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To the guy who said he was a huge man utd fan. .you couldnt possibly be a man utd fan if u think berbatov is crap, the guy is an amazing talent and will not be leaving the club in the summer. Also, Rangers to resign Lovenkrands, keep Boyd, keep ferguson. We've gotten rid of burke, darcheville, although gows trnasfer failed, he may be on his way to birmingham now, and expect rangers to get rid of dailly and adam, and bring in tonel/kleber/stranzl to replace david weir at centre back. you heard it here first!
  To the person who posted Vidic to Villareal for 22M. now that is fantasy football. Why would man utd sell their better CB. better than ferdinand in my opinion. the fee sounds about right but to a hell of a smaller club in comparison!!!.
As to the other rumour about Van der sar, I have a suspicion that he will just retire in the summer. Msn Utd lol, would surely find it hard to sell an ageing albeit good goalkeeper for such a fee especially to a club with as poor finances as ajax at the moment. not belittling the rumour, just injecting some common sense.
  I am a celtic fan but heard on good authority that the whole kris boyd saga was just a decoy to get other lower premiership teams interested.this will start a bidding war in which rangers will accept the highest bidder to get rid of the mountainous debt that they managed to get themselves into(haha).
Celtic have been rumoured with many of players but not much are really true.They will go for europes top striker so far this season(forgot his name),they will buy one left back as lee naylor is not good enough and mark wilson is injured.I personally think young ryan conroy should be tried there.
They will also go for one centre half and two quality midfielders.Marc crosas has also managed to convince one of his former teammates at barca to come(young player).
Not much leaving parkhead in january as we can afford them!!!
OH . one fact i forgot to mention was. HERE WE GO FOR 4 IN A ROW!WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED!

  Billy Davies will move quickly to snap up Camerone Jerome after learning that Birmingham will let him go on loan. Dan the Main Man
  For the person who classified birmingham as being in debt FAR FROM IT the owners are quite frugal to our disgust, howe ever always in the black. ref BOYD i don,t think he will make it in the PREM and that's what he was being bought for his wage demands were silly hes,e scared to move south he,d loose his idle life and would not come up to scratch,although b,ham are in the fizzy pop mob theres probably only one two worth taking from the SPL Mcgeady being one and the CETIC keeper the other

