cranie from Coventry.

Burnley youngster Shay Mccarten will spend the season on loan at Coventry(5)(0)Martin Cranie is out of contract and available on a free - sitting down with CCFC board this week to discuss the new contract he has been offered - likely to leave though


07 May 2012 15:38:13
Lloyd Sam and Jeff Hughes to sign for Peterborough from Notts County.(3)(11)There both staying at Notts darlingLloyd Sam is/was a Leeds United player!


07 May 2012 15:28:42
Alan Judge - Notts County - Peterborough £300k(5)(6)NO WAY HOSAY {Ed025's Note - joseHes going leicester for a million


07 May 2012 15:28:01
jason pearce already signed for leeds
luke varney will sign for leeds
liam lawrence will sign for cardiff
erik huseklepp will sign for brann
stephen henderson will sign for west ham
greg halford will sign for ipswich or norwich
benjani for free agent or sign swindon town or notts county(12)(7)


07 May 2012 15:18:31
Huddersfield are going to have a massive change this summer (even if we do go up)
out: naysmith, mccombe, roberts, kay, cadamarteri, gobern, tom clark, nathan clark, arfield, rhodes (only if we stay down but hopefully he will stay), miller, lee, robinson, colgan. comeing in so far: grant mccann and george boyd (peterborough), james berret and zoko (carlisle), billy paynter (scumy leeds) and a lot more, if any1 knows please comment(2)(7)George boyd is going to Leeds mate


07 May 2012 15:17:09
Leeds to sign the following players paul green, sammy clingan, and joel ward is set to join his former team mate jason pearce?(9)(9)


07 May 2012 15:14:45
Andy Williams Yeovil - Peterborough(5)(3)Peterborough are linked with pretty much every Yeovil player :/ Alcock last year, and this year Alying, Williams, Huntington and Upson who has all ready agreed a new 2 year deal with the Glovers. Surely you can't want all of them.


07 May 2012 15:13:32
There are other teams playing in the Premier league who stand a better chance than Watford in getting Kuzscak(0)(2)


07 May 2012 15:13:28
Out of favour Shrewsbury Town
winger Lionel Ainsworth will be one of
a number of players released by the
club on Wednesday. He is expected to
sign for Rotherham on a 2 year deal.

In the meantime, the Shrews have
made enquiries for striker Billy Paynter,
recently released by Leeds Utd.(5)(3)Paynter is still under contract at leeds


07 May 2012 15:13:01
Pompey will sign Richard Hughes on a two year contact. He hasn't found a club since he left Portsmouth, and in impressed in a recent charity game.(4)(4)


07 May 2012 15:12:48
just to let you know young players derby are meant to be interested in jayden stockley bmth has not been in the squad since groves took over and josh carmichael has been injured for the last 8 weeks or there is no doubt he would have at least been in the squad as he is the best young player bmth have.(0)(2)


07 May 2012 15:11:34
Gillingham winger Chris Whelpdale could be set for a shock return to former club Peterborough United.(3)(6)


07 May 2012 15:09:09
Ian black of hearts to Bristol city(6)(6)


07 May 2012 15:05:04
Peterborough United are to follow up the sign of Wrexham centre back Nathaniel Knight-Percival by swooping for 2 of his team mates. Bothe Jay Harris and centre forward Pogba will be following NKP to Posh.(5)(0)


07 May 2012 15:02:25
Nahki Wells is to leave Bradford this summer and join Darren Ferguson's Peterborough United.(6)(7)


07 May 2012 15:00:27
Transfer listed Peterborough United trio Nicky Ajose, Grant McCann and Mark Little are all set to join big spending L1 side Rotherham United.(1)(9)Since when were they in L1 ?After next season ive seen McCann
but none of the others would u say
they would be decent signings??Theyre in league 2


07 May 2012 14:58:13
Cheltenham Town midfielder has agreed to join Peterborough United for a fee in the region of £350k and Northampton youngster Michael Jacobs will also join the championship club.(4)(5)


07 May 2012 14:57:32
Readings attacking midfielder lawson D'ath to join newly promoted Crawley town on a perminant basis no chance of first team football at reading(4)(11)No neccesarily, he is still young and looks promising, just coz we went up doesnt mean we r gonna stop playing and bringging thru our youth players.Reading told Yeovil they wouldnt stand a chance of signing Lawson as he is one for the future! I think Yeovil have agreed in pricible to have him back on loan next season aswell!Reading rate D'Ath very highly. He's a young goalscoring midfielder.

There is absolutely no chance he will be allowed to leave the club. Possible loan to a Championship club though. No lower, as he really impressed in L1 this season.Performances up and down when I have seen him this season although believe he's a central midfielder rather than a winger as we have played him would love to see him back at Yeovil next season a year olderLoan seems likely though - with steve coppell as DOF at Crawley


07 May 2012 14:54:32
Ronnie Moore looks to make 3 signings for tranmere in the next 2weeks.
Zander Diamond on a free after his release from Oldham.
Marc Richards on a free as he s out of contract with Port Vale and also set to sign Giles Coke as he isn't required at Sheff Wed(4)(0)


07 May 2012 14:54:31
Peterborough United will complete deals for Welling duo Loick Pires and Jack Parkinson after the Blue Square South play off final.(2)(4)


07 May 2012 14:53:37
Notts countys ishmel demontagnac is set to make a shock return to walsall fc on a short term deal. Dean smith feels he is the best person to get the best of of ishy(6)(6)Have Him , Please , worst player ever


07 May 2012 14:51:50
Peterborough United have agreed a deal with Brighton which will see Craig Mackail Smith return to London Road with George Boyd and Paul Taylor joining Brighton plus £500k.(3)(11)CMS is never coming back to Peterborough. As said by the chairman! George Boyd maybe but Taylor ( never going to happen )Utter rubbish


07 May 2012 14:51:46
Brighton to win the chase to sign barnsley's jacob butterfield(2)(16)Reading and Newcastle have held talks with the midfielder.

