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09 Feb 2012 20:42:04
Murphy never turned down Blackpool for the love of Motherwell Football Club, it was because they dont pay Agents Fees..... Simple as that.(16)(10)


09 Feb 2012 19:36:00
Shaun Brisley of Macclesfield Town i set to sign for posh on loan with the view of a permanent switch at the end of the season.(9)(8)


09 Feb 2012 19:01:59
Charlton athletic fc goalkeeper nick pope has signed a contract until 2015 any other rumours(2)(7)


09 Feb 2012 18:05:36
Leyton Orient will sign Southampton's Ryan Dickson on loan after the Saints recalled the defender from a similar spell at Yeovil Town. 



09 Feb 2012 18:05:26
Walsall are leading the chase for Middlesbrough striker Curtis Main on a month's loan.

Middlesbrough are willing to send Main out on loan to gain experience, as he is highly thought of at boro(2)(7)


09 Feb 2012 17:49:59
08 Feb 2012 23:10:42
Young Reading midfielder Lawson D'Ath is set to join Rochdale on loan until the end of the season.

He gone south west today I'm afraid.. Yeovil I believe(3)(9)


09 Feb 2012 17:06:11
future england team
richards smalling jones walker
cleverley wilshere
sturridge welbeck chamberlan(18)(37) 

No it will not and it never ever will be.Jones is a bigger donkey than Terry so he should fit right inNo Rooney?? don't think so. he's only 25Welbeck? nah.
Sturridge up front with someone like raheem sterling playing right wing. depends how long into the future we are talking about.
Also rodwell is a bit overrated, not sure who would take that position though....Jones a donkey? think you a sad Liverpool fan who cant get over he he signed for the champions rather than a second tier team!Since when was Kyle Walker a right-back?

How old is Baines?Wallker is scared of the ball so defo not him welbeck overrated altho hes better than rooney and rodwell is awfull!Walker isn't a left back spurs have a better centre midfield player than cleverly in Tom Carroll and as do, do villa in Gardner ( I'm not a villa fan, nor a blues fan like the brothers but have known the family a long time)Walker plays on the rightWho is the Muppet claiming Walker is scared of the ball?... Idiot,The same person that claims "welbeck overrated altho hes better than rooney " ..... yeah good one!England should be taking Jagielka (If fit), Smalling, Jones, Parker (got to be captain), Wilshere, Chamberlain, Sturridge and a surprise package Paul Scholes, One of the best passers of the ball I've seen and works so hard, I'm not a united fan either!Colback of Sunderland ,mark my words.


09 Feb 2012 16:40:06
have it on good authority that lambert is thinking of taking the leeds job only if he can bring is own players in ....and mr bates meets his demands ? come on ken put leeds back where they belong(4)(41)What? In the Conference?You must be joking....lambert....the norwich manager, in the prem, with money....seriously, wise up lolLambert? a manager who is a rising star of a manager?
as a villa fan - I would want him! & what happens to Leeds managers? oh yes they take the villa job as soon as they get the offer!That's the best laugh I have had in years.Last manager I remember Villa getting from Leeds was O'Leary and we sacked him for not doing job properly - Currently you have Gary McAllister, who we also sacked for the same reason
Grayson will be round later...What authority ? The Leeds Fans BS Dept authority - LOL
There is absolutely no way Lambert would consider working for someone like Bates.
Bates style to belittle his team and his manager through the media will discourage many good managers to avoid Leeds like a bargepole.
If you believe that Bates would pay compensation for Lambert, or indeed match or better his current contract with Norwich, suggests you know little or nothing about your own chairman.
To also suggest Lambert would move from Premier league to championship club is also crazy, so quit dreaming of something you cannot have while Bates remains as chairman and owner, and that's a top manager like Lambert or anyone else of similar quality.