Back in April (18th to 20th) there was a discussion (Next Seasons CL Seeding) about the level of Rangers debt that everyone (including the Press in Scotland) seems to think is £68m. This is the figure that appears in the Rangers accounts as at 30 June 2003 BUT may not be the true figure! David Murray who owns the major shareholding in Rangers has set up a fairy complicated pyramid of companies which makes it more difficult to understand the true financial position but the facts are:– 1. 65% of Rangers FC plc (RFC) is owned by RFC Investments Ltd (RFCI). 2. 100% of RFCI is owned by Murray Sports Ltd (MSL). 3. MSL is owned by David Murray (DM). 4. DM also owns Murray International Holdings Ltd(MIH) Because the turnover of MSL is identical to RFC we can take it that MSL does not include any other trading companies apart from those which make up RFC. Thus we need to look at the MSL accounts to see the true financial position. Key facts from MSL Group Accounts as at 30 June 2003 (all figures in £millions): 1. Turnover for year 49.035 (up from 44.61) 2. Loss for year 29.61 (down from 45.74 3. Accumulated Losses 88.49 4. Shareholders Deficit 29.2 5. Net Debt 128.58 (up from 112.8) The Shareholders Deficit figure has been arrived at despite: 1. Inclusion of Goodwill 17.41 (A departure from the Companies Act 1985) 2. Property Revaluations 62.30 (This is a cumulative figure) Accumulated Trading Losses are thus in excess of £150m (88.49 + 62.3) There is also a contingent liability not included in the above figures: 1. Deferred Interest 18.04 The deferred interest is very interesting – RFCI used to be part of Murray Group Holdings Ltd (MGH) but was demerged from that group and ownership of RFCI was transferred on 29 January 1999 to MSL. As part of that transaction MSL issued loan notes of £60m to MGH. MGH is a wholly owned subsidiary of MIH. Anyone looking at the accounts of MIH would not see the ownership of MGH and through that the “ownership” of the loan notes because the MIH accounts only list trading subsidiaries and MGH is not deemed to be a trading company. Thus MIH no longer owns RFC but instead MIH is owed £60m by MSL, which is payable if the shares, assets or business of RFCI or (more importantly) RFC is sold. In other words MIH has “converted” its 65% shareholding in RFC into a £60m asset although MIH has now restated the value of that asset to £52.96m. It is often reported in the Press that with David Murray’s “vast empire of companies” RFC do not need to worry about the accumulated losses or net debt because David Murray’s group can always put more money into Rangers FC. It is not clear what funds have been “put in.” RFC losses have been supported by (1) property revaluations (2) sophisticated financial accounting (3) the ability to borrow. RFC and in particular the ultimate owner of RFC (MSL) owe large sums which, if called upon to do so, could only be repaid by selling the property assets (mainly the stadium) assuming a buyer could be found and the Rangers support didn’t mind no longer having the stadium! Key facts from MIH Group Accounts as at 31 January 2003 (all figures in £millions): 1. Turnover for year 266.49 (up from 221.47 2. Loss for year 8.96 (3.93 profit) 3. Accumulated Profit 23.03 4. Shareholders Funds 79.39 5. Net Debt 190.24 (up from 181.79 In arriving at the above figures 3 significant items are included by MIH: 1. Investment in RFCI 5.08 2. Goodwill and Intangibles 4.61 3. Loan Notes from MHL 52.96 If these were excluded the shareholders funds would be reduced to £16.74m There is a contingent liability not included in the above figures: Pension Scheme Shortfall 6.40 There is a further contingent liability of £139.89m in respect of guarantees to the bank in respect of borrowings by various subsidiaries. To see the latest figures we will need to wait until 30 November 2004 for the 30 January 2004 Accounts. So what is the net debt of Rangers? £68m per RFC accounts or £129m per MSL accounts or £190 per MIH accounts or £319m (that is £129m for MSL group and £190m for MIH group) being the cumulative net debt of David Murray’s companies? Interestingly the total creditors figure for MSL + MIH is £417.231m. An analysis of the total creditors figure shows the level of bank borrowings: Bank Loans 136.983 Bank Overdraft 100.448 Total 237.431 Of the £237m the overdraft (£100m) is payable on demand and £80m of the bank loans are payable within 5 years with £57m falling due after 5 years. Sorry this is so long and I realise a lot of this will only make sense to accountants but it is important that the true facts are available. I am a Rangers supporter and very concerned about the finances of Rangers FC
  I work in the city and have it on good authority that PWC are handling all the financial affairs of West Ham.
All and I mean all players are for sale – at this stage the club need to raise a minimum of £30m to stay afloat, this must happen during the transfer window. If not then the club will fold.
The Premier league is involved and clearly do not want the club to close as it will throw the league into a shambles.
It has already been agreed by the Premier League that West Ham will be relegated at the end of the season.
The problem is all the clubs know the situation so will not bid anything like the value of players. As we near the end of the window you will see West Ham more and more desperate and players will move.
  Before I get to the rumors, Ive noticed that many on this site seemingly don't understand capitalism. If a 55mil bid for David Villa was rejected, why would they agree to sell him to Liverpool for 25mil? This happens all the time on this site. Please start using some third grade math skills and realize that teams want more money, not less.

Man Utd to shuffle the squad this summer regardless of results. Tevez will be allowed to leave, as United will spend the 25mil on Benzema instead in a deal that will that will equal 35mil. Nani will be sold to Bayern Munich as part of a deal for Frank Ribery. Expect it to be Nani and 10–15 mil for Ribery. Xavi is on fergie's wishlist, but seeing as he just signed a new 6 year deal, that is never going to happen. Finally, Ronaldo will be staying as of now. However, if things should go south quickly, expect him to be sold to Real for 90–100mil and half of this money will be used to buy Sergio "Kun" Ageuro from Atletico. This is why Liverpool have no chance for Aguero, they don't have the money needed to pay what Atletico are going to want. Van Der Saar just signed a contract extension so keeper is not a priority. To the contributor who said Villareal want Vidic for 22mil, first, why would United sell one of the top center backs in the world, and secondly, why would Vidic leave the biggest club in the world for one as small as Villareal? Expect Possebon, Gibson and Fabio to start playing bigger roles next season in the first team.
  Rangers will NOT be spending any money in this window. They don't have any cash to spend, expect one or two loan signings nothing more. They have to raise between £2–3M before the end of the month to pay either payments for other signings or overdraft charges. Dodgy Dave has admitted to not budgeting for getting pumped out of the CL by a bunch of part timers. . .good managing there!!!!!

the flip side of this is that Celtic will not spend too much either as we already have a stronger squad than rangers and should will 4 in a row with only one or two players coming in.

