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To the people who wrote

"Heard this one from a contact that i have working inside Anfield. Rafa Benitez has been contacted by DIC who say that there take over is inevitable and that his job is safe, so he can now concentrate on his job and signing players in the summer.
Signings that are expected to take place are as follows.
Roque Santa Cruz from Blackburn 12m
David Villa from Valencia 18m"


"liverpool will then buy a striker in either henry for 12m"


"Liverpool will sign the following
–Gareth Barry 15m
–Glen Johnson 10m
–Aaron Lennon 5m(part of the Keane deal)
–Kuba 5m
–Sergio Aguero 35m(only if Liverpool get new owners)
–Bojan Krkic 15m(if Liverpool don't get new owners)"

you all have one thing in common. .you are all duluded liverpool fans

there are multible factor in here that prove that all your sources are idiots

i'll start with "Roque Santa Cruz from Blackburn 12m", Big Sam knocked back a bid from Man City for 15m in Jan and values him at 30m so what makes you think you'll get him for 12?

then you have "David Villa from Valencia 18m", Valencia even though they are in financial trouble have stated multiple times they won't sell him for anything less than 50m so 18 is WAY OFF the mark

So then we goto "liverpool will then buy a striker in either henry for 12m", Henry has already stated that he is happy at Barca and that he would only return to the Prem to play for arsenal so there goes that option aswell

and finally "–Bojan Krkic 15m(if Liverpool don't get new owner)" He is one of the best young stars and being only 19 and in the spannish national side and Barca 1st string side i can see why you would want him. . But for only 15m?? you going to have atleast double it to 30m, Barca don't want him to leave and he doesn't want to leave.

Finaly on the "takeover" news every liverpool fan on here keeps on talking about. So far it was ment to happen by the end of December, then the end of Jan, Now its in the summer. Why can't you get it that its not going to happen???? They have already stated they gave up on your club when the Yanks kept on bumping up their asking price. .

Well that's my rant over. .

Rumour from Aus is that ALoisi is going out on loan to an Chinese team to keep his fitness up in Hopes of making it back into the Socceroos squad.
  Despite everton having first option on Jo (11m)in the summer David Moyes won't have enough in his budget(8m) to sign permantly and is hoping to sign a few young british youngsters to beef up his squad. Arsenal are said to be ready to pounce for Jo if he has a half decent end to the campaign for everton.
  El Torro here
Big big rumours here. . are you ready.
I told you that Scolari would be out, incredibly sooner rather than later, he was never there to manage the team with gusto it was his pension he was after all along, seriously.
If DIC take over expect Mascherano to either leave to keep his International place or fight for his place, the problem is next season he'll be taking second place unless his form picks up and he starts scoring goals. Villa will join Torres next season, the yanks will sell up, The only concern is that they don't burn the house down as they leave i.e. getting rid of Rafa. Rafa will need to keep calm and not make waves until it happens. As a CEO Parry has got it wrong, a nice man but dim and DIC will have their own man place, i hope he goes with a big pay off, although im not a fan of his he has still been a servant of the club albeit clumsy at best. Chelsea are now in turmoil and the players realise they can't gel so heads will start turning. The Russian will get some of his money back from big sales, expect Terry to go to Man Untd or Liverpool along with Cole, Lampard to Inter along with Drogba. The only thing that will stop this from happening is if The chosen one returns to Stamford Bridge and I can't see the Russian losing face over that one. No, the chosen one will return only to replace SAF who needs to take care of his health. Arsene will stay for another season as he loves the gunners and yes Barry will be joing Liverpool in the summer and if you tell me he won't why hasnt he signed a longer term contract? Remember cream rises, the spririt of a team has to be right and at Chelsea its not, no disrespect Im sure you'll agree.