LOL at Brighton hoping to sign him. You just concentrate on throwing your money away on the likes of CMS. Ha!Ha pmsl at that one


07 May 2012 14:49:46
The same contact that told me that norwich city were trying ti sign jeff hendrick 2 weeks ago. ( its been in papers this week) told me during game at arsenal sat that we are very intrested in boltons m davies. He would be great player to have at carrow road. I expect him to have a few clubs to chose from, i hope uf we dont get him he stays at bolton . After a win at stoke sunday. Nothing ag stoke, but i do like bolton(1)(2)


07 May 2012 14:49:17
After flopping at QPR, Cisse looks set to move to Suffolk side Ipswich. Anton Ferdinand could follow after forming a bond with the ill discipline front man. Jordan Rhodes has gone on record saying his blood runs blue for ITFC and would love a return back to the South East. Robert Di Matteo, a friend of Jewell, has offered Ross Turnbull on loan and Carl Jenkinson of Arsenal is the subject of Jewell's first loan offer.

Ward, Ritchie, Caddis and Coppinger will not be making the move, as funds are created to make an audacious move for A-League's Kewell and Fowler.

Jewell feels this would create the perfect blend of youth and experience to mount an assault on mid table mediocrity next season.(1)(15)He hasnt really flopped has he ?Another deluded ipswich fan. Rhodes was born in Oldham and spent most of his childhood in Scotland. He would never come out and openly say he was an Ipswich fan especially as he has play off matches yet to play.5 goals in 7 flop, are you mad?? Wake up this isn't champ manager


07 May 2012 14:48:05
Blackburn Rovers hope to put together a deal for Borja Garcia. The 21yr-old has scored 15 goals for spanish second tier side Corboda this season.(2)(5)


07 May 2012 14:46:56
Readings attacking midfielder lawson D'ath to join newly promoted Crawley town on a perminant basis no chance of first team football at reading(4)(6)


07 May 2012 14:40:02
Derby County Team For Next Season:






O'brien (Loan)

Robinson (Loan)
Jon Daly(2)(7)Phew!! Close escape I though Addison might sign for my beloved cherries......Thank christ he's staying at derbyYeh! im happy with!


07 May 2012 14:30:54
Hi Ed any Stoke News ? {Ed025's Note - not yet mate,,(0)(0)


07 May 2012 14:25:18
sir alex ferguson really needs to take the finger out and star spending on established european players instead of buying just english.apart from de gea,evra,park and nani the rest of the team against city was from the united kingdom.citu have a star studed team full of european players.if we want to keep up with them were going to have to change things up.(3)(7)


07 May 2012 14:03:24
Ed has this page got a twitter profile? {Ed025's Note - no pal,,(0)(1)


07 May 2012 13:40:16
Paul Green wil return to Doncaster at sometime before he retires, whether its this season or not remains to be seen

He's Rovers through and through and has said he wants to return at some stage(4)(5)


07 May 2012 11:55:41
Ed, any sheffield wednesday news? {Ed025's Note - not yet mate..(1)(2)Yep! You've bid £750k for Antonio.

Mixed feelings at this end but he never shone in the Championship for us.

Also Jordan Obita coming through and Garath McCleary coming in from Forest this week mean Antonio's chances are even slimmer.

Great club Wednesday! Good luck next season!Thanks for the info and good luck in the prem :)


07 May 2012 13:54:32
swansea city will sign 7/8 players this season, i know brendon said only 4/5 but he has had a meeting with huw jenkins and realised he needs to strengthen more,
-sigurdsson 7m
-lacina traore 3m
-matt jarvis 4m
-michael owen/berbatov free
-caulker loan
-bertrand loan
-toornstra- 1.5 m
-james collins- 4m or bruma - loan

-sinclair- 5/6 million
-gower- 300k
-monk- loan
-bessone- released
-jazz richards- loan
-moore -1.5m
-lita- 800k
-donnelly- loan

hoffenheim have targetted crystal palac wonder kid wilfred zaha so will use the money from sigurdsson to buy him.(8)(17)Sigurdsson going to cost more than that, its £10m they want not 10m euros, either way can see him going to utd nowSigurdsson will go top 4. Stop getting above yourselves.


07 May 2012 13:46:23
Rangers could be hit hard this summer with 4 key players looking to depart.

Steven Naismith - Blackpool
Lee McCulloch - Wigan, Derby
Kyle Lafferty - Blackburn, Bolton, Ipswich
Alan Mcgregor - Norwich, QPR, Stoke(7)(8)Stoke already have Begovic and Sorensen and therefore do not need another GKAlthough he is commonly known in Scotland as Stevie Nai-skill, he wont leave Rangers for the Championship FACT!


07 May 2012 13:42:25
Paul Green, Paddy Kenny, and Shaun Derry are leading the exodus to Leeds.(10)(9)


07 May 2012 13:38:28
ref Dicanio,yee he is like any other manager if a team in a higher division comes in for him it's normal for him to be interested.
Yet he appears to be happy at Swindon and may honour his contract whereas many would walk.
Si it's a rumour about West Ham yet if her were to go it's there he might end up(2)(3)


07 May 2012 13:32:50
steven fletcher to sunderland for 11.5m

but liverpool also want him(7)(11)Fletcher is decent but 11.5m are you for real?? worth between 6-8m tops, sunderland not interested in him, maybe liverpool would pay over inflated prices for him but not sunderlandLOL. You wont get that much! £7m yes.


