Football Rumours Archive July 10 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursJuly 10 2012 

09 Jul 2012 22:48:54
Bolton are poised to land highly-rated midfielder Carlos Sanchez Moreno on a free transfer(22)(14)Sensible move now muamba has had to further surgery. Possibly a long term replacement. Shame as fab is so good at breaking up opposition midfield play, cant pass a ball or shoot mind you.I do hope so but I very much doubt it as Coyle as already send he has shelved his approach for Sanchez and is interested in Romeu from Chelsea on loan.Brilliant signing if he comes to bolton considering reading and fulham want him.Skysports also say Bolton are close to signing Sanchez do hope so we need a Rock in the middle


09 Jul 2012 22:23:18
Alan Smith will sign for MK Dons tomorrow after his contract at Newcastle ended.(50)(9)Confirmed on mk dons websiteNow confirmed on OS. Apparently beat a few Championship sides to his signature including Notts Forest, Derby, Peterborough and Bristol City. Not sure how many of those are true but those that are, were offering higher wages than he will get at MK. Leeds didn't offer him anything.He has now indeed signed a 2 year deal.
what a capture for league 1Signed and sealed, expect Adam Smith and striker next.Happy days we have smithy shows a player with some heart and grit great player for us last year great team COYDs


09 Jul 2012 22:06:13
Crystal Palace are interested in signing Hearts Centre Back Marius Zaliukas.(26)(19)


09 Jul 2012 21:26:11
Kenywne Jones will be a hammer in the morning Press conference to follow.
Up the Iron.(30)(55) 



09 Jul 2012 21:16:28
Ledesma has signed for Middlesbrough And will be announced tomorrow(26)(14)Middlesbrough have taken Jayson Leutwiler on trial. The goalkeeper is highly regarded in Sweden.

He is a young keeper and would provide competition for Jason SteeleHope so but nothing in the 10th July Middlesbrough local paper on this.He's playing for Basel and he's from switzerlandConfirmed on the official Middlesbrough website.Switzerland, easy mistake.. Only 1280miles apart.Quoted in the local gazette as being here on trial today {Ed003's Note - It's now a confirmed signing}Charlie Wyke, will be unveiled tomorrow has Martin O'Neils big summer signing, Tony Mowbray reluctantly agreed to the transfer to allow him to use the funds to build a promotion winning side.Yes its true we have 8 keepers in training


09 Jul 2012 21:15:11
charlton have rejected a bid from
oldham for striker leon clarke.(26)(10)Why did we reject it? he's so amazingly rubbish!!!!!He has scored a lot of goals for other clubs, maybe it's our system. Anyways I'm amazed we rejected a bid.Doubt we (oldham) would have offered much more than 10k. when you take into consideration his wages, a small fee on top of that is very very expensive. don't know why he is on 5k at charlton, that is mental for a good (but not brilliant) league 1 player.Even if the offer was a £1 get him of the wages and pump it into a new player.

Get rid of him Powell, He has to go.Not enough Money! he can score so not supprisedClarke 5k a week your having a laugh!Clarke can play championship football so i do doubt that he will join oldham. there is a reason why he and charlton rejected oldham and that is because the team doesnt play good football and are never promotion pushers. They lack quality and trophies for the size of the club. Anyway you have kuqi hes the best striker youll ever get. hes strong and loves to attack so thats the best your guna get im affraid

charlton tommyCharlton Tommy,Kuqis long gone,keep up mate.Oldham do play good football and have proved it against Charlton. looking forward tom your demise in the Championship and if we are that bad why did you get Stephens from us then??? guess what he plays football. DerrrrrrrrGood football? And where did that get u last season? Oldham are for now a league one team, charlton won promotion fair and square last term, the table doesn't lie!


09 Jul 2012 20:42:43
Bristol City are lining up a pay as you play deal for Paul Robinson ex of Bolton.

Robbo plans to take his coaching badges this year and will use the opportunity to maintain fitness and learn from Derek McInnes.(17)(21) 

He did brilliant with us at leeds wish we would of have him. Great signing if its true.Never good enough for bolton I'm afraid. Another awful megson signing on ridiculous wages. Macclesfield forwards showed him up in cup game last season.Not an area where we need to strengthen, so very unlikely IMORichard Keogh and George Boyd to be shown off at ashton gate 13.00 on Wednesday. Also talks continue between Swansea and City for a player plus cash(£2.2m) deal for Albert adomah (striker or midfield player offered).Probably be like nicky hunt high wages and plays every game in the reserves so no way can i see city signing him


09 Jul 2012 20:31:19
Blackpool have signed 19 year old defender Jake caprice after being released from crystal palace UTMP(23)(10)He actually was a free agent as Palace released him at the end of last seasonThat's generally what happens when there released isn't it? Or was you just pointing out the obvious?


09 Jul 2012 20:30:27
all you huddersfield town fans hope you all said bye bye to jordon rhodes at wembely as he is set to join brighton in next 2 weeks was seen on brighton pier with his agent last friday fee around 4.5 million wow wee(14)(68)Yeah why would he move to another championship club, if anything he'll come to a premiership club like us (reading)Is 4.5m the new 8m. Why would he join Brighton?. It is a backward step in my eyes. You make me laughDeal now stalled and unlikely to happen - guess a better offer has come alongAre there any clubs out there that are not buying Jordan Rhodes ?Reading bid £5.5 million plus Morrison and Huddersfield turned it down so I really don't think £4.5 will cut it.Im not sure hw you can say its a "backwards" but whatever floats your boat.Hahah imagine that!! why would he go to brighton??
doesnt make sense!!
can't even begin to explain the things that are wrong with this statement!
terrier85 {Ed003's Note - can you put your email in the field provided on the submit form please terrier 85}Can't see thatBrighton a backwards step from uddersfield!?!?!? Don't make me laugh! Oh, but Rhodes to Brighton won't happen...far too risky to blow £5mil (he isn't worth anywhere near £8mil...) on a player unproven in the championship; he is the new CMS...There are loads of people saying this I think it's more like 5 mill thoDoesnt matter what you desperados think he is worth. Its our Chairman whos opinion counts. Wether or not he is worth 8m,thats what it will take. A scare you off price if you like. Put up or shut up. I wouldnt pay that for him,but we dont have to do we?.Brighton are a club on the upHe's not moving and even if he does move he will go to a premier league team not a mid table championship teamPlenty of reasons why - mainly because Brighton have huge ambition, a packed stadium every week and a decent budget for new players. Too many people are judging Brighton on their past knowledge and not what's happening now! Ask yourself why we have two top Spanish players from Valencia (one with Champions League and Spain international experience), why Tomasz Kuszczak chose to come down a division to play for us, why Craig Mackail-Smith chose to do the same last year despite Premier League interest, why Wayne Bridge chose also to do the same? Something is happening at the Amex and experienced players know a good thing when they see one. That's Brighton & Hove Albion FC at the moment and you read it here first! Huddersfield are not quite in the same league just yet, although they've done extremely well in recent years.He is joining Brighton it would be a £5m deal and by the way how can he say no to a brand new stadium, good team and a good manager"experienced players know a good thing when they see one" you mean like the Portsmouth players did a few years ago, they laughed all the way to the bank...
Oh and by the way ambition is nothing, everyone has ambition, I have ambition of being able to juggle 12 flaming badgers while riding a unicycle and playing the theme tune to Captain Planet on the kazoo {Ed003's Note - different I suppose,good luck anyway}Not worth 8 mill sombody tell me again how many goals he got last seasonHe has a year left of contract, he will walk in 12 months for free, or cost a f
If he doesn't go now he will be sold in Jan, unless Huddersfield look like play off contenders.I hear that Huddersfield are to make a couple of decent signings before announcing the sale of Rhodes to a premier club for an undisclosed fee!He won't go to Brighton as Poyet will eventually be snaffled by a Premiership outfit, leaving behind the Spanish contingent, who will struggle unless a Spanish speaking manager replaces him, and then the whole cycle starts over again. Stability and like minded Yorkshiremen are the reasons for Rhodes staying. It's not all about money!As he as said htfc are the only championship he will play for and we have the money to keep him and 4.5 mil doubt itJordan Rhodes has 3 years left on his contract.

I really don't know why people can't check this up instead of posting incorrect stuff. Deary me.He will hold out for a premier league club or wait to the next transfer windowActually sunshine he has three years on his contract, signed until June 2015. Get your facts right first.Heard it all before Brighton fans, all summer we've had Reading fans that he is joining them which was half believable whereas this isn't


Terrier80Like Town would sell him to Brighton, wen we rejected everton in January!He has a contract till 2015I think you'll find he has a lot more than 12 months left on his contract, hence the bargaining power. As for Brighton being a team on the up, don't make me laugh! We also have ambition, a good stadium, new training facilities and a wealthy chairman but that guarantees nothing.I've reported the flaming badgers to the RSPCA - that aside, very fair points! I'm a Brighton fan and I reckon Hudds have priced Rhodes out of a move whether he wants one or not. He will score goals at this level and you just might surprise people. Good luck!I have a few points to make....

1 - Jordan rhodes asking price is based on how Huddersfield town value the player. If nobody is prepared to match that it is our perogative to keep him.
2 - In March 2011, Jordan Rhodes signed an extension to his contract taking it to the end of the 2014/15 season, so will not be walking away for nowt at the end of 12/13 season.
3 - Brighton would not be a backwards step more of a side step. Brighton are only a season ahead of Huddersfield in terms of development but both have finances and both have ambitions for getting to the PL. Would Rhodes really want to re-locate and settle miles away from what and who he knows for a sideways move?Who has a year left? rhodes is tied up to a long term contractHuddersfield are not quite in the same league just yet, although they've done extremely well in recent years.