El Torro signing off. (Remember i told you about this 3 weeks ago.)
  ––AFC–– Arsenal will make a second raid on Russia in the summer for Igor Akinfeev(cska).
Fabian Delph(leeds utd) and Henri Saivet(bordeaux) will be snapped up along with a commanding centre back.
  Hearts fc

Andreas Manga will join Hearts on a one weeks trial.I am friends with a current first team regular and he told me that Laszlo informed the squad of Manga's arrival during the end of training.He is a French defender currently unattached.
  Mancs, your all the same! Arrogant, selfish, and stupid. To say LFC will not challenge and virtually claim the title before we are halfway through FEB (and with LFC still to play)is just stupidity even old whiskey nose isn't stupid enough to make this claim! Anything can happen in footy remeber the year Blackburn won it!!! Next point all great teams have a great manager and i h8 to admit whiskey nose is a gr8 manager, BUT look at those teams and what happens when the gr8 one leaves. Look at LFC, look at Chavski since Mourinho. Clubs go into a decline no matter the strength of the squad (chavski. . again) and i can't wait for ManUre to keep up this fine tradition, and go into a slow decline. It will happen and you lot will take a good 8–10 years to recover. Roughly about the same amount of time taggart took to build his 1st successful squad. NEXT LFC i have heard the same rumours as everyone else– the strongest being AGUERO to LFC in the summer. Also Tevez to Madrid and Manure to buy BENZEMA as a direct replacement. I have also heard a very strong rumour we will buy Bale and Johnson. Look for Rafa to try for a short term loan of a striker!!!
Well as off yesterday both scolari and adams lost there managerial jobs.
Well ive got a few ideas on who could replace them and why.

Frank Rijkaard, i see him as the front runner for the job quite simply because when he was managing Barca he played Really entertaining football and won the champions league, according to sky sports news they are after a manager who is out of work, so why not him? he's the best man for the job i said this in the summer and im saying it again now.

Bernard Schuster, he hasnt been mentioned, but the way i see it is he has proven himself to be one of the bst out there and its no secret that Roman Abramovich wants Accolotti in the summer , so why not schuster to steady the ship and get them as contenders again and then assess him in the summer if they win trophies then keep him if they don't then bring on accelotti.
–however i expect a decision to be made before wednesday and i believe according to my close sources to be AVRAM GRANT– (Great Source)

Mick Mccarthy, he hasnt been mentioned at all but i think that he's the best man for the job, at the moment he's currently running the championships best wolves, but i think an offer from portrsmouth will be to hard to turn down, so maybe an early return to the top flight for mick?

Alan Pardew, he's proven he's capable of doing the business when it comes to the premier league,he's out of work and he's not exactly a Hard target to obtain.

Well there the two men for each club that i would see as The Perfect men for the job.

Now Id like to give you a few opinons on who needs what players and where im not saying these are going to happen but i think they could be good signings.

Arsenal need a goalkeeper, almunia is good but he's not exactly the worlds best tho, i would suggset the signing of Dida or maybe Ivan Toldo both of AC and inter milan. both are experienced and the age for a goal keeper (32) to hit there peak, whether Wenger will want players over 30 is another matter all together, but arsenal fansget this right,you will never ever be the best until you have a mixture of youth and experience.

Chelsea, well without a manager now its very difficult to see what they need, however if my choice Frank Rijkaard takes over then they will play a 4–3–1–2, which will consist of: Cech,Cole,Terry,Carvalho,Boswinger,Mikel,Essien, Lampard,Deco,Anelka and ?(npt Drogba)
Well they will maybe need afew strikers in the summer, well if there after proven strikers i would suggest going in for Totti And Possibly
santa cruz or Pavylchenko. on the out list for the blues then, ballack,Drogba,Alex and ferrerra all sold.

Liverpool, well i think they need a clear out of all there players and just keep the best which are, Reina,Carragher, agger,Alonso,Gerrard,kuyt and torres, no world class players being signed well in my opinion any way, i think another trophyless season with around 11 no name squad players coming in, aguero,villa and all the other spanish stars will not be at liverpool next season, new owners or not!.

Manchester City, i can see alot happening in the summer nothing to big but players such as bentley, santa cruz, Kuyt, upson, Gudjohnson atleast soneone of these players callibre to come in, with maybe one eraly big signing like Ribery if there extremely lucky but who knows.