07 May 2012 13:08:46
Manchester United To Sign Nick Powell From Crewe In A Deal Eventually Worth £5.6mil And Then Loan Him To Peterborough United For 18 Months.(7)(7)Hmm. Heard a similar rumour about Man Utd but Reading wanting him on loan.


07 May 2012 14:39:45
Derby ins:
Jack robinson - loan
Michael Jacobs (Northampton)
Johnny Russell (Dundee)

Derby outs:
Saul Deeney
Miles Addison
Lee Croft
Paul Green
Callum Ball (loan)
Conor Doyle
Chris Maguire
B.Davies (possibly)(5)(3)Johnny Russell plays for Dundee UNITED. and NO, he wont be moving to Derby - accept it!


07 May 2012 14:19:57
Blackburn Rovers will look to replace Robinson Nzonzi yakubu and hoilett with Itay Shetcher, Jow Lewis and david bentley(3)(4)LOL. I don't think so mate. Not exactly Championship players, eh.


07 May 2012 14:10:32
Derby to sign 4 players

Krystian pearce-Centre back
Paul dixon-Left back
Michael Jacobs-Winger
Johnny Russell-Striker

Callum Ball will being going on loan
to Dundee united as part of deal

15 youth players have been brought
to moor farm aswell as any players
from open trials.(5)(4)


07 May 2012 14:02:45
Walsall and Shrewsbury are interested in signing Hull city midfielder James Harper who is out of contract this summer and was sent out onloan to Wycombe this season

Walsall forward Alex Nicholls is being linked with a number of league two sides including Accrington and Rochdale(5)(1)


07 May 2012 14:01:02
Ricardo Fuller to sign for Cardiff City, as Kenny Miller has not performed well enough over the course of the season, also Liam Lawrence is to sign permanently after a successful loan spell at the Bluebirds.(6)(5)


07 May 2012 13:58:22
Kyle lafferty to Burnley for 750,000 as a replacement for Jay rod(8)(9)


07 May 2012 13:33:36
Blackburn and ex england keeper Paul robbinson will join west brom as part of the ewood clear out if Birmingham gain promotion as foster will go back to parent his club(2)(7)How can you sya when they have no manager?


07 May 2012 13:28:10
Blackburn striker goodwillie to join reading on a free when brfc get relegated tonight. Just talking to him as I'm a chef at ewood were they come for lunch and he said he can leave when they get relegated and his agent has been speaking with reading about a transfer. He will take a large pay cut from 45k to 15k but believes he will get more starts at reading(5)(19)Very much doubt a lot of this, and presume you are probably a reading fan. The club will not allow him to talk to another club about prospects if they get relegated. The negative morale impact that causes wouldn't be risked. Clearly know nothing. Another stupid rumour from a kid, shame it's a BH, should be in school.Not a chance ..def isnt the type of signing Reading are looking forI doubt Reading will be looking at a player that has been deemed surplus to requirements and not good enough, for an almost certain relegated team, of Blackburn.

TeejLUFCReading manager belives he is good enough, look at his goal to game ratio this season, speaks for it's self. Could have had a career at Blackburn but goodwillie plays more passing football not the hoof ball to the yak that Blackburn playWhat NONSENSE.

Reading look for a certain type of player. It's not always about status or big name.

They have to have the same mentality; i.e. hungry to succeed, team players, hard workers...

Goodwillie, though I rate him, is a trouble maker. There is no chance Reading would take him!Goodwillie is NOT a troble maker. All of his 3 convictions for assault have been in self-defence, hence the reason he has yet to receive any jail time.


07 May 2012 13:27:18
Anyone have a clue whose charltons kit sponsors for next season?(2)(3)Straightbackdown.comPampers cos there full of crapDoes anyone care??????Viagra cos we're staying up.I have heard more than once, just whispers, that it's O2. No clue really though.


07 May 2012 13:23:11
Jay Ed just said he will sign a new one year deal. Fingers crossed well offer him one instead of cashing in straight away(1)(2)


07 May 2012 13:21:33
Jay Rodriguez has spoken to a Burnley radio station (2br) and said that he would obviously love a move to a premiership club but would, if all other deals failed, signed a new 1 year deal with Burnley keeping him at the club to 2014. He said he understands people saying it could be to early to take the step up but would be stupid to turn down a deal.(10)(6)


07 May 2012 13:16:47
also if Sheffield United fail to win the
play-offs Ipswich will look to sign Matthew
Lowton a player they have previously shown significant interest in.(6)(3)


07 May 2012 13:16:43
Nigel Adkins is scouting far and wide in a bid to improve his squad ahead of next season, although the club's preference is for young, hungry and predominanty English players.

With that said, Curtis Davies of Birmingham is a target, as the Sun have reported this morning. Fee reported to be £3m and any move dependant on Birmingham's success (or lack of) in the playoffs.

Matt Jarvis remains at the top of Adkins' wishlist, with a bid of £6m on the table. Wolves unwilling to negotiate until the end of the season, however.

Burnley's Jay Rodriguez continues to attract interest, with the Saints having failed to sign the young striker in the past two transfer windows. A bid upwards of £6m will be required for the Turf Moor outfit to part with their star striker.