That is sort of the point though, Huddersfield are in the same League as Brighton, therefore isn't a step up for Rhodes, why would he move the length of the Country to play in the Championship when he can stay at home & do that?Contracted until June 2015 at HTAFC.Funny how he has just signed a contract keeping him at HT til 2015!JR is contracted to Huddersfield till 2014!Rhodes is contracted at Huddersfield until 2015, he signed a new deal in March 2011Rhodes is contracted until the end of the 2015 season so has 3 seasons left on his contract not 1Who has a year left in his contract? Jordan Rhodes? The same Jordan Rhodes who is tied to town until 2015?
Terrier80Actually, he's contracted until 2015 as of the offer he accepted in March, but I'd guess that was most likely for leverage purposes as I doubt Town would ever stand in his way at the end of next season if he manages to bag a load of goals provided he stays hereHe is actually contracted to us until 2015 my friend, please get it right. We are in a very strong position in that regard.Haha^ one year left on his contract just shows how much you actually know about him he's got 4 or 5 years leftRhodes is infact contracted to town untill summer 2015, having signed an extension in march so he will not be on a free for 3 yearsHe's contracted to 2015 so try again!Rhodes has a contract until 2015 not next yearHis contract runs till 2015 so unless I've missed something that's 3 years left with a new contract on the horizonYou could of said the same for cms but he moved to brighton...look at kevin nolan, he moved from being newcastle captain in the prem to west ham, stranger things have happened...Can just point 1 thing out b4 all u brighton fans burst with excitment. JORDAN wasnt even in the country last friday, he was still on holiday (with his agent ie, his DAD) liar, liar ya bums on fire. lol. AGDoes anyone know when Rhodes's contract runs out?RHODES aint coming to brighton, we dont wont or need HIM, we want and need the same player but proven, END ov, wk u n gd nyt!! (he does need to leave just not yet n not to big too soon, gd allround yound guy, to big to soon will ruin his career!) #bestcommentonhereinweeks #hahaBest comment on here? can't understand a thing you put! anyway, jordan rhodes isn't leaving huddersfield, as he said at the parade if anyone remembers, "i would love to stay in huddersfield! i love the club and the town. but it's not up to me, it's up to the football club."

up to the football club? i guess he's staying as why would the football club want him yo leave?!


09 Jul 2012 20:26:18
Carlisle have missed out on David ball as Fleetwood are set to sign the striker.(13)(6)It's not David ball Carlisle are talking to its Martyn waghornNeither Ball or Waghorn are targets. Hope this helps.It is going to be someone completely unexpected, watch this space......I'm a Peterborough fan and let me say if Fleetwood do manage to get David Ball, im putting a bet on him League 2 top scorer. He is not the most blessed of footballers and has a very small frame but, he comes alive in the box (similar to Kevin Phillips) and last year was quoted by Fergie Jnr as being "the clubs best finisher". The mutual feeling in Peterborough is that he was allowed to leave because of his frame and how he often went missing for large parts of the game and sometimes got bullied by big Championship centre backs. He is a very talented striker though. UTP.


09 Jul 2012 20:24:34
Huddersfield Town want the pacey Arsenal winger Jernade Meade on a season long loan.(11)(18)Ill pay his taxi fare - one way


09 Jul 2012 20:24:13
west ham united have signed 18 year old Wang Haibo from gangneung city fc for a undisclosed fee never herd of him myself most probably a prospect for the future(11)(10)Wang is a quality young striker, his goal scoring record is amazing! Very skillfull player with huge potential. Youtube him!


09 Jul 2012 20:22:36
Billy Paynter and his agent were at the Bristol Rovers training ground at midday today. BP could become the highest wage earner at the club if he agrees to League Two football this season.

Alan Connell having a medical on Thursday.(19)(29)So much rubbish gets said on here. Nobody ever comes back on to back up their posts.

Alan Connell keeps getting linked though. I'd be distraught if he was the only striker we brought in this year. Much prefer Clarkson personally...Bp would be good signing but not true and never gonna happen alan connell though would be good and that might happen but rovers need to get 2 strikers.Izale mcLoed has also been linked and i would like it if we got mcloed,connell and clarkson we would need to improve on the defence but we would score loads of goals


09 Jul 2012 20:21:41
Steele to Southampton for £4.5 million with Forecast going the other way and Middlesborough to sign Bodgan from Bolton who has wanted to leave since they were relegated. The fee for Bodgan has not as yet been agreed.(5)(32)Why would Bogdan want to leave Bolton for a club in the same league as his current one just because they've been relegated ? If anything he'd want to play in the Prem again.Forecast, haha! Whoever planned that one needs sacking...Bogdan to Middlesbrough!! Never. Where will they get the kind of money his transfer will command? The lad is a full international with prem experience. It will take £4-5 million at very least.Now Now Saints fans, we all make remarks about Tommy Forecast but most of us have never seen the guy play.
But seriously, I didnt think we would pay a club £4million to take him off our hands plus a bit of petty cash for one of the other teams keepers.The 4-5 million it would apparently take is available for the fee Southampton are weirdly paying Middlesborough for Steele, it is possible maybe he reckons Middlesborough are more likely to go up than Bolton. But yeah it does seem a bit odd. I still would like to see this happen Steele would be a good addition and Forecast shouldn't be at Southampton, at least at Middlesborough if they signed another keeper he'd A) Be a number 2 keeper and B) Middlesborough would have a substitute keeper. Still it would be a brilliant signing for Middlesborough if this came off, in effect Steele for Bodgan and Forecast.Guy that defended Forecast, Grimsby fans said he's the worst keeper they'd seen. Good enough for me.Bogdan going nowhere especially MIDDLESBORO. He is our number one and happy at Bolton. Where do you get these rumours from.... really!Steele would only be cash offerI wouldn't be so sure on Bodgan staying :/ I reckon he'll leave he's clearly better than us. Still are Middlesborough that much better than us? If he goes it'll be to a top flight side I'd imagine.


09 Jul 2012 20:20:03
watford ins

Vito mannone/arsenal/loan or perm
Andrea mancini free agent
Matej Vydra Udinese Loan
Antonio Candreva Loan(17)(10)All possible with the exception of MannoneYou'll be getting a few Udinese players in on loanMatej Vydra confirmed along with czech compatriot Daniel Pudil from granadaMatej Vydra Udinese Loan - correctVydra loan is more or less confirmed.
Mancini is the kind of player the Pozzos go for to develop and sell on.
I think Candreva has just signed for Lazio after elaving Udinese, so I doubt Lazio will loan him out.Michael Kightly is high on Gianfranco Zola's radar following a successful spell with the Hornets last seasonIf we got mancini could build a relationship with man city and then get all their money!Mate, i dont think that is going to happen


09 Jul 2012 20:15:48
West Ham to snap up Gangneung City FC striker for around £5.6 Million.(16)(17)It will probably be a fee of around 2 million


09 Jul 2012 20:10:46
liam dickinson of port vale will be going on trial with yeovil this week after a large lay off through injury, vale could not pay the wages for the player and yeovil's bondz ngala money will prove useful in paying his wage(1)(12)Funny that......Dickinson is training with Port Vale until August in order to prove his fitness and in order to win a contract....He also wants to move nearer to his family in Salford SO somehow I very much doubt he will be going on trial at Yeovil as that will be defeating the object!!!!!!If port vale cant afford his wages, then neither can yeovil. we have one of the smallest budgets in the football leauge


09 Jul 2012 20:08:31
Birmingham to complete signing of lovenkrands and also sign Ricardo fuller(28)(16)


09 Jul 2012 20:07:56
Once the transfer ban is lifted and Michael Appleton is allowed to sign people, 6 players will join Portsmouth which will be Izale McLeod (free) Lee Naylor (free) Tamas Kadar (Free) George Thorne (season loan) Jon Harley (Free) and David Button (season loan)

Players leaving will be; David Norris, Luke Varney and Greg Halford to Leeds, Liam Lawrence to Cardiff, Hayden Mullins to Charlton, Eric Huseklepp to Brann and Ben-Haim to Partizal Belgrade(7)(23)Yup! That's right McLeod & the footballing world is going to wait for Portsmouth to exit Administration.Well, with the 8 players who returned for training, a grand total of 14!!

Appleton must feel he is living a nightmare.Lee naylor as in ex cardiff LB? Hes on trial with Birmingham and looks set to sign there.One the 99999999th time Mullins has been linked to CAFC. Won't happen."One the 99999999th time Mullins has been linked to CAFC. Won't happen."

I hope it does come off, we are in need of centre mid reinforcing. I'd also love Luke Varney to return.Only eight turned up for preseason today , might need a few more.Izale McLeod is staying at a hotel in Dorset tonight.If it is Izale he probably missed Dorset and ended up in Yorkshire8 players turned up for training. Thats interesting because 16 current players turned up and 4 trialists. Not entirely sure where you got your info from really. Just guessing? sounds like itReally? Only 8 players at training! That blows a quick 5 a side out the water then


09 Jul 2012 19:50:31
Manchester City youngster Devante Cole to sign for his father's former club Bristol City on a season long loan.(6)(15)Probably get him 250k and hopefully sell him for loads more like his dad cause man city dont need the money!!


09 Jul 2012 19:52:37
According to various sources West Ham are close to signing Kieran Ruchardson and Kenwyne Jones this week with Nathaniel Clyne set to sign after a compensation fee is agreed with Crystal Palace.
West Ham have agreed a £2.5 million fee with Sunderland and terms with the player.
West Ham have also have had a bid accepted for Kenwyne Jones by Stoke and agreed terms with the player.
Nathaniel Clyne has agreed terms at Upton Park and is set to sign after compensation is agreed with Crystal Palace or a tribunal if compensation is not agreed.