McCarthy from Hamilton will join for £1.15M increasing to £2M.
hopefully a left back as we have been crying out for one for 2 years!!!!
Donati will leave for approx £1M to Atalanta
Killen to Cardiff for approx £400K
Balde will not leave just now but should sign a pre contract with Birmingham.

Expect a fire sale at hearts as they have heavy debts and not a great deal of income, berra & driver will go to england for around £4–5M

Hibs don't need to sell so Fletcher will remain until the summer.
  To the guy asking for Everton striker rumours. I'm afraid we will have to wait for Mark Hughes to bring in players before he releases Jo on loan – so it's the last week of the window.
  To all rangers fans this is no where near as bad as it looks
Ferguson isn't exactly producing the goods so who cares if he goes.
Boyd will not be going
Bougherra is a possibility
Mendes may go(the rule states that no player can play in a competitive game for 3 different clubs in the one season although the English community sheild does not count as a competitive match and this is the only game mendes played for Portsmouth)
Anyway mendes is inconsistent who cares

Now on to the four in a row champions
Very little amount of activity
Donati probably going to an Italian club
Balde may finally leave
Possible enquiry made for jeffron suarez on a similair deal to the crosas deal
And stories are leaking out from England that Herman hereiarderson(wrong spelling) And sean davies
May be leaving potsmouth to move to Celtic in a joint deal worth 2.5 million
And there is a strong possibility that shunsuke nakamura will be leaving to go to japan and sign for Yokohama with nakamura later becoming celtics ambassador of football in japan in a plan to find more hidden talents like himself and koki mizuno
  Perhaps it was a little bland to comment on all Scottish sides being in financial meltdown (I do have to concede that Celtic are indeed run impeccably) but this was simply my reaction to the seeming hundreds of SPL fans who comment on this site, saying Rangers will buy so and so, and Celtic will buy Dick, Tom and Harry, and so on. There is very little money around anywhere, that is clear, and Scottish football has always been about roughing it out properly, with less finance involved, at least, it has seemed that way to me. Hears to that!
But when it comes to Europe, the Champions League, the UEFA cup, do Celtic, Rangers and their kin really compare to the big Spaniards and English? We have reached an age where football operates on a "finance = success" model, something that every football fan obviously regrets. Except perhaps Man City fans. And West Brom, who's "Financial Difficulties" are simply an excuse to get relegated and claim more parachute benefits. Sorry, I love a dig at the baggies.
And to the person who's left the second comment:
1)You have said Charlton twice
2)You have not refered to any top flight teams, when comparing to Scottish top flight teams, so your argument is invalid.
3)Leeds United made net profits of around 6mil last season, and Birmingham and Reading??? Where have you sourced that!?

Malcolm Shaffer, rumour control
  With Podolski set for a return to Cologne it seems as though Man City and Tottenham don't have many choices:
Man City:
Roque Santa Cruz 18m (possibly onuoha going the other way)
Don't expect any big names wanting to sign for a team in 13th.
Tottenham: Heard Harry is interested in Crouch but don't see it happening.
He will probably wait for Downing and sign him in the summer also.
And will people stop linking G.Johnson away from Portsmouth he just signed a new 4 1/2 year deal with Portsmouth.
Also heard Aston Villa in the market for a striker, left back and some young players.
  Robinho to Man U
Tevez to City

Robinho wants out as he can't see them going anywhere, and Mark Hughes has realised this. The reason contract negotiations are stalling is that Man U will see if they can get Robinho before letting Tevez be bought be someone else. ( I know we don't own him).

We will see our options, and if we can will have a rotating system where Rooney, Berbatov, and Robinho swap around with Robinho and Ronaldo playing on the wings together every now and then.

Giggs is retiring because SAF has told him he would no longer be needed as a player, but rather as a coach.