With big ambition and the funds to match, it will be an exciting summer for all Saints fans!(9)(9)A rumour in The Sun, must be gospel then....ive wiped my behind with better paper than The Sun. {Ed025's Note - dead right!This is what Ive heard too and in my opinion these are realistic for Saints. Just wait for the "Deluded" messages to appear soon.Whilst Adkins may be interested in one or two of these players there does seem to be a lot of Saints supporters who think signings will largely come from the Championship clubs. OK these are players you watched during the season but are they going to do well in the Premiership? Also, are we just going to look at Premiership players from clubs relegated-if they were that good why were their clubs relegated?Have heard up this way we are asking for 8 million for jarvis.Asking and getting are two different things!
Quite a number of clubs interested in Jarvis but their valuation appears more like £5m.


07 May 2012 13:13:10
Ipswich set to sign Tomasz Kuszczak,
Joel Ward, Sylvan Ebanks-Blake, Magnus
Okuonghe, Bilel Mohsni, Gary Madine,
Michael Bostwick, Stephen Gleenson and
Jack Hunt as Paul Jewell looks to the
lower leagues for some gems to avoid
paying over inflated wages.(9)(14)Lower leagues?? all of these players are either championship or prem rejectsSo what sort of a wage do you think ebanks blake is on at wolves you muppet ? - It will be a damn site more than what ipswich can affordSo Ipswich are set to sign 9 more players to add to the magnitude of players they bought in last year. I don't think PJ will make the same mistake as last year. Sounds like he will be doing a Grayson Quantity over Quality.

TeejLUFCMost of the players bought in last year were on short term deals or have been released, Jewell has already sounded out 4 of the players listed with 2 of the deals set to go through in the next fortnight, the rest are subject of enquiries with positive feedback from the clubs and agents in question, also all of the players are either free or currentley in l1 or l2 apart from Madine who was l1 this year now championship and ebanks-blake who is now a championship player, most are the right age for a younger determined push for a top 6 place before the financial fair place rules with punishment comes into place effectiley making the premier league a closed of group with the increase in parachute payments meaning relegated teams will have a huge advantage over the rest of the league creating a bigger yo-yo team enviroment coinciding with the academy restructuring resulting in the top teams being able to steal and hoard lower leagues best young talent leaving smaller teams behind as they won't be able to buy or have young player to sell once they reach the age at which they can sign professional tertmsJack hunt wont go to ipswich,Only a stupid team would let good players rhodes for instance,now who was it that let him go for a song ?


07 May 2012 12:36:38
Mowbray looking at a back up keeper, Steve Harper most likely option.

Defence is depending on others signing new deals or departures.

A host of midfield options including the realistic signings of Kane Ferdinand, Kemy Augustien, Grant Leadbitter, James Coppinger and/or Robert Koren. George Boyd is on the list but most likely out of budget.
Winger Danny Swanson from Dundee also.

Will Keane loan deal in place. Interest in Simon Cox, Lee Novak & Zoko.

No major surprises out, people sniffing around but could all easily change with one phone call.(2)(4)Why not get ikeme for 750000


07 May 2012 13:01:42
ipswich set to sign Tomasz Kuszczak,
Joel Ward, Sylvan Ebanks-Blake, Magnus(7)(12)Tomas k is signing for Watford you can have scott loach


07 May 2012 12:15:44
Championship rumours:

Derby to sign Heidar Helguson for a fee between 150k-300k

Crystal Palace to sign both Chris Martin and Simeon Jackson from Norwich for a combined fee of 2mil

Blackpool looking at Stephen Dobbie on a permanant basis plus Steven Naismith from Rangers.(9)(10)Helguson wont go to derby fact!2 million for Martin eah well that's what this garbage suggests as Simeon Jackson is a free agent in the summer.H H still lives in Watford & his family are settled so why move , Watford will prob sign him


07 May 2012 11:50:35
Derby are looking to strengthen their
squad with four signings:

Jack Robinson - Liverpool- Loan
Michael Jacobs - Nothampton- 350k
Marc Pugh- Bournemouth - 350k
Jon Daly - Dundee Utd - 500k(18)(12)Jacobs is out of contract!Robinson is a star of the future at Liverpool. Very highly rated indeed.We arient getting jack robinson because
liverpool told him that he will feature alot
more as cover for enrique and clough
needs to buy a left back not one on loan thats why hes getting Paul dixon.
Its Johnny russell not john daly.Why would he get both michael jacobs and marc pugh they are both wingers he needs one winger for the right side and
Michael jacobs is who is the more likely with only a compensation fee and Marc pugh has set his sights on home town club burnley.Then the 4th signing would be a defender as cover or to break through to first team and Clough has massive interest in Krystian Pearce from
Notts county.

There are your 4 signings but as someone has put further down this site
we have signed 10-15 youth players
including Charlie telfer and Alex websterThey might be all correct apart from Marc Pugh, i can't see derby signing him unless we sell B.Davies.350k for Jacobs is compensation fee as he is under 24


07 May 2012 11:45:23
THE PLAYER HAVING A MEDICAL IS MCLEARY. 100% OFFICIAL AS I HAVE JIST SEEN HIM AND IT'S BEEN CONFIRMED BY RECEPTION AND FRIEND IN THE CLIB SHOP {Ed025's Note - and this is sunderland is it?(8)(22)Who is mcleary? do you mean mcgeady?I saw Darren Gough at Appleby Magna McDonalds once.He's on about Gareth mccleary from forest. He is really talented but really inconsistent.Was in Reading this week and is expected to sign this week.


