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10 Feb 2013 22:00:49
Nicky Butt has been offered the Huddersfield managers job. #M

Has he? at this time of night?

No he hasn't, fact

HTAFC to approach Coventry this afternoon for permission to speak to Mark Robins

Is this panto season? Oh yes he has.!



10 Feb 2013 19:44:42
Companies Court Winding Up List
www.justice. gov. uk >. > Daily court listsCompanies Court Winding Up List. Share this. Cause list Monday, 11 February 2013. Updated: 8 February. 9800 /2012 Notts County Football Club Limited. 81. 9801 /2012 Styal Civil.

From the nottingham post:

"The club can state, unequivocally, that the business is completely up to date with all VAT and PAYE monies and that this action is regarded by the Board as both disruptive and damaging.

"Unfortunately, we had no option other than to instruct legal counsel to represent us, but we fully expect this issue to be resolved in our favour once the judge has before him all the facts.

"Once this has happened, the Board will be seeking legal advice regarding taking action against HMRC and the officer personally responsible for this and will seek to recover all costs associated with defending the action plus punitive damages for the harm suffered by the Football Club. "

Read the statement from the Club on the official site. Here you will read the explanation. It would appear to be a cock up on behalf of HMCR and County will ask the judge for punitive damages for the harm caused to the Club by publishing them on the list.

Case dismissed in 10 seconds.

Case against Notts dismissed by the Judge in 10 seconds flat. Now get some good damages from them. They might even decide to chase STARBUCKS and the others who are genuinely shafting the system.

I'm a Forest fab but with County all the way on this, HMRC should be after bigger targets than Notts taking this to court was a waste of taxpayers money



10 Feb 2013 21:12:58
Aston Villa are believed to be after Watford striker troy deeney as he is yet to agree a new contract deal. Don't want deeney to leave. he's good

Overated in my opinion. only in the team as he was the partner to vydra who was scoring! I truely hope he doesn't sign, he's brain dead and is a waste of space in a position which a better quality player could be filling we have it! {Ed003's Note - call Udinese I'm sure they will have someone for you ;) }

Not good enough for the prem! To the previous quote, me thinks tat your the only 1 that is brain dead!

A good striker by Championship standards. But has to play in a central role. Would probably bag a few goals in the Premiership with the right support - which he has right now with Vydra.

11 Feb 2013 08:57:37
Season ticket holder here. Deeney is a much more rounded player under zola. His hold up play and ability to turn and run or play someone else in has dramatically improved this season. Those who disagree are obviously just highlight reelers and definitely don't watch the full 90mins.
Villa are interested as troy is classified as home-grown at villa, having come through their youth setup before being released. A cheap benteke- IF he doesn't sign a new deal. He has however said on twitter that talks between the club (watford) and his agent are ongoing.

Disagree STH, the only thing Deeney offers is taking care of the physical stuff that allows Vydra and Fessi to do their thing. Not good enough for the prem. If villa go down then he'll do a good job for them.

13 Feb 2013 14:35:16
You never know if anyone is good enough for the PL until they play in it. Saying that, I think we can all see Chalobah has serious potential. The most talented youngster I've seen at the vic, much better than cleverley, lansbury, young, johnson wre at his age.
Troy could be the new Heskey (lol), you never know. !


I agree with you 'STH', I also see him every week and feel he offers so much, both with the physical and technical side of our game. His passing and ball control has improved immensely this year, and whilst he may not be good enough for the Premiership, we should at least give him a shot up there (IF we get promoted).



10 Feb 2013 19:19:55
Mk dons have got Danny Hylton, pre agreement has been accepted and will become public as soon as Hylton's contract runs out. 100%

God, help us. Please!



10 Feb 2013 19:07:18
waghorn to derby on emegency loan

How good is your source, as this would be a great addition to our squad, he destroyed us last time we played.

11 Feb 2013 22:16:46
Be good if we can get him on loan with a view to buy.
Cloughy has been watching him for awhile now.

Clough has been after this guy for ages. Waghorn will not get football from now on, unless Chris Woods injury is worse than fears. If leicester get promoted then waghorn will 100% leave

12 feb 2013 11:51:57
he is good honest player always tries his best (fox )



10 Feb 2013 17:29:38
Portsmouth look set to release goalkeeper Simon Eastwood to make way for David James for the rest of the season.