190298(15)(14)Rubbish. Clyne is holding out for a move to Arsenal which should happen in the next couple of weeksPalace have NOT agreed compensation with any club, in fact no club has entered talks with usYou may very well have had a bid accepted for Kenwyne, but he's on holiday in Trinidad at the moment, so I doubt you have agreed personal terms.Im not convinced on jones to hammers hes been in trinidad for a couple of weeks so how can he have been in talks and passed a medical he returns from is holidays todayPlayers do not agree personal terms. That is the job of the agent. Whilst in Trinidad it may create an obstacle to signing paperwork but even Trinidad, I assume have technology


09 Jul 2012 19:43:06
Simeon Jackson has told norwich that
he wants to move and get first team
fottball and not be a sub all the time.
Bristol City, Blackpool and Ipswich
looking at the situation.
Would cost 2-3 million(11)(25)We (Ipswich) wouldn't pay that much for one player, especially one from Norwich. Can't imagine Bristol paying that much either even if they sell Adomah for 2-3 million.He is NEVER worth that much money!Funny that. hes just signed a new 3 year deal.Rubbish, if Jackson wanted to leave due to wanting to play football, he wouldn't have just signed a new contract and would have left on a free. Stop making things upJackson recently signed contract that puts to bedIs that the Royal "We" or are you on the board?Ian holloway looks set to raid former club bristol rovers for young winger carayol with a bid between 150.000 /200.000 plus player and will also look at marvin elliot from from home town club bristol cityIts 1 yearHe was good at champ level but i wasn too sure at prem level he would a good signing for anyone in the champ so 2to 3 mil bit ott maybe 500k to 1mil


09 jul 2012 19:13:01
ipswich have signed luke chambers for free on a three year deal.(19)(4)And that's a FACTAnd Leeds thought they would get him no brainier to me and I'm not a Ipswich fanAnd youre welcome to him, wont be long before you realise what a class player he


09 Jul 2012 18:58:37
Barcelona Starlet Gerard Deulofeu linked with a move to the Premier League new boys Southampton. The 18 yr old wide man has been increasing frustrated with the lack of first time opportunities at the nou camp last season, Vilanova reportedly keen to offload youngster. Saints see him as a one for the future, hope to tie up a £1.2m deal by the end of the week(4)(14)I don't know much about this player but I guess he does sound like he'd be an interesting player for us to have.I'm a saints fan , and this transfer ain't gonna happen !What like Iago falque?I don't know much either , but sounds possibleHe is wanted by arsenal and chelsea and thought to be the next messi, lets not be hasty saints fans. PS lets all pray Buttner goes through sharpishEven a cursory glance on the internet will tell you that this guy is more than just 'one for the future' and has already under consideration for the Barca first team next season. A major talent in the making that Barca wouldn't let go at any price, and certainly not that price. Should he become available both Arsenal and Real Madrid would be well ahead of us in the queue.Doesnt feel right - an 18 year old last season would be straight out (or even in) the youth team. There arent many youth players who would expect first team football at Barca - this is Barca!


09 Jul 2012 18:33:53
Sheffield United: Blades to unveil John Cofie as first summer signing:(7)(9)


09 Jul 2012 17:36:27
Mohsni definitely going to Wednesday, hasnt trained with us yet, question is, how much? Sad to see him go.(7)(8)At least our fair play record will improve haha, yeah he is a cracking player just needs to control his temperHe hasn't trained with us because he is in France still, the club gave him a few extra days off


09 Jul 2012 17:29:50
Jordan Willis to sign this week for Blackpool(10)(12)


09 Jul 2012 17:25:34
Bradford are close to completing the loan of Connor Henderson from Arsenal. Henderson can operate in the centre or on the left side of Midfield. Also Oscar Janson could be making a return to Valley Parade on a permanent basis. Bradford also want 1 more experienced striker which could be Dele Adebola, Billy Paynter or Steve Howard.(10)(8)Sourses plz. hope your right about oscar. great keeper.Jansson was dropped and sent back by PP when he came in..bsNever heard of the arsenal lad but would take oscar and either one of the mentioned strikers.That isn't true about Jansson, he was brought in by PJ for Cup games only, it was in his loan deal that he couldn't play league games, then after his month loan Tottenham did not want to extend it.Oscar jansson did play a league game what you said is nonsense.he was sent back by PP as he wanted a permanent keeper as 1st choice he doesn't believe in loans in certain areas so he brought duke in as johnny mac was still illBradford city complete the signing of Billy Paynter on a one year-deal. Connor Henderson joins from Arsenal on a 6 month loan deal.Bradford in talks with former Portsmouth striker Nwko Kanu over a one year-deal.Jansson is coming back to Bradford City this weekWe won't sign paynter because he is still in contract and they'll demand a fee. we won't sign Jansson because PP sent him back. i'm sure Kanu is interested in coming to bradford...What utter rubbish. Kanu has failed to turn up in the UK for pre-season training at Pompey....and yet somehow Bradford City are discussing a move for him. Why on earth would PP want him? No chance.When is the annoucement billy paynter signing then ?


09 Jul 2012 17:25:06
Bristol rovers are set to offer John akinde a way out of Crawley, they have also offered a contract to his ex team mate David James but he declined it. The club has also sourced extra income by allowing the gb beach volleyball team to practice on the pitch.(6)(9)Teds worrying about the one true team in Bristol againAkinde is too slow to use the M23 so I'd suggest the A264 to Horsham, A281 to Guildford and then the A322 till it joins the A4 which will take him to Bristol. By the time he gets there I expect Mark McGhee will have left and Shaun North will be caretaker manager.Akinde is young, and does a lot of things right - just needs to start finding the net. He's done it in the past, but may need to leave Crawley to get his game back on track.


09 Jul 2012 17:02:54
Ed's Do you know what is going on with M'villa, do u think he will sign for Arsenal? {Ed003's Note - Try the arsenal site mate}(2)(10)Looks like barca are interested after losing keita...


09 Jul 2012 17:15:00
Cheltenham will sign ex Barnet left back Jordan Parkes this week.(4)(5)Or Exeter left back Billy Jones


09 Jul 2012 17:14:23
Exeter City have signed experienced left-back Craig Woodman this afternoon following his release from Brentford.(5)(2)


09 Jul 2012 17:08:46
Hull City have confirmed the signing of goalkeeper Eldin Jakupovic on a two-year deal.
The 27-year-old was on trial at the Tigers last season under Nick Barmby..
His previous clubs include Lokomotiv Moscow, Grasshoppers and Aris Thessalonik.
Jakupovic††has joined up with the rest of the Tigers' first team squad at their pre-season training base in Portugal, along with Ben Amos, who is to join on a season-long loan from Manchester United.

Source Hull daily mail(4)(4)


09 Jul 2012 17:08:36
notts county has just sign joss labadie on a one year deal and expect to sign lloyd sam or giles coke by the end of the week.(6)(1)Manny Smith from Walsall signed/


09 Jul 2012 16:50:14
Jenson and Stewart sign new contracts with burnley(9)(4)I thought Stewart had left!!What happens now???if we take the two aussie keepers we ll have 5 goaliesBoth signed one year dealsHas the stock deal gone cold?


09 Jul 2012 16:39:09
stevenage fc confirmed lawrie wilson will sign a 3 year deal with the awesome cafc on an undisclosed fee
jack morrison(5)(4)Why r Stevenage selling all there players 5 aside team next year more to go aswell apparently.Gary Smith is changing the whole squad- Because they are a tiny football club punching above their weight, meaning their players are easy pickings for any club of a reasonable size at the same level wanting to improve their squad without breaking the bank?Tiny club! Punching above their weight? You mean a club going places, green does nor suit you, ( unless your a Yeovil fan )


09 Jul 2012 16:38:33
Charlton have dipped into there pockets to sign Jordan cook (ex sunderland) and lawrie wilson from stevenage(6)(2)I like how people are clicking "unbelievable" on done deals!Don't expect him to get many goals coz he's finishing is terribleSeeing as cook was a free transfer I really don't care, he will have his chance to prove himself, if he fails he will make a very nice benchwarmer. As a charlton fan I would like to see Danny Haynes and Yann Kermorgant as our main strikers with wright Phillips as an impact substitute, I also feel we need a winger to give Kermorgant the service he deservesAnyone genuinely know what's going on at the valley if anything at all? Lots of rumours flying about about financial problems but most people keep saying the info on here is being written by non charlton fans. Signed 2 players today which means there is money but still worried all is not as it should be?He looks really good if you look at the sunderland reserve games and a couple of the carlisle. so dont dismiss him. In those games he seemed to play a wide left role and drifts inside for quite a lot of shots, especially for sundereland. For carlisle he also played behind the striker. He scored four goals which is very good, he is young. Im really looking forward to seeing this guy have a crack at the season this year. Give the lad a chance!I have written about the money problems and been accused of not being a fan - i sit in the East Stand and go home and away. the problems are genuine and are based around Jiminez - he needs to go!I also feel we need a winger to give Kermorgant the service he deserves
Errrr Jackson?????Let's face it, Jackson can deliver a good cross , but not often enough, Jackson is not a winger


09 Jul 2012 16:36:31
Scunthorpe sign mike grella and Christian riberio on two year deals. On the official website.(8)(5)Yes, we are also after Billy Kee and Patrick Agyemang, so we will so what happens there...Who are scunny trialists


09 Jul 2012 16:29:24
international clearance has not been permitted for ranger quintent Naismith, Davis, Lafferty, Ness and Whittaker. source bbc sport!(13)(4)Another war for zombie fc.Whats the chance of admin2. timmy tim.SLMFAO.Let us l hope Everton, Soton and Norwich all get stung. Bunch of opportunist chancers.