07 May 2012 11:44:36
Sunderland ins:

Gameiro (swap deal for sessegnon)
Hoilett or Johnson
Milner (loan with option to buy if sessegnon deal goes ahead)
Abonglhor (if sessegnon deal doesn't go ahead)

Sunderland outs:

Sessegnon (swap deal)
Larson (maby)
Campbell(1)(29)Not one of the so called ` ins ` is going to join a lower to middle table side. Deluded is the word here.Ha deluded isn't the word gabby a is probably the only one that may happen expect o'neil to be splashing out on the likes of heskey, Davies and David Dunn as realistic targetsI don't think we woild get all of them but I'd say at least half of them would come, lower midtable side?? obvious a bitter geordie who is still crying after Man City ended their champs league delusion at the ASDA Stadium yesterday! I'd have 10m and gamerio for sess not just a straight swapIll drive Gabby up to Sunderland if you pay my petrol money but no way is Clark leaving


07 May 2012 11:36:14
Preston are desperately trying to tie Danny Mayor down to a long term deal with Charlton and Sheff Wed both after him.

Westley also looking to ship out Coutts and Craig Morgan back to Peterborough and bring in Joel Byrom from Stevenage and Marc Richards from Port Vale.(11)(11)


07 May 2012 11:33:54
People on here saying Millwall is a smaller club then there championship team yet you want forde hendry trotter and josh wright who only signed this season and has played cracking so dont think he will be going anywhere.. i mean 2 mill for trotter 3 mil plus for hendry and sold morrison for 3 million and saying we dont have sure are highest paid player is on under 10k we buy players and make millions selling them and still stay in the championship.. cahill..sheringham..keller...whitbread say no more... things look good for next season :)(5)(11)No more a breeding ground for success than say Watford (Barnes / Young / Graham makes your list look a bit 3rd rate) - the reason people don't like you (yes we know you don't care) is because you are such an unpleasant bunch and even imagining that Henry or trotter are worth half what you say is deluded - Morison fee was half what you quoted by the way!Im fed up with people slagging Millwall off too. Watford may have at last have a few yuong stars but at the end of the day aint nothing specail either. I take my family to games two girls of 6 and 4, and never once have we had issues witht he behaviour. Judgemental people get right on my wick!


07 May 2012 11:32:04
Any Middlesbrough fc news? {Ed025's Note - not at the moment mate..(5)(6)


07 May 2012 11:22:41
"As Bigirimana has signed a four year deal, and is first team he won't go for less then 3,000,000 and Newcastle are interested."


Coventry are a League One team, with massive operating costs and owe money to their owners.

Bigi is available for £500,000 and likely to move to Burnley.(11)(7)Why would he move to Burnley a team with massive debt that will have to sell its best players. If he goes it will be to Newcastle or one of the other premiership teams that have scouted him this season.Just a note numpty...burnley do not have any debt....facts!! facts!! facts!!


07 May 2012 10:46:11
Yeovil are set to make a double loan swoop. Jake Sinclair and Luke Shaw will join up with the glovers until December from Southampton.

Sinclair is the younger brother of Swansea's Scott but is yet to play for the first team, however the striker was the u21's top scorer. Whilst Shaw is a highly rated full back. being chased by chelsea and arsenal. Shaw turned out twice for Saints in theF.a Cup this season(6)(8)Sorry Yeovil absolutely no chance....Shaw is rated a better prospect than a certain Mr Bale and SFC have already turned down bids if 4m+ and they expect Shaw to be first team this or next season..Shaw has only made 2 cup appearances this season? is that it? surely he wont be playing in the prem next season?Very realistic both players have minimal experience so would imagine they'd go on loan at some point next season with a view to them have first team involvement during the 2013/14 season.Can't wait for some of them to break into first team Sinclair, shaw also ward-prowse and many others very good times for saints fansITS A LOAN... not permanent, its hat players like jake and luke need, league 1 is hard division for two 17 year olds ...Shaw is a good prospect but there is no way we will put him in our first team this season, we are going to need all the exsperience we can get this season. I would imagine the original post is probable correct. However i reackon they will go to a Championship club. Also add James Ward Prowse, Jack Stephens and Calum Chambers to the list of plyers to go out on loan this season.Yeovil may have a left back and a striker from Saints = but more likely to be a Mr Dickson and Barnard !!!Whilst I agree that Shaw is a heck of a prospect there comes a time when any prospect needs to play competitive football ahead of making it into the first team-so a loan until Christmas could make sense. Remember, Saints first team will be playing against the likes of Man. U and Man. City and I don't care how good you are, no player will be thrown into that without an apprenticeship in competitive football. I could see a loan as part of this education.


07 May 2012 10:37:09
Steve Evans says he is going to
smash rotherham uniteds record
transfer fee more than once wonder
who those players could be?????(4)(12)Oh no....Im afraid thats all he knows. Spend a fortune and worry about the finances later. Rotherham, you dont need this. I remember albeit a few years ago, you had serious financial problems and came out the other side and have established yourself as a good league side, and in my view, definately in the wrong league, but not at a financial cost. Rotherham wereone of my teams for promotion next year. I just hope in the right way (Yes Crawley have gone up this season but letslook at next season and their finances - could be a nightmare)Giles coke & Richard O'donnell to join you from Wednesday is the rumour around Sheffield at the momentDont know any players available for £100There are no players involved, he will simply sit on the transfer record shattering it to pieces, worst move Rotherham could have made employing him, now you will be as hated as Crawley were with that vile slug in chargeI am afraid thats true evans will blow your finances and you could end up as waste of money he say's things then annoy's the hell out of people about transfers had to sell tubbs and bennet as crawley are struggling financially and with evans at the helm rotherham will end up the same way p.s. don't forget the wage capWhats odds on the it being a jelaous piggy making out rotherham have no money and i have heard the rumor that giles coke and o'donnell are coming to rotherham see u in 2013/2014 in leauge 1 wednesday