I really hope this is true. Although can not see it

More likely that Smith, Eastwood's back up, would be released if James was to arrive. Personally would see it as a good move but Alan Knight training David James? I can not see that happening!

I think a lot of fans would like to see Phil Smith given a chance in goal.

David James would do a dual role I believe, even talk of him next season being in the managerial hotseat.

Not sure I believe manager. Has he even done his coaching badges?

David James as manager would work really well I think. I also remember hearing that he had done 2 of the 3 badges. (You only need two in the lower football league) So this sounds like a good idea! David James for Pompey Manager!

He has done his badges and currently waiting to be able to start his pro licence.

Can see Steve Claridge putting his name forward too.

I hope Claridge does too, he's another big mouth pompey know it all who will come out of this charade looking stupid! lol



10 Feb 2013 18:21:56
west ham doing well so what do we do sack the coach wally downes then it goes down hill good job we never sacked him in the summer we would be below qpr

I was only saying this the other day, I think there has only been 2 win since he went



10 Feb 2013 18:20:56
Former Leeds Utd player Ramon Nunez is on trial with Notts County.

He has joined a team in the mls I think it's Toronto FC.



10 Feb 2013 18:16:05
Big news next week we have been taken over by a consortium of 4 sports personalities one an ex boxer

Thats great! who is we?! Pompey?

Can't be pompey. Football league has already stated that they will not transfer the golden share to another bidder. Only the Trust are able to takeover as things stand.



10 Feb 2013 18:06:32
David James to Portsmouth on month loan.

He is a free agent

No he isn't, he "plays" (and I use the term loosely as he is 3rd choice) for Bournemouth.



10 Feb 2013 15:35:06
Readings CAM to join Coventry for a month with. View till the end of he season

What's CAM?

Who is CAM?

CAM stands for Central Attacking Midfielder but who is the player they are after?

Probably either lawson dath or jake Taylor I would imagine

Nick bignall who is a striker

Tabb going back to his old club?



10 Feb 2013 15:53:19
David James looks set to move to Portsmouth on loan. Eddie Howe wants to send James back to his former club to keep fit incase Bournemouth need him later in the season.

James is now third choice keeper at Dean Court and if he plays one more game for Bournemouth he'll get another year contract, so Bournemouth want to send him to Fratton Park to avoid this, while also making sure he stays fit incase of injuries.

I'd be surprised if this happened as Howe has said he won't lend any players to Pompey. Both Tubbs and Partington have been asked for and he refused both.

Howe previously would not lend to the club when they were in a similar position to Bournemouth earlier in the season.

With Bournemouth flying high it is believed Howe would allow a couple of players to go to Portsmouth as it might help the Cherries own chances in the long term.



10 Feb 2013 13:13:33
bournemouth want QPR's Sam Magri on loan for a month to cover their injury hit defence



10 Feb 2013 11:49:35
Danny Hylton and Adebayo Akinfenwa to sign for Mkdons in the summer when they're contracts expire at Aldershot and Northampton respectively.



10 Feb 2013 12:25:11
Mkdons are looking at signing free agents Nigel Reo-Coker, Salaheddine Sbai, Daniel Coid and Nathan Rooney.



10 Feb 2013 12:17:03
Out of contract Brian Howard training with Bristol City - expected to play in U21 game on Tuesday

He will sign till end of season, then we are getting lewis mcgugan from forest



10 Feb 2013 11:58:27
Gossip gossip, the speculation will end when Hoyle feel"s time is right. getting promoted to championship, is great, but end of the day, H. T. F. C. where lucky to be where they are now. It"s going to take a few season"s to get a foot in to be able to perform week in week out to remain in this league. It"s all about been confident, gelling, and pulling together as a team. town players got to where they are now, and now know they have a battle to stay in this league. If they feel proud and want to stay where they are, they got to focus, and not play as individuals. the NEW man, when it happens, will have some work to do, but it"s all about time. survive in this league, get rid of a few players, get some in, weather they be youth players or seasoned players, the object of this whole season is remain in this league. I for one think nothing wrong with Mark Lillis, but i'm not chairman. Big name or not, fight fight to regain what you wanted. get relegated, financial loss, remain, financial gain. when I was a young kid, I used to cheer on Lillis and Mick buxton"s barmy army. get off Lillis"s back. HE HIS TOWN, HE HAS PRIDE, AND HE HIS PROUD.