RedbirdWhy on earth would everton stoke norwich or my club southampton get stung for ,, there free agents and have no connections with newco rangers only glasgow rangers who went bust and out of business they have a right to seek employment and keep there families afloat just like normal people who have redundancy money when they lose there jobs but they find other employment


09 Jul 2012 16:01:18
Peterborough United have joined the chase for chris McCann.
they have offered George Boyd in a swap deal to stifle Norwich City's approach.
Eddie Howe is known to be an admirer of Boyd.(5)(19)If Mccann leaves the Clarets who'm he's been with since he was 16, it will be for a Premier League club. Not little Peterbrough.Please... stop doing this to posh fans. This rumour is awful and makes posh fans look idiots.If Norwich were after him which we are not why on earth would he choose PeterbroughI hope Peterborough do stifle our approach, he's an awful player.They would never swap star player Boyd for Chris McCann


09 Jul 2012 15:59:14
Blackpool seem to be the favorites for Coventry and England u18 international Jordan Willis.(8)(9)


09 Jul 2012 15:59:09
Cardiff interested in Chris Eagles, Paul Coutts and Stephen Quinn(14)(8)I highly doubt eagles would leave he played 34 games out of 48 pritty much a starter I would say


09 Jul 2012 15:58:49
Luke Chambers completed move to Ipswich, next will be Davies from Derby hopefully + a GK(11)(3)Hopefully Scott Loach, who is our main goalkeeper target.Scott Loach please, fingers crossed.Loach has been at the itfc traing ground and will sign for town this week.from a good source at the club,also Davis is not in the frame at all.this is just a big fabricated story to put the press off the trail of Paul Jewell.two players from spurs are on the cards but nobody outside the club has any idea who they are so no rulers please.what I can tell is this...there will be at least a top lad from the prem when the club has started there pre season tour .you got this first here and all this is genuine,straight from the horses mouth.I know that Scott Loach has been heavily linked and is a Town fan. But is he really the commanding keeper we want because I haven't seen that much of him and I know some Watford fans aren't impressed with his dip in form last season.Yeah what he said... No rulers please.Loach is an average keeper,not best but reliable.we really should be looking higher.Tom Heaton of Cardiff seen in talks with PJ.


09 Jul 2012 15:58:28
Leeds have verbal agreements with both Paddy Kenny and Lee Peltier to join the club this week, pending a medical at the club and subject to the transfer of the fees to their respective clubs.(15)(14)Strange that Peltier is returning to Huddersfield for £600.000You town fans really are deluded if you think peltier will turn leeds down to re- join you he left for a reasonKenny is a free agent, so Leeds dont have to make any agreement with anyone other than Paddy and certainly dont have to agree a free. Check basic facts before posting nonsenseWell of course lee peltier wudnt choose HUDDS (a stable club with a bright future) wen he cud choose LEEDS (a club in termoyle with a nutcase for a chairman) EASY PEASY. lolPaddy is not a free agent. Please get your own facts right before questioning other peoples.

JWKenny has another year at qpr mot a free agent yet....Wish you would check basic facts before posting nonsense paddy kenny is not a free agent he is signing for leeds for a undisclosed fee on a three year contractCan someone define the word termoyleTermoyle.
A possible phonetic pronunciation of the word TURMOIL. Meaning din and bustle and confusion.
Also probably a good description of Leeds United fans waiting to hear about the takeover.


09 Jul 2012 15:58:06
Sheffield United interested in bringing back Brian Howard as he is currently a free agent. Danny Wilson rates the midfielder and he see's him as a replacement for Kevin Mcdonald who didnt return back for pre-season training this morning. Brian is willing to take a pay-cut to come back to BDTBL but wants a 3year contract in return.(10)(10)Wrong again hes gone to spain with the reds on trialPre-season training is to commence next Monday, so you're wrong!Wrong again, he has several deals in the pipeline from championship and league 1 teams as well as a offer from a cyprus team


09 Jul 2012 15:56:50
Watford will sign Carlo Cudicini from Spurs in the next 48 hrs and will bring in Man City Forward Luca Scapuzzi on loan for the season. Watch this!(10)(15)And this was taken from where?Are we now being connected with anybody with a name sounding remotely ItalianSuper Murrio perhaps?oops we've already got himWatford to sign Lloydinho


09 Jul 2012 15:50:39
Bilel Mohsni absent from southends first training session today expected to be in Sheffield having talks with Sheffield Wednesday(8)(8)He was at a family wedding in France, ask him yourself or have a look in our local paper (Southend Echo), he signed a new contract and has no interest in going up north.

Source: Southend EchoStrictly speaking he signed nothing, there was an potion on his previous contract allowing us to activate a 1 year extension, and it is true that sheffield wednesday have made a bid around 400k


09 Jul 2012 15:46:13
Junior Hoilett was seen at the QPR training ground, allegedly discussing personal terms over a move to Loftus Road(7)(32)If this is true, would be an amazing signing.Odds on this move are plummeting looks like it could be closeNo he is happy at Blackburn
Plus will he really get a starting line up for QPR when you have the likes of Barton, Ji-Sung Park, Taarabt, Johnson, Cisse, Zamora, Mackie, Faurlin, BuszcakyDeals very close and bettings suspended on him going to QPR.He isnt happy at Blackburn, what are you on? They offered him loads of contracts and he turned them down! Plus he is a left winger; a position that QPR dont have anyone


09 Jul 2012 15:45:36
Blackpool hopeful of signing Coventry city youngster Jordan Willis(8)(9)


09 Jul 2012 15:43:38
Ipswich Town have completed the signing of Luke Chambers on a three year deal.(9)(3)


09 Jul 2012 15:44:43
Richard Keogh was in talks with Bristol City this weekend and set to sign today however, Coventry have refused the 500k + Wilson bid. Wilson did not want to leave apparently. City are not willing to negotiate further so it appears deal is now dead.(9)(11)Surely if Coventry refused the bid then Keogh would not have been in talks. Negotiations with the player would only take place if a bid was accepted. Get some proper info and provide sources.


09 Jul 2012 15:42:27
Paul Parry moves from Preston to Stevenage as Westley aims to clear out unwanted players. Barry Nicholson, Andy Procter are expected to follow and Paul Coutts looks set to join an un named championship team after a big bid was accepted(2)(12)Paul parry has signed for shrewsbury town fc this morningWrong parry has gone to shrewsbury look on their official sitePaul parry has signed for shrewsburyPaul Parry has already mooved to ShrewsburyParry was released ages ago and has signed for Shrewsbury!Westlwy has now got hume mayor coutts training away from the rest what a master stroke of lunacy , if by xmas preston are top 2 he will have to go the guy is a grade 1 idiotComplete accident i meant shrewsbury not stevenage hahaI'm confused by 'if by Christmas Preston are top 2 he will have to go'. As a Preston fan I would be delighted if Preston are second in the table at Christmas.


09 Jul 2012 15:38:20
Freddy Eastwood training with Southend move set to be completed this week(9)(5)


09 Jul 2012 15:32:34
James harper having medical at Oxford tomorrow afternoon after agreeing personal terms(7)(6)Oxford have not spoke to James, i've spoke to him myself. He has no idea how or why this rumour was started, albeit only on here!


09 Jul 2012 15:16:55
jason euell is on trial with yeovil! expected to be 1 of the 2 or 3 signings to be made in the next few weeks(3)(5)Yeovil could never afford but i think one of the players we will sign will be a cm and another cb,We don't need a cm? we have plenty we need a cb, winger and striker and 2 or all will be loansYeovil can defo afford him, he played for wimbledon last year..Not true 100000% . im friends with him on facebook and i know people will say im lieing , and i can sware i am.. but his status this morning did read "Those that are asking about my future, all will be resolved and announced very soon. Watch this space!

but quite a few comments on there suggest hes either staying at charlton or going to wimbledonI heard euell is probably coming to yeovil mate, im not facebook friends with him, im a real friend...Finally, someone who realises the difference between what footballers say to please the fans and what they actually are going to do


09 Jul 2012 15:15:36
After the signing of Michael Bostwick, Peterborough are looking at Paul Coutts from Preston to add to the midfield(6)(14)coutts himself has ruled this outNo they are not they have said the deal is dead now after coutts wage demandsCoutts already rejected contract terms, keep up... sounds as if he's got a bit of an ego issue now, and playing for the wrong reasonsAlready turned them down over termsSomebody please take him, I am sick of these overpaid players at PNE who have no interest in the club!We would take him but thats the problem we won't overpay him!


09 Jul 2012 15:13:32
Derby are interested in bringing in Bury defender Joe Skarz to fill their left-back position(18)(4)Wouldn't be a bad signing for you guys, always thought he could do a job at a higher level. fairly quick and he always puts in 100% (bury fan)Very believable as it fits in with our ( Derby ) policy of filling the largest club in the Championships ( behind Leeds ) team full of young kids from either lower or non league clubs. What is happening at Derby at the moment is nothing short of scandalous......we've got rid of one board that were unfit to run our club......we can and will do it again !Skarz was excellent in League 2 but looked very average in League 1 be surprised if a Championship side is after him


09 Jul 2012 15:05:08
A fee of around 65k is being spoken about as Port Vale chase Shaun Harrad to partner Liam Dickinson next season.(3)(5)Not true. Harrard is not good enough and Micky Adams isn't interested. Told this from someone at the club. Harrard will not be joining the clubSo who is good enough then,has that person told you?It's a ex premiership striker with more ability than harrard.


09 Jul 2012 15:00:59
Aresnal looking at options to replace RVP, i have been told they include:

Jovetic(10)(18)Fiorentina have placed a 30 million Euros price on Jovatic, so that one is definitely not going to happen


09 Jul 2012 14:57:01
Oldham will wrap up the signing of striker Leon Clarke this week. Oldham also head the race to Sign Manchester United youngsters Reece Brown,Jessie Lingard and Larnel Cole on Season long loan deals with the deal to be completed when Oldham are back from Portugal in a couple of weeks.(3)(7)Charlton have said No to our offer for Clarke. Your a bit behind the timesCharlton rejected bid from oldham
wouldnt sign them players all on long loan maybe brownIs Clarke any good? His goal scoring record is not good and he is supposed to take the place of Kuqi. Clarke only scores at lower levels...Hi will finish top at PNEHe banged them in for chesterfield tht it he scores under sheridan he joined oldham under him and scoredI wasn't behind the time Clarke agreed to the deal Charlton rejected it.Clarke coming home


09 Jul 2012 14:49:59
Bradford City to sign....Caleb Folan(5)(11)


09 Jul 2012 14:37:48
Bostwick signed for Posh on a 3 year deal. source Peterborough web site with a picture of him in Portugal at there training camp - great news..(9)(4)


09 Jul 2012 14:35:57
Swansea have had a 3mil bid accepted for Albert Adomah of Bristol City(9)(20)BCFC turned down 3.5M from Fulham last week so why now accept 3M, unless dobbie and Monk are thrown in as wellBCFC realizing they will lose the man and yes will probably ask for Dobbie tooI'm sure there's just Interest at the moment following up Rogers' interest in the player and no offer whatsoever has been made.