I know this because i am Robinho's Mother. Joking, but this is what i think will happen.
  Boyd to pompey
  Celtic are currently in negotiations with Nike to rename celtic park to the Niké Arena. Along with the current 5yr deal worth 29 mill the total deal will be in the region of 5o million. The current board have guaranteed Gordon Strachan all the money will be spent to improve the current squad for the Champions league.
  Rangers Real News

Any seasoned Rangers watcher knows the Boyd / Ferguson " transfers " is the usual soft shoe shuffle from Sir Dave to soften us up before Madjid is sold. Fans distraught at the thought of losing Kris and King Barry will be suddenly relieved when it appears they are staying and thus willing to accept the loss of the less loved but far more marketable centre back. Mark my words both those two will stay this window and Bougherra will be gone – for a nice price no doubt – but gone.I would really love to think we are going to buy someone like Berra to replace him but I'd would be amazed if that happened as he is likely to reach pretty much the same price on the market as Bougherra, and clearly we are selling for a reason. My guess is that a lot of the dead wood is proving hard to shift; viz Burke being allowed to go on a free , and Gow's deal breaking down. Despite what the fans think a lot of money was spent ( net ) by Sir Dave in the last two years and it is clear that fairly quickly for whatever reason substantial sums need to be recouped. Like it or lump it the other mob do have a better balance sheet and can outspend us. To have a chance in the long run we either need a new White Knight to take over and inject cash ( likely in eth current climate ? ) , or failing which for Celtic to go into one of their periodical tailspins . If not I fear for the possibility of ten in a row, seriously I do. . .
  Heard this today.(hopefully not true).supposedly pompey defender hernan hriedersson(excuse the spelling)is coming north to the famous glasgow celtic for 1/2million.defo not celtic class.also the tic could move for LE MANS keeper YOHANN PELE if the holy goalie moves on(hope not)celtic interested in coventry's aron gunnarsson(never heard of him)everton poised to bid for berra & driver of the jam tarts.burke has signed for cardiff(free transfer)gow failed medical at wolves hahahaha,back to CASTLE GREYSKULL HE GOES. the garden is blooming in PARADISE where as it's full of weeds & duds at the HUNNARY. HAIL ! HAIL ! 3 IN A ROW ! 7 TO GO. . .
  I,m a Rangers and just heard the GERS will offfer Peter Lovenkrnds a 2yr deal. Only heard from a steward though !!!!!!!! Boydie plz stay. . . . =
  I have been told that Sheffield United have gone into panic mode, McCabe has been tipped off that the FA and PL will dismiss the new allegations against West Ham and pave the way for west Ham to go to CAS, which given PL backing they would almost certainly win an appeal. Faced with a huge legal bill, McCabe has instructed the club to sell Beattie and Naughton as soon as possible to help cover the cost. Apparently the powers that be are very anti Sheffield United for the over rated claims and for dragging things through the courts in the first place. They want the case to fail to prevent other clubs doing the same thing in the future. Not long ago Sheffield Utd said that it would take a bid of over £6 million to buy Beattie, yet they now accept a loss of £1.5 million by accepting Stokes £2.5 million bid. This seems to back up the rumour. Time will tell. As a Bolton fan, I have no love for either club, but it is such a shame that the dodgy dealings of one and the pure greed of the other have dragged football into the gutter. As usual it is the fans who will suffer the most.
  There is a strong rumour on merseyside lfc to be sold in a matter of weeks good riddance to the yanks .either way there is no chance of them buying goal machine heskey.norman wisdom aka ronaldo to go in summer to barcelona .
  Man Utd news>>>>>>>>

First of all Ronaldo is leaving for Real Madrid this summer. .and so is Tevez. .but Tevez might end up at Inter as well. . United are letting those 2 go because United have already got green lights from both Atletico and Lyon for Sergio Aguero and Karim Benzema respectively. . Aguero will definitely join in the summer but Nani is going the other way. .and United will pay a hell lot of money for Benzema (most part of the money of Roanldo sales would be used to capture Benzema). . and Lastly United will sign Alexis Sanchez as a replacement for Nani and Ronaldo. another signing will be made. either Feghouli or Delph will be signed. .