09 Feb 2012 16:21:40
Breaking news
Arry Redknapp has stated he will take care of England 'for the Euros', but only as long as they are untraceable and paid into an off shore account!!(32)(5)


09 Feb 2012 16:15:03
Bristol Rovers move to a new stadium could be in dought following the buy out of Bristol Rugby club by Steve Landsdown. A clause in the contract when Rovers bought the Memorial ground from the rugby club states that if the ground is ever sold then the rugby club must have first option to by it back. In view of this it seems possible that the ground could revert back to being owned by the rugby club again(4)(7)Clearly a City fan, can tell by the word 'dought' - I take it you mean 'doubt'? This is nonsense and besides, they can have it back... if they match the price Sainsbury's are giving us.Steve Lansdowne bought the rugby club, not the ground. How does his ownership of the the rugby club effect Rovers?I am a Swindon fan but know people very high up in Rovers (on a personal level) and this is total BS, nothing has changed in their plans and they will continue to push ahead with the plans that are in place.Besides, it is much more likely that Bristol Rugby Club will relocate to Bristol City's new stadium at Ashton Vale (assuming that actually does go ahead). If not, after next year (when the Rugby Club's contract at the Mem is up), they may well play ay Ashton Gate because then Lansdowne would be sweating that asset harder.


09 Feb 2012 16:04:17
barcelona will offer tottenham 40million plus eric abidal and ibrahim afellay for bale(11)(41)That deal is worth 70m for an average playerBale isn't worth that much!Barca won't be chasing Bale at all, despite all their success they don't have the funds to offer anything like the price Levy will demand and pursue any other players. Their priority is Thiago SilvaWhy the hell would the best team on the planet be "chasing" a guy who after about 18 months of good football suddenly be a "world beater" maybe the new beckham eh? well the last one was pish and bale...well em!


09 Feb 2012 15:58:02
Haris Vuckic to Cardiff city on loan for a month. He cannot feature in the CC Final as he is cup tied but will be available till and up to and including the home match against rivals Bristol City.(9)(7)


09 Feb 2012 15:56:24
HILL not ruled out of Leeds Job source Yorkshire Post Harry or Keith?(6)(5)JimmyHill going to resign as barnsley manger and go leeds and neil redfearn going to take other


09 Feb 2012 15:53:21
Has any one got any cardiff city rumours regarding the loan window?? If so can you leave the under this post.(0)(6)I hear Mr Bothroyd may return on loan......Haris vukicYes, you can't have anybody because you have broken all the rules.Basically, they'll take any player on loan that Watford have lined up....


09 Feb 2012 14:31:39
Oldham manager Paul Dickov admits his team have struggled for goals and are looking to sign chadderton french winger/forward Amaury and Also exp forward Graham Cheeseman as the two lads have great ability and can produce when needed
Amaury has been described by chadderton boss as the new thierry henry these are his words
' he's got pace, power, movement is quality, the finish and has definatly got the french VA VA VOOM.
Graham Cheeseman has proved his ability in the lower leagues and made tons of goal for his clubs.(0)(6)


09 Feb 2012 13:40:46
nadir belhadj to portsmouth from al-sadd
last exit season 2011/2012(3)(15)That would be fantastic but I really doubt it will happenOne word administrationForzen assists!


09 Feb 2012 13:52:23
next england manager will be a yes boy as they dont like people who speak up against them like brian clough found out so i think it will be a foreign manager or an alan pardew, stuart pearce character.(15)(9)Trust me on this, Stuart pearce can fall out with himself in an empty room. If they want a yes man forget pearce.Whos to say arry,triffic redknapp is any less a yes man than pardew or pearcePardew ruled himself out but i think that you are correctThe FA have jurisdiction over the England team and will interfere when necessary. If unnecessary, the manager will be left alone to get on with the job.

Sadly, it was necessary that John Terry be removed as captain, so they acted.


09 Feb 2012 12:49:45
Former Alloa player Andy Scott signed for Shotts today until the end of the season.(3)(3)


09 Feb 2012 12:08:56
A story on Sky Sports Football Transfer News reports that Brighton are favourites to sign young Manchester City midfielder Abdul Razak after the African Nations tournament is finished.(8)(19)Only if nobody else wants himI think the term "Winning the race" means we are beating other teams to him...