TomoHe still got 3 years left on his contract so i think 4 mil would be acceptable but 3 mil with a couple of half design player would be ok as well for my liking anyway but the fringe player of either club wages are too high for city likings so they would have to take a massive pay cut


09 Jul 2012 14:35:04
any middlesbrough fc news?(1)(11)Yep, news just in. your looking at darren pratley and joe skarzWhere did you find this news out?Ledesma has signed a 3 year contract according to ssn


09 Jul 2012 14:34:03
Dave kitson at bristol city today for fitness test prior to move(13)(20)Don't want him at 32 years oldAnother stead same mould we need paceAgreed, and Stead was class last season. dont need him. need a young pacing strikerThis started under millen and when McInnes took over he said he wasn't interested in Kitson, not the type of player he wanted oin his squad


09 Jul 2012 14:30:23
Rotherham pull out of massive bid to sign Damien Reeves.(7)(8)Do you mean a massive contract offer?
Reeves is out of contract so no MASSIVE bid would be needed!!


09 Jul 2012 14:26:53
Luton Ship out John Paul Kissock to macclesfield and bring in former Barnet striker Izale McLeod(3)(12)Kissock deal happened but you can forget McLeod, I'd sayThe Izale Mcleod deal is bcks but the John Paul Kissock deal has happened and i support Macclesfield Town :)


09 Jul 2012 14:22:38
Bostwick to Posh on a 3 year deal is finally very close to happening according to SSN 09/07/12.(8)(5)


09 Jul 2012 14:22:37
we are very close to signing izale mcleod from barnet {Ed025's Note - who,s we?..(2)(8)Every football league club has been linked to McLeod so could be anyone, as has Francois Zoko it seemsI watched zoko once he was unbelievably good destroyed anyone who got in the way with pace,skill and strength he would be in the premiership if he had been giving the chance


09 Jul 2012 14:21:23
Pompey lining up former Rangers midfielder Ryan McCabe on a 3 Year Deal.(5)(11)Surely u mean Rhys McCabe, possible but move would require international clearance which looks doubtfulPompey still under transfer embargo! Nobody will be signing until they can release some of their high earnersIf you could get his name right, I'd possibly beleve you.


09 Jul 2012 14:18:04
As well as Forster caskey Oxford are also looking to bring in 21 year old forward Roland bergkamp nephew of Denis in on loan also from Brighton. Derby are also said to be interested in Harry Worley a bid of 75k is said to be put in soon(2)(10)Have bergkamp permantely he barely got in the reserve teamThe same Harry Worley who can't get a game at OUFC?
We'd accept a 10k fee. He's not even good enough for LG2!
75K, where shall i drive him too?

Oh and OUFC are not interested in Bergkamp whatsoever. You wait and see. NOT going to happenKeep hearing about this harry worley on here, your defo dreaming, we dont want a lg 2 second string player, we have the likes of will hughes and mason bennett and callum ball coming through the ranks, and many more, he,d end up polishing thier boots at derby mateIs it Harry Worley himself that keeps posting this or what?


09 Jul 2012 14:16:06
pne are expected to bid around 250k for cardiff city striker joe mason(1)(31)Try multipling by 10. Even then absolutely no chance.

RedbirdYou would have to add atleast £3.75m, he had a massive season last season for us, so why the hell would he leave?? Put it this was if he was preston aint got a change, the big boys will come sniffin soon, this boys got talent... Red Rhino.Try 2.5million and Cardiff still wouldn't sell himIs that the same Joe Mason that scored in the league cup final for us? The same Mason that was our 2nd top goal scoring striker? Is that the same Mason that started nearly every game for us last season? Is it the same Mason that signed a new contract with us at the end is last season? Or is it a different Joe Mason that I never heard of before?No chance mason come to Cardiff from Plymouth arounf about the same fee as 250k so he's never going without a profit and he's one for the future and worth 1m atleast now250k for super joe your avin a giraffe mate this lad will be an England international one day and he's staying at the mighty redbirdsTo the comment above he's made he's republic of ireland debut alreadyRepublic of ireland internationalBy the way he's Irish not English guysHe's Irish {Ed003's Note - Right,that's sorted then now,cheers guys}He's English and Irish his dad is English and his mom is from Mayo/Ireland i think he has played in under 21 Republic of Ireland and yet to get a call up to trapottoni's squadHe's actually English and has not played for national side yet (for Ireland) and is therefor legible for England.


09 Jul 2012 14:15:39
Charlton to snap up Jordan Cook and
Lawrie Wilson today(8)(4)


09 Jul 2012 14:04:45
David Stockdale linked with Southampton to compete with Kelvin Davis. He'd cost £4-5m but would bring some PL experience and is a solid keeper to boot. Represents better value for money than Jack Butland.(15)(9)He'd be an interesting signing to say the least but I reckon we could do better for 5 million.Fulham wont let Stockdale go to Southampton, just to bench warm, He would be better siging for his last season loan club Ipswich, at least he would get gamesFulham would let him go to sit on the bench if it wasn't a loan and the money was good enough. Fulham wouldn't care beyond that. I imagine Fulham will try to loan him out to Championship sides though.Fulham won't sell him said last season


09 Jul 2012 14:00:00
John Carew to Leicester City (Free) just been spotted at the BP Garage just off Belvoir Drive (Leicester Training Groun) WELCOME to LCFC Great signing!(16)(14)He was well past his best when he came on loan to us at Stoke, didn't do much at West Ham. Don't think you're getting the same player he was at Villa!He has driven all the way from London and only needs to fill up just outside the Leicester training convenient!!I no such a good job at west ham so he was releasedLondon is only 100 miles from Leicester so he might well need a top up! I have heard that Pearson is interested too and believe he will be a quality signing!


09 Jul 2012 13:48:23
Ex Bristol City player Marlon Jackson is waiting on better offers before making his decision on a contract offered to him by Port Vale(4)(5)


09 Jul 2012 13:44:36
Heard from a close source to the club that Brian Howard is going to Spain with Barnsley to their preseason training camp to prove himself. They fly out today.(9)(9)No they flew out on sunday without brian howardThey flew out too spain today...Who ever your source is they are wrong they went yesterday. {Ed003's Note - Right ok,does it really matter which day they went,they are there}They went SundayWen did thay goBrian Howard is currently at home in Southampton talking to several clubs.
He has expressed a desire to return to Barnsley but Keith Hill does not want himHoward didnt travel and is at home in Southampton right now


09 Jul 2012 13:42:20
Burnley to make an official bid for Sam Vokes this week although it will be nowhere near the 1MIL that Wolves are holding out for(12)(6)Well if it's no where near the £1m that Wolves are looking for they ain't gonna get them are they?Good luck there then. He was useless when on loan at Leeds.He wa useless at burnley aswel ! 2 goals in 9 appearances , hardly striker material but guess what hes 1 ov our eddies chums so thats y wer interested yet again .


09 Jul 2012 13:42:09
Craig Woodman has been released by brentford & is set to sign for Exeter City(6)(6)He has now signed


09 Jul 2012 13:41:38
Charlton have confirmed on their OS that they've singed released Sunderland striker Jordan Cook on a free.(7)(2)What are they like


09 Jul 2012 13:40:51
Zaki Ali, a young youthful lad has signed for Barcelona Fc on a four year deal, worth 5 million pounds. Ali spent 3 years in Real Madrid's youth squad and also won the under 17s golden boot, but failed to establish himself into the main team. It is rumoured he will be loaned out to Norwich.(10)(10)I can't take anything seriously when it includes the term "a young youthful lad".Whilst i agree with the other comment, i think the writer means he is a young player with lots of life in him, ready to run around and put lots of effort in.


09 Jul 2012 13:38:30
Bradford manager Phil Parkinson is NOT interested in Izale McLeod. Walsall and Crawley are favourites to sign him.(7)(5)Crawley will sign him then..Ex bristol city winger Marlon Jackson on loan at telford last season, potential target for walsall and port valeWalsall have on Trial

Izale Mcleod (stalling over length contract)
James Chambers
Darren Carter
Jean Paul Kalala
Tarmo Kink (over possible short term deal)
Alan ConnellWalsall are intrested in apparently, Ex Doncaster defender James ChambersMore rubbish Darren Carter is training with Birmingham CityYou for real


09 Jul 2012 13:37:49
Middlesbrough F.C are taking Brad Guzan and Steve Simonsen on trial and whoever impresses will be rewarded with a 1 or 2 year contract. Ledesma is on the merge of signing although he has had to stay in Argentina longer due to family circumstances. Boro are still in discussion with Andre Amougou. Stephen McManus has told a local newspaper he is not moving if the deal is not right for himself.(7)(9)This is not true Guzan is resigning for Villa


09 Jul 2012 13:37:39
Middlesbrough F.C are taking Brad Guzan and Steve Simonsen on trial and whoever impresses will be rewarded with a 1 or 2 year contract. Ledesma is on the merge of signing although he has had to stay in Argentina longer due to family circumstances. Boro are still in discussion with Andre Amougou. Stephen McManus has told a local newspaper he is not moving if the deal is not right for himself.(6)(12)


09 Jul 2012 13:30:43
I was down at Springfields before
and i saw two new keepers with
Ali Uzunhasanoglu, one i seem to
recongise is Jason barker, and i dont
get a good look at the other one(2)(7)


09 Jul 2012 13:25:35
Swansea are in the hunt for bristol city's winger, Albert admoah. For a fee around 3 mill, swansea will try seel a deal this week for the ghanaian.



09 Jul 2012 13:18:57
charlton have signed Jordan cook and are closing in on Lawrie Wilson(6)(3)


09 Jul 2012 13:14:32
Watford announced that there will be a press conference with in next 24 hours.(6)(6)Just to formally introduce zola to the media. will be interesting to hear what he has to say


09 Jul 2012 13:06:02
Albert Adomah linked with 3m switch from Bristol City to Swansea, as Laudrup looks to strengthen his wide options and possibly replace Sinclair, should he not sign a new deal.