So in the summer ""
Hargreaves(50/50 chance)

Sergio Aguero
karim Benzema
Alexis Sanchez
Feghouli or F. Delph

  I told u chris burke was having medical,from my uncle who is doctor,well chris killen is booked in for monday,if he turns up and koumas is coming.
  Darren Bent will leave Tottenham during this transfer window. As has been reported in some papers he doesn't get along with Jermain Defoe and wants to leave. Aston Villa have made enquiries about the striker, but the Spurs hierarchy are keen to offer him in a swap deal for Kenwyne Jones of Sunderland.
  To the people who are saying that Walcott will leave Arsenal for Liverpool or Tottenham you must b dreaming Arsenal are not going to strenghten ther EPL rivals 4 12 or 15 million

It seems 2 b generally accepted that Arshavin will b signing any day now for a fee anywhere between 12 and 19 million pounds and will replace Cesc as the attacking CM and then move to the wings following Cesc's return

A DM is also a priority and Toure has been struck off the list with Veloso, Senna and Alonso being considered

A CB should b signed unless Veloso is signed as he can play CB and LB as well as DM the candiates are: Hangeland, Zapata and Micah Richards
  Cardiffcity 100%
ched evans is signing on loan next week for rest of as finally agreed and ched cant wait to join.jones tried for koumas aswell but wigan wants to sell not loan,and cardiff cant afford him.
  Fellow Celtic fans should not get carried away with the shenanigans in Govan. We have our own problems to solve:– The lack of January funds is down to paying the wages of a huge squad that contains several that are not in the managers plans (M Brown, Naylor, Donati, Balde, Doumbe, McGeady etc.)– Even though he bought most of them!
The sorry fact of the SPL's poor reputation and dismal showing in Europe makes attracting quality players extremely difficult at present.
Young MacArthur at Hamilton is a target but playing every week could not be guaranteed at Celtic so a move is unlikely this window.
We are also looking at Wallace of Hearts for the cursed left back spot as we continue to buy within Scotland until (or if) financies improve.
  Everton will sign and sell the following

Coming In

Bodo Glimt winger Trond Olsen– 1.1 million

Atlante striker Giancarlo Maldonado– 350 thousand

Hearts winger Andy Driver– 1.6 million

Hearts defender– Christophe Berra– 1.5 million

Newcastle stricker– Michael Owen– PE + 1 million

Manchester City Midfielder– Michael Johnson– 3.5 million

Manchester United Midfielder– Luis Nani– loan

Going Out

Leighton Baines– PE Michael Owen –1million

Joleon Lescot– Manchester City– 17 Million

all done deals, everton won't go big this transfer window as they will recieve major money through selling Mikel Arteta and Tim Cahill in summer.

i guarentee these will happen, watch this space
  CELTIC FC – There will be no fire sale at Celtic Park. On the other hand there will be no "big" signings either. The cash from the Champions League run will not be available until the end of the season. McGeadie will go this month (no surprise really). WGS has some cash to spend and (according to a VERY reliable INTERNAL source) is buying for the future. A couple of unknowns are likely to be on the books within the next week. The first is a Hungarian attacking midfielder (to replace McGeadie??) Marus Pypur, and a Sydney FC fringe player Kerr Spink (left sided forward). Remember you heard it from BIG C first.
  Italian giants AC Milan are keeping their coffers closed this Jan as a major overhaul is planned for the summer. The board will no longer tolerate being second best to Inter Milan again and will sack Ancolotti. In will come Riikard and he will bring in Barzagli from Wolfsburg, Hamsik from Napoli, Zhirkov from CSKA and Pazzini from Fiorentina. He will start the season with a strike force of Pato, Kaka and Pazzini, use Zhirkov and Zambrotta as attacking wing backs with Hamsik and Beckham running the midfield. With plenty of good supporting players the board feel these are the players that will inject some youth and pace into the side and become Italys best team again.
  Here's some premiership transfer rumours:
Arshavin (Zenit) – 16m
Walcott (Liverpool) – £12m summer window

N'Zogbia (Newcastle) – £9m


Pizarro (Weder Bremen) – £5m
Alex (Arsenal) – £8m

Jo (Man City) – Loan with view to buy
Pogrebnyak (Zenit) – £10m

Walcott (Arsenal) – £12m summer window
Aguero (Atletico Madrid) – £30m summer window 2010
Pennant (Milan or R. Madrid) – £3m
was seen signing papers,
i am a claner at the emirates.
star of english football in the future!
  I am a Leeds United fan and Jermaine Beckford is on his way to Leicester City in a Shock move as they cant get there hands on Cameron Jerome.