07 may 2012 10:28:20
hull city to sign alan judge for 400,000(5)(14)No chance ! hes staying at Notts County !How can we sign any one, we dont have a manager ,so thats a load of cods wallop ,


07 May 2012 10:27:40
Manchester United and Tottenham are the favourites to land Crewe wonder-kid Nick Powell. United's scouts have told Ferguson to sign him.(11)(3)Ferguson went to watch him saturdayIf you was nick you would want to play first team football so manu or spurs he should go to a championship club like derby were he would play every week then in a couple of years he will be ready for prem.


07 May 2012 09:57:34
Dean Saunders is keen to rebuild
the Doncaster squad and reports in
Hondorous are linking Ramon Nunez
with a possible move. nunez is allowed
to leave Leeds after starting just 10
mathces in around 2 years for Leeds.(14)(8)Thats about his level. Would be decent in league 1 but isnt quick enough, too lightweight and shot happy for the championship.

LUFCTeejComplete luxury player, you'll like him at first because he isn't afraid to shoot, then after a few games you'll realise he wastes possession with pointless shots from 40 yards


07 May 2012 09:57:07
Paul Dixon of Dundee United to Bristol City.
Derby and Millwall also interested in the left back(9)(7)


07 May 2012 09:55:46
Brentford are holding talks with Ipswich About signing Michael chopra(7)(34)Dont be silly we cant afford his wages {Ed015's Note - It would be a gamble.}


07 May 2012 09:55:30
Paul green will return to Doncaster
after leaving Derby WATCH THIS SPACE.(8)(17)Favourite to join a couple of Championship teams, so i very much doubt that.

LUFCTeejThat is bullstI agree he has no connexion to Doncaster so this is an odd rumourNo connection , except he played 7 seasons for DRFC . DOH ...Still don't think it will happen though.


07 May 2012 09:54:53
Danny Rose of Tottenham has been
linked with a loan move back to his
beloved club doncaster. Danny moved
from Doncaster to Tottenham as a lad
and is looking forward to the prospect
of been re united with some old friends.(6)(22)He never played for Doncaster he is a Leeds ladIn league 1 really?Danny rose went from Leeds to tottenhamI thought Danny Rose from Leeds?He came from leedsYou really must get the backround of a player right, rose started at leeds, went from leeds to tottenham.Danny Rose went from Doncaster to Tottenham?? i dont think so pal. He was at Leeds Academy and has never played for Doncaster in his professional career.

LUFCTeejHe went from Leeds, but he is a Donny ladHe means donny to leeds... he was born in doncasterTypical Doncaster comment. Yes, you pick up most of Leeds' academy rejects, but Rose wasn't rejected, he was poached outright by CHELSEA, before moving to Tottenham. Check facts before you go yammering.Came from Leeds utd.. Not Doncaster ......He never went to chelsea either you tool!!!! he rejected chelsea to stay at leeds, he only left leeds as they has no money! get the facts right.Don't you mean Donny might take Barnsley's youth striker also called Danny Rose on loan?What a load of tosh he went from leeds, this rumour has been plucked out of the air


07 May 2012 09:53:05
Doncaster are keeping tabs on
Shrewsbury town winger John Taylor.
The 19 year old would welcome a
move from rovers(11)(17)How do you know he'd welcome a move to Rovers?!Hes my cousin and we disscussed over tea and biscuits.Theyll be in the same league so why move! Well you can't spell his name right, so I very, very highly doubt that.It would cost them big money,which they dont have!


07 May 2012 09:43:45
swindon are looking at taken southamptons No2 polish keeper(13)(8)You dont knw the name. . . Must be trueSo are BarnsleyBartosz Biakowski must be the guy your on about. would be a great capture as several Championship teams are after him. He's been on Barnsleys radar for a couple of years since having an emergency 2 week loan at Oakwell 3 years ago.It was David James last week.
Is he breathing, does he have legs....Swindon are going to sign themPossible, depending if saints sign a new goalkeer during the window as most prem teams have 3 goalkeepers I think Bart would be third choice but I don't see us getting rid of him maybe a loan.

Tommy forecast on the other hand you could have for a snickers bar he gets payed for doing nothing and is useless i


07 May 2012 09:40:18
Magnus Okuonghae will leave Colchester United in the summer when his contract runs out and will join Watford on a free transfer.(4)(3)As a replacement for Adrian Mariappa who is going to Reading.