Manchester United,
Well i have some Extremely Good news for All Manchster United fans, im watching Sky Sports News and the breaking news bar has just come up saying "Sky Sports Sources Confirms Manchester United are in talks and have agreed a fee believed to be around the 23.1 million pound mark for Carlos Tevez.
Well What Else is there, Neville out in the summer maybe? he's going to be 3rd choice rght back once Brown is fit, with him and Rafel currently the two best we have. Ronaldo may leave but i think he'll stay, if i was Alex Fergurson may i suggest offering 30 million + Cristiano ronaldo and Owen Hargreaves for Leo Messi? could be a great signing extremely unlikely it will happen tho, near the impossible area i think.

Well that's all i ahave for today thanks for your time.

The Original Ron.
  Zola will not be going to chelsea he is grateful to west ham for giving him his chance at management and sees the west ham job as work in progress.also with the dic deal ready to be announced before the end of the season he will have the funds to push them to the next level.
  Some managerial changes over the next couple of weeks:

David Moyes to Chelsea
Steve Bruce to Everton
Paul Jewel to Wigan
Mick McCarthy to Portsmouth
Darren Ferguson to Wolves
Avram Grant to Peterborough
  The two that chelsea are looking at are frank rijkaard and diego maradona, the reason diego is rumoured is because they want it to be a publicity stunt to get more money and they want either a dutch or argentinian lookin team, that's why scolari was givin no money, another three name's that is rumoured to be interested is slaven bilic and jose mourinho and surprisingly and never going to happen because he wants to get into management ZINEDINE ZIDANE!!! with figo as a coach.
I did not even think that scolari was bad its just he was'nt givin any money and chelsea really miss steve clark
  With Felipe Scolari being the latest manager to be sacked in the premier league, expect Deco to also be on his way out of Chelsea in the summer, as he only signed for Chelsea to work with Scolari. I would expect this to be to Inter in a swap deal which will see Ricardo Quaresma making his stay at Chelsea permenant. Mourinho is a fan of Deco and would love to have him at Inter, after Quaresma failed to impress.

Wait and see, this will happen
In Arsene We Trust
  Top 4 news
aston villa:
kenwyne jones or
kevin davies
micheal johnson
gareth barry
ben arfa
johnson(only if pompey go down)
van der vart–doesnt start
vorinin to leave in summer put will come back in due to lack of strikers at the moment
man u:
migul torres part of ronaldo deal
kerlon=young brazillian
  Redknapp to return to Portsmouth.
Grant to return to chelsea.
  Martin o`neill will be approached about the chelsea job. The board at chelsea would be stupid not to look at a manager of he`s class. plus chelsea are a bigger club then aston villa.
  Just heard from highly reliable source, there is a master plan involving West Ham, Chelsea, Croatia, and various staff. .

Zola will be manager at West Ham for the forseable future, Bilic will remain Croatia Manager until after the World Cup next year. . then all deals will come into play – Zola will be unvailed as the new Chelsea manager – with Steve Clarke as his assistant, in turn, West Ham fans will be kept happy by the announcement that Slaven Bilic will be their new number one, possibly along side Paolo Di Canio.

the Croatian FA know the Bilic side of the plan and have agreed as they get Bilic for the extra year and a half.

You heard it here first, mark my words, two years from know Chelsea and West Ham will be competing with each other. Rivalries aside, i think both sets of fans will be delighted. .

Also, from same source and i think this has been mentioned before, José Mourinho will be the next Man Utd manager, but not for a few seasons yet.

Believe what you want from else where, but the Truth is out there if you know the right people. .