Deals for Chico and De Guzman to be wrapped up this week.(8)(7)


09 Jul 2012 12:48:33
Dorian Dervite signing for Huddersfield
today.(8)(7)He must be signing at midnight...Well today has almost gone so maybe your information is slightly offside?Evidentally...News from the local media is that Dervite is still in negotiations and a deal is some way off yet


09 Jul 2012 12:46:48
Just seen Jermaine Beckford and
Lee Peltier at the Galpharm.(8)(35)Maybe they got lost on there way to elland rd..................dont want beckford anywhere near huddersfield!!
terrier85That's funny because both were photographed at our (Leicester) pre-season training. Maybe you saw their identical twins?


09 Jul 2012 12:23:18
Baines on the way to united- £18million. FACT. {Ed025's Note - rumour.. it will only be a fact..if and when he signs..(12)(27)Everton return from the alps and the deal will be completed before fridayJust because you shout FACT,doesnt make it true, he's overrated anyway


09 Jul 2012 12:23:10
Bradford City to make another 2 Signings this week 1 a CF The others a MF(8)(8)


09 Jul 2012 12:21:09
Looks like Izale Mcleod is playing for 6 clubs next season according to these reports on here. Wondoe how he's managing that and if its legal? Can't beleive so many clubs want just an average striker...(9)(4)An average striker who scored goals for an incredibly poor side last season. People knock him but to finish joint top scorer of League Two when part of a team that don't create many chances is a good return.Any striker on a free with a record like his, is bound to be linked with loads of clubs. Like Clayton Donaldson last close season.


09 Jul 2012 12:20:43
If Theo Walcott moves from Arsenal, they could swoop for Wigans Victor Moses.(17)(11)No wayVery true


09 Jul 2012 12:17:15
Izale McLoed close to signing for Luton, while Andy Kissock has moved from the Hatters on loan for six months to Macclesfield with a view to a permanent deal.(5)(17)JP Kissock has indeed been loaned out to the silkmen ... if indeed you meant JP and not Andy (whom ever that maybe)


09 Jul 2012 12:14:00
Bradford city to loan in a season long keeper will be named by the end of the week, he will be from Watford(4)(11)Either bonham or bond if true, most likely bonham, but is there a decent source? if you get bond you ll be getting a great young keeper but whether he ll go to league 2 again is questionable. heard he s a bit big headedWell it's Bond or Bonham. Either way you'll have a young but fantastic prospect in goal for you next season!Watford only have 2 so that's bsComplete rubbish parky got rid of oscar jansen last year as he didn't want an on loan goalkeeper.he believes certain positions should be permenant playersBond is a good lad!Jansson would not be a loan signing though as he is currently unattached after Spurs released him.


09 Jul 2012 12:10:57
Crystal Palace will make their final two signings this week with George Friend from Doncaster and Ross McCormack from Leeds utd .(12)(28)Aswell as a move for George Boyd if Palace match Peterborough's valuationFriend won't leave and McCormack is happy at leeds1.5 million Peterbro want no thanks nothing more than a millionRoss McCormack has agreed terms with Palace, Bates now wants more than the original agreed price. However Ross WILL become a Palace player.You are having a laugh Mr Eagle. RM is staying at Leeds,used Palace to get a better dealThis is genuine ross macs wife is a close friend to my wife they have just had a baby bought a new house in heckmondwike in between leeds and huddersfield its one or the other idont know but i think it will be him linking back up with grayson at huddersfieldMccormack being swapped for ambrose +1.5 mill to leeds,that'll do nicelyMccormack hasn't spoken to anyone,and if he did go anywhere, bates wouldnt be involved in the transfer as he will no longer be at leeds,and hes agreed new deal anywayYou palace fans really need to wake up and smell the coffee as if mccormack would leave leeds the biggest club outside the prem to join a team that will be fighting relegationMcCormack has signed for Palace on a 3 year deal, just got confirmation transfer to be announced ThursdayFriend isnt going palaceWhoever signs George Friend will have signed a dedicated defender. He is young but was made captain at Doncaster, did a brilliant job.Leed - Biggest Club outside the prem? I think Notts Forest fans may have something to say about that. Further more You need to stop bigging up your clud so much ... you've tasted life in League 1 before, nothing to say you won't againRm signing on Thursday!!!!!!


09 Jul 2012 11:57:51
Ed - I've heard that Brendan Rodgers has said that young Suso needs to go out on loan to get some first team experience. Bristol City were in the frame a couple of weeks ago - have you heard anything?(11)(7)Suso is exactly the type of player that a progressive manager would want to build a future team around. So why would Liverpool want to send him out on loan.Very good deal if city dont have to pay his wages so they give valuable game time to make him a better player like we did with caulker


09 Jul 2012 11:55:50
Millwall have made a move for Stevenage duo Darius Charles and Luke Freeman(15)(13)Thought Freeman was on the brink of a move to Huddersfield ?The wall still need another forward! just in case someone gets injured! who will it be?THIS IS PROBABLY YET ANOTHER NO SUBSTANCE OR FACT RUMOUR!Darius charles is awfulI think we will not sign anymore players and KJ will see how the players get on and wait for the jan window


09 Jul 2012 11:50:43
Swansea latest club to declare an interest in Albert Adomah of Bristol City (Source Daily Mail) - significant in that this is interst by Laudrup. However the figure quoted is £3m which is £500k less than Fulham's (already turned down), so needs to be increased if Bristol City are to do business.
Brendan Rodgers is still interested in this player, so watch this space on that front.(9)(16)Albert Adomah is superb but quite frankly if anyone wants to pay 3.5 million then City must let him go.
It will give McInnes decent funds to build a strong squad for 2012/13Rodgers unlikely to bid for him as claims is close to 'exciting' signing and that there's only small amount of money available. Don't think many lfc fans will class him as exciting. Us swans fans less fussy tho :DFabio Borini will be Rodgers First addition for 8 million from Roma after they have recently purchased the rest of his ownership.


09 Jul 2012 11:42:46
Mat Jarvis to qpr deal done(10)(20)Thats funny he is training at compton this morning


09 Jul 2012 11:28:33
Sky Sports reporting that Michael Bostwick has signed for Peterborough whilst Lawrie Wilson has gone to Charlton(17)(2)False, he has signed! check, tut tutBoth confirmed dealsWilson to Charlton confirmed on BBCWilson to Charlton confirmed on BBC


09 Jul 2012 11:28:28
ex cardiff city and preston north end
winger paul parry has been confirmed
this morning as shrewsbury towns 9th
summer signing.

official website!(12)(6)Is this serious or a joke ?Good luck to Parry, he did well for PNE.This will be a good signing. He is getting older now, and will have to fight for his place in the team, but he should be good.


09 Jul 2012 11:35:16
Liam Dickinson is only training with Port Vale and when this training period with Port Vale ends, he has annoounced that he is going to a club closer to home, and has hinted that a return to Rochdale is on the cards. If that move doesn't go ahead, he could be heading to Accrington Stanley or Oldham Athletic.

Source: The Football League Paper.

A(0)(15)Dickinson is training with Vale with a view to a permanent move

Source : His agent & himselfI don't understand how oldham would be 2n or 3rd choice!!!!. I'm not disputing your post just i think the source has got this one wrongI wonder why someone feels the need to post this? Liam Dickenson is training with Vale - post operation - to prove his fitness. He could have gone to other teams, but chose Vale. if things work out for both parties he is interested in signing. To suggest then that he might go to Rochdale or if not Accrington, but maybe Oldham is ludicrous. If a League One club come in for him why would he consider Stanley, or even Rochdale ahead of them? He wants to be nearer family and friends in Salford. I livr near the Vale ground and have family in Salford myself - it's 45 minuites on a bad day! he could live between the two places and have a 20 minute drive, so I don't think the arguement holds water. He may go somewhere else for other reasons, but Vale have to be in the hunt for him to join; ask his agent who has tried hard to sell Vale to him!Heard Rochdale are struggling for money so not many players will b coming inWell according to our loacal evening paper he will be staying with Port Vale if he gets his fitness back up !According to Adams everything has been agreed with his agent regards wage i guess,it's just upto him to prove his fitness.Why would oldham want him, he's rubbish. he wouldn't suit our style of play since he is a bit of a weak target man whereas we would more likely sign a player with experience and good scoring at lague 1 and above, who is a poacher.


09 Jul 2012 11:32:27
Jordan Rhodes has confirmed that he will only play in the Championship with Huddersfield Town. Is talking to a couple of premier league clubs and will only move if the deal is right for all parties.(23)(16)I'm sure now if Leeds Cardiff Blackburn or some bigger championchip team wanted him he'd be gone in a flash.^how wrong can you be? Rhodes lives in Holmfirth (where I live), Huddersfield, and will only leave for a premier league club where he is happy. He has already declined offers where he doesn't want to live.I'm pretty sure he wouldn't. He's nothing to gain from that and everything to gain from banging goals in this season then attracting a good premiership club, not some wannabe yo-yo club like those three!No. No he wouldn't at all ^^^Haha, don't make me laugh. Why would he go to one of those tin pot teamsEveryone thinking huddersfield are a bad team need to wait and have a look at the table at the end of next season, they will do much better than most people thinkNo way they could afford himHe'd have everything to gain from going to leeds,we will be prem next season,as for being yoyo clubs, you're clueless ,same as your team.having said that i dont want him at leeds, not good enoughThought he was coming down to Brighton according to whispers around the club ? but hey you know rumours ( craig mackail smith plus 2 mil for your lad ) good deal i reckon both ways .Since when were cardiff a big club......... leeds maybe 20 yrs ago.....blackburn 1 good season early nineties....jog on!!!! why would rhodes leave to play in championship when he could stroll into PL or stay with town who will finish top half anyway!!
terrier85I am a Wednesday fan and aggree that hudds will do well next season and be up at the top end of the table. Good season last season for both clubs and what a game at hillsborough and would like to say thanks for beating the deluded pigs from the ste half of Sheffield. Your a good set off fans. Good luck next season. Antonio will hopefully come to us though.Town fans, lets have a think before responding to wind up posts. Lots of leedsfans dont have jobs so they sit at home all day and think them up..dont bite ladsCMS and 2mill, must be having a laugh!! How's that a good deal for huddersfield! Both teams are in the same div! Think BHA are getting ahead of these selfs!!JR now going anywhere not even pship unless some silly sod of a chairman offers big big wonga - cant see that till after xmas at the earlies (depends on how he does first 5 months in cship) and if deano evenn then wants to sell - larfs at deluded idiots on herePeltier rb and hunt rm with ward droppingIf you though for some reason my post was from a leed fab you couldn't be more wrong. I am really a wednesday fan and hate Leeds wi a passion.No1 cares who u support mate get a life


09 Jul 2012 11:25:24
Junior Hoilett and Scott Dann to sign for QPR(19)(32)


09 Jul 2012 11:23:49
Aston villa to re-sign Brad Guzan before the end of the week.

Clyne is rumoured to be waiting for arsenal to come in for him as he would prefer to stay in London. Villa have offered terms as a first team right back replacing Hutton and Lowton being used as cover for all positions across the back four.