10 Feb 2013 11:56:02
David O'leary to have an interview with karl Oyston today to talk to him about becoming the next blackpool manager

Who is he really bring in someone with some class oyston fgs

10 Feb 2013 18:29:20
O'Leary did a good job at Leeds then he got to excited and things got out of hand. A good shout but not sure he has done much management in recent years.

10 Feb 2013 21:13:16
i hope we don't have thompson i know he's doing well but we need someone who has experience but oyston needs to get his cash out and splash on a decent manager

O'leary you say that's a surprise but he would do well there I think either him or tony adams who has moved up the betting a bit again I would like to see one like this I

I think that we won't sign a new manager until the loan window ends



10 Feb 2013 10:31:47
Former Portsmouth player Brian Howard to sign for Bristol city.

Howard on deal til end of season. fact.

10 Feb 2013 17:55:32
Can you believe Williamson signed at QPR {Ed003's Note - Which Williamson? }

Good luck robins lol

10 Feb 2013 17:55:32
Can you believe Williamson signed at QPR

Lee Williamson has wigned for Balckburn! {Ed003's Note - different,but that's the Williamson I thought the poster meant,maybe they are trying to cause trouble?}

Good luck to Howard but he is the worst player to wear the Pompey shirt in the last 10 years!

Alex Rodic, Olisadebe, Vukic, Mbesuma, Karadas, any of the Greeks. all worse than Howard.

No, Howard was worse than ALL those players you just mentioned.



10 Feb 2013 09:43:04
Crawley are in talks with Charlton re taking Bradley Wright Phillips on loan until the end of the season, it is thought Crawley want to tie up the deal quickly to stop Swindon trying to sign him again if there takeover goes through. Source very reliable.

Need somebody quick, heard crawley talking to a premiership club about a striker on loan

10 Feb 2013 20:40:07
I also heard bradley wright phillips is set to join crawley on loan with a veiw to make it permanant

Bradley wright philips in not joing crawley he is joining windon on wendsday when the football league approve the sale of swindon town

Swindon will not be getting any more players this season, deal will not be ratified by FL. Appears one of the frontmen is not a fit and proper person.
Major investor Mr black will place swindon in Administration, hence 20 points deduction putting Swindon down to 35 points now will need 15 to stay in division.
Has all been a complete sham

The fit & proper checks have been done by the FL. The FL just need to sanction that Jed can run both Swindon & Babbitt until the end of the season

All the people in Swindons takeover have passed the fit and proper test so don't make up stories, the delay is because Jed wants to stay on at Banbury as Chairman til the end of the season. Swindon will sign at least 2 if not 3 players this week when its agreed on Wednesday, BWP would never sign for Crawley because they cannot afford any new players because they are riding very close to the wage limit if not already over it.

Yes I think that's going to happen they did not buy Luton because they did not fit criteara. Doom &gloom for Swindon

11 Feb 2013 14:48:31
Swindon will not be taking anyone new on loan they also may be looking at a huge 10 point reduction looks like swindons hopes of promotion are out the window

11 Feb 2013 16:20:19
No way will swindon take bwp he jas already said he won't be coming to swindon

Riding close to the wage cap? Rich from you lot, should of been docked for cheating earlier in the season by over spending

So why are swindon going to get a 10 point deduction? Have I missed something have that gone into administration. let's see weds or thurs whether the consortium takes over or not

11 Feb 2013 18:04:42
so more persons claiming we have been cheating so how have we been cheating.
For all you ignorant people who haven't got a clue what going on we signed two players at the end of last season and the league made us pay for the players in full as normally it would be stagerred payments which put us over the cap limit for about two weeks. so normally the league would sanction a staggered payment which they allow most clubs to do but for some reason they didn't allow us to do it.
so beofre all you persons spout off with rubbish get your facts straight and if what the league applied to us means we cheated then its a weird way of cheating. No doubt you are Poxford fans again spouting rubbish.