Place your bets now, as odds will be high!! i have!!
  WOW! My pal hangs out wi Artur Boruc and he herd all aboot the McGeady/Boruc bust–up in detail! Apparently wee Aiden was bein a bit wide so the holy goaly smacked him in the pus! My pal says the holy goaly said that McGeadys had it comin for a long time and that's why Strachan no fined him. The whole squad have had enough of Aidens petulence and he'll be walkin in the summer as he's been disrupting training for the rest of the team.
  Wigan will line up a bid for michael kightly in the summer transfer window
  Anyone at West Ham who is worried about Kia whatisface taking over the club can sleep easily. As he already knows the club and it's board he is merely acting an agent on behalf of DIC. Talks are very advanced and there should be some news very soon.
  Their is a strong rumour which is going all around eveton/liverpool Arteta and Cahill have extended their contracts to now 5 year deals like they did a few summers back. One of the clauses in arteta contract is he will be given the captaincy at the end of the season. Meaning that Arteta will have the captaincy and phil jagielka will be vice captain
  Big transfers in the summer
Robinho to chelsea in a swap deal for none other than John Terry

Micah Richards to Arsenal(7mil)
Xavi to Man U(22mil)
havent herd any more recently
  To the person (ALSO 'FROM LIVERPOOL'. . . Just the real world version.) can i just say spot on!!!!!! im a man utd fan, but this man talks 100% sense, think about it if lucas was really that gd wouldn't he be keeping alonso or masherano(spelling) out of the side insted of benitez looking to buy barryto do that? hes a squad player and not even a gd one at that, as for kuyt, gdwork horse but these players aint gonna win u the title are they really?, the pl has no time for sentimental value any more, its simple if u can't cut it anymore ure gone, the sooner liverpool fan understand this the better otherwise u aint gonna wil title for another 20 years or so, thanks for reading chris!!!!oneunited!!!!
  Just wondered what happened to all the following loan moves to Celtic that were all 'definately' gonna happen. .
Robbie Keane, Michael Owen,Hernan Crespo,Darren Bent ????
  Lets put this Barry to Liverpool rumour to bed straight away. Barry said that if Villa were playing in the Champions League then he would never leave. Villa sit in 3rd comfortably. Barry will not be going anywhere.
Well, lets remember there are 14 games to go mate, and the top six is still pretty tight so to say your 'comfortable' in third is a bit disrespectful. Lets wait till the end of May and then take stock. Id love to see the top four stranglehold broken, but to start claiming you`ve cracked it at the beginning of Feb. Also considering you`ve played bottom half teams for the last month, well lets see how you fare against the divisions better teams
  Further to the loan signing of Jo by Everton FC, I can now reveal that Everton have first option to sign the talented Brazilian in the summer. The fee agreed between Manchester City and Everton is £11m.
  Lets put this Barry to Liverpool rumour to bed straight away. Barry said that if Villa were playing in the Champions League then he would never leave. Villa sit in 3rd comfortably. Barry will not be going anywhere.

Benitez will get in severe trouble if he begins tapping up players again, in the same vein as last season. He will be advised to keep any advances under wraps and through the correct channels or risks penalties.

Further Rumours – Villa will have big spending power in the summer as Randy Learner knows the cost of playing champions League, however he also understands the vast income. 3 20 million players will be added to the already stunning team.
  Portsmouths Noe Pamarot is a target for Championship promotion hopefuls Birmingham City on loan until the end of the season. Matt Mills of Doncaster Rovers will complete his transfer to Birmingham initialy on loan, for £1.5m.

IN THE KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  To the person who said Sergio Ramos, Augusto, Valencia and Barry are signing you are spot on. I'd like to hear youre source because he/she must be closely linked to mine. However, Kuyt will not be sold and Higuain will not be bought.
  As Benitez is going to get more control over transfers, Rick Parry will leave and replace Brian Barwick. Liverpool will get somebody in who will basically carry out the operations Benitez wants.

Kenny Dalglish and Ian Rush will also join the board and have a say on footballing matters.
  Wenger is completely happy with his attacking options for next season and so will look for a goalkeeper(akinfeev, lopez), center half(richards,Zapata, Mexes) and defensive midfielder(y.toure, barry,de rossi, alonso).
The only players who may possibly leave the emirates are Eboue and senderos.
  Rangers will have money to spend this summer but they will still be having a mass clearout. Outs– Brahim Hemdani FREE. Alan Gow FREE, Charlie Adam £250 000. Steven Smith FREE. Graemm Smith FREE. David Weir FREE. Andrius Velicka £300 000. Damarcus Beasley £100 000. Barry Ferguson £3,500 000 and Madjid Bougherra £4,000 000. Ins– Mark Reynolds £800 000 (Walters been a long time admirer) Lee Wallace £1,300 000 and James Morrison £3,000 000. Reliable Ranger
  If Liverpool get new investment, this is what Benitez wants to happen at the end of the season.