07 May 2012 09:34:41
Claudio Ranieri fuelled speculation he could be West Brom next manager when he revealed he would be 'a good bet' for the job during a televison interview.(6)(12)


07 May 2012 09:29:53
Watford team next season

Hodson Nosworthy mariappa Dickinson

Hog eustace

Murray mginn Paul-Taylor



07 May 2012 09:29:03
After both goalkeepers Jones and Lewis have left peterborough. They are tring to sign Olejnik from Torquay after having an outstanding season with the Gulls(10)(5)Thats risky a goalie from two leagues down in the championship. could be a great idea but id get someone else on loan just in case


07 May 2012 09:27:17
Brighton, Barnsley, Bristol City and Watford are chasing Southamptons polish 'keeper Bartosz Bialkowski who is able to leave the club on a free transfer.(4)(13)Great keeper just needs match practiseCan't see him leaving on a free though while a loan is probably more likelyHE IS WORSE THAN BREZOVAN, ANKERGREN AND GONZALEZ, WHY WOULD WE GO FOR HIM? EXPLAIN..Barnsley don,t want him we had him on loan and he was crap.Above poster - He is out of contract next month so if he does not resign it will be a freeHe is a calamity -no thanks


07 May 2012 09:23:11
Norwich are set to sign the new lionel
messi. Jonny Hayes a young wing
wizard with inverness.
Aberdeen have targeted him but the
lure of premier league will clinch the
deal. Terry Butcher wont be happy but
wont stand in the players way(10)(20)So because he is doing well in the SPL, he is the new messi? You realise the SPL is a joke? Only Celtic is good enough to MAYBE take a prem spot, possibly go championship. So considering most english teams have been ste this year against european teams, that leads me to believe he is nothing like messi.New Messi ? im sure he will be delighted to be called that, decent wee player when he is on his game, but new Messi ? not even closeThe SPL makes people like Samaras look like Cantona. Wouldnt get too excited from any prospect from the SPL.

LUFCTeejWe had Hayes for a while at Leicester. However good his development since, he is NOT the 'new Messi' I can assure you!I goto Caley games, this guy is Dog Messi!! Seriously, not even League one standardHayes has been around a bit, started at Reading then moved on to Northampton and Cheltenham. Never quite worked for him at asny of those but have watched him a few times up here at Inverness and while he has been pretty good for them, I could only see him at a mid table Championship side.He is awful just because he did well in scotland does not mean he is top class when he played for leicester a couple of years back he was awful and we were in league one.


07 May 2012 09:21:27
Enoch Showunmi has been released by
Tranmere but is no major loss. Moores
attempting to replace with Port Vales
out of contract Marc Richards,Also former
Oldham defender Zander Diamond has been training with Rovers for the past week(8)(0)


07 May 2012 08:55:58
Leicester chasing Simon Cox on loan(4)(20)I heard it would be permanent for 2 million


07 May 2012 07:43:45
Torquay's Eunan O'Kane is likely to join Watford in the next few weeks. Swindon are very keen to land O'Kane but he wants to join a Championship club, not League 1. O'Kane will cost Watford £200,000.(7)(12)Where he will get 1 match and thats it


07 May 2012 07:36:09
Northampton striker Adebayo Akinfenwa has emerged as a shock transfer target for Manchester City {Ed025's Note - tut tut..(19)(36)Hes 30 in 3 days and at man city hell get 1 game and retire at the end of the season


07 May 2012 07:25:54
Ipswich to sign Paul Gallagher for £750,000 and Sol Bamba for £1million both from Leicester City.(17)(28)


07 May 2012 07:05:14
6 million for an untried div 1 player.
Really can't see that Jordan Rhodes may be a good player but 6 million. Surely that should have read £600,000. He'd to to a bigger club like Reading for that price(16)(10)That's what people said about Oxlade-Chamberlain and look how great he has done for Arsenal this seasonHe is worth more than £6m .and he certainly wont be going to a cannon fodder team.


07 May 2012 06:38:34
all this busines about Dicanio leaving???
Is all total crap,as was in Swindon advertiaer he is looking to keep 2 players he has on loan,plus talks with boaard next week for again promotion season to championship.
Therefor all these stories of him leaving ate totally wrong(6)(13)If a bigger team comes in for him he will be off. That is football factI'd expect him to plan for the future because he's had no offers, but when a big club comes in for him he'll be gone. He's not going to stay at Swindon forever, i'm afraid.


07 May 2012 06:28:50
Mark Hughes is keen to link up again with David Bentley if the former Blackburn man can prove his fitness.(13)(8)


07 May 2012 06:20:38
Norwich City have made a bid for Blackburns Martin Olsson of £3.5 million

Which is believed to have been accepted(26)(14)


07 May 2012 06:04:07
Graeme Souness is contemplating returning to management with AFC Bournemouth. He's been seen talking to Mitchell down at Canford Cliffs Cafe's.(7)(18)What a turn up that would be


07 May 2012 03:21:37
spoke to all the bolton players after the WBA game, klasnic is deffo going next season, chungy is deffo staying and starting vs stoke, and ryo says he wants to stay next season(1)(6)Course you did. . .


07 May 2012 02:47:03
liverpool will buy
Gaston ramirez
luuk De jong
junior hoilett
all are young and fit the americans transfer policy plus hoilett and tello are availible on fress(12)(19)So what policy is that,blow as much money as possible on average playersThey seem like good additions, I am not sure they fit Kenny's criteria as the are mostly foreign and as we know.Barc wont let tello go


07 May 2012 01:54:25
Substitute Goalkeeper, Jonathan Tuffey to leave Caledonian Stadium.

JT was on high wages and also wasn't getting regular 1st team games so decided to leave Inverness Caley.