DJ Campbell will move to Blackpool.

Leeds are lining up Wes Hoolahan with the cash

100 hundred per cent true
  St.mirren are set to offload billy memhet to bury for £100,000
  To the guy who wrote "1st time posting here, but I live in a town in between Edinburgh and Glasgow, theres a pub in my town owned by Ex–Rangers player Willie Henderson, I overheard him when I was walking this afternoon past saying "Let me confirm this, Kris Boyd is sold, and Barry (Ferguson) looks like he's on his way aswell"" Willie Henderson doesn't own a pub. He did manage The Buchan Arms in Broxburn – a mad Celtic shop (one of ten pubs a Rangers fan should never visit according to Follow Follow) and he retired last summer soi stop making up stories.

Rumour – Ferguson & Boyd are flexing their dressing room muscle and more or less challenging Smith and Murray about who the true blues are, hence why their departure will be welcomed.
  Kris Commons will re–join Stoke for 4m + Vincent Pericard
  Pompey Rumours
Pompey considering upping bids for Barton and O'Neil after having bids for both players rejected. Boro looking for over £5million to re–coup the money they splashed out on him. Newcastle want £6.5million for Barton, and Bolton also interested in his services, they also had a bid rejected. Glen Johnson WON'T be leaving, he has just signed a new deal.
Theres a rumour flying around Pompey are interested in replacing Defoe with Kris Boyd. Unsure on how true this rumour is.
  Well it is good to know that there are guys who know how good Eduardo really is. . But I'm here to tell that Kuba isn't Rafas 1. choice no more, he is looking at Darijo Srna, who has a great cross, and Rafa thinks that he is the kind of a player Liverpool needs. . Personally I couldn't agree more. .
  West Ham fans should not fear the latest twist in the tevez saga. Officials at the FA and PL want to prevent clubs dragging football through the courts in the future, so this latest inquiry is designed to scupper the Sheffield Utd bandwagon. The Inquiry will conclude that there is no concrete evidence of further breaches and it is just hearsay. This will then give West Ham the required leverage to take the arbitration to CAS and overturn the decision made last time. Sheffield Utd are furious and even McCabe is remaining strangely quiet. Once the decision is announced, McCabe will make a big speach about injustice and how he has been stitched up by the football authorities before dropping the case.
  To Malcolm Shaffer

Why would Portsmouth buy Brown for £6.5m when
a) They've already bid 9m
b) He's publicly stated he's going nowhere.
  The situation at Arsenal has been somewhat overstated. It is true that some players are not performing to their known and previously seen potential, however this is not enough to justify the overhaul that so many "fans" are speaking of.
Only 2 players will b signed in January, none will b sold, except senderos. The Arshavin deal looks set to b completed for between £12–15M. Wenger has highlighted the need for a DCM. Yaya Toure would b my dream signing, but that now seems highly unlikely.
As for the summer, expect Gallas, Bendtner, Randall and Simpson (currently on loan) to depart. Expect a quality centre back to come in (all eyes on Man City – the number of signings they will inevitably make in the summer will destabilise the club, allowing a possible move for Micah Richards (not enjoying his best form atm) and maybe Stephen Ireland. Also expect a quality midfielder to come in (hopefully Diego of Bremen). Once Bendtner departs, it will be interesting to see if he is infact replaced. With Armand Traore returning from loan, Vela will move upfront, with Clichy and Gibbs taking care of LB position. A GK may also b signed, however I personally believe Almunia and Fabianski are upto the task.
Summary: Jan: In: Arshavin (12–15M), a DCM (upto 10M) Out: Senderos (5–8M). Summer: In: Richards/Zapata, a GK (hopefully Green), Diego, Traore and Barazite (loan returns). Out: Gallas, Bendtner, Randall (he's crap), Simpson, mayb Eboue.
  Hu eva sed petrov is out of favour at city . what an idiot hes injured !!

Man city
david villa (in summer)

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