He will make a bid for Sergio Ramos. Madrid don't want to lose him but will let him leave in exchange for Xabi Alonso.

Milan, Hamburg and Manchester City are all chasing Dirk Kuyt. Benitez does not want to sell but all 3 clubs are willing to agree to his 15mil valuation so they will accept it and go after Gonzalo Higuain who will cost around 20mil.

Benitez will also add Antonio Valencia for 15mil and will let Benayoun to go to a club of his choice as many clubs will be interested in Benayoun for 7mil. Pennant will also leave.

Gareth Barry will be signed for 12mil as he will have just 1 year left on his contract and Renato Augusto will be signed from Leverkusen for 10mil.

Dossena, Voronin and Leto will also leave.
  Reading the response to my post re 'I cannot sit here listening to players defend Lucas. . ' made me laugh. It is exactly this type if rose tinted opinion that has kept Liverpool in the 'maybe next year' catagory for nearly 20 years now.
I do in fact remember gerrard being sent off against everton, so??I can't compare gerrard to Lucas. I can also remember gertard being outstanding & of match winning quality at 20. Can you say that of Lucas? If not (which I suspect) then the players are in no way comparible. Gerrard was never & has never been a liability. . Again, can you say the same of Lucas? Plessis warrants a place over him, I'd be more than happy with that. What about Guthrie. . Not a bad player. Couldn't we have kept him. . As you ended your post 'from Liverpool' I'm sure you'd prefer to see our academy players such as guthrie, rather than a £5million liabilty. A sending off in a game wouldn't be enough for me to post on this site, we've all been subject to the sub standard performances every game.
The rubbish about giving away a free kick not being important as teams can score against us from any freekick anywhere on the pitch. . Laughable. Have you ever played football??? I learnt not to give away a freekick on the edge of my own area in the last 10 mins when I was 12! Benayoun is a proffessional footballer who gave away 2, yes 2, of these free kicks in the last 10mins (the only 10mins he played may i add). It's basic, so basic. Fans who accept this as 'oh that's the way it goes' are the ones who know nothing about football. This games is not about luck, you make your own luck. . And these players are making it, but it's not good luck I'm afraid.
Blind support. . It'll never take us forward.

ALSO 'FROM LIVERPOOL'. . . Just the real world version.
  Cesc Fabregas will not be leaving Arsenal in the summer. Not for Real Madrid. Not for Barcelona. Not for anybody. He will stay true to his word and see out the remainder of his contract with Arsenal, then move to Spain. By this time we will have a line of players ready to replace him (Denilson, Ramsey). Neither will Wenger be leaving the Emirates. He is Arsenal through and through, and will remain loyal to the club. Gallas will not be leaving, as Wenger still rates him highly and the player himself has said he wants to see out the final 2 years of his contract at the Emirates. This could see Kolo Toure leave in the summer, whether it's for Man City or for Barcelona, as Wenger seems to prefer Gallas and Djourou as his centre back partnership. Adebayor will not be leaving, as Wenger still rates him very highly also, as I do. Walcott and van Persie will be tied to new long term contracts before the summer. As for who will be comming in, Wenger's priority is a centre back. This could be Micah Richards, possibly in a swap deal with Kolo Toure going to City in exchange. Wenger will see how well we do without a defensive midfielder for the remainder of this season. If it goes well, there will be no need for one. However if we look like needing more steel, Wenger could resurrect his interest in Xabi Alonso.

In Arsene We Trust
  Wenger has been following the progress of Lille duo Yohann Cabaye and Eden Hazard as well as Monaco youngster Yohann Mollo and could make a move in the summer

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