We will find a replacement though.(4)(2)


07 May 2012 01:26:54
Reading have also been scouting Real Madrid's Jack Harper for the last couple of seasons. They are not in a position where they feel the youngster would be ready to play in the Premier League but have been in talks with the Spanish side who are not against the young winger spending time on loan. If he continues developing at the current rate then Brian McDermott has first option on taking the youngster across to Berkshire for at least part of the 2013/14 campaign.(4)(15)Is Stan Butler his driver?Is this accurate? Sky Sports reported that Elliot Kebbie was the only English player currently plying his trade in La Liga. Scottish, Welsh or Irish I suppose.Harper is Scottish


07 May 2012 01:21:05
Bayern Munich have not exercised the option to sign Gamba Osaka's Takashi Usami. He remained with the second string until the end of the season but will return to the Japanese side who have conceded that he will be off in the summer. Reading had scouts in Germany watching Dale Jennings' comeback, with a view of taking him on loan next season. Reading were impressed that, despite clearly being not 100% fit, there were signs he is recovering well from injury. The newly promoted side are aware that he has struggled to settle in the area which would prompt Bayern letting him leave to gain first team experience in the Premier League. They are in open dialogue with Bayern Munich but he is not one of Reading's key targets.
During the game they were particularly impressed by Usami and have already contacted his parent club about taking him on trial during the summer, but fear that in the event they wanted to sign the young forward he would fail to receive a work permit(7)(5)


07 May 2012 01:03:16
Robbie Brady could be going to Peterborough on loan next season.(10)(9)


07 May 2012 01:01:10
Derby are hoping to get Callum McManaman on loan for the 2012/2013 season.(8)(6)


07 May 2012 00:46:51
Liverpool target
Dempsey 10mil plus Kuyt
Fletcher 7mil
Royston Drenthe Free
Holiet Free
Also rumour if Lfc cannt get Flecher will over contract to Berbatov

Everton ins
Mark Noble(5)(26)Have heard that Jarvis is a target for both Everton and Fulham if they lose DempseyI would take fletcher over caroll any dayWolves rumour is were asking fo 12 million for fletcher.


07 May 2012 00:46:20
Charlton targets:
.anthony Wordsworth (almost done deal)
.paul coutts
.antonio (but will have to fight off Sheffield Wednesday for his signature considering he has had a successful loan stint)
.oliver palmer (young non league player will have to compete with many clubs to get the youngster)
.robert earnshaw (Cardiff looking to offload him)
.matt Ritchie (will have to pay a very high fee to get Swindon to sell)
.matt mills (long shot but charlton are hoping that the lack of first team football at Leicester could tempt him to a move to south London)
.lucas piazon (another long shot but Chelsea also located in London are hoping to send the youngster out on loan close by so he doesn't have to relocate as he is still settling in England)
Charlton outs:
Jason euell (afc Wimbledon)
Leon Clarke (Crawley)
Yann kermorgant (Celtic) charlton feel that 1m is a lot considering he is almost 31 and Powell is planning for the future
Michael smith (season long loan to accrington following a decent spell before it got cut short because of injury
Also will put joe pigott, Callum harriot,Yado mambo and jordan cousins out on loan to non-league sides(7)(13)You wont waste your whole budjet on mills he cost us 5 mil5 million isn't the charlton budget it is rumoured to be more than double thatRumoured. . . Matt mills wont drop to a newly promoted team, so charlton are gna waste half the budjet on 1 player if its true? NopeYann kermorgant isnt leaving because he loves charlton and wants to finish his contract or sign a new one plus cafc are promoted as champions so he will get higher wages probably. If celtic wanted him they should have got him in summer!!Hate to rain on your parade but Anthony Wordsworth states today in local paper that he is looking forward to playing next season in Colchester,Leon Clarke, Charlton have just got rid of him, they signed him from Chesterfield, so your rumour falls apart.....just like the rest of the rubbish youve placed on here..................."Leon Clarke, Charlton have just got rid of him, they signed him from Chesterfield, so your rumour falls apart.....just like the rest of the rubbish youve placed on here." acually we got him from Swindon and he has now been released along with 5 others.No matter how much Leicester paid for Matt Mills if he's not part of the plans (and it doesn't look as if he is, after falling out with Pearson) he will be let go. The best offer will then win though IF the player likes the club, Lisburn Distillery may offer good money but he wont go there will he? So Charlton where his ex-coach is now manager looks like a good shout, nothing is certain of course, but it is a good shout.


07 May 2012 00:42:59
Craig Mackail-Smith is being tracked by Peterborough as Brighton are ready for him to move on after a disappointing season for the striker. A fee of around 2 million has been mentioned although that is less than the 3.5 million Brighton paid Posh only 12 months ago.(9)(17)


07 May 2012 00:18:13
Burnley manager Eddie Howe will bring in Adam Clayton after the midfielder was placed on the transfer list at Leeds United. Howe is thought to have been monitoring Clayton along with Leeds team mate Alex Bruce who has since been released.(3)(12)He wants 20K a week so i doubt Burnley will be giving him thatYou selling the ground to pay for him...dream onWanting 20Kpw and finding a club willing to pay him 20K pw are two entirely different variables.


07 May 2012 00:09:14
Don't be silly CMS will not leave(8)(8)Yea, he's a flop, so won't be wanted anywhere elsewhere


06 May 2012 23:53:31
Rene Gilmartin set for a sensational return to League 1 Walsall as a replacement for Jimmy Walker who is set to take over from Mick Kearns as Goalkeeping coach(6)(9)Jimmy Walker isn't retiring yet. He wants another year at the Bezza. Source: Walkers interview with express & star today


06 May 2012 23:46:19
My Pals also tell me that the other
left back Bradford City are looking
at is Morecambe's Laurence Wilson.
He has recently turned down a new
contract with The Shrimps & is
looking for bigger & better things.(1)(5)Well he is and he is set to join preston north end


06 May 2012 23:43:17
Dempsey to Spurs!(5)(20)Byebye bale then?



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