Ramis is rumoured to prefer Villa if we match the wages being offered by MON.

Bertrand is seen as new Ashley cole so there is only a slim chance for a loan move as it is seen as more beneficial for him to be tutored at his parent club. Figueroa is to be approached if we can get rid of warnock to sunderland.

Milner will reject the advances of villa at least until january as he wants another crack city before returning to his former best days.

Makoun to be given a pre season lifeline until the hopeful return of Petrov.

Brahimi should sign on the dotted line in the next few days.

CB should be our priority and signing wilfred Zaha and Klasnic as a back up forward.(2)(14)I'm a huge Villa fan and these seem pretty plausable but I can't see Milner ever returning. He could walk from City to another top four club fairly easily. Betrand on loan would be a great deal for both Chelsea and Villa. We desperately require two new full backs!Maybe another versatile winger?


09 Jul 2012 11:05:04
Huddersfield Town boss Simon Grayson wants Lee Peltier for £600,000(24)(24)Dont understand why town would need him as we have dixon and hunt in the starting line upPossible but we will then have five fullbacks plus Tom Clarke who can also play there, so someone will not be getting a game. Would have thought priority would be a central defender and another striker to support Rhodes.They will be able to sign him with the money they get from rhodesPelts gives us an option of playing him in the holding midfield role or at fullback and letting Hunt rip on the right wing.Play hunt on RM dixon backupGreat at defending thoughOnly posted to stir ,as its well known that peltier is joining leeds ,already agreed ,and he has stated he is eager to join the biggest club outside prem LEEDSPeltier isn't as good as most think. Mistimed tackles cost Town a lot of pens, and he was red carded more than most.Someone at Huddersfield said Peltier was arrogant and thought he was better than he actually is, hence Leicester transfer listing him after only a season. Leeds can have him , we have Jack Hunt who is a far better playerI agree that he sometimes miss times tackles but he was a good player for us. It would be good to see Hunt play down the wing without have to worry too much about getting back. Dixon is a left back so I don't know why people are mentioning him. He can keep his place. Woods as back up


09 Jul 2012 10:58:03
Notts county will announce a signing this evening and another by the end of the week.(6)(7)Manny smith is the signing.And Joss Labadie, with Yoann Arquin to come plus a striker and a winger....and Joss Labadie signed alsoReading his Wikipedia it doesn't sound good, we will see all the best I supose!Under 24 and offered a contract so must be a fee ?


09 Jul 2012 10:26:39
Southampton are waiting on Jack Rodwell to decide if he wants to be part of the southampton project

Jack was apparently impressed with the ambition, structure and togetherness of the club. Saints sold the club well with the new youth development centre and built jack promintly into the clubs 5 year plan

Jack is sold on the fact that he could be part of something big from ground level & the likelyhood of first team football. He was bowled over by the club but understandly needs too think as it is a step down and not long ago was linked with united & chelsea.

The reason the deal came about was that everton need to sell and have actually offered jack about.

Amazingly saints were the only club to come in for jack.

Nigel adkins wants 1 marquee signing that fits into the saints plan and they see jack as a player they can build the club around.

In other news, saints are not interested in zaha as adkins rates tom ince higher. Saints have struggled to sign ince as blackpool do not want to sell & ince wants 1 more season there

Saints are after a rb and cb so possible targets are scott dann and seb corchia.

Believe me as a trusted source.. Saints are thinking big. Whether tealistic or not they're in the prem to compete.

The general feeling is that if they can at least get players to come to meet them at staplewood.. Chances are they will be sold on the vision & sign(15)(2)£20million should be enough to make everton sit down and talk, but seriously saints fans you should try more realistic targets.
Jack Rodwell to saints Sorry NOJack Rodwell to Southampton, your having a laugh. a) he will cost more than Southamptons budget and b) he will move to a top 4 club if he goes anywhere.The Southampton project ?? Was to go straight back down . This will never happenYou have got to be jokin if u think rodwell would go to southhamptonIf they land Rodwell.... then I'll be delighted. They need to bolster centre of the park particularly as the squad is thin when we play 451, which we will next season a lot.Well that was funny, Rodwell wouldn't take a huge step down to a club that is likely to go straight back down.
Rodwell has stated that he isn't going anywhere this season coming and hopefully it will be his best.
Then the big guns will be after him again, I admire your passion mate, but a poor rumourI think part of the so called five year plan would be to consolidate the first season as Adkins has never managed at this level and the former physio maybe out of his depth...Try stay in the league before talking bigger than that.You dont have 100's of millions of pounds so why are so many big fees being talked about with southamptonIf we signed him that'd make it six central midfielders, that position is the least of our worries.I think it would be wise to see if your manager can walk the talk in the premiership first. Maybe then rumours like this might be considered as possible.What a load of Jack! Utd have first option on him should Everton decide to cash in. And no Im not a Utd fan {Ed025's Note - how do you work out that utd have first dibs?...they dont!Could be linked with Everton wanting to try for Hooper but short of the readies, even after Baines sale.If people think Southampton are going straight back down then they are stupid, simple.I cannot wait for this season we are gonna suprise soo many teams, just like last year. COYR!Why is everyone saying Southampton are likley to go straight back down? No we're not. Just because we have just gained promotion does not mean we are going to do badly. Look at Norwich and Swansea, they did great. Who's to say Saints can't do that? Or even do better? We have a lot of talent in this club and some of the youngsters coming through will be world class in a few years. Our budget is not low. We have bought J-Rod for £7,000,000 and we are possibly getting Buttner for £3,000,000 or £4,000,000. We still have a few more signings to come, one of which will be a marque signing. We WILL NOT go down first season back.The above post is true he 100% was at Staplewood looking around whether he decides to play for Saints I don't know but he was there.You have it backwards. Everton enquired about the availability of Jack Cork....I think these comments are kind of unfair, you have to give every club a chance because anything can happen in football, Southampton have great ambition, great attitude and a large fund. I wouldn't be surprised to see players like Rodwell buy into the saints plan but I personally doubt he'd go to Southampton. I reckon Southampton will last in the top flight and they will make some impressive signings over the summer, they've already made 3 good signings taking players away from 'bigger clubs' as some would put it, Buttner chose Southampton over Fulham and QPR. I'm not saying they are safe for sure but don't be so quick to rule a club like Southampton out of even a top half finish.I think u will find saints are around the 5th 6th richest club in the country so could be affordedIm a saints fan & this will not happen......idiotic rumourDon‚Äôt know about a massive step down when you consider where Everton are going. Some players might have more ambitions than to sit in the middle of the premiere league forever. However it is a bit of a long shot :/ xSome Everton fans getting a bit excited!
Is he much too big for Southampton? Maybe. We'll have a better idea this time next year depending on how we and he does next season.
Really though the main reason I don't believe this rumour is that CM is one area that we don't really need a signing. Just bought Davis and already have Cork and Schneiderlin who are both young, highly rated and were outstanding last season. There is nothing that I have seen from Rodwell that suggests to me that he'd be any better than those two (particularly MS). We already have Chaplow and Hammond too. Whether they are prem standard or not is up for debate but we have tons of cover in this position so a non starter particularly for the kind of crazy fees being suggested.If we sign Rodwell I'll buy u a shandy. FactJack Rodwell was seen at Staplewood, there was a photo circulating last week. What he was doing there is anyones guess, but talks over a possible transfer is the obvious assumption to make. Discussions, if any, however, will be done quietly and behind closed doors. As for the blatent flaming of Southampton on here: It is a long season, and litterally anything can and probably will happen... I don't think any fan can predict where the newly promoted clubs will end up. Southampton have the ability and backing to create some big surprises.Although Rodwell is in Austria? and he done a interview for EvertonTV and said hes looking forward to the new season with EVERTON!Ok don't trust everything that's said on TV channels like EvertonTV but I doubt this signing very much considering the strength of the centre mid's at Southampton. We'd like Rodwell but he's definitely not a priority signing.


09 Jul 2012 10:13:05
The new Italian owners of Watford FC have lined up a new goalkeeper to join within the week as it is one of their highest priorities.

His name is Vincenzo Fiorillo who will join Udinese and immediately loaned to Watford. Very highly rated while at Sampdoria and formerly part of the Italy youth setup.(11)(9)This is a good rumour.Promising keeper, but where did you get this information?Why don't watford just become the udinese second teamI have also heard this from my source. Apparently owners have had this one in the pipe line for a few weeks now


09 Jul 2012 10:11:07
Norwich will sign clyne 3m,phillips 4m and davies 3m(8)(18)Clyne would probably cost no more than 1.5mil in tribunal because if clubs cannot decide fee it stays very low (same as butterfield situation) but i reckon Whittaker will be our first choice RB so we won't sign another but we need a LBWhittaker first choice rb mate get real he's no more than a squad player Martin will move back there as we have more than enough cb's lb sounds rite but there aren't many good ones available could do wit a decent forward as vaughan won't cut it


09 Jul 2012 10:10:08
Shrewsbury in the next 48 hours are about to bring in two forwards which will be cofie on loan from Manchester united and also Leigh Griffiths from wolves ! Come on you shrews!!!!(7)(19)That's a far fetched rumour if ever there was one!