09 Feb 2012 10:10:53
Lee Barnard and Fredric Piquionne to Doncaster on loan before saturday(7)(14)Saints have said that no strikers will be going out on the Barnard rumour can be counted outPiquionne doubtful , beye should sign today.. source: TwitterDoncaster are set to sign freddie piquionne and danny Shittu on loan and bolo zenden on a free transfer as he is a free agent


09 Feb 2012 10:06:03
Arry will be the next England manager but will not take the helm until the season finishes...(14)(20)See you must have read the papers thenSo who u reckon will take over Spurs?

I have heard alot of rumours that Jose Mourinho is interestedWell that's just a guess, isn't it? There's no inside knowledge anywhere - what is the point of that?!Oh, I hope not.He has only ever won a fa cup,bankrupted portsmouth,his best players are foreign,newspapers getting carried away as usual,we need someone young with modern ideas and clear out all the dead wood at the same time,pleaSE MR ARRY,stay where you are.It all seems too straight forward and almost too obvious harry will be replacing capello, appointing national managers is not that simple! People need to look elsewhere for the fa's new man!

TubesMourinho will NOT GO TO TOTTENHAM.
It will most likely be David Moyes to replace Redknapp in my opinion.
My friend is obsessed with the idea that Mourinho is going to take over at tottenham, I can guarantee it will not happen.


09 Feb 2012 09:29:20
On the radio this morning coventry city said thy are looking to bring in a striker before the 22nd march dead line date not the game at reading this
weekend lies again THORN AND SUSI OUT(11)(2)Idiot Cov fans. SISU never lied to you.
Perhaps they changed their mind OR perhaps no player wants to come to a struggling club.
Face facts. SISU are doing the right thing by cutting costs. Cov cant keep spending money they dont have


09 Feb 2012 07:59:59
Harry Redknapp will be offered the England job - but on the FA's terms. "The FA will tell Redknapp they want him to lead a coaching set-up with staff they have already picked as part of an England revolution"... according to todays papers.

Why would he be an FA puppet?

But, if their backroom team is the likes of Beckham and Pearce then who'd say no to those two?

Probably not them though...(4)(19)He wouldn't be an FA "puppet" - he'd be an FA employee.

That's the right way to go - then if the manager changes, the whole world doesn't fall apart!

That just means that the manager isn't in charge of youth development or anything like that - just the first teamHarry should tell them if he is manager he picks his own staff not some brown nosed idiots the fa want to give him, if not tell them to stick the job where the sun don,t shine.Redknapp is overated,take a close look what he has achieved,england will not get anywhere under him,yes he is english and likeable,is he progress a big no.Beckham and pearce,what coaching has he ever done,apart from modeling,listen forget all the celebrity crap and get a real manager that takes no nonsense full stop.Crap.

if wont take the job unless he is allowed to pick his assitants(Kevin Bond and Tim Sherwood)


08 Feb 2012 23:19:34
After loaning out Angus McDonald, Gozie Ugwu and Brett Williams this window, as well as having Charlie Losasso, Michael Hector, Jordan Obita, Jake Taylor and Alex McCarthy on loan, Reading are going to continue seeking to give their young players as much of an opportunity to gain valuable league experience with deals close for

Jack Mills set to join Brett Williams at Northampton
David Murphy to Hayes and Yeading
Brothers Ryan and Cameron Edwards to Basingstoke Town
Ethan Gage and Nick Arnold to Bath City
John Goddard set to join Woking

Most of these are set to be one month deals but Reading will be willing to allow some of them to be extended to the end of the season.

Coventry have enquired about Mathieu Manset but Reading are not willing to strike up a deal until the game at the weekend has passed.

Reading are also trying to find a club to take Brian Howard off their hands until the end of the season, when he becomes a free agent, but the only deal Reading have accepted were by a top league 2 club (believed to be Swindon) and he was not willing to drop down that far.(9)(2)



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