Swindon will go into administration on the 14th Feb.
Will mean 3rd time in administration so will be 20 point deduction or the FL may even relegate the club
Seemed the so called investors were cowboys

11 Feb 2013 18:31:19
Swindon will not be making any further signings. Bwp has already said he won't be moving to swindon an said that he could be on the move to crawley

Bwp signing for mk dons done deal

You can tell its half term for the kids this week with some of the comments on here. Relegation? When was the last team that was relegated for going into administration. I think some of these posts are from other fans from our division worried that we may get promoted. Worry about YOUR own football club for a change. I just hope your clubs don't have to change owners soon, and fans from other clubs gloat about. Remember what goes around comes around

Charlton have confimrmed there have been no approaches for BWP or Green, so if he is signing for Crawley or MK Plastic, its without our clubs knowledge he is back in the squad so may not be going anywhere

Why oh why is everyone so negative on this site! swindon have been throught enough in recent years they deserve good news. where is everyone getting this from are they facts or Fixtion

BWP and Green to sign on loan for Swindon on Thursday, coincidentally the day Swindon are "going bust" wake up and smell the coffee Crawley you are a small club who cannot sign anyone because you have no money, as for Swindon cheating and going into admin. cloud cuckoo land, how and when did Swindon cheat? please try reading facts rather than pure fiction.

Coppell to leave you guys anyway soon he said publically he is fed up working with no money ha ha ha losers.

What goes around comes around ha don't make me laugh most of the clubs in league 1 are ran properly not like Swindon and Bournemouth spending too much money and paying too much in wages when they carnt afford it you deserve to lose points then you might lern not to do it again your take over will never happen mark my words which means one thing a 20 point deduction which is to soft in my opinion so you will still be in league 1 next season so no promotion this year you need to get real and grow up stop posting crap on here

And crawley what's your average gate 3, 500 how are you going to survive on that at least swindons average this year us 8, 500 so we can pay more for wages

Crawley run a tight financial ship - a lesson many should learn. Remeber firstly it's a business.

You didn't last year that's why you had to sell tubbs & Bennett

All this banter about other club's finances is saddening. For their fans' sakes I hope that Portsmouth, Swindon and Notts County have no more trouble off the pitch. It is all of league one that suffers.

It is true that Crawley need to increase their gates which is why children are being encouraged more to come to games with all kinds of incentives. We are not a big club - yet - but to those of us who go to every home game, CTFC are the most important and we see the fanbase growing week by week. We are not as established as the other clubs in league One but we are catching up slowly and surely.

Tubbs and Barnett went because Bournemouth and Peterborough exceeded the club's valuations. The fact that neither are playing for their clubs at the moment would suggest clever business on our part.

A new loan signing is being announced by the club at 1130

So it was nothing to do with you being close to the top of the wage budget when tubbs & Bennett went then?

Tubbs went because his head was turned by Bournemouths massive wage offer. Also we banked over £1,000,000 from Bournemouth for him and that counts as club earnings so we are not near our wage cap! Tubbs left on his own accord.

NO! Tubbs wanted to play for his Home team and jump a division and Barnett wanted to move up a divison as well. There is no point stopping players moving on when they want to go to improve and get more experiance (that only works against you - plus it made financial sence for the club.

13 Feb 2013 20:33:24
Would a Charlton fan please come up with a current rumour before we sink in Crawley/Swindon rows.

I can understand they wanted more money. But you were going for the div2 championship but sold your 2 best players that's what I can't understand, especially when you didn't need the money, Which cost you the league. I know you got promoted, but it seems strange you sold them when you did. You would have got a similar amount if you would of sold them in the summer.

14 Feb 2013 12:44:48
Enough already, what has this to do with Charlton?

You can't stop anybody going to Bournemouth, nobody can match them financially as you lot know too well (Matt Ritchie)

I thought this was about crawley? How did Bournemouth come into the equation?



10 Feb 2013 07:01:51
Millwall are looking at bringing Henry Lansbury back to London in the summer from notts forest. Lansbury is frustrated at not getting a lot of game time and is homesick

10 Feb 2013 08:31:45
Who is notts forest!

Would be a great signing if true

Out of all the clubs he would go palace

Homesick? he is in Norwich not China!

Norwich? Try Nottingham



10 Feb 2013 01:25:10
League one side Walsall have offered a trial to former Puerto Rico Islanders and Manchester City goalkeeper Richard Martin

This seems true as its believed that David Grof could be off to Portsmouth on loan.



10 Feb 2013 01:06:01
Everton, Aston Villa, Fulham and Swasea are some of the teams whom was very as impressed by Alex Smithies performance over the weekend and is planning they are planning a bid in the region of 2.5 million pound raid on the highly rated shot stopper

2. 5 no chance chairman said other week it would have to be 4 million to even consider selling ttid



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