Cofie is going back to Royal Antwerp & Leigh Griffiths has signed for Hibs after being on loan with them last seasonCofie has signed for Sheffield Utd. Sheffield StarCofie is signing for Sheffield united on loan.We dont need two more stikers? maybe one, at the most


09 Jul 2012 09:58:30
Southend United have today released Jean-Paul Kalala and veteran Christian Dailly has opted to retire to go into coaching.(9)(2)Im so gutted they released kalala he was good last year he broke up oposition play and alyways put a tackle in unlike someYeah same he had the same style as grant, disappointed with letting gilly go as well


09 Jul 2012 09:53:38
News from derby county

Bailey and addison to stay

Ben Mee-Burnley
Joel Lynch-Free agent
Magnus Okuonghae-Free agent
Karleigh Osborne-Free agent
Johnny Russell-Dundee united

Luke Garbutt(with view to transfer)
Connor Mcaleny
Jose Baxter(8)(3)And what's your source on that?No chance Ben mee is going we only have one natural left back and he would be there to coverBen mee from burnley, we only signed him mid way through the season, can almost gurantee he will not leave.We wont sell ben meeHow can Derby be signing Ben Mee if they had to sell Shackell to Burnley to raise money for transfers. Mee would cost as much as Shackell cost BFC.Why would burnley get rid of mee, he's only just signed a perminant contract in January and is one of the only players burnley have for the left back position, why would he move from a first place burnley position to derby?Addison is looking more likely to stay, bailey won't
osbourne is a target if offers fail for mee and okuoghae, lynch is a no, allegedly failed his medical last week on a 10k a week deal
the russell deal is dead, dundee utd want to muchBen Mee. You've no chance.David edgar can play LB aswel but if u ask me id play o'neill -edgar-shackell-trippier i think ben mee is an ok defender and he gives his all but he just has no pace what so ever .Maybe even give kevin long a couple ov games he looks like a promising young defenderO'neill is a RB , Lafferty with play LBI meant lafferty at LB not luke o'neill lolMee is not moving, our first choice left back now


09 Jul 2012 09:49:08
Bostwick is set to sign for Peterborough on a three year deal after a fee has been agreed by both clubs for the Stevenage midfielder.
Source: Sky sports(10)(5)Confirmed by Peterborough UtdGreat signing for the squad this is the type of player posh needed and it really strengthens the midfield area.


09 Jul 2012 09:43:22
Crawley have signed Bolton defender
Mark Connolly, official on website(11)(3)I hope so 4 million for a average player is a very good deal for the wanderers but i doubt its true {Ed003's Note - Are you thinking of Mark Davies ? }If just replied to the wrong post its the chris eagles to southampton i was meant to reply to


09 Jul 2012 09:38:20
Tom Bradshaw could move to Bradford City if Bradford fail to sign McLeod or Mike Grella.(3)(15)No it doesn't, your dreaming!Don't be silly! Parkinson already has Bradshaw-type strikers in Hannah, Wells and possibly Baker. What the team needs is another 'big forrad' as an alternative to HansonAs a replacement for Hanson then he can go back to non league & working in the CO-OP. There are better players in the Sunday Alliance - Fact!


09 Jul 2012 09:37:02
Sheffield United target Stevenage Mark Roberts.(5)(12)


09 Jul 2012 09:33:50
Gianfranco Zola wants to bring Brazilian forward Ilan to Vicarage Road. Zola worked with Ilan at West Ham and can snap him up on a free after his release from Ajaccio.(13)(9)Woulds be a great signing but he and Zola has a fall out at West Ham so wont happen


09 Jul 2012 09:24:48
From the same person who first mentioned Casked-Forster, Oxford are now looking at Ryan Gilligan of Northampton, surplus to requirement for Aidy Bothroyd(5)(2)It's Forster-Casker for first. Unlikely.No it aint, it's Forster-Caskey!I was the first one to post on this website that Forster-Caskey was going to either Burton or Oxford so that's bullst straight away, and Oxford currently have 4 midfielders on trial ATM, none are Gilligan


09 Jul 2012 09:13:06
Peter Lovenkrans to Birmingham City , subject to medical(24)(4)


09 Jul 2012 09:05:48
Cheltenham town to sign 3 players this week , Kieran Agard(free) , Toni Silva(season loan) , Gunnar Nielsen(season loan). The robins will bid for liam hearn dependant on mcGlashan (150,000)(1)(11)Toni Silva future lays in Liverpool first team.


09 Jul 2012 08:15:06
Walsall will this week announce the signings of Darren Carter, Rohan Rickets and Mark Wilson. This is due to loan deals for Mantom and Culvelier falling through.(7)(12)Rohan ricketts has been speaking to Peterborough, Ricketts confirmed this himself on twitterJoe lamplough is currently on trial at walsall this week.I hope Carter gets a club. Shame for him to be on the scrap heap at 28 years old. Showed a lot of promise at North End, but just lacked confidence.Haha im a preston fan and Darren Carter is awful. We signed him for £750,000 a few years back and he was a real flop. Good luck WalsallWe was never having cuv√©lier anyway nor will any other league one club he's too good. Mantom maybe. Roman ricketts awfulList of free agents that could potentialy join walsall Nathan clarke (cb) carl regan,lee naylor and paul robinson all (LB), dwayne mattis ex saddler and matt oakley (CM) and adam boyd, freddie eastwood, rhys murphy (CF)Rickets confirmed he had spoken to DF not what that was about, he also stressed he had only spoken to him, not met him!Lee Naylor on trial at BirminghamFor impersonating a footballer?Walsall need to start paying money again or there going to get stuck in league one for a long time, im not saying break the bank but just bring a bit of class in like the days of Jorge Leitao, Junior, Matias, Herivelto, Aranalde


09 Jul 2012 08:03:09
ANY NEW BRISTOL CITY TRANSFER NEWS IN OR OUT.(4)(16)I heard that swansea were after albert adomah? - GonzoStuart Armstrong & George Boyd to be revealed as city players at Ashton gate on Wednesday Afternoon.


09 Jul 2012 07:16:38
Town to complete 3signings this week chambers and loach early this week and kouroma will sign by fri after red tape has been sorted(8)(11)Loach will not be leaving this week, Zola hasn't even met the players!What town are you talking about...give us clue....


09 Jul 2012 03:26:36
Aston villa are ready to sell Darren bent and replace him with kenwyne jones(21)(32)Dream on Kenywne jones is crap he don't score goals, Bent wants to stay Lambert an the board want him to stay he is staying end offDoubt it when lambert has said that he expects bent to be 'huge' for villa next seasonLambert would not make false comments.
He won't be sold - end of!


09 Jul 2012 00:52:00
Member of a Palace forum who called the José Fonte deal in 2010 claims Southampton are in talks with Wilfried Zaha's agent. Also reported in the sun (gospel I know!). Watch this space.(29)(32)Oh interestingIf the sun comes up with it first you know it cant be trueWe dont need any more strikers :/Would be a great signing, id like to him him or tom ince come in over the summerVery good player lets hope he signs for us, few teams in for him. COYRGreat if we get him.It might be worth noting that on the 22nd June that we were in talks with Steven Davis. Looks what happened then!I really hope this is trueNot gonna happenHe'd be perfect. but wasn't he in talks with bigger clubs than us earlier on and he didn't leave. Maybe the southampton ambition will do it again ;) xHe's not a striker he plays on the wing


09 Jul 2012 00:51:20
Rohan Ricketts has confirmed on his twitter that he has held informal talks with Peterborough boss Darren Ferguson although it would be a surprising signing for Posh as it goes against there transfer policy as he is 29, he spent last season in the Irish league and made 1 sub appearance for Exeter so a championship club would be surprising for him(11)(15)Yes indeed he doesn't really fit the usual profile - yet bringing in a talented player from the wilderness has been done before with Taylor. Whether Fergie Jnr would do that here - well let's wait and see.He won't sign for us. He's terrible


09 Jul 2012 00:41:26
izale mcleod joins crawley on a 2 year deal...(25)(33)For once, someone has got it right on here. To be announced today or tomorrow


09 Jul 2012 00:34:27
arsenal are the newest team to put a offer in for jarvis, does this mean walcott is off?(4)(45)


09 Jul 2012 00:17:47
The Daily Mail claims that Hull City are set to hijack Ipswich Town trialist Eldin Jakupovic who came close to joining the Tigers last season.
As a town fan, this would be most disappointing as he hasn't even completed his trial with us and Jewell said that he was impressed with the keeper so far. Steve Bruce seems to share many of Town's targets including Kuszczak, Guzan and now Jakupovic. I presume this is coincidence as both clubs desperately need more goalkeepers, but you can begin to dislike some people and their clubs you know.(11)(10)Surely his trial last season at Hull was with Barmby in charge, I (for my sins) have read the daily mail article and there is no substance to it, I would suggest maybe it's his agent trying to force Ipswich hand and offer a contract.Aww diddums. Poor you. Jakupovic was close to signing for Hull just before barmby got sacked. We need two keepers and having already got Ben Amos this will end our keeper search.Allan McGregor being looked at very seriously by Ipswich. Neal Alexander to stay at Rangers and play for them in whatever division.Who needs him? He seems to be unable to catch a ball and for a keeper that's not great.HE HAS SIGNED A CONTRACT FOR HULL.
END OF SPECULATION.Hull have signed him now!Oh dear , signed for The Tigers today !!Can't see anyone as good as Mcgregor coming to Ipswich. Wishful thinking again methinks.Ipswich have offically signed chambers, thats brilliant :)Shows how Hull do business. Why would a keeper want to play there? Must be one of, if not the worst pitch in the Championship. 23 games in which to destroy a reputation.Bit of a panic buy by old Brucey that one!



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